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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Jul 7 1854, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - July 7, 1854, Biddeford, MaineThe Niom and Eastern journal. Is Pau std Wokaly Sidat. Orne a no. 1 cent Rel Block. Bid Jford opposite the Louw. Tssvs�?92 00 per ennui a s1.50 if paid within three month from the tune Ettac Btag swale Opiol iwo be obtained at this i use in Beala. Price 4 cents. V b palms., the american newspaper agent u the Mil authorised Anent for this paper in the Citie new Fork boy too and Phil Del phia and u duly empowered take advertisement and subscript ions at the Saifur rates As required by us. His i files York Buna buildings Bottom 9culley e building n. W Comer third and Chesnut Street. Marcus Watson Plaier. Poetry. A All thy works Praise a y Mart mow itt. The Moon Eama the Billowy deep the Blue Waves rippling the strand the Ocean in in peaceful deep tire Shell that murmur a a a the a and. The Cloud in t the bending a by. The Lew that it grow the a Uii that Light the vault lugh. The stars at Midnight s Calm repose thew Prai a the pm we Hal arched sky Ami Robed the Earth in Beauty s Dot a the not urea a a Linoir. The deep toned Ait lieu the sea the wind that tone a the Zephyr it Piui no free the Thunder i its thrilling notes tire peal upon the a Uuie Ain air. The Lav that through the foliage floats sinks in a Iny Emrence there re a All thee their a Oiw raise a fervent song gushing Praise. The by a tar Herald the , As the dark shadows fit away la lint upon lire Cheek morn tire Dew a Imp gleaming the Spray try a wild turds pm Llu it in u a err Ngy Fohir Aire Amlett leaping the yes than All a Earth a fair and i Velv things doth living Prai a ascend thee these with their a Ileal Longua proclaim the varied wonders thy name. Father thy hand Antcli formed the Flower and Flung it the verdant Lea thou my St it Ope at a Monte re in our it Hue lieu it a Peak thee. Thy work All Praise thee shall not Man alike attune the grateful hymn ? not he join tie lol Tlell Strain echoed in i hearts Seraphim ? we Tun the our Humble lava thy mercy Gim Sloe a love we Praise. The Ini Aud Ummi a Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. Biddeford Friday july 7, 1854. Vol. A no. 26. A a Kean Onig at every atop he treads Man yet mistakes his Way while meaner things whom instinct leads Are rarely known tried world which her Beauty was Tazz and conquer. Other Sylph like torts there were and Bright faces that made sunlight q.1� known stray. In Happy Homes but the Peerless Cecile Salt shoo d always Lee kept where animals 1,1 j ,4u�?o a. Can have free and a Access it �?~l1�,00 Rouw in up and when this is the Case there need in no night. Apprehension their consuming enough the proud Enthor looked i. _. a As dream Quot echoed from one injure them lion Are As fund it. Und As ,., u _ i i l u a. A. i end the Eon the other. It s Eye lot much Heno fitted by it constant in a free use Ai ,.r . ,. Lowed her. Noted every glance us Ignatiou is other it numbs. Boxe it should he kept a a i a a i and then he set us himself the idol n eve Rev Cote in ass it is deemed Nevis us e 4 Quot 4 Quot administer it in the fort ses Ltd no in their daily fo.�. This method costs More labor but Johvi Itea Oiin expense by economizing a portion the Salt required secure and ustain the leu is e state health. When Are Tak a from dry feed and put up inn Redimen Creen succulent Pis tur Ige the free use Salt will lie found extremely beneficial it vents flatulence serves some what diminish the voracious a Preite which Uit St Anima la a a Noivo for Green fodder Ufa Long confinement that sat Vou so fond father i see her head droops heavily her limbs Rolay she has fainted they gather round Here they Bathe her Pale face and Jiu Verless hands then they hear her iter dres ing Root and she lies that Silken Couch like some rare piece sculpture. The revellers Dik the garlands Droop Daikon its Ami silence reign Waltero merry feet tripped lightly. The physician sits by the bedside his fair patient and with mistaken kindness he save the .Iit in parents she will lie easier arc a i outer Aner Long co Linnemen that e a a a. I a will be free Fri pm pain mor an opposite earn ctr and in met nets. T., i. It my a i i Row and then eaves her with the anti . v in Many ways the purer the _ Satia Unla Torii Salt the letter will be its general a Floc perfectly pure Salt und Wood ashes make a valuable mixture for Hluck cattle sheep a. A tune arc journal. Root Guitare. There Are Home who stigmatize Root culture As an us nudity. The following Tach. However prepared by the Dis Iii Jollick analytical chemist bussing cult. Exhibits the comparative value it purposes the various crops Erin enumerated. He asserts that in computing the a crests his investigation with the Iez Cults obtained by practical Perdang Domestic animals he found a remarkable coincidence list Ceu the theoretical and practical deduction. W heat Rye Farina Barley Cut Liege 44 carrots 44 potatoes potatoes carrots cabbage turnips 191 2 00 2.02 1.48 1.70 2 a i 1 090 1.351 1 440 2383 agricultural. The Pear tree. The Cul i Vutison the Peur tree is generally considered More difficult than thut the Upple consequent Nubia by men and Plant Lewer them and ask for them higher Price. Pear Trees properly planted and Chi rated Are us prolific us Upple Trees hut they de a and culture and attention far beyond w hat is Colum nov extended i them. In a Dot up Rich Mellow mid warm soil they Are subject few diseases but Little satisfaction profit is Derivable from their cultivation land which docs not in some a Gree unite these requisite. Pear w.irke.1 upon the Angus quince s 4tl0 14 beets dwarfed and thrown Ini Early learing. Tin 4ih 41 rut Baja turnips menu 44 Dwarf Pear a is thought by inane i 4 44 carrots. A a a Illi the Teclu Ubogy Lorti it no pours when tie horses gained an culture mean do feed diminutive limit equivalent steauie.1 potatoes 30 8 lbs which is not. However the filet the Trees instead be 11 Tbs Hay they lost flesh Only realising the signification term 35 carrots instead Thell Lysol in consequence the action the Stock i Huv. Such tables birr oftentimes much the scion. Many varieties Tho Pear sue i practical importance those engaged in cat need better the Quine. Than the car a tie feeding in Mcbee journal. Stock while hero ure others which re Luse make u g a a growth the quince unless j they ure double worked. This is accomplished by working a free grow ing variety the j fair uts a Trio quince then the rear act try one upon the free growing Pear. In this the same writer aim says that a conling Persia ends made so Verzil working horses he found that one Huu Rcd pounds Good Herd gras Hay Well cured May regarded As equivalent 280 pounds potatoes 280 44 artichokes is we chorus morning dawned. Yes. Cooil was Hiji Ter nor fatties said and she Sal up and put her fair terms about his neck and called him my a yes 1 Forest your Roto is like Thi a a he la Liui out the one which he Rel received Footit the Boier. 4li a Well what will Yoo carry this vote for a a a carry it for a Why i initial carry one just like Well i will give you 810 carry a i. A a a it a a Hafg Xin. A the Fiield Wells took the 810 and fico marked ballot put the latter tic Imp. Where if. Was duly found by the Sec Al spies Wells the other member Nickelet $90 by the enquirer. Miscellaneous. Way very excellent Beniers Uro obtained a Alan for love if this be a ii a for Orchards pears grafted us their own deut i Cecile Grey. Und nature beyond w maj a re prefer Oblo it i when they Are designed Lor and limited enclosures. 41 tis a girl sir my lady has n Haugli the Best varieties which have Ueen proved by do Well the quince Uro a heaven be praised. Said the disunion be pro Fere d e and a a miso the i f tier six unruly a. 44 now shall Comfort me. Those toys Imus Topsy Turvy from morning till night with their guns Lishing tackle pointers setters hounds. A umbels and what not. Tom s College Bills 1� Jurf Erfy ruinous horses wine and be ears All lumped under the Genei d head Al prefer id. A. Formation fruit buds it will Only be Nec i l Uva a la uhf Lomg love Pinch the sex Reuie p tints ends the Lizul in August the first september. This will cause Tho Wood Ripen mud otherwise prove beneficial the Trees. The Best form , Wloch can be communicated artifice Illy the Pear Tree in that u Pyramid. By cutting the a a a bad it All air toy purse limbs in and 1-uving the lower .es Knob get a but this Little gent e girls Clung my re Uit is easily obtained upon my knee making und Sunshine though ado sen Pear Trees cd a St Ordie urdu. A Bouse a Vii her innocent face and Sil at the nurseries twice As much us the same t.,r? by ugh tin Little human Uio Morii by Xiuqin it Erot Apple tree the profits Derivable ,1,10 9 thorny Wayside she ii make from cultivation will be in even in a greater Nen 4 m Noj la happiest husband in tin. No frug communist a prompter a e j world Ray heart shall find a resting in the Marks and none i Elm pm is Inore f by Here. It he must in highly educated universally justly admired. Mulching the Jani Doc a in Plishek a 1 shall iture no pains Trees after transp acting is an excellent it us ahm see uber All 1 shall Hugo practice and serves toe ure them that n he a pay a u a a a agreeable and continues sup do Utomi Tore i cry Lovely was the Little Cecilo. She had Aoel Aen tial their health uni without her Mother rofl Minizel Eye and waving an which they c in never lie made Burn hair in drier lathe s grecian profile for this purpose Straw Uny kind is Good. Saw dust und spent Tun Are less desirable and should it get us substitutes Lor the former Only when it not Lee out ined a Well Mccoin posed Chip , in a Glt mid up there was a w inning sweetness in her no und Grace and pm retry in every motion. It was a pretty sight her Golden tres is ining hug with those Silver locks As she rested her Bright head against the old Many a la Mortinan i Mother. It vans Tho Fate Ltd Hor Lamartine tie great living French poet and orator mixed up with the first in much revolution. During tint Stormy period he with a great number i patriots was imm ured in prison at a Macon. Ilo was not Thero Long before his we with her child Tomik lodgings opposite window no Tho cell which enclosed Tho Republican. Sho soon Drew his it boil pm herself and his child which thou a fit get could not speak her for fear the Sonu nol recon ice Deal my in a a my measure his Captivity and Tho Burden i woes. 44 my Mother a her own dear father a and he Quot a a a Lamartine curried every due in smiled through his tears und parted the her arms the Garret window showed Brigu Damp Lucks inti her Hiow and said my father gave nourish want Befi ire him Minie me stretch out my Little bunds towards the bars his prison than pressing my forehead her breast she almost de Muryd me with kisses in Tho sight Tho prisoner and seemed thus wait him mentally All Tho caresses which she Lavi hed at last she hit the Happy sex Pali ent conveying him letters in the following manner she procured a Bow and some arrows and tying a letter ton thread she shot the Arrow which was Utt Chad the Tihor end die thread Tho window Iho prisoner s cell. In this Way she sent him pens Ink and paper. Us then by the same ingenious expedient sent love letters her. Thus Tho separated husband and wife Quot Ere enabled correspond cheer each other s Hopes und sustain each other in their misfortunes. This was All done at night time when the scrutinizing eyes Tho sentinels remained in Happy ignorance u tic medium communication. Success Haring inspired courage the lady with Tho us in co Tho Arrow and , afterwards conveyed a 111 the captive with which silently filed through one Tho bars hit prison and then restored it its place. On Tho next evening when Tuhcic was no Moonlight a Stop Cord was fastened Tho Linead and Tomsu fitted the prisoner. Tho nine was firmly fastened the Unen l a beam in the Garret Tho lady and tic other end Tho oar tin cell then summoning up All his courage the prisoner go a led along the Ropo Libove the Heads the sentinels he cr8.-cd the strut and found himself in the arms his wife und beside tie Cradle his child. Such an adventure required Tho Boro s courage and the philosopher s caution and none hut those who were personally interested a a i can Ever imagine the feelings which must have agitated their hearts a from Timo time when the night was dark the knotted cd a re would Glide Inni window window and the prisoner Wou a pass from knot knot and enjoy delightful hours converso with her whom loved Best ourth. She should have another hot id Gaver than the last and hade Loveli Tymn Ever a and then her Mother Laid a Bandeau pearls across her Pale forehead and said 4�?~ they item Mike l passing Cecilo styled faintly when she replaced Tymn in their Case and then her Mother came ick again the bedside. A what fearful so Dow in that Iliou Centary interval had crept Over that Sweet lace a Cecily Cecile a sail the a bewildered woman Shi evening with an indefinable a error a eak me Cecilo a that is it a 4<aiii diving Mother?�?0 Mother you never Taolu me How die a ill the still Grey Dawn at sultry noon in the Ami starry night Long after that a right Young head was covered i he violets rang that plaintive reproachful voice in the Jaren car 44 you never taught me How die a Fanny Kiin. One the swell mob. A curious circumstance culled the thei Day which place the dexterity the Mem Beix the swell mob in Minera sinking Light. A female very Ladylike Anil plea my a angers called no the a a in Blip Hine it one our Ira in town mud after a i Lile convert Ali ii requested know if they shaved gentlemen s head. An in a we being Given in the offi native she proceeded stale that a he had a Broiher. A Young Man rather Tacile Ami Lluisi their medical Man had thought it advisable Hal his heal should be a have a Luil he was i Rohled with strange hallucination a a ugh a dial he was a member be longed a Large drapery establishment in town giving the name Nurul so Oil. Aglet a Little More Couver Caiiou in the same Strain he said a lie would Biog her hither the next Day and that he Ihu Bair Drew set was have two men ready wailing so Aslo Weibly shave his head and Hal they were inv no attention his protestation being a member the great firm a he bad mentioned. Having succeeded in blinding the Withy Hairdresser promised have everything in rea�lines., she took her leave. Next Day she called at the drapery a Tuhlei Hoenl above alluded and bought a a insider Hie Quantity silk goods and stated that if Lilicy would Send one Ihei voting Man along with iter a Phil ocular address they would gel paid. Tho indy and the Young Man with Iho goods alien left in a cab when open ii the hairdressers establishment he told her companion that in he would go along with her she would get is much Money As would Annke the amount die Bill. The unsuspecting youth went in and was Tel by the perfumer in the most Bland Moutier who requested him walk stain w hich he did not doubling but that lie was receive payment the Bill. No sooner however Luul the Wight entered the room than Hgt was pounced upon and despite nil i protestations that belonged such and Sueh i. L _ Lllan a. Establishment w hich comae w Ere a Quot Quot up a m5,e cd z put town i a formate mate mind. I in vain. It u Neoe sary cures hydrophobia. As there have been late frequent cases this dreadful disease and even inhabitants our Borough have been victims the attack a Rabid dog treatment possessing any remedial Virtues ought be re soiled Avert the melancholy consequences Hal not finlly follow the loins the virus the human system. With Tai View we present the two annexed proscriptions which Are snip a be cities. The first is by m Cossar a Ger Man Lotrn . A take itto Timble spoonful a a fresh Chloride Lime in powder mix it with Liall a pint Anler and with this keep the wound you Sianily a halhed and Fresque fitly renewed. The Chlome Gas possesses the Power decomposing this tremendous Poison mid renders mild nil harmless that venom against whose Resistless attack the put us was speedily Dom idea a Bis the lady who had in the meantime bean looking with great coolness now said a she was a find .\her presence Only eau cd greater excitement her brother she would leave Ami return in n Short time. She decamped accordingly goods nil All and a not since been Beard glad Gnu plication. It s null be spread Over a Lio sur even a he boys a cd a uld Harbor no anger at face and worked in them highly around the her quiet reign. She wound Lar Ell quite trunks and ire sub a Quemoy Coverett with a a Losely and Una a their heart. 1 hem a Straw Lia Ului. Aires and Coinon Sab in la a a. A a a a dered husband atol the proportions a a no part the latter u together. By Iuar eng theol bygone five six the former have also i Iwiula tenderness crept unconsciously their Ting Energy in a a effect upon Tho Pear a but mar Low no each other Bhe was the by one manure i. Ulso. Highly beneficial Par ,d4 1 us la a the tie Lurly m Young Trees. In Lere in set so a is p�r�"t44 Hoiu Rte she was hut Clay severe drought Po. Trees that Are primer. But rtt and it a we a by mulched Wall re Elv require .n4, cuu0 he sure the a Mph int selection qua if the soil be de enl and Nim Ghl wot Keri Quot Quot do. Then so Manv injunctions. She and kept Clear spurious vegetation Tho i a a n�?�1 stud a Quot Raach a a a la �?�p�?�11or natural the �?�.�1, with these pre i. 0.i.?o fear a a a a a a a misery n pm i ii in a ii Init Wayto urn measures will lie fiume amply Al Tine it it should Causo a stoop in her Jjo a this that . Gough. A i i i. A Luis Ali Ore 4 ubit Litif nut Tuii Mif in Iii. A a Enlil Hal ii Wash should he applied is soon As possible after the infliction the bile. The following Are the results ii treatment �?1810 1824, Iho number person admitted a Iho Breslau Hospital i was 174 the Hospital no Zurich 233 persons Bille. By different animals 182 by dogs whom Only four did John b. Goccia. He in the Paginini orators. He plays Only one siting but one capable a Quot Fidilo responses a the life n drunkard heavens and Ems Angels men and devils what a theme running from Tlle Cherub infant through wasted youth manhood Days alternate reviling and cursing a Home unrelieved misery n Ileal la shame and nil recites Down a with a i Muy let boulders she 44 i inst not go out in Inu night after night. He paces up. Judicious irrigate a Ccase orally with so we a in a injuring her come Lezman. W a l2or 2q feet a Firin. Judiciously suds water in which the excrement it Hodd est Fri a Quot Jar a 1� left Clear for him paces up Ami Down with fir is muck cattle has Iren Itee cd rare perfection now her a a a Ude lion her Nevin agony the Supply extra pabulum und stimulate the a a then her shape she a danced like a air keep und uha Orient systems a relax fat Rye Sang like a a a Raph in Short need a a 0 at a action a Torpi Dity which some a Winga Only la Muk Ejier an Nigel. Somel Iines times a cure and always the greater kvel7 a want in the House knew that his Erni a Leas injury the journal seen Tumble Over one no hit. A a o., a. Smother meaning in Weir fall a. Fortuno wad. If a cello we Rajcok. Are orom _ record Tti. ,h.,. Thor Coors toll Yon with k-oiuto., even Moro mde Only. In a in by Rte a .�3�?z�j.allt-Thna his a Wonnie and Home dont allow your cattle a free me Salt. A up Quot Ltd a. Cecil a run plot. ,. How be a a my a Ico it Titor in a a cd. Pm he l.no by a pin., our Agricula ural journals and such is the Finger Quot Ber Wailer cd from the a right Load advice who assume the very Wise Row met Ler the Little Cecils thought Hearell a Quot a a a ? a Quot a 1 in everything appertaining farming. But omnipotent. No wonder she nil before Tje. Upon the 8 Saml in ins birr Tang remier did you Ever know a , uni fi a a psyche Quot arranging with a Maiden s third. Felt a word mercy like Cooling a Mal a horse cow a. Injure. A a tree Pride. The Quot Glt was by a re go eve amp us aim cer 0,1 he no tins article ule. In mor a Abe saw with exultation those round m 11 Loa 1 a Vonaa Bim i. A Sously engendered for it by Long privation Dinata und morbid Hud been Prever need 1� Al fifth. If net Heppiner. Ousby engendered for it by Long Pmai. ? a mme her Bri a uru in Triumph at the when lie has told this can turn Mhz there already Laid at Hor Leet 0,ht�., men. Can paint society with n vivid a never forget your editor Lam Lawrence courier referring the death die Hon. John Davi remarks that owed much die personal Suggs is lion and advice Iho sex governor kindly und earnestly in in flier years und adds 44 the last counsel we received from a him was characteristic the Man it was the deck a vessel that Lay writ loosened sails and shortened Cable that we Slid in boyhood just commencing year wan doting Ami hardship received n piling gasp his pure hand Wii i these word a air keep off the ghouls memory pour. Sqq a a a a y0u unit pc Naid oids with such Sporia Uii that they a u hire Var you go never forget your Mother in hut belter change could be Given a lad launching Fonh Oil a file s Ceil Ful tide a where the Chait and Compass Liis Young Bend and Lump must his Only Protection font ship week Many years have passed away Ami that Good Man has find lied he voyage time has disc pjs eased Down the Zilnik a Lenin Ileal nil we doubt not has readied dial celestial Haven where the Sanrina Earth Uio Nover known and line exchanged die Aichor Symbol which lie Ever carried at the pow do Piug life for big so Fol Realiza curiosities american history. Tho following his logical gleanings no curious Aud Iusi Yuetive a lust ratios the principles nil practices our immediate progenitors. They me fixed Lacis Fig for boards along die highways human Pio Essieu. The first Assembly in America was die governor Viiginia Council und a number Bur Osse who assembled in one chamber at Jamestown in 1617 in 1620 21, one it implied Aud fifty Young woman a agreeable manner so were a tul Frodo e a Glam Virginia and sold die planters for wives Lor fran �?o120 190 pounds tobacco this Tiff fib in wives con i Neil Many years Aud in 1632 two Young women were seduced their passage out Aud were immediately sent Back As a unworthy pop Agate the race indeed a Caree and valuable were a a agreeable women in 1624 that u Fine was imposed upon any woman who should encourage More than one a i Tor at n Lime Thi was Jaie the inconvenience res Loti in the a Tardor did frequency porous Competition n the Early Chiv Hie Cavaliers the old Dominion were hardly up Iho Prcz Eul ago a appears from the Lul lowing idler i sir a villain Berkly descriptive ol�?Tihevir-1 Liuia Colony years after die Resli Aipuu j a Nules he 4,i Lynnik Wiki there Are no Freo a Choo a printing and i Hope we a Hull not have them these i years for Leani Iii has Lirou Gln Hen a Ami Ili Solm Pieace and Irtz a the world mid Ipiniu ribs divulged Vliem nil I�oh-1� Maui no tie Fie a govern evil. Glt a Kerp a lion both a in 1688, a Gie Al Naju Iii die peopf1 Virginia belonged the established Church and the preaching dissenters was prohibited. Quakers were banished Aud if they returned were punishable with death . Adultery nil fornication Wero punished by a Fine one thousand doll Ais for the firs offence nil five Hundred pounds tobacco for the second. Nomen convicted slander were ducked if the husband did not redeem a Leio by a Rev Millet. At this period there was nut a a my seller shop in Virginia Aud even at the beginning the eighteenth ecu Ziy there was not one in Virginia. Maryland Carolina Only one in not a yuck while Boston Hail live printing offices and Many Book shop. A the puritans landed at new Plymouth november 9, 1620, but they intended set be the Hudson River. Weir dutch Captain a i is said was bribed Laud them full Lei the ninth sons not interfere with the dutch sell lenient Oil the Hudson which had been established seme years previous. These Plymouth luuk emigrants were mostly 44 brow nuts a 4�?~ independen a a who had been persecuted in England arid lied Holland and while there purchased the right the a a Plymouth company a colonize a poit Iun Lucia american poses Sious Robert Brown was an English Clergyman who being censured by the established Cutcli in 1686, tailed against the Bishops and the ordination ministers. was Pei scented As a fanatic and repeatedly Impi suited. reamed about proclaiming that lie bad been incarcerated in thurly two different prisons i proselytes naturally increased Aud he emigrated with his followers Hete his Hureh was soon dissolved nil lie returned e Iglael re joined the Church became dissolute Ami finally ended i Days in indolence am contempt. The full wets the same Hob Ert Biown were at list called brow lists Ami then independents. Those who fled from England called inc implies brow lists. And when they were about leaving Dell Haven Plant a Colony in the new a void their Good pastor Robinson in itis Farewell set non urn red them a a abandon avoid and shake off the name brow lists a Lis a Mere Nick nume nil a Braml fur making religion and it odious the Christian in 1637, it was customary in Boston hold meetings consider sermons Trio previous sunday Aud argue the doctrinal Points. Females Wero nut allowed participate in the discus sir it ii am Anne Hutch Iii Suu a Strong minded married woman determined that she would no longer be debarred find joining debate. As the scripture enjoins the a elder women la teach the younger a Sheet nth lib had separate female assemblies. She was called the nonesuch Ami her feminine gather bugs were sly led gossiping a word before that time respectable Impi Libut Iron thence consigned contempt and ridicule. She was cordially esteemed by John Cotton mud go vet nor Vanee and became the Lender a sect. She was banished from Massa Ehu utile went Rhode Island and was finally killed by Trio indians. Her followers Wero guilty the Gionest vices Ami i moralities. From 1634 1644.the Council and freemen Massachusetts assembled together forming the general Couit. Afterwards the governor Ami apart Fiorin the freemen making two blanches the legislature. In jesuits nil roman Pilesis were banished nil the import Ion that 41 cursed sect a a quakers prohibited. On the Sabbath All pet sons were forbidden Iun walk a a except reverently la an j from Chuich a profane the Day by ewer pm their House cooking Sofia ving. Moi Ipin were commanded not lies their children 44 Hal sacred Day a nil a line a imposed any one 44 observing such a stay us i in 1646, any person who kissed another in the Miteel even is an honest Salute was hogged am. This pinkish Ifie in was inflicted is late a the eighteenth Ceuta in no Man littered a la ague no a a perpetual con idea inc offensive and de defensive a Owlet a a a the United colonies new Tho first three children baptized in Boston wore Joy recompense and pity and the following baptismal names were very common Faith Hope Charity deliver once dependency preserved Content Piu Deuce Pati once thankful hate evil Holdfast and the Liko. In 1642, some Puritan preachers visited Viiginia nil were ordered leave Lori wit i by a proclamation governor Lleti oily. In 1643, the colonies new Plymouth Massachusetts Connecticut nil new Haven Ente the title England flu 1644, a mint was Creatch a pm coining Silver Money in Boston by Pivot Neal authority. Maryland i the Only other Colony that Ever coined Money. 1.1 1651, the baptists Lunt made their no i Nance in m.issachuetl�, led by Obi Diati inca. They were charged with Gross in moralities adjudged n nuisance nil basis hrs Dihe province. The president liar urd College embraced the new tenets Aud was Diruhi Ossed. It was about the year 1645, that the qua Kern first no Eutril in America. Gerige Fox was i tie founder the sect in England nil the quakers were Zexious Proney Tes. Some Wool Ilene leis constantinople nil a party came America. They Are described a a noisy ranters a women As Well is men preaching when the Annii moved some dist Ribeil religions meetings a Are said have walked the streets miked Ami have been a callously immoral nil fanatical. They were variously punished banished Ampe. And i 1658, the penalty death was pronounced in Massachusetts All quakers return aug from banishment and Runny were executed exhibiting the Utt Nat courage and Zeal. Mary Dyer was executed who had been a Follower Anne the Law Connecticut was a a no food lodgings shall he a fouled a Quaker adamites other in 1672, the Laws Connecticut then in manuscript were codified Ami printed Ami every head a family was presented with a copy and ordered read it weekly his family. La 1678, the general court Massachusetts declared that the navigation air la invaded their a flights in lilies and properties As they were not represented tit in 1680, a Bright meteor in lie form a Spear _ a u seting Sun a seen a successive nights in new e a gland. It made a serious my deep impression the minds the people and was seized upon a the occasion a general Delurm in manners and revival in religion. Thu general court published a Long fist epidemic vices Ninon in which were the Pride tit cutting Ami Curling the hair excess lottery immodest clothing negligent Carriage at clutch High prices Bop pc opera wearing Olleno baud tavern lounging and the Giul juries were directed line and punish such vices. Aud one Robert Ken tie n wealthy nil a pious merchant uus lined $200,a in admonished Lor Tho a corrupt practice a Ellitta dealer than most Bailers. In 1687, marriages were required be solemnized before ministers the Church England there being at that Lime Only one in Massachusetts. Fast Anil lurks giving were suppressed Public meetings disallowed and passports were required in order leave tote province la 1689, an insurrection took place at bos Andros and filly other were imprisoned Ami Brad Street ninety years old was made governor. In 1693, the people new Hampshire entertained the design abandoning their province is Weir situation had become irksome nil dangerous. At this Pei the people the a Colony were described As 44 a Nursery Stern heroism producing men firmness nil valor who can traverse Mountain Aud desc its counter hardship mud face an enemy without tar Tor. In 1693, belief in witchcraft was is Universal is was the belief incl Iriski Only nil every civilized state had penal cd ales against it. Sir in hew Hale adjudged n number men die fur Witch Iasi n few years be foie this period. Thu conviction the witches no Tabois in Elizaboth s reign was comme torn de by an Mutual Sermon at Huntington England us Lite is the Middle the seventeenth Century Ami the scottish secede a denounced Tjo repeal the penal Laws against Ivi Ilina Jas a notional sin in 1743. Nil reprinted Weir protest is Lato As 1766. Thu Law executions witches were in 1716 Ami 1722. In 1622, three witches wite hanged at Haiti Oil Connecticut. But a few instances however occur in America till 1688, when n woman was exec let a in in Muir nil Richard Baxter wrote in account thereof declining Hal any one refusing believe in win he he was a i obstinate Sarilu Cee. In 1692, the epilepsy prevailed in Massachusetts breaking out in Salem and us the physicians could neither explain nor cure the disease it was ascribed . Commencing i Salem in spread through new England and fur month., scenes blood terror nil madness prevailed. Young women were the first and must numerous victims. Twenty eight persons were Cap itally convicted whom Nineteen were Hung and one pressed a death for Rel Sittg plead one Hurt Isreil nil fifty persons were in prison re Stycn Ami two i Hundred a hers Presente i for Timlic Meul at this period the de Lii Man the wife governor Flipps the1 nearest relatives . Mother and n citizen Boston were accused witchcraft. Aud fancy Job p bin Tino. Tow Prisuta a a unit hmm not Tea Butac Flurr cd fat Klodt wow uni u tit std Wax plums us him Furtah Tho a wit 6 Uio a rom a a rmes Moat that by Twao au4o a Lifcia a it Jan la Uto sit. Tooler Fluor fun scr fru Riyo in colors Tiu Bonnot. Wit boat Canad la a Nuas owl win owe atone Vrh Cowart Tiv my pro Una Oates la Etty 0001107, aa4 by us a idol a Ami eau a Attu with a 4 Apau Host Burfor known la Utla Mac Tuluo. Tala rat and ice Nav in Imaad card printing a a 1u la toned. The Fluhme Ribra purr am a Mark Tut cutting corp Boord Ini Pec Basof us Board Tea Magub Charm Lara a a m a cabled Arr All Orden in Thia Brakeb us Ulona Taiba Moat a 1 set taut Ruou. a Immi 14 a cider and qua Tuur at Way baud. 17 orders for any kind Jab pruning a rut by Sage warded by mad pan Nyiry anti Rcd. Musios and Jora Ial Orr Tia. L. O. Com a. My in Massachusets mid the first episcopal Chapel was erected in 1688. Tho first Quaker Mee Piug House a built in Bailou in 1710. Maas was first in Boa Tun. By a Rumus Catholic priest in 1788 Aud the chinch built for the French molest mis who fled front Catholic Peis caution was the same Chuilli that received Trio roman catholics who lied from the Jacobina France. Cotton Mather the son increase Mather wrote 382 work All a oits. Over his a imly door win ,.44 be Hume the historian says that according Quincy the Mathers although Strong Mided mud realty pious were a some lines corrupted by a deep vein passionate Van a Lynn a in 1655, Colton Matlie snid that the. 1. Colony was a a Roll vies a sink Antim onial a Foma lists Anabaptist. Ami Afiba turbans Armenia is so Cunz Qun Kera ranters Ami everything but roman catholics nil True a a Ona Terra Moons Entz a a a Good land and wicked people he town prov Idrice inhabited by schismatics who followed Roger Nwilliams Aud Anne Hutchi Mirou in exile am in 1625 there was neither a magistrate nor minister 10 lie town. Alt civil and cd Clef in Licul functionaries who refused Servo without pay were called hirelings. Maryland was the first the Amican state 111 which religions toleration was is Molist cd by Law. Lord Baltimore pit claim red that religion Leontiou should be the fundamental principle the cd Lusial social Union and the Assembly �11 1649, mostly roman catholics declared nil i dated 1 nope son pretesting believe in Jeu can is should by molested account i Laith denied tin Iree exercise his Mihk worship. At this a ame time Tho in titans were a re Ecula ii their Protys Enrit Brethren in new , nil the episcopalians Viginia persecuting the put Laus while Cne Holic Maryland was u Sanctuary for the refugee All denominations cd Mistiatis where protestants bought a telugu lion fiut est Ikuls. And filter Wuhu there Protey nuts refugees sought the abrogation the Catholic worship and religious dictation in Maryland nil effected it by Legal enactment 1654 in 1666, Maryland passed the find Law in the i 01 a times fur Iho naturalization aliens. It was n statute Queen Elizabeth the Tiit who introduced the practice Lin my potting Niclous Virginia. Clottel Justice l Ophan being an american Loop Dieter suggested it Anil designed new England is the hcs place. After the restoration Many quakers were transported America As felons. Maryland protested against it. But Only a slant time prior die american Rovoldt lion 350 felons were annually imported that state. Shakespeare Only mentions America once in his works in the a the tempest a where Atiel celebrates Trio Portny coat a still vexed Ami Milton does not a coition America at All but lie casually allude the indians is seen by Columbus in a a Paradise lost a Book in Juan Ponce do Leon the Spanish gov eur Porto Rico n companion Columbus first discovered that Region country a part which is now called lotion. He Art a veil the coast in Aptil 1512,when Tho country was in the fresh Bloom spin tag a the tree were covered with blossoms Ami the ground with Flowers. From Tho venial Beauty that adorned the surface Ami because he discovered the land the sunday Befu the Eastern which the spaniards Callen Pascua de Flores he gave it Tho name Florida. Juan Ponce was in quest the Laud re it Oit cd by Tho a lives the a Artibee islands contain a Brook Fountain endowed with Tho miraculous Power restoring the Floorn nil vigor youth age Aud decrepitude. He chilled his need Frame by bathing in 8very Stream and Fountain lie could find was wounded by an Indian s Arrow and died in Cuba. dec Omige emigration America sir by alter Scott Fruto the following cart sick . I a Lavigan How sol would be the sound o11 8u�qn-Liaun i a sgt up Pound Kentucky a Wink Rancu Nilert a Bekc and wild Ontario Al Oivind Ltd Luka. Whore Hurt a ick exit a a in the a Truin lie called far Scotland skills Guiu. A Rainbow Hope Over the Nhis seven years sin Ami indispensable the health most animals no a la Virtor w a Entz a a Etc la it Pencil and conduct an argument with vigor and following curious i Nita which that met her at every step Cecile be a nor Tefle Clive Bec Aono tolerant. Some no Ridge . a a Parker a treatise Silt a we beautiful4 the times he will introduce an a Llu trn Ion like 1 pm a in Hii he let n he Unpi u which we private tumult a Mon times"1�?� he a a u fair Huth a in a fun it a Lur no. Ami a person who kept a a sen More farm Bol incense a leaven. Those Bright Eves a Quot a �?�4 a suspense almost no Misti suied in Experiment with a Purt opened and Chi Tad like the Flowers und like a Viand re rce hic a ppm a it them which Hud been Ucucu Ormed live them drank in the Dow and sunlight a All supplied regu Hirly with their food. Lew Iho giver. Manors und pm it was Caile a eighteenth Hirt Dav. The n one 01 the recent s7 Quot a it a a mls Quot a Quot a had us and. in in. . N ,1fl a a a a a a a a a a 4��?o>7�?~h 0 it a Well Bow. A my for Well. Of. Met a built .,m,7is I ? a a member it Lola Natl him ,.h .n.it a . , and it kit sued Tihoi too Hill a olo re Uil we us u Fleecy Cloud around those matchless he held in his hand were la. A a. L tabs. Gems und Jewe a would have been would 4 that vote when kept old Hay and Corn in a two a jul put the beside those Tarry the and a half three ounce per Illuv Walt nature a simplest old ring a the drooping Lily uni were ooa.ume-1 by each horse but when under we thilber a the flush youth by fed 00 new Bay they then devoured no and Bope we Ber Check her step a so hoax a he inquired who he was Iron diff a tenge six Cooee Day. 1 m lbs a tort a 0 bit Brilliant in role for1 a a for Welle be Ore Here a a one the recent Foi no tells. Which Ere Bis provided he role the ballot the member took the ring and the Vole and Mill nothing. Art hour after Silling Down the Side a brother member in the Hon come when tiie . Caldwell Dickinson College a Short time before his death said his Young wife 44 you will not i am sure lie Down upon your bed nil weep when i am knife. And when you via the spot where Lio do not choose n Santl nil Mott Raiful time do not go in the shades evening in the dark night. These Ore no limes Vuu the grave one who Hopes and trusts in a risen redeemer come dear wife in the Bright a Nus hire and when the binds Are singing a no Anta Beautiful illustration these Woiydi contain come in the morning Sunshine w Hen the notes the harmless bit a Are Heavil come not in the Zilnik shades evening when the Mournful notes frogs and the troubled whip Orwill will fill the graveyard. The former representing the lot Looe resurrection the righteous Aud the alter that the wicked. Try i. War allowed keep tavern unless a was thu no cover were nne eted for defame Niort Good Chut Acler and competent estate. I Quot i at the suit the Boston citizen nil one 1638, there Ucic but two licensed inns in j thousand pounds were claimed As damages. Boston. Nit ii a Trauger Elcied an inn a a he spell was broken Ami at the next is nil officer followed and if he called for1 a a Xoi i prisoners were tried Only three i More grog thin tire officer thought he could were convicted and thy Wero immediate i Bear it was forbidden and a less Quantity pardoned by the governor. Administered. All persons were directed dres. According Weir Fortune be fined by the grand jury. Nomen were in june 1693 an no a Embly divines solemnly declared a that the apparitions per anti. Afflicting oilier., was no i oof their fined for cutting their hair like a Man bring Witch Sand a spectral evidence having it Hung Loo Taly Over the face. Idle not As sufi Lieut convict tie a swearing lying and drunkenness m. Juries. But a Large portion the pen Ucic punished by whipping the . Be �11 believed that the a a recent malady voting women were required spin the Una caused in fact by witchcraft a and . Selectmen prescribed be fined. Any Mather wrote n treatise in support the person 4�?~ courting a Maul without her a opinion. Sir William Phipps however rent a consent a was freed nil imprisoned ordered All persons Lobo released Char a very few Perrons Haj the title ., pea 0f witchcraft and pardoned All who had and fewer that Esquire. The usual a participated no accuser with arms in the Ella ions were 44 Goodman a nil a a Good a a e prosecution. Toe House Assembly association were formed and appointed a general fast and solemn Apple sanctioned by Law suppress drinking cation a a that would Pardon All the Healths wearing Long hair and Par Wigo. Ror. Of Hia servants and people in a late trag it is now recorded by Way illustration Edy raised among us by satan and his in i suppose that brewing wan prohibited thua ended the witchcraft de saturday because the Beer would Vork lotion. Sunday i 1�? episcopal society Wai for 07�?o a writer in who National intelligent cer. Says that the spirit Hartshorn Isa certain remedy for the bite a dog. The wounds he adds should by constantly bathed with it Ami three four Lulea dilute taken inwardly during the Day. The Hartshorn Decompo is chemically the Viro insinuated Tiu wound and immediately destroyed it deleterious Ness. The writer we resided in Brazil for some time first tried in for the Hite a scorpion and found that it removed pain and instantly. Subsequently lust Rich in Lorth bile the rattle in pc with similar Success. At the suggestion the writer in old Friend Ami physician England tried it in care hydrophobia and always with Success. An incident. On tuesday afternoon is learn from Tho n. Y. Evening Post Quito in excitement was created in one Tho streets new York by Tho nope Franco a boy three years old tote roof a four Alary House. He there proudly looking Over Tho Cornice and swinging in. Hat. Two gentlemen who were passing rushed Tho House and a rending the scuttle culled the child in n Calm voice come them lie turned round and obeyed the. Cell. Ilo we Tho Only a a Nof a wider imly and during the id enc his Mother had succeeded in climbing Stair and getting out the. Scuttle. Providence journal a Frederick do gins is announced a a for Congress. Hit election would in n Poser the House Bol a Tnp be there is no apprehension it nne a end so Many who e slave Congress that a free negro would be a Der Rio for Money. . C. B. Prutt Worcester is Reid Ming his operations off Stony Island near Hurigle for recovering the treasure about a million dollars from the British shop War Hussar wracked there during Tho revolutionary War. Sho lies a seventy feet water. A go loot St non void. An old Bachul geologist Wra boating that a try Rock was As familiar him As the alphabet. A lady who was present declared tha knew a melt which he was wholly ignorant a a name it. cried coed be in a rage. A it is Rock the Cradle alarm replied the. Lady. Pm writable Pnintino.�?.Oolaran advert ing in the London times is Worth �6000 a vent the proprietors the eur plus profits the time Ara i00,m startling a Yaw. A

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