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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Feb 12 1858, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - February 12, 1858, Biddeford, Maine? ? � a a fim c r Uit a Fri i a i .4 ? x 11 eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or Rody of Ai Bill Mil Louis 0. Cowan editor and Propri rior. Biddeford Maine Friday february 12, 1858. A of i Aiji Lui a j. Iii while Niji Owlet volume us number 7. He kit ctr Union Anu Shurtl. I pm Iii it or Friday. Min i Cra iral Black. La Slimm Urmi to my a my n 2 00 Pir loan or to to it pud Wil Jln Throe month from the time of Abr Liaf. Flute a pm t Loti w v. B Huu. A Wiwi pkg tit. Lelice Onier Mut Ihl ? a Tow Knork a Pion do lust a Wal ninth Tweith m lbs Fain a ruin a i . Aim him to k. Rah i a by lib bus Wiur cml Liaa a w. Curiae Thiol 11 Brt Lul Newit Job and 1 in Primla Zirott a Villi a atom ant i Iku ibo. T ? Koiki . Praller. Oer 0 Lopaur Fot lit i Stoa a jut Riml. Tribute to this Mim Jim or a 00.ta h. . Ail i ii Iii of / Bud. Thai Moti t h Mio Aow a Ami a i a by to h l i Rac a i Itell i in in a a Vair i. Kurtt hut inf a Way f lore us Tim �i.m, to u a Prillo m in lir Elir in ii al of a breathe Lioti of pro thu Ike p our j Ani Why Ifni d a wrap for tier by a Houkal or he Uin a a a it Jiff Wim he i limit. 0 i in a i Partl la r. Co him Wiik Lilor of a j War. Fix hum 1i� lat of a of left Chr Toifl ill Oay. A of la to Twining ? Wrath to her n Hio Mai us Aii trial i in of iter lir i a it it r. a ii of. In in i of love i a i i. A idiom inc Whf failing Itomi Islain above Ivett not a pad lil e l a Wiful k when Fitin alar flu tajik in to i Iii in Tomii g to r wrap he thai the fire til ill Folk a of Wiki Jit or a Utu me i a a Iii in now a a in a Chapel lil Kim Hir brow of mini that Mhz nol love Brih � Ziy Imam in Wilri Iliili i i fairer Ami purer Ihan All. Or a we. Is la Lav a d ill pain of Yno beam o Pladey ill let l la i i of Iii Broad Akiva in. Or mrs i Hub Poi where calmly by a i Kimii Piru uni m la in holy wat Eli keep to Blu Lull Bra Loo Lauralu inc a frill Aud t i a we met Hail in in kingdom of 0tl. Of in ii a pm i Lim a Beau Lull dream o i uly Boll woo if no Toad la liar j Ireni m a. A j Apo in in ibis. Fax it v t c u 11 u r a i. Unprofitable farming in a Reut Pap a we a Oke of some of t be Caumo of unprofitable tanning. Unprofitable not from the la a of knowl Edge of the right Way but from Neki of will known axioms in agriculture. And prompt it give a few More instances unc rating the Mih Jeet. Manure i a Nemcew mtg application in order to bring an impoverished soil into n productive mate. Union cer Tain All agree. And it How much of the farming of the country result from the attempt to grow crops on worn out soils w without manure. I Lant porn on wit i Laud the crop i a meagre one l Atli from want of strength in the soil to glow it mid length of the a on to mature it. A ii h or Well manured Noil will Ripen this crop we Earlu than a poor one. An Aero of land Rich deeply t lied planted in Good Coon and Tho to Ighland cleanly cultivated w ill pro Duce More Corn than five Aoe i or Hal Low pm towed Lute planted an 1 half Cutti vat cd pud at Jav chaps one half the sex pen a of the utter. Stagnant water either in or upon the Noil i Mother eau a of supro Fatame Tarui Ini. A m in which ii no a Cape or out let for the water which full upon it ure evaporation cannot a made to produce a paving nop. In a dry v a on it i baked and hard in a wet one it i often flooded with Tagna tit water and never i never in a loud Tiou very favourable to the growth of cultic null Erom Iio Kvut Well i suited it May be to tin a reduction of wild Gros Flag and Rathe. And partially drained of Thi Eha Raeter i Little bet Ter. Flooded in Spring the water pm a off but slowly no Liing Calll a done nit on it until the subsiding of the wat is which. A they Loust ill great Jart i Cloud Ward i a taboos Proee a. Pour of a not lick Motiree of u to the Farmer. The Coli leu of the Birn Yard an Gener ally dignified with be Nam of manure a a it they Eon it of i tile More than a Lea lied Mam of Traw and excrement the real strength of which a Long ago flawed off into mime Stream or floated Down the Roeu Ide ditch and into some provi Dent neighbor afield it is still manure and ii carted to the Field and offered to the drop with the expectation that it will find Sherwin Nutriment and the material Lor Large . One thought will allow Liow futile this expectation. Allow does manure Benefit a Plant i by 1 in soluble constituents Thor receive 011 f by liquid food. This leached manure haunt the greater share of the soluble ele menu of Fertility and not in great part Only mechanically upon the soil. Attempting too much i another great cause of Lisi to the Farmer. Much labor on Little land m the secret of Succes enough Laur at i at to to everything in the but manner. Look at it i it Good policy to expend the Julior of put Ting in a crop Over six acres when at the Ana cont a like result May be realized from three or four i will you be con tent with thirty bushels of Corn Jet acre at an exam inc of. Hay i j. When by add my 3 in manure Ami tatter culture you May realize sixty or one Hundred Lush al / will Yon glow inferior Stock with thu same Jioio in of to 1, when by a larger outlay at tint you May have the Best those alway Saleable at it nil Price while the unimproved scarcely find Pur Chiton at any Price f u it not it either to concentrate your Lal or of less land or increase your expenditure on Lens land or increase your expenditure so a to Chi Brake the whole farm in a thorough system of cultivation f the acknowledged Cauer of unprofitable fanning Are not exhausted and it is a proper subject Tor the examination of the Fanner. Let him look into the matter and see Why and where he has Lai cd. Coin try Tutu nun. Seasoning to Bor by draining out its sap. It being now Well understood that he a do nut rot near so fast w Lien it top end Down and the reason being equally apparent namely because the valve which clo a from the Iea to pressure stay its a Cut an the name valve stayed the de cent of a in the night time that had been propelled upward by heat ill the Day in the living tree. Can we not he ply this principle in a atoning or driving wot no / ouch valves prevented the do Niit of or rather held up the up or water in growing Wood Ami a they prevent the ancient of water of Long a the Wool mind in part an rely they do not pre but the descent of water or sip in the Attar Case. But As they close by upward pressure in any and of inverted Wood m they must Oak ii when the Force or re no Cums in the opposite or Dow n Ard direction. To deny this would in to Denv that no in suspended la them in the night time after having ascended in the in the Row Init tree. Admit that valves thus exist and net How would Tir j Eula lion in cull go on without them i and to thereby admit a ready mean of a Iii All kind of building Timler. J a its Boals or otherwise unit h sooner than by evaporation Alo namely by setting them top cud do award or inverting their growing position and placing them a nearly vertical or upright a practicable. I this ignition the sap water will As surely descend and Drain it of time re a mls a As it attended in the growing tree. A by not i when from their Large ize. or some other reason us Iii the crotches at Tanir top in Aonie instances it becomes impracticable to set Jakis top end Down the sap Wood should Allik hews off u Little holier than it is intended to insert them in the ground. This process al though it reduces it site will increase the durability of the whole most because As water do not ascend thou a the heart Wood the a Hunnel or lube in the a Wood or the inner part of Thiu fur the Only course open to i. Cut these off. And thereby you Cut Oil the communication of water in the ground the part of the pot above the Oil the Veel or tubes of the sap Wood alone having afforded mean for it ascent. This process Wil keep ots tolerably Day and of consequence make Thein More lasting. But in All practicable ease they Dould u inverted for the reasons Given in this paper. J. W. C. Manuro maxims. At n late meeting of the Farmer club of the Amon can Institute or. T. W. Kiel. Raj a he a on manure in which to Titi the w mib acct of 1udiim Mav in mated in thin proposition. 1. Doc not Watte of Long it i or and itch a conditions May be Ift Cuil by dry ing or Datura Tiomi. Fresh manure it until for food for Plant. Fermenting manure in Contact with inert matter a the Power of neutralising Vio iou Proth Rte Siueli a the tannic mid of a at i l inking it a fertiliser. 4. A new a to in two a Tine Cap of i and the Diu oking of it l Uble halt. 5. Tho creative he to of manure mixed with other uht Ucen u capable of multiplying it value Many Tiro u. Tin value of manure to a Raj � u in 1 proportion to its divisibility through the Oil. Tuc Golden Rule of Taru Piug Boal Job Small of thoroughly divided and intermingled with the soil. Compost. A compost for Corn maj k made of about two to three part o Lime one part leached ashes and forty 01 titty parts of soil and manure in about a Mil proportion or via with the soil twice or thrice the Quantity of the manure. Twenty torn might be applied Pel acre. A few Hundred Pound of bom Dut would be a Good addition to the above Quantity of compost. The mixture should stand if practicable several months altho go a few weeks at mid summer will do and in equal to More Thau three times that period a Winter. . The shadows we cast. A child was playing with some miniature building materials and As the mimic Castle arose before his eyes in Grace Ful pro a rations a new pleasure swelled in his heart he Felt himself to be the creator of a thing of Beauty and was conscious of a new born Power. Arch Wall Butren Gateway drawbridge lofty Tower and battlement were All the works of his hands. He was in wonder at his own skill in thus creating from a unseemly lot of toy material a Structure of Atu ii rare design. Silently lie stood and gazed upon 1ik Catle with something of the Rit Onu of lilo Tut arc a and in want by with a clash Wall Tower and Battle ment fell in Lioi into Luin la the room with the boy sat his father Reading. The crash disturbed him and lie uttered a Sharp angry rebuke glancing for a moment towards the Start led child and then returning his eyes to the attractive Page before him unconscious of the Shadow lie had cast upon the heart of his child. Tears came into Thoft fair Blue orb dancing in Light a moment before. From the frowning face of i father to w hich his glance was us Denly turned the child looked Back to the a ele ruin of his Castle. Is it any wonder that he bowed his face in Ili nce upon Lii in. And netted Vliem with in lean i fur More than live minutes he set an till at it sleeping then in a Mournful kind of Way yet almost noise Lessly he commenced restoring to the Box from w Hie 11 he had taken them the Many piece that Tilly joined together had grown into u Noble building. After the Box was Hll Eil he replaced the cover and Laid it carefully upon a tic of in the a lost. Re r child that Shadow was a deep one and Long in pacing away. Ii Mother found him half an hour after w arils asleep on the it or with Cheeks the did to an Umu Ual brightness. She knew nothing of that troubled Parage in he Young life Aud the father Hail for gotten in the attraction of the Book he Reading in the momentary annoyance cd Promod won Aud tone with a Ower in them to Shadow the heart of his child. A Young wife had build her ref for Many Day in preparing a pleasant sur prise for her he hated. The work a finished at last and now she awaited his return with a heart full of warm Emo Tion. A dress Itig gown and a pair of ele Gantly embroidered slippers wrought by her own skilful Finger were the gift with which she meant to Delight him. What a Trilip of pleasant Tancie were it her h Art How almost impatiently did she wait for tie coming Twilight which a to be Dawn not approaching darkness to at last Law heard the Tep of her he mud in the a Vige and her pulse laced with fluttering Delight. Like a bin upon the Wing Cal to Tilow Down u meet him impatient for the kids thai awaited her. To men in the world of business few Dav a without their i a Tinti Nanti Aud perplexities. It is lot ii s business to Bearth in a Manly spirit. They tru i but a a ration of life discipline ant should make them stronger braver us More enduring. A a wisely Ami we mat say unjustly too Many men fail to Leav their Busroe at the Day j decline. They w rap them in bundle Atu carry them Home to Shadow Tii Cir Bowie bold. It was so with the Young husband on this particular occasion. The Stream of Buni Iivo had taken a eddying whirl and tin own his vessel backwards instead of Onward for a Brief space and though it was still in the current and gliding wife by Onward again the Jar Ami disappoint ment had fretted i mind severely. Thu rum no heart warmth in the kiss lie gave his wife not Bee mine love had failed in any degree but Beauno he had let care overshadow love lie Drew Hiarm around her but she was conscious of a diminished pressure in that embracing Arm. Are you not Well t she inquired. With what tender concern was the question asked very Well he replied. Lie might be in body but not in mind that was Plain for his voice was far the being cheerful. She played and Sang his Favorito pieces hoping to restore by the Charm of music lightness to his spirit. Hut she was conscious of Only partial Success. There wan a Gravity in his manner never perceived before. At Tea Triue she smiled Upton him so sweetly across the table and talked to Liim on such attractive theme that the Bright expression returned to his countenance and he looked As Happy As she could desire. 1 1 from the Tea table they returned to their pleasant parlor. And now the time had come for offering her Gill and receiving the coveted Reward of glad sur prise followed by Sweet kisses and Loving words. Was she Selli Sli i 1 id she think More of her Reward than of the pleasure i she would bestow hut that is question ing too closely. "1 will Boback in a moment she said and passing from the room she wont lightly tip Stair. Both tone and manner betrayed her secret or rather the Possession of a secret 1 with which her husband was to be sur prised. Scarcely had her Loving lace Laded from before his eyes when thought returned with a single bound to an unpleasant event of the Day and the Waters of his spirit Wero again troubled Llease tally had Arisen and crossed the floor nce or twice moved by a restless con Cern when his wife Kaiue Back with the dressing gown and slippers. She wis trying to Force her into Juiet expression to hold Back the smile j that were continually striving to Smik in truant circles around Jar lips when a \ single glance at her husband s face told her that the spirit driven away by exor Cisiro Fhyr love had returned again to his bosom. Lie looked at her soberly As she Camo Forward 11 what Are these he asked almost coldly repressing Surprise and at venting an ignorance that he did feel in regard 11 to the Beautiful presents she held in her j hands they Are for you dear was the re ply. I made for me ii exclaimed. Nonsense what do 1 want with such Jimer Ackery i \ this is woman s Wear. L o you think 1 would disfigure my feet with embroider i d slippers dress up in that gown i 1 l it them away dear. Your husband is j too much of a Man to Robe himself in Gay colors like a Clown or an and i he waved his hand with an air of con tempt. There we a cold Anc Cring Man nor about Liim partly affected and partly the result of his uncomfortable state of mind. Yet he loved his Sweet wife and Moriki not of set purpose have wounded her for the world. This unexpected repulse this cruel Reco Tion other present Over which she had wrought patiently in Golden Hope Lor Many Days this to the Earth of her brimful cup of Joy just As it touched her lips was More than the fond Young wife could hear. To hide the tears that came Rushing to her eyes Lio turned a who from her husband Aud to con ceal the sobs site haul no Power to re press she went almost hurriedly from the room Aud going Hack from tin chamber from whence she had brought t pc present she Laid it away out of night in the closet. Then covering her face with in a hands she sat Down and strove with herself to be Calm. Hut the Shadow was too deep the heart ache too heavy. In a Little while her husband followed her Aud discovering something to his Surprise that she was weeping stud in a slight reproving voice. Why bows to not in tears Why what a silly a talc puss you Are Why did t you Tell me 1 you thought of making a dressing go u and a pair of slippers and i w Ould have vetoed the matter at once f you could not a Suade me to Wear such flaunting thing. Come Back to the parlor he tid taking hold of her Ami and lifting i her from the chair and sing and play for me. The Dreau Multi or the i Remote pen rest May or the Stilly night Are Worth More than forty do i ing gowns or a cargo of \ almost by Force he led her Back to i the Mirror Aud placed her on Tho music tool lie selected a favorite piece and Laid it before her. Cut tear were in her eyes and she could not tee a note. Over the keys her fingers passed in skill fill touches but when she tried to take up the song utterance failed and sobs broke Forth instead of word. Liow foolish said her husband in a vexed tone. I am surprised at and he turned from the piano Aud walked Ucros the room. A Little while the sad Young wife remained where she was left alone and in left alone and in partial anger. Then rising she went slowly from the room her husband not seeing to restrain her and going Back to her chamber sat Down in darkness. The Shadow which had been cast upon her spire Tju very deep and to Lough the hidden san came out again right Early. It was a Long time before his l eams Lead Tower to scatter the Clouds thut float l d in love s horizon. The shadows we cast i father bus i and wife sister brother in neighbor Are we no nil casting Shadow daily an wine heart that arc pining for the mul ight of our faces i to have Given 011 two pictures of life s True picture not it a Kali Dottore. In All their infinitely varied relations men and women selfishly or from design weak my or ignorance arc canting their Dia Dows us ii hearts that Are pining for Tuu Light. A void a look a tone will ast a Shadow and Sadden a spirit for Livours and Day. Speak kindly act kindly to forgotten of self and re gardens of it Lions and you will cast but few shadows Long the path of life. The True gentle 11 111 is always tender of the feelings of a thurs always watchful lest to wound always thinking when Ritli others of their pleasure instead of Lis own. He casts but few shadows. He Ontl Mccu ladies or in a word that deluded All graces and excellencies be Lor it is the Christian who Raits the fewest shadows of All. A pleasant Losson. One evening As a Pool Man and his Rife with five or six children were sitting it the door of their cottage one of the Hildre ii said o father How poor we Are do wih a Good fairy would conic and Ell us where we might find a great trea ure. I guess 1 would not sit All Day die any More and Ivo Litho to no sooner said than done a Beautiful t Jinan with Radiant countenance stood before them who said Little boy 1 heard 011 wish and if you will obey my direct i ions you May find a Groat treasure Lien turning to the Man she said a reas Urc lies hid in your grounds if you till seek for it you will find and May Tavo it it is not three feet from the stir Ace either begin to dig to Morrow for to she then went away. The children clapped their hands for of and the Man and his Wito could hard y credit their ears that they had really 1 Icard such a thing for they were poor my cod. Though Trio Man had a Large act of land it was uncultivated yielding nothing barely sufficient pasturage for a poor cow which afforded them almost All the sure nourishment they had. They i lies were poor Idle discontented people did the children half starved so to be mire they were glad enough to hear the fairy s words and could hardly wait till the morning to begin to dig. They were up with the Sun those j Flint could got shovels dug with them Thouc that could nut worked with their Immke in n few Days Thev had dug a considerable of a place Over and several time Uliey thought Thoy had come upon the treasure but it was Only stones they went on so for several weeks but had not found the treasure. One night in they sat at the door Tho Beautiful fairy appeared. Well said die you Havn t found the treasure yet no matter dig away you la find it some time or other meantime or. Foodman you must not let these Little folks starve get some Corn throw into that Patch you have dug and Liao some com growing. I la come again by and by dig away you la find Tho treasure so she went away. That s a capital idea said the father Good Man i la get Tome Corn and Plant there to Morrow so he did and As they dug for the treasure it pleased Theiu to see How soon the Corn sprung up and ripened and what a crop they had and the Cornstalk made Niec food Tor Tho cow too. The Mother dug for the treasure sometimes and having become accustomed to it they All accomplished quite a Large place in a Short time and soon the Good airy appeared again. She said she knew they had not found the treasure yet but hum afraid the Young children had by coins tired of digging and she thought Thoy had better go into the Wood and get Soto wild strawberries and put into the last piece they had dug it was just Tho place to make strawberries very urge and h would please them but dig on said she you will certainly find the Treasury yet so the next Day the children went and brought Home Basket of Strawberry Root and planted a Nico bed of Tolian then they dug away again for the treasure. One Day they dug a terrible hard piece of the land and had to pull up Tome old tree stumps and stones eur round a Large Cherry treo behind the House a id they were very tired. That night a traveller came that Way and had to Stop there Over night they lived so fit from any other Bouse. As they had no barn he tied his horse to this Cherry tree and gave him his Oats out of a bag he had brought on his Back. The traveller went away next morning but in a few Days they found the oat the horse had spilled and scattered had sprang up in the nicely dug ground and they had a Little Field of oat this pleased or Goodman very much and when Tho Good fairy next appeared he told her of it. Of yes she said it would be a Good plan to Plant something in each place As you dig it Hho said the next time she came Sho would bring some seeds for them. So they had another object for which to dig beside the finding of the treasure to Sec Tiu things growing. Sin was am Good As her won and brought the seeds and they had dug so Welt they could Plant a great Many melons and other Nice things which they had never had before in their lives and the soil was to Good and had Boen so nicely dug and turned Over for the trea sure that tie plants grow so rapidly and ripened so soon that Tho next time she told them they had better Stop digging i while just till they could take care of the Oats and strawberries melons Anil other things. They had eaten As much of them As they wanted All Tho season ind wild them to the nearest houses and now or. Goodman said they would go next week to the nearest Market town with Tho rest so they went. Tho Market people Aid the strawberries were the largest they had Over seen and their melons brought Tho highest Price and the Mother surprised them by showing them a cheese she had made from Tho milk of their cow which had yielded twice a much having had better feed. The youngest children had carried each two baskets of strawberries the baskets they made of Willow twigs while the elder ones and their lather Scro loaded with melons pears Corn it and when they had sold them and conto out of Tho town on their Way Home a happier family nov car was seen. They All had a handful of Money they had earned them Elre when they got Homo they sat round a table and putting All their Money upon it at looking in wonder and Joy. They never had seen so much in All their lives before they were so pleased they had Quito forgotten the treasure they had dug m hard and so Long for till the fairy j put her head in at the door. How Beautiful your Lann Pooka Emu lie and your Cherry tree will Bear Bushel of Nice cherries next season now you j have dug away All those stones and stump from the roots. See How it branches out Aud what have you lure looking on the table Money 1 Silver dollars a said she did i not Tell you there was a hidden treasure in your ground that you would certainly find if you dug for it i this Heap of Money is the inst part of the treasure you have found by digging. Look How healthy you All have be come How industrious and useful your children have become How hopeful and Happy you Are look at your farm now where there was nothing but stumps and stones before you dug is now a Garden and Fields yes you have found More than our treasure and now should you like to know my Namo i i am called Industry or the poor Man s fairy. 1 al ways know and Tell where a treasure is to All children oven,.if they will Linton to my voice and word. Adieu Adieu and she kissed her hand and disappeared leaving them still looking at the fre Turt they had found. Women in France professor Birney who has spent Long time in the Rural districts of France and who to judge by his sketch is More practically acquainted with the Minuter Pointa of French life than any american of the present Day gives a melancholy View of the estimate in which women Are really held in that country. Some of his pictures Are exceedingly graphic but the idea of woman s inferiority runs through them with Farfal distinctness. We take Tho following example lie had bargained for a passage t u a canal boat the Captain invited us on Board. Off to a minute says he. Ilore wife hitch up at once at this summons a Stone raw boned lady Ith complexion and toilet Inch the worse for hard huge emerged from be Sho stepped on the Quarter deck to wish us Good morning and put on her clogs then stepped out on the Truk. Potting our Knapsacks on Tho Quarter deck we looked around expecting to Soe the Cap Tain s lady Lead out from some neighbouring stable Tho famous animal that was to take our prow Cut the glad Blue Waters of the canal. Instead of this she unrolled in Tow inc stretched it to its still length and dropping Over her own head tin Broad leather Loop at its end bowed her Elf to the work of towing. She was the beast of drafts her husband had bragged of. The boat was too much for her strength. Jules ran to help her and the Captain surrendering the rodder to me aided by Poling at the tides. In a few moments we were moving steadily Forward. Jutes sprang Back on Tho Quarter deck the Captain ceased Poling and amused himself by whistling the Marseilles hymn and looking out very cheer fully Over Tho landscape and Tho Cap Tain s wife is tugging away leaning Down to it at an Angle of about forty five. Jules said i what do Yon think of Tho poor woman but double on the Tow path i think 1 she is 1 Etter off than i am. She and her husband own Tho whole boat Load she told me so. Iler being turned into a beast of draft did not Shock his prejudices in the least to had been accustomed to witness this degradation. To went on in silence for an hour. Darin this time we met three boats two of Thura drawn by women and one by a Man and a boy. The Cap Tain came aft to take the rudder. Well Captain said i you have a famous Mare it is True but what would you do if Sho would it go f would t go to exclaimed with a disdainful laugh. A piece of Stout Cord about four feet Long was King at his feet. He pushed it toward to with the too of his clog and added there s a rope s end that would bring her to Roan on list you would t whip your wife f let her deserve it and you will see you Haven t the right to Why not f if Iny Donkey Don t go Wallop him you Don t compare your wife to your Donkey Hin really t he is a Good creature enough but sometimes she in the most stubborn of the two that make no difference it is dastardly to % into n passion with a woman there you arc right raid he with a laugh. 1 am Novor in a Pat iou when i Correct her and the brute was so pleased with i repartee in dec no of his right of pro Erv that he showed almost the whole of his White Teeth. Lie descended into the Cabin and i went on Shore and entered into conversation with his wife. She was very communicative and told me they got on very Well in the world and would soon have enough to buy a Cabin an a Garden Patch that her husband was generally kind to her he corrected her sometimes but it was when she vexed Hia but when he got in liquor he thought it Tine fun to pitch Het into Tho water the canal was not deep and she always waded out and waited until he got sober before going Back into the boat. Tho poor woman did not suspect herself of being unhappy and i did not hint to her that i thought her so. Why should i trouble her peaceful existence when i could Intro Duce to higher one i expressed my it apathy and went Back to the boat. This custom of whipping one s wife is widely honoured by Observance among Tho Ca ants and working classes. It has been entailed on them by Tho Middle Ages. Then it a sanctioned by Law the hut band had a right to punish his wife moderately so that death did not ensue withholding Corn. Between eighty and ninety Yean ago there lived in the Connecticut River Val lev two Farmers Ono of whom was named Hunt and the other Clark. The for Mer in Early life had l can u Man of Strong will and wine eat Hasty and Vio Lent in temper. Sometimes he had been Eon beating i oxen Over their head with the handle of i whip in a Way to excite the pity of the bystander and when with he excused him self by saying that he had the Moat fractious team in the town. By and by an alteration took place in ? Tho temper of Fanner al tent. To Beamo mild and for bearing and what was remarkable his oxen deemed to improve in disposition at an equal Paco with himself. Fanner Hunt joined the Church and was a. Exemplary Man. I neighbor Law the change Bot ii in himself and Hir team. It waa a Marvel to the whole town. One o i townsmen a ked him for an explanation. Parmer Hunt said i have found out a secret of out my cattle. Formerly they were unmanageable. The Mora 1 whipped and clubbed them the worm they acted. But now when they Are Eon tray i go behind my Load Ait Down am Ting old Hundred and strange a it Maji appear no sooner have i ended than the oxen go along a quietly a a Man could wish. 1 Don t know How it is Bat Thoj really seem to like singing in the course of a few Yean the Twe Farmers were chosen deacons of the Church and they both adored their profession. About Tho time of their elec Tion a grievous famine prevailed in the Valley and the Farmers generally were laying no their Corn to Plant the ensuing season. A poor Man living in the tows i went to Deacon Hoot and said i Hare come to buy a Bushel of oort. Bars b i the Money. It is about All i can gather the Deacon Tol Bim he Moold not spar a Bushel for lore or Money. To was keeping double the usual Quantity for seed Corn the next year and had to mint his own family. The mannfred Bis suit but in rain. At last he said Deacon if you do not let a have the com i shall curse you curse me replied the Dea con How dare you do 00 t Bechok said the Man the Bible says to non sense exclaimed Deacon Hun there is no Uch thing in the Bible yes there is replied the poor Man. Well said the Deacon if you can find any such text i la give you a Bushel of com they went into the House when the Man went to the old family Biu a turned to pro. 11 26, and read lie that withhold eth Corn the people shall cum him but Blevings shall be upon the head of him that sell eth it the Deacon was fairly caught. Come along said he and i will be As Good As my word lie took him to the Corn House measured out a full Bushel of Corn helped Tho Man to put it into his bag assisted him in slinging it upon his Shoul Der and just before his departure Ting somewhat of a wag he said to said with a twinkle of the Eye i say neighbor after you Hare carried this Corn Home go up to Deacon Clark and Cune him out of another but lick How to Phov but colds. If people were pleated Wilh Connon mom and a Little whole Shioo Elf denial they might often escape severe cold and even by Resolute measures adopted in season. A correspondent of the evangelist sends the following giving an infallible recipe for a bad cold if it is handled in time. L perhaps some of our Reader May have the courage to try the Experiment. There is probably not a Man woman or child who is not a often a once a year with a Severo cold which ends in a cough or Catarrh Ami thous and there Are who die Ever year of Eon sumption brought on by taking cold. Lie then who should discover a certain and effectual remedy for this complaint would be justly regarded As one of the greatest benefactors of the age. The writer does not profess to have discovered such a remedy but he wishes to at test the truth of the following certain and effectual expedient for preventing cold. A cold cannot be easily cured but if it can be prevented it is of importance to know How it May be cured. A bad cold Liko measles or jump or j other similar ailments will run its course of about ten Days in spite of what May be done for it unless medical Means arc employed within forty ight hours of its Conception. Many a life May be spared to be increasingly useful by cutting n cold off in the following Safe and simple manner on the first Day of taking cold there is an unpleasant sensation of chill nes. The moment you observe this go to your loom and stay there. Keep it at such a temperature As will entirely prevent this Chilly feeling even if it re quires 100 Degroes of fahrenheit in addition to this put your feet in water half leg deep As hot As you can Bear it adding hot water from time to time for a car Crof an hour so that the water shall be hotter when you take your feet out than when you put them in. Then dry them thoroughly and put on thick warm Woolen stockings even if it be summer for summer colds Are More dangerous and for Twenty four hours eat not an atom of food but drink As largely As you can of any kind of warm teas and at the end of that time the cold will to entirely broken without any med Ichiuo whatever. Efficient As the abort Means Are not one in a thousand attends to them led on As i Cost Rancu Are by the Hope that a cold will pass away itself. Nevertheless this article will now and Theu a under the Eye of a Wise Man who does not choose to run the double risk of taking physic and dying too. Medical journal a True woman. " Boj to Orange a am mkt soft ital in Rioe. To two ladies mad a decay Peueto. Pieree a am boy an Orange repeated the timid to lot pleadingly. Mim Dainty Slipper raised bar milk a Tom in Daguet and moved on Xiedai afay. Ller cum pan Ion gazing a moment at the not run Ful Xiaoe of the fruit dealer Drew Elzeer to the half Clad Bare fowl Orange girl and in a tone of Lei or Ible woo team and com Aaion Eaid Yea Yea my utile one that 1 will Jive me the poor girl endeavoured to lift the Raaket from Ber Bead Bat the tiny Arm trembled and seemed unequal to the Elbrt. You Are tired child let me act it and the Beautiful gloved Bande 6f the Neme wot a Rabid the Baidy from la to net Lam Bead Aad plead it on Ibe aide walk new pm Jour wee feet awhile and Here Thep Abu of the i Urt Nhat band with a Obj Fang hah Dollar the we heart of the beggar girl melted nod the team Etole Down Ber unburnt Abuk. Of you we to Good a am �9 Good v robbed the child. Why do you Ery Nebiu Why do Yon cry a Dibe infill

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