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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1858, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - March 19, 1858, Biddeford, MaineIf Jar Clanian unit ifs Tara Donnul i Reina m to every Friday morning Coci Rimu Koom in knu1 Block , Kim Par we or �1.30 if my it Alfele of Meta cum. I Terra Bambi Faaa i a us a Para 4 Ceuta. V. B. Ruan Twa Aarma Bro thapar a rat. U Tea a nor us atm a pm few thu paper to Tea Citra of maw Yarc he to. And Aad la suit pm a we Rad to Taka Tda Stu Viiu us at the Saaw rata Asra aired by a a. Huge Ltd Ara vow a i. To Baa a iliac a icel. A Rhauda a Matidla j it. W. Tarara to fetid had car Stoat Simla. Juk and card Malta air rated with Ara Torra Dii Pauk. 3> pm of 1l h o drawing water. By Mibb cabby. I had drank with Lipa Ana atm aha Tbs fonts of pleasure Hurst i had Hwn out broke cisterns and they mocked my spirit s thirst and 1 said Quot life is a desert spot and Mensure Las and dry. And god will not air me water though i Pray and faint and spoke there then a in and and brother Quot kiss and Roll the atone away Thor fare Wells of water hidden in thy pathway every then i said my heart was sinful very sinful was i speech a the Wells of Ood s saltation Are too deep for me to and he answered a a Rise and labor doubt and idleness is death rape thee out a food it Teasel with the Strong Arm a of the a so i wrought and shaped the Teasel then Bent lowly kneeling there and 1 Drew up living water with the Golden Chain of . V. In it trym jct looking on the Bright Side. A a old Man i Prithee Tell me Why you always Wear a smile. Though others Oft look wan and sad. How do you rare beguile ? though doomed to care and penury and bowing Down with age yet still Light hearted Blithe and Gay you tread life a weary e a e a a e a will Tell thee All. My Youthful Friend Quot the Good old Man replied a whate or mat Hap i always look upon the brightest aide. Over All the land there a not a Man now hard too or his lot. But if he will can often find a Bright and sunny spot. Quot i be used and toiled for Many a year beneath the summer a Sun. And in the Winter cold and drear my labor still went on and in that tar cd course of years did much of ill betide. But still i always strove to look upon the brighter aide. A when Ai Conesa came and hour of pain dragged smartly along. And mornings sad and murmurings vain dropped from my feeble Tongue. Kind hearts a Here there and kindly words fall softly on my ear and losing ones were always nigh. My fainting heart to cheer. A a and through a Long and wearied life Iez Learned this lesson a sell that in this world of care Aud strife there s More of Good than u1 and e in in poverty and toil. Peace with us will abide Man will be Happy if he a Rill but see the brightest live for something. Lira for something be not Idle look about thee for employ bit not Down to useless dreaming labor is tha sweeter Joy. Folded hand Art Ever weary selfish hearts Are never Gay Lifa for the hath mans duties Active be then while yen May. 8catttr blessings in thy pathway gentle word and cheering smiles better Are than Gold or Silver with their grief dispelling Wiles. As the pleasant Sunshine falleth Ever on the grateful Earth 8o let sympathy and kindness Gladden Well the darkened Hearth. Hearts there Are oppressed and weary drop the tear of sympathy. Whisper words of Hope and Comfort. Give and thy Reward shall to Joy Auto thy soul returning from the perfect Fountain head freely As thou freely gives. Shall the grateful Light be Abed. A ass troop tha new England earner. Mrs. Curl Tony a but window. By Anna Gabd Nib. The Angel guest. By Yux Wysox. Allow pure in heart Aud sound in head with what divine Alfr Tiona bold should be the Man whose thoughts would hold. An hour s communion with the dead. In a sin a halt thou or any Call the spirits from their Golden Day a sept Lika them thou too canst aay my spirit is St pests with All. They haunt the silence of the breast. Imagination Calm and fair. The memory like a cloudless air the conscience is a sea at rest. But when the heart is full of Din. And doubt beside tha Portal Waits. They can but listen at the Gates. And hear the household Jar within. To the 8now-drop. By iras Saab it. Emblem of purity gracefully lifting petals of Beauty a mid wintry Sno svs Drifting brass Saow drop so sir and so Hardy. First Tower to Welcome the Eprief. Chill and Frost cannot Wither thee cold cannot frighten patiently tarrying till skies May brighten. Blow it piercer Cload Gaser wind Corner Eye Cheerva. Bring to my heart thy message still nearer t when age or sorrow is darkly impending Rno a or ads Raity thickly descending then springing out of them checked by no blasting. Let there Bloom thoughts of the life everlasting coming like now drops amid our endurance. Bringing to sack weary heart the a Eurance to Joy s Frauten waste Spring draw Nighor and Aigner. And death is the Way to life higher and higher. Meryen of new Montavy for us Rte. Aft Arrien Colaru Kent. Thu punch of Berlin Prussia thus discourses a Quot i wonder that our dear Berlin ladies should he so sensitive As to feel annoyed at the remarks of the times correspondent respecting their deficiency in personal Beauty. Each nation thinks itself the hand so meet in the world. We paint the Devil Black the Blacks will have him Liaa Pastrana delights in her heard and every englishman thinks Hie red haired crooked nosed Rahatt toothed goggle eyed loosed legged. Calmeta existence the very perfection of Kunn debts Ere Many Days the work was com hit approach he thought of the unpaid car Tuen ced. Pontera and Painter. Chapton Scono a Nihat a a going on at the Carlton s 7 said i Hapten tried. Mrs. Colville had been greatly Misander mrs. Colville a neighbor who lived on the stood by her neighbor in the affair of the a have you noticed the elegant House that Frank Llewlee la having built 7 asked or. John Carlton of her Hubaud As be Aat smoking his Cigar after Tea. On High Street 7 yes the Seine. In t it a splendid Struc Ture ? i Admire those swelled fronts and the Bay window at the end it is strange hat a social look those windows give a room. I Don t fancy them much returned the husband. A they Are Well enough perhaps for such a building a Pewee Why 1 thought Vou told Hannah col Ville at her Bouse the other evening that Here waa n pretty affair end i was thinking How much pleasanter our parlor would be if we had Oue these Laal words were spoken rather timidly for she knew her taste and Choice had been consulted in purchasing and fitting up this Home of their not in months previous and at heart she hardly justified herself in expecting a change so soon. Our room is so Small there is no place for another window said he carelessly As he watched the smoke ascending from his Cigar and then puffed and blew the vapor a if wishing to drive away m the Zaoie manner the unpleasant subject from contemplation and conversation. But Maggy waa not to easily dissuaded from her plans who saw he waa not ready a usual to approve her proposition yet although annoyed to be thus coolly regarded she endeavoured to further her request. It was difficult however for her to proceed she was unused to indifference from him and in her embarrassment the right words to overcome his Mdini Eruce refused their Aid. In her perplexity she sat drumming with her fingers on the cover of a Book which she held unopened preparatory to her Ordinary custom of Reading to John during bit amok ing. At last she spoke for the silence was getting intolerable. It would be a Nice place for my plants mrs. Colville has quite a Little conservatory in one of her Bay but you would need Sun for them in that Case it should be of the Auguy aide of. The House yes certainly 1 suppose we could do Why no Maggie the Sun Only enters the front whim Ion and if we have one there it will protrude upon the Street besides we have to to in front already and theae should by closed to allow room Tor the Bay window i did t think of that it would t do really to keep them for the parlor would see it like a Glass House and she laughed at the picture a a Inch her fancy at that moment created of the front of her Beautiful parlor. Would the apartment to Light enough if they were closed and your plants take All the Sunshine at that window ? yes of yet it is fashionable to keep such room rather dimly lighted �?~1 like a plenty of fresh air and Light. 1 Oul Dnn to fund fashion in such things Maggy if i were you Well 1 Don to John there la be As much air and Light As before if i Don t occupy the window with the plants perhaps 1 shall not. It will be a Coey Little Nook Lor my worktable and then the advantage of looking up Street and Down which it will afford i think i could see you when you turn the Corner without being obliged to run so often to the door to see if you Are coming 1 get of impatient wailing for your return Home from the this remark decided the matter. Well Well have one answered John. Let s step into the parlor and make Jur As they entered Margaret lifted both hands and gave one of her Low musical laughs to like a Birds Gay Carol. 0, John said she As he looked around pleasantly to know the cause of her merriment a a 1 for gut the Mirror where in the world can we put it ? it hangs in the very Placo intended Lor the new window a Over the answered her husband. And Ait gunning at myself and behold All the grimaces which the company make at my a Ingma and playing that never la do and another laugh followed. A we can t move theae pictures a he said pointing to a set of landscapes. Never that is the Only suitable spot for them they must have the Best Light of the room Why can to we do without the Mirror then a o that be it adds to the sue of the room you know a adds to the site to is that a a Why by reflection. Did you never no Ticu How an apartment teems to extend in the Mirror it was now John s turn to laugh and a most uproarious shout he gave telling her she ought to apply for a Patent Lor this method of enlarging apartments. Perhaps you can place it Over the mantelpiece a Yea obliquely. That will do very Well. I la go into Walsh a to Norrow and j the Bay widow shall be commenced immediately the next evening at Tea time Margaret asked if be had forgotten to Call at Walsh a no indeed Carlton replied but i find it will Cost More than i expected i done to know but we had better wait till warm1 weather perhaps by that time i shall be More Able to pay for it you know the Rule we made when we first went to housekeeping is out to be broken 1 will not run in debt Lor Euy superfluity which this May be styled just be you Pleece said his wife. I know we can do without use we have heretofore end to the subject dropped. In a few Days Walsh the Carpenter called to see if he should begin operations preparatory to setting the window. On receiving word that or. Carlton bad charged Hie mind he urged in plea for the Job that he a a As out of employment and would be glad to do it to keep himself from idleness he was to no Harry for payment that might remain until it was co vement for his employer to Settle be did t care if it wee a year before be had it. Now there a Margaret thought a John will be doing a Good deed to get him to set the window immedi Otley. I have heard him say that the Only Fly Toycen Walsh sober was to keep him Busy in consideration of this offer of the Carpenter or. Carlton revoked his decision and concluded that the Benefit be should thereby Confer upon him would atone for breaking the Rule in regard to contracting opposite aide of the Street i should think they were tearing out Tho front of the mrs. Carlton wanted a Bay window in her parlor returned her husband whom she addressed a and to of course she must have it if the whole House is torn Down to admit it. You ladies always manage to have your wishes granted not in i done to half that i Wiah for a replied . A then you must spend your time the chief part of it in regrets and desires according to what you receive said he Joc Osely. A however who added a you Are not disposed to unreasonableness in your wishes Seldom dissatisfied with your lot. I la allow. Indeed there Are not Many who Havo less cause for Discon Towt than i answered mrs. Colville a and i should be very ungrateful to deny it a audion a to it so with our neighbor i think Yuu have said she was Tho happiest Little woman alive so she is Sho is always satisfied every thing pleases Here every thing goes smoothly with her and Thia idea of the Bay window is a mystery to me 1 done to understand Why they Are spoiling their Beautiful parlor for the Aake of introducing one of those new fashioned concerns to became it the fashion. That a the Only reason you May a How absurd she in t such a weak minded creature As to put her husband to Auch an expense for sued a frivolous pretext a setting aside the extravagant Nate of tearing up the Walls and Frame work of a Bouse so nearly new a we have one Vou a Well it waa Here when we came. 1 should never have thought of altering for the Sake of that neither would you Nave indulged me in the whim if i had wished it. Besides How foolish the Cartons a will look jutting out so into the Street it s not a proper place for a Bay window i wonder they did not choose the end of the House for its situation a suppose you ask them a said or. C., ironically. A come i think we have discussed our neighbors affairs Long enough. Let a take some other subject but mrs. Colville was not so ready to turn away from her Friend Maggye a Bay window the Mere fact that she accidentally possessed a room lighted by rtii9 new style of window had Sho feared created jealousy Between that Friend and herself. At any rate it must be envy which could j ing a she adjusted her Bonnet preparatory Rico Neil her a lbs do Caw Quot it Ltd of m much a a Quot Quot a a w Quot a is cuty and symmetry As belonged to her dwelling both outwardly and inwardly. A it is decidedly very bad taste in them so to disfigure the front of their House it will nut be at All in keeping with Tho rest of it she said still surveying the premises opposite. To replied her husband fashion reconciles us to almost anything fashion can make the ugliest appear Beautiful they will be to exposed to the Gazo of passers by Maggy cannot realize How bad u will seem a perhaps she is not of fond of retirement As you Are of she a very modest and sensitive about attracting observation. It must have been a sudden fancy that suggested Thia change which they will certainly As the work progressed mrs. Colville s disapprobation increased. Mrs. Carlton was much younger than she and inexperienced in the ways of the world. She had always preferred to be guided by other even in matters of taste and Ahe doubted not that her Good Friend Hannah As she called mrs. C., of Whoso Superior judgement she had often availed herself would to pleased to see she had copied her in getting a Bay window for her parlor. She was therefore totally unprepared for the hauteur with which she met her request for her advice in getting a new carpet which this addition to the room she found would Render necessary. A Hannah Colville a evidently piqued at our improvements a said Maggy to John As Ahe returned from her neighbors. 1 declare now in Veas Good a right to be in the fashion As she has. Sue can to Bear the thought of our being equal with her As Long As i was willing to say that she and everything that belongs to her is Superior to everybody s else she was Friendly Etc Tough i guess i Shane to trouble her with my company very soon again 0, it can to be she is too High minded for such notions a answered her husband perhaps she had been vexed before you went no i think not Ahe was talking pleas by when i entered and changed her tone and look immediately on greeting me. I Don t care though 1 can be a unpleasant and Dis obliging As she any Dav a come come Maggy Don t be childish May be she thinks you Are too dependent upon her for advice at any Rote you can suit yourself now if Yuu please �?~1 really done to know Liat i should like John. What should you prefer you shsil1 choose the carpet 1 ? dear me 1 have no Choice in such things whatever you like pleases me and he started off to the Market. I declare i done to know what i should prefer said Maggy to herself a he closed the Street door. A everybody has admired this and really i wish it could remain but it can to it will be too Small. There ill get one an near like it As possible and she sat studying its Colon and figure in order to be guided thereby in Tho Purchase of the new one. With the making and placing of this she was quite Busy for some Days and Happy at the Prospect which the window afforded indulged herself olten with looking up and Down the Street. Her husband we a very uncomfortable at the Prospect which it Peru Tik Irwy afforded hint he list not calculated upon further expense than the setting of the window but after the labor of the Carpenter was completed he saw plainly that painting must be done and accordingly gave orders Tor a new coat on the entire front of the House. This annoyed him exceedingly for it amounted to a heavy Bill and be knew those he employed would expect prompt ayin Cut. Several note in the Way of his a inc were just on the Point of becoming due heretofore he bid anticipated theae demands and was always ready to meet them now there was a great premure in financial Mattery he found it impossible to collect ins dues in sums sufficient to admit of up song a Dollar for anything except his business and a often a he saw his wife at ton. The Mirror is opposite Hannah waa answered with Groat dignity. 1 see but Tho room is so changed it does t seem at All natural i never could Bear �?�1 Aee nothing disagreeable in the change Here a was the answer. A somehow the room has lost its quiet look Jon seem to Havo Tho Bustle of the Street Eurc you All the time i so alone to much i enjoy the View of out door activity i think it looks hardly decorous for a lady to to so mixed up with it a your Bay window Acoma to imply a Nihat do you mean by that remark 7 1 mean to speak directly to the Point that Yuu might about As Well take your chair and your sowing out to Tho sidewalk As to occupy Tho window a Hannah Lynde you take too much upon yourself i am not to be dictated to by you a retorted Maggy angrily. A Well i guess you will wish that your pretty parlor had remained untouched before a what would you insinuate mrs. Colville your language is very harsh a Only that a Truo wife always consults her husband s interests in All her plans Aud with these words she hastily departed. Long did Margaret Colton Ponder upon that remark she Felt that something Lay hidden beneath Tho smooth aphorism and she went Over Tho recollection of her married life dwelling minutely upon the history of this new alterations the first and Tho Only important plan that bad been fully carried out by her direction. There a surely nothing deserving censure Here she thought my window is handsomer than hers and that a Why she treats to still feeling very unhappy she sat in the window awaiting Johns return. A very uncomfortable afternoon had Thia been to or. Carlton. Business was duller than Ever before Tho second Day of Grace for the payment of Bis note of a Large amount was fast drawing to a close and to lacked Home hundreds of its value his Bank Era had refused to loan and declared their inability to let the Money at any rate again collectors were sent out and again they returned with trifling sums. Revolving various Plana for obtaining the remainder on the Morrow discouraged almost despairing to started for Home. As he stepped upon the pavement he encountered Walsh Tho Carpenter who with a Wolful countenance and Aad voice begged that he would pay bin. A i thought that you expect payment for some time yet a answered Carlton. A i know i told you so air but my wife a a ick and i Haven to earned a cent since then All that 1 have saved Haa been spent for food now we have nothing to eat Anil my credit is Long since gone at the shops a they will not let me have anything now without Money and he whined piteously a he Laid hold of Carlton a Arm to detain him. A you shall not suffer Walsh but How am i to know if i give you Money that h is not spent for liquor a a go Home with me and ask my wife sir she will Tell you that i have not usted a drop of Strong drink for Over two months a ill believe you without her come into the store you shall have something i wish i could pay you in full but it a impossible and taking a Bank Bill therefrom handed it to him. A thank you air a id the poor Carpenter a Thia will last ome time if Yon have any More jobs ill be glad to do Mem and ran off to Hia inf Erable abode. Carlton went to his Deek to make an entry of the Money Jual paid Zalab and before Thia was done a person came bustling in to serve a writ upon him for the non payment of the painters1 Bill. Early to the Day they bad sent in their account to Settle embarrassed by the Low Sute of his funds he had impatiently refuted and now in anger they had peremptorily demanded carpet neither Pride nor disaffection led her to appear Cool and Distant to that interview. She was Well aware that John Carlton had nothing but Hia business to depend upon for the support of hit self and wife and therefore could not approve of their extravagance in this alteration. The window waa enough to add to their expensive style of living Ahe thought full enough for such a Young Man to be hampered with without adding a costly carpet to the Bill which last Sliu Felt persuaded was Only considered necessary through Maggy s inordinate vanity a trait which in Spile of her modesty held quite a conspicuous place in her character. The coldness thus celtic fenced Margaret took no pains to overcome she believed Hannah Lynde for in their familiarity Ahe had Learned to Call her by her Maiden name to to a Tua cd by Pride and selfishness in All the kindness she had shown her. Now a he would let her see Sho was perfectly Independent of her assistance a she would not be the first to renew their acquaintance so weeks passed before they again finally mrs. Colville fearing serious rupture Between Maggy and herself stepped Over to pass the afternoon socially. In vain was she warm in her greeting and Lively in manner the distance Between them seemed to increase. She concluded that the safer Way to proceed in the present state of of it fairs was to make no allusion to the change and to aay As Little As possible of the new arrangements in the parlor. Retreating is far a Ahe could from the Bay window Ahe tried to talk on indifferent topics and mag by construing this studied neglect of her improvements is she had the sober reception which she gave when about getting her carpet measured her words and modulated her tones accordingly at last Sho unceremoniously left her visitor alone a Long time while Ahe went to attend upon some unimportant affair ill Tho Kitchen. Indignant at Auch in courteous treatment mrs. Colville sat quietly but a few minutes 1 have a great mind to leave As abruptly As she has a said she to herself no in the Hole i think i la stay just to say a few words something that will set her thinking i Don t believe her Friendship is Worth the trouble of keeping though so proud As she is of this new finery Aud her husband harassed to death to meet his payments. She shall know my opinion of this foolishness before i go i will not Mineo the matter at ally i shall speak pretty plainly and when Margaret returned she ruse aay affairs which he considered insulting treat to be sure it is Well enough if you can men be counted out the sum and sent the bring Yoor mind to it but then folks do to Man on his Way rejoicing. Theae two de different now a Days. There a my Maria a Manda satisfied had made a Large deficit in Abe Baa moved into an elegant House All that which he had appropriated for the of the Morrow and with still greater anxiety than when be at first set out for Home he onco More wended Hia weary Way striving to get up a Little cheerfulness Ere be reached its threshold. As he Drew near the House he saw the a Light figure of his wife St her Saccu storied Post of watching. Quot really Ahe makes quite a pretty tableau Quot Howwrd half aloud Quot but How much Tho room a exposed to Public gaze and Ahe too. It appears rather bold to step out into Tho Street with one s parlor a i declare i Wiah the House stood As it waa before i should have been spared a great Deal of uneasiness if it had not been changed High to a and be a up the Steps. Tho next moment Maggy was assisting him to remove his overcoat and inquiring Tho cause of his scarcely designing to reply he began to a Peak of her exposure St the window. Quot i would keep the blinds generally closed if i were you mag you Are very conspicuous when near the Bay window and you had better find a new place for Yoor Quot Why John what make you so fault finding to night 1 suppose i can do my sewing in the dining room or Tho Kitchen if you wish but As to closing All the blinds in my Bay window i Don t think i shall the parlor would be very unpleasant without Quot in Lague on the fashion i Wiah to had the Plain windows Here again i dislike the very name of Thia Bay window Quot Quot How irritable you arc if you knew now much trouble i have furnished Frodo top to Bottom. She keeps a great girl to do the work and a Little one to wait and tend. Of things do go on to beautifully i Promise you her husband a a Young lawyer a he not via he wealthy 7 Job he a very Well off. He does Dot get Moch practice yet but i dare aay be will in time. He Baa a thousand dollars at interest besides Maria would never have married a mechanics their Banda get so hard and Black and their complexions pc rally if they sir exposed get so Brown. I would it wish to Bort stir feelings but i do think that for Pride s Sake for the take of Tho family you might have made a different Choice of aunt a excuse my laughing i have yet to learn that a Many a honest occupation whether it produces hard a Tanda or White soft bands whether it gives the Cheek a Brown or Pale Hue is any disparagement to him. You must get acquainted with William and hear him Converse. You will not think of his hard bands and Hia animated intelligent countenance will drive his bronzed skin quite out of your head. But come you Don t aay anything about my furniture and you must see my Nice of your furniture a Well enough. The less you have the Leas you will Havo to take care of you know yes we could not get much furniture. I insisted upon William taking the Money which my Grandfather left me to pay off a few Hundred dollars which he owed for this it lace in order to enable us to begin even n the world. We have both such a horror of debt that we Are determined never to in to the service f went Down to his Bonk and shouted in his car a Mutiny Captain Mutiny he Shook off the East Guverie Ete por a set me up a he said a and order three Fellows before he heard the Cem plaint ordered punishment and from that hour Conval sced. Keep that Man awake with danger and to would t die of any thing until Bis duty was the Bay window with her Happy smile at their dues. Mortified at Auch a turn in Bis i am irritable. 1 thought there would to no hurry in settling for it but everybody seems determined to get All Thuro is due them. I should have had enough to tax my ingenuity to Tho utmost to meet Tho demands of Iny business without this to vex inc after this sober speech Maggy dared not open her lips the evening passed in is Lencoy it was the gloomiest Lime Shu had known Sinco her marriage and with a heavy heart she closed Tho window blinds and removed her Little table to a Distant Corner. Tho next morning she relented is if to assert her authority without his dictation Tho blinds were again open and Tho Aland in front of Tho window. Her Lovo of display had lately increased Ahe did not consider it boldness but enjoyed the admiring glances that were cast upon her As she sat there sewing and was unwilling to give up this pleasure. Yet indignant beyond inon Suro was she when Tola at noon by her husband that aspersions had been cast upon her character in consequence of her sitting there. A request which to had made his neighbor Colville in regard to his monetary difficulties had been cheerfully granted by that gentleman that morning and lie afterwards in friendliness informed him of the reports circulating in regard to her familiarity with a Young clerk who daily passed to had himself boasted of his acquaintance with her. She acknowledged that the person in a cation an entire at Ranger habitually bowed a to went by but the compliment Ahe never returned usually keeping her eyes upon her work if he were approaching. Never had Aho by look or word overstepped Tho Bounds of propriety while at the window. Well said John i believe you Maggy but you know we should avoid even the appearance of Ovil. I was too Hasty in granting Thia Folly and am much More Lamable for allowing you in your thought ices Ness than you Aro for childishly seeking the notice of Tho multitude i shall take Caro How i indulge your whims for the future. What Are you doing with that table a lie added seeing her resolutely remove it from Tho window. It is going to its old place in the Corner. I want you to fasten Tho blinds securely nobody but you will Ever open them again Many As they pass or. Carlton a House wonder Why its occupants do not enjoy its pleasant Bay window. Mrs. Colville is not of these she appreciates the determination which has shut out Tho gaze of the world and is a firmer Friend to Maggy than in the months that preceded this change. And Margaret Carlton As right after night her husband s anxious brow be Toke fied Tho trials of the Day vainly wished that her own foolish Pride had not added to them and i expressively thankful was Sho at last to hear him say that he had succeeded in paying of cry det add. To be relieved from debt he Felt Jiko Tho captive a coslor de to Freedom and once More his merry songs and Maggye a musical laugh enlivened Tho Long Winter evening. The Brown silk dress. A Why Eliza what a strange Choice for a wedding dream your other dresses Are in very Good style and you have a plenty of them considering the changes in fashion but a Brown silk dress to be married in a what a fancy in a girl of eighteen Tia True my aunt that my Choice May seem somewhat sombre but you know very Well i am about to become the wife of a poor Mechanic who depends on Hia daily labor for support. A the wife of Auch a Man i must necessarily limit my expenditures to my circumstances and 1 have thou to it better to Purchase something which would be useful or some Timo to come than to consult my appearance a a splendid Abtido for one Short evening especially a 1 am to see no strangers a there a something in that. There a my Maria s wedding Dreas. She will never Wear it again to the world. 8he bad a White latin with a lace dream Over it of Ahe did look Beautiful i do Admire to see a handsome Bride a yes it a very Well for Toee who can afford it. But it would be quite absurd for me to Purchase an expensive dream for one or even a few evenings when by the expenditure of half the Money i can procure that which will be serviceable for Many years. But come put on your Bonnet and a Tep Over to our new Bouse. It a All furnished at least All that a finished 1 value it More highly than i should if it waa not so near my Mother a there William Baa left this Small parlor Thia sitting room and three Chambers to finish at his Leisure when he a out of employment Bee How everything a arranged a so Handy for my work you Don t say you Are going to do your own work. Certainly i do. There a but one apprentice and i should think it strange if i could not do it with All ease my heart what strange fancies you have had in getting the Money to pay Lor this cur any it we can possibly help it. Tice nonsensical thing you wonder that what a Nice press for bed Clothea this a Why what a Quantity of bed and table Linen it a really Nice too. You have More than my Marta has i declare yes i always want an abundance of a Uch things. This drawer is filled with towels this is my ironing Sheet and Blanket and Thia closet contains my tin and wooden Ware a i declare Eliza you Aro a strange thoughtful child. I must Tell you Otto thing about Maria that made us have a Good Hearty laugh. The monday morning after a he waa married the girl came to ask her where the tubs were and Don t you think the child had actually forgotten to buy a tub a clothes line or pins she said it never popped into her head. But la it Wasny to strange she had never been used to do anything of the kind a i believe aunt i have shown you All now. We will go if you please. I Hope you will not let my Brown Dre Sitor William s rown hands fright of you away this a of no but a i must take the stage for Maria s Early in thu morning you must allow nto to retire Early a a a a what Fellows those Yankees Are for combining elegance and usefulness said a Southern gentleman to Henrell As he stood on the Piazza of the hotel in Tho town of. Sir said lie addressing himself to a venerable looking Man near him a can you Tell the who resides in that elegant cottage where Tho grounds Are Laid out with so much taste 7 a of that is Squire Bill Thorndike a. You must be a stranger in these parts not to know a i am sir and since he seems such a prominent member of society 1 should by Nappy to know something of his a on i there is nothing Ocinar Pablo to it nothing at All sir. His father was a Man of great learning but to nearly run through a Fortune trying to live in style. To died and left three boys. Their Mother who went from this place was a woman of Strong sense. Sho sold the property paid off the debts and had enough left to buy that Little House to the left. It has but two rooms and there is a Garden attached to it. Hero Ahe put her boys out to trades. One to s Mason one to a Wheelwright and Thia Bill to a Carpenter. Bill staid however. To married the widow Perry a daughter. She was smart As a Accel to p. She was a right Good scholar Aud she made an excellent wife. They got along wonderfully. Everybody wondered How it was. He did not make better wages than other men but somehow Tho Money increased. It was no mystery to to though for i watched them pretty Sharp. You never saw no great display of finery a such As laces and flounces and fur Belows you never saw him before to kept a horse Riding much for pleasure. No they both pulled one Way and took their pleasure in neing sober industrious Aud useful and now they re their Reward in arcing universally respected. Why there ainu to a Man that has so much Money to let As Squire Thorndike and he a never hard and screw ing about it a Home Are. He in t stingy either. He has taken the two children of one lawyer Willia to bring up and he Doce a Well by them a to does by Hia lawyer Willis wife was a kind of Cousin to Squire Thorndike a wife. She was a Dashy showy Gal. You d have thought the Ric beat Folka upon Earth Trero married when they had the Kuot tied. Poor fellow he had a hard time notwithstanding to support his lady wife in style. He took to drink and died. I have heard say that Ahe turned up her nose at her Cousin s match but Sho Little thought her boys would be glad to go to that Samo Cousin for a Home while Aho would be glad to take up with the Little House that Squire Thorndike s Mother lived in. A a air continued the old Man this is a changing world but to my mind if Tolks would be More prudent and industrious and give up hankering after tilings beyond their Means there would be More real Good done in the world and fewer changes Tatum or mind ova Mattz. Or. Elder in his interesting biography of or. Kane relates that he once asked him after Hia return Home from Hia last Arctic expedition Quot for the Best proved instance that he knew of the Alula Power Over the body a an instance that might push the hard baked philosophy of materialism to the consciousness of its own he paused a moment and then said with a Spring Quot the soul can lift the body out of Ita boots air. When our Captain Wax dying i say dying i have Aero scurvy enough to know a every old scar in Hia body waa a running ulcer. If conscience festers under it wounds correspondingly hell is not Hai understand. I never a cases either lived or died. Men dec of it of Musj Long before they Are to ill a a Jhc re trouble of a it by a a by tin a soon As the breath was out of Lua body we might be at etch other a i Felt that be owed even the repose of dying culex Der for Hii Chi Quot the Misoni alter hoary fall in the Franb up of the Crimson ruse a a a a the Nerinx the Flammer the chilling autumn angry Winter Baags their wonted liveries and the amazed world by their increase now know not which is has now come at least in name. Around the word Spring a later n thousand pleasant associations. It a suggest be of soft airs and gentle Bra Osaa and it Tho sing my of Birds and opening Flowers and Green leaves. But in our Northern Elimo we must wait patiently for its actual Advent for a a Winter often lingers in the Lap of Spring Quot and chills All her Andors and we not unusually have occasion to repeat Day after Day Tho invocation Quot come gentle Spring ethereal mildness in More Southern latitudes and Mora be Nisi climes Marcia is a pleasant sunny month. In our Southern states Tho Gardo Sara often filante in March. Tho ground is prepared or Corn and Cotton and much of toe seed put in. But March a by no Means to be an Idle month with us Northern Farmers. The Wood is to be Cut and split and piled up a the posts and rails to be got ready for use. The Walls thrown by Frost or cattle to to repaired or new portions Laid. If the front is out of the ground posts May to set and All the fences put in order. Farm implements should be looked to and every one of them put in Complete repair. If a new Point is wanting to a plow do not wait till it it Timo to begin blowing but procure one now to that when team and men Are ready there shall to no delay. Get All the chains mended and overhaul the harnesses and if you find any weak parts either mend them yourself or Lake them to the harness maker. It will to vexatious to have a Bucklo draw out or a strap break while you Are blowing or hauling a heavy Load of manure and Havo to turn out the team and lose half a Day in getting it merded. See also that Tho har Lianca Aro Well of tend Aud that collars and Liamos and yokes All fit Well so that when you Cotuno to put them in motion the work shall go on rapidly and pleasantly to both Man and beast. The Noble horse that exerts his strength in our service is entitled to All the Relief that can be derived from a Well fitting harness. An easy Whf adjusted Yoko for Tho oxen will contribute much to their Comfort. We saw some yokes at the agricultural exhibition in boat on last october that might almost tempt the patient of to desire Quot to pass under the with Good harnesses and yokes and plows suited to the work to to done and too Trust de upon scientific principles it a surprising with How much Inore ease to the beast and pleasure and satisfaction to Tho Plowman Tho work can be done. All kinds of Stock should to Well cared for this month. The oxen should to so fed that they May to in Good heart for Tho sea son of hard labor that is before them. The cows must by no Means to neglected. If cows Ore reduced in Lleslie in the Spring it takes half the summer for them to recruit Aud of course the profits from Thorn a Small. Sheep require special attention this month. A pint of Oats a Jay or a few turnips Cut Fine to each of your ewes will to amply repaid by Moro vigorous Isu ibs and Tho bet Ter health of Tho Strep. Bee that their pens and Yards arc kept dry lest you find to Sabot rot among them before you suspect ill March is considered a trying Mooth for All kinds of Stock. They have been so Long without Green food that they begin to suffer for the want of it. If you have crept a portion of carrots or Ruta bongos for this season they will Supply the wants of the animals better probably than any other kind of food. A March is the Timo to fit up Tho hot Beds. Every Farmer May have at trifling Cost a few Square feet covered with Glass to bring Forward at least Sonino Early tomatoes cabbages and cucumbers. Dig out a apace a Largo As your Glass will cover about eighteen inches deep. Add to Tho top of this ten or twelve inches of Lionso manure and cover it with four inches of Good soil and sow the seeds put on Tho Frame and cover with the Glass. Or a pile May to raised without digging and the Frame act upon it banking up about the edges with the warm Loam and manure. It must to six or eight inches larger each Way than the when the plants grow so As to reach the Glass the Frame May be gradually raised out of their Way and in thu manner Strong and vigorous plan May be plentifully up plied. The nearer the plants Are to the Glass the belter they will grow. Raise the Glass in Tho Middle of pleasant Days and occasionally Sprinkle with the watering pot. The fermenting manure will keep the Oil warm at the Bottom and the Sun will warm Tho top and thus the germinating seed win find a warm soil and warm air which win put them Forward some two or three weeks earlier than they would come in the open air and you wiil have Fine Thrifty plants to set out about the time Needa Are anal by sown in Garden Beds. When All this Haa been done use Home alight cover to protect them from Tho cold night air and if needful from the Black Fiina and other insects and you will have Nice tomatoes and Cucumber and cabbage that you will enjoy very much. Now this May seem a Small matter to Many Farmers and not Worth the double but if tried will be found one of those Little things that contribute to the pleasures of life that keep us cheerful and contented and in a Happy Frame of mind. You will watch Tho growth of three plants Green and vigorous before anything around them shows itself above the ground with great interest. They toll us of what is coming. Tbsp strengthen our Faith in Tho certainty of the welts of nature s arrangements and encourage our Hopes in Tho future. There is a Sitf Softky in getting our Early mess of peas or Rad War is or lettuce that Well repays All the Troubl in lbs to Sony second the aun will Heve. Completed half his annual journey toward. The North and have reached the Equator and the Daya and night will then be equal. Thenceforward until to aun Ball Nave reached the Northern Tropio or turning Point end Daya will be gaining upon the nights the the soil will then receive More heat from the aun in the Long Days than it will throw off by radiation in tha abort a few England former. Louis o. Cowan editor amp hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of Man.�?��?1 a a a Habi Deford me. March 19, 1858. Vol. Xiv no. 12�

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