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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives May 4 1855, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - May 4, 1855, Biddeford, MaineLije filian at Ifor i eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of . Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor.b1ddef0rd, Maine Friday May 4, 1 855. Volume 18. La the inn new Ulm Union and Eastern journal the Lut Bat our acquaintance with it of Sweet Winter applet. It is Largo Bonutti Union Xvi Quot a a Oji to authorise Oor placing it Ful la form and color Tonder Juicy Elquis at a. I. Carat Nus is 1 to i Telor Sweet and highly perfumed. The. Tree i run. Of if Tut-1 the Beauty of Kent is a cry Largo and grows Thrifty but the branches Aro rather Taum <4 a a Ltd. Start How Apple very Oale Ahlo for its size and a a Lender and therefore arc Apt Conse 4 re no. Or v. A. , the Awrum a a i ppm a a a at. U to �.1/ sir us Pap a be it Ity but valuable chiefly for of its tory or bearing to acquire a is Siuw of saw York a Tuo a amp a , of the Rase nonpareil is a first rate desert somewhat Pendant or weeping habit. It has i dais i v la Uxa pm time a ski us Tchir Apple of medium disc and quite productive. Be. N cultivated the Western part of this to to to Man re air Ltd to it or no. Row Oak. To these May also be added of autumn countr under the a Steno of the a Clinton Are saw it Tribune by vol Ngy Beeton enrol by a a i by uni it a i a Kuiti of x m Alycce w . Printer o 11 r i. W taint a cw-1 to Retios the Hubbardston some such and Fain-1 Euse As they Ore both eating october i and november though they will keep till mid Winter. They Aro first Rato every a respect except that to Fame use is a slow j grower. Sweeting the graft having been brought trom gov. Clinton a Orchard and is very popular wherever it is known. The Quot Twenty ounce a called also the a a Cayuga red Streak is extra Large and very Beautiful fruit Only medium Quality to the unsatisfied. Why thus Loo inc Why forever a blog for the far Oil attained sad dim while the Beautiful All around tree lying offers up Low perpetual Bymun thou Lute to its gentle teaching All thy restless yearnings it would still Leaf and of War and Laden Bee arc preaching thine own sphere though Huiyue lint to fill. Poor indeed thou must let a if around thee thou no Ray of la Erht and Joy it a Al throw if no Silken Cord of love hit bound thee to some Lulu world through weal and to if no dear Eye thy food love can brighten no fond voices answer to by own if no brother s sorrow thou Cunt St lighten by daily sympathy and Genolio too. Not by deeds that win the world s applause a not by works that five thee our d renown a not by Matyn Lom or vaunted Cro aaes c aut thou win and Wear thu Jiuu Noral Crown. I daily struggling though unloved and lonely every Day a Rich Reward will give thou Wilt find by Hearty Atria my Only and truly Loving thou can a truly lire. There Are other autumn varieties having a for the table but Good for cooking and account of its site and Beauty if very popular for the Market. It has been shown at our annual exhibitions under various names Aud sometimes without any name at a High local reputation some of which Are c probably equal or Superior to it it Homo of the i above but not having Parmal knowledge of their merits to have not added them tothe list. Other popular varieties Are j nil. I account of some special defect. Mac Woro we to Clargo our list one of May name some of these two classes. The apples to should add would be Garden this is exquisitely the Lack Giuffi Ower. It is a popular Flavoured Little september Apple of the first Market fruit and being productive is profit order a great bearer but poor grower. L Ablo. It a a tender and pleasantly Flavoured Long to be exc client. Rais but soon grows rather dry. The tree is a Dot thou Revet id thro a nor Nice when Oil nature he a the lord o Light and i smile the Mountain top , Robe Yon fragrant Field radiance Bright other hand May grasp the Field and Frasl proud proprietor pomp May Shine but with fervent hive if thou a it lorry a Oliou Art wealthier 11 the Wiki i thine yet if through Earth Swido Domain Oliou Jureit sighing that they Aro not thine alone not those fair Field but the Yaat thou Lovret and their Beauty and thy wraith Are gone. Nature Wear the color of the spirit sweetly to her worshipper to sing All the glow the Grace a doth inherit. Round her trusting Chiu she loudly Ding. I de bring orator. The to have had did not come up to the recommendations j of it. Fall of the tory Bast fall apples Northern and Western new York. It will probably prove equally Good Here. Lyse my called also Matthews Stripe and Osgood s favorite. A Largo and very popular fruit. It a but a moderate grower and j bearer. Nativo of Colton popular 1 Middlesex county and is very highly Mccora mended. Noble and splendid a Polo at the West where it holds the first not yet sufficiently proved Here. Curl Burts a first rate apply connect i i Cut. It will probably Provo equally Good a Here. It is a great grower. Nelm excl Lent at the sufficiently pro cd Hore. Wix tit varieties. The Baldwin r. I. Greening and Rox i Bury Russo Are too cultivated and too Woll known to require any a scrip moderate grower. The Westfield seek so further u a very pleasant agreeable Good Flavoured Apple resembling these qualities the Hubbard ton nonesuch. soils that agree with it it is productive and profitable and is a general favorite wherever known. The Leicester Sweeting called also. Potter Sweeting and known new Jersey As thou a English Sweeting a is a Largo handsome and very excellent fruit ripening from october to May. It is a very free grower and a great bearer alternate years. Were we to add another Sweet Winter Apple to the list it would be this and Many would prefer it even to Tho Danvers. The Seaver Sweeting u also Well spoken of. To Northern spy would by Many have been added to the list. It is doubtless the Best late keeping apply known. But it requires Good soil and High culture which it Well repays by its Superior Quality Ami the High Price it invariably bears the Market. The tree is a Freo upright grower making a thick head which requires much thinning oat to keep it open or the fruit will be f Tom. They Are Tho leading varieties new1 poor. So far As it has been tried this 1 England culture and indispensable to every i Vicinity it promises with Tho proper care collection. The Baldwin is Ono of the most succeed As Well As its Nativo locality. So Largo a family Mado a sad discount from the annual receipts for Corn and wheat Farmer Wilkins Staples. And it obliged him moreover to turn More of his land into crops for Home consumption and male his Sale offal cattle for the Butcher or drover the Spring less by one or two Glisn i should have Boon to farm at a calves sheep and lambs which should Havo added to his Cash receipts were eaten Tho Placo. And then the Money which he did obtain had to undergo a severe reduction and taxation before he could Marf any investment. To Uso the old gentle a Many a own words to had a a unprofitable it must be diminished or made now the oldest boy should have limes a Sililo disconsolate he never entirely lost sight of the feeling of Freedom which Inspirit a Yankee a strange place. He had no position to maintain and anything that was honest was respectable enough for Jonathan Wilkins. Tho a news boy line Quot appeared to to the readiest opening which offered and from retailing11 extras when he happened to be want of a Job Jonathan fell into Tho regular Trado. Having by degrees got acquainted with the Insl Ness he entered heartily into Early and late he was at his calling and plied it with Industry and St Content with morning editions to Mado Jay a work by undertaking the evening papera also and his head Toon carried available. -----.-----,------ a ,. Been la. Lay of the. Ho., .oc,dh8 1. The. A a i the. , a pm. Old tules of primogeniture Ltd us / Quot a a he . Fur a a the a double inner Oil la. Hook. 1� a a Quot Quot it Quot write die Stamle Raship of the eatot�,1 ?toln3 account of lit. Doing and of i. While Bis father lived. Perhaps we shall disco ver one of these Days that our a a Progress a and a improvement a to have a a it a a a a a a a be Peter and be Fly. he a thrown �?o>8 upward 10 wealth and dirt Mcliton. I grif us torn. Culture of Pruit Ifo. 2. Prog table of All apples and Ono of the Casi before closing this article we May roust culture almost every variety of soil. That our notice of Tho Lyscom we Hie Green log and Tiu sctt Aro Moro Ornet to have not done it full Justice. a. Ing the Quality of who soil Tho latter is adapted to it it is a Good grower specially which Luxuriate a free warm am sufficiently productive alternate As to intend to remark six Neof Tho a Alki generous soil but is unproductive Nynn u Uch situations it is a very profit Retios of apples our list last week to Ono that is cold tenacious and heavy. Able Market fruit. A Worcester spy. Repeat it with the shango of two varieties the Nutik Mygnonne is a very Fine Winter a a a a a a a a a a a from Winter to autumn. It is As follows rpm. Hating through february. It is a Little faster than is Wise and have thrown away lessons of experience which our ancestors paid dear for. Ifs to Havo Only to buy them Over Agair if a Many a of just boy is or ought to be his right hand Man Why should to not to incited thereto with double portion 1jonathan was growing out of reach. He was not Hall so docile is his Sisters Ono at least of whom was older than he presumed to Havo opinions of his own and though to do him Justice to always tried to do As he was bid to had begun to do so under a to doubted his fathers infallibility and is to his Mother but Farmer Wilkins had his misgivings. To had heard about news boys and Suomi of the villagers As had visited new York did not give him a cry flattering notion of their vocation. To to sure Ono literary gentleman who regularly read the magazines instanced one or two quite prominent booksellers who had risen from such a be ginning. But they were men who had character and stability to Rise from any Point and Farmer Wilkins was not quite so sure of his son Jonathan. So he wrote him a letter full of advice which would no doubt Havo been very Good if the writer,.,. Had known How to adapt it to Tho Circum he almost dared to laugh at her. To would. A a to i. Stances or the person whom to addressed. Follow the Idle boys nobody sch Dren into. A. A a it quite i important person Jonathan i the gallery of Tho old meeting House and.,. A ,. I. Kins began to consider himself. . Linn Intili with or nil nil left t Tho boy smiled Asho read. His Mother there chop seats with his knife and take his first lessons tobacco instead of walk ,., i had added approx Plato Hort Atory Post ing reverently behind Lus father into the 1 _. ,. J.1. Old family Pew. To ran after new lights theology especially at nights and despised the thirteen they of the reverend Man who had preached to his father Over thirty years. He came Homo redolent of the fumes of bad tobacco. Tho younger ones Woro contracting habits of insubordination by his bad example. It was indeed quite time that Jonathan should be a pecked Oft Quot and packed wifi this being determined upon by the Heads of the House there followed discussions and inane f them As script. Jonathan Hail already Learned that old people Woro a a indeed he had a suspicion of that fact before to left Home but Hal not then Learned to express himself Tho language of Young America upon the characteristics of Tho ciders who stand Young Peoples Way. His education was now going Forward under Tho most Brilliant auspices. To May nothing of Tho advantages which his daily Intercourse with Tho world and his hopeful Young companions conferred upon to Liat could be Imp Hohm he bcn6fil of a cheap Cronin school. To found that for a shilling he brands and particular vintners. Now it were altogether against the doctrine of this Republican Era and free country to assert that Jonathan and the rest of the Radical drinkers who go to the Root of the matter and take the naked Poison have not their preferences too Ayo and a right to them. Jonathan highly esteemed the concoctions at one particular subterranean resort. Moreover he liked Tho company. And especially he admired and envied the keeper. He was the gloss of fashion and the Mould of form Flash gentility. Lie was All creature a a thing of flesh Gross sensual bursting out flesh and when intellect was distributed he must have been overlooked for not the is inmost Shadow of any thing Liko it was stranger Quot hero Are three quarters rent for a Doh i will trouble Quot i am Good from this out a answered Jonathan a a but really i can to think of paying another Man s Quot of a said the Bland stranger. Just then official who happened by the Lucrest Accident to be pausing entered and Jonathan was made acquainted with the example by firing his Beautiful be tatty. Leaving the Walls As a lasting memorial of his determined hostility inscription to Hose who had dared profane Bis thu Mode and plan was no less novel than certain promising Liberty to All to felons then Imp Onod condition that they would fire the City every Elble Way. They were accordingly liberated. Tiow of. That summary Proveas called a landlords factually they did their work proof i need warrant which Bolds All property the not it by a a a that seven eighths of thie Beautiful premises for rent due. Jonathan could not radio the Money had he been disposed to do to. Going a Otic gone was Sung by Tho auctioneer Nve Tho a a Stock and fixtures of Tho a established As for Tho a a Good will a you May seek discernible about him. To wore brass but-1 that Tho alms House and Pointen Iury tons and double Gilt chains and his whole Tho dead hones and Coroner a Reno to costume was a studied ignoring of every for it was old stand and a Good Wihs thing do Toni a spa sub of or gentlemanly had a Cru a l Large . Bojona it was said had unlimited Power to pillage big rings with Brummage jewels hooped than Quot wll Kios was Turnea out . He i and plunder . Too 1�u a his fat Finger and the whole animal War thought he was Sharp but to haul met a ,�.uj/4h twp design and the very Ideal of a a a bar tender a As you a Harper. Pure Leo of Tho russian government to Sac often see him displayed at his door a j re cd for Freedom of Tbs country and a tool which Tho adipose matter of his limbs How moved matters Mea Whilo it be that it was necessary to Stop Tho farther and seems to Over lip squat Liko a fat Toad a i 0,d Home Triail ? after the letter which to Tho Mouth of Hie Hole or rather Liko a Cor mentioned Thuro was for Many months City was hid ashes and with it nearly of quite All the stores and Grain deposited there thus depriving Tho for neb army of Tho Means of of Tenco that Napoleon had so surely calculated upon to feed Hie famished troops. For three Days and nights Tho Firo raged with unabated fury and no orders were Given to arrest its Progress. addition to to Corrara of the flames Tbs soldiery vane of the Dovo nog element. Thie was Dono by concentrating and quartering ome of Bis most reliable troops the Best and Hung with a a and had to not a quiet genteel life of it protected from the weather and was not this vastly better than to to obliged to walk Tain or Shine a through to streets of now York City a running dolorous accidents through the whole list of Penny three Penny and six scum a i a. 1 Futy nor rat. 4 a Itterly wet Tim. S or / swy Al 3 Curljr aug brr. Act ass Villi to i. S i Al a re Cuba. S Alk my 1 Porter. V a h r re re a a Iii com of of Coburg 1� 1. A v la a Pyi . 3 a i. 4 Metil it. 5 Mon her. 0 k of a Irwy. 7 11-4.10 pippin. A ump Sun. Or sole. I. Of v4 11 a St Phorl or Una. 11 if Kiu. 1 it has t Lluu u a it it a a a Soo Purvu. Is a too Cmich. Is a a Iuxu-.-. You Muntiu. 1 by i. A Denim . X let Ach Mit Fnnnk. 10 my i Ivy itt. 3 thu Ifft Winter 11 a. T. Or Vinlof. 4 Oulu hmm i. 1j King App. A 13 a a Twa. Luis up spot Imus it is. 14 a Hiiop k it. 7 1ft la urn it Voln 5 Xun Raroh. Is to Quot ill Roaer. Of the summer varieties that we marked with a Star May to recommended for almost All situations where apples thrive at Allex very handsome and excellent Flavoured fruit i the treo Thrifty and productive. It is As it yet let it Little known this Vicinity but to believe it will to found worthy of general cultivation. The Danvers Winter Sweet is Ono of Tho Best and most profitable Sweet apples for Winter. A Essex county it is very generally cultic cd into this . Going going gone now Jona. Wilkin a cot into Fly the author of a autobiography done with Tho boy what should be his Des tiny and what his All those i Coul Dob Ain a Dmit ctr ,0 to Emile 0,�?~ Bates resulted As i. Usual tardily Delih i a of Essila to Tho humblest oration Only farther doubts and Uncer. Of Vixen or citizens Capo Gallows son the Dainty. Somebody with a will must a a shools of morality which certain Philan such Matlos make a step and the test fall a ,hr0pic a a a a a i Suali conduct under Tho name . All the trades which had represent of ,Lea,fc9�?T hero to saw the Mirror Tives the Village were canvassed. Some a not a up ,0 Nahre it and Quot a the dec. For . A a of them Tho elders did not Liko and some Tho juniors protested against. As it is opulent spider pretending to to a slurp but no mings from Jonathan. A neighbor who a till the look out for Flics. It adv itch City and was entrusted by richest part of Tho City u yet partially this Man was Jonathan a highest exam-1tarmcr Wilkins with a fathers doubts and burned giving orders at Tho Samo Limo to Plo of Comfort and Prosperity. Wasny the with Tho Street and number of the shoot Down airy one found plundering or free of All Tho places where life was to be a ones abode Mado a return Quot non est burning. His orders were executed tha seen by virtue of suffering his Walls to be the old gentleman discovered his mistake Inoel rigorous and severe manner soldiers and quietly disposed of his other Hoys under r>i1 re amp Sants being alike treated. This Alona his own Eyo keeping the younger still upon arc the Small remnant of the great City of the farm. He determined at last to go him m�00�s i it but a few Days previously Eon self and seek Tho prodigal who showed no trained probably not less than 400,000 Hab disposition to return. A Tanta. A a Dearie this is Babel said the old so Quot a Quot a a a a not were All Tho move of gentleman is to landed from the steam men i and Purpo Enof to russian govern Penny papers Ami wonderful extras a Jona-1 boat where i Aon had stepped shoo Nunt but fowl speaking than heart warmo.1 with ambition. He a Bro years Mon. Wero awar5 a but the French army was near was nearing Many a estate and remembered Quot cab sir cab cab a shouted the jarrcoul11 Over roac1 Moscow too greater a a a is with which he left Home vies poking Tho ends of their whip stocks i Pat of Ita a Quot Buhi tante believing implicitly that he should soon gel into business nil i. Very free. Hal �p0 a a by the government to. Mil a give a Good account of he had a a coach and four old times a a cried Ono Bons of rubles were lost that might accumulated something for Jonathan was of he run a a lamps is he dexterously tap a con a a a a. Bad they Xiv a aware of to oat Yankee enough to take Caro that Folly did 1 old the old gentleman a Broad rimmed Bat la a of ill re he a no and of the Noar a propel. Of not Drain los purse. He loved pleasure but a to flu Iho mud. A shout of laughter Rose Tlly enemy. of the government he loved Money too and was Quiten shy of Nfn he Row Ltd. Nil a null Monon who had t wast Criso to destroy to mens c a up lock among the lame ducks the newsboy so Exchange. He could Advance them daily capital at rates which would have sought out Tho insolent Man to give him a Mado Wall Street shrink to Young Bank reprimand. From crowd and a policeman who had Wim Rcd 11.� feat a Ltd Tho find cry a i Vrkoc. .tronati,.n und Farmer Wilkins having replaced his hat j j resistance to them and by every pos Sibio erupts to whom inexorable clerks declined their quotidian without Tho ready a Sharp Eyo for sixpence had Imp Ord a a hero a said Tho policeman a a toy you la appear against him and ill lock him Tho Man turned away his head. The fur his finances about Tho same ratio that his Mer followed round and looked. It so the morals had deteriorated and that is say a bloated disfigured dirty fellow to Jona ing a great Deal. Than Wilkins who i. Id premised to a a give a Ono Day Jonathan read to papers the Good account of even the police advertisement of Tho Quot Stock fixtures and Man was touched. Good will of established the a a ill give him charge to you old Gen somewhat difficult to find a Pursuit against a by Daji now non slice a a a which no objection lies , at the a a a the Metropolis a a a Tom and Jerry a end of a years debate was As far from doing of. Himself As Over. Meanwhile the w o progressive people. Not Only As a House at Homo Mccamo Moro and More rated and is considerably introduce a nation but As individuals is this feature of crowd ext As the inmates grew larger and is Region. Be americans characteristic. Hen a required More room. Farmer Wilkins be definite number of nights stage representation of what he saw the streets do Ife and ii that sort of classic entertainment. The characters of the drama Wero re Flores of Tho nud Ienco the pit and gallery caught with High dramatic Art Ami represented for quire More room. Farmer Wilkins be a to approval and delectation of the originals the Golden Russel is a Tonder. Rich and j f i bar of moderate Means Fin la his famil Lunil l0 it Etc j18 looked Over his flock pc been selves. Like Stago Liko audience excellent Apple rather Small but very hand Wing too Many for him Tho first and Sareil to make their Matu tinny or Mer id. and when the humor of farce was required to give Way to More entertain a productive and profitable and wort by necessary thought is that that Tho younger assault upon Tho edibles As if he ought to ineral cultivation. People must begin to Aid providing for a take Tho sense of Tho meeting a among so sonic of general differ somewhat of to Thoin Elvis and not act As a dead weight j Many Crown people the value of this Apple for common Cultiva-1 he parents. cities and Large towns pro j Jonathan i state of uncertainty grew Pian group of dramatist. Highway Tion owing probably to to Rifle Ronco vision is easily made and employment not i More dubious and was evidently receding men and footpads burglars anti pirates ment and Thulia must give Way to Melpomene Tho Newgate Calendar was olym cent that the Early requires Good i a of a 00 which a it Quot a Gnu have been Mado. Hartl to find those who seek for it Jare soil and culture to bring it to a Rcd Keno Roux ,01�?TTho a a honest industrious and capable. Having these it is very productive and. Sex a Fol first rate Drawert Arlo pre. Cell Cut. Tho Early Strawberry is a Woak Rainy to the Baldwin grower and fur that reason Shuhl be grafted but the Farmer who finds his Placo Over Tho tree a locked with Stout boys is a rather More is of vigorous growth and quite productive. A difficult predicament. Even he. However poorer soils it is Small and less product a mis them Quot they must do something for the. from these family scatter the Eso pits Spitzen Brj is a fruit of the1 Como Thrift and Industry and self re highest Quality of Good growth and quite 1 Banco and Indi Poi Lenco of spirit All very productive drs brate soil. But poor Well Aud very laudable. Unmixed Good is or worn out toils it grows Inifi Leontly not however to to looked for this world is unproductive. T evil often happens of this be Procious de the minister is a Large very to to a a making progess. Particularly go it so fruit and brings Tho highest Price is this Tho Case whet ill balanced coun cd breaking that paternal neck any Chi our Market. grown Trees where it pm be done. The red Astrakhan is a very showy Paul Active and variety and goo 1 for Tho Market and for c it oking but second rate for Tho table being rather austere. Of the autumn varieties Tho Porter Gravenstein Mother and Inland s pippin Are every respect first rate Fruita by ing free growers Good bearers Fine Flavoured and sex.,., ,.a a Market. Tho tree is a Freo grower and a try lad tries inc City and enters unearned Chucot. They Are very profitable. The lat. B / Ter Mihr Nett have been Clareed wet to p c a a a hould to grown inexperienced among its r nug perhaps. 1 warm generous soil to bring it to its Best Duine into business often results a course Tho Winter fruit for although it is Quot a a a 4v. State. cold land it is Apt to to too acid the end of which is literally As Well is me oct. And nov. It will keep till past mid j Tho Xor Suek is Ono of Tho Best of All a tango Scally a a going going gone a Winter but loses its Fino flavor after Janu. ,.,it a -. Rupies but of Lato years some seasons.1 let us look around Tho fireside of Farmer it notches and blasts. Still we think no Wilkins. There is Jonathan eighteen years Orchard should be without this variety. It is of age and five feel eight stature. Next quite distinct from the club Boydston Noue Corno William two years younger then such. James and John and Samuel and Isachor the Blue Feam Iain is old and Well All at the regular distances apart age but known variety very Large handsome and a wonderfully assimilating Altitude for the Fin Flavoured. It is a slow grower and India it younger boys a growing family Are nol All respectful their growth to their elders and Seldom preserve Tho proper degrees not worthy of general culture. Peck s pleasant a a great Favorito with Many. It is a Large handsome Fino flavor Froin his years of discretion instead of a Wero the heroes Whoso exploits opened the preaching them. To wasted time Idle Oyes of Jonathan upon life a and Ducat haunts. Ilu began to show the incipient j de his aspiring mind to dwell deeds of indications of horse jockey propensities to \ High Emprise. Advertisement requested Tho parly who wished to invest to Quot address Franklin a with real Namo. Spirit of Tho Kite flyer if Quot spiritual manifestations Are Tho Truo fact and real thing Why done to you a a rape Tho Heads of those who put your head a dram 8? of Jonathan was already treaty for a fixed route a daily paper a Good property herein who a Aid. Quot if lie has any feeling left to needs no greater punishment Jonathan returned with his father. He is almost As useful not Hull As respectable upon to farm is poor ignorant but industrious and sober Way Farer taken from the Road would be. For Days sometimes for weeks and even months to resists temptation and then away lie Flics to renewed and honest business being Tho Privily go of disgrace and Drunken orgies serving regular customers a certain Dis and Sisters Nevor mention him out of to Weir strict. Many such monopolies Aro Worth Homes his father whose support he should Moro than Clover sized furry and what Bohns his old nge to watch and curb a would have been called fortunes a few years ago Hare been Mado them. But Jonathan thought to would a a address Franklin a Asho was probably requested to do. No wit looking into the Mouths of All the strange animals which slopped Long enough at the Village inn to allow him the Opportunity. He talked knowingly of the a Points a professed ability to euro All curable diseases which horse flesh is heir to and absolutely dared to Reju Vetato old Ball his father s horse with a dose of Ginger his chopped leed. This Experiment had nearly result Ary. The Duchess of Oldenburg i a Good sized striped fruit a Fin grower very productive first rot for Eod Ting and pretty Good for the table. One of Tho most do Strahlo and profitable Market fruits. Tbs my duo is a Connecticut Apple of Superior exp Llene much resembling the bal Dwin sin and looks and fully equal to it pc rent Hinr Cepl Hiu it i Quality. It is productive. It ripens a re h frequently produces Good . And Tho Only objection to it is that it is not a free should thare fore to grafted grown Trees. Height. One two three four five a Ixo to a nothing of four Rosy cheeked girls who have Cotto before and after and at irregular intervals their Mother Only can Tell where and she cannot do it without reflection. Their precise chronology we do Strong soil and Good culture to bring it of Quot c to a la he he the Holden a ppm and Maiden s Blush Vej Frt tit try a a up Conj or and Joice to Are both very valuable and profitable Market Tuire a a Wrom �?T�?�1 a Mode Rala fruits. They Are very free growers great no not a fre cwt bearers , and first Rute for Cook-1 11,0 Kin a Ter a cd Pum Hatch not undertake to fix both because it is diff ing and very Good though not quite first rate j a a a a but a brought into Market some Yean. Cult to pronounce upon a girls age if not for Tbs Labio. Tha former requires Good.1 Coop Der Fly from Central and Northern new hazardous and because girls Are not so a a a Al much Mailer a a House. Thev Aro admitted by All prudent mothers to by a Worth their keep a especially upon a farm. And if they Are not some neighbor is always wanting a help a and there Are schools to teach dresses to make bonnets to trim and other useful employments into which women seem to fall almost by intuition. But boys half grown hobbled Hoys a to every boy Appertains a dog Coon Rabbit game Chicken fancy Pigeon or other useless Pat and perhaps a Coll to train guns fishing Roda or other Idle hobbies fill of their time never at hand when Yon want them and continually some difficulty with somebody they Are Apt Tofu poor Stock. The proverb runs a a one boy Isa boy two boys half a boy and three Sre no boy at ally a that is to say so far As any Ose or Good is expected or desired of them. No wonder that a Ven mothers a Peck them off a As sensible barn door fowls discharge their Chicks when they Are old enough to scratch for themes Lee. To Ite fall size. The Dyer or spice called Pomme Royal coleus fruit Book is of Tho very finest Quality Bat not to productive at some other kinds. No Amateur should to without it and we Are not sure but it would be profitable for tha Market As when known it would always bring extra Price. The Shepherd Sweeting a a Connecticut Apple raised Plainfield and that Vicinity. It is a think Tara finest wort Apple fur the table that a have Ever eaten. It is very urge and showy striped with dark red and exceedingly tender Juicy and Sweet ripening october and november. The russet pumpkin Sweeting was placed the list rather from deference to its popularity. Than from our Omron action of its merits. It is a showy fruit and pretty Good far baking. Our opinion from a Malbar Umid knowledge Tho Haskell mors valuable of a Pines recommendation of those acquainted with Ita growth who think it Well adapted to this Region. The Melon Apple called also a a Norton s Melon a and water Melon a stands second to no other Winter Applew have Ever eaten texture juiciness and delicious flavor. It is Rethor l Irge and Beautiful form and color. To it greatest objection to it is. That its flesh is of exceedingly tender As to make it very difficult of transportation without extra care. This is a new fruit originating Wayne county. New York a it has not vet been fully proved this Vicinity but As it originated Tbs same latitude and is of easy culture its own Region there is Little doubt of its so Ceres Here especially with Good soil and culture. It is a very productive variety. The tree grows rather slowly which account is would recommend grafting it grown Lyles Sweeting a lands at the head Dunco of spirit Tho old nag being fur Many years unprecedented and Quito unexpected. It was absolutely True that something should to Dono with the boy. Something but what Tho question Lias puzzled Wiser Heads than those of Farmer Wilkins and his Wile. Tho father did propose that to should a a hire with a neighbor Whoso Stock did not present qui o such a plethora of boys. But is the neighbor did not exhibit any great anxiety for the acquisition and Jonathan strenuously objected it was not deemed prudent to insist upon the arrangement. Jonathan at length ventured to mention Tho dream which had been running his own head. Quot give to a Start father and let me strike ont for myself and i la warrant that ill get into business. You shall hear a Good account of the father As fathers Are Apt Todo such costs received this proposal with a smile and of farted to doubt whether his Aon was Earnest. Nothing however makes a plan so soon and so certainly feasible As to talk about it and nothing brings a thing More certainly to pass than to a sumo it As a fact. So Jonathan was fitted oot for the world and a Market a at no very extravagant rate certainly but with More Money than to had Ever before had Possession of at once. With the common notion of country Boyar that the City a paved with Ignots he made hit Way at once to new York and was ready for a bargain As soon As his feet touched Manhattan Island. A Day or two of inquiry showed him that the Supply of labor anything he could undertake was quite near enough to the demand to enable those who wished for his service to require some testimonials As to previews character. This was a thing he had never thought of and a a Whittington lord mayor of London a of lorded him no exact precedent Wal to do a order to borome mayor of new York. He caught at any Chance Job that proffered order to Moo Hia Little fond and though Home Many were Tho Dulc Blablo lessons which our Young proficient caught up such a school. And when the state of his funds admonished him to Economy or Tho drama called upon his taste he had other equally innocent excitements at command. The engine houses Wero Quot As Good As a Jonathan had taken All Tho degrees be ginning at Tho fire plug and edging up to the door getting Tho Fellows More and More used to his face Ami Figuro till at last he worked his Way and was admitted to All the privilege of a a a indeed he was Quito Oracle with the adherents of the machine. To was read up a no the latest news and not Seldom had a copy Over of Tho last Che Metal which he would produce As a clincher his arguments upon the contested merits of different shilling stars pugilist Linn Tamer thimble Rig get Fanoy men fences and id Genn sont. Jonathan was unquestionably a a getting .�?� a a matter of course and of necessity our Young hero had not advanced so far his novitiate City life of the sort to had chosen without making the acquaintance of the bottle Imp. To could Udo tobacco All its forms before he left Homo having As we Havo already intimated Eaily undertaken that difficult and Soin what nauseating accomplishment. He was ready for Ginger the first Day of hit City life and soon advanced by easy transition to ale anti then to Porter. These introduced him without difficulty to a hot punch of a cold night and then came occasional then daily pull at the whole variety of alcohol and company. He must know life and this was his introduction. It was perfectly legitimate according to the Standard drama of the bowery and Catham Street. Did not Tho heroes Quot quaff mantling bowls Quot out of Quot parcel Gilt goblets a Jack Shepard and Dick Turpin and the rest of the stars of his theatrical sky did not they All a a Gogue it 1�?� and what was More to the purpose had to not found these scene supporter the moral Temple drinking their can account off the stage no a a property wine either but the real stuff nay More had not the leading Cut Throat one of the Quot metropolitan theatre a the Chap who did Banquo a Humeas for him condescended to drink at Jonathan a invitation and expense More than Loco ? depend upon it our country boy was getting . Old cognoscenti wine and liquors have their preference. They affect particular Wurst than any of Tho follies or Ains of childhood. Still they Hope . 0, Why must Hopo but break the heart and Why must inexperienced Hoy who harm could Corno of that to was comes to our cities search of employment his better Genius might Havo whispered that and respectability meet Only temptation he was not so a Uro. interview was had and legalized encases ? answer to Luw and Jonathan was surprised though not Dis givers who profess to direct Tho common pleased when to found a a establish weal answer to tribunals who pretend eds stand was his established rendezvous to Enfer co Law and answer to big boat and Tho head Quarter of All his set. His ing Public jubilant Holiday occasions up customers Wero therefore ready found it his Tho privileges of this great and Freo and and 81 Cannon a with still Fry Infra try and hand. Ilo was not Long closing Tho bar a enlightened nation answer from your cavalry count Mondoil a he Row a of threw gain nor was to very Hasty for Jonathan crowded Walls to penitentiaries and profi Day will to St Mojsiuk 34,000 of my army considered himself Sharp. To was formally 0=i answer if pc dare that Tho Publio i a a 7000 who of ,1, a Quot a new Chen Putin Possession of Tho a a Valun Blo fixtures r0<m and necessity require that men shall be a a a Quot a. It and unexpired lease a at what everybody authorised by Legal licence to unmake men the enemy thro i we Fly Irrell a Mil Wnm a a dead Hir rain the old Tiro . . a. Or i. Means deprive them even of subsistence while Tho country. A More energetic or vindictive Man Havo been found the Empire than to j wlm of was selected to carry out the pm u.9i greed upon of Moscow count Hosi Pochin. Not Only As a curios a hut to show the Means resorted to to Blind and keep up the Confidence of people i am induced to copy a proclamation issued Only the Day before Tho entry of Tho French. This is pro Hamy Only Ono that was Over seen out of Moscow being As it was said Thoy Wen suppressed by hint afterwards the governor general to he inhabitants a other is a a port Here list 1 ordered no Une to let i of Tho City nil Here arc likewise people who believe Ami repeat it. If it were really the ease there would lie auth or placed at tha i a Mac Harriit and the Many thousands of Ilia Mother Al a levies and Kihli Lra which have been continually passing out would have Heen prevented. Tho contrary i am glad to Noble Lair Ami Werchau s Wirra leave the town for Lliel own Comfort a leu fear and valuing a hut i. Dor no Honor to their a Sbandi brother and relation that conducted Hen. With Inlet. Nut not to return. Ii there a a fear of remaining it does them no credit if there u none i a a Habinc. 1 answer will my life the enemy will no. Enter to Row Ami the reason i our army of one Hundred and thirty thousand Best troops 1800 Nunon rare Kutu astr a Al Patriot chosen Lay the uni Pyror a. The head of the Bulo Birco under him behind Tho enemy Gen Tor Milf and clinic Migull ?>fi,030 Good troops. General Miloradovic h has Goue from Kaluga to a Jauk with 30,000 infantry 300 cavalry said was Quot a dead Tito old pro _8nd keep full Tho ranks of criminals and Pictor Gnevo at a reason that to was Quot and paupers ious to Incavo Tho there was no doubt of that. Jonathan forthwith advised his father of this first atop Prosperity and reminded him of his prom Ito to give a a a Good account of to to Suro there was no Little Fram the Outlen daily adar Licitr burning of Moscow. Friends let us go one Hundred thousand Young Inen with the Etc my image and 130 Cannon and then we will make end of the the army of the enemy of 130,030 men of hit own Soldier and several others Zhuli am fed with boiled Corn and Oesby of Horae. This is Wittel i tin and tril you that Tomo tray re Jukin and others Imp quiet. Out emperor will i faithful capital a Short time. Read this everything May be comprehended hut no Rcd Rothona so its. Editors a years Roll Nway and with them Many events Are forgotten while circumlocution his letter and Tho epistle others of Groat and stirring interest Are so required to be rend entirely through and re deeply engraved our Tuines where they i Arr to a viewed before Tho nature of the business Lay buried until something of a casual or . As before remarked Tho secrecy which to writer had embarked could to Cimental nature reminds us of them so it a promptness with which everything a Vas con gathered from it and after All it left some Lisp pcs that within a Fow Days i Havo been i ducted the profound Ign Rance whih the doubts to to solved and ellipses to to snpies a to reminiscences and recalled to wind inhabit a a War kept regard Rothn Bat plied. But As Jonathan sent his Mother the burning of Mirslow 1812, by re-1 he. A hich were daily fought with the ahead Sisters patterns for no Ltd dresses a Mark attributed to senator Dougin a a that Durance that the March of Tho end my Mim lie arrested before reselling the City prove the a d Many from saving Ardeu even of Basket of Tropic to fruits to Tho younger ones Tho world had been deceived thut Moscow and talked Largo of being Able soon to put was never burned a this assertion of his them a Way of doing for themselves Tho hns been ably answered and refuted by clothing. Judge of the of Neiusum when impression made by the news from Jonathan observing and sensible writer under Tho a a sch vast multitude of people Wero Rui Hng was Tho whole satisfactory at old a Ign Turc of a old traveller a the 1 out of the at ctr a Barrier at Tho same Homestead. Philadelphia North american who visited instant Tea Tho invt cars were entering a Iree entertainment to the friends of the that once famous City 1814, two Yesra to the opposite. The Torran and Suff ring establishment was of course the inaugural for conflagration. Ilis remarks must j were a . Anil what Hechmo of too othe new landlord. Everything apr Batioff any one of Tho false impressions that Moscow with Beautiful and Gorge us scared to open fair and with High Hopes senator Douglass declaration might other-1 churches Publio holdings Ami Jonathan Betook himself to the Legal Busi wi#0 to pm the Quot a a a Fps of this writer Are Loci Long hour Ira of a l nations Tore and of teaching people had Halkiu and confirm Correct and Hueltas i can con style where All to glittering domes of a a old ing those who had already formed them resided there Large portion of j und Virler it Oriental magnificence All himself included. Venerable cobwebs were i rec years succession previously to the i a prey to Ocean of fire nothing left disturbed by him with great �,r7 French army likewise pairing Savoiu burning ruins a Stone ing Moulder cheap Orna Monu were added totes Placeas a Ere Rul months Moscow after a a de Truc ing mass Napoleon with that Init net of new attractions. Only the old sign Hung Hon being e there to look after property j military sagacity so truly his nature did vol out still at the suggestion of the old land left the City some months before. I renter Mustow with his army. Fearing the lord and from motives of policy. It saved r Ved 10 Moscow Only some ten or twelve a new application for a License and one a abandoned by the Quot French Many a Namo is of Good As another As Long it was Well understood at that time and Astle of customers Aro duly served. And now a a Arp sol it was a matter of hardly was Jonathan fairly and r Way history lust Tho Liu Perar and Nobles of the when a gentleman entered who carried with cup a h d resolved destruction the Kremlin was m and he took up his quarters at the red Palace Petrowsky a at three Miles from the City where he remshe.1 until the next by when a pissed and took up his abode Tho Palaceo of the Otare Sido the Kremlin there to of Flor such term him that indescribable something which m,1fnfnt it was desecrated by Tho footsteps of a Jonq Soror might dictate. Dictates Tbs collector rat gatherer or some of the invader thereby destroying All chances other Foo of your peso Ami your i Clr holding the Plooy during the Winter Jonathan was conscious of no debts and w a a a log influence with the peasantry to bad no lean. Tho stranger enquired for ,0,lain Arny to food and forage. Mas the former occupant. Jonathan replied that a a a we therefor d Omed to destruction the gentleman Hod left Tbs City and inquired the t�0��01 or his try by Tbs French if be could not do As Well. A Are you Possession of Tbs Premiss v Jonathan bowed. Quot to bin a replied the troops to this purpose plans were Laid and carried into execution by the governor bore top Chen and by himself by his own hand set neither the government or Nobles would listen to any proposals for Pete. The Fino Wrather which continued unusually 1st Tho season and which Napoleon described his last bulletin As resembling that of Italy suddenly changed to seme a oct a degree As to req Ira inured preparations were Lor leaving and Tho Day was

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