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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - July 6, 1855, Biddeford, MaineLouis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. " eternal hostility to every form of oppression Ofer the mind or body of . ". B1ddef0rd, main., Friday july a 1 855. F i to. 1 i a Lul Lai Avi Jim i twi zoo xtzt70i 1ht volume 27. In. I Len ii Zidd to a i i i = i m and Eastern journal. Tuzim my Tut i a irn a u Poult Lenl Rry Limi. I no. I omit ul4k, Uri ht.1 Ihu i Kwa tul Ruff in la in Iii in 11 in Lii it . I Ufa 1 Ulm 4 will to v. H. Puna. Us awrans we my mwu.1 a it hot Iku Nii Fhi Hij i int s%0 y a a u i a 1 , awl i cult to lit 4l Lam Lyuu 4 al Mac Fri b mat us my r pm it irl he he Arm a � a i vol few 0 i Siuk i of. He a will let x. W. My cwt �1 Tow m la nil. a Minjok primer. 1 filed upon the Gnu riot by an i lilt Grren Mountain a Cunt All thou us in it w i ii cute to me in Fin lie ailed prime vow try smut in Dowery june a Yabrow a any their Erlna Luke Aiu fax be a to vat found no a Ion e bund my grave to make. The Rich Green Mountain turf Thozid break a cd within he Frozen a Crue Ali Roub and i -fjc4oqd-\sove it rolled a Rae Literee the Lem print l it Awa 1 Wil not thin of the a Blue be the Cis an j Soa the Breese Earth Norven by Nejib be Leet Aud be la Damp Mould Fenily pre i Luto Tuy ii mow place of rut. The re the ii i the , Lonj Usu birr to Are to Golden la ill Kim Ltd lie. And thick Young he.�, an i group of Flower stand in their to eau a by. The Oriole Aho Tild build and Tell i luvs ulu Cloe beside in cell the Idle but Ierley s Ioam Rem him Sterc an i Law h�4rj the Bee and he i Bird. June. A a Taxt an j what if he earful shout at noon pm tie Fri a the Vilma a sent or a Nof of pm id beneath the Uvo with Lairy laughter of rut. And what if in the Evemy lift hib to Alicd Lovera in Aygul of my Low i a Judd la Loftly scene around might Tuow to r a jut or sound i know i know i should not Vul til it Pink Glo Lou allow nor would it by Hurtes Shine Ito me nor in wild a n Iori a but if of Nii a my plan of sleep to Friend i love Shmil 1 conic to weep tin might not Heiste too thy dil not like the reports Oga. Sho was very obey rain during her Auy a d no doubt took an in tent or of everything in the room. " yes yes i Undt tend if to had Only pent two or three Hundred dollars of other people s Money in Gui King and furnishing our House nil the neighbors Wou a Hare culled on you before now. Dut Don t let us wind it. To hard cub san our course. They Wil think differently Bye and Bye. We Hall however learn How highly to value their Friendship when it is pro red added or. Co Lcuien with ome bitterness. " now if Ark. Don t let their neglect sour your feeling. There Are some very kind and g vol he arted people h Tho " 1 suppose to Bro to hut it Soems to no their number in very Dut who was Mark col Man Ite was an industrious hard working Young Man a begin Tho world with nothing but who bad very Tibia y sett fed one thing in his mind which a that he would some Day be Rich. Another Point was if to Ime still More firmly settled namely that he would never run in Doht to the value of a Dollar. Lie had worked hard for several years As a Journeyman at Hie Trade of Carpenter to obtain the Means to erect a Small Bouse and hop of his own. Lie bad been some time attic red to an a Stimable Young woman As poor in Tho world As himself. Their Union bad been to Long deterred thai both parties grew impatient for the Timo to come. I to Only Toro to in the Houe were finished Oas to to built blk they respire to wait no longer. Dut a Small sum of Money re ruined to furnish even i Heel two Row a but shanty As in the Furni Ura Lieh this sum would procure they j1. Rel to their first Resolution not to run in debt hut to wait until More could to obtained without obtaining it on credit. Or. Colemun and he Ife Wero not in m Tik Nio to the Rwjr n Why their neighbor wore i Ehy. Tho evening after my. Lewis caller 1 upon them to net a neighbor who mud i or i a you Pou nor him to Day. I rap pne of a Eal de upon our new i re aau hed. And even h or n t a f furnish to if y u will Brieve air there Wace but two i s in Tho r i n. Ai or. Cule Utan off red bar e to me. The obliged to rat herself on Tho bed. Then a a not a table any where. A Chest toot Jin if r my. Which appeared to Lupp / the place of " Well i a for heard the � teat of it. What Coo a p of know Mark Coimin beg in Tho world with nothing. I supp Ehi and the absence of everything like affectation or condescension won their confide no. To Tho Churm of her conversation the fact was quite forgotten that their House was More i Only or More scantily furnished than their night on. Bot this fact was it length recalled to their minds by mrs. _ Ives of swerving to or. Coleman you seem t � to setting out right in the world my Young intend. I suppose you in lend to to Rich Ona of the Dav and i think you will " we Hope some Day to to letter off than to now Are replied or. Cudeman. " i know we Hare begun Hoo diff gently from most Young people to added casting i eyes around Tho scantily furnished apart-1 Iuen " and the most of our neighbors think the Worso of us for it. But Tho fact is we have to h of us set out with the determination never to contract a i Douht not you will of n to Able to in i a your House and furnish it Caily said mrs. Lac kindly and ii Frt Vian a " i sin Jinjr spirit hmm Iii me chair and a table until it is convenient for you to Purchase those which w ill suit1 you better it will gratify to much to lot you have tills offer Wai made with so much kind ass and delicacy the it or. Coleman could not refuse it or feel wounded by it. Alter mrs. Ives hid left he cd Clairace there u what i Cill i loud Hoir cd True hearted woman. She has me think better of All the world than i did half an hour ago this was True. This delicate act of kind nes Hail stolen the bitterness from the Hurt of the proud Man for proud he was and it had taught him to think More charitably of a l his race. Years passed on and Mark Coleman s Dreen were More than realized. Ills House was soon finished and neatly furnished after which to had no reason to complain of the than m of his neighbor. Hut he did not remain there Many years lie removed to a larger Loco where to could extend his business operations. Alter the first Lew years wealth to wed in upon him As rapidly As he could desire. Hut it is not our purpose to loll in Hin through his course. Our Tal now passes Over a Perio i of some years. In a plezant Village Many Miles Distant from its opening scene stands a dilapidated dwelling of that Peculiar Hue which Tho suns and storms of three fourths of a Century impart to the natural color of Wood. This dwelling is inhabited by a poor widow and her invalid granddaughter n Sirl of fourteen. The Couch of the invalid i no cd in the most comfortable Corner of the Only comfortable apartment Tho dwelling Eiml Aini. A stand is placed al w by the s de of the recovered with a clean White cloth. On this stand the widow is prepare inc to Puc their simple evening meal. While thus employed the suddenly stops exc timing Here m firmer sluts coming with the Grain he promised to let me Hare. I must 1 it the Money for s m ing the Steps Quick i j to an old by Reau which stand in the Corner of the room. Unlocking one of the drawers she Tonkee out a Hill from a Small hox deposited in a Corner ? of this drawer and hasten out to meet the i rust the eyes of the Youn in ruled Fol Low her Aad y us she take the Bill Froais the Nix and to As she carefully Deposit in the i in a Fite Dollar Hil " u m it the loot Jcu had " t my " is then your my cd so rent ? 1 it will not l is till of to y or pen a in. And the if y u should not it it shul would we do try to Ohey your Wear Only father t night dear Alice. He Aas take re thought for the Morrow for the morn i shall take thought for the thing of itself sufficient unto the Day is the Eril thereof the Jour girl seemed hardly to heed this or Patrk so intently were her thought fixed up a the subject which occupied her a find. 11 is it not time to hear from or. R the gent Eman who Promise j to get the pen Siun for you i she continued. " be quite time. I think to must hear very i did or. Mason Promise to inquire St the office for Jou when to returned from his 1 work v " la Dij tin to is coming towards the House this Mooi ont. Lie must Hare a let the widow hastened to the door and soon returned with a letter in her hand. " is it from or. 11 " Yos my " do on it. What Dors he to v u when to think How much depends upon this letter my dear we should first lift up our hearts to god that he would Cio us Grace to Bear Hia holy will what Ter it May j h seemed to Tho anxious expecting girl a if it took her grandmother a very Long while to Cross Tho room to where Tho old Bureau stood to Lake up her spectacles which Lay upon Tho top of it and adjust them upon her head to Brenk with a trembling hand the Seal und possess herself of Tho contents Tho letter All Hough it was brio. What Doea to aay v she anxiously asked. " to says that unexpected Lluli Eulliea Hare Arisen and he does not now think that he Hull la Ahlo to the " of grandmother and Jou arc spend ing tie inst five dollars Joa Liuvao in the world. What shall we do we Hare never yet wanted for any o Tho necessaries of life my child " " i know it i grandmother hut we Hare Nurer before Boen destitute of Tho Means of procuring them. Since we Havo been Here we Hugo lived on the Money obtained by the Sao of your furniture when you left a Bat now if you do not obtain your pension we Havo nothing on which to " then my door of must depend wholly on our heavenly father. He is very Rich. Tho Silver and Tho Gold Aro his and Tho cattle upon a thousand Hills and his Rich pro Mises arc worthy of " but Hod a not work miracles grandma. We Havo no friends Here no Ono who cares at All for us. Tho Only person who visits us is mrs. More and she comes not from any interest in us but from the Lovo of g Wip. And a dire to Tell us Tho news. Its. Mora mys it is a hard Taco for poor a or and � a n plus where people i interned Thema res so Ellilu i hair destitute neighbors i " All this May to Truo and yet to who has declared himself Ablo to raise up Chil Dren unto Abraham from Tho stones of the Field can raise us up friends when to need j them even in this place so apparently in propitious in this time passed on and the remnant of the five dollars though carefully expended Gra Duil y Knelt with begin to fail yet. Grand Mother she asked is to looked at her grandmother s Placid countenance. " Why Shouk it my dear ? to hate not reached the extremity yet. Man s extremity is lion a Opportunity you hut the Leith of the Young girl had not been strengthened and developed by n life of Disei Plano and trial. Sho knew not How to Trust in an hour so dark As this. All the ereoln3 she tossed restlessly upon her Pil Low. Withdrawing the curtain which Sha ded the win i them new while we have need of Heru for the were Given As i or such in hour is this let me repeat to you some of Betm precious promises. I have been Young and now i old yet Hare i never been the righteous pc Sakon. Nor Liia seed begging Broad try in the lord and do Good so halt thou do in the land and verily thou Shalt be of and Swik not what be Hall cat or what Ahall drink neither Boye or doubtful roil fur All these things do the nations of i world seek after and your father kno that Yeha a need of Oil these Thiol when my dear child a Promise seen p titular by appropriate to our present r1 and necessities we May feel assured we have a special warrant a Pelli Cula citation a it were to Lay hold of and upon Trio Gray Twilight we fait deep Eli Tho Ahada of night and objects were ing indistinct when the widow i the figure of Man approaching ing. She Haac cd to Light her last can and had barely Limo to do so before a Gale rap summoned her to Tho door. Tho Dool being opened a gentleman apparently Abott sixty entered the apartment and accepter Tho widow s courteous invitation to to scat cd. " i Hopo you will not consider this Call Ai an intrusion i said. " i have now i Como a neighbor of yours. Yesterday 1 moved into Tho House yonder on the Hill perhaps you will think i Lay claim to the Fri Villi o of making a neighbourly Call at an Early Day. But to this claim i believe 1 May add another that of former acquaint " indeed said Tho widow in a Tonew voice indicating Somo Surprise while at the sumo Timo Sho closely scanned Tho count Nance of her visitor to Seo if Sho could Dis cover any Famili in Lineament there. You do not recognize to v " i do not " do you remember a Oung Mech Mic b Tho Namo of Mark Coleman who was Settle near Vou when you lived in b " Well i am Mark " la it Pimble ? and you Honvo conto to reside in the Largo House yonder j " i have. You no surprised. Hut you Oan not is i by be Moro a than i waa this mor Ning Alten nuking Ono of my neighbor who resided Here i was informed that it in or. Ires Trio widow o Tho Lato Genera iwo or. Coleman sat or half an hour conver sing of the past and Tho present. His Man Ner was very kind and respectful. When Ris ing to take leave to said a now mrs. Ives i have Ono Mcquea make of you. If i should consider it a Dull and Alio a croat a Rivil a \ to return Soma do Ili ? be i Fiji but pc 1 � will r. T feel oppressed whiff Slub Tel weight of obligation on that account by will regard it us no Nitro than what a justly your a mrs. Ives lighted or. Coleman through Tho Little Hall leading to the outer door lit pointed to n Basket which by her. To had depo itch Thero on entering. 11 hearing you had an invalid grand daughter to said although it is my first visit i ventured to bring Long Soto Cliea i cies which May tempt her mrs. Ives took Tho Basket to Tho cd Side of Alice and displaying its contents said sea Here my child to Only asked Foi bread and our heavenly father la a Ivan us luxuries which m get tempt Tho no Petit of an epicure. Shail to not Trust him Foi the future v Sinco Tho time that mrs. Ives and or cold Man Wero formerly neighbors mrs. I i had passed through a Long session of bar Rea vement and losses. Death bad deprive1 her of her beloved husband and not Ono o the dear Circle of her children remained her. Losses and misfortune Lind Ulso trip pod them of their onco handsome pro fort. I All that was now left to Lior was one Good child App trently a confirmed , Natl the dilapidated dwelling which sheltered them. This had onco been Mort a cd the booze to Dij. I Law a larg 1im4 us g �k1# tue Dotty a inmate will Ahn Rity fat Lynw to int War 1 one a curiosity will probably Aochi be Junti 1 the Nat any a Ono o Khoee Beautiful Hys which often occur in the latter part of any Ems a and whose charms no partially j tech somewhat doubtful if she Wero r the exertion. Loll you can said or. Coleman. I and myself will place you care fully in liar Urriago which is Tery Ebay and Yoor a Mother Ahall a i l1 All thyran accomplished. As or. entered Tho Arriage to Aid / " to bad bettor Tako a Farewell look it the old Hon of Alico for it in not probable Liat you will Over so it Alice lo4ej it him with a itar toil air which or Coleman perceiving said " Don to alarmed Alice. If you should wish to Retro 1 Promise to bring you safely i Hie Carrle passed up Tho gentle ascent leading to my Coleman s House and Down in on Tho Posito Sido until it reached oot Tago spen of by mrs. Moro. It Drew up before the r of this cottage. How do Liko Jour new Homo Alico asked in. Coleman. " i Hope it pluses you for your grandmother has dead of the place mrs. Ires looked at or. Coleman in s lit is Trae Milam and Here is Tho Doc us to said , As to took a pay in room Bis to Clit and a Hood it in her Hank. ? 1 jut we Mast Sot Stop to speak of this Noy pc r Alico is growing no tying he Lowdown Tho Steps of Tho Fri in t and a Ontl lifting Alico out Boro Tyr into one of the soit front rooms of the Mittage and placed her upon n bed wide had beet carefully prepared for this up pose. Of or. Coleman said Alicc to land � i i " now no Thuei Alice interrupt a Flor. Coleman " for there i no cull for any i us going to ask your grandmother i Giro to to Monou a Joa a Avo 0fc. Jet Tea a for to Herd i Btl jmj Kiln of al la it 11 11 Low of ? 4 lid Odd nut it nil to the Beauty of Trio land of pop i Ball consider myself quite n gainer or obtain the privilege of pulling it f Alice and her grandmother spent a tory coins triable Winter in their new and pleas Jarit Homo. In Tho Pring or. Coleman pro ? posed that Alico should Send Tho summer in n neighbouring City under Tho Caro of an it Vincnt physician who to hoped Light to Itoro her to health. Tho plan waa carried it with Tho Moit Gratifying results. Alice returned in Tho full with healt i greatly in of moved and with Tho Prospect of n speedy id permanent recovery. As Sho was sit i u in by her grandmother s Ori Ono of cuing won Niter her return she said it is just one year tonight grandma Terr Sinco or. Coleman first called on us nil found us in such deep distress. How vib a Valu Spoti it when i have told you All. I hats yet sex then Only of the Gnu firm and Moat unimportant pan cd Tho Bon Cotta which 1 l men but Iho neglect expo Rion cd in continence of Ibn Huin Blel a i nude Ebru i just Start air in the world had Tei Jenny to your my feeling i a Viuda my fellow 11 besides this you Arn no doubt award that such Cluro Economy Tod careful Hoard ing a my Circum Sanom in Early life teemed to Render necessary often lend to the formation of dote and penury Iowa habit Ami ibo Man find himself at last not Only a Rich Man bal also a miser. Hare heard i related of a Man Worth his million that to would stand a Long time before a fruit stall looking Firat at the cent he held in i hand and then at Tho tempting peach balancing in Hia mind whether he was willing to part with the cent for the Loonry of the peach. " now on my first acquaintance with mrs. Ives i was cherishing Fec Ings which would have made me an easy victim to Shnte snares which beset the path of him who accumulates wealth. Her kindness and sympathy awakened new trains of thought and feeling. If ambit tired by some real or supposed neglect the remembrance of it would awaken Kinder thoughts and & More charitable judgment of my Fellowmen in general when in Flor years opportunities of relieving and aiding others presented themselves Tho remembrance of this act of kindness would incite to to the performance of similar charities. Its influence upon my whole alter life was Happy and benign. If i am now regarded As a kind hearted benevolent Man and not As a cold hearted miserly Hoarder of wealth i owe it in no Small degree to mrs. Ives. She is not my debtor but i no hers. I cannot re pay the obligation i am under to her. It pains me to think that Slot should thank to for any act of kindness for All is but a vain attempt to express the Gral tudo i Tributino entitled be Umry and Corr Poydence of Amos Lawrence edited by hit on or. W. It. Lawrence Giresi ome account of it from which we Lake the Fol lowing paragraphs while in apprentice in n Loro in Gro. Ton a. D. 1799or l. Abstained entirely from indulgence common among i fallow Tea y in put Iho difference but Weun Goin us i i and a Little wrong will be the difference to Iveea finding yourself in Good Quarter or in a mine Ruble bog or Slough at Iho end of it in 1807 he came in Hio with m0 i in bin pocket be cling Asho ? in fat since and to gave Trio neighbor we Linin to Iho City $2 out of i $20. At his boarding place he secured an hour after Tea fur study and Reading. Ilia Maxim my i business before friends during the fir to seven years of his mercantile life to never 1 allowed a Bill to stand unsettled Over tin j Sabbath. He kept an accurate account of the merchandise bought and sold each Day i avoided excessive credits and of Elised the most rigid Economy never As be say j allowing himself to spend Fuu Ponce for j unnecessary objects till to had acquired it during the first year to made $1500, and the second $4000. In january 1808, his j whole profits were $175, but at successive intervals of Sis years from that limn to be came Worth $60,000, in 1s20, is 12,00 1826,9280, 000,and in 1832, 427,000. Dur ing the financial difficulties occasioned by Tho War wit i England to Neve responded but As his editor says displayed Cool a Sicily and Une rasing watchfulness and per Severance amid All the cares and per i plus cities of business Homo with its endearments occupied Tho first Placo in his after Titus speaking of in business to says that properly acquired at such a sacrifice costs More than if is Worth or. L. Wrote with facility and Many volumes of his letters Sinco 1828 have been preserved the greater part of them addressed to his children. Krum these numerous extracts Are Given full of characteristic re Marks and Wise counsels do not cheat yourself by doing what you suspect May to wrong. You by the descendants of the Pui Itana with All suitable respect a the first and highest Holiday of Christiana a. He avow Hia belief in the existence of the sea sea Serpent a. Fully As in that of Bona p win. I had never aeon either but i a i As Well satisfied of both As t should Hare i been if i had seen both. And yet the idea i of the Aea Serpent a existence has been scooted and ridiculed if exit wet an unfavourable opinion of a fondness fur theat i lit al an events to. In 181he commenced a memo Annm Book which he continued to Hia death. Do. 20. 1822, Een Aini Nir a statement of All his 1 Day again Chr Folly to i went out into the cold ram while i mily it gel to with you my child i la never Canto Jupi i though 1 Lonke i for i in Cruty d if. At Lenuit about new v of a i i want to Ibe Placebo Cal fld humor. Down Tow. Lot the Little Pil trim Ilin weary loot were at Reat Ami 1 Eicr loot would Hie Geatal Knock be heard at the doer of Tho who like myself forgot i i Nee easily and Stem Mil that often sent about Thene wanderers from Home to Hom and their employment might be far mow ump Tonly to them than annoying to us. V curious Freak of lightning. The lightning conducted itself wry strangely a a House hat it entered of great Chopra Joe wend me., a few Weeka Lince. It either demolished or displaced al most everything animate or Inami Nate in the House. A neighbor be retired a Bill of fire apparently a foot in diameter with a Trail thirty Yards Long depending up i the Chimney of capt. Upton s House and immediately after a volume of smoke began to ascend As if the Hou of was on fire. Hasten ing to the Home is was found a wreck but not on fire. The family of six persons were at sap per and their escape we h their la ref is a Miracle. Of mrs. Upton s right Arm is Cut to the Bene Nuovo Tho Elbow and she is otherwise badly bruised. Her Granddad go Tor Marietta Hamilton six Yenn old is so bruised As to to purple from the hips to Tho feet and is in a precarious condition. A ii Upton or is idly bruised Ahot Trio head and Ace. Old or. Upton was eating a bowl or bread and milk with Ono Lind upon the bowl was broken the other hold ing Tho spoon Tho bowl wan Ihmken in his hands and the spoon has not been found. Old mrs. Upton had a cup of Tea in her hand and when she came to herself she was tartly under the table with a piece of Tho cup in her hand and covered with the wreck of the Chimney among which was a piece of Timber irom the front of the fire Laoo eight feet Long with a al it Bat of Iron of Tho mine length attached. The granddaughter was thrown from her scat at the table w near the fireplace and waa literally covered with Bricka and mor or. Nearly every article of crockery in the House two Dock and three Jokin Glae and two old Fatah loved Oik table in the Kitchon. Are a mashed. The Hiir in which mra. Upton a Alt Long waa a Rowan into Twenty eight Picc a at any rate that num Ber of piece were found every partition in the Boom a removed from it position and Moro or 1pm Ahu tested. The Villa o the Houyao were Cut off a part of Tho underpin 1 Nung removed the foundation o he Chim Ney blown out and the cellar Wall Cut quart Brookw from top to Bottom in a eral Plicta tha Boot on a barrel of to Inaara two soap Marrafa in nil vat off a atone Jar Alt Long of a Board to in Fen of Theta barrel waa Miami kerb no top being curried off. Very window aah in the Boukaia completely demo Nuhad. Except one in the w to chamber. Llerve Thero i i Quaro of Gina with a i pee ent out a if by the Point of a Diamond Juat Tho Ahi of a Brick two inches by eight allowing that u Brick had been projected through it Quick a fir door in Tho lower part of Tho Houyao Scro shattered to pice a and in Fine Tho Ehtle fluid loll Ita Mark in every part of Tho Houyao. Kit Nam like. A few nights Back n null party of ladies and Gentl Mon Wero laughing Over the Tuppo de awkward of attending a declaration of lore nil a gentleman remarked that if lie cart of red him Milf would d it in n collected manner. For instance to continue add Retting himself to n lady Pretzat i would Lay min s 1 Here Boon two Youri looking for a Wil. I am in Tho receipt of about a thousand Dol Lam u your from my by Tinett which it on Tho in Tea a. Of All Lulua of my or Una Intano i a Miro you the Mutt Lindu i 1 love you and would gladly in Ike soft my you flatter to by your preference Good hum redly replied mitts to Tho Mur Primo of nil pret it " i refer you to my father " Ira to exclaimed the gentlemen. " Well i declare exclaimed Tho Ladio. The lady and gentlemen Good Reader an o to married in hem. Under Tiik mip Letoe. It it Well known that according to ancient Cuit oin a Branch of Trio Mii Letoa Hung up at Christ int in Tho Middle of a room entails the forfeit of a kit from any Ltd who May in caught under it and which any gentleman my lawfully claim. We rally Don t know what Tome folks will nay at the idea ovum wort Flag it on their Heads and thut bringing item Elrath under it Alt Tho time. At Cathlon trn Reft this Way from France and at Tho Ludietz there h ire Ulm Ody begun to Wreath their Straw Hamnett with branches of Tho i toe we May shortly look for in adrenal hero. One writer in commenting upon the Plant in this c in Recti a say it it particularly the Type of for mining nature Imp. Err in two of let peculiarities. Its Berry contain a seed the aped tit a staff and it it incur info of life except As a Grot upon another to umlaut the Tiee to Inch it hat Roa Uwi m Sammu. Knob pct intelligent wid out Ful firmer in Fonita a Ibal he it in the practice of Feci nig Tii it ? i Mio fur quiet hmm u Abuit the dec a of Liliu Juico in Iti Irir a j. Dry Lay thy in Oer Gowddy and Hough m Evcic m Udall Quati Tinea Evi ent in with the Inual Ben Jie at Cit cd. Kry ainu or inuit ha-olmtrc.1 thai in dry Maou Hor a cattle Ami Theep keep in Good Pond Iii i up n patched and appear i i a rant while in Wrt a out in tall Luif though always full thu Procora of wit ii them was Low. Qty Fuller in Auch Camf i to Giro tub Tunco and tenacity to the , and can be profit ably mud by Ftp Diug it in Boiu and cattle. Xii Cimrak Tok Gray

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