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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1858, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - January 8, 1858, Biddeford, MaineLije utry a h my a t 8 l a 1 f 7 a a t lol is 0. Cowan editor and eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of Manji Flimon. 0biddeford. Maine Friday january 8, 1858. Volume Juvy rumble 2. Tit Clunion and a journal. To a Clio. 41 j<wii4llll�lnllm Sal. A i to. I. in ,. La. A in Row l ii him of Lom. A it a l. It put a i Ilin. Whisk. Ira in. Lia. Ltd Mem Ribis Mulla a a. A null. . \ia.4ran my a a hurl my a i or item a its i a v it re Rhill ll4l�a. I a Only a a a put a in a a a a 1 re re la jul in la us it in. My . Term r. In i m Nan a a a Ltd a a a a a a Zuj i Moll fax it v j c to 11 u r a a what Farmers should Livo for. There a something Worth living for besides Money. That in very goal Blit it in not All. With the rest let us raise a crop of Good . While you Are fart ii it m. taif Imick. Remember also that be Are men with a no Ira i. I. I a a a a a a duties and . Live Down the old brutal notion that a Farmer must j .4 Viky t. Elk ankh. Pricier. Footed 5 o r u c t. The wife Apical. Woodbine and the wild Rose Over the Neagli storing Field. The Distant Hills sharply defined a a in t la Rel air ascending by it Vry Thurott v Mil face d it Jap id o or cult Chudow Hung from Gidiun i it lint Lay in i pull Urie Ruurd nud Quai Ovid with Kemly in Hisiu of ngut and to a a i us ii Iuler Omil. The neighbourhood of Uca Bonafield Hgt pm so he no features of striking Beau to but it is not deficient in certain Rural charms. Ami a tie a Kiark his a it i my in. In i i Rui an i inv. B i 11.an him Nal Only it. W i Lugt lug ill a i Ali �4�u�h Ivy in in a a lit in l All Kalui Irla in. Lbs i m in Willai know i or j a a a Ali. Brail in. I. . I i in Irr a la or i a a look . A re i lira k or or Larrv in la Tny nil a mix i if a i m i f,.i. Ksor in a n my Tonji till in a or. Y to. It Mil i Mill a Ling to line snap. Mill Mlaka ii. Lian. A i. I it a a All in 04 Lull la talk of toll will nol i. Re Ali Lif. Foil la. M still a Biary thy i .�.taf, Anil a Ila Leif i a win. a a a i if i by nil Boura to. To he do a ii Imp i Lions tin Mihi-1, will Ali ii a a a a a sin a a it a will main ii a Embr a liar , in. Luul i gift i Miiko u a i d-s4�tl� sail a Al. Amlo min Al no Sealii. Inv Drift a i leak inf a in in or a my Wii ii in. Mill a in Atli Lam or a a by la Ark Mil strata. A h a a Llama. Of of if aim to i by Pontil a , .-. I it an i my in. it my a a a her Ink. Ibi i. Ii Mali i a Hill . i a Hak Tull Ira tin i in i in. Of. A a a Hiim tin it of a la r i a. on. Ami a i lib. In fur Ila a will it skin Ilia Ruf try la , a a fal a Lair m Baal i a a m la w 1,1 Vail my lit aaa in ill a. A a i Nnake mar a Ravar a a a Plaw of less Llama i Llu of Ai Mara Imp no to Elnra Alafir Ima brr a Loaa i Horny to a la an Al la a a Mimir. And. A n Lia in Ihmi ital Ilia.1 Diirr Ami i us it in. Liar Rurh Tbs a Rover bar i bar Loar Oure gave a let Righi Aifa a to by . T Iraq Ihu Loon of Early a mrs sir no a inv a nor Ami la. In Ila or Llla la Lorsch a i let Al Ana liar. I my min my is All Lviv tie,11 i ask. 8 a , to Loir lob a Hoiu in. Air Imp i a it a Iby love Ila lira in. A a a a Lur our mkt so Lar Iju. Or in it i Ani Ikirt iof Arne mail my v. My a Hal 9 ill a Ahab. Ill Irr nil ill to 4 a Naff our la la Allyl r a Ahmoo know liar Tinl Lila Sibrir ims Lirl a lne a. Hoi Aln ran us a i flit in inv �.-k�, Ami in or 11.More ii.�11 by re a. It err porn Al us. One nil la r. From a i to of or. Apart. On a i Mich b i Mil i Quot a mimic Quot will nil inv Job enl larval an o. Ila bal. Laa Faal -i�-.ill�, Vav i n a a. Ii. Till Ila Mir will la la Arr re mini 1.4 la at mind i la Anil re Al or i Larrv. Al a a dial Laa Yiva ii i. Rorri la a a a . Of a a any Lanti p of h in a Ami if tru. Anvy a i Al i Lusa do win n i All a i a Nir a. He la i ii i. Ii hit i Vii or. My i a a re no More. h . K17 It i r Elv cultivated undulating and Well lie uncouth and utilhinkiiig.,a i time tiered and the Oppice and other a a Mere Plikh rapps., a a. A to our Are extensive to be Lin i of Are brought into immediate Eoli j. F u.,.in Mug w without Moi Iotov and tit with the great heart of civilization. By broken if to masses to give variety and i Richness to the landscape. Neat farms i Buzz of the toiling world. I he thrill of. Init homesteads and malt houses scat tie won Ler Woi knig w ires and the rum 1 tired i every direction give an air of comic tet ice and Comfort to the District and know ing a uric s taste for agriculture and his appreciation of country life better life. To not. F i j we can understand that the features Lee a your in its Corn shelling All the Long i I. W he h strike or perhaps fun to to strike Winter evenings. Make your Numi a i Pla a that your sons and Daileg Herrs cannot help Loving. Cultivate the Trees _. cannot get out of the reach v or or h or i in my a a id mss. Lay in a Ami we or a a. In a a or la a a a i a my bold. Al Yum a iks .1 a pm 4imz won do us. With Logon Iota be the to Lender tix Ufi i id warn or r�4d in or a a of nations com to voir once secluded i ill a Ide. Move Tow aril a they Are Jody a Mesa engr. A casual of Zwerver were to him peculiarly pm run ing and made the Ahlm Rhims of Cha Couste eld Well suited to his desire at once tar congenial occupation and for the. T Art much for books and a pictures. I indulgence of occasional retire Vincit. Up a a a a re a a a a tic Little Tun it pm.0 in wit. It 1 # a Nancv a of a a or the gossips of the sewing 11 around your Wall pictures which Walki Cut through it in various directions. It formed a part of the pleasure grounds and was evidently Laid out with an Eye to Beauty and effect. It is now a tangled wilderness Choa cd with Nettles and overrun with Briars with which the Rose still struggles in wild unregulated growth and where fragrant Crew pure climb the tallest trocar and year not Rycar put Forth and a hed their Howers in unheeded profusion. Laurels that have shall Tell stories of mercy Hoja courage Leith . Muk a your living room the Wargi i get and Iuo to club a enl in the House. the place is Siueli that w Hen your i o has gone to Distant lands or even when porn apr he Elius to a single Plank in the lonely Waters of the wide Ocean the Tho ight o. The old Homestead a Hall come a toss the Waters of desolate our bringing always Light Hope and love. Have no dungeons no it it your House a no too you never open no blinds that Are Milays a lint. Leo ii to teach your daughters for Ucli before Tley can Weed a lower be a or cling to a Side Saddle i and daughters do not be ashamed of the trowel or the running knife bring to your doors the richest Howers from the mile on a Road lending in a northerly direction stands a dilapidated Gateway opening upon a Road now overgrown with 1 turf and the wheel track Only faintly vis i Ihle. A i his Toad passes through a Small Park studded with Well grown Trees and leads to the so Tou which once St no a mansion of some pretension and which m test have been Well protected on three a a ties by sheltering Wood. Of the Bouse no Hing remains. It was totally destroy d by tire in 18-5, and Tio scorched or Bla Keiu to Brick remains to Tell of its former a in Tenee. It site in Only marked by an excavation the space once occupied by the cellars and underground office and a Well of the purest i in whole is now covered with turf and a few sheep were quietly cropping the grass which has grown Over Tho Woods cultivate the Friendship of Birds Range of stabling still exists but in a study i totally learn to love nature and seek a higher cultivation than the Fash i Ion Blu world eau give you.�?. Let it res a a chill l Quot Jorch agricultural sue i it it allow to a xxi Kos Krc . Lie Stile to have the eggs fresh put two or three to Ozen m a colander our boiling water Over them and a soon As they Are dry \ Roll each one in a paper As Lemons Are put up and stall. Them on the Small end. I Kepi eggs at Winter in this Way without freezing in the cellar was when dilapidated and a Belfry Over the coach House a till Marks the place As having Lien mice a gentleman s Resi Deuce. The farm House called a a Gregones a As in Hurket a time in in a Hal preservation a and the estate which once of cd the of one of Tho most practical of agriculturists and greatest of men is now in hand of Man throw their sturdy branches across Damp Lutr Oddou paths and the dense and sombre foliage scarcely in a mite a Sunbeam to penetrate Tho gloomy Wood. In this once Beautiful but now desolate and oppressive Retreat the give statesman was accustomed to walk and rejoice in his temporary escape from the hot atmosphere of politics and the vexations of Public life taking doubtless occasionally a complacent Survey of his Well cultivated Field through openings in the surrounding Trees. Here was Pio Bubly the of Many of those grand thoughts and imperishable truths that make his work the property not of one age and country Only but of All Ages and All count lies. Here he held Friendly Intercourse with those whom he honoured w Ith his Confidence and Here he poured Forth his soul in passionate and exhausting grief Lor the loss of his Only Here ton in happier Days before the terrible convulsions of Europe had troubled his spirit and private sorrows Hud almost bowed it to the dust would assemble the celebrated the Day its choicest w its and greatest spirits. Here Al a Irr the Lull roof of rim a to a proof Quot Laurence and Heau Clerc and Tarrick and Fox and Wynd hat and Kip Plch met in genial companionship. Here a a a in Rodiun would discuss w Ith his admiring Host the highest principles of his Art gaining rather than imparting instruction in his own Peculiar profession. Here Johnson with his uncouth form and awkward gait indifferent to the Beau to around him would utter his sententious periods or make Tho Grove Echo with his sonorous laugh. Here too lord i Leroug Ham Olen discussed the a a crests of tho1 state und could complacently us Ivy the happiness Mound him. No visitor let burkes abode without carrying with him delightful recollections of the classic great principles of Tho science and he embraced every Opportunity of illustrating and enforcing them. It is recorded of Adam Smith that on his return to Scotland Roni a visit to London to declared that Burke of All the Public men with whom he conversed was the Only one who could Oom Prehod or be induced to take the slightest interest in his theories. We cannot resist the incline lion to transcribe in an illustration of this Long since ceased to feel Tho restraining Vns Nark an admirable passage from the us a fun a 0 in "hicl1 Hoh Quot a w,lk"1 il1 philosophic statesman and listened to his instructive discourse. Yeoman. This Domain Ziurko became of in the year 17uh. In a letter to an 1 Early Friend lie writes a i have just made Crim Blic life of Burke we Cali i pus ii with All 1 would collect of inv own a not omit to glance at his Rural occupy while contemplating the country Ritli it apr to which we have before referred in which he proves the interests of the i amp a incr and the Lal it Ore to to identical a in the Case of the Farmer and the la Borer their interests Are always the same and it in absolutely impossible that their free contract can to onerous to either party. It is the interest of the Farmer that his work should to done with effect and celerity and that cannot be tiles the labourer is Well fed and otherwise found with such necessaries of animal life according to his Habitude As May keep the body in full Force and the mind Gay and cheerful. For of Ull the instruments of his Trade the labor of Man what the Aucul it writers have called the Hul Rumen turn Cocote is that one on which he in most to rely for the repayment of his capital. The other two Emit Cote in this ancient classification a that is the working Stock of cattle and the tru a met turn Mutum such As carts ploughs Spades and so Forth though not at Ull inconsiderable themselves Are very much inferior in Utility or in expense or without a Given pro portion of the first arc nothing at All. For in All things whatever the mind is the most valuable and most kit Rte it and in this scale the w Hole of agriculture is inn natural and Jnet order the beast is is an informing principle to the plough and cart the labourer is us reason to the beast and Tho Farmer is As a thinking and presiding principle to the Lali Orer. An attempt to Teuk this Chain of subordination in any part is equally absurd but the Law Rudity is most mis Chevious in practical operation where it is Tho most easy that is the most subject to or. Erroneous judgment. A a a it is plainly More the Farmers interest that his men should thrive that that his horses should be Well fed sleek Plinny uld i for 11�<\ or Tomii but Liia Wagon and ploughs should he Strong and in Good repair and lit for service. On the other hand if the Farmer Cone s to profit of the labourer and that the capital is not continually manured and Frue titled in is impossible that he should continue that abundant Nutriment and cloth j even thing the cellar froze solid. 1 i la t in my o by . To a jilt a a us j Lions. We shall see the Man who could cheerfulness and Rural Caret but an obscure and melancholy Retreat in which a desolate old Man to wished to hide himself from the world and die. A i have been a he wrote with touching pathos a at Bath these four months to no purpose and am therefore to be removed to Iny own House at Beaconsfield to Morrow to be nearer to a habitation More permanent humbly and fearfully hoping that my better part May Hud a better mansion a he expired on july 9th. A his end a said or. Laurence a was suited to the simple greatness of his mind which he displayed through life. Lie appeared neither to wish nor dread but patiently and placidly to w Ait tic appointed hour of his he by his will Ull a it unious honors assigning a a reason that he had had in his lifetime too much of noise and Fox to his Honor proposed u Public fun eral which would have been unanimously voted by the House of commons but for the injunction of the departed states Man. He had requested to be buried in the Church of beacons Duld close to the a Odies of his son and brother. On a Calm summer afternoon when the slanting rays of Tho declining Sun were gilding the Little spire of beacons held Church and pouring a mild radiance Over the surrounding country a walking procession moved slowly through Tho Village. The remains of the great statesman had let Cen taken the evening before from his seat to Tho town for Tho convenience of the attendants. Seventy members of the Benefit society which he patronized Clad in mourning led the Way. The pall was borne by some of the illustrious men of the Day in Tho list of whom however we discovered with pain Tho omission of the Nat no of Fox. Ilu Taren from far and wide crowded the churchyard and its approaches and the grief of the poor was audibly expressed and amidst Tho pro Lound sorrow of All classes the body of the greatest Man of that or perhaps of any age we consigned to Tho Tomb. Burke Lind further expressed in his will n desire Flint no Public Monument should be erected to his Montuory but that Only a Plain Tablet and inscription should Mark Tho place of his interment. It was characteristic of the nobility of his mind und of Tho unaffected simplicity �?�4 bin Tui. O a Nurkof Lio rorer ill Mit that the nation is bound in per it Etu Ity to defer Tho expressed w wishes of any Public Man the question of Public honors. A cat political character As they Are the guide a out and land Marks of the state while living become when Lead by inheritance emphatically the Coo dry . It nol York i or. Write to Myrry often Fiir in him pm ii in. I a 11 a a a a a of it a Ltd la. In her a a a him. Or Ilian lil ten mme in j a a a a a Terv Oill i of to flu k Lii a lib Lilor c if Fli Tuii a Lull a l. Ali unit run in Ilir lib Ait a we hrs die in him la Olill in a a a ill a a a v�0�ii, Ari c in Ilia a a on Muni. Or Al it a a Rev a tru nil Mii la a a a ,. . A a a a. J Truit. I hat us cd Tor Domestic cooking Burmm up . Mud Tull a la or tire Tholo Straw Cut at the joints it in easily Separ a cd Froid the fruit after it in cooked and Trio i now i put Down in july. J ro0 a a this country 1 have purchased j influence the policy of the state by his i in line in. W my a. Lol it k. It in a House w Ith a estate of us nut six ii ii i practical Wisdom subdue the Senate by his dred acres of Laud. In irresistible oratory or soar into the High Weity or Miles from London. It is a i it regions of philosophy stoop to the place exceed ugly pleasant and 1 ptr-1 minutest details of agriculture and cont one a my willing to a Farmer in duet with site Cess All it Onlin aty of a our a Titus. Lie was eminently a practical far May conjecture have urn formed a mar. To the source Fiou which Burke derived a farming with him save lord Fitz a to 1 Aav kit food bpm Hixon to tip. La Ami. Their is a Dill cult in Stew ing Flint making Apple Sanee or Swec meats a Well a a a so a us apples Piniuk us i Itoe Fui , it b Irving and Tii King tip the k Itle. To prevent this Deli Zulty it is s in Gestell by n writer in tin Horn a Tipul to place a lean Rye Straw in the Uit Toio of the Kettle under the ing and lodging proper for the Protection property of the people and they had n of the instruments he employs. Right to the reputation which had been gained in their service and the it is therefore the first fundamental interest of the Lala Orer that the Farmei should have a full incoming prot of his labor. The proposition is self evident. Lame which they have awarded shall be perpetuated in a manner most in Accord mice with their feel Tigs and their in popular Assembly the interest of the state and the object of government itself too often appear to be cast aside or forgotten. History teems with examples of Tho selfishness of party spirit and its unprincipled combinations and we have too often seen in our Day that the Vita of action m constantly working in even the Best of constitutions and threatening it either with chronic disease or to bring it to premature decay. We see no remedy but in the greater diffusion of political know Edc in interesting larger portions of the oui Muity in the concern a of the state hid perhaps in extending the franchise and thus enlarging the tribunal to which Public men Are responsible for their conduct and their votes. A study of the character of Burke would to one of the Best correctives of the infirmities and Short comings of Public men. His political writings abound in Wisdom clothed in All the splendor of eloquence they Are stamped with True greatness of soul and the highest minds will forever draw from them their noblest thoughts their purest principles their profoundest convictions. Thus Genius it it too Ottun fails in its conflict with the present asserts its Dominion Over the future. Nor is there anything in the private life of Burke Asiu those of some of his illustrious contemporaries to qualify the sentiment with which we must regard his Homo was Tho abode of Ever a virtue and while pacing with thoughtful Steps the paths so familiar to him at Beaconsfield we Tecl that to More political greatness apart from moral superiority could exercise such a permanent info Leuco upon tic minds of inn itis the purity of his character combined with his intellect and knowledge that enc Imp is our und excites our admiration nud if any senator w to has draw n lessons of conduct from the pages of Burke or meditated in his career Csc Ping from the stilling atmosphere of and the Diu of Debute should seek for a few hours in the shades of Beaconsfield and hold in spirit Brief communion with the mighty dead he will return with his sympathies enlarged his motives purified and his nerves braced for the discharge of every duty which his country Tuny require of him. Fri the it Worland. A thrilling adventure. To question whether in the history of a hair breadth Quot is Capo n parallel to the follow ing Gnu easily to found. The Story was told us by an old and valued Riend now residing ill the country near this City but whose Early lays were so it near the tragic adventure Here recorded. We give the Story As related to us in the words of the hero. It was about the year 180that i settled in Virginia near the fall of Kunu Wali. The country at that tune was hut an unbroken wilderness. But few Settle win Wii a a a it a a a i in in main it in in in 1st� my ilium cd of husky Nimicio. Of in in a a a a a. Quot Fri i a by a fast Imit a ital Mil _ it Tii.ii.im1 in miss i. A a a a a if u ii a ave it Tiroui and hurtled taste i ill oly nit in Kim Ltd my in kill of 11 in a in a if you Mia i. A lit m la i if n Init i Rytir re in Stii r. A in m i to Ign him th2 if. 0 Imp i it a a 11kr la a a i my i a i a in a 1 if a Irani trial .1 i a i.�, run it a Lii. A an. i. A i it a if he la m a i Quot mini a ii la. M i l.my�, a it a in Mill win a Virlum a in vain n r Ali a a a a a Marl re a a a a we. I la >4� t a a a i a a a lorm a a a i an a a a or a huf of Mim y Irv on him him Uin a Riff in m sgt a. All it a a Camla Aam Jan Mary. Lias lha a Irtira nil Ila us a i Vrr is i a wi11 a it. a. 1 my la Fol la or Ihu ii ukr , , in Ilir Ley air. Nula Liia 1 or Lara Lylial. A Tutt All or . A a a in 1 m ankle Wanh Ai a fur Turli a no no ii or ii in 1�� >4 k Imit ill ill to ten it a Luzam Milf we us Frau him Hirlu la Ril lib i he he is Lia. In from lha a Mima a a a Mali a Ltd Ila my a a a to a a the old year and the new. A Fri tip Ikon cd shake the a no Jiete Leotele in a wine a a it a. If tin the Money to pay Lor so considerable a William could Lump la be called a Reh a a a Ruyng a win re than in. Tioy a it it a i Yuul Ltd r a a to til. 1uitl, jilted that the funds w Ere the wages of with All the eagerness and More than the j l011 11 Quot a it it o a Ives ii ii corruption. He a know n to lie a poor usual information of those who practice Rill or not in Pui suing Man and he was suddenly transformed it Tor a in Dute Biauce. Lie was Seldom Ltd a in own Storc us to a in Eclythe into a Imide proprietor Ami mansion More intent of any subject than when entertaining his friends with a liberality of Nigri Cullire with and Able to take i position w Ith the Are practical Farmers in his neighbor Hooili a a Tik Raey of the country. Johnson was walking Over their lauds and winning Beaconsfield who remember Burke a lie is traditionally spoken there his poorer neighbors knew him Only As estate nud Well appointed establishment of their profession As by the plainness and nothing but the Malignity perverse Pineta. The mind of Burke is Imper Ishu .1py���i of mail j Gay. . »v.1 a cd lion la Mac a howl film heir seeing and acknowledging it w Ith. I in a a. A Meins Nau m 1 a a cml pm a a a a la of to. .�., Iboy Bou and we Ball not Udo in vain a i oar in w a Ort a a t0 re Der a 110 Cal. Oiler. In Lith qty Provci a Ivy and our Pooh to Dull be permit Ain All Lope. Of eat of an general Good w Ith their own individual Success. There Are still a few old Puoplo living one of his first Friend who visited him at their respect und a curd As Well by the. In. His county seat and surveying his Fine knowledge to display veil of All the details to i it Kim r tin Admix tikk of Nico. A exclaim i. A in in i a utile to inuit to Mirror i and Courtesy of his lllanners.�?T, ii a a Rii Quot caring Little for Countis life he a i have u Farmer Burke himself Coll a in pure it vill a nil Ami scar eeka.,. In . I i .iewe.1 him Trie Iid seat. Nevertheless with i write Tor Twenty soon years and it is a color the water. It Aduster Neil the.7 h prot de mixed us Loubri div w Ith a Little As Trade the most precarious in its Adlanta Cli Ivory will s ii an i give a Ileoph re no. T a a. Ted to Scad the feature of the great Ora Tor As wrought in the Pale Marble and to worship it Tho visible shrine of such lofty intellects Ulm almost unprecedented excellencies. We know not thelner stat attack from hostile indians number of whom still a ufos cd the nigh boyhood. 1 lived there alone with my wife for several Mouths unmolested and by diet of perseverance being then Young and to is designed for Burke i the Palace of or Jet a j i0ccecded in making quite a Large Clearing in the front which i had tint to the water. A throw the mixture into a glad a of water a deep tilt will k pics Lucid Alibi of to if Chiron be present. J c c c 11 a u c o u cd a Louis Ament but it knew him too we Leto suppose that such a change of Fortune have Arisen from any sacrifice of personal or Hgt Liti Cul integrity. An explanation of this lather in b irks Poirion a been a Upp Liv a by the correspondence published by fail Fitz Wlliam. Burke was at the time of tin Purchase private Secretary to the mar Tii of uth Kingh Aiu Ami they were on terms of the strictest Friendship. It a. T .vlfall.l. A Day at Beaconsfield one of the handle of the great w in urn railway hit brought a interesting die Marquis Early acquired a knowledge a kit in Buckinghamshire w within the lieu of the great qualities of burkes mind and its i f a mornings excursion. The Little character. The stat papers which Burke town of Beaconsfield in now within a i wrote for 1,10 ump of Lac a High arts Mark Tance of a out two Miles from one of the a 1 his out Quot in of link governing stations of the were oui line Ami a Hll a lord Road Gingham Felt himself picturesque walk through Shady lanes a a my Ert a Deriest obligations to his Able tar Mil pm ,. A Elj a a Quot Quot i a l -1 a it a a Wmk a 1 a a a �?�l0u .1,i, to turn in a n to Alrui Ulm or in a i of of a or a. Clip Lull Tyllo re lug Al h rih Jillso ii ii 111 u Weij til at Roll Al of Edmund .t.-, at a ,��.���?� a a a Ltd a a a pm not my political in Al a a it in in. in Lilby a. La. Mill �1 by a 1.nn-1 Liim a nut. In so mom ii Iiu-1, mme i will let a Law Ayala. Oiver a Piaia in i Ltd his re .1 in 4., of a in. A Tun i a a its lit exd Litow Giruc oif by a so m a Vul his a is re Ami mum 1 a once the country House of the Illus a trios statesman the Fanu which he cultivated was contiguous. To these Re�d�. Bui. La a a a i a Al in a it a. In Miro it la. A in mrs f put j close of he great Public career to tue Tate in Solitude on the instability of human institutions to mourn for a Short period his private sorrows and to to die. The avg Yak of use. Ami Lnu i it ii a i ill iiyi., a lube kor m term a ugh a to i non a to air. I it a a a a l sin him us. Lit it. To Isle a a a a. I p Wara maj Tabit or Lar. A a. a a a a Ike a Nina Ami re. . Btl i a. Shiyi. In Ila ii �?��., f.1 y. It i u a fillip 44? in a Ltd to lain. Fui yet i Ilir i. , to 4n.nl la. It a i.��.1 a 1 ,. A. 1 i. M 14 as4n.nl ,. A. Re or my mar wi.m1i. In. Ill la a i �1 i by met f no in la. I a i Iba. Els. To. A a a Bright summer Day in june alighting at the Woburn Green station we Dir Ted our Steps Over thelister veiling you Urx Ilio Little a Irv of la a Eoli to Vlf Imilieh which just he Alovel dial life that should a in some degree pro Iborti opiate to the dignity of his Char actor Ami his great Sutelle Etui pc Chi Cuce. He advanced him a considerable sum and took a kind for it repayment. In form it Wasu loan in substance a gift and so it was doubtless Ulm Erawood by both. It a a transaction which Only great and Noble minds Cou d participate 111 and comprehend. On the death of the Mart ii the Bond was found cancell cd among i Iak is All act which was i probably pc to mod by Ihu generous peer k forc the Ink had dried of the Sigua Ges the most liable to Losse Ulm the least profitable of any that i Carriel on. It require Tell times More of labor of vigilance of attention of skill Ami let me add of Good Fortune also to carry on the business with Success Thau what k Keg to any other he was a experimental As Well a a practical Farmer and like other of that class sometimes failed in his experiments lie with Arthur Young a discussed w Ith him Tho merits of deep ploughing and of Drill cultivation inquired Why he had failed in Ull attempt the country gentleman the indulgent landlord the sympathizing Friend the generous Benefactor. There was Nonio a thing peculiarly grateful to Burko in fre que it Intercourse with the poor. It enlarged his know Hugo of human character Ami Elia Hlad him to speak with authority on Many questions affecting Tho interests of the humbler classes and he never lost an Opportunity of probing their minds or hesitated a to Survey the mansions of Sor Row and pain to take the Gunge and dimension of misery depression Ami the simple people of his neigh bar Hood appear to Liucc but a faint con cd Tiou of the greatness of Tho Man who so familiarly conversed with them. They often heard indeed that it received a great people in his House hut who or what or. Burke was a Vond the limits of Bea to fatten pigs of carrots with which vegetable however to was More successful Able cared to know or to in Convent Garden Market Wither i10 sent the g Woods. A gentle Breeze filled Ihu Tat a no the fragrance of the near the spot Kro burkes mansion ti.1 stood is my extensive woo i or Grove with two Wagon loads a of a most aromatic smell firm and admirably tasted a for which he realised six pounds fifteen shilling paying him better than thu finest crop of w heat and the Back Carriage of Coal ashes paying expenses in explaining at a particular crisis Tho cause of a general Rise in Tho Price of commodities he writes a was to the lesser articles they arc like the greater they have followed the Fortune of the season. Thy Are fowls so dear i 1 sold from my Yard to a jobber six Young lean fowls for four and Twenty shillings fowls for which two years Agu the same Man would not have Given a shilling a piece. Ilo sold them afterwards at Uxbridge and they were taken to London to receive the last hand a Burke a one of the earliest economist. He in inquire. No knowledge of his Faino could have increased their attachment to his person and his importance in their estimation was sufficiently symbolized in the Carriage and four horses by which to sometimes took his journeys to the Metropolis. Early in the year 1797, Burke removed from Beaconsfield to Bath for thu Benefit of the Waters but thu hand of death was then upon him Aud lie returned to his seat in May Only to die. The toils and contentious of Public life had Long shattered his health Aud his spirits never removed the Shock which they sustained by the death of Bis son. The storm he says in the agony of his grief has gone Over me and i lie like our of those Oak which the late Hurricane has scattered amt me. I urn a tripped of Tuy Honor i am Tom up by the roots Aud lie pit lie Earth Upatoi ill old was to be do Alful abode 9� Westminster but the Abbey a a the proper place for his earthly colonization. If Public honors have Uva too often awarded Aud statues erected by partial friends or by in in discriminating legislature to inferior men giving a false attestation of their characteristics if ephemeral politic inns the faint lights of their Day now extinguished forever viewed through a de planted with Corn Aud which promised an abundant yield. One morning after we had dispatched our Humble meal and i Hud just prepared to venture Forth upon my regular Rou Tine of labor my attention w of arrested by the inkling of n cow Bell in Tho but tic ear of the Back woodsman a cup tic medium have had their proportions exaggerated and belied if men Conict it a education ver acute Especial marked by no originality of Genius or by fro n Tho fact that i Fety Oft cd a grandeur or relation of mind Imre been depend upon the Nice cultivation of that exalted into National benefactors and endowed with n factitious immortality a w hat honors can a Felt sufficient to Mark nud perpetuate our admiration of that great luminary that oven yet warm the political atmosphere with the rays of his departed glory and w Hose Light will never become totally extinct but with that of civilization Aud Freedom. Thu peculiarity of burkes Genius has been too Ofren discussed to need any elucidation and it is not our intention to enter Here upon a subject so thoroughly exhausted. Notwithstanding the vast superiority of his knowledge his laborious life and eminent Public services he never attained a is Well known a seat in the Cabinet and when his party acquired for a Short time Posso Nuon of Power he a placed in a subordinate office in the Gor Crumb it. The unbending rectitude of his mind and thu loftiness of his character us fitted him for co operating cordially with Ordinary men. He was doubt la regarded Oso impracticable a a term of Wjk Culiar significance. A too Foud of the right to pursue the exp Dieul a he would have disdained the compromises to which Public men Are often obliged to resort to to maintain themselves in Power Aud Cavuto carry on the on Linary operations of government. It is the nature of representative institutions to lower in a considerable degree the Standard of political morality Aud in the Pouf dict of parties Aud the struggles for pc Etc Inease in a sense. I was not so easily that said i in reply to the remark of my wife was not the tinkle of a Bell upon Tho neck of a cow. It is a Decoy from some Indian who desires to draw me into ambush. Believing this to to Tho Caso i took Dow n my old Musket i bad no Rifle and seeing that it was pro it cry loaded i stole cautiously around the Field toward the Point from which the sound seemed to proceed. As i had suspected there in a Cluster of Bushes crouched an Indian waiting for to to appear in answer to his Mccoy Bell that he might Send the fatal Bullet to my heart. I approached without discovering myself to him until within shooting distance then raised my piece and fired. Tic Bullet sped True to its Mark Aud the i Diau fell dead. Not knowing but he might be accompanied by others i returned with ails it ced to the Cabin and having firmly a barricaded the door i watched All Day from thu kit it holes in anticipation of a attack Lorn the companions of the Indian 1 had killed. To add to Tho danger and seeming Lionel Sanchas of my situation i discovered 1 had but one charge of powder left. I could not make but one shot nod then if attacked by nut in i should be entirely in their Power. Determined to do the Best with want i and i poured out the inst charge of powder and put it into my Musket and then awaited for the Apps och of night it lag confident of an attack. Night came at last. A Beautiful Moonlight night it wan too Aud tills favored me greatly As i would thereby be Able to observe the movements of the enemy As they approached my Cabin. It was some two hours after Nightfall and As yet 1 had neither heard or seen a sign of the indians when suddenly i was started by the baying of my dog at the stable. I knew that Tho indians Weru coming. The stable stood a Little to the West of the Cabin and Between the two was a Patch of cleared ground upon which the Light of the full Moon fell unobstructed. Judging from the noise at thu stable that they would Advance from that direction i posted Ray self at the port Hole of that Side of the Cabin. I had previously placed my wife on the Cross kit it in the Chimney so that in Case our enemies effected an Entrance into the Cabin she might climb out through the Low Chi Huuey and effect her escape. For myself i entertained no Hope but determined not to be taken alive i resolved to sell my life dearly. With breathless anxiety i watched at the port Bolc. At length i saw them emerge from the Shadow of the stable and Udvance across the vacant ground towards my Cabin. One a two a three a great heaven six Stalwart indians armed to the Teeth and urged on by thu Hope of revenge and i alone to Opku of them with but one charge of powder. My Caso was desperate indeed. With Quick yet Stealthy step in close single file they approached and Wero already within a few Yard of Tho House when a slight Chango in thu movement of thu Forward Indian changed thu it position of the entire sex so that a it ortion of the left Sido of each was left uncovered. They were in a Range one aim would cover All. Quick As thou to i aimed and fired. As the smoke cleared away i could hardly credit what my my senses showed Moas Tho result of my shot. Die fifteen slugs with which i had loaded my Musket had done their work Well five of the six Indian Lay Ducaj upon the ground and the sixth had disappeared. Although no enemy was in sight i did not venture Forth till morning. There Lay the bodies of five Audi aug undisturbed together with the Rifle of the other. Securing the Antis Ami ammunition of the fallen indians i followed up the Trail of the Mimi one until it reached Tho River beyond which Point i could discover no Trace whatever. From the amount of blood which marked the Trail together with the Utuma Tak Able a Videlee that he had picked his Way with difficulty 1 wus led to Bali exc that lie was mortally would cd Aud in order to prevent his Baxly from Fulling into Tho hand of his White foe he had group d his Way to the River and had thrown himself into the current which had borne him Wuy. The indians had killed Tuy cow and that you May be assured was to trifling loss yet in my gratitude for my coca to from the Merei levs Savages i would have been utterly willing to have made greater sacrifices. I was Well provided by Means of Ariun and ammunition Taku from the six indians in Case of a second attack but this fortunately proved to bouy last adventure with the Savage. Not one of the bad had escaped to Tell Tho Talo and incite his Brethren Toa Vongoethe death of their other comrades. All t exclaimed the old Man w Hile the tears gushed from his eyes at the memory of that eventful night that was a glorious shot Tho Best i Ever the hero of this adventure lived to see the rude wilderness where to had pitch a cd his lonely Cabin transformed into smiling Fields and peopled by Hardy and Euter pruning Pale face among whom his last Days were passed in peace and plenty undisturbed by the presence of his old time Foca. To Vantard or Ladin Doc Tarr. It is better to pass an a veiling Root or ties a week in a lady a drawing room even though the Zonver Satoo is rather slow and you know Tbs girls songs off by heart than in a club tavern or in the pit of a theatre. All amusements of youth to which women Are not admitted rely on it Are deleterious in their nature. All men who avoid female to Way have Dull perceptions and Are stupid or have stupid or Grum tastes and revolt against what is pore. Tour club swagger ers who Are Lueking the Butte of billiard cum All night fall female Etcitty Beauty has no charms for Blind men music Doss not please a poor basal who Doss not know one tune from another and As a True epicure is hardly Ever tired of water Anchovy and Brown bread and butter i protest 1 can sit All night talking to a Well regulated kindly woman about bar girl aiming Home or her boy at Eaton Aud Uke the evenings entertainment. One of the great bum flu Man May derive from women a society i that he in bound to be respectful to Beta. The habit in of great Good to your moral Meo depend upon it. Our education makes us Tbs most eminently a Etui men in the world. W e fight for Oun Elvee we yarn for Oun Elvee we Light our Alpee and say a wont go out. We prefer Oun Elvee and our ease and the greatest Good that Somas to a Ama from a woman a society is that a has to think of somebody besides by Milf to whom by is bound to is sons Sally a if lira thud Ruf a a a i

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