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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Nov 3 1854, Page 2

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - November 3, 1854, Biddeford, MaineThe l to eater5i Jol real ii Rusl Iteld a Kilt niday. Orc no. 1 Central Block. La Deford opposite tha bid Cofoni in mime fa4fioo paid within three month from the thine Siw Gle copies May be obtained at this office in Seal. Price 4 cents. T ii. Pau a Ali american newspaper Trent i the authored aunt for this paper in tha cities of new York Tomou Ulm Philadel phia and u duly empowered to take advertise Vincnt and in script Ion at the same rates As required by Lis. Ills office Are a Yuri Tri Bune Lliel Duzs Lionton Soolly building n. W. Corner third Aud Chesnut tract. Marcus Watson. Prater. Poetry. Vav Wawn a v v w the Harvest Moon. 9lovvly where tax Minstrell inv wind Triy veil Are lilting Harvest noon Harvest in you. Thou didst Light tin weary Ycu Ian. Telling when the Day wan gone Harbinger of Golden autumn Harar to nto Oil Harvey Nix la. Elloum jul red a Jtj the Highland silvering o or its Dusky Cone a Cuino the dreamer thu tier Ulpind Harvest Moon Harvest i on. ? a c1 c ill t Val. Reports of committees male at the fair awl cattle show of the York county agricultural society Kohl in bundt full october 4/a Ami 5th. Of 8tadixc1 match. The committee Are sorry to find Tat one entry for spading. The value of this irn element for thorough cultivation certainly cannot be properly estimate in a Community where this could be the Case. The Spajer on this occasion John Mccullum of Saco was evidently familiar with its use and though perhaps somewhat embarrassed by being the observed of All observers showed that it was capable of doing some thing besides inverting or disturbing the Ward not Only was the Sward inverted but the soil so thoroughly pulverized that a gentleman standing by remarked u it was fit for an onion the committee Alanl him the first pro Indium of s4. After this Benj. H. Lowell proposed try ing his Apon the adjoining lot and al though he went Over it in rather less time your committee did not deem the work so Well done. As by making entry in season he is debarred from a Premium a gratuity of one Dollar is recommended. For the committee s. L. Goodale. To raise Cunt aim ugh. A writer in one of the Early volumes of the sort icon tourist or. Downing we believe tells us How to grow common asparagus to that it will always rival any giant production lie Imi is every Oue who hits seen my Beds has begged me for the med thinking it a new sort but i have pointed to the manure Heap the Farmer bust Bank and told to lion that the secret All Laih there. The sight was Only such As might to seen in every Garden. About Tho first of november As soon As the Frost has Well blackened the asparagus tops 1 take the scythe and mow All Down close to the surface of the bed let it i a Day or two then set fire to the Heap of talks Burn in to ashes mud spread the ashes Over the bed. 1 then go to my darn yarn i Lake a loan of clean Iresh stable manure and add there to half a Bushel of Hen manure turning Over and mixing the whole together through out. This Tuake a pretty powerful com Post. I apply one such Load to every Twenty feet in length of Iny asparagus Beds which Are six Leet wide. With a Strong three pronged Spud or Fork i dig this dress ing under. Tie whole is now left for the Winter. In the Spring a Early As possible turn the top of she bed Over lightly once More. Now of the asparagus grows naturally on the Side of the Ocean and loves Salt water i give it an unusual Supply of its favorite condiment. I cover the surface of the bed about a Quarter of an Inch thick with Tine packing Salt it is not too much. As the pouring Rains come Down it gradually Dis solves. Nut a Weed will appear during the whole season. Everything else pigweed Purlin All refuse to grow on top of my As Paragus bods. Hut it would do your eyes Good to see the Strong Stout tender stalks of the Plant itself push up through the sur face Eaily in the season. I do not at All stretch a Point when i say that they Are As Large around As my Hoe handle and As ten Der and succulent As any i Ever rated. The same round of treatment is Given to my bed every year. Tan8i l.v.\ti? Tran and is now Prei to generally admitted that All Hardy Trees and shrubs can be As successfully moved in the fall us in the Soring. Now is the Timo to do this successfully. It is of no consequence if the leaves Are not All off. As by that Timo they Aro in what is called a Stato of rest and in most cases have Well ripened Wood. If Success is desired care must be taken with Tho roots and it is use less to cd pet Success if Tho roots no chop Ped off nearly close to the Stem. The proper Way to take up a tree or Shrub of any age is to begin three or four feet from the Hole or in the Case of Large Trees More,1 and Uko out a Trench one foot wide All round the Stem As deep As Tho roots Are Likely to go then take a Fork and gradually break the soil from Tho roots until the whole it Hare this prese Tea the fibres the great feeders of the tree. The tree or Shrub can now be lifted to its future place a Hole hav ing been previously prepared for its Rocepa Tion at least a foot larger All around than its roots. The soil should now As carefully be filled in about the roots taking care not to Bury too deep about two inches below the surface is sufficient. If the Sou is poor some manure Well rotted or what is better decayed leaves should be mixed with the Oil to go in and about the roots. If the soil should to dry a Good soaking of Wator should be Given to Settle the Earth about Tho roots. Another Neces Arv precaution is to secure the newly not a Trees by s Akes from being fucked about by the coun try gentleman. Cold very. One of the editors of the agriculturalists in noticing the Garden of j. 11. Peck of Burlington vt., say we a a in this Garden a cold winery in which Are matured every son the finest of the foreign Grap Anil Jet the Structure was so cheap As to be within the reach of men of very moderate meant. Most horticulturists Are deterred from the cultivation of these grapes by the idea that they Are Nace Ataily very expensive. Hut artificial heat is not at All Ott Espiry and a building that Ono Inay extempore be with a saw and j Jack knife will product a Fine hat burgs a a winery costing from one to live thou Sand dollars. The great essentials Aro a i Good Border and la s to protect them from i the change of climate rape that took i the Premium at Hartford last fall to Seroj informed Weie raised in Mold Tai unto Vine by not coating thirty Dollar. We a to the curiosity of visiting it and found the report no exaggeration. We have also seen Siisi Ezaon in the Garden of gentleman of note i a winery of his own construction cheaper still where the Hamburg seemed to be entirely it their vane. Miscellaneous. I a a a v the first temp trance society at Thi 2iggins. To Doug mull h " 11 i la to Homo Asama Mother before another Winter and if Industry can gain it will have something to Miako you and sister Mary comfortable said a Young Ian As he stood on the front Steps of a pretty cot Tage in the suburbs of Cincinnati holding his Mother s and sinter s hands. To was about to bid them a Long Adieu. Mrs Elton was a widow not a poor widow for she had a pretty cottage with hand some grounds and two Dutiful children Edward and Mary but or. Elton had icon in the grave Many years Edward had grown to be a Young Man Mary was al most a Young lady. Neddy Elton is his sister called him knew that his Mother was embarrassed for mean., by which she intended he should Complete i education with out further interruption in teaching at which for a support much of his time had t been employed. When the the news 01 to my Oruro 01 the Pacific reached the states Jward waited no longer than was no Cussary to ascertain that the Golden reports were Well founded before his determination was formed and he told i Mother thai he should become a Gold Digger. She remonstrated depicted the perils and dangers attending his journey and portrayed the disappointment which might to in store for him it i to Mecca of his Hopes but in vain. He joined a com Pany and prepared for his journey. Lie anticipations and dwelt glow singly on the change to would make in the Linn cottage when to returned from the Sacramento. 44 to have Faith in you my son. You will be thrown in bad company but you will remember my counsels. One thing do not forget be those were his Mother s parting words they sunk deep into his heart. Be will now follow the Young adventurer. Crossing the Plains he Mas Tho leading spirit f of Tho company and when to reached the diggings was Tough and Happy us any one who travelled with him. By vote of his Pirty the Sacramento was named us the conc of operation. It was Ono of Tho Best veins on this River and Reu of truly a Golden Harvest. Elton in company with a i Young Mun named Taruo Yowho had been a 1 schoolmate fell upon several very product Tiro placers and astonished their Comrade 1 i by Tho Woight of their 44 spoils " Keno ipod with their great Success they were led into to d adventures and severe exposures and at length both became victims to a t retailing disease and were compelled to leave Tho proper medical Aid was not at that time 1 to to had. Tho Only Medicine which the miners Usel was a Misem Blo compound called Brandy which sold at an enormous i Price but according to Tho advice Given to the ailing Young inn it must to had and their Gold dust went freely for it. Elton thought of his Mother s lost words to temperate but to was taking Brandy " Only As Medicine " and there could to no Dan Ger. To bad no thoughts of Tho App Tito it would awaken Honorer fully realised Why his Mother had instructed him so earnestly to shun Strong drink in did not know i hut i his father had Tott Rod on Tho Brink of u drunkard s grave and that in Early youth he had mischievously exhibited a desire for spirituous liquors that was crushed Only by the Moet careful maternal watching. For Many a s Elton took Tho Medicine carefully because respect for his Mother restrained him. Lerney w is not to scrupulous and boldly a Anifet Ted a decided liking for such a tonic. They grew Strong either on account of Tho to riot and rest Uliey enjoy cd or through the in Cuenco of Tho tonic and in less than a month again entered upon the enticing occupation of Gold gathering but this time they worked not As free men they were Tho slaves of a dangerous a Educ Tivo appetite Elton s prejudices att iu9 companion mantra is res acct or ins Mother s last words to Hisiu Imd Gru dully become weaker until he Cou a tip a Glass with much Freedom us any Man who worked on Tho " canons " of the River. Llo and Henry w dug together and drank to Gether until their 8tetitcs. Previous to his illness Elton had sent through a Man who wits returning to Tho St Tea u handsome remittance to his Mother with u most Gratifying account of his habits health and prospects. Lie had vet and no word from Home though to had Wen in California nearly nine months. It was Tho evening of Tho anniversary of Tho arrival of Tho company at the mines. Tho diggers though All had Boon vory successful in gathering there Wero but two of Tho party who besides Trio sum they sent Homo Scro an ounce of Gold dust better off than Thoy had Beon the first week of their life on Tho Sacramento. Neither of these fortunate diggers were Elton and Lerney As Tho Reader would judge a gloom hangover Tho party and they were All anxiously wait ing the arrival of a messenger who Hail Sev eral Hays before been dispatched for Brandy in a ranch forty or fifty Miles Down Tho River. They hoped he would arrive the night pre Vious and they began to talk of indians and foragers impatient Lor the commencement of their carouse when a fellow on guard cried out " Wake up boys bore comes Tho All hands were immediately on Tho look out and in a few minutes the messenger with his puck mules and a companion to had obtained at the ranch was surrounded by the impatient Carous in. What was the disappointment of the majority when their in ii al informed them that it had obtained of. It in i Lovely night. A full Moon was reflected Iti Tho choir water and 1 its Silver Light glowed on Tho Swift Ripples. Elton seated himself upon a jetting Point near Tho Baso of a Lego of Roc 8, and by Tho Light of Tho heave Fly Host in that Clear atmosphere abundantly sufficient read the superscription of his letters till he found one which he knew to to in his Mother s hand writing. Tho Seal was hastily broken j and he read until an uns hed tear glistened on his Eye lash. What thoughts of Homo rushed on his mind he had been sober Sov 1 Oral weeks. What is that to reads again and again j 4i my son How glad i am you into hooded i my parting counsel. 1 Felt that temptation i would not overcome your firm principle and i i rejoice to know that you will Corujo Homo to us As you have loft us free from Vicos j which von have been taught Are most dangerous in strict moderation and debasing,be-1 Pond Tho expression of any language i can of in Liiko a Tolou Rusnow Over Titan Mizumi Tonj to teaching his Mother had Given him from Tho time to first understood Tho Lull Aby la which his Cradle Cru rocked until he had parted from her under solemn counsel then came up a review of his life in Tho mines How his Mother s from Confidence reproached him. He repeated Tho extract again and a tin Ami when to had thought calmly of his duty to looked up to Tho sky and with a Fervour As if t 10 stars Wero Tho eyes or Engels gazing Down upon hit to u stored " As i Livo i will not Shuso such Coonfi for an hour he sat on the rocks thinking of his Homo and revolving his plans then to walked slowly Hack to Tho Camp Aud sought his " Boon la ency said to you must not drink another drop of " i dont think 1 shall just now but if Hen had not returned with an empty cask i reckon you would have Seoti before this How Temperato i can in 41 rut 1 am in Earnest la ency. To to " i mean that if there Woro a Hundred barrels of Tho Bent old Brandy in Camp that that Ever came from Tho stale., you big our not Tanto a and How would you prevent to " by my that s Rich. You Aro getting witty Ned. Any thing in these letters that s Whitted your wit yes torn there s something Horo that s whetted my wit and i Havo determined not to drink any Tuoro of Tho infernal stuff we get Callol Brandy. I am in Earnest and you must join " i la a Ftp Obras Long As Ami will nod and i la to drunk on Tho list liquor that Como Inlo Tho Caine " " will you Nagroo not to drink any of the pois 11 till i do 41 will Pon " Jive me your two Irionda Shook hands heartily and walked together to the tent. On the Morrow a party of Mon passed Tho Camp before Tho diggers had gone to work and As they were Well supplied with " Neces Aries from s in i Macisco a Small Quantity of spirits was obtained Iroku them and it was not Over an hour before the grand carnival commenced upon a rude Bench beneath their weather beaten tent sat seven or eight of Tho minor and Hilo the Jug of Medicine passed freely around they talked bravely of their intentions and Prospect. Presently it was Dis covered that two of Tho party was missing Elton and Lerney. " where arc Tho fellow asked a rough spoken Miner. 11 at Tho Brook answered another. To shall Havo a fun out Ofallon to Day. The letters he got Vest Croy Havo m Ulo a baby of him and his Shadow in Crecy has caught the infection 44 Lloro he Cinoa cric 1 out a our conc 01 Tho p triv pointing Howardi Tho Brook. I la answer for him thut by i tic drunk est Man in Tho crowd afro night awl what coulis we do on a spree without nod at this moment Elton and Flornoy entered the tent and the Man who happened to Havo Tho eng sprang to his Fuet and familiarly taking Tho former by Tho Collar exclaimed. 44 they be been lying about you Ned. Come show Thorn in a Yood swig that you Are a nun i Wilt show you that i am Nman but by letting pushing Tho Jug proffered Hisiu. Tot i Well Dono neb cried several voices one singly. 41 i am in earn t boys returned ,1 with a dignity of manner he know Voll How i to assume4and you know my Well enough to believe that lion i deliberately resolve up on a thing i la put it through 44 Why what the matter with Ned said Tho Ono who pushed the Jug at 44 Why what s Tho matter ? every things the matter i Havo been in these mines Ono year. 1 Havo dug a Preat Deal of Gold. Except n few Hundred vol Ltd Worth sont Homo what Havo 1 to show i nothing nothing but a bloated Fuco How Many of you Are Witter off Why is this there s the , pointing significantly to Ono of Tho men who was just taking a drink. 14 a great Medicine it has been to us. With cold in nub Nanoo about five Hundred dollars and those that Havo anything owe it More to their skill in King than their Industry in digging. To been All Rich if to had Ull been sober 1 when to Coald not get liquor to did Well. W Hen liquor Cam our treasure Van shod. Is this what our friends expect Road to other Camps i n the Vicinity i and oof re seven Days loud rolled around the Calif Ruiu Vliem Potance society numbered 25 Mcm bars. Such was Tho origin of Tho first total abstinence society in the Gold diggings. At the Timo " nominated in Tho Bond Elton and his friends look their departure fro.71 san Francisco for now York in one of the first steamships which mud the Pas Sago. They had Boon very successful. Luck had Lod them into a number of Rich " Gulch is and All who kept choir pledges against gambling and drinking returned Home with a com Clency. Where stood widow Elton s cottage when nod started for California May now to seen a Largo and handsome mansion. To will take a glance at Tho family As they All appeared at Tho door. The matronly old la by who Bikih a Young couple Good evening is widow Elton. Tho Young couple arc or. And mrs. Edward Elton. They have just returned in Tho car Riago which stands in front of Tho Gate from a visit to or. Acyl mis Homey. Hut where is Mary Elton ? or. Homey can answer and nod Elton can Tell you my Reader if you Aro curious that in taking a wife a fair Exchange of Sisters is not Tho storming of . Tho National Monitor a now literary paper published in now Yolk contain a sketch of a portion of the Milieu in operations in Mexico which is entitled " life in the Antny or of the mexican War by i Ayr York ovum later. Tito style of the writer it Plain and Lucid and he Nar irites with much liveliness and directly to the Point. Here is an account of the storm in of Chapultepec " it was it sombre morning Tho heavens being obscured with dense muck Clouds therefore not a Wall of Tho Eastlu was visible t j Tho Rye not even Tho Hill on Nhoh it stood could he seen nothing but Tho Bill. Saint lights that illuminated it Atli acted the eve presenting a grand imposing spectacle a concentration if Brilliant meteors suspended from the Black Clouis above be ing the neatest similitude to it. As we neared the Castle Tho greatest possible Cau Tion was observed. The men were cautioned not to allow their tin canteens to strike against their Musket or Cartridge boxes not a word was allowed spoken in Tho ranks every possible precaution was taken to keep the enemy in igbo Tantico of Ltd approach Onward we March with noiseless Steps i Lent tongues Ami palpitating hearts. Nearer and nearer we approached file formidable Castle bristling with Hen a raillery and containing twelve Thon and of Mexico s Best troops and commanded by one of her bravest and Best generals. Suddenly we were brought to a halt the division to which i was attached being intended to support a Battery under Tho command of capt drum Whiteh Hart Boon erected during the Niolu directly under the Castle. Just As to Hal Ted the shrill tote of a trumpet assailed our ears. Then the rolling of Drums was heard and presently a full brass band joined in. It was the enemy playing the reveille. A death like prevailed in our ranks at the time not a whisper or a breathing could be heard therefore so unexpected a the music that when it struck the ear it caused a momentary thrill to shoot through my Frame i Felt a Peculiar Siule scribble sensation. I have no doubt others experienced the same. Tho music was suddenly interrupted. Bang or wont one of Tho huge pieces of artillery from drum s Battery nud for a moment Trio dreadful Whiz z of its Iron death messenger was heard through Tho air and then its fatal crash As it struck Tho Castlo. Instantly every Lyhl in Tho later Wax put out and it was in Siblo shrouded in dark less. Silence was to longer observed in our Tho commanding word of Baxter Forward was heard. To marched a Short distance tiled to the right and halted taking no a in supporting distance of capt. Drum s Battery presently the sombre Clouds that obscured the heavens separated a Streak of i blows visible in the Eastern horizon the Day was breaking. Lighter Ard lighter it gradually Jurow objects that had been previously in. Visible now appeared to the sight. Anon inc blazing peeped Lorth Fiona the dark hid ing place diffusing a upon Tho mirth and revealing to our astonished sight Ali Titio massive wins i i a Hiu upon to huge muzzles of n Hundred pieces of Artill Ery thai peered from their respective Cin Brasunas Ami Tho glittering bayonets of in j least eight thousand Inland try in the Woods surrounding Tho Castle and at Tho base of the High Lull upon which it stood. This was nor first sight of the Castle and i gazed upon its imposing appearance with film ration contemplating at the Samo Mo-1 ment the mighty convulsion that was to follow in attack upon its impregnable Walls Tho lives that must Nice Samily to Scarfi j ced Tho wives and widows the patents childless Brothers Ami Slot err mourners and helpless children Portia i fatherless casting my eyes Over the Gallant Little band that stood beside to companion who had had of coyed through Statius of Lead and Iron who had fought by my Side in All the proceeding Battles the sad and awful con vie Tion Lorod itself upon my mind that in a Brief time Manv of those whose smiling faces and cheerful hearts betokened no " idea Dtho Morrow worm Lio in the cold icy embrace of death. The loud report of a nun from Tho Camlo and the startling noise of Rapo and cannister As it went crashing tearing through the tall dense Pul que Plant in my in mediator Vici Ity checked All further reflections on Ray part. The emmy had discovered us and was evidently determined to do us All Tho injury that he to ably could. Cannon after Cannon and huge mortars on Tho Walla of the Castlo vomited Forth unremittingly their ponderous Road shot grape canister and Shell doing in How Ever but Little in jury As we had taken the precaution to occupy a secure position. Tho guns from our several batteries it Dio front commanding Point promptly answered Tho enemy end j ing Lorth their deadly Content in reply All Day from Daylight until Tho Sable curtains of night shrouded Tho contending armies in darkness the booming of Cannon the bursting of Shell the clashing of Gro o and cannister and the Sharp report of mus Ketry greeted Tho ear. Various incident that Caine under my observation during Tho Day now Force them selves upon my memory. Captain drum s Battery which kept up a constant and destructive fire upon the Castle Tho whole atty. In about sixty Yards from Tho right of my regiment. Our whole division commanded by general quit Man consisting of the 2d Pennsylvania and South Carolina volunteers and a battalion of United states marines also occupied a j of Tiou in supporting distance of Tho Bat Tery. Attached to the South Carolina regi ment Scro soveral negroes slaves who had accompanied their masters Somo of them privates too on Tho Campaign and on several occasions displayed comm Andablo gallantry. One of these negroes a huge Black muscular fellow stood no out ton Yards from the guns and at every discharge to would Ca Gorly watch what effect it had upon Tho Castlo. If a favor Ahlo one to would jump in Tho Nir clap his Linda and exclaim 41 Golly Maesa you give Ira Goss Dat time Sumii then to would again a Fumo his position behind a tree and await with anxiety the discharge of another Cannon with straining eyes watch for Tho shot to strike Tjio Castlo tid then Rush into Tho Road and go through i the Samo performance an mentioned Uhova. The fellow had conducted himself in this manner for two or Turco Houra when a shot from our Battery made desperate havoc with j the out works of Tho Castlo. Tho terrible crash could to distinctly heard and the Clouds of dust hat Aston cd into Tho air from Tho demolished masonry presented n picture similar to a vast conflagration. Trio negro Delight tit this moment was unbound j cd. To threw himself on Tho ground rolled i Over and Over and kicked and squirmed like a dying animal uttering loud and joyous exclamations. Thus Bud Lenly springing to his feet he leaped about five feet from the ground struck his cols together clapped his hands and exclaimed " we o up Hooray by Grushus j Monssa Dat was Tho Bestol pm All give i it to in again " just us to concluded Tho lust sentence Tho loud report of a monster Cannon wus he Roi it of the Bayonet Over a lofty precipice. In Flo minutes after the Castlo was ours Tho Gaudy Flag of mexi co that had for years floated undisturbed from its lofty staff was torn Down and the colors of Tho new York regiment Huny to the Breeze Over the conquered Castle. Nine deafening cheers cheats such As Only Inen flushed with Victory can Reivo greeted Ilas the folds were opened nut by the wind. Dirac ctr or Doinik objects on tub Moon. The following is a Brief extract from a scientific work soon forthcoming entitled the universe no Deport the Earth no monopoly 41 Whan we Are Tom that an object on Tho Moon Only iwo hum Lrtil it Twenty in extent the Chii fit of Bunker Hill Monu ment can to distinctly Scon by Means of Tho great Refl Troy of lord Kosae we must remember that Madler considered Tho mini mum length of a Shadow susceptible of measurement to be three seconds of arc ? 1 Plain Job min Tiru of the Huwer Lucr Luc or Block Imdorf no la flt try up with pm a Stihi try that Villa Iiams bin to Furu Ith the pubic Villi work cram i ii a Lii flu. The great al race uitus that a for a a or within a few year ill Odt an. Or a for Plain of a Jiffy prix to if 0 u Colon or with a Contr will Beer mud to maim thai Pic to Are with the Wrt i any rain Iii Oltre in City re Kiniry ail Ity a am of a fat l arts wiil a i of Irli i a u Urc Kiiru in till arc Tina. The i pc Ami Druland Lur c a ii 1 Puih Tikal la plur 1 the Hul Worllie trischa c a Bifaia Jorr Ottine Hoard ail Purkat Iii tax i Titan Iii Large iiiiiu0e�, he to Insl it Aii or ill orders in thu Branch the Ini him u. Us i if it Mai la Chi i. Can Boal of allo or ail Quality Ray i Uiki. It unt a for any tial of ji4 in Ioir lit by or Tan Lvi by mail air ii la Rui. I Aida Imi Olics la. Com an. Equal la three and a half Miles of feet at that distance. Two bundled and Twenty Icet Are just one seventy Futi Ith part of three nil a half mile. It in one tiling to to an object Ami Mother tiling m dating huh Ira features. It void be As tit fisc ill in discern a Treu or 411 am m in on such space especially when Pai finl by obscured by Mich a highly magnifying Power a it is to determine through the him Groscope whether a certain minute Ammal Cule distinctly visible As an object ban an Eye Anil whether ti1.1t Eye to smile or Rafti emulated. Ami this is quite evident or Why lol a nut Liali Noniah soil from rocks ital to til Ivady declare Ali nature of tin locks ? indeed a telescopic Power 1200 will Render an extent of three Hundred feet in diameter distinctly visible at a Mere Point. How rapid Mas be i motions to make the Chuno of place Perom Stibla at that distance across Tho diameter of an almost Arnm mis Erable space. In the Fust place to perceive the horse As clearly is the larger object is seen a magnifying Power forty eight thou Sand with an equal degree of Illus Nina ing alien Gnu is req silo. Then when we con Sider How slowly a Clipper ship at Only fifteen or Twenty Miles Distant at sea seem to move along the horizon though her rate be twelve knots an hour a mile in five minutes and How difficult it is to perceive with the naked Eye the motion of the Moon itself from West to East so much so dial she appears to travel in the opposite direction though her velocity exceed thirty eight Miles a minute eastward much faster than even a lunar horse could be Chi acted to Trot race or Gallop we can faintly appreciate the Dilia Cully of certainly Ascer Taining whether the Fortieth or fiftieth por Tion of a minute speck advancing ten Nuht an hour actually move from one extremity to the other of the whole speck w Hen both these extremities am apparently in cont Sci. Boul Hosso s Tonii Hmoih to Pescopo Ramoly wields Over eight bundled Power to any an Vau Tago. Were it capable of Hix thu Suud tension the Moon would Only App oar As at a distance of forty Miles to tie naked Eye. What Man can distinguish a horse a i such remoteness Miles it Wei sir Ali or Sicily Olio ii Nail to i Avo been so Clear is gut cd a to discern ail object one Hundred and in pity Miles Din ant with thu same ease that Lio could had it icon near him Strain Liliu magnifying Power to 239,000, and it w hardly equivalent to bringing it within a tile. Now a Man six foot three incite his sub tends an optical Angle of Lew than a Quarter of an Inch when a mile Distant from Tho Spectator that is Shorter and smaller than a common sized thimble situated half across the working table of a seamstress. We can judge what telescopic Power of magnifying and illuminating in to de Fine a email object to far off and the Micou to Maranco and Tho roman Priesthood in Tho prolonged and arduous struggle for to suppression of Intuni Pranco and of Tho liquor traffic whether it to moral or Legal suasion to have hoped to Liao Tho Power Ful Aid of the Catholic clergy but have been disappointed. Not that to or desired Thorn to Emo into any organisation outside of their system or to identify themselves with any party but it has seemed not too much that their influence should be openly and steadily sex or Tedwin favor of a Causo which i not Only that of Public order and Security but of Good morals and religion. We have look cd to see them uttering some dec did and for Cible condemnation of that Trade in ardent j liquors whose horrible consequences no Pait of Tho clergy can have better opportunities of appreciating than themselves. To Jod hoped that they might be led to use Tho authority they have especially among Tho Irish for an end so Bon Elivient and so no Cussary. 1 articular by now that so much urn exists against that class of our Illarion 011 account of their politic al nub. Vency and would be that Tho Catholic Priesthood ought to snare Effort that could tend to put their flocks,01 least a numerous a division of them another Ospert before the coins Unity i Largo. 1 Liis Liopo docs not seem Likely to Bogra i Ifield. To Lio in of no movement Anion Iho Catholic Vio Raclin fur the suppression o Altim deadly am crime inducing traffic. And yet those seem to great o c Winou for in Effort of Trio Hort. To Public ipod Trio other Day a paper showing that n great majority of the Sigurd cars committed in this state arc by irishmen and those Iti a when Thero is an archbishop and with such Powers of moral oud spirit lit control among their flocks ? Why i thro not a re Oiin Why is Thero not u total abstinence association in Placo of every re u hide kept by in Liili Catholic ? these Aro nut sectarian or untimely ques. Lions. They it Icib the vital Root of Norcio y it is a fact that we have a great Amosiii of Ciaio among us. It is a last that Trio Luli est crime murder it is a fact that murders Are duo ninety per cent to drunkenness. It is a last that of Trio drunk Ken murderers u proportion Aro irix inon. It is a fact that the of Drunken Mur Dering Iri he ii Tiro nearly Ull catholics. Hot leaving Trio Drunken murderers out of the Quant Iii a majority of Tho rum Sellers who Marti that class drunk Tiro of Trio origin. To through Tho " democratic Stree if if you doubt it look it the signs Buovo the ruin Boles when not in " dutch they Are sum to to or inti to. Go to the bars of i to Ruul holes look it Tho uni Mills behind them dealing out thir liquid Poison mud look it Tho animals Swilling in and Thoy Aro All Irish Irish Drunken mid militant. These no All facts. But certainly if Trio Catholic Priesthood chose there could Ike i Reform. That Tho Vii remains and inc Roa is one of Tho causes o Tho movement of hostility to catholicism now a Tiwe and potent in the Community. It is it in any i antagonism to Cerulo my Ign he opinion it to Dru Konne and u Crimo thence pm reeding with which on to but to Cpl mild before Linno opinions Liao Iacomo widely identified by a Mufti on of Tho Public m. Or. Thune. The new Haven advocate in a Talu ing editorial upon the operations of the prohibitory Law in Connecticut us Tiro following Luni Tintoc " sober industrious . Bare been Malc out of portions Liillie to Anil shiftless. Homes ions strangers to the common Nuci in trip of life Artt no realizing Iho award of Lempo Sim � a frugality. 0ur Street Aro quiet Anco with its Nas Duap scared to such a degree As to Mako la change Tho remark of even the. Opponent of the Law. Our watch Hduson has Btty one inmate to Theio it previously had

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