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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Nov 17 1854, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - November 17, 1854, Biddeford, MaineWmk �oni05i a Temh Jota Remau in Bpbbu amid a bulk a vim. 0�rici-no. I Cotral Block blk we for a of pc in Tkv Attitio Zottl Houm. A mrs woo pm re Mubi Oral Floi Froid wtlhi., Ikiz a Moohn from ibo a a a Glo Copio in or to onto ipod Ai ibo it fico la Soal a prior 4 . T b. Amorio a Nowa Apoc goal a to Italy a Bohard a Oal fur Ibia move la to Oill Ca of vow Tofit Aoatua Aad Philadel Pula Aad a Daly Empo Moroti to last advert car aim and at the Zaiac Rale Aaro it Walrad by a. I Olf Ico Aron Avo of Tord Tri Kano build Init Jas Foo a Cohan building Kilm Ufau s. Atrat. Mac it Watson. Poetry. The r <wy4�a a a Ion journal a a Pix i a. In Luuis u. Cowan editor and proprietor. Biddeford Friday november 17,185i vol a no. 44i sit a Pedroe of amp the Butk seller s Tare. a oof Tomta Liua to tire Rio ii Ihk Koa Ciovaco a Wornal Gaea Apo a Midnight dreary with Lay ave cation weary when my Nour bum frown Ribeir Labora bad to Wii upon Ita front aide Iberti Iraq inferred the hive to Ibe Box and to waa placed therein. Dorins to apace of make it pm ii by a Poa Aible tailed paper five Cora the Tarih Wai care Luhv watered around the joint. I then poured about qua a with ruin water or re Wontor. The Willow Ter of an ounce of Lilor Oldum upon a Binal i grew and Floars Elied and to prevent Ibe piece of Cotton cloth and put it quickly up Earth being mixed with fresh Dot through the Hole in the Boito of the Box blown into it by winds it Wii covered with and under the dish Cuvir the Box being a Moil Plute Perr Orat with u great mini raised up an Inch or two to enable me u Ber of holes auit Uble Abr the free get at the Hole. In about fifteen minute 11 of pure air Only. After growing remu Vii the hive from the . Turned miscellaneous. At the table who Itka too Brif Helmsd of and dressed in his beat in order to gnat the Mia term a reception. Charloa Wae Aill of u a a Quot 1 a reels fell a Mutaal Pritika in bowing him off even Befort Ihler Noble Lirl to Vlf p and a Norr was comfortably napping. When i Beard Pix. A ppm seek a Sapero plural rapping a 1 a aver Bedore Jual to Taido Ray Baa room door. I Helix. La Rietl it for Tito Yew. The Willow tree was removed. Is Vii a in the. 0 t p ,.vremoved a a Lucia and foun i i weigh one Hundred and aixty., to it do in give him a c 1 p. Last sunday. The eleventh . T. S. Arthur in ii a mini of Ottn Deiora Reir Tampie Loving couple m new Verso who Delong to Noii Cetl him Pahoa Larlor. Hoagh a. , com Rel a h. , �?z., co. A priv. Waa Over and can no Lyon Laa Iuey Yon p admission n., a. Vv., after the meal a in Trio Earth and As the minister nil Elop Peil with Bulhe. 1, a Al leaning in his Clair window from the Buck which gave me act nine pounds land Alt it three Cuneo. Cess to the up it or a Artol the hive. I a with carving knife and Fork out out some Beard in Wifki Aad diary rant no a a Roia fled with unit a trebly voice obit Naf acres Raial Aad blah no Crains broke upon Ray Stanord ear. Awas so Saddam Aad Mir Hoof in a train beyond do Fuiman that 1 my my Ais to a its bag with Ilavu Lauary four to oaf i Kac w to Rao rial year. To Kate Roas Aad lit my Teper pc hag in Rook the Moray vapor Fea Riaf Nestly Midow boat la. Wairt crag Fra la 8iyxi-a Bora. Or to t i so Ouiola t we Arr they Are thieves mgt Zicai of pleader Bels Etard a loaded Bliia Argura Aad Aroda to Rupa the floor and a locked my up Rudoni door. 8ms of Bacchus what revel every Goblin ghost a i Revil fro a the i atrial Cru ski in Croal dec ind to he Carout iat there Twain greatly View Utica from the damned of every nation Aad their Korand Guipre cation due upon the burdened air like the Rigi a of despair. Every cask bad been a Prim it a Benoe a Desnoo Hwd Anan filthy creature. Taking feature palpable to touch and Mgill Kapea of every foul complexion Here were met 10 Rry Ourett Clima showing boat la by re Section of he tapers Llic mag Liebl. In Ibe Mlenore of Itie Nigel. 18 or 30 Iba. Of Honey from the upper portions of the comb leaving the lower Hgt a. Lions which contained let a Honey and More Bee Brace and therefore Les design he to me by if More so to the Yonng Bee of the next Aea Aon still supported he the rests running through the hive. Having thus Hel Ted myself to the Olio Cesi of the Honey i replaced the Glass and set the hive in it cite. Some few of the been which had n the least a Flecien by us Chloro Forini began in about half Alt hour Luay Llie e ac-1 nine up until no aiming Izreo ounces. The honest then leave which Lell from whet recovery autumn cd Quot a Quot a red ome wore pot included in the Weiglin. The Earth waa then removed from the vessel again Quot a a a a it de and the ,11 Trenar. Dried in the oven Ami Niter Winla weighed cake chickens and of cry i p a u was Diac Ivorid to have lost Only new i two a a a by it11 of Nile ounces of its original weight. Thu one .1 but a Niue Hundred and Aizin Lour pounds of lignin or Plale do of Iii coarsely of a a in ired with la Fibre Ink. Etc. Sore certainly pro came along inquired Ducco from the paper. Quit Dep Zivad of All Voli Lioa by that Sud Tara a , mon.1 a axing motionless the dote How to make one farm equal to three. G. T. Ri-���.�?~, Liq a a a of no add Rosa before the Ohio agric Lloyal society thus a i Gru Lually awoke and their Way \ Speaks on this subject Backlu the hive in the course of the Dav. The whole Day in fact being required Lor their general return. A few perished in the operation perhaps half a Lea cup full or four or five Hundred to. Of these not Leas than one Quarter were drones on which the chloroform Aee Meti to have a peculiarly fatal effect. A the bees re Lurnel to the hive they Gai hereto up Allih Loose Honey that had drip Peil Down from the broken comb and by noon of the following Day had thoroughly repaire Ltd All damages and Refas ened the comb to the Glass. On the whole the Experiment Provell quite satisfactory. The above is at your a Ravicn Megara. Al tors if you deem it Worth Pumi Ahing �11 your Page or. L. M. , oct. 4th, 1854. To prevent let on cabbage my Kitna a in your paper of the 19th instant i notice my a communication signed Wii Hio a sch Scriber a Anim North nazi Niit Heidi Del lice on Cah Hago Quot and having auf fired Obue with Luray a i Arion. An Aad pc Slorra Road Arne Roumel. With frantic Gam a a nce i feel to sympathize with your Toyrea bul d Tibai infernal Corpa pendent and give him my sex Peneno in the till Law Rota waa in a Roar. Oare. _., j i feeling unwilling to dispense with the nor Luj fat urea i i a Oli Yaj id Jim. The for. Remedy for to. Evil and to a a ibid a Alje throng a would say i overhauling my Nind i recon while they passed me in re it tation bowing Low in elected that when quite a Croall boy not Intro Salu Tatis it a u 1 i. A fan six years old i was in the Kitchen Gar , mje.jrm.o., Eton urd m be and ibis the Burden of their song in will Call p. A neighbor p. Was a of All Hail to the seller of rum Letts. And came to that part of the san o Mil ? then known a the District of Maine then or air. Taxi Rise. I. and . Rikhi urls of potent a be ? cult a to dear a farm and bringing with Hiliu All Hoil to the seller of Niue. Tie habitat of his native town he did nut i forgot the Kitchen Garden hut Early in Hia bring mammon the wealth Imp lure , of Clearing a farm selected cd. A f a a pal a in Quot Quot. Ten thin to its unit ovation and Early raised i fruit with which he a very Liberal in be Jab Wing upon the children of the few Pioneer a Ettler who followed him in the a Ettlein Keiit and when they were Ripe it was a great treat for us yankers to be permitted to visit neighbor p. And his family and shown the various veg Tahlea and fruit in his Garden and have him answer our Many childish questions and receive Anim him the red Cheek a Ilca. Hut in thinking Over the Manv pleasant scenes with neighbor p. And Pei Leslian. The Way to the next Louii. He to Laid in to three mile. Being very cold he oked permit Saivii to enter aim Warg Amin a Elf. A ent was Given very . And both went Viilu Inq kind a Tho Nolfe looked i taggers at Elliis Uii timely intrusion for the Branger Hail on cow Higito boots an old Liat 9nd a threadbare but Nelly Pai bed Coal. Jew. Ami a Ilire adware dui Neaily Pai Oliou Cobi. Many Farmers who Are destroying the by Side the of la Weir latins by a a alter 1 oven which was baking cakes for work a. They find Oliai their crops Are Dini a Jet id a a elder who was Mumei Clarily Iii Ishing they a link Only of Extein Linig their a Aslo preach the next Day acre by adding acres of surface As if they Beyor cd. Supp Oscil that la Weir Lillo i Leiis Only gave them a right to six inches deep of if they will take those deeds study their meaning and apply the lesion to their Fields they will soon realize in three fold Crotis the fact Ihal the Law has Given them three farms where they Sun used they had Only one in other words that the sub soil brought up and combined with Tho lop soil and Wiiri Cliet with Ibe atmospheric Iirilli Iii Ces and those other which Agri Cullu iat science will teach them to apply to their ground will increase three Riihl the measure of its pro Luc Tivener a. To show la what extent the lentil it of the a Oil can by increase Cal. I refer Loa Sale intent in tie last Patent Onice he Ort. In the year 1850. The Mara Tiger after warming himself prepared to leave but the weather became in Olemens and As his appetite was roused by the viands Abuil the fire to asked Abr some Little refresh Mesils Ere to set out for a Coli walk to the town beyond. Mrs. Was displeased but on Consulla Iii with her husband some cold Bacon and bread was set out on ail old table and he was then to Meshul gruffly told to ent. In was growing Lark and hints wore ii oven out that the stranger had belter depart Asil Wai Thiee Long Miles to town. The wife grew petulant As the new preacher dial not arrive and her husband Sal whistling the air of a a Auld Lang syne a while to thought of the words no Luu Rcv tto a Iii Cunich a Micco Cli Carljr is a old then pile up his i Fulir with to Tda for to Cash shall Iii crib Lus sure. He ask but Phr moral years. To revel in let i i Cruthi mirth la i Liim fur Diwa fair line and Ira a. This him ally re arund ukr lbs Earth and truly the a sin in Worth i Price a few Ikas a year. Alt Hail to tie alter of ruins let a weave him a Chaplet of vew for drunkard min Manv a deflate Lime j somewhat deviated from my if Arnm Rae Saf Al so my �ae��l1lal a a a a subject and will now return. 1 have already that i w As in the Gar Den of neighbor p. I there discovered he a scat to our Thea Jmwa him with Cypras and Yew. And Suc Craa to the seller of rum. Here were nine comm ii or for lilo premi no Corn crop of Kentucky each of whom Cuhl Kaleil ten acres. Their average crop was Elk us 122 Bushel per acre. At Lylial time the average crop of wheal per acre in the harvests of great Britain on a Anil Cul Liva Leil for centuries was about double that Broil used on the Virgin soil of Ohio. Why Isih Isi simply because Bjilish Farmers Are educated men and apply work wisely. They pay Back to the Earth what they borrow they Emi Eavor by every Means in their a wer to enrich their ground and in turn it eni Iche them. If our Farmers instead of Labouring in double their acres would labor to double their crops they Wuhl find it a a of Lime and labor Anil an increase of profits. Many of them never think of digging ten inches into the soil unless they have dreamed a boil a Crock of Gold hid in the Parili but if they Wokim set about the work of digging in Earnest by Ely Man would find his Crock of Gold without the Aid of dream or divination. To have great advantage Over British Farmers in the i.10i that ii Eaily All our Farmers Ludd the land which they cultivate ill fee simple while in England they Are clime fit tenant hiring the lands of the nobility paying Eno Imons rents to the Propri lors besi be heavy taxes to Tho Goveri Ideiil. Taxes hero Ore a nine it a Alively Light and our Farmer. Are their own landlords. Hence they have been Able to pay Throe fold a Gea for labor to those in a ironic pay the rest of loan it Portal inti. Ami yet undersell the British banners in their own ,l 1.-1 i. A Var most farm a. Among the Eon Pic such waa the a to punt among the cabbage lowering above us a a a a a Vermont or. Aa4 Tsey be a. Thev found a us a a a Tio , Ami entirely a r. Q Brigham of Fairfield. The Rutn lad lag Liko a in a Nind i immediately asked Maya that he own and cub Ivarea thir Tea with Moat us earthly cheering awful to the neigh Dot p. What it How Nice Rel of a and. He owns some a. Dacca a 1 give i own in gauge thai and Twenty Cowa. Twenty five 1 be hey them Swap Peann with a due Aad a Bare Auch a i Chew and or. J. Amuses and drives five Yoke of oxen. In Hia in his pipe. Dairy he make Hutter Only. The average my next question Waal what is it among ,.1 a of butter from Tho milk of each cow in the Ca Bhagia for 1 a keep the lice was Hundred and fifty pounds. The cows vacant a Tarr Tel they Vanuhe into air. Then 1 found my return Nir Tho the hic red of. Ii ski of loj Ming the answer. In overhauling my mind Amine Are mostly of the Iii Lac Breed. Two huge Brooe to -1 thirty year after i recollected the answer abhor a churns Are not in motion by two a. Nought bul a and the butlers a a worked Aal Llu in. A myself but i Lound i faculty in pm curing by 1 to old fashioned his Stock for my Atad a in Corfu too from a a spree Quot seed and did not succeed till the third year animals consume about five Hundred tons Iho Day Briore in getting any and the lion continued to of Hay Anu Billy. Trouble me All the time. After i procured seed i immediately com that was in Aad nothing More. Out that a or preen had Given me note you an att Euf Mem Epatia and Thoa Devil held their revela Muir la my w burning brain. Bat is pile of my a Deavitt they Are there in stamped forever. 1 Ahall never Linoir of sever while those Neui ones a Maia. Sleep a or a Uil sleep again Casismir am aug 9, 1851. A. Fenced the Experiment and it Ruc ceded agricultural. The new Bedford me turf. Chloa Formino Beer Ith me beyond my expect Otinus and Tho tobacco Plant has grown in my Galen every year since and 110 lice has Toni held Roe till the present year at the time that the tobacco Plant should Hare been set among the cabbage i was sick and my hired Man being unacquainted did not act any. And in very few lice have made their 1 a plea ranch. 1 find do trouble in getting tobacco plants for by leaving a Stock to Lei la it will Scecil itself Anim year to year and it a Littler to the lace. Maxims for a Tang Man. Never be Idle. If your hands cannot be usefully employed ailed la the cultivation of your mind. Always speak the truth. Keep goal Camii Miny or none. Make few promises. Live up to your enga Genini. Have no very intimate friends. Keep your own secrets if you have any. When you speak la a it erf ii look him in j awl we j a a a a a read in the fall than in the Spring the seed a Gootel company and Good conversation Are As. A. In. R i requires ferr Early a owing a it Taka a Long very a Iii Ewa of virtue. A a j re a i following expert pc Date character is above All things Eue. Intent we 1 recently med May inhere in conclusion i will Atalo another Benefit never listen to Loose or Idle conversation a a of your Remmers the Moun. Of it i. Which Der ref rms you belter be in your blood a i tour Morvice. Liu Ylie up for Iny cattle overhead i Nail than your principle. I. A a trips of Board or lathes to the it a Isle or your character cannot to essentially in juiced except by your own acts. If any one Caks evil of you let your life be so Virtu uns that none will believe him. Drink no liquor. Ever live Inist Bilunes exc pled Rich my industrious friends who have Atory away so much More than Thev Roum to Laibly use ihemselvea�?15 to 18 Tbs. Being the utmost they could consume a luring the coming Winter. 1 did not with to destroy them and therefore Oast about for scene Raveane of appropriating to Mysell a Ioc of Ibeal Vorea by Way of hive rent upon these sin become very dry and a dust accumulated 1 take a stick and a it in it up when Tho cattle Are in Uio them out within a lie up and just before turning your income., in Damp weather a few times Dur Hen you have re lire Llo la Cal think j1 and Winter which prevents lice what you have tone during the Day. Over Clear a and Felt of if he could order stranger off without any further ado. Tie homely meal was a i he a concluded a Tho Man thanked him kindly for the Hue Pil Lily he had received and opened the Charley started of i Ghoul further Mvi i lion and repeated very accurately two or three ver of a new lamp meeting hymn that was just then very kit palar. A a now let us hear you say the command ments Charley a spoke up tie Mother Well pleased with her child s performance. And Chailey re Iea de them with the Aid of a Little prompting. How Many Are there 1�?� asked the father the child head baled and then looking of at the stranger near whom he a at and Aatu Ltd a Dawlly a a a How Many Are there a a the Man thought for Tome Roo Menti and said As if in doubt a eleven Are there not ? a a eleven a ejaculated mrs. W., in on feigned Surprise. A a eleven 1 a said her husband Keith More rebuke than in Hia voice. Is in potable air that you do not know How Many commandments there Are How Many Are there Charley 1 come Tell me a you know of a a ten a replied the child. A right my a ii a returned or. W., looking with a smile of approval on the child. Right. There is no a a child of his Auto within ten Miles who can Tell you there Are ten Quot did you Ever read the Bible Sirls addressing the stranger. A a when i Wax a Little buy i used to read it sometimes. But i am sure i thought there were eleven . Are you not Niu Luken about i hero being Only ten a a sister Lifted up her hand in unfeigned astonishment and exclaimed a a could ii try one believe it 1 such ignorance of the Bible a or. Did not reply but Rose and going door to go. But in a quite dark and the to quo Corner of the loom where the Good Clouds Den Ling a storm tilled the heaven in. 1 by Ypon a mull stand he Pul it on a a you say it is full three Indus la it a a Ingle lie lore him and opened at that a a i do a said or. Coldly Quot i said 0 1 portion 111 which Tho commandment wore when you Firat slopped and you ought to recorded. Have pushed on like a prudent Man. You 1 n there who said placing his Finger on could have reached i Ciu before it was quite 11 or of of Tho strangers error. Quot there 1 a a but i was cold and hungry and might have fainted by the the Inni Iner of rating this touched the Farmei a feelings a Lillic. A a you Havu warmed and fed me for which 1 am thankful. Will you it bestow in author act of kindness ii a to 000 in a strange place and if to goes out in the darkness May lose himself and perish in the cold i a the Par Lionar form in which this request Woi made and the Lone in which it a uttered put it out of the Farmer to say no. A a go ill there and a it Down a be answered pointing to the Kitchen and i Wilt see my wife and hear Whalano and or. Went into the parlor where Tho Slipper table stood covered with a Snow White Colb and display Iii his wife set of Bine Spriggel China that was Only Ronghi out on it a Oil Occi Loiis. The tall Mould candles were burning thereon and on inc Hearth blazed a cheerful fire. A a Hasni to that old fellow gone Yeti asked mrs. She heard his voice a he returned from the door. Quot no and what do you suppose 1 he want us to let him slay All Quot indeed to a ii do no Nch thing. can to have the like of him in the House now. Where Ounida he sleep 1 a Quot not in the Best room oven if or. Should not Quot no indeed a Quot but really i do no a see Jine How we can turn him out of doors. He docs no a look like a Strong Man and it dark and cold and full three Miles to d a Quot r a a Loo much he ought to have gone on while he had Daylight and nut lingered Here is he did till it gut Quot we can no a turn him out of doors Jane and a i a no use to think of it. He a ii have to slav Quot but Klinl can to do with him 1 a a who seems like a decent Man at least and Low no a look As if he had anything bad about him. might make him a a on the floor Quot i wish he had been at Guinea before he came hero a said mrs. W., Frei fully. The disappointment the conviction that or. Would not arrive occasioned her to feel Utju the intrusion of so unwelcome a visitor a the stranger completely unhinged her bid. A a of Wall a replied her husband in a to oiling voice Quot never mind. To most Radako the Best of it. He came to us tired and hungry and we warmed and fed him. He now asks shelter or the night and to must not refuse him nor Grant Hia request in a complaining or a reluctant style. You know what the Bible say about entertaining Angel a a Angels did you Ever see an Angel look like Quot having never Ern an Angel a said the Farmer smiling Quot i am unable to speak a to i hair appearance tills had tie off Thyl to Call an answering smile from or. W., and a Tiemier feeling at her heart. It was finally Agi Eod Between them that the Man a he see a med like a de ing the toll and Winter which prevent. Lire or Nita about them i immediate Lar Teke i pros it or. I hah Hurtt of Jafs a Levea of tobacco and quiver to to Small and sle adv gain give competency a Nult Elmul a or iwo Alum 5 a to Wible i experienced of non the vermin j never play Al any kind of game. A of Iii her in Irani a Iii la it i .1./, i a it a a tub>m5co Plant among the cabbage avoid temptation through fear that you Elmborg Cournal. But May not it. Ther sum Timea of an Experiment in this country tried on that plan which reached in putting the u. A 11. A we , in no a a a a Vitor i have Given a do to by a literate and rough be up Jam. To a iffy on the j Penl however Belbie Subj Ealing the5. War Miyao unpleasant a Predi or any other one among my site a Quot a pm re men on a a a Nav Brulor Farmere and gardeners of our Sute theve nor pm a of a Dox Efi been Union you ate at Liberty to publish the Tumbler in a a kor a Rte a you May Usiak prop Lommer. In Almot half a minute they fell a a Joum Santib. A pm. The table thoroughly disabled though by do mean immovable. They a lowly re earn your Money before you spend it. Never run in debt u less Yuu see a Way to gel out borrow if you can possibly avoid it. I Goni incl Lam via a i Vii a a. Viii Ines Liu of Coupe Iho minister room if that individual did not arrive an event to Vrh Loh they both looked with but Little of m Tanoy. If he did come Why the Man would have to put no with poor . When or. Returned to the Kitchen where the stranger had sealed him Alf before the fire he informed him that in had decided to let him stay All night. The Man express Eil in a few Warda he grateful a Nae of their Kindne and then became silent and though Rel. Soon after the of Amer a look for Tho Man came round irom Hia Side of the table and looked Over the Slang Etc a Ahful Der. Quot there Ien Dye Seel a Quot yes in duos any a replied the Man j a a nil Sci it Beems la me there ate eleven. In a sure i have always thought does it nut Sny ten Herel inquired or. W., with marked impatience in his voice. A Oil does a a Well what More do you Wanti Call n t Yuri believe the Bible a Quot of yes i believe the Bible and yet it strikes me somehow Flint Hera must be eleven command merits. Han no a one been added somewhere Elnel a now this was too much for brother and sister To Bear. Such ignorance of sacred Antlers they fell to be Upari lovable. A Long Loo lure followed in which the Man was scolded admonished and threatened with divine indignation. Al it close he modestly asked if he might not havc4he Bible to read for an hour or two before retiring for the night. This request was granted with More pleasure than any of the proceeding Onei. Shortly after supper the Man was conducted to the Lille Square room accompanied by the Bible. Belore leaving Nim alone or. Felt it in be his duly to exhort him to things and he did so most ear Sally for ten or fifteen but he could not see that Hie words made much Imp cission and to finally left i. Guest lamenting i. Obduracy and ignorance. In the morning he came Down and meeting or. W., asked him if be would be so kind Aslo lend him a razor Hal to might remove i. Beard which did not give his face n very attractive appearance. His request was complied with. Quot we will have prayer in about ten minutes a said or. W., As he banded him the razor and shaving Box. The Man appeared and behaved with due drop Riei Al family worship. After break Asl he thanked the Farmer and Hia wife for their hospitality and parting went on his journey. Ten of clock Camo but or. Had not arrived. So or. And Mia. Started for the meeting House not doubting that they would find him there. But they were disappointed. A goodly number of people were inside the meeting House and a goodly number outside but the minister had not arrived. Quot whore is or. N inquired a dozen a a Oices a. A crowd gathered around the Farmer. Quot he Hasni to come yet. Something has i ruined him. But 1 still look for him indeed i fully expected la find him the Day was cold and or. W., after be coming Iho roughly chilled concluded to keep a Good look out fur the minister from the window near which he usually others from the same cause followed Bis example and the Little meeting House was a non filled and one after another came dropping in. The Farmer who turned to Warila the door each time in waa opened was n Little surprised to see Hia guest of the previous night uner and come slowly Down the aisle looking on either Side As if searching Tor a vacant Alai very few of which were now left. Still Adlai going he finally got within the Limilo enclosed altar and ascending to the pulpit look off Bis old Gray Over Oai and sat Down. By this Lime or. Was by Hia Side and bad his hand upon his Arm. Quot you most i sit Here. Corno Down and i will show Yon a Seal a be said in to excited Lone. Covered from the Rife i. And in about an boor flew Back to the hive. From the re Volt of Tai Experiment i we Eros urged ,rpla�?T How Rinallo Adco Erful. In a but sufi sent Kex any one . Raymond toot. 23, 1854. P. 8. Ii your Correl poo Deot of any one else should wish to by the Experiment can furnish a Supply of seed free of expanse sex ight on Small Quantity Lee in let to a Moally Loco Erful. I Atoor Dingler Riodil and proceeded of Billows a having provided a Box of the a Omo dimension of a the hive and about Fanner. Loti Asti a a . Two Hundred Oricht Nohe deep i bored a 1 to Inch Hole Pound of Earth were Dri Iid in an oven and through Ibe Bottom of it and a taxed it on a Board in front of the hive and loading to to platform on which Iho hive stood. I Ait Erward put into a Large Earthern vessel the a Peael a then moistened with soft water and a Willow tree weighing fire pounds. Be Jim before you Are Genera of. 1�?l a it m a keep innocent if you would be up a Quot Hope of or. S arrive you a replied the Man in a 00m Happy. A i. I of i posed voice. Quot its very comfortable save when you Are Young to spend Hbeo i Coffee warm atom cake and broiled Orick a cd the Man Rema Neif immovable you Are old. In. After All a. On the table Short or. W., feeling embark Saaed went Down bad read thew Liro hymn and had Reom i Iii first two Sinai for them to Haig. Imi her Of Halljr started the tune. He triad this Lime but went off on a Long metre t discovering Bis mistake Al Ibe second Arona he booked and tried it again but now he Ain bled on Short metre. A musical brother came to his Aid and led off with a Lone Hal suited the measure to which the hymn was written. After singing the congregation keeled and the minister fur no one Dnn bred his real Uhara Eler a Addie sed the throne of Groce with much Fervour and the Reading of a chapter in Ike Bible succeeded. Then there was a deep nose Throat bout the room in 01 the text which the preacher prepared to an no Noe. Brother w looked Pale and Hia hand and knee trembled. Sister foce looked like Ert Mson and her heart was beating of loud that wondered a better the Anond was not Beard by the a Slot Frio �?�1 hide her. There waa u breath la a a silence. The dropping of a pin might have been heard. Then the Fine emphatic tones of the Preactor filled the crowded room and a Neil commandment i give into you that you love one Bruiser Had Bent Forward to listen but now he had sunk Back Init his was the eleventh commandment. The Sermon deep searching yet a Feci Ionalee and Impre wive. The a Reacher uttered nothing that could in the least wound the brother and sister of whose hospitality he had partaken but lie said much that smote upon their hearts and made them painfully conscious that they Hud not shown As much kindness to the stranger As he had been entitled to receive on he Broad principles of humanity. But they suffered most Iron of fee ing. To think that they Hud treated the presiding elder of the District after such a fashion a deeply humiliating and the idea of the whole affair getting abroad interfered sadly with their devotional feeling throughout the whole period of service. At last the Sermon was Over the ordinance administered and Ihn Benedini Iii . Brother a. Did nut Kiiu what it was list for him to do. He never wan More at a los in his life. Thun or. Descended from the pulpit but he did not step Forward to meet him. How could to do shall others gathered around and Shook hands with him but still he lingered and held Back. A where is brother w1�?� he at length heard asked. In was the voice of the minister. Quot Here he is a said one or two opening the Way to where Ilie Farmer stood. The preacher advanced and catching his hand said a a How do you do brother w., i am glad to see you. And where is sister Sisle rav. Was brought Forward and the preacher Shook hands with them heartily while his face was lit no with s Uiles. Quot i believe i am to find a Home with you a he said of if it was Aell led. Belore Tho still embarrassed brother and sister could make reply some one asked a Shuw came you i.1 be detained to lai7 you were expected last Highl. And where is brother r1�?T�?T a brother r. Is sick a replied or. N., a and i had to come alone. Five Miles from this my horse gave out and i had to Reail and fact Job Ristl co. Lett Hlls Hmar in. In of la Iab Motev in a is Ansa a wry Hasas 4 Pya Lect Uig Xhu Plato Aram us a ii him flu Darsam. A to Ikea Smy bmaa4��aklanv . On Mew a lib of Ujj scr Botn Tiro la caterer Taur Fate but tet Nawn to in a mat Wol a Rapan a Era ramp a a tue Arjit run a Ura Toig �4 Lac Matt il>rasi>4 or a card pm inti Jim untold it a Vars Ailua tp0f4rrbrar a Daulto Josh free Ito her aim by my pro Bjorly mrs a it re. Siva ask . 1� d. Of was. Do me Iho rest of the Way on fool. Bui became so cold and weary that i found necessary to ask a Farmer not Fai from Here o give me a night lodging which he was kind enough to do. I thought i waa still three Miles off but it happened that i was very much nearer my journey s end than a a hit explanation was Satu factory to All parties and in due time the congregation dispersed and the presiding elder went Homo with Broiher Ami sister One thing is certain however the Story never got out for some years after the worthy brother and a Isler had in so de from their labors and waa Hen related by or. Himself who was rather econ Rio in his Chara Oier alike numbers of Hia ministerial Brethren fond of joke and Given to relating Good stories. The spoken and strike of hew York City the following alarming account of the polio ictus condition of new York under the eau Cua a item a at present admin altered a Given in the Odd Rem of the committee for Mun id pal Reform Tbs Phi Matt eur Knopf. The Moet Afflito Ting Baracia Riario of the the almost utter neglect by oar fellow eni Iena of their political Dunee and the one sequent abandon ment of them to there oui me and outlaw of whom we speak. It a a Roelan holy and right fill fact which cannot be go Sayed that in the main our highest and lowest of Litiola officers Are named and Ere Atod in what Are called Quot primary meeting a by what Ere known a Quot primary in Bioh a few bold men of both parties contrive to a Eure by violence or fraid Tberon Trul of the nomination a and hence the Eleo lion of bulb men As they dire. Ere can scarcely be known to you fellow Cit Lens in Leas you have Given your attention to the subject the Moa Troue inti titles of Ibia Pri Roary election Ayatey. Till within two or three Yeara Paat beae primary ele Tiona were under the Oon Lrol of whig or demo Erato. In their respect Leo parties a but it la now known that there Ore organized binds of unprincipled and Recklebe men who sell out their Lerv Iees to aspirant for pure without any regal a to party a Teodalino. If a err not whig Alderman of a Ward Deaira a re elect Lon lie Barj pins with a Emir not Demoe Ratie Alderman in a nig Naboring Ward to lend the Democrat his Furtea to Harry a primary elation and Tea Democrat in return lends him his to carry a whig a Mary election. Henedo whigs promiscuously vote in Demoon tie ballot Boses and de Morati in whig Daf Lut boxes a while Tho honest whig or Democrat desiring to vote May be thank Ful if permitted to go through the farce of voting of All. If there to not enough of theae Para Itea the Luke been living through the year upon the City Treasury to Harry beae primary Leoti Okafor Tia whig or that demo ratio Aldarman Aoma organised votes or even if Tia is presented and Hou not men Bayo outvoted their Opp cute and a their i Nidus then beae Insp actors of ele Tiona olten with Unior Cool Ibe Voles a they Pleece regard to Lumbere and wow have never Reoa ived in oct Quarter of the. Numerical vote. In other Esalea Waltere it Thoaas organized Force cannot or dare not boiler take to Eio de bonafide Filisena they and their wooo splices vote Over and Over again and often overage the Insp Otura Coso re eco ing Thair votes or they bring to Viri Eafrom net Horine wards wll Hunt dist noun of a party or As to a Lle ship or any other . To soae Wania it Tom herome As mob a a Many a life a Worth to vote at All Una eat he Votee a it is ordered. In other wards the resp Hume i Saens have retired Lri to Alt primary Eloe Tama in Diogot or Al Hubi and abandoned them to Bol Lea or Blackw who now Hare there the Especial control How tits All Mana Ord. Under Tylik Arwem of primary elect runs there have groan of in the Day a Large cloak of Mea known in the Slang of Tea City Fri Quot Sufle Oral and the Quot strikers Art a buld cloak of sur Accra who Home Dom upon a candidate for a place and demand of him Money with Thiis ate Chatir Ledoea not me it. They will be Down upon blk in tie primary elections or in to nor Olav Ling who be orally Frig ten timid i corrupt men into pay. A no a a sucker a Are a More gentle Claas be hang about the Purter houses where the nominating conventions meet anti who auck out fat a. Tie a a Slicker so and a Suckra Mako it their Trade to got upon the Nomina Ting and in Donn onion with but Side forces they Genelly succeed. The nitty who does nut wish to be known As toe King Rodney in or it Sun Puta into these nit in Nutmeg Commil Teta these a Sirl Kertz and suckers a and they Notor loudly a their Tut a nut Maluno to the highest Vidow but often Over and Over Ogain to All Tho bidder and hence it is Well known that the nominating committee More or Lea Are a Mark Tuble As cattle or slaves in Tea slave men a not for one sate however a Are Cuttle and a laves Bot for Sale Over and Over again at the same moment to different buyers according a they find dupe Eto to dupe or aspirants to buy them. Some whig or Democrat eminent in his Par of ten finds i name in a primary Al Cetica on the Aaimo tickets Khz Georoe unknown a striker or a sucker a or with Home dirty Guieb de bully a but to i not expected to take Tho i Rauhio to attend the nominating Cun Vontina and if to due to will often find Tiiu isell wearied out or worried out by a a Meroa adjournments and to such places where decency Eon hardly go with safety. In i Suot Etimoa the custom on a ticket where five men Are to serve to put on two Well known demo Crata or whig and two a sucker a or a a strikers a and for the fifth Man a Omo a a Peter Funk a of to is known in our mock Duclion Vuc Subury or better known now of a Quot Greenwood Man that la dead being in fact no such a Man and Tho name being u Mere invention. Tim two a a suckers or a a strikers generally find Miichi Tiu or Cmil a Niu Uii to a mow Wuu a a Larth of the Well known Deroo rats or whim among the absentees and they out Only 011 Ilia place or their places with other Quot suck Ora or a so Rivera Quot by in Leto Quot Oroon Amud Man s a a place also and Heno storting wit i Only two a suckers or striker a they pm Terai by end with five. Men who night and Day thou ii inure by night than by Day make politics their Trade of Oursa can Dao Eiva their inattentive fellow a Titena and Tea Way they dupe and fool a a the Green ones a a standing Juko with them Over to Cir cups. Som Icax favo. Col. Fuller til Ihu Y urk Mirror give his views of the Worth of the above named commodity a Fullow t Quot tie november number of a Rowan a comes Iron aptly to hand and a Are Happy to loom from its worthy conductor and pro Prieur g. P. Putnam era., that not Wilb standing Tho Hue and cry nisted against this Magazine at the South to Printe a larger e Lii on this month. After having teens Rod in Tho s Ronget Lonn the abolition Tolsa cies of Quot rutnam a we Are not at All or prised or disappointed at the above Meo Siua Edro Ault. The South Enort As a general Rule Are not the Moet Liberal Patrona area of Thuee Book and Pori Delcol Wlinich Roll bravely defend their own a a Peculiar 01 this fact a have Bod evidence in our zip Ereneo of the Xiv a Mirror. have fur ten Yore def Ovid the right of the funny half of our embed Erac from the onslaught a and Zirri Tellic of Northern Anat Ocain and abolition us. And the result been Urie an nor emoting Huwer of Pullio and private Praise from the South Occam ponied with in unremitting neglect to Subr Iribe and Poy for to put a. Soar oely a mall reach i a fun the South ill which Tho Mirror is not highly Oom demented for its a Maidy Cofonoe of Suu them rights a 0., Fito. But to bulk of Ibe �?osol-1 1 pudding a Noumea from the novt. Aad so it will of with a Putnam a Southern agent May return their Powle. And countermand their orders Southern subscribers May Send on her Quot stopper and 8 a them editor May demo noon the movement but to for As Mem a a curation is Coo corned be Nurah will make Good two fur one the Decidoro Vancas of the South and Quot pol Nam a Wil live and flour so As an even Green despite the fiery blasts it is encountering on the worm aide efm i Eon k Dix no i Hoe. Of the Procla Mallini of the governor of Ken Lucky has the rare Merit of Brevik. The whole of in u combined in the Adley ing sen Lenea a Quot i. Lazaro Powell governor of Ihn Commonwealth of Keni Ocler do ret Anait thursday the soon Layoff november 1854, a a the a their onh diary Porsolt. May attend on assemblage a of p end Prai to almighty 0�l, for the Hina Merable Ominga he has he a Lowewl Apon As u a Pite to elate Aud a Day of think Glt a us. And ool e people of Kentucky on Hal Day a a if Onti Fiqiri Norio Iti to of fuds the Ftp u Gilmund Burke in the Concord I Labio and Noi a a him to join Thoro. So is a a a of Wolfl rarer end ii of Broiher a Polho press. If Ibe ire a a a a a quoth re Imbior. Say rather Mysie , of making a virtue of ii cutesy to waa kindly a Dia incl and Impresa Lve manner to gave a of a of Iho Cilley Duel a Quot Gen. Jones senator asked to Home to opt or a Ai inv ution ont the hymn beginning Gen Devoog theme Lee to the a Teotis and with Mougo of tee Ohea upon the Obj tre Amory. Then by from Iowa we presume a i opinion of Bioh he did not decline. Grace was said the n2ncy of Gen. Pierce in that info flu Over the meal by or. W., and ibo Coffee Nate affair. A Man who Sigea another into poured out the bread helped and the meat a Duel should not desert him in sub a per carved. Ilou there was a Fine Little boy six Yeara old ont Ibe hymn beginning a Al Leleua to help each other lord a he other Eros to Bear let each he Friendly Aid a Ord. And red Beuther musing Whai Aruba hid the Quot Laspa Etora of tha ballot Boxa Are filled Buford the Eon Gre Galion Rose after Tho stranger a Rote is Glen any Leo Nesary amount of a ate Long or Gold. wore last week shown a lamp of Gold from California which u a lilo Alstead of any Ming a have before Sron. Thu lamp we i ont Homo by a Soo of opt. Eaton of Kowba Taii. In appears to in one solid maos enrol Lodl Ogliher a about the Axin and shape of a middling sexed Rod potato and from lha weight is Alood Al upward a of a veto a nov Vireil Dollar the Piroja 4iaa bean Plano a in the Bank of Somerset Lor info okapi of where it can be been All who Deaira a rare a but Peep i t Preu

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