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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Jan 1 1858, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - January 1, 1858, Biddeford, MaineA a it Kinal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body or . A. To j a it it a lot is 0. Cow am Edour and proprietor. Biddeford. Maine january 1. 1858. M a volume 11v number 1. Cir a non an amp journal. Steady condition of the weather and the or must in War All Union Umed tool bracing effect of the Clear pure air. Whether turnip or a Trow Pivo Ion to give fuel in abundant and with a Little foie ing a fresh Supply wiping out the troughs cu4�wauiam�taim.ia.um�miamrtm a kit preparation the Winter can be with a a tap of Tow. It Stturr a. Pne Aad a comfortably Here a 3. I Niet. i a Mot important a a y a a Twu i a a a Brebt pm a Ria of Etta my run it vow England. We can truly Aav that Point and of much out lit it to he at ton hmm a a Hihn la it Hia. A a Luithly a a lit Uay Ian a Rii it tip Aat we Uever suffered to much with cold in u Oded to that the cleaning of the houses i a a. Hla Aida of a it a l Aida to Baa aaa a Quilli Hmil my or la i cantral Slock of puck i a b144a- a he Law. Taaaa�?�1,00 or Kaaawa a if it Floe f required by far in Bow. Bag mint a a a a a aka Luy a Kaim. Maine a we have in a taut thu cats and Uever be done whirl the cattle Iii i x. V. Tanai to Iii Akl chm it. I ,.a Ai Airai. We a pent Twenty one year of our Lile in a Are eating to Weir Turni no neither Ough tiie old Quot Luy cum Coulib which ought to be be Jamb t. Clcavc9. Prater. Poet la go Ruck. Latte warni503. Whee Irvine on Kerf a Ike car Firu Banka with a Fla a and lurks Alivn land a Ltd tule Hwy awl a Lreh a a us car Hyfer Awapara in muck Ike when he l a i Erl Leih but a in a or Lead Tmara Leal a Ruff or flaw is Rokl a Alxa h Brit Loehrer Atmaa Ike it Tad Waka Arn Alnar balk in Itma Daal la Fol a when preacher Tell us Al they Eibink a and parly Leader All they Aiea a Wirin a bal or pay or Lka a Are drink or Gnu real Fri or a and Rolf Baa a a when Uyer to Krabal i Hay would give and dior give Arbal i hey would Lake a w or a nil Laihem Eal la lie Sava Artu u Illey la i Lor coi Sakr a when one bal Hub a by Neua a Alo 9nail flu Hla Media la tiie Pruul without a ii Lur every bail l Kal Buida i la mat Luil to of a when in Ibe usual Plaza fur spa our Aluva re it i had Anih Perial a a Are Aimi e warded Well i a Stu Lelius lip Olarra ur-1 Uini Relias need repair a who Cuba s weeds have quit kit of ult the Power of Socik i to re we and Clarel Dalles Lia me Ike a Zik i d Tiplea a would hold your when pub Berv not it lug Ger steal and Phi Lar Whai they soul i a lore a when the ural it Vuki Olive s wheel Holla through the Huiwai Lulu Elk a bore a to then Lei i illumine Blase Way had Millers Sands Ulm a or la Globe a but when you we Thul Urssey Day. Of Unk r your Vaseau Nai Robe we Advia no Man to await Hia Faizul on ail ceding or Iii Ike cattle or on such 1 onto a new location Castor West North or a a arc constantly tied up be applied Iao uth without at first going at Ltd giving Whilt the animals Are feeding nor i the pro my cd place of settlement a tin it should they la i Tsurud after they have a rough exploration rot Only a to tiie a a gtd Down to undergo this Proem. Pm Pacito of the ao.1 and country i hit a to mediately after being fed and 1 a fore the it social privilege and Prospect the i bed place Lor a Man to Settle a w birr he Aud Hia family will be beat contented. Lie Down in the be to Tunc to clean out tin House and Curry the rattle and when Ever this i Over let the door be closed. W c would however a to our Friend and the cattle left to enjoy quiet until that the a stat land a above referred to it to not offer All the Good Chance for such a Jerkon As himself to and an eligible farm and a pleasant Home. In almost All the new town and Plantation in Maine he will find lot partially cleared which a May to purchased reasonably of the pro i Prietos and also firm under goal improvement to be Hall also for moderate prices. Home and take Caro of your cattle. There is a prevailing fault among Farmer in neglecting Young cattle. Go through the country and you will see calves yearlings and two year Olds shivering and shaking in the Field or Yarda the net feeding time come round. 4. Ventilation. Warmth is essentially necessary to the health of Milch cows and fattening cattle but this must not be the sliding heat of an ill ventilated Byre. Many disease arc caused by want of attention to ventilation and we be Lieve that to Thi Picuro Puc Tulonia owe it origin and fatality. At the same time cattle must not be cd Hgt cd to a Drill of cold air. The beat ventilator is one rising two feet above the Ridge of the roof covered with slates and having venetian Blind in the four sides. The heated air will ascend to and can Etc through this ventilator a current but not a draft being kept up by mean of Small openings foe the 0cca3i0e, to Ihu ill and jul n<4 Lurry not a Tii Umi Iki by in a inc a nil whal Ihmi Aii you -1 our us a Fry let Imp la or your Ibasun tin. Search lbs it us rut our errors Wilum for in lha put a Tuik. Wind gift Chr Iris no Auti jowl la Al Brad Al la to a a Ami a us jul in Imge Lri you my tip is i us 11 liw Var is us apr iring hmm trip i ii my Imp a or nub we jul llm<4li Yum a lid or ill it in Aluru Gars on a re upward to your aim to i Tia pc ral or i a. Id it la Ugras so is Yuu la Pul to Duhl or Alsuma do Chr wlm Lar world ref it it Minnir to civil Mogul in Kim a a or a i it has hurts Luik ,Mia Miia we i our rumours May room. Virid no nil -i.irs, i it or no in Rorr comp Nus or no re Runkl Nahi Farr la Iii a Irra surr urn or Barrir h ii lad for wan All it our a a a i Tii. Of no a. Thrno Bijou i ill for it life s a Imi a sin a it a j is away Del a Ai i Liu Iati us Inni you Mu-1 ply your a it a Umhay. 91 Ilia in Iii Maui Molt it i to Krap o Yum in. In m h Arror nor Jill i the i Olli ii do will Virld Wilc Laurel of pc Virvir a leu kor kid isl liar Lull away. And ill kill re i i Solher Tler slurs and i writ Chr put re say Airt a with my another to it Liral i or re Union Inch or Art Aud or it h Chr Ideros duly by or Ping we i Laws kid inn their a it a of Light Ami Smoly a million Irp try a lid Llev say will is at int a in Muir and Siller la wars Wiackl w sch by Day Ali Al re from rvs to Wittor Nuitt on Hill and prior Keld a 1 Lawn to lung a Rwy or up Ruihua. T a i orrs a i 11 a Lili Litan frail Ruimy Dawn till a Ltd Irra Skir Arr Ljra a. Alas rack hour of Day och Irlue a Lair of a Haine w crushing thai Xor i Iii while a it a a bleached ilirl.1, Aud Augot Ara always uus Kinf. But when ii a i iral Stu look Dowa on All Liwer Lyhl ill viru the traitor a Muir Lur Murd rat a for Usu Tite lips of lying Invar. They try la shul in Var Luad during Rye la Chr Valu end Raver or or i hem Iii Ikler in Chr Kies a Ltd so they wet to in River Ali Ruggli Ilii a Toiliili of to Toulkt and a in by a in at thu Kro Quot a Loi Ink it a often into do Cambar. La Micu thaw go a a a i wih it. Latin but a a Capoa Dlo he Ion a a a a a a Flo a it a Quot a Havi a a a Quot we Albutt and live on our feed to Law a i to of a Oare do cot Requet Oiler cattle no. . A All Quot Quot la or a a Quot Quot at a it a a Quot i Quot cattle Ali Only to better fed and h to re let a pm .1.0 to. Yard to a cold . I i. I i by mean of sufficient Walls where the Liou Scal at such Ages than at any other1 per Iii if you i Teml to raise Gotzl Stock. Ii calve or yearlings become stunt Cal Byung acct o. Rock a or shelter Uliey never re cover from it. They May muck goo Ltd of Xci and Good cows but never As Good a j they would him Vav been if they bad can properly cared for when Young Lauy Tanner Udert fall this and let their a amp stationed at Point at to. Cav have a Good a Hare of milk and a of to. Snake River out provide Wall Tor them afterwards while ,0 of he Root in a l. Manv other tint them a to milk Aud Stroug hold a a origin null when larger Asto food and shelter. Such Croc Tell on a Sandy Point stretching o of Young cattle Are Joc Osely to have a Htu the like it in tic of tic la Diali been a knocked pm the Bead wit i the milk Ull it to Ronld Fane Itas Leml a go Moi Pill or to have been Vick of the a Ort of us Sirp a Loon watching from thei these complaints Are altogether too Prev a loophole the can stewing Fonn Sof to Weir in no a it or the Avau us a Neal or dial foe its they stole along the horde of the Forest. The Bullet holes that i a on. Why should not i he of the a Sprywa party i i was Young Strong Active and accustomed to exertion. Surely what indians could do i could do. There was not an hour to be lost. At it Zaylig it i Leav e Noii my commanding officer a Mere matter of Tormy for both he and Iny Junior heartily rejoiced at the Pius pet of Lowther acquittal. Two Iii Dunn were quickly obtained and every lung was made ready for departure in a few hour. We were a strange looking it it or object being Speed each carried i own tray and As Tew of them a Miossi Ole. 1 was Clad in a Beaver Coal and fur c in. My kit Cousis Tod of a Blanket a Iva skin Aud a Wallet to hold provisions. The two indians who were Brothers were similarly equipped. With rifles ready loaded for any game that might present itself and Snow shoes on our feet to set out. In Case to succeed in getting to head parters at the time appointed a Grantui Ity and been promised to the Indi uus which i resolve so to give whether won or not and they pics sol on nearly the whole Day on to Weir cumbrous Snow shoe a scarcely giving themselves time to Cook the game we killed then shouldering their packs and starting off again. They endeavoured to beguile the weariness of the Way by Lively sallies at which they laughed till the silent Woods rang with to Weir Ching of the Ermine the younger brother was the most joyous a Well As most Active of us All and however wearied Yards Are not protected by the surrounding houses. Tol j o c c a i a w c o it a a Tiibi now a a Spross. Manv years ago while a subaltern could scarcely drag them along. The Snow wow in our tacos Sharp As icicles whirling pan in wild eddies almost beating As Down. As the storm increased. The wind which had hitherto blown Slcak Milf in our faecal gun to waver and to dash the Snow Down upon us in every direction. It was to go on. The last faint lingering Shadow of a Hope passed away and to Felt there was nothing loft but to die. Onen or twice 1 wondered i did not Feci the torpor which is the precursor of death among Tho Snow steal Over my tenses but we determined not to die inactive and the Viola no of lie might in when to stopped for the to to such a degree and myself Wip in brow Aslo against the my exertions h that us the lag tic to fought Tho b whirlwind. That i no alive to write this is a proof of the Providence watching Over All for there was to earthly Hope for us when an unseen hand guid cd a to safety. Tiow we reached the shores none of us Ever knew but at length till battling against the blinding Snow a Snow shoes struck against a tree. Close behind it was Thicket of Dwarf firs and to shrank into its shelter saved for the time. For hours the show continued to fall As a i inexhaustible it length however it Censed and the setting Sun shone out in Tho Western sky red and angrily. The 1 indians said that a other show storm was at hand. So we set about making the Best preparations we could for the night. Our Friendly Thicket was no Laid shelter and Clit Goose and i set to work Iglitz he laughed and tested As he Cut a with our loin hunks to Cut away Tho with his Tomahawk the Evergreen which branches until the place some let re were to form our not uncomfortable Shelt Amblod a Bower then shaking the Cut a and in strew n beneath the Harskins a ranches tree from show we Luid them i which to slept. So Carshie the Cray j �1� a it it piles to sleep upon. Meantime i was our Cook and tire maker and busied himself in making n lie rapid Way in which he Hen pod on fire and collecting fuel. To were Short con a of dry branches and raised a Blaz it i to Mhz for during the lust Day or two no pile above the Snow always excited game Hud been unusually scarce. But inv Aduis nation. When we line a accomplished nearly Alf or journey we had not overstepped lie time Vul allowed ours does but the exertion was log inning to of it our lieu la a and the per Tual Glare of lie Sun on the Snow Iii Tineil on Revet. A we Lead sufficient for the night and hoped to obtain More on the Morrow Sli Gashie having set several snares round our Camp for the Small Arctic Liares which abound in those forests. Soon after dark the Snow recommenced and although we were Usu Sulu the Economy of to Weir glowing. Now extra Stock when calves usually run with their dam the Tir to year and have i continuous Cir i care afterwards but t ice is no profit in such Stock i Irig and thu 1 practice i not to by followed Only by care it Mussio Walls and it Chur re and thick ezied surface suggested Grin conjecture Resh eting it Brave do feud who fill the Graves around it foot. But now there were no indians to Chi such a Haw Little care for expense or the Leisure of Tho unfortunate com j profit. A go Oil Luodo is to take the Call Pany of regular troop that Gnit Bleo from the cow it a Day old put it in a Gway to Weir Days within Tho Humble Forti can dry Pell and let it have two teat Tio ution that now a Urro Umed the of. Of the cow to Anek us Flat Wooks Unoo 4orkhonao our Only Ononia Wen the second and All during the third or i a it Uruu Foxon which a built to. Fourth. The calf if he take a smrt from Allyl he old who sought i All the teat should take the first a that a admin in a to the Post were those from Ai the Thi Tiest Uilk and better for the Village about seven Miles up the Call. Galve can in Well raised by to Weir Green Snake River where u Wjk Ceable taking a portion of milk from the co,1 0f Oil byways had taken up their and eating for the bulk of their fee i hkxj0 in this Dot in the wilderness i Aud two Kiiu milk thickened with oat or Corn u a Doug a we by a a fal Lur by other Olla pm lived live of the hut. Her a Evotta or ten in a Ltd Lulal 1>v a a a a it Al c 1 cultural. In tue it a Louly Ihil with j e a went Price j the world by which we Miciu i a a a 1.&Quot"t my leery nearly a Moun. Not hut what government lands in Maine dots not demand the Nile of the calf it an k earlier Jariod say at four or five wee in reply to several queries pro hmm Ltd to old. But however the calf Nav have i letters reached us sometimes during flus we found by far the greatest hard-1 Well Shalt Crete i Nover Felt cold so intense slip of the two. I shall never forget then i did that night. I have rarely Felt of we Felt one dior to my wait a the Siisi i Oil rejoiced than i did when i saw the i mined Hill Deli beneath the heavy Cloud j curly Dawn steal Over the uni id Cape and Banks in the East. Almost forgetting our was nolo to Rise from inv freezing Coith a Wolen limbs in Tho glad Eoa of being de-1 and Wake inv companions who Rose live red from his dazzling rays we travelled looking a myself a a dial merrily on through leafless forests of Gay Ching Goa who trembled a if he had Gantic Trees through to mils of smaller in ague fit. But a Little hot Coffee re fees thickly studded with the lurch the vivid him. A Pruce and the fir whose dark foliage she Guidie went to inspect his snares groomed almost Black against the stain und to his great i sap it oin Tinct he i is Snow throng i Woods tangled with found that they had not been disturb cd wild vines and fragrant with Juniper Bush of there was nothing for it but to Start a a until it length to reached the shores afro i without Bra Kraat. Just a we of a Small Frozen Lake. J Trie. On our show shoes a few flakes of once More we rejoiced that the Day j show like tiny Birds Fame fio Atin Hen dim for in crossing Lake und Rivers tween us and Tho Clear Blue sky. They we no ways suffered most being deprived wore Truu Harbi Urcis and within n few of the network of branches w hich yielded us n Shade sometimes Al just impenetrable. But our exultation was Short minutes tiie Clouds began to gather und the show to Darkcus Tho warned by the past Days experience we lived. An exclamation of Disapio ointment remained in our Camp. Hour after hour burst from the Indian and looking up Jet. Inow toured Down in driving masses 1 saw a few Large Snow Hakes floating through the air. But we were sheltered from it fury. We Hud lire and the Snow settling on the the summer by an occasional Schooner coining up along the lakes. It was Murillo Maine Farmer by a of been weaned if it to is raised it should he it of q to when t a Byfield Essex co Mas the editor of have Good feed through the a Titamer Tho a Vivomi Fitler that paper reap ads As follow a j Sli Ouhl be in Early fall of Righta of in it Liat we live a in in Blip soul ignorance. A the Public lands of Maine Are in the a us should be put into the stable earlier however during each Long Long North Eastern Section of the state Princi bin any other animal. In a word calve we a tar it Exciton Cunt prevailed at Pally in the county of . The tul yearling should Ever Havo warm Wook Lam to in Point it was when indians growth is a mixture of Birch Beach Rock comfortable lodging dry and Dean and Ortu a King Over thu now on now Hoen Maple and Pine. The soil varies j the Best of fwd. It won t a to to summer to arrive with Tho cording to location. The Rock in Many pm in m v 00 Patur Luid then Winter Jav we a pm Lowa a for .,�1 part in Lime Stone in other parts a Vari them on Straw it you would not have novt or in no me curies Oty of Date and of Sands Lowe with Little la a a , Quot it us a a Dulc in the Al a it length the y came in night or no Granite. It will produce wheat and or a or Ould have neat Glossy other grains Root crop of All kinds All healthy and proportioned cattle when the varieties of or nth in Luxuriance a they get to Weir growth a Granite / Arm Indian Corn a not quite so sure a crop a or in May Auchus Cut though Good a Cro a of a let us put Ofle our Snow shoes a said j Ruof us rides of our Bower made it warm she Gashie a a we must halt to frit that we had More cause to be a Why in thankful than to complain though we a because Tho Snow will Blind oui eyes were compelled to fast. This arc often lamed there. It i Gra my country. We should a Good recommend Lor a Pioneer to select some Loca Winter Caro of Stock with what trembling Liepart we returned to the hot to await the out Ching of to licit scaled Wallet by the pro Arr authority in Igno Iancic of what tidings a the Muiir might Cutain for us Gnu Otic Occas Tou the news i got Waad enough. My Dearest Friend was to in Trievel by court martial on a serious the following a Iuar which we copy from the last Nulk a of the 7n-a farm taxi a near the settlement on the Roo or t Gazette Are particularly appropriate charge. He had not written to me him took River a be could. There arc lot in Tiu. , worthy the attention Oti a a a but a Mutual Friend Inton cd us and alow it the to whip we believe a a to Iau tic a Fri. Of Aock. Pop rioted in that Section of the state Loi Ray clarity. The statist hour of settling lands. I desc an of by i Frh Jug Mut be carefully adhered to and the Ltd agent to actual Kyttler Abr Lily no of aviation ought Tobe allo Wesl. Cut cents Jar acre the Mem of which is May a. V,.rv soon know the time when they Able in annual instalment in work on to to receive their allowance of loud the Roada in lha town hip whore the Laud adj l it wit bit bribing the sex. Is located. Be think there can be no acted Supply they get rest i pm and Lex fault to Giitl with the term. Prev their Tine Asine by loud Tellow pigs. There i steam Lioata and Railroad con cute Anline. From an be Yacc to Bangor and Good roads from of cow House or cattle shed in general thence ill us far As the Aroostook River we would be led to imagine that cattle. Which is 1au or a a do Miles irom Bangor Are Yalu Rully dirty Ami that owners. On this River the traveller will find Thrifty Village with school store Mill and Good society. The Only drawback to these advantage that we have yet Beard complained of i that the Winter i a Little longer than in Mamach Setu. Tin is True but they Are at the same time More easily endured on account of the therefore consider that the most Profita ble Mode of keeping them is to pay a Hittle attention to Cima Ulincy a Postille. The cow houses ought to be coca you out twice even Day and plenty of litter allowed for the cattle to lie upon. The trough ought to be kept alway Sweet and clean and for the feed that before another month w a put. Low a Titera a Fate would to sealed and to Lii Mouth delay Hail Only occurred in con Mcque fico of ail in Orta it witness la ing required irom the lower province. 1 saw at once that it was in my Twer to disprove the gravest part of the charge although Lowther did not know it. Yet before the Spring should come und the take be Ojetti to Chi Bulc Pic to reach head Quarter the trial Touhl be Over and my in. Us in ail probability condemned. The in a a till thought that he might be sacrificed for the want of my testimony Haiti cd be. 1 could not sleep that night. Many pianos disturbed my mind. Could 1 not w rite my statement and Send it by a Indian express i undoubtedly i could. But when i came to count i found it would not arrive in time unless someone was Ever at band to Burry the Inea Agac to the thu path however was a Indian figure of speech. To were travelling through an untrodden wilderness guided from a tout to Point by some Rock or Bank or quaintly formed tree. But these objects dwell vividly in the indians recollection. They had travelled this Road twice before and whatever in Indian once see remains imprinted in his Mem forever. At she Gashie a announcement i look is Over Tho Lake longing1 a. 1 could not boar to lose an hour fur less n Day und i said that porn am to might got across before the Viola no of Tho Snow storm a inc on. My guide Shook their Heads. However after a time they agreed to make Tho attempt. Eco Klingly off we started across the Lake Tho now fake floating and playing lazily around us and More than once we congratulated ourselves Flint their a Poi Rakiec had not deterred us. But when we halt a got about half was a toss the Snow storm came dashing Down in our face with a fierce gust that almost throw Limo four feet. Staggered and breathless we stopped. Near a the Brothers were i could see no More than the outlines of their dark form through the thick curtain of show which fell Between us while nothing was visible beyond but dazzling Snow flakes trembling whirling and Rushing to overwhelm us. A two must Quot cried she Gashie a keep the wind in our faces or to shall never reach Tho lie at once led Tho Way his brother and i following and with difficulty distinguishing him a he shuffled heavily on before us. Already Tho weight of Snow upon our show shoes impeded us greatly and it increased each moment until to turn in the Spring to Bury him. On the following morning we resumed our journey but it bad now become melancholy pilgrimage. The Day seem cd Long and dreary without the joyous youth whose Lively acts and ringing laughter had echoed Ranoug Tho old Trees. Towards evening for the Flat time in Al our travels we came on the signs of a human being. The Broad Trail of a pair of Snow shoes preceded us along the course to had to follow. My guide judging by the tracks announced the wearer to to an Indian and not one of the White Hunters who Are sometimes to to met in these to was right. The wearer of the gaily trimmed Hunting shirt whom we overtook about two hours after with his dirty Blanket Rifle Tomahawk and knife his Anns covered with bracelets and Bunches of ear ring weighing Down Tho lobes of the can fully attested the accuracy of Sheg Ashick a forc knowledge. Tho indians greeted each other with grave Courtesy and Tho Samo polite reception was extended to me. But in Spito of All their Gravity i fancied i it or Oei Ved a gleam of Joy in the wild eyes of the str Auger. No wonder poor fellow thought. Perhaps he to passed the whole Winter without looking on one human face. He belonged to a party of in lians living far to i to North of Green Shako River and his dialect was a Groat trial to my Indian erudition. As his Puth for the next Day or two Ould be the sane As ours the St Tiger proposed to join us. Though i must contest that Tho sight of his Blanket caked with filth Mude inc feel a repugnance to in company yet i was too prudent to object and afterwards Whin we stopped Tor the night and i found that leaving Tho fro making to she Gashie he was Content to big the about to collect fuel and to assist to in forming our nights shelter 1 Felt More Charity towards him Aud was More resigned to his raising his pile of brunches near my own. As we sat that evening round our Camp fire 1 had a better of it or Unity of observing our new acquaintance. He was a tall finely formed Indian and More muscular than 1 had Ever seen any of his moreover there was an unusual race. Before Long Chi goo s Iblis position of the morning returned and is the Duy wore on lie continued to get worse until by a vetting it was quite evident that of was in Trio first stage of a fever. We dial the Best to could for him by giving him hot Coffeo und such other trifling comforts a our slender Stock afforded. The next morn my broke Bright and Beautiful but it was evident Tomt poor Chingoon. Could not travel that Day. The fever increased and the ague so Shook him Thul it was with to greatest difficulty to could take the Coffeo irom our hands. Tho Suatos Scro still empty tied this Day also was passed without food. On Tho third morning clip goo was still to Etc. No Yutuc had la can snared or shot and hunger pangs were becoming very fierce. To wore so weak that we scarcely creep. About mid Day a Hare Caino leaping by through the show. 1 shot it and we dressed it immediately. To this Day 1 think that that was the sweetest meal 1 Ever tasted. We Renado a part of Tho Hare into soup tar our poor it Atie it but to was unable to take it to our Surprise 1�?Tor it seemed to us delicious beyond expression. From that Day we never wanted food and were Abl a to give All our thoughts and anxieties to , whose last hour was evidently drawing near. He held out his hand to his brother and she Gashie forgetting Tho stoical Demeanour of his race which he had tried hard to maintain burst into tears As he folded it in his Boom. When he released it it fell cold and stiffened upon the Snow. Fierceness in his Demeanour and a strange fire gleamed from his Eye. He took the tobacco we gave him with great pleasure but he was that our firewater was nil expended. However lie did not let Tomt dump his spirits but talked on with More than Indian solubility. She Gashie a Stock of news for we Rich he asked was soon exhausted. Poor fellow he and Little heart to talk of anything except his beloved brother to whose Story the stranger listened with a contracted brow but with few indications of sympathy. In his turn he treated she Gashie to a number of amazing and horrible stories w hich were current in the Woods. 1 lost the Gist of Many of these thro not being Able clearly to comprehend his language. But there Wum one i understood somewhat better than the others it was concerning a very fierce Indian called great re mailed Bear who came from far beyond the great Lake Superior Aud who on Bis return Home from u Hunting expedition had found his Squaw and children the prey of a band of Cannibal indians. Enraged it the sight this hero fell upon them single handed and took the scalps of All except one. That one had fled and Ever since had prowled through Tho Woods gushing his Teeth and seeking him everywhere. The missing Indian had shrouded himself in every sort of disguise a but All to no Pur Hwo a said the stranger savagely a for slays every Indian lie meets so that that villain must fall beneath his Nilu at when i had got Over the Novelty of the stranger s excited manner and Glenin at la Ogle 1 loot Patia Aca mod still bold ing Bis right Arm tightly Down i Loo waned the hand which held my . Bat Quick As thought changed his knife into Hia left band also. Then commenced another rolling and tearing struggle More like that of tigers than of men for my foe assailed me fiercely with Bis Taeb. We stabbed at each other wildly and Many a wound i gave end received. At length the Indian relaxed Bis hold fell Bock Aud i arose victorious. My first thought now after a fervent prayer for my de Liverence was for my poor guide. I found that though desperately wounded and bleeding profusely be was not died i bound up his wounds As i Best to a of a find placed him upon Hia bed. My own wounds though numerous were marvellously slight More cuts than stabs Aud oven those my thick clothing Hud prevented from doing much damage. 1 dressed them and heaping More Wood on the fire Sank Down beside it to watch my poor she Gashie. The next morning she Gashie was so weak from loss of blood that each moment i expected to see him pass away and leave inc alone in the Woods to die in my turn. I now bitterly that 1 had Ever entered on this disastrous Eute Riise. However there i was Aud had nothing for it but to make the Best of it so 1 act to work buried my dead enemy in a Snow Bank collected Wood shot a Imre dressed it and returned to my sad task of watching my wounded guide. At the end of ten Days despite every Adverse circumstance song aspic was a great Deal better yet it was evident to both of us that it would la n Long time before he could travel. The poor fellow earnestly entreated inc not to stay with him but to leave him to i Fute and lie directed the in Tho right Way to pursue Iny journey. I would not have deserted a enemy thus much Les one wit i whom had faced sorrow danger and death. Yet powder and shot were rapidly failing. After much cogitation 1 took All the spare show shoes and by the Aid of a cur skin succeeded in making n Sleigh Cupullo of holding she Gashie very comfortably As Well As All our Rose proudly the next morning mid flaring inv companion in Tho Sleigh recommenced my journey. It was weary work to drag that Clumsy Sleigh the wasted Indian looking out now and then to direct to on our Way. I in often obliged to make Long Detour to avoid thickets and place where the Trees grew too close to admit my Sleigh Between them. When Day was �1� no i had the fuel to collect the fire to make shelter to prepare Siegn slide to move his wounds to Drous and then the game to Cook which i Hail killed during the div. Many a time i thought 1 should be obliged to give up the struggle. When 1 Lay Dow u to rest 1 a sometimes so tired that 1 could not have resisted another had Liu come to cud Tho work the first one Ltd begun and when morning reappeared 1 recommenced my tugging mid dragging with arms so weary Tomt i did not care if another Snow storm came and Scot us to sleep till the great Day of Awakening. Neither Indian nor Snow storm came and i wus compiled to go from Day to Day enacting by turns the parts of horse forager firc Ymker Cook builder Aud nurse. At length 1 became so exhausted Tomt one morning though it was scarcely Enid Day i began to look about inc for a suitable place to encamp for the remainder of the Day hid night tipping after such a rest to Start fresher on the following morning. Suddenly a thin column of smoke ascending from the Trees at a Short distance caught my Eye and turning off from our route i made the Best of my Way toward it. It roae from the hut of a newly arrived settler. Tho Man give us a Hearty Welcome and we slept be by returned to me and remained with me a gentle unobtrusive faithful Friend a until consumption the Bane of his race took him from me a few years ago. A Houf Hou won a. G0u1t1t onus. Mrs. Victoria Fulir in the Omo cultivator in a Aht Saljr Way thus talks to Coon try girls Tea Farmers Naughtan ars Sooto Bytho life a Wall a Prida of tha country a glorious Nice of woman which no other 1m can show. 1 ask not to flatter them for before they can become this they will have to make Earnest efforts of one or two kinds. Thera Are Home who depreciate their Coomb lion and Home who have a false Punde in it a Sousa they demand More consideration than they Merit. A want of intelligence upon All subjects and of refined education a no mom Nemea Myrio a country than in a town bred girl to this age of books and newspapers. Many girls Are discouraged because they cannot be sent away from Home to boarding Echo is but men of Superior minds and knowledge of the world would rather have for a a ves women Well and properly Educa Ted at Home. And this education can be Ltd wherever the desire is not wanting. A taste for Reading does wonders and Carnea thirst after knowledge is almost certain to attain a Sweet draught of the a a Pieria there is a Farmer s daughter in this very room in which i am writing a Beautiful refined and intellectual woman in whose girlhood books were not plentiful As now and who gained her education under circumstances that would have die our aged any but one who had As True a lore of study. I will state Why i think the country girls Are to Truro the Hope of the country. The women of towns Are becoming so universally unhealthy and so almost universally extra a but foolish and fashionable tha men Are almost in despair of obtaining wives who Are not invalids and providing them with what they demand after they have married them t Pilicas the Young Man has the Fortune Aoud or bad to to the inheritor of wealth to must spend the Best Bloom of Bis youth to acquire enough to a Start upon a As people a re expected to begin now a Days. Many a Vea in High places would go to the country for to Weir a boat if they met their equals to re Fineu Kvut and intelligence. Women Are preparing to take a Noble Eland in history and they cannot do it in Ign Ranos. Town girls have advantage of Moro highly polished manner and greater accomplishments but country girls have infinitely mors to recommend them of rivals of their fair pm Kisleva. They have More truth household k owl Edgo and Economy health and consequently Beauty simplicity affection freshness of impulse and thought. When they have cultivated minds there arc More chances in their favor fur Good sense Ami real ability because so much is no Demaud Eddy the Frivol ice of society. Tho add a Lustre of foreign accomplishment could easily be caught by such in ump. 1 would not speak As Tii Ough our Farmers daughter were de Lieut in education. Man Brilliant scholars and talented women May be found among them in new England this in especially so but 1 would seek to awaken the Kumhi Tuii of All to become iliac oui Iryl and matured Chow which they ought to be if they Quot ill but unite refined culture with their excellent graces. Sweet county House with roses and Honey Eucha trained to climb Over it wit i Good taste Beauty and Intilli Geode within toil enough t insure health and Leisure to court acquaintance with books and Flower and the Lov Lineas of nature with Pekoe plenty and love is surely one of the Paradise which Loaren has left for the attainment of ing Eye 1 became Rome want wean of Neal a roof for the first time for consid w it incessantly. Thu Earth was Frozen too hard to admit of our digging a grave. We were therefore compelled to Lay the lifeless Indian deep in the Snow in a Ihu a Ludo an Kiyik Bolc but slice Shiv listened to every Ord with breathless attention. I was lounging it Erido the fire More asleep than awake when 1 was aroused by the stranger abruptly demanding of my guide if lie had Ever seen this redoubtable Brave the great red mailed Bear to which Tho Young Indian re plied in the negative. A liar Quot thundered the Savage springing to his feet. �?o1 Ain Quot and in n moment he stabbed my companion in the cheat. 1 sprang upon him in in instant and seized his right Arm which by a violent Effort be succeeded in disengaging. He aimed a deadly blow at me with his knife but i evaded it and Drew my own. Wit i a yell at Bis disappointment he began to draw Bis Tomahawk from his Belt with the View of hurling it at my head but i darted upon h a Pinio Ning Bis his feet gave Way and we both rolled to gather on the Snow. A struggle for life Between us succeeded. The Indian kept nuking Little dig at me with Hia knife Slie Lashio did not speak for hours but4 but he could not get Purchase enough to do More than penetrate Ruy Udo Tea and inflict slight wounds upon me. A rolled Over with me hoping to get me under most but i always rolled farther than a Erakly Mote than a Mouth. The next Day he put his horse to his Wood train Aud in two Day Morv brought us to Headquarters less 1 believe for the Reward 1 promised than from pity for our worn and miserable condition. Thu time appointed for the trial was now nearly three weeks past and i did not doubt that it was Over. But the severe illness of the accused had again deferred it the proceedings were Only now coming to a close. So far they left Oil the mind of All who witnessed them but one impression that my poor Friend a Militan career was ended. Suddenly i entered the court attired in worn out rags my face Haggard my Eye inflamed my swollen feet hobbling awkwardly on the floor. Order restored my testimony was received with to greatest attention and Lowther was acquitted with Honor. Poor she Gashie when to Spring came he left me and returned by a a Coonor to Green Snake River whence accompanied by his relatives he travelled Down to the scene of Bis Only brother s death. They dug a deep grave for Chin goo and Laid him in h on the spot where his life had departed. But she Gashie never More returned to ble Nativo Village Christian . Christian Climer fullness is honorable to god and of Ruppjr influence on Mutt. Let Tho cheering Aud Tranqu Lising Power of Tho Goepel Rak Forth and Shine from your character. Jeremiah Sung Neolma in the Dungeon Luthor translated the Bible in prison John beheld the brightest visions of Tho new Jerusalem i a Tuque Bunyan in latter Days composed his Pilgrim in confinement. There in a very Tui Premio Power in Christian happiness on Boa who see it from wit Boot. It is a Sunshine amid dripping Clouds a Sabbath heart in a week Day body and Sabbath speech amid the dialects of Babel. It a brightest when All around it a blackest. When our natural a elections cease their music a then hear quog out of to sky in. Alterable melodies which ear Bath not heard when the world u All gloom a regenerated soul treads glories out of every Pebble and a tha stars a arterial along which pulsations of Felicity reach him. A Oan my with Habakkuk a a a although Tea Flag Ursa shall not Biu atom neither shall fruit be on Tea vines the Tabor of the Olive shall fail and tha i ids shall yield no meat Tea flock a my be Cut off irom tha fluid and there shall be no Herd in the stalls yet i will rejoice a the Ford i will Joy in the god of my pox Raa and exam up. A your praying and weeping in private closets tur Jour evil Drao who be of hut Ettla a floor if not nor Irrl by your example. Fajita Cuca Borvan a Tut. The Star mentions a sad and really painful Rumor which is working its Way into our poorer Cireus. And which for the a us of a you us America Quot a god blam Emall save we it w earnestly hoped a 8aye the Star a it to mud that Baota clans the Jolly old Fetrow whom even we need to love to Weil has with a Large portion of the a teem world Tallent foiled his Osinaga Hia tiny Reindeer that a heard army Ooala % year ail thro a the abort apron period Mew

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