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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1854, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - June 23, 1854, Biddeford, MaineTie Dmn a510 ea�tr5i Jol , is Rosu Reao Wake la miday. Orca no. I Ceatron Block Bidic food opposite itis Bwl Deford House. To say it Tutop of san twin or if paid withal fee Iii alb from Tbs Une it i a a a cd is bin Kle copies May to obtained St Thiol co in Sicsu. Price 4 menu. Y. B put be it be Ainer icae Newt paper agent u Tim it Hily a a Bonard agent for it big Doper is Ike nil a of new York to Toa end a Ludet Erie sed i duly Eie Perere i to take advertisement Aud subscript Imu St tie a air Rales a repaired by us. Ill office Ere note York tribute buildings Llo Oum soul nyx a he diag Pitliuk feta n. W cooler third Sod abcs nut Street. Theta juju k of a Marcus Watson. For Lamar. Poetry. V Vav via san a it How. The duo emf lines Groin wot to Are fall of wholesome advice As Well St Beautiful imagery. They convey to the Youthful dreamer a Leeaon which it would be Well for him to powder Arie for the Day is pawing while you he dreaming m your Brothers ure cased in Armor. And Forth to the Light ure gone your place a the ranks awaits you each Man has a part to i j the pest Aud the future Are nothing in the face of the Stem today. Arise from your dream of the future of gaining a hard bought held. Of storming the airy fortress of idd Diug he i i yield your future has deeds of glory. Of Honor. 01 or uni it May Tull your Arm Wim never he strut Ger or needed As now today arise if he Pesl Delsio you hot a Washine Sod Sizorin forget no Remus so unworthy in Lipold you As those of a Vulio regret bed or Imohl she it lifeless Over cast her phantom arms a Way nor look by cd save to learn tie Lemauu of a Mohler strife to Day. Arise for the Hoar in put a in the sound that you dimly Heer la your enemy a Rehing to Battle Rise Rie fur the he is smrt stay not to brighten your . Pons or to e hour will strike St last and from dreams of a caning Battle you will Waken go a Liuigi it past. My East Ummi Lul is 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. Bidder foil Friday june 23, 1854. Vol. In no. 25. The chair will be hauled up with the a neighbouring Street siting Ami he two ends May Hen be fastened together in Ibe usual Way. Remark. Belote the pump tube is placed in the Well it should be fixed at the Bottom so that the Cork can escape there was a considerable change however in the manner in which it was occupied. The masked Postillione were upon their horse but no one appeared upon the car itself which instead of being occupied by the tribunal desks from the tube Only on that Side on which and other Appe Rutus of a court of Justice you wish to Brin up the Chain.�?jf�7ie tras now covered Over by an ample Green fat a Are. Cloth with the exception of one end where a kind of Small canvass Lent or Pavill Inu had been erected. The curiosity of the Large up steins. Having had Rood strongly stimulated by this Success the past season in raising finely be Mwiwa Cha a a he of a a wed pumpkins i will give Jou Niy a Quot the vehicle As it proceeded through the Tari Experiment the Drouin an t Ous Street and tin ally entered the spacious i warm Clayey Loam descend in to the Bouth. R a a j a i planted the 20 h of May. With con andaul0u in a a the Middle of mar Ltd Jone or two pumpkin seeds in a Hill get ill liar fully it in Atto Lou i the tree i Una ubi. I Quot a a Quot a a a a i -�?zi0 , nil Iii a a sum to the Hill. Iees mild Aud Balmy. As Trio car passed by soil slowed once Aud Hartow etl three Tim a Inilda and Balmy. As Trio leaned out of windows and gazed at eur ,�?o5 be Lommo uce a a the huge Mach a that Liun Beret along and Lone fool in Levi ctr. I gave them j hoeing. After the was ., by q a Yff a Neil to of some were sex to eight touches in diameter Ruus it Malc it he til tons pulled their u or seemed o shake the very ground under its Ami i covered the Stem and a Small portion of. V. opposite a note of Sialei n u he a a a a Al a in i he .t.rn, a i h my. ,0 a Quot am a a face a a which in Alona a. Quot it a re a Quot Quot a a a Hal ,l.eo1 a a of a nude. ,1,-ep Bol conic c. of i of i or from the men of he a Empke were k ,,�, and richly i formed and the derived not Tennee i Liu Inilla a a of and plenty of it judging from the size mud a Inen Weigt Winch Mas Triu eighty to ninety a Hajj w . Agricultural. And other the Chimney. Setting cabbage Tomato plants. Last Spring saw a Farmer setting out a bundled cabbage plants in the follow a in manner the plants were pulled up from 1 the seed bed without loosening the i oud around them and this pretty compact thie fourths of the fibrous Mots were Bio Keu Oll he then made a round Hole with a Stii k about half an Inch in diameter thrust in the Plant dropped it Earth to lilt up the miscellaneous. The tall windows of the first floor mete open Ami firn the opposite Side of the Street a glimpse might be obtained of the Salt rot a chimneys. In building a Interior of a drawing room the i Montes old Chat Nev put a Quantity of Salt into the Nior which now approached the Balcony seem Ter with which the Intercourse of Brick Are ogly disposed to gratify la Weir curiosity by j to be Laid. The effect will be that there a View of the cur at the same lit Nethal to will Nuver be any accumulation of soot in avoid Tho gaze of the kept themselves in some measure concealed behind the costly exotics that partially tilled the Balcony. A minute or to elapsed without any change taking place in the App Aranco of the car. The Crom a remained in mule expectation. Suddenly however by some in hand Mac query the Green Cut Cynig was rolled aside nil a sort of mimic stage appeared on my hich was a River and its Bank. The water skilfully imitated by paper or , seemed to flow Tinq Niilyn along Ohilo the Bank Ilsel Sowas covered with artificial turf and of Lweis and backed by Alother Geof shrubs and Brushwood this hedge which was com wed murder from Yoou t Magazine. Will out towards the commencement of the present re usury. The count Hector tie Langue Locian of ancient family returned to Toulouse from the South of Italy where he had been for porno time resident me p.,., i upper earn a. Tjuk he a he be hts Hoe packed it Down poured on consider amp mgt to who to Able Quantity of water and then covet etl up the plants with a Burdock Leaf to keep off the suns rss and Lei them grow a Best they could. We requested the print were immediately shut. It a Only the the a a Square raised his hopeless vision that some of the Croul thought of of lowing to the ceiling for a Short Lime and began leg of setting out Twenty plants for him Aud proceeded thus first went to the seed bed and with n Flat irk loosened Ami lifted up a Quantity of dirt around the roots taking care to break very few of the most delicate fibres. We next went to the cabbage ground and with a Hoe prepared a place for each Plant mellowing Ami pulverizing the Earth several Lucios in diameter. We a Coo Ted out a Large Bole with the hand deep enough for a Plant Aud set it in carefully with considerable Loose Earth still clinging to it the roots were left spread out jul. As they Hail grown finely pulverized soil Mas Ihen sprinkled in to fill up the Imle Aud carefully i Down around he Plant. We then added about half a pint of tilth water the swill Nail and requested that the plants should be left without any projecting covering. Our Farmer Friend said he cold never spend to much time with a few plants. But Maik the . During the latter part of the summer visited the cabbage Patch a and found that of the Twenty plants one been injured by a careless blow from the Hoe Aud one had grown feeble a Hile seventeen of them bore Large solid Heads of cabbage. Of the eighty other plants set out at the a ame Lime in the Saino soil fifteen Only had Large leads Twenty nine Bare Heads of medium size fourteen had barely lived and were not Worth harvesting while Twenty two had not survived the transplanting. The next beat preferable method know of u set out cabbage is to first Grout agriculture. Transplanting cabbages. Transplanting o Gibbage and other plants from hoi bed should be done when the ground is not Tret Fot if worked in this state it will be reduced to a sort of mortar Ami he left haul and full of cracks when it becomes dry. Tie Earth should be just so moist As to be capable of being finely pulverized so that it my when pressed about Tho roots touch them in every part and lie close about them Ami n should be freshly dug or stirred up just Tho operation. Cabbage will live Aud better when transplanted in a Fine Mellow and moderately moist Soi i under a hot Sun than when placed in a wet soil during Ruiyu weather. Much met be indeed depends on the Mode of Tho operation than on the a tale of the weather. There Aie some Plant however hich Are no tender and Juicy cucumbers and melons for instance As to be scorched and absolutely in a How Sun. When this is the Case they must be shaded upon their removal by clicking a Broad Shingle in the ground on the South Side or two shingles so As partly to enclose them meeting at an Angle on the South. It has been strongly recommended to dip the roots of Young plants As soon As they Are taken from the ground into a mixture of soil and water worked together to he Roon in Steucy of soft mud. This by adhering to the Root prevents their becoming dry for several hours until they Are transplanted. Cute should be taken that the end of the Root is not Bent when set in the ground and also that the Plant be ser As deeply As Possi ble without burying the gentleman. How to mend a Chain pump. Chain pumps Are much in use St present they Are very Good pumps especially in Wells that Are not protected much from the ust As they Seldom got Frozen so As to prevent their operating unless the water in the Well itself freezes. Sometimes How Ever the chair Breaks or parts and then it has been necessary to Tako up the whole pump in order to mend and replace it. A Friend told us the other Day. A method which he has adopted in such cases with perfect Success. The Chain with its plugs you know is an endless one going Over a Pulley at the lop. Iowa outside the pomp into the water at the lower end of the pump tube up the tube. Now if the Chain parts it is difficult getting one end Over the lower Pulley and up i0 the other Side unless you Lake up the pomp to to it. Take a string of sufficient length to reach from the Bottom of the lower pulls to the Sorf Koe of the water in the Well tie a Cork to one end of it and lie Tho other end to the Chain. Then winding the string round the Cork pot it into the pump be and let the Etui of the Chain follow it Down. As soon As it got Down under the Pulley the work will Rise to the top of the water m the Well from which it May to Hook Oil years previously had left France As a widower re entered it As the husband of a Young and i r. ,. Full. Beautiful woman the daughter of a poor a a a no a Roe a u i de a a Youl of the Earth but Hou Uahle neapolitan family it was Tho manner that such things Sre ire probably More her straitened circumstances managed upon a theatre and at the and the Brilliant position offered her by a Lime there appeared a Small Stone Union with the count than any very Strong sch Tel containing a image u in "j-�?T11 attachment to hat Nobleman which had surmounted by a Cross. The effect induced Duomo Olivia to accept the hand of Lel w.?l�?o1 a Zienta ton was High of a Man whose age tripled hers anti very Naura a ,0jullkt� from exclamations audible after thei at to Lou a it a he crowd Appu raut by recalled to their recollections shortly became reported among the More observant Aud scandal Loving portion of the society in m hich they mixed that the count had already began to Tamn the bitters of an ill sorted Union. His wife affirmed to show him marked coldness nil repugnance and there m Ere some malicious per on who did not scruple to say that Monsieur de Lar Olles had cause for jealousy in the attention paid to the Countois by an officer of the Gar Rio on who was a frequent visitor at his House. This was a Smiss fro i the italian Canton of Tevino who had entered the French Arm / at an Early age Aud was now a major in the service. His reputation was that of a Soldier of for Luke Brave As steel but tolerably unscrupulous his person a is s Likin Gly handsome i ago about thirty years a Friend of the with whom major Nuli was intimate had introduced him at the hotel la Rolles. Fora Long Lime his attentions to the count is Ami the evident willingness with which she received them escaped Tho notice of the unsuspecting count who at last Huai Teuton directed to them by some indie observant fiend. A violent scene Between Monsieur de la Rolles Ami Hia wife was the consequence and although the in by managed to exculpate herself to a Eer Tain ext it the result was that order were Given to the Domestic not to admit major Ruoli when he pie enter himself at the Hoe. Ruoli called there repeatedly but As according to the statement of the por in r. No one a Ever at Home he at last seemed to take tie hint a it was meant and entirely his visits Thi occurred towards the close of summer. About to oudh afterwards the count de la Rolles suddenly did a it eard and no tidings could be obtained of him. He had left his hotel about Lusk one evening Ami had Revei resumed. The comity a had gone to Call upon a Friend Aud the count on leaving the House had not As was sometimes his habit mentioned to his Valet de Chambre Weie he Mas going. No one had observed what direction he had Ink eur nor had to been anywhere seen. Inquiry and search Mere Ulizko in vain. The count was not to be found. Madame de la Rolles Mas apparently in despair at this sudden disappearance of hot a husband. Messengers were despatched in every direction friends to m Hose House he might have Boft Keti hit Seil. Were written to. Pains and expense were lavished in order to discover Hun. For nearly Uvo months the countess seemed to entertain Hopes and for nearly us Long a time the Public inter it kept alive concerning this singular nil mysterious disappearance but then the affair began to be thought less of the countess seemed Dis Heurteux by the fruitless Ness of he relaxed its activity or it should rather be said nothing More remained to he done. The Good people of Toulouse found something else to talk a bout and Defuro the new cat arrived the occur France seemed forgotten. The month of Labuary commenced and with it the carnival a High based with that customary gaily and Bustle. Towards its close there was Asu it jul various processions and pageants and at last came to closing Day the Mardi Gas upon which the fluid Mummer carnival was to Piny i final gambol before yielding up lie Field Dame Careme Ami her austerities. According to custom the peregrinations to of he judges Drew together a mob which was kept continually on the Grin by the facial trial that took Pla e in this peripatetic lit do Justice and by the comical verdicts rendered by the wigged i mid Blackm bed laughter however although said to fatten does not keep off the attacks of hunger and towards the close of the afternoon Tho ear was turned into the court Yard and Jodyes councillors and witnesses repaired to a neighbouring hotel to refresh of the Crow j that had been following Ono portion dispersed through Tho adjacent Streeta one another lingered about in groups waiting the re appearance of the pageant that had afforded them so much amusement this re appearance took place much sooner than was expected. Less than half an hour Hail elapsed since the car entered the stable Yard when the Galea were thrown open the vehicle drove out and tamed Down some familiar Scono. It m As in fact a Natii insure but exact copy of u secluded Anul Leni urk ably Lovely sgt of on the Banks of the Garonne and at the distance of a Short Hulf league Fiton Toulouse. This part of the River Side had onco beef a a Coit of tote townspeople but a fatal and particular Savage Duel had been fought there i Mie year previously and m memory of which tin Cross and Chapel loot Beon placed there bail attached unpleasant association in it since that caused it to be Tallier avoided than Oloeru i a. Scarcely Hall this scene been disclosed when from a Small Lent at one end of the Carl two actors appealed upon it. I hey Mere both masked and Ono of them wine a Blue military cloak Ami Cap. While the muffled in a dark silk car Mihul which nevertheless us lured the out like of a Young Ami Giac Elul figure to be distinguishable. At the slowest possible Pace they walked along the Bank of the stimulated Steinm apparently in Earnest conversation the female hanging Faini Lurly on Tho Arm of her companion on Milos face her Eves Weie riveted. Before they had proceeded half the length of the truly thespian stage on m hich they Weie exhibiting they Weie followed out of the tent by a third figure who approached them with a steal Why step this Mas a Man my Hose hair was silvered and form slightly bowed by age nil on beholding whom a movement of Surprise took place in the Cromp a while the name count de la Rolles a passed hmm Mouth to Mouth. At the same Lime a half stifled shriek was heard proceeding from the Balcony of the magnificent Hole e to which the pageant m As enacting. The old Man upon the cart arrived close to the figures of the officer and the lady without their observing him. He seemed to listen for n moment then fiercely grasped the a in of each if the dumb Isiom ensued it was evident that a violent discus Siou m As a going on Between these three persons. The old Man seemed much agitated a my was the most violent in i get tical Lions. Once he grasped the officer by the Collar but the latter disengaged a nonself and he then seemed to his anger upon the lady. Then and As if moved to sudden anger by something the old Man said the officer seized him in. There was a struggle but the Nii Lago lists were two unequally mulched Lor it to be n Long one nil in a moment the Grey haired old Man Mas hurled backwards the River. The fictitious Wales open to receive him. Once Only he arose and seemed about to gain the Bank but Tho officer advanced closer to the my aters Edge Ami As the swimmer a pro ached Drew his sword from under his cloak and Dell him a heavy blow upon Tho head. The next instant the old Man disappeared and the River flowed on tranquil As before. The Muderer Aud the lady gazed for an instant at the water then at each other Ami hurried off the stage. The a it Lillious lashed their horses and the car drove away it a smart Pace. This time however none of the spectators followed it. The attention of All was melted on the House before which this scene had passed Ami which was no other than the hotel la Rolles. On the Balcony of to it mansion a Young and Lovoff woman showed herself uttering those thrilling Ami Quick repeated shrieks that even in woman Are Only elicited by Tho extreme agony of mind or body. She Mas attired in mourning garments hut of the most tasteful and coquettish materials her Beautiful features were convulsed and deadly Pale Ami she clutched the railing with both hand while she struggled Violen by to extricate herself from the grasp of a very Ham some Man in a Rich uniform who strove by mingled Force and entreaty to get her Back in the House. Tho Huly was Tho countess tie la Rolles the officer was Maior Ruoli. The broken sentences uttered or rather screamed by the countess who was apparently in a paroxysm of insanity were distinctly audible to Tho persons in Tho Street. She accused herself As the murderess of her husband Ami Ruoli As her accomplice. The latter at last succeeded in dragging bar Tolo the room of which tit windows the moveable theatre opon which had been enacted the drama that had been followed by such an extraordinary scene of real life. Car and horses Wero found a Short distance off standing in a solitary Corner be Hind a fragment of the old City Wall but the car a empty and there was Inbody with it. Even the pop Tylli it me had disappeared. That same evening major Ruoli Ami the countess de la Rolles Weie arrested by or Der of the authorities on suspicion of the murder of the count. The cuu teas was in a imaging lever unable to be moved and for a longtime her life was in danger but on her recovery he made a full avowal of the crime to which she had been accessory. The truth of her confession had there been any to doubt confirmed by the discovery of the counts body which had floated Down autos solitary Nook of the River several Hundred Yards below the spot where he Hod lost his Lile and had remained concealed Anu big Tho rushes Ami Alder Tiee. His feat Xor. Were in recognize Uble but his dress Fri tsp Arouh other particulars were Abu Mimi old Knees to a his identity. I Skull if indented by the blow of Rnold a Subre. Finally Nuli was sent to the Gallows and the countess sentenced to imprisonment for a Temi of years. Fever and Remonte How Over had played havoc with her Constitution and she died a few weeks after wards. Previously to Tho trial which excited immense interest at the Lime Ami of which Are informed that a curious account is to be found in Tho French papers of the year 1802, or 1803, every eff it mus made but in vain to discover the devise is Ami actors in the masquerade which had led to the detection of this crime. It appears that the car had Heon left in the stable Yard by the Postillione Whilo they Wei Itlo Dine nil that when they returned it had already disappeared All that remained of it being the chairs table nil usher apparatus of the judges m hich had been thrown out upon the ground. An Hustler had seen several persons busied Boul the car but hmm being in Macau Eide attire had concluded they Mere some of the party to wham it belonged. It was suspected hut could nut to proved that this Man Hud been bribed Loseo As Little As possible. No plausible conjecture could be formed Aslo the motives of the Penon m to had become acquainted m a in the commission of the murder for not sooner nil in a More direct nil open shinier bringing form Aid Lii evidence concerning in. Some Suppo cil that having been a hidden Eye Miquess of the deed he apprehended himself being liable to punishment for not having made an Effort to prevent it others supposed that he feared major Rukhli m to was known to be violent nil Reckley and a third conjecture was that it m As some person of indifferent churn ctr a Iio thought his unsupported testimony would not find credence a alien brought Agni St people of Rook nil influence. Whatever the motives have been and although there were evidently it least tvo persons connected Mich the Masquer ado the secret was Well kept nil Lothi Day the affair remains shrouded in mystery. A Missouri wedding in a Haiti Cut Vicinity of Missouri a to Arriago was agreed upon Between the favored Sou of a Farmer of considerable influence and the a Lle of All Trio country around. Of come the elite of the neighbourhood were in attendance everything was there Ami everything was in Apt readiness. A the a Quot vol Tiger a of Pir sent Thor and the Monkey mud the Polar but that dignitary to m hum it was do signed to sign the Honor of master of the marriage ceremony Hud not yet but just then some one spoke nil said a a there Cote Squar Ben Quick the Light m Ere trimmed and every thing put in place. A usual agitation anxiety nil Joy m Ere depicted on every face and or. Tom Wisdom the honorable huts walked out to meet the anxious a a Square a to Welcome him Iulo inquire his health the icim s. Sic. The a a squat was n Good Humoured Gen tie Tan but he m As clip Only celebrated for talents a Tut Euers learning amp a. In i populous township. A Well a Snail the Host. A ebon you have been elected but you had a close rime of it my vote alone saved you. You Bent him but one tote a that is All Tom a replied Squar a but the next election ill lick him. There a no use in talking or. Wisdom without using the Corn a a All Well i hut Sall Over and you Are the magistrate Squar Ben so come nil lets go in and see what the Young Folk m ish. Indeed Squar Ben. Are you Teare that of Are exx died to say a it ceremony a Benjamin Buncum now began to see the a Elul responsibility of his office and to a tremble irom Centre to for 9 had never Oft in that interesting cant City. Thev had not even Dune him the Justice to a us urn him of the Pait he m is expected to Pei Finin or he could have prepared. He had made no preparation Hal no form nor could any Book to found High or Low having the marriage ceremony. Hence in Lake in a a offhand mus the Only Chance. An unfit a Nute mud excruciating test for the newly elected the company was now arranged into a Crescent. I he a a squat at his place nil in came the parties principal Ami seconds gallants Euch bearing a Candle which evinced the extent nil luxuriant Range in that neighbourhood. With much Assurance Ami dignity Tho Quot Square looked around and whole Ages of learning seemed to be Rushing through his mind. He thought Over every thing he had dreamed but All ill vain. There was a suppressed titter nil Over the House. This admonished him he must say something a to in an agony of desperation he began a the slate of Missouri. County i command you to a a this did not soil. Confusion and whispering perplexed him the More. Quot give to a chances give the Squar a Chance a said n Strong voice from the door. The a a Square made another Effort Quot be it enacted by the general Assembly of he slate of missouri�?�?T1 anew a a know All men by these presents a Here he was interrupted by a general noise and a voice from the cow to a a a he is writing a again he essayed Quot witness my hand and Seal this the a u a. Concluded us he will certainly go on with the ceremony a said several voices. Quot in he name of god amen a he again began. Laughter from every directions some swearing. A he is making his will a said Ono Quot i thought he would not live Long prodigiously sad Quot the next Ossay of the Noble and Learned a a Sannra was a a a a yes of yes come into court and a Quot Are to have court to right a ejaculated some one. A ooh yes come into court a replied another from the door. The laughter was general. It May to supposed the Bride and her partner Mero us mex hat hours de combat especially in former but water and suitable aromatic m Ere near nil a a Square Bun cum my is her Friend nil near by a he was an untiring Man and after casting his eyes around the Root he determined to try again a a to the Constable or any Olhorn lawful officer. a a lets go. He a going to have us All non Ted a said several. Then followed much confusion Ami displeasure. Hete a gleam of Light flashed Over the a squat bewildered Ami forlorn countenance. He ordered the in Ilia to timely to hold tip their right hands and in u solemn voice he said a you in a each of you do solemnly Ami truly sweat in the presence of the present company Ami of he president of the United slate Ami in Tom name of the Constitution of Tho t oiled state of America that you will Perianu faithfully and As often a you or Ench of you May Wili All and singular the duties nil functions of husband nil m Ifo. As the ens May be to the Best of your kill Ami ability to help you god. Amen a a a Good sold Rye old Kentuck forever a exclaimed the grateful i. Tom Wisdom. A come said he. A will All drink with Squar Benjamin a agreed a shouted the enthusiastic and Happy crowd a twp la dance Ull night till Brond Daylight and Iro Homo my Ith the gut in the a a Etc Madrid to times. A cheer from prof. 8tuart. The Reading and working of the Maine liquor Law seem to have kindled again the heu Evolene soul of this teacher of the school of the prophets. Let Maine take courage an i not be frightened by an occasional a head i loot a if i should be glad of trumpet lungs which would Otta ble me see Diug Somo lofty Eminence in that state of Maine to make qty voice to be heard Over its whole Donnin i should Tell the people that first of All i thank and Praise Tny god that by his holy Providence there is one people Oil the Faro of this wicked world my to Claro to do their duty boldly faithfully nil thoroughly. I would exhort Lleni manfully courageously nil logo on in the was they have begun. The m Hole world of sober Aud thinking men will not Only justify but applaud them. In my opium no they have in him their Brou with n Laurel fresher and More imperishable than that which the conqueror of kingdoms binds on i brom his is Teopil in blood theirs is the Emblem of life n salvation to thousand Ami millions of their Fellom men. People of Maine the gel of Hea in bless you for achieving such n Victory Many triumphs have been achieved in the Good cause hut none like yours. Others Hnton More or less fought with the drunkard and liquor seller in the inv of arguments and in Oral suasion and indirect nil inefficient Letna Riding legislation you have oiled the most admit conqueror thu Morid has Ever seen in your scheme of policy or struggle you have steered Lor the Capitol itself my Ith nil it magazines Ami material of War nil these once in our hands you know the contest cannot Long continue. Where Are the arms nil ammunition nil rations to come from when nil the deposits Are sewed 1 Rou have Tho unspeakable advantage of making m or noon nil Tho supplies of War Aud not directly with the men who take the Field Ngn Insl you you combat with sin and death itself nil not with those who Are deceived nil misled nod drawn into ruins but to cripple and Nonni Hirnle the Power that i Lead them. It is an elevated Ami in old purpose. When mighty conquerors and Crafty politicians will to forgotten the Laurel Oil your brow m ill be freshening nil Blooming with a Beauty nil glory that will be immortal must it not be to 1 shall sing the deeds of blood nil carnage on the Craft of Alacli Linvelle and not remember the Trio achieved under the Banner of Temperance by which the life that now is and that which is to come will be saved Heriette forbid i people of Maine if i might and dress Yon in the Milit to style i Mould Bay you have covered your deeds with glory a glory not Moi in Fields strewed my Ith dead corpses and gnome Ute rolled ill blood but one which god himself Regarda Vith approbation nil which All who love those made in his image will look opon a shining More brightly than Crom a Send diadem on the head of Kings Aud conquerors. People of Maine having Moo such a Field you will never never desert it nor give it up to the enemies of the eyes of All the Moi Are upon you in this great movement you have amply vindicated your significant motto a Trio you have led the Way May heaven Grant Bat Overy state in the Union May follow it. A the remarks of or. Petit in the Senato upon the Hill for a a the Triumph of popular were d Stingu shod by an India ret cd nor somewhat characteristic of the senator Irons Indiana. He opposed any amendment to the Hill is it Camo from the House fearing that if it went Back Public Iii Timon might Provo too Strung for it mud if it should foil in the present Congress he apprehended that Mcvety member from the free states who voted for it would be defeat the a a Squire was again admonished by cd. Lie made Nocon Cement of the fact Willering that he Mutt proceed with some that the measure could not b�afe1y trusted thing in agonizing desperation he began before the people and that the Only Way to a when in the course of human events it secure it lbs to pass it now in spite of the becomes a people. He also said with equal Candor Here he was touched by or. that he wanted the principle of the Bill for after a pause he began again Tho Benefit of the North that the Northern a your father who Art in heaven a people might have the same advantages of Quot he a repeating the lords prayer a Taya Oliverj As lbs Southern a Providence Jeur on. I a of from Tho London doll a a a a the ice burst on the Neva. The Crimea of the Bahia Enterprise seems near at hand. Under Date of 3d of May Bear of bit or East Vioda and thick falling a now of the 4th, of Stockholm steamers running with crowd of Oit Isana to see the Fleet on the 5thof fog to think that the Shipe could nut air. In Finland meantime the be Aero is mild and Rog Tailon u rapidly advancing. The month of Maria always the season for suspense at St a Euraba go the time when Itie said the Realises Czar who Alepa Only by snatches looks out or goes Forth Ali to before any body else a stirring to observe the aspect of his Wau a realm and see huh Way the a ind is. The suspense is about the wind and even now in Tina must solemn Spring Evaeon of All the 6fty-Eeven to Haa known the move menu of the wind is of More Fonss Quenroe to Nicholas than e Ventili be of the allies. A Long continuation of Strong East winds would do More for him than All Iha preparations a Oan Muke. A Rush of West wind would ruin him Mure speedily and Tho nigh la Titan All his United enem Taa con id without in help. The suspense is about this. The fug a ins Token that Tho erase is at hand the tog precedes the breaking up of the to in the Neva and it will be succeeded by those singular Twilight nights of unequalled Henty which an the Only Charm of the Dealu Region in which St. Petersburg stun la. While the fog lusts the soot inels on the Tatoli Tower in the City look out in vain Soto towards like Ladoga Annie up the Neva some toward the sea. They on hear something hut Seo nothing. So it is with the Czar listening in his Balcony and with Tho Coni Mandata it sgt Viborg and at Cronstedt and perhaps with our a a Charley walking the deck and talking to Hui Milf. What lie i listening for in the arrival of the French Squadron which i l enable him to proceed to itis work Mien the fog curtain rises. What Tho Russ aim Ato i teeing for is first thu wind. To so tue it Cune sighing Over the Peutz Plains which stretch to tie margin of the Gull whence they look like a More Drift upon the Over that by run Bleak expanse the wind conies sighing through Tho rushes my Ith i occasional a k of the Moll or hurts of the Din of the water fowl in Trio Pool Winch Are already melted. Too Hyra the wind comes vibrating like Mournful Titu in through the Pine forests which surr a Udine the capital with their Black further "0 than Twenty Miles approach much nearer in some directions. There Are sounds which come to the oar in May nights when the wind is from any Point of the Compass for there Are swamps Aud Pine forests everywhere it is the voice of Tho Waters that the watchers listen for with hearts that stand still. As Long us tin hollow moaning does on the moaning of Tho imprisoned winds below the ice the sus Pense is Complete sooner or Luter comes the Crnek. Which tells that the hour of crises has come. The cracks of the ice Are Natu rally the most impressive Aud sound Tho loudest in the night. Tho Czar and i sen tries re on the watch but now the Cit teens Riso and look out in vain through Tho fog. Some dress and go to the wharves though it is much too soon to conjecture How High Tho Waters writ Tiso. Next copies the crash of Tho ice driven up in heaps in Tho River or against the i Marvea and then the More anxious sound Tho Swash of Tho driven thing most desired is a moderate cast wind and this is Liat usual la happens. A violent East wind brings Down Tho Inland ice much too last and Overy Inch that the water rises Buovo Tho Iron rings in Tho Grin a to is so much danger. But Tho fearful thing is a Strong West wind turning Back the flood us its Way to the Gulf. Trio to is loss the 8wuli of Waters touring Down than the rear of Iho sea coming in and Whon the tide meet Tho consequence is what the world saw in 1824. The vessels list Wei not capsized by the meeting of Tho floods Scro carried Over Tho wharves und stranded on Trio Sands a Xvi Rich wore arable Toulds Tho Day before. The n Rivers and seven Cunculs on which St. Petersburg is seat Dull overflowed St onco und the flood poured into Tho ukr per chamber of Tho Best houses in Tho capital. At Cronstedt a Large vessel was drifted into Trio Iii in Street in the town and left there. Every Sucre Sivo year Odds to Tho perils of such n Chance for every year does St. Petersburg Settle lower in the Swa Uip. Amid the stagnant a a Lenco main aimed there about All disagree Ahlo facts this Vry disagreeable fact is Well understood. The Mallet is heard driving now piles incessant Ivy that is a sound that cannot be Usu filed. Tho blocks of Granite Settle unequally that is an Irreg Lunty which the Martinet Czar himself cannot prohibit or punish. The Walls of Palace crack and hovels sink Down end ways into Tho bog und nil the world May a o them melt Down or to shored us. Tho destruction will be horrible sumo Day and cry inh Shimant knows it and Only hones that the Placo May inst this Tiquio. But if n West should carry up not the sea Only hut those who Are now Riding that sea what then this is what the Czar is listening for Tho one other sound the Stoin of can-n0n�?which might for onco rival in terror the Roar of the sea. From Cronstedt 1g Miles off the spire of the admiralty and Tho uttering cupids of St. Petersburg Way lie seen on a Clear City. Cron Tadt is nearer to St Petersburg limn Grav Send is to Lindan. From St. Poter Surg the Boom of such cannons have sent there May to heard front Cronstedt. If to have Tho West wind for our Herald of approach. By that time the fog will he gone and Tho transparent Twilight us that latitude will have set in. The admirals i l Trien Hugo no Mure time for listening like the Ciar. Such a Chance is that wind would fill the channels for Thorn und obviate their chief difficulty. A very few hours of such a to e would suffice fur their it tempt upon Crest not. The gun boats of the enemy ambushed among the Islande and Xvi Tchong with intense curiosity end sire the great flouting fortifications that to have sent against their stationary ones must nut. In such a Case come out unless they would he run Down and the sentries on the bastion at Cronstedt would see with dismay big rapidly the Ordinary watermarks Are disappearing. Such a wind would be the Best of allies. But without it to Are disposed to believe that Cron Tadt is As is now hinted from the scene of action a not hear much of the shallows there but it is certain that the largest russian ships of War Are built at St. Petersburg of far us the hulls Sre concern . And then brought into Cron Todt Harbor to finished. They Ore a Ronget by the old Faeh toned machine re old arable a Down the River and by Means of the great ship can i at a Renaudt. Loto the heart of that place. That canal the one run ninth from the Middle Harbor holds ten Large ship of War at once. The a Hollo before Are were than get to be to insurmountable Alffio Olty. Plain a no fancy sob prs inf. a its Suncar Tvr la u a Mesa Jnes tit amp Jar a "2��re, ssh to a . Cd waste . Tbs Tup a a 4---. For a _ a car d it f boo lad and lbs Sohr Flor m foetus of s mock it for cutting cor4�?r4, and Foz Gujt in a Graf Rotam in Isyss a my amp Kama a us orders a thu in not it of us feet Esav Teeth. Cut a a Sard of Tel Coin and Nuster to Aja on Hood. It my or Ajr Klos a Job Matine for rank by Xua a roup Janra a Caio Zas Joc jul Ornes to. Towaf. Before sir c. Napier Mode a wreck of that marvellous fortification. We Shaft soon see whether with the added the sources of fourteen year of naval improvement be gannet Deal Wib the shallows of Cron Todt. The Ciar i permits no founding of the Neva. To Ennd the Neva is death to Rosebun subsets but it is Given oat thu the average tenth in nine feet on the har and twelve within. We All know what a Kuhn figures Are Worth and May be rare that the shallowest Dop h that Oan be believe will be the one reported. We know that the Range of diff Renoe to tween the highest Aud the lowest water is very great and that the period of highest water is just at baud. A Harley knows All Bis very much More and while to is walking the Deok and a Alkin j to himself. He has i own plans for making wind and tide serve him May be sure. Everything is said to serve the Napiers is it generally serves other people when they ate at their work. And the watcher at the other end of that Gulf who knows All this Aud very much More How is it with him 1 thus far in life he has never heard the troth on ethical sub to cts has never conceived that he could to in the wrong has never doubled Hie being Able if he chose his time Well to do what he would in and with the world. Is the transparent Twilight of the Spring night Tho time when Tho reality of his own mind and life a Dawn Jjon him 1 As the of draw s off is it carrying away the Mutt of passion Ami Lelu Aion which have hitherto clouded his Riml ? in that dim Light do the ghosts of lib evil deeds Rise before him and prom i of to sit heavy on his soul to Morrow t do the hanged come Down from the Gallons nil the kudu de up hmm the d quits of the mine and the exiled film the shores of Tho Polar Seal Are the women of a Nisan there demanding their children with heartbroken voices do the insane shake their chains at him 1 can Noble and a erf for Otine speak their Mills to him 1 Doe the a a sick Man to dead come and show him his Fern any Arm 1 1 this the Vigil that the despot keeps while listening for the Boom of our Cannon 1 if so he is calling on All Lii saints to help him but to the hollow hearted saints and diviner beings than saints Are Hill hosts Nln of. To so great a sinner in the hour when fear brings conviction there is no thing present but his sins the Hole array of them promising to a Oil heavy on his 8uppp0rting a newspaper Wolt All the attention of our readers i Tho following article which Fin in in Exchange m regard to the proper Mon of encouraging und aiding a newspaper editor to a got up in inter Cetire. Paper american Union. A a much depends upon the supporters of a a cwt put Ter whether it is conducted with spirit und interest. If they Are negligent in payment the Quot Pride and Usu Bitton of Tho editor is broken Down lie works it thank list and unprofitable casks he becomes disc our need and careless his paper loses its Ritli and int rest. But on the contrary if i Sulu Crihan Are of the right sort if they Aro put Tuat iil>�ral-ho.irt0 l follows always booked in Advance on the subscription list taking an interest in increasing the Tull scrip Tion now and a Hen speaking a word for his paper Clio Cring on ins course by Stiles of approbation with such us these lie must to n a a it indeed who would not get up in interesting Sheet. With such patrons a its the a would Lay Asido Comfort Leisure everything that could possibly in Between us and the gratification of every Laud Usta desire on their part. We a Rould seek no other plea Uro than their sati function. How much then can Tho supporters of u newspaper do to make it inter sting and instructive f in iced i Hout concurring efforts on their part Trio publisher s attention which is a acc Ury to make it what it should to a is u thankless of a a Tell Ino not of rights talk not of thu property of the planter in his i deny the right. I acknowledge not the property. The principles the feelings of our common Rulure Rise in rely Elliou against it. Be the Appeal made to the understanding or the heart the sentence is the a ame that rejects it. In vain you Tell the of Laws that Sanction such a crime there is a Law Buovo ail the enactments of human codes the same throughout the world the same in Ull times such As it was before the during Genius of Columbus pierced the night of Ages and opened to one world the sour cos Olk our wealth and knowledge log Mother All unutterable woes such us it is it this Day. In is the Luw written by Tho Finger of god on the heart of Man nil by Flint Law unchangeable und it Emil while men despise fraud Ami loathe Repine and abhor blood they will reject Wilts Indiana lion the wild nil guilty fantasy trim Man can hold properly in Man a a a in cry lord Brougham Temperance facts. The following Start Ling Semi Emiil relate la eight different fumbles in a single town. The parents were Mode Sale drinkers Cun Heads of fut lilies read Iheme farts without concern the first one child a laughter. A great sum was expended on her education. She died from the effects of Strong drinks. The second had an Only Sou. He educated with great care and at a great expense by t was killed by wine. The thud had four sous and one daughter. The daughter i a drunkard Aud one Sou has gone to a drunkards grave. The fourth had three sorts. One died of intemperance one was killed in a Duel Ami the other is n drunkard. The fifth had n son who killed himself by drinking and two step sons Are drunkards on wine. The sixth had five sons. For Are drunkards and one through the in Flunce of liquor is an idiot. The eighth had five sons and three nephews. For of the sons have been killed by alcohol and the fifth is a drunkard and the three nephews Are in the drunkard a a grave. A Brit Yolk Cabinet. Quot Martt Ltd of a a it seems that Settle was born and brought up in new Hampshire but went South and married at a Quot woman s rights convention in Boston of Friday a sister of Suttle its among the speakers. 8he stated that he was born in new Hampshire but Surrie l in Virginia and by i marriage inherited slaves Ebe said further that her Bruther would sve released Burns if others had been willing and attempted to defend him saying is was a Good kind Mao. The Boston journal sold at to Tuu of 25,000 copies per Day Dario Ibe Burns i oust set

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