Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal in Biddeford, Maine
22 Jun 1855

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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal in Biddeford, Maine
22 Jun 1855

Read an issue on 22 Jun 1855 in Biddeford, Maine and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal.

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - June 22, 1855, Biddeford, Maine" eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of . L0u18 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. B1ddef0rd, Maine Friday june 23, 1855. Volume 25. Union and Eastern journal. The u Tooa an k Kutr Rii journal to pm Iblahad not fun at a. 1, cum i. Us pm Ito team Jua per Annua or if paid flu to Hirw at " tha for the ume of lube Rotbin. A to Vee 4 Anu. It � fit aaa us a i pm per agent u us auly Atlle Taaj agent Tor Kim it in Totoa in tuck Tow Tun Vul and to Daly � Ai we i i alarm Mia Aad Eube Rulp Law at us no a h7 a. 11a area Turk Tribune a mgt Sarluy t it Aioli Roku i trip k. W. Aarik a Toad adj cd a at Ami Marcus Watson Pri Alir. O r t r q. Fra i Alteari i t old Homes. Iri Ruu Clau. Jutt Orer to Way it a cottage Gray the there he Villi rata grown Orr Aad Jat to Audibe door lath broken floor Ala Frt a made of . Ito fax of la a vow ii Aad broken an to a through us think Uta tuft Tuu Liebl Tea Flag Pance All be Dyer o or maid in Una floor aul my a the faded a Yuag. A Tow Woudia Ware cilia the cram Buff Caret o or the Oil mtg land re trailing and Tori re Jau a i it it outrun Kaiim of f Oil Mirou hum Riely railing. The Robin tint tweet u drum the Rabou Mai 111 us Piau Aat Auto Jer Waal to and the Hui Bird Ai a Bra. In us Aid h aate a Traa make attic All Darr together. But inside us Wall la of plea Ani toot toll of la Beart Hatola to told Aad dreary j fur the my that tart Here Tor Aua a Jaar. Of us Long a per weary. Oar Wal Early in where eternal Day out Kiry to temp to Golden bum pillar flight a Peuo moral tight Llara dawned met us Aga aides. One Bat Laid Down asleep in la tuba Tea j tap we Raum Mim Roll in Turin if Over j and in us bul Ufa Wear Oma Lito on us uruk b w Bat bag Abate. To Hie roof Star a or Xor Aal la in Abuaf a al us Naama Are Tola it creeping an i to a Arlt al r no Ibi guar Shatone Aid Llara bran wag Aad wearily of erring. The am Algul in farm be path unit turban the Roach the Oyer Limo Hare and do am Glide u Wuh full i be dark two Mould on la bark 0 lha held Ana thank u Arra in u abuse Wethall lire and Lora in a House that Ahall enable narc Thrace shall to nor Urt the moved of oar heart Trum Ibe Hoara thai it Bucana Torr or . Corn Fob fodder. The Maize or Corn Plant of whatever variety is eminently adapted to oar climate. It a Tanly easy cultivated full of Saccharine juice and abound in nitric Iowa Wai Ter for Caille. They cat it greedily including the stems when not Crown too rank it produces an abundant flow of Rich milk and yields two or three times As much per acre As on usual crops of crass. In Addi Tion to All these advantages it co to so Little Lor seed and is so easily cultivated and brought to the cattle that it commends it t self to All who need a larger amount of Green food fur their Stock than they Are Able to obtain from their natural pastures. Between two and three bushels of seed to the Aero is probably the Quantity required for sowing sow in highly manured drills three or Thieo and a half feet apart Multi Vale and Hoe thoroughly and the rapidity of growth and amount produced will to sur prising. In cutting it up do not Cut below the lower joint a that will materially Check Tho after growth. Moat persons be the while flit Southern Corn Tor seed but varieties o Sweet Corn a Well As our common Field Corn Are used. We have succeed admirably with the while Flat. A writer in the Albany cultivator in 1843, slate that in the Spring of 1842, he prepared two squares in his Garden each 20 by 30 feet and sowed them with Corn about two quart to each Square which he found too much. When about Waist High he commenced pulling it up by the Roo a and feeding it Green to a Fine Durham Heifer and some pigs the latter devouring it As greedily As the former. He pulled a and re owed the a squares four times during the season and kept the animals in the finest order without anything else Worth naming and was satisfied that nothing else will produce half As much As Corn thus planted or sown. Every time he script a Square it was Forth with highly manured and at once spaced up and renown he generally led the Corn As it was milled a. It will to observed that this writer obtained four crop in a single season. Two atom crops May be obtained in new eng land and in favourable seasons when there Are no severe frosts until late in sept mar Thrett crop. Cora plants make a excellent fodder when permitted to grow to nearly their usual site and then cat and dried As Hay i made but the labor of drying in so great that it will not be generally used As fodder in that Shai . �. Farmer. Rye brass. Thu Graza recently introduced into ibo United state is either a native of Italy or Germany and i probably perennial. It differ from the common Kim of Rye re in Many botanical particulars which it in Herd Lam to enumerate and which Are Only intelligible to the scientific Eye but to the Ordinary observer it differ very perceptibly in presenting a Darker freon color and hav ing much More aban Daut and broader Foli. A a. It very commonly attain the height of four feet and sometimes More and is not inclined to spread on la ground. If sown in september it May be Cut in the follow ins May and if town Early in March in will yield a heavy crop in july. Whether Given a Green food or converted into Hay it i eaten with avidity by cattle which have in earion instances manifested their preference for it to the common Aorta which a accounted for by its Superior succulent be Ami softness. It braids much quicker than other species of Rye grass known look arrives sooner at maturity and is in every reaped Superior to allot them. A it overpower Clover when sown with it it a useless to Aow then at the Fame time and the Only Chance of their doing Well to Gether would be on poor soil where the vacancies Between the Tarfa of Rye grass might to tilled with Clover to be available a the Mccond or third mowing. It is Aown in the usual Way after a har rowing and covered with a Brush Harrow and roller and the Quantity of seed for clean ground is about Twenty one pounds per acre. Among its other Good qualities it is found to withstand the influence of Frost better than any other variety of grass. In a word it is a decided acquisition to our agriculture. Worms in Corn stalks. This worm a a great it to the Farmer and although the complaints of its ravage Are not so Long and loud As those made Aga into the Cut worm yet it is none the less destructive to the interest of the Corn grower. As ii article in any of the agricultural journals relating to its history has met my Eye and finding but few people conversant with its habits you will Pardon me for giving the results of my own observation. Its color when matured to foil site which is from one Inch and Oue eighth to Oue Inch and one Quarter in length is a Bright red Lut color interspersed with White. It de posit its eggs both on the Corn and on the try Slover and it is probable that but few Kernel o Corn germinate but what have one or More of these enter its germ. It is Eldom that the Stock is wholly destroyed but it will have a yellow sickly appearance for a Long time after its appearance above round until it show the Itsel the top of which is generally covered by Tho Worms hips besides the last or lop leaves Beni to perforated with numerous Small holes. Shine Fields Are injured in the above Man Ler More than fifty per cent. The remedy for this Devastator a very simple being merely to Plant the Corn near Iho surface of the ground and be sure and of Hill up any at Tho Fust hoeing. I have never seen Corn dropped in the Bottom of the Furrow or covered very deep but what Iva More or less affected by it operations and by the Way i have never seen an thing that would Stop the ravages of the Cut worm so effectually As to pull the dirt in Lirely away from its Root As the worm can not or Wilt not work much above ground. Any one who has made much observe lion on this subject will remember that worm always work the Moat destructively ust alter the Corn has been Hoed. When Orn has been favourably started it Growe Fetter than the worm Gams strength and will throw it out previous to the appearance of the Tassel the worm being then about j one half or three fourths of an Inch Long.1 i have counted in once crossing a Field at this stage of the Corn s growth As Many As thirty or forty just coming into Daylight. Perhaps or. Harris can favor us with mime Light on this subject. Coax Gawor Union to. 7, 1853. N. E. Farmer. Sci traction of weeds. The following Short article is from the working Fui it and i entity cd to More than a win j notice ?. In in Iny parts the country firm have became overrun with weeds from the neglect of the proprietors to attend to Tho Tiiu Ely suggestions below and to find Man arms in Ull parts or the country a a like condition from Tho same cause " there is no season of Tho while vegetation is in Progress of development where time and capital May not be prot in by Etna Yod in Tho destruction of weeds. All we is of an indigenous character Are ruse coolers they require or More Valu ahle kinds of cultivated plants and consequently Are far Mora injurious and exhaust ing to Tho soil. Ten alter the Cross of Root and grains Are rein Ved from the Fields the warfare against them should be vigorously Proee Custod and every vestige of Spur ious vegetation which has found footing in the toil to destroyed. Farmers sometimes m Anile t great cure and Industry in weeding their Fields Anil gardens but by a strange . Neglect to keep Down the we in which take Root in their Yards and beside to stir Fene s. As the do not subtract directly from the productive resources of their cultivated grounds they Are regarded As harmless but every Weed we Iserer it grows matures semis i and these seeds by the winds of autumn will be disseminated broadcast Over those very lands Whicha it has is Quirck so much patient in , and so Many hours of laborious Eft i to clean a and protect from their polluting influence. Every Weed no matter where it m a exist should be destroyed be. Fort Maturin Giu set tic la cos. In setting hens thirteen Egus � enough to give them a Large Hen might cover More but a few stronger Well a Ched Chick Are better than a Large Broil of weakling that have been delayed in the Bell perhaps twelve hours Over the time from insufficient warmth. At the end of i week it it usual with setting Tut Ley to add two or three fowl s eggs 14to Leach the Young turkeys How to the plan u 1 not a bad one the activity of the cubic Keri i tirs up some emulation in their Large Brethren. The eggs take but Little room in the nest and will produce two or three file 1 cultivator. Good Stock. To every Farmer who a occasion to raise a Coll a calf a Lamb or Apig. Or indeed my animal i would say first see that the intended parents Are healthy and neither very Young nor in the decline of life. Second that they Are vol near relatives third that the intended dam be Well treated during the whole period of a Astatic. . From to lilt Pilgrim. Sherwood Foreit and Tho Story of Bob in Hood. By ural Greenwood. I have sail thai Newstead Abbey blood in the heart of old Sherwood Forest. This you will remember was the favorite Domain of that Prince of outlaws Robin Hood. There is Little Forest land about there now none indeed that we should so Call All Tho Woods being enclosed in Parks and As carefully kept As gardens. But As i journeyed through the country my thoughts so went Back to the old old times that i al most expected whenever we passed a Grove of Trees or a shadowy Glen to be Sud Denly surrounded by Rubin Hood merry Mien a Mim with Long bows and Clad in Lincoln Grcen. You have All doubtless read Many stories of Robin Hood but if you will listen to mine i Hope that i shall be Able to Tell you Omeline that you have never heard before. Robert Fiti Ooth Earl of Huntingdon was born at looks Ley in the county of Nutting Ham about Tho year 1100, in the reign of Henry ii. He was left an orphan in his childhood and placed under the guardian ship of his Uncle the Abbot of St. Mary s in York. This priest professed to be a just and holy Man but As it often is when people make creat pretensions to piety to was far enough the other Way. In those Days path is were greatly feared and Honor de and could do pretty much As they pleased so Tho Abbot of St. Mary who was a hard avaricious Man found no difficulty of taking advantage of the Young Earl Robert. By such witty wicked ways As Only bad priest know a took Possession of All his Nephew s estate and revenues one after another pretending that fee Only meant to take care of them least Robert whom to accused of being a wild Ontl should Quander them in dissipation Robert bore this for a while and tried hard to keep on l a Reuble term with i Ancle but the old Man very provoking. To would sit in the refectory of the old Abbey at a dinner table loaded with every luxury in the Way of food served on massive Gold and Silver plates and with a half a dozen bottles of Good old wine before him and then lecture poor Robert upon Temperance self denial and sober godly living till Robert would smile grimly and play with the Hilt of his Dagger in a Way that the ten-1 Erble Abbot did not like. When the Eirl of Huntingdon came of age there was not a handsomer or More Gallant Young Man among All Tho nobility j and Nom snip of England. Lie was tall straight and athletic with a Quick bound i ing step and a Brave Broad breast. He had a commanding but pleasant voice and n Hearty smile Clear honest eyes Ruddy Cheeks and lips and his head which lie held rather haughtily was crowned with Light Brown curls. Though belonging to a proud nil aristocratic family who in trac ing their Noble Pedigree could go Back Back till for All i know they lost them sieves and their reckoning in the fogs of the first morning after the deluge Robert we no aristocrat. He sympathized with the common people in that Day shamefully imposed upon tasked Ami tyrannize a Over by the bad Barona and hard hearted priests. He joined in All their merry making their Manly and warlike exerciser. He became so skillful with his Bow that it is said he sent an Arrow lie distance of a mile. From among his friends he selected four comrades 1 John Nailor whom he Nick named lit j tie John George a Green muck a Miller s son and a Jolly Friar called tack the Only priest k Ibert could Over abide. One Day a Small sprig of nobility one sir Rojer of Doncaster saw him mingling with the honest Yeoman in their sports Anil sneered at his vulgar taster Robert replied by challenging him to a shooting match. Sir Roger s Arrow missed the target altogether and stuck fat it the trunk of a tree some distance further on. Robert took aim at this Shaft and split it clean up the Middle. Then a the Yeoman shouted and laughed and sir Rogers was to enraged that he was foolish enough to accept a second Challenge to wrestling match in which Earl Robert threw him so often that he never Felt fairly on his legs but seemed to be bumping i against the ground. At Las his senses were quite bumped nut of him and he Lay still and still. E�1 Robert revived him and helped him up but he was mortified and sullen and Ever after had a mean bitter spite against his Bravo conqueror. Ii we not font after Robert came of age before he became convinced that it we 1 a in to Hope to get his property out of the Cloe clutch of i ferret no relative. There we no us in his appealing to the King. Henry ii was now dead and Richard called " the l on hearted Hail ascended the Thione. But in a Short time he left the government in the care of Hugh Pudsey Bishop of Durham while he went on a cruise i to the holy land to fight the Saracens and no sooner was his Back turned than the treacherous Bishop usurped All the Power and dignity of a Monarch and taxed and tyrannize to i heart petting desperate. Evl Robert called together the bravest of his friends threw up i title assumed the name of Robin Hood and took to the Forest where he led irom that time a daring and dangerous but an Independent and merry life. I know it is quite too late to think of making my hero out a Good honest Man though or. Abbot has done wonder in that Way for Bona Parte for Long Long ago it got noised about that Robin Hood was a robber and an outlaw. But to those Day a when Kings robbed and Boron robbed and priests Rob bed worst of All the thieving business was a go Deal More respectable than it is now and the Only difference Between Rubin Hood and those otheta was that be Tookwoo by from the Rich and powerful Whilo they robbed the poor and de Encelen. The Brave outlaw wan joined by la beat Archer in the country to the number of one Hundred Stout and bold. Theae he Clad in Lincoln Green a dress which Ravle it hard to distinguish them from the Forest foliage amid which they lurked. When any one of these men was killed or took the Strango notion to return to his friends and turn honest men again Rubin Hood would set out on a recruiting expedition. Whenever he heard of a Young Man of uncommon strength and Hardihood to go disguised and try him in wrestling and Archery then if satisfied persuade the Yeo Man to enlist. This was most often easily done for Tho of Wero hard times for the people and Itobi Hood had a flattering Tongue. So he kept himself and his Burn it nil archers and with Thein haunted pc merry grow nor Robin was Down upon them and they Wei obliged to come Down with their Money or stand As targets for his archers. Knowing that it was not Good for holy men to be numbered with too much world wealth to always made Freo with the purses of Rich priests. The old Abbott or St. Mary who once ventured to a a through Slier Wood with a Rich store of Gold and Silver. Guarded by two Hundred men fell into i hand. After helping himself to the old miser s Money which was rightly his own he set his lordship on his horse with i face toward the Tail and so Lent him of toward York fretting and fuming in Dom of Rubin s men said Awo Aring but tha could hardly have been. The Money Ai wrested from Rich monks and arrogant Barons Robin Hood constantly shared with the poor Anil so filled Many a sad Home with mirth and Comfort and made glad am grateful the heart of the widow and the fatherless. He was always tender and kind to women and children. Noble ladies with retinue and treasures could pans in safety through his forests. Our Timo a Young Dandy Nobleman meaning to take advantage of the generous outlaw s gallantry undertook to pass through Sherwood leading a train in disguise of a lady but at the first is ight of a band of archers he showed him i Elf so much More of a Coward than a to i Man Little John suspected him Tore Foll his veil and Hood and velvet Momtle an made him pay dearly for the insult he had put upon . Of the thousand and one adventures re lated of Robin Hood i have Only room in this Short history for two the first one showing How he made a Friend thu second How to won a wife. One morning near Sherwood Forest Rob in Hood met a Young Man walking slowly drooping his head and sighing deeply and he thought to himself this pour fellow must to Mclau Scholly mad or in love in either Caie he is to be so to kindly questioned the youth who proved to by a Yeoman by the name of will sea Locke. He trusted Robin Hood from the first am told him that to was grieving because fair Maiden whom be loved and who loved him was that Day going to be married by her friends to n Rich old Man whom she do tested. R bin Hood inquired Tho time am place of the wedding and telling will to keep a Good heart bounded off into the fore to. About noon there was a great ringing of Beiss at the Church then Caine the wedding party and the r Friend. The bridegroom looked very proud and pompous in his Gold laced velvet Doublet and White silk Hose but to was wheezy and hard of heating and so gouty that he had a 1 i the Page to lift his feet first one and then the other up the altar Steps. The Bride wept and woke life who had taken the name of Marion ent a messenger to the Earl of Fitzwater Selling Hin Bow they worn married and King him if a had any objections. He ent Back word that to disowned his Daugh a and never would forgive her and narc some rather Unhan Sorre remark non the character of his son in Law which roused Marion s spirit. But the old Earl nisted Hii Only child and was so lonely in his grand cattle that at last it seemed to him that he Mut see her or he should die so he disguised himself is a mendicant Niu Stiel and went to Robin Hood s Camp. He a kindly received and with Ood game and excellent wine. After Din Ner Robin Hood Hung himself Down on a Bank of wild Violet for a Nap and Marion began scattering daisies Over him. The Earl watched Thorn in their Hanoi a Ness and thought of his own loneliness ill to could stand it no longer but bowed head in his hand and Burnt into tears. Murion knew that sob to had Hoard it j not before when her brother died. She a Jipp a her Flowers ran to her father flip � re r Nam around his neck and wept with Yim. Robin Hood sprang and joined with them and All we made tip Between the threw. The Earl became quite fond of his son in Law though in often warned him that to would come to the in blown if he did not mend his ways rut Robin Hood did not mend his ways for better or worse. He origin used to take firn the Rich and Giro to the poor to play trick and seek Edven tires ill disguise al to flight the troop of the King and the Sheri it of Nottingham to hate and Mako War on All prions to the list. He live j to be an old Man loved by the poor and feared Ami hated by the Rich. At length to fell ill of a lingering fever and unluckily went for help to i aunt Elizabeth de Stanton Prioress of circles nunnery in Yorkshire a woman who had teat skill in Medicine. His old enemy. Sir Rodger of Doncaster hearing of this went to her and telling her she had in her Tower a or at enemy of the Hureh us a tier on to a dark and cruel deed. The Prioress went Alono to Robin Hood As he Lay tossing and mapping with his fever and pretending great kindness said she must Meed him. He stretched out his aim and to opened a Largo vein. The blood spouted fiercely at first and ran for a lung time Lull and fast. Haven t you Tak a enough i asked Robin Hood again and again his voice growing weaker and weaker. Rut the Tern old woman always answered " then he sunk Back on his Pillow and fainted. Still the Prioress stood and looked on him with a cold Stony face and still he bled and bled till the Couch on which to Lay was All afloat with his blood. At last his White lips moved and he murmured Ono word that touched the cruel heart of the i More a. It was Tho name of his Mother her Oion ii tits. She sprang to Hind up his Arm and Stop the bleeding but too late Robin Hood was dead Sturr . Fly a professed Obi Crumb Ltd vanity Nerer die 1 Jot of a surfeit. A Parent who strike a child i Liko n Man who strike Tho w iter Tho Oon sequence if the blow Are auro to 1/ up in his own Ace there Are fool who cannot keep a secret. I heir dior Shire greenness like that of new Wood make them split. Reform is an omnibus that s always just of into Frimu. Like tumblers in Frost weather re Apt to Fly at tha first Loeb of hot water. It is with a faded Beauty a with a clock the More Tho face is enamelled the More clearly do we see the pro to of time. The most uncomfortable House to Liro in is n House full of pets such As pet dogs pet canaries pet squirrels parrots and cats but worst of All put children there is no Ono to Lonj lied As Yoor delicate in lady who is always " 1 have Genera ii found that a 41 Little party " with a u utile music and a Little Nging with a Little ringlet in " after that followed by a " it to supper and lastly a lit to grog just before Goins borne carry one of to fire or six o clock in the morning and invariably end in Little headache the next . Living by one s wits. Nine persons sailed upon Basle Down the Rhine. A jew who wished to go to Schali Ampi was allowed to coins on Board and journey Wilh them on condition that he would conduct Hina Elf with propriety and give the Captain eighteen Krout Aera for fab passage. Now it i True something Jingle l n the jew s pocket when he struck i hand against it but the Only Money to had therein wan a twelve Kreutzer Piea for the other was it brass Button. Thi he accepted the offer with gratitude for to thought to Hiu Olf Nom thing May be earned even upon the water. There is Many a Man who has grown Rich upon the Rhine during the first part of our voyage the pass big Era were very Tilk Ativo and merry and Ali Jow Wilh his Wallet under Hiarm for to did not Lay it aside was the object of much mirth and mockery As alas it of ten the Case with those of Bis nation. Slut is the vessel nailed Onward and passed and Saint Veit the passengers Ono alter another grew silent and gated Down the River until Ono up Iko out 1 come jew do you not know any Pas Timo that will Amuso us your fathers must have contrived Many a Ono during their Long stay in the wilderness v now is the time thought the jew to Shear my Slu up 1 and to proposed that they Shoul 1 sit round in a Circle and pro Pound very curious questions to each other and to with their permission would sit Down with them. Those who could not answer the questions should pay the one propounded them a twelve k re u tier piece and Thor who answered them pertinently should re Toivo a twelve Kreutzer piece. The proposal pleased the company and hoping to 11 Vert Wilh to be w s wit or stupidity each one asked it random whatever oni Rcd his head. Thus for exam pie the first Ono Asko 1 How Many soft bailed eggs com the giant Goliah eat upon an empty stomach All said that it was impossible to answer that question and Cali paid his twelve Kro utters. Hut to Jow said Ono for to who ims eaten Ono egg cannot cat a second on an empty stomach and to other paid him twelve Kreutzer a. The second thought wait jew and i will try you out of the new testament and think i shall win my piece. Why did the apostle Paul write to Sorond epistle to the corinthians ? because he was not in Corinth said the jew otherwise to would have to Ken to them so to won another twelve Truntzer piece. When the third saw that Tho jew was so Well versed in Tho Bible to tried him in n different Way. Who prolongs hit work to As great a length is possible und yet completes it in Lime ? Tho rope maker if to is industrious said Tho jew. In the meanwhile Thoy Drew near to n tillage and one said to Tho other that in Ijain Alao then Tho fourth a Keu the animal when of fell a Shower of Gold a thousand Gold Napoleons Wero concealed in the body of the cat and this sum which the old Miter had starved himself to Amas Bec Imu tin jut Reward of the Noble girl and her Oisiu a erected Lover. Clocks a. Cats in cuing. One Day when to went to pay a visit to Sozio of chinese Christian peasants we met. Near o farm a Young i id who was taking a Buffalo to Grain along our p Ith. Wos co 1 him c ircle Lyas to passed whether it was Jet noon. The child railed hit head to Loik at Tho Sun but it was i men Whid the Cloud ind he could read no answer thera " 1 lie sky is Cloudy said to hut wait ? moment and with theto words to ran to wards the Rami and came Hack a Tow min utes afterwards with a cat in his arms. " look Here said to it is not noon yet and he showed us the cat s eyes by pushing up the lids with his hands. We looked at Trio child with Surprise hut to was evidently in Earnest und the cat though astonished und not much pleased with the Experiment Mado on Lior Eves wed with most exemplary complaisance. " very Well said to thank you und to then let go the cat who Mado her escape pretty quickly Ami we continued our route. To s in the truth we did not at All understand the pro be Edh hut to did not wish to question Tho Little Papan lest he should find out we Wero europeans by birth. As so n As Ever to reached Tho farm however we made haste to ask our Christi ins whether they could Tell Tho clock by looking into a cat s eyes they seemed sur prised at Tho question but As there was no danger in confessing to them our Ign Ontic of Tho Riperti a of the cat s eyes we rely of what had just taken place. That was All that was necessary our complaisant neophytes immediately gave chaos to All the eats in Tho neighbourhood. They brought or three or four and explained in what manner they might be made Uso of for watches they pointed out that the pupils of their eyes went on growing narrower until 12 o clock when they Mccain of like a Fino line As thin is a hair drawn perpendicularly across the Eye and that after 12 Tho dilation recommenced. When to had attentively examined Tho eyes of Tho cats at our Dispo Sal we concluded that it past noon an All Tho eyes perfectly a roed upon the Point. We have he Soma hesitation in speaking of this Chi Ceso discovery As it May Doub less tend to injury Tho interests of Tho clock making Trado and interfere with Tho Sale of watches but All considerations must Giro Way to Tho spirit of m hut s trails in China. Oxner Italy accounted. A Story i told of .1 i in a neighbouring cily which a Louls a capital instance it nubbin an pm Tut who a habit of keeping the prof a i in lie i Julio Eye made a fair subject for rebuke. The gentleman whom or convenience to Lull Call or. A. Ilm Nuh licit loiter it be Iti l spell it was Perpet Amy walking up ant i Down his office talking Lohi clerks some tiling in Ihu Ouboun Derby manner thou a with Inge direct taunting either of him al or i Money or i of or his ass or Witt thing else that Wahi to the real annoy Aiice of he clerks aforesaid. Day Pui siting i fax Oitim theme he Bike out m follows " Young gentlemen you have doubtless observed that i have my Little peculiarities. In fact i Ain a very Peculis Man a particular Man too very Pellicy Lar. Now my personal habit Are Peculiar very Peculiar Peculiar in everything. Lei me give you an instance. I Alwa Leep in a wide bed a very wide bed Ami have a Light burning by the Side of it. Queer in t it but that s my no to it known to the Reader a it a to All the boys in the office that Tho wife of or. A. Wat notoriously the Hom Eliest woman in town. It i queer rather in one re pert observed one of the clerk Ami in one Tes Peot it in t. I can understand Why you should a Home a vory wide bed but Why the a i you should want the room i Hwd is More than i can imagine Hoilund put. Hoa Itou Cutko. The Noblesville Fod Patriot gives an moving account of the destruction of five Hundred dollars Woith of liquor by uie Temperance people. Some seven y barrel and Kcjr were consumed. Tiia Day ton ale worm nut barn of course no Ixa a to Hunu Call. Not a my Lucr hourly out of breath with the of ortion of walking from iter Pap i a Carriage in the Tretio Hie door other Friend in Albe Nurle place. of Murie How do you do Low delighted i Atn to Nee you How Liao Vou in info you were at Lio Bull i it i liar a s a to in role to end to i to it to a no incl in the Spring. I i can t Iwar h to in ado a Yinwu ii a a you Lika Monsieur a pry ? beat ill Man Ain t to now Don t t Iuli m Irie for am hum i Don t Ciro anything shout Liim of my i Munt l o going it s it Beautiful Day in t it / Marie when Are Yoo coming to see to of dear a Beautiful i in to Tut pin was flite to you now i know it a Marie Don t deny it. Hurry a us mfg Liph a Tiu own Slig. But i Lute him i do really but to has a in Citi us Mustache has t he f , it is very worm. G Ood morning Mario i in t speak of ii Irry in Donn Letfin with my name to any Ono for i m sure it will Nerer amount to anything. I into Linin awfully i to Luro 1 a. Adieu % in ton Mitun. An essay on Baos. 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