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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Nov 10 1854, Page 2

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - November 10, 1854, Biddeford, MaineLouis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. B1ddef0rd, Fth Day november 10,1854. / i ? vol. . 15. I t1ic Union and Lyste journal is pub usurp week la hid at. Orig cd no 1 Central Illik. Laid Deford opposite the a Biddeford ii ump. Fica woo per a Nubia or $1.30 if paid Walliin Throe inon trial rom t lie Tutu Haubach Bijj Siu. be obtained at Thiu fic ius a. Frio 4 Ceala. ? b. 1 Alva �1ms Ampf Loaft new up a agent a thu ouly a fent Tor tins paper in the Neitie of now York Tou and plan Lurl Puis and is duly empowered to take advertise ment Aud set Crith a at the rate a required by a. I office Are Avicy re Tri Buu Virtu Sollay a building Puiu Uipi i n. W. Corp or third and Che but Street. March l wits of or liver. Misc Ellane Olls. Excursion to the lakes to. 1. ? t g. U. Adams. Notwithstanding it is Only Tome five or it Days Cinco our return from Moose head Lake on a similar excursion to Tho one we Are now about to Start upon we have Matie up our mind to go because we bad the invitation from some Portland gentlemen Home month since and promised at the time that nothing but a severe sickness or Laorae Una Oraeed casualty or evident inter position of divine Provit Lance should Vileter Ufa from an excursion promising from its variety and Extension so Many sources of pleasure Aud excitement to h physical Aud mental we shall there lure Start this Day in company with mis. A., who will no comp by us Only so far As Portland. Is Quay Sart. 28, past 11, . H be stepped on Board the car at Widde for depot with double barrelled us fishing till and tackle and Aiu munition of every desirable kind and Quality with our n which god a made. Truly the god who a Mode this world m Beautiful and so captivating to our senses must be Good and de serving f our obedience to his Lawn and commandments. Huw reasonable it in that we should yield up ourselves to his service and harmonize in our moral instincts and la com character with his pure and holy and Lovely nature. Everything we behold in the works of nature seem so beautifully adapted and fitted to the purposes for which they were made. But we have a More sure word of testimony. God has Given us in the gospel of his son evidence of his interest in us As moral and religions beings who have a Home in this world but for a Short and indefinite period. This holy apostle who had an Eye to see and a mind to appreciate All that is Beautiful in this world did not see fit to Point to the beauties and glories of the world to come. The future state Anil residence of Tho who love god and Are in Harmony with his will is so far above and beyond comparison he drop the subject abruptly and Breaks out with the exclamation Eye hath not seen nor ear heard the things which god hath prepared for those who Ove without knowing hardly what has Leil me to such a train of thought lure digressed from my subject till i have almost began to Sermonie Anil i will Stop and resume my subject again. During the Day an we were ascending the bed of Bear liver some Miles before we reached its source our Driver stopped his horses in the Ruad Ami asked us if to would like to see the screw Falls a natural curiosity which travellers were in the habit of look ing at. We at once alighted and proceeded some fifteen or Twenty rods to the spot and Here was presented to our sight a natural curiosity of rare occurrence and must be seen to be appreciated As i do not hardly know How to describe it. A fissure or it ism has been apparently wearing away through a solid mass of Granite for the lat 6000 years by the current of Bear River which at the time we Are looking at it is a Small Brook and it has worn Down a passage Way or chasm through Tho solid ledge of Granite some thirty five to forty feet deep varying in Width from perhaps three to six feet in Many places presenting the appear Ance of Torso rocks having been tumbled in by the Force of the Stream in the time of the freshest and detained and whirled round for Ages until the sides mid Many places in the Rock had been worn perfectly smooth to setting somewhat in their appearance a re semblance to a screw which might have Given the name to the fall or chasm. Our guide however gave us Tho origin of the name which jew took More of the vulgar Dun the romantic and therefore we will not j record it. Although the Brook was so Low i while we were Here to Day As to be but a foot or two in depth our guide Florine in us that in the Spring or in the time of a Ureal freshet there is a sufficient volume of water runs in the Brook to till the chasm to the very top dashing the White Spray in its fury above and around the top. The scenery in the Vicinity is grand. Mini though we May fair in pm a Hue and intelligible description of the curio Ity still it a made its impression upon our mind As being quite a curiosity in this Way. I hardly remember to have enjoyed a Day s ride More than to Day our party were All in line spirits with their rides guns and pistols loaded and woe to any game that Shew its head i Hin Ritlop Chot As we made along through the Forest partridges Wood chucks and even Blue jays Felt the Edecta of the rides As our horses were being slopped every Little while when the crack of a ride would be heard and the was to braving and our party so exhilarated with the sport that they would occasionally shout or break out singing so that at times it no inst amounted to riotous but Ai the same time innocent mirth. Some of our party remarking they Felt As in their Boyish Days and this is what does the excursion is Good to become for Tho time being a boy free from care a Jovial joyous boy spending a play Day to his mind. Well saturday night finds us a or. A Bott sat a place of " entertainment for Man and beat to do Cox till co Flat Llor Pitio us or Tuk Waitl rail Road collision in Canada. The Detroit Tribuno contains tie following particulars o the awful collision furnish a by one of Lio passengers about 18 in Ipoh West of Chatham on Tho up list Creek Dut going about 2 mile an hour we came in collision with a gravel Truin of 15 cars backing cat the collision was frightful in the extreme. Our Loci ? motive was promptly thrown Over to the right the express cur thrown Over Ami crush ing the tint and second cur into Mere splinters demolishing the next and making u wreck of Tho third car und driving in the i end of Tho Lorth the passengers in Tho last car escaped unhurt or with slight bruises almost the entire Load of Tho second class cars were killed or wounded some Cut completely into piece others with mangled Heads and bodies Aud without univ limits. The screams Anil groans of the mangled was awful in the extreme. Every Effort was made by the conductor and passengers to relieve the suffering but notwithstanding All super human efforts to relieve them All were not extricated until More than 4 hours after the collision. Mung those whose exertions in saving Tho victims Are Thomas p. Meagher and junk Tho baggage Man or. O a Crown son und others of the passengers to pm of the dead and mangled were found in the ruins piled together in All mangled shapes. One poor fellow was Cut out of the express car his limbs hanging out of Tho Side fifteen feel from the ground. On of the strongest features of the Accident All the gravel cars were demolished and piled upon each other with the tender of the engine Steve in. Tho conductor of that gravel train was on he j rear car with his signal Liht and a negro boy at vis Side. The conductor saved Hitu al by jumping the negro was killed. Ii 11 has been ascertained that 25 men 11, women and 11 children had been killed and 21 Meu and 20 women and children badly injured one half probably fately. It was thought that As Many As i Fawn dead to Dir Swerc still buried in Tho ruins when he left. Tar Lowell five cents savings base this institution which has Hern in operation Only have Mouths has on Deposit More than forty thou until Dollar received Yogi i oct than Ono thou. Nind depositors. It is in a prosperous condition ? Aud will do much Good in Mihi Repici people it 1 by up Tut in earning in Louic us Jace. Loschl courier the count de Sainte Helene i of the convict s revenge Pierre Coignard was Tho ton of a Vine Dresser of ii Neuis in Tho department of the Indra it Loire and nerved As a Grena Dier under the convention. Though a rare Soldier he was no audacious thief and was at length apprehended tried and condemned to fourteen years of the galleys. Lint he did not like the seclusion of the Bune and a lined us to was like u wild Becht to con trived in Trio fourth year of his imprisonment to Usuke his escape Llis succeed however wus attended by a circumstance which he had afterwards occasion to refer to As one of the great landmarks of his history. His Coli role in Tho adventure Hud he a Liko Wiso couple med on the same Day with himself to fourteen your Fetters and the two Den Pem does were drawn together not Only by this coincidence in their fortunes but by a dissimilarity in character and acquirement which seemed to Point thou out us fit associate in critic. What Tho one wanted the other possessed. Coign a re was tolerably Well Educ Utcy Tho other had known no other school than the world. Coignard was an easy pliant Inan of society the other is character of Iron Uio Tuuu by nature in a Mould which might be broken but never Bent. Coignard in line obtained huh ends b address Abr tiled by Resolution and the other by an stubbornness of purpose which was dead to till considerations but Tho one idea before it which it grappled and Clute to for life or death. The Union of two such men would have enrich cd Tho annals of guilt but it was not to take place. They were selected in the act of at tempting to escape Only one could try. Had Tho one been the Comrade he would at onco have rejected Tho temptation. And Why because the object of their plan had failed which was the flight of built. Hut Coignard. Who never grew Bulky with Fate so fur from abandoning his Enterprise made use of his unlucky Friend As a stepping Stone in his is Capo and putting his foot upon his Shoul Der Pur cd hint away Asho caught the Wall above behind which he speedily disappeared with the vengeful yell of his associate ringing in his ears Ilo changed his name from Coignard to l Ontis fled into Spain joined anew Tho French urmy became a sergeant under the re Riuo of marshal Soult and distinguished himself by his Bra very and Good conduct. At Saragossa in Tho year 1813, Pontis Mado the us Quaintance of a Spanish girl called Rosa Murten whom to afterwards married and the two congenial spirits set themselves to work to discover a Way to for tune less tedious and Doub Ful than Tho ranks. An extraordinary coincidence in names gave them the first hint and indeed go Brungo tin influence do seeming trifles a Perciso Over Tho destinies of men that it was perhaps j to coincidence in owing to intimacy of two beings so Well calculated to play in to each other s hands Lite Gaius of Lilu. Why i Pierre Coign Ard among All tic names in the world should have chosen the Namo of i Oti tis is not known but it so Hippo cd that it was even us u household word in Tho oars of Llosa Marten she having served in some capacity or other in uti Emigrant family bearing that patronymic. Whether her services were that of u governess or awaiting woman or whether she retired or was Dri Ven from it arc matters beyond the Ken of biography but it is certain that she beheld with interest an individual bearing a name so intimately associated with the events of her own history. And this interest was not lessened by Tho inet that i Ontis was n Young and handsome Soldier at onco polite Anu daring and endowed with that Cool self pos session before which Uil spirits Quail like lunatics before Tho voiceless Eye of the Coper. Hut " l Ontic that was the Namo of a titled family. Wus this Young Grenadier a Cadet of the Noble mouse Whoso representatives had fled before the horrors of Tho revolution ? he might to so by his person and bearing and the idea retained hold of the imagination of Kosc even after she had Learned that he had us Little to do with Tho nobility either of mind or birth As herself. An epoch by and by came when such an idea was Likely to present itself in a More enticing Foini than now when counts were at a discount. The French were compelled to evacuate the l on Iii ulu. Louis to desire returned to the throne of his ancestors Anu our Pontis and his wife found themselves once Moru in u country where Tho husband had worked in chains a a format. They proceeded to Soic Soni to look after Tho wrecks which the revolution might ivol Rcd of their acc Trul Fortune. They themselves alone ill thu Field. No Oiler Pontis appealed upon the scene All i had perished in exile and owing to the j registers of Tho town having Heen burned in the confusion of Tho revolution thu heir of the illustrious House was unable even to 5 Roto his birth thus unluckily stun cd Ontis called upon an old lady of i i own Namo who was waiting in nil agony Olim patience to see her family re established in their ancient honors by the blessed pc store Tion. She recognized Tho handsome Young s Soldier As a Pontis at Tho first Glanco she knew him by Tho hereditary Noso she could Dot to mistaken in the Calm line Hull Sznip Ling lip which gave Tho world Assurance of a Root it. Hut who was this Young wife whom to had presented to her ? had Tho unhappy Man tarnished Lis blood with a mis Alliance no. Tho Noble heir of Tho j 1 Ontis assured his a god relation that even in Oxile he had been too proud of their com Mon name to share it with one meaner than himself. This lady though her a Arriago to unsanctioned by her family until his Tuims should a Elia Elised was of Tho High est blood of Spain Sho was a daughter of Tho Viceroy of Malaga this was enough i almost Loo much. The old lady wept with Pride and Delight and she ended by inking Tho whole town weep with her. An act of notoriety As it is called in French Luw was readily obtained recognizing the birth of the returned Emigrant and this being trans Ferrod to the Chiating registers of Soissons Pierre Coignard Tho is cupid Felon found himself transformed a if by magic into Poritia count de Saint Lac Leno. To Bavo not that the pecuniary resources were much improved by this recognition of his nol Tilliy indeed it would eem from Thi context that it was not the Case. It is far More difficult to obtain an Mutt Hun m title Tod Calm a Tho count May have thought it imprudent to refer his Clui ins to Tho marching arbitrage it of the Moorta of Law. But his grateful Prince would not Sudor the scion of Tho Nubelo House to languish in poverty and obscurity Ami indeed the to fonts of Tho count offered the fairest opportunities for his advancement or rather made Hie advancement a duty on the part of the court. Ice received successively the Knightly decorations of Tho legion of Honor and a. I Juis by Cunio a member of 1 the order of Alcantara and Rue to be a lieutenant colonel in the Logioio of the Soine. On his part he repaid Tho Royal favor with unbounded Devotion. Ilii to ult of with out reproach and he Wui Osto Omed one of the most rising bii1 respectable characters at the French court. The expensive manner in which the count lir cd might Havo Alfurd a but fur one circumstance some suspicion that to enjoyed still weightier favors of than crosses and decorations. The pay of a lieu tenant colonel with nov fragment to might have recovered of his Fiordi Urr possessions was not enough to account for a liberality As unbounded As it was a ostentatious. Tho Nexha Stablo fund on which to Drew was neither squandered nor spared to had Turnoy fur Ull legitimate purposes and when other men Hud recourse on extraordinary emergencies to Loans and mortgages Tho count do Saint he Leno had nothing to do but to write a Chc quo. Lib marriage accounted fur this Ilis Noble Wilfo was Tho mine on Tho produce of which to lived and her Spanuth Gold was dully transmuted in any Quantity into French Sibr. It was supposed at Tho Tizor it Wever that other men had recourse to Toro disreputable Means of Supply for Tho whole Ealo robberies that were committed on All hands had by conc As alarming is they were inc Plica die. A precautions were Hui i i our safeguard of valuable property. In the processes of palaces thefts we re is common is in Trio shops of the citizen and it was obvious that there he been established a sys tem of brigand age whose organization Corn Orch ended n much higher class than usual. Kven u Nobleman was not Safe from suspicion Whoso habits exhibited tiny thine of the mysterious but is fir our count and coun Tess they lived so much in Public Thoy to longed so completely to the court and society that the suspicion must have been wild indeed which could a touch it Elf to them. One Day the count was at Tho head of his regiment in Tho place do cur Roquel assist ing it u splendid military Parade. On Ono Side of the Square were the Garden and pal Ace of the Tuil series on the opposite Side Tho Avn to do a curly extending As straight As in Arrow Long Tho Sido of Julie champs Kly sees to Tho Virgo of Tho horizon now terminated by n triumphal arc i on Tho third the Loco Vert Home with in Noble column und on the fourth the Seine spanned by a Bridge loaded with statues. I his magnificent scene was crowded with spectators even to Tho Trees of the chumps Ely secs und us Tho count de Saintc ill eur Felt him self to be Ono of Tho great actors in Tho pageant a wild throb must have heaved Tho Chest of Tho escaped for Cut. List Tho word he Hurdly now consid Rod to apply to him for his fourteen years son to Loo Hud expired if not fulfilled. Some Days before to Hud celebrated in his own mind Tho fourteenth anniversary of his condemnation and declared himself to be a Freo Man it is no wonder that on tins occasion lie is Iouin re Vert exult higly to Liis est pc from tie Bagno As in event Wlinich Lynul turned the current of his life and Given 10 bit i Fortune but in his thoughts lust themselves in Tho recollections to leaped suddenly in Tho Saddle us if transfixed with n Pheur. At first to hardly knew what it was that bad affected him or knowing it to set it Down is u delusion growing out of his Wak ing dream. An Eye had rested upon his for h moment As his face to turned toward Tho crowd a phantom Cje doubtless such As to Motich glares upon us from Tho abysses of memory for he never could meet with it again. Vet Tho count could not help repeating to himself nor avoid a sensation of sickness us to did so that Tho Contrado to had abandoned to his chains spurning him with his foot Whilo to did so was now a free Mun like himself und by a Turc legitimate title in Case of almost any other human being in any other circumstances mils would Hugo been of Little cons Qunce for to was now Rich enough to buy silence from Liao itself slut i Ontis know his Man. I that night the Portress of a common look ing House in Tho Hue Saint Muur was Cal cd from her repose by a gentle ring of the Bell. What is your pleasure said she speaking through the wicket. " i am alone and although vory poor do not euro to open to Tho visitor muttered a won in reply and the door was opened Asiu ten by us its Pon Derous bolts permitted Llo followed her through u ruinous court and signifying by silent Scuturo hat to would dispense with her further service he knocked it another door. Hero he was Aguin challenged but lib voice pained Hui admittance As before and presently to found Hui Sci in n room much More comfortable Linn might have been expected from the exterior. " what you Liere said the Man who opened the door to him and who was the i Only inmate of the Par Tinct. " Why l Eter this is an unusual mud unexpected j " i have reasons Alexander replied the visitor gravely unit Asio opened his clock and threw his hat gravely upon the table Trio striking resemblance Between Tho two inon would have enabled a stranger to pronounce to lick at once Brothers. " reasons of course you Havo for you never act without them j but before you open your budget let Ine put you in Good humor by presenting you with Thor hand sovino sum i Toney your Shore of us Rich a spoil As to Havo yet set it Down 1 cannot attend to business it present. I have seen a ghost a ghost 1 know a Man who would j even scare you but i was not Uwarow that you stood in special two of the immaterial world. In what form App Carod the ghost in the form of a human Eyo which was fixed upon Taino to Duy for an instant in the l Laco us curo Uiel in Hether it was any thing More than Tho fragment of a dream 1 had fallen into at the moment i cannot Tell but if it was really in a human head it to Longs to Tho Man you allude 4 and what then " 14 merely that i Ain lost., what nonsense you Uro too Clever too self possessed to fur seeing for that. You Aratoon unknown even to your own band i your lieutenant and your brother being Tho Solo medium of communication Between you. Besides me you have no confident in the world but our own wife y or splendid counters who is the life Ami i of of the association without whose guiding Roice to could not stir a step Ami who could not Criminate you without destroying All this u True but you do not know Tho Man As i do " 4 to must buy Hiu it is for that i aug Here. Lout take Caro you bid High. Strip to of All i possess take Tho Diamond crosses rom my breast Tho jewel from my wife s hair but lot Hisiu have his Price you must still do Mora than not blood " " not without no Cissily. To must employ him. We Usu t step his hand in crime and that is our easiest fault. Till he u again at tha mercy of to police till the fourteen year Fetters of Toulon dunce again by Foo tin vision it i impossible for to to # and if nil this fails if to will neither steal old nor accept it is present " then we shall talk among the crowd that any in the place do cum Nix there had been a Man who attracted the attention of Somo of Tho older members of Tho police. His was a Woll known face but it had not been seen for Many years and the thief takers employed themselves in getting the lineaments again by heart. Hut Tho Man secure in Hie inno Cence for Tho by june wipes off All store strolled carelessly on. Lie did not meet a single companion fourteen years in his calling Tho outside limits of a general offi cer passing slowly on Hor Sobick an expher Sion of Surprise escaped lira his Dull Eye lighted with Joy and Tho Brief illumination used away into a fixed and lurid Glare. At that moment Tho officer appeared to see him and shutting his Eye suddenly and ducking under the shoulders of Tho crowd Tho old format turned Sway. It Wai easy Lor Linn to ascertain to nun and position of the object of his interest that without estates to possessed prodigious wealth that to had brought a wife from Spain who was supposed to do the son co of his wealth und that Tho records of poisons having been Burnt to had Stu Blisard his birth Lynn act of All said he " that id so like him to is a Clever fellow mid he is now at his old tricks but he has climbed so far upon Tho shoulder t f his Comrade he must come Down lie went straight to Tho office of the per fact and denounced lieutenant colonel i Ontis count do Sainto an escaped for Cut. Tho clerks laughed at him and Tho prefect ordered him to to turned out and Tho informer politely spying to would Call again to Morrow look Iii Leuvoy. Tiff next morning to was met near Tho pro feature by a Man who entered into Conversa Tion with him. You Aro from to Louv Aid Tho stranger abruptly. Well if so " you Aro going to denounce somebody " Well Iio is too Strong for to shall 14 Aro you Rich 1" u i Havo still enough Tor dinner i must shift As 1 can for Tho rest of the " will a thousand ranch do Twenty " come at a word to want to to friends with you. What do you want take four from fourteen and there Aro ten years will satisfy to i Wil not Abato him one month. To " Ilu tia Nanai is a Good Juke do you not know that to is More than n count More Linn n Knight More than a colonel ? c us of guess what to is 1" " yes to is Tho Man who Broko his com pact with to in Tho Bagno of Toulon and spurned to away with Lus loot Asho sprung Over the Wall. I Viust have Hisiu Bock it is Only Justice Thod Morni Gaud Tho old format wont into the Prei Acturo. This Lino to was apparently but Little More successful than on a former occasion but Tho functionality wore surprised at his Pertinacity Aud considered it duo to the diameter of the count to Send Somo Ono to hint delicately at Tho calumnies that were abroad. They told the informer there fore that inquiries would be made arid directed Hiir. To Call Tho next Day in Tho idea that Thoy would have authority to take him Mlo custody. To was pleased accordingly with his aug Cess lie dined chec Lully spent Tho afternoon in walking about in Tho evening Felt hungry again but resisted Tho temptation to commit n theft Lesi he should to locked up from the business that engrossed him at night being perfectly Money less he repaired to Ono of the Bridges to sleep under an Arch. This wad Ilio most quiet a Vougn by no Means Liliu most solitary bed chamber he could have found for that night every crib in Paris was searched Lor him by Mes sengers who would have silenced him in one Way or another. As it a he Lay undisturbed except by his dreams and the fitful moonbeams glancing like spectres on the water. Sometimes he awake and fancied Hir Melf in the prison of Toulon till re assured by the voice of the River which murmured in his ear 1 it is Only then he Felt hungry and the night air Siuw chill and the hard stones pierced his limbs and he thought of the thousands and thousands of franc that had been offered him mud of the pleasure and dignity of robbing in a band com funded by n no Bleman. Hut then lie shrugged his Shoul Der by Intuni of which Coignard had stepped upon the will and looking for Ward to the Morrow a grim feeling of Satis faction stole Over his heart the indulgence of which seemed better than food Money or Honor. And then the moonbeams Dis appeared on the River and the wind moaned along its bosom and the Waters answered with a hollow murmur which syllable in Hia ear Justice Justice and he fell into a profound slumber which lasted till the morning. The pro fact in the meantime had employed funeral pcs Mitoi to wait upon the count but Ylioja itch instead of meeting the charge with the incredulity ridicule or indignation that had been expected made quiz t speeches and entered into lung explanations and the astonished envoy re turned to his employer hardly Able to form an opinion. The oui Iii however was come to by the More experienced but homilies of the prefecture and after minute examination of the informer who had planted himself at the door Ion be fore it opened in the morning it was deter mined to arrest the count of suspicion of being an escaped Felon. They tracked him at length to the House in Trio Hue Saint Maur and although he defended himself with his pistons both of which he discharged at the guns d armes he was overpowered and taken into gusto 1 by. The re Vla to is made in this Den of thieves identified him with the chief of ban 1 ditto who had so Long kept the oily to Awe 1 and being conduct i to the prison of la Force he was tried for various distinct Rob j Berier As Well a for he evasion from 1u0 Bagne of Toulon. A narrative like this with 1 yes Laid Only a few Vears ago wears an air of improbability but Many Pera Netious 1 quite As extraordinary took place after the confusion of Tho revolution. The Peculiar feature in the Casoff Coignard is that the immature was followed out to Tho last in spite of the Legal exposure. He would not plead by any other name than his fictitious one and he president of the court we obliged to Call him simply you acc cd " when transferred 10 Bis old qua lers Ai Toulon under sentence of Fetters fur life he preserved the Culm sedate dignity of an injured Man and was much respected by the other forests who always addressed him by his assumed title. This Cli Raeter he continued to enact up to the time of his death and perhaps he ended by persuading even himself that the companion of Nobles and the protege of a King was in reality the count do Saint Lelene. The Boston massacre in 1770. We sub join another extract from Bancroft s forthcoming sixth volume. It is however one of the most highly finished of tin More strictly narrative passages of this vol ume and is hardly surpassed by any of or. Bancroft s efforts in this line of historic al writing. The people of Boston had been greatly incensed by the British troops. Mutual Leo Lings of hostility were cherished and opt nov expressed. The excitement was mania tuned in different ways and at length led to Tho Soenne of bloodshed which precipitated the revolution on Friday Tho 2d Day of March a sol Dier of the Twenty ninth asked to poem played at Gray s Llop walk and was re pulsed in the coarsest words. He then de fied the rope makers 10 u Boxin notch and one of them accepting his Challenge he was beaten Oil. Returning with several of his companions they too were driven Oil. A larger number came Down to renew the fight with clubs and cutlasses and in their turn encountered defeat. By this time Gray and others interposed and for that Day prevented further dist Barice. There was an end of Tho affair at the Flop walk but not at the Barracks where the soldiers in lamed each other s passions As if Tho Honor of Tho regiment was tarnished. On saturday they prepared bludgeons and being resolved to Brave the citizens Youmon by night they forewarned their particular acquaintances not to be abroad. Without duly restraining his men Carr Tho lieutenant colonel of the Twenty ninth made complaint to the lieutenant governor of the insult thay had received. The Council deliberating on monday seemed of opinion that the town would never be Safe from quarrels Between the Puoplo and the soldiers As Long As soldiers should be quartered Apiou them. In the present Case Tho owner of Tho rope walk gave sat faction by dismissing the Workman complained of. � the officers should on their part have kept their men within Tho Barracks after Nightfall. Instead of it they left them to roam the streets. Hutchinson should have insisted on measures of precaution but he too much wished the favor of All who had influence at Westminster. Evening Como in. The Young Moon was shining brightly in a cloudless Winter sky Ami its Light was increased by a new fallen Snow. Parties of soldiers wore driving about the streets making a Parade of valor challenging resistance and striking the inhabitants indiscriminately wih Sticks or sheathed cutlasses. A band which pushed out of Murray s Harrocks in Dattlo ��., named with Golubc cutlasses and bayonets provoked resistance and an Attray ensued. Ensign Maul it Tho Sato of the Barrack Yard oried to the sol items " turn out. And i will stand by you kill them stick them Knock them Down run your bayonets through Thern and one Soldier after another levelled a Forelock and threatened to make a Lano through he crowd. Just before 9, a an officer was crossing King Sta Baber s lad cried after him there goes a mean fellow who hath not paid my master for dressing his hair " on which the Sentinel stationed at the Westerly end of the custom House on the Corner of King St. And Exchange Lane left his Post and with his Musket give Tho boy a stroke on Tho head which made hint stagger and cry with pain. The of Street soon became Clear and no body troubled the sentry when a parly of soldiers issued violently from the main guard their arms glittering in the Moon Light and passed on hallo oing where Are they where Aro they 1 let them presently twelve or fifteen More uttering the same cries rushed from the South into King nt., und so by Way of Cornhill towards Murray s Barracks " Pray soldiers spare my life cried a boy of twelve whom they met. " no no i la Kilt you All answered one of them and knocked him Down with his Cutlass. They a Ruscil and insulted several persons at their doors and others in the Street. U running about Liko madmen in a fury crying j fire which seemed to be their watchword and where Are theyl Knock thurn their outrageous behaviour occasioned the ringing of the Bell at the head of King Street. citizens whom Tho alarm set in to Ion came out with canes and Claus and partly by Tho courage of Crispus Attucks a mulatto and some others the allay at the Barracks was soon Over. Of the citizens the prudent shouted Home Home oth Era it is said called out i Huzzah Lor the main guard there is the nest but Tho main guard was not molested the whole evening. A body of soldiers Camo up Royal Exchange Lane crying. To where Are the cow Ards " and brandishing their arms passed through King Street. Horn ten to Twenty boys Caine alter them asking,11 where Are they where Are Thoy it there u the Soldier who knocked me Down said the1 Barber s boy and they began pushing one another towards the Sentinel. He primed and loaded his Musket. The lobster i1 going to fire ezied a boy. Waving his piece about Tho Sentinel pulled the trigger. " if you fire you must die for it said Henry Knox who Wai passing by. I Don t care replied the sentry d n them if they touch Roe i la lire. " file and bed. Lily rushed through the people upon the Trot cursing them a they went along. They found about in persons round the sentry while about fifty or sixty came fun if and Farcy Job minting. Wii Villuc at la pah Cribar in crts Block Luzim u fluc4 up slut i my Ai j to thai will Cotyk blk in Tau Utt us pubic wit url Cormon tiding Altu Law great Stu in Wiit that he Beau Tufekc Walliin a lev or a in hit Art. Oru Cra it of Walter it Xit my that will Oil a a Conj with la � a f a a of or Tutu 0# in Btij we mfg re i us m u Kir Kyj Oija r a i with aduir1 i�4 Murr Krow n in Milt. New a and Uicon Nusug ii Mai w card i he Hili Egil the Fuliar brr to Yuk a car nerf Ltd owl Auar la Lii thru it 4 in Aumi Cactus a in Utt a nil tic he u numb to an i til a Jar in Ike Himoe full butiir�4 in fret . Crl4anl if r-4. Ail i am al Wata Jum in my by or it re annl to mail Phi jul i Lioi Uji a Iurii i i. Ufau Aqwan. Down Wii i them. " for god a Sake Mua Knox holding i Reston by the coat take your men Back again if icy file Mooc life must answer for the Conse Nuenke 111 know what i am about Taid he hastily and Mueh agitated. None pies cd on them or provoked them till they began loading when a Nasty of about twelve in a umber with Sticks in heir hands moved Siuw the Tiddle of the Street where they had been Rita Din Cave three Chereia and Tassel along the front of the Sal diets whose mus Ket Fine of them struck us they West by. You Aie cowardly rascals said they Lor bringing arms against baked Man Lay aside your guns and to Are ready Lor " Are the soldiers loaded inquired i Almes of Preston. " Yea said he with powder and Are they going la lire upon the ii Hubit inlay " asked Theodore Blus. They cannot replied l Moa u without my orders " while the town Bora culled out come on you rascals you bloody backs you lobster scoundrels lire if you dare. We know of Dure not jul Ihnn Montgomery received a blow from a stick thrown which hit his Muskel and the word 1 fire being Given he slapped a Little on one Side and snot Attucks. Who al Tho Lime was quietly leaning on a Long 1101. The people immediately began o move off. 11 Don t tire said Lang Ford the watchman to Belroi. Looking him full in the face but yet lie did no and Samuel Gray who was standing near Lingford with i hand in hid bosom fell lil Elesa. The real hied slower and in succession on Tho people who were dispersing. One aimed deliberately al a boy who wan running for Valety. Mont Gomery then pushed at Palmes to slab him 011 which the latter knocked i gun out of his hand and leveling a blow it him Hil Preston. Three persons Weie killed among them Attucks Trio mulatto eight a cml wounded two of them mortally. Of All the eleven not Mote than one had any share in the disturbance. So infuriated were the soldiers that when the men returned to Lake up the dead they prepared to fire again but were checked by 1 Reston while the Twenty ninth regimen appeared under Aims in King Street As if Bent on a further massacre. This is our time cited the soldiers of the fourteenth and dogs were never More greedy for their prey. The tells rung in All the churches Lii town Drums beat. To arms to Aims was the cry. And now was to be tested the True character of Boston. All its sons came Forth exc Teil almost to madness Man were absolutely detracted by Trio sight of the dead bodies and of the blood which Rau plentifully in the Street and was in Pinto All directions by the foot tracks on the Snow. Our hearts beat to arms resolved by one stroke to avenge the death of our slaughtered Bieth ten. But they stood self possessed and Siresi stable de mum Long Jumisco according to the Law. " did you not know that you Idi Oxild not have Liu h without the order of a civil magistrate 1 asked Hutchinson on meeting i Reston. I did it answered 1 Rotor to pave my men tie people would not be pacified till the regiment wan confined to the guard loom and the Barracks and Lizul Chiuso himself ave Jyh Suroiu Flint instant inquiries la wild to Mado by the Couit of magistrates. The body of them Mien retired leaving about one Hundred persons to keep watch on i to Examina Riou which Lumen till alter mid night. A warrant Stu is cd against l res ton who himself to the Slier if and the soldiers who Conzi Ooyd hit parly were delivered up and committed be prison. L at 11 Oil k. A Nebraska still err. Tha Roice of the people relating to Trio Nebraska iniquity hits Ifon Cipi Essed Witlin equivocal emphasis in Tho a count elections but we scarcely expected the following stud. Nor from or. Douglas s own constituency. The Quincy Iii unit Root gives the following account of the reception of Douglas s spree a at that place on Trio 27th inst alter Tho judge finished nine tenths Tho crowd addressed by Doug a a March Over in front of Tho court House and alb a Brief and spirited address from a. June. Esq., adopted Antine Bradoka Terry Largo majority of totes. Ilia ended the most splendid failure of a Nebraska demonstration on njord. The fact is that All the time during Tho address of judge Douglas a majority of those pres ent were anti Nebraska men. Iii Union ing were tie resolutions Pasteu Juso Lettl that the repeal of the Missouri Compromise Oito Ning All the Terri lories North of 3t� dog. To Tec. To Tho introduction of slavery qua a broach of nation j Faith contrary to Tho Olic of Tho fathers of Iho it Public was uncalled for i Ftp unnecessary and in our opinion Ull concerned in this iniquitous measure de Servo Tho cuu Ilc Nulion of Iho people of Tho fro states. Pics Oral that our senators in conic is und our representative fro i this disc dict. Merit Tho censure of their constr Tunu i their Aid and votes in Firor of Iho re Cul of the Missouri Compromise thereby reopening the slavery agitation. Tho resolutions were lion put to a vote and carried by a Largo majority of the very Aine Assembly that had listened to Douglas. We watched closely when Tho vote wits nut und to the Best of our knowledge und belief there Wero about Throe or four in juror to Ono against Tho � 10u gift cur. Vivians b. Smith Tho Mui drier of Brewster at South Berwick me., was arraigned yester Day before Abner Oaken to to Popiej to november 7lh. Smith pleaded not guilty and was Roina Deil Back to jail to await his examination for which lie says he is Jour. I

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