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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Nov 17 1854, Page 3

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - November 17, 1854, Biddeford, MaineJet Inion flu journal. Friday morning so. 17, 54. Massachusetts election. Tie Flection in Massachusetts fur state of 6cera and member of co Gress Hal on monday lust bus Natu Nashed Ulmot every body even the know nothing the i lives who have male a Eleun sweep of to be jul Prie a at the extent and completeness of their Victory ill of the candidate for of refs supported by Theio or. Gardner their candidate for governor and nearly every member of the legislature put up by them have been elected Gardner a major Ity Over All to 22,ixm\ and every Merlier of the Senate elected Are know nothings or had the support of the order. Six Strait of while and one old Lino Den crat Only Are Elee de to the House All the rest arc know nothing. Toston elected 44 know nothing and the entire delegations from 1 it other election tables allowing the stale of the Vottie Given. 1 the Tawton l Ost Tays that on the Day of Tho election there " was alls its of a storm and More political wrecks than have Boen seen before for Many years " we think that Soini of the Boston politician and Botton editors who were lavish in their Udvic to 1 10. Whigs of Maine May he con a need by the result of their election that to Adon cd the Only policy which could have insured Success. If the whigs of Massa Chiquet Maliad adopted a similar policy they might have carried everything. As it is thy hate rained nothing except a Tine Opportunity for meditation. The following Are Tho members of con Gross elected Pis rect 1. Rofi Ert b. Hall of Plymouth whig know nothing. " 2. A Fame Burlington of fall River whig know nothing. K 5. We. S. Darrell of Dedham free soil know nothing. 4. L. B. Comins of Ilo Bury free soil know nothing. 5. Anson Burlingame of comb Ridge Yteo soil know nothing. 0. Timothy Davis of Gloucester demo crat know nothing. 7. N. P. Bks jr., of Waltham Doin Socrat know nothing. 8. Chuncy l. Knapp of Lowell free soil know nothing. Of. Alexander Dewitt of Worcester free soil. Know nothing. 10. Henry Morris of Springfield whig know nothing. 12. Mark Trafton of Westfield free foil know nothing. Co Kinor tour. Gardner 0,40 Washburn 26,640 Bishop 13,410 \vt.n, 6,643 scattering 1,098 Tofal 128,18v 317 towns Ull but 12 in state Gard Ner s majority Orer All 32,615. . 349 know nothings 6 Strait out whigs old line Democrat 1 Republican elected to Alouso 8 not heard from. 39 know nothings sleeved to Senate 1 District no Choice. Cu.nukks3jo.sal districts. 1st District Hall s plurality 3,379 of " Tiu Fin 2 ton s 5,374 3 dam Rolt a " 7.047 4 Cumins 2.152 3 " Una Len Noie s " 2,858 6 " Davis " 4.666 7 " Banks 6.699 h � Knapp s 3,413 9 de Witt s 8.526 0 Morris " 4,752 11 Iva ton i " 2,414 Accident. 0 t monday Forenoon of lat � � k Hastings Strickland Ami Hon. Wilder Farley were thrown from a chaise which violently came in Contact with Nichol stage in int of oar office am both were rather severely bruised in their Cice. Nod other parts of their person. The chaise not that Oue we Are Happy to say which was manufactured for pipe Ideiil fierce mul presented to the major was smashed in pieces and the horse the Fulu dashed Ali rough the streets in Vil of Thotis it we in he Timba t by Igor to to ii m riot the Oral time that the major a a Wilder have been severely bruised Iffe to Gnu Contact with something when a Dong together. Before however the bruises have been political Mien wounds which do not hol Oyer Quick. It u Alto father too bad to add to these physical Harts. Wance Reir Hope that either were Ait seriously. Tuk Konx Kusec journal. Thi old and influential journal has changed hands or. Simpson having old Tho establishment to messes. Linker St Blair of Augusta. Or. I Baker has edited for some months past the journal and conducted it with Vigo Raml Abil Ity. Some kind Friend Occi Jen tally of course editors Xuha nge nerf Klip a a in any other Ina nor pocketed the last week Issue containing Tho new editors salutations and brother Simpao a , Belore we had time to peruse it thoroughly As we Are wont to do. Glancing however at it Edi columns we observed that its new editors Corao into the Republican movement will support or. Morrill for governor when the leg isl re meets and give their influence and support to these great questions of Tern Perance and anti slavery which hate con Tri Hutch so largely to defeat administration men and measures in Tho recent elections. New . Our advertising m Ter this week exceeds its usual limits and somewhat encroaches upon the spare we intend generally to devote to rending of a miscellaneous character. Our readers to pres urn in View of this Stroik of Luck of ours which to say to them in Conli Donee does not come amiss will not com Plain of this borrowing from our news column. The re will be a dry time before Long when we shall make Ai Fyle repayment. T among the advertisements will he found one from our old Friend and Patron George Xiv. Turro a co., of Boston whose Oxten Ive Stock merits attention others from the n t w term of Boyd scorer Saco who Are going largely into the Fluur and Corn Busi Ness notice of u House and lot for Sajo one of the must eligible situations in town instruments by u. M. In Ohms no Tice of the Saco athe cum Corn for Nalo by John Gilpatrick and � Large us Nihon of probate notices und . New York elections. Every one of the inem bets elected to Congress Fiona new York 33 in nil uie opposed to the Nebraska swindle 26 Are it is and 6 Deino iat t etl to the adminis Iatrou elected with whisk a Republican votes and 1 Soli shelled Democrat. The legislature is largely Whin and said to l in favor of Seward for u. S. Senator. If it Nho Uhl turn out that Clark is elected governor the re sult would be still More satisfactory. I lit or Freedom we have received from Wakarusa Kansas territory the first number of a Large and Well conducted part entitled the Kansas la Arnld of Freedom und Independent weekly newspaper devoted to Freedom und the interests of Kansas territory it is published by g. W. Irown Jjck co. A Rev. T. Ii. Miller of Portsmouth a prepared a lecture ii the life and character of Rev. Joshua Moody the first minister of Portsmouth which he has delivered in Vari Ous places und which is highly comic ended by those who have Beard it. Gov. Ditton on prohibitory Law. The sew Engla Tuler a quarterly Rul pious Magazine. Contains an article Irwin the in of governor Dutton of Connecticut on prohibitory Law. We Luuke the following extract 1 we have not a Shadow of doubt but that the total prohibition of this kind of traffic comes wit Luis the legitimate sphere or be i nation. No Ono can doubt for a moment that a to Gery is a nuisance. It u in juror to the Community in it i Vicinity us a test Bouse would to. It is As destructive to the morale a a Bawdy House or a gambling Saloon. Why then should it not be abated by Law As Well us those establishment ? but the outcry is raised that men Are not compelled to buy Ordi Ink and that they ought to do is they please in this respect and yet Are prohibited troop doing As they sleaze in other matters far less injurious o Man would be obliged to buy Jotte by tickets if flaming advertisement were stuck up on every Corner d Duding and tempting the weak upended and incautious to waste their earning and lev themselves or their families destitute of the necessaries of life. Why has not a Man As Good aright to buy u lottery ticket As a Glass of liquor the ticket will Oak Atrip him of his Money. The liquor will deprive him not Only of his Money but of Olaru ctr health and life. Yet no dim complains of any infringement of Liberty in not being permitted to buy lot cry tickets not it there sympathy for a lot Tery ticket vender for being up in Hin Busine a. The governor does not hesitate to Sanction it Law making gift enterprises highly penal yet his conscientious scruples com Pel him to veto a Bill surpassing a business in new York which is Oon inn try filling to i overflowing the almshouses and the prisons. 1 what consistency one of the objects of legislation always bus been and always ought to by to protect men against the con trolling influences of their own appetites and passions when excited by temptations presented by the cupidity of the fellow men. A e rejoice thut the legislature of connect Cut have fearlessly asserted this salutary principle. The Law it Noloff the Moat uncompromising character. It carries Tho War into Therene Uty s c my. H proceeds both by assault and by Sieg. The Law 6rst very properly make All sales of spirituous and in Otic rating liquor except in a particular Way and Tor other purposes than As a be Veirge unlawful t prohibits absolutely and under All Circum stances the traffic in auth liquor As a Busi Ness for the purpose of making gain. The remedy is applied directly to the cause of the mischief. The Law is not an abstraction. It is eminently . It does not proceed on the Assumption that i he Sale of Liq Uura is a Ain per a ate at a docs o conceive How anything i can be added to this Lay to Iivo it Preuter of Cheney. We rejoice to litre it complained of 1 fur it Tring ii car. Thia in n Mot precious Quality. It Isilia want of Thia which Render to Many Penn us unequal and unjust. If the principle of the Law a right what wrong in in due her Ita Fri Agency ? no one need of Turfler from it. Every mail who obey the his will of Onwe he fule and no one will violate it without doing it knowingly and deliberately and it a no matter therefore How a Sucre it May be upon election s in other states. Never in the history of american politics Baa there Iommi such a thorough discomfiture of in administration party us Liua just taken place in the congressional elections of the free states. In new York the whole real interest of the election in in the member of Congress and of Cheju we Are Happy to say hut one i Electa who supports the Nehrens Kun Ivr Fidy. Rut even in the Lem important matter l governor the latest accounts from n. Yolk i Nike it Ulmat certain that Clark who t is after nil governor elect of the Empire state. The evening edition of the new Vork times in it latest corrected returns puke Clark s plurality two Thot Suid and two Hundred. L he rest of the whig ticket is elector by very Large majorities. Twenty seven whigs were chosen to Congress two Independent one native Anil Only Une Nehra til oco Foco. He of course comes Inan the five Points District. The Legisla Tive is whig nearly two to one. Nor Juir. The Newark Mercury thus sums up Tiu result in that state. We have carried four members of Congress five of the seven state senators timing tint Lindy ind a majority in the House of Assembly. Our aggregate majority in the Stuto is a uni thou urls Tilto our unprecedented Tiiu Inch. Swept into office hosts us Sterling whigs in every Quarter. New York elections. New y irk. Nor. 14. Up Ohio present time 6 i. To Timve received Trio of rial return of the votes for governor from 10 counties Mil taking As our Lii Trio Tabio of the daily times of this torn org which showed 27 j majority for Clark to now foot up o majority for Seymour Over clerk or 407. Nearly every return to get differs More or less from those first received the majority will therefore doubtless fluctuate from one Side to the other until Overy county is received until which time Trio us Tual result will apparently remain in doubt. Albany. Nov. 14. The Argus footings on the Vot i a governor tonight an As follows Bronson 28080, Ulm inn 110.772, Clark 132 300, Seymour 132 204. These footings do not include the reported majority for Clark in Tompkins county which it reported it 1200, to have in this a m and even ing official returns from 23 counties which leaves Clark 104 ahead of Seymour Tal ing the Timo in Tings of this morning us the Limsi of calculation. Illinois. The following congressmen Are fleeced in this state Ull Ami Nebraska Tuen 1st District Elihu it. Washburne whig. 3d " Jewe 0. Morion 4th 44 James Knox " 5th 41 Archibaul Williams " Atli 44 Rich my Yates 4 8ih 4 Lymun Trumbull Democrat 2d Lames a. Woodworth. Hep 7 h Ami Deli districts not yet ascertained. , Democrat present Infin Ier and the Leader of Trio Nebraska movement in Tho Alonse was again in nomination but is Defeated. Allen Dom. Candida c in the 7th District mho voted Nobra a. Trio re suit in that District is not yet known. Michigan Tho a publican state and congressional candidates have All iwo i Elio sen. In Jinny of Trio counties Tho Republican county tickets have been Success us. The result of Tho election i a terrible re Buke to the members of Congress from Michigan who cast their votes for the Nebraska Iriquin. Wisconsin. Two of the Republican candidates for Congress Are chosen and or. It Dos dem. Who voted against the Tobius a Bill is re elected. Tie legislature is Republican in Short Tho state a he All that Way. We Trust it is Temperance As Well. South Iii Wick mind Kkt. The Examina Tion of Williatt b. Smith charged with the murder of Ondric f. Brewster was concluded at South Berwick 011 Friday last. The circumstances against him very Strong one of which Whf the ground around Schestopol hard rocks covered with a loot or Earth renders Scien Tilic approaches impossible tint Tho allies have however three Hundred guns on Bat Tery and utter a Tew Days bombardment will it tempt to storm the fortress Tho Orrison of Schas Tobol is estimated at 40 000 men who have plenty of ammunition and supplies. It is supposed that even if Tho allies should carry Tho town Tho Hus nans Coull make a protracted resistance in fort Constantino. It is Truo that Tho russians have sunk eight ship Serosa the Channel seven Bun died Yard wide and that a line of Battle ship is a Icli ored close to Tho Shore completing a string barricade. Altogether the Prospect i a spec do fall of Sebastopol i not so favourable to the allies notwithstanding the intelligence of Tho Victory is hourly expected lib Tho people of England Una Franco. Austria. A flairs look Black Between Austria and Russia. A great Council of War had been held at Vienna at which Tho emperor presided Learon Hess was pres ent. It is reported Tomt Austria summons him a to withdraw from Iho Frontier of Ial Lucia. Tho whole austrian army is to be put on a War failing and the Garrison of Venn 500 tons and which were economically sad de. Upon an apr oxidative calculation founded on the scale of four men and n boy to every one Hundred tons the annual loss of life Rem red at Lloyds averaged about 1.220, the Gross loss for the last four years Hoing 4,298. Tho tonnage supposing the vessels to average 250 tons ouch would give 1,000.000 tons of shipping inst which at �10 per ton. Would he Sterling lost during that period. The fewer Acci dents to is Emu vessels during the same period spoke in favor of tto Amir safety us compared with sailing vessels. Popular instructions. The Copl of Olio Huto instructed in Trio plainest and most intelligible Nunner that a people can speak their instr motions or. Pugh Iho newly elected senator who does not truly represent that state. Michigan conveys the same in Attu Tiona to a wis cast und to Chariot k Stuart. Illinois utters like instructions we Fth notes of Thunder to Samoa Shields and Ste phen a. Douglass. Indiana Spenks likewise to John Petit to Jesse d. Bright Connet Cut has instructed Isaac Toucey who defies in fractions. 0wa hits Given Liko instruction to augustas Cesar Dodge and to George a. Jones. New Hampshire he first her instruction to Moses Norris. Or. We Jared w. a Fuhn new Jersey Haa just uttered in a manner not to he understood her Dunnn Rov in of John 0. Thompson and Billy if Fht. Pennsylvania has added her Raice and in formed Richard Brodhead or. That he mis represents the people of the Keystone state. Do the demo Nior Atill believe in the right f instructions will puh Cass Stuart Shields a Mugnas Petit Bright Tousey Dolge Jones Norria Williams Thompson Wright and Brodhead conform their Section to Tho Evelent wishes of their constituents ind Manifest their sub missing to the great ordinal doctrine of instruction by resign-1 log � 1 i by Prenti i the famous orator of the j Southwest you very fond of using anecdotes to illustrate his subject. On occasion when he wan advocating the claims of or. Clay to Tho presidency he Hud n great Many irishmen among his auditors who continual interrupted him la loud remarks. Prentiss finally addressed himself to the " dissenters and in a playful manner West on to nay that he could a count for their distil to to his political idol in no other Way than that it was natural to the Irish to be al ways in Tho " opposition " and then related Tho following incident lie Iii i that Oino years ago when it was the custom in new York to keep the polls at election open for three Days As a right Hare been expected Tho voters got rather excited at the winding up. A ship direct from Liverpool and filled with emigrants was hauled into the docks directly in front of a " poll where was Breeding an Olec Tion riot and Tho first Man on Shore was a " Broth of a boy Shelala in i and who scarcely unto to stand after his Long conf inc Menton shipboard was trying to get his leg in Ulm ordination and comprehend the1 confusion before him. At the instant one of the runners shout the polls with u hand i us of tickets in his hand rushed up to Pat. And thrusting a vote into Lus face linked with chem acc which Side Are you on the threatening Row had now broken into a storm , club and imprecations prevailed when Pat seemed suddenly to re Over he presence of mind Anil replied be d know the Side i m on would be ? " and shaking his stick Over his head und giving u whoop he concluded. " i m on the rebellion Side of course " and then 1 pitched into Tho Brawl like one it j from California. New York nov 9 to. Noiin mar irom it i arrived Here i half past 5 o clock this after-1 noon with the California mails to 16th october nil ,700.000 in specie. Trip steamship Yankee Blade which left san Francisco sept. 30, for Panama was lost on the following Day. She had on Board 800 passenger and her Crew and fire Man. She a True on a reef of rocks or Point an Guttello fifteen mile above Point Conception. About Kilteen liven and All the specie on braid about $150,000, were lost. The ship was a total week. The French Fleet consisting of three Frig at. And sloops of War arrived at sail fran Auto. They had in conjunction with the English Fleet made an attack on the i Siau town and Lort of pet Paulovski in Kain Chat kit from which the Allied Fleet wore repulsed with a loss in killed and wounded of 209 men. The British rear Admiral Price commanded the Allied Fleet was killed by i Pia of hot during the engage intent. It is supposed he accidentally Ahot j i himself. Two russian chips were captured by the allies. Sci Iuli risk in California. Sail fran Cisco has recently been the scene of one of the boldest and most successful forgeries on record. Or. Henry Meiggs an old resident and Well known Man of business and who bore an excellent reputation for integrity has absconded fro Iii that City having � 3. Melted fora i is and contracted Bitsine Deb to the amount of near two millions of Dollar. John i. Meiggs who had recently been elected City comptroller under in lorm auspices divan eased at the same time with Henry Meiggs and it was sup posed that the Brothers were connected to Gether in the for series. 0 her frauds were expected to be discovered and no person ill san Fianu Isco could Tell the extent to which they had been carried. Our old Friend or. Webb has a More than la ecu iian task before him in Clearing away the worse than augean heaps of municipal iniquities in san Francisco. The Law of newspapers. 1. Subscribers who do Noi give express notice to the contrary Are considered As Vii Phinix to continue their subscriptions. 2. Subscribers ordering the discontinuance of their papers the publisher can continue to Send them until nil Arrea is Are paid. 3. If subscribers neglect to ref so to take their a pent in a the office to which they Are directed they Are held responsible till their Hill is paid and order the papers Dis continued. 4. If any subscriber removes to another place Widi Oul informing the publisher and their paper is sent to the former direction they Are held . 5. The courts have decided that refusing to Lako a newspaper from the office or re moving nod leaving it uncalled for is Prima Facie evidence of intentional fraud. Tiie vote in . The following is the vote for member of Congress in thei City of Chicago the residence of senator Douglas. We Cut it from the Tribune of that City Wood Worth 2813 Turner 991 Black Well 357 Mayo 75 Woodworth s majority Over All 1490 11 " Turner 1822 " in Black Well 2456 Mayo 2738 Turner was the Nebraska candidate. 63ta regular know nothing movement wait made m the election of directors it the in Mill meeting of 0110 of our City Banks held u few Days since. Trio direct Ora Atli from Nix to High others meet choose the old Bourd unless there is a declination and then adjourn. To Bavo olten attended meetings where no one was or rent except the directors and they to answer the requirements of the Law voted themselves into offic again. A meeting of the Omanion kind is exacted by a Bourd of directors who met last week. There Wero to lie sure Moro outsiders present than usual but not n suspicion was excited that any know in thing to Reumont was on . Judge then of the Surprise Oliou on counting the Voes to lire of Tho directors wore found to have been left off and three Othor gentle-1 men substituted in their Pluck. Tho move ment was to unexpected and so quietly a Ciuplis ried that the three " Kex i hardly could belie to their own oars. After investigation developed Tho following facts i h regard to the mystery it Upperm that one of the principal Persona engaged in the Bank wus chosen one of it officers. The salary Given him however was very meagre and Couin ensure e with the labor required of him. All a Flirta to in room it proved unavailing and finally lie qua Uppin Ted to another Olf Ico. When he left lie had Ful in considerably behind hand and petitioned the directors that thy would give him a a Small us which would enable him to come out Clear. They gave Hira a mull sum Mon by no Nienus Iii hed Lii i. Lie influx of Mang the stick Holder obtained proxies in abundance and give three director who Lud been particularly obnoxious their walk in tickets. Top increment is commended re believe by the minority of the Stockhold ers of the Bank find is one of the Cleverest freaks Ever porno ruled in Bank history. Kogiu Chical and political conundrum. The Philadelphia bulletin to i found thu following Why w president Pierco like Ilia Globe which we inhabit ? Bocage although he Wax thought at fir to be it Ratel in his sphere. It it now known tic it i ontii1trably flattened at the pot ii. The widow of Gen. Alexander Ham Ilton i to greatest of american statesmen died at Washington on thursday aged 97, ,4genius a exerted Saya ii. W Beecher is no More Genius than a Bushel of acorns in a fore i of Oak. Custom Novas Ornecas sulkily Don know. Keirns seem All mixed up b Lieve they elect by general Lickel out thai Rural Nikiaa Skaith. How a it Abou Ohio the frees Odera a they hate sol All Tho members of Congress from thai site. Can it be to 62t one of the banners at a Public meet ing in Illinois was eternal opposition to an administration that gives millions to slavery awl not one cent to in Philadelphia Geo. W. Keysor convicted of Tho seduction of Sarah Ann Ashton Hai l Een a entered to pay a Fine of 81000 and u imprisoned for three years in the Eastern Penitentiary. Or the Albany Argus one of the oldest truest and Blu nist of the democratic Jon rials of the country says of Tho present Nativita administration Tull it is the mos corrupt and Niqui Titus which Ever existed in the some of the whig journals of Penn so Livinia Are so pleased with the Success o governor Pollock in the recent canvass lha they Are busily engaged in Avoca ing hit nomination As a candidate for the presidency. A sentenced. In new York on Friday or. Graham was sentenced in seven years imprison men in the stale for the homicide of col. Lining a Lite St. Nicholas n id. This sentence ii till Ollie my limit Wuhl a Tui 4m-t fatal acid kit in sear port. I learn from the free Piess that Chas. A Harriman aged 14 years son of a. A Riman of a Iii Kirl wan accidentally to dead by another lad on the i d in&t., while on a gunning excursion. Convictions in seduction cases. A null was lately brought in Franklin county is. By Elijah i bulge for the seduction of Hii daughter Julia i a Charles c. Lee. The Jurj found for the plaintiff und assessed Tho Dama Ges it $4500, one thud of the defendant s is late. 03 Tho St. Louis Democrat Senato Benton s Organ has published several Stroni to prove that it is for the interest o to. That Kun Bxs should be a free state. In prosecuting the argument the Dern Cru is unsparing in its deprecation of the existence of slavery. Riot at Williamsburg. A riot occur red in Williamsburg n. J., on thursday evening which resulted in an attack on the Catholic Church which was not however flinch injured. The military were called out to preserve order and project the Church. Some Twenty arrests were made. The riot screw out of the brutal murder by Llie Irish of an american named Harrison. A Model prick current. The following Price current we find in the fort Des Moines Iowa Star of the 15 it. It hears u mar ked contrast with prices ruling in Eastern markets butter 12c per la lard 8c do Baron from 7 to 10c do sugar 7 n 15c do dried Pear hrs 10 c do Coffee 14 a 18c do wheat 75c per Bushel com 25c do Oati 25c do Corn meal 50o do potatoes 50i do. We Lens from the Lawrence courier that Lenry sparkle inn an englishman who lived Throe Miles up the River towards Lowell Whilo intoxicated on sunday.39th, procured a boat Ami floated towards Lawrence. When near the dam he was remonstrated with by Home persons on the Bridge but it was of no Avail. When he Hud nearly reached the Jam lie jumped out of the boat and Wai i crowned. Suicide Frederick Gedge. Acting presi Lieut Tif the Covington and Lexington rail Road committed suicide on the 8th, by in rowing himself Arrow the track. His h and was severed from his body. He had been much distressed in mind since the re turn from new York of coins Bills drawn against the Bonds of the company which he mul other directors had endorsed and which were supposed to have been sold in new York. Patriarchal. A suit that Linn been Pon Ding Pur Throe year in one if the san i car Linn courts in Winch one of the Chiril Ric sons of the Palmetto state claimed n girl who win just dawning into woman Hood Ashi Chatel was decided on thursday of week before last in favor of the girl not because Alio a a Eirl nor because he was human but simply be pause bin was an Indian. While the fact that the was a Christian women would not save tier the tact that she was an Indian woman lid thus exemplifying Tho measureless superiority of India nit Over christianity is cd plated by Tho patriarchal code. Taking slaves to Kan As. The Imle Indence dispatch says Twenty Emi Grant whim in our City a few Days since n their Way to Kanza territory. The Tail from Kentucky and urn the Best look no men we Bave seen together for Manv a Lay Hub Tantius Fanner looking myst we lad the pleasure of an acquaintance with a Evv of them and were informed thai they would Lake their slaves with them arid that other would to on after 11 time Rhodea Itin their i Lav a in Ray even the old decrepit i dive. Who love i master now Loo feeble for service will not be de i Drw Ark or Itu. I tie celebrity for. H. O. Sii Kiriy Wink uittkk8 hat induced Kerr no Perau a Hoilo " ? Pymm lira i. It meal Ira i knowledge to i mum the title erf if Wietor Ami nut m of the Mulc an article in Imi tation of Iuar me Lurlne which they Call Nitro or wine hit Ter anal Atlin a to Nii Iii them off Vialer the pretence that i Tiare retired fun in Minim anal Alao that they wan flu lure an Iii to article if the aame name. I would a to to tone in Lurault 4 health to be Aure thai Yuu Omallie the rial article which May be known by the for Dille fray denature us theoulde wrapper ear Ranj rach untie ant Alao by the copyright Gurtler of the mine entering. hold Tio Laale and rrt Alt at my office so. Ftp Hanover Avreet Llo Tiei Ami by All Dellera in every City town Ami Village the new kit Mimi mute. I n. Moraux jr., u my Aole travelling agent in us h. K. Hate. Talm Oilin Toft . 0. At market2400 beef cattle 000 mores is pal is working oxen 147 Cowa Ami Calva 0000 Slarp and Umhay Aii i 1000 Hulne. Leef cattle a Xterm $h,s0-, plat Quality Leeond 7,so 7,2ft the enl $7 Ordinary f,2ft Toldea it a a #. Tallow �1 a 11,40. Iota 42 a Tofta. Calf 8kiiu lie. Erly veal calm14 71, it 1 a 7. 8tin-a yearling to. 11 a 12. Two year old $ 14, it 20, 23. Three year of $20, 2ft, 27, 90 a 3ft. Working 0enh4, a 100, 11�, 1j0,130, 140 a 150. Cow anal calrea$19,21, 22,31.34, St 40 a to. Keep and Lambe Kitra a 4,w, 4,7ft 7 by lot 2, 2,10, a 3. Hwina4 a 6e. Retail it a . Vat hog fee. Btu 43 4c. I ii Stox Market Navy Abr 11. Flour Aud Drain the Trade purr Haa Only in it a tv1 Tomo War Tern at Taney u �74 a at 10.60 a $111 a a Eitra Mem to 11 a 11,7k Corn by been aum at w we tar my no Jet now but u now Bow higher. Data Art in Sikir to and at 00 flip per Bushel. Her la mum ant Flung in Udall Kiu at 1,40 or but bal. A Lair Kastern u in owl demand at $90 a 21 per ton Raih marriages. In shia Lawn. Lois int l y her. A. Carer no or John ii. Gourm of a Joia win tit it i an. I. In Saco nov. 7.i.y re. Or. Colby or. Ben Jamin Leavett of Wau Ritro to min Elbe Ruiwu a. Smith of Uoo. In not. Ii. By bit c. Ii. Smith or. Samuel Abbott to i a Siroti a. Benton bulb of Saco. In kit for. Navy Yard Village out. 29, by be. Or. Paine or. Mark w. Paul of Eliot lie. To Mim Mary e Walker daughter of a. W. Walk Jer Kay. Of Kittery. Deaths. In this town 22d �., j Ante m Staple and 23 yearn 30th Ull. Elizabeth c. Slev Roa cd i y. I in. 23ih ult. Or. Sally Sand. No by. 3th it Namm Taraboi Agaj 4 Yam ii Motilla. 31. In., j Ante i morn Iii agro 1 year 3 Malba. 7lh let a Annh Hall lipid 4 year 2 Montha. 8tb iu., dependence Walker used 73 yearn. In a Yinan Willey Currier Artl 8 month. In Bucu eld july 11. Or. Ether p., wife of or. Win. Eaton aired 46 years 0 month in blot oct 24, or. We. Navoa or aged 37. Oct. 23, or. Lucy Han Acuti Atnel 30, wife of or. John 11. A Anacon. Oct. 39tb, or. Jap bet Morrill aged about 33. A musical instrument for every family Tobin & go s. Improved Patent Melodeon Seraphinus and Reed organs 01 the Lunt Jip Nitzl patterns on the in duo principle of curium pair ii Tiro or of main and water Street Nashua n. H. Imd in part and judge tie great attention which the m it cur us limbic i now arc Ridln Ren Der its acquirement not Only desirable hut tally dec Emery to a tolerable education. In View in in fad Lliel nearly Alt an us Epli ble f musical Cal Lvalion it i a great Desideratum that each Faizi ilor should lie supplied Willi an instrument sailed in it Iii mean Ili Firley adding to the aural lion of Home Ami Rita Ming in la Baler to give Tapir Ohhi to Hope rial sentiment who a the calibration of tie higher susceptibilities a our Nuti or never foil to devel Ope. Tim 11111111 i 1111j Ivr ment -11111.11. Him lab nor Herl by u guv or Lane leading from lauds of Punili Iii Ulm the county Road from Holli Cen ire to John Allds and by the Centre or Middle Linn of Llie tract of land caller the i Lilien Rod or Cultis i Hurt Ami Easterly by lands i f Kuhau Palmer and Klc scr Lluri diam containing aurut seventy five acres of land t Jiuu on u la sides of. In still county Road. The Suid Betsey of one calf Pur thereof and Ulo of a Veu Arras of land in be St 011 in m the southerly end of the Oiler Hall with Jeremiah Decker of Saco in Suid county and let by Smith Wile of Blini in ii. Smillir of Olalde full in sail coins in Aud certain other in sous unknown to your Petitioner that your Petitioner Canol my St occupy and improve the said part to any advantage while the same lie in Ccu Imon mud undivided As aforesaid but wholly Loae the profits thereof. W la re lore Sih Pray that notice Mav be issued in due form of a. Ami that her said part May be aet Bottand Asp cd to her to bold in severally. Betsey Hanson by a. F. Iii smog Ter att y. Dated september 18th, is m. 40 state of Maine. Yorik at lit supreme judicial court begun and held it Alfred within Ami for the county of York Oik the Ali in Tui Niue of sep Teulier in i if or of our lord one Khoii end eight Huo Drc a mid Lifty four. A ton clip lore iming petition obd bed tint Ike Petitioner give notice to the re Rondeau named intr Elrd in liw thereof to api car Ilore the Jimmh to of our acid court to be lipid lit Alfred within mild for Aid county of Yolk on the Art l ii. I i Injo the Imine la Iraq week in the if Ihmi and Kait Cru journal h newspaper Prin Ted in Laid Defoil in Vij county of York the lat publication whereof to be thirty Daya at ice i be lore the titling of acid court that Ibey May then und Iacre in our Aid court i How cuu a if any Alliey Liuva Why the prayer of Tuul in tuition hould not be grunted. All. At Jamks Otis Mcintire clerk. A True copy of the petition Aud order o court thereon. At eat Jamks Otis Mcintire clerk. Ivo Utie mid lot for Sale. Rinik Suba Crelier Oiler for file Liia Houe and i lot Stu cd a in Scorrer of Koala and Isreb it reel on Suidt Erfurd Oleighla. The a Louie waa Huilt live year a a of to la material and waa Liuia hed Iuler the peso jul inspection of the us Scriber i i one and a half Lory Boule Wilb Ell und urn ult eyed. It a Aix room in. Every Rwm in the House in papered and Lini Ahod in the Mol thorough manner. There a an excl Lenl Celler under the whole i ouse Wilh Mhz Walil therein Aud a Well of Laird water near by. M the lot contain near w xxx untre feel a portion of it lie Ingu Garden in which there Are a number of rare fruit tree jut Coli Luik into bearing. For Bull Hinega and Eon Veniene of Localio in i not exceeded by any read device in town. term of payment and Price enquire of l. 0. Cowan Union and journal of face Lyman w. York. Biddeford nov 11, ill. Aco Atheni Tiiu. Rylik knee utile committee give notice that the 1. A diary a a noved to ? room in them no fact Ier building und exl naive a Mil a i of new i took Are a it to be made. Subo Crip lion for a area Urr Auric led. Price ten dollars. They t. Firm of 1k cd a stub kit. For the purpose of trea acting the wholesale com flour and Prev Loo i mimic. And Bare i nit an the stores no. 1 it 3 Auu a fall work. A i Urr Lineni of shit Arti Cle in our line Are respectfully invited to rail and rain in our mock. Boyd & 8t0reh. A. H. Roto c. E Stokx \ Sago nut i birr 8tli, 18m. 46 Corn 3l flour afloat. Now Landing from 8cbr. ,3000 r. Corn 300 bbl of Lliam Smillir Mau River ext., and Union Mill floor to or Bori a Stork in. 1 6c 9 Aulter Hall Bock. Anco not. 8, lbs4 Corn for Sale. 1 a aaa bushels � yellow Mealing 1 Wuu com Well lored and in Fine order by Alev John Oil patrol Saco nor. Of

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