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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Feb 17 1854, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - February 17, 1854, Biddeford, MaineTiik and East Kjin Joi Unal is i Blu had weekly mint. Or nov no. 1 out rut Block. Bukk full opposite Trio Ukkel Clorel Huwae. Terms a a my or us ruin or 1 30 if paid within three Mouth from the tout of subscribing. Single copies limbo Cousin Cal at shia office in seals. Price 4 cent. V 1. Palmer Law Auk rican newspaper agent it tax Only a us Hostil agent for this paper in the Citie of new York Boa Tuu und Philadelphia and i duly pm it owe red to take advertise mint and at the same rates As required by us. Ills office Are iyar York to bunt buildings it Ouon Seoul Aye a building j Kii auf Jfe it n. W. Corner third Aud chs but at reel. Mancl b Watson Printer. The Union hmm i % Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. Biddeford Friday february 17, 1854. Vol. In to. 7. The River Saco. A a Aav jambs Milosi exp Lions. From Atco Chooks a Gracile steeps. Fair Saco Rolls la Chaialee Pride lie Oil tug a it Lauti and leaps in it a Tbs if to Tuiai 1 run Yifru my of the Stem rent Craft Aud Tail dark pipes water that Young Pilgrim i Ashing by. While close above them Irown or shines the Black Cloud or deep Blue sky. Soon gathering strength it swiftly takes through Bartlett s Vales Way or Ludes in cow Aye a fragrant brakes Uel realing Iroku the Glare of Day now Lull of vigorous life it Springs from the Strung mountains i Viking urm and twi us m wild Aud Lucid nag among Grecu Fry Burgh s Wood and forms. Here with Low voice it come and Calls kit a nimm ins. Lake and Here it wildly Foa and fulls Ujj idding the fur St a climes Wake a now sweeping uti it Ruus its race do Mound mud Mill m playful glee vow welcomes w Ith its pure embrace Quot toe Testal Waves of Oso diet at last with loud und solemn Roar Mph irume each a Rocky ledge and bar it a auks where on the sounding Shore the Broad Atlantic heaves afar there of old Oce uus a faithful by curl its wealth of Waves it proudly Tell legs and there its weary Waters rest Clour us they left their Crystal Springs Sweet Stream it were a Fate divine. Till this world a toil und tusks were done to go like those Bright floods of thine 1 Tel Rushing ail ens tved by none. To puss through scenes of Calm and strife singing like Tecc with holy mirth and 1.1 Deuce a varied life l Usui Iasi by one slam of Earth. Governors addres3. Gentlemen of tie Senate anti House of representatives the people of shia slate have confided of you an important Trust. You Havo accept Jed it and pledged yourselves to the Faith Ful performance of the duties it devolves upon you. It hat those duties Are the Constitution briefly defines in conferring a upon you authority to make and establish All reasonable Laws and regulations for the i defence and Benefit of he people. The i people have a right to require of you a strict adherence to the line of duly thus clearly indicated. And deviation from it must Lead to he Assiut option of authority i not conferred the exercise of functions not i delegated. The Weilage of the people the destinies of the stale for the Timo being Are entrusted m yen ii keeping and. Viewed aright it is a nigh a Sac my a momentous Trust a one nut thoughtlessly to be assumed nor lightly to be regarded Otto which should quicken every mind with a conviction of responsibility and a me fast Resolution that the protect Iota of the Peoples rights the promotion of their interests shall constitute the sole object of deliberation and that nothing foreign to that object shall be permitted to occupy your time or thought of legislators. To your duties and of la this Brief allusion i responsibilities i am not unmindful those which arc attached to Tho position which it of a representatives of the people and it the Node provided by the constitutions have assigned to inc. I assume anew those responsibilities and enter upon the performance of those duties Lookin for strength and guidance to him who pc sides Over the destinies of men and a a the mayor of new York says that the a Lions. The obligations of the oath Olli annual expense of the City now exceed Delity rest upon us alike. it to our these of the four largest Stales of the in Earnest Elbrt und highest ambition to be Ion including new York state. A alike faithful of duty. To. I. I you have Ruiru Umed me with constr a in Nii i Siva a r0 Emp a it it 111 Tut ional advisers of my own political Faith a a Instate in Iron Oas Ingn Twenty the ill. And the time to Lime As the circumstances of Tho without people May authorize academies colleges seminaries of learning within Tho state. Law providing for Tho support of Public schools were Ornong the earliest of our enactments Aud a commendable degree of liberality has been manifested by successive Legislatures in the of our higher seminaries o i learning. Tha by to diminish Public Confidence in the wis a need them to the general peace and liar duly imposed has been in this particular r of ail interested to recommend to faithfully performed. But the question has the live non Iron. I a i men in whose ability Wigt Doin and honesty thousand in the to an u fact Ore of pig . <-1 a. .1 _ or purpose i have the highest Confidence and fourteen thousand in wrought . ,.oit was Oil your part it is True but a simple act of Justice yet one which demands w2t if you want to increase the size and f on me an expression of Sruti tide which prominence of your eyes just keep an acl cheerfully Render count of the Money you spend tools Aud add it up at the end of the year. For the magnanimity i fully recognize the additional authority with Thieu it invests a a i me and the additional responsibility it in pc Quot Lite better animals can be fed and pose. The obligation 1 am under to us the More comfortable they can be kept sume the one forbid that i should shrink the More profitable they Are to the Fanner from the exercise of the other. A und All Farmers won it rur profit. For Only three limes within the present in the popular phraseology of the Day which i May be excused for employing Century has wheat reached Tho Gigli Price my in ,,�?~0,l a a financial a lairs of 99 per Bushel in Tho Valley of Genesee iou a Suu 80 far 39 1 no Ned a in 1816, 1839 Aud the present year. Tely concerned will be with a single i Eye to that Economy which is most in liar it is estimated that the value of Mony with the idea of a Republican form Public Indus fur Railroad asked from this of government. So far As lies in Iny Power session of Congress according to the Bills the Public Treasury and inc Public Domain shall be introduced or projected amounts to the enormous sum of a 350,000,000. £7�?o in Cincinnati a woman named Brownell protected Horn speculation and plunder. Believing that the supremo executive of the state is in a High degree responsible for the faithful execution of the Nell and her two children were seriously Rex it Nsidibe tor to Tait Mui execution of the injured by the stove being blown to pieces 11 a. Be eco a in of lbs a timers charge a piece of Wood loaded with powder having Priori Najiro a Al a a a been found in the Yard. 8ha,u app5�tint Lhoste Al it a. We h,0i\e�?~l and capable and elite team the belief that qr-the11 a a a l Quot a a 1 a a 3 a a in uti phar paper Quot which act shall Lind the necessary number among a Rcd so much celebrity in Putnam s i those Whoso political sentiments harmonize monthly last year Ohvo and brought out in one theatres. Been dramatised of the new York an editor who has eleven libel suits on his hands save lie has been discussing this direction. A a a. I a _____.�. A political n with my own. I make this Early and Public declaration for Tho purpose of relieving others As Well As myself from any unnecessary expenditure of time and Effort in Law with lawyers so much lately that it is i hard work to keep him from cheating somebody. Political parties Are incident to every 1 form of government in which Freedom old thought und utterance Are tolerated. Their existence is not to be deprecated for in the Al a senator Badger of North Carolina j weakness of human nature it is to the is said to declare he cannot vote fur the. Watchful Eye which each keeps upon the Douglass Nebraska Bill because the Faith 1 movement of the other that we can look of the South is plighted to the Missouri with Confidence for integrity in the admin comp Toinie. Is ration of government and the preserve Tho mormons report a population r of a a civil and religious Liberty. It i it of 18,2.16. They have in Tho great Salt on a when plunder rather than principle Lake City 55 by hops 254 priests 95 Dea becomes toe cohesive Power of party that cons and 208 teachers. There is said to be. Becomes unmitigated evil. Political 40,000 mormons in England. Parties should be As with us they have Long been and As i Trust they Ever May be. Of Peters in his history of Connecticut i the expo Euto of principle. To abandon a ays that the water at the Narrows near mid a the one is to renounce the other. The dle town a so compressed As to float a right of every Man so to do is in question Crow bar this same Peters is sole a Able convinced of error that right becomes Hority fur the famous a Connecticut Blue a duty a duty which should be discharge Laws. Died boldly fearlessly manfully. No pal 0�the democratic members of the to it Ouw be Parmi Wihl to Servo Ohio legislature in caucus balloted for Ai a Annpe 0�jy to anticipations of personal candidate for in filed slates suitor until 1 pt0. Or aggrandizement admitted Asa Justi of clock on the morning of saturday Jan. Cation for the abandon Clit of Patty and 28, without erecting a Choice. They then1 or no tale. I he integrity of the individual adjourned sine die. By we onco knew a minister who in de neti Bing the Christian s character and the other i members of political parties of Tho Pat lies themselves and of the i Noti Are synonymous and each involves the destiny of the circumspect iou of his walk said the Way to heaven required As much care As it did i although in Tho estimation of Many party is shorn of its Crown and sceptre it for a cat to walk on a Wall covered with is not yet dethroned. Party creeds Are not broken bottle. It i something so with an yet abolished. They Are fully represented i in your body but 1 am unable to anticipate i any question to come lie fore you fur consideration which will furnish Occa iou Lor the discussion of articles of political Faith or their Mode of action or any matter save one which May Call into exercise editor if he is to please everybody. To on the 20th Ultimo there was a great 11 Maine Law Banquo a at Philadelphia on which occasion a service of plate or the value of five Hundred dollars was publicly presented to Neal Dow e-q., of Poi Laud by the slate ventral committee of Pennsylvania. Mori Exon Roc steers. Or. Daniel 5avagc sold a pair of steers last week four Veart old that gifted seven feet four inches. The purchaser gave him $170 for them. Or. I. C. Git turd of Yas Salboro also a old a pair of three years old steers that gifted seven feet and two inches. The Price obtained was 160. Old Kennebec Lias a few More of the same sort left. .1/innr Farmer. Snooks Mother and old new ii lds of Enterprise Are opened calling for the exercise of the legislative a rawer. But it has been for some time very a it Parent that the demand Lor legislation far exceeded the necessity for it. Legislation ostensibly fur the Benefit of the whole people but designed in Cali in to meet some Case which has Arisen Between individuals to say nothing of the injustice it Mav oct Ision to one of the parties tends material torn and integrity of the Law making a rawer. The attempt to provide by Law for every Case which May by possibility arise will Ever prove an Idle one. It is in vain to look for perfection in human the attempt to arrive at it by amendments usually defeats its object or at least loaves it Uii attained. As a Choice of evils i hold it to la Wiser More fur the interest of the people oftentimes to retain upon the statue Book a Law As it is even though imperfect in some of its provisions than to be perpetually Labouring to Amend it. It is a Legal Maxim that every Man is presumed to know the Law. Such being the Rule recognized and enforced by our courts i i the administration of Justice it is in Justice due to every Man that our Laws should be As few and As free from complexity As a Rassibee. No trifling a million of the sessions of the Legi lature is often consumed in what is termed special legislation legislation directly for individuals but presumed lobe indirectly Lor the Benefit of the whole people. Such legislation is incident to the business Enterprise which characterizes us As a people no exception is to be taken to it a such. But it will not be Amis for to to r unwind you that in so legislating for one individual you should have a careful regard for the interests of others Ntuli see Well to it that the natural lights of every citizen As Well As those secured by the Constitution Are not infringed. There Are a few subjects of general interest to which i desire very Biilly to direct your attention at this time reserving is a subject for future Comuti cation others of minor importance. The Cunt act entered into by the commissioners appointed at the last animal session of the legislature Lor the Purchase of the Public lauds lying in this state belonging to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and ratified by the legislature at its late special session has been perfected and the title of Massachusetts transferred to this stale. The conflicting interests which during the greater portion of our existence As an Independent state have embarrassed the management of our Public lands and in no slight degree retarded their settlement and improvement have Censed to exist Ami to Are now at Liberty to adopt and Pujoue such policy in urn management and disposal of the entire Public Domain As May be deemed most Lor our interest. What the Wisest policy is be adopted. Under such or similar enact port and Mutinta induce of Public schools inputs a Lair Field is opened for honorable and of Oncu raging Aud endowing from Competition among purchasers possibility of fax Orifise excluded intending to join in the popular clamor against the administration of the flairs of the land Olliee which has for Many years prevailed and without intending to express any distrust of the integrity of the gentlemen who have successively had charge of it 1 feel it to be duo to those who May sue Mony Helper some whether the you to carefully define by legislation the Arisen from time to Lime Ali Ilu ties of the i and agent am to Confer thing further is not required a upon that Lii car no More discretionary. Circumstances of the people do not an a rawer than is absolutely necessary for the a theorize that something further should be done proper discharge of those duties. I make the recommendation not Frum any apprehensions that any discretionary Power conferred will be abused but for the purpose of relieving theoflice from Many Embar to give a Moro thorough Ami Earnest Felicien of to those seminaries of humbler pc Len Sions but of n fur higher importance to the people at Large our Public schools. With this object in View the legislature in High Rass ments and responsibilities which Render teen Hundred Ami forty six established a the performance of its duties unnecessarily Board of education Ami in eighteen him onerous to the incumbent and serve to tired and forty seven teachers institutes others against which our Only safeguard is to Fra found in the Giuin Tenace of National and individual integrity in n judicious econ omy and in unwavering and incorruptible patriotism. Tho Puoplo look to those occupying Luces of Honor and Trust for an Czern Ali fiction of these traits of character in you arc to decide and a i in a question upon which there will to found to be probably no Little i Persily of opinion. The first instalment of Tho debt incurred. Purchase of the Massachusetts lands will not become duo omit Tho year a a Killeen Hundred and sixty three. The necessity for a forced Sale of the lands purchased therefore does not now . Yet for Many reasons most obvious to every mind immediate sales to any amount of lands suitable for agricultural purposes to Suchias will enter upon and improve them with a View to a Penni Lieut settlement Aro Desir Able. No readier method of augmenting the resources of the Stato can to devised than by adding to its population Ami taxable property. Sales of land to actual settlers tend directly to this end and that will be judicious legislation which holds out Strong inducements to the Young industrious and enterprising population of our own and other states to become purchasers. How Strong those inducement should be 1 will not undertake to decide but it requires no great amount of Ari Lime ical skill to arrive at the a Casutt that the acquisition of any one industrious intelligent euterpe Rizig citizen is Worth for More to the state than the lot of land he enters upon Ami cultivates would be were it to remain uncultivated. It has heretofore been regarded sound policy for Tho state to encourage settlements upon her lands by aiding directly of indirectly in Tho construction of roads and Bridges in relieving settlers from some of the Burthen of citizenship and granting to them certain rights and privileges. I see no reason Why this Oral icy should be abandoned. Ail examination of Tho subject May bring your minds to the conclusion Oliai it will be for the interest of the state to Oiler still stronger inducements by adopting a policy More Liberal even than she has heretofore Dono in this particular. Although the suggestion before made applies More particularly to sales of lauds adapted to agricultural purposes it is with some qualifications equally applicable to a a million of those usually denominated Timber lands. To Tuow into the Market at once All our Timber lands or to withdraw partizan feeling. I refer to the election of them entirely would be to my mind alike won or. Re i. Mistress Stubbs babies. A Why a said mistress Snooks a when i was a baby they put to in a quart a rat and then put the lid a Senatori till the vacancy existing in the representation from this state in the Senate of the United states and i must be permitted to express the nope a muh aps a futile one that this matter May be finally disposed of a an Early stage of the session and not permitted to interfere with or retard the More important business for i convened. Such by a my the things 1 an unable to discover aught which should prov Clit you from entering with alacrity and Harmony ii iii the work assigned you and from furnishing your constituents by a diligent improvement of inexpedient and injudicious. They should be carefully not a curiously Hus banded As a fund from which the debt inc Rcd in their Purchase and management is ultimately to be paid and at Tho same Timo employed As a Means of developing and employing the Enterprise and Industrial of Orts with a View to the at hich you Are of our citizens condition of1 of a it a arouse jealousies and furl Hail apology for imputations which should not exist against any department of government. By reference to the map of the slate it will be perceived that a Large proportion of our Public lands lie upon the Waters of the Saint John. Tho products and business of that country will naturally follow the water courses and flow to the City of Saint John. The Railroad now in Progress firn Saint Andrews to Woodstock thence to to continued to the Madawaska settlement will a fluid a still further facility Ntuli have an additional tendency to carry the business of the North Eastern Section of our state to the province of now Brunswick if to Micro is any Mode by which the business and Trade of that Region can be saved to Tho state the settlement of the Aroostook country promoted and the value of the Public lands increased it is most assuredly for the in Terest of the state to adopt it. Tho most obvious and perhaps Tho Only Mode is by furnishing facilities for transportation at the session of Tho legislature of eighteen Hundred Ami fifty two an act of incorporation was granted to certain individuals for the purpose of enabling them to construct Railroad from the terminus of the Bangor mid Pisca Taquis canal and Railroad com Pany in Oldtown to Tho Mattawamkeag River in Indian township. That Railroad As i learn is already under contract As far As Lincoln and there is Good reason for to living it will soon be completed to Mattawamkeag Point. At the last named Point it will nearly touch the Public lauds. It said although i am not prepared to vouch for the correctness of the assertion that very valuable route can be found from that Point by following up the Matta Wemken to the Forks so called Ami thence to num Ber eleven. Such a Road if constructed will pass through a very valuable Section of the state lauds Ami furnish the facility desired for the transportation of the menu factored and agricultural products of that a i it a inn of lilo Kunlo in our Neil should Tho construction of such a Road to undertaken by individual Enterprise there Gnu be no question that it will to for the pecuniary interest of the Santo to afford All such Aid and facilities As can be null Brucd consistently with a duo regard for the right of the whole people. During the ten years last past Tho appropriations Lor Tho construction of roads and Bridges exclusive of Grants of lands for similar purposes have exceeded sixty four thousand dollars. It is not to be presumed that the Well established policy in this matter is indicated by the acts of successive Legislatures from the very commencement of our Exi Lonco As an Independent state is now to be abandoned my attention has been called during Tho past year to the Laws upon our staulo Book providing for Tho organization of government nil discipline of Tho militia. Years have elapsed since it was found necessary to Call into exercise Tho military Arm of the state nil you will All unite with inc in the Hope shia the occasion May never again occur. But neither Tho experience of Tho past nor Hope for the future can justify a dereliction from duty. Tho obligations imposed upon this Stieas a member of Tho Union no not to to disregarded because her people feel that they derive no Benefit from them or because Tho Observance of them is of itself irksome or has fallen into disrepute. No such sentiment surely should in its Way into Tho Halls of legislation and occupy n Placo upon Tho statute Book. Yet a careful comparison of Tho Laws of this state with those of the United states upon the subject of Tho militia May con Vince you that this is the position which Maine now occupies. Should you however to of a i Bieront opinion i would at least invite your attention to the statute provisions relating particularly Lollio Volunteer militia. Tho act of Congress of april 23, 1808, provides for an annual appropriation of two Hundred thousand dollars Lor Tho purpose of providing arms and military equipments for Iho whole body of Tho militia in Tho United Stales. It provides of Uither that All Tho arms procured i virtue of that act shall to transmitted to Tho several states Ami territories in proportion to Tho number of effective militia in each Stato and territory to be distributed to the a militia under such rules and regulations As shall by Law to prescribed. Under this act Maine has annually received Tho amount of arms and equipments apportioned her. And has now in her arsenals at Portland and Bangor Over twelve thousand stands ailment of the object last named it seems of arms with the usual equipments and a to me that it will just Sis Well As Judie Pelages. By the act of August 10, 1848, ions that Snell leg mat inn shall in bad As j provision was Tado for their distribution to will enable men of limited capital a a eking the act was revealed april were talking about Little time with conclusive Ovid Cuco that Devo a a lion to ther interests rather than the passion for place and its emoluments is with you a controlling principle. Id did pc v of mis g or Mcpip of Tho i enquiry of mistress Stubbs. �?o7vy Tell me 1 dui was Tho very astonishing reply of mistress Snooks. A Well did you Ever a a and mistress Stubbs fell to knitting like All possessed. Here is a Beautiful sentence from the pen of Coleridge. Nothing can to More eloquent nothing More True a a Call not that Cian wretched who what Ever else he suf Leit As to pain inflicted or cd Asuro denied m a child for whom he ipes and on whom he boats. Poverty May grind him to the dust obscurity May Oast its dark Mantle Over him his voice May be unheeded by those among whom he dwells and his face May he unknown by his neighbors a Ven pain May rack his cuts and sleep flee from his Pillow but has a Gem with which he would not part for the wealth defying computations Lor Fame filling a worlds ear for the highest Power for Tho sweetest sleep that Ever fell on mortals it is part chief magistrate give to the legislature from time to time information of Tho condition of the state and to recommend to their consideration such measures As he May deem expedient. Tho annual reports of the slate treasurer Tho land agent the adjutant general and the executive officers of the several state institutions will be in due time Laid before you. Those reports will furnish you with All necessary a Field fur the investment of their labor by practical operations to become purchasers directly from Tho Stato. Comply did by providing sections of township in Iho Samo Mode and upon the a nine terms is entire town 26, 1852, and since by it Uty in a based upon the hips May be sold and perhaps by Grant ing limited permits is sumo localities when upon examination it shall be deemed advantageous to the state to dispose of the Timber without the soil. Repealed april that time none have men distributed although numerous Eppli this May be no Ca ions therefor have been made by Volunteer for the Sale of companies organized in the Mode required a by Law which constitute in fact our Only of retire Milita. 1 submit to you whether Tho state is not in Honor and Justice bound to appropriate this properly to the uses contemplated by the Law under which Sho Reeo ived a i whether Prudential considerations do not Call for there will still remain a Large Quantity i its a distribution As ii May to required of land Well timbered which although not la a a a �.1 by Tho present exigencies of a in a ii Vizay to required among Tho duly organized Volunteer militia. _ to whom Alono to can look for prompt and the Market Inual be eventually and at a i efficient Aid should occasion require in much enhanced Price. This territory the the suppression of insurrection the protect state will do Well to retain As a Safe in information in relation to the present con vestment and to meet lire demand which. _ _ of o lion of persons and property fr0m Lawless outrage Aud in the execution of Tho Laws edition of Tho finances of the slate its lands in a a ural course of business will Horn of the Laud whether it is not for her Mccu 1 a a a a a nil its i 1.1 ii i Man 11 lit 11 f it f it m a Tsiatis i Tell Cpl inti Raifa an f a i an 1>1 a and other properties and its institutions. In performance of Tho other Branch of duty adverted to allow me to recommend to you first of All to legislate no More than the unquestionable wants of the people the Protection of their rights and the promotion of their interests Render absolutely necessary. The time has not yet arrived for the promulgation of the doctrine that no further legislation is needed. New combinations of circumstances new emergencies will of course continue to Rise As a time to time . Msry interests so to do rather than to Exall sales of Public lands except Mich As Pend Money in preserving it from deteriorate required for settling purposes Haring ution in keeping her Arsenal in repair to of a resolve Ami in the payment of salaries to i divid i the subject will urls employed to Tako charge of fiem. Our Constitution Rico been suspended by virtue passed at lilo last session very properly come before you for Consul t oration. The act prescribing the Mode of that n go Ciai diffusion o Selling passed at the last annual session of education is essential providing for sales on sealed proposals after Public notice although imperfect in a a details comprise substantially the View i entertain of the Best and safest policy to it thing the truth f the advantages to the preservation of the rights and liberties of the people confers authority and imposes upon Tho legislature Tho duty of requiring that suit shall be made for Flo sup Able provision whether a subsequent legislature acted wisely in abolishing both it does not become me to decide. But so Strong Aro my convictions that Tho substitute provided by the legislature is totally inadequate to Tho attainment of Tho object in View that i do not hesitate to race Ommund Iho repeal of the act creating it. I refer to the act establishing Tho office of commissioner of common school for Inch county in the state approved april 26, 1852. I would not be understood As entertaining the opinion that there is no necessity for a general superintendence nil supervision of our Public schools or that they would not derive essential Benefit directly or indirectly from the efforts of Earnest devoted labourers in Iho cause of popular education. But Tho superintendence of skilful compe tent teachers rather than of committees or commissioners is Tho great want. Supply this want and you give an Wildi finont motive Power to the mightiest engine which human ingenuity has Ever devised or employed for Tho Ndanu Cement of Montull and moral Freedom. I should to Liany to Iny before you at a this time the information contemplated by a resolve passed at the inst session having reference to the education of teachers for common schools but circumstances beyond my control prevent. Tho authority Confer red by that resolve having expired by limitation i suggest to you the expediency of passing a similar one should nothing Defin it upon the subject accomplished it the a i resent session. From Tho interest hereto Oro manifested nil More recent indications of Public sentiment i infer that your attention will be called to this subject nil i bespeak it for your favourable considerations. In my first official communication to the legislature i the appropriation of a sum of Money to com Pluto the agricultural nil geological Survey of Tho state commenced some years since but in my estimation prematurely suspend of. I did so in Tho belief that the pecuniary interests of the state would to promoted thereby. Tho Bare fact that in a Large majority of Tho states composing the Union similar surveys Havo Boon completed or Are now in Progress constitutes of itself alone a Good reason Why Maine should not to behind her sister states in the attempt to discover and develop Hor natural resources. Rut the further last As established by official reports that Tho result of those surveys has been i Hout exception Tho discovery of sources of wealth before unknown furnishes n still stronger reason for Tho prosecution of the work in this no reasonable doubt can be entertained that it will sooner or later to resumed and completed. Tho longer it is delayed the longer Wilt so much of Tho unt ural wealth of Tho slate As would brought to Light by it remain Unpi Euclive. A car caul review of Tho reasons which induced to to recommend this measure to the favourable consideration of your predecessors has strengthened my conviction of its importance and i am constrained by a sense of duty to renew the recommendation. I he consular convention of the 23d of february last Between Tho United states Aud France contains n stipulation on the part of Tho United that the president shall recommend to those states of the Union by whose existing Laws aliens no not permitted to hold real estate the passage of such Laws As May be necessary for Tho purpose of conferring that right. I Hugo to inform you that in accordance with the stipulation and veiled to the president has communicated to the executive of this state his recommendation that if French subjects Are not allowed to hold real estate in Maine under existing Laws that right May be conferred upon them. Tho Omar assents which Havo attended the organization of the slate government at the present session growing out of the fail their Public und private action not Only As a recognition of their obligations to the poo pc in return for the Confidence reposed in them hut of a guarantee that that Confidence will not to betrayed. There is n Power mightier for Good or evil than Uny Law the legislature can enact or the executive enforce a the Power of example. Emanating alike from Tho Moat exulted and Tho lowliest station a from the mightiest nation and the humblest individual a it May operate As an incentive to Kohls action or i Irish an apology for grovelling crime. No act of legis Lution can exult the Standard of patriotism or integrity or arrest Tho Rushing flood of which too often follows in the Wulc of Prosperity but by n rigid Alicr Enco to Tho Rulo of right a by a soil sacrificing Devotion of their time and talents to the advanced font of Tho Public welfare by an economical administration of their own us flairs and those of the Stato and nation a legislators May furnish an example the influence of which will be Felt through All classes und conditions of society. Guided by Tho Light of this truth you cannot deviate from Tho Pathol duty. In conclusion gentlemen allow Ino to tender to you Tho miss Trunco of my cheerful co operation in the to ensures you Muy originate for the promotion of the Public welfare and to express Tho Hope Tomt Tho results of your various deliberations mud be such is will reflect Honor upon yourselves and the state. Pumping out Boston Harbor freq enters of our wharves Are Well aware that a class of pc vesels often lie it Long wharf known As fishing these smacks Hail in most cases from Capo Ann and Supply our in Raets with fresh fish. Near the Centre of these smacks is a Lish pit with sides perfectly water to flit and raising to Tho decks while the Bottom which is also a part of the Bottom of the vessel is perforated with holes. Into triese pits or Well Are thrown Tho fish and the sea furnishes through these holes plenty of water for Tho preservation of the finny tribes during their transit from along Shore to our Market. It happened one morning last week that one of those smacks was lying near the custom House when two irishmen came on Board inquiring for work. They were told that there was nothing to be done on to aril but they still Hung around and at last discovering Tho pit inquired if they might pump out the vessel is they noticed she leaked badly. The two tars aboard who were both first class jokers perceiving the mistake of Tho hibernian replied yes and asked their Prius for pumping Iho smack dry. A bargain was struck for i Dollar and a half a pump was procured at work the two men went Uno pumping while Tho other bailed with a bucket. An hour passed on and still they worked occasionally wondering How deep the Hole was and How much water remained in the vessel. The two sailors in Tho meantime had gone up the wharf As they said on bus Inross. Tho Captain who was absent it Tho time the bargain was made Camo on Board and finding Tho men hard at work with the Porski ration pouring Down their faces inquired what they wore about. A a pumping out this ship a was the reply. A a pumping nut this ship a said the Captain. A a yes sir and a mighty dope one she is inti rely a said one of the perspiring Etc raiders is he panted away at the pump a a sure in a think in it la of night before we get her a a night a said the Captain beginning to Roar with laughter is he discovered the joke that had been perpetrated during his absence. A a night Why you will not get through till you have pumped out Boston he then explained the matter to lilo labourers who resumed their Coats vowing vengeance upon Tho sailors who had a a tie saved a . Willing and doing. A gentleman who recently retired on a Large Fortune accumulated mire go patient persevering Industry United with great Energy and an indomitable will sends us for publication Tho following article from a Lale number from the Ledger. In ius note to us he a avs it was a Rule i followed Nover to suffer the word 1impossible a to be used in our what a volume of practical suggestions or Young Mea about await ing in file is contained in this Brief sentence in neither Genius for Talent lies the guaranty of Success. Power can never accomplish any great results unless United with an Active untiring unfaltering will a hat the will can do. It was Ono i Tho leading characteristics of Napoleon re re Noah my a impossible. His astonishing successes Are to to attributed to is indomitable will scarcely Les than to his Yak to military Genius. Ellington was distinguished for a similar peculiarity. The entire Peninsular Campaign was indeed but one Long display of us Iron will Ruso Lutu to conquer difficulties by a caring them out Alexander Tho great was quite As striking an Clamp to of what a powerful will can Fleet. His stubborn determination to subdue the persians i perseverance in the crisis of Battle mud inc emulation to which to thus stimulated his officers und men did More tor his wonder Lul carreer of Victory than Evon his great str Alagic abilities la the life and death struggle Between England and France during Iho first fifteen Yoars of this Colury it was Tho stubborn will of the former which carried Tho Day for though Nopoleon Defeated the British coalitions again and again new ones were us constantly for Neil until at last the French people if nut their emperor were completely worn out. The Battle of Waterloo which was Tho Climax to this tremendous struggle was Ulso an illustration of lilo sustained Energy Tlle i Pei or will of the . In that awl struggle French proved too weak for English Resolution. Two will see who can Pound the said Wellington and As the British did they won the Battle. A a bit it is not Only in military chieftains that a Strong will is a a jewel of great nations and individuals cup Clience the advantages of a Resolute will and this alike in Large undertakings and in Small it was the determined will of our forefathers to which to Are principally indebted Lor on Freedom. A a for the first few years after the declaration of Independence we lost most of the Battles that were fought new York and Philadelphia were successively captured by the foe South Carolina fell new Jersey was practically re annexed to England almost everything went against the american people been feeble and hesitating All would Havo been lost. But they resolved to Ennques or die. Though their cities were taken their Fields ravished and their captured soldiers incarcerated in hideous prison ships they still maintained the struggle making the Pilg Imago of Freedom if we May speak in Nieton prior literally with naked feet which bled at every step. Had our fathers Iran incapable of Valley forge had they shrunk from Tho storm beaten March of Trenton we should never have been ail Independent nation. There Are people of the old world to Day full of Genius As Well of of enthusiasm for Liberty who yet cannot achieve Freedom principally perhaps because Tirey want the indomitable will to walk the bloody Pili image. A Flo the individual n Strong will Isas necessary a to the nation. Even intellect is secondary in importance to will. A Man no matter what his abilities is invariably pushed aside in the rare of life by the Man of determination. It is to who resolves to succeed who begins resolutely again at every fresh Rebuff that reaches Tho goal. Tho shores to Fortune Are covered with Tho stranded wrecks of Brilliant men who Havo wanted Energy and therefore courage Ami Faith and Havo perished in sight of More Resolute but less capable adventurers who succeeded in making port. In fact Talent without will is like steam dissipating itself in Tho atmosphere while abilities controlled by Energy no the same steam brought under subjection As a motive Power. Or will is Tho rudder that steers Tho ship which whether a fast sailing Clipper or a slow River Barge is Wool Lesa without it. Tab out Ngaire is but Tho sail will is what drives it. The Man without n will is the puppet Aud Bubble of others by a turns. The Man with a will is the one that pulls the strings and catches the dupes. Young Man starting out in life have a will of your own a if you do not you will to ruined. If you do you will succeed even though your abilities be True As the gospel a Boston correspondent of Tho Greenfield Democrat thus Speaks of Somo of the criticisms upon Public lectures which apr mar in some of the Boston papers a emr. Timothy Bigelow a Nice Young Man Lor a Small party a roads a lecture before the mercantile Library association which cannot be heard half Way across the Hall and in which there is neither Ong Ali to of thought nor Felicity of expression. As soon is the audience get u taste of Tho entertainments to which they Are invited they begin to travel and before he is half throw the House is emptied. The next Day we not fail to suggest to you and Tho people of Tho state at Large the expediency if not Tho necessity of some Chango in our Constitution. I recommend to you the adoption of Tho preliminary measures necessary to effect such a change. I congratulate you gentleman and our fellow citizens at Large upon the present highly prosperous condition of our state in its various interests. The conviction which cannot fail to exist in every observing mind that this Prosperity is not merely fortuitous Tho Cifeca of some extraneous cause liable at any moment Pho removed but rather the legitimate consequence of Enterprise wisely directed and labor judiciously employed renders it still inure a proper subject for congratulation. To far is it is within our Power by legislative Naclion to encourage Nidus Lizul Effort whether by developing the resources of Tho state thereby opening new Fields for Enterprise or by furnishing additional facilities and inducements for the investment of Cap ital it is our duty so Todo. I look to Prosperity at Home As the Means of slaying the tide of emigration which has been setting so strongly to the West and of calling Back Many of our Young and vigorous population now seeking employment and a competence abroad. No measure which will tend to produce results so desirable should to left untried. I congratulate you also As citizens of the Republic upon our Presont prosperous condition As a nation. Maintaining As i Trust we Ever May amicable relations with All the civilised nations of Tho Earth in the free enjoyment of All the blessings and privileges incident to a popular form of government we Are gradually fulfilling the Mission assigned to us. That there Are dangers in our Othway is not to be disguised. Some per Rioh human foresight fells to discover which human legislation cannot Avert. Lips a sin. And Whu to Walji Curtis with his richly musical voice delivers his a phase poem a stored with Beautiful word pictures keen satire and Genuino humor or i Lowry Ward Beecher unfolds his Toro of original thought loan nud Ienco which sit out twice the usual time and than Clu Tauly leave the Hall when he Breaks old As if the echoes of his eloquent words still lingered in their cars the critics can say no morn their Stock of Praise is exhausted and Curtis and Beecher repose on the same flax culture. The Louisville journal is directing the attention of americans to the culture of flax mud expresses Confidence that if it is properly attended in it will be much the most remunerative crop Tho Farmer can it endeavours to show that $75 May be realized from nil acre of flax. Fifteen bushels of Seoul to the acre would be Worth $22,50, and one and a half ions of Straw would yield from four Hundred to five Hundred pounds of flix Fibre which readily by Ign 12 a a cents per Pound though there is no reason Why its Quality should not command 15 or 20 cents. At the lowest rate Nam cd the Fibre of an acre of flax would Worth $53,-10, which added to $22 50 for Tho Nero of seed would Mako $75 is Tho return of an acre of flax. A concern in Iraq Sivillo offers to Purchase by Sam no All the lax that May be grown in Tira i United states at prices varying from $250 to $350 per ton. Advertising. In one of the proverbs of Sulom Uii says Tho now Bedford merr Urt we find the most comprehensive and Satis factory exits Ilioiu of the philosophy of advertising that Ever was or could to written Viz a there is that scattered and increased and there is that withhold eth More than is meet but it Lem Lelh to and the wonks of Paul to Tho corinthians aptly express the Samo idea a lie who Soweto sparingly shall reap sparingly and he who Soweto bountifully shall reap also ministerial Ipi. A witty Clergyman had been lecturing Ono evening in a country Village a on the subject of Temperance and As usual after the lecture the pledge was passed round for signatures. A pass it along that Way,7�d a he lecturer minting towards a gang of bloated and red nosed loafers near the door. Pass it Alonsa a perhaps some of those genl Botnen would like to join our a we done to bite at a Bare Hook a gruffly muttered one of the dummies. It Well a replied Tho ready Clergyman a i believe Thore is a kind of fish called suckers. That do not Snow storm of the time. Tho sear 1717 is memorable in the history of Lew England on account of unusual Quantity of Snow which fell feb. 20lh and 24lh of that year. In tirade 1 to storms the Earth was covered with Snow from 10 to 15 feet and re some places to 20 feel deep. Many houses of Ono Story were buried and Zuj numerous cases paths were dug from House to House under the Snow drifts. The visits were made by of Snow shoes the wearers having first stepped out of their chamber windows. Ono gentleman wishing to see his Quot lady love a walked three Miles with Snow shoes and entered Hor residence As lie had left his own namely by Tho chamber window. He was cordially received As he was the first person the family had Yeeu from Brond for r week Colton Mather has left a manuscript account of this a great show a and the Many marvels and prodigies attending it a Basten Transer it a a Quot a Quot Liberal spirit. The journal of Commerce mentions that on sunday morning last Rev. Henry Ward Beecher Gnevo notice that s Sermon would be preached that afternoon by Tho Rev. Or. Furness unitarian of Philadelphia at the Church of Rev. Or. Chapin love realist upon the subject of a practical lie said he supposed some people would think it strange that to an orthodox clergymen should give such a notice but though or. Furness entertained a different system of theology from him yet he was right on this great question of human rights and human Progress and an eminently practical Christian. He added that Somo men live better with a bail system of theology than Many men did who Nad a Good Ono and that some men would de More Keith a Jack knife Luin other men could Tiik a whole Chest of tools.1

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