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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - July 27, 1855, Biddeford, MaineM Etier Fet t re a a eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of. Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor.b1ddef0rd, Maine Friday july 27, 1855. Volume ill number 89. Union and Eastern journal. To. Union an i i Colem a Jami u pm i Hal Irwy re in a u 21 a. 1, cd Una Wmk in. Buds torn annul or if pm us Kkt in Throe month from the urn of. Simile a a my i menu. It v. A the ame Tenn he a Nimr a rent. I the Only Buuri it Rte Al a men i toe thl u the Titie. Of new York Boehm Tohl Mustol a Ikla. A it j i duly empowers to Lake Adner Ttoe enu Ami at the state rate a required by us. Illa a of a Veri by thu if Upton. It Boutym Btu inc t film Mykia it. W. Burner third atol Chw aul Street. Mar cub Vatiqi Printer. I or lie Uita and. Journal. Agriculture abroad. Tho Highland agricultural society of Scotland it perhaps Tho most powerful and a awful agricultural Atto Calion in the word. So popular indeed hat it become that a scotch proprietor of Laii Dod property would consider himself disgraced by not being a member. And to highly it thl. Honor considered by All classes that Eren Many of Tho Tenanty Hare obtained the privilege of having their unmet recorded on the honoured Lut. An Able writer speaking of this society and the wonderful impetus which though its Agency has been communicated to the cause of agriculture in Scotland toys besides Tho Large amount Given annually in premiums a Tho cattle show immense sums ate in forwarding Tho on cloture and improvement of the a a Muir und la sows Many a with which that country formerly abounded. Under the fostering care of this society everywhere extending and Ever followed by Tho Best results Barren wilds Havo become fruitful Fields and plenty and abundance Are in All the land another very praiseworthy and import ant feature in the policy of this enlightened society is the offering of High premiums and honorary medals for the Best essays on agriculture Tho prize essays being recorded a a Tho 41 Hunt Only journal of agriculture Quot a a work conducted under thu auspices of Tho society and which containing an account of its transactions a a of course a very valuable and interesting work. From a number of the a a Berwick Adver. Furr a Public lied some years since we gather the following facts relative Toa then recent exhibit Tion. Tho writer says a a the concourse of people was immense embracing a Large portion of the wealth Beauty and learning of both sides of the two Ede and even Ireland had its representatives there Wero entered for Competition at ibis show tune Hundred and sixty two head of Earlle including horses neat cattle Shcop and swing. The premiums ranged hum �?�00 to 5 sovereigns embracing everything having reference to or having any connection with Tho farming Art. The associations instituted of late in this country and Baving for their object the Arneil oration of agriculture have no doubt been instrumental in ejecting a Large amount of Good but there Are Many imperfections involved in the system and a Large part of the Money expended is Little belter than thrown away. In Tho first place Tho a dresses generally by ministers or lawyer Aie anything but what they should be. In a word they Are not practical and with this exception a few Eulogi Stic nourishes upon agriculture contain nothing which would not recommend them to an audience composed of politicians As to a society professedly of Farmers. The speaker gets his Isy for the composition and delivery of the trashy Eti usion and Tho Farmer whose purse t it taxed to defray the expense retires As Wise it May be but no Wiser than to came. This is not As it should practical men Are the Persona for this work and such ultimately will be selected to give the addresses at such shows Ami agricultural fairs. The Farmer has Little occasion and Belles a Turr a tora Ture to requires something More solid practical and directive in its it acc s. Such men As or. Holmes James Bates Ami Many others that could to named would con Duse More useful and valuable inh mation into a Tingle sentence than can generally to p Canad from whole pages of the Long winded and worthless performances to which to Aro ordinarily compelled Toad from which every Well regulated and sensible mind retires always with emptiness and not with disgust. Another serious evil and by no Means to be overlooked in this connection is the selecting men to act on committees who Are utterly income tout to discharge intelligently the duties Tho of pics devolves upon them. It is not in frequently thu Caso that the horticultural committees of such occasions Are found upon examination Tobe Oor posed of mechanics merchants or teamsters men who though very useful in their proper so a Reres of action and highly intelligent so far As the management of their own business is concerned scarcely know the meaning of the word horticulture and who would be puzzled to decide without assistance to what be Parment it of science it belongs. The same remark applies with equal correctness Tole other committees. It May perhaps be said that this is a unavoidable evil. To a certain extent i admit that it is so but no Man who is conscious of his inability faithfully and judiciously to perform the duties of a office should accept it. For is uni a so journal. The Best for seed. The Best time unquestionably to make a selection of seeds roots. Ate., is in the autumn and when practicable before the several crop which they Are to be gathered and taken in. It in a old new Ragland Maxim that a every Farmer should produce his own seed. By so doing no Small trouble and expense is obviated,1 and a very decided improvement made in Tho Quantity and Quality of Tho scions May be cot in the a Turnn or Winter and preserved in the most effectual manner by simply packing them in Moss or boxes filled with Damp Sand. They should be deposited after packing in Somo place where there will be no danger from sudden alternations of temperature and where the leg the of heat will be As equable As circumstances will admit. Humidity will also prove injurious if not fatal but a degree of to Isidro sufficient to soften the Moss and to consolidate but not actually to wet the Sand is not Only admissible but necessary. Grapo cuttings May also to preserved in the same manner and when necessary May with Caro be transported to any distance without injury when properly packed for the purpose. Cuttings and slips As Well As seeds can generally be obtained during Winter and kept ready for use in Tho Spring. Bones As a manure. Somo who have tried Trono dust and crushed Bones As a stimulant of vegetation have not found the result equal to their expectation. This result May be attributed to various causes. In the first Placo Tho method of applying Bone dust is a consideration of importance. If the weather and soil be dry Little or no advantage can reasonably or rationally be expected from this application. A certain degree of humidity us Well As warmth is essential to their favourable action and whet these circumstances do not unite in concurrence it is fatuous to expect beneficial results. If Bone dust be moistened with urine and mixed with an equal volume of Wood ashes and placed in a moist and warm soil or if Tho dust to applied singly by itself in such a medium there can to no question but that it will prove a most energetic stimulant to most vegetables. It is a cheap fertilizer requiring but Little labor or expense in Tho transportation and is eminently adapted for conferring Fertility upon such elevated Uplands As cannot be easily reached by teams conveying the More pander us and Bulky elements of fertilization. Bone dust acts More immediately than Erus Jud Bones but for a less protracted period the Duran Ditrol pre before the week was ended. To the Surprise of All l kept his pledge and Indi caled a Manly determination to break Oil from his hateful and ruinous practices. For a Long time i missed from the streets the poor and wretched inebriated but was told that he was at work steadily and remained faithful to his promises. One Sabbath i noticed among my congregation a tall Well dressed stranger a gentleman in appearance and a serious and attentive listener to the services of Tho hour. At the close of worship i inquired who he was and Wava ked in reply Why done to you know la 1 i could scarcely a Clovo my eyes the transformation was so Complete. The pledge had worked wonders though it needed something More to perfect Tho Woik by a renewal of the heart on inquiry i leaned that he had wholly de Ert de Tho tavern and avoided passing it if possible fur fear of relapsing into his old habits. It is needless to say How this Chango was Felt in his family to which he had been the source Only of sorrow and shame. Several months after i was called upon by a former companion of this Man himself also a reformed drunkard and asked to go and visit who was sick and probably dying. I was shocked to hear of his illness and More so when i Learned its Causo. For nearly a year and a half he had been free from his old habits and firmly resisted All attempts to draw him Back into his former associations Tho keeper of Tho tavern at Whoso bar he had for years fed his appetite and squandered Tho Means which ought to Havo been Given to his family boasted publicly that to would Mako him break his pledge and had often Trico without sue cos to accomplish his fiendish purposes. Ono Luteal Day Asho was passing his old haunts he was told that a person wished to see him within on special business. To entered the bar room unsuspecting any mischief. Asho looked around him he saw Many of his former associates still pursuing their career of vice and Shamo while at the bar stood Tho Man who had Long supplied him with the draught of death and who now approached him with a Glass of Brandy which he asked him to drink. The unhappy Man firmly and nobly pared Bone Whon used As manure being. ,. In the uti oof tho9 a i he of waft a Ftp a thu Lineo. On turnip., ,., us. M0,� i1 Quot Quot a a pc my Fara a a. ,.ily restored to happiness. I am onco More iced most descriptions of Garden Osen ,. ,. Respected. A single drop would bring on Zienta but More particularly Pei ape. Tho f ,. ,. / my old appetite at d ruin with an Bordure Bono dust or Bones to any of their a a Joath Tho tavern keeper replied a a you shall prepared states is probably the most Valu-1 w r tary the most invigorating and Tho most economical pabulum that can be applied. For Ike Union 4 a twin. Seeds of plants. Drink it a and pouring out some in his hand forced it against his lips. Tho Poison was thus tasted and the work was done. Thu slumbering Appitito Akuoko again and revived with tenfold intensity. In less than three months to was prostrated with Deli Tho seeds or germs of regales contain j cum inc inns and i was called to see him the embryo of Tho future Alnut in an i vol. Dying cure or Pericarp within which Aro contain Kos a own he Flient on ,0 a de a quantum suffice of Oil Farina and Mu-1 a Duapo la de Boum Aik acc Ndu Nga. To assist in its development when i of a us Rathal a tacked and tremble to a. Placet us it a favourable circumstances in j 0vory foot atop i entered Tho Home of the the soil which destined to be the medium Cru Lka j everything showed Halh a o its future growth and maturation. 1 hese of run k 9 the if elements also contribute to maintain the i Fura a to from he Haj of the germ if indeed they Are not a a a re Arveil Wilh Buven others worse than Identie with it and to maintain die j to 1�r#t/. Ebreo Mon is by warning i until such Lime As it is ready or in a Condi a q Fauer a m>1 whom a halt Juon to throw Oul these minute Folia menu or Icloa Mofor by we a turn a ramifications which at a subsequent period fme9 Nad Happy item 0f society. On a to be elaborated into Tho perfect Plant j Ertibio m a it. Obj a a Ctm of # Rafflo it u the Moro full and plump 90011, Tho evil anti ouly Eril Bis eyes starting from More robust and healthy As a general thing lbs or Ockun a. But Mbel Trembo ing Wilb an will be Tho Plant to which it gives birth. Unculltr0ed Agoti. By breath Short and it a therefore of lira utmost importance in convulsive his countenance denoting an selecting Reeds to secure such As horror and his groans so coming tilled and stored with Tho Oil. Farina and boo by proud a j0 Job Gur Ovva of hell. By Mucila. Upon which so Ely much do Fis Side stood his wife with Penda in Tho future development of the i bar Cox Illren Palo and wan and Over a few seeds As Weil As in the final Success Anil j Bra Publ that a Moul dered upon Tho Hearth a maturation of the plants or crops expected i as80ciat0 in Tring to warm from Thorn. 1�?Oor seed should never Bel tue forbid Folt Hgt a a. Sowed where Good can be obtained. It is bettor to pay an exorbitant Price for Tho latter than to have the former for nothing. A fearful death bed. Tho scene of my first pastoral labors was a thriving Village of about 1,400 souls confining three churches and seven or eight stores where spirituous liquors were sold j three of which Wero dignified by Tho name i ,10-of tavern and so recognized by the Law Milic Ted family to got. Two Days after i which gave to Thorn its ample Protection was called to officiate at his funeral. I Tho history of those three taverns if writ pall bearers were twelve of his old a opiates. Tsa would make a argument in favor of a i Lull la Al 011 a Ucb an occasion my duty was to the living Ami not the dead and so be was a scene for an artists Pencil that desolate room against Whoso broken and patched windows howled Tho Winters wind and whore death was doing its fearful work. I could do nothing for Tho unhappy Man. His mind was already shattered and gone and his life was fast ebbing away. He evidently was aired unconscious of All that was going on no Utu him and the solemn and awful shadows of eternity were rapidly gathering around Tho dying Man. To Converse with him was useless lie heard to i could Only Kocol and commend his prohibitory Law which All the Legal authority in the land could not gainsay. Many a broken heart yet weeps out its secret sorrow Over Hope which have there been shattered. Many a widow looks to those haunts of infamy As Tho Seeto where her Hubaud forgot his plighted news Anil Ente a Tho path that led him to a drunkards grave. Man a Mother std Smurna Over buried Hopo which but Fin Tho a Soeles of Dissia Ion might have Bee. The support and Comfort of her declining Yucuis. Early in the washingtonian movements this place became Tho theatre of Active operations among the friends of the Temperance Reform and Earnest and Noble efforts Wero made to arrest the Progress of the Ovil which was ending Soch numbers to a drunk aril a Gravo. Among those who we e induced to sign the pledge was a tuna whom i had regarded As being utterly beyond any Hope of even a partial Reform. L. Was notorious for his intemperance. Tho tavern was his constant Tesort where he spent his time and his Money. Scarcely a Hay passed that he might not be seen there his unshaven face his matted locks his senseless and strange Eye his reeling form a fitting testimony to the work of ruin that was there carried on. It had scarcely entered the mind of the most sanguine Friend of the cause that he could be induced to attempt oven a reformation or if so that any permanent change Coop to effected. His old friends boasted that he or old be Back with them Leuling for my text the warning of the Wise Inan a and thou mourn at Tho last when thy Tley hand thy body Are consumed and May How have i hated instruction and despised reproof a a i sought to set Befu the his companions the bitter elements of sorrow they were preparing for themselves in death and in eternity. I Havo often thought of that Secerio. What was Tho act but murder that sent that run to a drunkard s Gravo 1 and yet around him at whose bar his appetite was fed and by Whoso hoi till act to was drawn away from the paths of virtue the Law threw its Protection and sanctioned his unholy Tralio. O could it Havo no pity and Caro for the helpless family of his victim. Must Liberty and the Constitution to forever pressed into Tho Sonvico of men whose Only Woik is ruin and death. Blessed be god for the Dawn of a brighter Day which shall bring some Masuro of Security to men who earnestly Disiro to break from Tho spell of be Enchant cd cup and to wives and children who have too Long a uttered the Btl or woes which most Ever follow in the train of those who put their bottle to their neighbor s Mouth to make him Drunken. 1�?t. Observer. Womax a. At the fourth of july Celebration at Barro Plains the declaration of Independence was read in an admirable manner by Mist Sylvia Walker a school teacher in Tho place. 8pcech of Hon. Thomas h. Ford to present to our readers to Day Tho speech of or. Ford delivered at Fri Aldol phia during Tho session of to Lato convention in that City. However much to May differ on Tho principles that brought that body together All who Havo any Lovo of Manly Trio spoken Independence and desire that Tho North should again resume the position she first occupied but has Sinco lost by her efforts to conciliate Trio South will feel in inward thrill of Pride when they think that that occasion furnished Tho Strong men of Tho North to meet Tho slavery dictators in National convention and for Tho first time in Tho political history of this country openly and fearlessly discuss the forbidden question. Tho position taken by leading men in that body entirely changed the order of business usually pursued in similar bodies. Tho South at last found themselves compelled to assume to position of conciliators and discuss terms instead of dictating them. Although they did not Seo fit to Grant what Tho friends of Freedom asked still our Northern non presented their Cuso and manfully stood up for principle even to Tho refusal to participate in the proceedings and came Homo to their constituents to Recovo Tho approval in condemnation of that Accurso it must also to a matter of satisfaction to All Truo friends of Freedom that in All cases As Yot a majority influenced by that scat Mont Havo sustained their Courato and Havo decided to meet the Itsuo on Tho ground there presented. Or. Ford is from Ohio and judging from this Effort is one among her Many Strong men. To commend a Carciu perusal of the Tribune. Lar Ursul of the Mitt Eurl in in Hullon. Speech of Hon. Thomas h. Ford. Of Ohio delivered june 13, 1855, at the Assembly buildings Philadelphia. I ported for Tiu Sandusky Register or. President a i feel much Omba Rossco when i reflect that i Riso to represent Tho views of Tho mighty West on this vexed question of slavery now under i would to god that Somo gentleman More competent to Tho task had undertaken gout Lemon from other states have shown n Strong disposition to discuss party politics in this Debato. With Tho dirty details of party politics to Havo nothing to do in Ohio. Our principles Are patriotic and Puro our purposes High and holy. Tho gentlemen who preceded to have All mistaken Tho policy of Tho founders of Tho Republic. Thoy never intended to Tols Rato slavery or oven to to responsible for its existence. With Tho framers of Tho Constitution Freedom was Tho Rule slavery the exception Freedom National slavery sectional. Rut those patriotic gentlemen from Tho South Urc desirous of changing Tho Rulo so us to Mako slavery National and Freedom sectional to extend Over territory now Freo Tho soul withering god Disho Noring Curso of human slavery. To on Tho other hand Are desirous of sustaining Tho policy of our forefathers a a Lsible based Law Loving Liberty built policy. And hero to take Issue. Tho honorable gentleman from North Carolina pointing to to hauntingly says a you of the North Solusod to extend Tho Missouri Compromise Lino to Tho Pacific when to Olford it to to this i reply we did so refuse and for this reason to Aro desirous of extending Trio area of Freedom instead of Tho Curso of Laumau Hond Igo. Tho honorable from Tenn Osseo and Alabama Havo said that to at the North were generally to Tho establishment of that Missouri Compromise Lino at Tho time tire compact was entered into in 1820. On hat pretext can you Baso your opposition to its re it Cal 1�?t in answer to Tho gentleman i say that Tho Puoplo of Tho North there opposed to Tho establishment at that time and for this obvious reason it was a Baso surrender of territory to slavery that had been by thu god of a Cluro and our Laws consecrated to Freedom. That this moment instead of Tho voice of Freedom Csc ending to heaven in ardent prayers for Tho Parrot Unity of this Union thousands of human beings Wero clanking the Chttin of abject slavery there. Those non who were in Congress from the North and voted for this Compromise Lio forgotten some a hero their memories Havo perished with them. So Lugo we sent those who to cd for its repeal to their suppose you Giro your Noto to a Friend for Ono Hundred dollars borrowed on the Sabbath Day and afterwards to avoid Tho payment set up for defence that Tho Noto was consequently void and you would not pay it. In what Light do you suppose All Honor a Bio men would View it in no other Light than As consummate villains unworthy Tho Confidence of All honorable men. In this Light Ohio and the teeming millions of the mighty West whom i feebly represent Here View you gentlemen in relation to this Kansas Dobroska iniquity i Appeal to representatives from to South in the Namo of All that is honorable in Tho Namo of god to to onco influenced by Tho Puro promptings of right and Justice and restore this Compromise Lino or from this Day hide your do formed Heads and Mako your co Moro among intelligent beings. Rut i am resolved to Placo Tho gentlemen those chivalrous Southern gentleman right on Tho record. Many of them do say that Tho repeal of that time liquor cd Lino to use their own words was a wrong an injury and an outrage and that it ought to to restored. I say Many of Yon Havo said so to me and inasmuch As every gentleman from Tho North has been challenged to give Tho Namo to any Southern Man who has dared to even breath Ono word in favor of fro to avoid by Long asked so to do come up to Tho confessional or i shall without hesitation Namo Tho gentleman to this convention cheers and laughter at length Tho Hon. Kennoth Raynor of North Carolina arose and stated that to had so said and took this oct soon to say that to considered Tho repeal of the Missouri Compromise a wrong and an of tango to which Tho North ought not to submit. Iio said if to had been a member of Congress to would have had his right hand Sov Rcd from his Lody before to would Bavo Conson Tod to the iniquity gov. Brown of tonn Chico said he had stated that it was wrong and unjust to repeal that act but inasmuch As it was passed to was opposed to agitation on Tho subject by reinstating it. Four or five Moro it this Point took the floor at once Ford remarking pleasantly keep Cool gentlemen we no going to Havo in interesting class notice politically. At the North Tho continual agitation of to peace of to Union for to purpose of extending slavery brings into notice to men at Tho North of giant intellect and moral Force. Does to understand 1 a Mote like Tho gentleman or my soil floats very comfortably in a still and quiet atmosphere but it takes the wild Tornado to move the imbedded Rock. That political Tornado has been raised by your selves a by your determination to extend by fraudulent and unconstitutional Means Tho area of human chattel Dom. Do you understand to sir f yes to thank god be have such men As a Wilson a Seward a Sumner and a Chaser men who knowing the right Havo Tho Nervo to contend for it men of undoubted integrity and ability Whoso Patent of integrity comes from heaven. And Mark to gentlemen of Tbs South the Days of Flunke ism at Tho North Are and bored. Tho Xor born flu keys Are All dead and damned ? and if Ever author Ono appears to your vision rest Well assured to is illegitimate. We Havo elected Twenty Ono representatives from Ohio All pledged for the repeal of this Nebraska iniquity a and you will find when they arrive there you will Havo an accession of just Twenty Ono in alas and Wilsons on that question with not a Jun Lacey among them. To in Ohio do not threaten them with political death Only but Havo resolved that if Hoy do not stand up for Tho right in opposition to Tho encroachments of Tho slavery propagandists to will hang them As High As Daman Long con continued applause a gentleman from Alabama cries out Douglas was from the Noth a Ford re plied so was Benedict a Nohle Tho British took Tho traitor and to Rota nod Tho territory. Our Southern Brethren Havo taken Tho territory and left us the traitor. Thoy ought to protect if they do do Spiro him. Applause and laughter. Now or. Pc Sidon to of Ohio protest against this Plank in your platform As unjust and unrighteous. Tho majority of our delegation no from Virginia Tho sons of her soil and Virginia in Tho juror Hays of her Commonwealth to night us the lessons of Liberty. You will re Mcmoor by Tho cession your state Modo to Tho general govern meeting hero but Como up to Tho confess in Cut by Noil est territory you ional one at n Timo a laughter Long and a a Liniaus expressly stipulated that neither loud. A number of gon Lemon confessed in substance what gov. Brown did or. Ford proceeded by saying that a an open confession was Good for Tho soul a and to hoped Tho gentleman would icarus another truism Tho Only Way to got rid of guilt was to a cont and sin no All to ask of you gentlemen is to do right remembering that Thoro arc eternal and unchangeable principles of right which no circumstances can vary and which god himself May not disturb. By your confessions this Day coupled with your action you place yourself in Tho condition of a thief who having broken into your House and got Possession of your Nonoy you do acct and arrest. You say to him you villain what Aro you doing thus invading my most sacred rights in Tho thief comes up to Tho confessional is our friends Havo this Day saying a i of onless i Homo invaded your most sacred rights i confess i Havo committed an out Rago and inflict cd a great injury upon you i Bavo broken into your House and stolen your Money. I Havo Dono this moan thing. I regret i deplore it Bat inasmuch notwithstanding nevertheless As 1 have got in now let there to no disturb Uco Between to and Tho. I both fear and dislike let us just Scott to this difficult j. You just step out and lot to keep your House and Tho Money too a loud cheering and laughter this is Tho ridiculous Light in which to View you Southern gentlemen out in Ohio. Lloro a missourian interrupts by saying a this Lino was Worth nothing of no Valuo to any Ford proceeded by saying that is Beautiful you will steal our property and for excuse say tis valueless return Tho stolen goods and let Tho owner fix Tho value. If it were but an old Jack Ifo a tis not yours. Como up like men and do this great thing. Confess your wrong and do rights always remember that to do Tho right and avoid to wrong is Tho great end of our being. Done to you gent Lemon of Tho South shrink away Frota this Contact with truth done to i entreat you thro falsehood or hypocrisy meanness or fraud attempt to Hido yourselves political grave Tobo remembered no Moro a from to open cj0 of j0qy Jonor by us except in Tho Long living annals of in-1 cont Nuj applause you Southern gon Fjury. Trio gentleman Over Tho Way asks to to Reeo Cilo that position. I will sir. The territory of the South acquired by virtue of that contract is already nig retd a yes no a gird All Over. Tho crack of Tho drive cry a ush to Tho disgrace of humanity to it said is this Day heard on its outcry acre. Tho voice of Freedom is not Beard there but slavery a k and damning curses that otherwise Beautiful country having territory sufficient to Miako an Empire of that is the reason we opposed its repeal and now ask for its restoration. To cannot recall slavery there now tis too Lato if to could Placo that territory in Tho Samo situation it was in 1820, there would to no trouble from our state about Tho repeal of Tho Missouri restriction. No to would Liko men Cantor Tho Arena and fight manfully Tho Battles of Freedom. Yes sir to would so that Freedom our inheritance was not turned to strangers and our Homos to aliens and Liberty left desolate in the land of our forefather. But the a Lark and damning deed is Diotio and regarding Tho rights of Tho states under Tho Constitution to cannot change it now. And now tic Man Havo said Many pretty things about Tho Union to too Aro devoted to this Union first last and All Tho Timo and we do not Mako slavery a condition precedent to our attachment to this Union either. Can you say As much 1 thank god to of Tho West have higher holier and More patriotic motives. We Are devoted to this Union because Cro Long by its perpetuity and advancement to expect to Baccomo an Empire of Freedom everywhere cheers Long and loud every Public Pomona Traylon i have attended hero patriotic gentlemen have attempted to turn into n Union siring machine until i am tick of the rating Abs to Trio Union living fully a Tufick that they say Union onco and Man negro three times. Laughter this Union cat assured is in no danger. We of Ohio do not intend to go out of Tho Union nor let any body also do so. Loud cheering a if you filibustering South Carolina gentlemen think of going out of Tho Union please Tako a retrospective View of your past lives and Jou will find this is not Tho first Timo you Ivo tried to kick out of Tho and if you Mako Tho trial it will not to our submission for thirty four years to to Tibe Trinu you Are kicked Back re iniquity you come Forward and inflict this member old by the eternal brought you renowned on Trago upon us. A Ouray a it is up standing onco. To of Tho Central slavery nor involuntary servitude should Ever exist therein of capt for the punishment of Crimo. We Thon under Tho Ordi Taneo of �?t87, Aro Tho first born in Tho Causo of Freedom and h Ohio your children have resolved to carry out your wifi by see. Ing to it that slavery Nover does exist Thuro and to no prepared and dotcom inc to resist its upon soil consecrated to Freedom. Yes virginians re member Ihu that with warm hearts and Strong turns your sons will stand up for Liberty and the right and Ohio connected As Sho is with Tho mighty West is Irres Stablo As the armies of Israel. Striking for Tho Faith onco delivered to Tho saints to strike for Llu. Man Freedom and human rights. Cheers and cries of go on a a voice in Tho crowd a a you had bolter Como to Virginin and so on Ford answered to Havo been in your stale and All Over it. To know Tho situation of your people both White and Black. We know that Virginia in this ago of advancement has retrograde that Tho White Anil Black races both Allier under the Scourge of slavery. I Havo been on Somo plantations where from Ono to two Hundred negroes wore worked who in the course of Tho year Liko Tho locusts of Egypt cat up everything and the owner was compelled sons to make both ends of Tho year meet to Send a few human Chally is southward. In addition to this ignorance and superstition mighty monsters Brood Over your land shrouding it in darkness indescribable. To of Ohio Havo no wish to return to your Stato. That White haired old gentleman before you spent half his Days in Virginia to has known your Peculiar a Asti Lutious Long and he knows that Tho Genius of Liberty Haring been driven out from among Yon Lias Cornu to Tako her abode in Tho wilds of the Western world where Sho May build up Lor herself institutions and Laws based upon Tho immutable principles of right. Tremendous applause much has been said about new a Ork and Soward ism and inasmuch As her delegates Aro hero i will say nothing about that slate but will i Hope to permitted to speak of our own Stato. Seward ism gentlemen at this Momont has its Heel on Sam s neck and unto a you give us a Libity Loving Justice like looking platform Tho ideas of october next will find Seward ism standing with both foot on Tho political Gravo of every a Sam in this land. Already Tho voices of freemen Aro heart marshalling their Force for Tho Tho Firos of Liberty Ara now burning on every Hill top and in Ivory Valley throughout the length and breadth of Tho land and May Thoy Continuo to Burn until Liberty shall be the Birthright of every american we have a Gor emment without a despotism a religion Wilu it a Pope and an Umpire without a slate True North of that Lino was set apart by Oal emn compact to Freedom but the contract was u const Tunal and cons Dently null and i care not from what Point you of we Aro to debated to the Union at the View it you have taken under that contract North How it Cornea to pais that to return and of course Are bound by Al you now such men a Halo Wilson and chose to the Como to us who singly and say a this contract is void do not attempt to enforce Oca Wilio Convent to abroad Tho Herald deplores Tho decay of the old whig party but u too sensible to conceal Tho fad. It thus refers to Trio into convention in this state a a Tho whig party As a National party has ceased to exist. If that was not evident a Long time Ngo it is perfectly so now. An attempt was a ado to revive and rally to ranks a few Days since in Muino where was Laid Down the old platform such As Hoory Clay had to been alive would have gloried in a it refused to form a Northern party simply in opposition to the Nebraska 1411, and repudiated Tho know nothings entirely. Ii there had been any desire remaining to recover the ground on which the True wigs in 40, 44, and �?t48, fug by so gallantly then to Maine movement would Lugo received sympathy and Senate ? i will answer him fully and fairly. J from All dec Toni of the Laud bul now it reates it is the South that brought such men into \ anly i Dieuju f Northern and Western state have determined to do so whenever necessary. Applause the gentleman from Virginin asks f Truc Union h Kollem Jon Mot. The crisis. When two armies Are approaching to in Gago in deadly strife both Are on the Alert and they reconnoitre each other s position Wilb Tho greatest possible exactness while Oach on Deavors to conceal its True strength and purpose in order to gain the advantage. This is carried to a greater or loss extent into religious moral and political struggles. In Tho present position of parties in Maine we have an anomaly. It has of Lato been the policy of Tho Hunker party either to be a a mama upon certain questions of Tho Day or to speak in ambiguous terms. But now Tho antagonistic features that Aro to moot in Tho coming contest Are bared and presented in undisguised opposition. There seems to to a change of tactics on Tho part of the Arch fiend. It wifi be recollected that Milton a satan covered with a Falso protect Tho hellish Engineri he had inc nod to overwhelm Tho Powers of heaven. His arts availed him nothing to utterly failed and with his counties legions nine Days with Moro than lightning Speed was hurled headlong to the infernal a Bocci. But of undying Energy to is now attempting another method to circumvent Tho Friend of Justice and humanity and hurl them in irreparable ruin. But he must fail in this also. Six thousand years Havo taught men something of his character which will not to lost. And As the desperate leap of satan and his Dis comforted hosts from Tho ramparts of Hearon cleared it forever of their presence we Hopo and Havo reason to Boli Evo that Tho rum and hanker adherents will follow their great prototype and Pioneer in Tho cause As with broken Wing he again socks the Long descent to acheron and thus Clear Earth or at least Tho state of their pernicious info Ronco. Tho two Heads of one and Tho Samo body which is satan have in Rifle rent localities defined their position assumed their Brokon shapes and under Tho names of democracy and whig ism Given in their adhesion and declared themselves fur rum and Tho Devil. Thus Tho Vail that has hitherto covered their movements is entirely remo Vod and we have at least the advantage of meeting them in to open Field. Tho people can no longer to gulled. Tho naked question must to brought Bosforo to wire pulling demagogues can bios their decision. Rum and Hunker Nom Cracy finding its counterpart in Strait out whig gory a Tho column rating head of a class of demagogue interests Whoso Namoia legion. To wifi not go into Ilo Tail or to personal in remark it is Only necessary to Soi Otho a a Mon Strum Horr Anduino that now Risos like a boast from Tho sea and hold him Long enough to identify its various parts. And if we find Somo appendages that scorn foreign to Tho beast let us not say they Are not a part of Trio beast for a closer observation will convince us that vessels though Minuto Cou next them with Tho great artery. Henedo Thuro is a sympathy Between Thorn for they draw their life from Tho beast. To hear men complain bitterly that Bucauto of their connection with a certain party they Aro classed with Tho dummies. There is no other Way to convince men of their sincerity than to break Tho Bond of sympathy and Como out and to sep Ralo from their complaint is Tho More unreasonable from the fact already stated that their party has Laid Down its platform before insulted humanity declared its object and is known and read of All men. Strango i consist Ancy that men having acted with a party should Declaro they Wero not of that party As Well might to limbs of Tho beast to offended because they Wero said to belong to Tho beast. If a Hogshead of rum a Slavo pen or a Drunken Irish Catholic forms Tho nucleus around which a party rallies can we to mistaken As to Tho a relatives applicable to ill Tho strength of any acct or party depends upon Tho amount of truth it contains. And for this very purpose Moro or leu truth is Woven into Tho meshes of All parties. But because to find Somo truth in any particular party is no reason Why it is in the right. For in this Cazau All would to right and would to but so Many str uns All flowing into Tho bosom of eternal truth As streams and Rivers flow into Tho bosom of the mighty Ocean. The great question is is this truth consistent or does it harmonize with other truths. Thus to May aay god is cruel for causing Tho Sun to Shinz because having exposed ourselves to its piercing rays we Havo been severely scorched. But to leave out other great facts that go to show Tho Beneficence of our creator in placing the great Center of heat in the Hoa eos. It is Ihus that Totne men reason about the liquor Law. They look at Tho Harah feat Ros of the Law which Are As necessary As the warming rays of the Sun anti entirely Overlook the great Ettla it removes and blessings it confers. Evou this sort of dodging is becoming a a beautifully and it shows the desperate condition of a once in Wiful party that it is obliged to resort to falsehood to sustain itself. Thero is nothing but rottenness in its members for Tho great preservative Quality truth is thrown ont. Otherwise than As our of Sample and influence May go the great question at Issue in this state Tho Pic sunt Campaign is that of a prohibitory liquor Law. It is no use to disguise the fact that Tho struggle is to let a a close one. The enemies of the present Stato administration Are numerous and formidable from the fact that they Havo formed a regular organised crusade. They Are marshalling themselves with All to skill which the disaster of previous years Hare taught them. And what have we to meet Tho formidable array opposed to Ualk we Havo truth and Tho right. Our cause it that of humanity. We Byttlo for god and our native land. We would Rescue our country f of the tyrannical grasp of Horn the fell destroyer of the peace happiness health and lives of our thousands from Tho degrading Thra Dom of slavery and Tho clutches of a corrupting and debasing Priesthood. Who but he who b lost to All sense of Honor or shame dares dispute Tho justness of our cause ? let our enemies gnash their Teeth and growl. They Are in Pablo of no higher manifestation. All to have to do is to Pacour fingers to our ears and pass along our even course and not suffer them to pull us Down to a level with themselves. There Are thousands of honest Noble and Bravo hearts All Over the state it this moment beating in unison with the sentiments we utter. Think you they will suffer Tho disgrace of a defeat and allow their proud Honor hitherto unstained with Midnight Deba Cheries Tho blood of Tho slave or the Crimson crimes of romanism to Tail in Tho filth that most follow in Iho Wako of the Triumph of such principle 1�? Maine Coda Only to be Truo to herself Sho has fought nobly for her redemption and gained it and Sho should to careful not to sell herself at the paltry Price of a mighty Reform has icon brought about not by any stroke of policy or ephemeral eruption of popular feeling but by the Calm deliberate judgment and a Ion of the mass of the Puoplo. A prohibitory Law was Tho necessity of the limes and Maino enjoys the High Felicity of first seeing and meeting this necessity. Shall Maine retrace her Steps and a Movo the Protection she has thrown Over the defenceless am permit Tho destroyer again to enter Tho now peaceful household f never never let my eyes forever close upon Tho Light of Day Ora this sad result. Our Hope our Confidence a with Tho thinking acting people. Let them be prepared for the Issue and to need Havo no fear. With Tho Freeman a weapon the ballot More potent than the Arm of Iho mightiest wicked Hoad they will toll up such a Volturno of might with the right As shall Borover Bury in Tho wares of oblivion their despicable adversaries. Thon As loud peals Tho Freeman a voice swelling until it rends the vault of heaven echoing from Tho a Horo Over Mountain top to far Inland bottlers will be heard the dying Wail of rum 8e Blun Korum. H. A Rex Meb ukr or senior editor of Trio Louisville journal was in n us Lington for Somo weeks previous to Tho a cont adjournment of Congress. To gives Tho following a a a couple of merry Fellows Ono of them a distinguished member of Congress from a Southern state and the other a distinguished sex editor from Kentucky concocted a letter purporting to be addressed by a Young lady to a very Fino looking gentleman. It was got up in first rate Stylo. Trio pretended lady set Forth therein that Aho Lead Sor eral times Scheu the gentlemen Sho was addressing that Sho was Cuputi Vatch by his Fino Faco and Manly form that her heart was deeply touched by All Sho Law and Hoard of him and that Sho must Mako his acquaintance before his departure from Tho City that Sho hoped and prayed to would forgive her seeming Irald Ness As it was to first imprudent act of her life that she bad always moved and was still moving in to highest circles of Trio capital that Sho would be up on a certain Square of a certain Street at precisely 12 of clock on Tho following Day in a dress which Sho Deveci ibid with Groat particularity and that to hoped and trusted to would meet her and thus afford her an Opportunity of a Brief personal Intercourse with Tho idol of her heart. Tho two wags had Between thirty and forty copies of tide letter written by a female Friend of theire and they sent those copies to Between thirty and forty members of Congress selecting those of course who were known to entertain a very exalted opinion of their own personal fascinations. Every thing being thus arranged Trio two jokers called upon us and another Young gentleman explained what they had done and invited us to get into their Carriego ride with them to Tho Point of assignation and so Tho eights. To unhesitatingly consented and to saw sights Sura Riding upon Tho designated Square to beheld Tho whole thirty or forty mom bars Northern men and Southern men whigs democrats and know nothings walking to and fro All gazing in every direction and at ornery female figure to i Sevor the object of their anxious search. We concluded that if a few More copies of the letter had been sent to members of Tho House of representatives the House would Bavo had to adjourn for to want of a quorum. Sci Cir of a Glutton. English papers mention to suicide of a or. Roy Artono who some ten years ago bad 150,000 pounds Sterling which to Lias Sinco squandered in Tho gratification of by to bad agents in China Mexico Canada and other places to Supply him with the rarest delicacies and a single dub sometimes Cost hit fifty pounds. At length on the i5ib of last april nothing was bit for him hut a solitary Guinea a shirt and a a altered hat. He bought a Woodcock with the Guinea which to had served up in Trio highest Stylo of culinary Art. To gave himself two hours for on easy digestion and jumped into the thames from Westminster Bridge. Salts for Kors Fonto. John Carr of Offir town was exhibiting in this City on monday a Sot of Deleion keys found in Tho Start Yang at go amp town Village. Titer were found buried in Tho a and and wrapped up in a is per. There were about fifteen of them a Orno in a finished and some in an Unab Libed state. They were to arranged that no two were alike and Tho whole together would unlock a Grout variety of looks. They Wero doubtless the tools of Somo rogue who found no convenient Plao for too Zenling them but Tho

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