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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives May 5 1854, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - May 5, 1854, Biddeford, MaineTill a Ynio and easters journal in Ricau Aird on cd no. 1 cart dust Block. I it a la lord of Poritz the bid Mclord Loo 30 if pm cd Brit Fin three Iima the of Haas lieu a a a of ithe cab tag in. Filo Obj non Aiby to a blame it Thisie Trici in Nutua. Riots 4 Cotov b pause the american newspaper age i in Tow it Najr mul Yorimi Arcuik or lius paper i j new York Boston and Piti Luul Pula Anjia duly empowered to take Cdr Vrtisk in Cut mid a at the aim Lateo to re a i a Rcd by a. Ilin Olli Eaaron Yak York Tri Tuio Tulk bugs pm of Seo Luyt a budding n. Third and Cha but Al reel. Marcia Watson. Praller. Poetry. The Ulinai % Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. Biddeford Friday May 5, 1864. Vol. 18. A Locking certain portions to induce dormant i a a was a buds to push where branches and Foliar a for the Union and to Artud. A Nav be Deti iolent a degree of skill May be i exercised not unworthy of comparison with j that of the artist who develop a a Beautiful i a statue from n shapeless Block of Marble. A otherwise i a Home in heaven. A lion in Allily sorrows Iwer round with chill und dreary and blight the fairest Slowi re of Earth wyth sad and carry death then through the Pei nor Clouds of wee t no precious Hope is on thought that when our Toda Uro Over we have a Lioi Iio in i Lea von. The dear at objects Ai our love 4 and the aug we fund by cherish Are it Tri it Kyu Down when met we care and like a flowered perish of Hen our hearts Are full of grief acc Tiou a ties Are riven yet that Otic glorious Hope remains a we have a Home i la Cancu. Affliction a and lonely hour May cause us to or one and All i lie Dearest wojtes of Earth compel a to resign of then a Balm of Healing Power to our had Loans is Given the joyous Hope to mortals dear we have a Home in Llo Vatu. U Yea an everlasting Home of Bright eternal Joy. Whore Angels tune their harps and Slnar of Pence without buoy. There shall no Purn. No sorrow com like that to mortals driven lint All is Hupp incs and love in that Bright Lio inc in heaven. Did deform april 21, ism. J. U. W. Agricultural. Muck and Lime. To copy from Tho Bangor courier following a Ertibio Ramnik on Iho of producing Otto of the Bent compost lord res Bond ton years before and of Arcamo policy of buying up Prem Send Rollen poli a by ids feelings to Tell on Tho neck of Tho tick its Ullh Iho patronage of Iho govern i transformed tinker and kissed him and stud went Tho attempt to create by such n manner of ancestry did not do Servo his daughter an admin Tragiou tarty in Coli Traditi narc now to eau even Small Plant which i would grow tall and meagre May be made to Sauma a Anahy Ami Shiek appearance i by pinching of the ends of the leading i i shoots while they Aro Young. Tho eng i Wiltsh gardeners have acquit Cal n skill in Man i aging in this Way their pot plants intend i i Lor Public exhibition that is really Aslon i Ishing to those who first notice Tho Rich and i a symmetrical masses of Flowers and foliage which they arc thus enabled to present to j View. A real error is often committed when 1 lowering plants Are placed in Tjien ground by crowding them too closely ing them too much the appearance of i Thov Are much the Best when every Plant is allowed full room to expand. When crowded the Flowers Are fewer Ami More imperfect and the phial and foliage slender and greatly in fori or in Beauty to i lie dense and Rich mass of Well developed loaves and Bloom of a freely growing uncrowded cultivator. Practical hints about poultry. The editor of the n. Y. Evening Tost the a hic Bryant occasionally gives his readers a chapter of i Rural experience at his to Ustiy residence on lung Laud Tho i following a practical hints about poultry Quot continuing a they do a More truth than pole try a tray to read with profit in the first place roosters should Bel changed a Ofton As once in. Two years it j i not annually r and pains should to taken in i replacing them to procure Strong healthy Laud perfect Bird. The hens will Lay bet j Ter and Hatch More Chicken. Secondly but a Small number of hens Means. A rna Las Art did.14. Iho democratic party in Vidor to secure a Solano in Tho full hush or Triumph was the re election of the president a we inv introduced to the lady towards whom his Iheson other cultivators will realize Good results from t a tits to followed of Ltd a muck a urn. A pm if i Mew la us Ullh a Roo Iho comport Ilo la or no who �,11 to �00,1 of Pooh .0 �0,100, la. It pm our. Raj Atao to Moto All do Olvo a Bothel of nil ,0 Orough the a Cly a ton Union Wlinich Hod won. A. In Lioy soon went she in her Beauty and to will be Good enough to. It i in a. A a a dissolve n Bushel of Salt in water Etton Foster than wanted Lor Idun Ciliate use applying it to the Minuck while hot and cover my it once More with muck. A cask or three bushels of fresh Lime will do Well for five loads of muck of about Oue half Cord one but a Bushel of Liine to a Load of muck would be better. Life in Texas. The following graph to description of Domestic life in Texas to Lukuf from a Corres it is prudence of the n. Y. Tins. Tho qua an important Point in composting to mix non suggests itself to every Freeman shall the materials nicely and hence Tho layers of Liine and muck should lie frequent say the Lime four inches and the muck in pro or. Pollard f Monkey Tho following anecdote taken from the Fiovo. Or. Guthrie s11 old years Watring a though frequently published will to read with n relish in our columns. H will be acknowledged to think that Jack was n sensible Monkey much Moro sensible than his master and some companions. Quot Jack As lie was called seeing his master and some companions i Ink Jug with those imitative Powers for which his specie. After lying three or four weeks or longer Tho Heap should to thoroughly overhauled. This mixture makes one of the Best divisors of fertilizing manures that has yet been discovered and All manures solid or liquid should be composted with the mixture As by so doing a heavy per Centavo of Valuo usually lost May he saved. Indeed it i estimated that for the want of composting and the wasteful manner of treating manures that eight per cent of its real value a a fertilizer is lost. Guano method of using it. Much into inst is now Felt by a hold be kept in one House or in Tho us oot guano. The general agent for behave known repeated instances in which of. A t. In keeper of poultry have become uis Gustiel t its Sale in this mate is Hon. J. A. 1 Otter their failure to Lay and have determined of Concord. In reply to numerous inquiries m kill them Ulf. They have commenced As to Tho Best method of using it he has reducing the number which was pc haps furnished the following statement to the a a or fifty and when ther got Down to a t half a dry fun surprised to and every a a one of the hens Laving and Iho Supply of Slit. Editor a in order to answer the for the family bettor then Tho whole numerous inquiries by letter and otherwise number furnished. From nil parts of the state is to the Best As to the profit to doubt very much method of applying this valuable manure i whether if All their food be bought the submit Tho following method deduced from and Chicken produced by any Breed actual Experiment and observations of Tho and sold at the regular Inai Ket prices for most practical and scientific Farmer in the a will pay Tho expense of keeping. A now England states. La chaps it is not but it by no Means follows from this that i generally known that by mixing Lime ashes Hen Are not a source of profit on a or even plaster with guano it i 1 most they eat much which otherwise would be certainly liberate a portion of the ammonia entirely lost and wasted. And u Small i which thus passe into Tho air and is Patch of buckwheat sown at a trifling Cost j com wheat and Rio. For see May he wet and left on the ground where they can stroll with a solution of half a Pound of Gunno to Over it am need at their pleasure will keep n gallon of water and rolled in Ponsier. The Sam m butter. Effect i to Lih Orato Tho no Monona and give but the main and must important Point it immediate notion and thus bring Forward of which to wish look la attention in cd in a Tho sul without material loss. Corn May a action with ibis subject b the great value to wot is Al Rote and the plaster applied in of Nia Nuro of kit Ultra. Tie Lien Root i the n dry state a teaspoonful of guano Pla Coil Placo where most Farmers should go Lor j in the Hill at least 1�? Inch mow the their set Flo. If obtained there it will in a Corn As in mediate Contact will surely kill variably Provo of Good Quality. There the tender p ant Well mixed with Tho Earth Nettl be no fear Lor those who get their i it Tho first hoeing Throe cum Montels Moro a guano from this source that it will turn out i about Turco or Lour inches from Tho Corn to be of a spurious or of in in As nearly on All sides As practicable cover Fjor Kim. Then there Are no heavy two inches deep. The rows Haoold to from i Bill to pay for it. The Bills of the hens 3 j to 4 foot apart at that distance it would a every Farmer can provide for but the Bills Tonko about 300 be. Per acre. For potatoes of Jet 0 guano dealers not every Ono is pro after dropping cover Tel amt one Inch of Earth Pareto to meet. And to doubt whether apply a trn spoonful of guano and mix with a us null Ignont Farmers who have not tried Earth and finish covering at the first Hoe it would estimate at More than one Hutto ing add another teaspoonful Well mixed no Ltd part of its actual amount the Quantity with Earth. For wheat Prepura As first of excellent Man Uro which can be m ado ill stated now 100 be. To Mideast followed by1 Way in the course of a year a Harrow to mix with Earth then plow the Hen Roost Milnek Rolt a a geese Roost about 5 inches deep then apply 40 its. In am Turkey Rof a to should be supplied Moro and sow a Bushel of what to Tho with several Load of peat swamp muck or Ucros and Harrow in thoroughly. For Rye Loam spread evenly Over Tho surface of the i2� lbs., pro pared As above Oats Luft Llos. Floor and on this there should be scattered per Aero. T a bin layer of Sand or gravel. Rainy Days. For grass top dressing 10 Pound por when the work can Tro done As Well As not Aero sow in March a Tho Snow is leaving am As Ofton As practicable this should to Tho ground Der Haia to scr sown in Noyce Jan a Hov Olod Over Ami the manure mixed tier if a Pali a while or just Proforo mining i wills the other aug Redious. Tho compost plaster May to applied with safety As a top i0on become Strong when it can to redressing when guano Lias been slowed in moved and a Supply of the most suitor in any Way a i it does not come in Contact Abe material convenient to to obtained i i with the guano. For Bouse plants and vines thrown in. A solution As first stated has a wonderful of by in House is thus kept Sweet and clean feet and May be applied with perfect safety. Healthy for Tho fowls and if any fur a Small Quantity in the Hill on Rich soil i Mer will adopt this plan and practice it All that is necessary to give Tho vegetable for Livo years and keep an ecu roots in Early Start. Raf0 account not Only of the crop raised i. Greetly from the compost made with the non try a Diiuro but from the manure made Tho poultry House. I a it no Ihulse crop a out ill their turn to As connected with poultry will by it nmn red at then sult first in the now inlays has a Peculiar interest to give a Mou of Al l no be Quot it bae realized and a secondly i the effect in the was of Ner Tho following sensible remarks from an a a Cal of his farm try it. Order in farming. There i no Onu thing in the Farmer s pro Coal and the floor should to clean-1fession, calculated to Advance his interest week More than order. System is necessary 1 f. Ever where but the Farmer should be Par English paper. First of the Cost nil nest hone. The door should be sprinkled with ashes or Loam or pulverized pout of Fine charcoal cd Oil Etty. Every were dui to Larmer in menu do Par 44 Tho Yard should contain a Gra titular by careful to observe it. No Man i Somo Fine gravel slaked Lime dry a it Hes should attempt to cultivate the soil without i and pure water. The nest should be Lin-1 having every thing so arranged a to Pacili de with mos or Heath or Straw. Evidently me in advancement lie should Gaul i Tho Doit Nasaro the Best Breed they will against accidents to beasts Aud failure of Lay an average of 185 egg each per in crops and How can he do ill in Tho first num. Fowl with Black leg Are Best for place he should by proper Mau Urig and roasting while lha be with while legs are1 ploughing place every a it of site advantage Best for boiling. If you want them to set at the disposal of he Crow and w Hen a Early leave the eggs under them. Fowl turd secured in barns where leaks Aud in their native habit never Lay More eggs door hanging by one hinge do not admit than they can Hatch. Remember that no moisture. Saccom can be expected from poultry keep no stable should not to like those ins if their Housa be dump cold us Ilcau wretchedly construct Cal things which Only j or badly ventilated if their food Doo not slovene build and which serve Only Loen approximate to that which they get in a a trap and Breed disease in animal. A a state of nature Viz a mixture of animal a acc for every thing Ami every thing in and vegetable food it the water Thoy its place a a should adopted by Alt Iov Cis. Demk be stagnant the drainage of Tho a of convenience. Oftentimes an Nuger a Nure Heap xc., or a the strongest and Gimblet or something in wanted by those handsomest to net bred from. Who by everything jus where it is used or a a mid tout Dick and Larry u id All the rest shaping Trees and shrubs. Are employed Halfa Day in a fruitless search j ,. ,., a which a Little care might have to has not observed Tho great u or cent is saved by having Pool. Creem Beauty Between a Muy Luuri Dlly room a Cul but. Shared tree Aud Ono of uncouth or it or a i Turin them. About is Many tools such of of form of Tho same species How Iolj Hwa lip a lira we yokes do Purchase of ornamental shrubs and in it Fht Ike Are out a Vorn it Ltd a tree anxiously search for symmetrical a teaches that a tool Vel House Dor no win ast much on5t.r Han Olla Cip Csc to to most irregular May to easily tuned to of the weather. Into any de�itab1e Abapo if the dutch a _ t Gardener display to much skill in training Afan to n m Vlam. 1 a hint derived vegetable grow h in peacocks and hedge in a your Page saved me last season a hog american Gary Lycra May find an apr cr0p 0f p0m, the first we have Thor skin m mutating of % Tomil in sane year. This waa the Graceful and Beautiful m nature the a of Kulof of Jet a the on Tho Youngho s�as22c�5�.5lh� pm flu in a by Ono of your Cor men Cement of to prevent Iho ravages of the Able object May be to. A pfc Verj morning or two until the de. By to no limit a Virtu �9 Lam Soto Well i shoot Bat More frequently and Bountiful crop Back such As Are overgrown or o and u of h. ,.those that threaten to time so my Lel him do to the comm be to. Miscellaneous. The Painter Lover. Solorio do Antonio was originally a Gipsy or wandering tinker and it was in this character he first made his appearance in Tho beginning of Tho fifteenth can turn in Naples to was lion in Tho Liubita of Guing from Street to a tract Ami irom House to hons a i his Peculiar Craft. Philo in that City lie chanced to tin Gomo jobs in Tho i Voiiso of Colantonio Del Fiore n distinguished Painter. This Man Hud u Beautiful daughter Tho Young lady was seen by Solorio who it first sight fell in Lovo wit i her. The tinker though of Humble origin and Pur suing a menial culling carried with him u Tariu heart and n bold enthusiastic mind. This was evinced by his taking Tho courageous step of Guing to Colantonio and actually asking Tho hand of ids daughter in marriage. His application was treated with ridicule by Colantonio who by Xay of extinguishing Tho my it a Gipsy s Hopes told him that he meant to bestow i daughter s hand upon Somo one Only who was a Good Painter is himself. 44 then will you accept of to for your son in Law a said Salario 44 if. Alter u certain time 1 shall present myself with that Quall fiction 1 w ill you give to ten years to learn to paint and to entitle myself to your daughter i a the run tar thinking to was not Hazard ing much by agreeing to such n proposal and wishing to get rid of Tho impetuous import unities of Tho tinker which Woro becoming rather alarming acceded to a Solaria s request on condition that lie left Naples and did not show his face for Bluit term of year. Tho agreement having been ratified by respectable witnesses Ono of whom was a Princess the reigning King s sister who perhaps Junod in Tho Ute air for Tho fun of it Solaria left Naples fur Roum hut no Ono Thuro wait d Cinco Rugo him in his Pursuit for Art and love under difficulties. Hewing of Iuppo l a a Mew n Painter of Bologna to repaired thither. Lippo also it Tom pod to discourage him hut not to to Bull cd by ridicule or deterred by Difini celtics he pressed his applications so pm Rev crinkly employing even tears to Aid ins entreaties that Tho reluctant Painter was it last induced to admit him a a Pupil. But All difficulties were not at an end. Lie to poor and to Supply his necessities to would try quintly go to Tho neighbouring Village in his profession of tinker Ami return with in quenched ardor to Tho performance of Tho higher duties of Tho artist. His application was a unceasing is his Progress was. No had not neen with Lippo Long before Bis master and fellow students saw that to had within Ifni the germs of Genius and sufficient Industry and enthusiasm to him atoll secure Success and those who it first laughed it him for his adventurous Lovo now encouraged him to persevere with unceasing activity in the great work to which to Imd luckily committed himself. To remained six or seven years with Lippo and then left Bologna to visit Tho other great cities of Italy with a View to improve Lii Nidolf in Bis Nils by studying the various Stylos of Tho great masters. He a it ont three years in this Way during which Timo lie visited a Lorenco Ferrara Venice and Romo. By this Timo lie had deeply penetrated with a Lovo for Iii Art and wherever to went to Felt More inspired for Italy in that Ngo was consecrated by the presence of Genius and the Atmos Liero of its cities was redolent w Ith incense of bred it Tho shrink of Tho Beautiful. After an absence of nine years and some months Sola Rio returned to Naples As a stronger but with letters of introduction to Sozio of Tho distinguished families of that City. To brought with him a Madonna and could of his own drawing and presented it to his former Patronos Tho Princess who during Tho interval had become ascertaining that he had painted the Beautiful picture she sit to him for her portrait Kansas and Nebraska to filed with such citizens and to cursed by such indolence i110 Rehon Krable finding half a j in of Lysis a a Al a key left took it up and drank it off. It. J 0j con be it a 0 annl their at Nacogdoches an old town with a pop roars of laughter to a Sunn to skip hop Illarion of 2,000, to five of torn and Dentico. Jack was drunk. Next Day for hour butter and Rofinot sugar and Wero a when they went with Tho intention of to in formed that there was Tiona of either in dealing the fun to take the poor Monkey the town. At Crockett to enquired it Sev from his Box he was not lord so Een. Look on stores and two hotels for Frith meat and ing inside there to Lay crouching in a Buiter. There was none of either in town.1 Corner. A Como out a said his master. 41 to Hare a Good grazing country All about afraid to disobey to came walking on us a Ono merchant said 14 but we Nover three legs Tho Foro Paw was Laid on his in it a butter except from new York forehead saying As Plain is words could do Tho Farmers never Snake anything but Cotton and to went to a bakery a for bread. No thing but Gingerbread and Pound Enke Tho Only Fluur tie had was very poor. At the stores we obtained now Ink crackers biscuit at Twenty cents a Pound and poor Ininns the Only fruit at fifty cents. Out of these iwo towns Tho Only articles of food that to have been Able to procure Are com and pork and Tho game to have ourselves shot. Corn has not been sold to us. In but one Case at less than one Dollar n Bushel. Once to have paid a Dollar a Quarter and tinny planters and nearly All Tiro country people who do not own negroes refuse to sell it it any prior a not having raised a much us they want for themselves. The Corn to commonly in Euljy and half the bread we get a a Mouldy taste. To make Brend the Corn i coarsely ground in Mills like Coffee in ills a one of which is possessed by every family. The meal is that he had Tho headache. Having loft him some Days to gut Wudl und resume his gaiety they it length carried him off to the old scene of revel. On entering he eyed the glasses with Manifest terror skulking behind Tho chairs and on i master Ordor ing him to drink he Bolind and was on he Housetop in a twinkling. His master Shook a whip at him Jack ust Rido on Tho Ridge pole grinned def inner. A gun of which lie was always much afraid was pointed at this disciple of Temperance he ducked his head and slipped Over the Back of the i Voiiso. Two guns Wero now levelled at him Ono from each Side of Tiro House upon which seeing his predicament Aud less afraid apparently of the fire than of Tho fire Waer the Monkey leaps at one bound on the Chimney top and getting Down into a flue held on by i forepaws. He would rather to singed than or in k. He triumphed and although his master kept him for then sometimes sifted often no formed twelve years after that he could never per into a Mako with ruler and Salt Only Aud baked in a Skillet. This Corn Brend with pork 44 Fry a and Coffee has been placed before us at every meal breakfast dinner and supper it every Bouse in which to Honvo Takon any food during the three weeks we have been in Texas. About half Tho time Sweet potatoes Honvo been added to it. Twice or thrice we had egg with the 44 Fry a and these have been not Only the invariable but Iho Only article of food that we have found in any House with two exceptions in less than one half Tho houses in or near which to Havo spent the nights have been proved of with Wells or cisterns and All the water used in them i brought by negroes generally from a Creek or Branch but often from a Mere puddle a distance on an average of a Quarter of a mile. When to notice Tho length of Timo Tieso residences have Boon Yocupi a Ned observe the Valuo of Tho Slavo and lauded property of their owners the absence of so Many conveniences of housekeeping Wlinich to Are wont to consider the Cairo want of rom fort Tho apparent nose no of nil Means and appliances of happiness above the most simple Savage and Anion no is astonishing and its universality Only to be credited after lengthened experience. What is the reason of it it seems to be occasioned by sheer indolence. 44 Havo you no milk a 44 44 but you have plenty of cows a 44 its too much trouble to drive them up and milk again we have milk but no butter it a too much trouble to churn. No eggs it s too much trouble to Hunt for them. No beef it a a handier to Fry some Inore pork. No potatoes it a too much trouble to go to to bin Lor them or it was too much trouble to raise them. No Latch to Tho door its less trouble to let it remain open or to Sot a log against it now everything it dirty its Loo much trouble to Wash besides 44wo have to Send so far for 44why not dig a Well a 44lt would Tako so much work and it s no trouble to Send the niggers Lor water when Thoy Are any of them no candles its too much a trouble to Inako them. No More Wood for to lire it was too much trouble to think of providing it before Hamly a Wako up a Nigger and let him Cut some All Tho Corn not consequently All Tho Broad is Mouldy a it was too much trouble to see that it was dry when it was put into Tho crib. So it is every where. Of course there must Boex Cephious but that to have not Mot them is evidence that they Are extremely rare a that indolence carelessness and indifference Are characteristic of the people in general. Plain talk. Edmund Burke roads Tho administration a Severo ice Turo upon the course it has Pur sued. To give from his article the follow ing a parly to is York it is in Maine Tho democratic is disorganized and Defeated. In new in a condition far More desperate. It a a a sly Quot. A 11,0 a a it of the National which Dario painted with exactitude and democrats who have been persecuted and finish. When her majesty bad Cypre Sod p a a bribed by Llroy president and ii. Millions Tho picture Solorio throw Tbs Dom Porutio party is lately saved from Hitu Selt it her feel and asked her if Slio did. ?�0� Massachusetts there is no Dorn not recollect the wandering Gipsy who ton Corn a in a a a nothing Butta poor mercenary years Lieford had the Honor of being admit no it Tinoi Loil contemptible faction calling Ted to her i Rose no and in Whoso Fortuno Ibex selves democrats Whoy Carly Coale Seu a Quot 1110j10 1&Quot a had Hwi pleased to Tako an a la fru ller i a a a Al we to support Tho 1, the Queen after closely observing him. And administration nominally Only in consider a. A a culling memory to her assistance saw that n of of Tho Crumb which fall from the sex he was in Joed Tho very Utun. Tito Queen a a to the table. In Vermont t i Oro was never immediately sent fur Colantonio and naked democratic party Worth saving. In Short his opinion of hot newly Imir Ted in every state North of Mason amp Dixous the old artist extolled it Ocmond i 11,0 ?iin�cra7�?t w More or less dior on her i yest asking Hisiu if to would not c4�?��101 and at this moment Gen. Pieluc prefer giving his daughter to one who could of ,0 Ivory before Tho people Forre election Snake the Monkey to to St another drop of a Tho following is from the new Orleans Crescent of Tho 24th ult. It is prompted Sliko by the dictate of Good sense sound policy and honorable regard for Good Faith tin final finality. The great argument Ichieh Tiro friends of fresh disturbance Aud Ron owed agitation on Tho slave question arc now employing in behalf of their Nesti lout Nebraska Bill is that they disturb matters to provent disturbance and agitato us for Quioto a no. We humbly Tom nor Vou or. Pierce wow Imfidon promoter of Freo Sui leis to Are infinitely be Holdau to you or. Douglas Iuo to Diminu five of giant but really gentlemen we do not enjoy Tho plan of letting you break our head in order to Havo you plaster it. To hate your Cudgel to Abo Minato your Salvo. You Shane to Mako for yourselves As you Hope to do either your presidential sceptre of that or your in enl unction of this. Your Salvo shall Nei Tyror no Point our head nor yours. Well run Novich risk to oblige you. To Aro vory Well a we Are and choose to Sony so. But Tieso two presidential candidates urge us to Honvo this one Moro disturbance and then Thoy give us their word be shall never to troubled again. In Short Iho present is to to 44 Tiro vory last a agitation. They told us Iho Samo in 1850 that was thou to be the finality. Pray is a finality to be final or not f the Saino parties want hugely to get rid of Tiro Missouri Compromise and the abolitionists Vrismo and consistent arc suddenly great lovers of that Samo Compromise to they Havo both just exch Ngod parts. Isnit this a Groat country hark pc gentlemen of Tho South when you were stronger you got the old cow Promise now when you Are weaker you had better stick to it. Nay stick to nil Tho Compromise for to Atsuumi the Nett Ngi to Tiung that is to Sny this if you Are drawn into it will in nil human probability to Tho last. Thart la never be anothcr4 Compromise roly on that easy prop Hocur. Tooth yah3t8. Baron Muu Chasun was a some on a Story thu late Nicholus sul i us was Premy Good maj. Longbow was great Gnu capt. John Richardson is not slow but Tho following front the Yankee Blade will do our Jet fido Ezra has led a very return a Bio life. We heard hit tolling Somo appalling stories Oihi younger Days last week to a group of gaping boys Ami Aston a a tied. Men. 4 had a Gnu a said thu old Trojan in that Earnest manner to characteristic of he colloquial attainments which was Tho master thing for bulls that you Ever did see. I War no to More a Twenty years old it was of much As Silty year ago i should think even a Raou to any How i Tell you i could kill anything i walled to. I remember now Onu Day i went into the Wood Down by Tho River Mia n hot Day in May i Hail Tuy gun with messed to Norry it us a Giuy Raj thing did t like logo without it it Vaa a Royal gun. I Hadnot got far into Tho Woods before 1 too n aft Squirrel running up a tree to a Urti away the Ballet a vent through the Ano inel lore off a foot Aud a half of Tho hark of Tho tree besides inn Init the splinters Fly like sin it went through Tho next Rico i heard an almighty buzzing inside and pretty soon Law pome thing running out of Tho Hole lie Ball Lead made Ami 1 Swan to pucker i got no loss than hotly Rix Gallons and a half of Houck out of the tree Roul Gin Owino bees Honey none of your misty Nigger s sweat it waa prime i vow. Well that Ball ripped a crowds nest out of the next ire killed the old Ono and four Youn ottos besides a Vensel that had just crawled up to get something to cat a i declare you never see anything like it but it did no to Slop Thuro a Low rods to Yontl it wont through another tree Aud killed a tar Nal great Raccoon that was just running up on the further Side Ami then brought Down sixteen pigeons from a Groat flock that tvs just coming to pick berries in the when i got to the River i found that a i had killed eight wild geese that 1 had seen in the Elvor the night before which were just rising up to Fly is i fired-1 could sue Mem drilling Down the Stream. I was afraid i should lose Mem and so Dove in after Mem without taking off my clothes and when 1 come out feeling something Cool i vow i found five dozen Santl and sixteen alewives in Tho seat of my to stepped out just As the old get Lemari arrived at the Point of i narration. To understand that Tho Ball did further service on Iho opposite Side of the River but we choose to omit All but what we ourselves heard folks Aro Apt to stretch stories when they Tell them at a a come had. The Isiah Giri e stratagem. Aft amusing inst Anoo of hibernian of a 1 pm oily is afforded us in the following Tutu Story told us by a Friend in Whoso voids to give it. A \ 44 Molly our housemaid is a Model one who handles the Broomstick like a sceptre and who has an a Horrance for dirt and a sympathy for soap sad that amounts to a passion. She is a by along Bosy. Rosy cheeked Brigit Yod blundering hibernian who hovers about our Book shelves making War upon Oor love papers in the the shape of a adjusted and unlighted a toners. One Day Sho entered our Library la a confused and Uncertain Ina tier quite offer out from Hor usual bustling Way. 8ha stood at thu door with a letter Between her in Umb and Finger which she held Oul it arms length is if she had a Gunpowder plot in her grasp. In answer to our inquiries Aslo her Busi Noas she answered 44 and it plume yer Honor. In a a poor Gad and hand to much Lauri ii tue to sees pm ase yer Honor l Addy o Reilly and the october than him does no to Brathe in Ould Ireland h is Bacou a riling me a Tot there a love let ther a Dase yer Honor j and a and a a two gummed Hor embarrassment and of Fred to Roli ovo it by Reading it to her. Still a he hesitated while4 the twisted t bit of raw Cotton Between her fingers. 44 a Juro a Sho resumed Quot an that a Jill what i want but it isun to a Gintle Roan like pc Rolf that would be liking to know of be Sac rots Between us and so Fth re Alto twisted the Cotton Quito ice Vansly it it la Only Plano yer Hoar while yer ceding it a that to Inay not hear it herself you jilt put thir bit of Cotton in yer ears and Stop up or heart a Ltd thin the Saerens a i be Unbe Jarn to it 44 to Hadnot the heart to refuse her pud with Tho gravest face possible complied with her request but often since we have laughed heartily As to related to la. F. Jour. Is a Clergyman a citizen a Ono would incur from Tho Slang of curtain reckless senators partizan editors and pouter Mug up outcry that a Clergyman has no right to express in opinion upon any Public Mesuro or political subject. Turco thousand intelligent and educated ministers of christianity Havo no business we Oro told to sign their names to n petition or remonstrance to go before thu Congress of Tho nation. It is Only your ruin Holo rowdies that Honvo n right to to heard on questions of vital interest and importance to Iho stale and to humanity. The patriots of Tho grog shop Tieso Frothy demagogues alone Honvo n right to discuss Tho flairs of the nation in n country where All sects Aro tolerated there danger of the Church coct rising an undo influence in Tho stale and it is rather to to Rog rotted that not Only Tho clergy but that Wiso and Ducat of men of All classes do not take a More a Active interest in political affairs. It is the duty of every Good citizen to Vole for Good men at the ballot Box and to advocate Good Mensure in Tho Halls of legislation. The right of position and Emons Ranee is a Solme to All of citizens to the clergy As Well As and to think Tho voice of 60,-000 ministers of Tho gospel Ngn Mattho no hrs ten Bill is Quito is significant and is re Spee table in Tiro clamor of 60.000 office holders in favor of Xor Arnor. Ludi Crom mischief. Tho following 41 droll incident a a related in Tho Knickerbocker is having occurred to n lady of High respectability in Brooklyn Tho lady has n charming Little boy vory observing imitative and Active. The child had noticed Tho postman constantly leaving letters and moving off Quick and he thought it would to n Nice tiling to become a postman. So to Ono div wont to his a inn s and tools out Somo Twenty five or thirty lot tors tied them in and Sal lied Forth leaving Ono it Ivory House and moving off Quick. The indy was rather surprised when her next neighbor brought her no open letter which Sho said Somo. Body had loft at her door Bat Whyl was Hor astonishment when visiting hour arrived for no Thor and non Thor and another lady coming in nil bringing open letters Kulil Hor amnio parlor was completely crammed you need not doubt Tho mirth and fun grow fast and furious of Oacle lady entered with Tho Saino tale and As thu Little postman was elated beyond Mesuro to firm Whyl a capital postman to was but Iho Best of Tho fun was that every lady one and Alln Verlod that Sho had not unfolded or Road Ono word of no not they ladies Are far Bovo prying into each others letters. The air lady to whom Tho Lotter was addressed i Fortun Sloly Tho Mother of n Largo and Lovely family and Tho lot tors wite from Early friends schoolmates a cure Tor corns. A correspondent so paint than wait any longer fur Tho return �0l, not carry one Oit Tho a a states. This1 writes that a pint a Calo Ohol poured in his of the Gipsy of whom for so Long a time ho1 41 in Ltd pm a torn a 4�? of that Noble Purly Bools caused All his corns Ami calloused to had Hoard nothing thu neapolitan too glad to proud main of an Opportunity Tobo Rulo ased from his Siblo but it is True to the letter. The Dcin-1 1 % a a a a ? _ a _ a. _ i if. M i to t a it.4 _ Peel off Loving i Kin smooth and soft. W. A err win this Beso alcohol in the Bools must have engagement eagerly expressed his us Cut to p3 a of 4,� Gui ii at Ltd moment,1 an effect contrary to the usual Oue for we the demoralized and Powersr. Havo known Manv i lie. Individuals to gel sol Arlo was then called from behind Tho 1 sufficient to say that Tho great and muru loudly corned on Muo i less than q pipe curtain a hero to Hud but in list cog to the prominent Causo is Tho failure of the pres of alcohol largely diluted with conversation and was introduced log Dent to conduct his administration upon a ent Ifie american. 1 a Colantonio by Tho Cuccu is howl it had been the great onion Pic do upon a which to correspondent alluded to lives hero Painter. Colantonio struck wit ii Numis a Tho other great causes the proscription of a Monk saw before him Tho very face and form Tho National democracy in the North and .pcri>0,l, had so earnestly asked for ids dough Tho Union men. Of Tho South a Tho Tyler 080 in htftft1� body Olg so it seems int alcohol in some Law anecdote. A few years Ngo Bosforo Tho twin Norante cause had made such pro crus Inore was a trial in a stale court a East Greenwich in which a witness Whoso testimony Boro hard against Tho Plai Tifi mentioned that to Hau Parl Ken a Little something permanent several times during thu afternoon of Tho transaction. This seemed to open a Way to Tho overthrow of his testimony which Tho Coursol was not slow to improve. Tho witness waa treated up and own from tavern to store and front store to Tavorn. 14 you slopped it Tho store you Sny. Did you drink anything Thuro a 44 yes perhaps i did take a Little something on a cold morning Tho bust of folks might do that you know Squire a giving a Corkscrew look at the counsel. Having thus i cd Tho witness who stopped a. Iho store at Kul greens at Tho tavern and at half a dozen other places Tho coun eur Roso to put on the clincher and shaking his Lingor in Tho witnesses face excl tingly ?44 now or. Witness in Tho presence of this court Aud jury and upon the oath you Havo take a sir How much spirits did you drink in the course of that morning a Tho witness As Cool a n Cucumber ?44 Wal Squire As to the Tho matter of that you be got such a Plag icy Way of watering the liquor Down Here that anybody can to Tell How much to does drink a he took his scat without any Moro quo prions. Twiby nature never talk of Adam Ami eve tue having been before Tho fall in a very Happy condition by Ono thing they missed they never were Albany Register. True. To never thought of that. Adam never played marbles. To Trover play a he Nover drove a inn Down he never skated in a de of boys Avith a string. A Pond or played 44 Bull a or Rode Down Hill on o Haud Aleigh. And Ere Abo never made a playhouse she never eat with another Little girl from the Tea to nolo Sot out with Tho toy ten things Sho never rolled a hoop or juju Pixi n rope or pit Rood a baby quilt or Dri mud a Dull. Buy Nearor played Blind Many a Bull a Pussy want a Corner or u Buhy or any of the Gamo with which childhood disports itself. 4, Blank tji flir ago must Havo Boon wherein no mom Orius of Early youth a Quot to ? up in Thor hearts no visions of childhood floating Back from Tho Long past no mothers voice chanting r Lullaby to Tho oar of fancy Iri Llis still hours of the night no a the sri a word of kindness speaking from Tho Church Yard where to sleeps. Adam and Evo and they Lono of All Tho coun lets millions of men and women that Havo Ever lived Hail no Regis movement of the look loaders to Soots a nomination for governor of Maine. The Bangor jeffersonian has published a circular issued by certain leaders of be Loco pity calling upon Tho party 4e insist upon a Moss Cou Ven i Ion to be held at poit lamp on Tho fifteenth of june next for if purpose of nominating n candidate for governor. Thia convention to to approved by the state Deino Mio committee if each approval can to obtained and if not Why then it is to to held without such approval. The jeffersonian knows the Man among us democracy so called and it characterizes the movement As n second edition of Tho Chandler movement of 1852, having the pure Emu of nominating an opponent of tha mame i a but of doing it Moro Quai duo by than then first if pop a Ible securing for it what Little u loft of Tho old dem Oralio organization Aud second if this cannot be had to defy and def at that organization. Tho warning is thus Catly Given to Tho Friend of the mine Law that they must he prepared to meet Tho opponents of that Law at the ballot Box. We Ata cd no longer ago than sch verday that when the opponents of Tho Maine Law banded together for its overthrow Thero was no Olhorn course Lull for Tho friends of the Law but to unite their forces and moot the Issue of its merits laying aside for Tho Timo being on this one Shuo their political party ties and obligations and voting Over and above All other consideration for Tho candidate of whatever political Stripe who truly Tore san cd the Maine Law sentiment of the state. To anticipated then that Tho Issue would come to this but we hardly expected that Tho evidence would to furnished at to Early a courier. Fifteen Young men. Ala respectable boarding House in now Yolk a number of years Ugo Wero fifteen Young men. Six of them uniformly no pared at the breakfast table on Sabbath Rooming shaved Drc Flod and prepared Aslo their a Parol for ulum Lance on Public worship. They also actually Atto led both Forenoon and afternoon. All Bonamo highly respected and useful citizens. Tho other Tino were ordinarily absent front Iho breakfast table of Sabbath morning. At noon Thoy appeared it the dinner Ubalo shaved and dressed in a decent manner. In Tho afternoon they went Oul but not ordinarily to Church nor Woro they usually seen in the place at worship. Otto of them a a now living and in a reputable employment the other eight have become perdy vicious. All failed in business and Aro now dead. Several of Thom Caino to an untimely and awfully tragic und. Many a Matt tray say As did a worthy Ami opulent citizen 44 l he keeping of the Sabbath saved it will if duly observed save All in Tho language of its author 11 they shall ride upon the High Placo of the taking cars or tub Klud and wounded. Tho Washington Union announced in substance that Tho Northern representatives who support Tho Nobraska Bui and upon their return to Thair constituents hart44 to encounter the clamor and out position of whigs and abolitionist together with the disaffected men of the r own party a will a Solivo the in Troungo of Tho Loders government. Id other words they will be paid with Folce by Tho 1�?, for betraying their oooo tit boats. To Lii no doubt is Trio Tonii Dorilio which hoi induced messes. Norris and William of this state to support the Bill and this is the reason Why or. Mcdonald. Representative from Tho Vork District to Maine who is a used up Toon at Homo goes in to Strong fur it. To Means to a Nako sure of the 44 retiring enquirer. Tobacco a viewers beware besides Tho Poison contained in the wed itself Many of our Tob Coo showers Are absorbing into their systems an oxyde of land a thu Samo which kills so Many paiute to and paralyses others. Lead foil is cheap Ier limn Tiu foil and Somo of those who put of tobacco for chairing Uso Tho latter instead of the former. Tito counter foil May be known by its Dork Blue or bluish color we Crook tin Loti is nearly White. Tobacco showers who do not Wiah to absorb iwo a humus at once will do Well to profit by this. Y journal of Commerce. Evils or habitual novel cannot but to in Uris of that Iho Homan mind should Nover he called into the habit of receiving pleasure without my exertion of thought by Tho Mere excitement of curiosity and sensibility May be justly ranked among the worst effect Ofha ritual novel Reading. Thomao who Confino their Reading to such books Dwarf their Wii faculties and finally reduce their understandings Toa deplorable like Idle morning visit end the brisk and breathless periods hurry in and Harry off in Quick mid profile oct succession each indeed for the moment of it slay a rodents thu pains of Varaney while it indulge Tho thu love of sloth but altogether they euro Tho mistress of the House Tho Muju mean Flat Aud exhausted incapable of Al temping to their own inc cons Ami unfitted for the conversation of More rational Goesta. Is. Al Coleridge. Icebergs 300 feet upon. The ship John Bright which arrived at new York last week reports having aeon of Foo baulk april Goth 03 huge icebergs Enoree of them two Miles Long and about 300 feet Rob a Tho ships rigging and sails Wero come irtely covered Wilh ice. 1

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