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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Jun 2 1854, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - June 2, 1854, Biddeford, MaineA Ftp the Moll Ctm journal is air Tuaato Wakely of a Dat. Ronci so. 1 Central Block. Bulk Courton potato la bidder lung How. ?92.00 per annul or 11.50 if paid within three month from the time of sin a copra map a burned at thu of amp Cut soak. Proa 4 Cenia. A b. Pay cum american new paper a Cut a the Only a us Honan a to agent for this paper in the title of new York Boston and Philadelphia and a duly empowered to take advert us Menta and at lira Satur Rae a a required by a. He office Yore. Tribuna building Luton. Scolum a Lmuth a Pilade Wykim n. Of Corner third and Cheout Itiat. The Union and Eastern journal. Ess March 9prizler. Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. Biddef0r1friday june 2, 1854. Vol. X.n0. �?22. Poetry. April. Butcher no mid a Tamer a a ahead of running the Whol season the keeping for one Hal the acus Nia Aav a while the beef usually Sella then at u higher Price miscellaneous. 1/vvvvv the to mat 3. Thia Vej Netahlo a now to Cense m uni to the noon of the Apo Lime it never a annl Repaal Uvo Wilc Audia t whole Home a the Annj Couie slowly up this War a a ctr Awa. From Scarf to i London a gating. The Man Over the a Itras. Con. A a certainly a a Aid the aunt with n hideout Grin of irony on her counter Noe a go and fetch the cab air we Hull wait til you bring it from that Day we Hitre Norer met we ringing he showed me to the door and bowed to out. A a # a it woe n Long time before i Reco cred from my Surprise it the Mya Terl Quot be interview y. I a a a a i so ill t ail two a a a a a v a a were obliged to to More cautious about our with Tho 44 Man Orer Tho that he Correa Indence. And the re inane a fees should know till afo Uit me end my if Fri. When n Man Hue no Hus Ness of his own have risen in Emu Euenee a things Are get wn8 on a w8 than Llma i should to attend to. It is notorious that lie is very to a a a to end Uhle. I hum been to blog to Hare always Felt to strange u Curie pity re no Well a pub liable. It to is costly Iai de j 0f meddling Tveith his neighbor s. Old Divi a pm Quot a for winning Julia guiding him. A m a Hill us Juiia Uez Ufier i he Plant Are two to deers. Naval or Mili Ary unmarried Lim ,.nnt succeed in framing Uno that a a Jhee ure More Man of Tenn a h heaven and or Ili Rete inches a Ign Bol Lito Eetla i Ruig Hij Jea of Uncertain age a a Small Means. A feasible. I know no Ono who could1 Lorili Horatio n s without these und 1mtj a be a in a to one whom i could sufficient Tuliau ured Rampt of in your philosophy a in lira Wmk Hake Ului or tar of pkg he re for incs a Rae do Terl us eur aim a towing of Drift a two the Cruce should Wberawwli-0ower and Violl Smarr Ami White a Quot a a he it a re in i in be cat to a Huhem a boy a ule it flu it us Anile a a the Well started. I hey on any soil f,.w Uthera Are the greatest in idlers Undy Trust in Midi u matter. I bin the last said i quoting Len Mlot hut i gut no Satis where Indian Corn will mid requite no Busy bodies in creation. Young men of a our u 8 r<m�0 of a Ney tins seized a a. In Trot or the eos i la Libreda of their late War aug Tbs Fri try Luke Neldam the ice Crystal shoots requite no Busy bodies in creation. Young then Lour u 8 a Mgo Faney thing Peculiar in the Bootle of cultivation a 1 8.�??z to tiie unit no profession Art less in consult a a the Man Over the Way me to factory explanation of the m Tuor by such a Tel nut quotation. Tote in to Suwim rust sea May be pie Mill to the a Turno Chiq ctr m sin in Thia respect hut they can it. What Ean Imre put such in idea into1 Hion seemed to be that he must have a a Quot a if Mogfor Light Quot Ander Wiite drives Tiep a a they usually Are Lor the Lacle then hot-1 a archly Ira said to Havu nothing to do to my fiend i do not know. It is not it till Traen incessantly watching me und Thea Kos my to Holay of no a Pine Wood the a or woo us Ileal corked tin scaled Ith sealing Wax i Slipy generally liven my Alful amount unlikely that the Man a regard me us n a Hough i scarcely knew it made me watch ral creep a my Kepi thu Hugh the year. Ii 1� out a i i i 0f Misch Kcf on their hands to Perpe trate Lunatic and mind my Over to u it Oli Cointin. If his a. Rokisky 01 the Suo Liae Aust timed of Rikower. Us a neck ratty to go to the expense of tin a a no this kops to vein so Well occupy Al ill i Call on him. I feel the Absurdity of the wide t settled Toi 1 a 100 it Quot a can it j occupied we shoud say that they Kimyo nut whole thing Rind yet i cannot conquer the we weit kit of eur wide a a i Tileti be Emit ii a in a peaking of Tho Tomato 15 Orke no a 1 so much Lii us to i tend to Urier people a of intense longing i feel. I Mutt go to him lot the Loith of Ziy Light Ems us to a of Iby Farmer says this Plant requires shortening us Uii lit Lee imagined. 0i he result to to Flint in May in onto in for Eaily fruit log. Ninety per cent of when i avow that i lifelong to the class a a a flt a the yearly evangel ill of be rest Truoi goil the Lou aloes grow to Ilhan 18 inches of the of Imilie 01 a i Timve Lutfiu fib aur ration Ami lira 10 Tara f rave of it Sou. Ami 11, by 111, cent of the me i. A a t Mi-1 nil Tomt i am up oar too a nver Vsiak or. Hot Alsys. La a Unia 1 As Amiin or 1 that Poio. The Wail wed us seek of the ?1 Nithra ate the site of n Hen Itaw Ami child a of we efm the with iced smaller ones a h the upper Pari of the a sow a. P i Plant should he cot Oft. Tris will cause Ady few n a la Udo Ltd us b la a the Infin a ill of Henop to swell rapidly Daiil Wettour drama of the Laed of the nod Pill me abundantly while Tho jew Rizou Lake Ilia red Tuuu a Tura to lira Fco Uny South in moved is of 00 value As their ripening wet i. 1 would have occur Ned Lue in the season. Of 011 of the a a i g and if pm Rin ined to remain would in Lett cultic Mug m to tto. A my a a a a a a planting is Niue of most Gucal i Latch Rue sometimes a met Wun uth to Inis cd Educ bring pfc to this j renew Tira Arvat lug Ursele let a in Lioyd i a be Lone Ike Mouth of the Pul it to re Rotor of p0p and Solute like Lata. Run a. Of eld let our Faith a cacti in a Rusc a spit Coua Ess Baa Lis ,. ,. Revive Wmk lira our with Sod lira and in mounting of Flower and Bodding of tree the y�nis4 Sod Tyira of our de Sluzy see the lira of the a Prius line the Hill Abr Wool. A Prog Aud As to to the a Epig Earth love to the mini. Agr cult Ukal. Of pasto i a great Ekl Etil us land in new England used pm i usage is in us being b us Gill i to out Vaituu Ghoul us outlay which the to Coli would not. The value of this Laud Lur 4taxing Purpuse a la Beily declined and a que Estius he Quelly risked is a How shall to Iuie be ii proved f it is a question of immense Imp stance wild the attention or our gun Cutie and Socie us Sun Well As. Ought to be Eui Nestly Dir Eclet to it. 1 lie Oral owing the Marks it Joseph Haw it met Iuen published in the i Laos actions of the sex county agricultural a piety shows what mean a Sucre Sully adopted to the improvement of pustules and May be Tisell to Olheis having Laud Sigil daily Situu Teil. A Union l null valor. At a contains ill All about seventy a of is and is Uby livid level into Iii Allie Pas Iuie by Stone Wall. The soil May be timed a Giavelli Loam with a luit Tuie of Alones a my on some of it the is Oiivia uie to abundant that Ilca Mol be conveniently slowed. It is Hill Tuua of it i rather moist although there Are some Day knolls. Some of it was old Bourn out p a lure forty years ago a my Hom other Ohki ious of it the Wood but Pei inns. Us to depth. There Are very trial Benefit by deep planting Lew seeds Many me very scaly Ami Light and i feeble that they cannot emerge from the ground if placed below the depth of half tin Inch. This i by Hue of Ilia Carrot Hall an Inch Means to be the greatest depth at which the car Tot can Ira planted with Seitam Success a to. When planted it nov they Aie Croie Likely to germinate readily than when sown later hexane the seed is so slow in germinating 1h.1t the Sou is Likely to bake it and in Many cae 1i10 seeds Inan �. Blamed Hen in fact it is the fault of the cultivator. We Hud therefore that Catoris have to be planted Early or quite late to suced Well Ami it is Piet Erable of Couise to Plant Early. A a a a cultivating strawberries. About a yet ago we Lonel �11 the Friend review of pm Ludelphia the follow tug note limn a cuties atm Eul to Leal Lumuir we believe who had been exceedingly sue Ces slut i cultivating the Sii Awbery giving the i Otic by which this Success was attained. We have us doubt it u All Hotep restful it to be Jirm Antoun. A a those who know any dung about the strawberries Auto the immense quantities of them raised in a bed this to Leel of forty for several years past in tote Garden owned by me in King Street mat like to know the process by Inch i cultivate Ihm. 1 applied Almot once a week for Thiee times commencing Hen the Green Leves in is began to Start and making lilt last application just Befu the the plants Weie in Lull Bloom the following preparation of nitrate of Potash of a Launcr salts my has Beau taken Olf at differ Sanyen Heardt one Pound of Siliato of am Bogue of in Fimi Reily lll0�? u Ltd qua Ter of a Pound dissolving slowed Ami planted with Corn without to m thirty Gallons of rain or River Nuie or with a Little compost in the hit i it was applied to a Lime and when the then sower Down to Gram and Hay seed weather we dry i applied clean soil water which partially improved the past me Lor at Between the times Olu ing the preparation slim 1 tune. We occasion Illy used some 1 a growth of the Young leaves i so Rapio plaster but fearing that it might essentially mile a Well supplied with ruler the Iii Nie the Laud we used but Little. Sun will scorch them. I used a common about Twenty years ago we commenced j watering pot and made the application housing it More freely Ami Lor the last Lew xv8rd8 evening. Managed in this Way thet c Yequis live used it Oil Neaily All our pay Tuie never and necessity of digging Over the or once in two at life be a a i Biog it out anew. Beds of ten .1a a i 1 .1. 1 i i have been i him. What a in of he Vine Reader will natural / conclude that i am t let to Dev Ribo it. The lower the French calf Mayum Takt. Bush picked it t a n a is egg the j l8 far irom Tho Case positively Jam note r in Ein in in Law ,jn0 the Aero. Lev Iro a Quot a it Cuhl re a a a a Quot Quot a in Quot my unhinged to a a by card up. And returned that can be Laid at my dour. 1 neither game Ujj v0, desiring to to walk up. Enter i drink keep he hours nor other a to Roolin a uhf a la of which go to swell Tho list of Mil pm dually booked Toi midle Tuano a account a whal Dou want a a asked he. With to run a i ought not to take too much a edit the us to a a a them to my Sel i u Ziy exen.,. Ton non these Little Sneyer few a Akwan a Ifo Ful. Hall Ieler us in Comuso i Lyex cowl pm it Ite Shiw and an inquiry Rully in love. After is 1 aug in tins ?0 who of my or Wio the of tuis visit Quot and i had prepare d u neat Little sgt Secli of Cucu is and a Mil gics in reply but the sudden unit Gruff a Eliut do you f llv11want Complete / upset me. Nov i i want i wish u consult you a i by Lipini and feel attracted to him in return but the Gro get Point now. Was should i follow Himl vice and if to what Del the advert mean work what did i know about work and Piotr was my working to got Uio Julia for a wife certainly i Imd a dim suspicion that a a my year Rialti of us a my a half or two he Hel to the some of our pasture land is Bene indie than otitis but Ull of it is in tune filled proved More or less. Some years ago i Purchin shul about four it out new. Years old Are not Only As Good but Betti than those two or Linee years old. Bill you must be Sute and keep Tho weeds out a re meet for Plant lick. Or. E g. Teen scree of land one half of which was 1 la gnat of Illinois offers the following run a covered with Wool and Bushe the other 1 try a a a a i a a de Tractive in Tho car Hull was in old bound out a a Tuie we Ali j a per 0f item Mson in the Green House Libaud not been slowed for i Wendy ave scr rain. Is to out of it. We commend in to our previously to that Lime it had Lrae i planted friends Lor n Jerman Loun True graph. And sowed without Luannie until it would j of you have any a Gracie us the Aliis 111 lucidly i it by la of cultivation. In had been your Nursery pm a a make a trial of the. Rented lot Evora years Lor three doll Ais per j following decoction get from a do Gist ear a us the it Eimu that hired Cousin died to Quassa boil it Filteau Roinnel. In six it a had bargain. During the seven quarts of water pour off the decoction into 1 have sowed it with plaster four 01 five in Irish it in with candies. When Cool times Ami in i now a Pam to. I think a a a a As in Ian to Horl the pan while you care the feed is now Worth As much on one Acie Folly Bend Down and immense the Bia Nehes As on the whole piece when i purchased it. A a a Vitug them a Little motion to wet All the in. Bid i think in is not whal in would have been 1 look it your Trees two Days a Ter. Had it never been slowed for land that has Niue of be aphids Aie dead Aud the tender Kje a we a Vav my my Lilliott use aug a 1 once been worn out by excessive tillage without manure although it a it Lay uncultivated or pastured Lor u Long series of years. Will not be what in would have been had it never been slowed. About four a res which warts covered Widi Wood Ami Bushes have been cleared the Laud sowed with plaster and it is now a Fisl rate pasture far sit get rior As might be expected to the old pasture described above. One cutting of the Bushes was sufficient As it usually is where Piaster is use i not that the Pla Ter in any Consul me i m not a doctor nor n a a put aware to it of that a replied i. A then a hat in the Deuyou do you Ino in by intruding on univ privacy a lie asked in dec Ominell the Quassa and let thu whale Oil soap Pei form ome other office. A for Young Ami tender buds or grafts. I use the Spray hum a neatly spent syringe where it is not Safe in be d them Over the Oyster shells for fruit treks. A Corie Iii Deli of the Germant Oit Telegraph says As follows one of the most effectual i proles still application i Ever Ingle to Fiul tree in an 11 a Uro Simus a Mil i have no thoughts to give to dissipation a the idol of my heart possesses them altogether. Lives Are proverbially selfish they think of no one hut themselves notice no a Hui solves. I form no a exception to the Rule sating in one instance a i Ivo Long had a terrible euros by to know All a a the., an .1 Mungur nor any other in Miru Uter Uio ukr he Ibe a Little Uri in in thu a said Tho m in Xiuru explicit 1 live to i Al tugs As Nineteen bachelors out us Twenty a unless they have Climi Drais in the Templo. The hous a in which a rooms Are. Stands in a narrow Street in the Hyde i Ark to Ait of no la cult opposite occur Tang a first Hoar like myself i the gent Eman concerning whom my curio say is exceed and Olio i i Havu named a the Man Over the Way he i apparently a Man cd fifty or sixty years of age Sunburst in face Ami tvs h i on any Louir. He is dressed always in a lung throw n coat Grey to users and Sis amt and a t Lack Necker Clivel of the old style a that i to suy two or three Yards of silk swathed round his Throat us in egyptian Iii Iliin is wrapped in Linen. There is nothing very remarkable in the Many a Nair Suranee Ami vet lie Pons ses u strange fascination Lor me. I cannot help Thiu Keg of him and won Dorii g whal he is and who to is Ami whether he ims anything to do with my Fate for ridiculous As the last Lime seem 1 cannot Livest myself of the idea that it his Mun is Hii Piid up in some mysterious Way with Tny ids Ory. It is pc Teetly useless to reason with myself on Tho in Sposi Ion and Point a but its Absurdity i Ulusc i. Ami i cannot shake my Laili by buy process of logical induction. In consequence of this Idoa. I not become As curious so far As this individual is concerned As Uny of Tho old Italy pays or Maiden ladies or widows 1 Luitz mentioned 11 1 see u Butcher Isis with meat in Bis tray going near Tho House i watch to see ii he Calls there mid wonder lie1 her Tho Mea. Is for lha dinner of the Man Over the Way Quot 1 see the Man himself Reading. I wonder Slutt Book lie Inis and what to thinks of it. But beyond every t ing. I wonder Wlms he thinks id me Lor i my perfectly Cert in thut lie watches me almost As much As 1 do himself. And it the Reader must not sup to a that i think of a a the Man Over thu Wuy a 0 exclusively As to my Lorg i Tuy adored Julia far from it i rite to her every Day and the Linker s Man deliver my letter to the Cook and Tho co a give it to Tho lady s maid Tyml the lady s my d pass it into the hands of Julia herself. The Penny Mit Toubl lie Mere expeditious no doubt hut also there would Hij no Sentesy about it Aud our Cou Iyo of Truo love runs not smooth us a curmudgeon of a father bus forbidden to the House und commanded Julia never to think of me again. How foolish these old gentlemen Are or. Snuggles that a the papa in site Orion by his a Sunlly unreasonable conduct gives pain to Julia and myself and Lincea our to Pas in Tsotigh three hands the maid thu Cook und to Lurker s Many instead of the tunic natural und pop or one of thu Pustz in uti Ine. As for making Julia forgot me talk of making the Gung is ecu Ionut to a is source or mount Blanc dwindle to in Anthill mid you would lie about As reasonable As in Soppy ing that anything could set Kun the constancy of that Mige it in girl. And Why is she to forget me Yvant have i done to deserve such a sentence Tho very Bead and front of my uni ending is that 1 have but two i bund d and Twenty pounds a year private Fortune mid Don t Ira hat to or. Snuggles declares thut to think of a timing on think is much belter than burning. The growth of Bushes was Whort Leberry hazelnut Witch Hazel k. On a a try Pari of the pasture. I spread on last year a Ikuji three wait log uis of mud to to hts Acif Winch has up out a the pasture a lid i if Ink will pay the expense. The mud was taken hum a Pond Hula in the pasture in August 1853. It no Para to be were uttered very much in Tho style and Lone in which it Cople commonly address a dog who has Misco dui Ted him sell. I was very in gov though 1 began to suspect now Lihi i Hub no rial to to he so. A a i shall do Natl ing of the kind a said i in to rage and 1 sat Down in Tho nearest chair thu Man tar cd at 1110 in a Way that Iti Udu me so spot suddenly seizing Tho poker and cracking my Skull with it hut instead of doing so to gradually sink into i chair and a a 1 rather like you now Young Man. Sit still. It s u pity you it a a not a Little More of that Energy at Ordinary times Quot a a what do you know about it Quot cried i in Surprise. A a i know a great Deal about it a was Tho reply. A a i know you Uro u Woak Idle Youngm ii whose Only occur Lions Aro in writing swaddling love letter Utida exorcising curiosity upon my movement a a for the first accusation sir a cried i a i deny that i write i while and i should like to know How you can speak so positively Bolmut my writing love letters at All a a a and for the second accusations your impertinent curiosity about myself a continued thu Man a a you say you know that you Are guilty. To May deter in our ideas As to twaddle a sir hut i Call comparisons of 11 Young Ludy s eyes to violets liar had in Dew drops Tho in surest and most mawkish to addle i started for by Jove it was Tho very comparison i loud Modo Uso of in 0110 of my latest bit a to Julia though i Don t think it it a la swaddling one alter Ull. A a How do you kilo Tho contents of my letters in t exclaimed. A a i a11 Ter thut have to pass through the hands of Baker s men Cooks and ladles funds Aro not Likely to have their contents greatly rest rated a replied Tho Man. A a a the Deuce i exclaimed wondering Liili of Tho wretches had betrayed to. _ a a continued Tny Host As if divining my suspicions a you need not think that i got my information from Bukiri non Cooks or ladies Naids. I never talk to such a then How to a that s my flair a snid the Man into rup ing to. A a perhaps you ill now explain Eliut it was you came to consult me a a really i answered a you Noenilo know so Many things and in such mysterious ways that per hips you know my Olyett As Well us 1 can Tell a a no i do not a was the reply a but i la Tell you All i do know. Know that you Are an Idle Young Man cursed with 11 Small inheritance that you fell in love with the pretty Luce of the daughter of a leather merchant Tomt the in usher merchant like a sensible Man 1 closed to let his do uglier marry you. And kicked you out of his Trouso a a litre i mud a Testudo of indignation a a Holt your Longwo i speak plainly and practically that you were then dishonest enough 111 keep Uii u close sting with Tho lady and to live cd Mie Stino meetings a Guyot thug the income to flies a Cocivi Quot a l rather and making Sion and Saya that his daughter he ill in Shea both of you Shull Only marry a an who can Uund Quot a of cuok., Molda her. Which moans that he wants to make to Ndu end Thutt Juu la Avo been found cheap a bargain with her As he does with the ,01,1 a your meet Mega your correspondence hide and a Kin in import fur to i a Lenth a a Udor More closely or merchant undue nov Hasun Olor Olu Nwe Teho a und yourself it a a our wits end a Siut him at least / think so though Julia a 1 Correct to my information a won t allow it. Really air a said i in Surprise mingled in Quinn Julio a an Only Daught and has no with a a i do not know which to raiment that the Usta Ofa Hei us re 1� u or Fulcd old be it Tho of r i n.1 Virgin her father s sister Yves with her to it oui Lun Yugo or Delk Miu Plain than any we a a Chad l,?��?co1�?t, a a it h Milo a a a attn a not be in a As soar hot1 a manage to meet sometime in Kenn t in with a quiet Sutlo. Way Urett fails the growth of he Hodies. But 1 old and Barrieu situation is compost in which Juc a a a a it. And 1 quite agree with Inui a thick avow the of Guin a Satiu gig up the finely broken Oyster Shell Weie the join 1 10,1l s1i a so ers i a cattle while Leeling it will to Feci the Cipa. The Oyster shells have remedy or i to tender sprouts and Sunn eradicate the Bush Gen Reilly a Lari a it or be urge of Saline Ina p�"1, n i a. Bushes however that the cattle will Ter at need to them and much line. By not eat such As Fern Haid Hack Bie Akong them and mixing them with Wood Gro Nihil Hemlock ice., will Iez fire Coo in i a Hes and a pleading round old Trees in Al cuiting or pulling up by the r ots. In most immediate Aud decided the above Case the Brush Ami Bushes were1 will take place not burned a but rotted on die land which i the pie Plant. A of the Indiana expresses Lite Opidi Idun Tho old gentleman might Mon. That if i worked i should improve my income and thus lie entitled to no Lor Hor hand with u lie tier Chunco of Success than As in Idle Man with jc22u a your. Rather a slow process 1 feared hut Wlms sort of work was i to perform 1 Imd no proc my on i was unacquainted with an Art i could neither practice Law nor modicum nor could i paint or teach music. I could write poetic. Certainly it least Julia and i think so hut i Johnt whether a a in Liu Matt Over Tho Way Quot could Call Tomt work. Afer to lire Days us reflection i determined to pay Tho Man another visit. A hut do you want f who began in just the mime tone As before. A to wok Quot replied i briefly. A a Good a said he a a go and do a a by i Don t know Eliut to work it a i Ivo no a a go and break stones pm replied a a the workhouses Are empty just new a lie roads want a Almara a i turned away in disgust. A a can you wite a he a ked. Of course vote ran though love letters. It is not the Best hand in the world hut it May Lio Ini prud. You Imd letter get 11 situation As Junior clerk in a tie chant s office a no Sal Ury thu first year sixty pounds the second eighty the third mid so a a to link you Quot said i very angry. A a even if i were Dirp Sud to do so i know no mercantile houses �11 a a i la got you thu situation a was Tho reply. A a if you regrut it Don t come near me who shall describe Tny feelings at tins moment to fancy Tny Ciru common clerk a my Tho he dressed Man of my Means in town the most refined in to to the greatest hater of everything a a business like a or common a to he a clerk a snub a Quill Driver on thu other mind to lose the strange Friend if i could us Call him before me or lie unable to apply for ids Achico to lose thu Clinco also of Gainin Julia a for i did think Tomt this would follow my rejection of the Ufler a Wlms should i do a a if i accept a said i after a pause Quot will you Simrau eur Inow a so thing a wits Tho reply that cot to Short Tho Neon of doing a a i accept a i cried in desperation. Tho Man look a pen und wrote a Short Nota which lie Immler Motu read. It was simply n la Ter of of the the hearer for employment in the Touso of the firm to whom u was a dressed. I mind cd it Hack with to links. Ilo wrote Thi Ulad through me i a Coop Tad the incl Tat Sun of Mourta but in what terms i do not know. I was so fluttered that for Tome time during my clerkship i made several blunders to my Mirk that Day. At five o clock Snigg a entered Nur office and asking if i was ready we walked off to Hhd amp. We did not talk much fortunately for a the. Confused As i was for we Rode in an omnibus. When we reached s Diggle s House that House that i Imd been forbidden to enter How my heart boat How would Julia receive me ? could i Tho part of a Mere Friend with propriety Wlms should i do 1 was already in tote drawing room. A Julia a i exclaimed in spite of old sing glee himself. She rushed Durward and j Cauuet her in my arms. A a very pretty indeed Quot s do old snuggles smiling quite Benignant by it it a us. List duct it All mean i exclaimed. Sho s yours my Hoy alter a yours a Eaid snuggles almost whimpering a he a a you will be to the Tho Fence that they May be built Strong Tad High Buci balu1�?t cd of do Oil theims Stival a Daviee puzzled the Chare at it rat. But an interpreter among the must knowing Rouea was found who said a a brei Rea shia a the vary and Rica a Moat Naad. Fhe Dii action to repair Tea fences a to and month at to Taka Good Bead u to Tea Admi Anatoe and Gara rement of our member. We must guard 4he Church by our master s Law and keep out Arcange cattle from Tho old. And we must in a particular manner set a watchful Grant tart Btu do vol the old Black Ball that Baa Doue us so much Barm of late a Alt perceived thu Wisdom and flt near of or. Bulk Loyd a advice and resolved to of by it. The consequent was All the animosities Fob tided Aud Harmony waa restated to the Long fail iced Church. I my kor t a is of Sorn. Ronol of child Abr old Siske a a you re a Inan now and Yon deserve Lur Alto shall to your partner for life if you la Liao iter and by a it give sir you shall 00 my partner too in you i a a As ovo Ijoyi a hot a till How leered. A a Tho truth is dear Clairie a said Julia a we owe Ull to Lii happiness to Tny father a kindness and Choini urus of my own maternal Uncle. Sinco our separation lie has been my c Fri flaunt und he Promise hint to a cult make it ins business to Forward my Unpi notes. He Risholt i to Aue you what or Calls worthy of to a a that is a Mun us business Ilu determined to watch Vou and oven to a it ult on you hut i he Fiovo you saved him the trouble of doing that. Father agreed to Ull ins plane und Isiah confess thut Vou Havu gone through your probation nobly my father has told you so. Lot me now present you to my Uii old us Quaintance of Yucuis. It she smiled us she said this and led to into the next to on where my hand Wue immediately afterwards so izod Hyp a a tub Man Over tub wat. Shooting schoolmasters. Tho Richmond in examiner in an article respect g the Munler of Butler by my a. Wind Ami the acquittal of to hts by u Kentucky jury take decided guru my in fit Vur of the shool aug balt Holmu Luis �11 general Ami Nurl Heru ones ular the examiner says a the South has fur years Boon overrun with ii 11 leu illiterate ii i Birinci Al Al gradual a of Yui Ikue lieu Sci mods hot Beds of and Nguu Iunce who live Liv dint of Unolt Ishizu is Label Rohed us �11 utter annul these Cieu inies with rate exceptions. Havu not deserved thu Peutec Jiuu of our Laws. They Bear Nui her in Uriu Riml a very Strung resemblance to Hurn Uii beings la inn gauge morals manners Ami education they might lend us to to Eliveo that Frankenstein was nut the myth us u Gentian re Muca writer and die you Itou u real rather than a fabulous monster born of thu Viive turned Ulm satiric us pen of Swift. Of Thisa a Lulu bal Crane a Northern u a Morilien writer s portrait of n Yankee is a most complimentary and a a i Tell us to work und i offer you Fla let in picture. Us odious Are some of is of doing so a that a Ull.4 hese a a itinerant ignoramuses Quot to the peo ple of the South so full of nod Couce led my Luuy of them us Lull of guile Ruud and deceit a to thu deliberate shunting of one of them Down in the of poisoning the minds of slave or Una children to think if regarded As homicide at nil. Should always be thu direction und gave me Tho Lotter. It do Cim a perfectly justifiable and tee it nag was addressed mess Snigg Csc co. Ine that the Prophic Tyhof shooting no abolition a Why a exclaimed i Quot it is to the father sch my master when caught tampering with of exactly so much the better to will ask you no questions hut give Yuu Tho Situ to showed the out of his room and when i 1 cached the Street i stood still for a Lew minutes in perfect bewilderment. Could this Mun Over Tho Wuyu have dealings with the Devil thut to exercised so strange in influence Over me und seemed to guide me us lie p used and then what cd Giuld be his connection with Uio snuggles family that ution schoolmasters is a Credill mud him s ? confident of my procuring the ble and laudable Enid filing a Respecta situation through him i determined Todo a to Southern Inan to at least a Seal in the liver the letter at Alt events. R a a a f a i made my Way to thames Street Oliero i sin sure 1 Hud never Sot foot Defuro. I foul the Imus of snuggles so co. Hugh How Tho Pic co smelt of Louth or. I asked for or. Snuggles and 1 was shown into his office. Good Dav sir a said suit los a glad to Here. Us our slaves lots never been questioned by buy intelligent Southern Man. This ire take to be the unwritten common Law of the South nil we deem it advisable to Prumo Gaie this Law that it May he copied Lulu All the Abo Loti us papers thundered it by the Linee shut Tami new England preachers and read with Peculiar emphasis mid terrible up turning of eve., by gris us at the next meeting of the anti slavery party at Faneuil Hull. We repeal that the shooting of Abo Tho cum Mun s legislature or a place in Council. Let All Yankee school mud Sci who propose �11 mailing the South endowed with a Strong inns Alwang a Long scriptural name Aud websters lexicographic Book of Boru marions Eek Notnac More congenial land Theio their lives will he More secure than in the vile and u homicide slave Seo you Here Quot i to shall be glad if thu ravings i handed hint Tho letter which he just of e no Olivion press boil Tho Ward us glanced us a and then said a follow quintal shall have Litis effect. He led me to the next Row in where three a a tie shool aug of a Southern Man Ofey la allows a Etc driving their quills with Ull their us Oliou and Lalois n professor Aud useful might. Citizen Lias i reduced a great degree of in a a or. Jackson a cried old sni Igles to on donation Evcic Dement Ami Lawless exhibit of Thorn a a or. Plust Ltd hero thut s Tay i �011 of violent feeling which time rices not sell bus Corno to join you he Good enough appear to diminish. But we regret to Mito set Hutu to work a und so saying he left Noum a that the shool aug of u meddlesome the to an. Kew e Thind us Olitan Salto us Insler should or. Jackson did is he was told. Lie Guvo re ult in no such exhibition of it it it Pulner Ragu. To n Quantity of things to copy every Lino the neighbors of the fut Lunte innit Sannu a no Cal upon expel As the manure for pro Luce a More Mode of culture not being As containing Job to enough acidity them pleasant. The reason Given for this is Tomt the acid Peculiar to the thu Barb is to make g"0"9 Lud 9ucb places. To meet but ulus we at least we used were Lund out. That wicked old Suur face pretended one div i Muir in �1 i�m1 air a ii in arcu Pinr m Niff inun.tru., i Rotten vegetable Mailer not unlike common 1 neutralized in pan by Tho Alkali of the a the City to receive her Illel a. A. _ l aim if Kan Gnu Oik .1ii lift Meadow Weed but not peat. On some of my other pastures 1 have used leached a hcs irom 150 to 200 bushels to the acre Wilh Good a Success. The first of Juna i had in my pasture thirty seven cow four oxen one yearling Heifer and to horse. It was not Long however be Fiir the Botcher enrage need taking away by beef oops an that by the time of the Ever drought in August the number of inv cows was considerably reduced. Thu i hot tolerably Good Supply of feed the Roach the dry Mon end an abundance after he mine Cuan muffed bul i cannot Ute Dufini Ely the a mount of Stock that my pasture would keep through the be Penn. It u deep Roble that there ebon Al been it a surplus teed in pea lures As close feeding is injurious and cause them to deteriorate or fund out. The increase of he feed a not All the Benefit resulting from improved posture land for a a the Quan ily increases the Quality in and if an animal will get fat or the a Hee. Sho Hue a capital Ion Cund Julia naturally Touk the upper Unity of Dispa cd tub Dan Nitsios or a gentleman. The m us to nol a per la of lady s mid to meet la a judge Tal Fusul in the Case of waa a a. Bor our uld l�9 no we Niet e i a u a. 1 a t we Sut pm uus Favorito seat in is very part Kelson tried Al the Britol England a mizes 1 Tau of Lind known on a to a few it we talked shortly before his Rudden death the defined a we the character of a gentleman a the. Evidence p.o.e.1 ,he.lefeedenl., a Quot a a. A a a do Elrude i Gull cd my rage Napouk no went on and before 1 could of which puzzled me by the extraordinary tends it contained a ads which i never it Ned before and which i us confident Aro not to be found in j a Hanson a Diotio Nury. I did us i was 1 uld though if it us Hud asked to what i had demo it thu end of Tho Duy. 1 Clitu indy could not Ivo told you except thut i was Eterno / writing something or Ute for. Lellow clerks wore Good natured Fellows though their Coats wore evidently built by third Rute tailors und their neck tics were More striking than Tust Elul. Thev wore not very ignorant either and though they knew nothing about Tho matters i was most a a up in such us Tho Privato history to a a. A a Ufondu to spinning the t Reat Danseuse a ahem a went n Sharp voice. A a tie Devil a cried i. A my. In a. Win. Had min la. .unn.ir, 1 and the a my dour Madam a said i swallowing toy Ruge and determined to try and prompt do not speak to me i am agent Leasau. And you Are a a gentleman a said the Joilea is a term which decs not apply to any station. The Man of rank who a la in a m Parn Yjih tolf with it Nhy and mgt a. As fur you Mia. A a hero lira tradesman Whu it Hurgus the of to tar Qvod to ,10wa direct. Life with Honor Aud a Utt Finty arts alike in. A a Ull we Thor Yuu Cyr a tilled to it nay thu Bumble Artisan who try a c Mckuin it a a Fth Lefiu Tea Holt Gatins Oast upon la pm Wink a a m8j catch Youj a uld with Ouuor m 100 0 entitled to the Amu of gtd us a to find any excuse to to near Julia and Truman Thau the Mau who could Tutu Lgth to forgetting that to were id Tho Middle of aft Antivo and Ribald Resatka however big Ken Niston Garden where cabs Are not Evtif Hia station. Aptly to a found. Of me a perfect Tanzar Pray sir is this the course of a sensible Man in a a it no pour that i could nut Otto come to a better Man a replied i a for you Osro thinly srem to Havo studied Tho us smiled and i saw that i Hod Gaius an a a Vintage of to hut Point. A a Thon you will say no More about it a cried he. Tou want Tuy advice ? you shall its is it. Giro up All thoughts of Tea Ludo never m cried i. A a Macly a roped the Many a precisely the answer 1 a a Llave Yvra no other advice v i asked for i Felt hopelessly driven to depend on Thia Odd being who knew All my octets by porno mysterious Means that i could not divine but whose very mystery to created my Awe for their Poa Eazor. U Yea a he replied a a 1 a a what i in Quot 1 asked eagerly. 44 woe Quot replied be with Woider Fovea Phatie and he spoke not another and Signora Sale Nica of the italian opera ac., ac., still they Woro no badly informed about the minor int tire of i tory geography statistics and political flair. Six months parsed t had worked ornery Duy like a horse or like a clerk i had conquered a ii the difficulties of the office a 1 understood my by Siuss and woe rising into importance. During the whole of this time. 1 had seen no thu of 4 the Man Over the he had mysteriously vanished thu very Day after i lost parted with him Whan a sent me to the office la a people at tie Boose where be lodged decl Rcd they did nut know whither he had Gune but he had paid i is rent and they Spuke of him with great a spot. 44 or. Plastic a a Aid old Soi Galea when 1 entered his room one Day with game office work i had Juat Dune a a Wei you Dine with me to Day ? my daughter will be glad to see a a i. It v. Could i believe my ears ? How the words Midlil give him n Barbecue or run him for Cun Gruse but beyond that nothing would by it is unfortunate fur the South that they Era so dependent upon Northern porn Goguts to teach Thorn Tho rudiments of the English language. Why done Tuur Southern Friend raise up Lac hrs of their own and not rely so generally upon the North to furnish them Tho run suns Cru us virus and need no Laboured solution. If it were not fur the41 itinerant ignoramuses a so contemptuously alluded la by the examiner the South would soon to Many localities to but a Short re Movo from barbarian us. We Havu before Itcan a of lilo i who would spurn the hand fur their deliverance. A in sir but Nora. The Rev. Or. Bulk icy of Colchester cl., was famous in Bis Day is a of suit and a Sage counsellor. A Church in his neighbourhood had fallen into divisions and contend Ion which they unable to adjust among themselves. They children Are often made Ark word a Rienme Pernik Iii being ill. .1 do nut mean by i Hilo imply Tom Tif Cesily that until Druid shut Ltd be Dies de in a showy or co lev manner but their to twas in Tutsi by neat Aud ppr Sprinte or will effect their Man Ilesa uhf Armaly and if it amount to a Habbi Uei their my Tala. 1 saw an inst Rico Onoe of thu do press my effects of this Distl Vanlinge cuu item Wilh Uuk Ludue that made a deep impression on my mind. A Little girl of apparently ten years came to me to text est for a Friend i urine who Hud employed iter to do the errand Tho loan of a Book. I had never seen thu child Befu the and i Lotut Tab her exceedingly in Mooking. Her hair Bung in tangled masses about her Fuco her Dieas looked is thou a hit Imd been Natle for a much larger Peron and it Uny in a very nil Graceful manner Abuwi her Lulu form. Her shoes were too Large for her feet which ten iced her gait very awkward besides she seemed to stoop from a of 11 in ii Union i it a Terrance. And to Endeavor in hide them with her dress which was much Loo Luz fur a child of iter nge. Her head wat depressed iter shun acts raised iter Complex ton was Sallow her eyes Dull and having nil Etc rescind As ii ugh they would shrink into their sockets nil Alto Yelcho Jhuti Jet her thu Mol Akiva id ungraceful child i Feutl Ever seen. On Euli sequel inquiry of my Friend is to Hor Ines augur 1 Learned that she was the pour dependant of a the live who cared lit be for her is was evident from her neglected Noppen Ranee. A bunt a a Der later i was Silling in a hotel Pat Lur where several stranger ladies Weie pie Aeu when their entered thu Muin a Bright looking i Lulu Gill a lion a pee Lari to Anil Erv Heduig Beauty stuck me at Tho list Gamce. Her hair fell in smooth ringlets about her a Unity face her Heutle run a gracefully at it Ove her tailing sir uhlers. Ami As she Rau up Toon of the ladies who it seemed Alto had Cornu to see nil gave her a kiss her Muir Unis Weie Light nil Graceful is those o f a Young Fawn. Alter give lug the Law by Ami exchanging a Tew words with her she Limik de la Wihl me n curious express us Emit Over hut Tare is she dal so and i thought her fell a Little. After in my at my illicitly Lur u moment Sho approached my. Shu brushed n Little is she a Feied my her hand Ami situs a a How do you a Lomis a but the granel in Ense nil dignity of her Nih Sinur pleased me. A Indio Seemet Simiel hug familiar in her though i could not no list recollect Theiu i had Ever seen her before but in a moment it flashed across my Riml that she woe the Lulu girl who Luff come to me Lor Hie loan of a Book though i hardly knew Why Fot Situ scarcely Tel Niue a Liaeff of her former self. When i extended my hand to her she said u you do not re member me do you 1 i lived with aunt a when i saw you but i live with cum l Tho child had unconsciously expressed that the difference in her circumstances had so changed her appearance dial i could not recognize Here raised the Little bowed he nil in United elasticity to the step brightness to i Heep nil Grace to the Aud what n history was revealed by this and Tho few avoids so Ken in a joyous Tun a i live with Audi la a in Tohl of Haia Ness Aud fio wus and injustice and time ritual reproof Nul Tho depressing consciousness of being the unwelcome inmate of Pii Wiig Puiul Hume of changed fur love and appreciation and tender Enre. I knew from tote looks of the child that Nannt l must to a lovable woman anti contrasted her in imagination with aunt a Whoso conic Lenace to my minds Oye was seamed Wilh frowns Ami having afterwards in Oppio Lucily of seeing them both i found my fancy por trails were nut u Dike the originals. Tho countenance of a nut a a showed her harsh and to Radical a Situ was while that of aunt l a genial As a summer sky and All a glow Widi the kindness and Benevolence of her nature. Under live years. Lmh of age and they show us a iltis of a ib�ir1 a it a is Jim Uva Rill him my. Al my How a venerable Bunkley for Btu advice it Tai from 10 of clock a a Reid West that he would Send it to them in writing it of or. Bunkley had a farm a Tho Oxire Ioa pail of is town upon which he trusted a tenant and in whom a most Hava beep transmitting a letter at the a ame time. To super scribing the two Latiera Tea one for the Church was directed to the tenant Tea one for the tenant the Church. The Burck being convened to hear the advice which was to a the All Tea Moderator read a follow a Snyr the Hoar most fatal to life we have Tho hour of death i 2,880 a Thlu Iricea of All age and Ivo arrived no jul resling conclusions. We Antny remark that thu population from which the data Aro derived to a mixed population in every respect and that the deah occurred during a period of several years. If the dentil of 2,880 persons and occurred indifferently it any hour during thu 24 years 120 would it to occurred it each our. But this Wahy no Means the cae. There Are two hours in which Tho proper Tutt was remarkably a club this Twu minimal m fact namely irom Midnight to one of clock when Tho death were 83 Pur cent below Ihu average uni from noon to Ono us Luck when they were 20�� per cent below. From 3 to 0 u clock a. Indus be and from 3 to 7 of clock p. There i a gradual increase in the former of 23 a per Cunt above the average in the latter of by per cent. Tha Maxine cum of deut i i from 5 of clock to 0 u clock a. M., when it u 40 per cent above thu average the next Dur aug the hour before Midnight when it is 25 per cent in excess a third hour of execs i Fruin 8 of clock to 10 of clock in the Rooming being 17 per cent above. From 10 a. W. To 3 p. The death Are be numerous being Topper cent below the average thu Hoor before Norm being the most fatal. From 5 of clock i. To 7 p. To hts deaths Rie to 5, per Cunt above the nver nge and then fall from that Hoor to 11 f. M., averaging it of or cn1, >�,0"r thu hours irom 9 to 11 of clock in the evening there a a minimum of 6% por cent below the average. Thua tha least mortality is during Tho midday hour a namely from 10 to 3 of clock Tho Urgente during Early morning hours from 3 to 6 o Elook. About one third of the up Tal death were children under five clock in Tea morning until mid night the deaths Are at or a club the mean the hours from ten to 11 a. M., from 4 to i p. M., and Foroi 9 to in p. Bring minimal but Tho hour after Midnight being be lowest maximum at All the hours from 9 to 10 a. M., the deaths Are above the mean attaining their maximum at from 6 to 6 am. Beu it a 45# per cent it Steamer City of manc beater a Pohju Friday Briage Over 700 Pace Egic

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