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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - May 7, 1858, Biddeford, MaineWarm Mamma Mil 11 eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of m t Loris o. Wait editor & proprietor. Biddeford me. Mat 7, 1858. Vol. Xiv no. 19. I by a i i r. F / � i � f to tar 9sios Anil i atm in nil i r y Friday morning Imp to bomb a oct Urty Kmic j main to m pm in m 1j if Terr Munthe from the urn of . 4t i my u in Jet Tath atm by shia paper in la let of. Briw to to 4wit m u us tit Tommu i we Yuin ii Mim m r�4ir�d it a. Hin Stem Trita rms deaf Batum a rom . Cow tfcr4 a w car Natl a a Ted with p Lei Fly Lei h 0 tin Houtch in Thi id a Dow. Tacto to Emu no i. it Atanda in a Tuny me Dow. To Buh m but and Cowa with in rum Bruu old tone Chimney. And the Gray roof Aloir t Dowa. The in old their it i Umi loud it to us Onui old and the Wood by Ker Gay Yaag Lavar la Tea Moraig a Raay Light. Of the morning a Roey a Erar. Hat tha Rote from her Cheek a fled Aad the in Nahiza Atillia Golden Bat it Alia of a ail Arad Kead. And tha girlhood dream once vanished. Caara tack a her Winter time. Till bar feeble pulse tremble with tha thrill of Spring time s prime. And. Looking Forth from the window Sha Nhiaka How the tree Hare grown since Clad a Ker bridal who Tanana Tike Craa Aad Tea Aid Doar Athae. Though dimmed her Are a Bright Antra Aad Dimase her hair a Yaag Gold. The lore a girlhood plighted Haa never grown dim or old. Thev Aat la peace la the Sunshine till tha Day was almost done. And then at Ita close an Angal Stela Over Tea tax Askold Stone. A folded their Handa Loff left a touched their eyelids with Balm. And their last breath floated oat Ward. Like tha cloak of a solemn Palm like a bridal pair thee Drift red the unseen a Liulin to. That Teada to Tea Beautiful City who a builder and maker a perhaps in that Miracle country they will give her lost youth Back Aad Tea Flower of Ike vanished Spring traae will Bloomia the spirit a track. One draught from tha living water shall Call Back Kia manhood a Prima Aad eternal year shall measure Tea love that oat Labatad time. Bat tha shape that they left behead them the wrinkle Tod Silver hair made holy to a by Tea Kiaree Tea Bagel Kad printed there we will hide away Neath the Willow. Whan Tea Day a Lowia tha wet. Where Tea a beams Caa Aat fled Theta. Nor the wide Diat arb their Raat. And Well in tier no Tell tale Tomb atone with it age Aad Date to Rita o or the two who Are Aid a longer. In tha father s Vonaa a Tea Akita. Ufa Luna rated. When each Ibyll k it each a brother. To i. M. Cobb. T1ir� i As on told wealth of Beltoe. In hating Little Loving much until the Kowt that throne Mim Schall Thill at Lanae a two Ituk we toe toe Little Bare be Lew we knew too Little of each other but a the prime of a coming Tine. Bach Man Ahall be to each a Brather. Ambit Tun. Envy teed and Pride to Raoul of Man too much consume too few Teek out ufos a Darker tide with i Ere in Darkne a to Illume. Too Row Are great in doing food a guide and Helpa to ene another few game away to the to mag 4m when each Kali he to Rock a brother. We do not Hoar the Angel fret that rail beside a in life e path Hor do we eel the heart that beat so near to Eora. A Eutence hat 80 Mach to share with greedy self. We grow of Brivica of each other and thaa delay the coming Day when each Ahall be to each a brother. Kind word Bear Healing. Christ like Deeda Are prayer embodied Forth to View o ape a and heal the heart that Breede aet Aad the Earth May Bloom anew i if Earth hath Joat one Ken time through love it yet majr via another. When Man Ahall he v Riecl he Bee. And each Ahall be to each a brother. Fran the izeral occasions he bad been obliged to borrow Money to Inlet her requisitions upon Hia pure and being an honest Man he had to Cut off Man Lux uries in order to pay these Loana. What had got into Maria she wis extravagant and Jet Ahe did not seem to be dressed much better or Bis House to be supplied with Many additional luxuries. But he waa too proud to complain. Lie did Bint but she would not take a hint a year passed by and there waa no improvement in the reckless woman. Fortunately for him his salary was raised to two thousand but it waa scarcely done before Maria demanded a fifty Dollar Bill. 1 you spend More Money than you used 10 a Pena air no our i i. What is the use for me to Pinch my Ell if Jroud spend All you get ? smiled Maria so sweetly he could out any an other word. 1 want to have the Good of the Money while it i going a Well a you All right my dear he replied. I there via no improvement in the to. Mao and Edward bad Home doubt a to the conc Quencez but what pulled inn most waa to know what became of the Money. Pm Aftuk in another year pawed by and the danger of running in debt a tired Hiya in the face. Maria we Are living Toj fast i a in afraid he observed in a melancholy mood. I am afraid we Are for yesterday you i brought Home a pair of chickens for which Vou paid Twenty Centa a Pound replied Mana with Ber Neual Tuuu. Pooh Maria 1 Doo t mean there Little Una be we Moat have to a Biog to eat Aad while my a Urf a two Boa Naod dollars a year 1 Mem to live Well great tree from Pirttle Ayoroa grow added the wife. Let a atop the Bong Hole ant continued Edward desperately. Would you believe my dear that i have Given you six Hundred dollars a Yea for the last two yearn ? what a a Hundred Dollare a year for a j lady ? yarn Ware Reading us other Day that a great Many ladies in new York spend two thousand dollars a year for dress alone. You certainly cannot complain of six Hundred of no by no Means. I Don t mean to complain replied Edward. I knew you did t. Whatever i spend foes for a Good cause i suppose so but i Don t care anything about it Only that i am getting a Little Short. There is doctor Smith s Nill of sixty dollars 1 Don t see How i can pay it. Let it rest then. He will never ask you for it rut i Don t like that Way of doing things. I Don t Waul to get in Debl i will go and see him and he did go and see him. The doctor waa a Rich Man and offered to take Edward s dots pay Sale any Tise be pleased which offer the latter eagerly accepted promising to take it up in six months. No change for the better appeared in the affairs of the Young couple. Maria kept asking for Money and she was so pretty so Sweet tempered and so gentle that Edward could never refuse. If no demurred she could coax it out of him. At Tho cod of six months the doctor s nolo waa due and Edward could not pay it he had borrowed Money till he was ashamed to do so any mors. But be had a Nice sense of Honor and instead of letting Bis creditor whistle for his pay he went to see him to produce a further Extension. Doctor 1 am hard up said he. Sorry to Bear it my family is getting to be expensive be prudent then i can to my wife he chocked Hin self. He was impulsive and did not mean to say anything about Maria. What of her i Ahe extravagant Well Yea put the bit in her Mouth then laughed the doctor. Don t like to do that Mutan t let her ruin you i Hope Ahe will not be Arm letter. There a Only one Way to do with an extravagant woman shut Down upon her before Ahe Ruina you i Haven t the courage to deny her i am sorry for you what can i do for you t asked the doctor who Acet Ned to be in the brat of humor. That Little note of mine what note Why the one i owe but you paid that come doctor you Are quizzing me 4 poo my soul i am not. L Idu t you pay it a few Daya after you gave the note ? no aurely not replied Edward con founded by the statement. But i am Aure you did. Here continued the doctor pulling an account Book from Hia pocket Here a where 1 entered the Cah. You have got the note not i look Over your papera and you will find in i will go Homo with you they repaired to the cottage and Edward All the tune prut Osting Llinat he had not paid the Money ransacked Hia papera for the i note. There it a exclaimed the doctor pointing i to a paper. To Edward a Aaton Ament it waa Tho note with the Pignaturo torn off. He waa utterly confounded at the discovery. He had no recollection of having paid it and Maria declared Aho had not aeon him pay j it he waa mystified but Aati afield with Tho Reault though he could hardly believe it. If any Ono had paid it it Muat have been Hia guardian Angel and he hoped to would not Chargu him the amount. Chapter Iii. Three Yeara from the time of Edward a introduction to the Reader had Paa aed away and Hia finance were in no better condition. By a great Deal of retrenchment in Hia own exp Naea he had contrived to keep out of debt instead of dining at Parker a at an rape of of five or Aix Dollar a week he made a Quarter of that aum suffice. Hia tailor Bill had Bera reduced one half and All other Bill in like proportion. Better than All he had been cured of grumbling at Maria for if he complained of anything Ahe waa Aure to Aak him for a fifty Dollar Bill on the aame Day. In fact he waa afraid of her. Maria inner Demanda for Money had been even More remo Raelena during the last year than Ever before and had actually taken eight Hundred dollars of Hia two thou and. And there waa not much Abow for it in the Hoaeae or upon her person. If he hinted at an explanation Ahe always turned him off of sweetly and to adroitly Trtat he could not Raamat. Maria we Viust turn Over a now Icar a remarked. With Asi my heart smiled the. Here i am without a Dollar in the world and never shall have while things go on in this was. 1 have Given you eight Hundred dollars Thia iat year have you indeed ? what a eight bund dred dollars chuckled Ahr. There a Raymond a Boule opposite for Aale. It a a Beautiful place and can be bought for four thousand dollars by paying fifteen Hundred Down. I was thinking that if i had saved my Money i might have been Able to buy that place no use to cry for spilt milk Edward replied Maria. I know that out we Neeon i spin ii More milk. I have been very economical the last Jear and he proceeded to detail the retrenchment be had made. You have done very Well Edward my Wojt dear better than you have. Who would have to Hight 1 should Ever preach Economy to you ? laughed he. What we the use Lor me to be prudent while you scattered your Money like chaff ? asked the wife with infinite Good humor. No me i i will turn Over a new Leaf if you will. You used to find fault with me because i would not buy strawberries at sixty cents a Box i Havn t lately no you Havn a and i never will again. Now Maria i waa thinking if we could save up four 01 five bundred a year for three or four years we might buy n House very True and we will Begio now in you like with All my beat you Ball allow Nie a axed sum for m personal expenses 8ey two Hundred dollars half that will a but you cant come Down All at once from eight Hundred to one Yea i can replied the pretty Little woman the mischief gleaming in her radian eyes. Then we can Bay a Bouse in three years. Suppose Yon Bur Raymond a now v but i cannot. I ban to a Dollar in the world after my Bill Aro paid then i will let you have fifteen Hundred dollars to pay Down you you Are facetious Maria. What Are you laughing at Maria Tor some reason or other bad Buret into a violent fit of laughter. I you shall have the Money Edward. But you must Promise not to teu any one what an extravagant wife you have As you did or. 8mith. What do you mean Maria ? forgive me for that i will my dear replied she and going to her drawer she produced two Bank books and placed Checri in Ber hat band s hand. 1 one of them indicated that she had s thousand dollars in one savings Bank Sod the other six Hundred in another Bank. Of course Edward was astonished it was his duty to be astonished. Your extravagant wife has saved sixteen Hundred dollars of your Money in spite of your Teeth besides curing Yoa of sundry reckless habits and she threw herself upon a sofa and laughed till so bad nearly gone into a fit. Maris you Are s jewel i am amazed you ought to be amazed you paid or. Smith i did he lied to me then no he did to you and i Are one so of course you paid it. I had to Tell Bim my secret and in return he informed Roe what an excellent character you bad Given me for prudence and Economy forgive me Maria. You have made me the happiest Man in the world and i am revenged revenged you found fault with a every Day when you came Home and i resolved to punish you. I knew you would not refuse me Rooney and i have at length brought you to your Ndini i tee where the Money went to now do you indeed ? to Tell the truth i thought there was very Little Abow Tor the Money i gave you sixteen Hundred dollars Money in band was a Largo aum to Edward who bad agent everything a fast a he got it lie Felt like a new Inan like a Rich Man. Aba Tatrena ure waa Maria who besides being pretty Sweet tempered and devoted was a thorough financier. For my part i should not like a financier on any other terms. A prudent but growl ing ill tempered shrew would be my abomination and before her i should prefer a pretty Sweet tempered devoted woman who would spend All i could get. The Raymond place and a delightful place it was immediately come into Edward s Posa Aaion. It is paid for now and our friends Are As Happy a during their Flag. From h. W. Bomber i life Many men want wealth not a compe tence alone but a a let Story compete nor. Everything Aub Gervea Thia and religion they a Tutu to thu a met or Iod to their Housea to Ward off by and by Tho bolls of divine Wrath. A week filled up with Zelfi Aeneas and the Sabbath stuffed full of religious exorcise will make a Good i a Risoe but a poor Chriatian. There Are Many persons who think sunday is a sponge with which to wipe out the Tataina of the week. Now god s altar stands from sunday to sunday and the seventh Day a no Mora for religion than any other. It a for rest. The whole even arc for religion and one of them for rest. O impatient Onca did the Leavea any nothing to you As they murmured when you came hither to Day they were not Crea Ted this Spring but months ago and the Eummer just begun will Faybion others for another year. At the Bottom of every Leaf item a a Cradle and in Ilia an infant germ and the winds will Rock it and the Birds will Aing to it All summer Long and next Aea Aon it will unfold. So god a working for you and carrying Forward to the perfect development All the Procesa a of your lives. Some men Are like pyramids which Are very Broad where they touch the ground but grow narrower a they reach the any. Many men carry their con Amienee like a drawn word Cut this Way and that in the world but Heathe it and keep it very soft and quiet when it is turned within think i ing that a word should not be allowed to i Cut its own scabbard. Our children that die Young Are like those Spring Bulba which have their Flower 1 prepared beforehand and have nothing to do but to break ground and Bloxom and Para away. Thank god for a Prius Flowers among men a Well As among the grasses j of the Field. Men Plant prayers and endeavours and go the next Day looking to Aee if they Bave borne graces. Now god does not Send Christian graces As he sends Light and rain but they Are wrought in a through Long Days of discipline and growth. Acorns and graces sprout quickly but grow Long before ripening. The following paragraphs Are characteristic we go to the grave of a Friend saying a Man id dead but snarls throng about him saying a Man is born " when your mind and Beert Are in Auch state that praying is posting a prayer through like driving a wedge into a log do you Call it religion it is As when your child red of scud and choking with passion is held up by the servant to kias you. Lie comes Bce Auie be is pushed and do you Call that love i like to see people sing when they have to Stop in the Middle of the verse and cry a Little. I like such unwritten Reeta and pauses in the god pardons like a Mother who Kieselt the offence into everlasting forgetful nest with every child we lose we see deeper into life As with every added Lens we Pierc further the a babe is a Mother s Anchor. She can not awing far from her Koriage. And Yel a True Mother never lives in the present As when by the aide of the Cradle. Her Tho follow the imagined future of her child. That babe i the boldest of pilots and guide i her fearless thoughts Down through Sce Oei of coming years. The old Ark never made och a voyage u the Mcnulla daily make there Ere Man trod Blea which you can not care by the Bible Eod hymn Book hat you can cure bar a food perspiration end a breath of fresh air any feeling that take a Man away from borne is a traitor to the the Virtues which Public sentiment drills into cowards May be of great Benefit to society but Are of Little credit to the men by whom they Are a conning Man overreached no one half so much a it is with the singing of a congregation a with the sighing of toe wind in the for est where the notes of the million rustling leaves and the houghs striking upon each other altogether Mae a Harmony no mat Ter whet he the individual How hateful is that religion which says business is business and politics Are poli tics and religion is religion religion is using everything for god but Many men dedicate business to the Devil and politics to the Devil and shove religion into the cracks and Crevice of time and make it the hypocritical out crawling of their Leisure and a Man in this world is a boy spelling in Short syllables but he will Combine nein in the next the most miserable Pett fogging in the world is that of a Man in the court of his own without Liberty Man is a the ass silos never keep Lent but Are always holding in this world it is not what we take up but what we give up that makes us there Are Mtnor professing Tiri Siiss who Sre secretly vexed on account of the Charity they have to bestow and the self denial the have to use. If instead of the smooth prayers which they it Pray Thev would speak out the things which they rosily Feci they would say when they go Home at night 0 lord i met a poor wretch of yours to Day a miserable unwashed burst and 1 Cave him sixpence and i have been sorry for it Ever since or o lord if i had not signed those article of Faith i might have gone to the theatre this evening. Your religion deprives me of a Good Deal of enjoyment but i mean to stick to it. There s no other Way of getting into he Sven i sup pose the sooner such men Are out of the Church the better a Christian had better go to the theatre than to go Home whining Bec Suso he can t go. If it is Worth while to do anything for Christ it is Worth while to do it with your head up and with your whole Many pro teasing christians Are like rail Road station houses and the wicked Are whirled by Thorn. And go on their Way forgetting them whereas they should to like switches taking sinners off one track and putting Thern on to another revolutionary scent. Krom Bancroft s american revolution recently published by Little brawn Wjk co. Toca Battle of code Ord. Having Given a description of the Muster ing of the american volunteers to the num Ber of 400 on the Heights at Concord Over looking the Bridge which was held by the British or. Bancroft Bays the officers meeting in front of their men spoke a few words with one another and went Back to their places. Barrett the colonel on horseback in the rear then gave the order to Advance but not to fire unless tucked. The Calm features of Isaac Davia of Acton became changed the town school master who a present could never after Ward find words Strong enough to express How his fico reddened at the word of com Mand. I have not a Man that is afraid to go said Davis looking at the men of Acton and drawing his sword he cried March. His company being on the right led the Way toward the Bridge be himself at their Bead and by Hia Side major John Buttrick of Concord with John Robinson of Westford lieutenant colonel in Prescott s regiment but on this Day a Volunteer with out command. Thus these three men walked together in front followed by minute men and militia in double file trailing arms. They went Down the Hillock entered the by Road came to its Angle with the main Road and there turned into Tho causeway that led straight to the Bridge. The British began to take up the planks the americana to prevent it Quick Ned their step. At this the British need one or two shots up the River then another by which Luther Blanchard and Jonah Brown were wounded. A Volley Fol my Lowed and lease Livia Ana a once a Luici the latter Eon of the Deacon of the Acton Church fell dead. Three hours before Davie had bid Hia wife and children fare Well. That aae noon he waa carried Home and Laid in her bedroom. Hie countenance waa Little altered and pleasant in death. The bodies of two others of Hia company who were Alain that Dav were brought Alao to her Bonae and the three were followed to the Village graveyard by a concourse of the neighbors from Miles around. God gave her length of Days in the land which Bis generous self Devotion a aisted to redeem. She lived to see her country touch the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific and when in was grown great in number wealth and Power the United state in Congress Oaid honors to her husband s martyrdom and comforted Ber under the double Burden of sorrow and More than ninety rears. A the British fired Emerson. Who was looking on from Bis chamber window near the Bridge waa for one moment uneasy lest the fire should not be returned. It waa Only for a moment Buttrick leaping into the air and at the aame time partially turning round cried aloud As if with Bis country voice fire fellow soldiers for god s Sake fire and the cry fire fire fire re from lip to up. Two of the British fell several were wounded. To two minutes All waa bushed. The British retreated in disorder toward their main body the countrymen were left in Possession of the Bridge. This is the world renowned bottle of Concord i mors eventful than Agio court or Blenheim. A Tesla ass is of us Balut it soaker urn. The Royal army exasperated at Retreat ing before a enemy whom they bad professed to Deepree and by the eight of Many ban dress of their men who Lay dead or bleeding on be ground prepared to re now the in Gage men while the Light infantry and a part of the Frana Diers were led to continue the attack at the rail fanes flow concentrated the rant of Bia forces upon the is dobol cannons Vera brought to Bear in Soch a manner a to Rake the inside of the by asst work from one end to Tbs other so that the americans warn obliged to crowd it bin their fort then the British troops having Oisin cambered themselves of their Knapsacks advanced in column with fixed Baroness. Clinton who from Copp s Hill bad watched the Battle at Thia critical moment Sod without orders pushed off in a boat and put himself at die Bead of two Batt Alliona the marines and the 47th, which seemed to Bra stats on the Beach a if Uncer Tain what to do. Beae formed the extreme left of the British and advanced from the sooth the 5th, the 36th and 43d battalion a formed the banter and attacked from Tbs esst on their right was the s3d with grenadiers who forced the now deserted entrenchments. The americans within the redoubt at tacked at once on three aided by six Battal ions at that time numbered Lesa than even Hundred men. Of beae some had no More than one none More than three or four rounds of ammunition left. But or Earott s self Pola Aaion increased with danger. He directed his men to wait till the enemy were within Twenty Yards when they poured up on them a deadly roller. The Brt Tiab wavered for an instant and then sprang Forward without returning the fire. The american fire blackened and began to die a War. The British reached the Rampart on the Southern aide. Those who Firat scaled the parapet were Ahot Down As they mounted. Major Pitcairn fell mortally wounded Juat a lie was entering the redoubt a single artillery Cartridge furnished powder for the last my acts which the americana fired. For Laorae time longer they kept the enemy at Bay confronting them with the butt Enda of their Guna and striking them with the barrels after the Atoka were broken. The breast work being abandoned the ammunition All expended Tho redoubt half filled with regulars and on the Point of being aur rounded and no other re enforcement a hav ing arrived at a Little before four Prescott gave the word to Retreat. To himself was the last to leave the fort escaping unhurt though with coat and Waistcoat rent and pierced by Bayoneta which he parried with Hia word. The men retiring through the Aall port or leaping Over Tho Walla mide their Way through their enem tet each Lor himself without much order and the dust which roae from the dry Earth noir powdered in the nun and the smoke of the engage ment gave them Home covering. The Lin Ian who had turned the North Eastern end of Tho breast work and had also come round the Angle of the redoubt were too much exhausted to use Tho Bayonet against them with vigor and at Firat the parties were too closely intermingled to admit of Flung it Alao appeared that a apply of Ball for the artillery sent from boat on during the Battle wis too Large for the Field piece which accompanied the detachment. The Little handful of Brave men would Havo been effectually Cut off but for Tho unfailing courage of the pro Vine a la at Tho rail Fence and the Bank or the Mystic. They had repulsed to enemy twice they now held them in Check till the main body had left the Hill. Not till then did the Connecticut companies under Knowlton and the new Hampshire soldiers under Stark quit the elation which they had nobly defend the Retreat waa made with More regularity than Coald Bare been Cip cited of troop who had been for of Short a time under discipline and Many of whom had never before aeon an engagement. Trevett and Bia men Drew off the Only Field piece that waa saved. Pomeroy walked backward facing the enemy and Brandi Abing Hia Muaket till it waa truck and marked by a Ball. To redoubt the brow of Bunker Hill and Tho Plauge across the Charlestown care Way were the principal place of Slaughter. Putnam at Tho third Onset waa absent employed in collecting men for a reinforcement and waa encountered by Tho re treating party on the Northern Declivity of Bunker Hill. Acting on Hia own reap Onai ability he now Firat Timo assumed the supreme direction. Without Ordera from any person be rallied Auch of the fugitives a would obey him joined them to a detach ment which bad not arrived in season to share in the combat and with a respectable Force took Pew Araion of Prospect Hill where be encamped that very night. Repairing to headquarter Prescott offered with three fresh regiment to recover i poet but for himself he Vooght neither advancement nor Reward nor Praise and having performed the beat service never ibo t that to bad done More than Hia duty it a the contemporary record that during the Battle no one appeared to have any command but colonel Prescott and that Bia bravery could never be enough acknowledged and the Camp Long repeated the Atory of Hia self collected valor and a historian of the War who beat knew uie judgements of the army Lus rightly awarded the highest prise of glory to pre Cott and i the British were unable to continue me Pursuit beyond the iat Mua. Their hid al Reed brought their beet Forcee into the held More than a third of those engaged Lay deed or bleeding end the air Sivore were fatigued and overawed by the courage of their Adver Earilee. The Battle put an end to Ell Ofle naive operation on the part of Gage. The number of Tho killed end wounded in Hie army we by Hia own account it Leet 1.054. Seventy Cora Mia toned officer Ware wounded and 13 Alain. Of these there were 1 Lien tenant colonel 3 major end 7 Captaine. For near half an hour there had been e continued Ebert of fire from the provincial and the action Wae hot for double that period. The oldest Soldier had never been the like. The Battle of Quebec j which won half a continent did not coat the live of to Manv officer a the Battle of Bunker Gilill which gained nothing but e place of Encampment. Sir William Howe who waa thought to have been wounded Wae untouched though j Hie White milk Stock Inge were Etain cd from Hie walking through the tall Graza red with the blood of the Soldier. That be did not fall Wae a Marvel. The Prai eee bestowed of Hie apathetic valor on the gallantry of Pigot on the conduct of Clinton reflected Honor on the untrained Fanner to Hough inferior in number bed req i thed. Play of the most etre Buooa Oft Beir aae Atlanta before Thev could be a lodged from the Mory of Una of the Ranklin co. Girle who having attended a county con Cert in a neighbouring town with a Young gentleman from discovered on Tho Way Home that her companion had been Patroon Xiii the bar too freely. She immedi arty ordered him to atop the Horae left the Aleigh in spite of the penitent Tara of her Gallant who wee not to drunk but he Felt the disgrace of i position and by Permie Aion of the teamster mounted a peas ing Load of Board and Rod to the nearest Houyao where Ahe Guyed until the Moil stage came along in the afternoon when she took Paa ago to farming on from whence the following morning Ahe hired a private conveyance and returned Home. Loo Kimo Ami the following i Given in the Ila Nihon Spectator a a literal copy of a letter from one of those who bold Sway Over a Hoole and Dom Ineer Over teachers or. Sir wee Hev bin round our por Tion of the Section and finding the Pompeia not Aati aside a wee told you we Uke Opportunity of informing you that wee Ahall not Nede your services this Cuming year. Signed

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