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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Mar 30 1855, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - March 30, 1855, Biddeford, MaineI m i and Eastern journal. Eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of Jiff wow. If Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. Biddeford Friday March 30, 1855. Vol. . 13. The uji0.1 and East Tern Jol rial u pm Wei in Midat its. 1 capiral Stu cafe ? it the iu4ft4 Dow. Two pm Par annular 1.m if pm vat a urn . Mafia Aop Taa adj u amal Nad at a Ooola Las a Prim 4 my. T. B. Up it us Ian Tom Mytr Lotf Ivel Torill a i Tor Una it a to a Faataa re Tot Boa Law. Mil l1ulalpu, and to Hajj a to in to Uka am at us my rata a Raqul Rad by a. Us Uoo a a a a Turk trib Aoa Bali Iasi i Farious races of a Raea in foreign countries the lecturer proceeded to speak of Ticae in our own. With regard to horse of America we learn that Large numbers were brought Over by the Early Spanish Anil English discover Ere. The tint were imported by Columbua on his second voyage in 1493. The first brought to any territory now belonging to the United slates were landed in Florida in 1327, by Cabaca de Vaoa. They were allowed to run Loose during the dimensions that followed and multiplied to an almost incredible extent especially in South America. Although the Otimae a South America would seem to be suitable for the proper development of the Borse As it u for cattle yet he Baa never attained More than secondary importance. In Large wild herds they roam about acting in admirable concert to oppose the attacks of wild beasts who share the vast Wildner Nesa with them. Men have often fallen victims to their temerity in App caching them and travellers have frequently found their own horses shake of their burdens break away from their restraint and dash of to meet a body of their free companions if thy happen to Marti them. The natives take them with the Faaao and Only ride the Konts leaving the mares to run wild. They make no attempt to Breed but catch a hone when they need him. And break him to their use by the Mai violent measures. They never bring them to Market and it a said that a foreigner who we once Riding a Mart waa to Hoo Leil at and pelted by the natives that a oar lowly escaped with Hia life. � the wild horses found in North America when the Weet waa first explored were Moat Hardy they were of Spanish Estrach Tion and had been brought into be by the native to a great extent though Many wild herds of immense numbers still roam freely Over the Pariee of our Western Terri tories the race of horses which originated those now Neil in this country and in Canada were imported from various nations. In 1609 one horse and six mares were brought to Virginia from England. In ims a few Anteh houses from Holland were imported into new Netherlands now the state of new York. In Nix m. L pc Bot brought the Firat horse into Canada and Nova Scotia Hen known by the Indian name of Acadia. The first hotel brought into Massachusett a waa from England Ami waa imported by Francis Higginson in 1629. In 1678 they existed in considerable numbers in Louisiana. The Indian on red Riter in Texas used them in 1609. The Early French settlers in Illinois had them in considerable numbers in 1780. The same teasers brought Orer the Airai i importation of cattle sheep and twine j and they have increased to a to form a mod astonishing portion of the wealth of the country. In the present year 1855, Tho number of 1 horse May be set Down at fire million Worth on the average sixty dollars a piece and valued in All three Hundred millions of dollars. The whole number of horned cat lie is estimated at Twenty millions averaging Twenty dollars and valued at four Hun dred millions of dollars. The number of sheep is Twenty three millions at two dollars equating Jorty six millions of dollars. The present estimated value of Swine is one Hundred an sixty million of dollars being thirty two millions head Worth on Tho average five dollars a piece. From the Small beginnings i have mentioned the whole value to this country is now the immense sum of nine Hundred millions of dollars and the value of the land used for agricultural purposes is three Bil lion and five Hundred millions of dollars the whole covering an area of about three Hundred and five million of acres. The West Indian horse May properly be classed with those of America and they generally exhibit the characterizing Marks of the nation to which the Island May be Long. The Canadian horse Are of French Ori Gin and to this Stock we Are indebted for most of the trotting horse of the United states. It is a marked peculiarity of the Canadian horse that he always trots As the arabian horse always canters. Other Breeds exhibit All the peculiarities of movement including the Trot Canter Aud Amble but the arabian horse never trots and the can Adian rarely canters. Beside the trotting horse we Are indebted to Canada for Many of the most serviceable specimen of the cart and Dray hone of their Ixo and in the Northern part of this state in Vermont and other sections on the Canada line they Are met with in great abundance. The United slates do not As i have mentioned possess any thing which can be called a native Stock but Many of the horse found Here Are Superior to any Othera owing to judg ment in crossing Breeds care in raising and by a close Observance of All circumstances which will improve Good qualities and Cor rect defects so that 1 May say without hesitation and after Long observation that they Combine 11 the excellence or tuner nations. In was supposed thai the borne sent from Morocco to Gen. Jack on Ami the Muscat horse sent to president Tyler would materially improve the american race but they were Small though just made and i think the country has derived no Benefit from their Possession. Much of this excellence is obtained by changing a horse from one a Klioris to another provided the change of climate is not one which will have a deleterious effect. Thus a horse brought from the Western Prairies to the Seaside soon Jasins in weight Power of endurance and Vali be h observed when an Eastern Hor a is carried went. A horse with the heaves taken from new York to Illinois will be cured of the disease and i have noticed Many other favourable change. Still there is always More or less necessity for acclimation but a judicious course of management will re sult in much Good to the horse. The change however will be injurious if the new climate is not healthy. Thus a horse taken from hero to South Carolina soon depreciates and becomes of be. Value. A horse taken to Mexico Teel the change of climate at first very sensibly but the purity of the air and the excellence of the feed soon Addi largely to his usefulness and value and he is much More highly estimated than the native mexican Mustang who Par takes of the Uncer Ain and flighty character of he people who Rene nun. A horse brought from Kentucky or the Western state or trom Canada requires about a year to become acclimated to our Lection. Our own horses when taken West Are deemed far Superior to any others. On a trip to Kentucky i was Riding on n since and Nakeil the Driver where i c obtained his horses. He replied that they came from Northern new York that they were brought out there by some parties who had a Small contract and were liked so Well that they always kept them. Their own he said arrived at maturity earlier but did not last half As Long that the new York horses far exceeded them in endurance and there was no such thing As driving them off the track. The Kentucky and Tennessee horses Are food for the Saddle but not for the Collar. N fact custom is everything and though it will sometime do Mach towards training a Hoise for uses to which he is naturally unfit. Yet any horse accustomed to the harness can rarely be made serviceable for the Saddle Aud a Good Saddle horse is soon sailed if the Collar is put upon him. As the god of nature has not endowed any one Man with All knowledge so he seems to have distributed the qualifications of animals in such a manner that judicious management will make each Superior in a different and Dis Tinct sphere. I was once in Boston looking at the immense truck horses and enquired where they came from. I a told that they were obtained from the Highlands of new Hampshire and a Trout. They were bet Ter for that purpose than any others while for the lighter Spring carts of this Section the heavy Eastern horse is not i of suitable. The slow Canasta go horse of Pennsylva Nia was formerly used in teaming Over the alleghenies they weighed Tom fourteen to sixteen Hundred pounds and i have found from experience that they had not the endurance to labor As the horse of our Section. Once the custom wan to esteem the Nar Raga neet pacer As the Best hour in the coun try but that was prior to the revolution and before my time though i Well recollect several Fine specimens of he Breed. The horses of Carolina Georgia and other Southern states cannot Nyk As Well As those of a More temperate climate. In. Fact i have frequently on Ved that the horse attained a higher degree of excellence in a temperate Section while moles and the Darkey Are fitted for the South. No horse can endure labor All the time. A few Rantha in the pasture after being huh led and worked for several Yeai will renew his energies a stated period of rest and recreation will preserve the vital energies of Man unimpaired through a loner life and by a Wise Law of Providence which is us beneficial to the beast As to the Man a horse will do More labor in the six Days than if he were worked the whole seven. In reference to the Peculiar excellence of the horses of this stat i Muhl say that 1 have driven a pair two Huu died and forty Miles in three a a or Eil Shiy Miles per Day without injure. A Raoof to the Many hundreds and perhaps thousands of driven l an j teams or in my employ i had a alow moulded Man by the name of Dana Brown who drove for me Tome Tea year and al ways Drew the largest Load in the same time and with leu fatigue to his horses than any other drive i Ever knew. His horses would look better on the same feed than of any other and they always appeared in Good condition while those in charge of others gave unmistakable Eri Donee of improper a age. Forty fifty and even sixty Hundred weight has he drawn Over the Catskill mountains with one pair of horses and i am Only doing him an act of Justice to say that he never wore out a lath and hardly a snapper in the whole time. Whilst other teamsters had sick horses i were always in Good condition. The Belo number in one year averaged in every three working Days 2500 pounds to Prattville and 3000 pounds to Catskill a distance of 36 Miles making about two and a halt millions of pounds in All. I mention these facts As illustrating the great Benefit of Good management of horses and of Good roads. In feeding a horse it should Bremem Breed that Corn has a tendency to make him slow As May be witnessed in Tho slow moving Corn fed horses of Ohio. Oats Are More suitable to developed All his qualities and from 12 to 16 quarts per Day should be Given. With Resard to the natural longevity of a horse nothing can be said with certainty. They have been known to live 30 or 40, and in some rare instances even 60 years but ill usage frequently destroys them before they Are nine or ten. I think that under Ordinary circumstances fourteen years Ifould be n fair average. Miscellaneous. From in Knicky Rockir hammed the Dee Vise. Translated from Tux i Hincu. To the year 1823, Gustavus Rimbaud after a Brilliant Ozam nation bad the Honor of receiving his degree of doctor of Modi Rino at Paris. He was a Gay sprightly lining Muir of an adventurous spirit who Iid Only studied the ago of Hippocrates and Salon in obedience to Tho wishes of his rather who was one o the first physicians o l Toulouse and no sooner was he armed with Liis diploma than to left Paris and returned Lii Ine to Cut permission of his futher to Nake a tour in the East. Lie wished to see constantinople and to visit Gricco to offer in a sacrifice to Csc Lapius in the places Ivl isre that god of the Healing was formerly worshipped. His father granted his wishes ind Gustavus being Well supplied with re commend it ions for All our consuls set out or Marseilles where to embarked on Board of u fast nailing Brig and in Ildeni in u10 Oil ital of the commander of he believers of Mohammed who was reign no at that period. His first i it was to tur Traban ador at the Sublime Porto who received him very kindly. " be careful said his excellency " for Bere is a report that the plague is in Tho " of your Eccl Ncncy replied Gusta rus " the plague is afraid of us do you expect to remain Long in Constantinop continued Tho ambassador. 41 about six months with Tho permission of your expel Lenzv alter which i wish to go it nil see Campot Uli troja Fuit i will then visit argot Athens Clos and the Island of i inca where As Homer says there Art no horses but vory Beautiful goats " after hid visit to Tho ambassador Gustavus took a stroll through Tho streets to Seo Tho City. Dressed in the european fashion his Black coat buttoned to Tho Chin to went Forward his Oye 011 the Ifni Vive in momentary expectation of seeing Tho symbolic Boquet of some Beautiful Sultana fall at his feet. Be fore he had Gono fsr a door opened a Short distance in front of him and an old negress half conce ded by a White veil came Forth. The woman advanced toward the Young Man and after an Oriental salutation said to him Lack in Gustavus Only knew one word of turkish and it was this word which being interpreted Means doctor. Yes my Good woman to plied to i no doctor of Medicine of Paris and a Pupil of a clean and Dupuy Tran nothing the negress did not understand him for lie spoke 111 Tho French language but for her As Well As for to people of Constanti Nople generally every Frank is a physician. She made a is 11 to Gustavus to follow her and the Young doctor remembering All at once Tho words of the ambassador said to " Tho Lugue a at Conat Antonoplo but a Rha 1 am an anti contagion St besides it a my business moreover what a to to Hill and following Tho footsteps of the a Gresa to Onta Rcd Tho Houyao who b the had Juat quilted. It waa .1 Pul Aoe. Tho Interior court was Uci Oua mid paved with Alaba of Many ool Rod my to it we like wide surrounded with Flower Beds enamelled with Beautiful Flowers nod magnificent Gullo Ira up Porto he Delicato colonnade. At each Angle of Tho Bouso roae a Rich Kiosk adorned with Ernle qui ii and Maxim from the Koran in letter of Gold. The Negrea conducted Gua Tauva into one of these kiosks where he found the master of the Hosac stretched up on a Ivun. With Bis pipe in Hia Mouth waiting to Frank doctor. ,4 a Nkiru a id the negress who re tired. The Turk arose. You no a Frenchman air said be with is Pire in accent Naif he had been born in Tho Rue St Dominique and brought in the to of a Nura from Tornino. " Ami Viu also boldly a id Gustavus. The to replied with evident Raigna of ample our "1 am of Damascus the holy i a and Poi t no to the Dyroen turban which covered a wrinkled forehead a descend ant of Tho " Well air. What do you Deaire 1" Aakon Gustavus. Without being the least disconcert cd i you Are equally skilled and bolls id the Turk Vou no the Man of whoop i pm in ant. My Daugul Tor is sick und Titus to i will Irv replied Gustavus with Noti thu Aptt Ned then added. You turks have singular i Eoa you think a physician can Lawava cure Hia patient a i Deu h waa not sometime inevitable and Superior to All human Powers. When your wives or Daugh Ter Are sick you want item cured without allowing us to in Mich them or even look at Vliem and Tito 1 urk a lint Vurlod with a disdainful smile. " come said a interrupting the Young physician come follow lie raised a curtain and introduced Gustavus into a room limited by enormous win Dows in the neuter of thin upon a Small bed Roe lined a girl suffering with a raging fever. Her snowy Orr a were marbled Over with purple spots and the Silken grasses of her Raven hair surrounded a face of perfect loveliness but which Wai bathed in an unhealthy perspiration. The fire of her dark eyes was dimmed by Dimeas. And Sha bid scarcely sufficient stars auth left to raise her transparent eyelid. Or Beauty waa of the grecian Type in ail its parity and non be holding Ber you Migit have imagined the statue of Diana to by animated but animated to suffer so vis Ibia was Tho expression of pain upon every feature of this Beautiful Young girl. Gustaw s acquaintance among women had hither been confined to the grist us of Paris Tho have their merits but demerits of a Floront kind. He was dazzled charmed Lis heart was Aeise with Ono of those violent passions a Boob strike Liko a Thunder Bolt my which Ara to rare that they Are thought to be apocryphal. Forgetful of the Pugue and regard lets of Tho jealous customs of the country whore to was he advanced towards Tho Young girl and examined her pulse. " you can sneak t Hor in Freob said the Turk. Murium Speaks it with difficulty but Ahe understands it very Gustavus availed himself of this information to interrogate his patient and after a thorough examination he turned toward the Turk in hold Tako this pure and be discreet. Do not Moniou the name of the Dorvine Ilah , or thy head will pay the for Feit and and euro the child Gua Tatua refused the proffered Gold and whether from a natural or for the purpose of a Little display to took the pure Given to him by the father of Mariam and scattered its Contosta upon Tho pavement. " Allah be praised said Tho Der via thou Art a Man and hed parted. Guan via remained silent respecting the Dervic but to waa desirous of ascertaining something about the father of Miriam. J ii ? al. I _ 11 ii in Ucucu if 11 w Ilia umut n no it v\4 Luh that he was a descendant of the Prophet that to was Caimacan Miri Alny or colonel and Aid de Camp to Mahmoud. Being a Man of intelligence and learning the Sultan undo him a kind of private Secretary whose rend pen composed or at least copied All the principal dispatches of the divan. Abou Abdallh was therefore a Superior officer and a favorite whose influence was a frequent source of uneasiness to the vizier. He had to come from Damascus to constantinople when his daughter was an infant and thanks to Tho governor of Damascus had advanced himself at court. Gustavus after becoming possessed o this info ruination returned to see Bis patient. Ilo was much astonished at being always finely admitted to the Young girl s chamber whether Ber father was at Home or abroad and the absence of Abou Abdulah was fre quent for the duties of his position con stantly called him to the divan or near Tho person of Mahmoud. Gustavus availed himself of the Liberty allowed him to impart to the Beautiful Marian the sentiments of his heart. His love increased at every visit and to soon discovered that it wot returned. The Only wit Ess to their meetings was the old nearest who did not understand j French and who moreover had so great an attachment for Mariam thit she was Inena a Hie of betraying her. Far from being a troublesome Argus the old woman would Chut her eyes when thy Are together and this real or Feigt of sleep Favrou still More the intimacy of i he lovers. People Are gro4tly deceived in France with regard to the customs of the last thought Gunta us. It is easier to gain admission into the chamber of a Young lady in constantinople Titan into Tho boudoir of one of our coquette a providing however one i a but the singular conduct of Abou Abda Lah must have had a motive and even up posing that it waa caused by an absence of Tbone prejudices which character Ian Bis Coon try men the Mutual Lor of Gustavus and Marian could Only result in fatal Kaaua. " a Aoa a the a Ithacan Miri Alay Dia Covera i thought guat Avna a will have me decapitated and will perhaps sew Mariam up in a bag and oat her into the to Sophora. Of what a sad Fate but an of Currene per Ane equally Aad could not fail to happen. Mariam waa cored for the Measels to frequently a trifling Dieato easily relieved by a skillful Phuyai Cian and Azou Abdalah said to Gustavos you bars preserved the life of my Bild sir therefore to kept ibis Diamond ring which she asks ton Tower in remembrance of her and Reoe Ivo the Thanka of her the door of Mahoud a favorite closed up on the Young physician no More to be re opened to Bim. Asho we leaving the Street with a Aad heart and almost in de Spair the Denise harmed suddenly appeared before Bim. The Day waa about de Clining and in a few Momenta More the streets would to surrendered to those troops of wandering dogs which Are one of the Aco Urgos of constantinople. " May heaven bless the said the Dervise thou Bast cured the child and love to Mariam and so has allowed Perseli to be taken with the Honey of your gilded words and the softness of your Blue eyes. Do not deny it. I know All for Tho Angel Gabriel Haa told is. Thou Dost not Hope to re behold her but thou Shalt fee her again very soon yes even before the Sun a Noah last rays gild yonder minaret which thou Maya behold to the left shall return to Morrow to re gild it again. But bark i Gustavus inclined hit head to listen. 41 it is a messenger from the Sultan continued the Denise with an order to Abou a Wallah to go to his Mastor who is in need of his advice or of his pen. A Jani Zary passed before them stopped a moment before Abou Abdallah s door and then continued on his Way. Some moments afterwards Abou Abdalah came out of his House wrapped up in a furred cloak. The Dervish Mado a bound struck Theca mean Miri Alay with his Yatagan and stretched him dead at his feel then seating himself upon the still quivering body said to the to Ujj Man who stood Mulo with fear and astonished. " thou thinnest i Havo killed Tho father of her thou Lorest undo chive thyself i have killed the murderer of Miriam s father. Listen to me. Eighteen Yoars ago when i was but a child i lived at Damascus with my brother Abou Abdalah. We Woro under the Protection of the Mier who governed that province in Tho name of Tho Sultan and to were Happy. Bis highness god by m my none an Oruci to mar urn Suvit Abou Abdulah to come to him for to had need of Hie services at court and in to nor. The Siutu Tui never seen my brother but he knew him to to a Good Soldier and skilled in tracing our turkish and Araj Bic characters As Well As in speaking never-1 us european languages. He was obliged to obey. Beside it was a Fortune for our fam ily. Tho vizier of Damascus wished to to remain with him and Ziy brother departed with his daughter Miriam who was then scarcely a year old and a negress to take charge of the infant. Tho people of Damai Cus remembered after annl that a russian by Tho name of Alexis Xii Cost had left the City at the same time. Now this is what took place at constantinople. Abou Abdol no had scarcely entered this House before in sift that Northern Wolf clothed in the skin of a Loz entered Lik Wiso and putting my brother to death buried his body under Tho slabs of the Marblo court which you have seen to then assumed his Namo took Possession of his papers his daughter and his Fortune and clothing himself in his garments went and Prosn cd himself to Tho Sultan As the True Abou Abdulah. He spared the life of the negress because she had a brother who was a eunuch and employed in Tho Seraglio hut to bribed her to keen the secret and Mado horse or on Tho Koran that Sho would ovral nothing Llo likewise Thiol tend to kill Mariam whom the negress tenderly loved if Sho betrayed him. The Sultan was the dupe of the Mur Derer and for ton or twelve years he has entrusted him with the secrets of the Empire which Tho infidel has been in Tho habit of Selling to his Sovereign of the North. I grew Unin Damascus added Tho Dervise with a Nero look As he struck Tho body of his enemy with his Yatagan. I was Over desirous of rejoining my brother but the Visier detained me near him for i was his Aga. At length i joined the order of Der vises for Tho purpose of freeing myself from the Visier Ana becoming More Tho master of my own actions. I have been at Constanti Nople for three months and Cora Tho old negress Cora whom my Good Fortune throw in my was on my arrival and who through fear or Ait Section wished to keep me away from the House Cora whom i threatened Wilh my Yatagan revealed to to every thing. Congratulate me Christian for Lam revenged. Tho Sultan knows All and it is he who sent the Jani Zary and thus delivered up the victim to my sword. But the affair is not yet terminated. Behold those men who Are approaching us they Are Tho gardeners of Mahmoud they Are com ing to raise Tho slabs in the court of mar ble and if the body of my brother is out found buried underneath them As Tho old negress has stated if the wily spy of the russian emperor has removed the body elsewhere i will forfeit my head. That a Hinh la in Ritton in the Tensae Hereupon Arrao and spurning i the body with hit foot entered the House with a careless air at the head of Mah Mouri a workmen. The Isth lab behind the Fountain said the Negrea Cora with a thrill voice. The lab were raised and digging Down about a foot they found Tho Skeleton of Abon Abdalah. The Dervise Kis re the precious replica then turning toward go Tau hit Eye bathed in Teara said " Christian. Miriam a thine. The Ultan below upon her the Fortune of the Mur Derer of her in her and she a Richer now than All the daughter of the East. The child a a Christian for Ahe i the daughter j of a grecian lady who in dying a ked my brother to Here Tho infant in Ali of. Abou Abdalah promised that it should be done and he Ful hied i Promise for children of the Prophet keep Iligir word. Teko her with All her wealth for the Multan desire that nothing May remain to remind him of the re Ian spy even i House will be razed to the i oud and the value thereof paid to Gustavo did not hear the Conclo Aion of this speech for he was a be arms of Mir Iam. The next Day the Young Man went to Call upon our ambassador. " i have come to take leave of Yoor Excel Lenoy said he. Of of i my Yonng countryman Are you going already ? you were to remain in months at constantinople. Is it the plague that drives you away 11 no air it a " i Hope you Are not going to Elope with a Sultana no air but the commander of the faithful himself Hie highness Mahmoud wishes me to a 8laveau0ti0h. The following extract from a letter in Tea Vermont caledonian Girage a graphic account of a Claro auction in Columbia South Carolina " being with men and women auctions Only from Reading 1 determined however painful it might be to tha feelings or revolting to the moral sense to be a wit Ness at thu one. Accordingly about fifteen minutes before the appointed hour i left my hotel and while yet within some Distano of the court House i already Beard the loud deep voice of the slave auctioneer As be appraised his chattels end rattled out six Hundred and fifty no More that six Hundred and fifty for this Likely negro fellow fifty six Aix Hundred and sixty &o., of. This was Early on monday morning. Scarcely had Tho echoes of the High Anthem that pealed from Tho Dpi Roopal Organ and choir a few hours before yet died away. Hardly had the swell of the Sweet tune that Rose from or. Palmer s presbyterian Church yet murmured to the stars. And Tho in artiste but loud and Olear psalm shout that ascended from Tho Throat of a thousand Baptist negroes Tho preceding Sabbath eve had As yet hardly had time if time it takes to mingle with the triumphal and eternal Cho rus of the harps of heaven. Having so lately heard All these with what harsh and grating discord did the horrid voice of Tho Man seller Shako the heavens and strike up. A " ii it 0, Man with Moh Dot mordant Doum with Nich accursed u the Tsiou Dro Dot Nau Irvi it and kindly votes and Jan to the be Lettal Hara Onlea to of Tho auctioneer himself i shall say nothing. As has been said of n Kindred horror so would i my of him forever in described let it remain Tho Sale took place on the St is of the court of Justice ironically to called. Of the seventy five or one Hundred persons that composed the bidders and on lookers such a collection is Seldom seen this Sido of Ere bus. There were Roopa of the Petty Mer chants of Tho own hard Cloee usted Money Loving mean looking men. There was a number of the poor Clay eaters from the Sand Hill who were easily distinguishable by their caditorous1 when White and half human appear Anoo. There new the Gross vulgar Ana lecherous youths of the town. There were Semi souled bog Trotters whose Brogue anything but Richand Counte Nance told the Delight with which Thoy saw the nagors get what Thoy deserved. There Wero two or three shrewd jew speculators with a broken foreign account who seemed to have More month to bid on the image of god at auction than they could afford to spend upon the poor synagogue they have hero. And must i Tell it or shall i go backward and hide Tho shame there was n professed minister of god with Tho badge of his order round his Throat and who but a Sun previous had offer salvation and heaven to All. Bidding was tolerably Swift and Tho com petition keen. Tho first negro offered was a dark Middle aged Man of about forty years of age whose care worn broken Down and dispirited countenance and deeply wrinkled brow intimated that the toil und trouble of at least twice forty years had been compressed into his Brief of Istenic. Lie went of at a pretty fair Price. Dye and Bye another was put on Tho clock went off still better. A Middio need woman then mounted Lor Ner turn. She had a vacant careless stupid look and As the aution cer praised up her High qualities a chaotic Grin would now and then flit Acrea her countenance. Lie declaimed about her and continued repeat ing her praises a this splendid seamstress and Cutter Lucretia. She is a splendid seamstress and Cutter. As a sewer and Cut Ter i am told Lucretia has no equal besides being valuable As a House keeper sic. Think of that be poor but free sewing girls and you also be hard world log but free and Noble Maidens of Lowell a sae was knocked Down to a Man who 1 Learned is going to keep a tavern. Tho next that came upon the Stupe was the last to be sold. She was a Young woman who Hor owners and the auctioneer said was just eighteen years of age Sho waa of a dark Olive Ocolor not near so Swarthy As the others had been. She had a very Fine forehead a loading countenance and mild Lustrous eyes. The auction Eer took off her Hood to show her Louato Nance and when she replaced it again took it off and in appraising her by word and action appealed to Tho lowest and basest pan Iona of the assembled crowd. She clasped to her bosom a Light Dolored Blue eyed curly Silken haired child Only ten weeks old and who Young As it was seemed to cast a terrified look on auctioneer and bid Aon. Tai next is lbs girl Adeline. Gentle men did you Ever dec such a Faeo and head mid form a that1 taking off her Hood she is on Lar 18 Vars and already Baa a child u male child ten weeks old will consequently make a valuable piece of prop erty for Tome Ono. She is a splendid House keeper and seamstress the big tear stood glittering in the poor girl s Eyo and at every licentious allusion Alio Clint look of pity und woo at the auctioneer and at the crowd which was responded to Only by a loud unfeeling brutal laugh. Shi waa knocked Down to i know not who for my eyes were too dim to Dis Cern. S o descended from the court House Steps looked at her new master looked at the audience looked fondly into her Sweet child s face pressed it warmly to her bosom with the auctioneer s hard hearted re Mark ringing in Ber ear that that child would t trouble her purchaser Long i made my Way to my temporary Boms Orr a chaos of horrors. And when i entered the Hall of the House the merry glee and loud a ugh of the female inmates at their own trifling wit and silly jokes too plainly Ann Ouno d to Roe the fact that the dark eyed and Ebony daughters of the Golden revered and of Ibi plantain find but new on Earth who will shod for their sorrows a sisterly tear. Surely the Sweet and blessed virgins of Tho heavenly land will Deeo end at times to Comfort their Wool heart while god himself will gather their lean in his bottle Eoo Kruiton. P. S. I Loon after picked up Long al Low e poems and read Tom is it poor Blind Ftp Apoua in that Raj Fhon of his Start auth sad bound to tools or meal whom a id sum Roxa r�r�4, Oslo i Jumi and of to Tho Pitun of ibis on Lawsl do you blame to if at that moment i did not aay god forbid in v " effects of the pab8i0h& eary one know the influence of the a pressing Page Iowa on the Homan Frame. A beaten army Baa always More Eek exolus Lively of Tea wounded than a victorious one and in civil life the offset of Loafea and Dis appointment in destroying to digestion Ana wasting Tea strongest Conati Fotioo Are Bat too familiar to tiie common eat observer. But the picture Baa a brighter aide. Hope and Sucee a Are liner Tonia than an to be found in spot Desariee shops and Etea fear May boat Ita Curea. A German Phy Asician so runs the tale succeeded in curing an epidemic Conr Laion among the children of a poor House by the fear of a red hot poker. The fits had spread by sympathy and uni tation and this Groat physician mis trusting the Ordinary to Radiee in so grave a Case heated the instrument and threatened to Burn the Firat who should fall into a fit. The convulsion a did not return. A celebrated scholar waa onco attacked with fever at a country inn. He was waited by two pm Viciana and one of them supposing from Trie poverty of his appearance that be would not understand a foreign language said to the other in latin u let s try an Experiment on this poor Assoon As they were gone the patient got out of bed. Hurried on Hia clothes scampered off As fast As he could and was cured of Bis fever by Bis fright. In England quite recently a girl being attacked with typhus fever was sent to the Hospital. A week afterwards her brother was seized with the same disease and waa sent to the same institution. Tho nurses were helping him up Tho stairs at the Woepi Tal. On the Way he was met by some per sons who were descending with a coffin on their shoulders. Tho sick Man inquired whose body they a re removing when one of the bearer inadvertently mentioned Tho girl s name. It teas his sister. The brother Borror al Ruck sprung from Bis conduct on dashed Down Taira out or Tho Hospital Gate and never stopped running until he bad reached Home a distance of twelve Miles lie Flung himself on the bed immediately fell into a sound sleep and woke next morning entirely cured of Lis illness. The most Beautiful instance however that we have met with is one in which Tho euro depended on the combination of the pleasures memory. Or. Rush when quite a Young Man Wai educated in Tho country in a very Remote part of which to was in the habit of visiting in compar with a Farmer s daughter various scenes of Beauty and Sublimity and among others Tho nest of an Eagle in a romantic situation. For Somo time those visits Woro very frequent. Rush afterwards left the school and settled in Philadelphia where to found his former associate a married woman. Many years after Sho had a attack of typhus fever in Dor which she Lay in a Complete state of in lost to ill surrounding objects. In this state. Rush then a physician Wai culled to visit her. He toot her by the hand and said with a Strong and cheerful voice " Tho Eagle s nest Tho words revived an association of ideas comprehending Tho actions of her youth. She immediately grasped his hand opened her eyes and from that hour recovered rapidly. American Union. A slave Market. Toifl Rev. Granville Moody in a loiter o the Western advocate fives the following interesting description of a visit to a sooth Ern slave Market " at Memphis Tennessee we got fairly into the Cotton resign and from Tho Landing of the Beautiful City we look on Board Over 600 Bales of Cotton. Here slaves and Enloe so universally associated in the sooth were found in abundance and variety. On the Bank above the Landing we saw a Large three Story Brick House of ample i mansions and Strong and gloomy Mien Bat the reason thereof was obvious enough when we read in Large and commanding characters Bolton k co slave do Alors while the Cotton was going aboard i took the Opportunity to visit this Mart of human ily. Or. very gentlemanly proprietor received me very kindly and gave me Many items of information relative to i business. I told him i did not want to Purchase but would look at his he pleased. He showed me his Stock on hand exhibitor their valuable Points and stated their prices. One Young Man about 19 years old of Fine firm form for whom the trader asked s95 spoke up and said Mas Tor i be de boy you wants to buy if you Wanna de work done i asked him where he had been raised. He replied 1 in old viral boy sir and i can do All kinds of work on de farm sir. I be de Stock Yoo ought to buy sir if you want to get your Money Back poor fellow he had Learned hit lesson Well and acted Well his part. " after showing me several women for whom he asked from $850 to 950, he told Noma of the slaves to no and Call Martha. Immediately a Young Tail Graceful and really Beautiful mulatto woman and nearly White appeared in Lidy and becoming apparel. He stated in business style her Many excellent qualities age etc., and re marked i ask is 150 for her and there she stood in form almost As faultless a lbs Creek slave of Powers yet animated by soul within North mar Ethan two thousand worlds and for the la Ruom of which heaven paid Down the Price ail Price beyond Wile Angels though curious to compute still fail to cast the mighty sum which Bough that soul into the redeem ing hand of ipod a eternal son. Rut there the stood scanning me with a inquiring look that teemed in Sirousa to anticipate her late $1,150 paid Down and she is the property of any one who chooses such in vestment. Or. Wollon said that most of Hia lock were hired out and that his Emort nent was in compete having Only about Wenly then Orv Haud but that he expect i a gang every Day to Arrivo from Virgin a where Hia partner was engaged in Pur chasing slaves Lor the Southern Market. T7" the corporation of Harvard College have appointed sex nov. Wathburn of be lecturer in the Law school in place of judge Loring

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