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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Nov 9 1855, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - November 9, 1855, Biddeford, MaineA a eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of . Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. I Xion and Eastern Johnal. It i a a f 11i f c ii5. B1ddef0rd, j1aine, Friday november 9, 1 855. Volume 45. Tvs Paine ail of win Junul p it a kit Hal a my fmd4t, m to. 1. Onus , Quot it in a a. Us Luvurt 1 ii w. To i i 00 of Mimia. A %1 St if paid a Toh la thro tamils fees us som of Max Irlby. So Gie Copto 4 cd it 4. Lua in. Am Ricia no we Asp a at a in us i us Liall tfx it it Pap Quot in the dim of new York Suim Ami a Hill a Alp ill and i. Ill or rip a it Taka Almal. Law an.1 but it . A in Asatur Nln a or air do us. Ill �41 Roa Are a Vii Yak Thun Luis Lap a Imam scn4-Ujr i uni Man / , m. W. Corner third Nail cd Carnul ill. A arc m Matson Printer. I of , four Hundred House lots. Aad other valuable real estate the following Down bal rest a Lair coins a line ilium lot Mimi Olla or prep Cru Eli Imi in i be Village of say of and a Fiji do a it re. Will to old by Tbs proprietors at and on temp a favourable to Pacha a. The Himi it la a in aug it 100 in numb a Sre Kiu Cipully Aili turd in says in Wren Iba Itai Rumi a a us Othi i Toni Aad ski of a portion of Teui above the Lull rail aug a Pori Ioa below in a pleasant uni in ill in la a in. And a Tine View of built Ville they Are and Vanlayer our a Sii Tatol Lor the Rew Ninoe it it p m a no Viii but inv it in Allier Sago or , being within a in mini let walk of main Al ret and l Epprrt-1. Set Are. Saco mid live minute walk of the machine shop and Cotton Mill of the i. Ooi. I a Perell and water in Ower corporation of Iii Ida lord. A Aub to initial under 375 Fot Han and 42 i eel wide real intr a n Granite pier and with aide Walka liar Ticen Lault Aero a the Saco liver thua Conner Ling the lot Willi Lenl Deford and a la it my Ali eos within three minutes a walk of Smith a Cut tier. Front tin. Bridge a at reel a g rut lol to t lie Kail Tate Cro min on water Avreet a Mali will be Exley Milel to Huxiong void. Other a Recu have been Aid out exam diff along the margin of the Saco Diirr and to whirr a treet. The new Road recently Laid out by the county extending into the country fran says will Mirr act with m Irkel a i reel which Pic a Ca Aero the above de Ched Bridge in 1 ankle i�.1.1 lie i a the lot Indore mentioned tie prop Rte tar have a Losea or More Houe Iota for Ulm on Spring a in lamp Ron Limni to the to Bilge. Mid within two walk of the a Lek it Liopas and Lilily a on a a gtd a Lunil. They will he i Al. In lot of on to live acres he May tie wanted a tract of Laoda j lining that which i Rea Ervol for Impi cloth. S l i truer of ii acre and in a Ilu Aleu on Uro w tide of the Liall roid and run he Causo Tirac was requisite to enable the a Public a Well As postmasters to the a mystery of fully Tho Changos that had Boon male in the _ r. A Law a sufficient time has now clop Cal to tie lino., of a Large portion of the Pem. Make it certain that the Bur in All its boar of crave of new York with Republican. Ii my is vory pm really understood we boar partly has been the Means of disclosing a. J the department Haro directed that on tin a note of the scr try iniquities of democracy. In a letter accepting the Republican Nomin Avion col. Mann has thrown Somo Light us in the reasons for his becoming an anti administration Man. He a Ules the cause Back a Lar As the three millions demanded for the in Tchad a of Texas. He says i fear that Many have forgotten or have never known the history of the transactions by which the Radical democracy were sold to slavery. It is time that they should Reo of elect and be informed truly. It was no their own estimate Postos s700.000.000 in it Crel and was communicated to to by or. 1 personal purty a of Naovu of real estate Isu Tianan Wurie no wit a Mcmener of or. Seignior ies mines kc., which amount to in of s Cabinet. I regard it therefore As half As much More making Over Atim Misc. 1 he country was involved in a one thousand millions or an amount do Ilc receipt at their offices in the mails of unpaid Lotters Deputy postmasters shall promptly Send them Back in the mails to the offices whence they May have Boon originally sent. Of course this direction does not refer to foreign Washington Star oct. 13. The rothschilds. These celebrated financiers according to speech of gov. Seward at till Republican meeting at Albany october 12. War with Mexico to a euro Texas and sex lend the urea of slavery. Or. Clay and or. Van Buron had concurred alike that this was both dishonourable and unnecessary it was becoming Burden ome and ruinous by expensive. The administration Desi cd to get out of it by any Means Aba Ever. Or. Polk was a timid Man and More deficient in moral courage the in almost any Public Man of his Lime. To Eli it the treaty with Mexico it be came necessary to Havo three millions of dollars for Tho a a secret the Bill was proposed to Congress and the Jefter the entire valuation of new York City. How remarkable the fact that those men whose purses almost control Tho policy of the nations of Europe should to jews should b Dong to n Raco onco the most Noble and Faro red and then Tho most despised and persecuted on Earth. The sons of Abra Ham have been everywhere scattered and everywhere Down trodden but Tho past Quarter of a Century has witnessed vat changes to their advantage and their leading men have one Piad commanding positions throughout Tho world. The rothschilds Wield an influence equal to that of any of onion ordinance of 1787, Cal e i now the1 monarchs of Europe and through that a to Ltd get proviso was proposed As a condition influence have accomplished much for their a my amendment prov Huhg that slavery i people. Should not extent to any territory that Van or a Eomme i Tom. That the a til Wjt a �. Tic i in it Sii Ami in i�i1r in nil the m get be acquired by the expenditure or by llo.v.1p.i Violi nut hmm win in ,the Lia a it a Keg Trust rued wit Iii u Lew Rod a Nownes i Gimlet Hausa who Nas Tho expected treaty. The. Raised the que. To Wjt not Australia and the Sand non Between Freedom and slavery Between Vich nor us it a i vhf Oft lows la n�c4, of Freo territory and slave territory. Thu and Faux an editor in by Taney values his time ministration led o t by or. Polk United a Lav a or Erny aria Vai a a any against on. Ambitious and powerful vow ,0 he cd r,1#llt Eil ilor of in the Senate from Tho North a my Fife a Ca t Como t0 a p, s Ere appealed to successfully in the Emir of i lie a kit co Init. \v, deed i l to liven it a nil jots a old by the >r>p.-i. To let a. H. Find. 8�v>� d. E s Sims. Ilid Detizol it sephus a twin and la a a Fence la it rec n it a Liua a ii Wilum i. New ill. Mum lie Ler Ii fur tar tier parts ular so to Price and a a a mail ions in litre of i k. 80.me8, of a Teleford Lor the pro i his turn. 3if to rules mryt Lar log is Hist haves v i. L. T t 1 Ano Humora 3yrup, in in Rrt ski Tlell Sver >8�r�d Ito Pablic for the Cun i Sll Lluisi Quot re. Ilvy a a i it tie lest of Marr Ihsen serve Jar sri a rat in Otbie Lii it to a a Public we see n-4 Utu rent of its turn. We know ii to be in Gram Lott Miu Tutor of fuss �?��?�<1 St Romr in tax we a Folk a i Willi eng ki�4 of an mor end Mill one of us Imoni Street a in is Khrt err bc4>r� the pump a we c i show a the in Trier a Iii of i Slaars a Rhay lion Al Subt a asst is Law a this Etlor Des. We. M. I Signall. A. W. Fainn a. T. Four a it is. I. Tho a pm it a a. B plunk or j. G. C. Ils res j. W. Cwm ii Seal s stut Outra a it Iii . This Medicine is ill nil Ruyi Sil u via to i such As that la saris ice Prapo Ahon room Mouded so Corill if to the Iowa Vot Rio Isira. a Errath Afsa Esar Siel that too without producing san tier nurse tbsp Iha Oral. Al a i be Rawi tit for a 4sj�? bet ii a i Salimer a enrol a will a a it. Try two t4ii. A Rich for Ujj it will i tit Kiel tin in l a Atin Vimy is unit Rossl that it la the or it a steal Moline in the known in upor shone performing tie april try and Wilh certainty. Quot it with in be under so a that u Dos s>4 cure by Marir or that it cure with nit aug up Kazant �s�ll�?~4w or tnc4t veal Quot acc but whal is s few Laya in c-sn>sri�4i to Yawara of Ault Rizia run Niue the risk <4 in terminating in that wont of All form. Cancer it it a that Eju Aily a fatal Disey a . say that bin. Truthe All Oua top time Caara orig Timsak Nhi Wora. To ��an.1 Are by inf an Nissly by Humours Abaie. To the attic tvs. Or Illy any ii Hae Ruml to Uganda an.1 in Many end a Ever the had Chen of to Elarid pad All sure. A not a in new Hampshire Lauama ii on a Caner who Haa been Ferrn up t., by Irmela and medical sure Unte a Pael a a pm by uni me bottle Tihe ointment to Ami his Friend a Are now in will Sare his life. We Wouch cite of >, c we Whir. It is pm in. Cd rally a 4rnt. Sileli Sinf the Al <4 us a Alio the. I a re get we i than kith Rue Iruk f let us. It cores the Felt me us. Jar Tula Kry i Ieula Hilra a emmy t Anc Maia , Rani Homi llea.1, a Al Scubla. T Hll Tolna plea. A preparation a preasly Ita brr a Llcy fever Borra and o mercurial Borra however Bui funding. To remove Alt tie we retail is pimple Brut the a and Moth or mildew few the. Thee leaving the Akin Perl Ritly a a and m�4h, y really to the Beauty of to chop Katon. Never a in Raae will it Lente the least Mark tear. It will dry humor Fren the be Waack latin re the not Aad frn the lewd Gaaei Kyral Gay an Oul aard application. It Kaprov the Highl wonderfully where the Ollyee Are troubled with hum it re by he do Goulty and the a Fht. Ruca or Tara car $1 00. Raica or a Arr 40 Era 11 a t ibo film ointment j or Tais a Aro for Filto and Oil intr Znoj or a sent. Direr Hoot in Ike u Ottlee. Javier . Read the f.4b�wing�?it speak for Lueter a a Snarr june 13,1�m. We the Andry Ltd Ted a tuna of Lawrence Halny used the re Reiak Al Tel ointment prepared by k. 1. Dilayre at this City and or inf per aurally with the Days a Foel Pien Awra a a Talab a Kat Iason to All the inva s claims or hit aaa Docithe. I Nike a scr in eds in the Merkert this preparation perform its office speedily �0.1 eth certainty. Ali a of moment or Hare is de with the Newt Happy result after vainly seeking a if by Frean a of Henap Anlla Velrea Etc. So. On a i a Riei it be fully a in runo Denully it a Ike Arkla and Only one Kazan u us it a it Ergo Many auda claim. A. A. Lire Tan b. 1. , a. W. Brassa ass Baa a. Paara aau by or. K d. In Sra an.1 Todd a Daak and rata it by Cavata ii. Karr general agent Ida the fulled a tale and 1 Avadna v w. 4 a i App Siai let cd Lawrence n., Lawrence mass., pm a How a eders be not Drew to. A axes for , l r. J. Baa a and a. Baytr. V 1. Ii Sivc Liu groun.1 flour being occupied by Eucy. The House of r. Pruta Tift. Stood a be Pla,iag.0nce. In the flour. Farm for male. Tiik his Gitmed in Asco of the Kirr . a Utica the Villaca of i it Avo Ami . Rcck tidily Ivrus mtg by Jeremiah c. 8tuiiv-�?�Oil, the Larin Cotis to la u Sik Iii 100 sort Butil in a Tity live a twitch is fax re in it but interval Ami the in tunic a Viand n part of which 1� Ali Cocivi Viii of a Neeal two Etory Hgt it a a irn forty by a Zeuty and Good tout thu Din a Are in Guod or Mir then Art two go it Vij Well near the budding., a Oft water u a night into Iha boo a. The Unai yvel.1 no Hay 0.1 tit a i Irenn 4 a to 5 Tony a the character of the Atnel Ami its loom Ion hems near to a marital which to always Good rent list tar farm a very desirable our and worthy tin intention of any Aquart a. Live Man win in of Enax my m air cultural Pursuit to make Money. Thiere i a a mall or curd in. He far,11 for particular As to Price Tarma of payment which Waku he in it de easy by giving proper a cur to in pure of Daniel stir spasm . Lord or on the Premie Haco. S it 20. 1nm._3stf rubbers rubbers Mon s rubber boots rubber shoes rubber sandals one and three straps Lidies Long rubber Bool and shoes misses Long rubber b it ois and shoes boys Kubb i boots and shoes. For Sale at b. K. Ross it co s. Liberty Street oct. 1�u . Fit or Akk Tiptn Aguf Kobo to pcs. No. 6. Catral Block Biddeford in Ike place to yet mini atom a amp a use Sreap Man i warranted to a Keller than Caa a obtain my at any other Pines to this county or i charge will to e. H. Mckenney Bidor obd. Mol ice. Atm Kirkas. Of a to Lydia Cikk has wet by want it Ami Hoard. This in to Natton All or raw Fow a Hurt thu tag or an my a Masai. A i shall pay no a Chat other Cultra Clag after thle Date. Dan 1kl Cizick. . 33, 1iu a a ii mix shoe so Looe Tyjohn 11am a at Hia shop of Aldo to j blk Lefoll. A a firm la at , bul n Fotr of it inn Bra a on Gnavi away in for Ihn in fluence of Patina go still not enough to the Bill. The a it Ninish rating Tuvae receding in popular and reduced to extremities. The Cabinet Xiv re the of Mexico were already Candi 1 Latex for the presidency. Tho throne trim bled. In this exigency or. Ruchard an Wax induced to make a personal Appeal Lohi democratic Friend representing i state to give up the proviso of it Odom a us pledge Eoj Hix Aselli to a lure Fth Fain Itin Oug Othur a ivc Rii Emen i Lund a table a informing via Tota that the e lit or cannot be a poker Willi unle9 pal for i Valun o time Acom linty every otly without exception is advised to buy a ticket at the door of the waiting room one hour costing Hall to the capital of new \ Oak enet Able for it Antiquity and Yot Distin Gutheil for it loyalty to Progress Liberty and Union. This capital a a dear to to. It hat Mure than once sent my abroad with Honor Able functions and oven in those Advent get let on which have happened to the a they Mut happen to All representative men has never failed to receive the at Home again with sympathy and kindness. Doubly Hon Ned be the Banner of Tho Star and stripes which Here takes on it significance Asil wave Over the Halls where equal representatives make the Law which Reg ulale the live of equal freemen. Honoured be Tho statute of e that surmount the in to above a Blind that site May not through passion or prejudice discriminate Between the Rich and Tho poor Tho Pio Testant and the Catholic the native born aul the exotic the Fruman and him whose liberties have been Cloven Down and weighing with exact balance the rights of All class and All races of men. 0d familiar echoes Greet my car irom bin Catt Ali rec empowered roofs the voice of the spen Cess, Van Rensselaer and Van avg Titen of the genial Tompkins of Clinton the great and the elder Clinton of Kino and Hamilton of the pure Anil benevolent Schuyler and Tho Gallant and inflexible. Tho very air that lingers around these Arches bring inspiration of moral and physical of and of tin Contti Erabio Freedom. Von old tried Faiumi car Friend my counsel whether to cling yet longer to traditional controversies and to dissolving parties or Lori eat once to nobler aim with new and More energetic associations i do no wonder at your suspense nor do i censure caution nor even timidity. Fickleness in political association in weakness and pro Cip Taney in Public action i a crime considered by itself it i unfortunate to in obliged to sonar Ute from an old party and to Institute n new o to. The new one Tuny sex Lii bit More Onton Siam for a time but i must also for a time Lack cohesion Anil discipline. Tito names of parties Are generally arbitrary and not at All indicative of la Weir character or purpose. A Gene Ruut Man will nevertheless cling a if it wore a such were the contents Price current of of this singular Illey out Clov toc v Pone Nee hmm their of cultivators on the in it re Ance of statue its. This was Tho origin of he Ccle ripening most varieties of Tho Pear after Bride a let or in hostility to the proviso Ami gathering. Austin Penney of Clarkson finally worked out the misfortunes of Gen a dish of Mely tips Natl Bartlett eral Cas in his sequent Nicholson let pears. All of them remarkable for a very Ter from which he Lias never Brilliant Ted Cheek. He remarked that when Tho Appeal was successful and Tho bit gathered the red color of those specimen passed. The Freedom of he territories was As scarcely perceptible and that it was thus sold to a a livery for three , w hich a a Only owing to maturing them in Tho Lark a this ag., is Nelv equivalent to thirty. This was confirmed by others who had of Ivie Ces for treachery in an Early and More a we Quot Quot a Lar faults. P. Harry has found important transaction. From thence orders to b. It left even when gathered before went Forth to insert a new article in the in Quot a ? a a. A a i a wel1 0 dark and Creed of the american democracy declaring a acquire a flavor fully equal to that at-slaveryon.? parts. By specimens gain cred later. He herein lie the reason Why both divisions had found shallow boxes containing not of the always a end Forward their More than three layers of the fruit very jubilant a a congratulation to the South on convenient for this purpose til occasions of its triumphs in slavery Sec. The temperature should be 5o to c0� for a j a a curing the Best Quality if Wanner they if we turn our attention to the first Politi would mature sooner but at the expense of Cal results of this submission of or. Polkas flavor. He regarded Tho subject As one of 10 half an hour is. Fifteen minutes 3. I my it a altar to a Nemo that has Long been a talking cry for himself and his compatriot. Tho great question let Eforo us however is to be decided not by feeling but tinder the counsels of reason and Patio Otist. It a the last injunction Given by the last Oao of wer a or ii.,<,to, of Votuc ripening of Pearl. America a i always Beott and that it must Ever Continuo to to Tho Causo of human nature. Tho question then a what is the course dictated to us by our love of country and of humanity. This nation was founded on Tho simple and practically new principle of Tho equal and inalienable rights of All men and therefore it necessarily becomes a outer govern Merit founded on the ancient principle of Tho inequality of men Aro by the Iford logic of Equality that pervaded the whole of the declaration of Tho american Lude Pudence on which the Constitution itself was based. To arc not to ccnsur.1 id Fuller for these Concession they had a Ai inti of Tho states to create and to their Anent and generous minds the voluntary removal of slavery by Tho action of the Sev Etrat states themselves without Federal in Ler Irence teemed not Only certain but close at land. Tic be provisions of the Constitution Ucic l That Tho foreign slave Trade should not if abolished before 180s. 24 that any Law or regulation which Anys by might establish in favor of Freedom Short not impair Tho Legal remedy then supposed to exist by common Law. For the recapture by Legal process in such state of fugitives from labor or service escaping Iron stoic a states. 3j. That thick fifth of All Slavata a cold to rooted in nettling the bad is of represent Nti ont a the several states. Time three concessions which in them Seloti Soeten very limited and almost harmless fro nil that the father Cottec Boualy mail to Tho privileged class. By privileged Clos is always know Well How b improve oven any indirect advantages which the Constitution or Laws of a countr Fli h such indirect they no Quirt i from two other provisions of Tho con Sti Tulkin. 1st. That provision which make the Hite authority Independent and Sov Treigi in municipal affairs slavery being in Deawood to to purely municipal in its nature. 21. That provision which out of ten Lorna Stothe Small states gives them n a premi tation in the sonata equal to Tia it of idol Tresl s ate Freedom Bui Lils Grea s a i�?T4 slavery multiplies mall states and even two res great ones. This to see that the american slave Huldt f Are a privileged Clas. Standing on a Anil permanent foundation. And that they no protected in la Weir advantages by Ortaniel Law. Might show a Priori that a privileged class is a h Ali hed on an exceptional principle that i wrong in it Elf and Intag Onist Ioto the Funduc Tel Principio of the government must Noces Ariy to dangerous if it he silly Ned to expand and aggrandised Itsell. But unhappily Vul ate not left to the necessity of resorting to speculation on that a a bisect. The policy of emancipation a set Back in the a county tinting the reaction again revolutionary principles which necessarily attended the re organization of government and it was set Back s ill More by the consternation which Fol Lowd the did not roil failure of the first to Avail re themselves of Tho advantages which the constr Lution by corded to Forti Down on Tho wet Bank of the Mississippi St Louis and its of inns a i state in 1818, and demanded Admi fion with slavery Lido the Union. Then Only thirty two years the passage of the Onlin Alioe of 1787, and after it unanimous ratification by thu american people the privileged class Maile common Causo with the new slave holding slate and assuming a lotto at onco bold insolent and menacing they denied the pot or of Congress although in the territories if was supreme and exclusive and equally supreme und exclusive in the and Mission of new Stales to legislate All against their privilege in the territories or to refuse admission to a new state on the ground of it refusal to surrender or Abate those privileges and they threatened in one loud voice to subvert the Union if Missouri should to rejected. The privileged Flat wore backed then by Tho Senate of the United slates As they Havo been backed on All similar occasions Ciuco that Lime. They were met however to Vii firm Jug and de a a a on by the unprivileged clan a in Tho House of representatives and so Missouri failed sen to to admitted is a slave state. The privileged class resorted to a now form of a mite by the strategy of Compromise. They be admitted a a slave slate while Congo cd a hold prohibit slavery forever in nil the residue of that Park of Tho Louisiana Pur cd Csc which Lay North of the parallel of 35� 30 of North latitude. Tho territory lying b tween that parallel and Tho province of Texas and constituting what is now the Stato of Arkansas being left by implication of slavery. This Compromise was accepted. And thus diplomacy obtained for the mail god class advantages which had been Deni a to heir clamor passion. This of however cools Hare Only the authority of a repeatable act of Congress so for As the prohibition of Lav cry North of 30� 30�?T was Wise and great men contrived extraordinary in rms to bind the fall of Tho privileged Chi to that perpetual inhibition. They gave to Tho Compromise the nature and form of 1 , with Mutual equivalents be tween the privileged class and the unprivileged class which it would in dishonourable a to i on the part of he privileged Nln at any Lime on any grounds or Nailer my circumstances to annul or revoke or even to drat in question. They proclaimed it to be a contract proper to be to the people themselves for their Retif Inatio i in the popular elections. It was so submitted to the people and so ratified by them by virtue of this Eom Piovini a Missouri came immediately into Tho Union As a slave state aiht8w/��?Tilti,\vft Trio exception of i Missouri the Orill Nanry 1707, try a a a a of slavery everywhere and Tho new possessions were under that Law. Not a Whit the less for that rearm did the privileged class demand either an equal partition or that the whole should be opened to their colonisation with slaves. The House of representatives Rosis cd these pretensions As it had resisted similar ones Lic Foro but these. Etc seconded Tho privileged class with its accustomed real. So Congress was divided and failed to organise civil governments for the newly acquired mexican Terri Torio and they were left under martial it. The in radon raised by the privileged class went Down to the elector. The people promptly filled the House of representatives with a majority sternly opposed to Tho exons he of slavery the breadth of a single sonar Tunilo. Thy increased Tho Force of Tho unprivileged class in Taa scout a while they called of the presidency general Taylor Tho although Liim mtg a Shvc-ho1dr, is committed to non intervention on to question in Congress and to of Scuto faithfully whatever constitutional Laws Congress should adopt. Under these circumstances California nod new Mexico Youthful c immunities mints broke up not Only this Corn promm of 1850, but even Tho Compromise of 1820, and the ordinance of 1787, and obtained virtually Tho Deli ration of Congress that All these settlement so far a they Acra Adverse let the privileged class were unconstitutional usurpation of legislative Power. I do not Stop to stigmatize or oven to cd str a Teize the so aggressions. Of what us would it be to charge a perfidy when the lost is we deplore have resulted from our own imbecility and cowardice. I do not dwell As others so often and so justly do upon Therociou us Nipa to t of the government of Kansas by Tho slave hol lers of Missouri nor Coit on the barbarous and tyrannical code which they Havo established to slide Freedom in that Terr tory nor oven yet 00 1 tie n a Autri a ii nah a j a he president with the usurpers. Nor will draw into this picture too daily , the per total humiliations which daily Como Home to you selves in the conduct of your own All tirs. You Are commanded by an i icons Imi ional Law of Congress to and deliver up to Tho them Pinchi Cully free from slavery and uncorrupted j privileged Clas the r fugitive by the seduction of Tho privilege class or of under Piru of imprisonment Aid for its poli Icil organs hastened to establish a a run of your a lates. You May not inter constitutions and apply for admission a ire Between the armed slave Holder Ami Sintes Whilo the eccentric population of to v0ul, slave to prevent his but Itig desk oct indulging latitudinal i in principles without coming under arrest for equally in matters of religion and politic prayed to in received into Tho Union is n state or As a territory with or without slavery is Congro should prescribe. The privileged class Ramon stat a and a Sodi Tiou movement was a in a half of reason nor May von Eov Rhi naked Ami lacerated limbs except by it a Ltd. You have fought Twenty years and tvs i but Par Tui sic Cess for the constitutional right to Lay your remonstrance on the table of Congress you to nov not Tell the freed slave who reach Tho slave holding states to overhear Cun-1 Yul a Borders that he i free without be Are if possible and to inaugurate revolt i a Llu pm by a Federal court and condemn Tion if their menace a led. You nil know a a it la without a trl in or even Nuncey a Lon to Well the Way Oft Hamem Brablc Contr Tversky. How eminent men i do cd to Tho my Nacey without waiting for Tho revolution and project d tin j tempered to Tho Privi Gail a is u now Compromise modelled Niter Tho already Timo honoured Compromise of 182. You nil know How firmly notwithstanding this a Quot in imprisonment without Bailer main Prue without Limiti Timon of sentence. Your Tep resent Aliers in either House of Cong res must a Peak with bated Bren h and humbled countenance in presence of the Terr Senna lives of the privileged class lest Justice in denied to your old soldiers when they claim of themselves in the Federal government. The last Federal acts directed against the privileged class Scro the abolition of the foreign slave Trade Nufler 1807, Anil Tho Tei nil prohibition of slavery in the Broad and then unsettled Region which extended from the North Bank of the Ohio Loho Eastern Shoro othe Mississippi. Even Tho passage of that ordinance a Vns by its silence assumed to imply a right on the part of the priv Force of an equal necessity monarchies or Ihu ged class to colonize with slaves the to Arist Ocianie. Whenever a government of i Aion lying South of the Ohio and East of the either of these kind loses by lapse of time 1 Mississippi. And change of circumstance its elementary j a loosed for event have Lent Tho Privol the same Compromise was extended across the Mississippi along Tho parallel of 30� 30�?T to Tho i Becky mountains. Thus Ami with such solemnities was Tho strife of the privileged clan a of slaveholders for ngg Rand moment of Terii Lory a second Lime finally composed and forever settled. It is not my purpose to discus the policy or the Justice of that great settlement. A1 in the Case of Tho Constitution the response Milit for that great measure rests with to generation that a passed away. To have to Deni with it o ily a a fact Ami with the stale of Alii irs that a a at established by it the occupation of Tho now Region wet of Fotion of lenders honoured and beloved the he i a Ion. Or ,0 it pm a Ubo wre when Lynu o of in a Preson tatic and even Tho satiate repelled Tho Compromise and How firmly the c no of Freeman through they claim the perform Ian Ico of their con tracts with the government. The president of Tho u. S. I reduced to the position of out the Union the unqualified and t 1 Deputy of the privileged class emptying the Treasury nil marshalling battalions and ships of War to Dragoon you into the execution of the fugitive slave Law on the Ono hand in hello he remove governors und unconditional admission of California into 1 lie Union and refused to allot any further territories to Tho privileged class for the a Extension of Tho system of human Bondad a you All re Mem ice too in n critical judges at their command who attempt to hour Tho president sickened and died and j maintain lawful and constitutional Resi to no How Tho hearts of congest and of nil the. Again them in the territory of Kansa. 1 to pen pro i at his Gravo and than Cifor principle whether of Equality or inequality 1 pj.,1 clan which have More the Mississippi which had thus Beon saved thenceforward it takes a rapid and Iiresisti-1 a an Iho Adverse Eltz cts of ble course towards a re organi zillion of the he a Carlr National in a Slit Ion. Tho invent opposite kind. No Ono hero or elsewhere Flou of tie Cotton Gin which easily separates is to disloyal to his country or to Mankind Tho seeds from the Fibre hns Mado Cotton no As to to willing to see our Republican ays Nyno exclusive agricultural Staple in the. A. A.,. Pm fail. All agree that in every Case and Stales of the privileged Cla Ami an Ern n to slave Power we Seo the Rea importance inasmuch As the flavor of a a ,. A a ,. A a ref t a. a a Foht a i i i la. In a hrs us 0u a a i a aids Anglo Croy must be Anent commercial Staple of Iho whole Conn a Acri Tice of the lamented Nilay right Ano Vinter rears t a needs still Moro upon Thea a a f i w r i 1 n o 1 Psi i it not a a a abhor not and , and Republican in hrs. The Nat Ona Torr tory hat needs car v his fiend. Who ref Seil submission and mening process. H k. Hooker had found. Urmi a a i 1 11.1 f a a a tilt unions must to Illon did and preserved Boon Enlil cd from Limo to Timo to a come were immediately denounced a rebels that caution was needed that the fruit does. 1 it on a Iiron Emu Umo 11.no to a Wum a a a 1 1 # 1, 1 think it not Strango nor extravagant module an Over growing noun nation and nit against Patriotis ii arid the National demo nol receive a taint from the Wood of the ,.a a Twain �1 . C r ,.when i say that an aristocracy has already Ever increasing comm Etc. Favori by race. This sacrifice was too great for such or drawer in such close ,1 to object and my indignation a he blood in my vein when i recollect the treac.,privileged class and no special foundation on which hitch a class could permanently stand. On the contrary every slate however Republican its Constitution May to is a Uro to become an aristocracy sooner or later if it has a privileged class standing nation till cause it Lold that open Shelve would be better with Quot to Quot he Rby null a Al 5 a re a Ltd a Quot Der these Circum Stanics to pro a a lived clan i to course swiftly out Lii it Timan. ,n&Quot"n.2 t be re pub can aristocracy could have at th3 same Lime found 11. A Home pro Wichery by which ii _. Not arise in any country where there was no auction of slaves in Maryland and Virginia. Firmly on Art special foundation Vas accomplished and that too toward the cha0 Tho a abolitionist and a cd Lunman of All others to whom or. Polk Caslon isl ,. The Nebraska papa is As to the habit of n just in lab de for political sex. Knee. Apr Dye nil a a a ail Opp onions sense the above a a a a i terms 10 the distinguished statesman just meanness done to pay. Elected governor of Ohio. It i Only fair a to let every Man speak Lor himself. The Hunt merchants Magazine discourses following in an extract from a speech Deli thu truthfully about littleness in business Crete by or. Chaos at a toil during the matters. We Wisla that certain individual la to a am n a unionist. We know of would a read Ponder and in one kind of disunion i am in favor of the a continually growing weaker Wardly digest a these sensible suggestion disunion of taxes from the shoulders of Iho it is Noj at to est Enlil to a privileged class a there in no greater mistake that a by i pm Fly a >01 it a disunion of this Groat and ,b�4t it Romla on Cocci eat no a a Ca authority or ,. A glorious confederacy of our purchased. Or Man nukes than to be mean in the Todum cemented with the blood oven that it to distinguished by titles of but Ine a alway taking the half cent for. 0f our fathers. No syllable of mine print Honor. It May be Eren Tho More insidious to Dollar to has Mado Ami is making. De or spoken has been or can to found ,0 More dangerous for lacking All these things because in will be less obnoxious to popular hostility. A privileged class Hnz existed in this country from an Early period of its settlement. Slaveholders constitute that they Havo n special foundation on which to and other states a compensation for Tho los for Rico dam was artfully postponed ind finitely. By a Dichting it is a Homo for Tho concentrated but perishing Indian Trifo. It sound in favor of a a humanity of the unprivileged class if not of their Prudenca that Thoy neither remonstrated nor complained of that dedication. Tho Success of the privileged class in securing to themselves immediate Possession a if Missouri and Arkansas in Exchange for Tho rower sinary in orcs of the Unpi logged Olas in Tho Rem Lind or of the Giusiana Purchase simulated Thorn to m a to for a ctr National Purchase of Domain which might yield them Lurther acquisitions. Spain Wnm of Tho african slave Trado nil Thoy Havo Nili 0 retain longer Tho slaveholder Prev not been ski haul in unlearning All Iho fears i 0f put to Florida and West Florida and Ili Sini no All Tho Timy Lity and Concilia j w Ioli Lay adj event of Tho slave lion which marked their conduct during Anil they full to the United states by an easy immediately after Tho Tho revolutionary War. The admission of Kentucky tonne such a policy is very much like the farm i�0ouwfont with Whsle i utter in your let a. \. A a tag now. Tho Union of Tho males god i a who sow three pecks of Seoul when he or mute a it to a a l0 0ur children s child ought to have sown five and As a Yocom Eil ,0 the latest generation Pouso for the Camesa of his soul Only get ten when he ought to have got fifteen Bush Oun of told that Lam an Abo in Iouin to. 1 a of c,.in. in. He Loi Iho Quot Quot a a to Quot a and if that Cla. Is continually growing a see Mississippi and Alabama a slav Hobl stronger and Tho unprivileged class lug state into Tho Union scorned unavoidable Insomuch is they wore the overgrowth of some of Tho old thirteen state and thu these new state South of the Ohio balancing Iho growing Rico state North of that Tyror a sort of balance was maintained Between the privileged Ami the unprivileged cd no a a a which i was thought not Nece try to did proverb of Penny Wise and Pound foolish. A a Liberal expenditure in the Way of but i nes is always Suro to be a capital investment. There Are people in the world who Are Short High cd enough to believe that their interests can to Best promoted by grasping and clinching to All they can get and never letting a cent slip through t heir Finger. A a general thing it will be Fourd other things being equal that he who i Liberal is Mist successful in business. Of course we do not mean it to be inferred that a Man should to a prodigal in his expenditures but that he should shot a to i customers if Hobo a trader or Tho a whom i e May be doing any kind of business with a hat in All his transaction As Well As to Oil relations he acknowledges the everlasting set that there can be no per moment Prosperity of Good feeling in Community where benefits Are not unpaid la tub. When the new postage Law making it obligatory to prepay postage no letters first went into operation postmasters were permitted by the detriment to deliver unpaid Domestic letter on the payment of postage by Toee to whom they which Washington Jel Forson Patrick Henry and other great men of the revolution stand namely personal Dominion Over slaves were Abol Kimii to. I Havo defended j11 conscience and sound policy forbid nil men e err a he a id a a slavery i an evil so a lid they. I Havo said disregard the injunction. Some of the St ties it w not a Good so do you if it he n Good a enforce Tho inhibition other s ate neglect and not bad Why have we excluded it for pure Lias and the privileged class with due Dilig nce Pru Curt i their organi Zitin is n Stato and it and Mission info the Tho spell of territorial aggrandisement bad fallen on the United Siatos of America und simultaneously the spell of disa Dupion Hud fill it on Tho United states of Mexico. The privileged Otas on oar Side of the Border entered texts established slavery hero in violation of mexican Laws detached that territory from Mexico and organize l it a. 1 a a a a a a to. Provisional successor of that lamented presi Toni. Will imn Lulu twin a it in Gnu tin of ills Cabinet and committed the seals to n new one pledged like himself to the adoption of the Compromise which the people had condemned and How at last after n painful struggle its adoption was i full a cd. I think also the it you have not thus soon forgotten Tho forms of that Compromise the fourth film nil everlasting settlement of Tho conflict Between Tho privileged and unprivileged class Oft i re Public you have not forgotten How Tho Ordi Nuncci of 1787, whish excluded slavery from the Rigi it a North West of the Ohio was left to vice president of Tho United states Anil tha a Ilia liw off Tho privileged Cla a can Iru to in Verv one Tho care of Iho judiciary of the territory Ion and even of the for eign relation i entrusted Ines Uher Hanse 10 assured supporters of that class. Protection is ileum and to your Wool Whilo it ii freely Given to the slaveholders millions of Aero of the Public Domain Aro freely Given to Alabama fur Railroad and even is gratuities while not n Dollar can he obtained to remove the rocks of hell Gate Ltd the Sands of thu Overslaugh or the bars in Lake St. Clair or in Tho Mouths of your Lake harbours. Canada lying All along your Northern Borders must not oven be looked a tand nun institution too sacred to to even red upon let you May lust after it Whilo questioned. How Tho Missouri Compromise. Million upon million Are lavished in War Lii Cut extend tul Thul ordinance across the i and diplomacy to and spread slavery Mississippi and nil Over i Vitanza and Chras a Over Louisiana Honda lexus Mexico a was Tnador it onco Iho authority Price Cuba and Central America. Your Liberty Thero Are three Hundred and fifty thousand Ever from Ohio f our people desire every Good thing but they never Deal real slavery. Bui while i hold tins opinion in common citizens who Avail themselves of this Peru Willi you All i have equally held that Sla liar indulgence and these protected by the very in Kentucky i something with which Jawa orthos of states constitute a privileged we and the general government have no right to interfere. It exists Only by state the unsettled territory of Tho United states Between those classes. In 1804 France ceded to Tho United states a Broad Belt sketching lung Tho Western a Nick of the Mississippi from the Brilis it possessions on Tho North to Tho Spanish province on Tho South. This a Cquiston which was equally necessary for Tho safely of Tho country and for Tho uses of Commerce or refuse to enforce it. In such of Tho slate a Stiim us t the Dmn be of ,�?z0 privileged class curb. This a Tho first final partition of Jan Independent Sovereign Stato. Lexis thus Independent and Sovereign sought in Law. Ami by that Law Only can it be Abol i he it a. But while 1 would let slavery alone in Kentucky i in i i slaver to Kentucky a Hall let free Down alone in such i the language of Tho Man who in accused by the Pio slavery a a per of being disloyal to the am it tic Tut Union. Clas. They confess themselves to to such a class when Thoy designate Tho system of slavery As a Peculiar institution. Tho spirit of the revolutionary a a Verso to that privileged class a Marica and Europe Weie zealous la engaged then in prosecuting what was expected to he a Ouva Eye Dell honks in a lecture Complete and uni verbal abolition of at Cincinnati touched upon the War in Eu-1 african slavery. Nearly All the privileged rope and concluded his remarks with Ibe Severy Asa permanent following Beautiful Luhcs of his own Campos v pm and favored its re. A Noval. Thoy asked Only what seemed by there i weeping he engtsnj�?T4 Hundred Stream 00 Means unreasonable some securities against a Sun Dan rash and violent removal by Severn and to Lam and Trent and Over the Graves of her trampled braves the Queen of the sea in Bent. Owle a to a Tut serve the haughty in a Girt is ind with to Lely towers Twink god the wow by her Low come not Lri a s hand of Oura. Of the evil. Under these circumstances even the most decided opponents of slavery consented to some provisions of the Federal Constitution which were inconsistent with for in Extension of their territory and not Aggon Udiz ment of their Power. Now Orleans situated practically on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico a no Caily at once an ancient slave holding Colony and an important commercial Marl. It Lay contiguous to theilan Chuling stalls. Under the a circumstances it was without any the Istance it a non organized and admitted into the Union with its ancient Laws and cd join tolerating slavery. St. Louis though destined to act quire great commercial importance was is yes an inconsiderable town with Fow slaveholders and slaves. The Mississippi Only divided it from the Northwest territory which was already consecrated to Freedom Tho Best interests of the country required and humanity demanded that the ordinance of 1787 should be extended across the Mississippi. The privileged class however took Pom Mion of the Region around St. Louts and made partial settlements lower a cation to Tho United states. In Tho very hour when Tho virtue of a sufficient number of Tho unprivileged classes was giving Way to effect a constitutional annexation of Texas the president of Tho United states with a Senate not loss subservient to Tho privileged class execute 1 a roup 1 it Tat by which that Stuto unlawfully and �11 Denis acc of All precedent Camo info Union under a covenant stipulating to limit four new slave states might i created out of its territory and admitted tvs slave states while by a soloing mockery an inconsiderable fragment that Lay North of 3g Deg. 30 ruin is ostentatiously dedicated to Frood in. Thero re trained no other new territory within the toiled sates. And so by this strange partition note Xis there was n third final bottle ment of Tho protein ions of the privilege class and it was acquiesced in by Tho unprivileged class who thought themselves a eur in is old Northwest territory by the ordinance of 1787. And Quilly Safe in Kan a us and Nebraska by the Missouri Compromise. Tho Publio mpg is slut followed the annexation of Texas waa of Short duration. Mexico resented bit off Moe. A War ensued and terminated in Tbs Transfer of Tho entire Northern portions of Max too to the uniter states. Tho mexican municipal Laws forbade Dent and i Nulu of Tho now Compromise and even declared to in in in rep flu he Law forever. How California which refused to become n slave Stato was grudgingly admit try into Tho Union us n free Ono. How the hateful and detestable so Iro auctions were banished from under Tho eaves of the Capitol quite across to the opposite Bank of the Potomac River. And Bow 111 consideration of these magnanimous und vast concessions Mado by Tho chm it a stipulated that slavery should to continued in the District of Columbia As Long a Tho privileged Clas should Requiro its continuance new Mexico with her free Constitution was supercilious by remanded of her native mountains Whilo without a hearing Hor ancient Ami fro territory was Dis Meinl ered and it Fuirst part try to texts with 1i10 addition of ton million of dollars to win it accept Nncy by that defiant privileged Stato. You Reubio Tabor How it was solemnly stipulated that Utah and now Mexico if Tho slaveholders could corrupt them should come into Tho Union in duo time a slave holding states and finally How Tho privileged Cla a so highly flooded and owns Pera cd were brought to accept this Compromise on their put. By a reenactment of the then obsolete fugitive slave Law of 1793, with the addition of Tho revolting features of in attempted us pc Ion of the Hareas Corpus in a1 Solute prohibition of the trial by jury an effective repeal of vital Rule of proc Duic and evidence and Tho substitution of Onn missioners in Pisco of court of Justice in derogation of the Constitution. You nil remember How laboriously and Oso colotious by this Compromise was associated with the Timo Hon Rcd forms and solemnities of the Missouri Compromise. How it was declared not the result of Mere Ordinary legislation hut a contract with Mutual equivalents by the privileged with Tho unprivileged class und even Unn Mandable Wilbou perfidy and even treason no invt Tho Constitution and Tho uni m. You All remember How. Notwithstanding your protests and mine. It was urgently violently clamorous by nil fit a and confirmed As a full fair and final Ami perpetual adjustment by the two great p Ditlea 0 inventions of the country representing Tho whole people of Tho United state at Baltimore in 1852 and How the humic and generous Scute was rejected to bring into Tho presidency one who might More tally he trusted to defend and j Reserve and establish it forever. Never he less so trosely one year had elapsed before the privileged class using Soma of our own representatives As their instr id a pet Cut a a Micro is it ? y Oti May not without severe rebuke speak of despotism in foreign lauds lest the slave overhear you on the Plantation of the privileged Clase or the foreign despot visit them in retaliation for your sympathy. Tho National Flag Tho Emblem of Universal Liberty covets cargoes of slaves not Only in it our own View but flaunts Defiance Over them in foreign ports. Judges of the United states courts s a founder the Protection of Iho president and the Senate charge grand juries in Advance of any question that obnoxious und unequal Federal Laws me con Litu Tiona and obligatory they give counsel to leg Dative bodies How to Fontne Laws which they will sustain instead of wailing to review those Laws when enacted. They even unveil the writ of Freedom to Art engine of slavery and they Pervert Tho Power of punishing irregularities committed a a heir presence info the machinery of a tyranny is odious As thut of the Star chamber. The privileged class in a a Irginia imprison your seamen in their port in retaliation for the Independence of your executive authorities and you ate already in a doubtful struggle for the right to exclude the traffic of slaves from your can Bordy is. I will Only ask. In concluding this humiliating rehearsal whether the a w not in this privileged country a privileged a whether it a Loes not stand on an enduring foundation whether it a nol crowing stronger and stronger while the unprivileged class grows weaker and weaker whether its growth and extent would be not merely detrimental but dangerous and whether Thero is any Hopo to arrest that growth and Extension hereafter if the attempt Ahall not but made now 1 Tho Chango that Bao by conto at last so need sorry is As easy to be Mado As it a necessary. The whole number of s Krohomer is Only 350.000 one Hundredth port of the entire population of the country. If you add their parents children immediate relatives and dependents they Aro two millions a one fifteenth part of the amorian people. S Avert is not and never can be perpetual. It will tie overthrown Eiri Ier peacefully and lawfully under this Constitution or it will i rec the Suh verson of the Constitution together with us own overthrow. Then Tho a slaveholder a would perish in the struggle. The change can now to made without violence and by the Agency of Tho ballot Box. The temper of the nation is Juan. Liberal forbearing. It will contribute any Money and endure any a Crifie to of acct tide great and important change indeed it ii Ball

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