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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Jul 13 1855, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - July 13, 1855, Biddeford, MaineLodis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. " eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of . B1ddef0rd, Maine Friday july 1 3, 1 856. Volume 28. R Union and Eastern journal. Iha Union Aad Kujuro a Natl u Chi wow tire rw�4t, m a. I Central Dot of Otic la he -tiut-h,00 k Una or if Wils in Braa a Onchi Fra the 11m of . At blk i ill 4 Wnm. J7 v. V. Eftimi. In a i i Par a Fla the Uolar Auchu Rtse aft it fur Lula paper i us dim of .1 Turk ii Mph pit Ludelphia Sud to jul Srov Orraj id Weka i a Kiwi i Sun subscription at them Maui u in Milr a by m. Ill i flow far Tribune a flu Ulm. It dream. It 4. 0. Witt ill. In my dream Uetro Ollil i ital yester night a Tui narrow a 3 mat a t Nta a life a Eagle s Dight it ran. Overhead a roof of Cloud. With its weight of Thunder lond underneath to left and rift it blackness and abysmal night. Hers and Tybera wild lower uns hed now mod then a Bird Eon gushed now and then in rough Ritts of Shade stars shone out and Sun Caim played but la goodly company walking in that path with in one by one Lite Friuk w Slid one by one the darkness hid. Some with wailing and laments he i h cheerful courage went but of All who smiled and mourned never one to us returned. Anxiously Wilh Eye and or questioning thai Shadow drear never hand in Token stirred. Never answering voice i heard steeper Darker i to 1 Felt from my feel the pathway Udell. Swallowed by the pack despair a and the hungry jaw of at. Past the Stony throated Cave strut led by the Wash of waver past the splintered crags 1 no on a Green and Lowery Hank soft a fall of Thistle Down lightly a n Cloudia mown soothingly a childhood pressed to the Boom of lit rest. Of the Sharp horned rocks instead Oreen the Granay carpels spread. Bright with water singing l y tree Ibal propped a Golden any. Painless trustful sorrow free Oij Loat faces welcomed me with Whoso Awe Enesa of Content still expectant Hope we went. Waking while the dawning Gray slowly brightened into Day pondering that vision tied thus Auto myself i said Steep and Hung with Cloud of strife la our narrow path of life and our death the dreaded fall through the dark awaiting g All. " so with painful step we club up the Dissy ways of time Ever in the Shadow shed by the Loreca to of our dread. " dread of mystery solved alone. Of the untied and unknown yet the end thereof May seem like the falling of Ray dream. M and this heart consuming care All our fear of Here or there change of absence loan and death prove but simple Lack of thou o Moat compassionate who did St stoop to our estate drinking of the cup we Drain trending a our path of pull through the doubt and mystery. Grant Lou thy Steps to see and the Grace to draw from Clience larger Hope and Confluence. Show thy vacant Toish and let a of old the Angels sit whispering by it open door fear not he hath gone before . Editor Union and Eail trn journal dear is in your agricultural department i no tie in auction for destroying various kinds of 44 Marinin twill you in your next Issue Tell me u Well u others who May be interested a a and to ctn to beet get rid of that aggravating pest the " Apple tree i recently discovered that they have commenced ravages on my Young or Chard of budded and grafted Trees and in several to stances have completely destroyed the Trees. In haste yours truly a subscribe. Jane 30, 1853. We purposed noticing the above last week but were unable to Fin a time to do of. It is perhaps better late than never and As a reply to " a subscriber we Avail ourselves of the following article recently published in the Maine Farmer which May be of some service to our correspondent and others in getting rid of that aggravating it is a Tient to every one who has thought upon agricultural matter or who a engaged in agricultural pursuits that it u at All time useful and sometimes necessary to Call the attention at certain periods of the year to particular thing which Are appropriate and in action daring Khoee period. At Thia time a would Call attention to the Apple tree Borer. The Laura of Thia Inayet which were deposited in the tree last year or year before Are now in action eat ing away the sub Taace of your tree and inflicting Aeri Oua wounds. We detected one in a tree the other Day that stood a a Gnu lot. The opening of the Hole in which it Laid concealed waa just at the top of the ground and completely hidden by the Grace. After we had found a we tracked the passage upward More than foot in length when we found the Chap snugly towed away in a comfortable room be had caned out a the Alburn Naa of the tree apparently enjoying i Awerin be Jority. The allowing chapter we have puh Lebed be fore and probably shall again As it too gains valuable truths. One of the most insidious and at the same time destructive enemies to the Apple tree in Maine is the Borer Sapt Rda tin Utah of naturalists this is an insect of Beetle or As we Yankees say of the " Bug " kind. In the perfect or winged state he is about an Inch Long of a Ligh Tish Brown color with two Whito stripes running length Wise of Bis Back lie has a Whito face and Whitefish feet and two Long hums or an Tenna he is an Active stirring fellow in the night and a his Mouth armed with a pair of Sharp Horny mandibles with which he can Cut his Way through Subito need quite hard. We onco imprisoned one in a Tumbler Over which we tied several thick Nesses of thick Strong paper lie kept the peace during the a but in the night he Cut a Hole through the paper and " Vamose dignified As himself and a boy who was Hor grand Nephew and the fourth of the family who had in turn been fortunate enough to act As a miniature Valet to or. Launcelot Draham until he outgrew that gentleman particular Standard who being remarkably proud of his own height of which owing to his scrupulously erect Carriage oven time had failed to deprive him of an Inch never kept about his person any male Dom Ostio who leached above his own shoulder and thus As boys will grow in spite of All the prayers of their prudent relatives who would rather so Vliem dwarfed in stature than in circumstances so three of the master Snaggs had successively lost their Placo by increasing their inches Bobby Snag the last of the family a Little stunted lad who bade fair to Koep All his life within the pro scribed Bounds had in his turn succeeded to the clothes brushes at the eventful epoch of or. Launcelot Braham s secession from the anxieties and Bustle of his profession. Ilia residence to had obtained through the medium of a Public journal wherein an advertisement aet Forth that no should so it fitting to re main under his own roof to determined finally to Sottilo himself in Somo a Tiet spot where to might Soe leaves and Flowers and to enabled to babble o Green Fields with precision and propriety Liko Ono who under stood his subject. Mrs. Snuggs Whon consulted on the Mattor had Given it is her decided and deliberate opinion that Tho arrangement was a most judicious one and Tho rest of Courso was easy. Thon commenced excursions in every direction around Tho Metropolis wherever Public notice or Privato information led Tho stately old Bachelor to believe for Tho moment that he had Mot with Tho very thing that would suit him and every snug Box on Sale at Hampstead Ilig Gate notting Hill Brixton Streat Liurni and Otler suburb an villages was visited and inspected in which a retired citizen May take his wino at an open window overlooking his own China asters and Holly Hocks his own brass plated Gato and Green paling without voting Alto Gether an occasional sniff of the Peculiar atmosphere to which to has been for a Many years accustomed. All was in vain however go where he might see what he would there was always a drawback either to Tho Toaso itself or to Ita situation. Tho water was Bod or the roofs were Low or the Oil waa Damp or the stairs were Steep or the Kitchen waa dark or in Short it had Somo defect of some description and consequently m the Purchase of or. Launcelot Braham waa to be perfection they were All equally out of the question. Months wore on Montha of perpetual worry and exertion and Atill the sex Stock broker his housekeeper and his boy Bobby Wero Dom ciliated on thu first floor of no. Cheap Eide simply and solely be Taoso or. Launcelot Braham had failed to meet with an eligible Purchase when on one Occa Sion during a saunter through the streets he was overtaken by a Sharp aum Mora Bower which in two minutes made the pave ment look like a succession of Dingy mirrors and drove every one under shelter who waa to fortunate a to be Able to Avocato it. It u bad enough for lawyers clerks Lin in drapers apprentices Ginger Beer tenders errant milliners printers and maids of All work to be drenched by Ono of the so sudden Down pouring of an angry Yapor but for or. Launcelot brah Atu in cocked Bat and Whito Cravat and drab col Rod gaiters to be overtaken during an airing of Puro pleasure totally unconnected with business of any description was a catastrophe almost too mighty for human endurance. He looked right and left for some spot of Refuge and re Long found it As if by a singularly Happy Chance in Tho auction Mart where a Sale was at that moment going Forward of houses and estates in and about the Metropolis. For a time or. Launcelot Braham remained perfectly uninterested by the proceedings of the auctioneer who disposed at different intervals of eligible dwelling houses at Shoreditch and pleasant retreats at mile of and Mora than once he took pains to assure himself whether the rain till continued being anxious to resume his homeward stroll when suddenly his ear was attracted by the strains of the most elevated eloquence in which the energetic functionary who occupied the commercial pulpit was setting Forth Tho advantages of " the next lot which to should have the Honor to submit to Public Lam instructed gentlemen said the auctioneer " to dispose without Reserve of an elegant and substantially built Stone Resi Dence on the Banks of Tho Thamos with right of fishing in the River right of com Mon on Runnymede and sundry other immunities which after Tho Sale has been effected will be explain of to the purchaser. The River runs immediately behind Tho House which has a Small and Well arranged plot of ground Laid out in a pleasure Garden upon two of its sides. It is in so perfect a state of repair that it will Requiro no outlaw of any description for Tho next ten years. The property is Freehold and the title unquestionable while the premises which Are Well suited to a Small family or a Bachelor devoted to Tho pleasures o the Anglo will be found highly convenient being situated immediately contiguous to Tho pretty and interesting of Staines and within seven Miles distance of the Royal residence of Windsor " will you to answer Oblo for the perfect accuracy of ten description v asked or. Launcelot Brakst addressing Tho auction Eer with much sententious Ness. " i am Happy to to Able to do so fir was the ready reply. " i Hare not myself visited Tho property Bat from Tho very peat respectability of the parly to whom it belongs i can hive no hesitation in Selling it according to by instructions. The actual size of the House i am not competent to specify nor the preciso extent of Tho ground upon which it stands but i can Only repeat my instructions that it is an elegant and substantially buil residence and that cer Tain privileges devolve upon Tho Poss Susor in Complete repair my with an excellent title. It is to to sold without Reserve gentle Mon and i have Only to request Tho favor of a bidding. Thank Jou sir said he with a courteous Bend to a Well known House agent who stood in the Center of the rooms " anything will do for a beginning. Ono Hundred and fifty pounds Are bid for an ele Gant and substantially built Stone Orcsi Dunco on Tho Banks of the thames with right of fishing and common Freehold Garden and other privileges. Two Hundred two Hun dred pounds Aro bid two Hundred and fifth nodded or. Launcelot Braham. " two Hundred and fifty declaimed Tho official Echo. " three Hundred growled a Little Man with a Wido brimmed hat and Green spectacles " throw Ivonn Lvi Tiu duct Lon car. Consider Tho situation of Tho prop erty gentlemen. Staines is proverbially healthy Windsor within an easy walk the fishing at your very door without lot or Hin three Hundred and fifty nodded or. Launcelot Braham who had caught the Eye of Tho auctioneer and on whom Tho right of River had produced great of acct. " Turco Hundred and Lirajr said Trio aug Tion Cor. " Tho property is Fri Choli with a right of common on Runn Mcado Fine associations gentlemen Kin Jhn and mag a Igarta and Tho British Constitution. An elegant Stone built re Sidonic. Shall i a four Hundred for you sir Tho Man in Green spec Taclas grunted an assent. Four Hundred and fifty shouted a Young Lounger near Tho door who had Evi Dently been Drivon in by the rain and did not even know for what to was bidding. Four Hundred and fifty echoed Tho auctioneer. Thank you sir. No finer fishing in the River most Noble sport with Tho Gudgeon " " five Hundred winked or. Launcelot Brantn upon whom the attentive auction Eer scrupulously kept an Eyo. " Gudgeon Aro not Flat fish i believe or. Asked the Young fashionable with affected simplicity. " they Aro not said the functionary i have caught a Good Many in my time and they afford excellent sport. Five Hundred Thia elegant and substantially built Stone residence with Freehold Garden and right of River and common going for u five Hundred and fifty followed up a corpulent old gentleman with a Large Cotton umbrella who was taking snuff out of his Waistcoat pocket by handfuls five Bun Dren and fifty if the Plano is in Good to " five Hundred and fifty i take the bid Ding said the auctioneer. My instructions arc explicit that both the House and the Gardon fences Aro in Tho Best state fit for occupancy at a Day s notice. Thank you in. Five Hundred and fifty. Really gentlemen Tho property is going for a Mere or. Launcelot drab am began to gnaw the croat Laden head of hit Cane. Six Hundred Aho Tod Tho fun Loving Lounger. Seven Hundred said our Bachelor re to Guttly who Long an accustomed to oppose Uon. Bad begun to loan hit temper. Seven Hundred. 1 Hank you sir a no Blo bidding. Soron Hundred pounds Are of ered for an elegant and substantially built Freehold atone Rea Denoe on the Banks or the Bamut Well fenced in Garden and valuable local privileges. Going Tor seven Hun dred pounds. Ideally gon Temeo Whon you reflect upon the nature of the property which i Hare now the Honor to aubr nit to your notice in interesting and important Aitu Avion near a great High Road and on the Banka of a lordly River Ita Ono Load Garden Ita Complete repair and the fact that the tenement it entirely built of atone you met at onco admit that Aeron Hundred pounds is no bidding that is ult Nau bid Ding for each a the Earnest functionary looked round with his Ivory Hammer suspended Between Bis Finger and thumb into Tho faces of All Bis previous bidders but they gave him do to Moorage meet. Tho fat gentleman we Tak ing a huge Pinch of snuff to Gruff Man we wiping i Green spectacles the Lounger we in the act of leaving the room while the House agent Ai he we Well aware had Only started the lot and he therefore suffered the Hammer to fall an Inoh or two. Going really upon my Honor i almost feel remorseful " or. Lanno elot Braham Felt on his part As though he Ronld Hare annihilated Tho official orator for a specimen of verbiage which in olred the torture of so much unnecessary suspense. Again the auctioneer looked right and left with the Samo result and then Hout tired a Little affected laugh of wondering astonishment. " Well gentlemen of course it must be As you think proper. Going once twice this Freehold House Stone built and fenced in Garden local privileges and undeniable situation for Soven Hundred pounds May i not say Seren bund Rod and fifty for you sir no i thank you growled to fat gentleman through his snuff i Bare gone As fsr is i think proper for a pig in a poke i la Bare no More to do with in that Case gentlemen said the auctioneer with a sigh of regret to deep that it was almost painful have no alternative and must do my duty. This capital Stone built Freehold residence going for Seren Hundred pounds going positively and without Reserve for seven Hundred pounds going once going twice a Long and scrutinizing pause " gone i congratulate you sir was the Climax As he bowed to the purchaser. What name air shall i have the Honor to Register ? " or. Launcelot Braham replied Tho Bachelor approaching the Rostrum. There is my card Sond Somo Ono to my House to Morrow at twelve and i will be ready to pay Tho Purchase Money. Good Day and away walked Tho cocked hat and Tho Gold headed Cane. Or. Launcelot Braham Vul Oneo Oro in Trio Street. Tho rain hid ceased and Tho Sun was shining blithely above his head. Everything looked Bright and cheerful Bis anxieties Wero at an Ond. Tho object of Hii Pursuit was attained to was at Lengli Tho Happy possessor of a fro hold Tho owner of a Stone built re id inc. He bad a stake in the country Ilis step became unconsciously mow grm than Ever and his body Moro or oct and after giving Ono Briol thought to the Cit reme Delight with which Good mrs. Snaggs would Welcome Tho tid Ings which to should shortly tear to her he determined to proceed forthwith to Furni ral a inn in when. Reom us dwelt Tho companion of his youth and Tho Friend of his Riper years or. Henry Hotham an attorney in Good practice whom to had Boon in Tho constant habit of consulting in Mercry Little matter of doubt or difficulty throughout his professional career. " Well Harry my boy he exclaimed Asho entered the presence of his los red Friend hero you Are up to your neck As usual in papers and parchments making out titles for pig sties and spoiling parch Mont while i Havo contrived without a single Stroko of Tho pen to become Tho proprietor of n Freehold estate and Tho Mas Ter of a Stone built residence on the Banks of Tho thames a indeed said or. Hotham some what startled by Tho unusual animation of his visitor. A bequest i suppose 1" " fiddle Fuddle " exclaimed Braham who had i to bequeath to anything ? no Harry my boy a a Purchase said or. Hotham not n definite one i Hope unless it be Rendor very Peculiar circumstances. However you Are the Host judge Braham and you Haro been so cautious Erer Sinco you determined on buying a place that i Haro no right to suspect you of rashness now. So let to hear All about it where it is the locality is Botond All Praise re plied Brahaum close to Staines and on Tho very Bank of the a indeed pretty enough said or. To them. Some years ago you May remember that Tho Bridge at Staines was one of Tho most elegant looking things in Tho neigh boyhood of i Ondon charming design Graco Lul and All that Eron Tho toll House was considered ornamental it was so Well suited to its purpose. But the Bridge turned out unsafe and so was pulled Down and an Iron one substituted of a single Arch which also failed strange fatal it to be Tare so then they built a third Little higher up or a Little lower Down i am Suro i forgot which and were obliged to turn the Road which was considerable expense. However the present Ridge answers Bat in talking of what was i am forgetting what is so now to cur " ii com ii said the stockbroker some what consequentially of an elegant and substantially built atone residence on Trio Banka of the thames right of Fulling Harry my boy you Ball Como Down Gudgeon catching whenever you can snatch a moment from your Parchment. The Houyao partially surrounded by a fenced Garden right of to Minoa on Annn Moade lawyer s land a Harry ? can turn out your old cob there occasionally. The very thing pre been looking for Erer Sinoto i left off by and of what Doea the House of Osifat of inquired or. Hot am. I Don t know yet replied Braham i m just going off to see but it must be cry comfortable you nay Lake my word for it for you know How particular i am. I took care to ascertain that it was in thorough re pair warranted not to require a Workman in it for ten years barring to Ridenta River running past the Back door no one to inter Fere thought of you Harry my boy never mind Johnson be was no Angler or be would t have talked of a worm at one end and a fool at the other be did t under stand the sort of thing or he d have thought differently. Have i not Boon Lucky by Wadood i can t Seo my Way yet my Good Friend nid or. Hotham. Did i understand 70a to say that 700 were going off to look at the place ? do 70a Mon me to understand that you Hare purchased a place without knowing what it is ? " " certainly not Laid Barbara. " i Hare been telling 70a for the at Hoar what it it an elegant and aobetantiall7 built Yee Yea interrupted the lawyer i Hare heard All that but Hare you aeon it " seen it exclaimed Barham. " of Courso not Bow would i i i Only bought it a couple of hours ago and just Beard of it quite b7 or. Henry Ilo Tham looked up with an expression of loan tenancy that was anything but encouraging but be Only uttered the question and May i ask Vert Yea Beard it at the auction Mart said bar bpm. " i wont in accidentally Lor shelter during a Shower and this estate was put up. Noth ing could to More Lucky the very thing i " suppose you were to order a chaise and that we were to run Down and look at the property said the lawyer dryly. The very thing i should like replied Barham and we can take a chop at Staines after to Hare walked Orer Tho place. By Tho by to May of Well make an evening of it so just bring along your fishing Rod with you " not to Joy responded or. Henry Ilo Tham my tackle is out of order and it would detain us too Long besides he added with an attempt at Aceti Rusness on this occasion we Hare other fish to Fry. So Jeremy an Wiskera off a Wolf a tar a a Alio Otin Iron la carry a Bell. He can drink a quart of grog any Day and Chawa Backer like a an old lady Pola a of a Fine Fortune Ami noted for her penchant for the use of figurative expressions one Day a ambled Lier grand children when the following conversation look place " my children said the old lady i am the Root and you Are the grandma said one. What my child j i waa thinking How much better the Bra Ochee Wood flourish i the Root waa on Der the ground

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