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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Jul 14 1854, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - July 14, 1854, Biddeford, Maine? ? i ? ? ? ? the Union pm Eastern Muht Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. Biddeford Friday july 14, 1854. Vol. . 28. ? a prion and let mall Jon Wal ii Rva limb in tit Reimt. Or net no. 1 Central Block. Bid be Ford opposite Tom How. To bums i 00 per annul or i 30 if paid within thre month from the time of Auh cart Bruj 0m. Fie Optea May he obtained at Chiao Flat a in seals Rice 4 Ceata. T b. Pauu America a newspaper agent a to ouija author iced aft eat fur Liia paper la a civic of new York Batou Aud Philadel phia Audia duly empowered to take advertise ment and at the tame Ratra a inquired by a. I Oancea Are a 1wa, Tri Bune buildings Bottom so Quay a by Iuliu pad Supki n. W. Comer third Aad cd Caput it ret. Marcus Watson or later. Poetry. To the dandelion. ? ? ? to Jamb i Mill Low ill. Der common sower that grow so beside the Wurr fun gig it a Dusty Road with harmless Gold first pledge of hit Home May children Pluck and full of Prule uphold. Huh hearted Buccaneer o enjoyed that i Bey an Eldorado Law Troi have loud which not the Nch Earth s Sui plan round May match in wealth thou Art More Deur to me than All the prouder summer blooms May be. Quid such a thine user do the Spanish prow through the primeval Hus i of Ludian a a nor wrinkled the lean How of age Tumi Lite Lover heart of ease to the Spring Large a which she scatters now 80 Rich Aimi poor alike with Lavi i Haud thou Moat hearts never understand to Lake it at a d a value but pm by the Olfer d wealth with unrewarded Eye. Boa my trophies and wine Italy to look at thee unlocks a warmer dime the evea thou i it Iii Are in lie heart and heed not apace or time not to fwd june Lite Golden Curt aaa d Bee feel a More summer like warm ravish ment in the White Lily a relay tint Ilia cuu her d Synirie. Than 1, when tint from the dark Jurreen thy yellow Circle burst. Then think i of deep Shadow on the grass of Meadow where in untie cattle Graze where As the a Reevea Pana the gleaming rushes lean a thousand Way us leaves thai slumber in a Cloudy Uia or White in the wind of Waters Blue that irian the distance sparkle through some Woodland Gap and of a by above where one Twute Cloud like a Alray Lamb doth move. My childhood s earliest thoughts Are link d with Tine the sight of thee Call Back the Robin a song who Tiroui the dark old tree beside the door aug clearly All Day Long and i secure in childish pict al Zislen d As if i heard a Angel sing with new from heaven which be did bang fresh even Day to Ziy untainted ear when Birds and Flower and 1 were Happy Peers. How like a prodigal doth nature seem. When thou for All thy Gold of common Art thou teaches uie to deem More acre Day of every human heart. Since Rich reflect in Joy Ila Schuty gleam of Hravey and could vane wondrous Sec ret How did we but pay the love we one and with u child1 undo Btung Wisdom look of All these Liv Uig pages of god s Book. Agricultural. Farming it Palestine. S. Yvo. Jones esq., of pal Offield mas., who a Labouring to ameliorate the condition of the jew has written Home to i. Reed s cull Urist and Gazelle an interesting letter descriptive of the geology Ami agric flute of that Ait of the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean. He says that it surface rocks belong to the Chalk lorm ution and that the Oil is naturally Fertile but wretchedly cultivated. The Plains of Sharon appear to be elevated table land having a abundance of Lime in the form primarily of minute Hells characteristic of Chalk and valuable for raising Grain. Or. Jones letter bears Date january 21, 1854, in which he gives the following interesting in forma Tina � 1 a i a Ilia Pic Ull Iril Uhm h the deep Green of the leaves. In Many places on the Trees they Are so thick As to make one solid mass with Only room for the leaves to Slick out Between them. It is in time of gathering during the months of november january and february and soon the ties Aie i Blossom again. Provide Hornet for the Birds every morning since Early Spring Golden Kubin has Sung i cheerful song. Exec tin. Ita charming trills and shucks and War Blea Erer s Many times and relating the finest passages with variations irom Wischo sen position in the Willow opt of Ite my win Dow. The h or at which this musical entertainment is Given in so Early that Iho audiences Aro Conpra Lively Smull and not one in a Hundred of the passers by Ever step to listen to his notes though Many of the same persons would willingly pay live Dol Lars to an intimation of the song executed by in artiste wit i Flowers in her Imir and decorated with jewels. Now and then a labourer on his Way to his Day s work pause a moment and Uppa Zemly cheered by the Sweet music hurries on whistling a Favori e air. Sometimes a boy who is in tent on making this life a constant warfare turns to look for a Stone. But very few seem to hear the Warbler at All and were he to abandon his old Home in the Willow his absence would scarce be no Ted. Still the Birds i Ike the Flowers and every thing Beautiful in nature have a Mission Here. They Are part of Tho poetry of the world and Side from the essential acts of kindness they perform for the Farmer they Wen designed to Aid in cultivating oui characters it were Well Worth the while to Plaut Trees and shrubbery about out dwellings if Only to provide a shelter and Home for the Birds. There Are Birds that live in our Orchards and gardens and in crease in proportion As the land is devoted to tillage hut there Are others that frequent Only the Woods and have no sympathy with the lonely farm Houe or the Village destitute of Uvea. Of Thia Clasa Are the Wood Burrow the thumb and Many other sing ing Birds. In the april number of hovey1 Maga line of is an article on the " Means of multiplying the Siu Uller Birds around our dwelling by Wilson Laoo of Beverly mass., who has contributed Sev eral interesting Nind valuable imperil to that Wrork on subjects of Rural Imp moment. He Speaks of two method of preserving the Birds the first consists in omitting to de stroy them the second in permit ing the growth of certain Trees shrubs and other plants on which they de end entirely for shelter and subsistence. He says " every Bird i More or be attached to a particular character of ground or shrubbery and if we destroy this character we drive this particular species from our neighbouring to seek in other places its natural the effect of extreme care in securing a smooth Lawn and Cut in away All under Brush a been to exterminate the less familiar Birds spoke of above. Our nuthor1 say the song Sparrow will build Ita neat not a Rod from our dwellings if the right condition Are there. The nest is usually built on the Ide of the Mound where the 1 grasses and mosses Are overrun with Black Berry vines and wild Ros Bushes. For the purpose of picturesque off it and affording desirable residences Lor the Birds a of Nee made of rough Small poles passed through upright posts is recommended in preference to Heogy rows. The growth of i Cellaneous shrubbery Nar his rustic Fence should be encouraged und Here song sters will make their Homes. 14 it is this spontaneous growth of Shiuh Hery and other wild Plant that constitutes one of the charms of the new England Stone Wall. We Seldom see one that is not covered on each Side More in less with roses Brambles spi a Viber Nuin and other vines and shrubs so that in some of our open Fields the Stone Walls with their Are the Uin t attractive object in the landscape. Along the base of these Walls where the plough does not Reich nature Calls out the Rue leaved Anemone the Violet the cranes Bill Beil wort. The delicate Pink convolvulus and Many other native Flowers of exceeding Beauty while the rest of the Field is devoted to tillage. In Early times it was customary to erect Bird houses in the Garden for the accommodation of swallows Wrens Blue Birds and mar Tini Bot comparatively few have been constructed in late years. These Little houses i May be made cheaply and very ornamental. For some reus n we always form a favor Bio opinion of the resident of a dwelling when a Bird House is seen near it and we recall those Beautiful lines. Lie Pru Orth l it who Loveth be tall ii airs both Kurt mid Mii Uii for the Ureal Gud who Loveth us he invade and Loveth in concluding hit article or. Flago Sot the following language " u we observe nil these requirement providing ret rents and building House when employed in till ing a Arm or laying out a country seat we but avoid the destruction of those Beautiful relations which nature has established throughout the Earth. The plow and the scythe May do their work for Man without interfering with the Junta of those Crea Tures whom future Hus appointed As the enl veners of Hia toil. Every estate might be invade to represent the whole country in its tilled Fields and cultivated Lawn with the proper admixture of Forest Thicket and primitive herbage. Then while sitting at on windows the Eye would be delighted by the tight of Little Copcea of wild shrubbery with their undergrowth of mosses Ferna an Christmas evergreens rising in the midst of smooth Lawn and in charming opposition to tar Flower Beds that Are distributed in other parts of the ground. In the minature wilds the smaller Birds would find a shelter suited to All their want and instinct und in return for our hospitality would acc As the the sentinels of our Orchards and Gordua and the musicians to attend us in our daily labor and Hominy. In Point of Economy a Numan food one Bushel of Beans or Hominy is equal to ten of potatoes Hominy too is a dish almost time Sally liked As potatoes and at the South about As freely eaten while at the North it it Seldom seen. In tact it is an unknown Lood except to a few Eraena in cities. By hoi Niue we do not mean a sort of coarse in al but grains of White Corn from which the Hull and chit or Eye has been removed by moistening and Huud ing in a wooden mortar leaving the Grants almost whole and composed of Little else but search. It has often been said that not one Cook in ten knows How to boil a Pota toe. We May add another cipher when peaking of the very simple process of Cook aug Hominy. We give the formula from our own experience and instructions receive ? de in a land where " hog and Hominy " Are Well understood. Wash slightly in cold water and soak twelve hours in tepid soft water then boil slowly from three to six Houts in the same water with plenty More added from time to time with great care to prevent burning. Do not Aalt while cooking As that or Laid water will Harden the Corn. So it will j us or Beans Given or dry and Tice also. When done add butter and Salt i or a belter Way is to let each season to suit the taste. It May be eaten with meat in lieu of vegetables or with sugar or syrup. It it Good hot or cold and the More Fie-1 i gently it is Wanned Over like the old fashioned pot of " Beun Todge hot bean porridge cold in Iii porridge beat it Niue Days old. " so is Hominy it is Good always and very wholesome and like Loma Oes Only a equities to be eaten once or twice to fix the taste in its of health. Renovation or peach treks. In this Clim d the above mixture and was Hap pity surprised by to sudden and entire restoration. The peach though a Lender tree comparatively should never be set in a warm location when so placed it be comes stimulated too Early in Tho season and generally blooms before the cud of frosty weather whereas when placed in a Northern exposure or on the North Side of Hui Didgs or High Walls whih protect it from Tho Vernal rav it is re armed in its inflorescence and this retardation ensures in nine cases in ten a crop of excellent and developed fruit. There Are few reasons to apis Rowend Why the peach should not be enrolled in Tho list of on Standard fruits. The tree is a vigorous grower easily propagated on any Light Day soil that is suitable for Indian Corn and has this important and Vintage Over most fruits that it hears in four often in Thea years from Tho journal. Miscellaneous. From tit Tull Auto but. An Irish Story. Some time ago i was pleasantly surprised by receiving n visit from Harry Stanley an old and valued Friend of mine who owns a Plantation some ten Miles Distant from my residence. He had Ridden across As coun try Folk often do not so much because of any particular business he had with me As to have a Chat about old times and Tho crops and politics and those lesser matters of common interest to both. As i had not seen Harry for several months owing to Tho ill Ness of mrs. Stanley his visit was even More than usually agreeable to me inasmuch us it proved thut my old Coll go chum wis still the same Frank easy warm hearted fellow is Ever. My first auction naturally touched a on the health of mrs. Stanley which 1 wus gratified to learn had greatly improved inflate afterwards we fell into a social 1 confab and when the newer topics of the Day were exhausted Henry strolled Wii me around the farm noting with a Practised Eye the growing Grain and speculating upon the probabilities of a Beautiful Harvest. Ii ving extended our walks Ucros s the Fields we took to the Hills beyond and at length seated ourselves beneath a Fine old Chest nut tree from whence there wus a nolo Prospect of the surrounding country. Taking a Cigar from u Case to was accustomed to carry in his in ticket my Friend proceeded leisurely to i Irvin and when this feat wus accomplished and a few whiffs had been taken in silence Ull at onco and to my great sur Erise he suddenly broke out with i say Irban do you know anything of Ono Peter Mulrooney � by to you Tybur Viiu i. 44 of nothing Only to claims you a a warm Friend of his and referred me to your it Apeci aide self for Hia character. I did t want Toboni Eryou however at the Lime hut happening Juat then to need a hand i hired him at once and i do Laaure you his Chu Ruttei soon made itself apparent with out any further trouble. Alter to had been with me for a week or to doing nothing properly. I thought you to night have Dia charged him fora me Misdemeanour or other and concluded to cat Chiao my gentleman a Little. So you know or. Urban Mulrooney Euid i. Deed air said he tia proud i no to aay that Uuie for Auie there Irav not. But what did you do after you left or. Urban 1 " " och bad Luck to me air Twat the fool Hest thing in the world. I married a middy air. T � 4 i la i a a ugh " he exclaimed with in expression of intense twas too hot Lor that 1 does be thinking " Klumph you found the widow too fond of having her own Way i suppose ? " " thru fur you sir an a mighty crooked Way it was that same an that s no " she managed to keep you straight i dare say straight och by the Powers. Mis ther Stan Lay be May say that if i d a swallowed a Soger s ramrod tin t a straighter i d a been. " and the result was. That not approving of the widow s discipline you ran away and left her " " sure sir twas easier done than that. Iler first husband better Luck to him i a raved the the trouble o that " her first husband what had she another husband living ? w of is one Michael Connoly a Ray main Man that Wai reported dead but he came Buck one Day an i restored him his wife and children. A but Iwaya a pious Man i was to to free with these explanations our converts tons for the time terminated but Tome Days afterwards a Colt of no great value looking rather slug ish and heavy. 1 thought 1 would test master Poter s useful Incus about be stables so i sent for him to come to the House. Peter wid i do you think i could tru to you to live Tho Black Tilly a hmm Mush this evening " As he sired at me for a a ment or two without replying i repeated the question. " is it a Marsh sir " Aid he. " sure i d like to be Palisin Jour Honor any Way an that s no Asho spoke however i fancied i saw a Tran to sort of puzzled expression lit across Hix face but. Taking it for granted he knew j what i meant i paid it Tho time no Atten Tion to it. The conversation which followed immediately after by one of thou singular coincidences which so frequently happen in life turning upon More fractious about having Hor age told than an Irish it was almost impossible to resist this but i managed to restrain my disposition to burst out into a Hearty Roar und merely Suid " Poh Poh h tvo Doco with your nonsense Mulrooney und go on with your i. � that to Tould the ago of u horse for Why would i Botein yrs Honor u Lio about it ? but t Watt Only the coaxing Way to had that put Tho co Molher on Tho jealous Baste and persuaded it to open its of 1 know you Irish arc famous for " deed sir that s three any Way said Peter. Well Neul was but a poor Prayther Luther All for by Cuson of Tho Genthry Collo Guing hid Hui to Isgan to turn a co d shoulder to his old friends an to brag an to boast As if to Bate Tho world for Wisdom. Arruth where wus the Uso of a d cent Man demanding Huelf that Way 1 Well Ono Duy to took it into his head to thru al to Dublin fur dire Shiu an a mighty Putty dive Shin he made of it sure enough. Och but it a Beauty of a City Ilia sumo Dublin wid its four Moorta units struts o Fine houses an its College Green an is Bridges Over Tho Lifley mud b Neal stools to the Market. I dad. But t was in evil Janus Tuk him there i docs he thinking after admiring the Hapes of Pisa ties in Tho Rushins of bae an Mut ton a other vegetables of a Milur charac Ter to comes to a Fisherman s stall where to sees Ever so Many Black things Pokin out their thin legs in Druwin them Back agin in a Laxy sort of a Way. M what s shia " Bax Neal to Tho Fisher Man. Lobsters see the Man. To is Jokin be Aro Soi Neal. " lobs then Aro red cry then As red As Soger s Coats sex he " for Mist reus Llo Llagun Tho housekeeper at squirt Dookins told to Quisin Tibb Mil an Tella the truth _ i the Fisherman. T i the Bilin docs it. The hot water Lurna " Ayeh but that Bates Hannaher " aet Ocul. " i a be plated to Aell be one set the Man. " t a the Ilii Gastesi Atin t a what they feed the great lords and ladies m so Neal thought what n mighty Fine thing it would to to Tako a Loather Home wid Tim an Dine for want in bit life fur All the world like a " a Thia Baste fat " sex Neal Pointin wid Hia Finger to the biggest fellow on the Boord. " Begora be might try him Down a make alarm Wandlea out o him aex the Fisherman. M but it ath Vikra me to basis in t Young sex Neal dubiously. M t a away to too for yera Olf Tai Fisherman Lily. " How will i do i hat f " aes Neal. " Ilaa n t he got two Moiha wid Teeth item " sex the Fisherman. M Bedad but that three Tes Neal. " a with that Hiya would on it a Bould us Bronsa Whin wow clip goes the claw into Hia hand. Och. Murther " criota Neal. Shakin Hia Hund with the Black globular clinging to it an he Kippin about like a Monkey Oil a barrel Orgun murther i 11 to killed in tirely Aez he. Take the b Date off. Will be " t a a de a Mun i a thin Blea aed due och Wirra Wirra what 11 become of Biddy an the Childr ? Mun her Mur ther the Varmint i fucking All the mood from my Lody. T a thut make the Loba Thora a dec twin wid laughter an Houldin their Aidea an Niver a soul of pm stirred till u big Butcher Bruk through pm wid Hia clearer. " would yer hand Down upon the Boord Aez to to Neal. And wid thai to chop Oil the claw in act m gown free. " now i ii pay be for the lob ther. If be Plaza sex Neal in u passion to the Fiaher Man. " of aex the Man if i a a Baitin Yoro Uther. Yoro Welcome to an with thut to a sea a of Lohs Hora by the of the Hack and flourish a Theiu at Arrn a length. Arrah Como on " act to. Nut As soon is i Cai near to Inu Smars a Laikiu in rattling near his face he drops his fists an runs out of Dublin u id Tho peo Pic shouting at his heels. Faix when he came Back to Galway there was t Many o the boys that Wor Inilda enough to ask Neal m gown to Tell pm the Aye of a to bother by Lookin it his Teeth. An that a Tho Story " very admirably embellished i Daro , and new Mulrony i Cun dispense will you for the present so Bear in mind what i Lold about Tho , sir " u certainly Ubo i Tho still Peter unaccountably lingered and i wart about to ask him Why to waited when to said of Tiv " i beg your Pardon sir but t is bothered ii Lirely i am. Will i gue her an Ould country Marsh or an ameriks Kiash " i Een a Tuu Tew minutes after this that mrs Stanley entered the room where i waa sitting mid As Alio was Atwil somewhat of an invalid i Laid Down Tho Book i Hud in my Hund and leading her to Tho sofa arranged the pillows to her liking. U 1 wish Yoo would go into Tho Kitchen George she said As 1 was disposing a Light shawl about her person " i am afraid Toncre is something wrong Between that irishman of your and Phillia. Both their voices appeared to be a Good Deal raised As i crossed the Hall und 7 heard the Man say something about some orders you Hud Given " Ohtis nothing my dear i said hair laugh Iii. " i understand it All. Mulrooney requires some Wurm water which Phil Lis who bears him no Lovo has 1 suspect declined to give my explanation scarcely satisfied mrs. Stanley who so mod to think that he disturbance wus urea Tor than would to Likely to arise from such a trifle. However she said nothing More and i was searching Tor u passage in my Book which i thought would please her. When Ull it onco to Wero Start led by u Distant crash of crockery Ware plates und dishes in tact As 1 afterwards Dis covered. To add to our annoyance Lii crash was speedily followed by a half sup pres de shriek. Mrs. Stanley started up in Olurin. " do go and Seo what is Tho matter George said she. I told re i was sure it was something serious. That irishman will be the death of 1 Hillis some of these Day a they ure Ulm Una scarcely pausing to listen to the closing portion of my wife s Sproch i hurried from the room and soon heard As i passed through the Hull an increasing Clamour in the Kitchen beyond first of All Camo the shrill voice of philli., a done. I say won t Bab muffin to do wid the stuff Nair Uway. You ugly an cont hairy Ould Nav Gur Doug t i to 1 Yotis the Inu Thor a or Hersl it heard p. Tor respond taint no aeon n Wing. A 7 poor White Irahet i Tell be i won t. Who ebb heard of a coloured Ooman a t King a bran Mash ii Foro i d like to know the whole truth of what i had Beon Ana pectin for Somo time flatbed upon to at once and the fun of the thing truck a so Irr Esis Iolj that i hesitated Tor a while to break in unon it Arrah to Aisy can t re an take the dose like a Dacut Nayger. Go War i Tell of acre Amod Phil is. I la Call mataua. Dat i Wilt oct by Thia an by thai said Peter resolutely if tis about to frighten the Beautiful Mia Thress pro Are an the sick too at this same time i la soon Pat a Stop to that immediately afterwards i heard the sound Acroca the Kitchen floor and then came a abort Acu Flo and a stifled Cream. Co Duding thai it waa now Una fur me to interfere i moved quickly on. And just As the scuffling gave War to smothered sobs and broken ejaculation i Flung open Tea door and looked in. The few thing Tomt caught my Eye waa Phyllia heated in a chair a puttering and gasping while Mulroony holding her head under his led Arm was employing Hie right hand in conveying a tin cup of bran moan from the bucket at Hia aide to her upturned my tub. What in the name of All that it Good Are you doing now Mulroony said i. 5 Uro air add to what us i do hut Giro Black i Hillia the warm Mash according to yer honour s Ord Era Augh the Hay then bad Cess to her tia the rouble enough i be had to make her Leaa Nuble and obedient an that s no lie the stupid Ould Thane of a Margur my dear Urban you May imagine the tinle to so Rich u scene even mrs. Stanley caught the infection and laughed heartily. A Lor Peter the last i heard of him qua Bia incl teeing Asho walked away ayah Why dido t he Tell to i if they cull Najr Gura fillies and horses fillies How Tho divil should i know Tho differ reverie of the Church Sexton. Splendid Day Well have quite a Luru out. There a nothing like Sunshine to Ilia an audience. It s in iter than All the a Pular preacher that Ever wore Burn. Of there s my memorandum Book i d like to have forgotten it and if them directions had t been tended to most Likely i should have lust my place. Let s see. Takes out a memorandum and reads " by order of judge it. The woman who squints and ets Cardamon seeds is to be put in the seat in front of him. By order of Squire b. The Young Man who ogles his daughter and wears plaid pants is to he put Soi Newheit on the other Side of the Church. By order of the wealthy miss prudence Prim the Young Man whose clothes smell of cigars and Brandy shall be set behind her. The request of or. A., Mechanic that strange a be not into his Pew to be attended to in convenient. Quite a chapter anyhow. But people Are beginning to Streak in. There s two Young women waiting. Common sort of looks i guess gentility Don t come quite of Early As this. Have a seat marm. Shu says with a Bow if you Plec sir. No Mai Ler politeness is a cheap article it Don t Cost nothing. So Here goes the two women into one of the Back Wall Pew. Here s two Moro Birds of the same Feather Woolen shawls Straw bonnets and Cotton gloves Wall Pew second from the door Good enough in All conscience. " a there s a Bride. Satin velvet and White kids Broadcloth nud while Vest. Shall i have the pleasure of showing your sell and lady some seat 1 they must Havo some first rata eats for they Are evidently somebody. What a Dir Terence there is in folks " now there s a dressmaker and a school mistress nobodies. Back seats Ood enough. Two Youri lawyers somebodies i must loud a seat in the Middle aisle. A Rich widow somebody Middle aisle. A Bro Ken Down minister Coal rather seedy Era vat rather coarse nobody Side aisle. Six fashionable boarding school girls some bodies Middle aisle if possible Rouge Cheeks but a splendid silk cloak some body Middle aisle. An apprentice boy de ent looking but a nobody Side aisle 11 who la say i Ain t a judge of human nature 1 Don t i know who a Man is the minute i see him " now there s one of our seedy coated old Fellows coming. Don t i set him Down As a nobody and won t he be glad to gel any kind of a seat i la show folks that i under a and my business. Have seat sir ? confound Rny ill fuck. Just As i was putting him into one of the poorest seats in the House Alung comes judge it., who. Spying him comes up and says he 4 a How ily e do govenor b. 1 take a seat with me sir my wife will rejoice to meet you shaking hands with the seedy coat lie looked daggers at me and i la bet a four Pence i be lost my place. Who d have Ihu Vuht the old fellow was an us governor ? but that Comet of looking is Meek As a schoolmaster Anil dressing like a Wood Sawer Why Don t folks is ought to hold up their Heads be somebody. John Mitchell who escaped from Australia Speaks thus of Boston Iaus who do not like Tho fugitive slave Law " to compel a Lazy Tooly headed negro to return to his Mastermind to work for a living is the highest crime known to the higher Law " list a the traitors Only received their desert in this world the position to which they would to elevated is a Gallows higher than any Steeple. We rejoice that so Lar the majesty of the Law has been vindicated even at the Point of the Bayonet but it would receive a higher and More salutary vindication if Tho be Dkl had been shot Down like dogs and to this Complex Ion it must Como at last by the Laws of England Mitchell is himself a fugitive. A Man so Inch in love with Laws that consign " Lazy wooly headed negroes to perpetual bondage ought not to object to see the majesty of the Law vindicated in his own person it it to right to take Buck a 14 Lazy wooly he ded negro " the has been guilty of no crime but that of asserting his Liberty Why not take Back a " Lazy irishman who is guilty of the same Olio Nee 1 Albany journal. Sensible. The new York Mirror speak ing of Iho Primont excitement on the Cath Olic question rays u we cherish no hostility to any Man on account of the Accident of his birth place nor on the score of religion which to inner Ted from hit fathers. If the must uncompromising protestant among us had been born in Ireland he would doubtless Hare grown up a firm believer in romanism. Neither do we blame the poor Emigrant for his ignorance of our institutions Anil the super stil Ion which be numbs and be Clouds his Intel Lect. These Are his Rais fortunes not hit faults. And Eren the crimes of these benighted men should be treated with the Iceni ency due to children. They Are often but the errors of Man who stumble in darkness. But when it comes to a question of govern mint when we Are asked to Rote for men to hold the reins and sword Over us we say Gira us the intelligent honest native Anns of the soil rat Fer thaa these strangers and alias who Are equally ignorant of oar Laa Guage oar Laws and oar history. Rulx and Farcy Job . " to Vita uhf Imam mini of us in Rotor in cafe i min Ait Bonamo Hia to tank the Pabli Owlet Fri Tiiman a to put ail a mat that Haa Fin Mil Jan la thwart. Of Steihr plat if of Raj scr Murium u cd or with met. Win to Maul la a t to u1 Connair to birr with us work Tom a Pron tue orm la Olty or via try a by to Aid Olaf it Kuji Riib futo with a dial tack ask Brt Orv know la the no Tina. Of court Aad Taro altar a Naiad Tor card r r i h to r Una induced us Saha Ribor to in Rohaan a Mack tit or culling c4-br4, and pure Kuhn to Board at us nor 1 a Ella nor Lathi Brunch of us Barf Tiogo to Tho to Yoc Brt Mutt Octlona. Card Board of All Colon Aad Aalfs al ,8uor Forward of of Raftu to Zez l Iii a to Ozial Orris i 0. Towar. From Lukima it Uttmi w�r4$. A near. She a a baggy Damsel with a quaint Tler face and her pain Opal Occa nation ii that of a maid of All work. But she is dressed to Day it is St. Some body # Lea i and everybody is idling away lit air time in consequence. It was fit. What Hia Naine s Day the Day before y Aster Jay and it will be St. Whoa it s Day the Day after to Morrow. Tough our balloon lad Young Mcquai Ortance is idling it is with a Busy Idle two Lor she has been occupied Over since eight o clock this Moini Ogin about limit jellies Aud sweetmeats with Strong raw april in gilded glasses mid Little suits of untrained Cultee. A very singular and amusing picture she makes an he stands Bolt uptight Iray in baud be fore her father s gue i. She is pretty. Yes there is no doubt of that by she Lias Dowie almost every thing possible to dish Oie lie sell. Though certainly not seventeen with the Rich Clear complexion of the geeks she is Roj ged up to the very eyes. Where the is not Rouge she is . Her Yeti own Are painted Aud Slie Hai even found Means to introduce Ohio Black Botni nation under her eyelids to make Itie eyes look larger. Her hair would he almost a Marvel if left to in Elf but she has twisted it Aud plaited it Woven Gold otitis into it und lied it up with dirty and gummed and honed it till every Ticas has Guowu Dis cited and angry. Her ears Aie in themselves is by and coquettish n pair of ears As need be and they Peep out beneath her tit used locks As if would lather like to have a game at Boj keep than Obei Wise but they Are literally loin Ball an Inch Lunger than they should be by an enormous Nair of mosaic ear rings bought of a pedlar. Her hands might have been Nice once for they Aie still Small but they Aie As Tough As Horn and As red As chaps can make Hern with sheer hard Woik scrubbing Aud wish aug about the House. Greek women i think have been Mere housewives since the tune of andromache. Her figure is if a Syible More generally baggy than her trousers. It bulges out in the Iii Imi extraordinary bumps and fullness. A Short jacket us much Loo Small Lor her As the brigand Aniie of or. Keely of Tho theatre Koy a Adelphi docs not make this general plump less Leos remarkable Aud Slie a a superfluity of clothes which reminds one of the late King Christophe s idea of full Diens. Numerous however As Are the a tides of wearing a pail she has put on Bev Ull Tei urinate with the Tiou Scis which Aie looped up just below lilo knee. J he rest of the leg and feet ate baie und hid and plump and chapped almost beyond belief even in the line piercing cold of n greek be binary. Her Tulud is a Rnezie Blank. Her idea of life is love my King cleaning the House serving Coffee and routing herself on Lesti Val Days she cannot read or write or Pluy on the piano but she can sing and dance. She can talk Tuo to laugh never before Coin puny. No Diplomatist can touch her in in Trigue or invention. Nut even contain Abo Salute s Groin could Tell a falsehood with indie composite. She does not know what it is to speak the truth and to use a greek saying she is literally kneaded up with trick. The greek Gill has no heart no a erections. She it a Mere Lump of flesh und calculation. Her marriage is quite a affair of buying and Selling. It is arranged by her of lends. They offer to give a House that is indispensable and so much to who Ever will Tuke her off their hands. By and by somebody comes to do so the priests Are called there is a quaint strange Cere irony and he in bound by Fine to perform his Promise. This Fine is usually Teri per cent. On the Fortune which wan offered him ill the lady. I Nave dui ii sue can Muir uni Mil Cau Uius talk of and to her Neil abort and she spends tier evenings chiefly in aiding in the door Way and watching them. This she does herself but he Lias a i into ally a chit of ii Gill about seven years old and looking forty that you meet in the houses of All the islanders who is on the look out All Day. No one Ever enters a greek House but the neighbourhood knows it. All Down the Street and in the next and everywhere those Little lieu Are watching and hitting about on cunning errands us stealthily and Swift us Call. Her lather and Mother will Tell you that her own cousins Uver saw her alone or spoke a dozen consecutive words to her but 1 lather fancy she has some acquaintance of her own and she is generally of terms of rather startling Friendship with the Young Man servant who Tonus almost pail of the family in All greek houses. Of sum incr nights Loo when Good people should be asleep you will see closely hooded figures flitting about noiselessly like Black ghost Riley Are greek iils. What they Are about nobody knows. Perhaps looking for the Moon which will not use for some hours. At every dark Corner of a Wall also you will see Young gentlemen sitting in the jeep Shadow with wonderful . If you go very near and they do no see you you May hear them singing songs but Low a the humming of a Bee so Low that they to not disturb even the timid owl who sits cooing among the turns of the last fire Over Iho Way. The greek girl knows an amazing Quantity of songs and Allol the same kind. 1 hey Are about equal in Point of compos lion to the worst of our Street ballads full of the s Une coarse wit and Low trickery. They ate Sung to dreary monotonous airs and always through the nose. Never had the National songs of a people so Little Chaim or distinctive character. You seek the Strong Sweet language of the heart in vain among them. They have neither Grace nor fancy. . .11 to a i of. Of " he ii Lucci of Iii in Sun Shu would not break an of the Eire Fau of her Church even Lor Money though they condemn her to dry Broad Ami Olive for six weeks al a time nor would the neg Lect going to Church Oil certain Day on any account. She a a 1ai h in ceremonies and in Charm relic and Saint al most touching but Theio her belief end. She would not Trust the word of her own father or the . She cannot up a Hyso it possible that any Ono would speak the truth Uncle he in obliged end she judge correctly according to her own experience. She herself would Promise and Lake an unmixed Delig Tot in deceiving her own Mother in a

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