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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Jan 29 1858, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - January 29, 1858, Biddeford, MaineDo 4ja �1 eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the bund or body of . F i c a � i 1 v Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. Biddeford. Maine Friday january 29, 1858 lit vat it volume 1ivnumber i # i i .1 it of onion and journal. I Iii it a or Rumsy is i 1 air a Hurt. la 11mm. $2.00 per annul or Tom u paid wet Lathro Malhi from Tho tia of reborn bin. 4c.w ?. I. I Livia. To Iii pm it a i anal u a Only is rial i no it lamp or ? w of a Lark i Imaa Rel Knul pkg. A wot al u ukr at lbs re m Minimi he my in pm yer my k. Fife re by iliac. Cd Miuji a rkud�4fk�m% x. W. Curi rth tru my Chr nut Prmt. Jamks t. Elk asks. I re a. So Csc # go tact. Sunny Day i in Winter. To �. R a Cirar. Summer i a glorious a of wami mini Bright and Piea nut Iii the Paat ? w�m1 to Ilea i i be or no. So while health can climb the Mountain an a 11 it up the Hall. There Are funny Daya in Winter alter All up Rani Ito in but hath faded Sioui u v Maiden like to i Barma summer too with All her Prounh per Wied in our Anna but the memory of the Anih a. Mrik an our heart Rovall Makato funny Daya in inter a lift ail ? True there a Arane a lower thai Bloo Roeth All the beat a a dead rut the Wall Larrr Atli yonder Garden bed. And the Lily flowered Arbutus hug Day in Winter after All sunny Houra in Ever Tea on in lie Maurent tin Wim tale with lore and Rea of what their Ood Bat ent Tbone Wim neither too highly nor too lowly fall feel the puny do of Winter. Alter All then although our Darling treasures Vanicki frn the heart thru although our Core lot red Cleatur one by Oue depart t Winter after All song of the Sailor s wife. Who the of i on maw Anil or band Grun five or a Aeo winding through la i he Willi h i a and Kiziu my Orru a l � Torii ill Juji Iii 10 car a i Mui Only Lor a Liiv while Bui a year h iat a Ami inc Moo tin on wan Rerp of i away Worre Abr or Alwn la Day it o a on the or Paala Fly 5 Thero a the sur film Tefr m Tow a Lur Xot afar Ami 1 a o.1rif i eur to i Bear " dear Mary Cir wind. A Holloway Silty Warp j he a away the pay Lullow play of lie Dorp & g i c u 11 u c a t Winter promptings. What a the Bleak win 1 Puiul the fast tailing Snow take to the tarsier Livy Hiil Hisiu prepare for Mouths of com Ami torm to make no delay in completing i preparation for the Comfort Anil Thrift of i Stock an 1 proper carrying Oil of All the farm work allowable ill w inter. Kiery Cavil has it appropriate work aug this though be stirring Aud important than seed time or Harritt i one that Calls for Cotta tit attention Ami labor. No Liae frequently declared that Eon sub ration of Economy a Well a Huinan to demanded the shelter of Niue tie Ani Mal in inclement weather. Lei foot i i required to sustain in a thriving condition the sheltered animal. The vital heat must be kept up to a be ruin jew int about 100 Lii u u a by the food consumed which acne n be to ustain that temperature. Shelter tend to keep j up the animal heat Asp Aure it Anwo or rather make More Fod or fuel Rei piste to support it. An e Iube Tui Cra Tiric it i or healthy the Moat Hardy Aniual Sutler if exposed to a Winter storm it lose in health Ami Omli Tion. The moist ure May rapidly evaporate but every drop of water thus passing off take with it a portion of the vital heat of the Ani Mal. Thooe who have not ample died and table room for All their Stock should i a no time providing the Arae. Shed May be built of Board pole or Railto and Straw which will keep off Many a Shiv ering blast of sleet Ami shelter sheep and Eatlo about As Well a More Costle Stone threw for the Winter. When built of rail make Jouble Wall and fill them with Straw which May also be used u a Thath or Evorgreen Tough. When Eon two Gnu cum my slut substitute. A up your took in Good heart if Yoi would Winter them easily. If any Pinch ing him got to done let it come a late in Pring an of table. If sheep and cattle get poor Early in Winter it will to Liari work to keep them alive until Gra grow Ami it will cot More to bring then through than it would to have kept then decently from the fir to. To make la Inot of the forage a Straw Cutter Holt of Hay Lucre in value by this operate n. If Grain of any kind i fed it Aho Ald str to ground an mixed with Cut mrw and the whole moistened with water. It will be better digested and go farther to wit Tuff the a Tito of the an ind than if fed alone. Apple pumpkin hid the different Root crops should be provided a sauce for the dry fodder of Winter. Water an w Ell a food i a necessity. This should brought into the Yard in it May boo that every animal May have jut nil in want without extra labor. It it Hii excellent plan to have Cistern to rectify the water from then of Norw Are not available a of Supply of tie be to water inny thus be secured. A word on manure Ami then we will come out of the turn Yard thought it is the place no to frequented by the Good Farmer in Winter. Even at thin season much can lie done toward increasing the c mixed with the stable dung to prevent its heating an Well As to take up Tho liquid portion of the name. Let no fertilizer go to waste which reasonable care o in save. In door the cold prompt us to look to the Supply of fuel and there should never Boom than six in with Stock on hand. Let s1h and axe be ready and do not wait until heavy Stowt shut up the Woods or Cou cd Yon to dig through huge Drift to make your Way there. It the Wood m desired to grow again Cut. All clean at Onee shut out All browsing i animals and the new crop will Start with an oven growth and soon cover the land with a Thrifty Young Forest. Why not have a Farmers club in eve Erv neighbourhood / is it not surely Worth 1 the Fanner while to gather All the information he Cau upon his chosen vocation f j learn from each other. A of into to Gether for your Mutual advancement. Tii Cre is no class or profession which Mike use of the principle of Uneocia-1 i Tion than the Fanner an 1 none to who i it can to of Auch practical Benefit. Individual experience should become the 1 general Stock. Once More and we have done. Let Winter prompt us to i mlle thoughts of i the j Oor to charitable pm Ision for their . Is to us not Centre our Atten 1 Tion upon self and it u longings but take into a Woun heart the brotherhood of suffering humanity. Weir Yurt a. Cor. 1/ a Tim Traur. Winter Buttor. My in. Editors after Experiment Ink nearly halt a Century on butter Iuan in the Winter we Hare come to the following conclusion an the but Way we la a tried rot Vit a soon in the milk i drained we net the pans on the Tore or Omo other hot place till it i nearly or quite Gealding hot then we remove the Pant into a closet near the cooking Tove where the thermometer Range from 0 to 00 degree night and Dav then after the Cream i Well rim a and take off it i kept in the tame closet till churned an operation which taken in from to to 30 minute Ami give a equally a Good and yellow butter a we churn in the Mun mar provided we keep the Cream no longer than in the Nummer. We have tried keeping our or Vail in the us mar Dairy room and sometime it would freeze and of the dreaded Day of churn ing would come which would prove a Inan n work if not More of from 3 to 8, 10 or 0 hour and prove a failure and the refractory Cream would be reserved to dior ten doughnut. If we Hotilda a the Good Luck to produce butter after adding hot water to the Cream or imme Minig the red hot Tong to kill the Witch it would come a White a hog lard and in Little detached frag ments which would require expert manipulation to lorm it into Lump. At pretest to in11k four cow and treating our Cream in the above named manner our churning have Cau de in but Little Lal or or trouble. In the Roaton cultivator dated nov. 20th, 181, May a found the mum in us Auice a Thi us be i make no prevention to new Dif Cov Eric but previous to that time i Hau or hang to if i would lint up a Rich wife and How. It is rather a mean bus Nom to be marrying a woman for her More Well my Pood follow said i you happen to to wide of the Mark thin time. I know How John Wolfe got his Rich wife and can a Urc you that be did not marry her for her Money and moreover did not dream of Ever getting one cent with her a said he sneering by All the a Rich follow pretend that they Don t care any thing aunt it but Don t you think i am piste m Green a to believe any Mich stuff a that. Knots louder than wonk and we All know that John Wolfe has a i h wife be i replied and pretty a Rich and Good As pretty and Loving my Good Miho he exclaimed i guess you must have fallen in lore with her rather a pity you were married no Long ago you might have cat out John and got a Rich Wile yourself not a bit of it said i but you Hall hear Tho whole Story if you will Cou o in Ziy House to right and w Hile we have our Sinozko on the Piazza i la Ace if i cannot w in a some of the Eyric out of your Coin of Ilion agree said to i will l e with you after supper. C1ia1ter it. In a i Rajtr to Kew nil a Cal it aleut Tivo yearn ago John Wolfe s Book keeper married a Nice pretty Little girl up in i native Village in Vermont brought Lior Down to new York and started House keeping in the very snug g it cottage in Brooklyn. I was invited to the House warming and a Tuoro de Ligh i evening does not often checker the Dull business of life than to passed. To cipro View not Over a dozen of us male and i male but we win All cronies and intimate enough to be As True and pleas ant together As to would be at Home. The party broke up at twelve and mix pick and myself trotted Homo As satisfied with our evening s enjoyment As need la. Just one week after that my wife told me with tear in her Ere that John Wolfe s Book keeper had been quite in Well for two Days past and not an hour before had suddenly expired while sitting by the tin Side with scarcely a spasm or n Pang. A disease of the heart Hail car ried him off tin unexpectedly and his wife was in terrible affliction. I did not lose a moment in running around to his House and offering what Little sympathy and assistance it was in my Power to be Stow and of course took upon myself to do whatever was necessary upon so sad a occasion. The Young widow was terribly but Down and at such a distance Trow her own friends and relatives seem e l More than usually forlorn. We did All we could to relieve her utile action and after the funeral Hud taken place sue ceded in calming her grief to some Small extent. I then took the Liberty of i Muir my u Little Luto lick attains a going around among the various creditors persuaded the most of them to take their goods Back by my giving Tebuu a Hii All per Geouge for then trouble in packing and fixing. This however required the outlay of a Coupe of Hundred Dollar the funeral sex pc a wet one Hundred and fifty More Anc she had not Twenty dollars in the worn toward it. The next morning therefore a me a John Wolfe s store he had but in to re turned from a business tour South Ani was site shocked to Bear of Bis Book k Epcar s Midden death. 1 briefly relax i to Tim the situation a which Hie to adj wife had been left Aad the arrange meat 1 had made wit ii the creditors Aud wait cd pm answer. Vail a you go Home this a vexing mud he and 1 will attend to it. I an 3 very buy now when i called in Tho evening lit handed to a Jotter for the widow an begging me to let him know if he could be of any service in the future he started for Homo and i did likewise. I hot the letter with the widow As 1 went Home and after supper my. Dick and myself walked Over to Seo her a Little curio is i must say to know the Cou tents of John Wolfe s letter. I confess i had never entertained a very favourable opinion of John Wolf to had always seemed to to overbearing and Prouxl and looked 1 thought As Many Young men d who have never known any of the anxieties of making a living for them selves and Are very Apt to think that they Are made out of rather Superior stuff to the re to of us and must be looked up to and smiled upon by All of the rest of the worm. Hut i toll you i got a now Light into tic human heart when i read that letter. It was without exception the kindest most feeling most consoling letter i Erer read so full of deep sympathy for her sudden lows so overflowing with expressions of esteem and regard for her Hus band and winding up with sentiments of so divine and heavenly a Trust in an Over ruling Providence and Tho Sweet Consolation of religion that i declare i could scarcely think the letter could have emanated from a Man so wholly engrossed in himself As he always seemed to in. The letter moreover contained his individual Check for one thousand dollars to meet lie said the expenses incidental to so sudden and unix cd cd a bereavement Well John Wolf said i after this 1 will never again judge a Man from a Jan Raith 1 i shall like to know said my cynical Friend interrupting me what this has got to do with John Wolfe s Rich wife f certainly said i 4we shall probably Eluio to All that in duo course of time. Here take another Cigar and Don t be impatient clip tar Iii. He a Kawaler for Chr Wirtl Llave la ills life Inarik a mall Sac of Ike Olill Mii Cape Trio Young widow returned to her Friend in Vimont and what followed al though i did not get acquainted with the fact until a very Short time ago i shall proceed to Tell Yoa in the order they of curved. Within n week or so after her arrival at her old Home John Wolfe received a letter from her father returning him the thousand dollars so kindly advanced to his daughter with a profusion of thanks for his kind 11 on to his bereaved child and expressing n Strong desire to be Able to repay it by any service it might be in his Power to perform in return. But there was also another in closure which John it seems thought a great Deal More about than the old Man s and the thou Sand dollars and this was a letter from the Young widow herself so brimful of gratitude that to began to be almost ashamed to think that to had done so Little for so Rich a return and was rather sorry that he had not found time to Hare gone personally to Comfort her in her sore affliction. I do not exactly know How it came about but one letter brought on another until a pretty regular correspondence sprang up Between them. It happened also very soon after this that the widow s father who was a retired lawyer living on the frugal savings of a frugal Lite was Able to Confer a very considerable favor on John Wolfe s House by Sav ing them from a severe Lorn by a Dishon est custom or who Lead suddenly taken it into i head after a lifetime of honesty to turn rogue sell his mock of Good to a Cash customer who presented himself just at the right time and slip off to Cal Fomia with the proc la. A Friend of the old lawyer wan employed to draw up the Bill of Sale who mentioned to him casually that so and m we Elling out and going to Tho new land of Promise and knowing that this individual was largely indebted to Wolfe s House to quietly slipped himself off to new York by the first stage without mentioning to any one but his wife and daughter where to waa going. Arrived in new York he introduced himself personally to John Wolfe and then proceeded to inform him of the important be sics which brought him to the City. A the Rascal creditor waa expo Tod to take the next California Steamer no time was lost in getting matters fixed and just As the Cut Lyman was depositing himself carpet bag and plunder on Board the i Steamer for Aspinwall to found him Solc i rather unexpectedly obliged to relinquish i his journey and pay a visit to John Wolfe s store where after paying Over i his full indebtedness he we released Only to be carefully. Auen Dod to by Tho real of his rather urgent creditors. The whole affair proved a Moat me i Cental one and highly creditable to a parties concerned but most especially i the to Tang widow s father. You Aeo or. Cynic Wuu i autres in univ Friend Bow one Courtesy begets an other p for All thin important service the old lawyer would Only accept his expense i from Home and Back Laid the Jaunt had been Worth something handsome to him in the excite Mont and life it had Given Tchi stagnant blood and would not take a cent in Cash on any account John Wolfe managed however to be upsides with him for All that the old gentle Man Hud harder been Home a week when a package arrived by express from now York duly add Recd to his wife which upon being opened disclosed a very hand some Silver Tea service with an a Compa Nying letter begging Hor acceptance of the Amu w a Mark of respect and distinguished consideration for important and disinterested services rendered to the Sun dry firms whose names Wero All attached headed of course by the respected and respectable House of Wolfe waterhouse � co. Tiling went on about so for two years perhaps a letter pawing Between the Par tics about once a month and John Wolfe and the Young widow almost began court ing by letter without Vithor one having Jot teen the other. At last one warm july business being somewhat alack John Wolfe took a trip to the White mountains for a week or two and while there became acquainted As travelling bachelors often will with a party of five Young follow three ladies and two gentlemen. The two eldest couples were men and wives not a very Long time past the Honey Moon the third lady was called Cousin Jane and like Many other cousins we can All remember was about one of the liveliest most piquant Little creatures you Ever saw. Dark sparkling eyes that seemed to dance and laugh All Tho time above Tho met Blooming checks and daring Cut Little nose and sweetest month and roundest Chin that Ever belonged to bewitching woman. John was quite smitten he danced with her at the evening Ball he Rodo with her up the Steep Mountain paths to went fishing for Brook Trout and nothing delighted him More than Wien Tioy came 10 a acc per Pool or More rugged path than common to lift the Little thing in his great Brawny or non and carry Hor like a child. For thee Days an j night John Wolf was in Paradise on the fourth morning he woke up and foun i his happiness Goue a letter had been left on his dress ing table stating that the Pinkerton the name of his new friends had been obliged to depart by the stage at an Early hour in the morning having received news of sudden illness in their family should to most Happy to renew acquaintance with him at a future Day a. Our Friend John had a great mind to Start off at onco for now York perfectly disgusted with Tho whole world but at one of his purposes in coming East was to pay a Long promised and often desired visit to Tho Young widow s family in ver Mont lie Felt rather ashamed to Back out of his determination although it must be confessed he had lost All of a sudden Tho Long Cheri shed wish to make her personal acquaintance for a certain Jane Pinker ton Asho called her had played Tho very Dickens with the Platonio affection to had been secretly nourishing for Tho last two year. I declare Dick said my Friend cynic your Story is getting to to a rather Long winded affair i have got to the end of my third Cigar Aud you have hardly commenced the Story Well said i if you will Only have patience a Little longer you will find that i have nearly got to the end of it chapter in. How a Kaw a the Kim 1 ?4 Bow pc mint Lan mme John Wolfe Van received with High gratification by the old lawyer and his wife when he presented himself at their House. If he had been the president him self they could scarcely have been prouder to receive him a n guest than they were to Welcome John Wolfe. Their daughter however waa absent when lie arrived but a menage waa sent off to her by the old lady and it waa not Long be fore she made her appearance. You mar guess at the Surprise of on Friend John when the Young widow arrived for there stood welcoming him with her dancing Bright eyes and beaming smile no other than his fairy Friend of the Whito mountains Jane Pinkerton As he had called her because she waa with bar friends the Pinkerton and fila the laughing puss although she knew by Hie name Well a ooh who to waa had never revealed herself to him As Hie Loving Cor respondent Jane . The women naturally love a Little mystery and intrigue and so she bad kept her own secret in order to have the pleasure of ii prising him when a should visit hex Esther saw ufos according to proc Niec John Wolfe was. Happy Man that eve Ning a he sat at Tea when the hand Tome Silvus to Rake was duly displayed k he Hoof sad tha Young widow was a Happy he waa 1 guess and the Fiat Bai 4ad Mother were running Over with Gas filed Pride a they did she ? Humble Home to the Troang new Yore ? merchant who had shown himself such a tree gentleman in All their Intercourse i with him. I a delightful evening was paved by Alj parties and when John Wolfe was ushered by the old lady to the state bed room and had lain himself Between the whitest pair of sheets that were Ever bleached on the Vermont snows he was so fall of pleasant fancies and joyous Hope that he Dooald not go to sleep for hours. However toward morning he dosed off and As will happen at such times his Day dreams Tunod themselves into night dreams and he found himself again travelling no the rugged paths of the White mountains with laughing Jane Pinkerton at his Side Joying together lifting her sometimes Over some rough obstacle in the path and then again fairly carrying her across some big Drift or Snow which the summer in had not been Able to penetrate near enough to melt it up and so on and on until wearied out they stood to Gase up on the magnificent Prospect below and around Thyra. Suddenly John thought be was on his Knees before her pouring out a torrent of passionate words Declar ing that life and Hope and happiness dwelt Only with her acc. When before to could get an answer or know whether the dear girl smiled or frowned behold he woke up. To was dreadfully Morti fied at first but presently recollecting where he wan and seeing it was Broad Daylight to jumps out of bed makes his morning ablutions and dresses himself in great haste determined to wait no longer for in answer than it would Tako him to find the object of his dream. Down stairs lie goes and into the parlor she it not there looks into the Garden but does not see her when suddenly Bethink ing such a notable Little Dame might to a Good housewife to starts for Tho Kitchen. There Forsooth he finds her singing like a Bird Elbow deep in the bread trough kneading away for dear life. John s heavy tread betrayed the intruder and she looked up. Do you want to know How to make Johnny cake or. Wolfe t she exclaimed merrily. 1 no said John rather seriously for like a Man of deep Ana Earnest footings As he was to Felt that to approached a crisis in Liin life no i do not Iny Johnny cake is in ipod already i Only want to know whether i Cun get it the widow did not know what to make of it. Well said she i do not know any reason Why Yoa should not that replied John 4s what i want to find out and As you know Ray dear Friend that two Heads arc better than one i have come to consult you about it so to make the matter Plain to her he related his dream to its termination. And now Jane said he i am hero for an answer. Will you to my Johnny cake i yes or no p Jane had a fold her head Down Whilo he spoke blushing celestial Rosy red As is Quito proper 1 believe on such occasions but Jane s was an Earnest nature like Wise and All trifling and fun had vanished when looking up to him her Bright eyes brimming full of joyous tears she gave him just our of the sweetest kisses he Ever had in his life. Forever and Over she cried for Ever and Ever John if you will have my just at Tho instant the old lady Mother stepped into the Kitchen and brought them both to their senses by exclaiming Why Jane of Mother Mother said Jane 1 am so Happy and she left John to embrace her Mother. To has asked to to be his wife Mother give me Joy i am to do Joun Yone s Wito j Thero were Jolly times Yon my be Are in the old lawyer House thai week and when John Wolfe carried off hit Little wife to new York there waa the Mer Riest wedding party in that Village that Ever drove Dull care out of door. Well Sakl my Friend cynic when 1 paused now with All your Yam you have never said one word about her being Rich. I should rather think the old lawyer her father must Havo been rather poor How could a daughter to Rich and folks do say that John Wolfe married a Rich wife t folks say a great Many things some time thai they do not know anything about Sakl i. John Wolfe s Wile was not Worth ten dollars in Money when he married her but it so happened that very soon after her marriage As aunt of her in Boston died Sod Dealy Aad As Jane had always been n favorite of bets she left her her entire Fortune. I have heard say it was a Hundred thousand Dol Lars but i Don t know and i Don t ears bus i do know and John Wolfe Kiowa too that she herself is an ample Lactone for any Man and that cynic it the Way John Wolfe got los Rich wife Nat tul the bearing of a Irish eats or insult Aad Battery a Ooala and while Cross attaining oae of the wit lbs a skid my what tbsp had at the fast Plaes they stopped at for of Cess of Alt wet astr to Flat for 4 whiskey whales Roa is i we Fakir Aii Tbs following interesting sketches an taken from or. La Ragston s new work Juat published to Wene on to ride of a Fine Greet Ralley studded bet and there with tree and cot by numerous a wis. I had re tired from the Noite to take an Obe Erva lion among some rocks of laminated grit when i beheld an elephant and her Call at the end of the Valley about two Flea Distant the calf was roiling in the mod and the dam we standing toning herself with her great earn As looked at them through Ray Glass i saw a Long string of my own men appearing on the other tide of them. I then went higher no the Side of the Valley in order to have a distinct View of their Mode of Hunting. The goodly beast totally unconscious of the approach of an enemy stood for some time suckling her Young one which seemed about two years old they then went into a pit containing mud and smeared themselves All Over with it the Little one insuring avow Dii aim mapping in i and towing hit think incessantly in elephantine fashion. She kept flapping her oars and wagging her Tail an if in the height of enjoyment then began the piping of her enemies which waa per formed by blowing into a tube or the hands closed together As boys do into a key. Both animals expanded their ears and listened then left their Bath As the crowd rushed toward them. Hie Little one ran Forward toward Tho end of the Valley but seeing Tho men there returned to his dam. Sho placed herself on the danger Side of her calf and passed her proboscis Over it again and again As if to in Marc it of safety. She frequently looked Back to the men who kept no an incessant shouting singing and piping then looked at her Young one and ran after it sometimes sideways m if her feel Ings were divided Between anxiety to protect her offspring and Desiro to revenge Tho to rarity of her persecutors. The men kept about a Hundred Yards in her rear and that distance from her flanks and continued thus until she was obliged to Cross a Rivulet. The Timo spent in descending and getting to Tho opposite Bank allowed of their coming up to Tho Edge and discharged their Spear at about Twenty Yards distance. After Tho first Dis charge she appeared with her sides red with blood and beginning to Fleo for her own life seemed to think no More of her Young. I had previously sent off 8ekwe by with orders to spare the calf. It went very fast but neither Young or old Ever enter into a Gallop their quickest Pace is Only a Sharp walk. Before sew cub could reach them the calf sought Refuge in the water and was killed. Tho Pace of the dam gradually became slower. She turned with a shriek of rage and made a furious Chargo Back among the men. They vanished at right angles to her course or sideways and As she ran straight on went through the whole party but came near no one except a Man who wore a piece of cloth on his should ers. Bright clothing is always dangerous in those cases. She charged three or four times and except in Tho first in stance never went farther than one Hun dred Yards. She often stood after she had crossed a Rivulet Aud faced the men although she received fresh Spears. It was by this process of spearing audios of blood thai she was killed for at last Mak ing a Short charge Sho staggered round and Sank Down dead in a kneeling pos Ture. I did not see Tho whole Hunt hav ing been tempted away by both son and Moon appearing unclouded. ,1 turned from the spectacle of Tho destruction of Noble animals which might be made so useful in Africa with a feeling of sickness Ond it was not relieved by the Recollet Tion that the Ivory waa Mino though that was the Case. The elephants of this re Gion wort smaller than those in a More Mouth can latitude. The one lint lolled on the occasion was a male not foil grown measuring tight feet at the with or. The other was a fall grown female eight feet eight inches in height which was about one fool lets than the average. They Aro Dainty feeders and Hare a gnat relish for certain Sweet tasted Trees and fruits. They choose the to Hoot the Mimosa and other Trees which of Cotaia much Saccharine matter mucilage and gum. An experienced elephant May be seen putting his head to a lofty Palmyra and swaying it to and fro to shake off the seeds be the picks them up one by one and eats them. Or he Planta himself under the Maun and other fruit tree and picks off the Sweet fruit till Hie appetite in cloyed. Lie also digs up bulbs and to bars but they Are too coarse for Hie Deli Cate digestion. With Hie exclusive tarte for food which abounds it mucilage and gum he prod Ocee but Scull effect on the vegetation of a country a Matt Snow cum. When i lived no in Marty said Uncle Kaaa 1 helped to break up a new piece of ground we got the Wood off in the Winter aa3 Early in the Spring a began plough Cipfl of l it was so i Awe rued Rocky that i had to get Katf Yoke of oaf to of Pix Vive Miltha svs a week i i my die. It e Manaoat killed by i Row. Why Tot Day i a Bolde Ltd the plough 5 bit stomp which meet boxed jul aide feel and a half through a d Auoad Whit Oak. The plough Piht it and i Waap 1 ingot night through to Atamjit Val happened to think it might Taay Tega liw again to i threw m j feet oat i had m Coooer Don to than it a mapped together taking a Anait hold of the Aea of n j Pantaloon. Of course i waa la a Tiff cd spot but i held of the plough Hanrata and though the Tea Materi did All they would the team of eighty oxen could flt tear my Pantaloon nor canal a to Lei go my grip. At last though after i tag the cattle breathe they gave another Strong poll altogether and theol Datomo came oot about the uni Kaat. It had monstrous Long Root too let me Tell Yox my wife made Tho doth for them Panta Loon and i Haiat worn aay other kind 81000. A parable far business 1urn there in oops Span a that a a who Kepi a tors and told Good whole tit Tad retell. And by Btu Emoiy ins Mii Ober towers Ware a y and Timea were bad. And be Eaid to i pm reined end the a tuition Wai dial Gressle Aad my ruin is the More Paia fal to Bur be Oates in it alow is Progress emas Waler doth gradually be Obi hotter a the pal wherein the lobster boil eth to Tel Thimi Onoue Cree tue Ehrie Keth oat Hie Eoal is to Gieh. To it in bettor to be Haft to endure thie slow torture. I will give my Money away to the poor men even to the poorest whisk is a who pria Teth newspapers and i will Ecol Apay shop and wrap myself in the Tajos of desolation and Para my Days a of broken Banks log the Haidn of the time exod lending my Gano Eoto. And the Bowling of boat Pehau be a the Dulcet Woood of dul Simera and they who blow flutes and Imetra Sirote of basis area pares to thydia i will Amke a the Sais of the wicked Eren to the eare of the Book Dixe Etore. Aad Ereo Asha said so did is for is was not like other Lea e sons who Are tool is Aad know it oot and they aay they will do so and so perform bag that whih a orb Tearr. For the sons of boo Are al skis and a thai is born o to Tao doth edits Hie to by diminishing the a South of the nose thereof. And to the Printer Ereo is who did publish newspapers Wae Beds glad by the Booty of him who sold wholesale Aad b Tail and he did stand his Praise Aad print them moreover and be did blow the tet Tupel of fans rep toting that a Ali do lunge from the Risia gof the son Eren to the going Down 01 Immy and i iwo the Printer of paper did magnify and enlarge upon the Stock of food which the trader bad in Hie store and did publish tha variety and Tea excellence and the Newnum and the Beauty and the cheap Nam thereof till tha people Yea All of them or and near were amazed. And they said Othie Man from Tea aut and Tea Weet Toetly no Rafanan Diso and Wargai of Woodron value i Tea workmanship of of tuning Art i Bow and we knew it not Goto. Then. We will Lay of oar Ruhar and oar fold in those things which the fainter print Etc of. And that which be doth pub Lish shall is oars. For this m Sam ban Dite is better than the Baak notes of Tbone who Promise to pay and therein Lis Sean Banks of Deposit which beguile As of our Money and swindle is like sin. But that trader was still sad and be Aid the Money that these people bring am tar the Geodi in my store will i still Giva la the Printer and thus will i rain Syarif t wid a do that which no Man Bath yet done my time or is frs am. I will make Tea Printer Man whom All men adorn for his up Imlej Rich and is shall is Olad in fas limn and shall rejoins. And tha sons of Markst Laos and tabs Berle Aballa Bunkim and Tea Soof tra Ball is Rubn kid and Sbano take off their bats to Bun thai Mas past. And be Beall flesh the dollars a the am of the foolish and Aba eat Baak note is Wichtl. My to toll 1m a Ichiki Pip Villi to Voad Ooris Tad tool Bio Opinio of fico hmm of other to. For 1 will ruin wham Hwi of tall Pojoy my Batlo too trading ? my to who old Erc Bindo Bromn Rob us my of boo if tool stood to Aoi far Moon of ooh us Goopio to Hood to Hii Toon he the North. And from too South. And Hooi to Chol am

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