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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Jun 16 1854, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - June 16, 1854, Biddeford, MaineThe Vivio and Kim Jot Texal is Rosu alled weekly to Bidet. Ornea a no i contralto Biddy Ion Houm. F2per Una a or to so if pal within a Bra a Inu Uita from the Lime a a Jtb Scal it aug so a i Copie May by it a in cd at thu office in soap. A Rice 4 cent. A a Palmes. Us american a we pop a a no u tie a oly Aht Honeil Aije it for ship Jar in Tho Citie of new York Boston and Philadelphia and i. �11 y empowered to Lake Advertus meat and an Bact a i Kim. At the mine rate. A. Required by a. I. Oboe Are Ortr Yturri Tri Bun. Bottom 8ootl.�y�? Lim Klin n. W. Corner third Aud Chanut Street. March Watson. Printer. The Ion Plain and fancy Jod. A hut will Watova Kin i in us Pam Jepp mrm journal a Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. Biddeford Friday june 16, 1851 vol. 21. A0r1cultural. I Hare seen other Fanner that would a or Low butchers to go thou a their Hocks Nuil scraping and washing Trees. Select the earliest and la St lambs fur mar the horticultural society i a because they would Felch a few Hil Haa published a report made of it by a com but More anti in a few years their Hocks Mitten appointed to inquire iut it it a the Weie Roii Wotli keeping uses and of the practice of have i Nul sail enough. Are not far scraping and washing Trees a Tim Conlu Mere convinced that them is Mote profit in a ions arrived at Are my diametrically opposed keeping the very Best animals whether for to the or trial it opinion nod practice and but ceding or Foi Woik seem at the same time so Well supplied by i know a Man who comes to Market six argument that we need no a pol by for pub or eight Miles As Ollen us three times a which Tilmae con week Vith a Hoise that travel More miscellaneous. The false step. 11v a la a a. Chase a a Yea Aud handed Over a Twenty when i 1 Hopo you will do the saw my error. 9 a a we would be glad to oblige you but we must adhere to our Rule and rectify Quot Conte Jain. Go with Molo buy Lomo mistakes Only before leaving the inn Chea. Or. Bradley wants Somo a said or. Wise was a shrewd far sighted Inan. Joseph Wright to his school mate one the Peculiar look and manner of Joseph night of tar school. When i tuck a Scio discovered Hud not a i am Busy a returned Natues can to escaped his notice and this together with you go alone 1�?� the fact that until to wan employed no mis a a 0, i want you to go i am going to buy taker had occurred led him to believe that something. Or. Bindley gave me a ten so Many Riore were not the instill of Acci cent piece and Tull me if i would get a Dent therefore employed i Roe friends uniting the Rea it duty Quot is in which that we con delusions no contained a Hough we do not in Hart three Miles an hour. Would he not. Dore everything contained in the retort Ain by giving his to or a away and paying a Quot pm o matches and cents Worth of l0 Uit a wet him a sum of Money w Inch Tito resolves referred to Are As follows a a Good Lor one that a utile travel six charcoal i might have the inst. To i ii buy he intended to Dej Aisil and alter expressing a a thai whereas it i it the common custom odes an hour ? suppose he loses with a top with the ?�. His doubts of the Teller a honesty comm to Saane off the onside of fruit Sod Orna old napping horse one hour in and another and so pleased was Joseph with his spec sealed a plan to select into. Mental Trees and Wash am a laser them returning that will make six hours a week Ula Tiou thut took out he Money to look the next Day the four met As sirs ers with Lime and other preparations in the or Over this Youe wot King Day inn year at it again. �.,h� bad a a a i a quoth a. Of me of he neitring the Trees by the Des Rue reckoning ten hours to a Day and Over three a James look Here a he exclaimed in tins morning or w Nyht mid or. A Tion Iii parasites and Inse ote injurious to org Aud ten Das in ten year this Aslou Sammil Asho held up u glittering Wise throwing Down the package Citi Eless Eta Ion Ami of improving their general a loll Lime at Only fill v cents Pei Day would Peart inc the Massa Chumos horticultural 1 buy a horse Worth bundled and Tilly five be resigned to your fule you have nothing and Good Faith to sustain it and against to Hope. Tell to then quickly what i that re Paul to who hate Ever stood by that Cun thu for you a a a speak for me to his Law will not Ruiso our Volco. The a not n word of that a said his miso of 1850, in our estimation hits nothing Friend. A ask anything but �?o11 that in its origin or history More binding than be the Case Quot said it Oor Frog re. A i have the Compromise of 1820 and the sooth to tiling to a and your Money and having rejected Clio one to think Tho North trinkets a rejoined the officer a you have arc perfectly justified in demanding Tho re loft them behind. Can i Lodge them a peal of Tho Ute for together with Tho fugitive safely for you some Wycie until Zuur re slave Law passed in connection with it. Six a a a a a my return a Gas Ineil Frog re fur us to Ore concerned however we shall to ssi to to la set. Of Srajt a Lair of fairer fjtfjrrijvff., to Calary or mlle drove a Fol to a cum la a Tbs a 7� wok us wort Itron Sag let Uttof 0�mladwsveouatoy, Easby in pm oft7uri� ii�7v.csi, s Dubaich Boa Hon Kasha to thu we Tola. Tomun sat Luck Mync demand a card r k i a of n a us induced us sub Critor in Par Clum a Hoehne for cutting Cori Tcori Aud Pirn us ii ibo but Wrd of ibo menu Holaren Taury nation a u a is med to is Wetr a a Orden to ibis a Nob Olum a Lioam a it tvs Uoo to peo feet uru Colao. Of Sil c Aon and Quad tar in it a Voa hand. It Alden Tor say Lead of Job pro Aux a Etiz bar Sun or Fonda idol by Moll pm Spur guv Tel ibid an Jock Salomsa. O. Coax. Society do hereby resolve for reasons which dollars a round sum truly to s and in have been Tate Ltd that we consider this prac working along the Road Twilli twice twice Uiese of no in Chi to the tree. Felt i its Nabil ing the reins and Havre the try to affect the majority of the insects which of seeing his neighbors on Piid take ure Reulla injurious and Unn Eoo Sarv in the the first Tele in Market. 1.11 Farmers should Cas of lichens and mosses they la eing not Cypher Inore if they would a to cent the ears but the consequence of disease sure Hoot. And decay Anda positive violation of the a see a tiie Siraki r barn. At Enfield n. 11., a �r1 i the society of shakers seed growers hoi me amt Quot Incatcuia-1lieuliurlwta and. Have projected and 2d. That lichens and mosses state of the tre Are to for As curtained. No injury to the bark hut from ?z., a a a i j p it a. I cows i to he roofed with slate Wales their varied colors form one of its chief or x la i i a. A. T tax Henry Elkins Tho designer and Archi Golden Coin or. Bradley mistake a said a a a Quarter Eagle i am a a a but you will not change has Given a i to you by James. A How much is we Oback to or. Biad Lcy audly and taking a letter from his pocket be Gan to read. A How much in you make a Lio asked after a time. A a four Hundred and eighty five i a a i am getting careless it seems. 1 that for four thought there were five Hundred Quot returned what a Lucky Lellow Ami Azcuy. And a positive violation of Laws of Vega table play biology. And Cut it que Entov an injury to Triem hut to of in Neal ones in particular to an Dincalci i in Guod prot ass a barn two i inn Tea Hundred anti Tilly feet lit length by fifty in buying a pc Quot Quot to i Quot Ifor of fifty Choice Wal w1 or. Wise throwing Down fifteen doll Ais Tell at that moment Tho friends presented go Back and Tell him 7 Why the troit Cheeks. Wrights Finger flew Over the by is mine gave it to package Bente him and As he handed a a but he not know it was Gold so it them Tho Money a Small paper fell from was nut yours. You Stiely will ret Iii his coat leu Vul which was instantly seized a i surely will nut do Mic ii a thing. He by or. Ellis one of the three. On examine Tho Money and said that after a nation it proved to be a ten Dollar Bill Mark the Coal and matches i might have de with the name of or. Wise Parint the laments any operations for their a Emo my Are to be strictly avoid a and re pretended. 3d. That bark lice woolly or. Us left so it is mine i do not see Joseph. Made a Ini take i am a see Quot or. Bradley the blinds of i very five Hundred dollars which he had purposely marked Lylial morning. In Shree months from that Ticino Joseph Teot. Estimates the Cost at amp 15,000, and gives a school Rosiu Ivro closed he not sey Wright was an inmate of Tho stale prison the following i Seseri Plicon it it. It was Gold to was giving you and Tho Mac a convicted of fraud and of embezzling to that As strict inquiry has shown1, he location and arrangements of this deceived him. Toy from the Bank. Loi ses fur which no k hoc. Woolly apples and set my Lair Baru edifice me in Many re a pets Peculiar j a a Well that a his Iii not mine. If he Une could account were traced to him Aud cars do Lay their eggs and Hutch their a a Wiig Sam a ,ilkc9 Admira. It., outer Mai a a a ii Tonko it was his misfortune and 1 in the prime of life he was condemned to upon the bark of apples pear., Pouch stand "biuj1w of Quot la to a a a 1,9 Rof of u.0�?t us my gain. Bui say nothing about it. And i a felons cell Maples near the ground and in the Forks of it Rosi o dec Vav Quot vegt on a to Lar he Money. Or. Bank to Bank and is so arranged that teams Bindley will never know it. A a Wilt would you have the do Joseph it is i Huurst and i cannot join you in robbing Iny Good a a Bobbing it is not robbing for the shown a cellar its Wonio ice Iii for More Money is mine 1 Tell you he gave it to me. Any tree in cel a not the Manun. With solid and liquid juju Aljzy to. Dames done to you say a woul is in Necez i Are Rwm 1t,a, u,11 or a a a Hes Wise Ai oui ,i�4 to or. Bradley if you do your the branches a gentle rubbing with a Oioi. Pliable but stiff wire or other Brush on the Law la a or a a a nay a a a �?o1 either parts Offei Ted to be full owed by a washing a ble precipitate the Load to Tho Bay below Avila weak soft or whale Oil suds i i Quot a Maku Xvi a a a 0, a desirable and will be of Benefit when a Oil ugh a Situ lion has enabled them log careful examination shall Hare shown that a Una us who a us Glt for Tho to the eggs Are failed us it no question but that this in it Cess Down warts. By a Plank floor Laid upon a stratum of Clay wrought As a bed of mortar. The descent of the ground upon Ine backside of Tho Bam renders ingress and egress to and from thu cellar convenient and easy for carrying Pond mud and manure. The cows will be tethered nil upon the South Sale of the Baru Ami in one continuous stable sixteen led eary and unc Cima a Uit no when the presence of the enemy has not been a curl prov do a the other Resolution Are to the same effect one of them being directed a Grinst alkaline preparations plastered on to Trees. To so conclusions were Endor de by Geo. B. Emerson the Leur cd author of the tree of Massachusetts and by or. Tuck Man who has made thu subject of Chens his Pur-1.to cult study. Bev Are moreover a pier a quoth a quoth Ala a Rio a &Quot., Var it Ted by Mun argon Euta let a prac a my nor Are and a walk Tice Experiment to Ory an but a a a a a a feel in it duh. And a Cormor we have not space to enter urn a these. Lor Between a to cribs and the report is drawn up by k. Morris c ipe land a gentle Rui who has adopted i the occupation of a landscape Gardener. Which we take to mean the tasteful arrangement of grounds. At any rate we observe that he Nas been employed to Lay nut the grounds around the new Zinsme Asylum at Taunton i and the Reform school at Wes Boro. We should have said thut this prod session was not Likely to thrive in this country if it does so we shall be Only too glad a. It will vindicate the increased culture of taste a upon the North Side which mow reserves the warmth of the barn thou Eliout sufficiently wide for a Buree mid cart to which is often convenient when feeding with Green food. The scaffolds a love the cows Are a Best Dej Switowy for litter which is let Down a i Ogull a trap dour in the rear of the cows head will not be Worth the a a 1 will not Promise you that Joseph for i think it is wrong to ounce no such a thing Ami if or. Bradley asks me anything about it i cannot Tell i in a Luls Hood. But Why will you not in right Aud return the Money or. Biown will know something is wrong when you Uffer him two and a half Dol Luis to pay for three cents Worth of a a i will not offer a i. I have four cents in my pocket which will just pay Lor what i gel but remember you say nut a word about litre to any a a Well Joseph if you Are Bettl on doing wrong i will not go with you for it would not be right in me to go. I wish you would go Back to or. Joseph tin Ureil away and James finding Fui liter Renious Linch useless went Home sail and troubled. It seemed that he ought to toll or. Bradley Ami yet dreaded to As a place for meal Grain and also for a Herdsman a it free. Those arrangements Render it Peilian the most convenient and Quality which is by no Means so of in a to thou Ledu the la by Quot i1sivl played in this country us could be desired i a a a America. It big i to it Tav to upon Ami aun when pail toned in Tutoma serve j u a beater. At length to resolved to Lell i Mother Ami ask her advice. On reaching Home he found his Uncle and cousins flout Ohio had arrived at his fathers House on a visit. In the Joy and a trip to Siberia. Froc Euk an actor at Ono of the minor theatres of Tho Boulevard in Paris had entered into an engagement with the inns Ger of Tho French theatre at St. Petersburg where to Hud the Good Fortune so Grout la to please Paul i., that he soon became a Dilt to anguished Favourite of that Monarch an timed Bou Mot Ono Day convinced Frog re How dung Sioum it was to speak too freely in the presence of the eccentric autocrat. It was at the Imperial a incr Tubac when one of the guests lauded a he present emperor at the expense of Peter Trio great. A a that i robbing Peter to Ray Paul a said Tho pm per turning to Bis Favourite. A is it not so Frog re a a a a a certainly Biro Quot an sword Tho latter. To satisfy Paul to May my not Only Peter Tho great but also Peter the am a a and Pray Why to Quot asked the car Quick y. A a because a said Tho actor a a Paul in his anger has frequently commanded in the words of our Saviour go Utu a ear Tho Cross throughout Tho world More est scially in Paul showed Ungor to ins face and no one dared to laugh or to pleased with the actors reply. A few minutes afterwards the emperor Rose and dismissed the company. It was in Ihu Uilk turn a a then i Ain not exiled for life a of Correo Confino our Effirot to a re it Eal of Tho Bubnis not Only for three years. Take courage k a fraud. To list accomplished to shall us. They will soon p us away and then a Avocato As heretofore adherence to the a Quot three years for an innocent word a a compromises us the basis of Union. But whined Frog re and began anew to cry Fai ing in procuring Tho repeal of the Nebr us and complain. But no this moment Tho a fraud to Simul committed to use nil Hon soldiers entered and bandaging Bis eyes they lifted him into the vehicle and Nway a i rolled again. It seemed a very Long stage for Frog re calculated that to had travelled n whole any when the vehicle again stopped. As before to was bandaged Ami led into a Wiel Ched hut a counterpart of Lutu first and lighted by a piece of blazing Pine woo i. The same coarse food was again Plu cod before him. He looked at the laces around him. Nono that he knew none that inspired him with Comfort. After Severni and similar journeys the vehicle again stopped. By King Ere a estimate As Well As cot id Icil he had travelled three Days Aud nights. Ilis eyes were As before but instead of being led his guides seized him Aud carried him for some Lime until they placed him upon a wooden Bench. Lie waited for a few moments and wondered Why the baud go was tool re Mound. At last he heard soil whispering and then Quick step approaching Ilis hands Xvi suddenly seized and tied behind his Back. He trembling by asked what it meant but received no reply. In another moment his coat was turn Oil. Ins shoulders am lds breast Laid Bare. Frog arc now thought that eternity instead of Siberia was to be the goal of his journey. A take aim a was the command of one whose voice he thought to knew a Eire a and several shots were at once discharged. Frog re fell senseless to the ground. To Wen raised unfounded and whilst to was borne along he became sensible of a Divi Riou of soldiers marching past him. If ing been placed on a chair his hands were unbound and Tho Bandage removed. He then found himself in the same room at the same table and in the sumo company wite the that unhappy Bon Mot had escaped him opposite to him sat the emperor. The Aston Sliment terror and doubt which alternately reflected in the poor actors face so greatly excited the risible facilities of Paul that the entire company joined Hea Lily in the mirth. Frog re fell in a swoon. Thu whole terrible had Only lasted Twenty four hours. Thu emperor Lead accompanied him in disguise the time Aud found immense Delight in tin prisoners painful sufferings. Though used to comedies it was Long before the nectar recovered front the sad dream of that Imperial s life of Nicholas the first. Or nolo moan to wipe from the Statuto honk every vestige of Tho Compromise of 1850. Tho com prom a yes of 182�s und 1850 Mutt stand or fall together hut in the meantime let every Law to manfully snub Iitto to and info iced in Good Faith. Sullo s Man Anthony Burns run away rom Virginia and there is do Fouhy in reclaiming him in Boston Tho government Puls the whole Treasury Ihu colonels command. Shete is nothing like having a negro lenient in any matter to which you want to Call Tho attention of the Fellows in Washington. If the Amistad captives had Bun while instead of Black do you Oti pose Kyauk Pitico would have Iez in to pay for them i if the for Neh a valation claim had been for runaway slaves it would have been paid Ages ago. It you want your rights Aud interest attended to you Inu to go South and own human. D. Mercury. Played very to the Back Side is to be thirty four feel a la ble eight feet including miners and scaffolds sixteen feet. Flooring for teams framed four feet below the caves. Very Tunny appreciate a tasteful thing when they Ace it but very tue can Muku anything tasteful themselves. This is a Petal y Liue in Orn Montu gardening where ornament is too olten another name for Caprice and a a Absurdity. Or. Cd a it Elarid set mus in a to to Clover Eor Maxl in. Or. D. D. T. Starting m the right Way Lor in this report Moore of we Tell in this county Lorms to protests most strenuously Sguin St Tor tur a a a Ijlal it. A we Clover seed with his Barley ing nature urging on Tho Otler Hund that cd a Lor Fri Tihming High land. Year he Ahe be tolled und Urith under a Clover soda the Send sown Tepu Hcan. The previous Spring with Bailey but not fed Luff after the Barley was invested a on the advice 18th of june Foi a late crop of Corn. To Asci Tail the weight of the crop of Clover Farmers do not sell your Best Stock. 11 la Lurnes under to Cut a share foot of the co a no More to raise a Hoise Worth two a Hook Tir the soil and found to weight Hundred doll Ais and an of Worth one hut. Of Jie Cly Over Ami its roots to be 24 dred or a cow Worth titty than one Woith a i Wuu do a. 49 mus weighing probably Only half As much if you have the tight Athul tons if thoroughly dried per kind of Stock to Breed from. If you want acre cum at an expense of Only to raise a Colt year get the Best Mare m 5 o for Eluvter seed a Ccu utry Geu Tuman. You can find if you have to give a double Price Hir her if you would raise a Calfi Quot Quot Quot eve in year get the Best cow to be had Aud 1 tin White Carrot. If that is said so other animals. Commendation of this vegetable to Tiue. Farmers too often sell their Best animals or even a tithe of it it must be considered because they will Felch a Little Inore Tau a must valuable acquisition to our husband the poorer ones. They sell their let it oxen.1 by. Cows est eci ully Are said to be re because they will fetch Moie than thei it Mai Kably foul of it in its habits of Giolli steers and lose the whole value of them on it differs Troni the Midi Saiy Carrot project their Crupt in one year by so doing. Said ing several inches above the surface sign a Farmer to his neighbor a a 1 believe i shall Ilar to the sugar beet. A a two iwo tons a a my oxen this Spring As they fetch a Saya the american agriculturist a a Avo High once and i am paying interest of my been raised to Lam acre. This however is much less than the average in id yet we a a How much can you get for them a a in doubt not that is very productive and High Quiret the by nutritive Root Ami worthy the High a a two Hundred log ruins thut have been pronounced upon was aroused from his Leep by a loud Knock inc at his Drew jumped front his bed opted the door und saw to his amazement an officer and a a file of soldiers enter the apartment. The former produced a warrant from again went to school to supposed the Malj Joe Kinder or can isling Frog re to Siberia Ter Vns i covered and settled so he be nay readily imagine the terror of the said nothing about it. This incident trifling As it May seem sex Mon action. The Worcester transcript a journal with some anti san very tendencies of # �11 speaking of the scenes in tins City of Winter about when Frog re an j a of be Jar Gomo of its own citizens Hugo taken in the off air trusts that their of Prience will to Zulfi event to convince those who have been most a tits in this matter that nil efficient to prevent the operation of Unrien Tocoua Laws tie Post Facto in a a and How Are you to manage your work without them 1�?� Why i told the Boya we could a get along with Oleet. We need a quite so deep and can take smaller Aud to manage to get through our a a but that will be poor policy a the neighbor. A a by your shallow plough dug Yoo will lose from a Quarter Toa halt or Jnore of your crop you Fields Are some distance from your barn your steers cannot haul More than half As much As the oxen and the Loa of time �11 getting the Nia out on to the ground Aud drawing your Niay and Grain to the barn will amount to at least half the value of the oxen nothing of the tire wasted erred a great influence on the character of the two Bays in after life. James was strengthened in ooh rect principles and whenever any temptations arose the thought of the Quarter a a ago came up to by Sivh the n. Joseph on the contrary might Dale his ruin from that evening. It so happened that or. Bradley lost his pocket Book the next Day As he was passing through the crowded streets of the City in which to Loveil und supposing it contained Tho Quarter Engle he never thought of a King Joseph about it. I Laving succeeded so Well this Timo Tho misguided boy grew Mere Aud More avaricious Ami his better principles rapidly gave Way to his inordinate love of gain. Naturally very Quick Ami shrewd to managed to escape detection. While very Young obtained the situation As Teller in a Bank and obliged to Render a strict account of moneys which passed through his hands to wus forced to it be honest for a time. One Ilay a gentleman called to the Bank and said to him a a there was n slight mis Lake in the Money i received of a Check yesterday. Your package of s 1.000, contained Only $090, and i have called to see if you would rectify the a a i am very sorry for you i sir a returned eur Josept a a but our Rule is mistakes must it. Be rectified before leaving the must i then lose the leu doll Ais ? asked gentleman. Brusquely that it will not have the approval of the Nebraska Bill juiced upon it As u Sta Laid of democratic orthodoxy. The Manchester n. H. Democrat 011c of the staunchest democratic papa is in new Hampshire has firmly opposed the Nebraska Bill and now that it has been passed has nothing to take Back. It a till for bodes lli.1t the cannot very sorry sir said Joseph turning away. Excitement of the several Days following to Eph was forgotten and when James cases exists Only in High toned Uio Rul Sonti mint and mid a franc Luyun. To cried threw himself upon rut this can never be done by the impulses Tho floor Tore ids Indr and repeatedly of fun excited und unorganised mob. Limu to claimed a a w hate Riino have i committed to Como from Tho deep mid mature deliberations deserve such punishment who received no i 0 t,0 thinking mind with a concentration answer. To begged for a few hours delay fax Mius a a n oneness of purpose moving to throw himself at Tho foot of Tho Monarch Forward to its accomplishment with n sober and learn the nature of Liis guilt. In vain d termination to effect tha which is designed the officer would Only allow him Ticino to pack in Wisdom and Organ ipod into efficiency for up a few clothes and Linen. Scarcely was action. Did Ltd not words no wanted Trio operation finished when he was surround a which express Trio will of Tho people of cd by the Sid Dicks and carried of Sido Tho which a Louthen writer once said a a the House when a coach was in waiting. He we of the people is Tho voice of the was then listed into it More dead than Ativo it hut the combined trill of the Popple How while two soldiers w Ith drawn swords and engaged in proper shape and scenes of riot cocked pistols took their seats on each a a a do am Resis Bancolo unrighteous Laws will cease of him. Tho doors of thu to Liilo were locked an the True sympathy of humanity will not and Tho officer living the signal Tho coach As it has of late ref oat its own ends by in rolled away at full Speed surrounded by n subordination to Laws and timed action to Calvary escort. How Long Tho first stage effect what is desired in a single instance lasted Figero was unable to Tell Tho vehicle a of a or unrighteous Laws to blotted out unit a was so thickly covered thut not Tho least Ray none but the unfortunate or ignorant to left of Light could penetrate. To w As told on to Nettl sympathy. Entering the coach that the soldiers had or Trio new York courier amp enquirer main dvrs to shoot him on Trio spot the moment Hong the same ground while speaking of Tho to opened his Mutti to. Put any questions Cost it Rogisus of 1820 and of 1850, and Tho to them. He consequently observed strict Hilo foul no Rognlion Oft o former. It says silence and suffered u world of pain. Thu notwithstanding Tho Gross i Justi of of Tho door of the coach was at lust opened it was repeal of Tho Missouri Compromise Tho duty Broad Daylight. His eyes were however of every Good citizen towards the Luw remains bandaged und to was led into a miserable unchanged. Every Law must to sustained hut the door and windows of which Scro until repealed because unless Tho supro closed us soon As Entz red. When Trio Macy of Tho Law be maintained there can to Bandage was removed saw by the faint no order no safety for life or property no Glimmer of a Rushlight a dish of course food Well constituted society. This most in con upon a Board Belbru him. Though to Hud ceded by nil and to therefore shall con been fasting for some time he could hardly Tinyo to fall upon the friends of Law and or Swallow u morsel four however induced Jer to stand by Tho fugitive Kluvo Law and bin to Cut for Tho faces thut watched his to sustain Tho authorities at Uny and every motions >001 to portend no Good. Siteria Hazard. Siberia thut the Only thought he was but Here our duty will Censo. We shall to live in thut terrible land. Frog re gave never become the apologists for Tho a Copal of himself up to despair when Tho previous Tho Missouri Compromise or Tho and voc a officer by the Bye an old acquaintance in or Defon Dore of the Compromise of 1850. Entered Tho room us tended by a courier. Tho til the Compromise of 1820 he restored prisoner Felt As if to had not seen that Tho statute books und nil who were con in n Short time Tho Bank Vns noted for its Friendly Fate for years. In th0 Joy of his corned in Tho passage of the Nebraska Bill mistakes. When people look Tho or ecu heart he was about to embrace him but a will very soon Leurn that Thoy have raised u lion to count the Money before leaving a motion with the hand and a Stern look to feeling throughout Tho entire North Wiloh mistake were promptly Aud cheerfully rec strained him while Tho linger of Tho officer argues evil to a Tho whole question of slavery Tifi etl with the excuse that there Hail been Pru cd us he a Bis lips imposed silence. He had a change in tellers or he Hail been 01 fluttered that the courier had brought Cir i or. Ouse is now prevailing As an Epi Domio and often prove latal. To heard of Ono Young Ludo who Ciuuto to Tho City a healthy country girl 011 thursday simply complaining of a a a Little pimple on her lip that looked red und wire very but a Lio Lleni ugly it not Worth while to do anything for Sochi u trifle. Trio next morning her face was swelled terribly and on saturday she was t a a a pro. To Iliin Sho might have been saved by a a in. _ ____1 a religion and politics. The celebrated Robert Hall in his admirable article ii Miled christianity consistent with a love of Freedom utters Trio following this malignant up Quot a on a "m01 Are a pwn ally i Rte in ent 10 Tho present Santo of Uff Uii among us a a though com Tinniey docs not assume any immediate direction in the affaire of government it inculcates the duties and recommends that spirit which will Ever Pimpl us to Chciuk the principles if Freedom. It leaches us to Cheek every selfish passion to consider ourselves As pint of n great Community and to abound in thu fruits of an Active Benevolence. The Par very is m blk remedy simply n to Shioo of Ilou Lur Peia tinny of this Principio will be mashed raw cranberries. 1 ids wus pm oved regulated by As they arise sumo Mouths since it struck us it was u goal remedy. The Disenso requires cd a of acid Aji Licu ions. We determine to try Tho Experiment Tho first Oliano. To Are fond of Chi it of Imons a proof experiments not exactly on our own person that is too personal but to have had to stand ii und for the Good of Trio people who cannot to cured by the doctors to give Tho result to were taken on thursday with headache and fever which increased severely through Tho night and on Friday morning the girl who came to wonder Why to War not up for breakfast says a flu sir How red your nose As to arc not a drinking character our nose had no up siness to be red hut it was painful too und to guessed we had taken a had cold and feeling a Strong inclination to follow our Fier proboscis somewhere to so forty Miles into Tho country in Tho solitary wilds of Connecticut. Thu next Day our Noso occupied More room than to could Tifford to pay rent for in the City and n doctor was sent for to put a Stop to the enlargement lost it might Hig for Tho country to pronounced Erysipelas hut said nature must Toko course it was n Disenso thut would not let of but our obligation to cultivate it is a if to Uro bound to part led a neighbor or even an enemy hmm violence to give minions when he is nuked or food when he is hungry much More ought to minister to flu our part toward the per sorta tin of a free government of Tho Only a is on which the enjoyment of the a Bles a a a mis can securely rest. Ilo who Breaks the Fellers of slavery and delivers a nation from Thi Aldom form in my opinions the noblest comment on Tho Groat Law of love whilst to distributes Tho greatest ble sints which a Man can receive Fiorin Man but ii it to that is the Merit of him who 111 time Liko Tho present Wutch Ltd a Over Trio edifice of Public Liberty repairs a in foundation and strengthens it Cement a Loti to beholds it hastening to Ohio a Tho Cincinnati luxe to learns from reliable source that a Call for a grand convention of Tho people of Ohio on the 13th of july tire anniversary of the Paa r .1. I a la Iii. In. It Mifflin put too 8ak� it f 1, ,?t,nanc0 of 787, Willa on apr a amp Iff a Fui a nurse u w.10 a i Aasu unit would no it 1 0 cd a y Signe. M font pulled. To Hail heard of Tho Cran lorry 1 a t the poop 0, no 0 signatures generally signed. The convention is to hrs party. It will Are opposed to the repeal of Tho Missouri Compromise and end a a a a a a. A it a a a make i .�1. A to 1 j my a a or few hut not until the face qua t to a or Cadoul y and had cracked opon and was a 0 n v1 a i oozing out the fell i Natter the Cranberry a Quot t a a % i. Beer was then a implied cutting a breath-1 against sending do. In Hole through fellow that he is Rodo six mile und got Woll it i i til War St fat ,7hg �?? a inv "�1 a a on nil night or. Otly to Tho Relief of Tho �?�j1 a a. Acute pain and in the morning when it was. Tho Disenso was conquered a the 1110 i Gross to the Region of Trio brain had und office. It i i enunciate the doctrine that Tho North have rights a Well a a the South Cun is Well maintain them. Outrage and excitement near on thursday of Iasi week a Man a Ixia. Named Mcleod who had been stopping in und about but Xenia for a few Days und who is represented removed the rapid pro been suddenly Urica cd and in probability our life saved. Reader to Hugo tried a he Experiment to Liko tit 1 remedy. We ack nothing for our advice and Hopo you will not need it if you do you had Lictor Rhino inner thut As being a disreputable person loft thut Tiro Nenod remedy for Tho cry town in u hurry and drove to words Selina. A. Y. Lib use. Few Miles out to overtook u coloured Man whom he suspected a being u fugitive slave and asked him to get in and ride to Trio next Cross roads. The negro Thuu ked him and got in Trio buggy but it the first farm House. Mulcoy said no must feed his horse and Law shall to executed pm re a ipod the negro to wait. Mclod went the poles ident and tiie Boston Root we ure advised by the Washington Union that the president is resolved a at whates. Or Hazard and in Tho Faco of every Conse nuo Ueo a that the Law shall to executed ,1, Anil 01,forced at. Whoa ,.l,. A a a in �?., a Lair act him word by Lolo in a a Quot it a who a a a t rur. Lett Quot Iro had ordered Orr lire urn Lod Sill iroon., "�?Opp-"1 a a a 1 a a Elf la Quot Row a a j j1 a 1�? Poroo promptly Rotar Rod t a a Quot to a a a try a . Freeman Foll Orrl a Omphalia la Dri Jaap Liard. On the Railroad. Tho Man who assisted and 1,0 a a a Oril co a of ooh Zooa. And Intima be Ihm the i Quot. R pm in non i n rms a six r i in Quot of in breaking the ,. And a person to to in order for ins re Cuso but he waa Migatu Bandy. To. Rey of Quot a v i had Lake i. Place Tor a Lima. Pm. Of officer di., idl a a a a a Naan Bow much a it. Quot i wish 10 a loan. $1,500 till mottling a Derod Tiro a Midiere to leave Tiro Rollin and win Aav a i. A in it to the Donitio Opatic pro eos Bat Ore. W. A re to a. A a a a a a Dway argues evil to me whole tie St and destruction to the Compromise Upun which it rests. Tho very a a Lonco of Tho a lers and getting them Suauu. My a a a a to you oar. Bar. ,200 in a. How much but. 9111. L0�?w�?�&Quot., the Aan you in the Loare a it f h ."1 ,�?>.lhpequot a it it Are on if �140.� Hutu dog Down messes in tenge and Mur a then take my advice sell the ate i"00, Quot by do a a a a toil on. And keep the oxen and you will be the or a re t0,� a Ink a in task a Bill gainer by it in the Alt. With them your 1 he of Lotf no Bra a Bui a to be a work will be crop Wilt feel a a _ thing will to door lira halves and Yoi i la Quot Oropsa will fool Ihal. Loo re keep your la a my i a Fown ii. 0,0n.�??o d sell your a Well neighbor i believe you Are More a a a Han half right and i think i will take your a a. A. Thia Man Hal to thank Bis a a part o to own neighbor for his adv it for he became sat Buston Coutier owns a most influential pres a As Well As a majority of the rank file mus by Tourial state of or. I i i. I rum and wait said or. It a a a a gentleman who dealt sex Gutsalo. Being Lunne with the pensively with the Bank. _ said almost in a whisper a Frog Ere we insist Joseph ran Over the Bill rapidly then now part. I Hutc accompanied Yuli to the paused coloured i and counted a i Quot a 5�?�?� a a a a a More beg your Marilou air Quot ins Pecilun of Ancibor officer. Be careful not i Rik much even in give no Jour Roicy counted once twice three tunes Havo you Uny Burdor for to ? can i serve but la Ere warn a deficit of Twenty Dollar Yuu on my return to St Petersburg 1 poor or. Wise looked confused. A i cannot see Frog re melted into tears How i made such a mistake for i counted instead or replying to the questions he on it twice myself this morning but Here is in bewailed having to undergo a Puu Osbment Twenty to make no the full amount a he for an unknown crime. A an unknown item again but tint stage und hence you will to under the a a. Vui a \ a i f i univ a ump my Tui Pardon sir he inspection of an Thor officer. Be Calif no not thoroughly Dona Aud Yoor a a a a a a a a. ,1,??o?o. Bul i Only s1.480. Will you to Izaak a word. It with your Alears. A a a of Damo Arecy count with me a1 1 in. Chi. Reo on j. A 1.1__j.�Many of the Moat prominent Membria of i _ a the full amount a writer in the continued laying another Bill on the pile. 1 crime said the officer. A a done to Yuu then us iik., w a a. A. A at tide a it on the complaints increased but no of could know what you have done ate you Tad a nougat new crap w9re enough better subject of bum being the Maude to slavery find fault fut mistakes discovered in Tho Frog re have you Loren then the sarcastic a of cow pkwy Wouri Hay Bren if he Hud used a follows t Bank were As usual promptly rectified jest you made of the Imperial table it has i Nch own Man a a it i done the majesty of the Law is Vin and where Deposit were found deficient offended the emperor you Are punished i i iut what he dictated that Law Winch Olin father made the owner counted for him Elf and saw his because there was so much truth in a be Eael i o it a mrm Cut the Otley of a huh and which we grave been re Areil under and error As in the Rase of or. Wise. A Good heavens a exclaim etl the exile a a Poe tempted him to sell him. He then i Are to guard and transmit to our bought another which would not answer a a Wright a haul this gentleman a you a hush be Sileus a whispered the other ears. But nut to waste Lime i am the Only on whom i henceforth during your a journey you will see faces wholly unknown. One of to a minds us of Tho girl who said mistake Titan that the other Day a said to to you. Tho Ein Perot. You Are aware i ferns Ribra oof Fobe a had a mud Gablej Sho had was proud to own a la is Eph colouring a Lyon Mado a deficit of immovable in his resolves and inexorable animal at last. A a Portland advertiser. A Tolura a 1 bought another Whlon we null not answer a i Hete have been Many proud Days for to gave me Liat you Callella Huud Teil Dollar a Walls have Eai i purpose at allo in went to sapping ton but none i Siu Wely believe to Muke package this morning but it contained Only listen Frog re. And new napping even time paying bout with us prouder of our old Commonwealth than you Luw Hei Hope of gelling one that would son him this i a Well. Or. Wise you Mado a worse journey you win my when he had spent More than a 1 a in his Wrath. You had better therefore North Tho apparent submission of Par Nebraska tics to the Nebraska outrage to us wears in aspect of determination which threatens Pei a ont pal Dunger to Trio Union. 1 answer a a Yout conduct is approved the Laic must be the evidences on the part of thu Fedora executive Honvo been telegraphed in directions and the Pensyl canian asserts confidently a a and the Law Wibu executed is Long a Franklin Pierce holds the Helm of slide. There will he no vacillation of purpose no hesitancy Aslo the Choice of mean to to used no wheedling no Tim serving vote catching cajole by. Tho supremacy of the Law will he maintained by the Strong Arm of thu in we now we Are not led astray by any party glorification and Vve judge president Pierce not by i promises hut by his notions. He promised us in his inaugural that slavery agitation should nut be renewed during i administration upon ii Point he bus miserably deceived us. Various piratical expedition have been fitted out and Are now in Progress but there have been no orders sent by Telo graph that the Law must be executed. A few Mouth since a riot shameful Ami disgraceful Exi Ted at Hue the president was appealed to for the Exerie of i prerogative but he wire deaf in order to allow gov. Bigler to try if he could Man Ula Conre a Little political capital out of it. In of these things Franklin Pierce has been derelict in his duties hut he catches eagerly at the first Chance to Hove ids Devo Tiou to the slave Power and gain More popularity at the South by the forcible main Tam Auoe of the fugitive slave Law passed As one of a series of compromises but the integrity of the concessions having been destroyed by the passage of Tho Nebraska Bill there i no to itly or any Thornl Obliga lion to respect it. The conduct of the bostonian it reprehensible in resorting to violence but the a Strong Arm of the Law would never be Ruiso against them by rce if he thought he could danger to the town. Make any political capital by winking at Ucol 1.�.,g Low o of. Tone oreo .0� Ulde to n. I p Aall to a Lorinc Wiota of Trio re in a. To relation to ,1,0, nor rein Opotra t a a a t1 a j .h.&Quot,r it Zzz 5,0,0 India nation it Thi. To unite in expressing their indignation great National of tango and their determination �0 resort at one to the Only constitutional re Modys repeal. This is no Idle threat. With one Accord parties Are unite i in declaring that irom Thi time Forth no Man can receive a vote for Congress the legislature or any office of Trust or profit without fint it during his hostility to the Nebraska fraud and i determination to Lawr in behalf of its repeal. Under Thi feeling every North cow Man now in Congress who voted Guin Statho Nebraska fraud will be sustained by both parties Whilo who gave it their support will to Depudia of is Lien who Hugo dishonoured and disgraced themselves and grossly misrepresented their constituent a. Nor will Public indignation Stop Here. It will demand to instant repeal of the fugitive save it port of the Compromise of 18j0, pud hts the Sun. A a a certain member of Congress Are in a great hurry to pension the widow Batch elder whose husband waa killed in the Rescue riot in Boston. The dear charitable souls Why done Tibey vote a pension to the widow Lovejoy whose Hub bail was shot by a mob of slaveholders and Loo go faces at Alton Why does no to Congress pay Ita debts it Haa i Odood bum Fieda of hungry widows and orphans out of Money Doe and owing them upon the French spoliation claim pay up that and then vote or Balc Lilder a Pennon if you please. A its of a piece. In Solomon swaps Hora stray into Virginia Ami he has Norm difficulty in reclaiming him do the United it state spend icons Andrupen thousands to by the were bound in honor1 help Solomon not a bit of it. But if col. His non accompanied Mcleod. After proceeding it mile or two the negro broke his to to und then broke for Trio Woods chased by three of Tho party. Tho uld Tuan Over took Tho negro Oliou the latter turned und Deulzu Bio so bowl Raul that it broke Tho Nam of his pursuer but he was soon after caught Beuton and tied into to buggy gum. Before they had proceeded much further Tho negro broke to horde a second time and Imd nearly escaped when Cloud grappled with him and Tho Ollious coming of u Light ensued in which to negro was Outch until fell dead t the party placed the Corpse upright Suins an Oak tree it some distance from the Road and fled. The body wus discovered und Ott saturday the murderers were Nares cd when to o frightened Sou of the Fanner confessed to Tho circumstances above narrated the three culprits ure now lying in Xenia jail. The excitement in the surrounding country is in Cincinnati com. Monday a Model charge. The judge of the circuit court i Lely in session it Hudson in Wisconsin give a Churgo to the jury which excited considerable my latent in Iho court Row it a at Tho Timo. The a Tiou wus to recover the value of Corsin liquors sent from below Aud consigned Lor Safe to to defendant. Evidence was Given on the part of the do Pendant to show thut the Brandie Tower mud of forty cont whisky and drugged it that Whereat the judge Appos rub quit indignant Aud charged Tho Jary very Sarly follows a a gentlemen of the jury pore Una dui tented liquor is n whole Homo and pleasant beverage and As far a the exp Crenco of Lam court extends of a Ndu Cej to health and Lon gov Ity but a bad Urt Iole of Ioor gentlemen or Wlms is worse a a a rugged article on uni be tolerated and if dealers from below Ontl Send up into Thi Beautiful country of blessed with the Englee of a Benignant creator suck a Iii Niblo qualm up injun of a or Vii How this to be in this court Gail Eton of the jury Thoy cannot Reo Ovel Quot a it lava jute a just As the Steamer Joba Taylor with Burn Oil Board Lell the wharf a Man cried out a a Well i m Piid the Nigger s scarcely Weie Loo word out of his my tub when Asai Lur stepped i up Aud with Trio a you Lubbers a knocked him Over. The fallen Man got up and allowed fight when he a knocked Down a shoot i Lime attempted to not off when some one shoved a Board Between i legs which again tripped him us. At last he reached the Milter or my planned their Protection. I. A a 9a it is now stood the Bara .jf1�?t Tiv was a regular Ord i so and Practa Tif minister of the Baptist

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