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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - November 3, 1854, Biddeford, MaineJ Doxen and the record of commitments to Ibe county jail in rapidly lessening. But this is not All out retail Temperance groceries find their business largely 011 the increase since the Law Cam into operation and Are now receiving weekly pay a Ventson account before confide red Worth lest Tunc the paper on which thay were entered we were informed by a store keeper a few Days since Ine i were now trailing with inn who had owed him iwo years hav ins become intemperate and loll him Foi other places where rum could be procured in Cou sextion with groceries if indeed her Money held out to buy the latter after get in Supply of Iho former who Kince the first of August had returned to he store laying promptly for what they got and in making weekly payments ill Liquida Tion of their old accounts and that his Trade had increased almost one half during the Pat two Mouths. Here is the differ ence Between rum Rule and prohibition and Here the difference Between men when sober arid when under the influx no of intoxication. We have a ked others in the retail dry grocery Burrue and we do not know of an exception where the reply has not been Trade i better than t Effie the jaw parsed the secret is easily told men now spend their Money to Supply the wanta of their families whereas before if they had any it went into the till of the liquor shop. Aii sex dra Soller a asked a Lew Niay. Ago what had become Othi customers quite a number of whom might be found lunging about the shop. His reply was pm i suppose they be gone to work the expression rough am heart let a it Vul contained much of truth 14 Jone to work and Why the carcass is removed the article that called them to hover around his grocery and there to spend their time to he neglect of All else is under the ban of an Iron Law and not being Able to procure it they find no Occa Sion to Laze away the hours of either Day or night in the neglect of their families at his shop or to longer bestow their patronage upon the one who taking advantage of their weakness has done so much to debase and destroy hard Timet. Keeping account Seldom has it happened that there has been so general an Advance of prices for the nectarines of life As we have of late been suffering. Hard times whose Shadow is never Oil the Hearth of the poor now Darken the Halls of those who have been accounted Rich Ami subdue he usual say lights that illuminate their Parlours. Not that there is yet much positive suffering among us but there certainly is a Marvel Lous Stringency with Many who Haye Noi often Felt any constraint upon their expenditures. Wages were Good through the summer and business was plenty a he Thrifty Are pretty Well provided for but the Thrift less and they though a minority Are very respectable for numbers lean too heavily for Comfort on the Hope that the Abund ant crops and plentiful harvests will tame prices essentially and nullify the rough ways of the times. Now let the Youn Man who has work enough to do and is paid for it remember that it is not what he earns but what he spends that settles his account at the end of the year. Ai him be assured that respectable wage ought to support him and unless there Aje extraordinary weights for him to Carr As of debt or a Large family he ought from them to Lay of something against imm Lime that the curtained future May conceal. If it is hard for him now with per feet health Ami a Small family Anil enjoy in j the fullness Energy to Lay up any thing How much tougher will it he to make a having when the natural Fores is aha Teil and Little ones clinging to Hia Arm hinder his full stroke and pains Ami aches Home and Settle in All Hia joints. There a much indeed to hinder his Sav ing something Basules the size of he Bills to be paid for potatoes and beef House rent and necessary clothing. There is Pride and the Luat of admiration and a silly Hope of appearing better Oti Filiau to really is which axe belter enemies to his Prosperity than either hunger or naked Cha. Let every Young Man overhaul his expenses and Eick out from what Are absolutely outside of is control those which he can choke Down and especially Tho a which his better judge intent condemns. Not one knows How much lie might save nor indeed How a Nch he spends for things that he would himself pronounce useless until he Cornea to note item by item. The habit of keeping exact accounts is a great Block of foolish expenses. Though no Effort is made to contract the Chance Walls in less easily through the fingers if it is on the net morning to be noted and if next sat tuday the memorandum is sure to be re viewed. Toe daily account Book is the great antidote to hard times and the habit of keeping it is not Worth less than an additional Dollar per week to the salary. Try it Young bachelors and new House keepers and if you do not find it so. Doubt the wis Dom or Tho old folks and of those who think they . To Fra kist a mind. Or. Thaler indicted fur causing the death of Leason at Frankfort on the 4th of july last been found guilty at Belfast of assault and Battery Only the jury he Lieving that with deceased deah was caused by weakness induced by liquor and drugs. It will be recollected that Tea son former husband of mrs. Thayer was Traves tying the part of a physician in a party of fourth o july Maque raders Seper died from his party came to Thayer s House i my was holding communication with his children when the Poctor struck him or pulled him from Bis soon after to died but Leason had been dissipated to the last Dearie for a Long Lime before his death. He had drank much liquor such As is told. It had Kumhi up the stamina of his system and the jury found the murder Long Anterior to or. Thayer s assault murder was sold to him by the Glass. Some time since a coroners inquest was held of a confirmed inebriated found dead n this City. We learn from the physician into whose hands his remains fell that his fibs at the time of his death was so Brittle that they would snap in the fingers like a a Pipestem. The fall even from a chair i the physician s opinion i ight have Oost him his life to such Straits had Strong drink reduce his mrp Tys turn. The new ship peppered built by k 4 e. Perkins of Biddeford sailed from Mayo River last thursday for new Orleans. Capt. Tristam Jonlan of South Berwick master and part owner Henry b. Jug Mulcy of Kennebunkport mate. This ship is about too tons bunion find of very Fine Model for freighting is butt and Bilge bolted und in very Way a Superior vessel. She is owned by a company of individuals in Sago and bid Deford. Anon her Crew Are George per Kins a nil Murphy seamen and George Wate Rhosa Carpenter of Geo. Cato Stew Rvl. And Frederick Jordan sea san of sooth Irwick and costs Twambley Seaman of a co i Trio r u tied Cut of Coal. To a Vii Star end of the second of to coming Camion of duty on Coal will be repeal to that this important article will be adm cd free into our pors Public men of All parties seen to be in favor of such a measure at was i ton. % Inton Iyub journal. Friday morning nov. 9, 54. Tho next elections. Elections Lur members of Congress and state officers Are to be held on tuesday next in the state of new York new Jersey Illinois Michigan and Wisconsin and on the Mon la following in Massachusetts. In nil of these states there i More or less confusion growing out of the Temperance slavery and other questions. Illinois seems to to the great Battle ground of the con tending armies. Douglas has exerted him self to the utmost to prevent the people of his state from passing judgment against his Nebraska swindle and the state has been thoroughly canvassed by himself his friends an l by others in opposition to tha Nebraska Bill und for he Republican movement. Cass too has been in Tho Field exerting i influence to beat Back Trio triumphant March of the people and to a Prievo the ground which has been lost by the administration by elections in other states. In the states of Illinois Michigan and Wisconsin the opposition to Trio administration seems to be concentrated As it was in Ohio and Indiana and we have Good Rea son to believe that the Republican move Nicot will be successful or if not entirely so that tue administration will re Celivo merited rebukes in the election of members of con press. In Massachusetts and new York the tem Perance As Well As the Nobraska question at orb the attention of the voters and this together with the old organizations has led to a multiplicity of ticket and Divi Sions even among those who in the main agree which May result badly and in addition to this the know nothings it is said Aro in the Gold with heir lists of nominations. We fear there has been Somo want of proc Toul sagacity in the action of Somo of Tho opponents of Tho administration in these states a Short sightedness which May affect unfavourably some of the congressional elections and perhaps prejudice the Canso of Temperance also. In new York Thuro Are five candidates for governor. To sincerely Hope tint Clark who is supported by Tho anti Nebraska men and Temperance men will be elected. His defeat and the election of Seymour who will receive All of Tho anti Temperance strength would to a Causo of much regret. There is Little or no danger that any Nebraska Mon will be elected to Congress from Massachusetts but the confusion which exists with respect to state matter May lend to Sot a unfortunate results. There Are three candidates for governor in the Field was Burns whig Wilson fro soil and Gardner know nothing. The result will probably be 90.choicc. Who will Boulti mately successful it is impossible to predict. An inti21esting document. Tho Boston papers of wednesday contain the following interesting letter which explains itself. Or. Gardner who is paid to be the know nothing candidate for governor of Massachusetts has been accused of be ing a rum Man and a 1 to slavery Hunker whig Llis letter is an indignant denial of these charges and shows him to to on Tho right Side of Thoie important questions of slavery and rum. We were apprehensive that the know nothings of Massachusetts had made a Blunder in nominating him but or. A s letter puts a different aspect upon the matter. This and another which to has written to the state Temperance committee which is said to to satisfactory shows clearly that neither Tho friends of Temperance or the friends of Freedom will Hyvo Causo for complaint should to be elected governor of Massachusetts. The advice which to says he gave to Tho loaders of the whig party u to Call a convention of the opponents of Tho Nebraska Bill to nominate fusion Candi dates for state officers As was done in Ohio io.," indicates that to is a Man of sense and not so obstinately wedded to party As to c willing to endanger the Success of principles by a dogged adherence to eld party organizations. Letter from Henry j. Gardner esq., to Hon. Charles Allen. Boston oct. 30, 54 Hon. Charles Alula sir on my return Home after Somo Days absence 1 have been shown a copy of the Boston daily advertiser of Friday last containing an extract from Tho Worcester spy purporting to to a sketch of a speech recently made by you. I am further informed that you applied Tho remarks to me by name. The extract is As follows " what has been the result thus far f they have met in convention m Boston and nominated a Man As the representative of their Princi Ples who was one of the first subscribers to to fund to establish the chronicle started with the avowed purpose of repealing the Maine Law. Ana then As to his Worthi Ness on the subject of slavery his life is covered All Over with the Bodges of the slaveholder. I no credibly informed that to was one of the marshal s body guard when a Man like ourselves was kidnapped in Boston and carried through the streets to be consigned to endless slavery until heaven in its mercy shall al fact his liberation through the portals of the grave. He has vindicated by speech and vote the fugitive slave Law and gone As far As any Man in this Commonwealth in support o Tho com promises.11 i had supposed from your High reputation for integrity and probity you would not willingly have made statements concern ing any Man based Only on Mere electioneering gossip and i am fully assured you will promptly and cheerfully rive As extensive publicity to the denial of the charges As to their original assertion. To thu first statement i reply i never sub scribed a Dollar to the fund to establish the Boston chronicle. I was Ruver asked to subscribe. I never knew there was such a subscription or such a fund. I do not know by sight and was never introduced to a single person connected with hat paper either As proprietor editor or publisher the assertion that 1 was too of the body guard of Sims or any other fugitive on he return to slavery i two Canoe false As a whole and false in All its parts false in its aggregate and false in every detail. It has no Shadow of basis of any sort kind or de and its originator whoever be was coined the libel oat of Purs in adult rated he Debood. W Ere the same charge made sea int your Elf it could not be More groundless than it w against me. The Power of language does not permit me to exp Rufes the Tutor loathing i Hae for the conduct attributed Toine. Fur Voiht would i l e the poor quivering wretch on the Road Nunin to Tho agony of Bond it Tenn a Volunteer guard to Aid in his return. Lie who invented the charge grossly land red me they who repent or believe it do not know Tuo. It is not True that i oui or have Ever been in favor of the fugitive slave Bill. I Nover voted for a in who favored it know ing such to be his views and i must very much Chungo before i Ever do. Never by word act or vote favored its passage and 1 am in advocate of its essential modification or in lieu thereof its unconditional repeal. Returning from Canada last june 1 read in Tho oars that there was a petition for its re peal at Tho Exchange newsroom and on my arrival Lefore even going to my Placo of business i hastened to Tho exo Hugo and signed Tho petition. To Tho general assertion that my life is covered All Over with Tho badges of the slaveholder i can Only interpose a general denial. You have been very much misled in your estimate of my character. Were it not a Little egotistical i might Siy my Hoart heats us earnestly for Tho rights of Tho North mid my determinations no is Stead fast to pm be Tho aggression of Tho South As yours or your informants. But i am not Content with a general denial. 1 that Tho particular to Given Point to the place the time und Trio act Stato the word Tho Votca or Tho deeds hereon thin charge is based. And if those on Whoso authority you mule it. Cannot furnish Thorn i ask you in Roii Ituen fairness to recall this statement so untrue so unjust. To Tho charge of being a " pro slavery Man und an " old Hunker i state a sin Gle fact. I was not elected by the whig convention a member of the state Central committee of that party but several vacancies having occurred i was verbally invited by its Secretary to attend a meeting held soon after the passage of the Nebraska Bill. I was present and uttered a Resolution which i sustained in a speech to Tho effect that the whig organizations would cull a convention of the opponents of the Nebraska Bill without distinction of party to Nomi nato fusion candidates or Sta o officers As was done in Ohio Vermont Michigan and other states. This Resolution was Howo Vor lost and its defeat was Ono of a Lorica of events which placed in Tho political Posi Tion i this occupy. I loaded Tho petition for Tho Uso of fan Ieula Hall for Tho great anti Nebraska meet ing in february last. 1 procured Tho officers and speakers. I called Tho meeting to order and made Tho opening address and i think though i have not Tho record by Ino was one of its vice presidents. Tho petition is in the City archives Tho Othor facts in the journals of Tho Day and yet i no now charged with being a Nebraska Unn in conclusion 1 would add it is foreign to my Withes to write this or any personal letter. But to permit those assertions to a 8 a contradicted would to construed where i am not known into a confession of their truth. I am warranted in saying had i the Honor of your acquaintance is i have of Many of your distinguished political friends you would never have Given currency to these unfounded rumours. My life and conversation would have stamped their utter untruth to your satisfaction. I cannot answer null Tho Falso rumours that May be ordinate a hereafter. Lot the utter falsity of Lisso How my Fol Law citizens How Little Reliance can be Plu cod on others Fruci similar sources and Tor similar ends i Nui proud to know the people of our glorious Commonwealth Aro too intelligent and too chivalric to a Low any mini however Humble to l o in Grad by slanders As Baso and unfounded As these. Sueh false assertions like inc dragon s Teeth Flint wore sown of old at Tho proper time will Spring unas armed Iner. To defend the absent and Calum nisted from the assaults not so much of his foes As of the enemies of those american principles which you in your Worcester speech h the connected with my name. With great respect i Havo the Honor to to Hon re j. Gardner. Cock to Taka surer. The votes Given for county try usurer were counted by the co. Commissioners last week and Isaac 1. Yea ton &q., declared elected and inducted into office. A the Daguerre an warfare is carried on with great spirit in our place. Tho placard boards Are covered with Tho bulletins of Tho respective Baclig Crants in which it is stated that Good shots arc made at 20 cents. My Kennoy in Tho Central Block rooms to be Neutral in the controversy probably to is too touch occupied to take n part. Of Tho " Angel Gabriel " blew his Horn in our place wednesday. Iio was hero a few weeks ago and made quite a sensation. Iio talked a Short time in Tho open space above Tho Post office but did not get together a Large company. Iio left for Tho City of Portland in Tho noon train. �7�" Tho work on Tho now Mill is pro Gressing rapidly. Should the weather continue Fine a few Days longer Tho bricklayers would Finch their work. They Aro now at work on the fourth and fifth stories. The area of the flooring six al trans in All in the Mill a Over Throo acres. A a Trio messes. Damo & co., of Saco have a Largo assortment of furs for ladies Wear and Buffalo Robes in addition to their Stock of hats and Caps. Persona in want of such goods May learn Furt Bej particulars by consulting their advert cent in this Pap is. L Goodale esq., of Saco was elected a member of Tho Board of agriculture by the York county agricultural society at their recent cattle show fair and William g. Clark Esq of Sauger Rille Mem Ber of to Board by Tho Pisca Taquis Agri cultural society. The attention of our Ortiz on is directed to Tho notice of a festival to to Giro in Central fall by the ladies of to Baptist society inserted in this paper. We Trust that Tho festival will be Well attended. P k. Ross $ co. Aro touching up the under it a diag of All Young and old quite extensively their Iteck of boots shoes and such armies Large Tod a Good one to select Urooj. To Curnut Taix. ? al the recent fair or John s. Murchi of Dayton presented a Branch of fruit from a Chestnut treo planted in 182g. To tree new Girt four feet one loot from the ground. A Benuta Sre rare in this Region but it would appear from this Experiment that they grow Well in . The Tad russian soldiers their diets the contents of their Knapsacks their tenacity of life their distrust of the allies appearance of the prisoners Prince atm Chikoff lost his presence of mud. From Ike of London Titi. Out. 31. I Ciuta or Alj 4. Sept 21. It was a terrible and sickening sight to go Over the Battle Field. Till deprived or my horse by a Chance shot i Rode about to a certain As far As possible the com of Oil friends and in doing so i wad often brought to a hand still by the difficulty of Selling through the piles of wounded russians mingled two often with our own poor of Diers. The Hills of Greenwich Park in fair time Are not More densely covered with human beings then were the Heights of Alma with dead and dying. On these bloody Mounds fell 296 English officers and men and upwards of 3,000 rps ians while their Western extremity was covered with the bodies of 1,400 Gallant frenchmen and of More Ihan 3,000 of their foes. When lord Raglan and his staff and the Duke of Cambridge Rodo round to the top of the Hill Lite troop cd Creed them with Thiol Ling effect a snout of Victory which never can be forgotten the enemy who were Hying in Tho distance might almost have heard its echoes As it rolled along among the Hills. Our men had indeed done their work Well for the action which Cornine oed at 1 23 on our part was Over about 4 r. Ai. In fact the actual clone continuous fighting did not last two hours. Tho russian regiments engaged against us judging from the numbers on the Caps and buttons 9 the dead and wounded Veio Tho Totth 12th, a the 17th, 18th, 31st, .12.1, 33d, and some of the Imperial guard. The russian regiment consists of four battalions and each battalion May be said to be 650 Strong. Several of the Rog Imants 32d and 16lh, for example wore a Black leather Hel met handsomely mounted with Brakaj and having a brass Cone on the ton with a Hole for Tho reception of a tuft Feather or plume others wore simply a White Linon foraging Cap. They Wero All dressed in Long drab coals with brass buttons bearing Tho num Ber of the regiment these Coats fitted loosely Wero gathered in at the Back by a strap and Button descend to the Anc Les j seemed Stout and comfortable Gar ments though the cloth was course Blu Stutru were thrust inside a pair of Wellington boots open at Tho top 0 admit of their be ing comfortably tucked Down Tho boots were Stout Well made and Servic Ablo. Their Knapsacks astonish our soldiers. On open ing them each was found to contain the dress uniform Coatee of the Man Blue or Green with White facings and slashes like of r own a pair of clean drawers a clean shirt a pair of clean socks a pair of Stout mits a Case containing a Good pair of Scis sors marked " Sapin an excellent pen knife with one huge Blade of russian manufacture a Ball of twine Roll of leather Wax thread Needles pins a hair Brush and a Small looking Glass razor strop and soap shoe brushes and blacking. The general remark of our men was that the russians were very clean solider and certainly the men on the held had White fair skins to justify the expression. Each Man had a loaf of dark Brown bread of n sour taste and disagreeable odor in Tho Knapsack and a Linen Roll containing a Quantity of Brown coarse stuff broken up into lumps and Large grains which is crushed biscuit or hard granulated Broad with Oil. This to were told by the prisoners Riis the Solo food of Tho Moo they eat the brr i with onions mid Oil the powder is Reserve ration nil if they March they May be for Days without food and remain hungry till they can it Freh loves and More bread it is perfectly astounding to think they can keep together on such diet and yet they Aro Tiong Roas Cular Mon enough. The surgeons remarked that their tenacity of life was very remarkable. Many of them lived with wounds calculated to destroy two or three Ordinary men i saw one of the 32d regiment on the Field just alter the fight lie was Spiot right through the head Ami the brain protruded Largo masses at the Back of the head and from the front of the Skull i saw with my own eyes the Woun ded Man Rise his hand wipe the horrible mass from his brow and proceed to Strug Glo Down the Large Hills towards the water Many of the russians were shot in three or four places few of them had Only one wound. They seemed to Havo n general idea that be murdered possibly they had been told no Quarter would be Given and several deplorable events took place in consequence. As our men were passing by two or three of them were shot or stabbed by men lying on the ground and the cry was raised that 11 Tho wounded russians Wero firing on our men Thero is a Story indeed that an officer was severely injured by a Man to whom he was in the very net of administering Succour As he Lay in agony on Tho Field be this As it May there was at one time a near Chance of a Mascre taking place but the men were soon soon controlled and confined themselves to Tho pillage which always takes. Place on a Field of Battle. One villian with a red coat on his Back i regret to say i saw go up to a wounded Russia who was rolling on the Earth in Tho rear of the 7th regiment and before he could say a word he discharged his Rifle right through the poor creature s brains. Col. Yea Rode at him to Cut him Down but the fellow excused himself by declaring Tho russian was going to shoot him. This was the single act of inhumanity i saw perpetrated by this Arm flashed with Victory Nad animated by angry passions although the wounded enemy had unquestionably endangered their lives by acts of ferocious Folly. Many of the russians had Small Ciosse and chains round their necks. Several were found with Koran in their Knapsacks most of the officers have portraits 01 wives or mistresses of mothers or Sisters inside their Coats the privates wore the Little Money they possessed in purses fastened below their left knee and the men in their eager search after Money often caused Tho wounded pain Ful apprehensions that they about to destroy them. Last night All these poor wretches Lav in their agony nothing could be done o help them. The groans the yells Tho cries of despair and suffering were a mourn Ful commentary on the exultation of the victors and on the Joy which reigned along the bivouac fires of our Mon. Of the russians one thing was remarkable. The prisoners Are generally coarse sullen and unintelligent looking men. Death had ennobled those who fell for the expression of their faces was altogether diff font. The wounded might have in void those who have seemed to have passed away so peacefully. The soldiers Are All shaven cleaner on the Chin and Cheek Only the moustache is left and the hair is cropped As close to the head is possible. The latter is a very convenient Mode of wearing the hair in these parts of the world. The officers those of Superior rank excepted Are barely distinguishable from the men so far As uniform is concerned Bat the generals wore sashes and Gold epaulettes. The subaltern wore Mere a Lake shoulder strap instead of the cloth of pne of the privates. Most of them spoke French and the entreaties of the wounded to be taken along with us Tho officers moved up Tho Hill were touching in the extreme. The poor Fellows had a notion that our men would murder them if the Eye of the officer was removed from them. An old Genera who sat smiling and bowing on a Bank with his leg broken by a round shot seemed principally concerned for the los of Hia Gold Enuol Box. This i believe has since Ueen restored to him. The men Fay they were badly handled and had no general 19 direct them. Menelic al Litho i head in a figurative sense. The a fir displayed Greal gallantry and the in in fought with a dogged courage Claracie Vistic of the russian infant re but they were utterly deficient in than and dash. I am not quite Ore the Namoa 1 sent you per last lit of the generals commanding was Correct but i believe it to be to now. Our loot a 2,300 Ami 1,400. The enemy have Loal upwards of 6,000. Had we bad but a Litile brigade of cavalry More we might have converted the Retreat into an utter rout and taken Home 5000 pria Onera guns and Alan Darda a trophies of our Vioto by the Taropa bivouacked on the Field not far front the Acene of their Triumph. Treatment or Tuk wounded at the Battle or the Alma. A letter Roro constantinople Maya it a impossible for any one to pee the Ine Lanoholm Ai Tua of the last Low Daya with i out feelings of Carpri a and indignation at Tho Dofi Ciencia of on medical system. The 1 manner in which the pick and wounded have been treated a worthy Only of the Savage of Dahomey. The buffering on Board the Vul can were band enough. Thero Scro three Hundred wounded and 170 cholera Patsenia and the a were attended to by Fon surgeons. The Steno a described an terrible. The wounded noised the surgeons by Tho skirts an they picked their Way through the heaps of dying and dead but Tho surgeons Shook Tacui off. It Tuny be expected and perhaps was right that the officers should receive the principle attention and Thov possibly required the almost undivided labor of four men but Somo Ono no to be in fault when Large bodies of wounded men Are put on Board a ship with no Ono to give them surgical assist no or oven Supply their Necess Ary requirements. Large numbers arrived at Scutari without having been touched by a surgeon since Thoy fell pierced by russian billets on Tho slopes of Alma. Their wounds Scro still and their strength exhausted As they were listed out of Tho boats to to carried to Tho Hospital where fortunately surgical Aid May Boob trained. But All other horrors sink into in significance compared with Tho state of Tho unfortunate passengers by the Colombo this vessel left Tho Crimea on the morn ing of the 25th, wounded men were being placed inboard for two Days before she sailed and when she weighed Anchor she carried the following numbers 27 wounded officers 422 wounded soldiers and 106 russian prisoners in All 553 souls. About half of Tho wounded had received surgical Assia Tanco before Thoy were put on Board. To Supply Tho wants of this mass of misery were four medical men Ono of whom was Tho surgeon of Tho ship sufficiently employed in looking after Tho Crow who at this place and season Are Seldom free from sickness. Tho ship was literally covered with Tho prostrate so As to to almost unmanageable. Tho Foll cars could not got below to find their sextants and the run was made at Hazard. The vessel was at sea 12 Houra through this mischance. Tho worst esses cases Scro placed upon the upper deck which in a Day or two became n mass of putrid Ity. The neglected gun shot wounds bred maggots which crawled in every direction insect tag tote food of Tho unhappy beings on Board. Tho putrid animal matter caused such a stench that the of icons and Crew were nearly overcome and Tho Captain is now ill from Tho effects of the five Days misery. All the blankets to the number of 1500, Liao been thrown Orr Toaru Asu Etess. I Rurik my died during their voyage. The surgeons worked hard As pos Ibe but could do Little among so Many and Many an unfortunate fellow first came under a a Nodi ical Man s hand on his arrival it Scutari six Days after the Battle. It is an ungracious task to find fault and to speak of the Short comings of men who do their utmost but an unfortunate neglect has of cured since Tho arrival of Tho Steamer. Forty six men have been left on l Oard for two Days when by Somo extra exertion they might have been safely placed in the Hospital. The Vessol is quite putrid but a targe number of men will to immediately employ cd to clean and Fumi Gate her and thus avoid the danger of typhus which generally arises in such conditions. Two transports Wero towed by the Colombo and their Stato was nearly As bad. Fact the Best commentary. The n. Y. Courier says " of All commentaries upon facts the most forcible Are facts and gives the following array of facts which have recently occurred in new York City As the most forcible comm eatery upon the influence of Strong drink or the rum Trade " Robert m. Graham drunk plunges a Cane Blaje into the body of Charles f. Lor ing for interfering with his Drunken con duct verdict manslaughter in the second degree sentence suspended. Charles a Ger drunk killed John Mora ii by smashing a Brandy bottle Over his Skull verdict manslaughter in the third degree and sen tence. Three years imprisonment. Charles Graham drunk killed John Wilson be cause the latter could not give him Money verdict manslaughter in the third degree and sentence three years imprisonment. James Smith drunk killed James Davis by stabbing him with a Penknife verdict manslaughter in the second degree and sentence seven years imprisonment. William Fowks shot in hi4 own Porter House by Edward Bogan Benasso he would not leave when ordered. No verdict agreed upon some of the Iury remained unsatisfied that he fired the knot though no Reader of the report of the trial can have n reason to doubt upon the subject. Now we would not take upon ourselves to affirm that in cach and Evory one of then eases Tho crime come Iitto was murder with malice Afore thought. Drunken men Seldom pie medi Tate. Rut it it both unjust and unsafe to allow such a fact to serve As a mitigation of the crime of shedding human blood. He who voluntarily " puts an enemy in his Mouth to steal away his brains most be held responsible for his insane Sota. I would be making Public Justice a mockery to use a crime against morals As a shield to any sex ent for Erime against Law. There is some reason to apprehend that our jury men Are committing this mistake if it pc to the Public interests imperatively demand that it should be and Here Are a few More of the same startling facts copied from the prohibitionist for november which need no other commentary 11 two Yonne men named Jeremiah King and Gerry Post living in new York had a quarrel on the 3d of october but on the a following appeared to be a Good friends As Ever. On the evening of that Day Bow Ever King who had been drinking assaulted Post with a cheese knife fatally stabbing him in the Back and Abdomen. Pott is dead and King it arrested and awaits hit trial for the murder. Hurrah for the veto a Man named Brower a few Days since leaped from a widow of the fourth Ettor of the Onondaga Temperance House at Syra cute. Struck the Iron railing in front of the House from that fell to the sidewalk and died in half an hour. He was tottering from mania e pot if and had but recently been brought to the Onondaga House by his friends from Tho drinking to had been robbed of Hie reason and Hia 1 Money. Peler Mabon of Watertown. Wan a few Day since committed to the jail of Jefferson co., on a charge of murdering Hia wife. Her atoll was broken her Foco horribly beaten to a Jelly and her Throat exhibited Marks of strangulation. Such says the Waterton reformer " is the work of intemperance both Marion and his wife were addicted to the use of Strong liquor. The following is related by Thurlow w. Brown esq., in a recent number of the Cayuga chief while on the cars the other morning another illustration of Heynio Tiris came to my knowledge. A Bevy of Young bloods were on their Way to new York each a flask in his pocket. They were eloquent for the Sanctity of private dwellings Natu ral rights and the Constitution. Olie of their number in the darkness of the night. Had walked off the platform of the cars and been ground to atoms leaving Bis boy a child of some ten years of age to be sent Back an orphan trance that made a d fool of himself was the careless comment of the dead Man s Drunken com Panion. When he lost his life he was no drunker than they. And so the few drams of rum property in the flask so Constitution ally sacred in gov. Seyr Neor s estimation hurled a human being under the crushing Iron and made another child an orphan. The wretched grog of More value than Lile and All the interests depending Dereon i David t. L Pierce of Rectortown Fauquier co., va., recently shot his father with a double barrelled gun wounding him in Tho thigh because the latter had reproved him for Dru Kennem. He a Ald not Brook such unconstitutional interference with his rights to vetoed Tho reproof and the reproved. A Man named Lane of very intemperate habits was found dead a few Days Hince in Tho Vicinity of Liberty in the same county and state. The Buu Ards had nearly devoured him. William Darry of Buffalo was sentenced on the 9th ult., to be Hung on the last Day of this month november for the brutal murder of his wife. Darry was an intemperate Man and in his Drunken ferocity literally beat her to death. Tin expedition or sir John Frank in. The expedition of sir John Franklin consisted of two vessels the Erebus and terror Tho former being manned by 70 Lien officers and Crew and the latter by 68. Total 138 men All told. The vessel were offi cored As follows the Luis a. Tub to Moa. Sir John Franklin Ca urn. Klc Hanl cruder Captain. Jamet flu Jamea comm. Cd want mule. 1 Oraham Gort. F George ii. Hod Pony Ltd. Hon. T. I. Leye conto la. John Irving Jai. We. Far Home. J it is morally certain that every Man of Tho Crew of the missing ships has perished and Tho report of or. Kae contains evidence but too Strong and convincing that death was Iro ceded by Groat hardship and intense suf ering. The report is so indefinite and in direct however that almost All the Circum stances connected with their Fate must to left to conjecture. The new York journal of Commerce of lots the following plausible speculations As to Tho movements of sir John Franklin and his party Tho period of this fearful tragedy is sup posed to Nava been As Long ago As the Spring of 1850 and its locality near Tho Mouth of the Back less properly called the great fish River in lat. Go0 30"., and Between Long. I Ana u7v. A Little North of these far Lela the Back River after flowing five undred mites to a North Easterly direction from Ita source near Lake Aimer and the Eastern Slavo , enlarges into a Hay from twelve to Foj Ficen Nilos in Width which forms a Southern indentation to Tho Channel by which King William s and is in circled. This Channel empties through Decaso and Simpson s Strait into Victoria Strait and ring William sea and connects in a nearly direct Northern line with pref sound bar Row s Straits and Wellington Chan not. At the onto Anceo this latter Channel on the Eastern Shore Are situated Capo Kiley and the Peninsula called Beechy Island whore it will to remember of the Grinnell ship res Cue and two ships under Captain Penny of Captain Austin s Squadron discovered simultaneously the lost signs of sir John Frank Lin it was ascertained from inscriptions on the grave stones of four of his party who were buried on Beechy Island that he spent there the Winter of 1845, and probably More than half of 46. From that Timo no Rumor has been heard of concerning him until Tho telegraphic dispatches Wero received which we publish in this morning s paper announcing his woeful end. During this Long interval of five years before that melancholy event took place where was he and How was he occupied no reply can be Given to these question at present beyond mete conjecture. We incline to believe that he did not succeed in penetrating As has been heretofore thought a through Wellington Channel into the sea beyond and it May possibly be supposed that his ships Wero carried Down Regent s Inlet by Tho Iee and lost upon the North Eastern coast of Boothia isthmus whence to could have passed Overland to the Point where Ever that he attempted to sail As he has been counselled in the direction of Cape Walker was drifted with the ice Down Peel sound into King William sea and that his vessels were driven on Shore and destroyed in the narrow Straits Between King Wil Liam land and Adelaide Peninsula or a few Miles further South in the Bav at the Entrance of Back River. James loss Strait we deem it by far More i a Channel out or King win in sea into which he ship could also possibly Hare been untried Anil from there a Long tedious journey would have brought the adventure Era to the Mouth of the Back River but u close comparison of the despatches As received with the last admiralty charts will Lead the reflecting observer to Seo Many reasons for doubting whether such a Desti nation would have Deen sought from that Point. We surmise that sir John Franklin we hemmed in by the ice beyond escape in Victoria Strait for a very Long period per Hap years before his ships were actually destroyed and that during this time his provisions gone and his ships lost he would thus Bave found himself separated nearly seven Hundred Miles from fort Churchill on Hobson s Bay which is the nearest Point of a loess for Succour from civilized men. He could rely on thu Esqui Mau neither for sustenance nor for sledges by which to facilitate Bis Progress soul Haid. It a possible Eren that he had no Intercourse with those Savages at All. No resource we left Bat to Bear with patience the attacks of cold and Hanger and to perish in that Frozen Wilder Ness. The locality specified As that where the last of the Crew perished is so near the probable scene of the disaster to their ships that their sufferings it May be hoped were not greatly prolonged. Still the manner in which the Oor Pees of Soma who were found had been mutilated is said to Bare proven evident that their remains had Kir khad food for Soma time to their com a. Joku possible nay probable that it far from Franklin Lake or certainly Between the Lake with the intrepid navigator s name and Mao Tougau s Lake lat. 66� 10he and his associates met their death. A spot so far away from the regions where he was supposed to have penetrated sufficiently explains Why so Many years have passed without any report having reached England or this country of the catastrophe. The general impression hat been with All except one or two Arctic sex a Loren that he had passed through Wel Egton Channel and was to be sought for North of Grinnell Channel on the Frozen coast of North Cornwall or still further 117 the Oxford Democrat condemns As does every othe paper in Tho state the kills Worth outrage and the spirit which prompted it and at the me time Speaks pointedly against the attempt being made by some presses a make political capital out of it As will be seen from the following extract which is made from a recent editorial in that paper " the attempt to make political capital out of transactions of this character and to regard a thing of this nature a an act justified or defended by any religious class of the Community is certainly too Small Busi Ness for men of common intelligence. That such an Stumpt is made is a fact too obvious to be overlooked. Their attempts Are made when men charge such actions to the protestants of the Community or to any social or political organization have a ten Dency to uphold such outrages if they have by word or deed Given encouragement to them nil do now i any Wascou Lenane then we say let the Hig it displeasure of an insulted people be visited upon their doctrines principles and policy. Bui if neither the protestants nor any political or ionization approve of such conduct As they in fact do not. The base attempt to make them responsible for it should be viewed As the offspring of prejudice and hypocrisy. It has become quite fashionable of late in certain quarters to charge every such out rage As Tho one to which we have referred to the know nothings. Whether they Are built of them or not we do not know. They Are we Hope they will receive their just Reward. No society or organization whether political or religions Eon or ought to be tolerated in this country which upholds such Ouli Ages. It would seem however much More candid and charitable much More in acco Danco with True american policy As Well As religious toleration to View the principles of this organization in Tho Light in which their own published organs present them rather than in the Light of Assumption and prejudice. The Organ of that association says we do not oppose the Catholic religion but we oppose its Fol Lowers because they attempt to incorporate it into the to i car pm refs of the country. We oppose it tooth and Nail not As a re Ligion but As it is a treacherous mine of political according to his there is no Effort on their part to wage War on the Catholic religion on foreigners in general in their proper place or on the conscience cd of men but they firmly oppose the designs and efforts of a religious sect managed by foreigners when it attempts to Gaiu by intrigue or otherwise the Ascendancy in the policy and politics of the country. While therefore there is nothing in their principles arguments or declarations which can War rant these fashionable charges and innuendoes culminated against ail american association it is certainly to be honed that Lam american people will not be frustrated in the Pursuit of any Good object or measure by clamor and political prejudice. Foreign news. New Yoke oct. 30. Trio Collins steamship Pacific Captain Nye from Liverpool 18th inst., Ai Rived Here this Forenoon. There is absolutely no news from the sent of War the dispatches such an they Are being altogether conflicting. It is however authentic that up to the 9th nothing a been accomplished. The allies now number 90,000 men Rte the Crimea. They of canny a Strong position South of Sebastopol and have All their seige apparatus lauded. Man Tchikoff continues to hold the held North of the Sebastopol with 30,000 men expecting a reinforcement of 30,000 More. latest dates stale that Gen. Can Rebert had ordered he russian outposts to be driven in on the 9th, Ami seige batteries reeled. Ten thousand additional French troops Are to be shipped immediately for Marseilles to the Crimea. It is confirmed that the Baltic Fleet Wal return Home without further operations. Omar Pasha is preparing to operate on three Points the Pruth Dobra Cha and Tho sea. Russia is amassing troops on the austrian Frontier. It is surmised that Fiance and England Are at present organizing the re establish Merit of the Independent kingdom of Poland. Jerome Bonaparte had been re naturalized As a Frenchman. Messes. Olivet s and Mchenry a affairs look More unfavourable. Messes. Perrins k Wright and five other firms in Dublin have failed and a panic prevails there which is considered Only temporary. Excitement in to Elestee. Or. But Man of Boston who took part in carrying off Anthony Burns went to Worcester on saturday last to summon witnesses for the United states court when he was Altac Kod by several coloured men and rather severely handled. A telegraphic despatch to the Boston journal says a number of coloured men Tell upon him and would undoubtedly have taken his Lite but for the interference of Martin Stowell Jos. A. Liow tall air. Hoar Rev. T. W. Higgerson and Stephen s. Foster nil abolitionists. Bulanan was Hustle to into a Carriage accompanied by or. Higgerson and escaped with Bia life. Or. Higgerson a considerably Cut and bruised by misses thrown at the Carriage and Bulman was pelted with Rotten egg and atones and was kicked and beaten al most to death. He promised never to visit Worcester again. Til Worcester Amu. The Boston Atlas Afker giving the account of the excite ment at Worcester adds " we learn that or. Batman waa sent to Worcester by the u. 8. Authorities to sum Mon witnesses Fot the United state court in regard to the Burn riots. Officer Batman arrived in this City last evening about 8 o clock having Ridden All the Way from Worcester in a private Char Acter. He waa so seriously injured by the rough handling of the mob that he May not to Able to leave his room for ome Days. He attributes his escape with Hia life entirely to the exertions of mess a. Higgerson Hoar and others of those whose conduct in the bums affair he went to Worcester to Aid in investigating. He was Mueh injured by Persona punching him with umbrellas at the depot. Of the daily stage to Portland is now Ander the care of its former gentlemanly and attentive Driver or. 0. G. Plummer and leaves the Sago House every morning at 7 12 o clock. Editorial Chanok. Or. James m. Fur bar has retired from the great Falls Jour Nal and the a Spur will h Ore after be conducted by h. K. Wentworth. Body Huml

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