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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - November 17, 1854, Biddeford, MaineThe in we journal. I. Ii a j.,h a. A a Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. Biddeford Friday november 17,1854. I4 Villi 55555s vol 1no. 48. The vnio.1 a5d ratel.1 Jol Riali is Ril Mcd Vivily Valdat. Orrick no 1 Central Block bad Deturo oppo Aiu to by Edelord House. Fainst2 00 per annul or to so i paid with three subscribing sin a copies ii mar by obtained at the a licit in Seolin Price 4 cents. V b. Pam i. 11 american new pc agent it the Only author ii in caveat Tor tits part a i to Willea of new Fork Boston and Phil Del phia and is duly empowered to take advertise Awni and subscriptions at the Stur Naira As required by Hii office. Art a York Tri Brae Hilr finran Tot ten ool or t Huil Lin r n. Comer a Hird and Che Anu Street. Marci Watson Pruter. Poetry. Spirit rappdi06 or the Rijh seller s Yareff. Containing store truth than run Rstom Tai Koa Iusco Journ al orca upon a mini Tiht dreary with my avocation weary when my Neil Hon from Sibrir Klion had re tire1 in sleep and snore ? waa comfortably napping. Beu i heard a rap Pirn ppm such a supernatural rapping a i never bean before. Just it Side Ray hed to a door fearful and discordant n 4ea, mingled with Uii earthly voices orb Lienay Acrea Miu and blaspheming broke upon Ray Marl Ted ear. Thai to sudden and surprising Lis a truth Beyon d a Fumk thai i my my Nightcap Tuuifo with Fer Thonh i Kac w to mortal near. Then Rama Aad lit Ray taper peering through the murky vapor fear tag mostly Shadow ghostly a me ring from la 8iyi Shore. Or Iho t i should t wonder they arc thieves to teat on plunder so 1 Aviard a loaded Blunderbuss and strode across the floor and us locked Ray tap room door. Shade of Bacchus what revel every Goblin Short an i Devil. From the internal void internal seemed to be carousing there to Rama Boaty visitation from the damned o every nation Aad their horrid Imp Tiona Rose upon to burdened air like the Region a of despair. Every cask had been a prison whence a de not had Ariaen filthy creature taking features palpable t touch and Glit shape of every foul complexion Here were me in re a unction showing ghastly by reflection of he taper i flickering Light in the silence of the night. Quite deprived of All volition by that audit Len a in trillion so Amati a i stood a aug Ammie Olesa within the Der while with Many a curious Antic Aad perform Ance Necromantic round and round with vesture frantic Gaiu Bol d that infernal corps till the room was in a Roar. By a Detaza View surrounded i waa utterly con founded. Nor bad ventured As i entered to address the Sable throng while they paid me in rotation bowing Low in salutation every gho to of every nation chanted a in danced along and this the Burden of to Weir song All Hail to the seller of ruin Iuit Monarch so potent As lie from City mid Hamlet his worshippers Conn from tie , and the ides of the Aca Waal Monarch so potent a be ? All Hall to the seller of Ruuti. Bring. Mammas the wealth of the store and Burden his coffers with fold death laughs with Delight that he covets no More that his conscience so cheaply is sold then pile up his coders Wilh old for death shall inherit his store. He asks but ephemeral years to revel in boisterous mirth. In return for diseases famine and tears. That he waiters shroud o or the Earth and truly the bargain is Worth his Price a Lew riotous years. A Hail to tie seller of rum let us weave him a Chaplet of vew for drunkards from Many a desolate Limor he has sent to our revelling Crew then Crown him with Cypress and Yew and Success to the seller of rum. Such the infernal chorus while the Echoe rang a iwand Tosev crowned Ioe a inti found due Lenni we like ii statue Uherc thro with Moat unearthly cheering awful to the sense of hearing i beheld item disappearing with a Dull no vacant Tare till they vanished into air. When 1 found my sense returning to the Meas i Light of morning shone so plainly 1 sought vainly for their of Erin Tsou the Hoot e conclusion it was nought by an ill in. For my mind was in confusion from a " agree the Day before that waa it and nothing More. Dot that spree he Given me note you a att roof a a Ftp. And those Devi a hold their revels ouly in m burning brain Bat in spite of my Endeavor they Are there it stumped forever. I Ball never More of never while those Meu ones remain sleep a Torquil sleep again Caa Timko my aug 9, 1854. �. Agricultural. Run ia4 in u4/ora met chef bees. A. Editor As the following sex Peri men which i recently tried May inter i some of your readers the account of it i at tur service. I have in my Garden a hire of Bee which on monday the 2d Day of october weighed 197 la. As the hive i self weighed but 37 lb., it contents of 70 mostly Honey i Felt strongly inclined to than with my industrious lit be friends who Havi store i away so much More than Thev Cou possibly use themselves15 to 18 . Be ing the utmost they Coald consume purim the coming Winter. I did not wish to de stroy them and therefore cast about of some mean of approx rating to myself i portion of thes ores by Way of hire rent a. I had heard of giving Bee chloroform and had read or. Binish s method of doing so published a year or two since in la Edinburg but i Hadaso rest of an Experiment in this country tried of that plan which resulted in putting the bees so soundly to sleep that ther Neve woke up . To satisfy myself on thu Point however before subjecting the whole swarm to so unpleasant a predict Mant i tried an Experiment on a Small Adele exposing some half a dozen bees t the vapor of chloroform under an in Erlet Tumbler. In about half a minute they fell upon. The table thoroughly disabled i Hough by no Means immovable. They slowly re Oor ered from the effects and in about an boor flew Back to the hive. From the re Salt of this Experiment 1 was encourage to to Hope that the one i contemplated would be equally successful. I accordingly tried it and proceeded As follow shaving provided a Box of the same dimensions As the hire and about eight inches deep 1 bored a l Inch hol through the Bottom of it and placed it of i a Board in front of the hire and leading t the platform on which the hire stood. Then transferred the hive to the Box a Raj to make it As tight As possible pasted paper around the joint. I then poured about Quarter of an ounce of chloroform upon a Small piece of Cotton cloth and put it quickly up through the Hole in the Bottom of the Box and under the dish cover the Box being raised up an Inch or two to enable me Oget at the Hole. In about fifteen minute i removal the hive from the Box turned it Down upon its front Side removed a Glass window from the Back which gave me a Cess to the upper Art of the hive. I then i with carving knife and Fork Cut out we 18 or 20 . Of Honey from the upper portions of he comb leaving the lower pot Lions which contained Les Honey and More Bee Brace and therefore less desirable to me but More so to the Yonng bees of the next season still supported by the rests running through the hive. Having thus helped myself to the choicest of the Honey replaced the Glass and set the hive Iti its place. Some few of the beet which had been the least affected by a chloroform began in about Hlf Ait h i in a the gradually awoke and made their Way i Back to the hive in the course of the Day. The whole Day in fact being required Lor their general return. A few perished in the operation perhaps half a Tea cup full or four or five Hundred. Of these not less than one Quarter were drones on which the chloroform seemed to have a peculiarly fatal effect. As the bees returned to the hive they gathered up All the Loose Honey ? that had dripped Down from the broken comb and by noon of the following Day had thoroughly repaired All damages and re fastened the comb to the Glass. On the whole the Experiment proved quite Satis factory. The above is at your service messes. Editors if you deem it Worth publishing in your paper. L. M. Mattapoisett oct. 4th, 1854. I to prevent l be on cabbage i i. Benitoa in your paper of the 19th instant i anti Ceil n communication signed Suh Scriber from North Dixmont headed i lice on cabbage and having Miff red from the same Cau a some Twenty yearn mince i feel to sympathise with your correspondent and give him my experience in the Case. Feeling unwilling to dispense with the wholesome vegetable i coining cod to took Tor a remedy for the evil and As Tho Sailor would say in overhauling my mind i recon looted that when quite a Small Hoy. Not More than Biz years old i was in the Kitchen Gar Den of a near neighbor of my father whom i will Call neighbor p. Neighbor p. Was a native of commen ced to Clear a farm and bringing with Hisiu the habits of his native town lie did not forget the Kitchen Garden hut Early in his commencement of Clearing a farm selected a spot for a Garden and paid particular at Tention to its cultivation and Early mined fruit with which he was very Liberal in he stowing upon the children of the few Pioneer settlers who followed Linn in the settlement and when they were Ripo it a a great treat for us yankers to be permitted to visit neighbor p. And his family and be shown the various vegetables and fruit in his Garden and have him answer our Zimny childish questions and receive from him the red Cheek apples. Hut in thinking Over the Many pleasant scenes with neighbor p. And family i have somewhat deviated from my subject and will now return. 1 have already said that i was in the Gar Den of neighbor p. I there discovered a Plant among the cabbages towering above them in a Majestic manner Ami entirely new to my Young mind i immediately asked � neigh or p. What it was lie answered,1 " Dacca i give his own language thai is Bacca such As i Chew and or. J. Smokes in his pipe. My next question was what is it among i the Subhag a for ? " keep the lice was the answer in overhauling my in ind some thirty years after i recollected the answer and commenced to try the Experiment for myself but i Lound difficulty in procuring seed and did not succeed till the third year in petting any and the Lieo continued to truth to All the 1 procured seed i immediately commenced the Experiment and it succeeded y with me beyond my expectations and Tho 1 tobacco Plant has grown in my Garden every year since and no lice has troubled me till h the present year at the time that the to Bacco Plant should Havo been set among the1 cabbage i was tick and my hired Man be ing unacquainted did not set any. And in � consequence a very few lice have made their appearance. I nou no Trousie in Cei uns us Xirui for by leaving a Stock to seed. It will seed itself from year to year and it a better to oed in the full than in the Spring the seed requires very Early sowing a it bikes a Long time to Mcge ? to and dior before the Ohio agn cultural society thus Speaks on Ihu subject Many banners who Are destroying the productiveness of their Harrns by shallow work As they find that their crops Are dim i Puishing they think Only of extending their acre by adding acres of surface As if they supposed that their title evils Only gave them a right to six inches deep of Earth. If they will take those deeds study their meaning and apply the lesson to their Fields they will soon realize in three fold crop the fact that the Law has Given them three farms where they supposed they had Nidy one in other words that the sub Oil brought up and combined with the ton soil and enriched with the atmospheric influences and those other elements which Agri cultural science will teach them to apply to their ground will increase three fold the measure of its productiveness. To show to what extent the Terri Lite of the soil can be increased i refer to a statement ill the last Patent office report. In the year 1850, there were nine competitors for the Premium Corn crop of Kentucky each of whom cultivated ten acres. Their average crop was about 122 Bushel per acre. At that time the average crop of wheal per Aero in the harvests of great Britain on a soil cultivated for centuries was about double that produced on the Virgin soil of Ohio. Why in this simply because British Farmers Are educated men and apply work wisely. They Pav Back to the Earth what they Bor Row they Endeavor by every Means in their Ower to enrich their ground and in turn it enriches them. If our Farmer in Stead of Labouring to double their acres would labor to double their crops they would find it a saving of time and la Bor and an increase of profits. Many of them never think of digging ten inches into the soil unless they have dreamed about a Crock of Gold hid in the Earth but if they would set about the work of digging in Earnest every Man would find his Crock of Gold without the Aid of dreams or have great advantage Over British Farmer in the tact that neatly All our far mers hold the land which they cultivate in fee simple while in Eigland they Are chiefly tenants hiring the lauds of the nobility paying enormous rents to the Propri tors besi be heavy taxes to the government. Taxes Here Are Campai actively Light and our Farmers Are their own landlords. Hence they have been aide to pay three fold wages for labor to those in Kun pc pay the Cost of transportation. And yet undersell the British Farmers in their own Market. A a Kimont Farmer. Among the conspicuous men in the Vermont or. R. Q Brigham or Fairfield. The Hutn lad says that he owns and cultivates thir teen Hundred Seres of land lie owns some two Hundred and Twenty cows Twenty five horses and drives five joke of oxen. In his Dairy he makes butter Only. The average yield of Hutter Iron Tho milk of each cow is Ono Hundred and fifty pounds. Tho cows Are mostly of the native Breed. Two huge " Dasher " churns Are set in motion by two " horse Nowers and the butter is worked by i he old fashioned his Stock of animals Consumo about five Hundred tons of Hay annually. Maxims for a Young Man. Never be Idle. If your hands cannot be usefully employed attend la the cultivation of your mind. Always speak the truth. Keep Good com pan v or none. Mke few promises. Live up to your enticement. Have no very intimate i feuds. Keep your own secrets if you have any. When you speak to a person look him in the lace. Good company and Good conversation Are very sinews of virtue. Good character is above All things else. Never listen to Loose or Idle conversation. You Hail better be poisoned in your blood than your principles. Your Chu racier be essentially injured except by your own acts. If any one Speaks evil of you let your life be so virtuous that none will believe Hun. Drink no intoxicating liquors. Ever live excepted within your income. When you have retired to bed think Over what you have done during Tho Day. Never speak lightly of religion. Make no haste to be Rich if you would Prosper. I Small and steady pm give competency with Tranquillity of mind. Never play it any kind of came. Avoid temptation through fear that you Mav not withstand it. Earn your Money before you spend it. Never run in debt Jess you see a Way to yet out again. Never borrow if you can possibly avoid it. He just before you Are generous. Keep yourself innocent if you would be Happy. Save when you Are Young to spend when you Are old. Never think that which you do for Relig-1 Ion is time or Money misspent. Read some portion of the Bible every Day. Coulst a of lift. Re mum Burke in the Concord n. A Revoiter Xvi rather my Tei iou by of the Ciciley due Gen. Jones senator from Iowa urn Premroe Hiu hid opinion of then Jency of Gen. Pieree in that unfortunate it Luis. A Man who i another into a Duel should not Tienert him in auth a per Ilou moment miscellaneous. A a Naa the eleventh commandment t. S. Arthur tells a Good airy about n Loving couple in new Jersey who belong to i to methodist Church. A new presiding elder or. N., a expected in thai District and As the ministers All plopped Brothe w. And his wife every preparation was made to give him a cordial reception. 1 he Lioni St couple thought that religion in part insisted in making mine Parade and there fore the parlor was put in order a Nice fire Ivas made and the Kitchen replenished with be chickens and eur in Delia any prepare Itoiz to c oking. While or. Was out to Hia pile i Plain looking coarsely dream but quiet like pet Leslian came along and inquired he Way to the next town. He waa told it kvas three Miles. Being very cold he asked permission to enter and . As tent was Giten very grud Giu to and both vent into the Ink ump. Thu Fife looked taggers at this unlikely intrusion for the Granger had on cow hide boots an old hat and a threadbare but neatly patched Coal. At length she gave him a chair beside the dutch oven which was baking cakes for he presiding elder who was momentarily so peeled an he was to preach the next Day it the Church a mile or two beyond. The stranger after warming himself pre. Pared to leave but the weather became in Dement and As his appetite was roused by he viands about the fire he asked Lor some Idle refreshments Ero he set out for a cold talk to the town beyond. Mrs. A. Was a some cold Bacon and bread was set my on an old table and he was then somewhat gruffly told to eat. It waa growing Lark and hints were thrown out that the Granger had better depart is it Wai Olnee Ong Miles to town. The wife grew Petu ant As the new Proa her did not arrive und Ler husband sat whittling the air of Auld Lang syne while to thought of the words f the hymn when 1 can read my title dear and Felt As if he could order the stranger off without any further ado. Tie homely meal was at last concluded the Man thanked hit kindly for the hospitality he had received Ami opened the Loor to go. But it was quite dark. And the Douds denoting a storm filled the heavens. " you say it is full three Indes to it 1" 111 do Aid or. Coldly " i said so when you first slopped Ami you ought to Lave pushed Oil like a prudent Man you Ould have reached to Liege before in was quite Nui i was cum Ami Miligi Ubibi Uii Iii ave fainted by the Way the manner if rating this touched the Armer s feeling a Little. 44 you have warmed and fed me for High i am thankful. Will you nit bestow Mother act of kindness upon one in a strange Ilace and if he goes out in the darkness nay lose himself and polish in the cold to the particular form in which tint request Vaa made mid the tone in which it was at ered put it out of the Farmer to say no. " go in there Ami sit Down to answered winning to the Kitchen 4 Ami i will see my Ife and hear what Sho and or. Went into the parlor where he supper table stood covered with a Snow White cloth and displaying his wife s set of Lue of rigged China that was on a Broo Ghl it on Seoul occasions. The tall Mould candles Wero Burnine hereon and on Ike Hearth blazed a cheerful lire. 44 has n t that old fellow gone yet is Keri mrs. She heard his voice As he returned from the door. 44 no and what do you suppose 1 he wants us to let him stay All night 44 indeed we my do no such thing. can t have the likes of him in the House now. Where could he sleep 41 not in Tho Best room even if or. Should not come 44 no indeed " % 41 hut really i do n t see Jine How we can turn him out of doors. He docs n t look like a Strong Man and ii s dark and cold and full three Miles to d 44 it a too much to ought to have gone on while he had Daylight and not lingered Here As he did till it cot 44 we can n t turn him out of doors Jane and it no use to think of it. He ii have to stay n but what can to do with him 44 he seems like a decent Man at least and Doem n t look As if he had anything bail about him. might make him a bed or the floor 441 wish he had been at Guinea before he came Here " said mrs. W., fret fully. The a. In. It would not arrive occasioned her to feel and the intrusion of so unwelcome n visitor a Llie stranger completely unhinged Hei mind. Of Well replied her husband in a soothing voice never mind. Moil make the Best of is. To came to us tired and hungry and we warmed and fed him. He now asks shelter Lor the Nishil and we must not reduce him nor Grant his in qum in a complaining or a reluctant style. You know what the Bible Kays about entertain ing Angel " kneels did you Ever Ace an Anjel look like have a never seen an Angel said the Farmer smiling " i am unable to speak Ai to their appearance " this had tie effect to Call an answering smile from mra. W., and a better feeling al her heart. It was finally agreed Between them that the Man a he seemed like a de cent kind of person should be permitted in of Coupe the minister s room if that i Divi tul did not arrive an event to which they both looked with but Little expectancy. Ii to did come Why the Man would have to put up with poor accommodations. When or. Returned to the Kitchen where the stranger had seated himself before the fire he informed him that they had decided to let him stay All night. The Man a pressed in a few words he grateful sense of their kindness and Niheu became silent and thoughtful. Soon after the Filamer a wife Given i up All Hope of or. A s arrival had supper taken up which consisted of Roffee warm Short cake and broiled Chick in. Afier All a on the table a Short Ronde hence was held at to whether it would to not to invite the stranger to take supper it waa True they Hail Given him As much bread and Bacon As he could eat but then is Long a he was it ing to slay All night it looked Loo in hospitable o Ait Down to the Able and not ask him to join them. So making a virtue of necessity he was kindly asked to come to supper Ai invitation which he did not decline. Grace waa said ver the meal by or. W., and the Coffey toured out the bread helped and the meal arved. There was a Fine Little boy six Yeara old at the table who had teen brightened up and dressed in hit beat in order 10 Grace in mini Irr a reception. Cuba Rita waa foil of talk and the Parent Felt a Mutual Pride in showing him off even before their Humble of cot who noticed him particularly though he had not much to say. " come Charl Zjr said or. W., after the anal waa Over and to sat leaning in Hia chair can n t you repent the pretty hymn Mamma Learned you Lasell sunday ? " Onaney Itin Roeii on without further Vita Tion and repealed vory accurately two or three vere of a new Camp meeting hymn that was just then very Popolar. " now let us hear you aay the command ments Charley spoke up Ilia Mother Well pleased with her child s performance. And Chailey repeat cd them with the Aid of a Little prompting How Many commandments Are there 1" asked the father the child hesitated and then looking of at the stranger near whom he Aat and Daiil Ulm Minally " flow Many Are there ? " the Man thought Lor some moments and said As if in doubt " eleven Are there not f " " eleven " ejaculated mra. W., in on feigned Surprise. " eleven " said her husband with More rebuke than astonishment in his voice. Is it possible sir that you do not know How Many commandments there Are How Many Are there Charley 1 come Tell me you know of ten replied the child. 11 right my an returned or. W., looking with a smile of approval on the child. " Iti Uhl. There is n t a child of his Aire within ten Miles who can Tell you Thero Are ten did Vou Ever read the Bible sir addres Ini the stranger. " when i win a Little boy i used to read it sometimes. But i am sure i thought there were eleven commandments. Are you not Uii Maken about Thuro being Only ten 1" sister w. Lifted up her hands in unfeigned astonishment and excl tuned " could anyone believe ill such Igno Rance of the Bible " i or. A. Did not reply but Rose and going to one Corner of the Loum where the Good Book Lay upon the Small stand he nut it on i the table before him and opened at thai portion in which the commandment a were recorded. I " there " to said placing his fincer in the proof of the Strainer s error. There look for the Man came round irom his Side of the table and looked Over the Sti Anyei s Shoul Der. " i nere ten Crye see t yes it does say replied the Man " and yet it seem it to me there Atu eleven. I in sure i have always thought dues it not say ten Here inquired or. Pm with marked impatience in his voice. It does " Well what Moie do you want cat n t you believe the bime Oil yes i believe the Bible and yet it strikes me somehow that there must be eleven commandments. Has n t one been added somewhere else now this was too much for brother and sinter w. To Bear. Such ignorance of sacred matters they Felt to be unpardonable. A Long lecture followed in which the Man was scolded admonished and threatened with divine indignation. At its close he modestly asked if he might not have4he Bible to read for an hour or two before re tiring for the night. This request was granted with More pleasure than any of the proceeding Onei. Shortly after supper the Man was con ducted to the Little Square room accompanied by the Bible. Belore leaving him alone or. Felt it to be his duty to Echo to him to spiritual things and he did so most earnestly for ten or fifteen minutes. But he could not see thai his words mad much impression and he finally left his great lamenting his obduracy and Igno. Ranee. In the morning he came Down and meet ing or. W., asked him i be would be so kind to lend him a razor that he might remove his Beard which did not give i face a very attractive appearance. His re quest was complied with. " we will have prayers in about ten minutes Saij or. W., As he handed him the razor and shaving Box. The Man appeared and behaved with due propriety at family worship. After break last he thanked the Farmer and Hia wife for their hospitality and parting went on his journey. Ten o clock Camo but or. Had nol arrived. So or. And i. Started Foi the meeting House not doubling that they would find him there. But they were Dis appointed. A goodly number of people were inside the knee thug House and a Good by number outside but the minister had not arrived. " where is or. N 1" inquired a dozen voices As a crowd gathered around the Farmer. It a. I .1 i "11x3 ii Hii i Viii id Sci. Lias detained him. 8ul i till look for him in deed i fully expected to find him the Day was cold and or. W., after be coming thoroughly chilled concluded in keep n Good look out for the minister from the window near which he usually sat. Others from the same cause followed by example and the Little meeting House Wai soon filled and one after another Cnoc dropping in. The Farmer who tamed to wards the door each time it was opened wan a Little surprised to see his guest of the previous night ener and come slowly Down the aisle looking on either Side As if search ing Lor a vacant seat very few of which were now left. Still advancing he finally got within the Little enclosed altar and ascending to the pulpit took of this old Gray overcoat and sat Down. By this time or. Was by his aide and bad his Hind non his Arm. " you most t sit Here. Coma Down and i will show you scat he mid a an excited tone. Thank you replied the Man in a com posed voice. It la Verv comfortable and the Man remained immovable. Or. W., feeling embarrassed went Down intending to get a brother official to assist him in making a forcible ejection of the Man from the place he was desecrating. Immediately upon his doing so however the Man Rose and standing of at the desk opened the hymn Book. His voice Wai thrilled to the ends of brother w. Ai in a distinct and impressive manner he gave oot the hymn beginning help us to help each other lord a each other from to Bear let each he Friendly Aid nit Oriand Lel a brother care the congregation Rose alter the strange had read the entire hymn and a adm Carol a Hamm a primary election and the Democrat in re turn lend him Ilia to carry a whig primary election. Lenco whig promiscuously vote to democratic ballot boxes and Democrat in whig ballot boxes while Tho honest whig or Democrat desiring to vote May be thank Ful if permitted to go through Tho farce of voting at All. If there Ike not enough of these Punu Itea the Hose been living through the year upon the City Treasury to carry beae primary elections for this whig or that democratic Alderman Home organised Bond of unfortunate outcasts or villains is employed who though the Money Rosy be of Vanoska by the aldermen Are Yel. In paid in the end out of the City Treasury to Jobe or font roots or fiands a food class or another such As we daily sea of in the Public press. If there be As whet some or the More attentive weds god Citi tent devoting Ibe Roiff Tho�6 election and with enough of Power to Vole Down there leeches Pon the Sty Treasury then by ecu ing what Are Sahad the " inspectors of ejection Tho ballot Botes Ore filled before 1 a Rote is Glen with any of Zenary amount of run and fancy Job Nus Tau. Rim pita Mac Fet Bluhm of too Mctaw few in Amelr Block Lold Donferd u of mod up with Preo Oao my to slut will Ono to him to Fusil hum pump us a wac Cotra Ponca mum grm no Uco a to Btl my m4i we thai a few yen in Dkl it. My far a Lair or Witter smrt Rufra. I court a mtg Limtt a la umm la � Niiya in fat pc Tum a feb Tho pc for any print Dlf office in Day it Cir try �m4 4gr of Aid of it vast Ikin Suiwu to mat . Tva Urgo Pmj Ift Ninf Elf found fur card � it i n t i lab Llao Tolar i to Titi bomber u Worb it Smiar it smiting ctn4 b�mr4, Aiki re u ii him Luann to a in duo to to Tutu ago a 01 Anion to thu broach of too Buatong to us mum Ril mlle Fritton pm Board Foll Owara 1 a ? rain aft Kiwi it Ordarra m w r had u Job a Recto i by bar or far Rod by Mau or Tanjut . L Aida twi a. A in. U a cd am. Rotes. Or oven if this a prevented and Hon est men Bare outvoted Mieir opponents and nil their Imudia then Ticae ins Octura of elections olten with Ufer 11 0 totes m they Alcose. Without any record to number mid return Naone Leets who have never received in act a Quarter of tha numerical vote. In other costs where Urty or discrimination a to i Lahip or any other disqualification. In some wards it Naa in conto a mob a a Man s life is North to Rote St All unless is votes is is la ordered. In other wards the respect Duls it Izena have retired into All primary Alee Tiona to disgust or affright and abandoned them to bullies or Blackleg who now bars there the Especial control. His Takt Ait Man okd. Under life system of primary Kle Tiona there have grown Uff in the City a Large Clara of Mea town to the Slung of the City As " suck Sra and 11 strike the " strike a la old Elnaa of m Pruden who corns Down upon a candidate for a placet and demand of Birn Money with throats that if is duss lot give it. They will be Down upon Hora in the primary elections or in Tbs Noraini Ling who generally frighten timid 01 to erupt men into pay. Ins sucker Are a More gentle class was Liang about the Porter houses where Tbs dominating conventions meet and who auck jut Par. These strikers and suckers Muko it their Trade to get upon the nomina1 Ting und in Donn onion with out tide Focca. Lioy generally succeed. The nun who Doea not with to be known As toe Ting Money in person Puta into these Noui Tieg comi Vitteta these strikers and suckers und they nato Rioual sell their Rota not Maluno to the highest bidder but often Over and Over again to All the bidders ind hence it a Well known that the nominating committee More or less Are As marketable As cattle or slave in Tbs stars l in not for Ono Aale however a ars but to and slaves hot for Aale Over and Uver again it the name moment to differ i it Hutyera according a they find dupes to u do fx1, or of aspirants to buy them sums whig or Democrat eminent in his party of ten Nunda hit Numo in a primary election of the sumo ticket with some unknown striker or sucker or with Soave distinguished Hully but hoi not expected to taks the Iron Halo to attend the nominating con rent Iona und if to Doea be will often find wearied out or worried out by of Meroa adjournments and to Audi places where decency can hardly go with safety. It n sometimes the custom on a ticket where live men Are to serve to put on two Woll Cnown democrats or whigs and two suck a or " strike and for Tho fifth Moo Toiuo Peter Funk a to a Knon in our mock auction vocabulary or better known Iowa a " Greenwood Man that a a dead Nan there being in fact no auth a Man and Tho Numo being a Mere invention. The two " suckers or " strikers generally lint Miichi Ali Ulm Coti uni own f the above named commodity a follows t " tie november number of " a thu " Joilea promptly to hand and we Are Happy learn from its worthy conductor and proprietor q. P. Putnam ksq., that not with standing the Hue and cry rated against this Magazine it the South to prints a larger Hilton this month. Alter having censured n the strongest terms the abolition Tondu ies of " Putnam we no not at All w irises or disappointed at the above mention a result. The South enors As a general Rule Are not Iho most Liberal patrons Erie it those books and periodicals which most bravely defend their own " Peculiar ins Titu 01 this fact we have had Nii sudant evidence in our experience of the n. York Mirror. have for ten years defended be rights of the sunny half of oar e mf4 racy from the onslaughts and irritations of Northern Fanu racism and abolitionism. And he result has been this an unremitting Shower of Public in a Privato Praise from the South accompanied with an unremitting neglect to sul Moribe and pay or thu Paar. Scarcely a mail real ii us from Tho South a which the Mirror is not highly Ooton i nested for its " Manly defence of a outliers rights a. Hut the bulk of the sol i pudding copies from the North. And o it will be with Putnam s Southern agents my return their Par oils and countermand their orders Southern subscribers May Tendon ther " stoppers and Stu Thorn editors May denounce Tho in al diary movement but to far As Mora Ircul Ahon is North will Mako Tood two for one the deciduous Ness of Tho South and " Putnam " Wil live and flour in As an Evergreen despite the fiery blasts t is encountering on warm Side of a Ion k Dixon s line. D Trio proclamation of the governor f Kentucky his the rare Merit of Brevity. Hie whole of in is combined in be Stew no sentence 1, in Zara w. Powell governor of the of Kentucky do set apart thur majr the 30h Day of november 185uni Liy and request that he people of Ken murky on thai Day Imp end heir Ordinary pursuits in order thai All nay Aii end on assemblage Lor player Hank Saiving and Prim to almighty god or the innumerable blessings lie Nasha Towel upon Aiu people a state Aud in a arc Lump or Gold. were last reek shown a lamp of Gold from California which to a Little ahead of any thing we Are before Ami. The lamp wet Dent me by too of opt. Euton of Kowba an. In appears to Faw one solid mass Mel w together a about the Aize and shape of i middling iced red potato. And from the Reid Jet is valued at a Warde of Aero Bun ired dollars the piece has been Piaola n the Bank of Somerset Lor my keeping there it can be been by All who Deiva a Are t Preu

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