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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Jun 22 1855, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - June 22, 1855, Biddeford, MaineA a eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of. Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor.b1ddef0rd, Maine Friday june 2 3, 1 855. Volume a la number 25. Union and Eastern journal tit i to. To i j Trul to in a Blly to do a Feist. I Cebu his. Upts a �1� Lum Atoni ii 3 or annul of nto la torm a a it it a term album of. May to 4 Wou. W v. Ii. Pili. In Samf Toad he it ii or Afua u in a Aalto Taaj a�a4 to into ppm la in Tom of sum Turk Limun Al a4 to dal Nap Varal to Lak i a Karrip us a a in rate a a a. Uto Oum a Turk to Tao a Uius Saltey a 11n. W. A scour thud >1 in a p r i a i a r. O 11 r in. 1 a Aumi a re. Old Homes. By Grill a cuu just Orr in Way to a a a Lay Yray the tkr�k>4j Vita rate Grunn Orr Amijo ski Ulku do la til Krouto floor an Gintom Bialy it a note Vucin a Turne. In Raf to a Kroon Aad brutes Dova through in chink in tuft Aali yet a Saliny pane Allik Day us or in a a Oak a Sou and it Ltd. Of to Tal Tei Liay. A to Voudlia a rare climb to ram or in Oil Pii Iid i aa.1 Toreva a Many Virun Dat Tod prep Ufa thru Yuk to a tory tilt . To Rollo tiny a a of or in Lar a Kun mat Luck i a Cruft in Kua mid .1 Blo to us Guam Totol Ira Makr Muir ail Day to Fri. R. But i toil la to Wall to of pleasant Uto toll of in or Art hot a of cold Aad dreary a Bur the i that tart err Tor Mjoy a Yar Oruh Luay Ayal wary. Of want a a where it renal Day Oil. With glory the temp to Gulden. Who plur of Light or on mortal tight car dao�4 a juju the a a Ubico. On a. Laid Down Ahlrep in the Fuh int do a Kef the Iii Roll a Oti Riny Anatol in. In in Torito of a Wra Ruom Uto of in Earth la ton bog a juror. The to it to Ruff Haa grow Gray Al la crumbling away an-1 the ate Are into ii cramping an i to a Tel in a 1 us run i in. Kart Tua Oil car Peru Long and warily Ttorp ing. To Paul lbt Una read pro path the nay the inn her and birr ate glut a Ullh Gold to dark Cerra Tuum of in Back Fth a old Ana thank a Arra that abuse w id or Aad tors la a Louo that Hall Cit Ubl Taer to three Hall no Tom Rupart in bred of oar heart r Ruai to Hota vat i bum to rarer a Lori r ult or ii i. Corn for fodder. The Maize or Corn Plant of whatever variety is adapted to oar climate. It is Hardy easily cultivate to full of Saccharine juice and abounds in nutritious matter for cattle. They eat it greedily including the stems when not grown too rank it succulent and softness. It braids much quicker than other species of Rye grass known to of arrives sooner at maturity and is in every respect Superior to allot them. As it overpowers Clover when sown with it it is useless to sow them at the same time and the Only Chance of their doing Well together would on poor soil where the vacancies Between the turfs of Rye grass might tilled with Clover to available in the second or third Mowins. It is sown in the usual Way after a harrowing and covered with a Brush Harrow and roller and the Quantity of seed for clean ground is about Twenty one pounds per Sere. Among its other Good qualities it is found to withstand the influence of Frost better than any other variety of grass. In a word it is a decided acquisition to our agriculture. Worms in Corn stalks. This worm is a great a to the Farmer and although the complaints of its ravage Are not so Long and loud As those made against the Cut worm yet it is none the Lew destructive to the interests of theorn grower. As no article in any of the agricultural journals relating to its history has met Eye and finding but few people conversant with it habits you will Pardon for giving the results of own observation. Its color when matured to fall Sise which is from one Inch and one eighth to one Inch and one Quarter in length is a Bright red slate color interspersed with while. It deposits it eggs both on the Corn and on the dry Stover and it is probable that but few kernels of Corn germinate but what have one or More of these enter its germ. It is a Eloin that the Stock is wholly destroyed but it will have a yellow sickly appearance for a Long time after its appearance above ground until it shows the Tassel the top of which is generally covered Tho Worms chips besides the last or top leaves being perforated with numerous Small some Fields Are injured in the above manner More than fifty per cent. The remedy for this Devastator is very simple being merely to Plant the Corn near the surface of the ground and sure and not Hill up any at Tho first hoeing. I have never seen Corn dropped in the Bottom of the Furrow or covered very deep but what was More or less affected its operations and the Way i have never seen any thing that would Stop the ravages of the cutworm so effectually As to pull the dirt entirely away from its roots As the worm cannot or will not work much above ground. Any one who has made much observation on this subject will remember that Worms always work the most destructively just alter the Corn has been Hoed. When Corn has been favourably started it grow. Frum to Little Pilgrim. Sherwood Forett and Tho Story of Rob in Hood. By crack c1kenwood. I have said that Newstead Abbey stood in the heart of old Sherwood Forest. This you will remember was the Favorito Domain of that Price of outlaws Robin there is Little Lorest land about there now none indeed that we should so Calls All Tho Woods being enclosed in Parks and As carefully kept a gardens. But is i journeyed through the country thoughts so went Back to the old old times that i almost expected whenever we passed a Grove of Trees or a shadowy Glen to to suddenly surrounded Robin Hood s merry men armed with Long bows and Clad in Lincoln Green. You have All doubtless read Many stories of Robin Hood but if you will listen to mine i Hope that i shall Able to Tell you something that you have never heard before. Robert Fitz Ooth Earl of Huntingdon was born at looks Ley in the county of Nottingham about the year 1100, Iti the reign of Henry ii. He was left an orphan in his childhood and placed under the guardianship of his Uncle the Abbot of St. Mary a in York. This priest professed to a just and holy Man but As it often is when people make great pretensions to piety to was Lar enough the other Way. In those Days Pic cats were greatly feared and honoured and could do pretty much As they pleased so the Abbot of St. Mary who was a hard avaricious Man found no Diffily from the Rich and powerful while they robbed the poor and defenceless. The Brave outlaw was joined the Best archers in the country to the number of one Hundred Stout and bold. These he Clad in Lincoln Green a dress which made it hard to distinguish them from the Forest foliage amid which they lurked. When any one of these men was killed or look the strange notion to return to his Friend and turn honest men again Robin Hood would set out on a recruiting expedition. Whenever he heard of a Young Man of uncommon strength and Hardihood he would go disguised and try him in wrestling end Aru Heryy then if satisfied persuade the Yeoman to enlist. This was most often easily done for those were hard times for the people and Robin Hood had a Flat ering Tongue. So he kept himself and his thin tired archers and with them haunted amp merry or a a Wood la Barnsdale in Yorkshire Plomp Tou Park in Cumberland and Sherwood in Nottinghamshire. Past or through those forests ran the Kings highways Whereon traders Nobles and priests were obliged to travel. But after Robin Hood became Sovereign of these forests few journeys could to made in this Vicinity. Sometimes just when travellers began to breathe freely and speak and think themselves out of danger Robin was Down upon them and they Wei obliged to Coine Down with their Money or stand As targets for his archers knowing that it was not Good for holy men preserver How that bad Prince whom she hated with All her might had Long been urging her to go with him to Hie wicked court Aid How that afternoon while walking in the Park he had surprised and carried her off. She told this Story reclining on a Mossy Bank with Robin Hood sitting at her feet looking up into her Frico. At last the Twilight shadows began to fall then he sighed and said Quot it is getting late lady shall i conduct you Homol but the lady Matilda Bent toward him blushing and speaking very softly and a Aid a a you have a aved to from shame and sorrow he Nee Forth i belong to Robin Hood started up gladly then sunk Back sadder than before and said Quot no lady no you have been too delicately reared for an outlaws he then told her though she might not a to alike Ida Forest life in the warm summer time yet when Tho fall Rains and Winter Frost came she would find the Cave in which he lived dark and chill and would High for her fathers comfortable Castle Halls. But lady Matilda was Strong and healthful and had Little fear of colds or rheumatism she thought Robin Hood handsome and fancied he would the Best protector against that Naishly could have of she looked into his face with her Beautiful Blue beseeching eyes till he could resist no longer but lifted her upon her pal living on 8 wits. Nine persons sailed upon Basle Down the Rhine. A jew who wished to go to Schali Ampi Wae allowed to Corno on Board and journey with them on condition that would conduct i Leolf with propriety and give the Captain eighteen Kro tiers for his passage. Now it is True something jingled n the jews pocket when he struck his hand against it but the Only Money to had therein was a twelve Kreutzer pie for the other wus a brass Button. Notwithstanding this he accepted the Oiler with gratitude. Fur to thought to him Olf 4 something May lie earned even upon Tho water. There is Tunny a Man who has grown Rich upon the Rhine during the first part of our voyage the Pise engers were very to Dative and merry Ith his Wallet under his Arm their marriage Muar deferred As she wanted Ibe Price of her bridal binary to Lay her Uncle decently in the grave. Her mistress ridiculed the idea and exhorted her to leave the old Man to buried Charity. Susette Rei used. The consequence was a quarrel in which the Young woman lost at once her place and her who sided with her mistress. She hastened to the miserable Garret where her Uncle had expired and the sacrifice nol Only of the savings for her wedding attire but All of her a Derder wardrobe she had the old Man decently interred. Her pious task fulfilled she sat alone in her uncles room weeping bitterly when the master of the faithless a Young Good looking Man entered. Quot so or Good Somite i i id you have lost your Piare 1&Quot said he Quot i come to offer you oni for life will you marry note a �?7, Sirl Quot exclaimed Sun cute Quot you Are a even y barrets and kegs were consumed. The Dayton sle would not Bam of course Ami the Patriot says the next morning droves of hogs licked the foam of Beer drank the half Frozen spirits and soon or. Porker gun to Haug his head and lop his ears swinging head towards Tail and Tail towards head showing the while of his Oyes and opening ins Mouth is if tiling did t feel right in ills internal arrangements. They soon took a line for the River but occupying All shies of the Street ill imitation of his More Noble Boon companion the biped. Did t catch them at it the second time. They were seen for Days after standing sullenly Ami a graciously beside a Fence looking As if the Maine Law was in operation. And tin Jow for lie did not Lay it Side was the object j jnk�n7. A no a 1 want a wife and 1 to ,nt0 Firo a p of and mockery As alas it of a suf0 j can Fiu % bell9t a a a cd responsible for them Art acid ext. Faxon of the Ciro Tiara relates Tho following among the incidents of place and is personally ten the Case with Thorn of his nation. But As the vessel sailed Onward and passed Thorrington and Saint Veit Tho ass singers every one would laugh at you far marrying n poor girl like Quot Quot of if that is your objection we shall soon get Over it come. Ono after in Otylior grew silent and a need comb along Mother is prepared to re during Tho Hoat of the fire on a Shore n a Nan was met coming out of Astor s store with his arms full of canisters of lie stopped at the door and very coolly re Down the River until Ono spoke out Reive Suselle Het Ilalov no longer a irked Quot Here Dan a so Ais body Lake this a come jew do you not know any Pas but she wished to Lake with her a memorial he la a ,�?"�?1 Lmh a to he Rev re 1hv Timo that will Fumuso us your fathers must 0 a deceased Uncle it was a cat that he on a ref Haj Quot Uro <muu5. I h1 wa1 urn Irno contrived Many n Ono during their had had for Many years. The old Man was in 0,0 a Moro started Long stay in Tho wilderness 1�?t so fond of the animal that to determined to to a a a to with a pretty Good surd to a now is the time thought the. Jew a to j of a Thuu a Parau. We he to supposed contained dry Good. Shear sheep Ancho proposed to them for he had her skin stuffed Ami placed w Frey and walked her Side toward Sher they Shoul i sit round in a Circle. And pro a np3fi Tho ,8<l, bed. A sus cite took to numbered with too much world wealth Foo i Forest talking to her holding her Pound very curious questions to each other p1 go Down she uttered an exclamation Otho always made Freo with the purse. Of Rich hnn<1� Ovi Psi hot a a Ltd a belter every and lie with their permission would sit Down a Tir rom it fading her so heavy. The Lov priests. ?l0p _ Rhei Bro Quot Quot Quot i 1 no he comp Hgt Ullh to in ,0w we a c00,j not an rorer hastened to open the animal when of Tho old Abbott of St. Mary a h1 f or tuck and had a merry wedding Tho questions should pay Tho one propound n Shower of Gold. A thousand Gold j who once ventured to Paw through Sherwood with a Rich store of Gold and Silver. Feast. The next Day Robin Hood and his de them a twelve Kreutzer piece and those wife who had taken the Jiame of Marion who answered the i pertinently should re a cat and this sum which the miser when he was told that it was jew Dor his Imp in red s up lie dropped thu Box sat Down and spread Bis Cut it at Tuil Over it and commenced Yelling lustily for a bucket of water. To got it and poured it on Tho Box assuring the bystanders that the powder was Hull Hunt up. Und that if the water Hud or a ult of taking advantage of the Yonng Earl a uary we ,w0 Hundred no a h Hubert such witty wicked ways As i Hank after help a himself to the old Only bad priest know he took Possession of a which a Rio he it a a Quot a a Quot a All i Nephew s estate and revenues one 1 he Pel he in a do help on Bis horse with i after another pretending that Only a toward the Tail and so sent him off meant to take Caro of them least Robert Oward York it fre in and Fumin a whom to accused of being a wild lad should a of Robi i a Quot Naid we ring a a but a squander them in dissipation Robert bore con a Hardy have ten to 8 Money this for a while and tried hard to keep our wr9, f,0,n Ich Monk and arr0�&Quot? bar peaceable terms with his Uncle but to of Robin hoo.1 constantly shed with the old Man a very provoking. He would 1 a re and a Filu a Quot it a a a cd hom8 a quoth sit in the refectory of the old Abbey it n dinner table loaded with every luxury in the Way of food served on massive Gold and Silver plates and with a half a dozen it bottles of Good old wine before him treasures could Pas. M safely then lecture poor Robert upon Temperance Roui h h of a Russ 0,10 Rno a it no self denial and sober godly living till i Dandy Nobleman meaning to take Adan Robert would smile grimly and play witha of a Jenerou 0u.a Vun the Hilt of his Dagger in a Way that the ten-1 ook ,0 pa5s through Sherwood leading mirth Ami Comfort and made glad grateful the hearts of the widow and the fatherless. To was always tender and kind to women and children. Noble ladies with Erble Abbot did not like. A train in disguise of a lady but at the first when the Earl of Huntingdon came Osi a of ab3.d of no item it he Hood him it ent a messenger to thu Eul of ii Zwaller telling him Bow they were married Ami a a King him if he had any objections. He Celivo a twelve Kreutzer piece. The proposal pleased the company and hoping to divert with to to was we Soskel ent Back word that to disowned his Daugh wit or stupidity each one asked is random or and never would forgive her and \ whatever entered his head. Thus for exam a Nade some rather Unhan Desorro remarks pie the first Ono Asko 1 upon Tho character of Hia son in Law which mused Marion s spirit. But lie old Earl giant in Lith eat upon an empty tto Mueh a j near n farm a Young lad win was taking a a Nisi de his Only child and was so lonely in his grand Castle that it last it seemed to rim that he most see her or he should die so he disguised himself is a mendicant Niu Istrol Ami went to Robin hoods Camp. He was kindly received and feasted with Good game and excellent wino. After dinner Robin Hood Flung himself Down on n Napoleons Vero concealed in Tho body old.,la. I. I a Rived n moment later it Cotus not ant Leird a a a i or i. F had starved himself to Ainas a lure i the u in to Reward of thu Noble girl and her Drain wrested. Fashionable Cut no Cushion new no a Moksu Call. Enter miss Lucy nearly clocks is. Cats in China. Uno Fay out of breath with the exertion of walking when to went to pay u visit to some families Iier a p a a Carriage in the Tretolo the 4 now Many soft bailed eggs could the of chinese Christian peasants we met j or or ?t1&Quot in alter Merle i Luce. A of Marie How do you doff How delighted i to Sec you How Liao Tho Hall last yet noon. The child raised his Tiea to look in urn in a i in win a appearance of but Tho jew said 4 Ono for to who hns it the Sun hut it was hidden lie Liimol the that tall girl in Pink perfect or frightful is eaten Ono egg cannot cat a second on an it olo mls and lie could read no answer there this your shawl on Tho piano Road ibid to and Tho other paid him Quot the sky is bloody Quot said he,44 hut we a a howl father says to is going to Semi to two Leo Krout Zyrs. Moment a and with those words he ran Oprie to it a shawl in the Spring. I Ward the farm and came Hack a Faw min can to boar tinae Isdo Sli owls ii a a do All raid that it was impossible to answer Buffalo to Graze along our pith that question and each paid his two Lac Kro him carelessly As to posted whether it wus you fan slate you were it utters. Yet noon. The child railed his head to link thursday ? of Wasny to Tho Tho second thought Wall jew and i Bank of wild violets for a Nap. And Marion will try you out of the new test quient and it a a Riter words with n cat in his began scattering daisies Over him. J think i shall win piece. A Why did the a a ll0�?o 5t in t re a it on j0 a the Eirl watched them in their Happi apostle Paul write Tho Sorond epistle to the end he showed us the cats eyes pushing Grinj. You Liko Mon dour Spry ? Beau Ellul Man Ain t lie i now Don t Langli Trie fir i sure i done to care nuyt dog about him age there was not a handsomer or More Ness and thought of his own loneliness till corinthians up the lids with his hands. We looked it 01�? a 1 "1 �??�11 Beautiful to could stand it no longer but bowed his a a because to was not in Corinth a said the 1,10 a held with Surprise hut to was evident l a Marie when Are Yoa coming head in his hands and burst into a jew otherwise to would have tank to to in Earnest und the cat though astonish to see to of dear what a Beautiful l a a a. I i a 1.1. So he won Ano her twelve Kru tzar a a a i and not much pleased with Tho expert �?�111 thut pin was own to you now i self so much Moro of a Coward than a woh a on knew a sob a he had heard it them Plant Roony Man among All the nobility Jan lit la John <&Quot"ip8c�?? Bim More of of England. No win and Home r velvet male for produces an a Bulani flow of Rich milk feeler than the worm guns strength and a i l�0 k Houma a a Nade him pay dearly for the insult to had1 Ami yields two or three time a. Much per Wui throw i out previous to the appearance a j. A a a he bad a. Acre As our usual crop of grass. In add 0f the Tassel the worm being then a boat a a oort Candioa Bat pleasant voice and a of the thousand and Ono adventures re Tion to All these advantages it costs so Little one half or three fourths of an Inch ?1 Earl. Cd Star ,011c.St cues Rudd a atm of Robin Hooili i Hare Only room in for As i it in Ami u Bilos a k 111 ,sx1t enl Toi i to Ltd a l a f a _ 11 i a i k a at. A. A \. A a a As. A a Tor see and u so easily Chi Vattel Ami have counted in once crossing a Field at brought to the cattle that it commends it this stage of the corns growth As Many As self to All who need a larger amount of thirty or forty just coming into Green food Lor their Stock than they Are j perhaps or. Han is can favor us with some Able to obtain from their natural pastures Between two and three bushels of seed to the Aero is probably Tho Quantity required for sowing sow in highly manured drills three or three and a half feet apart cultivate and Hoe thoroughly and the rapidity of growth and amount produced will surprising. In cutting it up do not Cut below the lower joint of that will materially Check Tho after growth. Moat persons use the while Fiat Southern Corn Tor seed but Varia ties of Sweet Corn As Well of our common Field Corn Are Seil a we have succeed admirably with the while Flat. A writer in the Albany cultivator in 18-13, slates that in the Spring of 1842, he Light on this subject. Lanion to. 7, 1853. Corn a socks s. E. Former. Tel traction of Weed. The following Short article is from the h or Ting Farmer Aud is entitle j to More than a passing notion. In in Iny parts the Cheeks Aud lips and Hia head which he this Short history for two Tho first one held rather haughtily was crowned with a showing How he made a Friend thu second Light Brown curls. Though belonging to a proud and aristocratic family who in trac How to won a wife. One morning near Sherwood Forest Rob t t o ing their Noble Pedigree could go Back in Hood met a Young Man walking slowly Back till for All i know they lost them drooping his head Ami sighing deeply Ami sieves and their reckoning in the fogs of the he thought to ?44 this poor fellow first morning after the deluge Robert was just to Schinc Lolly mad or in love in no aristocrat. He Rympa Tizol with the either Case he is to so he kind common people in that Day shamefully -1 questioned the youth who pro veil to it a a posed upon tasked Ami Tyrar Zed Over Yeoman the name of will sen Locke. Tho bad Barons and hard hearted he trusted Robin Hood from the first nth country farms have Bec Ioco overrun with a he joined in Alt their merry makings their told him that to weeds from the neglect of the proprietors to attend to Tho timely suggestions below and to find Many farms in All parts of the country in a like condition from Tho same cause 44 there is no season of Tho year while vegetation is in Progress of development where time and capital May not fit in pit a a red two squares in his Garden each Emp oyed in the destruction of 20 30 feet and sowed them with corny a a a weeds of an indigenous character Oto about two quart to each Square which he us require tar More Valu i Able kinds of cultivated plants and Conse found too More. Was grieving because h Manly and warlike exercises. He became a far Maiden whom he loved and who loved so skillful with his Bow that it is said he t do was thut Day going to to married sent an Arrow the a distance of a mile. From i her friends to n Rich old Man whom Sho do among Hia friends he selected four comrades 1 Pitej. Robin Hook a inquired Tho time and a John Nailor whom he Nick named 4 lit a Ace of the wedding and telling will to tie John a George a Green muck a Miller keep a Good heart bounded off into the son and a Jolly Friar called tuck the Only Forest. Priest k Ibert could Ever abide. About noon there was a great ringing of one a Lay a Small sprig of nobility one Bells at the Church then Caine the wedding sir Roger of Doncaster saw him Minglun party and the r friends. The bridegroom with the honest Yeoman in their sports and looked very proud and pompous in his Gold nce before when her brother died. She .�ec0. Vincnt undo on her Eves is Hotfil with most 1 a Quot a was Maria Dnn t deny it. Harry Ppd her Flowers run to her father when the to iat who jew Wai j exemplary. A a Vry Well Quot Aid Juc a Quot a up Quot Quot a Quot a Al a but i Hato him i do really but he has a Lienol us Mustache Hasni to Mario of dear it is very warm. Good morning Marie a i a not speak of i Irv in connect in with name to any Ono for i a no it will never a count to anything. 1 into him awfully l us a Uro 1 do. Adieu Quot a Job Fon Mutt. Piece. Father nun a arms around his neck and wept with we j very a 1 a a a t.0 Lihla to tried him in n to it a it Bank a a a us a an 1 in then Otke of a Prang up and joined Jiff rent we . A who Longa ids work to it who undo her Esen a pretty quickly Robin Hood with Thorn and nil was made up Between the three. Tho Kul became quite fond of his son in Law though to often warned him that he would come of the Gallows if he did not mend his ways. But Rubin Hood did nol mend his ways for belter or worse. He void tinted to take Fiorin the Rich and give to an essay on bags. Is Groat a length is possible und yet com j �?oni1 we a a ?t1� a / pites it in time ? a truth we did nut it nil understand the pro 4 the Ropo maker if to is industrious a Edh two wish to question said Tho jew to lbs rank to it should find out that in the meanwhile they Drew near to n we wer e4�r"p�? birth Village and one said to the other that is a Quot ,0 in Quot Over Dorcac it a farm.,. Then the Loath a ked in what a werer we made haste to Aak our Chris a Tho poor to play tricks and seek Advent month Josh of aim Tuch cat the Tana whether they could Tell the Cuk Bya. Very Man a Eye Parson Dale Quot Licarta tires in disguise to fight the troops of the Kiwi ? a a a King into a Cut Steyee they a emed sur his own Barden a to who birth Ami King and the of Nottingham to Tho Jow Vij. In february for that has of Quot to the Joe Elton but a it there was no Ami a have powered All slut Tamo and Only Twenty right Days Dunger in conf sing to them our ignore new Weer and weal h can bestow Eye Tho filth Suid 4 Oliero no two natural or to or Worta a a la w1� �4 who in Dame Solo Bliss Lugo nut cd with Brothers and still Only Ono of them is a wll lad �u1 t4ken a �?c0, 1,lit wu9 ul1 Ltd a a a a a a he Steelm so of life who Liao that we i our complaisant Neo a a tag Jed Vith Al ame and poverty and. Tho jew said 4 lir Uncle is your fathers immedi it gave Eliaso to Ull Tom ire and who in luxurious Cusp have brother and your father is not your undo to a n4?,� he or a Quot a Kllc a pro unlit a a a Var known what it is to labor air to want a fish now jumped out of Tho water and Trio or our and up a new n we 4t manner kill each and All confess slut have a Bur the sixth asked a what fish have their eyes a rat &Quot&Quot"1 of of a Watt 7 7 Din bears nearest together ? a Dey pointed out that the pupils of their deposited in a mysterious bag it lung the jew said. Tho eyes went on growing narrower until 11 about the necks of Mankind like the leg of the seventh asked,4 Ilow can n Man ride we on tule cd Uno a to a Fino l5ne Quot Quot Hon from the philosophers a and no from pulse to Bern in Tho Shade in the sum a is Luln a n Wjt drawn in it or a Dino curl is ingenious enough us in the can a of Mer Tims Wlms Tho Sun shines a Quot crot a it of tar 12 Tho dilation a philosopher to invent the Means of get hate and Mako War on nil priests to the l is. He live to in old Man loved the poor and feared and Halo the Rich. At length he fell ill of n lingering fever and unluckily went for help to his ant Elizabeth de St Nanton Prioress of airless Nunu Erv in Yorkshire a woman who had teat skill in Medicine. His old enemy. Sir Rodger of Doncaster hearing of this went to her und telling her she had in her it Ower a Grant Neiny of the Church urged her Oil to a dark and cruel deed. The Prioress went Lono to Robin Hood is he Lay tossing and gasping with his fever and pretending great kindness said the must bleed him. He stretched out his Nam and to opened a Largo vein. The Ixl Spont a cd fiercely at first and ran for a Long time Lull Ami Fust. Quot Haven to you Lake Nenon the Jow said,4 when to Comet ton Planco a a a a commenced. When we had attentively log rid of it. The beg in which the Burden where Thoro is no Shute to must dismount ml4&Quot"np<1 Tho Flo Cut at our do a borne is of various dimensions and mate und Goon to conc us a at it past noon Nils a Vording to the nature of its contents. Tho eighth asked 4when n Man rides in a a he it eyes perfectly a greed upon the is of silk and inflated to n Tho Winter Timo from Bern to b.,Lse and has us Chi a 1,1 .p�4,Kink 4,1 4bulk the sighs of the wearer. Some to a k i f"r8&Quot, his gloves How must to to Manugo so chinese discovery of it May Doub less. Times it is of very Stout stuff fit to held Tho go. Asl Terl a hath not Frose of a tend to injure Tho interests a it of Tho clock heaviest weight Ami is worn out of sight Tho jew said 4 to must make us out of Ninfi Trade and interfere with the Sale �1 under the coat and nobody save Tho a to the ninth was Tho last. This one asked 4 How can five persons Divide five eggs so that each Man shall Reccio one and still one remain in Tho dish watches hut All consideration must Giro Way to the spirit of hut s travels in China. A sneered at his vulgar tastes. Robert replied laced velvet Doublet and White silk Hose ton atom Watal Lith to co Metio for a. Let Trioa. A Rvl och a the him in a Onolin Bill horni Anil haul of he ainu. Pull in up inn Quot Jfe into Len Anil. Jino if Tho in Gnu of sir r.imr-, in Ltulio Lai of Ulloa Cili j Al a omy. Ilia in Hail n i Iii i of in Goon in a Linn Honor in or Moua Romm from the teld., a. And to k in the trunk of. Iren Nome lift bin feel line one Mill inn Iho Ophir Insp in. In n. ,.houll but. In the in. Bob. Look Nim .1 he flu the. Nop a a a urn l i a a tin poll no of Annj ,.1,.1 a of ,. A Phil i. Up ibo i he. Mood for who to bid �?t?��?t7, a Quot a Quot we a Ker lbs . Fnu a. �tete., a a us in which he fun in in Linn .11 the honed Anda mind a pillar Robin. C t to and Kip he of Yunnu la. Cite tote a Tel. To Ivun Alto Ond is Kop a .nnp.1in w. The,.,Emo, boo a a a cd Xvi. Mio. Quot a a Quot a a cd a a h1�� mar Bufi us a Law. In we a a a fwd a ,?z.,h of w,1e�?n loll in Iho do a of he t. A t a at Holt of la a Nihon. La a Iii Hir Febu and a no . Lukojo a a Olio Ralrh. In which e.,1 to toll. La jew Undin non Iho Lud cd. I ?�,1,. A Quot a &Quot-1 a a i 1&Quot -1 a note. Doric cd Toke a do of thu i. He him often lh.1 to on,., foil till of a in boo.1, i. Morollo .,1 i in Quot a n is Quot to i 1 a to Quot nth a 7u,r a we la which Taka Root in their Yard and beside on Hia Lega but enl to bumping blew a startling blast. Instantly fifty met a. A a a 1 i in a with the egg and can let it re main in affords a capital instance of snubbing an conscious of its. A he Fly in Iund and .1 Voo. A Jed up j of. A Trio o in no Tumcl Iho Cronne. A i. No. A a. I Coln bom Iolo the Chuick and a a Quot of i a loved and Homo Mil a Al Ltd Quot. .,1.�o Goon ally in. Com u Jill re Qutb. ,.,. Of a a of a Moi. Bompn.1 nol of him. Ond to di.pnu.,1 Iho a orly a Bol la. No. To a a a Quot i a ,.c, 1, Ibex Culler and pounds Tony a Riga nod Tiff and Al ill. Robn try i nil him and. Happy Abtido and the of Ighel Niit die a whom ill a "0 uan Aeo a tool to Quot �,11 to Ihu ?z., of a a Wmk it it he him up he a a a a and re a he a had ? Iho ?�� a a a Quot a Rea Quot a a a laity re fou crop in a la Aaraon. Ali a a a an a. A cd after had a moan bill., Pai Al one in a a a Dona and of a a i h a it a Quot put to a and lop Hiohio Odog Bol aloof to a May bin new la in. Will pit. I i. B,.no Roo room. An., an. Of. Ean Uona a an i hero Diau ii lad broadcast tar land. To waa nol Long Afan Rob to came of Aso a of More feta until lain in holc Mytr a Idab it Una re Quimod a Moon in dry in. A Nom to Toca. In a. I Rte crop. Dpi try and so Many Houra of laborious1 vain to Hope to get his properly oot of the hum he lays Bare his bosom knows How dreadfully it chafes the wearer. Ti.i., it is True is an Ideal bag Bat every of whom Providence has not bestowed Oplt half accounted. A Story is told How a Saffron bag a the Only known antidote Tho Jow said Tho last must Toko Tho Quot a get Leinan la a neighbouring City which it a at one time or another made Poi Folly Corn Plant a make a excellent tue Lucr of Fri to a Lonmo and protect from their pol when omitted to grow to nearly their Outing quench. Every Weed. No matter usual Aize Aad then cot and dried As Hay in a there it a a Swiat Al would destroyed . Male but the labor of drying is to great re Maturin Giu that it will nol generally use As fodder pair at once will scar Locke was Tho fall Friend of Rubin Hood. One a Lay in pursuing a Deer Robin Hood a a led into the Park of the Eirl of Fitzwater. In that Sha a a. E. Farmer. Rye grass. Sitting hens. In setting hens thirteen eggs Are enough to give Thorn a Large Hen might cover More but a few stronger Well a chef a Chicks Are better than a Large Brood of weaklings that have been delayed in the this grass recently introduced into Tho United states is either a native of Italy or Germany Aad is probably perennial. It idl Wel re hour Ofer a a a a a i differs from the common kinds of Ryo gras. A from warmth. At the end or a Yray uni zen a to his heart Content in Many botanical particulars which it it a usual with setting Turkey s to so getting desperate. Evl Robert called need i to enumerate and which Are Only two or la fowl w ,0 a Ach he a a a of Feller the bravest of i friends threw up intelligible to the scientific Eye but to the you Quot a How a Fife a the plan Hela get name of Robin Hood Ordinary observer it differs very perceptibly n?1 a bad on he he to or of he cd cd a us and look to the Forest where he led from in presenting a Darker Green color and hav 91up �1� emulation in their i a to tfx it Timo a a Laring and dangerous hot an done clutch of i Rev Reml relative. There their he suit Denly heard voices and the was no use in his appealing to the King. Trampling of horses Ami soon saw a mail Henry ii now a Lead and Richard Call-1 Clad Knight followed six men at arms eds 1 he inn hearted Quot had ascended the and leading a paltry on which rat a Lovely the one. But in a Short time he left the gov a of weeping and wringing her hand Ern ment in the care of Hugh Pudsey birth this Maiden Robin Hood recognized Latoure of of Durham while he went on a cruise As the Young lady Matilda Only daughter to the holy land to fight the Saracens and 0 i a Earl of Fitzwater. Though quite no sooner was his Back turned than the treacherous Bishop Utu roed All the Power and dignity of a Monarch and taxed and Independent and merry life. I know it is quite too late to think of making hero out a Good a honest Man though or Abbot has Dono wonders in that Way for Runn ing much More abundant and broader Foli re uen the so Idle room in Ige. It very commonly attains the height lha and wii1 product to a fiut of four feet and sometimes More and is not own a Tintor. Inclined to spread on the ground. If sown Good Stock. To every Farmer who has in september in May Cut in the follow occasion to raise a Coll a calf a limb or a1 Perte a for Long Long ago it got noised about that Robin Hood a a robber and an outlaw. Rut in those Days when Kings robbed and Barons robbed and priests Rob Bej worst of All the thieving business a a go Oil dial More respectable than it is now Ami the Only difference Between Rubin Hood and those others was that Tookwoo ing May and if sown Early in March in pig or indeed any animal i would say will yield a heavy crop in july. First see that the item parents Are whether Given a Green food or converted healthy and neither very Young nor in the into Hay it is eaten with avidity a rattle decline of life. Second that they Are not which have in various instances Matifes near relatives Thiol that Ike intended dam Ted their preference for it to the common Well treated during the whole period of Aorta which is accounted far its Superior gee tation. Loo late Robin Hood a dead alone he did not hesitate but sprang Forward before the whole partly crying a u hold thou false Knight i command thee to let that Noble lady go free. A a a stand off thou unmanned a churl or i Surlet. Fly a professed old Crumb Ltd vanity never died yet of a surfeit. A Parent who strike a child is Liko n Man who strikes Tho w Itera Tho Fonss Quencas a it of the blow Are Suro to Fly up in his own face there Are Foole who cannot keep a secret. Heir excessive greenness like that of new won makes them split Reform is in omnibus that a always 44 just gang to Frio Tula like tumblers to frosty weather a re Apt to Fly at the first Louth of hot water. It is with a faded Beauty As with a clock the dish is Long Asho Buti to whose habit of Quot keeping the Pii Vav the imply to form of bag is Tho pudding but now it came his turn and Lio deter i in the Public Eye a made him a fair sub bad feb a a Consul Only of a Square piece mined to make a Good sweep. After Many jct for rebuke. The gentleman whom of t�4<h a old a string fax a a a per will Cleave thy Skull with broads Oril a the More the face on smelled the More a know thou that i no John thy Prince a clearly do we see the pro grow of time. And know thou a replied the outlaw that 1 Robin Hood King of Sherwood at these words All six of the Meo at Armi put Spur to their horses and fled and the Prince was glad to follow scowling and cursing of he went. Then lady Matilda who seems to have been rather a romantic Young woman fainted Aud fell into Robin Hood s armsand he not knowing exactly what to do for a lady in such a Case carried her to a Brook and was about Lodi her head into the water when she suddenly came to herself. She then related to her the most House to Livo in is a House full of pets such of pet dogs pet canaries yet squirrels parrots and a cats but worst of All pot children there is no Ono so Long lived As Yoor delicate Fine lady who is always 4 1 have generally found that a u Little party Quot with a a a Little Nusio a and a a a Little singing a with a Quot Little Van get in a after that followed a a it to supper a and lastly a 44 Little grog a just before going borne carry one of to five or six o clock in the tour nog and invariably end in a Little headache the next. Preliminary compliments he asked with in far convenience we shall Call or. A. Air of friendliness. 4 Ilow Cana Dmn a that letter 44 a oui it begin Quot to Man Fry two trouts in Throe pans so that u "i10&Quot a was Perpet Amy walking up Una i Trout to lie in each pin a a Fawn his Olfie talking to Bis clerk Mujic no one could answer this and Ono after King in Tho Quot Boule re Quot manner ibo a the other gave him u twelve Kreuzer piece with indie direct haunting either of him cell but when the ninth desired that he a Gnu d. Or his Money or ins of or his a Loiue answer himself lie frankly Tackno waged ii to file that Wahi to the great annoy that he knew nut How the Trout could Anco of the clerks aforesaid. One Day Pui tried in such a Way i suing his of Avoisie Heino he Bike out so then it was maintained that this was in fallow 44 Young gentlemen you have fair in the jew but lie stoutly Alerine Ltd of Aubill a observed that i have Little that there was no provision far it in the Culiar Ilies. In fact i Ain a very Peculiar a Greco its Avo that lie who could not answer Many a particular mail too very Patien Lar. Now Perot jul habits Are Peculiar a very Peculiar pee liar in let give you an instance. I always sleep in a wide bed a very Wije la aun have a Light burning the Side of queer in t it but that a now to it known to the Reader As it a to All the boys to the office that ibo wife of or. A. A notoriously the Hom Eliest woman in 2 an old rag picker died in Pari in town. Oil is queer rather in one re a state of tue most abject poverty. His Only Speets a a observed one of the clerks 44 Ami relation was a Niece who lived As servant in one Les Peot it Isnit. I can understand with a greengrocer. The Gill always assist Why you choose a very wide bed de her Waule As far As her slender Means but Why the do i you a hould want the would permit. When she Learned of i room lighted is Mote than i can imagine a the question should pay the Keutzer and its fulfil led the agreement paying that sum to the nigh of his Comrade who had asked him to so it himself. But they All being Rich merchants and grateful or the amusement which Hud Pas Vej very pleasantly far Thom laughed heartily Over their loss Sod at Tho jaws earning a motion Pui. Has intoxicated. Death which took place suddenly she a on the Point of marriage with a Journeyman banker to whom she had Long been at has intoxicated. The Noblesville Tchad. The nuptial Day was fixed a but Fml Patriot gives an Amu. Account of sus cite bad not yet bought her wedding the destruction of five Hundred dollars Woith clothes. She hastened to Tali hex that j of liquor the Temperance people. Some fac fan tiny to de Fol compound which is Pul into the pudding big and which Pires it a name require rare skill Ami Long experience in the Jusi a a a position of the string. Who a not Lif ened with mingled a Niosi y and admiration to the mysterious a a a Cun a ions a Elween House keeper and Cook on the proper adjustment of Iho airing of a padding bag. The most remark Able big of which we live any no Mil a that presented a Eolus the god of the wills to Ulysses containing Quot Ull the wills that blow the sir Quot so that the hero might set Mil with Propero breezes whichever Way it pleased him. Some meddling Sailor Lei the a Iii to out of the bag and to err Peri a terrible Hill Oberlon hum and As Virgil has it earns Notus Yie runt intr not that is a a Kurus ruined Notus let us nol Farget to mention that famous bag oot of which so Many cats have let ecu let us patting in num or the Egga which the a ran juror lakes from the bag he has just a stir Fie a you i entirely empty. The hag pipe i to found among musical instruments but none other Ibn a scottish ear can a i cover Melody in its harsh a trains. We in specs that Lii must the in from which the cat just alluded to so frequently escape and that its note Are mingled with wailing of iks imprisoned animal. Among the equipments of a compels furnished spoils Man the game bag is Oon

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