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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Nov 3 1854, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - November 3, 1854, Biddeford, Maine_ tue a Tox a a a term journal it is but had a Kilt Hildat. Orne a no. 1 Central Block. Biljo Ferd oppo Eit the Uuk Ktona Luuy a. Fuad so a perannum.orll.30 if paid within three the time of us Crit it if sin. Glo copies May let a obtained at this office in scan Price 4 cents. T h. Pal Raum american newspaper Tairent in the Oular authorised aunt for this Naper in Tea cities of new York to too and u duly empowered to Tuke advert Ais input nud subscriptions at the a ame rates As re a Upreti by us. He office arc is in York tri a Kune building Hoston Sohayl a building pm Uius Taihia n. W. Corner Street. M Tell cd s Watson primer. The on i Louis 0. Cow an editor and proprietor. Biddeford Friday november 3,1854. Vol. . 14. A a Wake up boys Here routes the Tito men Trero taken by sur peso. All hand were immediately on the look-1 Felt the Enrco of Quot Bat kit it a heat is not at All necessary and a building that one tray ext upon get with a saw and Jack knife will produce As Fine Hamburg As a winery costing from one to live thousand dollars. The great essentials Are a j Good Bonier and Glass to protect them of town the changes of climate. A rape that took the Premium at Hartford last fall we were Jonty when their messenger informed them informed were raised in an old Eliante Vine of that a had obtained tiling ordered but by not costing thirty dollars. E haul the Trio curiosity of visiting it and found the report spree 1 _ a _ _ Milf. T. Nalaa Aua it lit i a. Hail ill % n i i t of 1 arrows Rhino 4 Ueker a and that if they must have u plod go a said Horny two of it would Bonn a raq afria Frota Trio a tonian in Tho states a a fit exaggeration. Vohave also seen tilts Brook Wiloh flowed near their Camp with a season m the Garden of a gentleman of note i current like Tho poetry. The Harvest Moon. Slowly where the wind so Rollin where the it Una Liine fell at noon rises Over the tree top dwell in Harvest Moon Harvest Inott. Now the White thick Cloud Sre Drift lira coining a pick la. Pacing a a a it a strolling wind Oliy veil Are lilting Haiti St Moon a bar Cut Moon. Thou didst Light the weary Mcouinn. Telling when the Day was guide a Harbinger of Guiden iii urn Horvit Moon a Harvest my my. Lound a out red Olsoe the Highland silvering Over it Ducky com cume the dreamer the lug Oulund Harvest Moon a Harvest Moon. A i a a a a a c 11 cult amp a l. Reports of committees made at the fair and cattle show of the York county agricultural society held in Biddeford october 4fa mul a the. A a. J a a. of ins letters till he found spading match a Mary comfortably said a Young Man us Doc which to Knaw to to in i mothers Tho committee Are sorry to find Tut one lie stood on the front Steps of a pretty cot hand writing. Tho Seal was hastily broken Virv fur Nadiff Tho value of this in. Tuo in the Burl of Cincinnati looming und he read until noun slice tear glistened Eon Lor ruling. Vail. Or my in. Olla we on i Eyo lash. What thought. Of Homo rushed on his mind he bad been sober several weeks. What is that to reads again and so. They Ter Cannon and huge mortars on Oak s my of the cant of vim ipod Forth nne a Tho Walls Iraq have a Leupe Buncg society Ontl make Ned the presided. 1 an draw tip a tue i was n Ash Heaper must forget their disappoint input while they Stiim where the Hamlet or Ira Sci Miichi to to on a looked Over packages of letters to brought Lively at ease. A it a a a a there was Mistle then to see who _ had word from Home and Tho favored ones they for a Titus did forget their disappointment. Elton had several letters Llo walked _ away from Tho Camp. His Steps led him to the first Temperance society the Broil. It was a Lovely night. A full at the Diggins. Moon was reflected in Tho Clear water and a a Reed a a the response from soveral they voices. A Vinrov of his own Conns auction ails Cellaneous. Commanding Points promptly answered the enemy sending Lurton their deadly contents in reply a All a Lay from Daylight until Trio Sable curtains of night shun did Tho contending or tics in darkness the booming of Cannon. It the bursting of shells the crashing of grappa a my and cannister and the Sharp report of mus a in Ketry greeted Tho car. Various incidents that Cate under my of aeration during Tho Day now Force themselves upon my memory n writing apparatus. I Captain drum s Battery which kept up n produce by Herney,1 constant and destructive fro upon the Cas i t the aim Cannes tie Trio of Iolo Jay Wnm stationed about sex to death to the enemy a uniting the action to Tho word lie nut Click Tho half empty jog of univ Fatm Ami hurled it against a Largo Rook Lei Quot a air he tent. Among the conveniences put up for Ned by Lii i Mother was a writing apparatus. This was forthwith Drew up a plod go to us rawc1r Job rain tiny. A no la i a j1111 a up Vulk or Assai Bihi Tow that vill Numa him la Luru Lih us Peml Kaiui wort Wiki us great Sprinc Usu in that Haar a Nisor within s us or sri or Liin on yet scr Kim Tinea. La cwt a or with it intr a in by a in Ruuti in a Mim but a ill Man air built Raur a hum Wurtin a a Are a lying inks to it built t in City or is inlay a my to us of of fast , a Iltz of Coli no Ussow a nov in oils it to a. Attic or be aral Ancrom Sitf dry amt Lur c a it 1> , its tin Lur of the to in tia a o Avi a for utting Laid to oar ail Pun has it tie i / the in is Rev it . Be i. A Tut a la in Wor Oil in lies la thu i ranch Ltd us i Zimm i. Us our fact must Timi. Can Tsi Arl of Sil o4vro sit �,.ws> Slot Way in Haisl. Or unto a for any u1 Obj let it Praia Imp a to uric or re rain la a by mail Juc a sly no it rvs. T Miroir Ami Juio Aal Omica. L. O. Cd Wax. I Rov Cooke mall a a of the party. Elton signed it and his Cony ids from Trio right of my regiment. Our verts followed his example and whole division commanded by go Noral quit its Silver Lig it glowed on Tito Swift Ripples then the be Jan to labor i it their cot pan Jan it consisting of Tho 2d Pennsylvania and Elton seated himself upon a jetting Point a Ong. I�?T0�?~forc night twelve names were on the South Carolina volunteers and a battalion near the Baso of a Edgo of Rocs and by the pledge. Of United states marines also occupied n before a glut or Tho a heavenly Host a in that Clear la a a Day or two the nows of Tais Strunge to a to on in supporting distance of Tho Bat a animation spread to other Camps i n thei try. Attic had to the South Carolina regi ill to Homo again Kotlier before Light of Tho a heavenly Host a in that Clear another Winter and if Industry can gain it atmosphere abundantly sufficient read the a i my i a. I Agun pm went for thorough cult italian a Etta of Sstokes cannot be properly estimated in a comm Kuton was a we due a not a poor void nity where this could to Tho cavi. The of for she had u pretty cottage with hand Spader on this occasion John Mccullum of onto grounds an two Dutiful children j Edward and Mary a but or. Elton had Saco was evidently familiar its in the Grinc Many years Edward had and though perhaps somewhat embarrassed grown to be a Young Man Mary was Al by being Tho observed of All observers 1 most a Young lady. Neddy Elton As his showed that it was capable of doing something besides inverting or disturbing Tho Sward a not Only was Tho Sward inverted he. It Johvi i ii but the soil so thoroughly pulverized that a which for a support much of his time had Liko a flood rushed Over Al Tony a mind Thein fun on loved tender teachings his Mother had Given him Hamlin by , it mw1 of tll0 a jowl of from time it. Flat unde Toos Tho loll fit for an onion Tho Pacific reached Tho states Edward wait j Aby or which his Cradle was rocked in tote committee Alanl him the first pro de no longer than was necessary to ascertain til to had parted from her under solemn Indium of s4. That the Golden reports were Well founded counsel _ then came up a review of Hislip 1 after this Benj. If. Lowell propose to try-1 i Dence reproached him. Llo repeated the ing iii skill of the adjoining lot and Al Gold Igor. She remonstrated. Depicted extract again and again and when to had though he wont Over it in rather less time the perils and dangers attending his journey thought calmly of his duty to looked up your committee did not Mcern the work to \ and portrayed the disappointment which Tho a by Vicinity Ted before seven Days Hud rolled ment Wero several negroes slaves who Ltd around the Culi Fortuin Chimp Ewanco socks accompanied their masters some of them to numbered 25 members. J privates too on Tho Campaign and on such was Tho origin of the first total a several occasions displayed commendable St Nance in duly in the Gold diggings. Gallantry. One of these negroes a huge at Tho time a a nominated in Tho Bond Black muscular fellow a stood Al out ton Elton and his friends took Thi in dip Arturo Yards from the guns and at every discharge from san Francisco for now York in one of 10 would eagerly watch what effect it Ltd the first steamships which mud Tho Pas a upon Tho Castlo. If a fax Ornbo one to w i Law Emu Sui at ii univ ii Sajuro. They Ltd Boon very successful. Luck would jump in Trio Nir clap Bis hands and had led Thorn into a number of Rich a a Gulch-1 exclaim a a Golly mom you give tra Goss Dat time Bimini a Well done. As by not making entry in season he is debarred from a Premium a gratuity of one Dollar is recommended. For the committee s. L. Goodall. To raise giant spar acc. A writer in one of the Early volumes of the Horticulturist or. Downing we believe tells us How to grow common asparagus so that it will always rival any giant production. He says every oue who has seen my it Beils hat begged Ine for the seed thinking it a new sort but 1 have pointed to Tho manure he a the Fiir Mei s both Bank a and told them that the secret All Law a there. The sight was Only such As might be seen in every Garden. About Trio first of november As soon As the Frost has Well blackened the asparagus tops i take the scythe and mow All Down close of surface a Lay or two then set Burn a i to ashes and spread the ashes Over the bed. 1 then go to my Bam Yard 1 take a Load of clean Presb stable manure and add thereto half a Bushel of Hen manure turning Over and mixing the whole together throughout. This makes a pretty powerful compost. I apply oue such Load to every then Lent. A v _ Strong might to in store for him it Trio Mecca of i his Hopes but in vain. He joined a com utne and prepared for his journey lie anticipations and dwelt glow i singly on the Clung to would make in the line cottage when to returned from Tho Sacramento. 1 a two have Fuith in you my son. You will be thrown in bad company but you will remember my counsels. Une thing do not forget a be those were his Mother s parting words a they sunk deep into his heart. To will now follow Tiro Young adventurer. Crossing Tho Plains he was Trio leading spirit my son How glad i am you Honvo hooded my parting counsel. I Felt that temptation would not ovo Como your firm Principio and i rejoice to know that you will come Homo of a and All who kept choir pledges against to us is you have loft us free from Vicos j gambling and drinking returned Home with then to would again resume his position widow Elton s cottage when behind a tree and await with anxiety Tho California Tuny now to seen discharge of another Cannon with straining handsome mansion. To will orcs watch for Tho shot to Striko Tjio Castlo take a Glauco at Tho family As they All no maj then Rush into Tho Road and go through poured it Tho door. _ a Tho Samo performance is mentioned no it ovo. The matronly old lady who bids a Young the fellow had conducted i Eisolt in this couple Good evening is widow Elton. The a manner for two or Turco hours when a shot Young couple arc or. And mrs. Edward Elfi of our Battery undo desperate havoc with ton. They have just returned in Tho car the out works of Tho Castlo. Tho terrible Lago which stands in for it it of the Gate from crash could to distinctly heard and Tho a visit for. Siyl mrs her Noy. Slut where Clouds of dust that ascended into Tho air l l is Mary Elton ? or. Homey can answer from Tho demolished masonry presented a of a and Ned Elton can Tadj you Ray Reader if picture similar to a vast conflagration. Trio stars y0u no curious that in taking a wife a a a negroes Delight at this Nom int was unbound fair a Chango of bisters is not Tho storming of Chapultepec. Trio National Monitor a new literary paper published in new York Evv of Tho company and Whu he Roa Chud the a diggings a was Tough and Happy As any. One who travelled with him. By vote of his per published in new join contains a ground struck his heels together clapped sketch of a portion of the militia v operations his hands and exclaimed in Mexico which is entitled a a life in the a Wco our Hooray by Gnu us How a temp Ralo a a rut i am in a a i mean that if there wore a Hundred barrels of Trio Best old Brandy in Camp that party Tho Sacramento was named us the that Ever came from Tho Stales you should scene of operation. It was one of the best1 not Tasto a drop veins on this River and a Caput truly a guld a a and Bow would von prevent me 1 a a a Harvest. Al too in Oom Pony with Al m by my example Young in named 11 Iri i Yowho had been a 1 a a that it Rich. You Uro getting Witt Ned. Schou mute fell upon several very pro duo a any thing in these letters that s c Mirador your wit a a a a yes Tom the crop a something liboro that a were the eyes of Angels gazing Down upon him to u Ter cd a a a As i Livo i will not Nobuso such conf for an hour lie sat on the rocks thinking of his Home and revolving ins plans then to walked slowly Back to Tho Camp nud sought his Boon a a Homey a said lie a you must not drink another drop of a a i dont think i shall just now but if tie writer is Plain and Lucid Ami Honar Ben had not returned with an empty cask Mies Wilh much liveliness nil directly to i reckon you would have seen before this he Point. Here is an account of the storm-1 ing of Chapultepec a it was a sombre morning Tho heavens being obscured Wilh a Tenso Mack Clouds therefore not a Wall of Tiro Vanstle was visible t the Eye not oven Tho Hill a it a which it Stool Coull be soon a nothing bul the Bril. Laius lights that illum Iunice it Atli acted the cd. To throw himself on Tho ground rolled i Over and Over and kicked and squirmed like a a doing animal uttering loud and joyous i exclamations. Tims nud Donly springing to his feet he leaped about five feet from Tho Finy or reminiscences of the mexican War by a in Etc York Volunteer. Tho Stylo of i can arc Earnest to ionic of id it a so Placen Luicir a Airada. To lire to the . Of talk i a a a a Quot full Quot r a a ff01 a Tojo Good doted Tho the Ovar. A it a a Goat Turco of Cor a Oro led into b i d adventure and Severo Oxx it a Suros and at length both became victims to a Cru veiling to leave Tho to feet which Aro six disease and Wero compelled mines. Proper medical Aid was not at that time to to had. The Only Medicino which the miners used was a Mise Ablo compound lung the of in asparagus boils called Brandy which sold at an enormous a a feet wide. With a Strong pm cd a but according to the advice Given three prong etl Spud or Fork i dig this dress a ailing Young men it must to had ing under. Tho whole it now left for Tho and their Gold dust won Recy or it. Al 7n r ton thought of his Mother s last words a ibo in the Spring As Early of possible turn temperate but be was taking Brandy a a on the top of the bed Over lightly onco More. 1/�> , and there could to no. Dan now As Tho asparagus grows naturally on re 0 a in it thoughts of tic appetite it the Side of the Ocean Ami loves Salt water would awaken to never fully realized Why i give it an unusual Supply of its favorite he Mother had it Rustad him Iso ear Csuy condiment. I cover the surface of the Bod to shun Strong about a Quarter of an Inch thick with Tine not too much. As Thor e Down it gradually Dis he. exlus Tod u a pc str for a i will appear a luring Tho a in thous lib ivors that was crushed Only by the most careful maternal watching. For Many Day s Elton took Tho Medicine carefully by Curuso respect for his Mother a restrained him. Homey was not so scrupulous and boldly Manifest d a decide d liking of a or such a tonic. They grew Strong either on account of Trio Jurat and rest they enjoyed or through the influence of Tho a a tonic Quot and in less than a month again entered upon the enticing occupation of Gold gathering but this time they worked not As free men they were the slaves of a dangerous seductive Appetito. Elton a prejudices a a a As transplanting Treis and his companion called his respect for his is now pretty generally admitted that All a Ducth cry a lost words to him a Laid gradually Hardy Trees and shrubs can be As successful become weaker until to could tip a Glass y moved in the fall us in the Spring. Now with us much Freedom As any Man who is the Timo to do this successfully. It is of worked on Tho a a canons a of Tho River lie have Tho Jug sprang to his feet and mini no consequence if the leaves Ore not All off. And Henry a a dug a together and drank to Early t King the former by Tho Collar exclaim of by that time they Are in what is called a go Thor until their Stop it a of spirits exhausted cd. A Tato of rest and in most cases have Well and then they travelled together to a Distant a a they be Boon lying Almut you ripened Wolt Al. If Success is desired care station and obtained a new Supply. All come show Thorn in a Good swig that you must be taken with Tho roots and it is use this Tito their treasure we sinking from Are a nun less to expect Success if Tho roots no chop them rapidly Ami they were raiding but i will show you that i am a Man but by Ped off no curly close to the Stem. The prop Little to their stare. It j letting that stuff alone pushing Tho jog prof or Way to Talco up a tree or Shrub of any in loss than six in it nth from Tho period feed him. His father had totter of a on Tho Brink of u packing Salt it is not too much. As the drunkard s grave and that in Early youth pouring Rains come he Hotd to Chico ulv Exon Hitold a do solves. Not a Weed will apm whole a Ca pm. Everything else pig oeds Purlin All Refue to grow on lop of my As Par Gus bods. Hut it would do your Oves Good to Seo the Strong Stout tender stalks of the Plant itself push up through the surface Early in Tho season. I a to not at All stretch a Point when i say that they Are As Large around As my Hoe handle and As tender and succulent As any i Ever the same round of treatment is Given to my bed every year whetted my wit and i Liao determined not to drink any Moro of Tho infernal stuff we get Callo Brandy. I am in Earnest and you must join a a 1 ii keep sober As Long As yet will nod and ill to drunk on Tho first liquor that comos into Tho Camp a a a will you Nagroo not to drink any of Tho Poison till i do a Iwilla Pon a a give Rao your two friends Shook hands heartily and Walkow a together to the tent. In the Morrow a party of Mon passed Tho Camp before Tho diggers had gout to work and As they were Well supplied with a a Neces uries front s in Fracisco u Small Quantity of spirits was out Uinci from them and it was not Over an hour before the grand carnival commenced upon a Rudo Bench their weather beaten tent sat seven or eight of Tho Miner and Philo the Jug of Medicine passed freely around they Talkow a bravely of their intentions aral prospects. Presently it was discovered that two of Trio party was missing Elton and Lerney. A a where arc the follows a Skod a rough spoken Miner. A a at the Brook answered another. Two shall Honvo to fun out Ofelton to Day. The letters he got yesterday Havo Tuple a baby of him and ids Shadow Lerney has caught the a a Here lie comas,1 cric 1 out a third Ono of Tho party pointing towards Trio Brook. In a a new r for him that boys the drunk est Man in Tho Oro my afro night aral what would we do on a spree without nod a at this moment Elton and Horny entered the tent and the Man who happened to Eye presenting a grand imposing spectacle a concentration f Brilliant meteors suspended from the Black Clouds above be Whitton ing the nearest Slitni Ludo to it. As we neared the a to tic the greatest possible caution was observed. The men were cautioned not to allow their tin canteens to strike against their muskets or Cartridge boxes not a word was no Lowed spoke in Tho ranks a every possible precaution was taken to cop the enemy in Igno Ianco four approach Onward we March with nid Noless Steps silent tongues and palpitating hearts. Nearer and nearer we approached the formidable ent cd bristling with head a raillery and containing twelve thousand of Mexico a Best troop and commanded by one of her bravest and Best general. Suddenly we were brought to a halt Tho division to which i was attached being intended to support a Battery under the command of capt drum which had been erected during the night directly under the Castle. Just As to halted the shrill notes of a trumpet assailed our cars. Then the rolling of Drums was heard and presently a Hill brass band joined in. It was the enemy playing the reveille. A death like prevailed in our ranks at the time not a whisper or a breathing would be heard therefore so unexpected was Trio Minsio Liat when it Stock the car it caused a momentary thrill to Swiont through my frn be i Felt n Peculiar sensation. I have to doubt others experienced the same. Tho music was suddenly interrupted. Bang or wont one of the huge pieces of artillery from Drums Battery aral for n moment the dreadful whizz of its Iron Ileath Meta Zugor was heard through Tho Nir and then its fatal crash a. It struck Tho Castlo. Instantly every Light in Iho later was put out and it was invisible a shrouded in dark new. Silence was to longer observed in our Raks the commanding Woid of Baxter a a Forward was Hoard. We marched Short distance filed to Tho right and halted taking tip a in supporting distance of capt. Drums Battery presently the sombre Cly Rala that lie heavens separate to a Streak a of Light was visible in the Eastern horizon the Day was breaking. Lighter and lighter it gradually grew objects that had been previously in. Visible now appeared to Tho sight. Anon the blazing be Wpm Al Forth firn the dark biding place Ilii Rusing a Floin of Light upon the Rurik aral revealing to it our us Toni hell sight the while massive wills of Chapultepec the from Tho age is to begin Tfir co or four feet from the their illness Elton and Lerney were a a a that a Well done neb a cried several Hole or in Tho Case of Large Trees More j Burden to the company disregarding the voices one singly. And Uko out a Trench one foot wide �11 Golden opportunities offered them heeding a a i am Ini Earnest boys a returned Elton round the Stem As deep As the roots arc not get the warnings that came to Thorn in the with a dignity of manner lie know Well How Likely to go then take a Fork and gradually los of their wonted vigor and activity but to assume a and you know my a veil enough to huge muzzles of a Hundred pieces of Artill break the soil from Tho roots until Trio whole making sets of Thitu syncs it their own Miede that Whon i resolve up cry that Poe Reil from their respective Ein a Bare this preserves Tho fibres the great Camp As Long As a drop of spirits of any on a thing ill put it j Brasunas and Tho glittering bayonets of at feeders of the tree. Tho tree or Shrub can character could to obtained then working a a a Why whats the matter with Ned said last eight thousand i Lantry in the Woods now be lifted to its future place a Hole hav few Days and seeking at other Camps the the Ono who pushed inc Jug at surrounding Tho Castle aral at the base of ing been previously prepared for its recep gratification of their destructive Why what a Tho matter ? every things the High Lull upon which it moral Tion at least a foot larger All around than previous to his illness Elton had sent the Mattor i Ivo been in these mines Ono this was our first sight of the Castle and through a Man who was returning to Tho year. 1 Havo dug a great Deal of Gold. Sex i gazed upon its imposing appearance with Mil it Law ill la a pvt Rel annl in inn 2� l 111 i my ioi1-Coii to iii utello Sanio 11 0 its roots. The soil should now As carefully _ _ be filled in about the roots taking care not suites u hat Otue remittance to his Moth a few Hur Alred dollars Worth sent Homo admiration contemplating at to same Moto Bury too deep a bout two inches below a la a m0it Gratifying account of Bis what have 1 to show 1 nothing nothing ment the mighty convulsion that was to the surface is sufficient. If the soil is poor habits health and prospers. Lie had vet had a a it a bloated face a How Many of you Are follow an attack upon its impregnable Walls some manure Well rotted or what is better no word from Home though he had been in letter off Why is this tie Row a the cause a a Tho live that must Coe warily to Scarfi Decapod leaves should be mixed with the California nearly nine months. Pointing significantly to Ono of Tho men who ced Iho wive and widow Tho Patonis soil to go in and about the roots. If the it was Tho evening of Tho anniversary of was just taking a drink. A a a a roat Medicine childless Brothers Anil Slot err counters and soil should to dry a Good soaking of water a Ajo arrival Ortho company at the it j of i t0 Yuth cult in should of Given to Settle the Earth about Tho the diggers though All had Traon very sue Alx it five a Hundred dollars and nother necessary precaution is to Cess no in gathering a a Cro Wero but two of Havo anything two it Intro to i roots. Another Al input icing i inuit mum Wio i abundance helpless children Pond an fat Orlet. Casting those that my eyes Over the Gallant Little bail that their skill in stood beside Mon companion who halt had secure the newly Mamet Trees by Sokes the party who besides Tiro Sura they sent gaming Thanh Cir Industry in air rein. Vve a a Sci Tot through storms of Lead and Iron from being fucked about by the Home were a Unoo or add dust belter off Hail Wen All Rich if we had �11 been sober who had fought by my Sido in All the pro try gentleman. in Quot i Massu Dat was Tiro Bestol Mem All give it to him again a just Asho concluded Tho last sentence Tho loud report of a monster Cannon was heard from Tho Cost la then Tho whizzing noise of a ponderous shot As it came flying through Tho air. It was Trio poor negroes Catli messenger before to had in Opportunity to resume his position it a truck him in Trio stomach completely touring out Bis entrails and of course depriving him of life. Tho poor Fellows merry voice was silenced in death. Within in sect Range of Captain Drums Battery a Small Force of Tho enemy perhaps fifty occupied n position that enabled them to annoy is very much and occasionally kill or wound one of Tho inc stationed at Tho guns. Those men Wero undoubtedly Sharp Shu Oters and Wero stretched along for perhaps sixty Yards in a deep taking advantage of every Opportunity that presented , of making their service available to our detriment they would partially Riso up discharge their weapons at us and then quickly resume their lying position. These Fellows had been harrass my us so Long and so fatally tint Goncal shield who commanded the brigade to which my regiment was attached deemed it advisable to dislodge Thorn. For that purpose n detachment of thirty men tinder the command of a lieutenant was sent Forward. Tho lieutenant gallantly my Van cd Wilh his men under a Sharp Fitu proceeding from those occupying Tho ditch. Before to and advanced Forward sixty Yards three of his men were shot dead. Still this did not intimidate him or his men. Onward he pushed a rapidly nearing the enemy. Now lie was within thirty Yanu of them and still they maintained their position. Forward Iho Licu tenant pushed Ami just is he was within about ten Yards of the a Litchi a masked Battery in its immediate Vicinity opened its murderous fire upon the Little party. When the smoke cleared away but Throe of that Gallant band stood upon their feet a Tho remainder with Tho lieutenant were stretched upon Trio blood Damp ground frightful mangled Corpse. Tho three survivors stood bewildered fora moment Ami then recovering themselves speedily rejoined us. We too had our Sharp shooter. Stationed at advantageous position around the Castle and the to Nav mexican that to found the next Day stiff in death with their forehead pierced with the balls bore proof of the accuracy of their aim. The mounted Rifle men i Tho regiment i allude to. This regiment wan composed of the Best body of men a nearly All americans a Liat i Ever p saw. They were All crack shot each Man than Thoy had Boon the first week of their Hon to could not get liquor to did Well feeding balls so a he sad and awful convict life on the Sacramenta neither of t ice tor when iii our Caino our treasure Van Hod. Is 1 Tion forced it of upon my mind that in a cold vim Cav. One of the editor in noticing the Garden h. Peck of Burlington vt., says we saw in this Garden a cold winery. Foi to a a i Moa Mauiu a us Ashl l Ull Ollivi As Liv it we a a v 1 i v. F a a a a Dili in a i to Nate diggers Wero Elton and Herney As this what our friends expected of us 1 Somo Brief time Manv of those whose smiling a prc8entlv he came of the Tho read or would judge. A gloom hangover 0f you got tetters from Home yesterday. Did pcs aral cheerful hearts betokened no a a idea m he had repeated i of j. The party and1 they were All anxiously wait they read As if your mothers and Sisters of Tho Morrow a would lio in the cold icy needed about half my the arrival of a i Neninger who had sey thought that a a in Thia Rich country to embrace of death Era Days before been dispatched for Brandy wore poor a oru Mino did not i Honvo do the report of they were All crack shot each Man being to a a fetch his at Cha poll epee they Wero scattered in different direction a near the Castlo As they could possibly got and Hundred of the enemy that Day perished by their unerring deadly aim. An incident that i witnessed on the 12 a suggests the mentioning of the regiment in order to introduce Tho incident itself. From the Baso of the Hill on which the Castle of Chapultepec stands is a Broad paved Road. Down this Road during the morning a Lionso mounted by an officer was frequently soon to dash furiously. The Tyder was doubtless an Aid de Camp carry my orders from general Bravo stationed at the foot of the Hill. He was n very showy Chap and therefore i wondered he escaped our rifles. His horse was richly and Sho wily Ca put ironed and he himself a dressed in u gorgeous uniform a in Short be was As Gay a a is a Peacock a a Tho eccentric aral Gallant Captain Fairchild remarked at the Lime. I had my eyes intently fixed upon him Trio last Tomeil saw him dashing Down the Road expecting Overy moment to so him full from his but he escaped. Then i awaited his return. Dishing in the Road repeatedly done. He had pro Lection which serves to show the effective Ness of our artillery particularly the Battery commanded by Captain drum. Late in tin afternoon a party of lire enemy wed up cd in bringing a heavy piece of Artil in Trio Castlo to Tho support of troop at the foot of the Hill. The. Succeeded in gelling it Boul half Way Down losing however so far. Two or three Foll hair men in the attempt by Tho deadly aim of our riflemen a when Captain Drums attention was Calliel to the Jiroch Eedeng. A a ill see if i can to pit a Stop to that a was i Cool remark which was presently followed by Tho a Leep Lono the Jzidor of one of iii heavy preces of artillery. The effect was astonishing a the shot front i gun striking Tho enemy Scannon and killing three or four of the men. The rest immediately retreated to the Castle. No is Nilar attempt was by Turem that Day. Hundred of incidents occurred during the a Lay a too Many to in Dorako to relate in this article. The firing on both sides continued As i said before All Day a there was no cessation whatever until a night threw her Nanle Over the Earth a then comparative quiet once Intro reigned. I shall not Here detail lire proceedings of Tho night a the laborious duties that had to to por donned a sufi co it to say that Tho Rbing Sun never received n Moro Hearty cordial greeting than i gave it Tho next morning. At Daylight to took Tho Samo position that we had occupied the a Lay whether to were to remain there during the whole a Lay to were at Tho Tiro perfectly ignorant. It was however Trio Gen eral wish that to were not for the position a exposed As we were to the scorching rays of a tropical Sun a was a most a Lisa Gree Ablo one. To Wero Oon however informed that we were not to remain Long in our present position a that the Castle was of be stormed at this announcement every oyo was in a moment directed toward that formidable imposing Structure and a deep murmur throughout Tho ranks betokened that the news was received with the greatest satisfaction we Wero now anxiously awaiting Tho order to Movo Forward. 1 could not help Romai King at this awful crisis when so Many in our rank were on the Brink of being dashed into Etc nit a solemnity nud silence Amone the men deeper than i Over witnessed before. With heart beating each each Wero wailing to hear Tho expected Oriter to a a Forward a a at last it Camo. Standing on the right of Tho regiment i face Pale from excitement and i eyes sparkling like Jot lio Utenart colonel Baxter exclaimed in a loud voice a a a Forward a instantly the regiment moved Forward to the right of the division and then let off towards the Castle in double Quick As we moved Forward canister grape round shot and Shell came pouring among us with a regular hailstorm of bullets making awful Slaughter in our ranks. But without a pause our men dashed gallantly Forward aral turning to the left into a vast Field directly in front of Tho Castle with a shout that fairly Shook the heavens Onward they rushed headed by Tho Gallant Baxter. Chapultepec was enveloped in a Sheet of flame so incessant was Tho discharge of the enemy artillery. Discharge alter did cargo of grape was Hurtad with awful a la Striction through cur ranks still our Piave boys were not daunted with Tho hag of Tho Empire state proudly craving at Tho head of our column Onward they pushed. Van 0 Linda fell dead on the Green Sward gallantly leading his company then Baxter mortally wounded then in Oai Sou and a fearful number of our Gallant men. Still our regiment dashed boldly Forward until the Stone Wall surrounding the base of lire Bill on which Iho Costie stood was reached. Then a Short delay was necessarily mud m order to enable the remaining regiment Compo inc the division to come up. Some Sharp fighting took Placo at this Point a the on omy were shortly driven from their position aral aided by ladders to scaled the Lowe Wall aral do Heil up the precipitous now commenced a struggle Liat my pen is inadequate to describe. The enemy a or tillary becoming ineffective in consequence of lira steepness of lira Hill musketry was brought into requisition. The noise of Tho musketry was deafening drowning the groans of the wounded and dying. The bullets flew among us like bail is dicing in death May n Birve fellow who with a loud cheer was dashing boldly am fearlessly up the amp Scep ascent. Now cd thus Mic shouts nral Tho report of musketry were heard on our right and left proceeding from Tho troops of generals Worth Pillow aral others. The attack upon tote Castlo was made simultaneously at three different Points. Quitman a division advanced directly in front of the Castle while Tho divisions of general Worth and Pillow charged up Tho right left and rear. On they came dashing up the Rocky ascent wit i a determination to conquer or reanimated by their Gallant bearing our Brave boys pushed Oil with renewed vigor. Officers and men fell dead and wounded under the murderous fire of musketry that Trio mexicans poured in upon a Gallant men who had Prcic Ducj a in the scaling Arries Wero stretched out lifeless upon lira ill with their ladder clutched firmly in equal to three and a half mile of 8,-is text at that distance. Two hum hit and i Wendy tet Are just one seventh Foitl put id Throe and a half Miles. It is one thing to set an object and a Mother thing in distinguish its features. It would la a a Lite i cult to discern a tree or an animal on such space Seq be rally when pail Ini by obscured by Suomi u highly magnifying Power a it is to determine through tin it Cro Cope whether a certain minute Ament cult a a a kindly Valdens an of acct Lias an Eye and whether that Eye la Smirle or roti ciliated. Aral Lii. I quite evident or Why a to they not soil from rocks aral Pili very declare Ira rating of the rocks 1 indeed a telescopic Power 1200 will Render an extent of three Hutu Rcd feet in diameter distinctly visible As a Mere Point. How rapid must be Bis motions to make lira change of place Petcel rate at that distance across Tho diameter of nil almost a Rani a triable space. In lira film place to Perreiva the horse a clearly a the larger object is seen n annl Tii flying Power forty eight thousand with an equal degree of Willii injun ing strength i requisite. Then when we consider How slowly a Clipper ship it Only fifteen or Twenty Miles Distant Tea scents to move along thy horizon though her rate be twelve knots in hour a a mile in five minutes Nuil How difficult it is to perceive with the naked Eye the motion of the Moon itself from Cwm to cast mgt much so hat she appear to travel in the opposite direction. Though her velocity exceed thirty eight mile a minute eastward much faster than oven a lunar horse could be expected to Trot tace or gallon we can in inlay appreciate the Dill Ioulia of certainly ascertaining whether the Fortieth or fiftieth por Tion of a minute speck advancing ten mde a an hour actually mores Fiton one extremity to the other of the whole speck w Lien both these extremities Are apparently in Contact. Loid roster Mammoth talc Scowra rarely Wield Over eight Hundred Power to any advantage. Were it capable of six thousand tension the Moon would Only appear a it a distance of forty Miles to the naked Eye. What Man can dra Linguish n hot Gnu at such remoteness unless it Wores Lral it a it or Sicily who i Aid to Havo been so Clear sighted my to discern an object one Hundred Rizii in pity Miles Dis ant with the same ease that to could had it been near him ? Strain lira magnifying Power to 239,000, Ami it i hardly equivalent to bringing it within a tile. Now a mail six feet a lire inches High Subtend an optical Angle of less than a Quarter of an Inch when a mile Distant from the Spectator that is Slio iter and smaller than a common sized thimble situated half acres the Wiki us table of a seamstress. We can Judy what telescopic Power of magnifying and is necessary to define a Small object so fur off As the Micou Way when suddenly. Saw his horse stumble and fall. He Immy report of a gun from Tho cast Edja Tely disengaged himself from the a Tir which Are matured every Sean the Tnie it in a ranch forty or fifty Miles Down the Riv Turin Luck never to go Back Home till i can and the startling noise of Grane and cannister Rug n8 the fell stood a acct Over the of the foreign grapes and yet a Mim Ture or. Aki cd Bush Gold dust to make Tuo Rich and rut it went crashing tearing through the tall fallen animal and waved his sword Over his was so cheap As to by within the reach of they hoped he would armo the night pro i no going Homo Sofere the wet season sets dense Pul que Plant in my Vici head a if in Defiance. The Sharp crack of men of very moderate Means. Most Hor Vious and they began to talk of indians and in. Lerney has joined to. Allow Many of Ity Checkl All further reflections on my a Rifle suddenly greeted my ear aral at that Zeul triste Are deterred from Tho Cul vat Ranfor agree impatient for the commencement Ziy companions will Cut Tho acquaintance part. Tho enemy had discovered us and moment Tho Temer Arious officer fell dead of these Crape by the idea that they _ Are a of their carouse when a fellow on guard Ned a this Jug and do something for Themel. Was evidently deter mined to do us All Iho beside his doing horse necessarily very expensive. But artificial a out pc in a njord Hahr my could. Cannon af-1 another in Chitre Capoj to my Mccol their hands in the last Strong convulsive grip of death a hut still undaunted nral with n a termination to Eon Lucr onr4roo> valiantly continue the Charco. Now lira massive Wall surrounding the Castlo was reached and Wilh a cheer that must have struck terror to the enemy our inc led by their officer aral aided by scaling ladders promptly in a boldly bounded Over then followed Loral shout from in viewers Iho clashing of bayonets and Tho piercing shriek of the mexicans is they were forced by the Jio iut of the Bayonet Over u lofty precipice. In flu minutes after the Castlo was ours a Tho Gaudy Flag of Mexico that had for years floated Uratis lubed from its lofty staff was torn Down nud the colors of Tho new York regiment Flung to the Breeze Over the conquered Castle. Niue deafening cheer a cheats such As Only men flushed with Victory can Civo a greeted it As the folds were opened nut by the wind. Dirt Stltt or do fining 0/kct on tue Moon. The following is a Brief extract from a scientific work soon forthcoming entitled the universe no desert Tho Earth no monopoly 41 when to Are told that an object on Iho Moon Only Lwy of Hundred und Twenty foot in extent the height of Bunker Hill Monument can be dish no tiv seen by moans of Tho great reflow tear of lord Rouse we must remember that Madler considered Tho minimum length of a Shadow susceptible of temp Franco and Tho roman Priesthood in Tho prolonged and arduous struggle for Tho suppression of intemperance and of the liquor traffic whether it to moral or Legal suasion to have hoped to Havo Trio powerful Aid of the Catholic clergy but have Tiern Disu pointed. Nut Liat to or desired Thorn to Como into any organisation outside of their system or to identify themselves with any party a Jet it has seemed not too much that their influence should be openly and steadily Oxx Etc a a in favor of a Causo which i not Only that of Public order and Security but of Good morals mid religion. To Honvo looked to see them uttering some Doc did and forcible condemnation of Liat Trade in ardent liquors Whoso horrible consequences no Pait of the clergy can Havo better opportunities of appreciating than to Flad hoped that they might be led to use Tho authority they Liucc especially among Tho Irish for in end so Boudi Cint and we Cussary. Particularly now Tomt so much Usu exists against that class of our Clarion on account of their political Suu Vincy and intemperate habits it would so that the Catholic Priesthood ought to spare Effort that could tend to nut their flock is of least a numerous n division of them another aspect before the Community Terso. This Hope docs not seem Likely to be Ifield. To Hoar of no movement anon Tho Catholic vice achy for Tho suppression o Liia deadly and crime inducing and yet these seem to he great Orcisio for in Effort of Tho sort. We Public lied Trio Othor Day a Sta Natieal paper showing Tomt n great majority of tin murders committed in this state Are by irishmen and those Iri a when there is an archbishop and with such Powers of literal nral up Rit Oil control among their flocks ? Why is tirade not a Reft a 1 Why is there nut u total abstinence association in Placo of every rum by be kept by an Irish Catholic ? these Are nut sectarian or untimely ours. Lions. Tray touch Tho vital Root of society it is a fact that we have a amount of crime among a. It is n fact Liat Trio highest crime murder a nere mos it is n list Eliut murder Are duo ninety per cent to drunk pcs. A it i a tact Tomt of Trio a trunk Ken murderers u Kurzu Roji ortion Uro irishmen. It is a fact that Tho a Drunken mar a luring irishmen Uro nearly Ulla Holics. But leaving Tho Drunken murderer out of the question a majority of lira rum Sellers who Muku Tomt class drunk no of lira Samo origin. Go through the a a democratic streets if you doubt it look it the a a Gnu above the rum holes when Notin a a dutch a they arc sure to he Irish to. Go to lira bars of the runt holes look it the Una Nils behind them Dou iii out Elmir Liquita Poison mud look it Trio in incl Swilling a i and Lioy ure All Irish Irish Drunken aral militant. These Aro All incas. But Cert Finly if Tho Catholic Priesthood chose tirade could lie i Reform. Liat Tho Vii remains a my i Croos is is Ono of the cause of the movement of hos Tilky to catholicism now a a Active arid potent in the Community. It is not Mojo antagonism to certain let to a Ira Bonnew and to crime thence Jiro feeding. Wit i which a two Ivo explained in fore. Limo opinions Ivo la Jenme widely a do it it tied by a sir Tiomi a if 4lra Public a n. Or. Try Bucu. Fly Tito now Haven advocate in a Ledu ing editorial upon Iho operations of the prohibitory Law in uses the following Luno Unton a a sober. Jimlu urious citizen Hare been made out of persons hitherto a Stein to Crete and shiftless. Homes Long strangers to the common no Cessario of life re nov realizing the award of Temperance and frugality. Our streets Are quiet Anco with its disgusting effect no Duap geared to such a degree of to make a change the remark of even the. Of Punnen of the Law. Our watch Itensohn isaid measurement to be three seconds of arc Lone inmate to where it previously had

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