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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Jul 21 1854, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - July 21, 1854, Biddeford, MaineThe in ii u i if i Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. A8teeh Joel Tifal Biddeford Friday july 21, i8r vol. A no. 29. 1 Jakk Vlf lol and ia1tm.1 Iov Mal is Rui Miu wisely Bipat. Orrick no. 1 cull Block. Biddy bad oppo Ait tha bid be Ford House. Tstn�s3 00 per so did or to so if Pahl Witta i in Roe month Rota the ume of sul crib a j in be copies May to thu used i Tai office to Seal Rice 4 tests. Y b. , american new Sper Afan is be uni or authorised a in foe Una Pup or ii in Cutie a of vew York Burton us a Tundel pie adj u duly empowered to take ave iliac Rowau Sod site Vaiar Ralora As a i paired by us. Hit offices Are a a Jari to won building. Float Bouay s Buu Diar Fri he my n. W Corner Bini Sod Besau Street. Marcus Watso. Pruner. Poetry. The late a jtjd80x. The Horn Lounial give a Brief biographical Ketch of Fanny por Reeter from which of tract a Eliot to Eipl aia the following sex que itly Boa Tiiu Hue before a Olaf the few word by which we would Lethall the Poutu of her varied Lile to our Reud a let a give be of the Drope of a potty a runic Tyrnn Thi Hebreo chm while Here on total poem women foe Cev in i her n eve Olav and certainly the Ommul i Ainet a real of you utterance that we Ever Alee in human Laii tru or it w Tami i in to Iii year t \ one of her Friend u he a feel of privacy which we pre Uuie a removed by her death. She wrote it while at Manila a the mini onary Malum a India at which place he had Horn left by her dying he bed t r. Jul i on when he embarked on a nearly Ropele to a a for health. At the Dale of Tina p a he had been tour month deed although in the White a Ila Pread 1 kind his speech Lea quite. Jug lip and left Hun on i l de Ala it a Emir a a cot fun bed. Lieu from my Geistle sister s Tomb Lou since in tears we Fame thou my i " How de Jufe each room " Cru mine Arr Jim to Ltd same that Day this very vow Mitae. Then Mot her Little Charley came oui i Beautiful. Fair boy with my own father re raked name but of he brought to Joy my child a brought morning and to Joy. I Little grave i cannot see though weary month have Ped since ulving lip Bent Over uie. And flu per a " he is dead " Mother t is dreadful to be dead i do not mean for one like me so weary worn Niaj we a death s shadowy Plenc Xvi to to k eur now Union my Cheek ins real on Wuriu and brow Aud Cheek out for a in Erht winged Bint like him to Liu a his joyous Nof. Ami part whined in a Coli Lii dim join death s Pale phantom throng my boy to join that Grutly throng of Mother i can scarcely liar to think of hit today it was so exalis Italy Lair that Little form n Day my heart still lingers by his Clay. And when for one loved far far More. Come thick la gathering tear or Star of Faith is clouded o or 1 sink beneath my fear Sweet Friend my heavy weight of fear. Of but to feel those fond inns twine around me once again it alms4 seem tin a Lipa of thine might Kisa away la Paia Nuht soothe this Dull Wold heavy Pam. But gentle Mother through life s storms i May not lean of thee for he be cowering Little forms cling tru Stingly to me pot babes to have no guide but me with weary foot and broken Wing with bleeding heart and sore thy Dove looks Hack wards sorrowing but seeks the Ark no More thy breast seeks never Naver More. Sweet Mother for thy wanderer Pray Attiat loll Lor Laith if Given her broken Reed All swept away that Sho May lean on a leaven her heart orow Strony to Christ and heaven. Once when Oung Hope s Freh to orning Dew Lay sparkling on my Breal my bounding heart thought but to do to to curl at heaven Behest my pains come at the same be Best a tearfully All tearfully alone and sorrowing. My Dun Eye lifted to the sky. Past to the in a i cling of Christ to thy Cross i cling. Maul Hai Auguat 7, is to. Agricultural. Milking cows. To insure the greatest yield of milk from a of ill not Only be Well Fel and Well kept but Well milked. No it in not Evert into or every , who in i Quetu the fluid from a cow s udder that it u Good Bilker. It l Imp rant in the first place that .1 icon s hag should be clean. For this Pur pee when the now is Lumen is the v an or should to during the Winter on All farms re through the year he Many let Tho us 4r be washed with cold water and imme Diu Telor dried with a Towel. The Advant Igor of this pro ice to the health of the cow and the health nose of Iho milk Are Greul and Manifest and in till Way to escape 4he Mack sediment of which milk buyer 0 often complain which is nothing else than Small particles of manure Bush cd from the hag Ana belly of the cow into the pull. The hands of the Milker by the n process Are to hed or of enmity an operation too often out to by those who consider these Sci neat and careful. The udder now being Cool and cleansed we Are Ray to Coia Meono milking. If throw be Weill trained she will extend her hint la Tor Jour convenience. Now the Cov May kick. Well we have in a Prev com number of this journal shown thai to retort Kiok for kick is a poor method of converting Motley from la error of Ber wart but the May be cured by kindness. When stated it i of la Uta it cons que Noe that the milking should be Don without i Lenee and As rapidly us Poesy he Many persons who Pride themselves on their fast milking Jerk the teals violently and oth Era will auf Ham to beeline Aore by Thi or aute of their finder Tho Best of milk re scarcely Nova their elbows but with the upper part Olih hand grasping and Dos or Ming the teat � the Jit 0f milk by in Prce sure of the lower Finger whether � cow should be milked before after or during feeding is question of i Dor importance and must be decided by ii Cums one k. L Allen in Hie Exceen work on " Domestic animal " Recco Mem if we rightly remember that they be milk while settling for the Reiton thut while thus engaged they will lot their in ilk Down More readily. La Tine we rec command to those who Wunt it ski milk and enough it it to use kindness and of Agri j culture. Construct on of Cistern. In consequence of the repeated inquiries we receive for information relative to the construction of rain Wier cisterns to ure induced to make some practical hints on the subject. The two All essential requisites for in under ground Cistern ure it Good Hydraulic Lihue m d a supp y of Fure mind. These Trust be selected from experience or trial or by choosing much As re efficient for this Pur pose. A acid Hydraulic Cement Wal in the Courso of a few months become As hard Lis Sandstone. When 0th is hardening proce a does not take , it Mut he owing to Tho 1 bad material or to intermixing in wrong 1 proportion. On the latter Point Somo Uro misled by adopting the practice employed 1 in mixing common him mortar the hardest 1 material resulting in this Case where the Saml constitute about live sixths of Tho whole. Huf the hardest Trater Lime Lusitar 1 cannot lie made if the Sand f pm much More 1 than two thirds of the very common and cheap form for the Eastern is the ridges were three feet apart. Tho Ruta Haga seed were dropped upon Inch a apart at several times Between july 17th and August 10th. No plow wus used after taking off the crop of potatoes. At least one tenth of the spaces intended for the re i to were vacant us the seed did not j vegetate. About ten Days after the plants were up the cultivator was passed Between the rows the plants were thinned but i Leavi g but one in a space and thoroughly weeded. This is Ull the cultivation they re i Cei Ved. T about the 20th of october the entire crop on the five acres was sold for one Hundred and fifty dollars the purchaser to take them from the ground where they then were. The person who bought them save that the produce was More than twelve Hundred bushels and that they were Well Worth the sum he paid for then. When it is consid ered that this Cron Asni sed upon land that Hud produced a fair yield of potatoes and that thirty dollars per acre was realized for a Sec and crop while to expense did not exceed five dollars per cure 1 Ain led to believe that land will sometimes at least pay the cultivator a Lair compensation fur the labor Farmer. Shooting worm nests Hoven in cattle i messes. Editors. The season of the year in now at hand when the Gnu pillars make their nests in the fruit and other Trees and do considerable dam not unless attended to. Now hero is a very cheap mid easy Way of destroying them which we have never seen in the Hooks but have Practised for number of Vears past Nain by by shoot ing Theta. Take an i Loid a l in with a charge of Loose powder and hold the muzzle within a Short i i or of the net and tire. Caterpillars neats. And All will l o swept off clean without injury to the tree. I again Catt e sometimes die from having their stomachs bloated with wind caused by eating Clover when wet with Dew or rain. In this Case we Uke a stick about the thick Ness of a Man s wrist and put it in the Ani Mil s Mouth like u bridle nit and keep it there by a string put Over the head and tied to the stick on each Side of the Mouth. As the animal will bite and Tyte on the i stick it opens the Gullet. The wind escapes 1 from Tho stomach and the brute is relieved i this remedy we have tried several times,1 and always with cultivator. I \ cow Orr n Sam or . Take Twenty i i loads of common barn Yard manure ten i loads of Clay forty bushels of Lime mix the whole thoroughly together and allow the l mass to remain undisturbed ten Days then turn it Over and after a period of a few weeks it will be fit for use. This compost ? i. A Moat excellent article for Corn where the soil is Light Arenac Ous or inclined to Sand. If Lime is not to be obtained the Quantity of ashes May be doubled the Clay acts me i he apically upon the soil and changes its Constitution rendering More firm com � Prestible and retentive of moisture. Making Vinc Oam. A on respondent of the dour news per say the cheapest Mode of making vinegar is to mix go quarts of warm rain Witter with two quarts or Orleans molasses and four quarts of Vesaf. In m Lew you will have the Best r1ngr you ? Ever tasted. J Tokkko Birds from Piccino fruit. An Ali season is coming on fur the depredation of bids. I bog to report Iny experience of lust tear when i saved Niy currants and by it Don to eally need Loo either but 1 believe i la 1 end it 44 Why will you put it in Mary if it does Tot need to i of asked her Yootin old aunt Iai Iuah in her quiet but expressive Way. 1 44 Why you see a tin i to have but a small1 Vash Tom Lay so Small that Susan ill Tret la ouch by one o clock at the latest and i 1 have to pay her just the same a though he Wui ked ill night is 1 Slopa moment nud think. Suppose i u were in the situation that poor Susan is i1 obliged you Tell me to Tuil Over the was a us six Days out o the seven Lor the Bare j1 Lecce tavies of life would not you be Ciul 1 Mich in a while to yet through before ill. I o have a few hours of Daylight to labor for outsell and family of belter still a few Iouri to rest maty dear it is a haul hard 1 Vay Lor a woman to earn her living be Trudye not the poor creature Hor half Dollar. 1 this is Ilie ninth Day in succession she Haisen by candlelight and plodded through 1 he cold Heio and their to her customer s muses and toiled away existence let her 1 to at noon i she yets through who knows nit she May have come Fiorin the sick Couch f Souie loved Oise and Llinat she it tints the 1 hours yes the minutes till he can Requin ainu a Ever she May Cote one Loo late. Put it Back on the l e i. And in Down Here 1 while i Tell you what one p or Washer woman endured because her employer did ,1 its on would to make out the he Oll lady took other slashes and wiped Iway the tear drops hat to u some clue i Bailie real in her Azeil eyes and then Irish a tremulous voice related Llie promised torn. 1.1. I in i i Tatj Wils must i � mine Jill than that of Adaline ral fish to. There Ivos never a Maiden who went to the 1 a be altar with higher Hopes More Bli Tui anticipations. Wedding the mat Ollier u Hoice lit. Whose love touch Hail Ever thrilled her heart like a music Yuh from the lamp us Light he who was dearer to her tar her own existence a Young 1 alerted Noble fellow one of whom it woman might be proud it was no won Ler that mom seemed a Golden Waif from leu. Few indeed have a sunnier life in Iro pet thin Hail i he. And for ten years 1 Here Tell no a endow on her path. Her 1 loin a one of Beauty nil Rio luxury Ler husband the name kind Loving Man 115 1 11 the Day of courtship winning Lamel in 1 Lis Prolan iou adding new comforts to his Leine. Ami new Joys to his fireside and be ides these blessings god had Given auth 1 r a Little crib stood by her bedside its 1 Enrit a Golden haired baby boy the in go no i � nobler father and dearer to those bedded Lover than us yet else Earth could 1 offer. But 1 must not Tweti on lose Nappy lays my Story hut to do with other ones. L was with them a Oft it is with others 1 it when the cup is sweetest it is dashed 1 Iway jul it when the Ben in is brightest the 1 Clouds gather. A series of i fortunes Anil Oversea occurred with startling rapidity Mil swept from Thein everything but love i their baby boy. Sareil to one another jul to that they bore a Brave heart and in 1 Distant Eity begun univ. Their Fortune. Ivell and strongly uld they struggle and Ai length began once More to see the sunlight if Prosperity Shine upon their Home. Hut � Little while it stayed nod then the Shad Nova Tell. The husband sickened und Lay Tor Many a month Unn a weary Couch languishing not Only with mental und Bod 1 ily pain but oftentimes for Lood und Neil Citie All that she could do the wife per formed with a faithful hand. She went from one thing to another til at length she who had worn a Satin Gurtej and peat is upon her bridal Day toiled it the Wash tub for the scant est living. Long before Light she would Rise every inor Nini and labor Foi the Deai ones of her lowly Home and then with Many a kiss upon thu lips of her Pale com Panion and sleeping boy stat through the cold deep Snow and Grope her Way to the too often Smoky gloomy Kitchen and toil thereat tubing Poui iding rinsing starch ing not wading Knic deep in the i lifts to hang out the clothes that froze even Ere she had fastened them on the line. And when night came with her half Dollar she would again Grope through thu cold and Snow to her Oft times lightness and tireless Home for her husband win too sick much of the time to tend even the fire a sink n Liuha. And of with what a his. Ewing heart she would draw near them fear ing Ever she would be too late. It is a fact that for six weeks at one time she never saw the face of her husband or her child save by lamp Light Ocet Only on the Sabbath. Mow glad she would have been to have once in a while had a Small Wash gathered for her " Ono dark Winter morning an Olio was Busy preparing the frugal breakfast mud cel Ling everything ready Ere she left her Hus banal culled her to the Bedi Ide. M Ada paid he in almost n whisper i want you should try and get Homo Early to Niht be Home before Sundown do and " i la try answered she with a choked utterance. Do try Ada. I have a strange Desiro to see your face by sunlight to Day is Fri Day i have not seen it since Sunda i most look upon it once again1." 11 do you Leel worse Edward asked she anxiously feeling i pulse As Sheku. J " no no 1 think not but i do want to see your fare once More by sunlight. I can not wait till gladly would Idio Tarry by Hia bedside till he nun Liuha Shakt have stolen through \ their ii Tilo window Bot it might not be.1 i she was penniless and in the Duk of morn ing must Forth to labor. She left him. T to from Given and taken and Sweet word whispered in the Awe Ereat lore tones. She reached the Kitchen of her employer and with a troubled lace wailed for the Bas Ket to be brought. A Beautiful smile passed Over her wan face a Sho assorted its cob tents. She to Natl gel in rough easily by two o clock yes am if she hurried perhaps by one. Love and anxiety Lent new eur Engin to her weary Arras Ami five minutes after i lie clock struck one she hangs the lust garment on the line and was jut about emptying her tubs when in Wilh a couple of bed quills and saying As you have so Small a Wash to Day Ade line i Tai Ink Yon May do the a yet left the room again. A Wail of agony wrung from the tie Pesl Login lain of her heart pushed to her lips Sinot Erina it As Best the could shul Iii in look up the Boal and rubbed rinsed and Hung out. It was half Pasi Luce when again she stalled Lor Home an hour and the Yod Nana Lor sobbed. " an hour too Lale continued she after � Long pause. Her husband was dying is almost one. He hid strength Given Lini to whisper a few words to the half fran in Wile to Tell her How he had longed to ook upon her face and How that till the look struck two he could see but after hat. Though he strained every nerve he a in the Shadow of death one hour she allowed i head upon her suffering heart nid then a tras at int. " but for the thoughtless or trudging eviction of her mistress she had once More eau the loved uht Flash in her husband s yes and he have Lokeil upon her who was to dear. 11 Mary Mary dear Niu there was n Loul inn chitin emphasis in Lair Ai de woman s voids be kind to your Washerwoman instead fati Ivins to make Ivr Day s Woik is Long As it May be shorten it lighten i " few women will go out to daily wasting unless their needs Are Eri Ible. No to Nan on her bridal Day expects to labor in hat Way and to sine my Niece if contained to do so it is the list resort. That 001 woman Labelling so haul for you hat 10i always been a Washerwoman. She has Icen Bright glad Homo h lira. She has in awful vials too. I can read her Story ii her tale sad lace lie kind to her pay Ler All he asks und let her go Home a Aily As she can. " Yogi have finished in pod season to Lay Susan said mrs. Morion As the Washerwoman with Sci old cloak and Hood i entered thu pleasant chamber to ask Ijiri Fly. " yes a am that i have and my heal 4 relieved of a heavy Load Loo. I was so afraid i be kept Tel night and i am needed so at " have you sickness there1. Said aunt Hannah kindly. Tears cd shed into lie Orrun s eyes an die answered Ahma am 1 left my baby Iio to dead this morning lie will be Nile 10 to Iuo Row 1 know it i have seen it too any times and no e but a child of nine fears to attend it. 0, i must go and quickly and grasping thu Money the hard armed Money that she had toile5 for while tier baby was dying that Whan dead it Iii i have n decent shroud she hurried to Ier dreary Home. They followed her Tho Young wife who and never known n Spriow and Iho aged natron whose hair was Whilo with trouble followed her to her Home the Home of he Diu kaid s wife the Dunkard s babes. He was Noi too late. The wee dying boy ret knew its Mother Yel craved a draught rom her Loving Brea t. Until Midnight he pillowed him there and then kind hands ook from her the breathless form closed he Bright eyes s Laig Heaed the tiny limbs bathed the cold Clay and folded about ii he pure while shroud yes and More. Rhey gave what the poor i of Seldom have Tine to weep. 14 0, aunt said mrs. Morion with tears 11 her eyes at having men the Little coffin d baby borne to its last Home they re Umed to their own Happy one if my heart losses you i few much More must poor Susan s. Had it not been for you she would have been Loo late the baby would lot have known its Mother. It has been n iad Yel holy lesson i shall always now be kind to Iho poor Washerwoman. Us aunt Vas the Story you told me a True one All. Rue 1 mean " Tho Eulily of that Story whitened this j Lead when it had spen but thirty Summers and the memory of it Haa been one of my i keenest sorrows. It is not Strango that i Dould pity the poor Washe Woin an Ade line and aunt Hannah Are one and Iho lame buried alive. An English Sailor named Jackcon spent two years among the natives of Trio be Jeff lands in Trio South sea. From n Norra Tivo of his adventures to quote one Pas Cage describing the hut rial of a Man Olive. A Young Tejoe Man was ailing to Hud Tost his appetite and fearing to to reproached by the Dejeo beauties for being n Skeleton Shamo being an unendurable emotion Resol Ved to to hurried alive. Jackson tried to dial made him from the sacrifice in vain and the scene now to be described followed by this time All his relations Hud code Ted round the door. His father Hud a kind of wooden Pade to dig the Ruvo with his Mother had a new suit of tape his sister Oino Verm Lollon and a whale tooth As an introduction to the great god of Ragor be. To arose took up his bed and walked nor for life hut for Eleaih. His father Mother and sister following Ufler with per Elul other Distant relations whom i accompanied. I noticed thai they Soemod to Fol Low something in Tho Fame that they follow u Cor to in Europe to the grave the it is far As relationship and quaint once Are concerned but instead of lamenting they were if not rejoicing acting and chatting in a very unconcerned Way. At last to touched a Pluck where several Graves could to seen and a snot was soon selected by the Man who a to t e buried. I. 1_ Tino i 4 in i inst Bia grave Whilo Hie Mother a i Ted Hor Eon in putting on u now Typo and Tho girl i suitor was to emering him with and lamp Black. Oas to Send him Devertt in Tho invisible world he the victim delivering Mew Ages that Wero to to taken by his a later top plan absent. Ilia Gutber then announced to him and the rat that the Gra we oomph seed and asked in rather a Eurly tone if he waa not ready by this Tiro. The Mother then nosed him an i Likelio the Aivaler. He Aid be fore i die i should like a drink of his father Mado a Eurly remark. And said Ujie ran to fetch it in a Lens doubled up you Bav been considerable trouble in your ii Ltd and it appear Vou Are going to trouble be equally at your Leath the father re turned with the water which Tho too drank olt and then looked in into a tree covered with Tough Vinee saving he a bold prefer being stranded with a Vine to being Emoth Rcd in the grave. Ilia father became excessively angry and spreading the mat at the Bottom of the Gravo told lie son to die " aka Tam qua like a Man when he Tep Ped into the give which was not More than four feet deep and Lay Down on Hie Hack with the whale s tooth in i Hama which were clap d Ucros a his to by. The a Are hide of the mat was lapped Over him j so As to proven the Earth Iron getting to his body and then about a Foo of Earth was shovelled in upon him us quickly As possible. His father stamped it Uuie Lia Cly Down. Kulild and called out in a lond voice sati to Tiko you Are stopping there you Are stopping there meaning Good Bye. Tho son answered with a very audible Triune and then al out two feet Quioro of Earth Wero shovelled in and stamped As be fore by Iho Loving father and Tiko called out again which a answered by an other Grunt hut much fainter. The grave was then completely filled when fur curios Ity s nuke i said my sell " a Tiko but no Munawer wus Given Uli Hough i fancied or really did Aee Tho Earth crack a Litulu at Tho top of in grave Tho author and Mother then turned Back to Back on the Middle of the i Ravo and having dropped sovino kind of leaves from their hand walked away in apposite direct Iona to a running Stream of water hard by where they washed Theiu selves and Mado to Wash myself and then to returned to the town where there was a feast Pic pared. As soon As the feast was Over it being then dark began Tho dance and uproar which Are always Cair cd on Vithor at Natu ral or violent deaths All classes then Tivo Ali Iii Olics up to excess especially it unnatural or violent deaths of this sort und create All manner of uproar by Means of Large bamboos trumpet Sheila a. Which contributed to Tho general noise which is l onside cd requisite to drive the spirit away and deter him from desiring to dwell or even hover about his late re id nce. From the Junr Knicker Bocker. My and lbs. Sabbow Glass be Tike from the City to enjoy Rural life. When mrs Sparrow gins and i moved into the country wit i our Heads Lull of fresh Butler Ami Cool Crisp radishes for ten with ideas entirely Lucid be speeding milk and a Luo Nuess of calculation As to the number in � family it would take a Good laying Hen to Supply with Iresh virus every morning when mrs. Sparrow grass and i moved into the country we Lound some preconceived notions had to be abandoned and some departures made from the plans we Hud Laid Down in thu link Back parlor in Avenue g. One of the first achievements in the coun try is Eaily rising with the Laik with the i while the Dew is on the grass. " under the opening eve lids of the morn " mid of Feitli. Kinly rising what can to done with live or six o clock in town 1 what May not be done at those hours in the coun try with the Hoe the Rake the Dibble the Spade the watering pot 1 to Plant prune Drill transplant grail train nud Sprinkle mrs. S. Und i agreed to Liso Early in the country. 1-Nrly 11.?Mill til lilt Counti in nut on m stint it is u sentiment Ami must be cultivated. A Friend recommended me to Send to Long Inland for some very prolific potatoes the real Hippopotamus Breed. Down went my Man and what with expenses of horse hire tavern Bills toll Gate end breaking a Wagon the Hipp Potami Cost As much apiece As Pine apples. They Vee Fine potatoes enough with Cornel features and Large languishing Eye that promised in crease of family without delay. As i worked my own Garden for which i Lilied a landscape Gardener at two dollars per Day to give me instructions i concluded that the object of my first experience in Early rising should be the planting of the Hipp Potami. I accordingly Rose the next morning at five and it rained i Rose next Day at five and it rained the next Ami it rained it ruined for two weeks we had splendid potatoes every Dav for dinner my dear said i Lomis. Sparro Grona where did you get those Fine potatoes ? " " Why " Mill she innocently out of the Basket from Long Inland " the last of the Hipp Potami were before me peeled and boiled Ami a had and baked with a Nice thin Brown crust on the top i was More afterwards. I did set some Fine seed potatoes in the ground. But something was Tho matter at the end of the season 1 did not get As Many out As i nut in. 1 i mrs. Purru Yiu Usu m u us Lviv housekeeper said to me Ono Duy 11 now my dear. We shall Pooh have plenty Fegus fur i have been buying a lot of Young Chick there Alliey be each one with As Many feathers As a Grasshopper and a chirp not louder. Of course to looked Forward with pie mail Hopes to the period when the first cackle should announce Iho milk White egg warmly deposited in the Hay which to had provided bountifully. They grow finely and one Day i ventured to remain that our hens had Moat remm Kubly Large Combs to which or. S. Replied Yea indeed she had observed that but if i walled to have a real trea i ought to set up Early in the morning and hear Thorn 41 Crow Inid i faintly " our hens Crow ing then by the cock thai crowed in the in the morn to Wake the priest nil shaven and Ahorn we might is Well give up All thought of having eggs said11 " for As Nure As you live mrs. S. Our hens Aro nil Rookie re " Atud to i hey were Roosien that grew up and fought with the Neihbors Hick Cna until Thero was net in Thor pair of Eye on either aide of the Fence. A dog is a Good thing to have in the coun try. I Nave one which i raised from n Pup. To is n Good Atout fellow and a Hearty bar Ker acc feeder. The Man of whom i bought j him said he was a thorough bred but he soon Beiran to have a Mongrel look about him. Me is a Good watch log though Tor the moment lie sees any suspicion looking Erson about the a Romies he comes right nto the Kitchen and pets behind the stove. At first we kept him in the House and he j scratched All night to get out. Then we tamed him ont and he scratched All nig it to get in. Then we lied him up at the Back of the Garden and he howled so that our neighbor shot at him twice before Daybreak. Finally we gave him away and to came Back and now he is just recovering from a str in which he has Lorn up a Patch that Haa Beeri sown for our Spring Rad Hea. A Good Strong Gale is a or Euseary article for your Garden. A Cood Strong Henry a to with a dislocated hinge so that it will neither open nor shut. Such a on had f last yet. The grounds before my Fence Are in common and All the neighbors cows Pas Ture there. I remarked to or. 9., As we stood at Tho window in june last How Placid and picturesque the cattle looked As they strolled about cropping Tho Green herbage. Next morning i found Tho Nocent Crea Ture in my Garden. They had not left a Green thing in it. The Corn in bems on the polos the Young cabbages the tender lettuce even the thriving shoots on Iny Young fruit Trees had vanished. And there they were looking quietly on the ruin they had made. Our watch do too was for uni Herzug with them. It was too much so i got a Large stick and drove them nil out except a Young Heifer which i chased nil Over the Hower Beds breaking Down my trellises my Woodbine and Sweet Brier. My Rocs and petunias until i cornered her in the lint bed. Hail to Call assistance to extricate her from the sashes and her owner sued my for damage and recovered. I believe i shall move into town. The greyhound of Africa. Nothing evinces More Ilia aristocratic rattles of the Anim of Sahara than their treatment of their l greyhounds. Here As in All other Arab countries the common log i whatever the Utility of Lii employment in protecting the tents Ami lock is still re gained As a contemptible Ami troublesome servant disagreeable necessity. The greyhound alone As Tho companion of i chivalrous pastimes is treated by the Arab with affectionate attention and respect. A Lille therefore the faithful watchdog in driven Forth from the Lent treated a. A Vul Var brute and allowed to seek his food among the offal and Bones that have been thrown out the greyhound sleeps in the men s apartment on a carpet beside his master or even on his bed. He is Abun Dantly but carefully fed with Koos Kons and in Bumin i cakes Are Mado for him of in ilk and stoned Dales which Are said to be highly tonic. If a Thoro bied Uii Mal tie will not drink out of a dirty , nor will he taste milk in which any one ban put Ilia bands lie is defended from Mucoid with coverlets like the horse. The arabs having no objection to his being sensitive in this respect it is an evidence of High blood. They Delight in it Fekin him with ornaments and make for Luiu collars of Cowry shells to which they Tlach talismans to secure them from the blight of an evil Eye. At the age of forty Days Tho pups Aro re moved from the Mother and led wish goats or camels milk mixed with dates Ami Koos Koos. At the aze of three or four months the education of the greyhound is begun by the children starting Jui Boas or Small Deer and inducing him to give Chase. Ilu soon become so fond of this pus Timo that he will bark round the holes to induce the youngsters to renew the sport. The next Danio on which he is tried is the Bare then the Young pazello. At the end of u year lie has attained his full strength Ami is advanced to be the companion of the rna Stei of the Lent who teaches him to Hunt the full sized Gazelle. The Arab talks to him As a human being listen to me Frimml thou inns bring me Somo Venison 1 am lived of Ealing nothing but dates where upon the dog leaps wheels about and in Lima Les is plainly As of Siulc thai he under stands his master s wish and is abundantly willing too reply. When i lie lug perceive u Onciu or forty Gazelles lie trembles with Joy Ami looks wistfully at his master. Hayoung jew says the amb Oliou Wilt not Sav this time that thou Hast nut seen them lie then unties an of skin and Tufie Shes the body of Tho dog with a sprinkling of water. Thu impatient animal turns on him an in poliing Eye he is loosed on the game nod Bounds away but yet conceals him self couches Down if perceived makes a Zigzag course audit is not until fail by within Learh that he darts with All his strength choosing the finest of die Herd a his victim. When the Hunter cuts up the Gazelle he gives the dog part of the loin if he were offered any refuse lie would reject it with disdain. A thorough bred hound will Hunt wit i no one but his own master and to Mani fests due Selt respect in his Choice of a prey. If on loosing him his master has pointed out a Fine Gazelle und he has succeeded in taking Only to Small and middling looking one he seems to feel the the run coach that attaches to Tho failure and Slinks away ashamed instead of claiming i accustomed share. He always accompanies his master when visiting and shares whatever Hospi Tali ties he receives. By his Cut Meme clean Liness the kindliness of his manners and his respect for the usag i of society he shows himself worthy the attentions thus bestowed on Hirn. When the Arab returns Home after a Sor Neuhut prolonged absence his dog makes a single bound irom the tent to the Saddle and wot comes him with Ca resses. The greyhound 01 r Ana Rait Jorj urn. To that of the coast. To is Lull and Fawn coloured Lias a la Iii muzzle Black Tongue and palate Large forehead Short ears mos Cular neck very soft hair no paunch dry i limbs and the Muscles of Tho croup Well j marked. A prelim Good one it considered Worth a Fine Camel bit those which take the largest Gazelles will bring is much As a horse a family Hunter however i Neer som i an Arab would almost is soon think of a. Linof one of his sons. When he due it i a Timo of mourning in the Lent the women and children weep and lament As for a Mem Ber of the family. Management of a canard Steamer. J Tho conducting of Thi magnificent vessel from port Toj Ort across the Ocean exhibits n remarkable Triumph of human skill. A indy of officers dressed in a uniform like that of Tho Royal Navy. I charged with the manage ment of the hip. Tho chief command in the America for the Timo being was in the hands of Cap. Shannon a to Othman of sex per tended seamanship and most agreeable and obliging in his Intercourse with Tho Pas Senger. Under him Are three officers. The laborious duties of the ship Are performed by a Boatswain and an efficient corps of mar incurs there is likewise a head Ong Noer with i assistants having the special charge of the machinery. In the Ordinary working of the ship it see a to be a Rule thai two offi cers shall always to on the Alert one stationed on the Gangway at the Side of the paddle boxes to look sharply Shead the other stationed at the binnacle too Mimini Oate orders to the Man at the wheel. When an order in issued by the Captain or first officer on Doty it is repeated aloud by the Seckon officer red Yon the hear u rapid if Oeh oed fro Point to Poi till acted upon by the helmsman. Orders to Tho of Ineer to Slacken Speed to Stop or go on Are communicated by polling the wire of a Boll at the paddle Box by which simple Coo trl flair and fancy Job or Limio. The or Tatum a Bluhm if us to Cartt a a 0mtm, Block Bueton u Titei up a Tab pm w Tif that will Reahle atm to fun Nimlo work with the a at Atira aet my thai Baa Baa Amada Tuita Jaar la Sikli Art. On Ralto Plain or f j of c y mint Liq la Cturner with Troner will trf�amir4 la Laumer feat Adt Apsch at before known to Ikia my Tito. Tea urge and demand for card minting Ilaa induced Tea Subac Rubw to Pidima a Jav will / Aller Triin Tocu Branch w lha pc Toraa to tha infect Atla Froian. Car card of All Ankara and quark or at Wayton haad. It Ord or any idol of pfc printing ant tar Aufa a of Crawdad by mail by or Rad. Koi us Jocus Orect 0. Cowals. Vanco Tho Tuo moments or he help Aro under the Moat perfect control. The watches As must be known to Manj no four Hoar each and Are regulated by striking a hell placed near the wheel the sounds being answered by a Bell it the lore Custlow. Tho ill is Ati Uek Overy half hour. Siul Paat 12 o clock a indicated by one blow one o clock by two blow and so on to 4 o clock marked by 8 blow. At half Imit four they begin again and in this Way the 24 hours of Tho Day ure divided. Although ably is Sisceil by the of Ricort Tho comm uder of a vessel Efthia Clara Bolda a situation requiring sleepless vigilance. I hit Rvl d thai his it night was kept constantly burning to ill Minnic the Chart compasses and barometers with which the up rent is furnished and at various times u Mariner Cam to report the Progress of Tho ship and the state of the wins. It is Alto noticeable thet any order despatched by the Captain to the officer on duty a Given in writing Aoa to avoid Tho mistakes incident til it verbal messages. Latterly a toll Talo Compass Haa Imen invented for the Purpova of checking irregularities in sailing. By Menna of an ingenious kind of Mechanic ism attached to a Compass. It s dial plate is Puno tured in the Lino of direction of he ship. Sli Ouli to Vess a to kept unsteadily on its assigned course the deviations will to Mark cd on the dial like a Cloud of Zigzag punctures but should to kept steadily to its proper path the punctures accordingly Mill be in a straight Lino. French i tills of Pap t Are suppl Ioil daily. With one Olih so Tell Talo compasses the Captain on awaken ing in his berth can discover whether his orders Ivo been carefully to a otherwise Calm Furrs Jour a. Tiik Union in dancer. Tho washing tar. Sentinel is u Prodigy As Well a n curiosity. Thuro nothing which it cannot do or any. Itou lit to lie lick curation a to l e found in thu fact that a Ami Nebraska convention Haa been called in Saratoga " sur Tuya a n watering Pluto of much Noto. It a resorted t � during the a Siiner by org numb Cra of a outliers scope who Liuvao already patronized it Nith a prodigal liberality. They go for Frealin air Hulth and social enjoyment. But Saratoga a 110 longer to Fumi Idi u pleasant Retreat Tiroui the Din of the great world und the Asp Eritrea und Chantia of politics. Ita l eau Zirul pre Ciuchta hut have been sacred to a Linn ure to by desecrated. " in Placo of the aunt voice of la r woman and strains of pleasant music Tho hoarse voice of a thousand Ruthlea and reckless Uboldi Ion stg Nic now to l c heard. Thoy Are to to heard uttering curse against Tho South by a outliers men a outliers Ludiea a outliers children who with a generous Freedom from sectional feeling have been wont to and their aug Ciuci it Saratoga rather thu it we Turin Placca nearer Homo. Ottiero a not that Climax a lout equal to that of the lady who charged the Rodica with injuring her can Ruyter und the rout door of her residence what trill Alra. Orun by any ? a Case or Sakk. Tiiu Cleveland her Ald tells Lite following Good Lory about Ono of those troublesome Lille imps of Bright nets that Scalier Sunshine and music through Many a household. It will do to Loc Lio Ulmont any where a Friend of ours has an equal undivided interest in a charming piece of personal properly a Bonghi coed intelligent Little Gill of Tivo Summers experience who re juices in Tho name of Alice. In the family is a servant girl whose horror is rats and who chancing on one of the Long tailed Ani Mals in the cellar makes a must in Chi ii cml Stampede shouting rain Ali Zuj sleep in a crib so Low that placing one foot on the inside of it she can easily Spring in. A few evenings since her Mother was attending her to bed when she said Mamma do you know How i get to bed Quick 4 no was the reply Well said Alice in great glee i step one foot Over the crib and then 1 say Rait Ami eau myself right in if any five year old can beat that Trucl pm out. I Ioleta. Trio following extract from Flie letter of clergy inn to the lord lieu be Rinvil of Ireland presents a cry simple and to prove Lalive of Chul Era As Well As a remedy of great Power he preventative is simple " a Teaspoon fill of powdered charcoal taken three or four times a week in n cup of code or other quid in the morning. When attacked Alrh cholera a mixture of Nii ounce of charcoal a ounce of laudanum in ounce of Brandy or other Spiri a May be Given a lol lows after being Well Miake a Tea spoonful every five minutes. In half an hour i Havo known this Eftic Tully to relieve and stay thu disease. As the patient a comes belter the mixture May be Given at Long interval. I have know a patient in the Blue stage and collapsed perfectly Roover in n few hour. The Chur Coul was tried As a preventative on a Large Plantation in the Mauritius and not a Tingle individual oot of eight Hundred was attacked with lit cholera. Tomonao or main Akomas Amram. Tonnage of Maine 1h53, 021 my tons ton nage of Mamach Aetis 1863, 840,000 ton ? thus Lahowin an exec in favor of is a Chu Scutta of 22ft.000 tons. Theta two stale own 1.570,000 tons of shipping. The total Atlantic tonn Ngo of the United state Claiire of the Lake Inland and shipping owned on the Pacioc it 3.400,000 too., and it will thus be seen that Maine and Maas Chua Ettl own about 44 per cent of the entire Zeab re commercial Monoc of Iho Union. Kiu cation. I is Urcla de of the eccentric John Randolph of Roanoke that one of the Aoh Ecta which he appeared to take great Delight in radio Olaug waa u Modem system of female education the undue importance Given to Mure accomplishments and the neglect to qualify them for real life by a Fol information and to told with great Clee in Illust ainu of h argument an an Odoie of a Virginia planter who unwittingly married a Yip in my Froah for in the Boa Diug school and he was aur priced beyond mma4re to find at Dan item that a Rou id of Tortu beef id been Tiu my by order of i Bride

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