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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Mar 12 1858, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - March 12, 1858, Biddeford, Maine/ �4eternal hostility to every form of oppre88ion Over the mind Oft body of . Louis o. Coax editor amp , me. March 12, 1858. My we vol. Xiv no. 11. Do to tar China Anil a a Asir a 3naraal la Remana Iii wifi amp etude for. A True Stoat. Viry Friday morning cot Artso Hula in sume Ink i us Raj. Mail a. Forty three years ago there lived in the teams.�?8800 per Anua or if pi4 a Tikia Vicinity of Manchester vt., two men by to Kim Kumim ii us us w a to Taar Mogu Therwin of Bowne and soother brother in copmm.4 a _ Law to the Downes by the name of Colvin. Y. It. Palm Sitka Afam. Late these three men lived with their families in is re emr str ask. A a a or pub Tutti to mkt a in urn rift a it it new Job neighbor where they often it mum non to Naai rtt to m. Worked together to Clearing the land or he it a a a Arv pro i i. Frito Psi Utah. Ashen a a a a Ceuta a uni Liua a Ila of a a x. W. A4 in Laal Ainita. And card Pron tone Felt mud Vita sad , in a air us Oak to ship. At c. Ora Obb. Coins Balmy a sep Rati svs theas Carsa that press my brow dries Olf these Ilia that pain is now and a 1st thy dreams with it Entla flow my Zenass at esp. I court thins Arma whoa Hind it clasp and soft embrace Maks is Forest both Lime and spacs and swiftly blot Sach Darken d macs of earthly harms. Corns 1st the breath fall sweetly on my lever d Cheeks and Kina the tul that Willm seeks to own thy pow r. Which Ever Speaks to is of death. A babe in be seen whoa a Shrub Fass Lay a till in death. And yet so like to thee the breath beam d on those lips whoa smiling Wreath wore life like Sheen. Like death thou com St two know not when nor know we How yet seeking thee we fearless Bow beneath thy Power and willing go wherever thou roam at. Thy via Iona Bright. When free the spirit from control. Aye All the mind and Rouse the soul to brighter worlds beyond the goal of mortal sight. With lavish hand thou spread at around thy treasures rare Aad countless Gold and mansions fair. And Flash of gems will Quick appear at by command. Without wondrous pow r thou Mak at the soul with rapid bound Kush All the Earth a wide Alpaca around. And past and future both Are found in one Short hour. Then Welcome sleep i give to thee my Caree and wore >4 Ith thy soft touch mine eyelids close. And in thy Calm and Sweet repose my senses Steep. The Pilot s wife. Bravely the Pilot sailed to sea. Down the Bay and out of the narrow Ilia sail were trim and tha wind you free. And his Crew were Merre a thu rain ape Are we i but none Ware Blither of heart than he. As he went tailing out of the Narrows. He sailed to meet tha mighty ships. From Distant countries across the Ocean with a Jolly sea ditto upon his lips that Sang of a sailors Brave Devotion. 80 with trolling Tongue and hands on Hipa the Pilot was tailing Over the Ocean. But by and by the sky grew Black. And he heard the growl of the Floroe nor West a 80 he looked to his boat and altered her tack Aud cried a now Boya we re about to tout her for sure As 1 float we re right in the track of a tearing swearing old nor Weater the Clouds came Down like a wild fowl flight. And the North Winda roared their awful chorus the lightning flashed through the Stormy night till the skies themselves seemed split and porous and the Brove boat Sank in the Ocean White. While Crew and Captain prayed m chorus but the Pilot e wife from red a unripe bits at the Battery waiting bravely to see her husband s number arise when he shall sail through the Narrows bravely. A How patient and Calm her eyes. As she site at the Battery waiting gravely the Boatmen loafing on Beach and grass a they look on her feel their heart strings soften they touch their hats when they see her pass. To the sad look out where she sits so often Quot poor things Quot Thev cry a she is erased alas Quot and their rough old hearts on a sudden soften Home and friends. A t Charloe Swaim. Of there s a poster to soothe each hour a Sweet As heaven designed it nor need we roam to bring it Home. Though few there be that and it we seek too High for things close by. And lose what nature found us for life hath Here no Charm so dear a a Home and Riendau around us. We Oft destroy the per event Joy for future Hopee and Praise them while Flower As Sweet Bloom at our feet. If we d but Sloop to raise them for things afar Atill brighter Are. When youth s Bright apell hath bound a but soon we re taught that Eurth has nought like House and friends around a. The friends that Speed in time of need when Hope s last Reed in shaken. To show us still that come what will. We Are not quit forsaken though All were night if but the Light front Friendship s altar crowned a. Would prove the Bliss of Earth was this our Home Aad friends around a. The two pilots. Love launched a Gallant Little Craft. Complete with every Idle la Golden words was painted aft a Captain Hope. Pleasure was rated second mate. And passion mad to steer the guns were handed Over to Fate to impulse sailing gear. Merrily rowed the though leae Crew amid the Billows Etnie but soon a sail bore Down All knew Twat Captain Keaton s quo life. And pleasure left though passion said he d guard her Safe through All harm a Quot rammed Home the Laud Quot Hue lose prepared the Small Arwita. A storm arose the a avar now escaped from impulses hand while Headstrong a aah the prow right on a Rocky strand. Quot All s lost Quot each trembling Sailue cried Quot Bui Captain Hope Adieu i Quot but in her life boat reason hied. To save the Billy Crew. Impulse the torrents overwhelm. But pleasure escaped from wreck Lata bidding banana Taka the Helm. Chained pase Ion to the deck. Quot i thought you Wero no foe but now Quot love a a we la sail together e9u�, henceforth through life Shaft thou Mysit be forever. St l thud pi��1? and tending their crops. A it wig Ihen the Universal custom in that now total abstinence Sute to drink whiskey to excess it followed As a matter of course that there wee an occasion i quarrel and sometimes a Drunken Row Auch a would pass Muster even at this Day in new York. Our informant stated also that the women were not exempt entirely from pit ritual influences. Each of the parties had children we believe at any rate Colvin had several and Muse of these in Hie Drunken Momenta he denied the right of railing him father and this produced quarrels Between him and Hia wife. In these is the Bownes alleged he shamefully belied and abused their sister and for which they had been often heard to threaten him with vengeance the witness said with death. In this state of family difficulties they were living when one Day while at work together either planting or Boeing a crop the Brothers and brother in Law got into a quarrel so afterwards said the women who alone witnessed it during which Colvin disappeared. Of course everybody believed that the Bowne had murdered and accreted the aliasing Colvin. To All inquiries the same tale was told that be bad gone Oft no one knew Why or where and nowhere could he be heard of by personal inquiries or through the press. Newspapers were not the institution then that they Are now. The Bownes acknowledged that in the quarrel one of them struck Colvin a pretty severe blow on the Bead with his Hoe but that it did not disable him because he immediately walked off and went directly into the Woods hat Leas and coat Lees and Barefoot and As he was not again seen or heard of they began to believe in the course of the seven years that intervened Between that time and their trial and condemnation for hit murder that he had crept away into some Hole in the Woods and there died of the wound in his head of which they had no Means of know ing whether it waa severe or not. They Only knew that blood flowed freely from it but that he walked away As Strong a a Ever. Of course no dict meet could be found against Colvins supposed murderers because the strongest proof of Hia death Hia Corpse was undiscovered and thus the Case rested for seven Long years everybody ins wife included looking upon his children to fatherless and upon her Brothers As guilty at least of manslaughter. About that time the Field where they were at work at the tune of Colvin s disappearance came into Ihu. Of a Man who had always believed the Bownes guilty of murder and As they said determined to prove them guilty and he commenced a thorough search of the premises and found in a sort of sink Hole partly filled with logs a us overgrown with Bushes and Briers some buttons sworn to by the widow As having belonged to the coat that Colvin wore upon the Day he was murdered. A Jackknife which he usually carried in the pocket of the coat was also found and near the same spot were discovered several Bones which had belonged to a human being. Of the buttons and Jackknife there could be no doubt not even in the mind of the Bownes because they knew he did not Wear his coat away. Of the bom s being those of the murdered Man there was a doubt because men of Good judgment testified they were too old and that if Colvins they would not Only to sound but More of them. Where was the remainder of the Skeleton this question was often put but never answered. And so the two Bownes were indicted and put upon their trial Tor murder. Then All these contradictory statements made in seven years were introduced and controlled with their Asse Valiona of that moment when they were in ironed with danger and anxious to escape a charge of which they were not guilty so far As of intentional murder although fully believing that Colvin Hod died from the effects of that affray. As usual in All cases admitting of doubt there was a parly in their favor which waa not entirely silenced by a verdict of guilty of j murder in first degree against the elder brother who struck the blow with the Hoe As was proved that he acknowledged together with threats made against Colvin s j life and a verdict of manslaughter or accessory to murder against the other brother under which one waa sentenced to be Hung Aud the other to the state prison for 1 but these doubts were All removed when it it came out alter the conviction and while the one sentenced to he Hung was awaiting the tune fixed for his execution that to had confessed to the murder. This confession duly prepared by some one who bad Access to the prisoner was published and settled the Case against the doubters. In the meantime the other brother who had gone to his life Unaris Ozment woe looked upon As a hardened villain because he persisted in asserting their innocence. It was an assertion that availed Juat As much and no More than it did when they were borne Down by a Tornado of prejudice and convicted without evidence of guilt. Quot but Why did you make the confession 7&Quot we a eked the convicted Man. Quot because life was still dear and i was assured that that waa the Only Way to save it. 1 was told that if i would Only confess my punishment might be commuted and 1 might join my brother. Anything 1 thought rather than Hie Gallows. I knew 1 had been a wicked Man Aud 1 thought a lie to save my Lile was not a very great sin As it would j give me More time for repentance. I could not read or write and scarcely knew what1 i the paper contained that 1 was told to put it my name to. I soon found what it was wanted for. It was not to save my life but to prove to my friends that my Cou Cinna turn was just 1 soon found that i had not my to Hope that i must die in the gel a while one is toiling in i Ison and the other Wilhm three weeks of death let us visit a Furui Boue in new Jersey and look in upon a quiet pleasant scene where the head of the family is reeding to those a therod around to hear the news Witch e new York paper affords them lie bes just finished the Reading of e detailed Ece Gont of the trial and conviction of the Bowne a for it a murder of Colvin. During the reeding the wife of the Farmer had her attention Yery much divided Between the interest she frit in the account and the effect it seemed to produce upon in individual present a Man who Raully gave no indication of inter est in anything not immediately connected with the Arm. Quot husband Quot said the wife Quot did you observe Kichard while you were Reading a he acted Quot he is a very singular individual Quot was the reply. No he was. And or. Smith had Good reasons for his opinion. About seven years previous to tills time during or. Smiths s Bee Nee with farm produce in the City this Man came to his House walking in with All the familiarity of one at Home making in quiries about family affairs and How they had All been during Bia absence in fact assuming in All business matters about the place the position of or. Smith a though he was that individual and had just returned Home after a Long journey. At first mrs. Smith was alarmed but soon found that her new lord was an inoffensive and harmless maniac. When or. Smith returned the new com or met him at the Gate invited him in and welcomed him to the House asked him if he would have the horse put up and stay All night and finally teemed to Toiuo to the conclusion that he had a right to Alay from the fact that he was some one that had been attending to Hia affairs during Hia Long absence from Home for Euch the deranged Mau considered it and in this position the new Comer not Only installed himself but continued for seven Long Yeara a valuable labourer taking a his Only recompense ins food Aud clothing a privilege of calling everything his although willing to allow the real owner to transact All the business and handle All the Money. The Only name he was known by was Kichard and he utterly refused to give any clue to who or what lie was or where he came from and he soon ceased to be a wonder. It was re marked that be had a scar of a Severo Cut on his head and whenever any allusions Wero made to it he showed some excitement and sometimes anger. Otherwise he was docile contented and Happy never do tiring to go anywhere off the farm. This evening during the Reading of the murder trial of the Bownes he had shown More in Terett than Ever observed before upon any subject unconnected with his Overy Day occupation and this being observed by mrs. Smith led to frequent consultations and queries coupled with attempts to elicit something from Kichard that would connect him with that affair but All without Success. It was about this time that win. M. Trice became some Way cognizant of the circumstances connected with this singular individual and having also read the account of the trial and conviction of Tho men As he thought upon insufficient evidence he Mado a journey on purpose to see the Man Kichard and elicit if possible something from him. Undoubtedly it was through the influence of or. Trice that or. Smith took the course that he did for the Inore a thought of Tho strange disappearance of Colvin in Vermont and Tho sudden appearance of this Man in new Jersey and his mysterious conduct since and coupled that with the scar upon his head lie determined to act perhaps to save the life of an innocent Man at All events to satisfy himself that he had not been criminally negligent in permitting a Man to be executed whom he could save. But How was he to carry their Pinna into execution ? this was without letting another party into the secret so As not to bring ridicule on him if he was mistaken in his sup kit sit Ion to take Richard to Manchester and Sec if any one there would recognize him after seven years a acne changed As lie undoubtedly was in his appearance. Our philanthropist was convinced from All he could get out of Kichard that it would not do to make any direct propositions to him upon the subject but the More he thought upon Tho matter the More determined he was to act and there was no time to lose As Only three weeks now remained to the prisoner. We forget what stratagem was used to induce the deranged Man to make an unwonted journey though we Are impressed with the opinion it was to Purchase an addition to the farm which he had Long desired that he consented to make a journey by mail stage there were no railroads forty years ago travelling Day and night into some unknown Region without exciting any suspicion that their ultimate determination waa a plan concerning which he never would hold any conversation. In Tho meantime Tho discussion of Tho innocence or guilt of the Man had broken out afresh As he had recanted his confession and insisted that he was besides to had a dream three times repeated that Colvin waa alive and would make his appearance although As he said Quot not until after to waa during this state of things there was a crowd at the Public House in Manchester discussing the topic one evening when the stage from the South Drew up. Among the crowd which always gathers around the door when the stage Arvea at a Village inn was a Man who had rather firmly maintained that Bow pcs was guilty until the dream came out but being a believer in dreams his Faith Vas staggered and he said he Quot did no to know about the stage Driver reined up at the door and the tin lantern of the Hostler opened the Blaze of a tallow Candle full in the faces of passengers As they slighted. Or. Smith alighted without exciting any remark. Not to his companion. It was an anxious moment Fot or. Smith for there was the spot where his suspicions were to be proved True and his Hopo to save the life of an innocent Man gratified or forever crushed. He said to Kichard As he got out Quot Couie let us hurry and get supper before the stage As Richard got out the Light fell in his face blinding his vision but enabling the crowd to Sec Hui to advantage. He was startled at a sudden voc iteration of the individual who had been troubled about the dream who exclaimed Quot no help me god but there a Richard Twenty other men were present to confirm the assertion and in the next minute the whole town might have been tire to add confirmation for about after shout pealed out on the night air Quot Colvin has the doomed Man in the cell listened to a wild commotion in the world ouf Oide the world that he expected to look upon to soon for the last time the Bells were in Giugo shouts grew louder and blow the door open for Colvin hat Home Hurrah a and the door was opened and the doomed Man walked out that night the night that Colvin came restored to life Freedom and his wife and children a wondrous Hap by Man but not More so than the Ono who and taken such pains of bring the Moat tangible proof possible that the prisoner was not a murderer. Colvin waa us verbally recognized by All who had known him but obstinately refused to recognize any one not even his wife and children and insisted upon going Home a he termed or. Smith s House where he had spent to Miny years. In this he was gratified As soon As the necessary proof of his identity could be taken so As to liberate his older brother. Start 1th a Goon Story is to d of a methodist preacher and the Atory is True to the letter a who lived about forty years ago. He waa a Bachelor and we could write Bis real name but we prefer to Call him Smith. He resisted Many persuasions to marry which his friends were constantly making until he had reached a tolerably advanced age and he himself began to feel the need of or at least to have new ii Lesa of Tho Comfort of being nursed by woman a gentle shortly after entering one of his circuits a Maiden lady also of Ripe years was recommended to him and his friends again urged that he had better get married representing that the lady named would proo ably not refuse to accept him notwithstanding his eccentricities. A do you think Tho ? responded the Dominie for no very perceptibly listed then i la go and thee Ith Mith t within t briskly but calmly asked the Lover. A yes sir. Will you walk in t a no 1 thank you. Be kind enough to thay to Mith that i with to the pack to her a moment mias p appeared and repeated the invitation to walk in. A no thank you i la Thoon explain my business. In a the new methodist preacher. I m unmarried. My Friendt think id better marry and recommend you for my wife. Have you Auy objection ? Why really or. No a there done to thay another word. I will Call Thith Day week Lor your reply. Good Day. On that Day week he re appeared at the door of miss pm a residence. It was promptly opened by the lady herself. A walk in or. cannot May am. Have not time on my circuit round in half an hour your anther ready May of a a of do walk in or. Smith can to indeed a am. Plath anther me. Yeti or no Well or. Smith it Isa very serious matter. 1 should not Luse to git out of the Uay of Providence perfectly unders exd you Mith p. We will be married Hith Day week. I will Call at Thith hour Rleatha by ready May am he called on that Day at the hour. She was ready they were married and lived happily several years. A coi i Ugloi s hat. An English paper relates the following anecdote a gentleman worthy of All credit and who May be the More readily trusted As his Story acknowledges his own defeat was aroused one night by a heavy bumping noise on the stairs. Unable to account for it he Rose donned his dressing gown and with his Candle in his hand proceeded to investigate the cause. Anxious to redeem his property the owner descended alter the rat at first continued his exertions hut As Tho enemy gained upon him he changed his tactics and turned his front upward began to climb toward his opponent. This was just such an intruder As might with All Justice hive been kicked Down stairs but so Stern was Hia air and so menacing ins aspect that the gentleman hesitated and hesitation ended in Retreat. His feet being armed Only with slippers he lost heart and began slowly to Csc and backward while the rat deliberately mounted after him and thus steadily drove him Back to his bedroom Tho door of which he shut in the face of his foe and terminated the adventure by retiring to bed while the rat returned to his Well earned Booty. Oxe or the . Ii. W. B., a distinguished Clergyman of Brooklyn was taken on a stage Aleigh from Tho depot in we a new England town where Railroad communication then ended to by a place fifty Milea Distant where he was to lecture that night. It was a warm february Day the Sleigh ing was splendid. Was on the Box beside inc Young Driver the teams of four horses each were perfection and the result was that Tho fifty Miles were got Over in something like four hours pretty Good Railroad tune on some tracks. But it did no to do the teams of horses any Good and when some Days after knowledge of their Coundi lion came to the proprietor of the line be called up that particular Driver Sain and asked How he came to drive his horses that Day at Euch a rate. Quot Well a Anid Sam Quot i had Ono of the Boya on the Box with me a he wanted to Seg Mem go and i put Mem through a a by. Y. Post. A Leffall dec Isle. Among Tho Good things floating about upon Tho surface of the newspaper orial items we clip the following from the Paris correspondent of the Memphis daily Appeal a Quot the son of a wealthy jew banker in London Beduino much attached to a Young christain with whom his father opposed his Union. When the son found that to father could not be induced to give his consent to Tho match he concluded to marry without it. The father then threatened to withhold every a Hilling from him whereupon the son or plied that if his father did not intend to give him anything he would become a Christian and according to Law he would become entitled to one half of i fathers Fortune. The father much alarmed flew to his lawyer to inquire whether such a Law really was in existence. The lawyers answer waa in the affirmative but adding that if he would hand i Iii Over ten Guinea be won d give him a plan by which he could frustrate Bis son s plans. The ten guineas were quickly produced. Quot now Quot said tha lawyer quietly pocketing the Money Quot All a that remains for you Todo is to becomes approached the prison and now Tho Braga Christian also and the Law will not oblige Field piece gives a Notas to to general Din. I to Jour in 11 cult of your he la Steps. What can it mean the the jew hurriedly seized Hie Bat and left a crowd Are coming. The Cannon a at the a he lawyer without any further remark. Door. There is an altercation with the jailor. They demand the instant release of the prisoner. The Silor objects. Quot certain let forms Are to be gone through with to open the door now would not be a no matter a the crowd replies Quot Tor stand aside or we will apply the match and 11 tory Dammes for by Rich of a jury in Char Dou Ohio have found a verdict for $10,000 damages against John Sumner who courted a Viannah Garry a fourteen year had tha marriage Day appointed three several times and then Waul to the state of new York and carried Home another wife. A a postponing a Goose. By a false Boer. Having business at Mobile Soroe time a Ince but being in no particular hurry to transact it i determined to take passage in one of the packet ships that run Between that City and new York. She was called to and was commanded by a Sharp Little fellow a part owner and who was therefore interested in making the tripe As profitable As possible. The were not Long in nuking this discovery for Quot obeyed orders you Black Rascal re said i the Captain greatly astounded a a did no to i Tell you to postpone Tea Goose re Centaur looked perfectly amazed. Quot coarse you Dia of and i did Quot did what a shouted the Captain. Quot postponed the Goose a Cordin to the passenger Here begin to scent the joke and burst into a loud laugh. Even the Little Captain was somewhat mollified and requested Centaur to explain himself. Quot Well a a said he Quot you ordered me to Cook de fish and postpone do Goose. Now Sigri cultural. A a general thing a meaner table Wae never11 Webber postpone in All my Lile a of Ivy line to 0f third Clave Ho-1 Conree did no to know no hint a bout it but cheap new York Board Jimmy Duck a lighten me on the Subjek and 11 Foller factly Hia ascription. By Golly i provided in of third Clave to Conte did no to know no hint bout it but Tele or even in a ing House. It happened that during the passage we wore Bce Almod one Day upon a part of the coast which waa known to be excellent fish ing ground and the Captain with a View of course of saving a Dollar or two ordered Tho inc to bring out their fishing tackle and try their Luck. This was soon done and Aura enough a Largo Quantity of Tho finny tribe were soon transferred from their aqueous abode to the deck of the ship to the Infinito satisfaction of Tho Little a Kipper and the no Small Delight of the passengers who anticipated for that Day at Loyat a pleasant change of Diot. In the course of the morning the Captain took occasion to enlarge upon the delicacy of the fish caught in that locality and closed by asking Quot what say you to a fish dinner to Day ladies and gentlemen a everybody said Quot of by All Means Quot and so it was arranged that Tho Bill of fare that Day was to comprise fish Only. Now attached to Tho ship waa a negro Cook a Aleck oily and rather Good looking negro who was called centaurs a name which he obtained in consequence of s curious fancy he had of sitting astride of the Bowsprit whenever it blew hard and fearlessly retaining his position no matter How madly Tho vessel pitched and tossed amidst the turn uncut Waves. As this somewhat approximated to a daring act of horsemanship Tho name of Centaur was considered to be a very appropriate one and with which the negro was by no Means displeased. After the passengers had agreed to the fish dinner i chanced to be on Tho forecastle not far from the Galley when the Captain came Forward and looking in Sung out Quot Centaur Quot Quot Aye Aye say replied that personage. Had trouble enough Don t want to postpone anode everybody laughed heartily at centaurs explanation and even the Captain could not help smiling. Quot be off you Blasek Blockhead a he said Quot and Send Jimmy ducks Tho Darkey was off in a twinkling and there being sumo curiosity As to tins new style of cooking we tried the Goose but for the life of us we could not Tell whether to were eating fish flesh or fowl. Jimmy soon afterwards appeared and was com. Polled to repeat the directions to Luid Given 1 to Tho Cook forgive less being extended to1 him Only on condition that lie should eat the whole of to Goose and i was appointed a committee of one to see the sentence duly carried out. The punishment however did not seem to be very severe for in fifteen minutes nothing but a Skeleton remained of the much abused Goose. Quot my he yes a was his exclamation when he had completed Tho task Quot if that a a postponed Goose i wish the Captain us have one postponed every week. The dress in however might be varied so at to be a Letle More Quot Cook a Large mess of fish to Day Lor the Cabin passengers dinner and Dye hear postpone that such were the captains directions to which the Cook replied Quot All right say Quot after the Captain s departure poor Centaur seemed to be greatly troubled Ond Sera died his Wool in Tho most vigorous and determined manner. 1 overheard him asking himself Quot what do do bail to mean by cooking de fish Aud postponing de Goose ? i Bou Oil sob Bora i buy Agee if not More i Ben in big hotels and Little hotels Ian and boy for be or so Long if not longer Dun Dat an by Golly Dis do first time i cd bar Lierd of Post Cunt no o Goose. Derous Pickin a Goose i n Goose Goose Teo i. _ that Chen mrs. Glass do great Cook Dey talk Gen Ftp if you choose hut there about Cher Herd of. It must be done a name Good for nothing articles inside. Zotigh or Dis child la git some kicks Aure. A a a it a a wonder if Jimmy ducks Eicr Beerd of it he knows most Cabery Jimmy ducks was Ono of Tho Crown a real Cockney and like every one born with in Tho sound of Bow Bells considered himself to be a sort of walking encyclopedia. If to did no to know hot least pretended to do so and too often i am sorry to say pretence is permitted to pass current. Just As Centaur concluded his ruminations Jimmy Aud one or two others of the Crew passed the Galley door and the bewildered Cook rushed out and anxiously inquired of the Oracle if he knew How to postpone a Goose ? now Jimmy was somewhat sensitive and probably thought Tor the moment that Tho term Goose might apply to himself and that there waa s Covert joke in the remark for he waa evidently Uken Aback and his face began to flushed get Good if bits. Quot Man i a bundle of he my this is the Sage remark of some philosopher who had probably made for himself a heavier Burthen than it was altogether agreeable to carry through the world. Did you Ever Stop to think that you Aro every Day picking up something to add to the bundle which you arc to Bear about with you As Long As you live ? if you were collecting a package of articles which you could handle or weigh Bow careful you would to to avoid such is were very heavy or that might Hurt you with their Sharp Points or rough edges. Von would consider it foolish in any Oue to select any but Light and arc Pablo materials if he could have his Choice and if no one need to carry those which Are heavy or in any Way disagree Cable. Yet that is what Many a forlorn looking boy is doing. Poor Fellows they Oro loaded Down with n weight that Sampson himself could hardly have carried. Ragged Lilliy Luzy and smokers no Sampson could never Liao accomplished Liia astonishing feats with such habit a these to weaken him. They began to smoke because they thought it Munly i suppose. Wlms u mistake some men who appear like gentlemen have habitat which Aro anything but Manly or bundle of soiled rags or Ari Ilse is just what l. Is silk Broadcloth or thu of May Call the wrapper arc the it is the habits that make the Man. Yea habits Aro Liko Tho old Man in the Story of sinbad the Bailor Tho Lunger you carry them the closer they cling. To Smoko or Chew tobacco because some mex do so a about As sensible a it would be to break your Bock or pull out your tooth Beca e some men Aro hum backed or Havo also Teeth. Then one balt i habit brings others. If and Chew you must spit and How interesting it must to for friends to track you round the world by a Stream of tobacco juice no boys done to use tobacco it is As untidy and uni Nuzly a habit As Ever found its Way among thu human race. It wrinkles the face turns the skin yellow so oils the Teeth soils White Linen and clean floors and turns Tho parlor into a pig Sty Nomo strangers visiting a Quot Down East Stato House last summer thought they had Centaur however explain j made a discovery viz., that there was such i a Mineral As yellow Granite of which the Quot do Case is Dis you see. Cup a says to 0f Tho stats in oust were comp cd me Jis now Saya he Cook a Large mess but by at last discovered that this color c a for do Cabin passengers dinner to Day a to been produced by Tho experiments of now Dat is Jis what fish Sny postpone do Goose Dis Nigger can to git to rough his Wool no How what postponing a Goose la a a i Mil 1 1 tobacco spitters and the Steps seemed to be dyed Bayoud All Hopo of renovation by., scouring. Quot a a a said Jimmy seeing through the of what Honor to Stato or nation is an fair and winking at Hia companions Quot that edifice so adorned ? no wonder Tho world a easy enough. I thought every fool knew Augys at Quot Yankee tricks a boys it is i for you to say whether we shall Continuo to Quot i to ought so too a said Centaur inno be taunted with this As Ono of our National cantly Quot an so i says to myself Jimmy habits. Ducks a ii i we cannot help forming habits of some Quot Well you see a Asid Jimmy looking bind and they Nasiat or retard our Progress very serious Quot it Isnit a common or s very through Tho world in a remarkable Way. Usual Way of a cooking your Goose a but i Good habits Are Liko life preservers that when it is served up after fish and nothing buoy us up when in danger of sinking or to follow at the nobility a dinners or at the1 Liko Tho sails of a ship Tost help it Forward lord mayors banquets then they a postponed while find ones Are dead weights that sink j it. Now this is the Mode of doing it first the cafe in its hour of peril. Pick with the Goose As clean As possible then a piece of lighted paper Burn the bad habits Are the ruin of the world they make of the human Raco a More pro-1 stumps of the feathers. After drawing the cession of burdened groaning Pilgrim a Bird you will stuff it with s mixture com loaded Down More heavily than Tho Camela posed of Bard Boi cd eggs chopped very of an Eastern caravan while Good habits Fine onions ditto apples ditto biscuit j Bro like wings upon Tho shoulders of him pounded into Small bits and portions of a who carries them. Fish previously browned on Tho fire. Youj boys and girls the Jou Rucy of life is will then put the Goose into a pot boil it before you and you Are preparing a bundle for half an hour then put it on your spit 0f habits to carry with you at least As far roast it until done and you will serve it with the inn of death. Your Burden is a Small prepared one now but every Day you Are adding Centaur listened with profound attention something to it and fastening it More Tillit and noting carefully upon the Tablet of his brain Jimmy s directions started for the Galley highly elated. The Afi sir was of course kept a profound secret and i would not have spoiled the expected joke for the world. Dinner time arrived and Centaur certainly woo honors for himself by the style in which lie served the fish both boiled and Fried. Dish after dish bad disappeared and when every Oue supposed the meal to be concluded another dish was placed before the Captain who on removing the cover to his great Surprise and indignation discovered the Goose his Wrath was not to be suppressed even in the presence of the passengers and in a towering passion he Shoales Quot Send bit infernal Cook aft poor Centaur entered Tho Cabin very Greasy and Good Humoured having no suspicion of anything wrong and was considerably startled by the question Quot what do you mean you scoundrel by this disobedience of orders a Quot obeyed orders As done Jis what you said say he stammered out. By to your Back. Throw away while you can everything that will bean encumbrance everything that will not to an actual assistance to you on the Way. There will be t cares Sod troubles enough to weigh you Down without making yourself your heaviest Burden. Get Good habits and keep them and your trip through this world will be cheerful comfortable and and school Witt. Attain next or khow Kuhe. A or. Eliot bus Gregory ears Quot with a few exceptions so few indeed that they need scarcely be taken into a practical estimate any person May least anything upon Thich he May set his heart. To ensure Success he has simply to in discipline his mind As to Check its Vagran cies to cure it of its constant pro Ncnees to be doing two or More things St s time and to compel it to direct in combined energies simultaneously to a single object and thus to do Ono thing St once. Thia i consider one of the most difficult but onto of the most useful lessons a Young Man can j lot let tax. The Boston cultivator has an article shich to Transfer to Nur columns country Pix it pc generally pay too Little attention to applying themselves with Early vegetables., a hot bed costing but a trifle would enable an in Lieuary family to have plenty of lettuce cabbage tomatoes cucumbers melons egg plants etc., two or three weeks earlier than they could be obtained from opt n culture Only. For this latitude tins is about the right time to make hot Beds. Too Mode of making them vanes some whet but the following May answer for common cases horse manure a which has been kept in a Heap and turned Over and Well mixed together it it voral Days before being placed in the bed a in the Best material. A sheltered situation Shoum to ii oxen especially one open to the Sun and screened from the coldest the ground is i site dry a pit ten Inch or a foot deep May he dug but if it is wet the bed raised by scattering the manure Over it evenly with a Fork and beating it Down in order to have it sufi count by solid especially at the outside where the Frame will rest. Unless Tho manure in quite wet it will to Best to Sprinkle it with n in Tenn pot As it is Laid up. Old inn hark h something s us cd in hot Beds with the manure As it tends to prevent Tho violence of the heat and continues it a longer thu Unnur is All Laid up the Frame Aud s Walies May be Laid on and remain closed for two or three Days to rain of the heat examining from Day to Dav to see what Tho temperature is. When it has risen to summer heat or shout 70 degrees Tho vapor should to allowed to escape and Tho Mould Tor planting the seed should to thrown Good Rich Earth will do for this but that made front rotted sods mixed with leaves and vegetable matter from a hard Wood Forest is Best. It should be Laid Over the manure to the depth of six inches. In this the seed May to planted or they May be planted in pots placed in Tho Earth. As to management Tho following rules from Schencks Quot Gardner a text Book a May to onto red Quot keep Tho sashes covered with boards mat or Straw during Tho cold nights and Severo storm admit the air freely in pleasant weather by sliding Down Tho saah Ca for an Inch or two or by raising them up with wedges at thu Luck part of Tho Framo and occasionally apply water in moderate quantities after it has been kept in Tho Frame fur at least twelve hours when Tho bed is first made great care is necessary to prevent Tho plants being injured by extreme cat Slid St that time the Protection of Mats itc., should be much lighter than afterwards when the danger is passed. To ascertain this the temperature of Tho bed ought every Day to be examined. The most Correct instrument for the purpose is a thermometer but in thu want of that a trying stick will answer very Well. It is a smooth lath of Wood about two Feci Long which is to to thrust into different parts of the manure and then draw out and grasp quickly by thu hand. A sometimes the heat is found so violent that in addition to raising Tom sashes several holes Tun St he opened in the pile of dung by Means of a Large stake or crowbar in such n in inner that they can be filled up with Hoy or dung when no longer necessary. The air within the Frame should be frequently renewed or the plants will become swindling. With a sickly Yellowish color. They cannot be expected to grow hardly unless the steam from Tho dung be permitted to escape and for Coli air Tako its place. A hotbed needs ventilation quite As much of a crowded Church. The sashes ought to to opened in All pleasant weather by the in Sortun of wedge Slu cd props so that Tho Glass can to raised to any height desired according to the heat of Tho bed or the temperature of the atmosphere. When there is a slurp cutting wind it will be advisable to Hing a nut Over Tho opening in such n Way tint Whilo the Planta will not Zulfer from the blast there May to ample of it or Unity Lor the admin ainu of fresh air. No Effort must to spared to keep Tho plants Stout and healthy Tho atoms Strong and Tho leaves of a Lino Green color. A talk with on headers. We extract from the new York observer of feb. 4, the following timely hints suggestions and questions of a practical nature to Tho agricultural Reader of that journal. They Are equally applicable to this or any Oiler latitude. Quot you Are enjoying that season of rest which intervenes Between a Campaign Jan to closed and Ono about to commenced not exactly of rest for Tho Fanner s work Nover is done but of rest comparatively a fit season Lor reviewing the past Aud plan aug for Tho future. It is impossible for a to say what mistakes you made last year hot this we can say positively a if you will ferret them out Trace each to its Truo Causo Aud duly estimate the damage you will better avoid mistakes hereafter. In order to Aid you in the search for past errors not to to mourned Over inconsolable but to be avoided in Tho future we will put you a few Plain questions that to May not seem to to wholly taken up with a Dollar and cent View of things to will begin with Tho higher and come Down by degrees to the lower interests of the farm. How much have you lost by a Leas attentive Aud affectionate Demeanour than was due to her Worth towards that wife of yours la Vitug forfeited thereby somewhat of the lasting esteem mid Lovo you would otherwise have enjoyed How much by net making the of your parlor dining room Kitchen Wash room Dairy fixtures &.c., convenient for superintending and Tho indoors work whereby a our wife a health has become impaired ? Low much by n t seeing that s horse was harnessed now and then for your wife and daughters to Esko s lift Quot a a int away from Tho Treadmill round of Kitchen sitting room and laundry to breathe fresh a a and sen now objects and feel their spirits enlivened there Are no better husbands than Farmers and we should be willing to have All the girls in the country think so but sometimes they Are inconsiderate. We Kouw a Farmer who has lost one of the loveliest and Best of wives lie did not hasten her exit sur postly. Lie loved her too Well for that Ever was a since scr Mourner. But Good cosy Man he permitted a procedure which has filled him with sorrow and left his children Motherless a terrible misfortune to the Little ones for Nono but a Mother in fit to rear children. How was it ? Hie Young i on Ludd in 4/a Park

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