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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Jan 15 1858, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - January 15, 1858, Biddeford, Maine77�?okternal hostility to Cybry form of oppression Oyer the mind body of . Louis 0. Iowan editor and proprietor. Biddeford Maine Friday january 15, 1858. Volume Uva number 3. A f ctn ii ant journal. Tiik bitter. Should the butter Ulm Umoru Iii mid the word that Felt from a a a it a m higher color More Gray like flavor her lips were heart echoes. Hut it was ?.v�?� \ a rat Uta i w yellow carrots parcs Gate in and vol so to . Edgar. The Carea of this u to Quot. ,ih� i a , in a a to a a vow milk it rained and the i world and deceitful Rev of Riche had Phi. Munim i a of a i it Nelkin. Mno in pc a. Nor put in the churn with the Cre Auu like weeds found a rank growth in a. H. . To \ do rect it Ivy we paper a int Uler a a a Onier �tiir.oruv-1 �<�.1 ii. I. A. m ill do it. The he urn butter worker his spirit while 000 1 seeds of truth a a a a. A 4�i in uni id Iio Ifraim Mitov my a a Vale a e.,�hoiii 1 lie kept Bright which in earlier life had Cut Forth their la it a a. Iii. Udo w a a ill a i re a Rry i ath it a Kurut clean mid s aided before and at using Trush Green Blade that lifted then Aelic in i , m. A mar Kirn Nuj com pm 1111� i to i a a a a i. and hould in thoroughly dried before in the Bright a us it Hinc. Mug put away for future us. Every i gave now but feeble Promise for the har a article of Buttermilk a Dould in taken be at time. J from the butter before the Salt a added no . Edgar was not Happy. Them i the Best Quality of Alt a hoi ild a lined want a pressure Oil his feeling an Unsil i and Thi a hould be thoroughly worked tis fied reaching out into the future a in the butter will to streaked. After vague consciousness of approaching Ovil the butter in put into kit i id and printed a very tenderly h loved his Little one a the Clotem Idi Ould in put on they should aug la who Lay Dickt lug against him he to of Fino White Tuu Slin and kept White to could not help thinking of the time and Nho Uhl be put in Alt and water and when he was a child and when the new wrung dry before using tin butter May years were Happy once. Ellen loved no then be put in the tub which should be. Place so Well As her father arms i clean and Sweet. When they were folded tightly around Nowr if it. Is regular in attending Mark-1 her she had nothing More to desire and t. Cd Kivch i re mar. 0 c in d 5 o v to c a Par by of h0ulhl1hdes. Ill it of a our thru Dir fume to Low. Sul mls re re Fri Tulip ii Al a a few a ult him its of up lha tick 01 ill tit la no la i la Holly Lizul we Tlell a the a a Tuer a Uhl w Hefu Dun Puri in fru Wittort till Iii til co ii Kinjiu i i Impi us of in a tit to in Luri d ukr a Tel dil. Our a ions Ami Dur Hibib urn arrayed rack it Rel and ? to Lio Lurry vow Ihry Jiuu to Impi with in rest of Quot let w Anil then id a cd it air we re Ali at driven a to wry a Mac Iowa Lillor us id i vain a our la it to it a re Rud. La ii do Pruin hands that Mil it Luri ugly. Hut land Yah Thna due a Lull grow wami Lulu real of below our Chin a fool to a thru is Ilion Hupfl Rwjr. Tip i ii scarce have arc Lur Guu to Lor Lime a Luu Hgt Torr i Here come mull Rooe demanding pay Lerm ious by. Tie pm Kvil Dar leu on be Piave i would your very Bucon ave waive put Una All your urls Sia waive and May i lie primer cheerfully. A i it would yield us it Lead ure a West a Lew now to Lueel a King of u. A Clear rec Eiju for Mike a take regularly. The spiritual railway. The following line were Lound in i railway a Caiiou Iio Ubo in anal aug. Up pop Edlo lie want Why a Gaulle Ian win had Usu Lurre the us to heaven by Chni a was made Wah heavenly truths the rail Are Earth to heavy a i lie Ina Vilanj to ule Elemual where in end. Keenlance in the Iati ii i , where pay Wugen Are Tak eur in Nio Lee Lor them is there to pay Fot Jet us in Huim la to Way. The Udde is i he la Point Ilie Way to heaven so Clear i urine a dark and dreary Here la due the Way to glory Leer. Clod s love the lire Hia in Tylli Ibe Aleain. Winch drives the t us be and the Irani All you Walro would to Yurt ride mull Cunt to Chii a in him abide Ali lira to i liar a dec and and third Elan a Faith aug a Holmes a you Uius to Ilia Way to glory gain. you with cur i can never nun. site Lav very still Ami silent while the thought of her father wandered away from the Loving child on his bosom to in it and will follow the above directions 1 lie will soon Hud customer for Bis butter i at to it top Market Price. I would Here add that 15. Shuhl see to the milking of1 own unsatisfied state of mind. Tin cows Lii him stand his wife a hould a for years a lit said with ii himself �?o1 take charge of it after it is strained for have been in Earnest Pursuit of the Means herein lies the secret of Success and not a of happen Cha yet happiness itself seems Trust to careless hire d help it this Branch every year to be still further ill the Dis of farming w ill pay if rightly attended to. Unce. There is something wrong. I i find by reference to inv accounts that cannot be in the True path. My Days Are my cows hav averaged a Little Over sixty dollars each thus far the present season and the season has yet four Mouths to Strum it Lorn tilt if tit. Farming Noar Largo Citira. No profession More sternly requires tue j j sex twee a of Leo nov than that of the firmer and during the last ten years the improvements in the methods of culture a have been to rapid that those who Lia Vei not kept Paov with such Advance in economic culture can scarcely Eoj the i with their More energetic cig lion. Enterprising Farmers residing near Largo cities Are inv Omilig More like Luere Haiim Busy and restless my nights burdened with schemes that rarely do More than cheat my glowing fancy. What is the meaning of this f and . Edgar fell into a deep Reven from which to was a Rosed by the voice of his wife is Alie Laid her hand upon his shoulder. A a Happy new year and Many Joyful return a Sho said in Loving tone us he pressed her lies to his forehead. In did not answer. Tin tenderly spoken Good wishes of his wife fell very gratefully like refreshing Dew upon i heart but lie was distinctly conscious of not being Happy. So fir As worldly condition was con coot Loen. Poor a in ii re Lua a in Luc. At any big Iii on liar line it our a Iii an i Luru Ishii m i Tlly Llain Anil a lip Arij Law a Yuo Iii. Fax it v i c a u a i a cows and butt . And Are adapting themselves to the glow. ,�.��.�. I. ,1 Cermel . Edgar had no causes it men ing of Ueli Crim As Nav Large profits and ii ital Dep Rasion. I its business was pro9 Iii ii As cannot be let Ranii lit i rom great did 1 i -. I porous under a careful management and i tunes. It is it curious however even 1 a a Verv Vear he Mivy Ina Elf better off by a i at this Date took Erve Mali of the a a j few Tho ii and of Dollar. Always however it must be told the number of thou ers near Large cities and towns who still continue on in the old style to grow Hay Oats porn and pot Utoca the latter Liot Fotou included for fear t Hgt Mali will be raised for the demand while an energetic i in their will realize larger profits on two three Aeres of a 1 Root Eromis than Dan the former of one my. Editor in a Kite number of the uus Law a acres with his regular crop As Telegraph your Lorre Kyndi it 1. Mks a would Call Theta King Ait exact copy for a detailed statement a to the feeding 0j a a cat Grandfather before the tick of cows and making butter in autumn u 0f a. A it Cal isl for thou of of a and Winter. Now it Kran get any thing , rent character. Of value to i ins. It from inv statement of first then the Fanner should studs fell Short of his cd a citation. A there is something wrong . Edgar had seen him and while Hia heart was enlarging with pity and am Patby the door opened Light Foota Tepe moved across the room a child sprang into i arms and a glad voice exclaim eds a a Happy new Yeai la spa a when . Edgar arrived at his store Hia feelings towards . Jame Scro very different from what Thoy were on the Day previous. All anger All resentment were gone and kind near had taken their place. Nyhart if . James did two him a thousand dollars i Wlms if to should lose the whole i count of this indebtedness a qua the condition of the former so much better Titan Hia own that he would care to Chango places with him the very idea caused a shudder to run along i nerves. A i Oor Man who said to himself i tingly. A what a terrible thing to be thus involved in debt thus crippled thus driven to the Wall. It would kill to in men Are very cruel to each other and i am cruel with the rest. What Are a thousand dollars to me a thousand dollars to my Well to do neighbor compared to the Ruiu of a helpless Fellowman James no ked time in two year to was sure to at he could recover himself and make All Good. Slut with a that causes my Check to Burn As i think of it i answered a the first loss is new tvs the Best log a. 1 will get w hat i Cau and let the balance the look to then gave me has troubled my conscience Ever since. No wonder it is not a Happy new scarcely had . Edgar passed the dwelling of his unfortunate i editor when the latter who had been walking the floor of his parlor in a troubled state of mind came to Tho window and stood by his child who was dear to him As a child could be to the heart of a father. A Happy new year papa a it was the third time since morning Dawn that by arc not prosperous. Heavy losses instead of fair profits Are Tho result of a year a tireless efforts and Yon find yourself near the Bottom of Tho wheel while i am sweeping upward. As i think of this and of my unfeeling conduct towards you in your misfortunes 1 am mortified As Well As pained. There is an element in my character which ought not to be there. 1 am self convicted of Cruz accept my dear sir in the enclosed receipt Tho Best reparation in my Power to make. In giving no this claim i do not abandon an item that goes to Complete Tho sum of Tny happiness. Not a single Comfort will to abridged. It will not shrink the dimensions of my House nor withdraw from myself family any portion of food it a Raimont accept then the new yep re a gift i offer and believe that i have a purer Delight in giving than you in receiving. My Best wishes Are with you for the future and if anything 1 can Aid you in your arrangements with creditors do not fail to command my service. Most truly yours Hiram for the space of nearly five minutes . Jain Ussat ver still the letter of . Edgar open before him. Then he folded it up with the receipt inside and placed it in his pocket then he put Nway the inventories lie had been examining and Tore up a neral pieces of paper on which were sundry calculations and then to put on his warm overcoat and Button it to Tho Chin. A Edward a said . James is he walked Down the store a i shall not return this afternoon. It is new years Day and you can close up at 2 it Cost . Edgar n struggle to write that receipt in full. A thousand dollars was a Large sum of Mousy to give away by a single stroke of the pen. Love of a a of cd is not altogether unlocked for in the governors inaugural address in Oon Santion of both bin Novas of the l legislature Tbs 8 la last hoc. Lot Al. Merrill took and subscribed the oaths of office As governor for the current political year after which he Doli Reid the following and Dana. Gentlemen of tit Sonau and of Tho House of representatives we hero assembled in Obedi Snoe to the will of the people in trusted with High re a Ponsini Litiere and duties. Acknowledging our moral accountability to the supremo ruler of Tho univ new and conscious that in his hands Are the destinies of nations May we Ler Vendy Hope to guided by Hie Wisdom that we May perform our duties aright and thereby promote the general welfare. The state is Nooel Rily into lord in the general financial Echarr nascent under which the nation is suffering. Although happily free from any great National calamity and blessed with All the elements of Prosperity a general and wide spread derangement prevails producing a revolution in All the departments of Busine anti Enterprise throughout the noun try a revolution which not Only prostrate the most accredited houses and moneyed institutions but in its comprehensive sweep has touched the Springs of labor paralysed the activities of Ordinary pursuits and leaving thousands of our Fel Low men dependent upon their labor without employment and the Means of support and presenting the anomalous spectacle of want and distress in a nation blessed with unexampled general Prosperity and wholly free from any great Public calamity. With no Deaire to exaggerate the Publio Disteau and with no purpose of an extended discussion of the causes which Havo been productive of Tho present condition Olaf lairs it is important that these causes should to rightly apprehended and noted to enable us to draw from them the practical duties of Tho sent and the future. The crisis in which the government la in gain Ami selfishness pleaded strongly for the last Farthing but the better reason and better feelings of the Man prevailed lie had received this greeting from the and tic Good deed was Dono. Ii ova Light same Sweet lip the third time that the Jjo a ji0jn f0 �?10w suddenly Tho Clouds Twining inns of his Little one had been w,.re lifted from his sky and the strange thrown around his neck the third time pack sure from his feelings it was to him that her kisses were Given with the heart warmth of childhood Sun cd fit a love. A new cd it Eric acc. On the evening that closed the Day the first evening of Tho new year . Cd Gnu sat with his wife and children in his elegant Home happier by fur than he was in i he morning and almost wonder ing at ill Oha Igic in i state of Little Ellen was in his Arm and a lie looked Union her Cherub face to thought of a face a Beautiful seen by Niin in the tried to give Hack the same glad greeting but the word seemed to choke him and failed in the utterance. . A the two stood la the window the wife Edgar a thoughts were wll running in one and Mother came up and leaning against direction. A a Martling truth seemed Sud her husband looked Forth with a sad Dutily to have been revealed to him ami1 heart. Of no it was not n Happy he Felt inclined to look at it in All Possi new years morning to them. Long lie la aspect. A Awby us 1 not Happy j Foro Tho dawning of another year Thoy j morning at the window of he info run that was Nging the in Stion Home. But must go Forth from their pleasant Home nt0 debtor. The face of an Angel it had the answer was not Given. And both their hearts shrunk Back in Kar i a Rcd to him for it prompted the Good after breakfast . Edgar left Home from Tho dark beyond. Deeth from which had sprung a double and went to uis store. A lie passed a Good morning dear a said . James by cd sing. While he sat thus he heard along Tho Street he a at a window Tho soon afterwards As with hat and coat and Doorbell ring. In a few moments her Beauty j Mueller on he stood ready to go Forth to waiter in nod in a letter. Lie broke i that Hud in it something of heavenly in-1 meet the business trial of the Day. His Tho Seal and rend novel ice impressed him so deeply that voice was depressed and his countenance Syf it sir ,. Quot a face of a most Lovely child the m �1 w a h Ivi in Eliut crop arc wanted at the highest Maiio sixteen year 1 Liu a i a repaid tur prot n Rath a what crop will in v trouble in offering it. Ii Alco amount of produce it acre if ,. ,. I i. Of j j l.1.1 ,.r a a a a old and in Mhz my. June Dkl Bot my Ood Dan Roll to. Kilt of a a a Home Iii. Doing so in eyes saw on the door of the morning i turn. But her husband saw ror several a Laya be a. Cannot afford to raise hav at. J 1 dwelling the i i i i i t i an instant revulsion of Feci her Eves and lie know what was in 1 to her keeping Tny Placo close to hero that she might not see the sadness of All sir the Ilay broke in Globin. The i will a Gin with about calving time fore this a Rod i food Ruta Bagas tur Mai a if i have them if not a Little cuke meal will answer to keep the cow in about the same condition she would in on gras. After calving 1 give warm this morning my Light of our Home greeted me with a joyous a Happy now name of Abram a the motion of her lips and the tears in,,.�?� i took her in inv arms and kissed cents for porn too lie cannot Raie oat at 50 cents per Bushel nor Corn at 8 it. If beets Cau be a old at 5u cts. Ing and for the first time that morning a heart. . Edgar remembered one of the causes the bus Tiess of that Day was a painful of his uncomfortable state of Ono for . James. The Only creditor. ,., d Iti a. I Quot a onion it 1 j -1 ii i. R Abram Jones was an unfortunate debt who had commenced a suit War. Eds of in a . A at jul her my i it. K u0 1a to Macej Obliga Gar to having declined entering into any this is made by scalding a Little wheat it re to raise wheat re it it at the usual. T. I a i it in Quot j Tiona among which were two notes of arrangement with the other creditors. Ii i. I i�?T1 Quot Quot k re ill five Hundred Dollar each Given to Coll a saving that in his opinion a Tho Ter to drink 1 Don t give her much l0 a a have a Market at Home for Many. T i a i c. I i a Edgar. These a been placed by the first loss was always the Best loss and bran after that i let her have cold a a a drink 1 done to give her much will Imp. ,.etl Gnu. Mesena Ueen Piceu do Tuo Indrei loss was always uie Best loss am Strong i i for Waak two Lor of the Root crop at foor tune the profit., i. A m the bands of ins lawyer with i that extensions were in most cases Cru v the udder will swell in that Cav i milk Wlk a could i of a Ible accrue from the., 1 ,. A a 1 Keetion to sue them out and obtain the Alent to the abandonment of a claim. He same Laud devoted to Ltd us Al a Hymi that could u. Realized. Only Tho was willing to take what Tho Law would turned the �tap.crops am to t us Befu see Tho last Day of the year he give him. Pursuant to this View a suit Whu a Gnu a. To i a tvs it 11 Icopin. Learned there were two judgments had been brought Aud the debtor Toan Tho fear that too Many do the Saue thing Wol a two Pri Rojance t f k11<i and the prices thereby be reduced Quot a a awl Offu forge share of the debtors would Sav that the same fear in relation All i can get first and let the calf Uek afterwards. In cold weather i Stab the cows at night and Moat of the Day 1 let them out to water at noon and they have free Noces a to Salt and Are curried i very morning. As to feed i consider then is nothing so Ico i. I Oono unit men i Ishii Iii a a. I to i potatoes has Yeii sex Prev be a Foi thu Ini Derahl causing him to indulge ii Wittor limn a a i con. Quot Quot Quot Quot a very a. Mill a re yer a Liui lugl., debtor. Thi bar but i would hers a a a to. A who proved obo Giuong the to a. La. A a a a win u ? huk Zvy �?��?�w4to,4# "0l win Quot in a heart. Hut the. A of in Money ,-u-u.lv. New. We Trudl ., a owl cd Rou Eon w Sroul. It the rate of Well and the ,-o.t u and # Llma a so a a a my by tue a the -, of the butter not 1� injured. Hot. M<.,Boj of cd Tori. In feeding Root to Milch cow a Little a. K. A Quot Tel they have uen and continue to a Corn meal should in Tod with them and ,. Mild at As great n once Bushes a Oats Liev should in i d directly after milking. And when their True value shall in under stood thousands of acres will in devoted to other working Farmer. £0tidceltauci>ucf. Tho Happy now year. He Tiu ii. As the smell of the Routs i a then destroyed. . Perhaps More dem ads on this than in. In aware of the time should be Cipi ally divided the udder and teats if dirty should in washed with warm water and w Insl dry. 1 never allow any one to go to milk without first washing the hand. C milk fast and Hermit no talking while at it i Doul allow the tin a Happy new year Paju a a the sit Ger to in put into the milk to moisten thug room door was thrown open Aud a the teats it is an unclean practice. We Sweet Little girl Caine bounding in. Her attain though a Fine wire Strainer and Cheeks were All aglow a Miles played put Alvut five i i arts in a an the a i around her Cherry lips a her eyes were pan Are tin and they Are kept Bright dancing in a Luuy Light. And of Aldel frequently. The the Mowra a Happy new year Pajas Quot and the ure of the re Hin when the milk is kept next moment a was in her fathers Fos should a trom 55 to 05 fahrenheit a her Small arms cling Iii his neck there should in no looking done where Aud her Rosy Mouth prvs a to his. Milk is kept there not a left a Happy new year Ray Sweet out Quot a More than three milking at one it muted . Elgar la he Elas cd the time As Tho Cream gets bitter. Should child loudly to i heart. A May All your the Cream not Riv fast enough Al out a new Yean in. Happy Quot he added in a Gill of soar milk to each pan when a train lower voice and with a prayer in Hia de will help it. The Cream should be a heart. Stirred every Day and the oldest a hould not be Over a week. . When churned the Cream should be of the temperature of us degrees. Little Ellen Laid her head in confiding love against her fathers breast and he Beul Down his Manly Cheek until it rested on the soft masses of hair. To her it was a Slappy new years the five had chafed him con in this his Money fretted him and filled Lim with unkind feeling towards the individual who had occasioned the loss. No wonder that . Elgar was unhappy. Ashi continued on his Way Tho angry impulse that quickened the mood in his veins sibs did and through the Mist that ohs tred his mental vision he saw the a Tiger. Taco of a child the child of his Union Unnic debtor. His own precious one Van no lovelier no purer nor Hud her lips uttered on that Lorn aug in sweeter tone the word a a a Happy new year in Apa a How the a bought chilled him. With his Foco bowed util his eve upon the Gnu us a. . Elgar walked he would not sweep aside the image of that child a the window nor keep Hack his thought from entering the dwelling where her Proa Nee might be the Only a Iii humid tint gave Light in its gloomy chamber. A a Bavy now year papa a . Elgar Alii vict started for the words had so dist get an utter am be to Hia inward ear that they seemed As if a it Okyn in Tho ambient air. In fancy he had seen the troubled debtor Over w Hom Hung Many suits his own among the rest leaving the chamber where in had is cd us almost sleepless night and coming with alow a Tepu and sail face to the family sitting Root. There alone with his Foch bowed upon his breast in gloomy reverie. To Ripato Tho result confessed judgment to two of his largest creditors who honorable bound themselves to see that a prorate division w As made of All his effects. The business of this new years Day was to draw up As Complete a statement us he so ibo of his affairs and . James went about the work with a heavy heart. He had been engaged in this Way for Over uti hour w Hen Ono of his clerks came to the desk where he was writing and handed him a letter which a lad had just brought in. He broke the Seal with a nervous Force coding of trouble for of late these letters by the hands of private messengers had in in frequent and rarely of an agreeable character. From the envelope a he commenced withdrawing the letter there dropped upon the desk a narrow piece of paper folded like a Hill. Be took it up with almost reluctant fingers it my slowly pressed Back the cud so As to read its face and comprehend its ii Hurt. Twice i eyes went Over the Brief lines before he w As Clear As to their meaning. They were a follows received january 1, 18�?, of Abram James one thousand dollars in full of All demands. Ii Ham Edgar. Hurriedly now did . James unfold the letter that accompanied this receipt. Its language moved him deeply Auram James. Eat a a dear sir i was not in a right state of mind when i gave direction to have suit brought against you for the two note which remain unpaid. I have seen clearer since and wish to act from a better principle. My own affairs Are prosperous. During the year which has just closed my profits have been better Thau in any year since i started business. Your affairs on the Contra words of my child found no Echo in my heart. I could Havo wept Over her if Tho strength of manhood had not risen no voc the w Eknes of nature. But All is changed now. A few minutes ago the a Happy new year was flowing to my from the Sweet lips of Iny child and Tho words went thrilling in gladness to my May the Day close us happily for you and yours in it is closing for Inu and mine a of mess you Aukam James. . Elgar read this letter twice and thou handed it without a word to Nis wife. A what i Tho meaning of this i i do not understand it mrs. Elgar looked wonderingly into her husbands face. The Story to which she listened eagerly was briefly told. When he had finished a he arose and with team of love and sympathy in her eyes crossed Over to where he was sitting Aud drawing her arms around his Rcck said a my Good Iny generous husband i feel very proud of Yon this night. That was h Noble deed and i thank you for it in thu name of our common never had word from Tho lips of i wife sounded so pleasantly in the cars of . Edgar. Nuver had to known so Happy a now years Day As the one which had just closed and though it saw him poorer than he believed himself in the morning by nearly a thousand doll an he was Richer in feeling Richer in the hearts a wasting Possession so than he had Ever a Ceniu his life. Natural. Panics and revulsion have occurred in Tho commercial world with nearly each successive generation during the hut two Hundred years. There have Boen repeated Day of adversity and men Havo not considered Tho Law of compensation seems not to apply Here As elsewhere. The Oft recurring disasters in Commero embarrassments in Trade distress in business have not served to inculcate that measure of Wisdom essential to a Renu Vutison of Tho pernicious business systems which prevail and nto Essar to prevent a recurrence of similar periods of punic and revulsion. A variety of causes have undoubtedly contributed to Tho present embarrassed Gondi Tion in Tho inon tary and business Afi Aini of Tho country. A general statement embracing Many of them is that which attributes it in n great measure to Over action in All thu de Nortu Neuls of brain re and Enterprise and extravagance of expenditure in both Public und private of fairs the incentives to this Public and private excess Are numerous and Strong general und special. Tho american mind Acu perpetually under in intense sentiment of if our example May to wild to inspire the democracy of other nations with Tho loftiest Ideus in respect to Tho Mission of the Model Republic Quot it is equally True that our own Propios share in Tho inspiration. Its phys Cul nature Aud position and its advancement in All the elements of natural Power and greatness Are equally inspiring its territory already embracing one tenth of the habitable Globe from thirteen feeble colonies having increased to thirty on Independent suite Sovereign ties and still forming in rapid succession its agriculture rewarding the hu�b., with marvellous abundance its Commerce having already placed it in the first rank of commit Cal nations in railroads intersecting Tho country at All Poilu and involving the outlay of hundreds of millions of dollars in manufactures and inc Hanio arts having reached Tho Point of successful Competition with the oldest Salt tons these serve perpetually to stimulate the people and to beget in them a spirit of restless Enterprise and of extreme activity. This overpowering National impulse finds in gratification also in corresponding private and social displays a in elegant Man personal an Economy which shall criticise a ions costly furniture splendid equipage the fitness of the smallest item of outlay and divested of High Aims takes on Tho and Force within the narrow it limits both More questionable character of indulgence Public and private disc fitment. Embarrass in Mere trappings and thus the habitat of ment has not Home because the to Croce of Domestic and social life Beo Omo changed j wealth Are not abundant both in the Boun. Frein those of simplicity to to boat of Estravo Tice of nature and the creative Art of our a specie currency a Moat Likely to be uniform. As the Eire lotion of the Banks throughout the country is now mall the influx of Spaete urge the present nay be regarded Osa favourable Opportunity for Tome Prospect la pure drug Ned to retail a Petoie in Mot Tascol circulation. This object might be obtained and the Eire Tion of the previous metals among the people in Ordinary business provided for by prohibiting the Eiro Culloo of Small talk. Whether this method is not practicable so i scially in too est with other Stater in n w England 1 submit to your Oore Ful considerations. The belief u Gro eral that the banking a to Tern in this country is not so perfect of it ought to be and is the interests of the people require. The general in Poao Decd std that them inst motions by their alternate explosion and con traction Bhave contribute de to the present financial derangement together with their inability to meet their own promises to pay when the crisis came on is conclusive evidence both of Radical defect in to system and of its injurious character. Bank notes Are a Mere font Vanee to effect some of the purposes of Money their value consists in their Promisee to pay a certain amount of Money and that us persons among whom they circulate believe them promises will be kept. The character of the Bank like that of the merchant will depend upon its positive ability to perform its promises it does not Neoe airily follow that no Issue ought to be Mode beyond the Reserve of specie retained in hand. The very purpose of the Bank is to make other descriptions of property serve to a certain extent the pure Leo of specie. But what a hould be demanded of the Banks and they should be put upon such footing As to re quire it. Is that while the banker May be permitted so to manage As to have the least practicable circulation he should be held upon Bis peril to keep within his capacity of turning Bis effects into Spote so rapidly As to meet any possible demands from the Bills. Any system Bioh does not absolutely require this much and any practice of the Banks which puts it beyond their Power to perform this much is denied to be wholly wrong and unsafe. There should be no contingency where this Rule should be relaxed. As much is implied in the duties of the Bank to the Public and As much is demanded by the safety of the Public a suspension of specie payments by the Banks is either a violent implication upon the system upon its management. Tho of Banks in the state is an Ovil and a spirit of rivalry among Banks u Proi Nativo of evil. The legitimate Purpure of banking is to facilitate the Husmees of the Community. Banks should be located with strict reference to actual business wants. Where such wants re of Laymet by one bunk another should not be experience has shown that Competition Between Small Banks leads to the encourage ment of a class of paper not contemplated by the Laws. It is not understood that Tho temporary inability of our Banks to make specie pay Menta results from any want of ultimate ability to discharge All their liabilities. Nor is there just apprehension of their Suun Deere and the Security of the Public of connected with them. On the contrary they live maintained their credit with commendable promptitude during to prevalence of severest revulsion. Your judgement is invited to the of Sid ration of the question whether any measures Are necessary to prevent a recurrence of Bank suspensions and to provide against the effects upon the country consequent thereon. Whatever checks restrains you May think proper to throw around the system to protect the Community against injurious influences from that Quarter for the future if it to True that to a great extent the Prce ent prostrate condition of the Busin of the country and the apparent a Carcity of Money is attributable to extravagance of in vestment and individual extravagance investment which has Mado no adequate return and extravagance beyond the income a then it is obvious that the remedy the Case admit of and requires for permanent Relief is retrenchment and Economy of investment and Economy of expenditure in ail departments Publio and private individual and a the graveyard Kansas wherein four have buried their political existence within a oat two years besides two three acting they went there a a democrats of the first water Aud Wlms is remarkable All except whisky bloat Shannon poor fellow became genuine a Shrick Cra for Freedom a and thus were shot by their party. Prattt near a match for president Taylor s a fall Tho world and the rest of Buchanan in his Meas a Agu Speaks of Quot imports from abroad Gance. Considering the general tendency to Excel the a Eure of All Poe Itira restraints chocks the wonder is not that derangement and Emba sement happen to the individual and the Community but that they do not Home with greater frequency. The nation needs the restraints of the Check not the incentives of the eur. To its aspirations and Endea Vun. To what extent the currency of the country has contributed to the present condition of affairs there is every variety and Shade of opinion the Banka practically under our syn to a furnish the almost exclusive currency for the people. Not to discuss the merits of a system Thiefa so uni really prevails and with which tins state is connected through Ita own Hanking Patti unions and which renders any attempt at Radinse change at Oce difficult if not impracticable this much at least should be considered whether there Are not defects to it Bioh the Publio Security demand should he prov red for. One important object a Toa paper our Renej is supposed to exist in its liability to sudden sex pans ions and out Nettune to the prejudice of the business of the Community and afle eting the value of the property and Purdue Toms of us country by affecting the a Mesure of value by the enlargement of it to Day and the Diminu Uon of it to Moomow. Perfect uniformity in any oar Ocy is Una a Zainabu yet Tut which Kappra Oess near set people but simply because we have not at cumulated by frugality. It is not Tuo Moon to add that the Economy of living a real virtue is too Little understood and practice by All cosmes among us and that we Are not in our habits and tastes sufficiently american but in three defer to foreign customs and unwisely and prefer the imported Fabrie and production to Thorn of american skill and labor. Tbs Public Laws having undergone a thorough consolidation under the sheer Vanloo of the lost legislature and thereby super ceding any supposed necessity for general legislation at Prem at and the probability of Small is Man for special legislation from general prostration of Bosiner would seem to an thorns the Hope that with a determination formed at Tbs outset and acted open persist Santly. Tbs needful business of to Amrion May be Tram cited in Lem time then is usual a Over legislation is on evil frequent changes and amendments of the Laws Are impolitic and unwise nest to Berta itty the stability of the Laws is of the utmost import Tahoe. It be Only when so regarded that a preemptive knowledge of the Laws is not an Absurdity. In the furtherance of these views Nodin the practise of thus Stum Economy Bioh is especially Doe at this time towards us Cople we apr mint let of carefully Rettin Tum Oil m Masuras not Oie arty demanded and let what Rar is required be that promptitude which shall exhibit a spirit of generous Devotion to Tbs Pybus weal with sums of with uninterrupted Prosperity la not to be petted yet it is believed that the retrospect of Tbs Brief history of our stole of teds most sat of diag evidence of Pogue Prosperity and Bolds ent to the of Bunso a hiring prospects of coming advancement in All the a Montiel elements of a Grant comm wealth. With the in my is of oar population and the program of settlements under Tbs an you argement of a Liberal policy adopted by the legislature has sprang up to toss my and have Bee Otas a Soocey Ful and permanent Branch of the bus nos of our people. The Enterprise of our people keeping pose with to general movements which has prevailed throughout the country for improvements in the Mene of inter Ommani cation has led to Tbs construction of Liam of railway Winch while they afford facilities Lor Tbs frequent Intercourse of our people and serve to develops the matoral re to diem of the state and stimulate to increased to Ivity Ita note Prim end Industry have put be in direct end easy communication with the must Remote parti of the country and afford also facilities for the most extended internal and external Commerce of us state by their Extension into Canada and connection with the Nila ays of that you by. Incited by the natural advantages of oar extended sea coast affording Safe and Oom Modi uus harbours our a tissue have with characteristic Energy engaged in Commerce navigation and the fisheries. Maine fur Nishree annually More of the tonnage which constitutes to splendid Fleet of the merchant Marine of the nation than any one of her sister state a is second to one Only of Tymo states in the amount of her tonnage employed in the oops twice Trade and to one Only in the extent of her fisheries. While her agriculture and Mechanic intents have greatly increased and the moral social and intellectual condition of the people have received corresponding attention. It is believed the natural capabilities of the state Are favourable to the highest advancement in ail the elements of a prosperous Commonwealth Ltd advantages for com Merco through its extended sea coast capacious and me harbours Are unrivalled. Ita inexhaustible water Falu afford a cheap and constant Power sufficient for All the needful machinery of the nation. Its Foreste afford lucrative employment for a numerous Clem of her citizens and furnish a Large item for exportation end will continue to be an unfailing source of wealth not easily overestimated in its importance to Tho labor and Enterprise of the state. It bes also vast agricultural if its soil is not equal in Fertility to the Valley of the my my Lippi it is. In great part Superior to most of the new England states in this respect and it is Beli ored that the faithful Husbandman bos Hen Norer foiled of his due Reward. Upon an intelligent review of its physical position capabilities and natural advantages there is no ree Eoo for refining that it has not blander Akita and More Fertile Oil. Its uni Villod advantages for Commerce end navigation Man fact resend Mechanic arts More than counter Hale Nee any a opposed disparity in these respects. If in the future the Sta a looters in the rear of her sister states in that grand March of program and add no cent which the nation is making to the highest achievement physical and moral rest assured the fault is our own. A state regarded is a permanent habitation for Man. And of a theatre also for the development of Hie moral end intellectual Powers is not to be determined wholly in chief by the Fertility of the toil. The advantage of Commerce manufactures and the Mechanic arts Are of veto importance to the general Prosperity and Elevation of a people. These remarks Ere suggested by the apprehension of a growing disposition among our people to undervalue their privilege a and advantages and to abandon them for what Are regarded fairer prep note elsewhere. Not to Institute invidious comparisons Between any portions of oar widely extended and greatly Dir Mofied country the Serar Tion May be ventured that amid the rash end agitation of elements harmonious and inharmonious the infinite commingling of alien and native and the countervailing for Era under and by which american society is driven Forward particularly at those Points where the Cha Velera tide of foreign emigration flows nowhere con a Home be found where the blessings of health Comfort and competence and privileges social moral and intellectual abound More than above All our people should cherish a sentiment for a new England Homes Quot based upon an intelligent appreciation of the privileges and peculiarities in which we diff As we 1 As the great privileges of Duse Oszip to see Ted in Nomsson with the nation. The Imp Tranos end Neoe mity of agriculture to a state is uni Sally it is and must Ever continue to be the great leading interest of our people. While Oran ufos Turee Commerce end the Mee Hanio arts have their Imp Tranos As branches of Public Industry agriculture lira Al us foundation of All. Unlike those noun trip where the land is bold by a few proprietors and is print poly occupied in Large tracts by Tso Santa who cultivate it by labor having no interest in the Oil Bare the land m owned by those who till it on their own to count to comparatively mall forms and who drawing their support from so Rora toys pendent of the flu tue Tiora of Trade and the brass of government oots totals at cuss a reliable and important portion of Tbs tora a unify. Tho program of Agrio Ultra to this Todo has not kept Pace with to skill and improve Mente displayed to other deportment is of Industry a variety of pauses Bare Goa Tributa to the general apathy upon the Suk rat not Nee Emery Here to nodes. Above Hopon a Kantimm is beginning to Parail. Under the patronage of the slate

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