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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Jun 1 1855, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - June 1, 1855, Biddeford, Maine" eternal hostility to every form of oppression Oyer the mind or body of . Of a � rarity in of i Isil 3 it to ? al f Law we. A it i Fco j v d fun flu Jim 1 v l 1" my 1 ton a i t Vui i in in pm cum or hair paid skin Ihram a Citon 1mb a Liana of Lulor Neaf. Iliuta pm 4 mum. . Fitima it in to pm paper a in. It us Anty Mimm Apil la Ihla a Par la umm 4 my lot lm.u4 Penada Letla. To la duly la kit alar a Meta us it Ait Zoaa at Tea Hai Ratra u by a. Ula off Lara Ara jaw far tvs Boa hut gift i Maalma 8nltay a Maud tug i Paust Flats 31. W. Aurorf turd Mack at my. Yarqui Watson. Or Tatj. The River of lift. A Ihrl t Tomlim. Onward of Ward Aud forever swill or slowly Ca Saiag Saver Down Liia a a it Rai Luaa Trifar a in mailing now the Bittova want Sta Dir or the who Pool Liggera badly Tina Buret Ireat lung Forward madly let Bud railing. On lie Bank Bloom fairest Flo Wen carting Vine Art wove to Bower Tiara entrancing dance the Boura a we linger. Of dark mount Aida of Coward peeping Oreata deep in Ai Lenic ale Riog whare a Aadu Cee Pale polenta weeping of a tinker. So Mimi Friada on want ii him Sou la Repa Taat Una Begien. Seek to Distant unknown Haver each inherit. Tearful Agbing curing porn log of want Onward a a delaying from our last bom never straying Mure our spirit. To the grave Yard outward Ever Lingerin. Aadla ceasing never Down life a Reatle a River l aaa we slowly. Sail of firmly nought refining life a but a meteor Tahini us Aud Wiitung your Bome reclining slumber holy. Sigri cultural. Plant a grape Vine. Every person who has the control of a Square Rod of ground Whereon plants May grow can scarcely do better than to set a grape Vine of the Concord Isabella or Diana varieties. The first most is trifling and the after care of them More of a pleasure than a task. The grape is not Only palatable and nutritious for those who Are Well but is exceedingly grateful to the sick giving tone to the digestive organs and healthy action to the whole alimentary canal. Before setting the Root throw oat the Earth to the depth of two or three feet and fill up ten inches with coarse manure of any sort old Bones Oyster shells fee., and then throw in Rich Loam into this Rake a few quarts of House ashes then fill up with Loam and composted manure Aud the soil is ready for the Root. After the Plant is set scatter on Straw manure or leaves and through the summer occasionally throw upon this the contents of the tubs on washing Days. A. J. Downing late editor of the Horticulturist says " i have seen the Isabella produce 3000 Fine clusters of Well ripened fruit in a sea son by the Liberal use of soapsuds from the weekly Wash the effect of soap suds of other Planta is surprising. A Cypis Vine which had remained Alati onary for a fortnight when about two inches High immediately commenced growing after a Good watering with soap auda and grow about Aix the first tire Day a. With a Little care Thia May All be Well done by any one who a never attempted it before. Under this treatment in the course of three or four years you will be amply re paid by a Moat Beautiful crop of luscious grapes and a Vino greatly ornamental to the ground and dwelling. I a Mao. The grape Vino bleeds readily. Never prune at All until the Vine has grown one or two years for it Nevela the Aid of the Fumall branches in order to push for Ward Large and vigorous roots. Late in october or in november is a proper time never when the sap is in motion in the Spring. As the trait grow on new Wood every year in pruning it is necessary to Cut Back the branches to within two or Throe eyes of the main Stem. The cultivator will find Plain directions in Colt t fruit Book which costs but fifty cents and it will Ena j by him to see the whole operation illustrated by engravings. Never Pinch off the leaves to Aid the rip ening of the fruit m they Are placed there or the very Purpova you desire to accomplish. Plant a grape Vine and before Long some of you will be thankful to him who gave you the . E. Farmer. I to Tki Jim form to. or unleashed aah a. Or. Editor a editors of agricultural paper Are supposed to know everything about farming 1 take the Liberty of asking you a few quotations by anti Ewing which Yon will Woofer a Faroe opon one who a Juit beginning. What a the difference of the action of leached Art i unleashed ashes 1 on land where leached aah a has a Good effect will the ume Quantity of Onlea bed aah a t o Likely to do twice As Moch Good some Farmers Teil me that there a no Dif Ference in the effect of leached and on leached ashes. Am Yoe prepared to Ana Lize soils and if so please state terms face. A scale Caiata. Note. The period pal difference Between leached ashes and unleashed Ashlee a in the Quantity of Potash. the aah a a nothing More than dissolving out the pot Ash and mooring it a the Ley that in �0dc. ? a portion of Potash always remains. The other ingredients of ashes remain about the am in leached or unleashed ashes they not being Dis Solod out and Rary according to the material of which the ashes Are made. They arc Clayey or Alami Nons matter is i Eiore matter phosphate of Lime la. For those crops which requite Potash in considerable quantities unleashed ashes Are preferable Inch As Oom potato tines the tines of potatoes contain a Large portion of Potash beets turnips la. Some far mers think for the grass crops leached ashes Are As Good As unleashed the Siliceous matter the phosphates &c., being required by this crop will take As much from one As the other. We Are not prepared to Analyse soils. It is a slow Busine to Giitl much a and although we used to do such business our editorial and other labors pre i tent doing it now. We ought to Hare a state chemist with a competent salary to do this business free of expens9 to in did urls. De. Culture of carrots. I was much interested and i doubt not instructed with your article bit week headed " seed time and it labors More particularly that portion or it referring to carrots As Hare been attempting the Cul Ture of them for two or three year recently. And without claiming anything like prot Evency in my own knowledge of their cultivation and being perfectly aware that in this a Well As in All other branches of agriculture we Are in comparative ignorance allow me to take exceptions to one or two of your suggestions in the above mentioned article. And first As to the time of sowing. You say they should be sown As Early in May As the season will my own limited experience teaches me that in Ordi nary seasons the first week in june for our Vicinity is preferable for the reason that if put in before the ground is fully warmed the seeds Are so Long in germinating that Tho weeds Are very Apt to get the Start of tote plants and completely choke them More especially if the sea on happen to be at All wet. I plow in a heavy coat of manure As Early in the Spring As possible to the depth of 14 inches using your direction As to raking the manure in Burrow completely s and the covering the manure. I let the land lie in this state until the 25th of May when the manure will have become quite Rotten then Cross plow same depth and then har Row thoroughly with a Harrow specially pre pared for this business Teeth being of Wood and 15 inches Long thus pulverizing the soil to its whole depth then take a Lommori 28 tooth Square Harrow and thoroughly Pulver be the surface then Tako my roller and pass once Over the land this is to crush the Small lumps of Earth which in soils at All inclined to Clay Are greatly in the Way especially in sowing the seed then again after tolling give it a Light harrowing to loosen the surface of the soil. Don t be afraid of working the soil too much and getting the lumps All to pieces As it is i conceive of much More importance in the Root crops than with Grain. When prepared in hit manner 1 Uko a Cord and draw across the lot to be town on one Side which gives a straight line for the first Row. Then take a Marker made so a to make the Marks 14 inches apart which i think is about right for soil made sufficiently Rich. And no other should Over be put to roots. Let the of Tsitle to the of the Marker run by the line and thus you have a straight Row to commence with. Next time across let one outside tooth of the Marker run in the last Row and so on. If your rows get crooked draw your line Acree Tho Field again which will soon straighten matters. When a few rows Are thus marked take your machine and follow Tho Marks allow ing the Marker to be Only a few rows ahead so the rows can be readily distinguished. 1 consider the great secret in raising car rots successfully is in weeding them the first time in the season. A Day or two de Lay at this period will certainly be the Means of losing the whole crop especially if the season be wet. I have Seldom known a Man but failed in this respect on Hia first trial. I sowed car rots two years before harvested any. In 133 harvested 350 bushels in 1334, 1200 the last season at the rate of 800 bushels per acre by measurement. As you remark i consider the raising of roots and feeding them on the farm one of the most successful Means of raising our land in our Power. If 13 or 20 tons of Good feed can be raised from an acre which for feeding qualities is As Good As that amount of Hay Why ought no this to satisfy any intelligent Farmer of the tract ability of the thing. A. J. Pit country gait. 17" the Hunker paper denounce the k. N. Order in to North became it is m a 11 Erri association acting in secret upon in a taut Public questions. The Boston time has said m Moch u any other paper in denunciation of the " k. N. Coach late ac., and therefore bos amply quil ised itself for joining a secret association to nullify he prohibitory liquor Law of that state. In peaking of the preparations to oppose that Law it says last evening the opponents of the Law held a inn Nutting at which measures were an Tal o a very import Mil nature. The meeting was rely in Thuja a and Fiallo attended. The Sammiee in Boston have formed " a Curri Stouty " and hold secret mooting al Moet nightly plotting How they Raay Best carry out their threats o m Roxena aug bloods Jud Wuich the Fly make publicly against urn officers who shall attempt to enforce the Lav. Per Hope they will Hont no the bans body guard to take the Lead when they make the assault upon the officer. They should select Asa 0. Butman As the Leader the same who Hoe bees recently up pointed to a fat office in the Boston custom Home on their Banner should be inscribed " Down la a Strtt Putin re Dpi w pm " " up qua item and t 3sistfilantons. From Trakan if or. Paul by Stein 8 game and who won it t it al Lex lol Isi cum dlr. Coif in i. Us Ink of tct7 woman Hurt wu1 Bare us wow and Aota part. Two la tub a in Turr i plan. Alar than an Biuona i to Man tier Fht bar i sch a Troj , with us a Arsaut but death. Us Lam lao id. On the Western Balcony of Falconer Vilall stood two figures. The one was a Young Man toll and alight. Hla Frame however waa firmly knit and every muscle. A re Mii and a Iuva seemed instinct with a sep Arate life. His waa rather an italian than an English face. Ilia Long dark Curling hair was parted in Tho Centre and rippled Down Over either shoulder. Ilia Black unfathomable eyes were full of a slumbering Pasa Ionato fire and Hia moustached upper lip was proud self reliant and determined. And Jet Hia waa Alao Tho face of a poet. It kindled up with a kind of inspiration which made its Beauty seem almost superhuman As he watched Tho Sunset. But Jessio fal Montt standing cloak at his Side Nover noticed it. She was cry Young and tory fair at least so every on said who looked on the daughter of the widowed master of fal Coner Hall in her fresh innocent loveliness. She had Sweet and yet Cla Apical Fea Turca chiselled not too severely after Tho grecian Model. Hor hair was of that Light Peculiar tint that poets sail Golden and her Eyck were Blu As the Ai Urc Satin her Robe. Standing by Paul Ernstein s Side she turned away her Giro from Tho glory of Tho Sun set and the More wonderous glory of Hia face in the flush of inspiration. A any Young Cavalier reined Aphia fiery Steed be fore the Balcony and doled Hia plumed hat bending his head Well nigh to Bis Saddle Bow. Iii face was handsome rather than Beautiful the greatest Charm was in the look of Sunshine that danced in and out of the Hazel Eves lurked roguish by in Tho twists and kinks of his Brown hair and played Hido and go seek in the Corners of that expressive Mouth. He was col. Falconer s Nephew and Ward and his Puro English descent was Unis Tukaylo. Paul Ern Stoio on the other hand the Yonng master of Tho proud Stato of rare Wood was born As Ono might easily guess who looked on him of an italian Mother while it was the German blood mingling with the English on his father s Side that Lent to his character a depth of myst icum Peculiar to Tho land of Goethe and Cave him a fondness for the occult sciences which was almost a matter of Ter ror to his simple minded Tutor. Lie too had been placed by his dead father under the guardianship of col. Falconer and though he had already attained his majority to still lingered at Falconer Hall. Philip Leslie spurred his fiery Jennet to Tho very Brink of the Steep Terrace and then Drew him Back so suddenly that he was al. Most overthrown. " Philip Oil Philip cried Tho Young girl watching him with a scream of terror and at the sound of her voice Paul Ernst in turned round and fixed his eyes search ing Pon her. Reentering a Little from her fright she smiled though her lace was still very Pale and then bending Orer the Balcony she entreated " Promise to Only Promise me Cousin Phil you will never venture that again. You might try it onco too " nay Jessie Cousin mine i must Hare a bribe. Give me that White Roio Bud in your hair and i Paul Ernst in listened breathlessly. That very afternoon the Whito Rose Bud had been refused to Bia own prayers and would she give it to another before his eyes 1 be generous she answered laughingly " and Promise what i ask for Knightly Cour Tesy to nay nay the and he looked up once Mora with a Amile of confident insurance. Paul Era twin watched ibo scone with bit whole soul looking from his eyes. The Maiden saw him and her fingers trembled but she slowly unfastened Tho Rose and bending Over the Terrace let it tall. The Gay Cavalier underneath caught it pressed it gallantly to his lips and then fastened it in the band of his slouched hat and looking upward uttered his thanks. At that moment Tho wind blowing around Tho West Wing of the Hall swept the Blossom off from its Stem and Down before the foot of Philip Leslie s Charger. All three saw it lie there pure and White and to the Young men who had both striven for it so Pree Ous but to fore Young Leslie could disengage his feet from the stirrups Paul Ernstin had swung himself Over Tho Balustrade and let himself Down by one of the smooth pillars on which. The Balcony was supported and at Tho peril of his own life gathered up Tho half crushed Blossom from under the trampling hoofs of the Hunter. " bravely done cried Philip Leslie in voluntarily As Erostein springing aside treasured of was not this prophetic the Flower for which he had dared so much in his bosom. " bravely dons and you May surely keep what you have won at risk of life and but Paul heeded him not he was look ing upward toward the Balcony where Jessie Falconer Bent smiling Over her Sweet face which had turned so Pale when even a fancied danger threatened Philip beaming i Jint not. Lie sighed bitterly and turned away. That evening the three sat together in the spacious drawing room of Falconer Lylall old col. Falconer in Bis Arm chair at the Oriel window had drowned into sleep and Jessie in a mood of teasing eos Tatry was chatting merrily Kwh bar Coo sin Young Ernstein. Of psf Fenwood it for half boar in silence but to spoke al length a if saying something to which he must perforce Giro utterance though he liked not the time or place. " Jeanie he said " Jea Aio playmate Ond Friend and childhood sister i go oar away from Yon tomorrow. I shall it out with the Dawn of Daj for Mino own estate of Karen Wood. I have a Boon to crave. I would have asked it when we two were alone but time May not Faroe me. Will you Giro Roe now that i am about to Leare you the Little Glore i picked up for you the last Day to Rode Over the Fields together. You refused it then but for a parting keep Sake you will not surely say nay " but i cannot Hare my Faroe won and worn of Motly. You taught to to play chess and we will Hare our last Eam new if you win the Glore is yours. Aro you Content 1" lie answered " i am Content and they sat Down to the Board with Philip Les lie sitting Between and watching them. For More than an hour Thoy played Jessie coolly carefully skilfully foiling her master with Tho very weapons he had taught her to use. Paul Epstein wildly impulsively and Yot with such borne Sticsa As Ono would Haro who Felt that his stake was infinitely precious. Philip Leslie looked on with a smile of assured and easy Triumph. At last laughing gaily Tho Maiden clasped her Small White hands upon her knee and said ,11 chock mated master Paul Erostein made no reply Tor a Law moments. Rusting his too on his hand he Bent eagerly Orer Tho Board. There was no help Moro where to would Tho inexorable Check Mato stared him in Tho face. At length pushing Tho Board from him to rotto and walked out upon Tho Balcony. Tho stars Scro Over him Calm Puro Long enduring. To lifted toward Thorn his gaze wild with a struggling impatient human despair. And behold looking downward irom afar each Pale Star Soemod to answer him mockingly " behold How impotent Aro your watch ing and your prayers they bring no tears nor any dimness to Tho far off Oyes of Star or woman with something almost Liko terror Jessie Falconer had seen him go Forth with Tho passionate grief darkening Shadow like ofor his proud Foa turns and now despite the clasping hand of Philip Leslie which would Havo restrained her she Roso and Fol Lowed him. Going to his Sido Sho Laid Hor hand upon his Arm and looked up at him with her smiling Oyes. Paul Sho said gently " Cherie had Friend brother Paul to withdraw for m Tho touch of the alight fingers which Lay All too sister Liko upon his Arm. " Anil that is All to exclaimed with passionate Fervour. " Jessio was it for Thia Only i Havo waited and prayed nil these years watching you grow up to womanhood Only to Bear you Call to brother v you Hare known my love you Witul Hare. You Hare trial of with it Lesa than woman that you Are How much less than an Angel i had deemed you. Jessio Falconer for your fair Trail Sake i Havo lingered hero months and yours taming my proud will to your lightest fancies and you Beautiful do Civ or looked on and triumphed nay do not answer me do not say you dreamed not of my Lovo. The very stars of heaven could not be half so Blind again that Light touch rested upon his Arm and ouch More she said11 Paul even now the word fell with no love Cadeno on his eat but it calmed and subdued him. That single utterance told him to Many things. Iio Felfe that her fresh Young heart Loving his As a sister had indeed been unconscious of the passion of his own. No bitter words could Havo reproached him for his unjust harshness half so of actually. Lie to whom Sho had Given so much in giving a sister s Lovo to Tho so often protector of her girlish timidity Tho recipient from boyhood of a father s guiding care from her Noble sire had brought Tho tears to those Bonny winsome Blue eyes by his unmanly harshness. Very humbly to spoke at length bending Over her in the Starlight. " Jessie loved one i meant it not. You Oro Puro you Are True you Nerur wronged me in thought or does. I was 1cm than Man to reproach Jou. For Giro me Only by that you for Giro me and i will go Forth from your prow Noe to Como Back no More until i too can calmly speak and Hoar Tho word " my i Ter and my brother the tears which had gathered in Jessie Falconer s Blue Eye fell unheeded glitter ing like pearls on the atone floor at her feet. Eron to her it was very sad this parting with Tho companion of so Many years and yet she realised that it was beat for both so she Only said timidly,11 will you have Tho Glove brother Paul v " nay Carissima not until i have won it. I will Cotoio Back when i am stronger and play another Garno of chess for Tho tiny Gage. You will keep it till then for my Aake. Jessie i thought to part calmly but i cannot i Hare loved you so. God bless you Ood in Learen bless you my lore Jessie us clasped her in on f ass Ionato of Brake. The first it was he Felt it must be the last. He kissed lips Cheek and brow and the lids drooping Orer her win Soma eyes and then putting her hurriedly from him he strode away to his own apartment. It was Long Ero those two met again. Going within Jessie Falconer Felt her band tremble in Tho eager clasp of Philip Leslie. Paul Urnstein has asked your lore 1 know Jessie Darling he said with a tone of assured and permitted fondness " and my heart tells me to asked in rain. It is time i told you in words what your soul knew Long ago. I lore Yoa Jessie and be paused watching the blushes Crim in Orer Ber Young Cheek and then continued and Jessie i lore you not in rain an unwelcome thought which was al most a conviction that she was giving up the greater lore for the Leas swept through Jessie s mind Bat she quickly banished it. Her heart trembling overflowing with its new Bliss bad no room for doubt and so Abo buffered him to encircle her Waist with Hia Arm and Chase away the Swift winged hours with rapturous tows and visions of the future the while Paul can Stein paced to of fro in his lofty lonely room battling with his despair or leaning Hia head far oat of his wide opened window gazing on the Mae heaven mocking with All Hia starry Beauty Tho desolation of his life whoa Atar had set with no Hope for the dawning. That night when Jeanie Falconer stood Tow 4 More in Maiden parity within her Cham Trot Kiev upon her lips and on " r anger a ring which had now ill or Mcva. On which she loved to look. Even then a the full tide of her new Joy she was not unmindful of the proud hut breaking for her Sako. She took Tho glow he bad coveted from her toilet and placed it Caro filly in a a Corot drawer of her writing Deal and then kneeling in Tho Star Light Ahe prayed for both her betrothed and him whom Ahe called her brother. The next morning Long before Tho earliest Dawn rays blushed on Tho Hill tops Paul Ernstein Rodo Forth on his Coal Black Steed from Tho arched Gateway of Falconer Hall. No Wakeful eyes watched Bis departure from its balconies no kerchief fluttered from its. Turrets. Alono he went Forth in Tho Lisenco of the still Gray morning. Will to Over to turn cd a it i r ii. Of my Mociln i hollow Emrud of m j Rotulo Man no mor j of to Leek me i re net him faed him corned him when the fight wat raging hot hit might i Bearc hit Power defy and fear him not. Albut 0. Oak a. It was Midnight and old colonel Falconer Lay dying. The death Angel Whoso wings had fanned him harmlessly on Many a Battle Field had sat Down by his bedside now. But to did not fear nor tremble. Outside the wind blew wild eerie blasts or swept like the crash of contending armies through Tho old Oaks of Tho Park. The Young Moon was hidden by Clouds hanging Low and heavy Black Banno Rols of the night. Tho old Man Lay very peacefully with his fair Young daughter beside him and Tho Wax tapers burning cheerfully at his bed s foot. Little be hooded Clouds or winds going Forth alone to that far country where Novar Moro winds of Earth might fan his brow. " i had thought to said at length "tha1 Philip would be hero before i died that i could give you to his Protection and your grief Over my memory would to easier to Bear lightened by the now Joy of a wife. But this might not be. Hia footsteps linger Long and i must Sot Forth on my journey. My other child Paul Ernstein wander Over foreign land far away from the Castle of his fathers and i must leave you alone my timid Blossom. But your Blue eyed Mother has waited for me Many a year and Day beneath the Mould and now she must wait no longer. Holding Hor hand i must Cross the unseen River and Drift outward on the scoreless Aea of heaven s great future. Mary Angel heart wife i am coming. One kiss my child my Jessie to Wilt watch Over you if we he paused but Jessie seemed to hear his voice still. So gently had to drowned into death that she know not he had departed. Something almost like the Light of youth Lay warm about the month and the smile whose flossing bathed Whoso features grow ing so cold and still to death that told in that hour of the Banka of the unseen River there had been a Roget log the patient and Long enduring love had met Ite Reward True and fair haul with lips no other Kina had Ever Eri manned the husband walked beside the wife of Bia youth. It was Long Bodroro Jacmic Falconer awoke to a senso of her bereavement and then when they would have led her from the dead the arose and walked without sigh or moan to her own chamber. Sho waited there Calm and motionless until on the High Couch with in Black hanging they Laid the body in state for Ita burial and then calmly she wont Back and tending Forth All others sat Down betide it. It a High noon of the next Day Refus ing to take food or rest Ahe Aat there still never once turning away her gaze from that cold dead face. Her old none entered unperceived and going up to her Side Laid her hand upon her shoulder. Bat Ahe started away almost in terror at the White passionless face that met her vision. A utter my Jady Ahe said timidly which i thought you might look at even mechanically Jessie Falconer took the missive Aud glanced at the Well known super eruption. Then motioning away her attendant with a look of something More like her former self in her eyes Ahe broke the Seal of Philip Lealie a letter. It ran thoe " Tisl it ill6cktu Rocsik you Hare wondered i know that Reinee peace waa Long age declared Yea have not seen me thai 1 have not written yen Tebee Many Montha. Jessie i Ronld not write to Jou t could not come to Yea. I have Page de through a fearful struggle. And new thai All m Over i hardly dare to Eay forgive me my lore for you a unchanged but u be Alaa it a Ai it waa. The Calm Iota of a brother. God it a that i a trove to i Jour pure heart in return. We bad grown up together from childhood and 1 who had been no other one to fair could not but look lovingly upon your Beauty. Jessie i a Aguot write about it calmly in we Allong j i. A. Moot a�0 j met Maud Heinrich and then fax Tho Firat tune i realized tha wild nose Ota Para Sopato All absorbing Lova. Of Jeanie l.ftru3iled fearfully with my own heart. Of did net yield easily but a of Lerula oar Feciw j"11110 Raoul Aad a aired it and Abe loved Roe lored me. Be a u area never dream. I cannot write to you Efthi. Amt la my wire now. 1 dare not Hope for your forgive near but i would bleat you forever for one line which should Tell me that you love me no better than i deserve that i have not made your life a wretched a i Lear. Jea Sio brightest vision of my childhood Sweet estai iter of my manhood even now4loving by longingly my soul Blea Aea you. Pirir Liui Jessie Falconer had read to letter through very calmly but now to pent up bitter Ness other anguish Barat Forth in one will ing cry alone at length of my god a and then with her Banda clasped rigidly around the fatal letter Ahe Bank Down like a Snow Wreath upon the floor. Sho was borne Forth thence to her own apartment and her old nurse tended her carefully but for Many Daya Sho Lay in her Long stupor seeming scarcely to breathe Asun conscious of All earthly Righta and Aouida a Tho dood Man lying no Tiller on Hie bed of state. She had not yet roused from her death like trance when Tho master of fal Coner flail waa borne Forth to the burial. Nurse Martha watched Tho Long procession from Tho chamber window to Taw Iho heavy Sable plumes nod Over Tho Hearse with Ila voice pall and the Long line of Carriage following it slowly Adown the winding Road. And then she tamed from All this funeral grandeur toward her Young mistress lying there Pale and death like As if Sho too would soon go Forth to the vault of the falconers with Tho velvet pall Over her Iho Sable Plumos nodding at Hor head and Tho Long train of carriages behind. But it was not so to be. Slowly the life stole Back to Jessio Falconer s languid Pul ses Tho Light to her Blue eyes. She Rose up from that Long trance a changed being. No longer a Gay Light hearted Maiden but a woman Pale Calm Melicent. She never mentioned Philip Leslie s name but one night sitting Alono in her chamber she read quietly through the letters he had writ ten her she looked Lingerin Gly at a Milia Tare and a our of Choa nut hair she look a Diamond circlet from her Finger and then calmly and fearlessly Sho sealed them All up and directed the package to Philip lot lie. She added no words through Many a night Sho had straggled fearfully with her own heart until at Las Sho had forgiven him even As Sho Hood to to forgiven but not even for his still dear Sake could Sho Otter falsehood and not yet could she Giro him the Assurance that to had nol Mado her life wretched. Philip Leslie Sal with his wife in the peaceful room where much of their Honey Moon had Beon passed when Jessie fal Conor s package was placed in his hand. All i had Orer Giren her and no word be Side he said half sadly and looking no he met Tho jealous eyes of Maud. Twice fickle already thou Rogr Elest said Sho almost bitterly. " nay Maud wife Darling to cried passionately springing to her Lido. " i love Only you i Haro Nerer loved " 1 would Hare a proof. Send Back to the heiress of Falconer Hall the letters she wrote Tho miniature she Gare you and the ring of betrothal. Send than with no word no message an Thoa Lorest and Philip Leslie delirious still with her lore enslaved by her Beauty obeyed her. Jessio Falconer received the package on the anniversary of her betrothal. Very quietly she unfolded it and then rising Laid All its contents in Tho fire. And thus it ends Aho muttered to herself " perish the ashes c ii 1 r t k h it. In Imi i Del Fol Lulf to Tuul u Lias. Am an4lrtartwtifdm, of Ului Thoa Wra Raat nth i it no 0 my Astrada 0 my Quin 0tm Len. Three Long lonely Cara had passed Orer the heiress of Falconer Hall. One who had teen her when her troth waa plighted to Philip Leslie would scarcely know her now. The country people round adored her almost a a Saint. She waa to gentle when Aho came among them with her Pale Sweet face and her deep mourning Roca. The pick listened to her tones gladly a a released prisoner to Bird notes and water Falls the Little children climbed fearlessly to her knee and the very Blo Saoma thai she cherished seemed to grow hirer. But save these Rustio neighbors who came to her with All their Humble Hopes and wishes Falconer Hall waa deserted. Sorrow had a notified without emitter Jnita Mitareas. For Many months Lite ghost of her great grief had walked with her hand in hand. It had stood with her on the White a ashore eat by her aide at the Board and Laid Down by Ber at night tide clasping her in in cold Arma. But h had passed away from her of radially and now her present self looked Back to it with a kind of pitiful wonder. Site saw Philip Lesliea Ahe waa Aadahl could not comprehend Ber old love for my. 8o different waa he fro the Spirita of the Greet and Gjul a with whoa her later Yean had held Coin Munsoo thai she almost blessed fur the lore dream of her youth. To now aha wrote him the letter bad requested three Yean before. She said Cousin Pho ii since the letter of far Oil in which you requested me to for give you three year Hare pawed which Hare left to other than they found a. K do not or fit you i who Kat nothing to forgive. Rather let me thank you. Solemnly truly i Tell 70u, my life a Richer better happier than if i had been your wife. I write you Thia Boa use it ism and be Caum i would not one remorseful thought -4 hmm Uon of Matt of i a 1 your own heart counselled you wisely. Thank hearer that Yon obeyed Ite dictates. I of old not write you at first for your letter which came to me Aagaat beside the Corpse of my deed father Gara me terrible Shock. I thought then it was the Shock of sorrow t proved to to the Shock of Avak thing. The years since then Hare changed to. What i loved then i could not lore now. I thank god and you that my nature is free to seek along its highest development. You Hare thought of me sorrowfully my Cousin for i know your kindly nature. But Etall borrow pass now and be Happy. I hear that your wife is fair and Sweet. Kiss her Blue eyes with a sister s kiss for the absent Jessie 1 Philip Leslie we living at Interlachen with his Blu lift wife when this letter reached him. He had never revisited eng land since hit marriage. Hia married life had been far from the dream of Joy he had pictured at Ita commencement. Hia stately Maud had fulfilled the Promise of Ber lower face and proved Meltiah Paa Ionata and exacting. Many Timea Bis thoughts had reverted lovingly to the old dream till he feared to utter Jensie Falconer s name lest his heart should whisper that the first lore was truest after All. He had acquired the German habit of smoking incessantly and to sat on a shaded Bank at a Little distance from the House with Hia favorite Meer Schaum when Bis wife brought him Jersie Falconer s letter. She bad broken the Seal and held Tho Sheet open in her hand. Hie heart thrilled a he Nevor thought to fee 1 it thrill again at the eight of the Well known handwriting. " there said Hia wife with an ill concealed sneer " read that and your anxiety May be satisfied that your first love did t die for your Aake. A woman Ideal

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