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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Mar 9 1855, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - March 9, 1855, Biddeford, MaineOf Piti b a Var Union and Eastern journal. A eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of . Loris 0� Cowan editor and proprietor. B1ddef0rd, Friday March 9, 1 855. Vol. . 10. The Siom Ana Uit Ern lol Mak b a mud mar Vimit it vice nil bad., Tow liw to know f la of a is Vittu us a of mbcr1ua. Sulu it Fimma a a uhf la a a its Mac to 1�b pow f. A Piukin Tbs in Natii Ami b in us j us ibid am by ibb pkg Otoum a Mew pm Yirk Ihn met Nul Al Job m4 i do to pm a a to a a a Stu Wiki is a it it a Rry a a a. It i in Tim rom m Raj aug Job us. Hie new a fee eth try Tom ewer i a swim Vuu a a a Villu a w. I run to no Mon Chemma a tit. Marcos Watmon Matar. Poetry. Frt do let it we or term nuts t Ifrid a the scr nth poor Trsar sur. Or a re in ret looking it the widow sitar bar my Hikoro voice had did away Bra Tike bowl pedlar apparently Al mul of botox in Kuttab a Kim what did we Tomk of his giving a a Kesead to wind up with. Or All a Aid except the lawyer who wanted a description of the murderer to Naod to the Phi the Hue and cry and who waa with real dits culty nudged to Aileone by Tea United Effort of the company that we thought Tare Abw uld like it so Tea Book pedlar alerted of at Acore Thoa Girt round with ruched Mountain the Lair Lake use in her Blue heart reflected Shine Beck the Tarry Akira and watching each White Aloo let float a i tasty and alow you think a piece of heaven Liee on our curb below Midnight to there and tenth med in heaven look do Tara upon her own Calm minor i Poa a sleeping town for liar Gunz that quaint City upon the Tyrol a Hoce he aloud up it a Lake Conata Aee a thousand year Ami More. Her Hattle Meota and Tower upon their Rocky Quot teen have Cal their trembling Shadow for Aye Ontl a sleep Mountain and Lake and Valley a a Neil legend know of How tie town we Harrd one night three Hundred year ago. Fur from her Home and Kindred a Tyrol quid had tied to a Erve m the swim Valley and toil for daily i read and every Vear that fleeced so a Ilei uly and fast say tied to Bear father fret her to be memory of the Paat. She served kind gentle master nor us ked Tor rat or change her Frieda see used no it More new on a their a a Eveh no More a Trange. And when Ahe led her cattle to pay Ture every Dav she reared to look Aad Romier on which a Vikt Brt Gen Lay. She a poke no Inore of 8/egenz, with longing and with Tetra her Tyrol Home a corned Laded in a deep Mial of year 8 the beetles not the minor of aunt Ryan War and a Rife each Dav a he Rose contented to the Calm Toda of life. Yet when her master schisms would clustering round her Traad site a any Iti Eui the it it a Bulla a of Lier own native Laud. And when at be a and evening site Knell before of a a throne the accent of her childhood Kobe w her Lipa alone Ami o Lee dwelt the Valley m it re Twa Elul year by year yet a nude Only Ali Unge portent. Of a Orne great Deevel Aee ined near the Gulden Corn Aee ined ten lag upon in a fragile a talk. While Farmer Bue Baa of the Neola paced up and Down in talk. The men Aee ined Aten Aud altered. With lot a cart on the grounds with tax Iowa i Tow. One by one the woman gathered round All talk of flax or Apin tug or work waa put away tie very children be tend afraid to go atone to play. At eve they All ahem Ted All arc Aud doubt were tied. With Jovial laugh they feasted. The Board was Nony spread the elder of the Village Kose up i a tax Ain hand and cried. We drink the downfall of an accursed Laud the bight 1� growing Darker Ere one Inore Day in Down a Bergen. Our Forcinal a lev igbo a a Regeis shall let a our own. The women Ali Rauk in terror yrs Pride pm bail tier part Bui our poor Tirol in Xiuru Kelt death within her heart before her Tood fair a Regeci once More her Lowers arose what were the Friend ties ule bet Only tier country a foe the fare of her Kinsfolk tie Days of childhood Down the echoes of her Mountain. Reclaimed her a their own nothing she heard around her Thulah shout were heard again come were the Swiss Green Valley tie pasture and i tie Plain be a her Aye a we v whom and in her heart one cry. And a id Quot go Uttke ave ref end and then if need be. Die Quot with trembling haste and breath eat. With not eur a a Tep a he sped horse and weary cattle Ware a Landing to the a bed. She loused the Strung White Charger that fed from out her hand mounted and a he turned a head toward her Sattva land out a out into the Darkow we Fustur and a till More Cut the a Mouth Grawas Futa behind Bee the Cha Stuut we cd a past. Sue look up Cloud Are heavy w by w or r Steed so 4of scarcely the stud a Auer them can Jess them a they go. Quot fax Ter Quot he Crie Quot of faster eleven the rate Roll Bell chime our it la a he Enez a help Bre grog and bring me there in True Bat louder Ihsen we n eng us or Loving w the me. Of Iowa in Are in the Midnight the re King of the Tiu a. S get vines the Pigree the fac Queaa and Loo or throw the Mil her a teed must breast the water thai do a above he a mane. Huw Gall Aall How non ii struggles through the foam and a Eek i the Taw dts Lanee s of out la a Tiu �4 Bilauc Bho a net the roaring Waters their headlong a setup Check the Steed Drears bark a Manor sgt lean above hrs Neek to watch the flowing in run to he skin High and it up one a nut Euhe a taggers Forward and plunges in the Dep. Up the teen Hank he hears her and intr a her Rush again toward the height of Bregna thai lower above the Plain. They reach the Gata of Bregenz Jih a the it. And out Tomc m of cad a Tajwer to moot the new Abe Briaga. Bregeda is saved t or her battlements Are manned Orha Oce Erceia tha army that Marche on the land Aad if to deed heroic should endless Fame be paid Breve a a Loes Well the Honor the Noble Tyrol maid. Three Hundred Yean Are Van Abed and yet upon the Hill an old atone Gateway Rue to do bar Honor still. And there when Breg Eui women sit spinning in the Shade. They see in quaint old carving the Charger and the maid. And when to guard old Bregenz by Gateway at rect and Tower. The warder Parea All night Long Antl cafes each Paw Suur hour a Tea be enea aloud Aud then o Crown of Fame when Midnight pause in the a Kies he Call the name agricultural. Fruit culture in Maine. The following paper a communicated to the Patent office department at Washington by Henry Lillie esq., of Bangor. Or. L. A one of the Many horticulturists of Bangor who have made that City Famona for its Gardena and Fruita although i am in the mercantile Buai be a my favorite Pursuit for Many year ims been to ascertain what Choice Fruita will heat auit the climate of Maine and More particularly the locality of Bangor and iia Vicinity to introduce suah i Ruth a widely a possible on Peno Boot River and through the slate. The repute lion of Many Fruita will depend on their location. What May be at richly True of a fruit grown in Maine May be a strictly Fale of the Unte variety it grown in Pennsylvania or further South. In the one care it May be brat rate in the other inferior in flavor. Therefore in the selection of varieties the Pomology at should be influenced by the climate of his location. Our clip Nat differ from that of England yet it Topi Olachea nearer to it than Moat other states for the Fruita that Best thrive in hat country grow in great perfection in Maine. 1 know of no Way that lands in this Region can be used to so a let to a profit As by the cultivation of the finer varieties of fruit. No crop command so High prices. For to years pm to the Avarace Price in our Aai Ket a been Lor Apple is per Bushel or plutons the beat Vastelie. $4 it Bushel. For pears a still higher Price. In thin part of the stale tie demand is greater than the a undly at these Price. There is a Lively interest awakened Here on the subject and we have in this a flourishing horticultural society which an a tally holds a highly respectable show of fruit particularly of the Apple the Pear and the Plum. A baiting and by dding. There is annually. At the right season much grafting and building done. The grafting a not performed by splitting the Stock but by Quot Saddle grafting a which i very popular Here for the Trees grow perfectly sound at the Juno lion As the scions neatly All live and thrive when the grafting cloth u used Here give the method that is adopted which As far a 1 can learn a Unildo Raly practice on this River. First take six pounds of beeswax one Pound of Rosin and one pint of linseed Oil soother than linseed Oil should be use a and melt them Well together Over a alow fire. Then while warm with a paint Brush spread Tho Wax on one aide of closely Woven Cotton cloth which Cut when waxed into strips a Mav be wanted say half an Inch wide and nine to twelve inches Long according to the size of the Stock to be grafted. I have used this grafting cloth with almost sure Success fur Many Yeats. It a very pliable easily worked and contains nothing that in the least injures the scion or stuck. Posea As Well As feeding Stock. Apples grown in this Sute Are kept full a month longer than those raised in asst of the other sections of the country. _ i therefore believe that main will at no Distant Day become one of the largest exporting fruit states in the Union. Immense quantities Ere commonly exported to foreign countries in ships owned Here which affords us every facility of adding to the cargo a our Long keeping apples. In this respect is have Many advantages Over our Brethren of other states which have less sea Eoa at and with two exceptions less navigation. Maine is indented along the Emonet with More than the a Hundred harbours suitable for ships steamers and other teasers. Pruning to xxx. I think most people is my mystery there was a web of Romance weaving around the mysterious Apple girl which became More and More interesting and every Day my Resolution to unravel it became stronger. There was such modesty in the girls bearing at the stand she seethed so much afraid of scandal should any one Converse with her longer thin was necessary to make purchases that there was no was left for me to solve the mystery of her life but by visiting the cottage. Asiu i went without an invitation and boldly made known the curiosity which led me to Force myself upon their acquaintance. A the daughter laughed heartily and said gaily a a we have been As Jurch at fault to mud no no your Euno a Ity As Yod have to reconcile our circumstances with my a then we should be Mutual of it fid ants a prune Tel it much. The tap Root is Cut off i observed. Quot i have been very Frank with when the tree is planted and All Tho Branch you and i Hope von will re cipro Cale a j a a a a but our relations Are not similar a she replied archly. U we Are not responsible for your curiosity you Are for is fur at least six feet from the ground und in some cases so severely that a Man on horseback could rids round them without touching his hat to Tho Lew limbs that Are left. Thus Tho us Are treated with downright cruelty. The result is. Tho bodies of the Trees Are More or Leas affected with the however we Antny respect Tho customs of our grandfathers to Are not obliged to copy their errors. To preserve the Pear and other fruit Trees that have been deprived of their much needed dress and Orn Smy it we wind the bodies with warm ties of Hay or Shade them by Cotton cloth from the ground upward to the lower brunches. Where this is done in every in a How sol Quot i cried. Quot it was forced upon Quot indeed and was not mine forced upon Mej in such a manner too As left note no Chotro but to seek out the mystery a truce to this banding of word you will nol Lake advantage of rankings for any other purpose than to Reward it with full she looked at me a moment As if questioning my apparent honesty and then said pleasantly a a Well As you have been so Good a stance it has Al girded a sure Protection from Patron of my Apple stand and have taken Sun Scala. 1 have Long Heen convinced of the great Benefit of permitting nil fruit Trees to Branch near Tbs ground suffering them to form in the shans of a Pyramid. Mulch inv has been found very beneficial More especially to newly planted Trees. It is done by spreading Reluse Hay or Straw n few inches thick Over the roots of Tho Trees. By a Good grafting Wax Tony be made by mixing by weight one part tallow two Parta Heck a and Lour parts Rosin. The whole should be melted and thorough mixed turn it into water and when sub Cint la Onolee work it Well with Tho this Wax May be a Pread upon a cloth and make a Good Piaster in strips for binding grafts ethos who would be successful in grunting Cherry and Plum Trees should do so in the Prim it before the fro to leaves Tho soil. All the Stone fruits do Best to to crafted Early while App s and Peur Trees a fruit he grafted on the swelling of the buds or m tin Vicinity from Tho Middle of april to first of june. 17 every f Irmer should learn the Art of grafting. This can be done in n very Short time und he should teach Tho not to Overy son and daughter. Of soon in they Are old enough to use a pen knife with skill. Miscellaneous. The pretty Apple gig Al. A Cincinnati Stoke. Some years ago when i was a rate blog through the streets of Cincinnati for the purpose of picking up trifles to interest the Reader of the local columns of u City paper i often purchased apples cuts and candies of u Young girl who had a stand near Tho Junction of two business avenues. She was not handsome in the common acceptation of this much unused word but there was an Artles Ness and yet a winning Grace in her manners which convinced me that her station in life should be above the one occupied. She wore invariably a close fitting Calico dress. I fell that her parents must be very poor and As i saw her Day no syringe i after Day in the same attire i had my St a Are Nec Saiy and the work be very j Pinion Inal her wardrobe could not be very neatly a Well As quickly performed. These extensive Yel Sho always appeared Soru waxed Stipa May also be used in budding a a a loudly neat and tidy it Wujs a steal mys Tresa. Some us More Rosin than one to Tery to me How this striking neatness was six Pound of been a but Rosin is not so i secured and Why their never was any pliable a beeswax and the Only reason i a variety in her apparel. I saw that it was use any u for ils my heave Quality a cd very All tasteful and becoming but i knew that Stony Fiu is should is Gru lied very Early i ladies Are proverbial for a love of variety in in the Spring i have grafted plums anti chert ies with sue cos when the Snow was Over a foot deep where the Trees stood. It was in the month of March. The Paradise Stock a used for apples though some Engratt upon the do ctn i Stock. Fair dwarfing certain varieties of a girls a peculiarity. Her Tuil was Ever clean dress and i had an interest in knowing Why this simple girl was so marked an exception. I Hare always delighted to study character either in High or Low life and i took it upon me to investigate the pretty a Quot a a a pears the angers quince is pre erred for the purpose. Fur the Csuy the Macaleb sep k is employed. For plutons the Canada sum Al cd is mostly used but it operate the the Pear on the Thorn or Mountain aah j a the scion outgrown the a lock. The Chany tree should be grafted before i the Frost is out of the ground mania Rinc to scr. In this and the other not Inch. Some o f the Farmers Are in the habit of gathering fruit torn their Orchards for a succession of years without giving i the soil any Nutriment. In Maine if we a take heavy crops Horn the soil we must i enrich it in return or it will suon be exhausted. And the fruit will there is More danger of starving our fruit tree than of giving them too much food. 1 therefore see no Good reason Why we should manure our Lautus for crop of wheat. Oom. And potatoes and utter la neglect to enrich the soil for our crops of fruits. One of our Farmers was asked Why i apples were so much Superior to those of the same variety raised he his neighbor i a because a a he replied n i fat my Apple by enriching the soil around the Mot of my there was gift of sense in the reply these observation would not be Wallai for. In we All had soil like the Prairies of the West. We have in this stale ample incas to fertilize on soil. For growing fruit by swamp or Pond mock or any Quantity desired Lime ashes Bone Ami other fertilizer. Under draining land in beginning to at tra i attention and so far a it a practice it hmm m every instance been attended w perhaps it is mors Bene and tempting but i often Road purchases merely Lor the Sake of forming an acquaintance. At length known to her As a Liberal Patron she began to have less Reserve with me than when i first noticed her and finally i was emboldened to make some inquiries in reference to her family. It was sometime before she conversed freely but by dint of perseverance i Learned that she sate of new England where the land is lived with Ner Mother in a pleasant cottage a a a s. A l a. A a a s it a a Ama aaa a a Killa a f a 1___ l. # Al. Of. Then a much pains to know the Romance of my history if you will Promise secrecy 1 will Lell Quot ill accept any condition that i can fulfil a i answered eagerly. Quot walk with Roe to the Garden said the girl. We had a pleasant seat under a rustic Arbor when the lady remarked Quot Soihet told you that we once lived in a Village near parts 1�?� a a she did a i answered Quot on my first a a we were not Rich but we had a pretty cottage and an a Como sufficient to support us. Father died when 1 was s Little girl. I had no Brothers but i had a Nlay Unaie who was dearer to me than a brother. As we grew older his parents who were Rich forbade him our House. We met in the Fields. We loved each other and would not be separated. His father Learned that we still met and lie was Verv angry. He told his son that if he visited me he a Tould not Alay at Home. Oar fathers had been titter enemies but we would not tin Tler Nirid Why that should make us enemies when we loved each other and Emile de Olard that he would net neglect me if i father did Hul i doors against him. One Day to said to me a i am Gning to run away but not from you from father and you a Hall come to me and then we shall never be parted in was hard for me to consent but Gentilo insisted and we took leave of each other and he did run away. It was a Long time before we heard from hint then we got a letter which told us he was in America. I had changed very much since Emile absence and Mother was afraid i would die. 1 coaxed her to take us to America Emile told us in the letter he lived in Cincinnati. When we arrived at Boston we inquired for Cincinnati and were directed to this place. Mother bought this cottage and hers we have lived expecting to meet Quot have you never heard from him a i inquired. Quot Only once a she answered. A a do you know where he is now a a no indeed if we did we would not stay Here Long a Quot have you never written to him a Quot we do not know his name. He has changed it As he told us in his letter but he neglected to Tell us what Nate he now Quot do you think you will Over find him a a yes indeed i do. 1 dream about him every night. I know he is not dead and i shall soon meet wha makes you to confident that a a will met him a i made this inquiry hoping it might lean to some explanation of the Pink dress and Apple Selling mystery. She understood my look and tone of curiosity Aud answer to pleasantly Quot that will explain to you the Romance of my do and occupation. When Emile and i played together in France i often wore a dress Verv much like this one. If he should see me any where to this dress to Wald know me. I might see him and not know him but he would recognize me and i would not dress in any other style for fear we might mis each a a but Why sell apples in the Street a said i with a look of admiration for her Devotion which she could not Malako a there is certainly no necessity that you be so a Eye there is a she answered naively a a i must be where Emile could tee me if he were to visit the oily. I dare not be on the s Reet All the time unless i was occupied and i never knew there was any disgrace in Selling Quot certainly not a i exclaimed a a but All on a quiet Street in the suburbs of the cry i knew the spot its attractiveness Hail often it Lere Rietl me and i now became More curious than Ever to hear the history of the Apple girl in the Pink Calico Tress. T ventured to ask permission to Call on her Mother and make her acquaintance under the pretence of a love for Birds and Flowers with both of which the cottage was surrounded. I did not receive the encouragement i wished but still was left to Hope that my curiosity might be some Day As a a Lacier to my purpose increased i became More determined and i resolved to change my tactics i could not understand the urls a disinclination to allow our acquaintance to become in any respect familiar hot i knew that she would not f m foolish but something tells me to Hope dare to treat me rudely and watching my a old i do opt Unity one Sonde morning Laddie a Quot May Yon not be disappointed a i said de her a stood at Fie Street Gal of the blot involuntarily cottage Ami As i admired some i a Day after this interview missed the Apple girl in the Pink Drew bom her accustomed at a my. Fearing that a he might j in the boarding time a note was handed to. A gtd thee words More Coinman Iralise than who know your history will Honor accept my Aiu Crest wishes that your Devotion to the Lover of your youth May be Folly rewarded by an Early meeting and in ppm Quot thank you thank Yong but he is my Lover now. A much Asho was when we were in France and i know i am going to see him soon. Ill show him to you Here before . I know i will. Mother says which View in a bed near some the House could note a tape politely from the Necmi Quot re Quot nor task Rosa is. A Sari Jrsn Ras 1 in of to Quot in no i a a with pleasure and finding the Mother a. Inclined Tobe More Coinman Irive than sir come to our House this we have something More to Lell tibial Here than in other Attu. Dwelling Iho a Langler i managed to learn that they a a a a fruit tree Haa become fashionable Mote were French folks although they Tunke �?�teiun3 especially in cities. English a a la a a a Fth us the Apple in greatly enhanced i parlor a. The am girl. And open the Mantle a number of delicate i went he Mother stood in the door to works of Art which i was satisfied would Welcome me but the daughter ran to meet not have been purchased by the limited me and taking both of my band in Hera earning of an Apple git i. In almost a delirium of Joy. She cried Why a Young a id who live no in Anch a Quot he come he a cottage with auth evident taste and Cultivar in iter Pink Drcsak a the Apple stand she Tion should invariably Wear a Pink Calico had met Emile the Day previous Drees end sell frail outs Aad candid on i stood that night As a a a Toast to their remarkably Well. The cottage you about the Romance a Yon Call it of the Apple is greatly enhanced j parlor a furnished plainly but elegantly. Mgt a Hant,1e Drem and occupation. By it Long keeping qualities when the there were Apon the Wall several pictures i Cal Vivalor plants Trees of varieties that will Ripen in succession he has this fruit in perfection the whole year. It b not Only valuable Tor the desert but for culinary Pur Poeta even in a dried state. Sweet apples a a a whole arms food and shoe id a cult Naiad More Satew Stivaly. 1 think that ear Weald Fiad it Maeh to their ad1 tended. The Devotion of the simple hearted girl waa rewarded her Faith was not misplaced her homely Talisman proved a True one. Etna. A Tusi Luno Short. Among the wondrous sights on Earth the Volcano of Etna will always hold a just preeminence. Renowned by Post and present history Sublime by its Elevation its form and the awful secrecy of unknown terrors that lie concealed within its bosom the sicilian Volcano will always be viewed with the deepest and most solemn Awe. In was with such feeling ants ugh thoughts As these i began to ascend the Rosemos on the morning of the 5th of May 1849. I had left Catania on the Day before in order to visit this wonderful a kit a. I did not wish to glance carelessly upon ill no Lor to me there was always something thing almost divine in connection Wilh this grand mass of up heaved lava which led me to look earnestly at ils rugged sides. I wished to ascend to View from its Summit the fairest regions on Earth to Glauco Down into those unfathomable Depths where fire fire in All its terror forever dwells forever Strug Gle. It was with slow Steps that i ascended the Cone after the patient Ami Hardy ponies had been dismissed. I had been an invalid and the fatigue of coming up the Steep and Rocky Declivity might Well Nave daunted me. Rut after Many resting and Hastings i was Able to attain the Summit. The Summit Good heavens can i Ever forget the delirium the transport of Joy Winch the boundless Prospect there awakened within me can i Ever forget the first glimpse which i caught of All the glories and the horrors of nature mingled together in such fearful Union 1 far away on Ono Side spread the Fertile Plains the Green Meadows and the gentle Valley of Sicily. There were streams Glano a ing and flashing in the Sun As Thev wandered to the sea with ten thousand labyrinth Ian turnings Inkes whose Glassy surface showed Nota ruffle nor a Ripple there were terraces upon the sides of a Hundred Hill where Tho trellises vines pass along All Green and Blooming there were Groves of Orange tees timid the dark Green foliage of which Tho Golden oranges peeped Folb like flashes of phosphorescent Light in a Midnight sea there were Long avenues of cypresses of acacias of Noble Trees of Many kinds mid which kingly assemblages at times could be seen the Noble Summit of some stately Palm As it towered on High above the others. And the a a the wide the boundless the deep Blue Mediterranean there it spread away on Tho other vide a far As the Eye could reach As tar of thought could run a glorious As Quot the dashing slim flashing a Burge or 8n but to turn aside and there beneath far beneath lies an abyss like that 0i which Milton has Sung in Sublime mortal strains. I paused upon the Brink and shuddering i gazed Down Down the thick and funeral volumes of tortuous by ascending smoke came Seething upward As from to cauldron ii leaped through a myriad of crevices in the Rocky and precipitous sides it poured Forth from behind projections and United Wilh the vast mass which came sublimely upward from the unfathomable Depths. Here upon Tho Sandy Rocky Edge where sulpher and crumbled lava and pumice Stone were All mingled together to form a horrid soil hero i a at and looked from Tho scene beyond from that glimpse of Earth which made it seem like heaven from that vision of All that was most Lovely and All Hal was most overpowering to turn Ami gaze into n volcanoes Depths what a Chance involved in a thousand thoughts Sal there thinking Myall alone when a sudden grating struck my ear. I was struck exceedingly and turned around. The place where i Hail been Silling was n Peninsula projection of the Olivit which formed part of this infernal chasm. Upon this narrow strip of land which joined it to the other Cliff upon the isthmus i saw a mild looking Middle aged gentleman approach me. He waa Rcv cd in Plain Black clothes and in his hand he held n Light stick. Quot i beg your Pardon Signor a said he in a polite manner and with great softness of Lone. A a i beg your Patron for intruding myself upon your company. But it a not Flea that i see any visitors so far Quot my dear sir i beg you will make no excuse a i replied. Quot i was just admiring this scene ii a yes Mia a glorious glorious say in Thor a terrible a a terrible perhaps to you but do not be Surpri de. If i say to me it is Lovely absolutely Lovely a As he spoke a smile of bewitching Beauty crossed his features. A a i Supit Ose your tastes Are different from Khoee of Many people Signor. I have nol such feelings. But May i ask you if Yon Are often Here a Quot a yes i Livo Here a he replied waving his stick around. A a i live thought that he meant to to understand that his Home was on Iho Mountain where very Many villus were situated. And i suppose a i continued a a that Yon Are very often on the Summit to a a of yes i Atn Here a always what a strange fascination it has for Yon a m i has it has a said the a ooh a fearful a a and his voice grew Low and hollow Quot a tenable fascination 1 was silent. Quot i will tall you a said to silting closely by my Side Ami turning his eyes full towards a a i did not wish to inform any Une. Promise me that Yon will i had not noticed i eyes Befu the Bol i saw now within their Dent lie there gleamed a strange and sinister ii Glit. I promised him. And at the same time uneasily Drew Back further from the Edge. A a Well then St nor a Quot cd he a a i am King Here 1 role mount Etna a a yes in i answered a Little alarmed at Bis words and attempted to smile. A a Yea. I am King Here. In me Yon see the being who canse the lava to pour Forth and overwhelm the regions below. I have lived Here for centuries. The spirits of the dts obey me see a he leaped up from the ground. There was a tearful fire in his eve Hie nostrils were dilated his Pale lace became a while As Marble As bloodless save on either Cheek there glowed a deep red spot. See a he shrieked wildly and loudly a a spirits of Tho deep arise has yonder a see them they Are coming in Clouds Enro bed in Thunder see a i leaped from the ground i gazed at him. He threw off his hat wildly and it fell far Down in the abyss. He Flung off Bis coat and threw it away. A a Signor a said i in Hopes that mild tones might make him Calm a a Signor the winds obey you. Let us go a Quot go where Boot this my Home is not this my Palace sew you not my Servante ? 1 of Are my guest of a a a will you not sit Down and Tell the about your Home a said i shuddering. Quot no there Are secrets that can never be spoken. Canyon understand in sol wha Are you a mortal that you dare to ask a i walked slowly towards the narrow passage of land the Bridge. But he saw me and stood upon it. I could not go. Quot can All this be pleasantry v thought i. An awful thought passed through to a which froze my heart s blood pleasantry Thero he stood my wild companion his eyes blazing fixed piercingly on me his hands clenched his Mouth foaming every sinew in his body worked he stood screaming laughing 0, cod 1 was Alono with a maniac Quot you go with a a where a Quot Thero i have Homo to carry Yon to my to pointed with no old snaky smile Down towards Tho unfathomable abyss whence ascended the terrible ool Umo of inky and suffocating smoke. I gazed at him for there was some Clement of fascination in Hie Glassy stare which forced me compelled me to gaze. There was a cold smile upon his lips which were nil bloodless and disclosed As they parted his Mouth and tightly shut Teeth. Quot there is my Homo Thero and i come to take you with me. Ila a How Happy you will be. Come a still i gazed while my heart throbbed with slow and terrible pulsations. Iio advanced Ono Stop towards to. I looked nil around. The spoil was broken which enchanted my gaze. I looked nil around at the Blue sky above at Tho scorching in Atli beneath. There was no Hope of could i but leap the space which separated me from Tho main Cliff could i hut do it but i could not to Bro was no Hope Quot what do you not answer who cried suddenly i shod into fury by my a tamped his foot in frenzy upon tie Quot do you not answer ? then i must carry you with me a the maniac sprang toward me with All my energies roused into frantic notion with every sinew braced and muscle contracted. 1 planted my foot backward against a Small angular Rock which projected above thu Loose Sandy soil and endeavoured to meet the Shock. With u wild scream which arose thrillingly into Tho air his eyes Ull bloodshot his Mouth foaming on it came. He struck is his arms surrounded me in a Fotter Fol embrace his hot breath tame burning upon Tny Cheek. 1 stood firm for despair and All the hit Corneas of death had Given no place to fear and timidity but had bestowed upon the the coolness of one in in Ordinary is ution. I threw my left Arm let Noath his my right passed Over his neck and around upon his Back thus seeking to press him to Tho Earth. It was a moment of horror such As no mortal Tongue can toll. A struggle with a mania to to on a Small surface of Rock Whilo three thousand feet beneath Lay the abyss of untold horrors at this hour my heart heats More forcibly Ovon As i think upon Tho time. Thus we stood breast to breast face to Faco the madman and in to with his arms encircling me i socking to save lie pressed to toward the Edge of Tho Cliff. To plunged his feet deep a Oto the ground he laughed mockingly and screamed As he tried to destroy me. But against the Rock my foot were firmly braced and i held him tightly and sought to hurl him from to As Well might Tho hungry Tiger to hurled from his Proy. Of the agony of that struggle i know not How Long it \ As hut to me it seemed like Many hours. The wild eyes of the madman glared at Mino All the time and i foun 1 it impossible to look away. His fearful face a Ltd Whito All thus by was upturned towards he shouted with his fiendish mocking laughter. Quot 0, heaven 0, horror can this will this endure forever a cried i. In the Agniv of my fear. The mania howled with Deri sire shouts. I Felt that i was growing weaker. But he was n mania and would he grow weaker also ? a thousand thoughts fled through me. Suddenly the mania gave one fearful plunge. It was with the strength of a giant that be seized me. To raised me from my feet. Tie Rock the saving Rook i had lost it a i was gone. I threw my hands High into Tho air and my scream of terror ascended in unison with the Maoises mocking jell. A a Down Down to the bottomless pit to Tho Home of Gra and Brimstone to the endless horrors of burning Iskot a he screamed As in gave a bound Forward to the Edge of the Cliff inspired by a sudden gift of superhuman strength by a partial Possession of even a madman s Power i caught him by the Throat and even on the very Edge Evon when in sight of the abyss i sprang Back i bore him Mick i Hore him to the ground. Felling heavily upon him. 1 held Hie Throat a till in a fierce a resp White Hie own arms were wound tightly around my neck end Hie legs around mine. I Felt the hot breath from his open Mouth As my Cheek Foy pressed against his face. I heard them grate harshly and Drew my head violently away As he bought to seize me with his Teeth. In our frantic struggles on the ground we rolled wildly afoot and the dust from Sulphur end from pumice Stone ascended around us in suffocating Clouds. I was half insane. I was struggling for life. I caught up e handful of the Fine choking dust and rubbed it violently Over his open Mouth. It went into his new trial and lungs. He gave a Jerk a dog. Died in Charlestown on thursday night of last work Quot Jack a Large Aud valuable dog belonging to engine company no. 2, of that City. The history of this dog is very interacting and worthy of note lie was one of four dogs owned by s gentleman some years since who was accustomed to harness them to a Little Wagon constructed for the purpose to which they Drew him about the country a la horse. By Homo Means about four years ago. Be woe induced to Dispoto of this dog to or. Ham living near the no. 2 engine House. In the family of or. Hem be fade himself useful in a variety of ways looking the Oracle Ukio the baby on in a Irue Wagon for a airing on pleasant Days a. The firemen of no. 2 became very fond of him end won Hie Confidence by feeding him in the engine House and at their tables till at Len Thiro a joined the company a assisting by Hie Well known bark in spreading Tho alarm in cases of fire. Tho engine House was his Home and to was always the first to Moizo Tho Ropo and assist in dragging the Machino to to fire. He attended All Tho celebrations of Tho company dressed in a uniform which the company had procured made for him. Eating crackers and Choso and drinking Coffee with As much apparent relish As the Best of them. At Ono time he was by Accident locked up in a building near the engine House Ana in alarm of fire being Given in Tho night Jack sprung through the window with his Well known hark and took his place at the ropes with the first of them. He was a general favorite with the whole neighbourhood and always recognized his friends in the Street saluting them with % Good natured bark and a wag of the the comp my have his Daguerreotype besides having him painted on canvass and will have his skin stuffed and placed in their engine House. His disease was old age thou Fth it is not known exactly How old he . Tin Danour to natio Matt. In Tho Elevation and splendor of athenian Power says Chancellor Kent the privilege of citizenship was considered so distinguished a favor that it was granted Only by Apodala decree of two successive assets Lii s of Tho Puoplo and then Lono to single Worth and rope ution. In Tho times of Tho earlier a tsars the Freedom of the City and Empire was Given with a a paring hand but Hie Lino of degenerating Cuil hath succeeding corrupted and destroyed this salutary jealousy of the right of citizenship by extending it first to the whole of Italy an 1 finally to Tho entire Empire composed us it was of in Ulm Gogste of subjugated kingdoms until the National blood was tainted the distinctive no Tionel pc audio and spirit were dissolve to and Tho s us perished under a horde of fur Euirn barbarian Whoso warlike invasions affords almost Tho Only historic Pur Allal in Nuti Ihor to Tho peaceful and insidious foreign influx to our shores it Tho present Day. In England Tho most Liberal of Tho present european governments citizenship is conferred Only by special act o parliament. In Tho Cunt Nomal nations Thero Aro still for limitations of a total prohibition. When to witness Tho profuse liberality with which the salted right of citizenship to bestowed among us Tho slender guards that exist against it unworthy or fraudulent gift und Tho Groat interests in the hands of those who Grant it we should Pauso and calmly consider Tho possible consequences. Tuz French bin vetoed Franklin Pierco is u Trump. To is determined to stick to three fourth of his origin us plod go when nominated for Tho presidency. Iio will a a know no East no West a no nothing but Quot the he is clearly of opinion that no Munoz Cun constitutionally in it drawn from the Treasury unless it is to of expended South of Mason and Dixon s Hue. The South wanted Iho Mesilla Valley for a Railroad track to Tho Pacific and the president saw no constitutional difficulty in giving to i Xicara tyrant Santa Anna Twenty millions therefor. The Blavo Power Desiro Cuba in order to Strong Hon and perpetuate slavery. The president is perfectly Clour that it is constitutional to pay three Hundred millions for so glorious a project. Every slaveholder whose negro runs Uway wants Ungelo sum to catch and return him paying Ull the Hills from Tho Public Treasury. To this Franklin Pierce says a Arnony it is Oil but shift the Boot upon the Northern leg and it is All wrong. No mutter whether the North and West want Protection to their Zubor or to their Commerce and Harbor it is All unconstitutional. No matter what the people s senators and re presen lives Tansy think. No mat or what they May v Ite. Be it a Vuto for the North it is All Wron All without justification All unconstitutional new York Kansas la Auk. The courier and inquirer says of the operation of Liia association there a re now nearly two thousand persons preparing to remove to Kansas in the Spring under the guidance of this society Tho greater portion of whom belong to bands or companies of neighbors or townsmen who by corresponding with officers of the league or by sending Coman Moes to Confer with them have adopted such measures is they recommend. In some instance ten Twenty or thirty Persona and their families Are joined by s physician a schoolmaster a. Others consist of mechanics and others still sri More and amount to a Hundred or mom. Three or four protest set congregations or to form is Many bands each to for a com Inid by its pastor and such is the character of this movement that instead of being actuated by a dislike for restraint they make every of. Fort to secure to Theun Elres and their Ohil Dren All Tho institutions and habits of the most orderly and refined society in Tho East. No american could lie acquainted with Tho muss of seniors moving for Kane a a without the highest satisfaction at the credit and Honor they reflect upon our North Mode or to Cutino a horse in or Forward in attn a a he amp Quot it to or Ndu a h an Imd i cold no . W. War. Ii a quo Tiht. The. 5 held my hair is he sprang a moment after of on and was straining thera a Jujj Quot a a a a a wild and High with the Load on the hour in As he fell no Hunt the in isl by taking a a Loon by a i i a up aim cup in with one hand a a a a 1 Tbs upper part of the Tail Sod Nutting Ono a new Holiday. A petition i in circus foot in the Loop Tod the other lot on Tea 1st Ion requesting the Massachusetts legis joint of the horse s leg they ascend a Iago store to make each succeeding 22.1 of Fob it Quot a up stairs they Urai iry stand erect on Roary a National Holiday. A very Large the horse before sitting Down. The number of signatures have been obtained. I kick or a other moment and i mss Quot a a he bold of do Anwo to la. Dort Lka i of. Fod lug it

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