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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives May 25 1855, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - May 25, 1855, Biddeford, MaineT Union mfr fetid Lime Mil. Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. " eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of . Biddeford main Friday May 25, 1 855. Volume xln0mbee 21. Union and Eastern journal. The Amsi Uil Kwi re journal u my vkld4t, m so. 1, Central Bank Opp aim la Rutur tune 1u�-Tuto Ruiria if in it tic in Hiroa Laou Liu to a la Lim of Lukwin bin. Biow Wulw 4 Mill. It h p Alu Kab Iho and Tomii w agr u him Only a rot Abr Pap la a Mim of nov Turk m i build Pula mod a or to Mol Rte Fnu and own mama a in Mim no. 0 by of. Ulo a ird w us i fill and the k Iteli i Athl Zugale. It we Khu uld their Worth with thine Tyndle Gnu hug mirth when lbs Ide of May Are Pat june and Somgur ovum it from the Dep i a Blue above cum the Mig Lily breath of love calling out each Bod and lower with re i Ile View Power j waking Hope and loud desire Kindl a Lite Roie lire youth and m ii leu a Dreaux. With luyvlervml., theme Tien amid i he sunlight Clear f Oati if in the for Grabl air Ali u lot bleach heart with plea aurs by thy go al italic measure. So note note no a wet and Low like a full heart , f a i lie prelate but the train Neer rep it thai Bole at ruin for the wild a i Huey Ong Irvyl Kip the note bit whip with Bach Quick and merry play. Neer Wai madder merrier Lay. May eat wot prof Tow Spring All thy note before at l Riu visions of that dream built land where by constant Zephyr f Wunej i might walk the Livelong a new iulia perpetual May. Nor c ire nor fear thy Umo Iii know for thee a tempest never Biow but lieu our Northern summer o or r Delaware or a Liore tic Wil t Rice lilt in airy Bead and Royal Fet for thee Are spread. of ilk Winter Cha a thee there thy tire Lem Luigi Hall own no fear but Bear the to Oine i turn coat far beyond the reach of i m Bol Poliuk at ill May thy Ladeas take fro a me All Laurl of Sanca fill my out with tru to unshaken in that dein4 who a take for every living thing. In suit Auer Winter fall Aud Spring. . Stay where you Are. In the West we Havo met with person of a mania for dealing land. A Long in their farm a turd unlimited opportunities for chopping Down huge Trees and burning up huge logs they work away with the Aidor of passion but the mo1 Mont they Hare made their farms tillable and their houses habitable they take no further interest in them whatever and Are eager to sell out Anil plunge deeper into the Wood to ply again the axe and the Brand. Tiiu the country is uld ired rapidly but the blood of la people i fevered and the a Ion fir change continue after the Good dam of it i b Eit to co Epli hed. The necessity for a rapid Clearing of land hits ceased. We have ele ired a Ter than it Ltd appropriated. The e intern an t i Idle present an exp � almost unbroken of half cultivated land dotted with Ivi attractive hones. A Laige number probably a majority of those who occupy these Home Aie at least willing if the Aid not i Hiing to sell thir farm and try their Fortune in a newer Region. Thev know hat the Bur Len of lift is heavy to b. Borne where they Are they Hope that it Wil be lighter Soni where is. They forget that the life of no honest Man is Eay. They omit from their calculation All the unseen and spiritual advantage of a Perma nent residence they of Eikon the fact that the real Nutriment of a tree or a Man 1 of tows in from the minute tem liw of the1 Root scarcely visible to the Eye which a removal re Lely tear away. They have neglected to m be Titer Home harming 1 by i inti. The ornamental Shrub the Shad ing teen the Beautiful Flower. Tho y have not enlisted in their crop of co operators the next to omnipotent Aid of science nor bound themselves to the Field they till by the interest of varied intelligent Experiment. They do not know that new land 1 though they give a Large increase yet draw Large tribute irom the men the gave to live upon thai n. Tie Forest and the Prairie do not yield without a struggle nor without imparting some of their Wim Nese to their conquer is. It is a game of give and take Between civilized Man and wild nature. To most of men Over Twenty five years of age who have a Good footing upon their saliva soil we believe the advice is Good. Stay where you Are and determine to Atay at Long As life lasts i i severing toil guided by a thinking Bead and ennobled by a worry purpose will reduce the mortgage by degrees and beautify the old Home and fertilize the sterile held and Drain the too Fertile m Irsh and convert Stonaha into atone Fence Aid make the farm the Pride of the township and the Delight of Ita owner. Stay where you Are and try it there Are there who should remove the Younghi Strong the no Apitale the oae to May in a family. But if possible such should remove bul once seeking not a stopping place but a permanent Home in which Ami around which All that a beat in their natures May gather and 1u Ultra Ltd Besic stating fruit Trees. On my farm a an Apple tree of very Large size standing by the Aid of the Rod but some two Roda within the line of the Fence and in land that has been cultivated regularly either in roots grass or Grain till within a period of twelve years when a change in my Field operations induced me to turn it out to pasture. Some Twenty years since and about Ait years i became acquainted with it Tilio tree rather abruptly ceased bearing. Its age at the time was unknown. Thinking that it might be resuscitated i commenced the undertaking t y dig i Rou Iii Itte trunk to the distance of the longest limb and to the depth of one foot likening the award and placing it Over the roots and in immediate Contact with them. Oil this Sward i sowed Quick Lime Wood ashes and of Gypsum one Bushel of each being used and covered it with Clu led oat Straw to he depth of two inches when compressed Fine soil was then thrown on till the excavation was neatly filled Ufier which a loud of compos reduced to one half its former i Izeki he cavities caused by the falling Ott of old and decayed limbs two Raea extending nearly to the Center of the trunk Vevie filled with Forsyth s Cement and All the limbs that could be reached or safely cot at in any Way were scraped and washed with suds. Chi work was performed in the spin us of 150. The next year the tree blossomed and produced a few Apple which matured. The next season the Bear ing was abundant and since Ihen it has not Evaseta to produce a Good crop. German Loten thu glad Blue Eye of his full of plea arct medi Tiou. If you had been walking with Harry in the stillness of that warm note Timon you night have heard an occasional plea a to in that right Trowser pocket of i and if Good Betsy the maid at the Taim had be to their too she would double have told you what a budget of old i Nail and bit of Lead and tin and All sort of Trumper Harry alway earned in pocket greatly to the Wear and tear of said pockets and of the Home patience in rued Jins them. But a Mim bet a which Hinnir i her better than old Nail and Lead sinker j and tin " whizzes rattle there now j nothing Les than two big Bright Silver half Dollar All Harry own. To spend a to like now and then he taken them out and looks at Thorn to be sure that they Are ate and a reality and with the utmost con tent at the confirmation his eyes give to the Fiset drops them Back again into Tho Jing Ling pocket. The truth was that the Possession of Thi wonderful treasure was the greatest event in the Money Way that had Ever happened to Harry and it needed the witness of All j i sense to keep up the conviction that it j was really no dream. Harn a father al though a this fit Farmer who gave his Little Bov Good clothes and All Home comforts Hail Seldom any Money to bestow for his own Especial spending Harry s utmost ambition and Success having heretofore extended to a Bright dime. An old Friend of Hia father s from a Dutant City spending a few Day with them had dropped into Harry hand that morning up ring the gift of two Bright half dollars to Bay any thing he might happen to want. " Hay pm to want of How much Anil Koto Long Harry had wanted a but i How Long be bad wished and hoped and woo dered when the time would come that he should own such a treasure twelve year old and no knife had been a Damper More than once when he had tried to follow with the big boys at school and you May be sure Here was not a moment for indecision As to How and when his Money should be spent. For a knife that Tery afternoon it should go that was settled at once. What boy does not remember the Pride and pleasure that came with Hia first knife the dignity and manliness Iti ownership conferred what boy will not appreciate the Clad thoughts that filled Harry s heart As he walked alone through the warm dust of the Highway to the tillage. He could not quite decide whether it should hive a 1 White handle or dark one. But at All events it must have two Blades and would t he show Joe Smith next Day that some boys could make whistles a Wall As others and could t he mend let to Sosy Martin s Lead Pencil for her Insie tul of wooing her go up to the master every time it wanted Sharp ing. Of to Morrow was to be a grand Happy a on Harry s Way a Rod or two Back from i the Dusty Road stood a Small dark a paint j de Houe at the Low open window of which j he caught sir it of a face that he knew very Well and to paused and then walked up Vith a pleasant smile to speak to his Friend Josey Wood. Joey was a weak suffering cripple boy and he half reclined now on i Couch his goo a Mother had made for him. J ill Sti tied with Hay and covered Wilh neat Ohio z and drawn up close to the window of that the tweet a m at blew in on his while forehead and he Tould reach out i hand and touch the creeping Rose Vine fill with buds that clambered about the j Sill. � Mother was very poor nil she worked hard All Day with her Needle fur there was no one to provide for herself Anil her Little crippled boy and yet the found Lime to do a world of kind things fur him. She it was who trained the Rose who kept the room so daintily clean who carried him in her arms out into the Fields in the warm Days that he might feel the soft grass and hear the Birds sin and watch the feed ing of the Hocks. She it was who Sung old songs to him and told him stories w Hen he Felt ill and the pain made hit nervous and sad. She was a Good Mother to Josey and he loved her dearly and tried As much As he could to keep Back from her his trouble and pain and always spoke to her gently and sweetly. Rut Josey had one great pleasure of his own he had a remarkable Talent for Cut Ting curious and Beautiful Little things out of Wood these he stained with Dye that his Mother made for him and Sho carried Thein Down to the Village and sold them when she went Home with her work. To be sure Josey could not make Many of these Tor his Little nervous fingers were often useless with pain and some Days he was obliged to Lio very still on his Back doing nothing. Bui the Joy he had when Ever i Mother jul bring Home Money of his own earning was Moru than i can Tell you. I hot Cheeks would glow for the whole evening and i Mother had to take him in Hor Lap and sooth him gently to sleep or he would have lain awake All night dreaming of his riches. He was feeling very Bright to Day and the Little Pine table drawn up to the Side of his coach was covered with bits of Wood and tiny cups of colouring that belonged to his work. He Laid Down Tho knife with which he was cutting and put out his thin hand to meet Harry s with an expression of Delight. The two boys had not seen each other for some rime and Harry had a Host of wonderful Thaqi of boy interest to relate and altogether was so and Cor dial that his presence served to do Josey As much Enod As the May Sunshine and indeed his plump glad face All a glow with exercise and the warmth of the Day was a cheery sight for anybody. What Arv u making there we Larry pointing to Tho materials on the table. " Oli something Fanny Sai l a Wor Miling. It going to be the greatest tiling i Ever dial. It $ it kind of work Bou to i a got u splendid picture fur the top. And Here a queer invention of my own for the �p.ols. 1 Ahall lie Rich i expect. A tin i la it he Mother " and to Aiu led playfully. At Tho word Rich Harry s hand in Tinct Ireler dropped it to the pocket that held the two i All Dollar Bai he looked it to of � wan face and worn pitched clothes and time thin in his heart rest lined him from intruding i newly acquired wealth. " Don t Stop working. Joey he said. " i should like to see How you get at it it such a Puu e to see How to Liao Beautiful thing Uro in Udo. I urn sure i never could do it in a 4 of perhaps Yon could if you d nothing else to do id Josey pleasantly but the words made Harry sober As he thought of his own Strong limbs and vigorous inane and thousand ways of amusement and he stood looking at Josey As he worked in si-1 Lence. U was curious indeed to see How skilfully he Cut and carved and How smoothly and gracefully Tho rough Wood came into form under his touch. The work evidently interested him greatly but now and then his bands trembled and Bis shortened breath showed How fatiguing even a Little exertion was but he talked pleasantly to Larry. I plaguing the Why and the wherefore of everything he did seeming to enjoy his and. Migration and sympathy very much. " what a Sharp Kailo that is of yours Josey said Harry " it yes said Josey " that knife was my father s. The Little b Ade was broken when i first bad it but this one bids fair to last a Good Many years and luckily for i Don t know what i should do without it and he plunged it into one Side of the Box where he was hollowing out a Groove. There was a Quick Low Nap and Larry started and leaned into the window. A i i was too Truo in Joey a Quick excited to Tion the knife had broken the Blade snapped Neir the top Atill Atuck Fuad in to Wood and the smooth worn handle a soft in Hia hand. Poor Joey turned very a kit and Lay Back on Hia Couch and into the hol Low Ojea come the big Teara but a crash cd them Bick under the thin Oye Lile Tod put up Hia hand a if he would to Kotb the con action of Hia forehead but Alook of pain had fixed it calf in Hia face and he could not put it away. " Joey Star boy said Hia motor and she came up and put her Arma around him and Drew out Tho broken Blado Fem the Wood. Her Teara Ahe did not try t beep Hack but pitying him a Ahe did Ahe could Only weep and soothe him. She Contd not say Tho Worda Aho would rather Haw said than any other that the would Eoo ii a replaced his Losa. " Don t cry dear Mother said Josey faintly knives can t last forever you know and if this must Bienyk eee How nicely it has come off to near the Handlo. I can Nae Tho Blade for a Groat Many things and one of your Krivoa will help too. I can got along nicely i i it Joy found it had to Comfort his poor Mother. Site knew How Many lonely h Urs that knife had cheered How Many Lull one it Hud brightened How much de Light his work had always been to him How import ibo it was for her her to get him an other for a Long time and Sho remembered too that on these slight earnings of Josey he Wii de indent for Tho Neuns of procuring for him Throo Little luxuries that were utmost Occoa Auriga when he waa feeble and Dufferin. Poor Josey could not speak but run dip yen were full of tears and a Groat pain fit led i heart Ash a caught Tho look More touching than nil the Mother s words with which Josey gathered up Tho severed Han die and elude and put them into the drawer of his Little Tahle. Oil How Tew the boy s sources of happiness must be when the breaking of n Simp o knife could put suah n look of unhappiness into his fico excite ment As it usually did had Roalo Josey a Little faint and while to Lay Back with his eyes Clasid for a few moments his Mother running him with her Broad Palm Leaf fan Harry slipped away. It was late in Tho Alto noon when to Camo again toward Tho House on i return from his Long walk to Tho Village. Tho sol Light of Tho setting Sun fell upon Josoy a Low window and Tho Palo boy Lay looking out on Tho Rosy and Golden Clouds in Tho Western sky. There was still a sad look on his face hut he smiled when Harry Camo up and listened pm a Antly to Tho boy grip to had brought from the Village. It was not until Vrrme minutes after Harry 1 had Bido film Pawl Bic and lie had Censed to watch hit Atout Stout figure hurrying up the Road that Jose discovered in the fur Comer of the window n closely folded pack age of White p Iper directed to himself and Asho slow or and wonderingly unrolled it there dropped from it heavily upon his Couch a big Beautiful knife stouter and handsomer than Tho Ono to had lost and with Tico due Blades. Josey trembled so and his eyes grew so dim that to could not read the words on the inside of Tho wrap per and al in wonder his Mother came and rend these lines written in an unformed Boyish hand " dear Josey i least to accept this knife from to because i would rather you should Hare it to Muko up for Tho Ono you broke than to Hare the handsomest Kite in the world. I bought it with my Tom Money on purpose for you. Your sorry and off motion ate Friend. poor Josey the tears that had been kept Buck fell fast enough now and like a Little child he hid his Fuco against his Mother s breast too glad and grateful for words there Una no pleasant sounding Silver in hurry s pocket when to went to his Robin that nil it no Strong knife better than the Silver to take its place but his Mother s kiss was tenderer than Ever when she Lute him Good night and Angels of1 peace and love Hovend about him with j blessings promised those who Lay up treas j uie in from ii Golden Lra. The Brothers. In 49. The " tanking institutions of the can acc kind in sin Francisco were the Bella Union Verandah mine tie Oro al do undo. I ital Parker House All Siena o i above Tho i , and each employed a bund of music to the tedious hour of tint Rainy Winter and to drown the noise of Jing Ling Gold and Silver and Tho cursing ejaculations o the Gamester. Many a Sal scene Hud taken place within those saloons that chilled Tho blood of the Beho mors and is remembered with horror. I was once care Lessly sauntering through one or these places. My attention was attracted towards a person who had Large pile of Gold before him Tho starting eyeballs the swollen veins upon his forehead Tho cold sweat upon his face and can lieu hands told of heavy losses Ming led exclamations of horror and contempt would escape him and he seemed unconscious of All else going on around him his Gai Bent upon the cards a if Tus life blood was the stake at Issue and in this Case Bis last Dollar was placed within tie dealer s Bank when with the frenzy of a maniac be Drew a Long Dirk knife and plunged it of to the Hill into his own body and Ink a Corpse upon the table. A few Rudo jeers followed Tho act the body was Remote and the Gamo went on a though nothing had Hap Ned a though another victim had not been added to the Page of the gamblers damning Reno no or another soul had not gone to Ita final account i Learned the much of his history. He started with a Large Stock of goods Given him by i father to sell on commission and the father Fortune depended upon a or return of the Money to Nivea cd Bat As usual with Young men be indulged in the full Liberty of unbridled Weenie and while the ship stopped at one of Tho South Ameri can Porta he engendered the first Needa of play but for a while after Hia Arris no the excitement of Trade and the Energy Noee Aat Ary to accomplish a successful a aug Kep Hia mind buy. Ono Day by appoint men to staked a few dollars on the turning Carda when the latent disease sprang into life and it carried him headlong Orer the precipice and ended in the tragic manner related. The mine Dvoroz waa a gambling a Loon situated on Wahington Street and Eldorado and in 49 it waa the principle a cart of the disbanded Goldie a who had been engaged in the War with Mexico lie Hind one of the largest Monte Banks in Tho room Aat a Man who had won for himself Bonor Ablo mention and an officer s commie Oiw my for Hia Butery at to storming of Monterey but preferring Tho climate of California and its pro Pectal to a More Northern Homo to embarked for that country it tin close of Tho War with Mexico and upon his arrival to opened a Bank for gambling i he emigrants came in by thou Sands nil a Fow nights after his arrival a Young nun entered this Sulu on and so Ito himself at Tho bunk and slaked various sums upon the tards until he had lost nearly All Tho Money to possessed. Excited with the play and jihad Ilond by his losses to acc Sci Tho dealer of cheating Tho dealer replied no truly u the accusation the Lio passed when the Young Man struck Tho dealer a Evoro How upon his face As Quick As thought the Sharp report of a pistol followed did Tho Gambler s clothing was covered with Tho Yong Man s blood to had been shot through the Rig to breast. Tho room was Oon Ile sred of the spectators present the door claimed and medical attend Inco called in Axi of Tho wounded Man. Tho Gambler atm oddly Orer his Bank running Tho Smull Monte cards through his fingers and per lists thinking Over the deed just . When the wounded Man gave a moan of agony is Tho doctor s Probo reached the Goitom of his would. Tho doctor inquired that state he was from and Tho wounded Man replied " the Gambler raised his head for it had been a Long time since to had seen a person from Tho Homo of his childhood and Vermont being his Nativo state Iho Micro mention of its Namo interested him. Tho doctor next inquired Tho Namo of the Placo whore Liia parents resided if to Hod any. The wounded Man replied " Tho Gambler sprang to his feet his lira be trembled and his face was As Pale As death Tor Montpelier was the Homo of bin youth and perhaps Tho wounded Man might inv been his Plaj Mato in childhood perhaps a schoolmate knew his parents his Brothers and Sisters Llo Clung convulsively to the table and with Tho contending emotions of rapid thought and the weight of Tho injury to Hud inflicted to could scarcely keep upon his foot. A stimulant was Given to the wounded Man and he was momentarily relieved from that weakness Tho body is so subject to after a severe wound when the doctor inquired if to Micro was Uny Friend in Tho City to wished sont for. " yes to replied. " my Wile Alio a at Tho City hotel on Tho Corner of Clay and Kearny streets. Toll Mary to hasten for i am badly a asian was sent to bring his Wilo. " doctor said Trio Gambler " save that Tenn s life and Trio to is my Bank and $10, 000 in Burgoyne a you shall Haro it Tho doctor Felt Tho pulse of the Man and Prol Tod the wound anew. Tho Gambler watched him with the greatest anxiety until his inspection was finished when Tho doctor Hook his head in Token of impossibility. Tho Gambler Sal Down by the Side of the wounded Man and bathed his head with water and a punched Tho Low n blood from Tho wound until Tho arrival of the wife the Watne accompanied by a few friends and As heroin Arnnon cur their misfortunes she i bore hers. Not a word of reproach escaped her words of cheerfulness Only came from her lips an Tho tear courted Down Lior checks. To iter inquiry As to Tho Clia cos of her husband s recovery Tho doctor i Aurand her that there was no Hope Liat the wound was mortal and that in a Lew hours he would Dio. She Sank upon her Knees and invoked Tho my Raj of a forgiving god for her dying husband and his murderer. The Gam Bler asked the forgiveness of the dying Man Lor i to wring to had committed and also thut of Ali wife which wus readily granted. " this said he is for not obeying the acred injunction of my need Mother not to Fumble. I have faced death a thousands Tinios and still i have escaped the balls of an enemy Havo whistled list my cars As thick As hailstones and Tho bursting bomb has Cpl Odd at my few still i Havo lived of god and for this High above the red tide of Battlo i have carried my country s Ensign and that won for to a Narno among1 men when not Ono Comrade was left to Tell of the deeds in Tho Battle i escaped unscathed. Why was i not killed like the rest All list was proud and pleasing to Man i Bavo had and if i would recall this last act by living upon Carrion sleeping in pauper s grave and renouncing every proud act in my Lile i would do it. I was born in the same Village with that Man we Havo Beau class mates together at the same school received instructions from the same aged Man we were born beneath the same roof and of god to same Inot Lier gave us birth lie must not Dis he is my Broiher and the Gambler Sank Don in a swoon upon the floor. To wounded Man raised himself on Bis elbows Bis Glassy eyes win Decd about the room in search of some particular prom. 14 Mary said he is my brother w ilium Here 1" and the words choked in his Throat the gurgling blood stopped his utter Ance and be Sank a Corpse upon his Pillow. The wife Knelt again but it was by id a dead body and invoked the mercy of god upon his soul and forgiveness for Tho Mur Derer. The Gambler awoke from his swoon and staggered up to the wife and said " Mary would it were otherwise for i Havo nothing to Livo for now the dead and dying do not want anything in this world take this certificate of Deposit to our aged father and Tell our parents to Are both dead but of do not Tell them How we died before the women could reply or any one interfere Tho report of that pistol sounded again and the fratricide ceased to live. On the Hilt near Ricon Point were two Graves a few years ago enclosed with a White picket Fence and Ono Tombstone stood at their head with the simple inscription m so tubes a voice from the City off the Jarmek 8 life. A gentleman who has been engaged in mercantile business for Many years in one of our Large Oitis in writing a letter of in Quiry in relation to farms which might be purchased in the writer s neighbourhood with n View of settling upon a farm write after the following fashion his View of a far Mer s life " i am truly sick at heart almost Overy Day feeling keenly the vexation arising from Tho risks the tricks the uncertainties the dishonest and dishonourable transactions connected with business i Honvo been comparing and contrasting differ ent employments or vocations in life and Havo come to Tho conclusion that Tho Situa Tion of a Farmer with capital sufficient to go to work in Tho most approved manner is at this present time of Swartout ism Sehuyler ism and an abundant crop of swindlers on a smaller scale of All other situations the Ono most to be coveted. The Farmer is less at Tho mercy of others whims Capri pcs and Dishon esties less at the mercy in Trade less al Iho mercy of Banks and brokers and More Independent in every View i Lake of him. He is not liable to have his House or tenements taken from him by a higher bidder and go thro the horrible operation of moving every May. To needs to dread no of aulsion from House or store. Rises or Falls in the prices of rent or provisions Havo no terrors for him. His own Fields and his own Industry Supply almost All his wants and his own flocks and Woodlands provide him with shelter and fire so that he does nut need to dread As so Many cities Havo to do the approach of Winter. He is free too from the miserable strife and ambition of making a display of endeavouring to out vie this one and that one in Stylo of living furniture i dress equipage of. Of this pity Ufa has 1 Many Many annoyances. By hot to Loo Many in All the Moro respectable branches of business too Many merchants too Many lawyers Loo Many in almost every employ ment. This City and All our cities could very Well spare lots of merchants and mechanics and lawyers and doctors and editors and Bankers and note shavers and office seekers and loungers and idlers and paupers. This City could spare enough to sello All the farms in any county of your Sirato. There Are too Many of us Here. We crowd each other we Are in each other s Way we cheat and try to live upon Ono another to bile and Detour Ono another and it is High Lime that a part of us Wero at better business in the country. I Hare looked All Over the professions and employment in which men engage and am firmly convinced that the situation of a far in or in easy circumstances is More desirable than any 4 � from tar Chritian of Giitter. Compendium of the seventh census. Every Man woman Anil child who lived in the United state in 1850, has already paid five cents eight Mill and seven tenths of a Mill or if not some one else has paid it for him or her for the Honor of being counted in the census of 1850, and properly arranged in infinite tables afterwards. Lot no one say henceforth thai he has never been in print. Though to Livo in Harris where Are but eight people though his age be one year and six months though to have no acres under cultivation and manufacture nothing All these facts and no facts he May to sure Havo now been printed in j re printed and stated in Overy sort of table by order of the Secretary of Tho Interior by order of the Senate by order of the House As the first superintendent of the census liked and As the second superintendent liked and his name on an immense Sheet of paper is stored away in to department of the Interior at Washington till some Happy Day when Nomo fortunate casually " Good at annihilating rubbish shall sweep al away to Mako room for other documents of equal want of interest and importance. To were All counted in 1850. Skillful makers of almanacs footed up the returns at once and in 1851 told How Many we were. Mote slowly the census Bureau added and subtracted and multiplied and sent men to to find How they did things there and at last at the end of the year presented an abstract of the census. A grateful country seized it examined and laughed at it. Still the census Bureau Laboured on and in de Cember 1852, presented a report with new additions new corrections and an amended abstract. A grateful country admired again. The next year the census Bureau somewhat shorn of its enthusiasm by an indignant Congress printed its census Bulky unmanageable unreliable. A grateful country smiled and put the ponderous books a n its Book shelves. And the Senate hoping at last for something that somebody could me ordered a " compendium to be printed in Octavo form and not o exceed four Hundred pages. This compendium of the census which had been twee abstracted we now have. Exactly four Hundred Page Are there. A great Deal of Wisdom u in it and a great Deal of Folly. " you can prove anything by statistics except the truth and so we doubt not you can prove almost anything from these. Somo curious " introductory remark Are devoted to proving the worthless Neu of the statistics themselves. And like a car running Down a plane just preparing to ascend another the Cenua Bureau in 1855, having spent half the de Cade in publishing the work of 1850, now Begina to urge on Congress the propriety of establishing a statistical Bureau to prepare for Tho census of 1860 so enamoured do men become of Tho addition of worthless Fig pics Asa and Ira. Asa and Ira were two Brothers whose farms Lay aide by aide in a Fertile Intervale. When the Corn Tho Oats and the Barley were springing up the weeds took advantage of Tho Rioh soil and came up with them. " do you com said Asa " what a hold Tho weeds Are taking f there is danger of their choking out the crops Well Well we must be resigned re plied Ira " weeds As Well As Grain were a part of Tho creator s plan and there is no use in murmuring about and he Laid Down for his usual afternoon doze. " i can Only be resigned to what i can t help said Ira. So he went to work and ploughed and Hoed until his Fields were Clear of weeds. The army Worms Are in the neighbor Hood said Asa to Ira one Day. They have eaten through the adjoining Meadows and Are moving towards " a exclaimed Ira " they will surely destroy what Tho weeds have not choked out. I will immediately Retiro to Pray that their course May be stopped or turned but Asa replied " i Pray betimes every morning Tho River is rising very fas there is but a slender Chance of preventing our farms from being alas it is a judgement upon us for our sins and what can we do cried Ira throwing himself in despair upon the ground. There Are no judgements so severe As those which our own sloth brings upon As replied Asa. And he went quickly and hired workmen with Whoso help he raised an embankment that withstood the flood Whilo Ira witnessed with Blank looks and folded hands Tho destruction of his Harvest. There is one Consolation said he my children at least Aro left but while Asa s sons grew up Strong and virtuous men among Ira s there we a Drun Kaha Gambler and a suicide. Tho ways of Tho lord Aro not equal complained Ira to his brother. " Why arc you always prospered while i am Ali listed and my old Agu disgraced 1" i Only know this replied Asa " that leaven has always helped me to treat the Lault softy children As i did Tho weeds Tho caterpillars and Tho flood and that i have never presumed to Send a petition up Ward without making toil my right hand servant Tho messenger of my Lucy Larcom. Manners in i Soori. A member elect of the lower chamber of Iho legislature of Missouri wan persuaded by some wag of hid neighbourhood that if to did not reach Iho Stato House at ten o clock on Tho Day of Wembly he could not to worn and would Loso i feat. He immediately mounted with Hunting frock Rifle and Bowie knife and spurred till he got to the door of Tho Capitol where he hitched his us. A crowd were in the chamber of Tho lower House on Tho ground floor walking about with their Hau on and smoking cigars. Those he a Sej ran up stairs into the Senate chamber set his Rifle against the Wall and bawled out strangers whar a Tho Man that Swar to in 1" at the same time taking out his credentials. " walk this Way said to a of who was at the to mull igniting a real Principe and he was sworn Wilmont inquiry. When the Teller came to count noses he found that hero was one senator too Ninny present Tho Matako was soon discovered. And to Huntsman was informed that he did not belong there. " fool if Horwith your Corn bread " he roared Yoo can n t flunk this child no How you ran fix it i m elected to this Here legislator and i ii go against ill Hanks and eternal improvements and if there any of you oratory gentlemen wants to get skinned jest say the word and i my Light upon you Liko a Nigger on a Wood Chuck. My constituents sent sent me Here and if you want to floor this two leg ged animal hop on just u soon is you like for though f in from the Back country i m a Little smarter than any other quadruped you can turn out of this after this admirable Harrangue a put his Bowie knife Between his Teeth and took up his Rifle with come Here old Soke stand by me " at the same time presenting it to the chairman who whoever had seen such people before. After some expostulation the Man was persuaded that be belonged to the lower chamber upon which to sheathed his knife Flung Bis gun on his shoulder and with a profound Pongee remarked " gentlemen i beg your Par Don. Bat if i did n l think that a lower room was a Grogger May i be none not be polite How much does it coat to Eay i thank Yoo Why not practice it at Home ? to your hat band to Yoor children t your domestics 1 if a stranger Doea you Aloe Little act of you Reay How Fawcet the amiling acknowledgement if your husband a it s a matter of course no need of Thanka. Should to acquaintance tread on your dream your Bot Terr beat and by Acci Ueni tear it Bov Profito Jou Are with you net or Minji Don t think of it i Don t Oare at ail if a hat band does a he Geta a frown if a child it a Cho Atleed. 4 a Theeo an Little things say Jou. Tobej Tell mightily upon the heart let me a Eure you Little a they Are. A gentleman atop at a Friend a House and finds it a enl Union. He Don t Ece anything to Apo Logue for never think of Yueh mat Tere. Everything a All right Eold Tapper room crying children perfectly Comfort Able. Goes Home where the wife Hae been taking ear of be pick once and working her life almost out. Don t Aee Why thing can t be kept in order there Nerer were such crore children before. No apolo Iea accepted at Home. Why not be polite at Home Why not use freely that Golden Coin of court How sweetly they sound Toee Little word i thank you or you Are very kind doubly Yea Brioe Sweet from the Lipe we lore when her Amilea make the Eye sparkle with the Light of affection. Be polite to your children. Do you expect them to be mindful of your welfare to grow glad at your approach i to bound away to do your pleasure before the request u half spoken ? then with All your dignity and authority mingle polite eee Gire it n Niche in your household Temple. Only then will you Haro Learned Tho True secret of Bend ing out into Tho world really Fiji ahead ladies and gentlemen. What we nay to Eay unto All be polite. Singular institution. Trio of saying hero no Moro Waya than Ono by which to get a living a singularly in one of the " domes lie institutions " of the City of Pari As the Reader will learn if he Reada Thia paragraph to its Clote " the guardian Angel in paria a a Man Whoso duly it is to visit the drinking houses and Iho moment a Man Geta Tipsy to take him under his Protection to accompany him Home and put him to bed. The individuals practising this profession Are picked men who never drink themselves who have the necessary Mora authority to Force Obedi ence from who Drunken creature they Are conveying Homo who can defend him against attack and More than All who can prevent him from drinking at the Shopa they pass on their Way. The Palco for this service is ten sous and there is not an in stance on record of an individual thua pro Tecler Homo and put to bed having failed o discharge this debt of Honor. It is a Rule al Tho drinking shops that when a Man can not stand be must be taken off and the Angelia Alra Galway called. The Angela Are kindly trebled by the shopkeeper whose interest it is to see that no one of his Cus comes to harm. They receive the Odds and ends of the dinner and Aro recommended to Tho neighbors when a Relia ble Man for Homo confidential errand is wanted. Their honesty is proverbial and a Bac Nalian with a Hundred francs in his pocket who is confided to their charge is morally sure of finding his Hundred Franca where he left them when he wakes Tho next morning. To those acquainted Wilh the character of the Nativo parisian it a unnecessary to observe that the guardian Angel relics for custom principally on Tho English and other foreigners who have not Learned to use wine without abusing it. Tub red elephant. Tho elephant and the menagerie will to in town on Tho 22d inst.,and " thereby inn a a Talo " not Tho insignificant Tail of Tho elephant hut a Anlo related to it by Tho Polito and Clever Ai ant county of messes. Mario s great cob Lection of animal that a Tho Man who goes before Tho elephant and put up Tho Bill. Thia gentleman Una in our of Flint yesterday having Homo Billa printed. In peaking of Tho display stc., it waa suggested that Tho pictures might be Imol Ink. " of Laid to " to tried that on. It a Likely to Cocito unreasonable expectations. Year before at at Ono of our sex Init ions in to Luesee an Carnot honest looking countryman who bad Gaud in won Der it i Ito a Niihau for an hour or More a coated the door keeper thus 1 Well Muturi i m pretty Well satisfied i b Lieve you be showed nigh on to All on your Billa cent Ono thing. I want to see the Rul ill Phanel it s As led As Dot Johnson s head on Tho Hills " alter porno explanations an understanding was arrived at and Tho cot try Man was satisfied that it was a trick of " them newspaper Printer the same set to exclaimed " who got of this toll lie graphic trick to cheat people out o their it appeared that Bob Stamps who kept a grocery hard by had spread Iho deletion for and wide and the whole neigh Hor Hood had gathered to it Tho red Tuphane. Jachin Mist of Arcury. $3t Tho great clock for the Houyao of parliament was by the contract to Havo been fixed by february last but the Tower waa not ready for it. The dials Are to be 25 Leet in diameter and will be the largest in the world with the minute hand. Every half minute the Point of Tho minute hand will move nearly seven inches. The clock will go eight Rod t half Days and will strike Only seven and a half so As to indicate by its silence and neglect in winding it up. The mete winding of each of the striking parts will probably take two hours. Tho pendulum to 15 feet Long. The wheels Aro of cast Iron. The hour Bell is 8 feet High and above nine foot in diameter weighing from 14 to 15 tons. The weight of Tho Hammer is 4 cwt. 9 a boy at a crossing had begged something of a gentleman the latter told him be would give him something he came Back. The boy replied Honor would be surprised if you knew Bow Money i Loee by giving credit to that Way

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