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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - February 24, 1854, Biddeford, MaineThe Union Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. B1ddef0rd, Friday february -24, 1854. Vol. A no. 8. The Union and Eastern journal i it Bush cd weekly Sidat. Orr Tab no. 1 Central Block Buleford opposite the Bilimo Furj House. Tims Foo per annul or il.30 if paid within three month Frojm the liar of Suh crib into sin Gle copies May be we tailed at this office in Seal. Price 4 cents. T b. Palmer tha a Wiran new Jiuu und phia and is duly empowered to Tuke advertise ments and it the same rates a required by a. Hit offices Are a Yori to Hune building Hotton sell Tiv s building , n. W. Meonier third Aud be suit Street. Marcus Watson Praller. Agricultural. The huskies. Heap Bijah the Farmer s wintry Lunil Heap High the Trulik ii com no Richer Girt has autumn pouted fro i out her lavish Boru let Ellior exulting glean the Appl from Len Niue the Orange Fruto its Lusy Grovu tiie Cluster from the vice. We u Terr love i lie Hardy gift our rugged Vale bestow. To cheer us lieu the storm shall Drill our Harvest Tielu with Snow. Thing a Vales of grass and Meads of Lowers our ploughs their furrows made Wenle on the Hills the us and showers of Chance Ful april played. We dropped the seed o or Hill und Plain in Uulu i lie 1111 of May Anil Frog Meuci Iroku cur sporting Grain the rubber Crow a Way. All through the Long Bright darn of june its leaves grew Green and Lair and waved in hot Midsummer s noon its sol and yellow hair and now with autumn s Moonlit even its Harvest Lime has come we Pluck away the frosted leaves Aud hear Ihu treasure Home. The re Richer than the fabled gift Apollo in we red of old. Fair hand the broken Grain shall Sill and knead its yellow Gold. Let vapid idlers loll in silk around their costly Stoard give us the bowl of Samp and milk i Home Pun Beauty poured. Where or the wide old Kitchen Hearth sends up Lis Smoky curls who will not thank the kindly Earth Aud bless our Farmer girls then slime proud Aud vain whose Folly Laug is to Soifua the bless lugs of our Hardy Grain our wealth of Golden Corn Lei Earth withold her goodly Root Lei mildew blight the Rye live to Ihu worm the Orchard s fruit the wheal held to the Fly. Dut let the Good old crop adorn tie lulls our Tut hers trod till let us Lor this Golden Corn Send up our thanks to god wet Lattim. Potato disease. Tho following from the English Garden ers chronicle seems to be opposed to the idea entertained by some that the potato is worn out by continuous planting Ami cat be restored to health Ami i or Only by introducing new seed from its native soil farm journal. To the following Short account of an Experiment in ii the growth of the l potato from South America May perhaps a Rove interest ing to some of your readers. It wan under taken with the View of determining the correctness of at least one of the surmises at to the origin of the potato Din Case namely that our seed was worn out Ami that if fresh Stock was obtained from the country to which it properly belongs the disease would not Hij fou i to attack it. The tubers that 1 planted came from Perrin a Suano ship and were forwarded to the Loyal agricultural society in March 1851. I was fortunate enough to obtain Ono or two which were planted at once in Good Warden ground they came up healthy looking plants and seemed to Prosper until the time at which they were raised in october and were found to yield very Well without any appearance of disease having manifested itself while other potatoes in their neighbourhood had us Rcd considerably. The following year they were again planted under quite As favourable circumstances but with a very Dit Terent result the Quantity taken up was Small and fully one third were badly diseased indeed from about the Middle of August it was evident that they had begun to be at tacked. However Tho sound Seta having been carefully preserved were again sown this year with a similar unfavourable result the produce hat diminished in size Ami More than one third Are destroyed. From this to May conclude i think that the Dis. Ease is due to soil or climate or to local influences rather than to a degeneration of the the Plant itself or at and rate than to this country. I. 0. Fulham. Ice House management. Thu is a Mailer of no Small importance yet How often do to see i treated not Only with indifference but u on the very wont principles possible to insure its preservation not one ice House in fifty is construct cd upon Correct principles not one in the same number is managed correctly. When we consider that Damp and heat Are the two great agents of thawing it should be our Endeavor to counteract these by every Means in our Power. To direct this ventilation must be had resource to and non conducting materials employed in their erection. Of materials we May observe that Stone is of All other the worst Tim Ber and Brick Are the Best. The usual practice of sinking the ice houses to a great depth under the surface is bail it has Only one redeeming property which u he convenience of tilling from the top. It disadvantages Are the difficulty of admitting sufficient ventilation to Correct the dampness which build them As to May Issue Otoe just in underground House. The conduct of heat from the surrounding soil and the Dit Cully of obtaining sufi Cint drainage these very fur of Ballance the advantages Alius offered. Why Are the majority of ice House and most cellars during Winter so much warmer than the surrounding Atmos phere 1 i it not from the heat conducted through their Wall from the surrounding 501u Kaith is n much belter conductor of heat than air or in other , it communicates its heat to other bodies coming in Contact with it quicker than to that element. Hence the necessity of placing Between the Earth and the ice some Mower conductor of heat Aud the slowest conductors we have applicable to the can Aitt Timber charcoal or air both Sabo resist Damp while one does not Anil besides it is a rapid conductor of heat. Water is aug a rapid conductor of heat and instances have been known where rain water has so percolated the roof of an ice House that the temperature has been raised to sixty de Grees. Hence the necessity of keeping such houses perfectly dry not Only at the top but also throughout by sufficient Drain age of the melted ice and by ventilation to Correct the dampness in the atmosphere and Wall. Indeed the Walls of an ice Honse to be in proper condition should be As dry As those of a dwelling. The cheapest Ami Best Way of construct ing an ice House is to make its wails Dou ble with a space Between them which should to tilled with that excellent nou conductor charcoal dust. Where Timber � cheapest the House should to boarded in Side and out with the charcoal dust Between the whip where bricks Are cheapest they should be used. Stine May be safely used with such a Good non com actor Between a double Wall. Dry saw dust is also a Sooil non conductor and it can be easily obtained everywhere in our country but it should not be used unless perfectly Amer icon. How shall we preserve eggs ? this is the i grand Ane tin. We have in the course of our Lite tried nearly All the expedient that have recommended and sometimes succeeded and sometimes failed from which results you will say it is no More than fair to conclude that none of the methods Are infallible. We have Learned one fact from these experiments. Eggs should be perfectly fresh when you begin to preserve them. If an hrs commenced even but a slight decomposition it is difficult arresting it indeed we Are inclined to think nothing Short of freezing will do it. The following very simple plan we have never tried and know nothing practically whether it be effectual or not. We found it in the farm journal quoted from the English agricultural Gaza tit. We pass it Over to our readers for consideration. Take a half Inch Board of any convenient length and breadth and Pierce it As full of holes each 1inches diameter As you can. I find that a Board six inches in length and one foot wide has live dozen in it say twelve rows. Then take four strips two inches Broad j and Nail them together edgewise into a rectangular Frame of the same size us your other Board. Nail this Board upon the upon the Frame and the work is done in ice you choose to Nail a beading around the top. Put your eggs on this Board As they come from the poultry House the Small ends Down Ami they will keep Good for six Mouth if you take the following precautions take care that the a is do not get wet either in the nest or afterwards. In summer hens Are fond of laying among the weeds and gras and any a is taken from such acts in wet weather should to put away for immediate use keep hem i a Cool room in summer and out of Frost in the Winter. If two boards be kept one be to join while the other is emptying. The writer accounts for the preservation of legs in this Way by supposing that the Yolk louts More equally in the White and has Les tendency to sink Down against the Shell than when the egg is Laid on one Side certainly if the Yolk touches the Shell it spoils far Mer. Do growing animals need Light there has been a theory with some that the Mure diet you can keep a fitting Ani Mal and the d irked you can keep the room i or ten that he is in the faster he will cat leu. Now it i evident that All failing animals should enjoy comparative quietude and that darkness a 4 a matter of course aids Thisu e. Common Domestic animals when shut up in a dark place do not exert them selves much. So far As this is concerned darkness May be a Benefit but a question arises whether it is otherwise beneficial whether All the unctuous of the organs of the body the easy and harmonious play of which Are necessary to perfect health will not be injured by being deprived of a proper Quantity of Light ? it is thought by Many who Havo experimented on this subject that they will and that growing animals especially need Light and if kept in total darkness they will not j grow at All. We know that All Young animals love to i bask in the Sun that they never seem to enjoy themselves better than when stretched out in some sunny spot where the full flow of the skin will fail upon them unobstructed. Animals that Are born in holes Ami caves such As foxes woodchucks bears &c., al ways crawl out As soon As Large enough to the Mouth of their Dens Aad enjoy a " comfortable up " in the Sun. Leuce we infer that list is beneficial to them and that they should have a fair share of it. Propagation of plants by layers. The Best Nodo of doing this is to Spade up the ground lightly around Tho Plant to to multiplied. Then select a Branch of this year s growth and near a Bud which i will to buried Cut in through Tho bark and then turn the knife upward toward the 1 Point of Branch and Slit it up a Little Way. When make a Small ditch in the Earth and Bend Down the Branch into it so that the place Cut will be on the Bottom of it and nil it Down with wooden pins that have a look in their tops. Bury this part two or three inches and see that it be kept moist. Koots will Start from thu part that has a on Cut. In Tho Spring or late in Tho fall the Bunch thus rooted May to separated from me Parent Stock and set out to begin i Lile on its own strength. Porno Only cat in j a notch near the Bud that they Bury and some do nothing but the branches Laid Down Are found to Root quicker by bin Slit As above directed drapes currants Goose berries roses shrubs 4.c., Are very easily multiplied in this Farmer. Sorb correspondent at a Dis Tance write a follow which May prove serviceable to some of our readers " la your Home is troubled with a sore or galled Back rub White Lead softened to a paste with linseed Oil 00 the injured part till the sore is completely covered. Some recommend for this purpose a solution of vitriol in water. Hut the former i comedy is fur preferable and on the whole More certain to at Lect a cure. I have known bad galls entirely healed and cured by it in a few Days. Wounds on any part of the animal it not deep and of ase Rions character Are really a cd and disposed to heal rapidly by this application. Try it " str Matomi thug talk. Dow manure Simk in soil 1mr. Me Chi states that u m lense a fluid As liquefied manure will filter Ite ply five feet through the heaviest clays and Ilow from the pipes in Stream. And yet Home writers Tell us that manure never sinks in the Noil and others that it " remains about where it is we have seen the effect of the makings of a manure Hoap four feet below the surface in compact cultivator. By Washington territory boosts of the biggest turnip in the country weighing 42 lb., and is 4 it. In and the Bir St of that gifted 8 it. 1 in., and when killed weighed 1196 pounds per Quarter. Miscellan0u8. Transl aug for Tut motion comity the United states. Urt Racu from an Artic on Tut unit to state in tit Hunt Dot flux Jtj of Paris j the United slates in their actual limit do not yet occupy the Centre of the two oceans nevertheless they Are progressing toward Thia situation. Not Jot now their ports looked towards the Algunde now or Egon and California have opened to them the i acidic. An immense movement of which the mormons Are the pc cursors is turned towards the West of North America. The railway which is now in projection will unite the two oceans. From that moment the Anglo Saxon will take a position truly Central Between these two oceans and the parts of the world which they Bathe but this Central position of the United states will be truly conquered Only when the narrowest portion of the continent which is the shortest passage from one sea to the other belongs to them when they Are at i Mexico and Panama. I Hen i hey will do Irviv m the commercial a Niilre of the world Between Europe on Iho East and China and India on the weal. The unknown City which will one Day Rise on Iho spot Liore the two America Are United will to the future an Hexhi Idrisu it will be an Emporium for the Hast and u est fur euro Ira and a a hut upon a Scalo altogether vast nod in promo l,0i to modern Commerce increased with the event of the Sens Sivco up to if. The isthmus of Panama will he the isthmus of Uez of this Gigantic Alexandria but an isthmus of Suez com Mercial situation can be like it when Chi a is opened which Mast take place when bout Lien America is occupied and regenerated either by the United slates or by Europe if it can accomplish it which will is certainly occur at some future Day. Then what country on the Globe will to Able to compete with this favored zone extending on both sides of the Equator from the Lull of Mexico to the magnificent Road Stead of Uio Sauerio a Beautiful country where All the tropical plants grow upon the Plains and where upon the Heights a temperate climate permits lie cultivation of the Vee tables of Europe which contains thu great esl Mineral riches of the land the Gold of California Iho Silver of Mexico he Dia monds of Brazil. It i9 not Milf cull Lomi Agine that some spot in this predestined Region towards the Point of Junction of the two americas on the route to Europe and i i Asia will to the Fuluio capital of Iho world i i Hen old Europe will find itself Ai Ono of Iho extremities of Iho geographical Chart of the civilized universe. It will be the past a venerable past for it will be from her that this now develop mint will have will be her language her ails her religion which which will rim so far Fiorin her it will be to Mclhern in to Little foggy Island of England that these vast a a serous regions will owe then compile Liberty which Hoy will on. Joy. 1 lion pious pilgrimages will be made to the old co truent As to go to con template Iho celebrated places from whence of civilization sprung then London and i Aris will be visited As to visit Athens or Jerusalem but Tho Hearth Stone of Civili. Nation displaced by Tho Force of events and in consequence of the very Shapo of the in lob will have been transported towards the Point marked out by the Finger of Tod upon our plane to be the True Centre of humanity. If the intellectual a sources and moral Power exist and grow in prop Ilion to these physical resources and this Materi al Power the United slates will reach a de Gree of development to which Iho human race has vol yet attained. Iho intellectual movement in North America which is just beginning is most worthy of attention. Now that old Europe is becoming More and More unfruitful it is curious to know if life forces of thought will be renewed and gain new Macip the from the now sources or if decidedly the originality of mind Iho Power of inn inn Hon the eternal sentiments of Iho heart of Man will to entirely forsaken disdained by Industrial societies and pitilessly sacrificed to Tho useful arts Ami material Well being. It is the opinion of Many that Heie after poetry the Fine arts must give place to machines and no longer occupy the place in the life of Man Hoy formerly did but join the superstitions and prejudices of the has scorned to take these ideas seriously for it produces Little and its intellectual products become less and less substantial and valuable. Will the United states create a now literature if they create it they will Triumph Over the opinion now admit de by Many minds hit Industrial societies can have neither poetry nor arts and that Iheson Noble pro Duci Iovu of the mind Are the a Panage of uncivilized societies. However it May be the americans Aro seeking to give them selves a National literature. They arc working with ardor they Are not i Leav snug now at least to i Usitalo Europe their Romanco writers and their poets Endeavor to express now Sioui innels under a new form and in a great number of their recent1 books the haired of imitation Seius to have replaced the ardor of emulation which for Merly made them wish to equal the silo and manner of the different writers of eur i rope. 1 heir style than Joe to this extreme Csire of originality m olten whimsical of fooled Ami amusing but is not wanting in Force nor local zest. Tho euro can Cul Ture Tho literature specially of Trio Ger a Man Ami English Aie a violently studied with i care but these studies serve now rather is a Point than As an end in Onu word tin american seem to Scicli to Gratt la Weir Gor Man and English Yinpo latious upon the a t Ion a i Stock. The first who attempted this revolution is tin philosopher Emerson. He has tried to make american applications of the German philosophy and thence his Fine essays in which the most extreme metaphysical elevations of Kant and Hegel Are mingled with who practical science of Trio Bunko inn i hard lie has seen followed or rather accompanied in this path by a great number of bold and original writers. In the intellectual movement of the last year there May to distinguished two literary currents which Are beginning to separate and Low on Paoli by itself Accord ing to All appearance will separate still More. We shall Call one the germanic influence the other the protestant influence. At Tho head of Tho school of German tendencies is Emerson who announced a few months a of a new volume 4 impressions of a tour in Europe the Mont distinguished poet of this literary group is or. Henry Longfellow whose Success in England and America increases Ivory Day. I Theodore Parker the theologian Tho author of the discourses upon matters Cou i earning religion has just published a new volume ten sermons on religion full of eloquent a sages and bold thoughts but whose christianity almost Elbow simple deism and As it i called in England and America infidelity. Or. Hawthorne did not rest after tin1 Success of the Ali Theale Romance lit Lias Given a an excellent biography of in. Pierce and More re gently still a series of tales entitled Tanglewood tales among the writers less known m or. Curtis author of books of travel very amusing and full of life 4 mile notes eaters 6lc. The Pretet Tant and Puritan jul Cuenco has Given birth to two books of mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe the celebrated Uncle Tom s Cabin and the a y to Uncle Tom s Cabin another woman a Quak Eress Elizabeth Weller cell also marches in this biblical Way by her two romances entitled Queechy and the wide wide world. Among the writers who Are not ii eluded in either of these categories Are Jii Moro Simns and Cor Nelius Mathews who has described the manners of american society Ami the scones of pop Idar life. His style vigorous enough a Little coarse has shown itself in these last few years under very diff event forms tale Romance political satire trag Edy. The elements of life abound in the unit cd states the natural riches of the soil inventions of Industry the activity of the Cit Feeno have prepared and Are preparing for this country a splendor such As perhaps the world has not yet seen. To will not however congratulate them too much. Ten years ago they were without exaggerated ambition now exaggerated and even Piile ambition have gone abroad among them who knows now if Tho Bod passion the passions of corrupt societies will not soon show themselves ten years Ngo they were loved by All nations and the de lets with which satirical writers reproached them excited among readers a gaiety without bitterness they laughed at the cunning Sam Slick and they loved him. Now they Are in Tho Way to make them selves feared and who knows if they Are not in the Way to make themselves hated we Hope that their future will be like their past tranquil and Happy but they should often have presented to their memories this sentiment of one of their orators in con Gress " we Aro Tho representative of the Republican principle consequently responsible for its declines and consequently bound to be prudent and Samuel Johnson and his father Johnson mentioned that in could not in general accuse himself of being an a Dutiful son. " onto indeed said he " i was Din obedient i refused to attend my i Thor to Uttoxeter Market. Pride was tie source of that refusal and the remembrance of it was a Iio Ful. A few years ago i desired to Ntonio Lor this hut by what method what method was now possible hear it the words Aro again Given As his own though hero evidently by u less capable reporter 4 Madam i beg your Pardon for the abrupt Ness of my departure in Tho morning but 1 was compelled to it by con Cionco. Fifty years ago Madam on this Day i committed a breach of i ilium piety. My father had been in Tho habit of attending i tto Wetor Market and opening a stall for Tho Salo of his books. Confined by indisposition to desired to thai Day t go and attend Tho stall in his place. My Pride no vented to i gave my father a refusal. And now to Day i Liao been at Uttoxeter i went into Tho Market at Tho Timo of business uncovered Ziy head and stood with it b ire for an hour on Tho spot where my father s stall used to stand. In Contri Tion 1 stood Ulm i hoped the Polanco was who docs not Figuro to himself this spectacle amid Tho Rainy weather and the sneers 1 or wonder of Tho bystanders v Tho memory of old Mic Johnson rising Fiou Tho far distance sad beckoning in Tho " Moonlight of Tomory How to had toiled faithfully hither und thither i tin try among Tho lowest of tin Low been Buff Ted and Bea ten Down yet even risen again Over trying it anew. And of when Tho wearied old Man As bookseller or Hawker or tinker or whatsoever it we Tomt Fate had reduced Linin to begged help of Theo for Ono Day How inv ago diabolic was that Mun vanity which answered no to sleeps now after life s fitful Over lie sleeps but How,0 merciless How now Wilt thou still Tho sting of that to Membra co Tho picture of Samuel John son standing bareheaded in Tho Murkot there is Ono of Tho grandest and Saddest Wocin paint. Pc Vertance Tepen Tunco to pro claims is with passionate sobs but Only to the ear of leaven if heaven will give him audience Tho earthly car and heart that should have heard it Aro now closed unresponsive forever. Carly it s Samuel Johnson. Burning of a live negro. The burning of n negro ulivo near Tho City of Natchez an account of which appears in Tho Natchez free trader is one of the most frightful Phenomena of Tho Peculiar institution that we have Ever had to record and will match in atrocity gladiatorial and inquisitorial times. Tho Slavo according to the account struck a White Man and Tho democracy of that Region not waiting Lor Rustico to take its course indicted Lynch Law. Tho victim was chained to a tree faggots were placed around him while lie showed Tho greatest indifference. When Tho chivalry had arranged Tho pile in reply to a question if he had anything to a to is retried to have warned All slaves to take example by him ii jul asked the prayers of those around. Ilo then asked for a drink of water and after quaffing it said now set Tiro i on ready to go in when Tho Llames l cd Aii to Burn my Cwm Fly vhf. The tree and bounded from the burning mass 1 hut he a stantly fell pierced with Rillo balls and then his body was thrown into Tho and consumed to show that no such being had Ever existed. Nearly four thou Sand slave from Tho neighbouring plantations Wero present is St a moral lesson written in character of Holl Liro. _ numerous speeches Scro in ado by the magistrates and ministers of religion a copiously so called to Tho slates warning Thorn that the Saino Fate awaited them if they proved rebellious to their owner. N. Y. Tii bunt. The following Beautiful and touching Story was related by or. Shine by of Maryland at n meeting in new York on sunday night last to hear Tho Cape Ronco of Twenty reformed drunkards a drunkard who had run through his pro Perty returned one night to his Una banished Home. He entered its pm ppr Hall anguish was gnawing St his heart strings and language was invade unto to express his a ony Asho Ento Rcd his wife s apartment and there be held the victims of his appetite his Lovely touching 8t0hy. Wile and Darling child. Morose and sullen to seated himself without n word to could not speak to could not look upon theol. The Mother said to the Little Angel by her Side Como my child it is Lime to go to bed and thut Little babe As was her wont Knelt by her Mother s Lap and Guing Wist fully into the Fuco of her suffering Parent like a piece of Homod 6tauiry, slowly repeated her nightly Orison and when Sho had finished Tho child hut four years of ago said to her Mother dear a. May i not of Fer up 0110 More prayer yes yes my swot pet Pray und Sho lifted up her line hands closed her eyes and prayed"0, god spare of Sparo my dear Pipa that prayer was wafted with electric rapidity the throne of god. It was heard on High twas heard on Earth. Tho responsive amen burst from that father s lips and his heart of Stone acc Utu a Henrt of flesh. Wile and child Wen both clasped to his bom and in penitence he said my child you have saved your father from Tho grave of a drunkard. I la sign Tho did sign it and what was hotter to kept it. Newspaper that class of people quite a numerous class who Aro continually demanding a Voi s of newspaper publishers As though the press was Public property to be levied upon without fee or Reward Are very cleverly hit of by that capital paper the Providence journal " tiie Good time received not Long since a very littering note Fiorin a Youthful society in the West connected with one of the colleges in that Region. Or Young friends h id " seen and heard Mitchol the Superior character of the Jour Nal and their praises excited our vanity to such a degree that might have been in becoming had we stopped Midway in the epistle. Hut we read on. Our Young funds think that the journal would Bool great advantage to them and Are of opinion that an arrangement May be effected for our Mutual Benefit their part of the belie fit being the Opportunity of Reading the journal Ami ours the Opportunity of disseminating its excellent principles. The gratuitous distribution of the journal has Long been a favorite object with us and sometimes it is so very Dull that we fee conscientious about making people pay for it. We have Only been wailing for the and Advent of that " Good Lime " predicted when business generally should be conducted on this principle. Accordingly our paper maker who has regularly charged us an Advance on every renewal of the contract happening in we proposed to him the new Ariazi moment and suggested that the next thousand reams of paper should be on the gratuitous principle. It is not necessary to give his exact language but it was so decidedly and emphatically in the negative As plainly showed that the new philosophy had not made the least impression on him. We have not tried the proposition on our other creditors but the Lirt reception was so in promising that we propose to defer it for a Lew Days and this will account to our Wes Tern admirers for Tho non reception of our paper. As soon As to can bring about the now system we shall enter upon it zealously and the first number of our paper that reaches Ali uni will be a double gratification As it will not Only afford Vliem an Exposi Tion of excellent principles which they so much desire but will assure them of the successful attempt to publish a newspaper on Tho plan which they suggest. Unil Liat time our terms will be eight dollars u deaf and dumb Asylum at Hartford the Massachusetts legislative committee Nulo its annual visit to the Asylum Lor the deaf and dumb at Hartford on thursday last and Tho members expressed themselves highly gratified with Tho App Aranco of the pupils and of Tho institution generally. There Aro g8 pupils in Tho institution sup ported by Massachusetts. Tho Hartford courant mentions Somo Inci Dent connected with the visit of Tho com Mittee from which we select Tho following " several word Woro selected by Tho co Minitte and Given to n member of Trio class Thomas j. Chamberlain of bans or mo., and to was requested to intr Duco them All into a single sentence without Tho slightest limitation to wrote Tho follow ing Tho words in italics being those Given him i think that Socrates if he should awake from his Long sleep und visit this Pluto would i quickly acknowledge that in Tho intelligence of its citizens and the i Cilent institutions which Are so trively hero Hart Ford is far Superior to his native City Athens the commit too were so much pleased with the promptness and Bill of Tho porno Rinando that they could not refrain from emphatic and audible apply also. Maine state convicts have been received during Tho past year Tho number discharged by expiration of san Tunco is 13, by Pardon g. Tho num Ber remaining is g j. Four less than to year previous and eighteen less than april 1, 1851. Tho following is a list of Tho crimes Lor which the present convicts Aro Senton cd larceny 4. Arson 2 burglary 2 forgery 1 murder sentence coup Nutch 1 murder 1 m order 2d dog1 manslaughter 5 Nape 2 adultery 2 a Suu with in tent to ravish 3 Ito Bory shop breaking and lure any 3 Aggro into o j Cizin he Lui or. Us ring said at live Pool Ilio other Day that their b no lady in China who a spirit to n High position who does not look upon it is a great accomplishment not to be Able to walk. " i Havu seen Beautiful women carried to their Maruge ceremonies on the Bucks of their Slavas wholly unable to walk from one end of the Totoiu to the other. Not Long ago an English lady a Lii end of mine wan introduced into High society in Canton and the chinese ladies not having seen an English woman before were very curious 10 look at her feet. They said it is very strange he has very Good manners what a wonder it is that such a Savage is that should be Ablo to behave herself in Good society look at her Grunt feet what could her father and Mother be thinking of to let her grow to this size and to let her feet grow it her person ? one of the Chin so ladies observed to be Noro she knows How to behave her Olf but you know Sho has been in our company Lor some time in a a Tho Portland company Aro making an engine Lor Tho Panama Railroad. Hen s Day Ihor. At Bart Coe Wall. Love u a m u Joy. And i bred in sorrow Cloudy dark to Day sunshiny to Iii Orrum Cluni Iii r through Euch season without any reason. Ili icon let it l proceed. Fat thou. S. Mediterranean Squadron under Tho command of Commodore s. Ii. Stringham was on Tho scattered in Tho following manner Vit Thole vant capt. Turner at constantinople the St. Louis Cunt. Ingrahan at Mahon last from Alexandria Tho Cumberland dug ship capt. Harwood it Genoa and the steam frigate Simunac Cupul no at Naples on her Way to constantinople with Tho Ameri can minister or. Spencer officers and Crews All Well the Massachusetts is now at Norfolk preparing for Sou and will Ikhi join the Mediterranean Squadron. If a Gen eral War croaks out in Kuro in Tho Squadron on that station will probably to incr used for Tho More adequate Protection of our Coni Rae co. Canadian parliament. Trio legislature is prorogued to March 18, but to meet then for business. The loss of Tho parliament building Wil part lib Lar delay ibo meeting of parliament fill May. Tho Quebec Gazette of tuesday Laid Days Tho government Havo come to Tho conclusion of turning out judges lawyers nud suitors of Tho court House and occupying it for Logis Gutive purposes until a Hou of is built. Apart from Tho impropriety of disturbing Tho Law business of Tho courts ibo rooms no too Small to Aff re Tho necessary accommodation. Ono room in Tho City Hall is to be Given up for nil Tho courts. Now although Tho co Porntipa Bovo Olar red their Hull to Tho government to by used by Tho legislature it is not quite Oertlin Lihty Wil allow it to to used As a court Ito am a to or i Here is a Story of a Man to whom Honor is Doe we Rich to find in the Genius of Iho West a Cincinnati monthly. A Geu Weinau Cooj Ier called upon an Ugric who owns a Lino farm in Olio and wished to Purchase some slave Timber. Our ool Rod Friend inquired for what purpose he wanted it. He received for an answer have a contract for to Many whiskey Well fit waa the prompt reply i have the Limber for Sale and want die Money but no Man shall Purchase a single slave or Hooppole or a particle of Grain of of for that purpose of course or. Cooper waa no la Little

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