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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Feb 9 1855, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - February 9, 1855, Biddeford, MaineTin Union and Eastern journal is is Suauu Wilt Sidat own our to. 1 Central , oppose Tbs Biddeford Houm. Fruit w.00 per annul or to .30 i fluid within Ibraha moalhsfroalh�tim0of#ub#cnbin. Sin a Loopie May a obtained Atchoo Tok id Saau a pric 4 cents. I t b. Pauses lha american Neap apr agent in the Only authorised agent for this paper in thu Eithea of new York Boa too and Philadelphia and u duly empowered to Lake adder time it Kiu and at Tea aide rates As required by a. His office Are now Bun buildings to Juh Sollay # building Kilt Uluia n. W. Corner third and Chesnut Street. A Marcus Watson Printer. Poetry. The aha Eastern journal a a eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of . % Louis 0, Cowan editor and proprietor. Biddeford Friday february 9,1855. Going ahead. It jobs o. Wai Tiaa. 1 hear the or Elf voyager s Horn 1 see the Yankees a Trail he foot a every Mountain Para on every Stream Bis Seih he a whistling round St. Mary a Falls upon Bis Triune s leaving on the pictured Hocks his i Resh tobacco stain. 1 hear the mattock in the mines the age stroke in die Dell. The clamor from the Indian Lodge the Jesuit s Chapel Bell. 1 see the Swarthy trappers come from Mississippi s Springs and chiefs with their painted bows and creels of Eagle s Wing. Behind the squawks bin Hen Enloe. The Steamer Sioke and raves the City Lota Are staked for Sale above old Ludo an Graveen by Forest Lake and water fall i see the pedlar a show the mighty mingling with the mean the lofty with the Low. 1 hear the tread of pioneers of nations yet to he the first Low Wash of Waves where soon shall Roll a human sea. To e rudiments of Empire Liere Are plastic yet and Wann the chaos of a mighty world is rounding into Lorrn. Each rude and jostling fragment soon its fitting Piare shall Hudz the raw materials of a state aits Muscles mud it a Niue and westering still the Star which leads the new world in its train has tipped with tire the icy spurs of Many n Mountain Chain. The snowy Conea of Bregou Are kindled on its and California s Golden Sands gleam brighter in i s . The economical performance of this important Branch of farm labor. The so Para Tive Lio Suro of the Winter months on a farm not Only affords a Good Opportunity for investigating Tbs Laws of tillage but also for getting ready implements for reducing to practice the knowledge thus obtained. We less and treated him accordingly. He never candidly conversed with his younger son with a View to ascertain the True Bent of his mind but he had his own Standard of the Power of All minds and to per tenaciously adhered to it. There another thing that or. Win think a a Cross ill a Patent clod Crusher a the j Throp could not see and that that Sam Best implement at pit sent known or Pulver a Uel continually pondering upon such a sing the soil but if we cannot Havo this profitable matter As interested Nim and implement there is no reason Why every that to scat Coly Evor Idle nor did Farmer should not hubs at least a Good his father see either that if he Ever wished roller. If you have not on already kind his boy to become a mathematician he Reader to Suro you get one before a pursuing the very Courso to prevent Albany country gentleman. To thaw Frozen pumps. To such a result. Instead of endeavouring to make the study interesting to the child he making it obnoxious. The dinner hour came and a incl had not worked the sum. Hia father the Best that has vet Boon found a a. Secure s log pump from freezing is Mohave j1.1?� in a hug to the boy to go without a steam Box from Tho platform to the nose he Al or no la Quot Amo my Man a fool Square and connected with the pump so that the pump shall make one Side of that Box and an aperture through the platform to let the steam into it from the Well. This plan keeps the water Cool through the summer and the steam from Tho water his dinner at the same time telling him he a Idle Lazy child. Poor Samuel left the Kitchen and went up to his chamber and there sat and cried. At length his mind seemed to pans from the wrong he had suffered at the hand of his Parent and took another turn and the there a in Tho Well rises into Tho Box and prevents i pub Narks left 1ms face the pump from freezing in Winter provided a Are Nebo room below his chamber there is a Light platform and properly be 50 hat he Noi very cold cured around it. Some pumps have a vent up be went to a Small closet Antrom be under the platform. Many let off by Raif a Dkl a lot of old clothes he dragged Foith ing the handle which brings the upper Box a ome Long strips of Wood and commenced in Contact with the lower valve sous to open whittling. It not Lor Mere pastime. I i. A a. I agricultural. And either of these will do the work if one i has patience. But the quickest and easiest j is to use a half or three Quarter Inch Lead pipe and boiling hot water. A pump that is Frozen ten feet solid May to thawed in ten minutes by having pipe to reach As Low As it is Frozen. Put one end of the Pine Down the pump on the ice swell the other to admit a Tunnel pour m Tho hot water and the the pipe settles Down is a caution to the one that holds it. There is a current of hot water Arling on the ice which does its work and rises outside. A barrel of hot water May to turned in without u pipe and it will penetrate hut a Little depth before running a a. E. Farmer. Corn cons. Permit us to advise you not to sell your Corn on the cob but Nave it shelled and keep the cobs for your cattle. By crushing and steaming Tho cobs when mixed with Cut Straw or Hay they make an admirable Mesa for dry cattle and if a quart of Moal be added to each mess Given and made into Slop a Milch cow will thrive Well Ami contribute generously to the american Farmer. His employ. Time flew fast. Strauel Twenty one. Jeremiah had been Reo almost two years and he one of tie most accurate and trustworthy surveyors in the country. Or. Winthrop looked upon his eldest son with Pride and often expressed a wish that his other son could hive been Liko Samuel had come hone to visit his per ones and or. Yong had come with him. A a or. Young a said or. Winthrop after the Tea things had Beai cleared away a a that is a Fine factory they have erected in your a yes a returned or. Young a a there Are three of them and they Are doing a heavy / Quot i understand the of Uttke an sex tonsils machine shop con Meciej with the factories. Now if my Hoy Sain is is Good a Workman As you say to is perhaps he might get a first rate situation or. Young looked at and smiled. A a by the a continued he old Farmer a a what is All this noise i heir and see in Tho newspapers about these Patent win Throp looms. They Tell me they go ahead that Ever got up by ask your son about that a Young. A a that a some of my some of miscellaneous. The Poutto Rulo Vorher. A sketch Ros rills i. Pulverization of the soil. We might neglect a More seasonable subject for consideration than that of Tho proper amelioration or pulverization of Tho soil we till but it would to difficult to find one More intimately connected with Tho Economy of agriculture or one More generally neglected. Most of our Good Farmers plow deep enough but there Are few Whu pulverize the soil sufficiently. To Are urgent advocates of deep blowing hut to had rather six inches of the soil Wero Well slowed and thoroughly worked with cultivators harrows rollers ac., than have twelve inches burst up and left in a half worked raw Systo. Mechi sometime since having witnessed Tho working of a a Gibbs a rotary digging machine a enthusiastically assorted in the i Mon times that a a Tomt old implement his sanguine expectations 1 have not yet been realized hut Tho Workings of this machine Aro su2h As to induce us to or. Solomon Winthrop a Plain old Hope that Ere Long some such implement Furmer an austere precise Man who did shall to invented us will economically break everything by established rules and could up and pulverize at one operation five or six see no reason Why people should grasp at inches of Tho surface soil. Such an simple thing beyond what had been done by their ment would do More towards revolutionising1 great grandfathers. He had Izreo children Tho pc moot system of american agriculture a two boys and a girl. There Jer Erni than the most enthusiastic chemist a Verah 17 years old Samuel 15, and Fanny claimed for soil analysis or More even than 13. Mapes claims for his improved super hos it a cold Winters Day. Samuel Phate of Limo. In the Kitchen Reading a Book and so inter or. Wells of Cambridge found that the 1 ested he that he did not notice the err soils of Tho Scioto Valley in Ohio which Trabuco of his father. Jeremiah in an Havo Long been noted for their extraordinary opposite Corner engaged in ciphering Fertility contained a no larger proportion of n sum which to had found in his a Rithma the elements of plants than the compare tic. Timely sterile soils of new England. So far Samuel said the Farmer to his youngest As chemical composition concerned Ono boy a a have you worked that sum yet 1 a soil just As god As the other Tho Only a a no sir a returned the boy in a head Tat differ once being that Tho Rich Scioto Valley ing manner. Soil comp it sed of Jour particles than a a did not i Tell you to stick to your Frith that of Massachusetts. Now we Are not to Metic until you had done it a uttered or. Info from this that the land of new eng Winthrop in a severe tone land can be rendered of productive As that Samuel Hung Down his head and looked of the Scioto Valley simply by Good blowing troubled. And thorough working Ciuco these could a a Why hav not you done it a continued Only break up Tho conglomerate particles the father. Of try a soil and not Rcd co Tho size of the a a i can to do it sir a trembling by returned particles themselves neither Are we to an Tho Hoy. Tic Pate that any mechanical contrivance a a can to do it f and Why not t look at Wilt be discovered for grinding Tho soil into Jen a there with his slate and arithmetic a Fine powder hut to tray safely assert to had ciphered further than you have that the results of or. Wells clearly Indi Long before he As old As you Cates the direction in which to must look for a Jerry always fond of mathematical any great improvement in our National a problems sir but a cannot fasten my mind i culture. A upon them. They have no interest to Tho beneficial effects of pulverization Are attributable to the increased permeability of a that a a because you done to try to Feci an the soil to rain and air Tho oxygen carbonic interest in your studies. What Book is acid and ammonia of the air have a great that you Cru Reading 1 a of first in the organic and in a a its a work on philosophy dist creating the inorganic matter of Tho a a a work on fiddle Sticks log Oil and rendering them available As food away this instant and then get your slalom for Planta while it All it is the rain water and done to let me see Yon away from your to on a greater surface and thus to Dis arithmetic again until you can work solve More matter from the soil. We these roots. L o you understand to 1 a All know that a Small Lump of sugar is much Samuel made no answer hut silently longer dissolving than the same amount of put away his philosophy and then got his pulverised sugar. The Principia applies in slate Ami sat Down in the Chimney Corner. A ii cases. Good blowing and thorough i nether lip trembled and his eyes wore working of Tho soil therefore loosen the room Stevej. His father had been Nares to a Oil and form a Fine bed for the Planta to wards him and he Felt that it without Root a they prepare the toil in such a Man a cause. Ner that the air carbonic acid Ami ammonia Sam a said Jerry As soon As the old can circulate through it a conditions which1 Man Haj gone a a i will do that sum for Ore known to be essential to the growth of plants. The free admission of the air too a no Jerry a returned the younger induces the liberation of carbonic acid am brother but with a grateful look a a that Monis. »to., which in their nascent state Are known to to powerful solvents and to have great quickening and ameliorating effects on the soil. When it it remembered f that plants can take up their food Only in pose. His mind not on the subject Quot be solution and that Moat soils abound in the a a. Elements of plants lying in an inert insoluble condition it will not be difficult to account for the surprising results witnessed put it would be deceiving father. I will try to do the sum though i fear i shall not succeed a Samuel worked very hard hut to no Pur from mod tillage alone. A Good blowing with the frequent Oso of Tho cultivator Harrow and roller Are frequently tantamount in effect to n Liberal dressing of manure a Thero is this difference however and it must not to overlooked the former simply renders Tho fertilizing matter already in Tho wheels that he had made himself and he seemed to be working to put them together after some Peculiar fashion of his own. Half the afternoon had thus pawed away when his entered his chamber. She had her apron gathered up in her hand and after clog eng the door softly behind her she approached the spot where her brother sat. A a Here Sammy Seo i have brought you something to eat. I know you must be As she spoke she opened her apron and took Lour cakes and a piece of pie and cheese. The boy hungry and lie hesitated not to Avail himself of his by Stein a kind of r. He kissed her As he took the cake and thanked her. A a of what a pretty thing that is you Are making a uttered Fanny As she gazed upon Tho result of he brother a a a would you give it to me after it is done i a a a not this one sister a returned the boy with a smile but of soon As 1 get Emu i will make you one equally As pretty. A Fanny thanked her Mother and shortly afterwards left Tho room and the boy to sinned his work. At the end of Tho week the various Tea the vials that had been subject to Samuel a Jack knife and pincers had assumed form and comeliness and they were jointed and i grooved together in a curious com Nalion. I Tho embryo philosopher set the machine a for it looked much like a machine up on the floor and then stood up and gazed upon it. His eyes gleamed with a Peculiar glow of satisfaction and to looked proud and Happy. While he yet stood Ami gazed upon the child of his labors Tho door of his chamber opened and his father entered. A what Are you not studying in a exclaimed or. Winthrop As he noticed the boy standing in Tho Middle of the floor. Samuel trembled when he heard his fathers voice and turned Pale with fear. A what is this a said or. Winthrop As he caught sight of the curious construction on Tho floor. A a this is Tho secret of your idleness. Now i Seo How it is that you cannot master your studies. You spend in making play houses and Fly pens. I a ii Sec whether you will learn to attend to your lessons of not. As the father uttered that common injunction he placed his foot upon Tho object of his displeasure. The Hoy uttered a a Uick cry and sprang Forward but too late. Tho curious construction crushed to atoms the labor of Long weeks utterly gone. The lad gazed for a moment upon the mass of ruins and then covering his face with his hands to burst into tears. A a ainu to you ashamed 1 a said or. Win Throp a a a great boy like you to spend his time on such clap traps and thou cry about it because i choose you should attend to your studies. Now go to the barn and help Jerry Shell the boy Loo full of grief to make any explanation and without a word to left his chamber hut for Long Days afterwards he sad and Down hearted. A Samuel a said or. Winthrop Ono Day after the Spring had opened a a i Havo Scon or. Young and a in willing to Lake you As an apprentice. Jerry and i can get along on the farm and i think the Best thing you can do is to learn the blacksmiths Trade. I have Given up nil Hopes of Ever making a Surveyor of you and if Yon had a farm you would not know How to measure it or Lay it . Jerry will now to Able to Lake my place As Surveyor nud i have already made arrangements for having him sworn and obtaining his commission. But your Prado is a Good Ono however and i have no doubt but you will be Able to make a living at it. Or. Young a Blacksmith in a neighbouring town and carried on quite an extensive business and moreover to had Tho reputation of being a very Fine Man. Samuel delighted with his fathers proposal and when he Learned that or. Young Alio carried on quite a Large machine shop he in Echt acres. His a trunk packed a Good Supply of clothes having been provided and after kissing i Mother and sister and shaking hands with his father and of everything a a you must returned or. His business1 a a Meh what same a the old Man stopped Shrrel and gazed at his on. To bewildered. It could not he that his son his Idle son a Tho inventor of the great Power loom that had taken All Tho manufacturers by sir prison. A what do you mean who at length asked. A a it is simply this father that this loom is mine a returned Samuel with a look of conscious Pride. �?o1 have invented it and have taken a Patent right and have already been offered ten thousand dollars for the Patent right in two adjoining slates. Done to you remember that clap trap you crushed with your foot six years ago 1 a a yes a answered the old Man whose eyes were now Bent to the floor Anil Over whose mind a new Light seemed to to breaking. A a Well a continued Samuel that almost a pattern to the very loom i have set up in Tho factories though of course i Havo made much alteration and improvement and there is room for improvement yet. A and that is what you were studying when you used to stand and see me weave and when you used to Fumble shout my loom so much a said mrs. Winthrop. A a you arc ugh Mother. Even then i conceived Tho idea 1 have since carried and that is Why you could not understand my mathematical problems a uttered or. Winthrop us he started from his chair and took the youth by the hand. A a Samuel a my Sou forgive to for lie harshness i have used towards you. I have been Blind and towage How i misunderstood you. While i have thought Yon were Idle and careless you were solving a philosophical problem that i could Nevor Havo comprehended. Forgive me Samuel i meant Well enough but i lacked judgment and i of Courso the old Man had Long Eforo been fag Given for his harshness and his mind open Tan new lesson in human nature. It simply this a different minds have different capacities and in mind can Ever be driven to love that for which it has no taste. First seek to understand Tho natural abilities and dispositions of children and then in the management of their education for alter life govern yourself according la. George Combe inc greatest moral philosopher of his Day could hardly reckon in simple addition and Colburn the mathematician could not write a common place address. More him. The roots and squares the base Lipot Benuses and perpendicular though comparatively simple in Thoin Tilves brother he mounted the stage and set off a were to him a mingled mass of Incont for his now destination Preh Eusiblo things and the More he hied j he found or. Young All to could wish the Moro did he become perplexed and and went into business with an Assiduity bothered. The truth that his father did i that surprised his May Tor. One evening not understand him. I after Samuel Winthrop had been with his Samuel a Bright boy. And Buncom new master six months the utter came month intelligent for Ono or his age. Or. I into the shop after All the journeymen had w Winthrop a thorough mathematician a quit and gone Homo and found Tho youth a Oil available while the latter supplies the he had never yet come across a problem he he ily engaged in filing a piece of Samo matter from Rutn Uleous sources and could nut solve and to do Smitj that his there wore quite a number of pieces lying there is danger of pushing the principle of Hoys should be like him for lie conceived 1 on the Bench by his Side and some were Good till Ign too for for however Fertile a that the Namo of educational perfection Lay i a piously together and fixed with soil May be the constant removal of crops a in conquering Euclid and he often express Springs and slides while others appeared i without Tho return of any manure must de Hia opinion that were Euclid living not yet ready for their destined use. Or. Coooer or later Tho soil for then be could a a give the old Young ascertained what Tho Young work a our own Pirt however we anticipate Little i a hard Tussel. He seemed not to compre Man up to a j he not Only on Ourng danger in this direction Farmers who have Hend that different minds were made with de him in his undertaking Bui he stood fur Enterprise and knowledge sufficient to adopt. Improved tillage Aro not Likely to neglect the manufacture preservation and application of manure. Give refer to the subject of the thorough pulverization of the soil at this time inn abstract of the land agents report Tho following schedule shows receipts of Cash during the year ending Dee. 30, 1854. Bar ital Aix from Ian i $14,404 00 ilor Culi from lain of unit 10,012 00 iter Rath from mite a Princl Ial 30,010 21 ily Cash Fruto note bum a , 7,Uso 30 try land reverted ail to Fly Cash a urn of lauds forfeited for Urt 434 2s Fly Cash Frum Timber 023 00 by cacti from Timber in co., ��0 44 by Cash from inn Anent fund 2,011 67 by path from bowl. 1, 160 81 by oa.1i from 2,688 00 Lew this my received in interest on Road labor note 70,603 60 Cipalla to urge upon our readers the importance of possessing proper implements far different capacities and what one mind half Nti hour and watched him it his work. Grasped with ease another of equal Power the next Day Samuel Winthrop to would fail to comprehend. Henedo because. Moved a com Tho Blacksmith shop to Tho Jeremiah progressed rapidly in i Mathe machine shop. Is tical studies and Coo id aired v Survey Samuel visited his Parent often. At piece of Una of Many angles How mag the end of two years his father not a sued that because Samuel made no Progress Little surprised when or. Young Tull him in the same Bruch to Idle oud Cate that Samuel Lite most useful Bond in a flighty lady. A correspondent of Tho new York Herald gives Tho following interesting account of Tho balloon ascension and miraculous escape of miss Louisa Bradley at Easton pa., on Tho 25lh ult miss b. Filled her balloon entirely with Gas from Ono of the Street Mains and at 11 o clock St ipod fearlessly into Tho car. She is a Small delicate looking woman Aud messed in a Bloomer costume of Scarlet Aud Blu. The balloon held by a rope then permitted to Rise about Twenty feel from Tho ground when Sho made u Short address to the crowd of people n then Rose gently tilt hold by the rope until she one Hundred feet from Tho ground when she the Cord and the balloon Rose perpendicularly with great velocity until she had reached a mile or a Nillo and a Quarter As it estimated by those present who were Best Able to judge. It would appear from her own account that she knew very Little about Tho business she had undertaken or of the effects Likely to he produced upon Tho balloon when it reached Tho rant cd atmosphere. The balloon in old Ono and Tho silk had become so Rotten Ihal it is wonderful that it would Bear inflation at All. When she reached this height she states that Tho balloon which not entirely filled when it left the Earlh expanded until the Gas began to escape at the seams and became very a Tensive to her. She had been so absorbed by the enchanting Prospect spread beneath her which he says magnificent beyond the Jio Wor of Lang Ungo to describe that she had not noticed Tho balloon. A the escape of Gas alarmed her and she pulled Tho valve Ropo but permitted very Little Gas to escape is she afraid she would fall into the Delaware which directly beneath her. In a few minutes after Titis the balloon collapsed and to our horror and alarm we saw her tall with frightful rapidity for the Diminco of Guo or 700 foot Hor Progress then being checked from what Causo to below could not see although we then observed that she descending quite slowly. It seems that when the balloon burst it torn into Riband except the lower part i or neck of the balloon. So completely 1 Tho upper part torn to pieces that Large pieces of silk blow away and the remainder Luing Down below the car. When who had fallen this distance the neck of the balloon suddenly blew up. Turning inside and catching against the network formed a i acute which bore her Oaklely to Tho ground Sho Camo Down in an open Field and to a tightly did the car Striko the Earth that she mys Thero not the least Jar. Her presence of mind won extraordinary. 170,661 go a a in addition to the above a says Hie land agent a i Havo received from the Sale of Timber and grass upon Tho lands reserved for Public uses and from securities in the office heretofore taken for Timber and grass upon such lots the sum of eleven thousand seven Hundred and thirty four doll Ais and eighteen cents. 1 Havo Sinco the first Day of March last sold Tho Timber and grass upon eleven thousand seven Hundred and forty acres of the reserved lands for the sum of fire thousand one Hundred and sixty eight dollars and cents. These inns were situated in townships which were conveyed Long ago and most of Tho Timber had been taken off by trespassers or proprietors who Havo paid Little regard to Tho rights of others. It is believed however that Tho prices i Havo received do not at least fall below Tho prices received by my predecessors. Numerous other applications Havo been undo for similar lots Tho sums offered were so Low that i have not deemed it my duty to he suggests that the policy of constructing roads in Tho now and scarcely settled parts of Tho Stato should he discontinued and recommends that attention should he Given Only to Tho in go thoroughfares. In this permanent and really useful roads would to secured instead of the Mere temporary paths now constructed. In Tho bearing of this matter upon Tho settlement of the new parts of Tho s ate Tho land agent says a a it is do Nievod that nothing can contribute Toro to this object than a he speedy and permanent construction of Tho necessary lending roads. Tho Preffett seems Loho a propitious Timo for the state to move energetically in this matter. Tho lumbermen afford the settlers a ready and valuable Home Market for their produce whereby the usual hardships and privations of Early settlements Are avoided. The Ivy Barmen in turn Are materially benefited by the settlers and Tho Stato will also receive a share of the Benefit in the Price of Tho Timber inns Inci eased by Tho facilities thus oif ored to the he also earnestly Recor mends the French settlement a a acquired by the treaty of Washington to Tho fostering Caro of the legislature. He refers to the severe drouth which has seriously Ambar Assad Tho operations of lumbermen and reduced Tho receipts of the land depart mint. Thero has been less trespassing than usual in most cases of which settlements have been made with Tho trespassers who Havo Given sati Saneto by notes Tho Timber being held till payment is undo. Of the Cash receipts above s44,000 have been paid into Tho Treasury of state $17, 000 expended in roads and Bridges and the balance paid to sundry accounts. The land agent concludes As follows a without venturing an opinion As to the policy that should be ado cd in relation to Tho lands belonging to tic stale denominated Timber lands i May perhaps he pardoned for that certain portions of these lands in Der proper regulations should to sold As soon As adequate prices can to obtained therefor. Some of these lands Are now owned in common by Tho slate and individuals. Tho states interest should he sold or immediate measures adopted for partition Thero Cru other Small tracts isolated and detached from Tho lands of the state and surrounded by land owned by individuals. Those lauds cannot to protected except it an expense which in a few years will exceed their value. Whenever the legislature May deem it advisable to offer the Timber lands for Sale 1 and Viso that provision he made to prevent sales to persons who have notes Over duo in the office at the Timo of Sale. Fair and honorable Competition seems to requite this and no just cause of complaint is perceived in Tho stale a refusal to add to the indebtedness of those who Hare dishonoured paper lying in the office. George c. Getchell land agent. Vol. Xii no. G. Sad calamity. Tho residence of or. John Appleton i Luvon it fort Washington ton in los from Tso new York City Hall known a a a jul Donfield a totally destroyed by fire at four of clock on saturday week and Turco of his daughters Mary Sarah and Grace lost their lives. Tho entire family had in Tho first instance escaped from Tho House Eforo Tho flames had apparently undo much headway. Unfortunately one of the Young ladies thought Sho would have Tiquio to procure Sonc clothing and running into Tho House for that purpose followed by Turco of the Sisters. Anna the eldest rescued Sev Croly burned and is slowly recovering Tho bodies of two of Tho Sisters Mary an it Grace were taken immediately after wards and although medical attendance promptly procured it impossible to re anon to them. They were . Sarah Tho other sister burned in the ruins. Tho House q very Large building and the loss s20.000. Tho fire is supposed to Hove caught from lbs overheating of the Rogi stars or through Tho carelessness of Tho Boston journal. Or. And mrs. Haven Wero both natives of Portsmouth. Mrs. Haven a daughter of the late Henry s. Langdon a a. A this sudden and null Mctire bereavement Liss overwhelmed Tho family with sorrow. On sunday Tho bodies Wero St tic House of or. Hopkins. That of Sarah not a Hown. That of a race said to to hut Little changed a it Iilo Tho features of Mary were almost lifelike in their expression with not even the Hue of Deuth. Sho seemed rather to to feigning a so can in tableau nud still retained Tho Acmar Pablo Beauty of her life. Thero Wero seven Sisters in the family Anna who wis rescued Augusta the wife of or. Hopkins Sarah Mary and Groce who were lost Helen and Fanny the lost of a shorn at school at Tho Timo in Tho City. The inscriptions on Tho coffins were these Sarah la Sanos Haven bom . 10, 1828. Anna Mart Haven born aug. 2, 1830. Grace Dubois Haven Boro . 10,1836. Tho funeral of the Throe misses Lavon took Pinuco on tuesday afternoon from the residence of or. Havens son in Law or. Hopkins. It attended by about five Hundred persons including two Hundred who had come from new York for Tho Pur Poao. Tho bodies of Mary and Grace which had been untouched by Tho Llamos appeared it is said almost As natural As in life. White Rosos Lay upon to Weir brass and a a �?�46�� a ure crowned with Evergreen. Tho coffin in which Tho body of Sarah deposited not opened to Public View. Tho burial services Wero very affecting. Remarks appropriate to the occasion Wero Mado by the Rev. I r. Osgood and after a Heartfelt and impressive prayer Tho remains of Tho Throe Sisters were Borno to their final Bodo in Tho family burial ground. A service read it Tho Grava n last look taken at Tho faces of Tho deceased and Tho Turco Sisters Wero then Laid Sido by Sido in their i Tho Rulo Thero which they wish to Plain and fancy Job Prib Tino. 1b# printing of a satmar Lowr in cml Block buds Ford is flt Tad a Ebli rooms and it t hat will a nails Hia Loftur dts us Osbus Witk Wartt Somaro Oding Wych lbs gnat adv ans met that has been mad within n few in in thin Art. Ord Fer Plain of Tanct printing to Colon or with Bronte Stu by a ruled in a a raft that will compar Fero Rabl Wuhu it work pm an printing offic Lack or by a it a Aid of a fast a Swiss pass with a dlr path not a a Bra known la old Euon. To Clarg end fun card or in Tino a lit induced the Sutor Ribra to Parry a machine far cultic Vitro Hoard an it a purr having to Bunni Otu in urge Quan Titica he 1�enabled to arum or ill order in i his Branch of the but to new a to the aunt perfect us a Section. Cart Board of All Outor and Quality at in hand. A or order for any kind of Job printing a ent by Stag or forward�1 by Mab promptly an awl red it unos Aso Joc Asab Ornea. L. 0. Coax. Men and women in map Leo. Tho Ideal of the men of America a seems to to to be purity of intention decision in will Energy in action simplicity and gentleness in manner and Demeanour. Genoa it is that there is n something tender and chivalric in his behaviour to woman which is infinitely becoming to him. In every woman to respects ins own Mother. In Tho same it appeared to to that Tho Ideal of the woman of America of Tho woman of the now world is Independence in character gentleness of Demeanour Aud manner. The americans idea of hip Pine seems to me to let a marriage and Home combined v. A wife his own House and Home ins own Little Mcco of land to take care of these and to Cau tiny them at the same time doing Good to the Stato or to the City this seems to me to to Tho object of human info with most men a journey to Europe to Seo perfected cities and ruins belonging to it As a desirable episode. Of Tho american Home i have seen enough and heard enough for to to to Able to say that Tho women Havo in general All last earthly Homo. Coughs and colds. Woman is the Centre and Tho lawgiver itt Tho Homes of Tho new world and thu american Man loves that it should to to wishes that his wife should Havo her own will it Homo and he Lovos to obey it. In proof of this i Havo heard the words of a Young Man quoted a i Hopo that my wife at this season and Forward into Tho a Spring coughs of various be Gross of severity Aro Quito common in now England and will Havo her own will in Tho hour of and been us they arc so they no exceedingly 1 if she has nor ill make her have it a i neglected. Somo of Tho worst forms of i must however say that in Tho Happy Homes Distaso especially involving Tho Doliente j in which lived i saw Tho wife equally to Uturo of Tho lungs might Havo been of careful to guide herself by Tho wishes of via Ted it Tho commencement by very Sim-1 her husband Asho to indulge Hor. Of Plo Means. Parents should allow their Section and sound reason make All things children perfect Froc Dom in Tho open air Bremer. And Intro them to Tho Chango of to Mora Ture incident to a Northern climate instead of confining Thorn like exotic plants in a w food for a. A resident Green House. Yeung indies no not Hall developed among us Eforo they become of Jasper county Indiana writes As follows Pale languid Lyvo a pain in the Sido and to Tho unemployed and hungry of new then a cough. York Eforo ii of Bare Frlj beam log to the a a jul a a a a uti a pm lll0 drop into the crave run Alvr. To Hin Hoe. A a i hero i. In Lam and Oroz Ner Der and n , Mode i Obj in k f0 Joll it. And Tou no Kjof Del artificially too narrow for Tho Polfor Tuangco or i. A Ltd. He vital functions. Thi. �,7b. Din of a a a a a a ill a a a a the Rich Many a daughters ton fearful extent they no frail As moonbeams when they might Havo been Strong and healthful. On the other hand Tho servant girls who Range Over Tho House. And Are perpetually Che acts industrious Mcc Hanio can earn from Turco to four bushels of Corn a Day or a Bushel of Good wheat or from Twenty five to thirty pounds of pork or their Valuo in Cash. Hero at Rensselaer a Good Mechanic a Over Iua Juuso. Anu Are a arcs. Shoemaker for instance and nuts my their Muscles have round fundis me t Ftp nwde4 h of told a for he u. Arms a Broad bust Clear skin Lino health and Light hearts. It is n melancholy consideration that civilization should demand such a multitude of Fersulo victims annually to Tho shrink of fashion. In cons Quinco of poor training. Hor in Ono week�?2 bushels of Coro 1 Bushel of wheat 5 pounds of sugar half a Pound of ton 10 pounds of beef 23 pounds of pork 1 Good Takoy 3 pounds of butter i Pound of Coffee 1 Bushel of potatoes Ami and a violation of the Moat , Law. Of 1?. A a a a a heal tit Duni Heimsn succession of victories a he . Alon Jav Mori Ilag. Now Over our youth. One of Tho first Intima amp a a hero Lions of natures dislike to Tho course is a it not n lrfi50t a crack it a 8tarti1 slight irritable cough which is lung Tago not n to to misunderstood. Means of precaution should it onco be Tukan As inroads upon Tho Little air Colls of Tho breathing apparatus will surely follow and then Nti ulceration of their Walls and expectoration and Tho last net in Tho drains of a Short life will be in incurable pulmonary consumption. Ono should Thor Foro dross warmly in Winter should run and ride As circumstances pleasure or business May require. Air designed for breathing notwithstanding the no surd custom now too provident of excluding it As much As possible from sleeping near Tinonis and Ami surgical journal. A departed spirit sending for his Tea Kettle. A sceptical Inver Tintor of spiritualism gives to Tho Boston to incs Tho following let the mechanics and servant girls who Aro of employment with you of migrant to the Small villages and country places of Tho West and Here no ton thousand such places let them turn off from Tho Large thoroughfares Ami cities which Uro supplied and they will be sure to find not Only u Friendly hut cordial Welcome constant employment ready and by and by a competence and even Independence. You will also find moans to educate your children ready it your hand and moral and religious instruction for your wives and yourselves. As for land it invites your occupancy you can have it on your own terms. No will rot prefer this to Tho tints starvation insolence suffering and crimes which you report to he your present approx misto condition a �7 at a recent election in a Northern state n Hul presented himself at Tho polls chapter of his experience it a spiritual sit. To claim Tho Benefit of Tho elective fronting in Pawtucket r. I., a Fow Days Sinco Chiso. A a the medium air. Ii., who had been an auctioneer. A few months previous in intemperate old Man by Tho name of a. Ltd died to had sold his effects and Hitu Solf bid off a Copper Tea Kettle for a few cents. And now on culling for Tho spirits to resp Oak Tho a a raps a came and spelled Tho Auto of old or. A lie wus asked a a if to wished to Tho answer a a so to proceeded and spelled by Tho raps a a 1 will take. My Tea Kottlow a la to Tea Kettle then 00l a. Arc Wasny to i there a feeling a deep info test in a favorite can dilate Tho Fultor who evidently opposed to thu boys preference stood it Tho ballot Box and challenged his right to vote on thu ground of his not being of age. Tho Yurg Trinan declared that to 21 years old that to know it and that to Insil cd upon his right. Tho father becoming in milk a Arnii "ni1 a a it 10 wa., a a vo1 so to proceeded l a a 01 a r 1 a a now Bob will you stand up Thoro and nor addict me Don t i know Huw old you simmering on Tho Cook stove which stood inare.,. A Tho room and while the astonished a a me-1 Job a i contempt for the old Man Dlutz a heard its humming a a response a and As l�fel1 a.,. Tho message of old or. Wi.0 became Hor a Thund ration you warn t Riby frightened and it a Long while 1 ,0�?�. Before no wits Content to sit Down for the 1 his settled Tho sire and in went Tho raps again. However in Tho process of la on to a Timo this Shock partially forgotten and i a a. Or wife persuaded him to sit Ussin for Tho a a Thov had no sooner a form a Quot stupendous what an in cd Tho Circle a than this Sonino old Xiv. In comprehensible nucome is Man who can noun cd himself again and rapped by in or famine Sui of imprisonment the alphabet a a i a ill take my Tea Kettle re a death Lupoli in vindication of his own this so perplexing to Tho medium Thattil Shux to and Tho next moment to deaf to All to refused to sit nov Moro and soon after ,08� motives Whoso Power supported him Tho Tea Kettle aforesaid among the miss-1 through his anal and inflict on his follow ing and i do not know that it hag been 1 , 0 bondage Ono hour of which is fraught with snore misery than Ages of that which to Rose in rebellion to oppose but to must await with patience Tho Workings of an overruling Providence and Hope that that is preparing the Doli Crance of these our suffering Brethren. When Tho Incus Uro of their tears shall to full when their groins Liall have involved heaven itself in darkness doubtless a god of Justice will awaken to their distress and by diffusing Light and liberality among their oppressors or. At length by his exterminating Thunder Manifest Nis attention to the thing of this world and that thy no not left to Tho heard to simmer Sinco. By the appended negro Story copied from a Southern correspondent of the Boston journal is not bad general gave his Black Man Sawney inns and Permia it Ion to get a Quarter s Worth of zoology at a menagerie at Tho a ume Timo hinting to him the sri King Affinity Between Tho Simia Aud negro our Sable it a end soon found himself under the canvass and brought too in front of a so Dalo looking Baboon and eyeing the Bibo guidance of a Blind quadruped closely Soliloquy sized thus a trios. Pm arson. A a Folk a to Row scr born feet bands proper bad Lookin countenance list Liko mugger Gittin old i then As if new pm Cost Doner. Tho town Ospen a i Odol a Bright idea he extended his r0r must hero Iho credit of originating Lito hand with it Genuino Southern a allow by latest Dodge to avoid Tho liquor Law. It Tho Apt clasped Tho negro s Ca to Cut on thu witness stand lost monday hand and Shook it Long and cordially. Re .�5�t a. In Tho criminal court that Tho witness went Sawney then piled his new acquaintance jnf0 a co in a Mac where he Ornida wish with a to Hia name Agana tub. It by Ramon tub enough and levity and Formor occupation hut eliciting Good on its own Bottom. It ser Cit to if no replies beyond a knowing Shako of ibo a Jet Ujj 0, Wasli jobs. But to dropped a head or merry twinkle of la cye the pc Joule Picco of Silver into Tho tub and St Tho probably meditating the cos Iest u afro time set n Little pint bottle into Tho tweaking the Darkie a no ohs concluded tub to protect Tho bottle from Tho storm or the ape a hound to keep non committal 4<what then to goes to ibo House of and looking cautiously around. Chucked a acquaintance near by and talks shout a a he he be too Sharp for pm Ole Fel Mal cars and thing. When he goes away keen Der la if it t put Tvorak one trod Jer. Keep dark if be t just Tyrpak one Bvrd of English Kite Man could have a hot in yer hand in leu than Tun minutes a chatau Ochuk. He goes by the tub and takes his Bottilo along with him. Strange to say when to gets Home he finds be has a pint of Gin tin Bis Hetue a Worcester Regis

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