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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Nov 17 1854, Page 5

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - November 17, 1854, Biddeford, MaineI not a k i it it i is Dagmr Reian Moo is. Stoves at no. 17 and 18, uhh9tnut St. A. H. Mitchell amp co., having Jurt received a completo aaa orment of Cook of prior sad office Tom Are now prepared to furnish the mine at Verr Low a Moo our Amori meat uni lie found the following Paiten Crystal Palace Albion White Mon Tala improved North Hinr parlor Cooks Villa. Gothic parlor portable rates Cut hider Stoi is Farr 4e�?z Wlinich a re of the in Tom pallens and for Muo Ooi pcs of in sting nor not stir Mosed by and loves extant. Aug 3 Aize of the con pro a parlor of entirely new design Ali web eclipses Corn think of tin kind Lief re known. Pen on in want of Sloves will do Well to Call Etc for aug and dealers in slave Pise. Tin Japan Rolt Tannin and Brae Ware slave urls pro blacking hr., or it wholesale and retail at tie lowest Cash Price. Jobbing and repairing done with Era Tina and dispatch. All kind of Harter taken in Exchange. G. H. Mitchell a co. Biddeford out. 27, 1851. 4? w. P. Hastings heed , Mel Ophine and Ntim Odeon m a Nufa c to r of no. W Federal Street Over the Post Oace for Landl me. Goods Khava an of fancy oulds Mato it Misti preserved lagar . It Viimsi gee Berry extract menu it a. To Lam extract Orange i Street Vanilla. Pickled Olive. Jar Pickle raw Raat jell mrs Ted Pepper space Chap it. A a as6u�?�? am every Ether article that is wonted for Fomby Aso. Particular it Lacow Paul to the Wippl Jig of had by analog Huasica am Ihab. Sh�r1# store pal As the shortest nude. 41-tf Cimias. V a Russ it co a Minnik custom made clothing at a t omit a in bet held St Biddeford within Aud for the county of York a Liet Lri to monday i november in tie of our one Hiou Sod Slit Hundred an la arty of Hir by la Llo Mirabl Joseph t. Not. Judy of my court l rat iii husky Admidin Iraq a of Ibee Tot of 11. Varney ule of North Lerwick. In i a ant county deceased having pre entry Hie flirt a it Mil of of lbs a talc of mid dec evil for allowance i Ibe ant a iii iii trait a give notice to i a ii person , by a Roy of ii order to be published thre week a Irres ively in Ibe cling and journal or Luteal it Laid Slor a in Aid county Thil by Mav in Al a Dale to he hot it , in mid county on Ibe Are monday id Dee Ember next to ton of la kick ill Ibe 1 , and by a Chin if any they have Why iii ame hould my be no owed. V. Racon in Giter. A True copy. , it Cut in Register. I at a court of pro bal held no Lenl Orford. Allbia and Fol the Coli a of York on Ibe monday m j november la iii year of Oor land i Lilen Hundred and Alt four bulb e Joseph t i no. Judge of Aid court on a i petition of Caleb u. Lord a creditor of i lie of William cordon tale of . In a Aid county , praying Btl Edh iii Wilt annexed of Lberta of Bald May be granted to Bint . That Ibe Petitioner tit the w Dow Mol next of Kin to Lake . And give dire thereof to la Beir of Aid deceased and to All per wine enter Metod in aids tils. By Caine iii a copy of Thi order to be Public i in la Union and Turter journal Pruite-1 at Lenl Orford in mid county Tyiee week a Urrey Eivy by i hat f hey May no year at1 a pro bal lie held Al asm in wild county on la aral monday of december Nett at Ini of the Chick in Ibe Forenoon and liw , if any they hav. Why Ibe prayer of mid a Milieu Bould not be granted. To Aito to for Sci a Bacon . A True copy Auel kit Anels Bacon Register. At a cd Hin of or Ohilie held no Ili def re within and la r Ibe county of York on Ibe Art mood y in november in the year of our lord eighteen Hundred nil ally f it or. By Ibe Llo Norald Joseph t. Nye judge of a Aid court on Ibe of me Hen Wihbey a rred ilor of the estate of will Inui Fleisher Lale of Krisie Ruuk i a 11. In wind county dec a de praying bit a Latisi a Talion of the Tat of Aid deo.v.ise-1 May by granted to him. a that la Petitioner cite Ilia widow and net of Kin to take give notice thereof to iii Hen. If mid deceased and to n ii per 1 Oil inhere led in a aha Tertale Liy n ropy of ii. Order Looe in the Union and a Leru journal printed Al Hal Orford in county hire week Succes tevely hat Ali a May a Rieur no n pro hat Coil to he held it Taco in a Aid county on the 1 i Arr monday of december next Al ten Folh clock in the Luiei Iorii. And lick Cau a if any they have w by tie prayer of mid petition a bound not lie granted. To Bacon Register. A tru Topy Auer thu Pncia Bacon Register. At a court of probate held at Lenl Orford within and for the cd Biily of York on Ibe a itch Day of november in iii year of our lord eighteen Hundred and ally Lour by Ibe honorable morph t. Nye judge of Aid court Loloi Kkt my l , named Kate ruler in a re it Tom met Nimens Nir Muling tube the i it will and of Samuel mitc Ellale of ill Aid , Decea de Laving presented Ibe ame for in file. Aux atom thai Ibe Aid Kate ruler give notice to All Ier on it , by a copy of la it. Or Der to lie ail in had a lice week. Such a ively in the Union and a Tern journal printed Al Ali def Orin j mid county slut they mar a operant n i Kiaie court in be held no Saco in ��ii-1,1 omit Nib Lar a monday a of Decem Hei leu of Hie clock m i lie Forem Nui a my a hex cause if any Why Ibe Aid instr unsent a Hui id no i in proved approved end allow red a the will and let Ament of the a Ltd . To Attar to Plancis Bacon , a True copy. A Tel la Kancis Piacun a Router. At pricks adapted to tiie times. We ave i lie above last Lodi Pel an impedes pm Whire prevails with Many nut we keep Only Rich and valuable Ghanim. Our Slock i now Complete and dry Good were never Chc Eicr iban now. The a cat qualities Nav be bought no a Low Price Cash and a is. 1 buy its at will and our stuck and Price a much Lollier advantage an Lime who buy at retail. 104 Washington Street Boston. In idol factory Island Seco a crumple assortment of Woolen Good and tailor a trimming Nutter tag great variety of Mintur log As Well As the cts Mon Kiiss of oulds making i All As Complete an assortment of new arrival Olcorn flour pork lard cheese amp a. Boyd a Stork have jul Mceiver for Xii new yorker Sci sooner Pun boy e. S. B. A co a Akron fluid old Slone Mill Donaud a Prim article of Western l oot 214 Bush. Rye in bid. I urk and Al a a new York slate Clreese Ull of stir a will in old it fair rate Boyd Al Stork. Saco nov. 8, 18.11. 40h As be a Ever off. Red and Cunil sting of bread laths Caay a Mere Beaver Cults Illel cloths. Dae Milne Kall Nelta ladles Clell silk and fails collage Aad finding goad of different style Ami qualities adapt to the Mesen which he will mii by the Yard or make into garments to order under kit aim Monal Imp lion at prvs which cannot a of give log satisfaction. Or. B. Would in fully the attention of his Oil cd Stiners to i assortment us persons who Are desirous of obtaining clothing Well and Arkmo Nakif Modr and of the Best of material will do Well to examine Bis Stock and a a certain his prices fur work. Kaon october 18, 1m3. 43�?tffall dry goods. 6e0. W. Warren amp co., Boston one Price Only Are All rom la to we Elwir Friend and customer both wholesale Aud a cml with Ibe largest and most desirable Slock of goods. In prices and style Whit u it Hnz Ever Lieen their Pici sure or Trulillo exhibit including Almott everything Worth living in shawls Han talks and scarfs cloaks and mantilla8� silk goods velvets und cloths far cloaks dress Fla ids of Ull sorts tibets und Cashmere Irish Poppins Plain fluid Aud watered velvets for Mantilla Ami Talma Lilack and Colon Lyon velvet a a a Deil lid line All Sill Icaria Ltd and Selling Al extremely Low prices. Farm Lor Sale. Tt1k sub Critor in Row Tience of the recent Dot it ethnic Tiia of ids Lumise and other property by Are in de leu us of Selling the Kami in which he res Kors being the Ikker Stead of Lite late major Toniel Cole and a Anitol Nung Almut one Han Tyml and Aileen acres of mowing tillage past Mirage Wood anal Timber land a Distant a Xan the villages of Haco anal Gualdr taxi Abanil 11-4 Mihare within 18 Nunn pcs Riale of the Large manufacturing and tie York Laconla and Ivy Ier Ell t Aan Paniere and Hae two Tawns. It is Wanti fully Loc sural am the Kastern Able anal near the Borders and tie Fixco Ulver Wloch Here wits its it each Ful course toward is tie Ureann isl forms Hie a auth Westerly Baat salary and Hie farm for tie distance of nearly half a mile to growth is Pronel rally hard nral Oak Maple Ikach Walnut ke., with a is Ger prop Artimi of urge sisal Oak to tidier suitor or for ship Hull along hum can be Faa Ivial ii any other farm in the with perhaps one exception. There is also am Hie premises shout 1u0 get steal Apple i ear anal Plum tree More than one a gird and them in a la earing state. Any person wishing to engage extras Lovely in the Yega Talde anal milk try ale would Ami this a very a Csirak situation As in most cases during the Winter season Anil while the rarer is closed with Lee the a Durts of Ull farm Koukl in 10 minute lie Coare Treu to a Market were try always Camus a nal a High a Rice. Of the High Jirl Pilege Here of Fonteil for schools meetings ac., nothing More my he Salal than that tin harm is Widun the limits of the Arr or Village Cima it i a Striet. Por Furter information Aahl Resi or apply to the Sutler Lowr am or near the promises. Tikma8 cold. N. 11.�?tht Stock Lay ke., on the above form is 8�r talc. Anco oct. S3, ital 43�?if dress goods two Cue of n. A. Tibets \ i Mir Canel a Rameas for 35 cts. R Yail \ Itaw Hilk All was and etim Plant in every style Stul color Druies we ure veiling in Birge Quant tia said a prices which Canna it f ill to suit. Ilu Iipp i ii iii Wood Quot. Pillowcase 8h�etlng�, full Width diapers napkins crash Lar own isl id Encl Knetl Ngy anal Talde covers Linen Cotton Ami worsted t la fact every thing in this line we Are Well stocked with Ami shall sell at the lowest Neir rata. Cow lot. Stray d Irani Ibe Sulau Riber in s i Turlay Law a a red Low rot her thin in la a a Wilh mall Sun shh hums has a very Long Tail and is a Ihmie live Yea suld. Whoever has Luti Ual did cow will Pleus a give ii Turni Eitnier it this Udice or of the a it Wner it big j Leiu Cuti the 1 Lolli Riad in a the Ruil Road in la by suitably Reward and w. Samuel Lunt. By late Ford nov. 14. 1834. 3w4 i Lilack Ami o4�?~hi Pim cloths Doe Kint i4uek Ami Fuin a Pat Ineta jeans in Quality Ami Quantity to suit. Carpeting. Velvet , , three ply Lowed suit Erquha Linen and paint id Toor cloths re it a 4-4 to 8-4 wide. Feathers of All kinds. Glass k crockery Ware. A full Ami Choice Amov Twat lately purchased Ami so lung at Low prices. 0hor8k a hoping done by join Ham Al his Altop of Alfredl sit do Kuril. At a Camal probe is held St , anal fair the Cownty of York on Ibe a Luh Alay of Novean tor in Ibe Yeai of Amr lord eighteen Hundred anal , by the honorable Jame pm t. No a judge aah vial Canart a t pm 1.ml left. Putnam n med in a Bertaln tort rement. Pair writing to be the inst will and i As lamest aah Kii Asbell going Lam is of York in mid earnly , having a Neven Ted the Hume for Tirol la a Oan std that Hie Saial Page Tutor give notice to All Iier Shaev Isle reveal bar using a rope of ibis order lobe in Mieher in the Unn a end a Lern a Airal printed in Ria Deford in end Carnly three week a pc re ively that they May appear Al a padm t Mart Tat be belial . In mid to unto am the aral Amandey of december Neit Al ten aah Ibe Lurk in the for Emmo and Shew Kaiim. If and they have Why the a Aid tort rement Hamid of get be proved approved Ami allowed a Ibe last wit and testament of the mid de Ftp we would invite the Lidies Hal Soast Widdi Foitl Ami Vicinity to Call and examine a or stick Ami convince them elves that we can offer them a better As sistine ii id go Sis Ami at lower rates than any other establishment this Side of Llo Stim. A a a Wival to the Wise is respectfully print m. Delaine it and Cash Marc All q00d8 for mourning. Embroideries laces. Muslims Cam Bucks and Ull White a oods housekeeping articles in Lull Stock hosiery Mill a love Lavalli anal grill�?T., undershirts Ami drawers Ford gents cravats and hddf3, ladies and gentlemen s Robes de Chambre and a Grout Many other thing. Our Slock is Loti Large fora More detailed description und will Well ropy the trouble of sex Umili Tiou. The styles this year Are very pretty and the prices very i of. We would respectfully hint to our the advil Ulnic of culling Early in the Day our premises not being Large enough for o u in croup etl business we Ore unable to do our sunk or it i end Justice in Ibe busiest hours of i he by to no ready Fogt a bits incas it 8, a. M. 40-�oxvi go. W. Warren or co. Attest a Kancis Bacon regl Ter. , Cist Bacon Reg Ter. Fisher amp Seigman at 4 of Proball held St Uhalde Frfd within anal for the a Arainty and York am Ibe aral Adna it vember in Hae Vest of Amr Ltd eighteen Hundred id life. F a to the . t. Koft judge Olssn us Iron Iba be Titta of Nathaniel g. Marshall. Administrator of Ibe estate if Jai ebb in Tenn late aah York in mid a aunty deep a red representing that the person i of mid Decea de is Nad a Ufal Lent to Jay the Jairt debt Whdeh he at la Han a it of big death by the sum if ave Hun Dreal Shallar. And Prny-1 lag Fot a lira ii a in mii and Camey i lie Whatle of the real estate of a vol deceased Al Pablic auction or private ale Kra Isar by a partial Sale Ibe Rasine would be greatly injured of divid that the Petit Lamar give Nadir thereof j Tai the beige of mid Dere Aeed and to All Pera Auis inter erred in mid estate by causing ropy of ibis order to be published in the Union and a astern journal printed at Ridd Lovd in said county three weeks successively that Ibex May a opera at a prob Al omit in be bad Lalen at Lff in mid i Only on the Arst monday a deep mater next not Naaf Hie clock in the fare Mam and a hew cause. If any they have by Hie prayer of said pet loan should not be granted. 40 attest. Prynt old it Al on Register. A Trae copy. Attest Kkt Vnti is actin regl Ter. Tie first of the Ciu Irsic will Luck place at Al a court of i rot ale held at Ili Deford Xvi thin and Lor the county , in the so Tab Day of november la us year of our land eighteen Liui Alied and Art four by Ibe Lla Morable Joseppi t. N a judge of said court by. Hillard named str cipris in j a Certani iut True Pierit Purpi Ming to be the la i will and Leeia Innel it of Levi i. In Llano late of i Mir bulk in said county deceased having per sealed Ibe earn tor Robate i Owaid a thai die mid Eter Lurix give no Tice to Ell by Reu iii a ropy of this order to be Sibli bed three weeks successively in the Union and journal printed at Laid Dror lit snid county bit Llwyn May a a our at a probate court to to held at in said county on the lir to Monda of december Nett at Len of the clock in the Forenoon. And Shew Muse if any they have Why Ibe a Aid instrument should not be prox a Taiqi Ruurd Mill Al 1 Lowed As Ibe last will and Jesuu Kvut of Hie a Aid de i Cla Hiil to ,-Ktt and is , Reg Ter. A True copy. . Piacun Register. Up iiips<1iv l Vii iii of. 22<i by Chi Iidle a Cotillon band. Pkg or kit of Committer. By , nov. A 1s1i. 45lf warren�?T8turbine water wheels at Hie Carven company Warren. Or a. Am now in extensive a in new in Glam Oro foul run in the beet a awhile 8irm for using water with do gentlest Echo my. They or equally adapted to All manuf touring Purpus Aud a to dry All Heads Ami we affect no by Mick water for particulars a Rua Ratos ke., a by Rose 38-3nn� Jack ton Walii Lunf Ware am Gilman. Dru8qist and ap0th9ary. Ala canal of probate held at Luddel had within and for the Connie of York on the Arst monday in no november la the year of our Isirdo eighteen Hundred and ally four by the honorable Joseph t. Nve judge Ormid cirt on Ibe petition of Jos Eidi bean a or Lilor of the Tertale of lore j. Howen late of . In a Aid Nonty deceased preying that adm la trait Ltd of lie a stale of said deceased May be granted to him or to name other suitable pet Quot Quot i liimiis�?1 Bat the Petitioner ene the widow and by it of Kin to ukr administration and give notice there Flo the beige of mid deceased end to All Persona a a ant a a late by causing a copy of to big of Der to to a Iblis he three weeks is Irreg Ivvle la the Luton and Kastern i Mannl printed at uni Deford in Daiil , that they May aim ear Al a probe Van to he hidden at a a in enl county am Ibe Arr monday in december net at ten of the Dork la the Loraamm and thew cause. If any they it the Why the prayer of a Aid petition should not be granted. To attest or Sci Bacon Register. A True copy. Auasi plan cite Bacon Register. At a cent of probate held at Ili Deford we bin and a the county of York of the a itch Day of november la the year of our Hundred and aft flt or by the honorable Joseph t. Nye . Nosed axe Cotoc in a i certain instr theol Gur porting to be the Tat will and testament of to Looby Donnell late of York in a old Ciai Rily deceased having presented the Asme fur probate of Maaia a that the said Ete Guior give notice to no a persons by causing a cop of this or. Der to be published three weeks Sucre Ivel in Tbs Union and Kastern journal Iwin Ted Al a Oldeford in Bald Cimney that they May appear at e probate Quirt. 4n be held Alp non in made imply a a a tie aral monday of to it camber next Al ten of the re k in the Forenoon and Shew Assw if any Ibex have who the Bald instrument should nut be proved approved an it a Albi wed is the last will Aad testament of Ibe mid deceased. To Altert Prynt old ski on Register. Alnico pm. Attest Francia Bacon regl Ter. Tir Ould respectfully iu8wm tils friends and the Pulo ii lie that he Lias taken the so we on Ivy Peyroll or ire recently been Pix by John Medon Akl Weru he is a Ropa my to offer a Gaud assortment of drugs Aud a medicines perfumery it fancy 00008. Of As Gaud Quality and at As fair prices a can be Tould la Hiis Vicinity. Also All kinds of Patent Jutei Licien received direct from the proprietors and warranted genuine. Lie would ask particular agent Lou Lohi assortment of brushes fancy says f Elegers la Narolla and Many other toilet articles which will be offered at a vary Law Price or would tender Bis thanks to the Cut Leseus of Maco Ami Vicinity for the literal patronage received during Bis residence hero and respectfully solicit a Catiti nuance of the same. 4j�?tf Toon oct. 12, 1854.dancing Choih. At a to our of profile held at rid Lefor Ltd Weihin and fur the county of York on the Arst monday in november in the year of Init la us one thousand eight Hundred a i arty four by tie Llou Orote Joseph t. Nyx judge of end court on the be Llenin of Surv Adams and others in Tbs Ert Ute of Joseph , Las if Berwick. In said to deceased prom a lint a bin a stratum de but nil non with the will annexed of the Eule of mid deceased May be granted it i on in Vorster that the Petitioner cite the Nett of Gin to take Aud give Sotir Thiercof tithe beige at Slid Dere Aeed and to Alt a Ergui inner sled in mid palate by cuu aug a to a a of this order lot pub i bed three week successively m me Union an a Kasler Juvinal puled it Lizul Lel to in said co Only that they my Al i Brut Date court to lie held Ait oct in a Aid county a the Art monday in lie i till Efti i at Len of Ibe Cluck in the Loreu Oon. And of Lvov r use. If any Ibex hive by the prayer of mid i get i Ion should not be Grille a. To attest a fit a Bacon lir i err. A i Rue ropy. Altos a Francis Bacon Register.1v1r. A b. Cede info to la announce to Ibe ladles of bid to fwd and 1v too hut be wll i commence a dancing actos4 Oum onday evening oct. A at Cotral Bill blvd erred. Ami can Hue every monday Ami thursday evenings an til further notice. Turma for twelve lessons Ujj per Luchour. Or. Lee will also commence a Sclro-4 f r and gentlemen on tree it any Kerr time. Orts or 31. N wishing or the Leal few lyalls to parties concerts ac., p4y to or. Or toe jism Toon or at the Liall. In a dead october in 1851. 42-tf�. R. Davis teacher of my bios no. 6, Central Block. N. B. It zoos wishing to Purchase Good will do Well in Call Al the atone number. Imd Deford Meit. To 185l we of i have just received a Large lot of Stone Martin pitch Mountain Martin Badger amp a. T11i� floating Ball. Purchasers will Ami ii to a Belr interest to examine these a buds to fore making Belr Sel Rotl a. Ivy. Park info main strut 5oea. Paco oct. 93, 1854 iw�?43 at a court of probate to Lorii a by left re Wilbin and for the county of York of the Arst Mou lax m no a sniper in the year of or Ler a eighteen Hundred and arty four by the 11-Morabie Jar i t. Nye judge of id calf t on the i Emilion of Xinxi ii. In Ohby iii crested in the a it it of Lueneter Lale id new Field in mid a Niy deceased praying that mini in 1st rat Ion of be estate -4 said deceased Juty be granted to lot. Ther i Ai Horii of , in Sud county t oboe Esow that i i Ouier rile the next of Kin to take Anu Virtral on. An a give mire thereof a i in heir of mid deceased and to Al it person Intel sled in a id estate by ranting a ropy of ibis order to be pubic a d in iii Union and Kastern journal printed in Ili Deford in and county three weeks sue res Sivel that they May appear at a to Bate court to be lio Iden at Saco in said Cumi iii on tie Arr monday in december next Al ten of tie Stork in Ibe Shew Causa if any they have Why tie prayer of Bald petition a Bould Mil be grand i. To Piacun Registar a True cop. Attest a Francis Bacon regular. This Lito certify that 1, Jason Sugdon o Kunc bunk met having purchased t a right to manufacture u mud the a Rove Una railed washing machine tor Hie towns of Kean Etoina and Kennebunkport we Tel hereby caution All persons to ment in either of the Totoro named towns against infringing on my right by pure Zalug or using any of the above machine unless of gained of me. The advantages of this machine Over any other Ever invented Aro almost too Numen us to advertise toil they will be exp ind with a Smur a apply Alioa to the Xuy Beriber at ids House in . The re out agricultural and Mechanic Kalis have spoken wry decidedly a their favor and abundant testimonials Are coming from those who have witnessed their practical opera hoc is. Lavae Call and examine. Jabon n. Landon. November 3, 1854.____44tf_____save your pennies. Takk care of the cents Ami the Dallan will us care of themselves. Kranzlin the advice of so Wise a Sage u not to he a buy estimated and if you we ukr make practical ase of ibis adage rail at Iliad it co.11 Hoot Broas on Liberty Street and Bay boots Aud shoes cheaper than con be bought at any other 4aoe. 1 b. K. Rum it co. Biddy tool oct. 1854. 43-tf Pew for Sale. Tub Abs Crelier often tor Sale the Pew no. 45, la the 1 free wu1 Baptist Czuroh. In bidder tool on room name terms. Apply to Dorcas 0. Libby 3w44 Oreen a Trout. 41�?tfhoiinc and lot for mile. Tub House situated on the let on the owner of Walnut end built in 1848 or 1840, by s4asa oilman. Kail Llu use is two Stork with on Ell attached Hae two parlor Kitchen bedroom Aad pantry Ami Des Eta on Hie Grousl la so and a number risen above stairs. There k a rear under to Weie House and a Large Cistern la it from wbk Hie water in carried into uie up or Iriart of lira ii cum. The id b m Trot front and in tort Back. The toe area la or he a i Render Hie Phaoe s or sirs one 8� persons i in business in any Quarter of the Village. The in add urn May terms on Appl cuu Ai to 0. C. Buy7an or v. K. Cutler. By idea re october 7, 1854. 41�?at a court of Protil held Al it i defied within Aud tor the county of York on Ibe aral monday of no i vein her in the year of our ls-r-1 eighteen Hundred and . By the Llo Mirable Joei a t. By. I anti be of said Wirt on Ibe petition of a a Lea a. Freeman executrix a of Ibe will of t Berle Freeman tale i it of Limerick. In a a id Cimney. Deceased proving Hal she May be die charged be it Urce and Trust As axe Cutny t Law Send that the Petitioner give Arndke thereof to a a beige of said Deceus a. And in All Persona in my estate by causing copy of ibis order to be 1 published three weeks a Elsie a in the Union and Kastern journal printed Al bldg let in. In said Cimney. That they May appear Al a Frobeter to be Bekl Al Saco m mid Connie. In the Art monday in Decerb a next at Len of the in la Forenoon and a Haw can if any it have Why Tbs Zweyer of said Petuna should not tor grunted. To attest Francia b icon. Begir Ter a True copy. Altert Francia Bacon regl Ter. At a i Kart of preheat Hotd at Biddeford Waubka Aad fur the county of York on the sixth Day of in vember. In the year of our lord eighteen Hundred and Art it tour by Ibell Nural Joseph t. No a judg of no court. Libb Kua but Mojka Norod recut of la a certain instrument purporting to be Ibe inst will and testament of Nathaniel Hrohs Lale of Welle in said con my. Deceased ban leg presented to same fur pro Bate Gaea ago a that Ibe said executor give notice to All pers Uit inter led by causing a copy of this order to be Umbi taxed three weeks seers Meiy in t be Union and fasten journal printed Al Biddeford la it Ibex May appear at a Rio bul court to be held St Ancu in mid county on the isl monday to december next at ten of tech cd is. The 4>rn�s-a, and Shew Raue. If say they have Why the mini so Sim proved approved and allowed As Ibe last will end testament of the mid dry Rosed. hat on regl Ter. A a was copy. Attest Francia Piacun Meg Tetor. T notice it Ati of Maine. A a a a. We. Al Lia ii in in Jinni isl court Hogun Ami Virld no Alfred Wight to and Lor Ibe Ctm Niy of Yirk run do third tuesday it of s4 ii inn a a. D. In a in in nos it notion it a in Smriti that i lit do it Trio Miqui Emery in Mil we the 8lntr und Hux never been notified und by no truant agent or All Wuey in Olliie 8luli a pm whom in Xefue Nln a the a Hijii order Ibe Plain lift can a i to Delend in Albrrt mid to to notified of the Prole in y of tin a Uit by it us iii Hing an a Llewlen a a by of the writ mid a big order m court to hereon i Bree Weeke Latho Puma and Neilt in journal a next Piper in need in Biddeford ill said Loti qty of York Ibe last it us plication whereof to be Ivirty Days it least tie fire Llie next Irron of Suid Smirl in in held it Alin Darithy and for acid county of Yogt re in Hie a it a tuesday of january a. D. Elliut he Utu then und there in Atad t Mirt us her and Liew eur us a if any be have m by Julg Manl. In roil siting a lib i. Not in rendered i Guiu a Bint in a re Reitti a twice met a str Dinghy. Aii a James gris i a tire cleric. A tru oof a of Llie writ Ami Nynier of Chi it to Enos i a to i ja.me5 Otis my a Stirk clerk. I vice French calf fair it Etc cd of tooth it by Sal at a a a 8 co.�, oct 1854. 43-tf Lui Orty 8t Buto tord. R a a Ralora of the Fau Bayta of Diw Oal Tobt. It us Milt Warp Laslaf brio ii a Law u 43-tf b. K. Robs it coif i out. 185l Liberty so. Il<4ift> a or rat Raeh at b. K. Rons it us Baa am Abo store i a Taf mod this fall. Thy Irnvia a Steo ant and la Tusti a owls to rth Tomt Tosh ions Liberty Atzert rudx4#vxl. Oct. 1854. 43-Tfthick boots. Now i thalta Tashay Elf Kay. The la a Ait thick Heet win a i Pratl to Eab in by 1. Row no. 6 Central look Biddeford . I la Pec Soos by Festad to ass of to Roestad to cout i tilt boxed Lotair. 0. A c. Randall. Rid Stord nov. 3. 1854, 44tfkabberxll s Rob bar roots. Bg����.1101� in Mandala be. Al Rene a 5m# mum n sum to still on g�4�l and Silver watches. Jearlen or on and Pood collateral Security by sol a w l claim a. Jeweller 17�?if Ili Deford or

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