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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Mar 10 1854, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - March 10, 1854, Biddeford, MaineThe 4tv Afef 1 in and As in Jour anal Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. Biddeford Friday March 10, 1854. Vol. . 10. The Union and eater journal is Rob Luhks wrist Friday. Orric no. 1 Central Block. A Oldeford opposite the Biddeford House. Terms93 00 per annul or 91 30 if paid within three month from the time of subscribing. In copies May be obtained at Thi office in seals Price 4 Ceuta. T b. Palms the american newspaper agent is the Only author iced agent for this paper in Lite cities of new York Bohol and Philadel phia and is duly empowered to Tykp advertise ment and subscriptions at the same rates As required by us. I Orff is Are Ive York. Tri Bune buildings Iio mom Souay for building n. W. Corner third und Chisnut Street. March s Watson Prater. Poetry. Deck of the " outward bound " to Eliza Cook Job a How Seldom we dream of the Mariner s grave far Down by the Coral Strain i i How Little we think of i m wind and the wave when All we love Are on land the Hurricane comes and the Hurricane goes and Little Heel do arc take though tin Tiee May snap As the Tempe to blows and tin Walls of our Homestead Shuke. Slut the Vorih at ale Ull a Milf erect tale with a voice of four in i sound. When a lived one i under a close a Cpd and on the deck of an u outward How a Lully alien we look on the night As the threatening Cloud go by a the wind gets up and the lat faint Light is dying away in the sky ? How we i ten und Guie with a silent lip. Aim judge by the in ending tree How the same wild gut Jiuu t to the ship and Aru a la mighty i a Adly then do we meet the Day when the signs of storm Are found Ami Pray Lor tin loved one Lar away. On tin deck of us " outward there is one that 1 cherished when hand in hand we roved o or the Lowland Lea Ami i thought my Low Lor that on the Laud was Earnest a love could lie. But now Triatik Huth Goue out on the tide i Lind that i worship the More and i think of the Waters deep nud wide and i Bank on the Dower on Shore. 1 have watched the wind i have watch Liedthe stars and Seruia from the tempt Mioshi Foi my heart strings arc Wreath d with the slender spars that carry the " outward 1 have slept when the a phys forgot to creep and the sky a without u frown but i turned Juu from that fretful sleep with the dream of a ship going Down. 1 have sat in the Licud when the Corn wus in Shock and Lite reaper s Hook was Bright but my fancy conjured the in Iker mud the Rock in the dead of a m Oulu in it of i will never Meu ure Utle Etious Guiti while trending Eurth s flowery Mound but wait till the loved one i from the main on the deck of an outward 77 � o the following Little got in Tho Waverly Magazine. It is pure and Bountiful As Spring s earliest Snow drop. The grave s Flowers Aroul a Zutl grave some Bright Flower of Row and in he und died no bund was there t cherish they bloomed unseen till Winter Elainr then perished like the frail Flower a bore who prove Uliey grew tin or Ped awhile then died forgot Tou too no Wanderi Steps disturbed that Ucrry pit to drop a tear no Stone was there to show tie Little Sleeper had not been forgot or lint when Nii came Willii gentle falling show around tie Little Mound they Rewn Uin first came the leaves then Little buds and then with All their fragrant Liui emm us Llover to first ii Xiii the Little grave at Iove they seemed to Ine More Ritt inf than a Stone in sue i a spot it seemed that god i i love Hail marked that Little grave to ail but him unknown. Arumoto a 0111 cult ural. Farm work for March. A Bois Lero blustering and yet genial Ami sunny Tellow at Odd limes is March. Like some people whom we All know he is at Short intervals All Honey but the most of the time we find his face All in a pucker and must seek work in doors which can al ways be found by the Farmer who uses his Tatlin Plaun Tig As Well As his hand in sex routing and no Ono is a Farmer in the broadest sense of the term who does not use All the faculties with which god has in Dow Dhim. Preparing manure most barns that have Boru built or repaired within the last ten years have cellars under them into which the manure is dropped directly from the Leanto. In this Way both the liquid and the solid evacuations Are saved if a bed of Meadow mud or some equivalent is placed beneath. Manure saved in his Way is of course two or three times stronger than that Ali Row from the windows and exposed to the bleaching effect of the Rains and the Eva pouring Tower of the Sun and winds. The Best course to pursue undoubtedly would be to have the cattle tied on the South Side of the barn and a Large pile of mud hauled into the cellar and placed on the North or opposite Side during the sum Mer while it was dry. A portion could then be thrown Over the manure at frequent intimately mixed together by overhauling. If it and Lime had been mixed with the turf so much better but Many of our far mers have not convenience to pursue this Couise or if they have no Leisure but am is a comparatively Leisure month and they can now work to advantage in hauling Meadow mud to their cellars to increase their Heap of manure by an admixture of the two during Stormy Days. is necessary to have ome Means of passing from the Road to the various lots and from one piece which is fenced in to another with a team and it a been usual to have Diaw bars through which to pass. The taking away and re placing these is attended with much inconvenience and loss of time which might in a Reat measure be done away with by substituting for them cheap and Strong Gates. These gales made of poles or narrow slats. By six or eight inches wide can be made by any Farmer who has the least mechanical skill and proper tools during the Stormy jays of March and he will find that they will save him Many a five minutes Hin Drance during the Busy season of the year runts can also be provided undercover and after the fro to is out of the ground he will be Able to set them inverted and hang his Gates himself. Cd mus May be Cut any time during this month before the buds have swelled and packed in a Box wrapped in a Damp Woolen cloth or old garment. If the cloth is kept moist not wet. The scions will be in Good condition for grafting through the season and it is much better to have the scions prepared beforehand than to be obliged to out beg or borrow when you wish to use them. Planting Case we have an Early Spring by the last month the ground will sufficiently dry and warm to admit of planting potatoes As they Are much Leas liable to Strei from the rot than later planted ones and when so Many Are lost from this cause it m better to adopt All the preventatives with which we Are acquaint Jed. Another preventative to the rot which has been strongly Reeoma ended through the papers a to place the seed in a hot room for a Day or two before planting. A Small Quantity could be placet behind the Kitchen stove at a time and thus healed Altonah we believe with Small prospects of advantage. Still the Experiment might be Worth trying As it Vonald require but Little time and involve the experimenter in no sex taking care or Stock. Continual watchfulness is the Price of Liberty and continual watchfulness and rare in regard to a Farmer s Stock is essential to his sue Cess in Curin a profit from them As in any other Branch or this multifarious Busi Ness. He might As Welt Plant his Corn and Hope Foi a crop from the courts of nature unassisted by his own exertions As to expect a profit from his cows without Reg ular and proper feeding. If the Farmer wishes High was for his labor he must be instant in season and out of season. Let him do to Dav what the indolent Man would put off till to Morrow let him Dur ing this comparatively Leisure month make his preparations for the More Busy time coming and his work in the Busy Ticino will be the easier. Necessity for agricultural science. Common observation is sufficient to con Vince any our that the processes of cultivation now generally pursued Are exhausting to the fertilizing properties of the soil carrying from it far More Iran i returned to it. This must be the Case so Long As the produce of the country finds its Way to the cities and foreign countries for consumption Anil no method is devised for returning from thence or other sources fertilizers to the amount thus removed. In the Patent Olf Ico Lle Porf for 1852-3, d. Lee m. D., has a Long article on Amer ican agriculture and education in which he truly nays " productiveness of crops and destructiveness of soil arc the two Mot prominent features of american agriculture. The latter feature arises from the fact that we have a continent to cultivate and of its Virgin american cards have been cheap to the first settlers and everywhere productive when newly brought under cultivation. Hence the twist settler have thought Only of their abundant crops and neglected those Means which Are necessary to replenish their soil and continue their productiveness. When exhausted they have been abandoned and the proprietor pushed Olf again into the wilderness Leeling that he could better afford to Clear a new lot than to re claim the worn out soil of the old farm. Such has been and is now the process going on in the new Resio iut of our country from Maino to Georgia Fiorin the Pacific to the Atlantic and from the lakes of the North to the Gulf of Mexico. The cry has always been when the tide of emigration has been turned to a new Section that its soil contains the elements of inexhaustible productive Ness. This has alike been said of the East Ern part of Maine Penobscot Aroostook iic., of the far West Ohio Illinois Wisconsin &c., together with the vast regions of the sunny South. But facts have demonstrated that it has been a chimera in nearly every instance where Thero has been sufficient time for a full development of the resources of the soil. Southern plantations litre been l to i i Leil Anil Gitcin Over n worthless while the own Fri has sought new Fields of profit in unoccupied lands. The Northern and Western Husbandman has had to resort to manuring and been doomed to experience for years the disadvantages which his mistakes have Cost him. Or. Lee who lives at the South and under stands Well the condition of Southern Agri culture represents the Cotton culture As deteriorating the soil at a Lapid rate. Kim statistical data he has demonstrated that two thirds of the improved lauds of the state of new York Are damaged to the extent of three dolls ref to the acre a year. An intelligent gentleman had found that twelve years cultivation of Wisconsin lauds had Iii finished their productiveness near one half. A nor collecting together a great variety i of fact or. Leo Home to the following conclusions " the practice of drawing on 1 american soil As an inexhaustible capital prevails equally All Over the United states and it is truly bred in the Bono and Llesh of the people. Where or it i possible to bring the Lii it of truthful science to Bear on the Laud under cultivation there the consumption of its Virgin Fertility is Demon rated. Of the one Hundred and Twenty five million acres tour Tilths or one Hun dred millions Are damaged to the extent of three dollars an acre per aft Tim. By which remark we mean that Complete restitution of the elements of the crops removed such As Potash soda Lime magnesia chlorine phosphoric and sulphuric acids and am Monia cannot be made Short of three Dol Lars per Acie. All manuring o every kind implies the necessity of making restitution to the Earth cultivated by Man but this first and highest duty of the cultivator and Husbandman is now almost universally neglected such a conclusion is certainly startling and must awaken no Little solicitude in the to oin of the Patriot for a remedy. What ,0.111 be done to arrest a title which is so con stantly and certainly bearing the life and t Energy of our cultivated lands into our cities Down our Tivvis and across our oceans 1 we May plan and devise As we i will the Only it Letual answer to this ques j t Ion can be found in a thorough system of agricultural education. The Pecolo must understand this whole matter and science must out the remedy. According to the above estimate the Union is losing annually $300,000,000 in the exhaustion of her soil for the want of the general Viilu Sioui of agricultural knowledge. Should this sum be expended annually for a few years in establishing and endowing agricultural school How soon the want would be sup plied the lands of the state and the nation devoted to the n purpose might be saved trom the late which the prut of our do main now under cultivation has received i Rahaii Fotion. The next crop. _ Tho following article to find in Tho new i re Tribune on a subject which it is now time to consider and which May to of Valuo to Tomo of our Many agricultural readers. The inducements hold out to Farmers to Plant a Large Spring crop Wen never Moro flattering than at the present time. Wheat is higher this Day than Ever known before in new York and so of All other Grain. And these Largo prices Are not entirely Tho result of speculation based upon european War news. Independent of Tho War demand there it a Scarcity of bread stuff abroad which has already drawn off Tho surplus of our crops until the Price is affected by the natural Law of demand and Supply. The Supply having become exhausted and the Groat american granary in a measure Emp tied the world Calls upon to refill it. There b an Thor demand for gain besides the foreign one which will prevent prices from receding below the paying Point for several years to come and that is for the in men so number of hands employed in build ing railroads. These works cannot to Sud Denly stopped no mutter what the pc Tsuro May be upon the Money or Grain Market be cause to Stop them would be ruin to the capitalists. When a current onco forms a Chan Nel it is difficult to turn its course. The pro ducts of Tho american Farmer Liao lately fallen into a Channel where the current of Trade is sweeping them Onward to marts be fore unknown producing prices before in thought of. Is e therefore counsel our coun try friends to prep ire for a great Spring crop. Let them sow Ull the Oats they can get into the ground in Good order in proper season then Plant Corn upon every acre in Good con edition which can be devoted to that crop. Let them also sow buckwheat , and 1 Corn for fodder so that they can Soli a Large portion of All the Grain produced. I at the West and particularly in Southern Michigan Northern Indiana and Illinois Spring wheat is More extensively Worf than to Winter variety. Farmers in that Region should not neglect the pro sent Opportunity 1 to make a paying crop of this Grain. Spring wheat sown Early rarely tails upon a Prairie farm where Winter wheat is very Uncertain. If possible it should Hij sown in february at any rate March to would not Pas before thu crop is in oven if ii is necessary to Wade Over to lines in mud to do it. To have seen forty five bushels per acre of Spring wheat though the crop is far below that mainly owing to the very bad treatment it receives i at the hands of the Farmer. Dicuns Anu pens u Iii to seen uru Jum i id at $1 60 to a Bushel. Both of to Csc Tiro Spring crops and May to grown with profit upon almost any farm in the country. Lastly look it the Price of Pota toes which Aro now Selling at $3,50 per bar Rel Mitre per Busholl than Corn Ami More than wheat in Ordinary years. With Grain High is it certainly will l e next season potatoes will continue to Soli at High rnt"3 after the next crop co tics to perfection. Far mers should make a note of this in Timo for Spring operations. Let them Plant largely. The crop will be a paying one. We add that they should not Plant or sow anything spec Only in the Kastern states without manure in Farmer has not enough upon his own farm let him buy guano superphosphate of Lime ground Bones Salt Itrato of soda Poudrette or some other concentrated fertilisers which Are sold now is Cote Only As the seed to Imp planted. One of the greatest wants of this country at this moment is capital to employ in producing food and raw materials for manufacture from american soil. No Branch no business suffers so much for the Lack of capital us farming. Farmers con Plain of Tho poor compensation they get for their labor. Thoy say that they work harder live coarser and enjoy fewer luxuries and refinements of life than any other class of men ail of which we Are willing to concede while we insist that it is Ccaruso they do not employ capital. They Only work to Livo work with their own hands and not like the manufacturer with machinery and Means Furni did Tho Ouuor in Titus it is r finlly trim that Muny men own Largo tracts of land lying comparatively Idle and waste because they cannot Cal Pivato them alone and do not see the advantage of employing others to do it for them. It is this class that we More particularly desire to Wako up to their own interests by showing them that who prices of far u products will not full below their present level until after the production of another crop. Therefore to repair the counsel ply curly sow curl and Plant larg by this Spring miscellaneous. Home pictures framed or life in the wilderness. When the i oven of summer rests upon our Lovely Earth 110 spot eau Lay claim to More of the truly Beautiful shaded by tiie tinting of the real than Silvan Dell. There is no need of drawing from Tho Ideal when Tho Blue Arch i sky that frames in this Lovely spot spans material enough for the real for narratives of thrilling interest and amusement. With such a fount of Stern fact 0 drug from it would be wrong to indulge in Idle dreaming and my Home pictures shall be sketched with the Pencil of truth. Green Tow 11 was the Nemo Given to the settlement of a tribe of the Delaware indians Long years before Ohio was a state and previous to the emigration of the Nerli est settlers. My Little sketch opens in 1811, when Tho Hardy pioneers had chosen and settled upon Tor Cal farms Many of them in close contiguity with Urce town. ? ? # open the door. Maggie Paul mrs. Carroll to her Little daughter who a is nestling at the feet of the baby in the rustic Cradle. Maggie Tho Bri Jit haired pet of the household ran of the door Anil with both tiny hands succeeded in raising the heavy wooden Latch. Four men with Humble Gaib with forms lagging Ami wearied and rills resting on the ground were standing it the open door. One with a commanding figure dolled his Slouch hat and craved lodging Lor himself Anil comrades until the morn ing. Honest John Carroll Laid Down his Book Ami Roso from his Little Bench seat in the Corner where Tho Blaze flashed Bri he est and in Tho warmth of his True heart said god knows in Tocao Days of peril Ami Ufler ring How glad to Aro to befriend each Oiler and if you ask As friends to Tarry with us in our Humble Cabin and come with Good intention you shall Bowel a gratitude was Theio expressed in the warm brotherly grasp of the four hard hands that were extended. Mrs. Carroll put aside the half patched coat and Fred added new fuel to the lire in shape of Green Loys that were soon snap Ping and making blazes while the Mother i baked a new loaf of Golden Corn bread Cut ample slices of Venison and from thu Little cellar a Tough yellow butter and a pan of milk. How Good to the a Cay ones was the fare that was spread out on a coarse clean cloth on thu Ruso table. I when supper was Over they talked of Tho times Tho ravages of the indians and of their Homes in the East and then when they were weary Good John Carroll read from the old Bible that Lay upon Tho shelf and All joined together in Tho heart Felt amen to the evening prayer. Yet Long they conversed after Tho tried soldiers had stretched themselves about on the floor for but few Days before had Tho Emigrant family Learned that the delawares at Tho Indian settlement of Greentown had vowed vengeance on them for Somo Little act which Hail been deemed a provocation. Iii kindness the stranger guests remonstrated with Cairo and Besought him to remove from that place until Timet present Oil a Nore favourable aspect but with that spirit which characterized the Early settlers of Ohio he refused. Before the Tosy tingo of Dawn had penetrated the Forest shades that surrounded the Little Cabin the quests who were soldiers returning to their horses were astir and before starting went to to gushing foun j Tain to Wash. The Sharp report of several guns rang out upon the morning air and echoed among the wild Hills the signal of danger death John Carroll frightened at the alarming sound sprang from his bed seized his a sket and just As he reached the door he j the Strong Noble Man was mortally wounded in the breast and shrieking mine my wife and children fell dead in the door Eliut but a mom it before had framed him in the pm Cutie of manhood. Fred hurried Down the ladder from the chamber dragged the lifeless form within j and assisted the terrified and Only remain ing Soldier in fastening the door and Sej creating his Mother and the children in the Little claim bar he had just left. From a Small window near the door i they saw an Indian stealthily approaching j but As he reached the Fence a Ball from Fred s Musket arrested him and he fell j across a Mossy log seat where Willie and Maggie had often played away the Happy hours. Iii Demoniac Raio were showers of dui lets rained Down upon Trio Humble roof Many of them piercing through and lodging in die opposite Wall. Closer the agonizing Mother held iter Little ones to liar bosom Anil piteously did she Shivok when her Darl ing Laigaie with a shrill scream Clung close to her and striving to hush her cries fainted on the breast hat pillowed her Bright curls. Maddening yells rent the air without and the poor Mother envied the unconscious Ollerer that Lay with the Pale lips ported and the Chubby hat nos hanging listless. A few moments longer moments that seemed Ngos and fied came up and bursting into tears seated himself it her feet and wept Pitoon sly and Long. When they descended n sad picture met their aze. The blight Sunshine Nevor gleamed upon a sadder sight. Willi the Shadow of night had disappeared the murderers. But the Seal or sworn revenge was stamped there in the Home in the Wilder Ness. The lather Lay in a Crimson Pool of his own blood across the Mossy seat was stretched the stiffening form of a painted Indian with his dark visage rightfully hideous and there dashed and rippled the Crystal Fountain hut its tipples played Over the dead bodies of two of die True hearted ones who had found rest their last night on Earth among strangers. At the foot of the Hill which had served for an Ambuscade Lay another Indian beside n gnarled Maple with i Riillo a dimly grasped in death and iliac Dju of two victim dangling from Liis Belt. While the bereft family were surveying the heart sickening scene n neighbor or. Levmore Anil his Sou. Philip arrived. Then while Tsie sorrowing Mother was bandaging Anil crossing the wound in Little Maggie s leg or. Seymore the Soldier Anil the two boys dug a deep grave under one of the Young Apple Trees beyond the foun Tain Ami Laid in the bodies of the murdered ones. Great constr nation prevailed in Sylvan Dell among the emigrants and they resolved to build a Block House and remove to it until peace and Security were fully re stored. Just where Willow Stream wound around the i huh Hill on judo Coulter s farm they built it a great unsightly pile with port holes so if they were attacked they could defend themselves. Eleven Fain Dies left their Homes and their new made gardens and Little conveniences and with troops of children dressed in coarse Linen and in men s cast Oil clothes and with Bare red feet they All huddled to Gether. When once comfortably settled and of Ling secure Many rays of Sun Shine were reflected Fiton their grateful souls upon their faces. Often i have Tat at the feet of aged matrons who were Young then and listened with intense interest to the Little incidents of life in the wilderness. Glorious times those. Why oven cupid the saucy sly of managed to find ent Rauco there and folded his wings with an air of Content and showed Forth some of his funniest tricks. Softly As Snow Hakes fell whisperings of love even there and gallants big study Noble Fellows with bared feet and Brown hands and father s hats to take their Musk ets and their Maidens and enjoy delightful rides in bark canoes on the Willow and Alder fringed Stream. And the wild Little Boydens of ten Summers old would steal the horses while the fathom were absent and tide round and round the stable and occasionally venture up and Down Tho High Hill. But one morning in Tho soft Brown Earth below one of Tho port holes Little Frank Lee found a Bright Silver brooch and beside it the wide track of an Indian s Moccasin. After this if the children grew boisterous in their play or ventured out of the Yard the mothers would significantly Point at Tho Silver brooch that fastened a k s Collar and it was Sut Lucient to Culm their Iov Umess. Or. So More still lived 011 his farm five Miles lip flip Stream nil near the Indian settlement. There was great preparation in i Cabin Home for the bridal of his Only daughter May. Philip had invited All the occupants of the Block House and a scene of festivity known Only in those Early Days was anticipated. A Sweet creature was May and the ride of her parents. Henry Alton her betrothed resided Iii Mietta Ami among other gifts to his Bright May was n snowy piece of Taconet for her bid a dress. The evening preceding the wedding found Tho Happy Flirl Silling before the fire finishing the pure White Robe and Philip beside her throwing bits of Hickory bark into the fire to keep up a Bright Blaze until Tho task was completed. Tho Mother tried with the Day s labor of baking and making All necessary preparation for the invited guests and with her weary hands folded in her Lap and looking with Pride upon her two children. No More extra biases Phil said May. Rising and smoothing Down the completed dress. And patting his Brown Cheek with her Little hand. And now Darling your a would like to see his pet in her bridal dress said the dating father. But said the Mother it is called bad Luck to put on a wedding dress before the proper time yet May if poor father de sires it you will do it and then the thought of being separated from her child we be fore her but checking the rising soon he leaned her head on her husband shoulder and talked of the coming event and who assemblage of expect cd ones on the mor Row. In a moment May stood before them in the White Robe Radi nut with Beauty and Bright Young Hope and they nil thought she never looked sweeter. Her Wavy hair a smoothed Back from or fair Young brow and her Blue eyes and delicate complexion contrasted beautifully with the pure Plain bridal dress. Bless yen my daughter said the father laying his hands on May s head As the innocent girl instinctively Knelt beside him. Just at this moment when Tho very Angels would Lovo to linger nod smile upon such a scene was the door rudely pushed open and Livo or six indians came Swa ering in headed by Black Cloud their chief. I thought dear Henry was come said Mav clinging with & frightened look to her father. With n shudder of horror that Sho strove to conceal the Mother beckoned i Philip aside and told him that the indians were partially intoxicated and the result of their untimely visit was much to be feared and that she would Endeavor to conciliate hem while he ran to their nearest neighbors and give the Nurm. Immediately after i Philip had stolen out mrs. Seymoor asked them if they would be pleased to have supper prepared Black Cloud with an oath re plied they came for that purpose and if Sho did not furnish the Bost the House afforded their lives would to the forfeit. With an attempt at composure the trembling woman placed a plentiful variety of food be fore item Ami kindly invited them to Par take. Exchanging glances that ror Oroumi in they gathered round Tho Labia silently Black Cloubil seating himself at the lie ail. Of yellow l read broke it and with curses pc Lief out i smell Trio red Man s blood " with a simultaneous movement they sprang from Trio table and though the wretch cd father raided bin hands and on Bis Knees plead for bin life it was of no Avail. The reeking tomahawks ceased not their murderous work until Tho husband and Wile Scro lifeless victims on Tho floor. L Oor May Clung to her loved Pirots and swooned with her father s head Cleft Asun Der lying on her bosom. When Onsri Osnoss resumed Alio beheld Black Cloud standing Over her with his raised weapon in his hand and a Young Indian Toso Sohing him to her. For some time his hard Faco gave no signs of relenting but at last to dropped his Hatchet at his feet and taking her hands bade Hor Rue. For Many minutes did Tho avenging nes Converse together and then seemed to l o at Variano on something which could not be settled satisfactorily. It al Tell Bodoni said Mlack Cloud with n ferocious Light in Bis snaky Eyo and tin next moment Tho fair breast of tin girl Bride poured Forth her life blood in a gushing Stream. To Iron victims Tho father with his tinged Gray hair the kind Good Mother and the Blooming May in her bridal Robe All sleep ers in death now said Illnick Cloubil tic avenging Demon " Trio rout May Linro our Hunting grounds that the Grout spirit gave to a lot us Lioy had scarcely readied the Woody brow of the Ambuscade Hill Over which Lay their Trail when Philip and two Mon approached the House. They paused and listened Brostl dissly hut no sound fell upon the ear Savo the tinkling Rill that wound guarded roots and Over Whito pebbles and the Hoo in owl in Trio distance. Perhaps they have already Gono said Philip Asho neared Trio House Ifo Presenti ment overshadowed his thoughts is he raised Trio Latch carelessly and pushed the door partly open. Some obstacle prevented it from swinging Back and in the dim firelight he looked to see what it might to my god what Liao you done to shrieked us his oyo fell upon the form of his brutally murdered father then his Mother and lastly his idolized sister with that Puro prow to and so loved to kiss and her Long Bright hair steeped in blood. He raised them up severally but life was utterly extinct and with grief unutterable to wrung his hands and prayed not to linger Alono homeless Fri Nulon and broken Henr cd. Mack Cloud and his band left their Beautiful grounds Tho Day following und went to Sandusky to join Simon Chirty Tho Renegado. They left All that was dear to them in their spacious Green where their feasts and dances Wero held their Council House and buried do id. Sated was their thirst for von Canco on Thosa who had deprived them of their fair Ian Eritano. Then Tho families moved from Tho Block House and went to their Homes and again kindled ores upon Tho desolate hearts and soon did Tho wild Wood farms look cheery and glad. Thai Oil Block House Long Feiore i Gnu Learned the wild and thrilling lore Wilh it have i clambered Over its Moulder Init Walls and rested my child hands on the lulls of Damp Green thai grew Between the wondrous logs and trampled on the clinging vied that tried to make it Beautiful in its forgotten desolation. I wondered Why it waa Ever built and thought n Palace should have occupied that delightful Situa Tion on the sloping Banks of Willow Stream. May s betrothed Lenry and the lonely Phillip under the ministering of Tho great restorer time and two Lovely and worthy wives recovered from the blight hat fell upon their Young years and arc Good and useful men. Willie and Maggie Are grand parents now their Mother still lives and it is their creates Joy to make Blest her inst year. Maggie s Gnit still bears evidence of the wound thai fortunately was not a fatal one. The Soldier who was missing after the murderous affray at Carrolls was discovered Long years afterwards his crouched Skeleton hidden in a hollow tree. A Bullet had lodged in his breast and it was supplied he had hidden himself to save his Scalp from the red men. On the Brown and Bony breast one Fie Shles hand was pressed against a miniature but it was so defaced nothing could to Learned from it. The 4 loves of Earth in that last moment Weie not forgotten where the Cabins of Carroll and Seymore stood now stand tasteful cot tages Wilh wide spread Fields surrounding and the same planning fountains All the Days and nights sing their soothing lullabies As they did Long years Agone to those who sleep in lowly Graves that Wero first hollowed out in Tho wilderness. One Lovely june Day in a spirited ride with my girl Friend Annie we visited the survivors of the scenes above narrated. Of i almost lived amid peril and hard ship and Forest life in that Day s visit we climbed the old Hills and stood at the Gravo under a giant Apple tree and played in the gushing jews 0f the Fountain and waded through High grasses to stand upon Tho old Hearth Stone that still remained3 of the Cabin Homes. Then we took Tea with Mother Carroll and Maggie and Wero so Happy to sit Hesiod them and look into their Loving Bine eyes and hear them Tell True and thrilling stories of Forest thur Home la rile. The Ballad to the tempest by j. T. R in lot. X pc were crowded h the Cabin not n soul would Dure to sleep it we Midnight on the water Ami a Uto Rui wan us the deep to a fearful in Muir in Winter to in Folia to Revti in the Mast and to hear the met plug Trusi a t Thunder cutaway the Matt so we shuddered there ill silence fur the stoutest held ins breath while the hungry eur was Roar Nir and the breaker talked with death. And he we sat in darkness Kaehne Busy in i prayer. 11 we Are lost " the Captain shouted a he Tangered Down the stairs. Hut his Little daughter whispered As she look his icy hand in t god upon the Ocean just the same As on the land ? " then we kissed the Little Maiden a id spoke in better cheer and we anchored Safe in a Durbor when the morn was a hiking Clear. Don t recognize her she s a working girl such was lilo exclamation of a port Young mis lire wed in bilks nil line Linen us she brushed by an old school Day acquaintance compelled to Lubov diligently to up Oil her self and a kind Mother. Be happened to to close at hand and furthermore possess a alight knowledge of the person in ques Tion. Thus informed we were astonished at the remark and with Didi culty restrained an expression which the heart dictated at that moment. The author of the Larry ago which Lead this sketch is by no Means wealthy on the contrary her Mother for she i a half or Phan in industrious worthy lady has n Means of obtaining a livelihood which we will not particularized Shico it to say it is honorable. The daughter has been allowed her own Way in life and by association has acquired habits which we most despise in any individual. She affects to be what she is nut she flirts with Tho Case and Grace of an adept and treats hearts As Idle baubles tit Only Lor Sportive fancies. She scorns poverty and turns up her nasal organs at the poor working girl As unworthy of recognition by her Luil ship. Sho visits con certs and Public places to attract attention and to gain this in viable Noto Bioty resorts to certain devices which always succeed. She is in fact a " Irish Young woman " to use a homely phrase and deserves to be censured most severely for Sci conduct. The poor working girl whom she would not recognize is likewise half orphaned nud by fico of circumstances labors ten hours daily to support herself and Mother. She parses our Olyce daily on her Way to and from her work and always seems to be Happy and contented. She is not a named to acknowledge her condition in life nud never feels half so merry As when it her engagements. She is a Dutiful and Loving daughter Uliet Ionuti and generous to her co labourers and generally respected by \ them. She is in Short a High minded intelligent null respectable working girl than whom no one can be found Moro Wor i thy the approbation of her associates. And yet Shu is not recognized by " miss Kinnu Deuce because 11 she s a working girl i we would Ruther have that working girl for a companion through life than our would be Groat lady for a Day. The one is to to Lovell the other to be detested. This is no fancy sketch drawn from the imagination. It is a True scene from every Day Bany transcript. Of All our exchanges to Uso Tho scissors most freely on the Home journal which is jilt the freshest racist und most enter Taining journal in the country. And it May be Well its editors have each had nearly n Quarter of a Century s sex Orenco in com j readable for Tho parlor Public and the result Are practically embodied in la e Home journal. Here is a Good thing every word of which is True which to Cut from the lust number i the character or a forbearing the use of Power is n sure Yttri Bulo of a True gentleman indeed to May say that Power physical moral purely so dial or political is one of the touchstones of genuine . Tho Power which the husband has Over the Wile in which we must include the in pantry with which he May to unkind to her the father Over his children the teacher Over his pupils the old Over the Young and the Young Over the used Tho Strong Over the weak the officer Over his men Mooter of a ves m i Over his hands Tho magistrate Over the citizen the employer Over the employed Tho Lich Over Tho Oor Tho educated Over 1 Tho unlettered the experienced Over the 1 confiding the keeper of secret Over whom it touches the gifted Over theor Dieury Man j oven the Clever Over the Sily the for Henri i and use of nil this Power or authority or a total no Pincnce from it where the ease admits it will show the gentleman in a Plain Light. Every traveller knows at onco whether a gentlemanly or Rode officer is searching his trunk. Hut the use of Power does not Only form u touch tone oven Tho manner in which in individual enjoys certain advantages Over oth ers is meat. No gentleman can boat of the delights of a Superior health in the presence of a languid patient or sneak of Good Luck in the hearing of a Man ent by habitual misfortune. Let a Man who happily enjoys the advantages of a pure and Nuest life speak of it to a fallen criminal fellow being and you will soon see whether he be in addition to his honesty o gentle Man or not. The gentleman does not needlessly and unceasingly remind Ani o fender of a wrong he May Hare com Mie against him he can not Only can forget and to strive. For that Noble Jess of self and mildness of character r n hum which imparts sufficient Stronach to let the past be truly the pm he will never use the Power which knowledge of an of Fence a Tilse step or an unfortunate expos ure of weakness gives him merely to enjoy the Power of humiliating his neighbor. A True Man of boor feels humbled him self when he cannot help humbling others. A Good Story if that related to a this week by a Friend. There were two cat did Atea in a certain District who wore both ambitious of representing i heir constituent in Congress. Lawyer meddle failed to receive a nomination and thinking that it might to possible to destroy Tho election and Home in on Tho second heat be called upon Aijiro Leigh tons a wealthy Tuoi Gliber who ii oys some Little popularity. Squire said meddle what to you think of the nomination of Wilkins and Viallet Well to Tell Tho truth meddle replies Tho Squire i Bav it thought about it. Well Squire i Bavo my own Opinia but it is neither Here nor there All 1 say and say it boldly is this " if you will consent to stand As an Independent candidate you la walk straight ahead of " do you think so medal a " of course i do Ain t you the most pop us Amati in the District v " Well i Don t know but i can t see Why i am not " of course you Are and now Squire just got Jour son Stephen to Hare some totes printed and a Bill to each of Tho Voto inspectors and go in and the Squire suddenly became anxious the do his country some service. Tho idea that to was the must Oular Man in Tho District Hec Amoa with hit it absorbed All others Tor popularity be deemed equivalent to an election. It is True that some of Hie friends remonstrated with him when the Flag of the free announced this Independent nomination but muddle s guaranty tha be would outstrip life competitors was enough for him. He rested in quiet anticipation o being called to Washington until the Day of election previous to which we should say meddle like a True pol Ilicin spoke in Cau Cus for the regular nominee of Lua party. The election took j Lack with the following result. Wilkins Mallet Llight Ops 4071 j073 3 Tho Squire was a to cried. Hillier there is no disposition to undergo the fatigues of experimenting or the resources of Medicine and Art Era exhausted so far As Eliut uncontrolled disease is concerned. A belter opening for bold researches was never presented Tikiun Obdu the exp Exsior is nearly Universal physicians cannot arrest or subdue pulmonary a distinct chair in some or All of the colleges for the study of the thoracic vis Cru und the lungs in particular., in health and disease would to an movement and to doubt not would Load to Tho happiest results. Boston magical Jour Nal. Tiie face or loin Savoie a. That fac in appear acc so motionless and insensible is but Trio Annak of to Man within ancient and powerful. Tabuso eyes Are Dull but us profound us to Tho t in which they dive und a bib rises at times in. Their orbits As the Ilmo Risos front to blurt a whence it derives its fire. To brow is gloomy As Fate but express i to us a Rugtive Genius. Those lips Are colourless but full of delicately turned severed scarcely sufficiently parting and open just to allow i be Curt Ami precise Cipr cation of u will Emana Ting from deep reflection and inexorably re solve. The voice is indolent mid drawling but sell reliant and to indifference a bib shows itself is but to excess of that Confidence. Courage concealed by timidity Resolution disguised by gentleness inflexibility softened by mildness policy Bidden by Good Vuturo life under Murhle fire under asses in a word a something it taking of Augustus and of Titus but wit ii to face of Werter that Tyno of German sentimentality. Such does Najt Oleon Bonaparte appear. Anecdote. The journal of Commerce fells the following capital Mory of of Smith the mormon " some persons visited him doring ii troubles in Illinois and the con versa Ion turned on self defence. He wan naked what be thought of the Worda of the scripture a bib required him who had been smitten on one Cheek to turn be other also. 1 a very remarkable passage be answered spoken by Jesus Hin self and strikingly illustrative of his thorough acquaintance of human nature. A mail Way strike you a Der a mistake or without intending any harm and you ought not to strike Back immediately but turn the other Cheek and give him an Opportunity to explain or if he be in Earnest to repeat the of Feime la never you need not turn a third time but in a Man strikes you twice then into him like a thousand of Brick " Lola Monti. Thin noted female has lived a comparatively quiet life of late in her California Homo. Occasionally emerging from her retirement however dashes Forth among the diggers and after creating an immense sensation returns to her Rural Felicity. The Nevada journal of the 20.h of february nays on tuesday Lola Monte paid our Berg a Hying visit in o Sleigh drawn by a Span of horses decorated with Impromptu coir Bells. Sho flashed like a meteor thru the Snow Hakes and Wanton Snow Halls and after a thorough Lour of the disappeared in the direction of grass Sajtl fire and loss or i at j a Sadi Mikac. To learn from to Lingor Wai g that on monday night last week the dwelling House of James 11. Cleave loud esq., at Passadumkeag took Firo and waa with difficulty Meitin Guia hed. List dreadful to relate mra. Han nah Glidden a very aged lady who waa confined to Hertha inner by Aie knead perish and although by the Noble Elbra of the circa tone Ahe was read used from the al Uaea ret shockingly Burnt that Ahe aur tired but a Thott time. Accident on Tajc a will ii loss. At Wilmington on the Lowell Railroad Yaa verday morning a or. Kenniston. Con Ductor of the freight train waa engaged in uncoupling cars to waa thrown Down and run Over severing one Arm fro

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