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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives May 12 1854, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - May 12, 1854, Biddeford, MaineWmk Umio journal Ano Kate fun res Luud we wkly Ornest no. I Central Block. Lua lord out to the Biddeford House. Txrxs�?92 00 per annul tl.00 if pm a within i hrs month from the time of wac Ninf ale Copie map Herou much at Thi Othic m Seal Price 1 fit. T b. Pal Kab <1� american new it apr agent to the authorised agent for tin Naper the Citie of new York Ilo it Tou Puiul re Sudul Phis and duly empowered to take advertise meat and atm Upu Oak Al the a aide rate re quire �1 by a. His of ticks arum a Vetey re Tribune buildings Boston Scollay a building fila Ziphia. W. Corner third Aud Clie aunt Street. Watson later. The Union journal lug 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. Biddeford Friday May 12, 1854. Yol. Xeno. 19. A Piermont to test it i old English parliamentary Law. And git ivc slave recover clause added to it Richcr a Skaria were til of the i Nioni depend upon a strict Adbel Jas sni jux tract a w corded by Llu sell. And All the writ the Constitution could not hate been formed towns. The inhabitants were attached Lorenco to the Missouri Compromise of 1820 a Tho grandeur of inane nature turns to cr8 that Law. It a so american Law without its recognition of slavery the that property mid wished to retain it at a re re Elved the general Assembly of mis significance All outward distinctions. Pm old u9 our Congo Obj amp Inas Euclit re oof states which Olio so it and the guaranty of least temporarily Aio o Vlaj a Touri late 1817, i believe to lilo a Powers of intellect of conscience of love of Jet a Sony a manual. It honest Law the right to recover slaves fleeing into Tho blah holding emigration f. Saw u Oso Tiiu to 1011f a Viiu a to iii apr a a m Jim i Jiu Nosi. It nones my i me Nam a a Ruoin via a a a. A Treaso Scnill was right then i believe it now knowing god of perceiving the Beau Tinl Himi m 8uch, existent every honest heart. I free states the Missouri controversy could of population should form adequate sup and so behaving shall a a adhere to uie re a i a a a a a a a a a a a a i. A a 1 a a a i. ii pm a i Zhav neti Imu it it it i . Compromise now then a spirit and i should oppose any movement to impair that Compromise made open direct Manly manner much More shall 1 oppose it if made a Covert indirect and unmanly Way. The Bill Bills before under of acting his own mind of outward Ture and of Bis follow creatures these glorious prerogatives. Through Tho i it the president of the United states can a except written racs Lito a Cults ill Umu Kivior v uni 1 i i a i not ivc been settled without a partition of ply of Freo inbox Ami they my lined con Louisiana Between free und slave soil and Gress accordingly. The petition came from mgt a i Al it a not Havn Lieen Mude a convention of Tho people presided Over Iuuii19 u Vaituu a i i. I. _ science und Art May invent splendid Mode Tho cae of the Kunj and Tho Fox a Jet Injia to perpetual la hey Are Ull three of equal petition was revered to a select committee of illuminating the spurt Musits of the of Bill. Moral Validity. The constitutional Compro-1 the House . Ranu Olin waa chairman Lent a but these Ore All poor und woes bless ministerial compared with the common Light Winch the v a. ,. I. . I. La a nor can the 1 resident secretaries Sun sends into All our windows which . A a. Head clerks . Undo lab used pours freely impartially Ovca Hill and Vuchey i. _ amp . X3&"5arsk Quot a any and so Tho coi Mol rid a. Reft Rod a it Llu a by adj to ,.r. Odom it. J f h a a , a bib Imp Abni la l j to 1 and if they attempt to interfere business 1 to allowed for one Tore-1. A Prinus from Pic rail. The t turkish pulse Tho attempt und to proves for it no fcmpl8 to it 10 Armony o i _ loan and the Rothschild. The Rol Whilda higher degree afro Spect than that . Uliarte it a and prep wll for a i Mutton by destroy having accepted the loan of two millions expressed for the opinions of a British i re Ibe confide nov and auction o against the greek Cross for the Crescent. Chancellor delivered to the Huuson of com j11 Ting their jews mens a Cuse which to Hud no concern.1. 7"� ,7&Quot, Quot of Legia Lauon depending before . They Luce a ii a Quot a Quot a i cd a Hughto of writing consume. A sch would to Plum Job ind love ure of More Worth % b rotation. A proposition to destroy the slur lion ety compromises Tho Constitution would Ina. I i a a legislation i�0 of Entrop it action to breakup the i Roro our unit 1,10 a to Tel Xit to a Rogato the cot re m i misos of 1787 and 1820 would to virtue Compro virtual at May now he justified taking Compromise of 1820 a i continuation of the ordinance of 1787 a its difficulty which was to lust forever. I consider them both with their fugitive slave clauses and Tho similar douse Tho Constitution part and parcel of the harps from the Willows a Laving a a Rise Gen sir i suppose i can lie allowed to repent iii. ,.tie this floor any comparison figure of speech to the since acquired wild Oats. A a we have All our wild Oats which . Turku could Uso the floor of. Of the Mississippi Anil no Way to sow a says the times gaming. Very the British House of commons. He was rom a c Good Only unfortunately the Oats of the classic a Fluker and la sides that author h dude Ellini a a a. Simple make the dirty bread of the of a treatise the Sublime and Beautiful it a a "j01 a a a it. R 1 do not consider the particular figure the and -,1� ?�le9 he mis it it com True to a Lazir. Sampson a strength Lay which i have to repeat Alt Tough just and a i ,.m.t� Imp do v a a so a his hair and perhaps the same May be picturesque itself to be a per oct �ilustra-1 a Ltd Lurer ice a a the u8,1 a a said of the lion for it evident Fotiou of either Brunch of his admired treatise. A Anil la hot i Casos i O t All who have Ever come a. Contact with that it was reference to lord Thurlow who a Rio it Al animal that its strength lies principally had intervened some legislative business the main. Contrary to the orators sense of right and do just the term for it. Considering the Coey. Air. Burke repulsed Tho intrusive i a ocl ver shirt Culla Nare now . And declare Tbs to Tio did not mrs i a Moc dlr a ctr a Jill wont article Tho a stiff Nickeil generation a Saluo of any opinion which May to reported general settlement. A special plea. Tho Best plea to put hero firn our secretaries of any Bill de if threatened with Law proceedings pending before and that any form 41 pleas e Don which it May come from them whether a. A unit integers Hoar of laughter Temperance. old dutchman who i Turuc Printer had recently to incl the Temperance society i still less do i admit Tho right of inter ten waa taken ick and sent for die doctor to tilt a our legislative duties another class. Prescribe for him who ordered him to take of Inte meddlers and who night not be Able tul fact results of itself from Tho history of about cent Brandy every Day. Tho old 1 to meddle at All with our business were it i Tho Cuso. March of the your 1784, Tho Chap overhauled his arithmetic and found riot for the ministration of our Bounty. 11 Virginia delegation the then Congress of the confederation headed by . Jefferson and . Monroe conveyed Tho North Western territory to the thirteen United states. Tho month of april ensuing Tho organizing mind of . Jefferson always Bent upon thus the three measures Uro one and the ordinance of 1787 father of the other two. It led to Tho adoption of the fugitive Slavo clause the Constitution and to May say to the formation of Tho Constitution its if which could not Hugo been adopted without that clause and Tho recognition of slave property which it was founded. This i necessary to support the growth and Settle meat of colonies that Region that this inbox. Demonstrably the Dearest of any can Only be employed to advantage the cultivation of products More valuable than Auy known that Quarter of Tho United slates that the committee deem it High / dangerous and inexpedient to impair a provision wisely calculated id promote the happiness and Prosperity of the Northwestern country and to no strength and Security to that extensive Frontier. the salutary operation of this sagacious and benevolent restraint it believed that the inhabitants of Indiana will at no very Distant Day Bud Kunkle remuneration for a temporary Priva Ion of labor and this was the answer of the select committee and it became the answer of this House just fifty years ago when the South was about ably represented Here of it Ever has been since and when its relative strength was greater than it has Ever been since. The answer a peremptory refusal to yield to the petition of the people of Indiana even for a ten years local suspension of this anti slavery clause a a highly dangerous and inexpedient to impair that lie table of apothecaries weight eight Ai Cak of Tho Public print who got their 4 drams a make ounce. Daily bread und that buttered both sides 44 mine Coll a said the dutchman a Dat i by our daily printing and who Requiro Tho Ian de Emerance for me. I did no to get but democratic act burs of this House under six before and now i guts speech Tho i Stuut penalty of political damnation _ to give their nil Tosiou to every Hill which i systems and administration brought they cull adminis Traron and that every Ordin Aneo fit a Tho government of Tho territory change it May under a although Moro i so conveyed with Tho Annii slavery Clauso changeable Thun Sioon. For that class of i a Purl of it to take effect Tho year 1800 inter chillers 1 have no parliamentary Law i hut without a clause for Tho recovery of delivered the Jihnu of re Retenia twee Des to administer nor any quotation from Burke fugitive slaves. For Tho want of this pro Doft the m Day of april yet amp apply and nothing hut u Little fable to vision Tho anti slavery clause was opposed the House being committee of the Road the value of which All Good fables by the shoo Holdma states and rejected whole . Chandler the chair lies its moral it French Unden i and the ordinance was passed without of col. Benton Tiik Nebraska Bill. Col. Bei Ilou Rose and addressed the com titled a a la Ane it son Madr which being Init tee i Dono English signifies a a the ass and his Tiik Bill comes from a free state. Mossitt Quot full it runs thus if any Bill to impair the Missouri Compro i a a it into ids head to scare his mis line of 1820 had been brought into this Aster and put a Lions skin and went House member from a slave state cd 8l.�d uth a Dwle a a a under the administration of a president elect his master coming to commenced roaring de from slave state i should Hugo deemed 1118 bought hut to Only prayed and Tho it my duty to Havo met it at Tho ,m89tir a a we we by a 8ml went he and to have made the motion which the Par Liu montary Law prescribes for tie repulse of subjects which ure not fit to he considered i should live moved its rejection at the twist Reading slut the Bill before for the two to him with a Cudgel and bout him nearly to death that the end of Tho fable and Tho moral of it a a a caution to All asses to take care Bow they undertake to scare their teas passed july of the your 178. Tho ordinance was to Model cd Trio anti slave cd Ulusc with Tho fugitive slave recovery clause they now stand wore Inser de it und Tho shak3 of ordinance had Tho unanimous Voto of every Stato present a eight Tho whole a and unequal number of Slavo and free states present. Thus it Clear that Tho anti slavery clause Tho ordinance of 1787 could not Havo passed without Tho fugitive slave recovery Clauso annexed. They were inseparable their birth and must be so their life and those who Lovo Ono must _ accept Tho other puny to Chin Sidoro a alone. Do a it conic Tram quote prolonged Nopla it tse Ecith cries of this done Tho month of july that Quarter. It comes from a Freo state and a so Quot Tho City of now York where a to under the administration of a president Electa chairman this House will have fallen of the confederation then sat. The rationed front a free Sute and under that aspect for a it a a constitutional Mission if it suf Al convention was sitting at Tho Sime Lino of origin 1 deemed it right to wait and f itself to to governed by authority the City of Philadelphia at work upon Bear what the members a a. ,.vwto a. ,. To say to Al i of no bargains but act openly with any constant communication with each incr it was a proposition from their own ranks 1. act8 0f the pud a 8 a it gtd and and some leading main lick . Mudi to give up their half of the Compromise ofithl8 81 a 1 offer Tho right h ind of political son and general Hamilton wore member of 1820 and if they chose to do so. I do not a for it a Ihl ship to every member of this body each and attending by turns each. Iho eee How Southern member could refuse to that we 8uu,d to vindicate its priv-1 Constitution was finished september Ami accept it. It was a tree state question dv8� a Wolett a its respect ability and main Rech Ved Tho fugitive Slavo recovery Clauso and the members from Tho free states were Uin to 1,10 his r1 100 rep wll cd a a a immediately Nitor it insertion Tho Ordi the major it and could do they pleased tended the master Branch of the Amer icon Nance. It was the work of Tho Samo hands so i stood aloof waiting to see Thor Lead government. And at the Samo Tiquio both instruments but without to slightest intention of being Missouri Compromise not a statist. And 18 known that t to constr u Ion �rr1 a 1 my a Quot a a. To Ria the. No1 a Quot to bm0 for rate a Quot hour th."�. A he to a sol a a la Tut compr0mi7li,�?~ a "a1->�?o 1,10 Coupe my d.u.0 to Trio .Li ., la Cai a pin that easy question. 1 hut Compromise Fribor the Oman Ruiso Clauso Coo..ml., i Hod mod upon i. ,1m,. A the f /f1 a a a a Tut Lori Coo a Relhm Able by another. I hat Short View a ,ult8 irom both and All three stand enough Foi a buyer. To a statesman it ufor0 Lound cd Tho Samo Circum thirty years and intended to stand upon it to the end,11 a diary and alone a a if need be applause and laughter but preferring company to Solitude and not doubting fur instant what Tho result was to be. I have said that this Hill comes into con Mjor we cd to wtt9 enacted esd Tif w�.�/is�?odrcri.i1"7 lamp so Liao Kwh aka f Amin mar Ftp. I. i. Luau by that remark von tha Hitt. Action towards disclose it Here. It something different Anil refers the Quee 8tuncej induced by Tho Saunio considerations ten of its repeal not to Law books but to Una by Trio same policy a that of Reasone d state policy to Tho Circum Stan. Peace Harmony and perpetuity of this and a Union. Point of moral obligation i con. R .t8 Sider them equal and resulting from Conli Compromise of 1, 20 not Bivins which Render them indispensable. Two 1 know nothing of his disco a a i lt�?Tr-----�181 t v \ u , a of them have All Tho qualities of a Compro it and hide i.�nld3rn�lldr,-f0rp0rpiu,r�?T a dec urn do miso those of Tho ordinance and of Tho 1 ,h0.�?old not Wolf. It enactment to Sottilo a ,., a ruin dad . That Tho president a tary. And a Brt Moh a a Flo it and cannot lio co wll Tut they Aro founded agree iii. Pri,,.n of Quot "1. 7"�?o a Lotut a Ino oiment a compact a nil no Iloilo to do m. The. L ,.nof Cio k Quot a i a a cml ,.mo a l.om Orco a a i a a ,.s d has Given Tho country peace Lor above cac Only 1m Tim do to own Lou Hun Mif pitl pm a a a a a a War of , Quot i Quot to . I we 1 Quot �ocov.1u of a Lam Trio 1 i the a a. L pc a menu Cicato ,latc8nian .00.1,0. num a. Al w.,\ Tii Cro a no room to to much of a .ti.tc.iunn. I claim to for Maia to citing his opinions. �?T1 be enough so to consider Tho consequences room fur so unauthorised use of his name j0f breaking a settlement a Titch pacified no re for the. A put olt. Of contrary pm 1 a Limont f Tho Mamuri Montro Ion. To him a and Lime inv to a Czolno. Najt uni Kin it buoyed All to Cine feeling i me 111s can to. Tho third Ono a that of Tho Missouri anti slavery Lino a was not Mado upon agreement. Missouri Compromise i Mrosky it Sochi Ikon votes. It wus ii Poich by votes a by Tho South upon the North a resisted by the North at the time a acquiesced afterwards and by that acquit Stonco became a binding Cov reap Uible to the american it eople for tic i nil capacity for beneficial Cicic Lutious ,. Junion. H. deliver. A and null principle a a a a i a Quot a a a it a a a a a 1"� i a no t10 �?o10re All other modes of communication Are forbid to him tending to undue Ana unconstitutional interference with the free Gry contest a Tut slavery a dividing the i Nion a uto two parts and drawing up the 0. V 1. 1 two halves into opposite and confronting -�1110.1 ii no pm it Nic enc Mic. the told of Lutlo. Ls2tjs a any ass Mph to Opo Rute upon a member vote by any consideration of hops fear Fauvor a Flection Prospect of Reward dread of punish intent. This Parlin men Ary Law old Tho English Eon yes to impair that oven at therefore against reviving them by breaking up Tho settlement which quieted them. Tux turks Slat Xuy of Imit Komiss. The my Nouri Compromise of 1s20 was Tho partitioning Between the Freo and slave stantly maintained by Tho British House of Quot tates of a great province taking Tho Char comninos and Lute declared a most Tig Ilcus of a perpetual settlement and class-1 suspecting t nal manner. Tiwa during Tho reign of our i Ink Frith Tho two great compromises which the South to old master go twee tic third and Tbs Iafe be the Dianic of july 13, 1787, und Moas Caso of . Foxes East India Bill a to the Federal Constitution of september 17, of was spread parliament by Ono of the a Tho same year. There Are three slavery com a of the bedchamber that the King was i promises our history which connect opposed to the Bill that be wished it do no Theu wolves with the foundation and Presor tested and Hod said that to should consider vestion of this Union. First Tho territorial any member Bis ene Niy who should vote for petition Onlin Aneo of 1787, with its clause it. Tho House of commons took Firo at he recovery of fugitive slaves Sec Ennd this report and iai mediately resolve id Llue constitutional rec Quot that to report any oru Nino pretend ohm too of slavery the states which chose ded opinion of i majesty upon any Bill at0 it with Tho fugitive slave recovery depending either House of i Arlia Munt Ulyuse Tho same instrument thirdly the a nigh crime Ami Misdemeanour drag at re Missouri partition line of 1820, with the to Tho Crown and a breach of the fun Damn Clauso annexed for the recovery of fun tal privileges of a Aru Smoot sad subversive 8� a lates. Of the Constitution of the i All three of these compromises Are part this resolve was adopted a full House and parcel of the innit policy and neither by a majority of seventy three rotes and of them could have been formed without the waa Only declaratory of existing Pur tin men a Thor nor Eitor of them without Tho fugitive tary Law such it bad so mind from the Slavo recovery clause incorporated it. Tho time that English counties and Borough first anti slavery clause Tho ordinance of 1787 a eat Knight of the Shire and burgesses to could not have been adopted was proved represent them the parliament House by i three years rejection without the fun so Tho South because Slio imposed it. 1 repeat it was imposition not a compact. The South divided and took Choice and now it will not do to claim Tho other Linof Tho ground of the original dissatisfaction of Tho other party. Hui lick cannot Divide Costalo that Way a one make Tho division and Tako Choice und afterwards claim the other half. Tho South Luis Hor Tho word and it a refusal weaken less sen the smallest degree act which the committee Calls a Quot benevolent and sagacious act a and which they recommend to maintain unimpaired because it a calculated to increase the happiness and Prosperity of Tho Northwest and Torivo strength Aud Security to its that confess and that without division Between the North and South would not impair act of so much future Good to posterity not even upon Tho mistaken application of a few present inhabitants. But this was not the end of Tho petitions a the Puoplo of Indiana were not satisfied with Ono repulse. They returned to the charge and four times More Tho course of Nauy years renewed their Applina Lions for the ten years suspension of Tho ordinance. It was rejected each time and once the Senate where Trio North Carolina senator . Jesse Franklin was chairman of the committee which made Tho report against it. Five times Many years rejected by Congress and the rejection the More emphatic m some instances because it was Tho reversal of the Llo Tiso of a favourable report from a commit toe. Aud now what inhabitant by Indiana does not rejoice Al the deliverance which Tho firmness of Congress then gave them spite of the request of its inhabitants fifty years ago. Thus five times the beginning of this Century five different times and without any distinction Between Northern and South Ern members did Congress refuse to a him pair Tho slavery Compromise of 1787, notwithstanding five times asked for by the people of the territory. Oil squatter sovereignty where were you then 1 it was a Case Fot you to have shown your head to have Arisen your might and established your supremacy forever. It was a Case of a convention of Tho sovereigns themselves and neither this convention nor the Congress Hail a dream of their sovereignty. Tho convention petitioned con Gross a Ward would its guardian Quot children under ago would Puli Tion their father and Congress answered like a Good guardian a Good lather that it would not give them evil although they beg ged for it benighted times a hese and infinitely behind Tho present age. The Mare i nest had not then been found which has been Laid Tho marvellous egg out of which hns been hatched Tho nondescript fowl pc legit a squatter laughter the illustrious principle of non intervention had not then been invented. Trio ignoramuses of that Day had never heard of it though now to be Learned every Hornbook and 1 believe nowhere else but the Horn books. Renet cd merriment How it poor used to disturb the Compromise. Five times the beginning of this can Tury did Congress Rufus of to impair the slav Ery Compromise of�?T87 and now Tho Middle of Tho Century and after thirty years of peace under the Missouri compromised the offspring and continuation of 87�?we Are called upon not merely to impair for a season but to destroy forever a far greater comp Omison extending to far More territory and growing out of necessities far More pressing. And How called a Pond not by the inhabitants not by Uny one human being living expecting to five the territory to be Aflex Ted but upon a motion Congress a silent secret limping baiting creeping squid two impish motion con coined the dark midwife a committee room and sprung upon Congress and the country Fawkes intended to blow up the parliament five Hundred Tako to accomplish their object without professing it upon reasons which Aro contradictory and unfounded terms which Are ambiguous and inconsistent and by throwing others the responsibility of its own act. Insidious character the Nebraska Bill a attempt to smuggle into the territory. It professes not to interfere with the Sov. Ereign rights of the people to legislate for themselves and the very first line of this solemn profession throws upon them a horse Load of Law which they have no right to refuse Timo to read Money to Purchase ability to understand. It throws upon them All the Laws of the United Stales which Are not locally inapplicable and the t comprehends All that Are not specially made for other places also it gives them the Constitution of the United states but without the privileges of voting at presidential congressional elections of making their own judiciary. This non interference with a vengeance. A Community to be buried under a Mountain of Range Law and covered with a under which they arc not to Havo Ono single political right. Why this circumlocution 1 this Extension of a Mountain of irrelevant Law with the exception of the Only one re Lovent and applicable sir it Tho crooked insidious and pusillanimous Way of effecting the repeal of the Missouri Compromise line. It includes nil Law for the Sake of leaving out one Law and effects repeal by omit Sion and legislates by exception. It a new Way of repealing a Law and a bungling attempt to smuggle slavery into the territory and All Tho country out to Tho Canada line and no to the Rocky the crooked line of this smuggling process this a abolish the Compromise line and extend the Constitution Over the country the Constitution recognizes slavery therefore slavery established soon Tho Lino abolished and Tho Constitution extended and being nut there by Tho Constitution it cannot be legislated this the English of this smuggling process and certainly nothing More unworthy of legislation a More derogatory to legislative body a was Ever attempted to be made into a Law. Sir Trio Constitution was not made for territories but tor states. Its provisions Aro All applicable to a pcs and cannot be put operation territories. They cannot vote for president vice president members of Congress nor elect their own officers prescribe the qualifications of voters administer their own Laws by their own judges sheriffs and attorneys and the clause extending Trio Constitution to them a cheat and illusion and a trick to smuggle slavery into the territory. Nor it intended that they shall have any legislative right under the Constitution oven relation to slavery. They May admit it because it to be there by Tho Constitution they cannot exclude it because the Constitution puts it there. That the argument and it a juggle worthy of the trick of one egg under three hats at the same time a and under neither at any time. Besides the Constitution organic not administrative act. It a code of principles not of inns. Not a Clauso it can be executed except by virtue of a Law made under it not even Tho Clauso for recovering fugitive slaves. Nebraska Asylum for runaway 8laves. But i am not done yet with the beauties of this Mode of repealing a Law by exception. There further Couso Quinco to do selected it. The Missouri Compromise consists of two distinct parts first abolition of slavery All the ancient Louisiana North and West of Missouri secondly. A provision fur Tho recovery of fugitive slaves Tho territory Mado free. By the omitted Extension of this Section both these parts Are repealed. A tract of country larger than Tho old thirteen Atlantic states and bordering a thousand Miles the British dominions made Asylum for fugitive slaves. There will to no Law to recover a Slavo from All that vast Region. The constitutional provision limited to states the provision the not of 1787 limited to the Northwest territory Tho second part of the Missouri Compromise extended this right to All the territory North and West of Missouri Ntuli that being repealed that right of recovery lost. I object to this of the part of the Stato of Missouri the state to to most injured by converting All Tho territory North and West of her. Quite out to Tho British line into Asylum for runaway slav. The Blunder cannot let a corrected at least Tho opinion of those who deny inn constitutional Power of Congress to legislate slavery territories by act of Coo Greas. Then comes the reason for excepting the Missouri Compromise from the Extension which Given to a mass of inns which Are not there and denied to itself which there. If the reason had been because it was already there it would Havo been a logical nil comprehensible Renson but that not Tho canse assigned and those which Are assigned no actually numerous vying a a a crop Quot 11� wow up the pm Mem i sir a 7 �tr1 1 �?o11,0 a a a Quot 1820 and 1850 1 can they not Aland together 1 and if not Why Knock the one Down that Al ready Down 1 ii now four years since this inability to stand together took of fact and How do the two sets of measures make out together at the end of this time t perfectly Well. They Are both their feet standing Bolt upright and will stand so forever unless Congress knocks one the other of them Down this fact known to every body and admitted by the Bill itself for if Tho first inconsistent with Tho second and unable to stand Why Ull this trouble to put it Down 1 Why trip up the heels of Tho Man already Fiat Hii Back the ground then comes another reason that this Compromise of 1820 inoperative and void. If so those who Are against its operation should be con tent. It the very condition they wish it useless powerless inactive dead and no bar to the Progress of slavery to the North. Void vacant empty nothing of it. Now if Tho line of 30 dug. 30. Min. inoperative and void it Tho condition of a Fence called Down and the rail carried away and the Field loft open for the a Toek to enter. But the Lence not pulled Down yet. The line not Yot inoperative and void. It existing substantive line alive and operating and operating effectually to bar Tho Progress of slavery to the North and will so Continuo to operator until Congress shall Stop its operation. Then comes Tho final reason that Thore never was any such line the world that it was unconstitutional and void that it had no existence from the beginning and that it must not be repealed by a direct act for that would to to acknowledge its previous exis tip a to to Bottom and a Theta words a leave it to the people thereof that a a May of the Talca and of the territories to regulate slavery for themselves ther please Only Saiget to the boost dilution be the United Stales.11 certainly this a a new Attje Cioa for the states. Heretofore they have been free to regulate slavery for tie Mel pay admit it reject and Ruurt oot by virtue of any Grant of Power the coast dilution Bat by virtue of ail part of their old sovereignly. It also new of the territories. Heretofore Lioy have been Beld to be wards of co Gross and entitled to nothing under Trio Constitution Bat that which Congress extended to them. But this clause a out act id Lily whose it m jeep up the Dogma of the Constitution territories Bat Only there solution to slavery and that for admin Sion not rejection. Three dogmas now afflict Tea land Videlicet squatter sovereignty non intervention and do Power to Congress to legislate upon slavery territories. And this Bill asserts the whole three and Brauti fully illustrates Tho whole three by knocking each one of , and to nullify the constitutional Greo ment and what Intro a terrible involve Tho authors of the doctrine inconsistency of their own and thereby make themselves inoperative and void. And this the analysis of the reason for the Nebraska Bill that part of i which to get rid of the Compromise of 1820 untrue contradictory suicidal and preposterous. And Why such a farrago of nullifies incongruities and inconsistencies 1 purely and simply to throw upon others a upon the Congress of 1850 and the innocent constitutions the blame of what the Bill itself doing the blame of destroying the Compromise of 1820 and with it destroying nil Confidence Between Tho North and the South and arraying one half of the Union against the other deadly hostility. It to be Able to throw blame upon the inocent that this farrago served up to . Territorial sovereignty nonsense and what All this Hotch Potch fori it to establish a principle they say the Principio of non intervention of squatter sovereignly. Sir there no such principle. 1 lie territories Aro Tho children of states. They Are minors under Twenty one years of age and it Tho business of the states through their delegations Congress to take care of these minors until they Are of age until they Are Ripe for state government then give them that government and admit them to Equality with their fathers. That Tho Law and Tho sons of the Case and has been so acknowledged since the first ordinance 1784, by All authorities Federal and state legislative judicial and executive. The slates Congress Are the guardians of the territories and Are bound to exercise the guardianship and cannot a Dicunto it without a breach of Trust and a dereliction of duty. Territorial sovereignty monstrosity born of timidity and ambition hatched into existence Tho hot incubation of a presidential canvass and revolting to the holders when first presented Welt do 1 remember that Day when it was first shown the Senate. Mark Antony did not better remember the Day when Casar first put of that Mantle through which he was after wards pierced with three and Twenty a a envious it was to Senate 1848, and was received nonsense the essence of nonsense Tho quintessence of non sensor Trio five times distilled essence of political nonsensical Ity. The Sturmf speech the Dill. Why sir the territory itself Tho property of the states and they do what they please with it permit it to to settled not of they Picaso Cut it up by lines they please sell it give it away they Dienso Chase White people from it they Picaso. After this farrago this Olla Poa it Day comes a Little stump speech injected the belly of the Bill and which must have a prodigious effect when recited Prairies and out towards the frontiers and up towards the Heads of the creeks a milk Ter and sensation i will read it nil i Hope without fatiguing the House for it both Brief and Beautiful it runs Thos a a it being the intent and meaning of this act Noi to legislate slavery into and stale territory nor to exclude it therefrom but to leave Tho people thereof perfectly Freo to form and regulate their Domestic instill Lions their own Way subject Only to the Constitution of Tho United surtes. This a the speech Sod a pretty Little thing a self and very proper to be spoken from a stump the Prairie. It has intent and a True intent which neither to legislate slavery into out of a state territory. Then Why legislate at All Why All this disturbance if no effect produced and things to remain just they were 1 let Well enough alone was the old doctrine to Rinako Well enough still better a Tho doctrine of Progress and that spite of the italian epitaph which says 411 was Well the head with the other and trampling each under foot its turn. Sir Tho Bill does deny squatter sovereignly does into Vone Ond it does legislate upon territories and fur a proof of that see tha Bill Ana Seo it the Lowers say passim thatus to say Here and Thore Sod everywhere. It a Bill of assumptions and cont radio Tiona a assuming what unfounded and what it assumes a and bid easing every Soflin nation by a negation. It la a Sec saw Bill but not the innocent Seesaw which children play a Plank stuck through a Fence hut the up and Down nine of politicians played at the expense a the Pesco sad. Harmony of to Union and to Tho sacrifice of All business Congress. It am philological Bill stuffed with Mon a troc Idos hobbled with Coo Trad lotions and badgered with a proviso. Laughter Points of order. At this Point . Benton a hour expired. There was a scramble for to floor which Tbs chairman at Sigurd to . Ecu Worth who a Aid . Uba Irman 2 understand that Tbs goo Lonion from Missouri . Benton wishes to speak but a fair minutes longer and i am therefore desirous with the consent of the committee to yield him a portion of toy rime fur that purpose. Messes. Seward of Georgia 3yiy�ctiqg-, Cobb and other Southern members objected to . Benton preceding occupying . Wentworth any other member Timo. Mosses. Cullom Washburn of Maine Oliver of Missouri and Othar members urged the House to allow . Benton to pro Cood. Much Cou fusion ensued and Points of order discussed. . Woolworth having the floor said i wish at the outset of my remarks to know if at any time during this Congress when and member of this House has obtained the floor and another go Tieman has requested a Short portion of ins time to finish his speech that request has Ever been denied by the House 1 Many members never Nover. . Wentworth i suppose . Chum a Man that i Havo hour and i can talk k out if no Cosmy but nevertheless if Tho gentleman from Missouri has not finished his speech of this important question a of the Eye of the whole country turned to this debate and to the course which to be taken the determination of this questions a trans the whole country to understand that the oldest Man living Congress the Man who was Here at the time when the Missouri Compromise was adopted and the Only inn the whole Congress now refused a Courtesy which has been refused to no other living Man. Let it go out to the coup by . Cobbs the gentleman statement not True Point of fact. . Orr he mistaken. . Clingman�?1 Rise to a Point of order. The gentleman cannot make a speech inside of the speech of the gentleman from Illinois. . Cullums i am proceeding by the permission of Tho gentleman from Illinois . Wentworth and not by the Courtesy of the gentleman from North Carolina Clingman for i never Appeal to his Courtesy. Cries of a a Good a a Good a . Washburn of the gentleman from Illinois allow me a world nets of 1830 uto hand we . Owe ih0n has a go powder Helm the a liar o�?zd to fit a a a a a boing. Wood. Lflugarrr.,.j i she Guvo it ukr by once a Bravo it to Spain my answer to such a motion to be f a a a a a nit and Tho North helped her to get it Back \ found the whole volume of Ray political a the cd Jamico of War a without a fun. I have stood upon the Missouri com the Compromise 18j that she was strengthening1 Promise for above thirty years and mean. A i a i Glantz Ype Ino the end of my life and enable it to take the other half. But this attempt docs not Como Iron the South and finds resistance there. Tiik result a to tempt to repeal the Compromise of 1787. This brings to the question of repeal the Compromise of 1850 Din not supersede that 1820. 1 Lei look into there reasons seriatim Iru p Lilu a Lorvil i a. J Isis i i a 14 doing so shall act not Only according �0 the Law Vars aay and first of Eup Erses Muity my own cherished convictions of duty but i Sion. It said that Tho measures of 1860 to p according to the often declared convictions superseded this com promo my of 1820. Lire and m took physio and Here. Statos must greatly Deis inconsistent a it the politeness and forbearance of tins Bill. It puts plates and territories upon precise Equality with respect to Tho Power of Congress Over them. Congress docs not mean to put slavery i oat of any state territory. Teall that polite abnegation i Havo to say that ree Peet of the states it tire super rotation of modesty and humility Congress happens to Bevc do pow put slavery a them out of them according to the often declared convictions superseded this Compro nire of 1820. U re Arm respect of the territories it a of the general Assembly of my St Ile. The Why treat it now still existing and there Dumbo of constitutional Power and duty inviolability of that Compromise line has of Foro to be repealed by exception order it being the Nghil of Coo Greas to legislate Abrou Tiou of these compromises. The ten been declared by that general Asem i to gel rid of it if it was repealed i860, Apon a ovary la territories and its Doty one the cannot be got rid of Bly and late 1847. these words. Why do it Over again m 18541 Riby Kil a to do Shore a of evasion for it without amendment to that , i a a resolved that Tho Pence permanency. I the dead but it was not superseded but. 1187 and11820. And therefore beyond the reach of con and welfare of our National Union depend acknowledged and confirmed by a very i object to this Grese. The other two being the form of upon a strict adherence to the letter and i speaker 1850 that referred to the subject 1 Don by con try Etolo of legislation. Rolt state Are subjects of Vigi Suriou and to spirit of the eighth Section of Tho net of und by every not that Mon toned u. Things no a a f repeal Blu by Congress. Efforts Congress of the United slates entitled beit act to authorize the people of the Missouri territory to form a Constitution and silo gaily Trepca Iulio ukr Long re were made to a impair one that of 1787, sumo fifty years ago.�? Effort now made to repeal the other and the history and Fate of the first attempt May to Rul Tiu Tancous the consideration of the second. It not Manly. It government and for the admission of such state into the Union equal footing 1 being matter of fact and proven by All sorts not parliamentary. -.�. T of testimony parole written and ichor do not womanly. No woman would talk that it had to to Given up though a teat of Po-1 a a no Shilly Shally a woman. Not i tical orthodoxy Long it stood oud gang of tha Fem we a a it a something else pot its place. Thereupon Joung sough lived Long enough to got with the original Staley and to prohibit supersession was itself superseded by a a be fogged Suek a a Anisiy Thea. It it was the year 1803. The their territory slavery certain territories approved out of the frying pan Lulo Tito of Indiana had been slave territory Muter March 6th. 1820.�?� fire laughter a the French government and continued so a with instruction to the senators and inconsistent to stand to under Tho american until 1787. It Oxton a request to the representatives Congress Gethore two things which cannot stand to did to the Mississippi and contained Many to vote accordingly. Gether from con and Sisto. Now Liat slaves. Vincennes Cahokia Frame do a Tho Peaco per Manoney and welfare the fact with 1 Newt laughter it one thing the Oiher with them and what they say they stick to. No breaking bar gait with Thorn. But Tho end of this stump speech Iatha beat of whole. Different from Good milk respect to the Compromise of which the Cream rises to the top it her set cries of a a order a a a order a . Washburn i wish to state the Quot Tion. . Bayly a a i Call the gent Lemaa to order. Lie not addressing the chair Tho chairman that not a Point of order. . Washburn Tho last Congress a Case precisely similar to this occurred. A. Gentleman from Kentucky was occupying like floor fur a limited time the time expired and 1 obtained the floor. I yielded to him for further remarks and upon the motion of Somo gentleman the committee gave him Extension of time. . Orr that was by unanimous Coo-s3nt, not by a vote of the committe. . Washburn it was by Vole of the committee. The gentleman mistaken. After much confusion appeals from the decision of Iho chair during which me. Wentworth lost his right to the floor he . A moved amendment to the Bill which entitled him to Tho floor. He yielded his right to it to such extent might he necessary to the gentleman from Missouri to conclude his remarks. The chairman response to inquiry said the amendment the second degree was Debal Cable. . Benton�?1that All i want. Laughter members again crowded round him. . Smith of ., roes to a question of order and after this was disposed of . Benton resumed say tag am philology a cause Ioe Tbs rejection of Bills not Only by Congress but by the president when carried to him for ins approval. General Jackson rejected Ono for that cause and it was less am philological Sihau this it was the Iasi night of the last Day of Bis last administration and a Quarter before Midnight Congress bsds Anthim a Bill to repeal the specie circular and to inaugurate the paper Money of a thousand local Bauks the currency of the Federal government. It was object not to a avowed nor to be done any direct palpable manner. Paraphrases circumlocution amb dexterity and ambiguity were necessary to cover up the design and it was piled until it was the president Rood it Arm could make nothing of it he sout to his attorney general who was equally puzzled. He then returned it with a message to the Senate refusing to sign the Bill for am philology. We should Jet this Bill for the same cause if Lor nothing else. Hard the Fate of party fealty. It has to keep of with the Evee of hanging measures. Often have these Bills changed Ami under every phase they have had to be received a teat of orthodoxy and have More changes to undergo yet Anu to continue to be a test under All mutation of. Squatter sote Leichty exposes. And now what the object of this movement Winch so disturbs Congress and the country 1 what due �1 propose to accomplish mommies principle of non intervention and the Rigli of the people of Ibe territory to decide the question of slavery for themselves. Sir there no such Principio. The Terri Torio Are the children of the Stales. They Are minors under age. And it Tho Bussue of the state through their delegations Congress to take oar of them until they Aro of ago until they

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