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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Nov 10 1854, Page 4

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - November 10, 1854, Biddeford, MaineInion our sour nil. Friday , soy. To �?T5-1. N. P. Banks. A do Jos in alias we Art sorry to see of of statement the president pose the return of Trio lion. N. In a mkt to Congress from the seventh Congress iou a District Massachusetts. Most of the coun by whig paper tie in of i w vice lion Ami find no fault with Hisiu for i count on Tho Nebraska Hill not of with the Alla Fui a Tsuo of wednesday among Quot other thing. It says of or. Bank after intimating. As we think unjustly a a he is nominally opposed to the Nebraska Bill a this where i tuts a Efte Elive for to bring the Bill within the grasp us Mankind aim their Progress Tow null Perfeto Lle think the w in id is going Baek put Stdot lords pamphlet of slav Cut. President lord of Dartmouth College published a pamphlet not Long ago of a Strong pro us Ery character which it i said to Aston in died the faculty of the col lege that they procured its among the questions considered in this pamphlet Aro these on u l of which As we hear and a indeed is Clear from the Node look Tho pro shivery Side. 1. Whether it does not especially Concetti ministers of the gut it Pel to consider the question of slavery front its origin and foundations As a question of divine right rather than of prudence policy or Economy a question of the Dia uitus. Rather than the humanities. 2. Whether slavery is not an institution of Iod according to natural religion 3. Whether slavery i not also a positive institution of revealed religion i evident lord has entertained for some time some very singular notions respecting lion. The majority or. Bunk g Ive it to die administration j Licie it was unavailing to prevent its it was Given us sins it. These Are Tho simple facts of the Case and they have made it impossible tor Tho whigs of his District to give him he matter of slavery however to docs not declares was followed by favourable results Tho following incidents occurred a a our talk naturally led to experiments at Tabic moving and one of Tho wooden legged quadrupeds an or Nulu table hitherto or Tho most steady huh its standing in the Centre of the drawing room a began to Erin cd with our Boston friends laying her ands lightly upon it and the Hext moment though she it a Largo air Majestic lady knocked her and my Little daughter Lilian prostrate upon Tho floor very nearly of upset the judge and broke Tho Arm of a Lotus crowned statue of melancholy which was on a stand in the Comer. It appeared that the spirits invoked to heal lungs Niay also assault ladles and children damage furniture and break objects of arts mischievous a Angels of mercy a to say Tho least. Under the touch of Ono of our visitors an invalid lady who could scarcely walk across the room the tables Ono and All that evening seemed particularly ungovernable. Two of our neighbors w to chanced to come in our venerable Fri no s. And a at out working Farmers were obliged to hop out of the Way in the a night of their unbelief to make room for Ward into a mate of Irh mitigated wickedness i Tho pos Ossed mahogany i routing under the and that Alt the apparent evidences to the contrary and false witnesses. In regard to their Confidence or support we think this i most unjust. The whig Val much worst than the nov. Or. Blag Den and a few others of the new Kugland me bots from Thi stale Washburn Ben a la Ray who if they do not look upon slave-sor., and others to our certain knowledge As a Iod appointed institution and open had no doubt of or. Banks sincerity Ami m a advocate it As such by extenuating and the same May be said of Tho whig and free exculpate no the slaveholder from its Guill soil members from Ohio Anil other Sites it it it Tho world in substance this to know from concur Saviou i h Sev ver it Little account As a eral of them or Tieso matters. Their Thal the a Avert frequently while Tho Nebraska Bill was before Tho House of representatives that it is of sin. We believe greatest promoters of infidelity and scepticism Are these clergymen Ami their influence in the wrong direction most per among its opponents conflicting opinions a i Nic Soos. Happily but few of our clergy to Tho Best course to be taken to defeat it men entertain such notions As either presi a songs and motions were Rumado upon Lent lord or Rev. Or. Blagden. Which the members opposed were obliged to vote without Opportunity for consultation i firms Tho festival or ten with each other. Or. Banks May not on party arranged by Tho ladies of the Baptist a very motion Hare voted with a majority of the opponent of the Bill but Tho sincerity of his opposition was nut questioned by his colleagues and hould not now be for political reasons by others. He sympathies Are against the present administration and Tho real Friend of Freedom those whose sight is not bounded by Paity restrictions and who want reliable men sent to Congress will rejoice at his election As they did Over Tho return of the firm and devoted Maco from Indiana. To Are glad to know society in this town belonging to Rev. Or. Hubbard a society held at Central Hall on wednesday evening was a very pleasant Nad successful gathering. Tho object of Tho festival was to obtain Aid towards Tho erection of the Church which is lacing built by or. Hubbard a society and to Aro glad to a that the festival was a very successful one a As Well As n pleasant und social meeting. The Hull was crowded with Tho Young and old of both sexes from All societies and from both Side of Tho River. To should that this spirit of carping which manifests there must have been near a thousand itself to strongly in Boston i Likely to meet he wer0 beautifully Laid a proper rebuke when die election is hold. J tastefully decorated with bouquets and liter thu whig a of , if they spa by ally burdened with the templing viands a Ilo Siru tin Ascendancy of Correct Prisic Oplt .111 to give interest and animation to Tho have sometimes a curious Way of showing their wishes. A lib to infusion of practical sense in their conduct would do no harm. Nathalie Bishop s oath. Several weeks since to published an a Ticle containing extracts from Catholic publications and the writing of influential and Learned Catholic showing that catholicism a intolerant and opposed to religious lib erty a gentleman who read lie article furnishes us with a a lectures on i occasion the serenade band under Tho direction of or. 11. M. Hobbs discoursed most excellent Muio during Tho to understand that the members of the band generously gave their services gratuitously fur which they should to remembered by our citizens. In the course of the evening pleasant remarks were made by War ii. Thompson ksq., who officiated in a most satisfactory manner As president of Tho meeting Rev. Or. Hubbard l. O. Cowan ksq., Rev. Or. _ could Rev. Or. Allen and Rov. Or. Smith Ramum Smy which gives the following oath t u a a.,a a a of Saco. A contribution started without Takun by roman Catholic i Hup and Arch Bishops As is found in every edition of the pontifical of Rorn Anguin. It will be found in latin and a in Lili on pages 38 30 and -10, in the work in lecture 2, headed Cardinal Wiseman a Chi oaths and i premed Taban by Tho president and put i under Way in the Best manner by the liberality of himself and other yielded the mini i of s54.00 which sum has been devoted to Tho Especial object fur which it was design cd. We understand that Tho ladies will Mero touch of her slender fingers. No two of Trio men present could by holding on with in iii strength Stop Tho Ono lady a will Power thus exercised the table rising from the 11.sir or gliding Nway As if gentlemen wills wore Trio Only obstacle Trio Fucks of the sensed servants who were peeping in it Tho door would Liao been a study fur Fuseli. Tho very tables they had Bee waxed every Day of course to a believed a nothing any it it of us. But this is what to sate. I May of Well add a urlus to my own touch Tho possessed tables a were wholly insensible As they were to All Tho Cut Lomeii present. They danced Only with the late elections. Scattering returns of the elections hold on tuesday in now York new Jersey ill inti Wisconsin arid Mich inn no Given by Trio Telegraph and published in the Boston and Portland daily papers. Tho returns from Tho Western states look cheering treasurer 700 majority both doubtless excursion to the lakes a no. 2. Elected. A a Morton whig probably elected in theor o it. Adams 3rd Congro signal District. Kentucky Louisville nov. 8. The an i neb Ruscil and know nothings have a majority in Alton District. Yate i the elected to Congress from Lutu Springfield District. Michigan. Havo made Homo of a squatter sovereignly Detroit gives n Republican majority of 400, an administration loss of two continued from 1st Page Laki Umi Iacong Sisouk. Sunday oct. 1. A very Cool pleasant morning up Early Bright and Well. To Havo no meeting hem forum i a a. By Miles around us but Ono of our party will the republicans appear to proc in a afternoon or. A of Portland pretty j5leaii a Eop a Jho Benj port 0 Forenoon to shall stay in the Quot House and rend endeavouring to impress our minds with the thought that it is a a the Day Tho lord Linth Madoc and Honor him in us serving it As circumstances will admit. About twelve o clock Dine and on looking out we and it Rains and sovino Aro for giving up the mooting to Ivo appointed in a Little school House where Thuro is a Small Hamlet Ono and n half Miles Distant. Or. B. Is rather inclined to doubt the expediency of going Forward a Tho indications of a coming storm no so apparent it will deter the people so tar As heard from Republican Walbridge and Howard i 2058 ahead. Republicans Are certainly Choset to Coil Gross and probably the administration candidates no beaten in the other districts. Trio returns indicate that the state has gone anti Nebraska by an overwhelming majority and Tho election of the entire anti Nebraska state and congressional ticket. It the five Points in new York is the Banner District of Loco Foco ism. Thu vote there on tuesday was Clark 7 Ull Tantin 6 bin Nunn 16 Seymour 341 a drum did another rum murder. We gave inst week quite a catalogue of rum murders Ami now mid another to the list which occurred last week in our own Santo. It is another fact to to viewed As commentary upon the runt Trade. The murder occurred at Topsham and Cripps who is accused of doing Trio deed has been committed to the jail at Wii Cassett to await his trial at the april term of Tho s. Court in salad Choc county. The Bath papa is furnish Tho following account of the circumstances of Tho Case. The Tribune says a the circumstances of the Case so far a we have been Able to learn them were a follows a on the Day preceding the murder Cripps was about moving from the House he was then occupying to another about n mile und n half Distant and had sent to this City and Obi Tineil Lulf n gallon of n f bum to to get Usiski on the of fusion. The Busi the Reader a iii notice this passage a a a a. I re Noluo from their Effort by Tho Salo of tickets a schism Notts and rebels to our Long his aforesaid successor i till to my utmost t your persecute and Trage tear to lev ask fur to hug plenary evidence of the intolerant character of the Romish Faith. If. Fleet of the a Kutch n rom will by faithful and obedient to St. Peter Tho a Dye Ami to the holy Soman Church audio our lord Tho lord a a a pm n. And to his successors canonically cd i diag in. I will neither advise con Cut or do anything that May lose life or member or that hair persuit May to seized or hands Anewic Laid Upun them or any i Juria ofte cd to them under any pretence whatsoever. Tho you Usel which they shall entrust to withal by themselves their messengers or tetters i will not know Hugh reveal to and to their prejudice. I will $21u,00 and by Sale of Cako $20,00 which together with the amount of the contribution makes a very pretty sum to appropriate to the laudable objects fur which Trio festival was held. A novel Wagon our attention Lias Boon called on several occasions to a double horse Wagon which frequents our streets of n somewhat Dovel construction and diff Crint from any thing of Tho cart or Wagon kind which Ever Cumo under our Tho plan of Tho a Ohilo if it is proper to Call it such originated with or. Natlyn l Kimball and it is used for Tho conveyance of bricks from or. Yard to Trio place help Ikuine to defend and keep Tho roman i 0f Sale. It is really a Wagon having four papacy and the royalties of St 1�?~eter. %. U a i. Saving my order against All to a the wheels but by a very simple arrangement Legate of the apostolic see going and Coin i 1 80 constructed a to Combine Tho Adan tog 1 will honorable treat and help in i 1 tinges of both a cart and Wagon. The for pece Sitjes. Hot�0, privilege Waid wheels which arc a Little san Lorthan and authority of the holy roman Church Oil u a a Par Long the Pope and his Forea Oid Ucol a a. 7 no a laced ul>0n pro i will Endeavor to preserve defend in an Axle rce ju4 Bio Width of Tho body of crease and Advance. I will not be in any the Wagon and by Means of in elevated Seymour will to elected Lor counsel action or treaty in which shall be Rocker attached to Tho a Tran a Unks so Rump a know nothing will my ind Cala the election of Anli Nobuku Quot a run Rios wow cd wi.l.o.1 _ Ual occurrence till about Sunset when the Lart Loail men to Tongue generally. Douglass i beaten by Tho election of Woodworth re publican in the Chicago District. In new York the run for Tournor i close. The Tribune thinks the Chance in favor of the election of Seymour the soft and a a bail rum a Cai Icidale. A Benson gets a Small vote. I ii Oil probably voted for filman the know nothing candidate who makes a Strong run. It is apparent from the complexion of the Vole that the a Silver Grey a whig in new Yolk voted for filman. It claim i Defeated it u by their treachery. We give below such account of Tho election returns As to find in the thursday morning Portland paper. They arc telegraphic news. New York election. Nov Yoke nov. 7. The election to Day in this City passed off without serious disturbance. The tickets Aro very much split up. Of the result of Tho Clicc tin to have yet but Little else than Mere rumours indicating that Trio know nothing Avo made a clean sweep. In Williamsburg a serious affray occurred. A party of irishmen armed with barrel stave took posses Ion of Ono of Tho poll. In Tho Melee Ono Man was shot dead and two others wounded severely if not fatally. Rock Westru n. Y., nov. 7. Tho Voto for governor hero is As follows claim 1304, Seymour 17 j3, Ullivan 1527, Bronson 258. A Davy nov. 7. Tho vote of Albany for governor is a follows ovum or 3020, us maim 2474, 2553, Bronson about 350. Capt Lla Couit Imle pendent is elected to Congro in Tho 1-1 the Dis rid. Canaj Ouart nov. 7 in Trio 18th congressional District Jackson hard Shell is elected. Monroe county appear to Ivo Given Felmann a majority and Carpenter whig is Boa ten fur Congress in Tho l Atli District by Williams suit Shell oud know nothing. New Jin or election. Tiik ton n. J., nor. 7. Trio indications Uro that Izaih t. Clawson goo. R. Robbins und Alex. O. M. Pennington All whigs arc elected to Congress from Tho first second and fifth districts. A a despatch from Newark reports that Pennington a pub holy Lieen Defeated in the fifth District. A new Youk nov. 8. A far is to Ivo yet received n turns ult Nunn has 48,000, Seymour 41,000, to Lark 36,000, and Bronson 7u�0 vote a air governor. The contest Between urn Man and Seymour will he very close but Tho chances Are now in favor of filman Tho candidate of the know nothing. Second Disi at ii. Two of clock. Tho City return thus far show a majority of a few vote fur Fernando Wood Over Barker know nothing. John Kelly beats Miko Walsh for con Groa. The Tribuno Edlu Rcd to Tho opinion that governor but of Movables wore placed upon the cart and Cripp Imd ins wife were both too drunk to proceed on foot a they had intended to their plus of Deli nation. The team proceeded on its Way accompanied by the two a on of Cripps one 10, und the other years old. When they arrived it the House they proceeded to unload the furniture and put up Tho bedsteads. More tin boys Hud got through the lather Cumo and stated to them that he could not induce their Mother to a Compoy him and wished they would go und see what they could do. They us once went Back to the House and found their Mother lying the Toor almost entirely naked sweltering in her blood and just go spin in death. They took off their Coats und covered her lip As Well As they could and ran for assistance. In the mean Lime their father Hod been to a neighbors by the name of Wurl and told him Tyml ids wife was sick und appeared strangely und requested him to go with him und see her. When Cripp und Ward arrived Ward it once perceived Flint the woman was blend Ami seeing her situation ran to alarm the neighbor. Before any one having sufficient knowledge of such mutters arrived to prevent it Cripps Haj obtained a Hurc nil Wagon Anil with the assistance of the Boya had Luken the Corpse i my the Placo of the supposed murder to the House where hts furniture was. When the neighbourhood find become thoroughly a lured and the Corpse had been lol Lowell o the House to which it had la Een carried Cripps was found us Loep in one bed with i clothes on and the stiffened and bloody remains of i wife lying i the next room upon another. The imps were Wake the Mirror any i. In the room where the Lasly was found by the children waa a piece of Spruce about a fool and a half in length and two inches in diameter which was stained with mood and had locks of hair sticking to it. There were olso two pieces of Bourd stained with blood having the appearance of Huv my been used in the assault. There was Ulso n piece of Slygh shoe in the room but from its up Penzance und wounds there was nothing to lend to the supposition that Tom Iron had Iwon used. The head was Poon det to a Jelly and the general appearance of Tho body was revolting to look upon. Cripps Hud Lour children three Bey and one girl lie is about 42 years of age. His appearance i. Not that of a bad Man and it is said that when sober he exhibits u Good disposition hut is made ugly and furious by rum. He Pun Husid two quarts of rum in Liis City the Day before Tho murder. We have an intimation of whom he Purchase ii it hut withhold the name for the present. Be Uin Bolt i turn Trio Loxly plot fit against our sail , Ami Trio Anil roman Church any thing to Ihu Imit or prejudice of Ali or persons right Leonjr a Tato or Power and if i shall know and upped in Tho Samo manner Inch thing to to Trout cd or agitated by any whatsoever i will hinder it to my Power and a soon a i can will signify it to our said Loid of to some other by whom it Mayai _ ,. I elected Lor Lieut. Governor or which allows Tho us Circo a a Ait a a i o Nind owing to Ludlow a run in to made level andean be a his ticket that a cart is Hind Cortland county Clark has Coo minority Suffolk county i Coap loto except to , t j discharge the Load. We Are not. A i final District which Uvo Ulmann Oso Usu quite sure but it would Requiro a a ill 111 amount More of Power to haul a Load of come to his knowledge. The Rule of the equal weight in Thi cart than it would in a holy father Tho Apolio decrees Ordi Nanee or disposals reservations provisions and mandate i will observe with All my might and cause to be observed by other. Heretics Schumal jct Ami rebels of our Sarjit Long or his Foro Aid Sneor Susor i will o my utmost Power persecute and wage War with. I will come to a Council when i am called mile i to hindered by a a an conical impediment. I will by myself in pero4fi.it the threshold of the apostles every three years and give an account to our Long nil i successor of All my pastoral Olince and of nil thing any Wise belonging to the state of my Church to the discipline of my clergy and people and lastly to the salvation of soul commit Ted to my Trust and will in like manner humbly receive and Dillig enily execute the apostolic command. And if i be detained by a lawful impediment i will perform All the things aforesaid by a certain messenger hereto specially empowered a in Ember of Iny chapter or some other in ecclesiastical dignity or else having a Par a Longe or in default of these by a priest of the i Occam or in default of Una of the clergy of the diocese by a Ohio other Saccu Lar or Regalad priest of approved into Rily and a Elaigwu fully instructed in All above . And such impediment 1 will make out by lawful proofs to be transmitted by the urea Aid messenger to the Cardinal proponent of the holy ruin an Church to lha of the sacred Imirse cart but or. Kimball thinks at any rate its advantages Over u common cart will be obvious to any one who will of. Our Jat inc it. It relieves Tho horses from any Jority Over Seymour. Or. Volk know nothing is Olinc cd for Congress in Tho 1st District King whig and know nothing has about 1000 majority in Tho 11th District und a elected. The Canvas of returns for governor in this City is not vet complot but roughly weight excepting Tho Polo and thus enables a ruled �8ej, about 23,000 Limann 20,000, Clark 9.000, and Bronson 2,000. Them to apply their whole strength to the hauling of Tho loud a and in descending ill such u Jehiol must Havo great advantages Over Trio common cart. It would to an improvement to make common buggy wagons and All four wheeled pleasure carriages after this plan a As they May to turned in Sciull space and with no danger of Over setting. We Hopo that or. K. May to enabled to turn Hia improvement t0 Good advantage to himself. It certainly requires sonic Genius to study out an improvement in Carriage Tea King Winch Hull have Tho advantages of a cart and Wagon a and if or. Kim Tell has done Thi to is deserving of his Reward. Council. The Possession belonging to Vanuble t will neither sell nor give away nor mortgage nor Grant now in fee. Nor any Wise alienate no not even with the sons omit of the Oba Pter i my , w without con suiting the roman pontiff. And it 1 a Hall make and alienation 1 will thereby incur he penalties contained in a certain mall Lutious pot tooth about this matter. So help a god and those holy gospels of Tajc moving at . N. P. Willis in a late Homo journal describes some exhibitions of this phenomenon which took Placo at Hia country residence in Tho pres Enco of a a judge of the City Bench two lady losers of Etc Iota one from new York and the other from Boston a Young lady from Europe a substantial merchant and n successful author Bayard the company were assembled Lor the purpose of making a trial of an a a Odic a or a sort of St. Latr Ronco county give 1700 majority for clerk. Ally Gathany gives Over 51 00 majority for Clark. Jeff Creon co. 460 for Clark. The City and suburbs returns Como in slowly and have not changed Tho Complex Ion of things. Tho return indic nto Tho Oloc Tion of str Nham whig to Congress from the 2d District 4th, in Dou whig 4th, Kelloy Democrat 5th, Uncertain a but won Andrews and Whitney both whigs Goth John we Peeler anti Nebraska Democrat 7tli, Childs whig 8th, Wulc Tenn whig. New yoga City election vote for mayor a Wood 16,176, Baiker 15,848, Hunt 12,960, Herrick 475. The returns for Wood Aud Barker Are Complete for Tho Ollir candidates 17 Dis trick have nut been heard Sioui. Wood is elected Wisconsin. A despatch from Mwau Kie received this morning states that Spooner the Ami Nebraska candidate fur con Gross is elected. The City ejects four re Public aus and Ono Democrat to the Assoc by Mil Wavrik nov. 8. Washburn re elected in the 3rd District. Illinois. A despatch from Chicago a ates that Woodworth Republican elected to Congress. L. T t Wjk. Chicago nov. 8. This City and country a pint no prescription which hat. Been tent Aram he Ariffe a Woodworth re or. Willis for consumption under which Hei publican candidate for Congress 1,000 a is suffering. After Tho trial which or. Over All whig candidate for Sale Tux suffused murderer or Brewster. To have before noticed the arrest of we. B. Smith for the murder of Charley f. Brewster it South Berwick mo., in september last. We learn from Tho Concord Patriot that when to was Arr med to had on Trio Pantaloon which had been taken from the body of the murdered Man. Its account of the Pursuit and capture of Smith is As follows a Portland advertiser. A a Tho first indication of the track of the supposed murderer was found at Andover Theio he and ids Paramour a Quad Roon girl named Maluhos who How since Neon arrested had Wor Keil a few Day. He went thence to North Haverhill where he robbed a boy named Frederick Elkins of his Wallet containing $22, his boots and stockings and a pair of oar ring. In Liou of Tho boots stolen from Elkins Smith loft the very pair which Patio had taken from the murdered Man. Front North Haverhill Smith was tracked to Newport Vermont and thence to Brunswick in the same slate where he was apprehended Between 11 and and 10 on the evening of thursday without any resistance being offered to his captors. Sherriff Galo found upon him the pants which had been taken from the body of brow Star. Smith was brought to South Berwick on Friday evening and lodged in jail and a preliminary examination of Bis Caso we understand was assigned for yesterday. At Tho time of Tho apprehension and since that period Smith has Mado no allusion whatever to what crime he is charged with. Circumstances Are strongly in favor of the guilt of the accused and among them is the fact that he left behind him in a Riclo of clothing which was saturated with blood. Tho Possession of a considerable amount of Money with the period immediately succeeding the murder with the proof that on the Dav on which it was supposed to to committed Smith sold his Wallet for inc Punco and admitted his destitution of Money is Aneth or feature of evidence that to has been the guilty party. Lie belongs to Hyde la urk the preliminary examination of Smith has been going on at South Berwick for several Day and has not yet a we Are aware Boon brought to close. The presiding Justice is Abner Oakes Esq. Counsel for government John n. Goodwin for one accused h. H. Hobbs Esq. Ff7&Quot Tho Crystl Palace in new York is closed. A a a who live so Widony Distant from each it Evv in Thi now town or by Tho Way i should by it i not a town hut i called Tho Lottor b. That in it is not yet organized it a town or Plantation consequently has no name hut stand on Tho map of Maine As a township of land which Mij at sovino future period to incorporated into n town. They have however most of the settlement in existence among them which enter into Tho compos Livion of a town. There Aro scattered Over its territory some to lib a t v or Moro houses occupied by us Many families f Here i also a Stone grist Mill lath and Shingle Milt and sonic two or Turco saw Mills All in successful operation. Being classed with town in Tho appoint Vincnt of the state they cast about forty votes. They arc i Rcd however from town taxes and the proprietor of Tho land the roads a. Mich is they Are. They have also a Small Scho Dhoti so. To Thi Tho doctor and i concluded to go nil risk Trio ruin on arriving it the school House by a Long Road All of Tho Way up a Hill of a mile and a half to found it empty and having a capacity of holding thirty person. We were interested in seeing the audience coming in group of from three to five from Tho different settlement till Tho House was filled our audion co numbering thirty one eleven of whom were ladies Scro All seated. The exc Oiso was commenced by singing that Beautiful hymn a a come holy spirit heavenly Dove with All thy Quick Ning Power which was Sung admirably to that Good old fashioned Fugo tune where there Vns a fusion of the words at Tho clo let after different lines Scro reported by different persons. Thi Tuno our Freo will Baptist Brethren usually sing a hero modern Folly usually culled Rof Lomont has net discard of its use. The ladies some of them Woro Lino singers and most of Tho audion co joined in singing and it was refreshing to our oars to hear it. Then to had a very fervent and appropriate prayer adapted to Tho Puoplo inhabiting these sparce settlements. The iwo bad Trio hymn Sung earnestly. A a life i tie Lime to Erve Tho let my i tie time to Ifim ure Trio great reword Ami Wilile tie Lump hold out to Burn the vilest sinner my then doct. B. Took for his text proverbs 3rd clip. 17th Verso. A a her ways arc ways of pleasantness and All her paths Are peace a remarking it Tho outset that some of Tho audience might Havo been on u pleasure excursion during Trio Post week and others a gag. De in their secular Clung and then went on to show Quito conclusively that whatever our pursuits or callings might to Wisdom or went out with the other party calling upon a played coining up with them they stopped a4�?~ thirty three years has stopped. A a a in i suspended. The Peoples press which us to Stop and telling us we were about s a. K he. A 1.mile out of Tho Way. It Sookis As a i to de j m boy Quot Pat Tuhet a Somerset county for and the Dunlo leaving his party in the Wood the reasons whereof Are Given i Tho Fob Ciui a it "01 Quot a Ray Jerom Casio Naly report of our guns As we Scro it or us ort cd a mounting Tho suspension shooting at Tho Uuie by the Way. And now 1� dosing the publication of this paper for Tho rest of this Days exc Tsiou to must or v a present we Are expected. Of course say there was not much poetry in it. I was to rave a Reasor for to doing. We can encumbered with n heavy double Over coat a a a a by oblige our friends in this go quilt gun with n double barrel fishing a a a. Want of patronage we Ahoi ild be i Trout Basket Chi not powder shot a cai1 a a publish a Sheet like the one we now Large roil i. Patridge just shot and numerous other Small matters und things. It was warm in Trio Woods Tho Road was rough and Tho perspiration run Down my Foco As i plodded my ecu by Way along stepping Over log and stepped from Nick to Rock or slump As Tho Cuso might to. To finally lived through it and arrived at Tho said Richardson s Lake a Little Ator Sunset where two bouts had been provided by our guides to tuck us across the Fuko four Miles to our camping ground. But it was so loto and our party Ull so weary we moved a a a a about a half a mile to Tho Dun on the outlet a newspapers in general is the system. A. W publishers a compact they together and Cree themselves from i a to were it compatible with the dictates of our conscience. But it is entirely at variance with our religious training to lire upon other poo plus Money and having come to that Point whore honesty and poll of conflict we concluded to join the two and consider that it is both honesty anti policy to suspend. Therefore the press is stopped. That which has been so detrimental to us and which is operating most discs Tiona Lull in in i.icuuuv., told was a Camp occupied of Cretin pay insula. It is i a pairing Tho dam. To this to. It us. And a no 1 but a a us lilt where to were by Somo men repairing Ruusu Rcd und Paul never Reju Ioctl More when. _. To Caino aft a a App ii forum and the three a a a , they May expect to to tavern on his Way to Roulo fur which to dragged downwards thanked god und took courage. We found on approaching Tho Camp that it was a building wearing quite an imposing appearance. Immediately in front and hanging suspended High in Tho air in tavern in style was u sign which had inscribed upon it a your our party on Reading it immediately with singing mid boisterous shouts entered und truly Tho Interior of the Camp was n Novelty such As we never beheld in the shape of architecture us Well us its internal arrangements. Under Trio Lioi to on tired it. Its Ashoot was thu Moat cheerful of any habitation we Vui rom umber to have entered. Tho Camp May to perhaps Twenty six by thirty six and our Story the Centro Tho Root descending it Tho sides to a Point about Turco feet from Tho ground. Directly in Tho can to is a cheerful Firo burning composed of Largo round Sticks of Wood Cut six Lect Long and resting Leng h ways of Trio Culip on two Large wrought Iron crus bars made expos by Lor this particular Camp mud fire. Tins Firo ill minutes Tho Camp and when Tho weather is cold is kept burning Ull night by having logs about 18 inches through piled on before its inmates retired for the night. On Ono Sido of the Camp is kept the cooking utensils provision dining table a. A. Then we Havo a Long Bench called Tho Deacon s Sealund in front of the fire at one end Tho ministers seat which is made of u log hewed Square and then cat Down so As somewhat to rest mho a chair with a Buck. On Tho opposite Side of Tho Camp runs n Bench icing Tomso of Tho Camp Tho whole length. Behind this is Tho bed and a very Sweet comfor Tubolo bed it is Mado entirely from Tho Small Green leaves or twigs of the Ceder and Hemlock. The bedding will to for its residents our comforter spread Over Tho Cedar and one to cover themselves with but for visitors blankets overcoats Buffalo Robes ac., will lie Wun Tod. Whilo to Scro hero this bed Hud to to occupied by fifteen persons and might Saccom Odato fifteen Moro us it is thirty six feet Long by seven feet deep. Venro so taken up with this Camp and our kind hearted Man at the head of the establishment capt. Shaw and with i Fine hat cakes and Good Faro to have concluded to throw in our provision into Tho common Stock and give him our two guides to help our pursuits or callings mini do i Quoin or. A. T in other word., Tho la Felon of Tho of ,0j Quot no Moke Al Quot 7.r a a a a , and a a co Pic a inf Tho j a Quot Quot a is spa of god pointed out Tho Only Truo source of pleasure and of real enjoyment even in this fleeting life that All of g<m1 s prohibition and commands were in perfect in Vuony with our Ali Sicul moral nil Roli Gous Constitution that to should Lind by keening gods Laws and giving him our own heart a pleasure so far a i Urr sent life was Concor nod and it would also fit tis for the heavenly state where All would l o pleasant and peaceful forever. The Sermon was listened to with marked attention was evangelical and Earnest and to Hope made Good impression on Tho minds of the hearts. At the Clono of the Sermon Leavo was Given for remarks which in improved by one of our party and then after singing a prayer was offered and Tho meeting closed and we returnee pleased with Tho rain still holds off hut Tho Clouds look dark and threatening and we Lay Asido our pen for Tho night believing that although to my not Ivo spent Tho Subh nth a we could wish to Havo Dono nil might Ivo under other Circum Staicos still to Hopo we inny derive Nomo by Polit from it. Monday oct. 2�? 54�?our party no nil in Fino spirits Thi morning. A o Woro up and breakfasted at Nix of clock and chartered a lion with two Good men to carry its to the head of Uin agog Lake on Board of which we had Laii Juu a Largo Supply of provisions sufficient tor a dozen men on n ten Days company excursion. Learning that it would be ten Miles by water to Tho head of Tho in pc nil but seven by Lundt to conc Ludo to Send our Bont with Tho supplies round to Tho head of Clio Lunko and we would Tonko our guns and dogs and go Tho seven Malcson foot anticipating a Foo Ticino in Hunting on our Way. To plodded on our Way merrily Over a rough path bushed out probably for a 1 it a Ging Road in Tho Winter crossing andr Scoggin River almost five Miles from abbots Theio we started and arriving at the Point of our destination about noon a hero to Tver to wait for Tho bout and provision and vory much to our Joy the boat Hove in sight under full sail about Milf an hour after our arrival and our party proceeded at onco to Tonako a Firo and Ivo dressed and cooked eight Pat a Bilges we Ivo shot on our Way and while i Tun writing on a log they Are shouting to the top of Hoir voices for to to conto to dinner. So i Stop. After partaking of a Good dinner and having a merry Lime in Tho Woods i must take up my pen to record the greatest event of our excursion thus far and Ono that will throw every thing else our party Ivo Dono in to Tho a Lido. We hero shot and skinned a Bear. Three four party messes Liles waterhouse and doct. Jenness. Hearing my dog bark furiously and Tho in Forbrush and dry Sticks snapping stopped n moment lion the dog Como running towards Thorn exhibit ing great fear. They at once proceeded to Tho spot and found n be a treed about Twenty feet from Tho ground when Thoy Camo up near enough nil fired at onco and killed the Bear which was n Young one shout three quarters grown and As it was not far from our starting Placo the boar was carried Back to he stuffed us u trophy of a successful Bear Hunt and is we shall not return fur several Daya to my not after All got a Tasto of Tho meat. And i must say i did not got a shot at Tho Bear for i was so far from the econ i did not hear Tho Gons and consequently in sportsman phrase was not a in at the death but my dog trend him and it was exciting to see him immediately alter to woe dead. A to put Ridge i Havo shot several of them and they Are tar from being shy. In Tho afternoon we had oar boat hauled up and our party of eleven persons Wero loaded Down with As much As we would Well carry for a tramp of foor Miles to the outlet of Richmond s Lake which is a Little larger than Umb agog Ond we learn Tho Trout fro much larger and we Are door mined to Tako up with nothing but Tho boat. After leaving our camping ground one half our party went ahead with the lust guide and 1 a Ras with Tho other party a Little behind. Soon after leaving we struck into n logging Rood and ascended a very Steep Bill for about a mile. Supposing nil was right whoa to were earthed by tie voice of tue guide who our provisions yesterday so our Guido pm gone Back four Miles and brought up u firkin of butter and other things loft and has returned so we Aro now All in comfortable quarters notwithstanding to Wero so exceedingly fatigued after re timing to our Camp bed for the night we heard that sumo of our party Scro out fishing by Moonlight no to got up and went out to see and enjoy another spurt and caught a 2 1-2 la. Trout three or our of a smaller size and lion retired for Tho night. But with the shouting and singing of Tho party and Tho Novelty of Tho scene we were up Jeftro Trio blazing firment shout Turco o clock hut soon retired again and had a Good sleep. Tuesday oct 2. �?T54�?nl our Camp on com ing in to thu dour to find doct b. Lias a Fino string of Trout 11 lbs. To caught lust night some of them weighing 2 1-2 lbs. And this Forenoon the doct. Has shot five partridges so that he is ahead of All Trio party for game to Havo spent Tho Day most of us fishing and Hugo caught a great Quantity of Trout Somo of 2 1-2 lbs weight. But i of a performed tin exploit in Fly fishing which puts All we have Road or heard of in the Hack ground. He has fished with three artificial tie attached to Ono Lino and has caught Throe Trout and hooked them All it Tho in to Timo and saved them All and they Wero from one to two lbs. Weight each. Somo of our per y love Boon out in a boat and shot a boar or a very Largo Otter swim ing in the Lake which sunk and so Thornl used game wus lust. Front what we Learned of the matter it was no doubt n Bear swim ing across a Corner of Tho Luko a thing or quite frequent occasion to Uro told. During Tho Courso of Tho of Tornton of this Day l Havo Boon experimenting with Tho artificial Fly Quito successfully having caught six Fino Trout with Trio Fly in a very Short Timo and to Are Lut Lior inclined to tha opinion that the Fly is Tho beat bait this evening while sitting round our Camp Firo to Aro interested in Tho Novelty of Tho process of cooking a pot of Beans. Thore is a Hole dug in Trio Earth at one end of the fire after heating this Hole an Iron pot the capacity to hold a out half a Bushel was inserted in Tho Hole filled with Bonus and pork and to let of kept cooking All night. Tho not having a cover to fit por footy tight so that if necessary it May to covered up entirely with coals without ashes Gotting in und we think Bwana cooked this Way Tho very Best of any to Havo tried. Took continued saturday last from Tho Yard of me sri. E. 6t e. Perkins in ibis town a Fino ship of Between seven and eight Hundred tons Burthen. The Vowel was built by the me dvrs Perkins for Charles c. Sawyer John Gilpatrick Jos. Deering. Is my a Whitten and others of Saco and Biddeford capt. Oliver Perkins is to be her commander. The vessel in size Model material and Faa Lening is Tho counterpart of the ship Peppy real built by the messes. Perkins for other parties in Tho two to tia and launched few weeks ago. Iii Elk Justice or Kamza. Tho president has appointed a or. Lect note chief Justice of inn Ziti who is said to be a slaveholder and has taken oat some slaves with him. This gentleman a Rill have to decide Trio question of the legality of slavery in that territory. Chief Justice Lecompte should be looking out for his property for the new Hamp Hiro Patriot Wys that the a a niggers will be free when they get into up Nijs. But perhaps or. Lecompte has Little Faith in Thi doctrine of the Patriot and i other nothem administration prints. We rather think the chief Justice of Tho territory will hold on to his negroes and that boat propelled by galvanic Power. A coi respondent of the Boston Telegraph writing from Worcester gives the following account of u new motive applied to sailing vessels a a i was invited to take n sail in a boar propelled by galvanic Power Oil a charming Little Lake near by. It will Sacco memo diff Cour or five persons and is built Steamboat fashion with paddle wheels each Side and wheel houses painted Black. In the Centre is the machinery with the galvanic batteries. Within the coils of wire two Large Magnet vibrate which arc attached to the working beam. There is a metallic Button near the rudder which when turned connects the batteries and sets the machinery in motion. Tho boat is stopped by simply turning Tho Button in an opposite direction thus disconnecting the wires a near to Tho Shaft there is a very skillful contrivance for shutting off Tho galvanic fluid from one Arm of the beam that it May instantly upon the other Side. The boar Ami machinery were constructed by John is Ustiz who is the chief Engineer of messes. Van Burn k. Cons wire works. He has devoted year of a tudy Ami expended thou amps of dollars in developing and applying Power and Lias surpassed any other person i applying Trio Power at the smallest Cost. For Twenty five cents Worth of acids the boats will run ten hours without slopping. Or. Ustiz intends soon to build a larger boat Ami to make improvements on his Ltd. Cheever of new York City is reported to have said in a recent address a there Aio 7000 grog cries in this Eily 3000 of them Are open upon the Thero is a dram shop to every 85 of the inhabitant. It costs the City for rum and its fruit one million dollars four fifths of the committal and arrests according to the wardens testimony Are from the intemperate. There a been an increase of committal from year to year. Tho year just ending shows fifty thousand. If this i All True in the name of humanity we say give the Goth mites immediately the Maine Law with infinite ramrod Power. 2t burnum a got a bid from James Tull held of 875,000 for the copyright of his autobiography. Trio copyright sold Well but probably the publisher i a a sold a worse. We dont believe the Hook will go tie practice of Humbug does Well enough but to Are too Busy a people to Cero for any elaborate account of the career who a. Lived by journal those persons who believe that Harnum is to re curve anything like 875,000 for the copyright of his autobiography Are Well a sold a in our opinion. The idea that Harnum is to receive this sum is one of his Well got up humbugs to make the Book sell Well. We done to believe it will be a successful one. Tho new Haven advocate of yes lord a says a of join All parts of the slate the tidings Continuo to come to us Olathe excellent working of Tho Connecticut liquor Tho diminution of Inton Sperance the reduction of crime mid pauperism the bettor Observance of the Sabbath aare the themes of rejoicing from every men who voted against the Law and who have hitherto been its bitter opponents Are now its firm friends and pledge it their future support. Said one Man 1 Havo fought Trio Law a hard of any Man but if it produces such results As these naming instances of its Beneficent operations a it hereafter has my Tho Washington Union notices the arrival of Hon. Moses Mcdonald the representative from the first District in journal. This is Tho first Timo Moses has been heard from since election. He left without notice and unnoticed. The Washington papers say that ire has taken a House in that City. Ivr hapa he May have friends there. Premium Squash. The Premium for lbs largest Squash raised hereabouts the Poinier award to Waller p. Gowen of this town. Tho vegetable was received Loo Lala to be noticed by the agricultural society. It is of the Valparaiso specie very handsome Iod weighs 99 pounds. Ii not i Speed of ii May a seen at the store of mate Refl it Philbrick in the Neutral Block disaster. Schooner signal of Kenne Hon port Whitaker from Philadelphia for Boston Wilt a Coal went ashore nov. 2, on Schooner bar and is a total lose to Crow were taken off by the Effort capt. Smith and carried to Townsend capt. Whitaker arrived Here on tuesday Aat. The Complete official return of Tbs late election in Pennsylvania Aboura the following result a for governor James Pollock whig ao., 204,088 we Lara Bigler Democrat 167,001. Pollock a majority Over Bigler 37,087. For a prohibitory liquor Law 158,542 against a prohibitory liquor Law 163,510. Maio Rily against a prohibitory liquor Law 5,168. Jet the of Eliot is very general and indeed almost Universal among the Manila of the of volition. Throughout the state in favor of standing bade and letting or. Morrill Tonako Hia own appointments in Hia own Way and to his own liking and on Hia own responsibility Soa Crongie this feeling that a re have no doubt that any nun who should Start a re tuition or take the usual maans to Porter

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