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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Nov 3 1854, Page 5

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - November 3, 1854, Biddeford, Maine, by the Jiff Wing u the a Fleet it the a a of on thought thu a or a far again it Loas to Pierce Jui Pierce in Pierce in a a 2 year mls of irl s�9 33, Iso 41,31� Connecticut �2.7s0 30,000 7,980 Rhode Island m 1,109 2.300 3,609 new a Molnrr 6,300 20.330 Vermont Soott 9,128n.soo 4.671 Iowa 2,01 0 3.000 3,000 Maine 9,066 26,000 33,036 i Liana 14,439 in 000 32,439 Pennsylvania 19,446 33,000 54.416 Ohio 16.c94 85,000 101,694 Toul m.9h 21f, 305,704 showing tin a unparalleled revolution that Pierce had in Man of Ticae states in 1892, a majority of 89,954 vote Over Scott und that in 1s34 All those states repudiated i administration and his party by the tremendous majority of 219,980 aggregate lots to Pierce and i party in two Yean of the enormous and unparalleled vote of 300,704. Two years Ayo the administration party elected 49 members of Congo eat now it a secured let it 10 dead lost of 41 members in 10 slates Tua unitarian co Vest of the following resolutions were passed at the unitarian convention bold in Montreal is Solmos that while we deeply deplore the present liability if humane and cd Liun people in the United states give shelter and Protection to the poor fugitives from the most cruel and unchristian institution of slavery to luuk god that Only an Lav Anble line sep Rales them i run a country where these outcasts May be As thousands have been kindly received and put under the Protection of the most powerful government upon Earth. Russo Lou that we return our most grateful acknowledgements to those persons in Canada who have generously co opera cd with tic friends of humanity m the. United Stales a providing Homes for the fugitives who have already succeeded in fleeting Tim escape from american slavery. Reo Elvod that we earnestly entreat All the inhabitants of cauda upon whom our word can make any impression to use All the influence they May have in keep tog alive that publican Lucent throughout these provinces which shall resolutely withstand any attempt to open this fair land to the Hunters of men or to throw the least impede intent in the Way of those who Are fleeing for Liberty dearer than life. Resolutions so so Rug As these would not have been passed but for the recent aggressive disposition of slavery in the Nebraska measure already accomplished and others that Are under Dis Easton. The Dominicia new York Tribune Publ Dira letters from Hayti under Date of the 14lh and with of september which state that or. Can neut the United states commissioner to the Dominician Republic has secured for the United states the right of establishing military and naval depots upon the Northern end of the Island which includes the Peninsula of sum Una and the deportment of Ciao. It is further slated that citizens of the United states Are to have the right to buy land and work mines on the same ibo Ting As the natives. This is represented As a valuable privilege. The ultimate object of the treaty is soul to be the Coult West of Cuba and Porto Rico. Cuba will be made to two Stales and with Hayti and Porto Rico Lour states in All will be admitted into the Union. The Alove is confirmatory of previous acco Uulu from the same Quarter. Sow Bucanis i m following Jura graph shows How identical Are the principles of the new party that a springing up Ull Over the free states und taking the name of Republican a the wings republicans Auti Nebra Kaites and independents Are also organizing they denounce the passage of tie Nebraska Rill go for free Homes of one Hundred oud sixty acres to the actual settler a i Crul system of education for the people Aud advocate the exact meat of u prohibitory liquor Law. This will Dolor Minnesota and is no More than a expected from her Pioneer. The people cry wharf arc getting Dis a tidied with the hollow of Sham de to Noracy. Mcmeka a or a accomplished Tocmo Buffalo Republican says we recently picked up the following memoranda which we saw dropped by a Young lady attired in an embroidered velvet Talma an exquisite Horton lace Collar a White hat and plume and a Puu Tully Brilliant silk dress with exaggerated flounce. A i must get a Vail Lirou Hoea Sare Kuet Laise glues Shunm we confess we were startled Ai the last item but Thouk it Means Cologne. The whole simply proves that wealth and intellect do not always Hunt in couple. Fatal sunday morning at about 11 of clock or. Robinson Cioe Kett. Of Brooksville was walking Between decks in the new ship wild cat when by some acid rut he fell through the Forward Mitch upon an Anchor stored in the lower bold and was so injured that he never recovered his faculties or motion but died at nine o clock the same evening. The principal cause of Bis death was cd a a inn of the brain by striking his head. Or. Was aged 92 a a worthy and honest ship Carpenter and had been Labouring during the season in master Palmer a Yard. He leaves a Wile and family to mount his i fast a Amo 27ra Auest Voe a Abdek a the supposed murderer of the Man found dead in the Woods at South Berwick several week since whose body was afterwards identified As that of or. Charles Brewster of Barrington n. H., was a few Days ago arrested in nine Wick vt., and earned to South Berwick the arrested individual Calls his name William Smith. We team that suspicion has rested upon him since be left South Berwick and that these suspicions were confirmed by the fact of his wearing the identical Vest and Pant of the murdered Man. He was taken through Portland Friday a Portland advert her nov Mica elections of the 7th of november the states of new York new Jersey Illinois Michigan and Wisconsin Are to elect fifty four representatives to connies. In new York and Michigan state office a Are to be chosen a in Illinois slate treasurer and county officer and legislature in #11 the state mentioned. The annual election it. Massachusetts will take place of monday the 13th of november. Kina foam understand that the grand jury now in session at he a Worth declined to find Bills against the Pera us who were engaged in the a Mirage upon Rev. Or. Bapst. The at Lorner general Evans a ays a stronger Case a never presented. Seven of the jury were in favor of find my n Bill nine opposed. It needs 13 to and a bungee mis rms by. A tfx Stile it a old line demo Crata m the new Bedford mass., District Bav nominated Abraham h. Howland a a Nebraska candidate for Congress within the inst six years Howland has been a whig a Taylor Man then a Van Burnite then a free a Oiler then a soft Shell Democrat now be a a Nebraska old line candidate for Congress. Somebody ought to bold Bun the Oleet Church a the United state is a opposed to a one near Smith Dieul Isle of Wrighi county Virginia. It was built in the reign of Charlee 1, Between the sors 1830 and 1639 to the ladies. It May net be generally known that the enter a snug proprietors of Whites celebrated Bonnet establishment have opened a Branch in the Beau Tiftik new free St Block no. 9, Portland. Me., where May be found at All tune a neb and Beau Tel us assortment of bonnets of and kinds suited Toj All Ages l Ron a lie youngest child to the old lady. It As Rich and handsome goods is can be found at j any establishment in n. York or Boston can be found at this new Branch in Portland. We learn that the first great opening of fancy dress bonnets i to take place on thursday next nor. 9. And we wish them Succena. It must prove a very great convenience to All those who have been in the habit of sending abroad for their Rich bonnets. The proprietors inform us that they Are Al Linig the same goods cheaper Sihau at their slope in Boston their expenses being much smaller in Portland. We Tope our lady Reader will beat these fact in mind when they Are about purchasing Beir fall and Winter bonnets. F tar. A hats Ijssel Caps ladles festival. The ladies of the Baptist society of Biddeford profuse a social festival at Central Hall on wednesday evening of next week to commence at 1-2 past 7. Object the Baptist meeting House. Per order. Biddeford nov. 1, 1891. Ute tits of counterfeits. The celebrity of or. It. O. Kick ard80ns 91ikkky Wink Felt Taka has induced several persons who do nut possess the least medical knowledge to a Quot a ump the tide of Ductor and put before the Public an article in ill Saliou of intr Medicine which they Call Aberry wine Hitler Sud site sit to Palm Lien off Ulster the pretence mat Bare retired men busier a ant also that they Man fat our an Lap oved i tieto of the same name. 1 would say to Truac in Pursuit v health to be sure Unity a obtain the Cal article which May he known by the Ike to Lucile of my signature upon the outside wrapper covering each Buttle sad also by the copyright Hunter of the same covering. A fluid wholesale sad retail at any office no. 51 Itano Street boat of Aud Hyall dealer in every City town und Village throughout the new England flutes. N. my Tux jr., u my sole travelling agent in the n. K. Flutes. Jui ism to let subs Rilet have a Well we Etard Stork a f mdil8 furs r various kinds and qualities vis i Tippetts and cuff Mone Martin i Trina Fitch Mountain Martin. Russia fit Cli misses Russia Fitch mis a White spotted Victor in a and t Uffit Down trimming White tip Otid fur trimming a. A lao gents Buffalo Coats Buffalo Robes fur cars ac., a. A Large assortment of fall Aud Winter style of hats and Caps annual report or m a York county Mutual fire insurance come a. Secretary a Jar apartment Jeme 1st, 1854. An Munt i party la Farrd a a Ucil property Lnu med ing Ffinlo property insured the a Al it or rent property insured 111# it at in Unal property in Siirid Trio in year id Premium notes of in reign in note received Tho la St year of Cash pre Maiv received the past year i not class. Amount property insured a. A a tie past year Premium notes Premium note received the year c Cash Premium received the put year Secretary a Hulun agent a cum Simions director a service $705, i Floo 60fl,l>�00 197,152 00 400,617 u0 953,188 70 131, m0 00 53,188 70 37,639 40 621 75 $339,339 00 230,364 00 18,32139 11,718 70 110 70 143 00 142 00 87 00 a i a Ute of Ull kind a Large none tent of chit amount properly insured Drent hats and capful Tuth in mud and file Plush Capa tar t sums and Stu i hats for wet weather a umbrella ac., ac., f Ira manufactured to order Caps made to order it Canad Sud Prerad. Cash Giurcu for fur. No. 1 herring s Drlik Block Mala St. Flaco nov. 1,1554. 6w44 1. Dark k son. Property insured Theja a it year Premium Midi Premium note received the part year. Cash Premium received the met year Secretary salary agent a commission director a Fly vice or. Brook closed business in Saco fire month ago in consequence of to health and he has Given Sutlic Keiit notice for settlement of accounts. Hut again he would say to j All those having unsettled account again Tim to pre a rut tin in for immediate payment and All ill eyed to him Are requested to make payment before the first Day of december next without fail. The disc mud prudent will not neglect and thereby incur oust it it a three account mud be settled up. Or. Hangs Patron who have not Rerrie Tarys a Al nary yet paid can Saiy or. Drunks. A in. or. hereby tender to i numerous Friend and j 1 laying Mytrou his sincere thank fur past favors. 44tf clans third. Amount property insured a property insured the Post year a a Preni inn note a Premium note received the year Cush Premium received the putt year Brighton , oct. 90 at market�?2700 beef cattle 2000 store 7000 sheep and 1434 a wine. Prices a ref cattle we que aet extra $8 s first Quality 8�1- a second�7 third 6 0 1-9. Working oxen sales fun 1uu, 120, Isa. Stores two year old 14 a -5, three year old 25 a cow and calve a Flaks $20, 22, 24, 27, 31, 35, 40. Sheep flairs 1 1-2, 2, 3, 3 1-2, 4 1-2, 5, and 0. Sol not prime shouts to is Side 4 and 4 l-2cj old hog 4, and 4 3-4-, still fed fat bog 5c. At retail from 5 to 0c. The floating Ball a of a a Hii Sii he limit. Fol Llyl u to certify that i Jason Langdon of Kennex Huuk a it it tiv purchased the right to manufacture a at vend the Avo. In evaded Ashing Maui by for the amont rim n reral Rad directors of Lervile $ 124,880 0u 83,013 00 v8, 5,609 84 pm 45 56 50 5c50 >2 00 $341,129 00 17�,to 00 96,791 48 20, 3 % 506 54 183 5083 50 110 00 allot which is rasped tally Stihi titled. Joel rail g. Gool Goodwin Natii to. Marsh 41.1 j South Derwick me., june 1st, 1854. Additional report. Or ill Marr 1st, 1854. Amount of property insured by the company for five month ending october Slat 1851, auditors $506,857 00 town of Kunne bulk and would hereby caution All a re it a resident in either of the before gained Tow us against infringing on my right by purchasing or using any of the Shore machine unless obtained of me. The advantage of this machine Over any other Ever in Eutch Are almost too numerous to adv cruise but they will be explained with pleasure on application to the subscriber at his House in Kennel it Wiiks it it. The recent agricultural Aud Mechanic fairs have so it Ken very de. Boston Market october 31. Cited in in their favor and abundant testimonials Arev it urn the account by the earner of a Rise in King coming Fri those who have witnessed their practical of to have unsettled the Market and Price Are in a Mea a Ratton. Please Cali Aud examine. It we quote we Tam superfine at 9 25, fan of 38.857 17 John n. Goodwin Fly ctr a Orrice York co. M. P. Is. Co. November 11,1851. J 31�. Sure nominal. By 9 75 a 10 extra Ohio 10 50 a 11 Tennesee extra 11 a 11 so per bal in Caiu Ula flour Sale of 500 bbl fancy at v 25, a Hood. In Al Tauhert there Hare twee Sale of 350 u4 Ultimore fancy on Landing at 9 75, aul 200 bbl bum store at f 10 per bbl. Grain Corn i in modern de Ruaud. Sale of go Oil yellow at 88 a 90 Good mixed 88ct White in Small lots �4 a 85c per Bushel. Oats Are in Stea Ity a Leila of at 50 a Joc far Northern and it Estera. Marriages. In this town 31st ult., by Rev. J. Hubbard jr., or. Elijah Young of buld tord and miss Caroline Bini la. Of Davlon. In the Oil of Kew York 16th of oct., by Rev. Or. Lili Euthul or. Waterman of this place to miss Rosalie Zoe letter of n y. Lit Saco oct 17, by lev. J. Colby or. Almori Snyder of Clarendon Orleans co., n. Y., to miss Iueline a. Dunn a this town. In Brundon vt., by Rev. F. Leavitt on the morning of the 26tli., most Rev. Francis b. Wheeler of Saco to mis Spiliu a., eldest daughter of Hon. A. G. Dana if Brandon. In South Berwick sept. 3, or. Ira f. Brackett of Dover to miss Abby j. Bradford of South Berwick. November 3, 1854. Jacflon n. 44tf Landon. For Sale four Hundred House lots. And other valuable real estate. The following Dcarr lied real estate comp i ing House Ian und other pro Terry eligible situated in the villages of sue and Biddeford will be sold by the proprietors at prices and on null ice Are foreclosure of mortgage. Vinci i. By a to Nlle to luckjrx�,.� a. A it anon in the county of York and flt ate of Maine i. F House lot anoint 1 h 15 i a Square by i mortgage deed dated february 18th, a. Principally situated ill Sueo. the rail. D., 1851, Uthi rvcorde.1 on the 293d and 294th i age of rond Deputy of Biddeford und Sneor a portion of the 217ih hoi k of York county Lucli mortgaged to 11item above the Ruil mud und u portion below in on William Faery. Of the ume a Winou id Lair and a pleasant and healthy locution und assign the follow ring desert it Ltd Resl re Tat Ito yet it o line View of la the Vil deaths. In Ken chunk x t. 28, or Samuel Mitchell for Sirhy de hit m or at laut a Doc aged 19. In Buxton sept is or. Nercissa Mcke Uliey aged 21 Yeura Wile of John f Mckenney. In ,26th inst., or. Enoch sprout aged about 99 Yeura. On the 27ti, or. Mercy Mcdaniel relict of the late Jacob Mcdauiel us Cal about 70 Yeura. At Kittery Point oct. 10, mrs. Mary a. Fri let dec Hugos. They Sre adv Uta a situated Lor the reside org Murray Abram in Annevin and others containing j in a thirty in sen More or Les. Atoo that portion of the within eyed to Bald Picrell 1 Kunery containing to Weity in More or Les to unveil by Chine shop und Cotton Mill of the i Peony a per it Sud of Kilwani Grunt and other to secure to said Fui a Picrell and water Power Cori orations of bidder cry in heir or a Itigan Prylo or for \ Bridge 375 feet on in 53 Tisoc a a Row or a. In Rusa. Containing of in either Sneor or Biddeford Lieng thirty la sets More or less. Aio mat of the i within six Tali flutes walk of Mullin Street and Pep huh eur Godwin Fann not heretofore conveyed to u1 Picrell Square and live minute walk of the in of even data. With pm no stage deed Fahe us wide. Rast in g on Granite picrs�?T. j Wilh a Mon it mid after six ?T-.ntl.s with interest annually a Quot la h"8 a Quot Buiu Aero tie 8l�qo and 42 Side Laud of Edward Grant and other to secure w Wuu pm Lgan the my Tait of two promissoryr., for the a cum a tid Wimerjr Ore a i rot hindu ally a that am William Emery for a valuable consideration connecting the lots with Biddeford placing on the 28th Day of april a. D., 1852, granted bargained i them within three minutes walk of Snith s Cor sold Mal assigned to Al a w. Kicker Sud James fall of nor. From this Bridge a Street is graded to the uie same Faban it n. Their Iier. A Xref torn pm Lnla Trator Luht Lri it Al crossing on nut or Street Wlinich will be. Quot Quot Quot Glen Tlell to Buxton Road. Other title to Ltd be or , the said mortgage deed and All i right and title to tie said land or merited therein together with Ali original Deu for which raid tort Gugu deed was Given und All evidence thereof and endorsed said note to said kicker Ami fall a that the condition of said mortgage deed a been broken by reason whereof we the subscribers claim to foreclose a Aid mortgage according to the provision of the statute in this in Thalf provided and this notice i Giren for the purpose of foreclosing said mortgage. Dated at Lebanon this Twenty sixth Day of october in the rear of our lord eighteen Hundred and fifty four. Al a w. , 054 Jack Al fall. List of letters remaining uncalled for in the la us office Biddeford october 31�t, 1854. Of 1 persons calling for any of the following letter will pm can a say they arc advertised. Allen Hannah c Bhutt Viola aged 54, Wile of c set. Awl in alien. A in a a Fli a a. Ala us yellow lever 17lh of in . Ala of yellow lever oct., or. Joseph t. Max it re aged � Yeura brother of or. Samuel Moote of this town a a sincere faithful Una a lion rat Man a kind husband in of to it Ituau father a Good citizen and a Fine Urt Tat i Luid Low in the grave. His memory will live Long Milie heart of his friends. His fume will endure will endure while Art Lou Linus to find # worshipper. Peace to Bis remains con. In Kvitne hunk oct. 26, i. Batu cd ii Putrick aged >1. A a Kenney a Daguer Reim room St no. 0 Central Block biddef0rd. Me. Employment for agents. Several thousand err Juretie and trustworthy j t a a .rmur�a a Quot a Cioku and travelling in every state in tie Union a of Curtix 8 Andrews Surah mra Blake 11 an cult Bun Ham Sarah brag Itou Caroline f Bennett Mury w Black a Lone Sarah Brackett Sarah a or Bailey Amunda 11 Boswell Surv my butt my a George w Bailey cyrus�?2 Bat a c buckle to aug Ratus f Lickford John Brackett Joseph f Bates George Beall 11 o Bullard Charles s bum William chup Mau Siman my Surah a Lillord Achsoh Curlit Eliz Ulteig my Corliss m Ary j Cra Cuc my try e Coolbroth Phel get Cook Abba mrs Corner Emily a mrs Clay Fanny Ann Lett Ign in every the Sale of a patented Urkle of now a Bryc in extensive demand. The excl try right for Tow c a a j a viral tute. A us nil by the Dve Tiera and j agents of capacity and Hus most that Cun easily Uneit fits e b earn �900 per oct la Ruck no capital necessary. Drew John a extract from from our Aprnu?� i in a a nut a Lewis a ii a i herewith Cuculo to you a draft for dollars i Doyle David a deducting one Hundred and Niue to seven do it a liar it i Jure Arah a a As Uty a a Imin a ton on the Sale of the last month a ff1? go re to sign d ii a kid?o1 shall Realiza As Counnis Sion on Uty sales this month about one Hundred and evenly five e. C Filo. Tie occupation will Prave a Light and gentle Manly Cine Orinc Nln As honorable us it is profitable. No agent will be accepted unless Able to produce substantial testimonial a to character Aud Industry. Salaries will be arranged Lor the first ear if preferred. So Many answer to advertisements arc for warded from motives of Idle curiosity Only the advertiser will consider no application unless accompanied by one Dollar us evidence of sincerity when full particulars will be Fot warded. Address Burns Benedict amp co. Baltimore my. A to the substantial nature of the Enterprise we refer to Ken mkt is Dale. It re a a , so co. Also to Hamilton r. West Ohio 5 Hon. C m Dennis Rhode Island and m. L. Ray key West a. 44�?2m particular notice. The subscriber requests 11 persons indebted to him either by Auto or account a also those indebted to the Eleuto of the Lato Jame d. Godwin to Ottto their it utities with hit father or. Goodwin a also Thom is Vang demands Are req Mea to Pernt the Mem far pays to. Gift. I. Goodwin. N. K?also claim not Wutoh by the first of Jun by 1858, win be Toft Wilh an attorney far Cotter taxi. Al co oct. 31, 1854. Anil new blacksmiths shop. Roll a Carrther a recently opened # Blacksmith s of Lbw � the Hal Ming to Roux very msgr Alfred str ort where he inv Ltd the intr Posge of the pub to. N. B?th# shop lately Ece Aptos by him on pleasant a tree Flaco to of and far Sale or to Toi. John Ham. Nor. 3, 1434. 3w44 in Otic. I la person tide Hood to me As Krapec Folly requested a to Call and Settle immediately. G. A c. Randall. By Dofard. No. 2,1854. Pew for Sale. Tur a Lubec Rihr offers far tale the Ivy no. 43, in the i it a will Baptist Church i rim hurl on reasonable apply to 3w44 Dorcas a u. Libby Green emt Mollee the flute crier being shout to Lent Baco and a thing to Soeuto i we basins re Uvel ail Penn Haring a a Ema to against him to a sent them far Djus us of and sit tade Tod to by Uta. Be a count to make pay a a Jam Al. Iwo Dwin. Too. Nee. 1, 1854. Keaton Elizabeth Kutil Sylvester s or Libby Gideon Littlefield Ruth m Liu Ikin Harriet i Hhd Sarah a Cecli Hannah o lord Artu Inu 1 lord Caroline r Lowell Lizzie a lord Charley f la win my a of j Leavitt Leavitt m ?2 Lola try Daniel f Ladd Mccarty Cuth Rinc Moore George Morton in Tram Morrill Daniel a Morrill Ehon Meln tire Busan e Muy Licary Elizabeth my Sherry ahoy Mel tin Mury mrs Mur Lurker mrs c my serve Busan d Mclean James ainu hair e d Motte Janie Newcomb Hul dolt Needham m Nummi Sarah n ort iii Maria e o Bent Hannah in l Ike Sarah e or pm Hgt a mercy mrs in Ike a attic Perry Priscilla s in l ride cur Oliue w Pitt Mary a Porter june put in arson Clara k i Tuhy John o Kithaul-.>11 Mary t Riim ii bet by Rola Rte Calvin Linker Edwin steven� Ila Nuh m Skilling Allgert g Staples Charley Staples c ii so Ain iii let Harriet Straw ahoy in i iii mar s in sea be y e b Shaw Kollett t in Sawyer capt George w Smith re Licca g smiler ellen�?2 Smith Sarah s Smith Catharine Smith Stephen Smith Charle c Sullivan Llo Iton Thompson Mury g Tat mix Franklin tar late Pel in mrs Townsend Nancv Tucker France m or bume win 0 Tuy Lur John Turner Jaunette c Troina James Whittier Mary e Woodward Betsey m Worth ahoy m Whitney Sarah j Watson mar a Walton France Dexter Bridget Ewell Esther b Ellis Marv o Edward Emily j toss Jane in Ford Mury ii Frost do Reo Ellen fryc Amanda l Folsom to liar r Gray Abba kind win Fanus Goodwin ii p sir Green Wood Sally mrs Goodrich Cynthus p Gibbs e o Garland Benjamin Hutli Eliza ?2 Sarah w Hooper Strait Hilt Elizabeth s Lydia t Hatch Anticline iii Rvl Sarah w Liu a ton Margaret Hobby Serene b Hall Sarah j Hammon Nancy u Howard George l head bearing Ham Levi b Hodgkins Leonard t Jarrel Jonathan Jewell Priscilla Jelli on Mury Johnson Harriet a Johnston Elizabeth or Whitney William f Jordan a Haines Jonathan tuck in it Trot a. Ladies furs i have just Are Eivid a Large m it ladies mar m men a a Stone Martin pitch Mountain Martin Badger amp a. Parchas win find u f th4r to Drift to examine Terr touts talk making Tea or mar than. We. Park info me in Street Seco. Ham Oft. 93, 1854 4w�?43i Wen Laid out cd testing alone the in Gilt of the soon River nil to Witter Street. The new Roud recently Laid out by to Ltd county commission Ira extruding into the comity from Saco will intersect with Market Street which passes across the Hove Doe rid Bridge to bidder lord. Besides the lot before mentioned the Propri. Torn have a dozen or More House Lulu Lor Sale on Spring a Island Leonii gurus to the Bridge und within two minutes walk of the work boat and Mills on said Island. On one of the lots is n new cottage House with 11 Muhle which will he sold with the lot. Ulicy will sell duo in lots of front ote to five acres us May lie wanted u tract of latin adjoining that which in reserved for House lots. Saul tract consists of 4-1 us Rcd und in situated on inc Western Side of the Railroad and run to me Buxton Roud the line striking that rond within u few rod� of the Saco depot. Warranted deeds will Lee Given of All lot sold by the proprietor a. 11. Boyd Suro d. K. Some Bidu Ford joseiilui� Baldwin and Law reduce Barnes in slim. N. William p. Newell Manchester n. For further particular us to prices and Rondi-lioa�, inquire of d. K. Somes of Biddeford agent for the proprietor. ?tf millinery and fancy goods. Mrs. A a. Of Cowell informs her friends nil the Komlo it hot has rep Lett Uhd her lick of millinery Ami Funer goods and he a now Complete Stock of elegant goods Nutbro Cong every variety of cum Hon net of Tea style with Lulb boil to Rau a. ?Tr.dvr full Cert ladle so Collar and a Rich no Silt Tim it of dress trl aiming gloves a. Clock a St and Drou patterns of the latest fashion front new York and Philadelphia. Or. C., a secured us service of Sun cloak and Drew maker Ulm All work done in her estate Imu nent will lie a la ate neat and at Prives w Inch cannot fail of Heing satisfactory. Old Donn cat i Achtyl press�, and a nodded in the Best insular Ami St Short notice. Or. N. 1. O Connell return iter Tui ski far die Liber 1 Man it ii tre thu far fa�t.>w��l us it a her and re Tim Coful Lyk of us same 1 far place of business on Liberty Street next duo to Lalu wed k Dutton . 12,1851. 41�?3m stoves at no. 17 and 18, Chestnut St. 0. 11. Mitchell amp co., having just n Complete assortment of cd a sprur and office moves Are now to Rte Vircil to furnish the same it very Luw prices? among a urus he Fuu tid the full Wing patients Cryatal Palace Albion White Llonna Tiu improved North Star parlor Cooko Villa gothic Taylor portable grates Cylinder stoves iffy 4-e., which arc of the latest patterns und for smoothness of cutting ure not surpassed by any stoves re lung. Air a 3 sizes of the Cong re a parlor of entirely new design which eclipse everything of the kind before known. Persons in Faunl of stove will do Well to Call before . Also manufacturers and dealer Tum a ply tin Japan and brass Ware stove uru is Illic King 8tc., fir., wholesale and a Cuil it the Lovert Cash prices. Jobbing und repairing done with neut est and Dis Talch. All of barter taken in Exchange. O. Mitchell so co Blu Eford oct. 27, Ifal. 43�?tf great Sale of a Mes and jewelry Shaw a Claro Crystal Arcade building bidder fiord. A e have on hand a Good a Assw tent of ii find str he and Tocki and Rich jewelry and Silver Ware a a can a found in the flute and would to a Lect fully Coll Tui item to the foil Wing i at of Fine Gold Chr i it not Ltd watch., i Lunter eases 50 to $390,00 Fine Gold Esq Eltoh Lexer watch tall jewelled 50 to 200,00 Fine Gold lug Lith lever ivs Tchet warranted 40 to 150,00 Gold Anchor lever watch a 18 Karat Cue 20 to 100,00 Oom Crim try West Rhea Beautiful Oytra 16 to 76,00 Gold a Lunter Siche a site a if Karat 35 to Lurar it Gillih Lovec Siche Hrono Inetor 25 to Fli Vrr Fig tip a lever full jewelled Fine 20 to Fliller Kii Eltoh lever 15 to flt Lver detaube or Anchor lever Wathe a to 811�rr la in or Cylinder is tube 6 to Bil Vrr verge watches1 to Plata Ltd Gill Stulic of nil kinds 6 to Fly Cutie Hind West , orc Good Limen 1 to Gold Fob Chain 10 to Gold Vest chains i to Gold neck old ii 1 to ladles guard Chain 8 to l Idle a costal inc Chain 10 to Olilver Fob it sons 2 to fill Var Vest Chain 1 to Olilver guard , 1 to l latal Chain All kind 50 it. To Gold fetid 4ain, 50 it. To gol.1 Faals flt one 1 to Gold Mals Box 3 to Gobi keys All kinds 60 it. To Gold Dicket Ingle 1 to old bucket double 2 to Gold Dot Okcu 4 twin 5 to Gold locket 6 boxes 10 to Gold Finger Illings 25 it. To Gold King gent 1 to Gold How King gent 3 to got.1 float plugs 1 to Gold hinge children a 25 it. To Cana Lynn Hon go la Idle a Gold la won 11ns, Gold us a to pin flt one Gold Ike Oil Pink a Croll Gold handkerchief Piu old ribbon Pink Beautiful mosaic pin Pearl a totem pin old flt one pins mourning pin f 11ns for hair 11ns for miniature old Lilia Fletty Len nil drop Pearl Actu pin and Bruj Coral Fletus pin and dry a Mon Alc Fletty Len and Drujin Gold Gold cuff 11ns, gents Bonom pin a know Noti Ixo a Ilo Sou pins free Mason hit gents Box lira Genii of Scurf pins Gold Era Oil Flud Gold cuff hat tons Gold ear ornaments Gold kith. Ami drop Knob and drop flt one Knoll and do i Plain knobs Ami drops Pearl Knob Ami Drajin mosaic Knob and drop scroll Knob and drop in Cameo mourning Knob and drow Llali ear ornament Gold Llo opa lat Diegold hoops gent Gold to ohm children a Gobi ear wires Gold crowds old Pencil gild pen Cato Olilver Len cases Gold pen All Klmle Gold Fob buckles Gold Vest Hooks fill Var Vest Hook Gold thimbles Olilver thimble old Brao lets hair Bracelet Gold and hated Cluj old Al lode old Bend per string Olilver table of spoons tier in or Fliller Tabic Fojto our per sett Olilver Aligarh spoon Silver of lilt of spoons of Silvei mint and Flynnn. 25 it to 60 it. To 1 to 50 it. To 50 it. To 2 to 3 to 60 60 it. To 73 it. To 1 to 3 to 10 to 6 to 6 to 4 to 50 it. To 13 it. To 1 to 1 to 75 it. To 121-2 it. To 1 to 2to 50 it. To 1 to 1 to 1 to 3 to 3 to to 3 to 1 to 2 to 60 it. To 25 it. To 26 Eta. To 50 it. To 60 it. To 76 it. To to 25 it. To 50 it. To to 60 it. To 25 it. To 2 to 25 it. To 2 to 50 it. To 121-2 it. To 121-2 it. To 4 to 3 to 3to 1 to 50r.u. In 30 it. To Fli Vrr dessert Flynnn per pair a to placed Flinn to Nils per mar i gird 1 a Flynnn. Per la listed Desi Eit a in no pet pair fluted of lilt Flynnn 13 1-9 it to plated Mustard Fly Man s3 it. To plated flu Gar Fly Onn it. 50 cd. To fill Var pork Ter in urn 93 in plated Fork per Ilo Sau 4 to cake Basket 8 to Olilver butter univ a 1,95 to dated butter knives 95 it. To Hilver cake knives 8 to Olilver pie knives 7 to Olilver Jelly knives 6 to Olilver fish knives 10 to Fliller frail knives 1 to Pickle knives and Furke 3 to Oliver fish Fork 8 to Olilver cups 5 to plated i Iris to Olilver go Meir c to Olilver of lilt cellars per pair 5 to Olilver Tea Al trainers 1 to Olilver i laced Tea Fletus 90 to Olilver plated castors 5 to fill Var plated card baskets 1 to Olilver in Mhz 1 to Gold aspect Uncle nil age 4 to Olilver All age 1 to Olilver a sect Neley concave zest flt eel nil Ngew 95 ctr. To hated All nge 23 it to Olilver Flat a Tacle coloured 1 to la a nerd Flatt Charlr coloured so it. To feel Aler Tarley coloured 75 Eta. To a nectar be for Short sighted it or on i to clock 8 Day Square 3 to clocks 8 Day gothic 3 to clock 30 hour Square 1 to clock 30 hour gothic 9 to clock Small Square 1 to clock Union 8 Day 3 to clocks Marble levers 5 to clock Marine lever 3 to Stock a calender i ver 5 to clock fancy 8 Day 5 to clocks torn thumb 3 to clocks Gilt gallery 5 to knives pocket great variety 6 ctr. To of scissor and Alteari i ii kinds 8 Eta. To razor. A a in dior Quality 1 to razor warranted 25 it. To Coral beads 75 it to accords on 1 to Porte mommies 19 cts. To la Earl Porte Monn aies 1 to Olilver in Orte Monn aies 9 to hell port Mondale 50 it. To Sli wll card cases 1 to i Earl card Case 1,50 to Olilver card cute 5 to razor Florop 90 it. To Wallet pocket Hook Fie 5 cd to a run he hair 191-9 it. To Fri mile to Toth 95 it. To finishes Al having and tooth 6 it. To Combs Ivory and let a sing 8 it. To comb Horn bark and Side 3 it. To comb a a a hell bark and Side 17 it. To China vases per pair 1 to 160 jew 75.00 30.00 >5,00 26.00?�ju.ou 10, 30.00 100,00 30.00 30.00 10.00 50.00 50.00 6,00 6,00 0,00 10.00 6,00 10,00 15,0u 10,00 6,00 10,00 12,00 25.00 26.00 10,00 10,00 6,00 2,00 25 25.00 16.00 10,00 3.00 6.00 10,00 15.00 10.00 10,00 10,00 15.00 16.00 30.00 15, u0 25.00 25.00 3.00 10.00 5.00 5.00 3.00 6.00 10,00 10,00 25.00 10.00 25.00 16.00 20,00 16,00 10,00 10.00 \6,00 10,00 10,00 5.00 3.00 1.00 10,00 10,00 20,00 1,00 3.00 5.00 2,00 76 5,00 50 23.00 5.00 6.00 2,00 10.00 10,00 10,00 5,00 9.00 9.00 4.00 1.00 1,00 75 50 1,00 1.50 50,00 9.00 95.00 4.00 1.50 95.00 20.00 90.00 30.00 3.00 8.00 90 00 25.00 5,00 95.00 15.00 3,00 50.00 95.00 5,00 3,00 10.00 9.00 9.00 9.00 1.00 3,00 1.50 2,00 300 10,00 10,00 5.00 5.00 9.00 10,00 50 jew 8,00 10,00 05.00 8,00 05 00 5.00 0,00 2.00 1,00 3,00 10.00 1,00 3,00 5,00 1,00 3.00 5.00 95.00 1.00 3.00 9.00 3.00 1.00 95 1,00 8,00 50.00 plaid and fall dry goods. 6e0. W. Warren a co Boston. One Price Only Ark Oil it Gay to a in in Fritz a and Cita Tum Era butt wholes the with Hie la gut and most Danible Sid of go cd a in Price Aud style a whih u it Ever la re la ctr pleasure or Rufil to exhibit including almost everything Worth having in Siam is mantles and scarfs cloaks and mantilla8, milk goods velvets and cloths for cloak dress plaids of All Aorta tibets and. Cash m Eres 1iusji Poppins Plain watered a Dis Jess Dij Jas Fronti of. Delaine Ando Ashmere All q00d8 for mourning embroideries laces. Muslims Cam bricks and nil White goods House keeping articles. In Lull sunk hosiery und of looks both Lodies und pc nov under shirts and drawers Ford sent Sara vats and urges ladies and gentle menus roses de Chambre and a great Many other thing. Our Stock i Loo Luric of n More detailed do a a Cri a tight und will Well repay the trouble of sex Umi nution. The style thl year Are very pretty and the prices very la of. We would respectfully Ain to our Ewy Teiner the Gudvun Tnge of Colling Early in the a our premix not being Large in Ough for o it in creased by Siiter we Ore unable to do our Slock or it i end Justice in the Lusic St hour of the do Elf we a re ready for business it 8, a. M. �?�10�?tiwi� of o. W. Warren or co. Custom made clothing Burleigh a just received it his old place <4 a nth in Csc o. 3 �on10h Block near the Post office. Factory i und Flaco n comple assortment of Woolen goods and tailors trimmings Embr Ndang a Grent variety of 8upkrf1nk, a Well is the Cun Roii kind of Uoo Ltd making in Alln Complete an assortment of clothing goods a lie to Ever offered nil consisting <4 Broadcloth Cassel Teres Rearer cloths Pilot cloth. Doe Skint Kat Lnetta. Ladle cloths bilk and Satin yest lugs and finding Good of different Type and qualities adapted to the Senatt which he will sell by the Yard or make into garment to order under his Oun personal inspection it Price which cannot fail of giving a if Colon. Or. B. Would a Jie Gully ask the attention of lilt red customer to i assortment atol person who Are desirous of obtaining clothing Well and fashionably made Ami of the but �4 will do Well to examine lit a lock and a a certain his Price for work Flaco october 18, 1853. 42�?tf Ami hundreds of other articles which be Hare not a Pace to mention including n full assortment of Uaima Mia Waak Al Star and hand lamps Bohemian Glass vases French Ink Stamps Klch China Terra Cotta and Bruise card receiver French Cologn Aland. Wine bottle watch Aland. Spoon Holden. Cigar Holden fancy work boxes Machio pure foil candelabra farm Lor Sale. The Sut Beriber in consequence of the recent _ destruction .4 his Lluu quote Ami i4hr property by a a Eslora of Selling us farm Chi which be mide being the honest cml �4 the late major Daniel Cole and containing about one Hundred and fifteen acre of mowing Tui agr pasturage Wood Ami Timber land a Distant of Tau the villages of Elseo and shoot 11-4 Mil a aul wet flu 16 minute ride �4 the tar manufacturing �4 the York Laucuis and Pepper Ell can Urie of the two towns. It is a beautifully located on the Kastern tide Sod Arar the Border of the Flaco hirer which Here winds in peaceful course towards the Ocean at form the South Westerly Boundary of the Fann for the distance of nearly half a mile. The growth is principally hard Wood Tak Maple Bench Walnut ac., with a Jar Reju poc too of urge sized Oak tit far Mitilde g a blk fad Kusig than can be it kind on any other farm in the neighbourhood with per Hap one exception. There i 10 on the premise about too grafted Apple Par and hum tree Mere than one any Fawn wishing to thin of then in a Btu Trig any com Yuhing to engage ext Chirety in to vegetate and milk Trade a Koukl find this a very desirable a Ituna Tbs data Moat a during the Winter season and while the rim i it of that farm could violin flt rings Bridges Ilo in a fans steel and Morroco Al i extale cases i it Ead and German Storer pencils hewing and knitting Needles very Best qualities Crotchet Needle key Kings German Silver steel and while Metal to nimble. L Tykot Ink hands Nankin Illings Tea Bell and dinner Bells steel pen and Holder Nilk watch guards steel watch chains bras and steel watch keys ac., a. La Noti Euler n�lic�?our facilities he watch Ami clock repairing Are unsurpassed. Or. Clark a Pray trial watch maker and the Best Workman in the flt ate attends to this dem rement of our business. Watches cleaned Ami new wherlis Union verge jewel Cylinder Spring Petrou ac., inserted in the very Best manner Ami it it a two thirds what tie expense Koukl be for tic a aide work in in won. Jewelry i4 All kinds repaired in the very list manner at the shortest notice. Old watches clock jewelry and 11 ver taken in Exchange for new. Money to let on watches jewelry Aud Fliller wore. Sinaw a Clark Crystal Arcade building Biddeford he. Biddeford october 23,1854. Itf43 steam boilers. Jamb tkt1 fleas Tiosav ire am1m tktl0w, manufacturer c4 and Mair Luff boiler Afao Filiip Tanksl a. 11a Eun subtly on hand a name or of boilers of various Sise at Naum Keag by am Cotton wharf Flake Mas Alalem get. 10,1854. Full blooded suf blk pig. The Sib Scuitier Flera for Safo it ice Tinq n Lew join of full blooded a Affolt pigs about six week old. The Piff Are War Mmel to be of pure Biu Axl idd frock if origin Stickney in a it station. For further particulars inquire of Liliu sub a lbs. La it. Kennebunk oct. 24, lbs. 4w-43_____ Ladi scan find rubber Boot rubber 81i0ks, a la Bokr Fla Dalm and strap at Rolf la Al shoe store Liberty at Biddeford a Foord Withka the nem Luct a Tubu farm mid to 101it a aft it minute be to # Mai tet where they always m Aix a an l of command a High Price. Of the High pm be Here of. \ ditch Ini it far foreleg far Auer Piug to hols a Ciunga am nothing More Hitchcock snuff and talc by tf�?38 d. L. Mitchell. Need a mid Thau that to beam to within the limit a the 1 a a firm or Rehag. A . Of a re hither information Hlll Lucr my Wod for Flie. Taam Addrena Waidy to the sore re an. # jjwrad.mm-4 n. B?tbe Nock Bay ac., of the above Fann to for be. Flaco oct. 93,1854. Of _ _ Quarter Mitre fan the Village on the Pool Road? inquire of Hiram Mure on the or Mem rid Deforet 0#a j4,1854. W. P. Hastings teed Organ Seraphine of Elophine and the Odeon a n Ufa c tory so. §9 Federal Street Over the Tost Ollice in Olla Fandl me. At the present time the Price of musical instrument have reached a figure so astonishingly Low people of even very limited Means Havo been Etia bled to stat Fly Taler love of harmonious sounds and to ornament their plur with s la Isno Florup tile or Mcl Ophin. In this connection i Woald invite the attention of the musical Putric to a c a Harts , which for purity of tone elastic Acton and promptitude of response to the perfumer touch stands univ Slbil a a it prior instrument. 11 to Liam solely finished to piano Forte style Ami warranted for five years. To Thore Olio desire a a bin it and it the same time a handsome Sweet Toi Irel and durable instrument a take great pleasure in recon Memling Cah Alltz Patent Mil upon in instrument which a been before uie Public for several year and the popularity of which continue to increase. I live a urge assortment of with Stop to produce almost any variety of tone. Particular attention Jaid to building Large Ocrel Organ for churches. The largest Are built to the a a Yle of lip org is. All instruct nuni Are made with in Luqui Rotch Reed and tuned with equal temperament. Order from abroad promptly attended to. Tuuling and repairing done at reason Nate rate. _ 1 b w. P. Jia8tin08 c. W. agent for Biddeford and Flaco a samples of these instruments at i residence on West Worth a treat Biddeford. Lolare Call and examine fan42 Panoy goods we Haz a a Worth it �4 Sacy not to a gawd at any other a tor a town such a per Era re i log exp a a ireae Raff a of Berry Ixl Roet 1/niw, Fol rare sit or tort Orange la Lintl Vanilla Mickl a of tvs Jar pm. Kle c errant Jelly Mustard Pepper Rance Ketchup a. A a Lin. And every Oiler ankle that to wanted Ftp family use. Particular aug Ntim a Jaid to the supplying �4 a Mil let. Bearding la asst and hotels Flohl pm Sbet Pul to Aith in West Melee. 41�?tf i Al. K. Storuik k co. Al san october 3d, 18a4. Faints paints paints Abijah Tarbox has just at i place of but duet Cli Eskut suet next Duurt Kali oct ilk by. I it Mai of la aits and oils Rui Lieut ing Ull tick rip Lituin Whu i will i sold St the lowest Roll s. House Siun a Anu a lie continue to carry in the Laminor of Houma sign a or Riugi i us Piug it the old a land und is ready Lodo Ull work entrusted to id sir lit a Zurkin Lutke a inner. Aji Ijah Truox. Whitewashing. All and whitening ply to _ Tab onto pm a i Jil Uip i8w. In gut la he Ilist Street Kennedy s the greatest of tic age m Tristram Gilman druggist and spot hoary. Would respectfully inform i Friend Nisi uie Public that he fins taken the a Tore on in Picrell Square recently occupied by John Mcdonald where be i a it pared to offer n gout of drug and medicines perfumery in fancy good8. Of As Good Quality and it a fair Price a can be found in this Vicinity. Also All kind of Patent medicines received direct fan the proprietor Ami warranted genuine. Lie would ask particular attention to i assortment of brushes Nucy Flop. Ltd Logra hair Olla Ami Many other toilet article which will be Folk red at a very Taw Prim. Or Yuul Ltd tender i thank to the cite Zeoli of Saco nod Vicinity for the Liberal patronage received during his residence Here and re tactfully solicit s Coutino sauce of the a Zinc. 42�?tf Flaco oct. 12, 1831. Kennedy of Duxbury has discovered to on of our common Pature a Reul a remedy that kind of lit Moil Felt Nuie Wurst flcr.4u1a Down to a common Lampto. He has trial it in Over eleven Hundred cases and iwo it r filled a crept in two. Ii a now in a up session Oxer two Hundred certificate of it Tulua All within Twenty utile of Batou. Two bottle Are warranted to cure a nursing a Ore Mouth. One to three Buttle will cure the worst kind of Pii Uptou on the face. Two to three bottle will dear they Uin <4 bile. Two in univ Are warranted to cure the worst canker to the Mouth and Stonbach. Ibric to have i Tlle Are warranted to cur the wont ease of Erys i it Ebi. On to two bottle a warranted to cur All humor to the Eye. Two bottles Are warranted to cure running tub oar Ami blotches in the hair. _ four to la bottle Are warranted to cur corrupt and running ulcer. One Bouie will cure scaly Crupt Lun of the skin. Two to three Buttle Are warranted to cure the or a cases �4 ring worm. Two to three Buttle Are warranted to cure the mod it pirate Case of rheumatism. Three to six bottle Are warranted to cure Salt Rheum. Five to eight Buttle will cure the very worst Case it Sec uvula. A a in Nelt i always Ejier fenced from the first Bodge and prof it cure War Rand when the Quantity to take. To Thooe who Are subject by a sick headache Ous butt ill always cure it. It give Grest Relief in Catarrh and Dizzini. Flome who have taken it have been Ostive he years Ami have la a regular a by it. Where tie Udy to sound it works quite easy but where there to Auy derangement of the functions of nature it will cum very angular feelings but you Muil not be alarmed a they always disappear in from four a Lay to a week. There to never a bad result from it in i contrary a lion that fee plug to glue. You will fail yourself like a new person. 1 hav Harj Tome of the most extravagant Etsu Liuni of it that pm Man listened to. No change of diet Ever necessary. Itogni he of Rcpt. 19,1855. This is to certify that ii. Ii. Hay druggy of Portland is the duly authorised gent eat agent for my medical Dis rate it for the slate of Mains and that to sup ird with the genuine direct Ream my Abaci tory Donald Kennedy. Agents a Jame Awyer m. Lamp Mvi or to Arcata r co., Boule Ford flacon km<4. alias Derby at Fred Aud by my dicta dealer a very where. 190 dancing school. It1k. A. B. Gee lir Ould announce to the ladle of Biddeford and Yvo 8ac<>, Liat he will commence a dancing school on monday evening oct. 23, ii Central Hall . And continue every monday and thursday evenings until further notice Tohms for twelve in sans $2 per scholar. Or. Gee will also Cuoung care a school it Usta 4n�?o gentlemen on tars daf?��?z0�<#i<r,?. To n b?itarsons wishing for the Hall 8 1wu., parties concerts 4�c., Apody to or. Ore Flaco House Flaco or at Tho Hall. Blind Eft no october 18, 15 _ Radical cure of hernia or rupture. Or. G. A Leaton of Boston who a Jurn cd Tunny years to the treatment <4 hernia or rupture and a discovered a Mode of cure whih has proved mucous Fulin tie severest eases of lung standing As Well a in the in filter forms of lid complaint thereby rendering the use of grasses unnecessary has refilled the House s o. 72 Lincul flt rect Fon Erly 4u, opposite ?T.fl. Ilo Tol Wiur he will receive ?~.knts a iter Bjore. Or. Ii. Also att eur particularly to female to the treatment and cure of Varic Novle Hydric ride r in Taaje urinary Date run a. A it lie Nylon May be made at i residence no. 2 Mirrza place Row Floreet in Lou. Boston August 7th, 1834. 32�?3ml faints and Oil l a re White Ulm a Lewis and a Union a Prim 1 English lao old Oil a benue Trabu Puro dry and in Oil Ctm Rae yellow a Urc dry Ami to Oil of Clra prussian Lilue dry and in Oil chinese Vermillion hear Tat fic., ac., just Rex Ford and for Sale at Low Rales by tf�?38 d. I. .m11 ill . Fluid extract of Valerian. Pilpa ilk in a Superior manner from uie Best English Valerian tout extrusive by used and a Amsl Vulval it Kemerly in neuralgia nervous headache w Ake Follone and All diseases of the nervous 8>st�ui. Fur Sal by dozen or bottle by ?38 d. I. Mitchell druggist and past Hrcar bar me new or Leniu Molok ses. Mar nov a Patsas oct. 17, 1884. 41�?tw non pair of i off Ufa 10� �-5s orb 1884. Liberty St., Biddeford. Ice French calf fair d00t8, la u. K. Boss k , 42�?tf Liberty lit. Biddeford. Far tale at oct., 1884. R a pair �4 the fall Btu of Ladi Efly Waite ill. Too , oct. 1884. Liberty a Biddeford a great Rush . Rob fact Boot and shoe store to bring mad this fall. They leave no ton unturned to their Effort to or Scure us Tatt Fash tons Liberty flt rect Biddeford. Oct-1884. 41-tf thick Booth. I Tow i the time to buy Shkaf. The in i thick roots will do we to at it k ?Tbmi Aad Kim i Foufa Biddeford oct. 1884.__ save tear take ear. Of the a a to Dato of a it a to. 1 of Theumer fire. Mid a Sage to not to to my Why a a Soufl k co?Ts Maku practical tm7 Uokota Aad a Hoe Flautz Krow a Bur avg is Pate. Cheaper than can to Bough a a a p. K. Of Lyl k co. Biddeford oct. 188l_ Rab Bersell. Robbers i off no a la birr boots Rabb Krofl 8u0er, m . Athsm?T. A fowl Liberty it 42�?tf dissolution of Copartnership. The heretofore existing under the firm of Hobson k Atouk ii i by Luu Tuai Oon rent that Day dlr Olvid. All Pereus having or Nurmi against the firm Are requested to present them fur adjustment and All indebted to them by not or account Are requested to make in mediate payment to in ukr to Cha. K. Saw or Jaum ii. Ila sell be who Are Aull toured is us the my of the firm toe the re Lincul of All a woot. Flack sept. 25,1884. Copartnership in Otic. The Sulit cell it or would respectfully inform the Public that Uliey hav formal a Copartnership Ulster la am .4 Cha a. K. To Kail a cd and have taken it a recently Peru plus by Hoh of k Torer or it transact Imi of lie West Imit goods truce Rte and prove Kwh. Business. The store will be utter uie direction of or. Haa a Tui who will to Leuto i time Aud inst efforts to Plena Lima who favor them with Mieir inure age. e. A Toimi 41�?ix James u. , Amos 11. Boyd. Burning fluid Camp Zienk and oaf. Ferreh us Pitta just received and for talc by tf�?38 d. L. Mitchell. Warren 8 Turbine water wheels Manly fact ked at the Damn company w Arren Are now in ext univ us i new King tall Are Cut my trucked in the hrs to Tan for a aug water Wiki uie greatest noun Usu. Thy Are a rally Adu it led to All manufacturing Purpuse Ami under All Heads and my affect no by Back water for particulars he., address 38�?juki# Jackson w Akken Wareham Masa. A. R. Davis teacher of music. No. 6, Central Block. N. B. Persons a thing to Purchase Good Indira Sotz will do Welt to Call at Umi above number. Bidd Ernt a. >8l a notice. The books and Ouatu �4 Tat Ojampa film iii 1 . 1 Dehnad to his estate Are Carnagy requested to tall and upon All claims against sold tata now due Wilt be Paul Ltd . A in dui Kathy Limron . By it. M. Chapman attorney. N. B?fur rata a above a Safe la Gmal order pad 41-tf Houtte and lot lbs Hale. Be House situated on the lot an use owner of wat a it Aid Hast atreus Bulu in l#4a of 184#, by i oilman. Bam to two Stork with an a it attached has two part Era Kitchen by drum and pantry and Tea Sun the Gna Urf firn and a Currey pending number a it a Hove stairs. There to a cellar under the a lotto Muse Ami a org Riviera to it from which the Wator la carried into Tow upper part of the usum. The 14 to 80 fort , and Luu fan Back. The toe Alpaca to Surh a la Render the place a de strata one far Pereus 4<4nf boat Ness to Auy Quarter of the Village. The hot win has old on easy urns on application to 0.0. By Ira a. 9-e. Cutter. By Dofard october 7,1884. 41-tf th0mk to want of a sir we of calf Mafi can find just the Nieto at i find just Ovd. Out 1884. 43�?tf

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