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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives May 19 1854, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - May 19, 1854, Biddeford, MaineTus Amo a team , 1s a Ciuizio , Friday. Orneas no. 1 Neutral Block. Buhk uru of pug thu Kuliu Fortl Houma. Tkkms�?92 00 per annul or to 30 if paid within three Mouths fast to the hum a a 8totie copies May be Usu Iowa us thu Ottine i Seal Rice 4 cents. T b. Pauser thu american news papa r agent is the Ouy Aalto oried agent tor this Wpm i the cities of new York boy Tou and Philadelphia and in duly empower a to take advertise Ntontos and Nhanh thu at the same Rale a require by us. Ilia Olla re Are a a York trt-1 Brae buildings Horton Sci use s Mui Uluig pkg Luot phut n. W. Corner third and Cha but a sir not. The Union % March a wat9qn ruler. Poetry machine poetry. Manufactured to order. Now Jun bring oot the a a no Ishun Quot and keep the screws tight Lor if oue get use it will make some of the hues Loo Long. Throw a dozen spell ing Book into the Hopper then a look Sharp eve Cryl tag is ready a go it a i cannot Lieuru this Laii Guage boys it is so very bed sirs so curious words it has. Indeed it makes me mad sin tie rvs to and a and i Lull that is Strw whip i d is sir hut c o l u ii is to of take care done to Call it to of sir. I h o a o ii is flow you Mustur to Call it Jan of. Sir k of g ii it is not raw of us 1 they fall it a Tiff sir. A Bole they Muke in i on drear Tiey can it by a ame of nil in ital if you go to truding goods they Call you thou a sell or and if you mgt ii your goods right Well they Cal lit a Tiue a a a sir but a Luau that lives upon tie seas is thou tit by Plieni u same the pole Uliey hang the sails upon is Liat they Call u Mast sir but should you go to the cubing school we then you Are u Muster Sunna we a girl should jump the rope they say that Slio Cau skip sir tint a Critter that i born in cheese 1� Cert my u a Kip per. You write a look Liat i it culled f a novel or a tale sir hut Lake the Man who made your coat they say that lies a tall or. A Case you Nick your dry goods in is known by the name of ii sir Tut a Man who lights Ami Macks your Eye is called a tint Rale Laid or the Dace where they Lla in bouts impair is what i called a Dock sir and a Man who kills More Thuu be cures i a survday a Doc tor. A lot of boart that float along is a Otlang but n rust sir but s lieu Eliut lies sea your House of that is named a Rule to or. With coils and sell and sails and Sale with tails and Tailon Doug Liing and oof tins. With Rul a mid Rafter Walls and Wale. Wilh boughs of Trees and Bow of head with Row of tree and Rowdy Row. With bread to rut und bred Well bred with know and use Atid shoes mud Shewn Willi clone Atli Clolla Sund no and sew. With Ito and hoc nud Low und to with need in want and knead to work Wilh Throe of Pic and throws to York Willi Lead and led and Inonu and mown with won to win and one Lonc lulus 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. Biddeford Friday May 19, 1851. Yol. X.n0. �?.20 i it ripens tie 10th of september. The first rim Bunch was exhibited at the a a chum etts horticultural society s room on the 3d o september 18�3. Thu Vine wus i neither pruned nor pinched nor had application of any of the ails. Whereby precocity and size Are attained my object being to ascertain what would be the constant habit of the Vine. 1 suppose that its Quality would be much improved in a More Lavo Rahle climate and that its superiority to the Isabella would be As apparent i under such circumstances As it is Here. The great want of the country in this lat a elude is a Good table and urine grape which shall be Early Hardy and i Ollic. The j Concord grape Lul tils these conditions and ii Leel a sincere pleasure in offering it to my e. A. Bull. We have said nothing about its qualities As a wine grape. I. Bull however exhibited some specimens of the wine made from his Grope which were tasted by the committee Ami pronounced by them to pm of a very excellent Quality. It a his first attempt at win Jiuu Kinig and of course Tiol Likely to be made Wilh much skill. It has been much praised by several who have tasted it and some of the it Persou Good judge. It has a Good body with an agree Able fruity perfume and is particularly grateful to the sick which or. Bull considers the Best test it could have. It did not have the slightest addition of spirits but the a Ture Juitt of tit grape. We clo a our account of the Concord grape with a inure full description Hunch Large Long neither compact nor Loose handsomely shouldered berries roundish Large three quarters of an Inch in diameter sometimes map using an Inch skin thin very Olaik covered Wilh a thick Blue Bloom flesh very Juicy nearly or quite free from pulp flavor Rich Saccharine and uprightly with much of the delicious Aroma of the Catawba \ me very vigorous making Strong Wood leaves very Large thick strongly nerved not much lobed and woolly s Jurj a me. A ungrateful miscellaneous. Buys the causing. Oue of the Best stories which we have lately Lead is entitled a a til cousins a country it is from the Chaste pen of mrs Mitford an English authoress of considerable reputation. Thu whole is too i Long tor oue Puper and it is a Stor which. It will not do to Divide. The first half of with pore a my pour Ault a War and a we Ike the larger Whir toil of the first Wilh is and see. And rower and Roar. ¥oiulile0f file of sculls novels is merely introductory to what follows. So we will sum up the prefatory part in a few words and then give the denouement in i a Mil lord own Beautiful language. Lawyer Molesworth was a Rich landlord of Cranley the native town of i. Milford Fie had two daughters to whom his pleasant Huu get owed its chief attraction. Ague we a u Beautiful Wou Auu Jessy was a pretty girl. Thu fond father intended that Jessy should marry n poor relation one Charles Woodford. Chaises had been brought up by his Uncle s kindness and had recently a great oboe Bull turned his Alten m London. Charles was to be the inline Agnus stood As if petrified of father a a you can to have discarded him to be sure papa a said Jessy always Good a lured a poor chaises what can to have done a a a refused your hand my child a said the angry Parent a refused to be my partner and son in Law and fallen in love with another lady what have you to say to him now a a Why really papa a replied Jessy a i m much More obliged to him Lor refusing my hand than to you for offering it. I like Charles Well for a Cousin hut 1 should not like such a husband at All to this refusal be the worst that has happened there s no great harm and Oil the Gipsey ran a declaring that a she must Pul on her habit for she had promised to Rido with sir de Tulud and i. Sister and expected them every the father and his favorite daughter Maine in the conservatory. A that heart is untouched however a said i. Molesworth looking alter her with a smile. This remarkable tree boars a curious fruit of the Sixo of a poach which although not very palatable is eagerly sought after by different animals it is separated into three lobes which contain each a Small Black nut. The Trees Are tapped in Tho same manner that new englander tap Maple Trees. Tho trunk having been perforated a Yellowish liquid resembling Cream flows out which is caught in Small Ely cups fastened to Tho Trio. When these by coins full their contents arc emptied into Largo Earthern jars in which the liquid is kept until desired for use. The operation of making the shoes is Sirn Plo is it is interesting imagine yourself. Dear Reader in one of Tho Seringa Groves of Brazil. Around you Are a number of Good looking natives of Low stature and Olive complexions. All Aro variously engaged. One is stirring with a Long wooden stick Tho contents of n cauldron placed Over a pile of i making embers. This is Tho liquid in it is te-1 taken from Tho rubber Trio. Into this a wooden a last a covered with Clay and having a handle plunged. A coating of Tho liquid remains. You will perceive that another Jia Tive takes Tho a a lust a and hold a untouched by Charles Woodford us i it in Tho Smoko rising from the ignition of lulled la a replied ague so but has he a species of Palm fruit for Tho purpose of ally refused my Sisley a causing Tho Glutinous substance to us sum i ii not least tin language for a Tio wry la Al a so Fri Hizy Cal Rioa word it bus. Lnu etl it Ali ski him Luarl a trs. A i a Row Isom. Jim Blo i lick Jim. Top her Ili to Lum Lhing a Wallop. Agricultural. The Concord grape. Long ago impressed with the opinion that our native tape a capable of being greatly ameliorated and improved through j returned into the family from a the seeds or. E. A 1 1 a a Tion to their production und now a grow a do ate partner Paul eventual successor to the ing More than 2001 seedling plants it out great und flourishing business of his Bene some of which he Hopes even to beat him self. It will take a lung time to prove them \ by the excellent conduct and All but the result cannot be otherwise than talents of the orphan Nephew important 1 a a a a a a a 1 Ira Factor who a regard seemed fully justified remarkable Agnes who for the natural habit of the Vine secretly entertained an affection Lor Charles was destined by her father for a Young baronet who Hud lately been much at the House. But in the affairs of love As of All others once changed or broken variation Takesky ice in such a manner that no opinion can formed of the product. His Success in raising the Concord grape is the Best proof of this. Says miss i Ford Man is born to dial or. Bull has Given a Brief history of this Iutin Lineul a a a it Somme propose it Dieu new grape und it will be noticed thut he Calls it u seedling from our native grape of the second generation. It is this some years ago to found a Small seedling growing Iliou his ground near a Wall there Are no wild grapes in the near Vicinity he it in i Garden where he planted a iut ment Quot Lhomme propose dispose a is never truer Thuu in the great matter of Matrimony. So found poor or. Molesworth. Who Jessy having arrived at the age of eighteen and Chalios at that of two and Twenty offered his pretty daughter Una the lucrative Pamir Enship to his penniless relation and wus petrified with us Toni Hemut and indignation to tied the placed it with some care and gave it Good cultivation. In a year or two it produced a few i connection very respectfully but very firn Bunche of fruit ripening As Early a they declined. The Young Man was very j much distressed and agitated he had the highest respect fur miss Jess but he 1 could not Tarry Here to loved another a i and then he poured Forth a Confidence As greater improvement and a parcel of seeds unexpected As it was undesired by his in were saved for planting lit anticipations Censed pair a a last part of August and remarkably Sweet and free from the foxy flavor of the wild Type. The idea at Otico occurred to him that another generation would be a still Nti Cip have been realized the concent grape was the produce of these seed. We Annex or. Hulls account of the origin of i Vine Concord mass., january 1854. A a i Send you the history of the Concord grape which you desired for your excellent Magazine. I have by no Means said All that can be said for it my desire being to have it come fully up to the expectations of those who Inay cultivate it which i have no doubt it will. 1 believe i have before stated to you that my Vine is growing on a poor Sandy Laiu overlaying gravel which has nut been trenched and but slightly manured add to this the late Spring and Early autumn frosts a which we Are liable to in this deep Valley of Concord and Tho summer droughts which Are very severe with Rue and i think you will conclude with me that it will be Likely of keep up its character under almost any circumstances. And Here let to say lira i have Multi but Patron who left him in und Imin i died with and increased perplexity. This interview Hud taken place immediately after break fast and when the conference a ended the provoked father sought his daughters who happily unconscious of All that occurred were am using themselves in their splendid conservatory a a scene always As becoming us it is agree Able to youth and Beauty. Is a was Hutting about Biko a Bullet by among the fragrant Orange Trees and Bright geraniums Agnes was standing under a Superb Fuschia that Hung Over a Large mat ble basins her form and attitude her White Diess and the classical arrangement of her dark hair giving her the look of some Nymph or Naiad a rate relic of grecian Urt. Jessy was putting gaily a she wandered about of a concert they had note ruled the evening before at the county town. A i Hale concerts a said the pretty Little Hitt. A to sit met upright on a hard Bench for four hours Between the same four peo pie without the pos Sibily of moving or Doublet ivly tuft absolutely. A Ami does he love another a a the says so and i believe him a a is he loved i return a a a that he did not a did he Tell you Tho name of Tho lady a a do you know her a a is she worthy of him a a most a a has he any Hope of gaining her affections of he must to must what woman could ret so him ? a a a lie is determined not to try. Tho Ludy whom to loves i above him in every Way and much Asho has counteracted Iny wishes it i an honorable part of cars rules Woodfords conduct that he intends to leave i affection unsuspected by it Leru ensued a Short pause it Tho dialogue during which Agues appeared trying to occupy Piersel with collecting the Blo Sooni of a Cape jessamine hut it would not do the subject was at her heart and she Couhig not Toice her mind to different occupations. She returned toilet lather who had been anxiously witching her motions and the varying expressions of her countenance and resumed the conversation. A a father perhaps it is hardly Mardenly to avow so much hut although you have never in set words told me your intentions 1 have Yut seen Aid know 1 cannot Tell How All that your Loo kind Urr Dulity towards me he designed for your Chil Dieu. You have mistaken me Dearest father doubly mistaken me first in thinking me lit to fill a splendid place in society next in imagining that i desired such splendor. You meant to give Jessy and the lucrative partnership to Charles we Odford and designed me and tour Large posses Sinas to our wealthy and titled Leigh mar. And with Little change of pm it ii these arrangements May still Lor the most part hold Good. Sir Edmund May still be your heir for lie loves Jessy and Jessy loves him. Chai Les Woodford May still be your partner and adopted Sun for nothing Lias changed shut need diminish your affection or lit Merit. Many him to the woman he loves. Shu must he ambitious indeed if she be not Content with such a destiny. And let me live on Wilh you dear father single nud Unwe dded with no thought but to contribute to your Comfort and to cheer and brighten your declining years. I o not let your too great a dark color. Tho a last a is then plunged Guin into Tho cauldron and this process is repeated us in dipping Cudios until Tho costing is of Tho required thickness. You will moreover notice u number of Indian girls engaged in making various impressions such As Lowers pc. Upon Tho soft Serluco of Tho rubber by Means of their thumb Kiriu Winch arc especially pared and cultivated for this purpose. Alter tins until operation to o shoes ure placed in Tho Sun to Harden and Large Nuur bars of them May be seen Laid out on nuts in exposed situations. Tho aboriginal Numo of Tho rubber is Wuhu clip Iruin which the formidable word of Caoutchouc is attempts Aro being Mado to prepare Tho gum for exportation in its liquid Stato and a Quantity has been thus brought into new York and new Llavon from Para. S. A. It is of greater Valuo for most Purpo ars and Tho Prospect is that it will soon to imported in Large quantities. Of itself is nothing by Tho Sido of what it will do in taking to produce of Tho Interior and returning therefor merchandise from foreign Innon. In addition to the Grain now Tho Pri Cipul produce Tho West will shortly give us As much Wool is the South docs oot ton. Iowa Michigan Wisconsin Nebraska will cover their Hills with Hocks is they will their plugins with herds. Then will Como Tho ores so abundant around Inko Superior. Tho Copper mine Are to Micro Whoso s Ocks Aro in a ii markets and Whoso Stratts Are sinking Down to the lot Cal Depths. And for Iron it is estimated thut 2.200,000.000 tons Uro in a a Ingle Deposit upon the Shore of Inko Superior. This is not therefore a question that affects n single Stato or a Section of country hut the whole land and Tho whole world. A Herald. The boy that kept his purpose a a i would not to so mean a mid Gorgei Ward to n boy who stood by while to put the Candy to had just bought in his Pickul. A a you Havo no right to cull me Meun a replied Reuben Porter a because i done to spend my Money for a a you never spend if for anything a con Linwod George inn singly. It was True Reuben did not spend his Money. Do you sup Rose it was because to loved it More than other boys do a ship canal a ship Cutuil is proposed around the frills of Niu guru on the american Sido Counos Ting the Waters of lakes Erie and Ontario and Aid bus Boon asked of Cung Reu by new York company with u capital of c-5 for constructing Tho work. The american continent i of Peculiar formation having several great valleys with Inland seas and Large Rivers to Drain them mud Bear Bear tire produce of Tho Virgin soil to the sea Board. Our of these valleys Fertile und exp Eusivo lying Midway Tiro continent and by its Wutch Coin. Dividing it Lor near Hall its Width i that containing the great lakes and the River St. Liw Ronce. Thru Only obstructions to no Vigay Ion from Tho Atlantic to Lake Superior Uro Tho full of Niu guru Between Luko Ontario und f Rio and the Sault do St. Murium about thirty a Wilca below Lake Superior Between Elliut and Huron around the latter a canal is already provi did for mud in processor construction und another around Niu guru would afford a High Way without going out of Tho sluts from the very Center of the continent to Luko Erie Tho British have seen Tho of this work and Havo already built the Welland canal from Sherb Ruko on Luko Erie to port do Lousio on Ontario Between 20 Aud 30 of the Isabella Aud Many other kids of a breaking to anybody or any Xiyu a getting grape for Lifsen years without being Able tons of How tiie ome it in a to non them in open culture and it was this constant failure which led me about ten years since to raise seedlings from our native grapes in that i should obtain a Hardy rape that would give me a sure Supoly for my Talde. In this i have succeeded beyond my expectations. The Concord Gruppo is a seedling coming out. And Theu the music a Pur in the second generation of our native grape and fruited for the Firat time four years since being at that time the Only seedling i bad Rar Sod which showed a decided improve a except my guitar or u flute on Merit on the wild Type for a Day but Agnes and the Cousin whose. 0. I Noble character and a pleaded talents so Well a i saw sir Edmund Rerng through deserved her Rotulo the Pride and happiness the crowd to reach you a Sard Agues a lit 0f a gome it 11 tie archly a this presence would perhaps have mitigated the evil. Hut the barricade was too Complete he was forced to to treat without accomplishing his object a yes i assure you he thought it very tiresome he told me so when we were sued Jabaay a the noise that they culled my tropical production the India rubber tree sic sir Edmund say he like no music j a a a number of Blacks bearing Long \ on their shoulders thickly Strung with the water and i like none except your playing on the notwithstanding its unfavourable position Organ and singing Handel on a it proved a great grower and bearer and very constant to its Quality Ard season. The. Seedling from which the concorde were. Raise grew near Toa Catawba Aud it is quite possible was impregnated by it it having the flavor of that variety. Tho Parent Vino was a grape Large Black Aud Ripe the 20th of August. A the Concord Tirpo As i said before is a Strong grower the Wood Strong the foliage Large thick strongly nerved Frith a wooly under surface and has Uever mildewed or mated under any Vicissitudes of weather. Tho Grapo is Large frequently at in sch in diameter and the Bunches handsome Shoul dered and Aorl Elimas weigh a Pound. In color it w Ruddy Black covered with a dense Blue Bloom the Akin very thin the juice abundant with a Sweet aromatic flavor and it has very Liujie pulp. Sunday Reading evening or Charles Woodfords Milton and bits of a do you Call that music a asked Agnes laughing. A and yet a continued she a it is most truly so w Ith his Rich Pula Biko voice and his Tine sense of sound and to you who do not greatly love poetry for its own Sake it is doubtless a pleasure much resembling in kind that of hearing the most thrilling of melodies on the noblest of instruments. I myself have Felt such a gratification in hearing that voice recite the verses of Horner or Sophocles in the original greek. Charles Woodfords Reading is a a it is a music which you ate neither of Likely to hear again a interrupted or. Molesworth advancing suddenly towards them a for he has keen ungrateful and the Center Leal Ollie duster is always the i have discarded longest. A a Miles Long. This canal is not Only three fondues of me stand in the Way of their time a lung us would to necessary on Tho happiness Muke me not so odious log american Side which would be Niue Miles Tho in and to myself dear father let me subjecting the Commerce of Tho lakes to always live with you and fur you a always lung und injurious a clubs but in Ull res a acts your own poor Agues a Aud blushing at is poorly built yet its business last season amounted to More than $300,000, mostly levied upon augur icon vessels passing from Ontario to Oswego Capo Vincent and Ogdensburg and is rapidly increasing. In i860 its tonnage was 400,000 in 1852, 782,000 in 1853, 850,000. It is proposed to Muke the american Ca Mil several Hundred feet wide fourteen deep and of sufficient capacity to Tako vessels of 500 tons Burden. F or various reasons the of Vermont might Grant Aid to this work first it is All important us a a nouns of do Fence in times of our. In a War with great Hrit Uin the supremacy of tie lakes would he even inure fiercely Oon Custod than in the lust our but while our opponents would have the Welland canal it their service we should have no pass for vessels from one Luke to another. Secondly we possess in i Menso tracts of unsold lands to which the lakes mud River have been furnished by nature to an outlet would adv Unco in value by Tho construction of this work. We Hugo often granted funds to railway Compa Nice from this consideration. Third a i would Tond to Tho settlement of the country which has always been in object with Ull governments and to promote which they Havo always granted lands the Homestead Hill now by fore Congress is urged for no other purpose. So vast is our country and extensive its capacities hint to do not always perceive them and they Are to he influenced by u measure Biko this. U on Tho Chain of Waters that this canal would Rondo navigable to have seven of the Lur Gost most productive and to to Tho Moat populous states in visit a lio Union with 2000 nilus of Navi Guhlow coast. They have a Commerce employing i 80.000 tons of steam and 140,000 tons it Suil vessels Tomt in 1850 transported 2,000 000 barrels flour 8,000,000 Bushe s wheat 7,000.000 bushels 2.ink ,000 of outs and Barley equal to 27,000,000 bushels of Groin. Around these Waters to have no ready n population of five million people and Tho District thut lius its Trade concentrated on Lake Eric is equal to 330,000 Square Miles. Within the United states to Havo two main arteries by which this produce comes to a Market the Erio canal whose tonnage in one season has amounted to 4,-000,000, and Whan enlarged May to double that and the Erie Railroad that transported in 1852, 406,460 tons but the so and All other avenues which Are Row literally choked with business cannot relieve the pressure and we Havo before us this fact that Tho population and agricultural produce of Tho Luke Region is doubling in every twelve years. What therefore is to to Dono Twenty five years to Day unless such a canal he Cut our Domestic Trade is outrunning All calculations and beside it our foreign com Eros is sinking into insignificance. The Coal and minerals the mums and other products from Tho West and Tho manufactures to turned from Tho East Aro kicking All Busy a and the moans of transportation should be equal to the demand. This forma Tho basis too of our foreign Trado. Tho Atlantic slope is Barren compared with the Fields of Tho West and it would rely upon no valuable Commerce of its own. What it would do in Exchange the earnestness with which site had spoken she Bent her head Over the Marble Basin Whoso Waters reflected the Lair image a if she had really been the grecian statue to which whilst he listened her fathers loud fancy had com pored her. A let to live Siu Gic Wilh you and marry Charles to the woman whom to a have you Hoarel the name of the Ludy in question ? have you formed any gues who she May be a a a not the slightest. I imagined from what you said that she was a stranger to Ine. Llave i Ever seen her a a a you May see her a at least you May see her reflection in the water at this very moment for he a had tie infinite presumption the Adin Diuble Good taste to Lull in love Wilh his Cousin allies a a a f Ather a a a and now mine own sweetest do you still wish to live Siule with me a a Oil father father a a a or do you desire that i should marry Charles to the woman of his heart ? a a a father dear fatties a a a choose my Agnes it shall Bons Yog command. Speak freely. Do not cling so around me hut a a Oil my dear lather cannot we nil live together i cannot leave you. But poor Charles Sui Ely father we May All live together a and so it was settled. And a very few Mouths noved that love bail contrived bet Lei for or. Molesworth than he had done for himself. Jesy with her prel Siuess Ami her Tille her Fop Peries was the very thing to to vain of the very thing log a the India rubber tree. From a volume lately published in f York by g. 1. La Utonn entitled scene now scenes and adventures on the bunks of Tho at Naxon we take the following account of that strange poles India rubber shoes also attracted our Attan Tion. These Are for the Moat part manufactured in the Iuie rior and Are brought Down the River for Salo by Tho natives. It has been estimated that at least two Hundred and fifty thousand pairs of shoes Aro annually exported from the province and Tho number is constantly on the increase. A a a few words hero respecting the tree itself and the of the shoes inv not be out of place. The tree sip Hilla of a Ustica is quite Peculiar in its and sometimes Roaches the height of eighty and Evon a Hundred feet. The trunk round rather smooth and protected by a hark of a Light color. The leaves grow in dusters of three together Are Tun and of an Ovate Lonn and Are from ten to fourteen inches in length. Reuben turned slowly away meditating upon what Hud occurred. A a 1 will but care for what he thinks a he at length said to himself a a 1 have four dollars now and when i have sold my cabbages i shall have another Dollar. I shall soon have enough mud i heart bounded Ujj Lully i step re covered it elasticity and his Pace quicken my a the pleasant thought removed the sting which the no Cut alien of meanness had inflicted on i Sens Alivo spirit. Enough did not mean the Saino with Reuben a with grown people. It Hud n limit. He Lia Slen de cheerfully Homo or to the place he culled Home. He had no father or Mother there but in their Stead kind and Loving Friend. Or. La utter had died two years before Leav ing a wife and four children without property to sustain them. Reuben a the eldest Aud a he was old enough to in the labors of Arm it was thought Best that he should leave his Mother. Or. Johns ii a neighbor took him into i Tumilty where he very soon became a great favorite. There a one thing about the boy How Over Flint Good mrs. Juh Sori regarded a great fault. It was what she called a a spirit of Shu said she Novor gave him an Orange Oran Apple that he did not carry it to i room instead of eating perhaps i sister at Home or dear Little brother Benny could Tell what became of them. Mrs. Johnson had noticed Loo in his drawer a Box which a quite heavy with Money. She did not believe to had bought so much is a Lish look since to had been in their family. If he should go in this Way lie will grow up to to a miser. Or Johnson smiled at id wife a earnestness Aud in marked that with Sueh nil example of generosity As Reuben Hail constantly be Fere him he would not by lieu the child was in much danger from the fault she feared. A a it must to remembered who said a that Reuben in i own Way to make in life. He must Early learn to save or he will always to poor their Are his Mother and Sisters too who need i in various ways Reuben added to his store. When Tho Snow came to Mado Nice Broad paths about he House which so attracted Tho notice of a Sci Gubov that she asked if he might he allowed to make paths for her. To Rose Early shut he might Nave Timo fur this extra work and was Well paid for i efforts. Thu Box grew Cavior from week to week. Reuben had almost enough one Day Thero was a Faircl of flour loft it mrs. Purler a. Shu thought there must be a mistake about it but the Man said he was directed it Tho store to Lake it to that House. Or. Purler went immediately to least about it and what was her Stirp Riso on finding that her son had been Tho purchaser. How could to pay for a whole barrel of flu i a the Muisey Quot said Tho merchant a the brought in a Box. It was in Small bits which look me sometime to count but there was the Mother called with a full heart at mrs. Johnson a and related what had occurred. Reuben wondered Why his Mother should cry so. He thought she would be Happy. Do was sure he wus. He had been thinking of that barrel of flour and now he Felt More like laughing than crying those tears Noble boy Are not tears of Sor Tow but of the deepest Joy. You Aro More than repaid for your sell Durial. You have ears covered in your determination you ave resisted every temptation to deviate from the course which you marked out As right. You have borne meekly the charge of meanness so galling to your generous spirit Aud now you receive your Luu Are Happy and so is your Mother and so ate your kind friends or. And mrs. John son. That night or. Johnson remarked to his a Ifo a they Sal lug Lher before the cheerful fire that to had some idea of keeping the Little miser and educating him. A a a boy who could form such a purpose and keep it will in nil proc ability make a use Ful after year proved Tho Correct Ness of this Cou Clu Ion. Reuben m now Man of intelligence nud wealth. He is Ono whom the world delights to Honor but among his pleasantest memories i doubt not is that of the barrel of flour to bought for ins beloved . A Peculis Anutt of cock try. It is said that Uli nost All fruits Grain and vegetable which grow in the Clear dry climate of new Mexico Are remarkable for their extraordinary sweetness. Tho common Cornstalk abounds in Saccharine matter to Sueh an extent a to furnish Tho native population Wilh molasses which although hardly As Good of the inferior molasses of Louisiana might doubtless be much improved by a More perfect Mode of manufacture than that adopted by the mexican this molasses is purchased their by those who do not Supply their own wants at a rate of 81,50 per gallon. Tho beet of new Mexico contains so unusual n Quantity of Saccharine matter that the manufacture of beet sugar is said to offer Strong inducements to gentlemen of Enterprise and capital to Ein Oark in the business. The Only sugar which i brought to Santa be now is trans pulled from the Valley of the Mia a Ippi across a desert of nearly 000 Milea in extent and the Cost of transportation increases its Price about ten cents a Pound so that the most inferior kinds Range from 19 to 25 cents in value. Labor in new Mexico is Worth from four to eight dollars per month. The manufacture of sugar irom beets has never been attempted there probably because no one in the county has the slightest knowledge of Tho journal. From the National Era. Hell Smith abroad. Tiie Roor of Paris. In no place is Jive try More strictly regulated or in it Salt better behaved than in Paris. The same Trail that makes it cleanly causes it to shrink irom Public gaze and usha Mcd of its great sin it hides in cellars or starves in Garrett nud never can be looked on Wilh impunity until the fearful morgue has opened its mat Hie jaws to expose a specimen dead Fiton deprivation. Poverty is Here i say cleanly and retiring and but for the portended music of sir not organs oue after a quiet residence might Bear pans of did innocent old sit f rancid head with the belief that the dense population had no lower class when gaunt hunger and biting cold makes Lila miserable. But it is Here police regulations aided by shame drive in from Palace doors and Puutio ways yet in spite of Laws it is All about us shivering in hunger and pain to Vii complaint until driven wild and All Europe is astounded Fly a revolution we lion destroy governments and thre nieu society itself. This dish Winn to shrink from exposure or a fear Well when discovered is very a hiking. When subjects victims of sudden accidents Are carried to the hospitals it makes no difference How poor they May be their persons Are cleanly und their few club Hes exhibit scrupulous care. The professor making his rounds with the students tied each patient prepared to receive them a by a proper of the dress the smoothing the hair and washing face and hands. Ductor h. Related to a an ius Tunce of this sort which struck me very forcibly. In a female word of a Hospital about Daylight the hour at which Dubois with a class visit the place while they Weto passing a lowly from bed to bed upon one Side of thu Long Hall our Friend observed a girl sitting on the Little Couch carefully combing her hair and urn Nging her dress. He observed this because the girl a so ill he had not expected thu Day before again to see her alive and the prepay tin she made was evid Eully accompanied with great Elford for she paused frequently mud continued with and exhaustion. The teacher and Pupil passed on and in less than an hour returned upon the Side where b. Had observed the poor girl preparing to receive a greater visitor than they she had smoothed her hair and folded her dress fur death. This Winter us fur a Beau severe upon the poor. Read i dear fuel scarce and thu weather unusually cold. F or the first time in Many years thu Seine has been Frozen solid Aud enough Snow is upon Tho ground for Sleigh ing. During the holidays 1 wus confined to my room by ill health not severe enough Lor the bed yet a Hutting my up and a 1 looked from my window on place St. Sulpico nud saw Tho White flukes rudely shaken Down by tie bitter North winds i said god help the poor 1 the place continually suggests the prayer As appears in it wintry garb an appearance its architect made no preparation for in fact never dreamed of. Thu immense Fountain in the Centre with its four Collu us figure of Church dignitaries sheeted in ice Lias a grotesque and chilling appearance the huge Lions at the base seen growling in stiffened rage As they freeze to death. Thu uni ads and naked gods of fountains Ami squares look dismally out of Placo through Tho falling Snow the boys Are not accustomed to it they play in a subdued quiet Way is if this rough visage Winter were a serious affair and nut to be trifled with. The Voiture in a Long line seem Frozen to the ground the Drivers very fut men generally Are shivering upon their boxes or walk slowly about beating their beasts As if engaged in an insane attempt to be Lively while the Bony horses mumble and snore in Thor nos bags. The winds Roor a boat the great Lowers of St. Sulpice and Over the Many centaurs shaded Walls thu Bright Snow dances Down from height which Mako St. Sulpico seem a mole Hill. The Fountain of Stony divines and co chant Lions coated in ice is dazzling White. The Broud Square is Whito. The tops of ancient Voiture look like sheets. The old Church is tipped with White at a thousand Points. Omnibuses run noisily while the smoking horses slip and fall upon their noses then up and stagger on again. It is Winter Ivory where but not our nearly wholesome merry Winter greeted with wild shouts of boys Aud set to the music of Sleigh Bells but miserable Dull shivering Winter. Way up in a to Uvonah Story window an old Frenchman in red Nightcap has poked oot his head and said a a Sacre thu goes in Aud heists an umbrella for the Rool leaks in numerous places and suggests rheumatism. Thu withered old woman at thu Corner watching her Hall cart of oranges says Sacre a and she too sets up an ancient umbrella which rather makes things worse for Whilo it snows above it Rains beneath her deceptive Shado. All Pari says a Sacre a a All Franco says a a sacred to this vile stupid Winter which comes so uncalled for and brings such misery. Ail say a a Sacre a but the Little boy on the pavement below and hoi too Busy trying to sol his few apples to Teotico even his own sufferings. A a Belles pommes Messieurs a Belles Pomme mesdames in Sou settlement in sum a comes up through the cold air thin tremulous Anil inc Soanel. I had a tucked that lad three Days. 1 cannot Tell Why but i had to look at him fascinated although my heart noted a i based at the suffering Little figure. He a Young quite Young yet had an Earnest thoughtful expression premature in Tho Large eyes a sadly out of Dace was the starved look about the thin is Blue Wilh cold Tho sunken checks and slender neck. Poor Little fellow j the miserable thin Blouse Hung wet about i Shiv ering form Whilo Tho old Cap had an ugly Hole in the top and As i looked Down i could see the Snow tall and melt. And he never sold an apples a dozen withered de Clyod things certainly not templing yet he never ceased in Hia Earnest efforts. At Daylight i awakened hearing that appeals Tho freezing Winter evening swept Down the streets in was the last cry to cease. My imagination pictured some sick father some widowed Mother or sister depending upon this feeble Effort for daily bread. I could not look at the Little sufferer any More in quiet and so sont Nannette with orders to Purchase the entire Stock of thu Little Street merchant. I watched them from the windows the glad Light which lit up his thin Pale face As she took Bis apples Tho eagerness with which he Boognl out an old Pooe of Brown paper and insisted in an attempt to tie them up Are beyond my telling of i saw them through my tears. On Nannc Tley a return i asked her if she knew where he lived. A in this House iii thu Bouse Nannette a a Job yes Madam i often meet him on the Back stairway. Hia people live quite up. I never see any but a a Well Nannette apples every Day and Wien you see him passing our Kilten give him i do not want to wailed fair but cannot Tell you clearly my Little Dpi Slorer without. The next May. And the next my Little merchant tuts at ills stand. In the Meaux Hile Nannette with the act Vily Peculiar to her had made fish discoveries and was full of info Matious. The family above consisted of an old Man. Aud his Iwa grand children a boy my Little Apple merchant and Hia sister six in bed. Thoy had lost father and Mother sume months since of cholera and the old Addier for such he was with great difficulty kept item in bread. Indeed Nannette Laid she Ood not Inuke out where the Little did come from. One Ali Moon some Daye after rec Eiring this Ilell Gionco i Happs sed in the Kitchen As my Little Friend passed up the stairway some ill greater than its test tvs being received for the big Learnt ire of urging Down Hia hollow Cheeks. Strange impulse seized to to follow a a. I was framing in my mind some excuse the intrusion Asl followed unnoticed for he was Busy Witk his sorrows and n vain of tempt to choke Down i sobs and Terra. Arriving at tie Topmost Landing i had to Pat Selor strength and saw him go into a door partly open which he left ajar behind him. In a moment i followed. The door waa open to Aid a poor Chimney and As it ure i looked through a Smoky atmosphere upon lire sickness and misery within. The room a half Garret with ceiling sloping to the floor Aud lit by a skylight of four panes waa almost destitute of furniture Aud so do mod by smoke it resembled a Den. To old table on which were a few dishes two broken chairs and a Low cot made up the turn. Upon the cot i saw through the gloom a thin Pale face the counterpart in death almost of my Little Apple i toy a an old Mau whose snowy Chau seemed to gather about and increase the Light of the the boy stood with his Buck to me in silence. A a Well Maurice my child did you see my old general and will the doctor Cornu a it was a minute before the boy replied a a they drove me from the door a the doctor says he bus not time but he will have Maria taken to the thu of l Man started uus said quickly a a not there not there to have Given it then after u pause he added Quot in Tience my children Tiro Good father will find us the Little sufferer lifted s Skeleton hand arid placing it on the old Many a swirl a a a i am Miter now much better i will he Well soon 1 Felt Mysell in intruder on sacred ground and hastened to offer my service. The embarrassment connected with such tendering of assistance was greatly increased by tire Pride of the old Man. To who diet not hesitate to expose his aged head to the blasts of Omier unon a Public Bridge and beg for his children shrunk Back proudly when his poor Homo was entered and its secret life Laid Bare. 1 Drew however the proffered chair to the Oiler Side of the Bod and. Taking a fevered hand in mine soon found a Way to the old Many heart und Confidence. By degrees i he Al their history was told How to hat lost Hihi ave boy How Tho wife followed and How they Nutik deeper und deeper in poverty until starvation itself was there. The Grandfather had thought work hut was too feeble for any Burvice. The children had striven bravely in Nuny ways until Mario was taken sick und then the furniture and Midi jury comforts disappeared until to lift inst Sou wont und the poor sufferer Sank nearer and ucar or to death. I will not dwell upon this sad picture. I mentioned this instance of distress to my Friend Madam b. Ami she who knows every thing Woicul Hud among other matter Btu Rcd Ridway the cipher which marked upon a letter addressed to Louis Napoleon take it directly to his hands. Fhe wrote to him that an old Soldier of Trio grand army was starving to death at . Sulpice. She received no answer nud no Polico whatever a coined taken of her kind a it Eal but soon after an unknown heart Camo to Tho assistance of on poor Friend. Tho fur Nitro was restored fuel and food came in abundantly a sister of Charity look her position by Tho Bod Side and stronger than All oue of the most eminent physicians of Paris came daily to the Garret. I saw lie fair donor of All this Good a a stranger to me although her face irom cause seemed familiar. She came in a Plain private earring remained but a Short time yet was very thoughtful and kind. Poverty could be driven from the door yet sorrow remained. Earth had no Mineral the Fields no herbs science no skill bring the fleeting Shadow Hack to tha physician Shook his head Sally and every play went More slowly from the Humble Home. But it was All in vain we Felt that she was dying. Ona afternoon Little Mauriee came for me it we As indeed tire closing scene. About the bed were gathered the strange lady the old Man the sister of Chanty. Maurice and the winds sobbing rattled Tho sleet upon the roof a we Bent Over that Little Couch to catch Tho last faint breath. How slowly Tho Hoora wore away. The storm without grand Tully grew still As the Little breathing Camo quicker and lower. At last they ceased the storm Aud struggle und suddenly the son Broko through the sky Light falling in glory opon the Little form the Gray head and the Beautiful face of the fair Len of actress and no earthly Coronation can Ever make her appear half so Beautiful of site wus by the Little com h of poverty. These things arc done we Are told for Kli Lical effect Well perhaps so i am ouly pay in knowing that they Are tune. Seeing Goethe. Celebrated men Are often Moch annoyed by the visits of strangers. A student once called at Goethe a House and requested to see him. Goethe contrary to his usual custom consented to be teen and after the student had waited a Short time in the antechamber to appeared and without spanking took n chair Aud scaled himself in the Middle of the room. The student far from being embarrassed by this unexpected proceeding took a lighted Wax Candle in his Haud and walking round the poet deliberately viewed him on All sides then sctt ipg town tie Candle Drew out his purr re and taking from it a a mull piece of Silver put in on the table Aud went away without speaking a word. Duty Vino death. A Bright and interesting Little girl about 8 years of age died in monday last in the Village of Newark from convulsions brought on by a Jessive exertions in jumping the she was competing Wii it several of her school companions in the Che iliac who were endeavouring to outdo cacti other 4a endurance. She jumped four Hundred limes in succession Ami until entirely overcome by tia Long continued exertions. Tho child was taken Home insensible but the movement of the Muscles of lilo limbs As in jumping continued without cessation forty eight hours until the sufferer was released from the painful exercise by death. This Case which is not the first Ono of the kind that has come to Tho Public notice should serve a a warning not Only to children but to parents and school Rochester Democrat 6th. Hath any wronged thee be bravely revenged slight it Sod tors work is begun up Ritvo it and a tis finished. Ii i wow himself that la not bore an injury. Waa it not Plato who a of that when an Hor Ous Speed i Wao amp i id to him a placed himself so by in that it would not reach Hia 1

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