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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives May 21 1858, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - May 21, 1858, Biddeford, Maine\ to every form of oppre88ion Over the mind or body of eternal hostility Biddeford me. May 21, 1858 Lons 0. Cowan editor amp proprietor. Gentleman this afternoon in Tho county Cor. Mention. He look Hole and Hearty and if to would live n Hundred year Ilo is certainly n very Remer Pablo Man in Liia Way. To believe be it now nearly 80 year old. Ilo w ill be greeted by Hundred of old Friende when the state convention Huerta for he is a Roll acquainted All Over the state. A Good Satorv Wraa told about the old gentleman during in attendance on the methodist conference which met in Ono of the Kastern cities a for year lie put up at one of the largest hotel and at night was shown i room which Hap petted to be quite High up in the building and accessible by n Long winding staircase. After reaching cd room to Halo oed in a loud voice sufficient to Amurao the inmate of the hotel after Thia manner a a landlord 1 say landlord bring to a upon the landlord making in App Taranco and inquiring what lie wanted with the Hatchet a ill Reg me a Hatchet Quot said Tho old preacher a i want in Blaze the Way so that i May be Able to find my Way Down when i want miso shill ibid so it Lar Cisin Anit Fastero 3onrnal i a a Waitinas Iviry Friday morning Corw Twu Enow in Sumii Broca Liberty ,.bidj.lbrjmum Tuv so a 00 per a a num. A 81.00 if Pat it Tishie three meth fuss is too. Of suf Nung. Coma Forth come Forth it were a a in to stay at Home to Day stay no Mora loitering within Como to Tho Wooda away the Long groan grata is filled with Flowers. The Clover s deep dim red 1 brightened with the morning showers that on Tho wind Haro fled. A battered about Tho Deap Bate any la White and flying Clond Homo Bright Brief rain Are All that lie within Ikon Nawy abroad. Now look a our weather Glass it a Road the Pimpernel whole Flower Cloaca Ita leaves of a potted Rad again a a Rainy hour. The first Pale Green Are on the leave a that a Cradure More like Bloom Yon Elm Bough hath a Horda of Beau. Lured by Tho faint perfume. The Harry Orchard fling of High it branches whence Are a Trown Uloa Eom like now but with an Eye dark Maiden a thine own a rat our Flower Are chiefly Thorn which Iii the Auu touched Bough within the sleeping toil repo Thooe of the Radiant brow. Dot we bar Dai Iez which Tike Loro or Hope a neg everywhere and Primrose. Which Droop above some Elf Coo using care. Hoad of spiritual Opala born All too near the mow thar Pine for that Sweet Southern gala which the will never know. It i too Toon for deeper a hade hut let a Kirt the Wood the Blackbird there who nets is made. Sit singing to her Brawl. The pleasant hour will Oon be Floru lore make no More delay i m toe glad to be alone. Come Forth with me to Day. It without order on Tho Furin peace of mind e auers and profit Are impossible. Watch r full and care am implied in Thia forcible word on or. Who i the firmer that Doc not know Ofner Imis accidents happening to a a animal and crop for want of proper care let some firmer Aro negligent of Timeir uni i Mneri when at Gran a if no Accident could in pen. We once knew a Mot horse to get on i Back in the Burrow of a a pasture Field tint wan a needed Down Quot with a r Grain crop grown on Quot land Quot or sheep of Good Quality a my what firmer r should grow any other no liable to Meci a with similar accidental no too to be in i Jurod by dogs etc., and for which cart a econ after nil the Experiment that have been i made to be the Bent remedy. The Farmer should not allow i cattle that arc used in his farm work to be mattered indiscriminately Over his Fields. In Tho most Busy Neason it often happens that a great Deul of time i lost in catching working animals that Are let out Oil pasture while the men eat dinner. In the heat of a hut Day a at noon Home and oxen would do much better in Tho a aide if supplied with Green food. For such purpose no Farmer should to without Tho Nece try Quantity of Clover to be used As we do not refer to that grown on Meadow land with Gravos hut to Clover produced on Meadow Laud rarity manured. Such Clover will be succulent and w Hile it furnishes a highly nutritive feed for working animal it prevent them from having n desire to consume i Irge quantities of water. Clover grown in the manner referred to would produce the second season three crops. After each cutting it should he heavily top dressed. If Tho pasture arc Haro from being Over stocked or parched by the heat of summer the cattle should be fed with Clover or other soiling. The Valuo fit for increasing the Quantity and Quality of milk and butter will soon be understood by any person who pursue such a course. This system of practice ins its influence in Nrrma Lime. A the fences Are hid or that cattle roam in the Woods by the feeding of special Green food in n particular place thus causing cattle to Como i search of it much Limo May be saved. We know of u shiftless disorderly Farmers and it or hip there Aro other As Well As he who drive his Castlo Turco or four mile to he milked often slim above their knee in mud. Ilo has several horse to spare and milk cans growing Rusty for want of use. To Doe not estimate Tho los arising from Nucio a practice. I cattle travel in coming Home twice a Day to to milked and returning to the pasture Inoko four journeys equal to twelve Miles when the Road Are Muddy the labor is much increased the feet of Tho cattle become subject to disease while travelling they Aro not feeding and consequently not supplying the raw material from which to Naku flesh milk or butter they dung on Tho Road and its Ai Nurial it Feci arc lot to Tho pasture and in addition to the cd a losses arising from carelessness or a w ant of a order upon Tho farm Quot the time of a Man or boy is also lost n making Tho journeys referred Farmer. In Wity to Multi butter. Miss Emily a rustic lass of the Hoosier state who has had for several years past the entire con Rol of the milk department in her fathers family confesses in the West Ril cultivator that she was indebted to it for Tho following process of making butter surely and speedily said to be the russian method and n most excellent one too a her experience proves. She says a Are tire i go to milk i put a Kettle say one third full of water and Large enough to let the milk pail into it on the stove a hero it will get boiling hot by the time i Como in with Tho milk. I then Strain Tho in ilk into toothed vessel and Wash the pail which should always b a of tin then it our the milk Back into the pail and set it into the Kettle on boiling water till the milk become scald my hot taking Caro not to let it boil then poor it into clocks or pan and act it away into the cellar for the Cream to Nso in Tho usual Way. Cream produced in this a Ray will Seldom require More than Twenty minutes to churn while by the common practice the poor Dairy maid May often churn for hours and then perhaps Luve to throw All away As i did on two occasions before i became acquainted with the russian plan the essential features of w hich i have adopted in my present Mode As Ivou the method is applicable to All seasons and will answer in summer As Well As in Hon to make it Garden Oil Tlajy Oil. from . Tito Ohio cultivator describe Tho manner in which a Gardener near Colo Idiku known a a old Joe Quot made a Good Garden on most forbidding Oil Joe Garden was originally n compact Clay soil such a predominates throughout a Large portion of Ohio and is Tho greatest obstacle to successful gardening especially among Farmers Aud Whoso who cannot afford to do thing thoroughly. Rut not of with our Friend Joe. His first a Turt after erecting a shelter for himself and i Flowers was to Trench a portion of i ground two feet in depth mixing with it Carao manare and other material to enrich it and especially to admit air into it. Thia a a alow and laborious operation but it Wath Only True Way and doing a Luttio Ata time the whole or accomplished without much expense and the result has been such a healthy coach Ludyn roam taoist w. C. Ssi ant. My soul is stirred within me when i think of the great Miracle that still goes on. In Silenc round me the perpetual work of thy creation finished yet renewed forever. Written on thy works 1 read the lessons of thy own eternity. In All grow old and die but see again. How on the faltering foot strap of decay youth presses Ever Gay an i Beautiful youth in All it Beautiful forms. These lofty Trees wave not Lesa proudly than Tbs in ancestors Meider beneath them. O there a not lost one of Earth s charms upon her bosom Jet. After the flight of untold centuries that freshness of her fair beginning lies. And yet shall it. Life mocks the Idle hate of Hia Arch enemy death Yea seats himself upon the sepulchre and Bloom and smiles and of the triumphs of Kis ghastly foe makes i Nauru Amend for he came Forth from thine own bosom and shall have no end

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