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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Feb 26 1858, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - February 26, 1858, Biddeford, MaineEternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or Oody of . Biddeford Maine Friday february 26, 1858 volume us number a ctr Mon and journal. Rii Iuit Brry Friday. Al. I Cimi Luck. Ill a Lith a h3 met atm % 12 00 per annul. Or 9150 if paid Throo Johir a in Lima of Rabat Ribiat. Muk 4 Cavata. A t. I. Of trait. Us mama. Itiat Only i tue Zifcu ? � Era or al 4�a, All i Rvl Tuuk Law Timtim mini Ike a at to Wirthl am Mil k m us at a Iii by Ivun i Xinliu Fitl in pin s w. Uriah Ali in Jab Aal t Art Wilkum timl4 ilk of Alzaaa Aad f. Cd Kava. Erlat a butt 5 t u 1 a t i Osly waiting. Only Wailin till Imp a Oul Walling Lill Lim Oliu u a last Ima i h a till Law us Gill of fib Law Protu la Waail. At Lull it it a Tut in or us lir a l Era Lii i Litu ulu i wilful tall Anil if a. Omy Waiohu Lull Itaf in in Liana Iba Laal Iliff 4llwml by inf Kuyumc la lad i Ai Iii i tic awl Maiuu Wiznia Tir cd him. Qum Kiy Iraq a Gail Irr Punk of Tim Laal Ripe Biurad Tuy lira j for slut Iii to Wii rred Auu i Baalu to a met ouly Wall mtg Lull la All Ruu Murii i i lit kale al Bir al 1 la i in Vav , Bruiy Wra ill Ulai ii a i Lirar Ilia Luola Irpa Ami lit Cir Vita a Lar array la Lury Call ii i a in a Ailiff waning i in y out wiii1114 Lilliw t a Luai al a Lull of iu.i4r Iii am i ouly waiting will Lnu Arr us Ilar a Laal beaut i Lii Wil in ill Siul Chr %.11li huf Ilar Kafaa i1.w, traib a a Lai Tell Ilyf a i Kwh a i in Oul bit i ii. of Law Kira a Tittle t Ltd Ual. Hinita to Amat Auis Don t let insect of a Riou Owr Ruu oar Orchid or Gulden Ami then la Iii Lod u in Ami and melt no us Tiv ii to Taimi in Ilijin now Ilia. M main i Roll in Mil Ali rat Day ill do Leriou at n it will to you but a title will Ive of Teir Day tart of the och ii Roand. Lloa have a Tiee that grown apace Bat won t boar dig a Trench Artaud it Aii a Cut a third of the Root Mill Check Ito Groat i and Mil it about a Hull it of Don t to or yourself Don i Turrell with Ulione who do. It to Date i in to i nature which Yoa to be Orry Lor rather than . Tho a who Are More jilted. Of what High Nav i the Rainbow we Tai old like to know t and yet a than \ of did not think til j cull wet clout it. I o not grudge the cot an labor Nee Cwaig to Plant m few of the let hade Trev round your Sioum Aud it Vou have Uii j it w to Plant i. K in i Ului. There nov few Trees in tile world j finer than m weeping Ului and two or three of Thitu will give Ted t common dwelling Houe m look of dignity. It of Plant fruit tree Tor hade they1 Are Likely to be broken to pice or the fruit and they grow in i Lilly by the time that fore to tree grow i Eduig an a umbrage us. There Are very few Iovu Olio a Irie tid my Lair a Mouti deut to their Luei Orv an they Cai. Raio with their own Hind by planting an Elm or a in Pilc Jorv it can grow Tor a Century to be an ornament to the country. Don t be afraid to clip hedge or Cut Back hedge or Cut kick tree when you Are Lantin them. To gain Guoru growth than you to though you not be Able to compre cud it till have seen it with your own Eye. Never work your ground in wet weather if to i Cau it a it make clod like Aud Coli act lib forcing the air out. And Ridge ii i your Kitchen Garden Lievore Winter m a to est me much Mir Laev a to Ible to the action of the fro a never. An Opportunity of g. Thing of u the porn of old put Mure or the breaking up of common or Meadow where they can in spared i laced in Heap and rotted Thev make excellent Mold Lor tender Plant or True. Never buy fruit tree in the Market i to of unknown v. Under. Who have no character to pm. You cannot Tell by i aiming the article whether they cheat you or not and you get \ our tree at Hall i ice Only to Kwh when it come to Bear thai you had gone to an hone to dealer Aud paid ten us much for Toui cubing Worth Plau Tibig. Collect from about your neighbourhood All the Hime that Are thrown away at Cle by per on ignorant of their value. Rural yuck or. Of work for the month. Ahm. February has been called a Mou b of Leisure. There it nothing a i Mcuri hot the woodshed the dec blur the Forest or mood pile will admit of a variety of labor in Clear or Stormy weather. The Southern planter will now be actively at work manuring blowing and putting in Early Crow. Cattle requiring a Large amount of care during this month both on their own and their owner s account. They should not Lall away in Deih As Spring approaches nor should a lavish wasteful method of feeding be Pur cd thus exhausting the toddler Belore grazing time. Use the Straw cutters daily and if there is much coarse feed a steaming apparatus will la found very valuable. Give extra teed to j cows about calving and allow them plenty of room at night. Or Tara watch against fro to keep Sweet and clean sort Over fruit and expel or catch rata and mice. Corn note the spoiling bins and Shock at thu West and As tar As May be apply a remedy in future l procure seed Call and test it vegetating Power by prouting samples ill the House. The Lalit Ilig season will Coli Lilliee at the tar j Outh during the latter part of the Mouth. Frenett continue to get out materials is directed last month. Uclair and build new one w a Niue in who Nuzum. Flu and Complete Dirking any yet unfinished. Fodder Cut Misti steam As much of the outs lift Pom blk feeding with Elk Lylall Iuchi Biumi Muj Cut tool. L crack in the re rather Tuliau scatter Ali Lodder Liere it will be Tuii Tkel by stuck. We tril to the a Ticu of lec Diug at Distant stuck Yard a in discard 1. Fuel Sot direction of lat moist i. And Gie cooked potatoes or other veg table i Addi Tiu to their a Ell shod during icy weather. Keep blanketed a licit not in us Aud Well bedded at Light. Let i Oum watch for the first of or Unity to till with thick Clear ice it not already done. Pack Dow tilling Crevice with broken pieces. Tuum continue to Mauu facture and Art to the held a directed last Loath. Lea a it in Large Cha until wanted Lorum covering with much Loam or Sod. Save All the liquids of the Yard and mail la at Oil Iii them wit i the muck or leaves stored Lor the purpose. It i to in Lio Jud that lie m inure i All kept under cover it it is Only a Root of pole tia eclied with Straw or Corn a tit. Soil Over Tor ibid. Plant ing May be done at the South during the latter Art of the month. A Raj keep them Thelt Rcd from storm and separate Sioui rattle and horses. Feed Grain and Cut loot with Caine fodder. L t them have free Access to a trough of Aalt with pure water in the Yard. Sur i Jujj i will require tapping during the Middle or latter part of the Mouth in latitude. The particular a Rod Usu to be governed by the a Cayou. 1 iodide the necessary trough or bucket and hut. Have the Bowerw arranged and everything in Tor of a lion. The Economy in it in More Way than . Miscellaneous. A French will Story. It she dead thou be Madam rpm de the Little gentle Man in Brown coat and Short breeches. And her will v i going to be opened Here immediately by her solicitor shall we inherit anything it must be supposed so we have claim who is that to miserably dressed person age who intrudes herself Here v of she said the Little Man sneering she won t have much in the will is sister to the deceased what that Anne who wedded in 1812 a ii in of nothing an officer j Reom Vav no she must have no Small amount of impudence to present herself Here before a respectable family the More so a sinter eerie of Noble birth had never forgiven her that meet Anne moved it this time across the room in which the family of the deceased were assembled. She was Paio her Tine eyes were tided with tears and her face was furrowed by care w Ith precocious wrinkles. What do you come Here Forf said with great haughtiness Madame de Lille buys the lady who a moment before had been interrogating the Little mail who inherited with her. Madam the a or lady replied with humility 1 do not come Here to claim a Pilot w hat Doe not belong to Iii 1 lome solely to see m. Dubois my Oor Istir s solicitor to inquire if she spoke it me at her last hour what do you think people Busy about you f arrogantly observed Majiu de yell boys the disgrace i l a great House you who wedded a mail of nut lung a Soldier of Ionia Paic a Madam my husband although a child it the Jyh Ople was a Brave Soldier Aid m hat is better All honest Man Boscn de Aii in. At this moment a venerable personage the notary 1 Luik in made i appearance. Cease in Aid 4io reproach Anne with a Oil Lull which her sister has forgive ii iut. Anno loved u generous Brave and a Mil mail who Hull Iio Oiler crime to reproach ill i use it with than i poverty and the of purity of his name. Nevertheless had he lived if his family had known Linn an i knew him 1, i old Iri. And Anne would be us thin time Happy and Resk feed Lut Why i this woman Here v Llee Ause it it her place to be Here said the notary gravely 1 myself requested iter to attend Here m. 1 Ubois then proceeded to open the will. I Bei 114 to Giitl m mind and heart. By Erie de i retired a a Boarder 111 of the sister of the sacred heart of be us dictate the following Wildie As the of my formal de sire and principal clause of my testament. Alter my decease there will be found two Hundred thousand francs in Money at Lily notary s besides jewelry clothes a d furniture As also a Chatea i Worth two Hiildred thousand trains. In the Convent Whert i have been re siding there Mill Only in Logiud my Book Lieuie de la in re holy volume which remains an it a w Hen 1 took it with me at the Tislim of the emigration. I declare that these objects be divided into three lots. The tint lot the two Hundred thousand franc in Money. The Mccond lot the chateau furniture mini jewel. The Laird lot my Book Ileaure de la Vicine 1 have pardoned my sister Anne the grief which she Lias canned to a and i would have comforted her in her sorrow if i had known sooner of her return to prune. 1 com Prim. Her in my will. Madam de die boy my much moved Cousin shall have the first Choice. M. Yatro my brother in Law shall have the second Choice. Anne will take the remaining lot 4ah a said vary sister k Erie was a Good one that i rather Clever on her part Anne Nill Only have the prayer Book exclaimed Madam de Yili boys laughing aloud. The notary interrupted her Jock Larity. Madam said he which lot do Vou i choose t i the two Hundred thousand franc in Zouev have Yoo quite made up your mind f i perfectly a the Man of Law Uddin cuing Hin Elt 1 then to the a Ood feeling of the lady % id Madam you Are Rich and Anne a not Long. Could you not leave her this lot Ami take the b of of Raycra which the eccentricity of Tro deceased has placed of a Par a Ith the Oiler lot you Usu to be joking m. Doroit h Claiire Madam de vill Boyt you Nuutt really be very Dull not to my the intention of Fri tar eerie in All the our Hon ored Cousin Tore Law full Well that her Book of prayer would fall to the lot Anno who had the last Choice. And what do you Condyle from that inquired the notary. 1 conclude that she meant to intimate to her sister that repentance and prayer were the Only help thai she had to expect in to Iii world an she finished Thea words Madam de la vill boys made a definite selection of the ready Money for her share. Monsieur vary As May easily be imagined selected the chateau Furui Tuie and jewels As his lot. Monsieur vary said m. Dubois to that gentleman even suppose it had been the intention of the deceased to Pun i a her sister it would be Noble on your part millionaire As you Are to give up it least a portion of your share to am who wants it so much thanks for your kind advice dear air replied Vautry the mansion is situated on the very confines of my Woods and suits me admirably All the More so As it is ready furnished. As to the jewels of sister Geric they Are which one ought never to part with since it is so said the notary 1113 poor Madam Aune Here is the prayer Book that remains to you Anne attended by her son a handsome Loy with Blue eyes took her sister s old prayer Book an making her son kiss it alter her the said be Tor kiss this Hook which belonged to your Oor aunt who is dead but who would have loved you Well had she known you. When Yon have Learned to read you will Pray to leaven to make you Wise and Good As your father was and happier than your unfortunate Mother the eyes of those who were nearest were tilled with tears notwithstanding their efforts to preserve an appearance o indifference. The child embraced the old Book with to Yindi Fervour and of ening it afterwards Mamma he said what pretty Pic hire indeed Nail the Mother Happy in the gladness of her boy. Vet. The Good Virgin in a red dress holding the infant Jesus in her Arm. But Why Mamma has silk paper been put ujan the picture / so that they might not be injured my dear but Mamma Why Are there ten Nilka a wipers to each engraving v the Mother looked. And uttering Sud Den shriek she fell into the arms of m. Dubois the notary who addressing those present said leave her alone it won t be much people Don t die of these shocks. At Foi you Little one addressing Hector give me that prayer Book you will tear the engraving Hie inheritors withdrew making Vari oils conjectures As to the cause of Anne s sudden illness and lie interest which the notary took in her. A month afterwards they met Atine and her son exceedingly Well yet not extravagantly dressed Tak ing an airing in a two horse Chariot. This led Plum to make inquiries and they ascertained that Madain Anne had recently purchased a hotel for one Hundred and eighty thousand francs and that she was giving a first rate education to her sol. The ii came like a Thunderbolt a Kajii them. Madame de vill boys and m. De Yatro hastened to Call upon the Notan to ask for explanations. The Good Dubois was working at hit Dink. 1 air Bini we Are disturbing you f Sai i the currant old lady. No matter. I was in the net of settling a Purchase in the state funds for Madam Anne what exclaimed vary after Pur chasing House and equipage she i nullify to ii Ivy a undoubtedly so hut w lure did the Money come from i what did you not see f when j when hic shrieked upon seeing Oliai the prayer Book contained which she in her ipod we of served nothing of 1 thought that of saw it Saij the Star Antic notary. That prayer Bool contained sixty engraving and each engraving covered by ten notes of i thousand francs each Good heavens exclaimed vain Thunder struck. It 1 had Only known it shouted mad am de vill boys. Vou had the Choice added the notary and i myself urged you to take the prayer look. But you refused but who could have expected to and a Fortune in a breviary the two baffled old egotist withdrew heir heart swollen with passionate envy Anne is still in Paris. If Yoc Pas by the Hue Lafitte on a Fine supine i evening you will see a Char mag picture on the first door illuminated by the pah red cution of Wax Liebta. A lady who has joined the two hand of her son a Lair child of in Yean of age in prayer before an old Book of ileum de la Vierge and for which a Case in Gold has been made. L Ray for my child said the Mother. And for who else inquired the child for your father your dear father who perished without knowing you without being Able to love you. Must 1 Pray to the Raint my Patron be my Little Friend but do not for get a taint who watches us from heaven and who Amiles upon us from above the Clouds what is the name of that Saint Mamma dear t the Mother then watering the fair child s head with her tears answered her name is sister eerie marriage of the Prince a Royal the London times thus opens its de ascription of the marriage ceremonial 4cy now past twelve o clock and the sex Ciment of expectation increases Evert mount. Ladies who Are driven near tie door intrigue successively to Cliant their places with lord who Are nearer to lie altar. A Noble counters drops her Oak and shawl Over the gallery rail on Utle Hoor with a heavy Flop and a of neral titter ensues. It is increased a Aioli or Peerless looking Over mounts the rathers from her headdress and the Louie bailing slowly Down and every one oks up much As people do at the Thea re when a playbill goes eddying Over nto the pit. Sudd culy there is a Little i n ube of White Satiu and wit i her Trail borne by the Youthful countess Quacke. With lid Lio al Elighi ices Louie then uighur it l Lisco Adalbert and l Rince Frederick Charles and a most Brilliant Uit of l rum Tau Oili Ceis. The whole Bril Paiit audience of the Chapel rises in Masse hid bows us the Princess Royal s Mother u Law elect passes on to the altar. Hard y Are they seated there on the left Liand Ide Licu faintly in the distance the Long blown Clear act want notes of the trumpeter Are heard i he trumpeter announce the approach f the Bride s August family Niter the Ore most of whom the account nays the next great notability in the vote an Premier who bears before the Queen die sword of the state in ponderous sol ii pity. Alter thin even the Royal Prin pcs Are unnoticed and every one bows slowly and deeply a ller majesty Lead ing in either hand Prince Arthur Ami pal not Leopold enter Usu Chapel. Of course on these occasions there is no applause and the prolonged obeisances de note the depth of Loyal Welcome with which the Royal Mother of the Bride i welcomed. The Queen looks As she al ways looks kindly and amiable but self Ito scred and stately. On her head is a Crown of Jencis such As relieves All a pie Hension As to the effect which the late hanoverian raid upon the Royal casket might have had upon ller majesty s Toi let. Courtes Ying in acknowledgement of the profound homage with which she i welcomed her majesty passes at once to the chair of state on the let of the altar and w hich is placed Between the live pm Brood Rcd settees occupied by the Youn Royal children. From this time Ull re main standing in the presence of Uei majesty even the Princess of Prussia who stands on the opposite Side of the altar flourish of trumpets and All eyes Are fixed upon the Royal bridegroom As he walks slowly but with Ilia utmost perfect Date and elegance u. Action up the cedi try of the Chapel. 11. Suun the uniform of u prussian generl with the in Ionia of the order of tin Ollai k Kaslo of Prussia. The uniform shows his tall Ligure to advantage Ami cts Oil ins Frank open countenance ant Piv a my so Iii bearing. Neuroth altar la up before liar majesty s chair of state Aud slowly bows with the most Prol Oun reverence and turning is his Royal Moth or lie Bow again with equal respect bin bus deeply than to thu Queen Aud Thui Kui i Ling in the Centre of t techie pal Pray with Earnest Devotion Tor a few Minuter his prayer ended he risen Aud stand a the right hand of Altai waiting Hii Bride and likewise mib quitting to Nuch i scrutiny from Hundred of Brilliant Eye us never Bachelor Willi stood alone before. Alter a pause of Guipre wive a oleum to the great officer of state enter ant take place amid appropriate busts o trumpets. The writer now proceed t Des Cril e the appearance and dres of the Bride but with such Verbo Ity thai i shall i elect it and go to another Parto the history and take the following Corn pact piece of millinery writing i he Princess Royal s bridal dress Wai of White moire antique the body Tricora de with Llo Niton lace and a Boquet o Orange Dowers and Myrtle. The Petti coat trimmed with three flounces of Ilon Itou lace wreathed with Orange and intr lie and uie train of White moire antique lined with Satin bordered with a Rache o i White Taliu ribbon Honiton lace Tod i Wreath of Orange Flower and Myrtle u correspond with the draw. Diatom necklace car ring and brooch Thi prussian order of Louisa and a i orbit Gulac order. The head dress a wrest of Orange Flowers and Myrtle the veil o Iloni on lace to correspond with the dress. The design of the lace is alternate medallions of the Rose Shamrock and Thistle with a Rich ground of the leaves of the Rose Shamrock and Thistle 4we resume As the Bride passes of to the altar so stops and makes a deep reverence to her Mother though with evident agita Tion and her face flushes like Crimson then again turning she renders the aame homage to the Prince of Prussia. As the Dees so the bridegroom elect advances and kneeling on one knee presses her hand with an expression of fervent Admi ration that moved the August audience. Taking their places then at the altar and with their illustrious relatives standing round in a group of unequalled brilliancy the services commences with a chorale which Micals through the Little building with the us Inott solemn effect. The Rubric is rigidly adhered to throughout. A tier going the usual formulary the most reverend primate who was was very indistinctly heard asks the Royal bridegroom Wilt thou have this woman to be thy wedded to live to other after god s holy ordinance in the holy estate of Matrimony i Wilt thou love her Comfort her Honor and keep her in sickness and in health and for cing All other keep thee Only Auto hero Long Asye both shall live f to this the Prince replies loud and Clear i will to the same question the faint answer of the Bride is Barele though the attention of All is strained to the utmost to catch the feebly uttered words. To the next who give ctr this woman away t the Prince Consort replies loudly i do then the Pii uce takes his s hand in Iii hand in Earnest warmth and repeats slowly and distinctly after the primate i Frederick William Nicholas Charles take thee Victoria Adelaide Mury Louisa to be my wedded , to Havo and to hold from this Day Forward for better for worse Lor Richer for poorer in sick pcs. And in health to love and to cherish till death us do part according to god s to in ordinance and thereto i plight thee my tooth again in reply the words of he Bride Are almost lost and the seems aint and tremulous enough to excite in i ii m Rel Iii us Llull mjg let l i Ivy. A v la Iii us inn taking the ring from bit brother Albert said with marked emphasis with 111in ring i thee wed with my body 1 thee worship and with All my worldly goods i thee endow in the name of the rather and of the son and of the holy i Host. Aten at the moment the ring was placed upon the Bride s Finger a Salvo of artillery arranged by signal reverberated i Hough the corridors and Chapel. The in dial prayer and a Palm followed. Laidly had the last words of the Cho rus died away in solemn echoes when inc ceremonial As arranged by chamber Lains and heralds ended and the Bride giving vent to her evidently Long pent up reeling turned and Hung herself upon her Mother s bosom with a suddenness hid depth of feeling that thrilled through every heart. Again and again her maj esty strained her to her heart and kissed iter and tried to conceal her emotion Mit it was both needless and in vain for All perceived it and there were few to lid not share it. We need not mention How the bridegroom embraced her and How a she quilted him with the tears now plainly stealing Down her Cheek hic throw i ilk ii into the arms 01 nor atelier with her Royal husband wan pm lir aced by the Vince to of l Russia in it manner that evinced All that Only a Mother love can Shew. Thu most affecting recognition however took place Between the bridegroom and i Royal father for die latter seemed overpowered with ctn 1 lion and the former after clasping him twice to Iii heart Knelt and kissed Ilia Parent hand. After a few minute had Boon allowed Tor the illustrious Pomona Gas to recover their composure during which the Bride again lost hers while she received with All tie aft acting warmth of a Young and attached family the congratulations of her bothers Aud , the procession prepared to leave the Church 1 Orient and Tiibi Dan Diu. A Young Man Clad in Homespun was standing in i court St Joston a few Day since de i touring a doughnut when he was Accra t Ted by one of a half dozen gent ecly Dresa i de City idlers with t jest comedown t i yeas gue a i have great place this Ain t it Yeou f said tie countryman. To so bub How s your marm t ask t de the Dandy Bent on sport with Greeny. Wall she s purty Well she sent me r Deown on Bis incas she did i what kind of business Are you on t Why she wanted me to come Down to 1 Bowlin and look round and find half a dozen of the biggest Fulca in Bostin and 1 bring Emp county to educate pm and 1 i rather Gneva i be got my Eye on pm i now stranger taking in the whole crowd at a glance. The next moment he had the Edge i Stone to him Vlf when he quietly finished f his doughnut. Marylou Pirfo Raange of a Horn. A High spirited hone driven by two Young Njegos the morning of 16th Iuta Between 8 and 4 o clock when near the Village of at Corinth vt., became fright ened and succeeded in de tanking Himmell from the Sleigh. He ran Mot Furi oozy through the Street until for what reason can Handy be imagined he turned his course directly towards the door of a Bouse occupied by or. Bamer chant of Corinth crossing a Field to reach the House. 8triking with great Force against the door it gave Way and the horse made Bis Way through the Ball in to the Kitchen. Out of this Kitchen opens a door into a Small bedroom occupied at this time by or. Whir and three children. Or. B. And child occupied one bed Aad mrs. B. And two children the other. The furniture consisted of two Beds a crib Mirror Dock chairs pc. The horse Probach attracted by a Light which was burning in Trio room dallied in breaking Down both Beds and crib cach of which Wen in different Corners of the room Demol i be not until hit return that the cause of the Accident was ascertained. According to the version of the Story which waa communicated to us he found the horse reared against the Wall the corks of his foie shoes preventing him from falling directly upon the bed which or. B. Had occupied mid on which o be of the children still remained the horse was a Youn Mare owned by a or. Grant whose son was driving Home from a party when he became frightened and ran. This i the hardest attack of night Mart of which i we have any journal. A memorable wig. Since the. Creet polemic have regarded it the part of prudence to avoid attacking their As agonists on account of their youth. A les80h for Ercira boys. In one of to most populous Vitae Sci new England a few years a Noe a party of lads 11 members of the mum school go4 of a grand Sleigh ride. The Sleigh wee a Rory Large end splendid one drawn by Sis Gray hones. On the Day following the ride u the teacher entered the school be found tie pupils in Gigli merriment As they Chat Ted about the fun and frolic of their Mexcur Ion. In answer to some inquiries be made but the matter one of the Lade volunteered to Gire an to count of their trip and its various incidents. As be Drew near the cod of Bis Story be exclaimed 0 sir there was one Little or Cuin stance that 1 had a Moet forgotten. As we were coniing Home we saw ahead of us a queer looking Fiir in the Road. It pro tvs to be a Rusty old Sleigh fastened behind a nov red Wagon proceeding at a Tery slow rate and taking up the whole Road. I using that the owner was not Diop esd to turn out we determined on a roller and a Good Hurrah. They produced the right effect for the crazy machine turned out into the deep Snow. At a the Skinny old a woes re ail bout a Keleig ride too. Yea thu a alter Oon a Rwjr venera a old Clar go Yukii Weed Ilia War Triu Montou Loda i Mui to Page toe Reau Lueola us Wui Ier at Tea ovum of by jul Fiat be might to prepared Lor Jour Tojiu in i a Prius 1m look Wii Usu he Jegou and Lor Uia Winter Bia Leigh a Btu be a earned behind a a Wago. Us eight and bearing Wra Zoum what Blu ill Jbf age. And be Wae proceed tug Ery lowly a Muj a kit Bone Wea old my iut it Lur lie owner. Iia Unm Tita i not red to us Winoa of Bia South of Bia Uusi Good Olum no i Jan. A leu for i Iulg bum mtg in Tua Pauli Iione of Bia Oliou us. In waa Audi Elij disturbed and Etsu terrified by loud Burrage Iron behind us by Luxlor Pelleu Getty Jialu Liimol balk a avow and us upon us top of he Wagon. 1 in Bia up Deuyou a drop a Tea Mac us a Ummi Ltd i Bia Aadam Quita Boum two with old a Oouida not a bar umm up and Bia Bona Bopa to ran away i la Tea Luu lat of Tea old wan a trouble Tabata Rua bad by turn with loud about a taiga part of Boye in a Ai Eib Down by a bean i i Tara oat Ian Oal old tallow gift a Tea Road old Boj t what will Joa Laba far Jour poor old d Idaj t to it fro ago Aoa f what e Tea Proa Oil Fiat Wara Tea rare Oua Oriya Ibal ant Bia aria. Punj do Dot flighted a Bona i Alame and Tea Winn old Dir a. Turn it then turn oat waa Iba Antiwar a Boob waa Ulo wad by repeated blow and Soraoka float Tea King whip of Tea grand to web Willii Abaowa of now Bali Aad Braa i in Duna Oban from Tea Boja who Wara in it. Tea Tenor of Tea old aaa and Bia Buna waa Kiwi Aad Tea Latte a away with by la Tea Ian Faiaai to May 1 Bia Uia a Auto Tad Bow avar. To a Aava Bia Nalaa Aad to atop by Baiata Taatia a

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