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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Mar 3 1854, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - March 3, 1854, Biddeford, MaineThe Union % Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. Wild deform Friday March 3, 1851 vol. A no. 9. The of Tox and Eastern Jol Katl u Rutsu had it wkly Rilday. Orcs no. 1 Central Block. But Cronl opposite the Biddeford Houv. To Kwh Voo per annul or 91 50 if paid within three months from the Tunc of Suh Chi us sin Ile copies May be obtained at this Suttice in seals Rice 4 cents. V b. I Alchek the american Kows Puper a Cut is Tike my authorised agent Lor this taper in the cities of new in rec la Tou and a Hila phia and is Only empowered o take advertise inputs and at the saute rate As required by us. His offices Are a Yuri Tri Bone bul Minji Iii Man Scollay s building n. W Comer third and chcsuti1 Street. Miners Watson primer. Poetry. � s . The conqueror s March. Mcd but att. Within Thi jowly grave the conqueror lies and yet the Patch Luis it not nor round the hath Tii al wrought a he emblems of a Fame thai never ills Ivy and Amaranth in a Graceful Heath with 11 Muaril a fair Iii snal Leaf a simple name alone to him or at world unknown i Graven Here and wild Howers rising round Meek Meadow Sweet and of the in round lean lovingly against the Humble Mofle. Laferr in tin quiet Earth they Laid a Wrt to Man of Pirvu Mould and Moody hands who a night to w re upon tin cowering lands tih1 a i is that Coli Mcd his Rik Llew heart hut one of Lender spirit and delicate Frame i. Utu-1 m Micu and mind of gentle womankind. Timidly shrinking from the breath of Blamo be in wik so Eye the smile of kindness made its Huunh like Mower by Minny Brooks in May yet at the thought of others Iki Iii a Shade of sweeter Adnew Chu de the smile away word Rem that when the baud he a Moulde Terv a raised in menace realm were chilled with fear and armies mustered it the mini As when Dray Captain leading bands of Veteran Lucu and Vicry youths to in the vulture s feast. Not thus were waved the wars that gave the Victory to her Olio tills this crave alone her task was wrought. Alone the Buttle fought through that Long title her Coustant to v was staid on clod atone nor looked Lor Oiler Aid. She ii a i him let of sorrow with u pm k that altered not Brno dts the to Uliey Woro. And Mimi the lowering Brood were turned mid look meekly her i Rentsc Rule und frowned no More. J Lor Solt hand put a Klc Lite away left of Wrath Ami calmly l Roke in Twain tit fiery Haft a Tail an 1 rent the net of passion in a her Wlsh Fly i hut victorious despair was slain. With love y shining lauds were thing and lie who Long before pain worn Ami sorrow Law the mighty Sulla re with ii pc Sweet smiled on the timid stranger from in eat lie who glorious from tin grave drained death disarmed lit Chari u Crouch ins slave. See of i linger Here the Sun grow Low Cool airs Are Nurmi Ruik that the night is near of gentle Klutt be from thy i True i v � consoled. Though and in ape and yet in fear. Brm ii la Lime i Atlow 11 e warfare scared begun yet All May win the Hast won. Still allow the fount Waters strengthened thee the victors names Art yet few to till leaven mighty my the glorious armory that mini Merelo thee is Topcu Mill. Agricultural. A a Vara a. Baa raising carrots. Tho following is worthy Tho attention of Farmer. Or. Davis is an Obs Orvin Culini Vator and close calculator. Misstatement May be relied on. We Hope to be favored with such statement by practical Farmers. De. Of Farmer Ami mar Hairic. Or. Suitor if you think the follow ing will to into retain to your readers you Are at Liberty to publish it i have rated the Jast season from the of an acre of ground one Hundred and to dirty four bushels of carrots about Eluee fourths of which were of the Orange kind and the remain Der a mixed variety. I harvested them it the 3d and 4th Days of november Jim Teann i tinier of mixing am � Trench sow. Ing 1.50 " " thinning and hoeing Tho first time 2,50 " thinning and hoeing the second time 1,50 " " harvesting 2,25 " " dressing say one third of the 8 loads or 3 Lails 3,00 being about it cents a Buslon l. There was but Little or no Dille rence be tween the lira and second sowing Aslo the size of Tho carrots or Tho number of bushels on the ground. The largest car rots grew from the last sowing though not More than half As Many bushels from the same amount of land. 1 like the Orange kind much Tho Best As they appear to have the Inot nutritious mat Ter. All kinds of Stock As Well As Swine grow and thrive Well when of d upon car rots. 1 think so far As my experience goes that there Are no roots so valuable As car rots for Slock Pound for Pound. They 1,50 $14,83 arc an excellent provender for Young Stock when fed upon coarse or Ordinary kinds of fielder. Also Milch cow when fed upon carrots give Richer and better milk than j when fed ii a n any other kind of Root crops and Tho milk has none of the flavor which turnip often give it. Store pit when 1 properly Ted upon Carrot fall but Little be j Hind those fed upon Indian meal in Point of growth and fit. And now let to say to my brother farm 1 ers each Ami every one try a Small piece of carrots another year but be sure and not try a larger piece than can be properly cared for Lor it you do 1 am confident you will cry out in the fall an unprofitable crop. Thieo things Are required at our hand. First a suitable soil Well pulverized Sec Joel a plenty of dressing Well decomposed third Hare the ground kept Clear of weeds i and the carrots properly thinned. Then with the Blessing of Providence we can hardly Tail of having a Good crop. James Davis. Webster feb. 4, 1854 guano on potatoes. Good peruvian guano is 0110 of the Best known manures for wheal always increase ing the yield. Wheal however generally does net command Price enough to make the application profitable. The comparative i ice of potatoes u usually much High or than wheat and hence it is probable if Pauo will Benefit tin potatoes its use would be Piol Itable. To test this Point ii. C. Ives fsq., of tins City made the following Experiment. To planted four acres of potatoes tin soil and treatment being Trio name except that on Taro acres goo lbs. Of peruvian guano were sown broadcast pie virus 10 drawing out Tho furious for Plant ing. As soon As the plants were visible the Guan oed once exhibited a Richer and Saikei Hue than the others and continued to grow better throughout the summer. The i Ottoe were dug in the let week in october and accurately measured on the Zungu anode two acres there were 238 bushels and on the two Aries Guan oed 410 bushels making a dire Renee of Futi bushels i per Aero. The Cuau oed potatoes Are much the largest with scarcely a Small one amongst them. Tho guano costs in new Voik cents per la freight breaking the lumps sifting and sowing it would make it Cost on Tho Laud 3 cents per Pound or s9 j or acre. For this eighty six bushels of potatoes were obtained. On another Par of the farm or. Ives made another Experiment to a cer Laiu which was the Best Mode of applying the guano. The of atoms were planted in Hills one Pait had the guano sown broadcast As in the first Case on the other the guano immediately Over the potatoes separating them with a Little soil As immediate Contact is injurious to the sell. The potatoes with t Liano in the Hill Titre muck Heller than where it teas . Four rows left Zungu anode were not More than Hall As Good As where guano was sue yorker. The Curculio. Or. Greeley in Liis address before the slate agricultural society of Indiana Speaks al or. I Duci Hill s method of pre venting the ravages of Curculio by taking advantage of the instinct of that insect. He says that the doctor sets his Plum Trees leaning Over the water and that the cur Culio s instinct leads him to keep Mich Trees As air sine u cd us his destruction now this method of setting out Trees would undoubtedly Stop the ravages of the cur Culio if All Plain Trees should he set in this manner. Not from any instinct but because the insect could not propagate is species. The Curculio deposits its inthe Plum a Maggot is produced which Falls with the fruit to the ground where it be 1 comes an instinct and ascend the tree by creeping and living to commence the ravages practice by its predecessor s. Now if Trees stand leaning Over the water every a got that Falls with or without n Plum perishes in the water and of course no Curculio is produced. Thus Curculio upon such Trees Are prevented from pro painting and the fruit of the coming season is Safe from its ravages unless they come from adjacent Trees where they were Able to pro Ogato and continue their species. Hut instinct has no Mote to do with the method than it with the safety of a Cornfield from the ravages of the crows that should happen to die in its neighbor Hood and their Young ones become exterminated. The Stock becomes Etino and its ravages Stop unless a fresh Supply of emigrants issues to take their place. Or Aiuto Farmer and i visitor. All Plum growers must to anxious to learn How this destructive insect May be prevented from continuing its ravages. We have seen various remedies recommended and have tried Soine of Thein but to Little Bee it. The Only method we have adopted with any Succes i. To shake the tree violently every morning and the in sect a Ioir. It i Urell to spread a Sheet under the tree that you Muy destroy the de predator. By watching the insect May olten be caught while it Woik fruit. Last season we put Cotton around sever al Trees and bags of Salt in the Fork of the limbs but it did no Good the it nit was mostly destroyed. One tree from which we have never succeeded in gathering much Ripe fruit to treated As above Shook it violently every morning Lor several weeks alter it blossomed and the result was it was so Well tilled with Large de Licious it nit the Green Gage that we were obliged to support the limbs. Ill Augu. We noticed something Homo al on one of the limbs which on Examina Tion proved to to a collection of about thirty Curculio in one compact body. What their intentions were we did n t give them time to explain but noon committed them to the , and frequently the seeds of Good al ready sown in Trio heart Are by harshness and severity stifled in the germ Ami the Noble feelings which had begun to expand Are blasted by the heat of an ungovernable temper. Years Nio when in Ifie freshness a nil buoyancy of ii Hood i was about to be come the Bride of him who had Ever striven to Tonako me Happy i received a letter from Iny Mother eldest mister earnestly urging me to spend a Lew Days with her As who wished particularly to ceo me. Accordingly i went and cordially received by aunt Clara and the family of her Sou with whom she resided. One Day during my , aunt Clara Tohl me site Dudlie Ainoi my intended marriage and. Few line a deep in Tepost in my welfare she Hail determined to give Tun the history of her own Muried life believing that it might convey n very useful lesson. Whether she thought she discovered the same traits in my Char Acter that caused the Shipwreck of her Hap piness i cannot say but let pays. Mir i id on account of Tho sad memories and unhappy feelings it would necessarily awaken she had reduced the narrative to writing which 1 might peruse at pleas ure. At an Caily Day i availed myself of her kindness her manuscript is Here copied. Being the Emest f six children my parents had always been accustomed to rely on Ino fur ii Ucli assistance which i Boon Trio Only child they would scarcely have considered me Able to Lender. My Mother s Liisu was almost wholly occupied with household a Flats so that at sixteen years of Aye the care of two Little Sisters and three brother devolved on Ino. Nature had endow etl Ino with an indo Mitchle will and a passionate love of Power which re United a stronger crib than the occasional reproof which my ebullition of temper called Forth. Among my by others and Sis ters my word was Law and when i issued a command and that was the form in which my i sucs were exercised exacted the strictest obedience. I do not think the children could have loved me Lory much fur my passionate instructions must have engendered that fear which casts out love. At length a change came Over me a Pas Sion took Possession of my Henrt which Fot a Ticino overpowered All Bajcer passions need l say Itiat was love my whole heart was devoted to an object Wor thy of a better disciplined one than i could bring him. As if to prove the assertion True that every person loves his opposite the object of my attachment was mild with a disposition full of kindness Aud Charity always choosing to sullen wrong rather than contend with an antagonist. Intending to relieve my patents from to Viding Soto of Tho necessary not Illus Lor housekeeping i engaged to Lake charge of a disc dict school which was managed by a Board of trustees who were authorized to employ and pay the teacher being indie or less controlled by them. Their occasional interference was to a temperament like mine exceedingly irritating. One Day i returned from school in a very angry mood asserting that i would neither submit to the dictates of the trustees or any one else when my eldest sister said with an Aich smile " what will Yon do when you Aie mar ried 1 Vou will then have to love Honor and obey " my temper was not 1 1 to least solicited by Litis question amt i replied very emphatically thai when i married it would be my husband s duty to make me Happy and if lie did nut ecu Lor to to my wishes 1 would Endeavor to make him foolish wayward irl thai i was id resolve in my own in ind l that i would abide so absurd a determine-1 lion. How Litulu ii i i Roll of How Mieli in Luence Pride mid obstinacy would exert in j dousing me to adhere to this expression of perverted will. Joseph and i were at length married. It teemed to me that i had never been so Happy Cluie weeks passed As Days. Stir lond cd by an atmosphere of love and Kmil Ness my faults were not called Cut and Jo-1 Senh. In his mistaken Fondue thought me All that his warm heart and Noble nature could desire. Soon alter the marriage we commenced housekeeping in a neat pretty House just suited to our wants i was enabled nearly to Amish it with the avails of my year s teach ing and the kind assistance of my Mother Anil Sisters. Neatness and order were very largely developed in my habits and for some time nothing whatever occurred to mar the happiness of our daily life. One of cuing i had to wait longer than usual fur Joseph to come to Tea and sutured a Lony suppressed feeling of impatience to betray itself in the peevish tones in which 1 exclaimed As soon As he entered the Dinning room 11 the ten is All cold Why did you not come before v 441 could not my dear j As there was no one to stay in the store was the mild reply which should have nut the subject to rest As i knew that jul sends business must necessarily occupy hid whole time he being head clerk in the establish ment with which he was connected sex peeling in the course of two or three years to be taken into partnership the before it was necessary Lor Hin to be Active and at. Tensive. All this i knew but like two Many wives took Little interest in business affairs and would not consider that he Hail any claims Paramount to my convenience. Small matters like these should have been borne patiently but in the absence of any greater trouble i suffered a thousand trifling i things to annoy nil irritate to to that de Roc that i threatened to turn Over n new Leaf which was but another Way of saying unlit i can have things my own Way 1 shall give my husband a lesson. To Boro my Oft reiterated complaint about what of pea s to me now to Havo j Cen Light As air without resentment offering Good reasons excuses i called them Tor not complying with my wishes. One Day alter i had reproached him with thinking More of Liis business than of his Wile to lose to go out and a to did so he turned to to with a look that should Havo sent repentance to my heart and fixing on me those liquid Grey eyes expressive More of sorrow than of Auger Clara said to j u if you find it of troublesome waiting for i Mel not wait any Inorg but take your meals Ami Clear away the things without re Gard to when he had gone the tem per that should Havo been cast behind me prompted to to take him at his word. Accordingly when the time came i prep Roj the evening meal and after waiting a few moments i sat Down Ato alone then cleared away the table and took up my sewing. In a few moments Joseph came in Ami with out raising my eyes from my work i told him in As unconcerned manner As possible that he need not come for his Tea 1 had j cleared it away. Without saying a word he turned and left the House. I know my Friend that when you read j this you will bitterly reproach to for in a kindness to one who loved me letter than life one too for whom at times 1 would i Hare Laid Down my life and aught else save i my will. His loss at one time would Havo i broken my hear but naturally impulsive i that intense love that for a time controlled infirmities of temper i had Suir Rcd them to gain the Ascendancy thus dashing from our lips the cup of happiness. I allowed i myself to forget that Tiu Saint guard oven my conduct and the same Effort was Nocos j Spry to preserve the affections of the bus band that were employed to win and obtain j the Lover. But to return. That night i sat up late but my he band dial not come. All thought j it be thinks to lighten me into submission by staying out Lato a thing to never done before but to will find his mistake. Finding that he had taken the Niubo key i determined to sit up no longer. I retired but could not sleep. The mild beams of i the Moon came softly stealing through the window tilling the Wooin with fantastic rid pcs of Light and Shade bearing in Inird n self examination so Long deferred. A j the night deepened and my husband came not i wept bitter thais of self accusation Ami in proportion to my fears for his safety i did my repentance for the past and resolve i Lor the future deepen Ami expand. I knew the store had closed some Houis i before Ami to had few friends indeed none a Viii whom to con la to upending the oven ing. Where can to be was the constantly i cuiling question. Just As the clock j struck one i heard the Click of Tho night key and i mops on stairs. Willi my fears vanished repentance from my Licarte and by the Lime he readied the room i was prepared to pour a storm of invective on his head. To paused on the threshold and As the Moon shone full in his lace 1 perceived that he was Pale and agitated and in the Moonlight presented a Ghasi Siuess that shocked me so much that i sprang the bed exclaiming Jseph or. La loud what it the matter " he started at me an Umant and in an tone implied Don t be a fool Clara. Go Back to bed and let me 1 he Tiuch hashed on my mind and again 1 pressed my Pillow where i sought to fasten the blame on him rather than Lake any share on myself. The next Day nothing was said of the occurrences of Tho preceding Day and night in Laet there were few words spoken on any subject i fell injured and a gloom seemed to have settled on inc countenance and manner of my husband. Ii was not until Many years after that i knew what i May As Well mention now. When my. Self acid left the store on the eventful night he paused a moment on the . Uncertain whither to direct his step dreading after Tho tailings of inc Day to encounter the fret ulness of an Alibi Liary wife at Homo. Home Home no longer v be his gentle and peace Loving spirit. Just then ail acquaintance passed and accosting him gaily invited him to so and partake of an Oyster supper it a fashionable Rasta uial. Unhappily his stomach prompted his mind to accept inc invitation. Tinl night the tempting wine cup was held to his lips a second and third followed in rapid succession and in that state he sought his chamber As we have a Arcady seen. _ following this there came a succession of Days and months fraught with the deep est misery to both of us. 1 will Diu a veil Over the recollections of this period Only mentioning that but few months had elapsed before the hollow Cheeks and blood shot eyes told a tale that Toije who saw him could Lail to rend. My husband s con duet Ami instead of causing sell reproach and g pity led me to look upon myself As one of Iho Moat injured l Wivo ital my Pettish and wicked heart hardened towards him till i rarely spoke save in harshness and reproach. We had now been married about two years. Uno morning i in. went 10 the store As usual Lul soon returned. On looking no Hin i caught my breath in Aston ulu neut. His eyes wore wild and gleamed like hot coals and to staggered across the room and would Havo had he not grasped a chair into which to sunk. He Bat a moment As if collecting his thoughts then in a voice Linn and solemn while i almost Felt his burning gaze to said Clara this Day 1 am a ruined Man my employers Havo watched my Steps Havo expostulated with me finding it to no Pur pose this Day on which i should Havo been raised to an honorable and profitable Posi Tion finds to cast Oil sick broken hearted Alono without Money and without fiiends.1 Tio Oble and disappointment drove Ino to 1 the wine cup then to find oblivion for my sorrows i neglected inv business became involved in debt and this is do cout c Quence. A bunt a year from this time our Litlo boy was born but my Eup of Joy at this event was doomed to be mingled with Sor i Row. Joseph began rapidly to Dolino neither love nor care would have him and they Laid him in a Shady Nook beneath the great Willow in the Corner of Tho farm and Tho Little Brook Babbles by murmuring his requiem to this Day. Just As his Oyes were closing forever on this world 1 Knelt beside him with our boy in inv arms. My Hus band placed one wasted hand on the head of the child and Tho other on mine and said Clara inasmuch As you Lovo me i guard Well the loot slept of this Little one1 1 entrust his happiness to your keening believing our heavenly father will Olesa your endeavours Farwell Tho god of love bless and keep you my wife and i have considered this his dying Trust a sacred one and have endeavoured to execute it with what Success the Well ordered life of my son will at Lem. I remained al Homo till Iny t ii married Intel Heidi i have lived in the family. My Mother has passed away and to Micro arc now two Graves beneath the Willow. My father i an aged Man and resides with my eldest sister in the old Homestead. I am an old woman full of years and experience but i Trust that each successive year since i returned to my father s Huus has found me Wiser and better and if the knowledge of my bitter experience shall prevent your taking a single false step which will surely be Roll used by its appropriate punishment the end in writing this confession will Here been accomplished. A Garden overrun with weeds. " father i like to go to school said Harry Williams one morning. " i wish you let to always stay at Home. A hails l biker s father Don t make him go to school. Or. Williams took his Little to by the hand and said kindly to him " Coine my Sou t want to show you something in the Harry walked into the Garden with his father who led him along until they came to a bed which pea were growing the vines supported by thin branches that had been placed in the ground. Not a Weed was to be seen about the roots nor even disfiguring the walks around the bed in which they had been planted. 44 see How beautifully these peas Are growing Iny son said or. Williams. " How clean and healthy the tines look we shall have an abundant crop. Now let to show you the vines in or. L biker s Gar Den. We can look at the Iii through a great Hole in his or. Williams then led Harry through the Garden Gate and across the Road to look al or. L biker s pea vines through a Hole in the Fence. The bed in which Ulicy were growing was near to the Road so they had no Difili culty in seeing it. After looking into the Garden for a few moments or. Williams said " Well my son what do you think of or. L biker s pea vines Oil father " replied the Little boy u i never saw such poor looking peas in my life there Are 110 Sticks for them to run upon and the weeds arc nearly As High As the peas Obein Civ cd. There won t to Hall a i on " Why Are Lioy so much worse Sihau ours Harry " because they Hove been loft to Crow As Lioy pleased. I suppose or. Parker j is planted them and never look any Caro of to Lien afterwards. He has neither taken out the Woods nor helped them to grow yen that is Jim the truth my son. A Garden will Hoo ii he overrun with weeds and Briers if it is not cultivated with the great est care. And just to it is with the human Garden. This precious Garden must he trained and watered and kept free from weeds or it will run to waste. Children s minds Are like Garden Beds and they must he As carefully tended and fully than the choicest plants. If you my son were never to go to school nor have Good seeds of knowledge planted in your mind it would when you become a Man resemble the Weed covered neglected bed to hate just been looking at instead of the Beautiful one in our Garden. Would you think me tight to neglect my Garden As or. Parker neglects Loisl " " of no father your Garden is a Good Garden but or. Parker s is All of min with weeds Ami Hideru. It won t yield half As much As yours " or my son do you think i would be right if i neglected my Sou As or. Paiker neglects his son allowing him to run wild und his mind uncultivated to become Over grown with Wendul Little hurry made no reply but he understood pretty coca try what his father meant. " i Send you to school or. Williams continued in order that the Garden of your Mill May have Good seeds sown in it and that these seeds May spin us up and grow and produce plentifully. Now which would you prefer to stay at heme Fiton school and so let the Garden of your mind be oven in with weeds or of to school and have this Garden cultivated 1" " i would rather go to school said Harry. " but father is Charles Paiker s mind overrun with Weed " i am afraid that it is. If not it certainly will be if father does not Send him l to school. For a Little Hoy not to to sent to j school is a great misfortune Ami i Hope you will think Tho privilege of going to1 school a very great one indeed. Harry Williams listened to All his father had to say and what was better thought about it Joo he never again asked to slay Home of town school. Something Worth knowing. To Lind the following in Mii Exchange pape., and As it is by no moans lie lir a Litno Ilmet to Honvo Licard of the cure of Ioup i y the Tamo remedy we have Little doubt of itt Efficacy " my wife and i were Moused about iwo o clock this morning by the struggle of Dir Little boy about three years old who was Labouring under a violent Atlak of the croup. breathing so difficult As to arouse poisons who wore sleeping in a loom beyond the Hall. I lustily folded a Towel Ilist it in cold water and applied it to his Llu oat and breast i then folded a Sheet to inc proper size wet it and rolled Hin in it and wrapped a Blanket Over that lie went to deep in three minutes and slept until 5 o clock when he got up was d re wed and wont to play in three hour after the attack mid to Wero rejoiced at the curative Power of Eold thousands annually die of the croup and fevers who might be saved by wrapping hem in sheets wrung out of cold water. Fatal accidents or 1853. During the pour 1853, there were on different railroads of Tho United s ates according to the Phil Idelphia bulletin about 150 fatal Railroad readout. Tho number of persons killed thus about 250, and Tho wounded about 500. F Steamboat accidents there Wero about 30, with an aggregate of about 330 Cilby and 200 in juror. Thero Wero about 130 lives lost in Tho United states by con in rations. By disasters at sea in All arts if Tho world not less than 2500 lives have con lost. Tier. Height or . There is n Man somewhere in America who is 10 Lull that to is obliged to run up a ladder every Lime he brushes his hair. The Bowie knife the into cold bunted or. Clay was n Man of great Resolution and considerable daring. Iio onco told i lie following anecdote to a Friend of ours. Travelling Early inn Hood in n Public convocation in a South Kaster state lie found himself in the company of i three other persons consisting of a Young lady and gentleman her husband and of an Wiuli Viduna muffled up in a cloak whose coun Tenanes wan concealed and who appeared to 1 0 indulging in a Toto a Toto with Morphe us. Suddenly a Hig Brawny kentuckian got into the Couch smoking a Cigar and frowned fiercely around As much As to Sav i m half horse Hull Alligator the Jailer i Tower of the Forest All Brimstone hut the Houd and ears and that s Aqui Fortis in tact to looked As Savago As a Moat axe and puked Forth huge volumes of is Aock without Rcpt Aroneo to tha company within especially of Tho lady who manifested certain timid symptoms of annoy Unco. Presently after porno whispering the Gen Flemun with Het in Tho pol test accents re 1 Quested Trio stranger nut to smoke us it in 1 noyed his companion. The fellow answered 1 reckon i be paid my Placo. I la Smoko As much us i darn please and All creation Shan t Stop Mono How Willi that to looked Dan porous and rolled i eyes round As 4i? As a Rattlesnake. It was evident to had no objection to quarrel and that if it occurred it was Likely to Lead to a deadly struggle. Tho Young Man who had spoken to him shrunk Back and was silent. Clay Felt Bis Goll entry aroused. To considered for a moment whether he should interfere but experienced a natural Rel Betanco to draw upon himself the brutal violence of his Gigantic adversary. In Tho Lawless country to knew his life might to sacrificed a avenged lie knew himself physically unequal to Tho con test and to thought Alicr All it was not i business quixotic ally to take up another Tunn s quarrel. � feeling pity for Tho insulted and disgust toward Tho insulted to determined to take no notice when very quietly indeed the cloaked Siguro in Tho Cornor assumed an up right position and Tho Mantlo was suffered to All from it without a flirt or excitement. The Small but sinewy Framo of a Man plainly dressed in a tightly buttoned frock coat with nothing remarkable about his appear Ance was seen and a pair of Bright Gray Oyass sought Tho fierce topics of the ferocious kentuckian. Without a word this May Fig i Uro passed his hand under his Collur at the Hack of Bis neck and slowly and deliberately pulled Forth a Long extremely Long and glittering knife from its Sheath in that sin i Gular place. Stranger to said my name j is col James Howie Woll known in Arkan Sas and Louisiana and if you Don t put that Cigar out of Tho window in a Quarter of a minute i la put this knife through your Bow Els As sure As death Clay to never forgot in after life the j expression of Tho colonel s Eyo at that moment. The predominant impression made upon him was Tho certainty of Tho threat to aug fulfilled and apparently Thosam conviction impressed itself Ere Long upon Tho of fender. During two or three seconds Bis eyes met that of Howie lie was Tho weak or and to quailed. With a curse to Toro Tho Cigar from Between his Teeth and Flung it scowling but downcast out of the coach window. Upon this colonel Rozio Aldol in brately replaced his Long knife in his Ciccon Trie biding place and without saying a word to any Ono else or even vouchsafe no a glance to any one refolded his cloak around him und did not utter another syllable to the end of Tho quarterly review for january. I a hero and his grave j a correspondent at Shepherdstown va.,who was u follow Soldier has paid the Fol lowing grief tribute to a Gallant hero we Hurt i Gravo in Tho rolling Surgo of the Atlantic colonel John m. Washington who was lost from on Board Tho ill fated Steamer Safru Nacisso and Whoso death will Send a Shock to thousands of his friends in the United slates in Mexico was As Gallant a Soldier As perfect a gon Lenan and As pare j a Man As Orr Routhe Tho breath of life. I know him Well Horatio and Yetieve that if nil Tho acts of his life had been written on his forehead to would not Liuro drawn hit hat Over it. I it will to recollected that to commanded the Bent breast work Battery on Tho sex tremor right of Tho american line at Buona Vista where with his four guns Hoef factually chocked every Effort of Tho enemy j to Tuin their flank ii is other two guns Wero on Tho held under Tho command of subaltern. At Tho close of the Battle when the enemy made his lat and expiring Effort to recover lilo Day by Tho charge of live thousand lancers upon Mckeo s Kentucky Ami Harding s Illinois regiments Wash in ton s guns Woro loaded with Shell and fearing that in their explosion Lioy might our own troops to Deli brately Drew every Shell then reloaded with round shot and Lis the enemy came Down on the Devot j de regiments to opened his Firo again Ond mowed them Down Liko Hay Bosforo Tho j scythe by this time fund unusual change of or decile to saved Tho regiments until Bragg s Battory Camo int action again a which combining with Washington a drove the enemy from Tho Field and won the wait i apr hasten. Mon make tool voc Buforo Tho marry women poor creatures after. Naglit Djreo Tsuro Tho Many coloured Mon Tal Patch word Mailo from do Cupuro clip pings of our any to in ugh. Little Clil Jrsn Uro the Lillis of the Valley of lift. A Tifilo is frequently nothing Moro than the Cru t a limped on a Silver by ii. The Moat oleum duties Are generally the croat readily undertaken. How Many a Man would with pleasure be your second in a Duel or stand god father to your child rot would strongly object to Tho loan of a Livo proud Noto Tho lines of life that a woman cares most to see in her hands Aro the marriage Linos. Fust men Liko fast Rivers Are generally the shallowest. Good intentions Liko the Waxen wings of icarus melt with Tho Tsoming Sun. A Hasty Marrugo too frequently turns out a mourning suit that s run up in our Anu two did truths Liko candid fruit Are All Tho bettor for hating Tho Stonos picked out of l a Valentino is Tho first letter which a Youngl girl learns in Tho alphabet or Iota. Poor rotations that have been Flung aside often turn up and prove a Valuo when least expect of Liko Bank notes that Bare been found Bosforo now in a waste paper Bosket. Pnra. A Young Slock broker having mar ried a at widow with $100,000,said it was it the face that attracted him so much As the Fig arc. �7 a Beautiful woman once said to Goa. Shield who by the Hye a an irishman How is it that having obtained so much glory you will seek for me 44afcu Madam be replied How is it that you Havo so much Beauty should Jet on Iho paint Insu following emphatic declaration of the celebrated Irish orator. Sir Boyl Koche bos a Truo National flavor. If the question is put to me or. Speaker 111 answer boldly in the affirmative another Irish member said on one occasion with Ai Nilar Felicity sir if 1 Havo any partiality for the lion gon Tucman it partiality against �7" a gentleman if african Oit action who uitus to display his grinning Combina Tion of Ivory and Ebony about Tho streets of Indianapolis we linked by a White entity Man " How old no you Sam l " Twenty five Massa was the reply " but if you counts by the fun l s been Jesi Call me Ono of the readiest replies we have heard lately was made by an irishman. A gentleman travelling Oil horseback Down jut came upon an irishman Olio was fencing in a most Barren and desolate piece of land. " what Are you fencing in thai lot for. Put 1 " said in " a lipid of cows would starve to death on that to and Suie yer Honor was t i fencing it to keep the poor bastes out Tiik thl Tii in a dvrs Max. Tho Boston journal referring to the fact that the demo Crati press of the North generally Oppolo the Nebraska outrage thus pertinently tutus up the few exceptions in Short the Only democratic papers a new England which advocate the abandon ment of the Missouri Compromise As far As we Are aware no recipients of Jovern Anont patronage and Are edited by Ollice holders under Tho general g Ood to Hoard lately a Little Storr of one of our lawyers. To want engaged in an important Case and was Cross question ing a witness whose character was ii Eoa Charlo and Whoso testimony was rather the some. In vain did to criss Cross Tho witness was Florin. At last Hoex claimed a we l or. In t there Lom thing else Haven t you forgot some thing Tho witness paused a moment As if deeply reflecting and answered wll really or. I out i or collect any thing i have forgotten. Tho lawyer was decidedly american. Pieces 37 Kuis ago. Looking Over on file for 1371, to cast our Oyei upon Tho Pri Ces current of Tohru try of that Vear and As in Ovid Enco that Tho present prices of Many Reading articles Havo not come up to that Liuio to give a few samples. Tho prices Given it must to re collected Are Tho i Liole ale i to retail Veroo Courso higher. Bacon 15 cents Barley 124 to 150 eans hoi to 450 per Bushel butter ship Ling. No. 1. 24 cents a. 2, 22 cents com a to to2,10 Coito l j to21 conts Cotton 10 to 32 cents Virginia Coal $ to $15 Bur $14 to 15 Hay $21 to �24 i doses 48 to 54 cents peas $2.50 to $2 Ric cents Ryo 175 to s2, sugar loaf 23 to 15 cent Brown 11 to 15cent- Tea. Hyson4 1,70, Hyson skin. $1, 03 to 75 con. Portsmouth journal. Solon Rodinson the author of hit com stories in rather a mysterious personage. According to the papers he has Hail an eventful career. Those who know him Leserine him an a Largo Mill 70 years old Keith a patriarchal Beard which fills nearly 0 his Waistband. He hat been agricultural ? Tor of several journals was once nil inc Pioneer in Madison ind. Afterwards the kept tavern in version to and sul sequent a he became a " Reform Leo user. Ai Ino period of hid life he was manager of lie old Columbia Street theatre in Ciccici Lati. While in this position he dramatised 4 the Pilot from Cooper s novel. It did Tot succeed very Well and Ilo Housou was Atis lied with one season s experience in theatrical management lie was afterwards Magged As secret mail agent and was in Mitru Inetal in detecting several deprecating postmasters. He had been a Farmer in ii Innis Ami what other business we know . �7 " provisions of Tho Constitution nid mrs. Partington with an Earnest air and Ono " for my pail i should be glad to see Ein. Heaven mid All of us knows Provis on is scarce enough and dear enough and f they can turn the Coli Miculion to so Good 1 use i am glad of it. Anything that will Moo a tendency to cheapen the necessities if life and Liege she Laid her linger Oji to cover of her Box and looked earnestly it a cracked sugar bowl in the " Bullet " in he Corner containing Tho onion seeds mid one buttons and Tho Scarlet Beans and he pieces of Toiuo Lony gathered from a Tea bags a i Kin agreeable to i and if they turn the Constitution and All to ships of War to carrying provision i i sure they Wilt do More Good than they to now a Good Many of she hero an Down like an eight Day clock and she smiled As Ike rushed in with his arms full if votes and his face full of fun and to asset Candy and asked her if he should t Ivo Hor a " Tig Post. A Fingulin . When son ats Houston of Texas commenced Hii speech of to Nebraska Bill on Sueada Trio to were Lle a up on his junk forty eight l Irga folic Mil Quarto volumes Chaides of oven puck a is of unbound documents pamphlets ac., tc., forming a Barrier four foot above his leak and Bohiw which Ivhon seated or. Houston was inv silo from Tho front. This Irry of books was not to to Uken As an Index of the to ninth of his speech or to intended to Imp Brief but to had col dec cd them in Tho Senate that it might a icon How voluminous was Tho record of the Lodge a and pro Milos negotiation and in Lucent cola held out and mud by Tho gov rement towards Tho indians not Ono of which had Over been to then a ont into a Dof onco of Tho Indiana and a god against their Romo Vul from Tho a bras a England Farmer. A Goon excuse. Thoro is a too Iota in cd it once which Liko Moat other associations if Tho kind Haa a for the father and husband i was not award of that remit Tho Fine in. Secretary Tho excuse is a Good the member consequently took Bis seat to next morning another me Bormet him and with much feeling asked him How his Rife and daughter were in excellent health replied to. How i thought you said Jast night that of did not know which one would Dio i did and am still in a quandary. Time however will decide the question

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