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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Jun 9 1854, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - June 9, 1854, Biddeford, MaineUnion and a talk a journal is re Almazo we wkly is Ida. Orr Rcv no 1 Chat Rel Block. Build Cronl oppo Ott ifs bul Leloni him. Tel a a a wow Lenain or a a if pot Qiliu Kim Mouth from the uus a of subscribing 8m- sops Many to of stood of Tebuu Fllch i Assn prior 4 a a Ata. A b. Pauses Tbs americas newspaper aural i halt it if authorised a cent Tor this paper in a pm Celiaa of Faw York Roslou Aad ski hmm Pula Aad is duly empowered to take advertise away Sod subscription at the same rates at required by As. He unites arts a a yowl to boat budding a Bastea Sci Lluy a budding add Dis n. W Comer third and Chesani Marcus Watson Plajer. The lows 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. Rss a Fen. J a a flow do t. E Jib Awrore id Xio to Foa a leu Biddeford Friday. June 9, Ftfe. B Ujj a a to it and redress vain to Moold m i Fla Juto Ioset whatever Tan Safi. A a we hav reached to mod ods of it talk with Polo or Rcd Ioa a he re Dune Oro Dooe of to Ilu Lim of our con Clumar a ent Stasa to fears that you will Diop rare or oopb>mp4�. I Totoa Wraage Constanos with an extract., Krem Ibe Madge of foal Deold to Tbs a Tnp Jerbis of cab pc it is it ? to tax poetry. A requiem in the Forth by Bamako Tat lob a Paad swifter Nln 1st�?Wiki Nurt Bera Norte whose feet the Arctic Ula ods know. When Stefl Ninx or Cebrus Sharp and White Ord the cota4�inngr shores of mow Send Sll thy Woods to sweep the world and howl in Mountain my a a is fur Aad a air thy Baquera red Nad cold the shield of every Star for Woltal have 1 to do with Siom or summer s glory in the Vale a with la Blithe nog of Forert Boro or beckoning Glia in of snowy sails ? Art thou ant gone in who a Blue Eye the Keeling to Muter dawned to due a gone like the Echo us a udi beside the loud resounding sea. Oh1 Brief that time of and Lowers Wlad by no through thee i he Northern land 1 Pine Auk a us it Alico a a a Quot is Aad urn the Mack and loud la strand. The for a wails the starry mow us by ii Yel shall pave a Shai Lowy floor bul Down inv spent a aides of Globin thy love shall Blossom never Moro and nevermore shall Bat cd Pines to Cir Aole Nui Triu Ispus sound Lor me nor morning fringe the Luo Potuin lines nor Sunset Moh the boar sea hut night and Winter hit the sky. And Load with Frost the shivering air Tui every Gull that Hume by Cuba a Wilder with my own despair the Leaden i Llight cold and Long la slowly settling o or the wave no wandering must awakes a song la naked houghs above the grave. The for oxen air is still and dark the numb Earth lies m a. V Rry to Aad All is dead save this Ope Park of by Ruig grit f w it to ii my breast. Life s darkened orb shall where no Moro to Imre s re joking summer Buck my spirit walk i he wintry Shore with not a Star to Light of track Speed twilier night urn gloom and Fruat Are free to spoil and ravage Here this la wild requiem lie the lost 1 pour in Why uate dog cur. Agricultural. Root crops. We Hope Farmers who have la Etelo fore neglected the approx pan Ion of a piece of Groom. For tool Cro a will not neglect it the present Spring. To those who he already proved their a real value for Winter feeding to Stock nothing need be said. No Lurnice a who has once raised a crop of roots would willingly be without them carrots Auger beets Tula Baga parsnips All have their adv Cales and it would be Well for the beginner in toot culture to try a a so lion of ground with each and thus test their comparative value and productiveness. Carrots Are the general favorite both for horses and neat Callie und the demand Lor them is rapidly on the incense in our Largo cities. At the present Price of Grain there is i real Economy As Well us advantage to the Hoise in substituting a half Peck of carrots fur the Oats once a Day and his condition will be a a really improved by it. Carrots have been frequently raised at the Fate of 1000 to 1400 bushels to the acre and for Milch cows in the Winter season they Are probably unequalled by Auy other Root crop. With their Aid and a very Small Quantity of meal cows May be kept to their milk for the three or four Winter months without difficulty. It is often said that a Winter Dairy will not pay. Tilia we can readily believe if cows Are confined to Day Hay and meal especially at the i ice of a train. To make Good butter in Winter they must not Only be supplied with plenty of nutritious food hut particularly such As is Ucland succulent. Butter of the first Quality has readily commanded in Phila Delphia Market the past Winter from 31 to 50 cents per Pound and nothing has been quite so difficult to obtain even at those prices. With the Aid of roots and proper management of cows in other respects they May be kept in profit at least one fourth of the year longer. It is Idle to expect cows 4o give Rich and wholesome milk and bulker unless Homo a Leoti is paid to the requirements of the animal Economy and the raw materials furnished them from which Only it can be manufactured. Several requisite Are important to Root culture. A deep and Rich soil thorough preparation of the ground and Fine pulverization effected by repeated blowing and harrowing. To ground after hemp deeply ploughed a soon to the Spring As possible. Should he ke�4 harrowed every few Days till the seeds Are planted. Thu has the effect to destroy millions of weeds which just germinate and will be killed by exposing fresh surfaces of Earth to the hot aun before they become moved. If the wed of weeds Are left to Start and their extirpation postponed till the crop is in the ground a vast amount of labor with the Hoe u required and great additional expense. Corroy seed a eed is often a teen red with advantage from it to 24 hour in soft water and then rolled in Sand or planter. It is rather slow in. Farm. Journal. Met with Universal approbation und in the Spring of 1853 the procurer was requested to Supply his neighbors with seed to the amount o thirty bushels. Must of this was sowed with two Miles of this Village. After this fair trial during the season past our Farmers estimate the value of this Ford to each cow to be from three to five dollars Over the usual practice of pros feeding Only. This is made up by the milk und conditions which the cows Are found when coming to Winter quarters. Daring the present month those who wish for Corn Are sending m orders fur their Supply aul if we May judge by the present amount called for full Tifty bushels will be sown in this Vicinity the present season. As dry fodder we think s Large amount May he Rais d on an acre than of Uny other Sid Tunce we have yet been acquainted with. 1 have cured the growth on six Square rods and Tod one medium sited cow riving her All she woul 1 eat after culling with a Straw Cutter in thirty seven Days. Thus the crop from one Rod kept the cow a Little More than one week. The difficulty in cutting will be an objection to its general use on n urge scale but As grim feed we know of nothing equal when coir pure with the sex Peru of rowing. The question is often asked Why is not our common Corn just As Good a an equal amount of it m us Good. But the que Unity on the ground is very much less than that of the Southern As it will not reach a Sise fit Lor cutting As Sarly. Our Garden Sichetti Vii is raised in some places with Success und hut for the trouble of preparing seed for future use would to More value bar for the la or part of the season. 1 prefer stabling my cows through the a Tutu or thus sating All the manure both a did and liquid and then feed them in the morning. In this was Tho cows will not acquire the a a habits of wafting around the Gate in the pasture in the latter it Art of the Duy As Whu fed at night. Plant about May 10th, june 1st, and june 15th. So us to keep a tender Supply from july 2d, through the month of september. Rundolph vt., april 15th, 1854? England Farmer. Miscellaneous. Love and self love it woe during the very brightest Days of the Republic of Venice when her Power Wax in its prime together with the arts which have made her like every italian state club muted All Over the wot id Lor Italy has produced in poetry and a minting and in the humbler walk of nut sick composition the greatest of the worlds marvels that Paolo Ustana Wax charged by the Marquis i Bembo to a mint a rave Rul pictures to adorn his gallery. Paolo Hud come from Llone at the request of the Masiqui. Who had received a very favourable account of the Young artist he was but thirty. Paolo was handsome of Middle height dark and Pule he had deep Buick eyes a Small Moutri a finely traced moustache a shot Curling Beard and a forehead of Romaika ble intellectuality. There a slight Sav ague a a in his manner a Brief Sharp Way of Suie Ukiu a Lenelle Suess in his Eye which did not increase the number of his friends. But when men knew him better and were admitted into his intimacy a very rare occurrence they loved him. Then he was generous hearted and Noble Liia time his purse ins Odt ice were All at their service. But his whole soul was in his Art. Night and Day Day Aud night he seemed to think of nothing but his painting. In Home he had been looked upon As mad for tit the Day he was not Content with remaining close at work in masters studio but at night he shut himself up in an old Hall ruined House in the out i Knols. Where none of his friends were Ever invited and where no Man Ever penetrated Aud Iio woman save an old nurse who had known him from a child. It was believed with considerable plausibility that the Atli Hod a picture in hand and that he his nights even in study. He rarely left his Retreat be uru mid Day. Ami generally resumed to his Hermitage Caily after u casual via it to his lodging., though he could not occasionally refuse being present at Large Parlie Given by his millions. On arriving at Venice he resumed his Foi Mer Node of use. He had an apartment at the Palace Bembo Betook his meals there but at Nightfall when there was no grand reception he wrapped himself in his cloak put on he mask mud drawing his sword Hilt close to his hand went Forth. He took a Gondola until he reached a certain narrow Street Aud Thea gliding Down that he disappeared in the gloom caused by the Lolly houses. No one noticed much this Mode of a a Green Corn for cows. Allow toe to Tuake a few statements a through the columns of your paper in regard to what is so Potuin it it Only known in mus Suchu be to and in parts of new Hampshire yet of St Dom Practised in Thia Section of Vermont and Many Parta of Massachusetts a von a the practise of supplying cows with a cheap and valuable kind of food at thut season of the year when drouth or rain Grasshoppers or Tooa the rashness of june feed is past and common sows and common postures alike a Baaun to Moat Forman in Thia Vicinity consider it Ona of the a once Eazary evils that during August and parts of the add timing months their <00 a should be either half starved or allowed to re roam Over the Eft trodden pastures and be pontaut with a Supply of withered Gross or Brooke from Tho neighbouring Woods. The result is. Of Lourae a scanty abundance air around with Beauty that had struck a Loritta. With Golden hair that waved and shone in the Sun with a White Small but exquisitely shaped for head with deep Blue eyes fixed with admiring love on the tormenting god with Cheeks on which Lay so softly the Bloom of health that it teemed ready to Lade before the breath from the painting with a and Chin moulded on some perfect grecian sin tue she thought she had never seen anything so divine. A Salt a she said with a sigh a you painters Are dreadful enemies of woman. W no would look at reality after Guy aug of tins glow Ion Ideal a. A i it is replied Tho Painter. T paint Fiton memory. A. A a impossible you must have combined the Beauty of fifty girls in that exquisite ?�,ill., us no a said the artist gravely that face exists. 1 saw it in the Mountain of Sicily. I have often painted it before never so successfully a a i would give the world to gaze on the original a replied Vonnda. A a 1 adore a Beautiful woman. It a god a Gracie re work of Art a it u Signora a said Paolo and be turned away to Bis work. Women born in the climate of Italy under her deep Blue sky and in that air Tea breathes of poetry painting music and love Are not guided by the same feelings and imputes As in on cooler and More practical North. Clonda did not wait Lor Paolo a admiration she loved him and every Day added to her a non. I undoubted Genius his intellectual brow his Noble features and Mien had awakened her Long pent up and sleeping affection. She was Ici self a woman of suitor mind and had revelled in the delights of i Petrarch Dante Ami Ariosto and Boccacio. Now she Felt. How deeply she alone Attar. But Quitana remained obstinately ins etim ble to All her charms to her Friendship and condescending tone is Well As to her intellect and Beauty. He saw her a Uve. And admired and respected her much. But there was at All events at present no Jar nit rising passion in his Heurit. It was not Long before she began to remark his Early departure from Palace i mysterious Way of going and the fact that he never ruin ined until the next Duy at Early a Lawn which now always saw him at his Labora. The idea at once flashed Cross her mind that he had found in Venice some person on whom to lavish the riches of i affection nit that he went every veiling to plead his past Ion at her feet. Jealousy took to session of iter. She spent a whole night in reflection she turned Over in her mind every Hutti Ostion and she Rose fave ish and ill that Day pleading illness she remained in her room shut up with her books. About an hour after dark 1 Solo ins a drawn Over his eyes his cloak wrapper round him step a Ved into a Gondola vetch awaited him nud started. Another boat Lay on the opposite smile of the canal Quot Ith curtains closely drawn. Scarcely had the in lint a been set in motion than it to Llowell. Paulo who had never since his arrival lit Venice been watched or followed paid no attention to it. The two gondolas then moved Side by Side without ret Nick lid that of Ustana stopped As usual allowed Tho artist to land and Rollin mud on it Way. A Man also wrapped in a cloak masked and with a hat and plumes leaped out also pro n the other Gondola and creeping close no inst the w ill followed him. The stranger seemed by his gazing at the duly Walls and Low shops chiefly old clothes Ray shop and warehouses devoted to Small trades very much surmised but. For fear of losing track of the other followed closely. I to suddenly Ustana disappeared. Of other moved rapidly Forward in time to observe that to had entered a dark Alley Ami was ascending with heavy step a Gomy. Ami winding Stairet file. The stranger followed cautiously stepping in time with l olo Aud feeling i Way along with his Liams. Ustana Only halted w Hen lit reached the Summit of the House. He then placed a key in a a Loorz a Blaze of Light was seen Ami he disappeared Lucking the door behind him. The Matt stood Torreso Lute but Only for a moment. The House was built round a Square court like a Well there in a Lei raced roof. Elbling noiselessly along the stranger was in air moving along like a Midnight thief he gained a position whence Tho windows of the room entered by Ustana were distinctly Gianu a sigh from Tho stranger who Sank behind a pillar revealed the count est. The groan the sigh was pc come Uund by the astounding discovery Sec now Ninde. The mom into which she was looking was Bri Lanly Ligh Letl up and beautifully furnished while beyond a for Vonnda a a Yob it a 21,? a m -3 of it Ona summer morning a Young Man with to knit a in i. Back Aluir of pistol. In ctr a a a a to win 31 Btl Belt a staff to Issitt him in Cli Biti the a a a a we we a a no. It. Stlla and thou ruins and in Ono Singtho Tor a Blu Ahng it sweat sad Smilo of Triumph. A ibo not angry signer Ustana a has said a a it is All my fault. You excited my our Insi overlooking a Small hut delicious Plain was half Meadow half pasture land i tree there a winding Stream Little Hil locks Green and Grassy plots beyond a to relative a a it the original Iff Thia Letura a lofty Roo Untim on which Hung a Zombie you said it existed. I immedi,.tidr connect tinted Pine Forast the whole he Ted your mysterious nose no with a a met bin of Biddy Winch All which might explain All us to night i Foj read sail were a Violet and Owci a you Home i saw this Beautiful Crea after uus Inz of a or Ture i under Susol Tho motives of her Neelu Rorr w the joyous Sun nature and apr Mota lie veil Over her. Nearly half an hour it the delicious Landa cupe Tho Young Man moved slowly Down n winding path that led to the River Side. Suddenly lie Hoard Tho tinkling of sheep Bells the Barking of dogs and locked around to discover Cheneo the sound cunts. In a Stull Corner of pasture land tit no creat distance a a Al. N Ian Sion. Tills Day i went to ice her Early i forced my was in. Half my threats half qty coaxing i extracted Tho truth from her. Signor Pulotu. Your conduct is selfish to save yourself Isom imaginary evils you condemn this Angel to a prison Fife you de nil Vohor of air and Liberty the Ter life of Froni the Stream he saw the flock a red sea m sicilian girl you prevent Hev from Hajny ing the Tudin food blessings which god in Ted Bonrath the Shadow of a huge tree a a a for Sron cod St once towards her not Bein a sure of her tray. She was a yous girl of sixteen the same delicate and exp Saito creation which had so fuck Clorindo on Tho canvass. And m the Garret of Venice. The Eye of the Urtel jus delighted the heart of la Man was filled with emotion lie spoke to her she answered timidly but sweetly. La it a Ortry a intended que item he alluded to Uio the suit jul country to Delight of Wei big in such a land to the pm Urc Quot her and Placid existence he asked if a Coull obtain a i. In tint Nood m Inch to reside while he took u series of my the girl listened Nith att Niton and interest for nearly half an bout during Winch he was using his Pentol. Be then top Ted that her father would gladly offer nut a Shel Tor in their Small he a if to you d to sit isfried with very Humble fare who Man accepted with Mimy Thanka and then showed her his Akotoh Buok. A holy Virgin a she cried As she recognized herself. A. A a you tire pleased a said the artist set a no a ohm its Beautiful How can you do that with u Pencil Couo Quick and show it to the Young Rose followed in eras she slowly drove her i Iuca Slung Umi soon found himself within sight of a Small House it Lii a Garden which she announced As her Fether s. She had the drug inst in her hand Lou jog at it with Delight. Enable to restrain her feelings she run Forward and entering Tho. Coane m was be laughed As be picked no the Crook of the import Nous Slie Herd. Is and aided by Tho Withful dog Bagan do my Home the patient att Iesals. In ten mgt Nus Eleanora reappeared acro panted by her father her brother and Stater Roguer s Cilian peasants suit hot one at Miof reset a Lance to this extra Ordinary Pearl conc Lei from human Eye in the Beautiful Valley of Arnola. They were All however the portrait and received the artist with residence with Tom he sought to please and he succeeded. After a very few Days he by cots the constant com a Union of Eleanora. They went out together he to paint she to look after her sheep both to Tulk. Paolo found her totally uneducated ignorant of everything unable to Reud or write a Ltd narrow minded As All such natures must be. But there Wuy foundation of sweetness and a out Knss of intellect which demonstrated that i rent stances alone had made her what Sho was and la Solo loved Hud been a fortnight it Arnola nne a he had made up ids Rund. One cant foul morning soon after they had taken up their usual position he spok1?. A Eleanora i love you w the a love that is of my life. I a Don i worship you you Are the artists Ideal of loveliness your flout Only want culture to be us a �r body. Will you to my wife will yet a make Tny Home your Homo my country your country my life your life 1 am an 1 Battle for my bread it i Tun a Arcady gaming riches a Peak will you to mine a?o1 will a replied Tho Young girl who had no Conception of hiding her feelings of Pride you do not know to. I am jealous and sust vicious i Aiu proud and you Are Beautiful you Aro Lovely others will dispute you with me. I would slay the Pope if he sought you. 1 would kill the emperor if he offered you a gift. You arc a simple Pusant girl those around Moui g it smile at your want of Tew Kwiw Lego might jeer at you Lor not having the accomplishments and vice of Tho town Lados. 1 should Challenge the first smiled or jeered. You a guat then if Yuu Cun to tune and will make me Happy live apart irom men for me alone you must know of no existence hut mine you must a band mall society a i.,_. I a i h l .4 iiw1iiii1 a ii Rue i Iii t Eie a ii us a a polite affable a was a Srull bal Totoiu and near Tho be a could m c a plainly us if she Hud been i Converse with your fellow creatures. I and re Peel jul to his Patron he was Gallant to the ladies hut Oihi Iii Nunuo. He did not make the a la it Htee to Effort to win the affections of those around him. Now All this 1 pay edit general without Bruch Obe Erva lion. Still there was one person whom this Wildney a and eccentricity of character Ull that has a Humo of Origi Lity is culled dec Ceil Rio Causell to feel deep interest in him. The Marquis had a daughter who Ift sixteen but a been rear stud Siutu Iule Wied motives to the old Uncle of the doge now sat an old woman who was preparing to Brit sin a child to Ustana just withdrawing herself front the embrace of Zus Tana was a Beautiful Young gift simply and elegantly dread a the original of the psyche which she Hanif so Mech admired. Now 1 she understood All that look Ohleh she had thou it consciousness of his own Beautiful creation wus for the beloved original i the child a Beautiful boy nearly a year old was brought to att stupa to kids. Now All his Sav Geries was gone now he stood no Lourei the Arlisi the creator the Genius dead. Clone it was of Beautiful widow of of Art but the Man. To a titled he patted of milk butter and cd team and instead of Tea cow up Union in Flah and preparing for their Winter Servos Aro reduced in Scab Aad before dog Days Are past too Many of teas Brooma Spring poor a and when Thev coma to the barn for Winter look so much a Rosae for the Woore that one must conclude that the whole Sua not o leed bes a run to Mulh end not to to the Spring Iff 1852, two bushels of the our a Yarow a a Corn were procured and a owed to Tbs usual Way l a. In Drill Throe loot to arts manuring Well and taking Cam that the porn be to thick in the Drill Hal of stalk a build Cruz Mur Thau an Inch �0 a a. Malar. The aaa aun was unusual la dry Ead some Armera wars obliged to feed out hey to their our these who were prevailed Apo to try Tea new notion had porn la plenty from the first of August to the 3qih of september. Tea result was this Book taming plea sixteen who Rich Independent of a deter mined and thoughtful character had Mode up her nud to inquiry a second Lime not to please Tel Anions but herself. Flout tilt first she noticed Purij favourably he received her Friendly advances respectfully but boldly and rarely stopped his work to cuu verae. She asked for let you to improve her slight knowledge of painting he gave them freely but Wii Hoot Ever adding a single word to the necessary observations of Tea interview. He be enl aban bed in his Ait one Day Lorinda stood behind him she had been watching him with patient attention fur an Hoar she now came and took of her Quarter in the gallery All Day with her Alt Emilant girl Reading or naming. Paolo bad not spoken one Wonia during that Hoar. Sam Emily Clerinda Roveand altered the exclamation a a How Beautiful a a is it not Signora a a most Beautiful a she returned Tuton shed both at the Art Tab manner and the enthusiasm with which a a Udad to his own creation. The babe upon the Cheek he let it can sch his fingers with its Little Nind he laughed our Isth. A Rich Happy merry Onlin sry laugh Ami then lurking to the Eura Ploren Mother embraced her once Mere and Drew her to a table near Tho opened win dour. A what Progress to Dayly a cd the Painter gaily a see a replied the Young Mother hand ing him to copy Book and speak us a in the somewhat harsh dialect of a soil urn pens ant girl. �?o1 think at least i can write a Page pretty a excellent a continued the Painter smiling. A my Elcanor is a perfect Little fairy. A prettier handwriting you will nol flee. I need give no More lessons a a but the Reading a said the Young girl a pinking like a timid scholar a a a Small never you a you Way please me a exclaimed Ustana a a but you Musl gel rid of your a cent. A a 1 a i will try a said a Vanory earnestly and Takira in Shook she began to real j with Meeh or the imperfection of n you Glt 7.---.a i Quot a a a my i if i Irvin us i n Lupus a a i am honoured by your approval said Soho Gih but so eagerly so Jnet Tiv with Paolo laying Down hts palette and folding such an evident Deslye to please that a Bis artus to Gaza at the pictures a cupid it she concluded har lesson lira am and psycho with actual rapture. It was the fact of the woman of the girl timidly impassioned and tender filling the artist clasped her wat Only Lohi bosom and tried with love in his ayes and in his tons. A Rosa Fly a a my wife How i adore you a Tusl be your world your Lile your whole a a?o1 will be what pm cases you beat a Suid the you Gairl gently. A a to a a Cluro docs not Nurm you a a will you us ways love me she asked timidly. A while i live my Art. My idol my god Dess Eleanora while i a Leutho a a do with uie of you will a a replied the Young girl. A month later Liev were married her parents being proud indeed of Tho elevated position to which their daughter attain d a they went in Tea autumn to hot of where Paolo Hod prepared for his my atorious existence by Means of Liis faithful und ult Chad nurse. He devoted to her every moment not directed to his Art. And to once began her education Ayat Etna Icalla. To found an Apt and Earnest scholar and at Tho time of which i Spaak Eleanora was possessed of All the mental advantages to be derived from constant Intercourse with a Man of Genius. But Paolo Ustana out of his Home to a changed and Unhan ppm Man to lived in constant dread of his treasure being discovered he saw with secret impatience the Many do facts which still existed in his beloved idol he Felt the restraint of confirming her always within a suite of rooms he longed to give bar air and space but he dreaded her being been by powerful a id unscrupulous men he dreaded ridicule for her passant origin and imperfect education. Hence the defects to Hia character. It a. To was on Tho afternoon of the next Day and Ustana who had Boen giving some finishing to it aches to the psyche was absorbed in in. Lie held the Buskin tended for All you Delrivo us of Tho satisfaction of not Ninny n flick so divine and a mind so expat site. Bat then Yua will say. She is Beautiful enough to excite lore the is in Roplo enough to excite a Juilu. Signor Paulo wlm is Good enough to scorn to first word of Ingle Al passion she is educated enough to learn Over thing that becomes a my. Und befits the wife of n inuit of Genius if you will hut get her mix with the world. Yumi Are yourself miserable Sqq a life is n torment. I. The Friend the Cefi Dante the sister of this innocent Good girl declare to you that you must a Luico your Viudo of exist nce a countess you Ivo conquered a cried Zug twinn who guessed the truth and who intuitively fell that her generous heart would find in Devotion to Eli usum Means of withdrawing her attention fruit her unfortunate Ness Ion. A Udu with her As you Vav Hen Tho countess Clonda Only child of my generous Patron Calls my wife her. Sister. My wife in liars for ?�.,. The result wus natural. Paolo Ustana Cha Ted to to no spurious und restless. Ecu a m Wii on tired and when ten years later the artist after finishing the paintings for the Ullery of Tho Palace. Bent no took no hts residence permanently in Mcnico. His wife had become an accomplished und Umi Flea de lady capable of holding her position in Tho elevated circles to Whdeh the Genius of her husband mud the Friendship of clo Lindtt established her right to Lori nth remained True to her Friendship nil her life delighted Sod Happy it being the on surer of Peru unsent happiness to two Loving hearts which under the system of suspicion fear and seclusion adopt cd by one of them must ultimately Honvo Kab can utterly wrote lied. No Ono can to Happy and useful in this world who is not of it. If it were not our duty to he of it to to very euro to should not to in it. De Man hell know Haw Yon feet and hell put you through to thirty it but the operator should be paid Noo ording to the length Iff the operation and the Meus Are of agony Tho brigand Groom endure so you Insun t give your Anu ister a generous ten or a tall Hundred but have your change ready. In Short whatever Yon Are whether at Tho altar Quot a tin store in Joar of Roe or in Church alone or with your minister a a toral relation brings in omber that if the Paa it lonely hours and its heart aches its Seri Nus ears and its heavy sorrow it has Springs of never foiling pleasure and a Joy which no measuring line Unez rth can measure. Isnit this enough for any Man ? a rens Uahle minister be Siti afield with the perpetual Danee of hts heart it be Dong Niue for him the have Mora to then be careful Huw you pay him i Sal try and make All i ways tonal Era. A shiite the Swiss i Ltd of tet invention. Character of the mor thaa a me Jim has no Pird. Five months of the suasion of Cut Craa a. Bann consumed. But so Lar nothing has been Ina fenced save a Man Snow which seeks to via Lala a a Compro Mims a that brought the administration into existence if general Pierce was fully dodged the any one things if his Al Clion vindicated any principle a it was the policy of preserving a a compact a and a a a Oum promises which have at eventful Pei foil been sup. Pose to Avert the Edisol Tuioti of the Union. One of these a a compromises a a and one without which it was believed Beff Irwon atm lost was scarcely a year old when the Adasius is Nuion to Uso its own language exerts its whole Power and proof tote All its patronage to a a Repetz a it. When befit Tel did the Republic Ever witness the spectacle of an making a conv Ufele to struggle to proclaim and prove a own per Lidy a Albany journal. To medicinal via Uia or in aah Tuuu i mus. We have seen several publtalip4.ii Slatem Nis of Enre of cancers s tid to bean to feuded by Means of the a Ziental up a Pic axiom of raw braised trod applied a a poultice. A would Reju Taa i the confirmation of these s a Tornai l4. He. New Haven Patel drum of a Inte a Lato save a a we Are Able to record another Dase of a Tho com foie out a a Erysipelas by the Sim a pie Applit Taiton of the raw Fine. The patient was a Yong my one mile of whose face a Flat become so much Swo leu she input used Ibet the Eye Kiwi be done to pay your minister. Done to pay your minister. I Don t now but i used to. Learn a lesson of to All to generous parishioner. I a mid und overpaid my minister once and i Cunt begin to toll Liat lie Cauich to. A Rusty Coal und Sun Humble heart always go tog Lher. Bret Lnch you never knew it to fail. Mean Clothen in unfilled put Cut n failing heart and the graces of u lowly mind ure inseparable and if you want sermons tried with fire if you Lite discourses full of the Pride of great thoughts keep your minister Low hot if you Lugo him and is no to stand it without paying him Why then pay him but 0, i beseech you be careful Itow you do it a let that salary Como in prudent let to crib lets und Don t say anything about it beforehand if you do your minister will know what a div or a week Muy bring Forth and lies la thank god and take courage before the Lime. Yes hell Jyo n Little ahead of his blessings and i wife too. Happy soul will give a her Seo Nomy and where then will be thut Beautiful embellishment of the pastors Home ? it you hint thut you have any idea of paying up ten chances to one Shell forget to Muko new Lea of Tho old grounds. And Tomt Bonnet of hers that has stood the storms of seven Winters and finally become cocked will be walked up Garrot. And the Little feet at the parsonage will walk into Church All covered with Gay Morocco and that dear Little baby three years old will Imohl a her feet and look at tier Little red shoes when fathers preaching. So. Done to let father or Mother or any of the children get an inkling of the step you Aro about to Lake. If your info toiling minister looks though head Liko his salary anticipate ids petition and Tell him Thero is nothing like tie clerical profession to abase Pride and exalt him Unity. Then for Fohr that flesh and spirit still fail end give of altogether in the operator i cheer him a a Little by paying hint a let to. But. If your minister is an Many unmarried mind you this or scrip Tion won t answer at nil. If your minister is an unmarried Man and Yoong too set a doable watch that you done to a nude out your Money if you do it kill be the ruin or the Church. That a a Tho labourer is worthy his hire a that a they who a reach the gos eel should live of the gospel a Truu be you it All. It s nothing but old fog Yisun touch your minister that a a the messenger of peace and Good Quot ill to men a Muso t live As they do in Kings hooves. Done to let him get too High notions to Sturt with. In to keep body and soul together to is compelled to give you a gentle Dunn in done to mind Hytt much he s got a Wordy Streak just Tell him that a the very heirs of ids head Are nil numbered a Giro min a copy of Hen Only Maima a or a a Dupy fool a and Tell him it s full of scripture for a minister s support. If he says n Little More about is Hillury than you Art willing to Bear look at him oat of your eyes a country children out of a Throe Story window and Tell him boys All alone in the world and Oona Fuhl to work a Heap Tell him that Ubea. By gets married and Sollod Down Joa Ullh sir him on tide Money our stun that in the meantime he Muat Livo on foil and of id Loving people. If you married and intend to give my the Job what Aliek bargain you can make for yourself. To to Mno a Man can affied co be a enery of on his wadding Day for u done to corns More than five or 1 time in any a life but in srey a be use in care Wing a Way your Money and a minister who a nobody to take ear of that himself Cun is Ford to Marvy Yea fax almost nothing. Don t a a ire him ten dollars it done to t him s Job Pofe Lodo Aptha Basbet Dodo to give him ten Dollar he. Has t say Bride if Yea Bare and that ten Douay to will lie in a. 1.1.1 u a address of the Newyl by represent lives. Was Nirom May 28. James Maurice John we heeler. Jared v. Peck Rufus Var. Peck hum and Audrew Oil Sty of the first,.�sixth, ninth fourteenth und Twenty sixth congressional districts of new York have in press an address to their con Olton mid foil dog their a in opposing the Nebraska Lii they contend that the transit of Tho measure through the on Mno t Flamarion a twined and in the course a a couple of Days every vestige of the disease had disappeared Lii care occurred in Quot the faintly of one of lips Edil Qaq of thy Falla a a drum and we can therefore vouch for ils a a i m a to vat to fort a. T a it. A 1 a i a Lut a a it a the fugitive pc Sun mtr Rick. New York May �9. Last evening the clip Ion it the Comer of fringe and Marlon streets Wax filled with a intelligent audience of White Ami coloured people to hear or. In Iii Iuta a relate the circumstance gun Alcied to with the or rest of his brother and nephews. He Howe to that he attempted to afford his brother the Aas Ivanoe of counsel but was unable to do so Tho Wolfi Versai the marshals office having deceived him in relation o the time the trial was to take place before the Comuni Simoner. C a Hon. A f. Culver next Aih reseed the Aioli Einice showing that a great injustice had a been done to the brother of or. Feti Piug Tun Ami though he up to that time had advocated peace he Tiow the tear Down the building Over the Lead. A a a intense role rest a territorial government there Heling a cording t9,Tho fast Thal Nelsn Gimme Raitter Only three White persons in the territory embracing be Brustu and Kensus in Adt Luisa to u. A officers that the Lund is slip i owned by Tho wandering tribes of red men and cannot be taken without extinguishing the Indian to tie thut to do so would be to extinguish the tribes themselves and they do not foe Culb a upon to set in motion the machinery that a designed to them that the organization of the territory involve great us Vuoso Arul creates considerable amount of executive patronage ump they Are unwilling to increase the one and extend the other. But a a till greater object tin is found in Tho fact that the null intent of. The it Sotiri Compromise is a departure from the platform Luid Down by Tho democratic convention of 1852. And opens again the agitation which wus lulled by the com Prout to of 1850. Tho address is Severo upon the president for his alleged departure from the Setnik Muntz expressed in his inaugural und upon Tho course pursued in Rel Nylon to those who have opposed the measure in the Lluu a and Senate. They say that lira passions of the country have been a roused by the president and his and hers and discord Confuo Ion and sectional unit solties threaten to harass and disturb Tho Union. For to Muir part they Are ind Spos d to follow Tho authors of this renewed commotion hut prefer to remain where they have Ever stood True to the principles and professions und pledge of the Baltimore convention and opposed to disturbing or unsettling the indent and so beneficial a measure us the Missouri Compromise. The authors give quotations from the opinions of messes Polk cuss do gins Atchison and Pinckney to show the Grout esteem in which the Missouri Compromise had been held by eminent men previous to the introduction of the Nebraska Bill. The address says a in voting for this Bill to were compelled to follow the lend of the president in this departure from the Compromise measures of 1850, and with Tho most subservient of Hie creatures to a Iolite our pledge to adhere to the platform of 1852, and thus re ujan the slavery Ogi Juliun in its most formidable aspect this to Liap refused to do and we Corfi deftly Appeal to you. To whom we Are shortly boat to surrender our Trust to any whether we have not in this respect done right. Events Are daily transpiring to constrain us to believe that the annulment of the Missouri Compromise a at of 1820 is Tho first of a series of measure Long p rein edit us a and deliberately pursued living for their object Tho great Secli Oulu or Southern party of which the present executive designs to become the Leader i n order to win the propitiate the favor of her i times in addition to the repeal of the prohibition of slavery North of latitude 3fi of it is do signed to obtain regardless of expense to Tho National Treasury additional territory spirit to mor Shaps was Mem Feidel during the proceedings and much sympathy in behalf of a. Pennington. Lumber operations. The amount of lumber Cut in Maine the past Winter is thought by experienced operators to be from okie Foutzh to one third lug a than an average attic but for the Jat few years. The deficiency is owing to several Ciu tse. The High Price of supplies and is or the late cubs of the season when operations were commenced the difficulty in carrying supplies and the severe and blocking snows All Hod an influence in lessening the aggregate amount of lumber cot. There in but very Little East tied lumber now on hand and this Scarcity together with the come Pari Tilly Small amount to be brought to Market must have a tem Lenoy to keep trans. Ces the his band and stood Back a Little Way exam. I pocket Umili file old Silver. Vie Cloris a c,i1 Gnu that Tea duffers should look vary email to a bridegroom that a Atanoa Hia Wodding Day should so soar above Money Pona Darar Lions a to Eale Alato Bat the open Ion will coat him a Hundred Douay before head Aga oat of Eure he is All perv Fly Satonil Tato Fly it is Well known that owing to decease of Hon John Davis one of the referee in the York and Cumberland Hail Rood Case that no decision was made in re Gard to the pending suit. We Are gratified to learn that an arrangement has been in lured into by the parties a to abide the decision of the two surviving referees. This we think the most judicious comae that could be pursued the Stuckum Ldora feel confident that the Issue i their a Vor Ami this Assurance receives strength., Frump he feel thai the a Luya and attending la of a a the Slock and Bonds of lie company have not been materially advertiser. A a a / a v i a him a la a via m a Moni Rickert Girr. We learn that Alisa. Kate Lnla recce the accomplished daughter of hot Abbott Lawrence with a most magnify event Silver service o f plate by George Peabody esq., of is to Ira to Menileo at that Cost of 812,000. Mijs l. I about to enter. The Tio Klist Bonds of Wedlock la is said a that the Wood work alone ordered air Loti City Fry the Young Jadyn Edivy her will Cost wit Juul up ustery a Boston journal. In lip in a Seward As. Tjoe new York times spanking of a he Nebraska Hill aary that every Tillig now ind Cales that in tire event of the a stage of this Bill. Gov. Sew sri a will be a looted president of the United states in i8j6, a its largest Vole from the. Free slates Over cast for Finy candidate. U a the states a re resigned to Tai or Spoel it due not become us 1o com plaip., j a a a a a Good. A gentleman i travelling on horseback Down East on me upon an irishman who was Fen Piug in Barren audit Lake i late piece of land ,.\vhalare Yog fanning a in that lot for put ?� Suid he a a a Heid of cows would starve to death on that r a a and afire your Lunor Ivy and to i fencing la to Kape the a Tot tin Rig or warded a guest de psf Sanator bad str Tifei beef Tara a �s3 from Mexico. Tho Gadsden Usalj recommended by the president to the Senate fur confirm Ilion stipulated to Santa Anna the extravagant sum of $20,000,000 fur a Mere fragment of territory to Supply additional resources to. The treaty modified to Many essential particulars has been returned to Mexico Grid is now id Progress of Nego Clarion in pm Ren Anco of this plan it was determined at ran Early Day to acquire Cuba utterly regardless of the consequences. To that end f gentleman is selected to represent this country at the court of Madrid whose appointment excited Alint in the in runs of those who were acquainted with his disposition manners Atn political sent Butiu he attempted to Opet for the Eek Euhle acquisition of Cuba is nol Ken Inus itis centum Tomt no us Ocee a uus Dud hts Effus if any wars undo it the to sure of Tho Black Warrior by the Mutlu iritis at Luvonna afforded Tara Omile As we Are a Rodi Bly luf twined rho Repp a a tune to to Addines a Mommoo cation to the Span ish government so insolent in tone so Peg. Emp toy in manner and couched to language of a churn Ter to insulting As to Render compliance Goth i demands in the highest degree improbable. Whether the Attar be adjusted or whither we Are a Boot to Beroid of Ohio the so i i 2 in to Fisck a a a a a a a a it of Prtt a Wii Era be Mude directly or indirectly Tor the con quest of Cuba and its la Corpora on into the Union it additional slave territory and Mytr pro think of Little doubt. A thu a fifth Spain and her allies on Thia one sufi it. To of ten my England would Phiene in Ihunt and i. In i a Mode u xxv Roxy a be Leawn recently ask Tobl Bama Wamre though to doogmk10 1. In mediator jeopardy my Liloni of Tho Hanf ekr a a a i. A a a too Short non of the people of Rise pintle states jibe Man to Wutoh the toes fat a a Bucta applied i info wet w a a % .1-----------. Up Amie Tan out Totea or pity Aid or Apfl Stanos to these selfish Aad waste Sotito thee Al. Hartford in of the ciry kid a Hiu i vow for an hour for. _ a a Jomjo Lff. .�?t1 fee to i ill Ift a is f mkt be when satisfied Utomi Tail Rigi a the it App or Ifil l of oar a Urenos St been Ylioja Sofij amp Iuta Tud of Hutoka Zilfa. A lbs

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