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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Feb 5 1858, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - February 5, 1858, Biddeford, MaineEternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of Man Jeffeson. Louis 0. Cowan editor Aud proprietor. Biddeford Maine Friday february 5, 1858. Volume Xiv number 6. Aric Union and a journal. Is Rusli Saint i crore i Rit Lart Siss i cos iral Black of Pilto iks rat Kim ump a it Quot is a ski a a. A my 9 08.00 per annul or t lao if paid within throw months irom Tho Timo of subscribing. Mujtab so Tim. 4 menu a we v. B. Push is an Ksn a so. Is the j v. A. Is Iii w to Kirin a m a Lar Suiker Liml As no or Trio a i a the Silks of i Foo Toliu of �pac0, re �1, Tiiu Ziolli a it a a Toly .1 1. _ a Rel is toys save to Aasu Sunj us cd Gnu it Assi War Illta Are Roll in it it two 10� no to tied iks a bks Rtin a a was trawl so a ills och it not a a re a to new Buiu ins of Chucuy i Uknius i i its to n. W. mar this Al my 1 in Sliaut mum. Job sad card mouse Rix sird sub a Ostros sad did Al hit Sikio Ulics. t. Club Abb. Prisler. Dts nol require a Large barn to store whose form Are ii i ured by such in Imit Lor �0 he nil of cattle for n they Are not like Wood lot constantly Winter be in log Tho cattle come out in increasing in value but Are wholly use excellent condition in the a it ring. The in a and often the source of uni Cathy w Ater that the cattle drink is nearly of it Aetna to Tho injury of whole neighbor the same temperature As the stables. In hoods. And w Hen cleared and drained deed Verv cold water is an injury to any they become the in oat easily cultivated Man or Cal milkmen understand this and productive part of the farm often Hgt int and govern themselves according paving in a single year the sex Ense of neatness and bringing them into condition for crop it of the build my i Ping . Of the country Cuenl Ltd in Many marshes the work of Clear fun. 1 gang can Best be accomplished in the Milder weather of Winter. Uliey Are As free Tho Farmer. I it c i s 0 r a c r a the old clock on the stairs. It Litno Ruxlow 8otdswhst use i rum the i inks sure so Sis Nils Tbs Idu country syst a Russ us portico Tbs pour or so a la sir a he la in in Roverana i Roin la so Slioma in ill Hull in Nucita piss says log ii a is Var a str sri forever Quot half Way up tits stairs it Auoe a Anil Point Mih Ucko with i baud from it cuss of Mas ivs Oak like u Monk who unt Lorhis cloak Cross Linin Tell Santl is in six Willi Norrow us topics to All who push a a of a a revert never a Rerp forever a us Day its voice i Low und its lit. But in is silent dead of flu Dio Moi us a pass Muir s fall la cohos along is v caul Hull along the Osilius Slot n lbs floor Aud it is Iii log by is such it Nils a is Var never Lump of a in ital 11 us la its Fres her Ltd Hospin Lily til or sol Liros by is chum by roared the Strait Tiki Foss Istl St his in turd int like ill a Keelon us is Ira this sri Wiur time piece never Van eds a never never forever a there group of merry children plated there Youlia mud dreaming strayed Prev ious hours o Golden prims and of lots nil Lime even As u miser count i Gold Tho hour lbs ancient line Piec told a a forever never never forever prom Insl Skandier clothed in while. The nil. Sums Ortli on her there in that a ileum room Lelow Tkv Dot. D Lay in his shroud of Snow and in the Liuch that followed the prayer is or sri the old Elm i on the Stair a a a forever never never Tore Vrr Quot All Are scattered now mud tied Morns Are Burro a Arv dead and when i in a with throw of pain Quot All when shall they sit meet Strain a in the Day Long since gone by Tbs ancient time piece m Ikra reply a a forever utter never forever what a Sovereign Man i the Intelli i get it. A Ndue Triou Fanner. Within Hiow u realm of Earth he Wield a Sci per to w hich All Mast . The balance of the world a life und Comfort he hold ill i Stalwart hand. Neither courts a or eau a nor armies from water at that season As any other save to craps that of autumn when other labors demand All the forces at the command of the tar mar. Taken when the Snow i not deep the Bushes the Alders and Willows Are readily Cut out by the 1 roots and the leaves Aud undergrowth 01 herbage Are touch less in the Way than nor i Roetz can exist a., ,. I summer. I he Timber of shrubs grow without i Aid. He to the feeder ave.,. ,.,Ano Jug a it i a Uch places is Gene tally Brittle Ami the Gar Meriter Mutual Lvi of tin race. ,. 1. ,. W Hen Frozen and cuts More easily unit Itier Spring from Tho Rattie in the pro. ,. / Oiler advantage m win tar work. C011 i duet of i Matt str. Commerce to born ,. A ,. I Hitler ble fuel May to saved especially Ofat i bequest. It m the state lie to the i Black Alder valuable if dried under shelter 1 Quot first a Tate. Lord of the Laud no Man 1.1 11 11 it 1. And the pm Brush May be burned at a Hui or hoi 1 of the get entail title 01,Onee with a Little attention to starting Nihil it. And he need let of no plodder be an ,. _. 1 and feeding the lire or they May Hij piles i cause he 1 a Farmer. The due is past ,1 ,. To div until Early we tit the soil Tiller was font Ouidie with the clod turned by Luplow. The soil is Ilia Servitor lie smites it audio the Harvest come Forth. The Ime Aud the Ziekle make him music braver than Dpi Sci to Day until Early summer. If there is Oito High Snow to cover them out of sight it will Lee necessary to go Over the ground again in Spring to pick up the fallen tick and roots left at first and which ,. .1 will now need drying in order to Burn mens us sound the March of a Triumph j grand a it is i Wakeful and blessed llut1 a. E ,. He the Middle of june Tho Marsh he 1 not forever 111 the Furrow Lor him. A a a in. I.�1i. I cleared this w inter will to tit to Burn on i Are Broade to Fields of study fairest held a. I i lit. Or hint an. A map. Link to 1 1 Quot Quot Quot a a Quot la us Quot or b Ute i. ��1.�. Fur ,.-,. &Quot,"1, la Al r0�?o,l my we a Sabs Mai Mitin. I Al.il, tip a. I it Quot a . n.-.-j.-. Or Coon Drain Unis the Ili my. Am. I mkt a Wail la. May in Dono in from one nil deporting in Tho other a great Many times Vecty Day to indicate Active business just a Tho doctor with limited practice rides hurriedly about the streets to indicate the existence of numerous pressing Call a the two Banka gave him a certain a Lino of discount about ten cents on the Dollar of his want. The ninety tier cent was raised a on the Street a that is through Bill brokers who represented private Money lenders of unscrupulous Batik officers. On this ninety per cent Wiggins paid at Tho rate of Ono to two and a hide per cent a month according the estimated value of paper or collateral w hich lie had to offer. So affairs went on swimmingly with or. Joel Wiggins. Us was getting Rich fast a hand Over fist As lie sometimes elegantly expressed it. Llis Bills receivable and Stock of goods showed always a Large Surplusage Over Hills payable. With a comfortable feeling consequent us Iii the fact that Money was being so rapidly accumulated or. Wiggins and mrs. Wiggins Aud Arini Uita Jane Wiggins the wife and oldest daughter Nutu rally enough concluded that it was time to live in a Stylo better agreeing with their position. So the modest comfortable House in Buttonwood Street at three Hundred and fifty dollars a year wan Given up Aud a stylish affair beyond Road Street rented at eight Hundred per annul. Now the Mere increase of rent from three Hundred and fifty to eight Hundred a year would not have been so serious a matter if the at Lair could have stopped at the simple removal from Buttonwood Street to the West end. But that was out of the question. The single item of now furniture was Twenty live Hundred Dollar and the annual increase of expel a and All wondrous things of the universe Prin amp or any open weather of Dit re exclusive of rent one i May hear w it Nam. I thou u a elder of the Aud thou skillful worker of webs Ulm a Brave Man Art Mallet Ulm plane of that we do not discourse at i a a i to i i i i coins Nunciato their experience on thou devised of All Uchim a whereby the 1 will our readers who have cleared or drained marshes in the Winter season the Lair of Many a lurid is sch Irnel Giuin. Led or j j Jeo Are All second to the Armor lie i. Master of the to of toil and the Roost serviceable product j he can live w without you but von cannot exit for a Day without him Honor to the Farmer May i Ali arc Widen and 1 i stature be exalted. Ami Honor to All Hono to toil Lorol such Are the fruit that form the crowning Lori of the world. A be Vori Lair. Mouldy peas Boans and Grain. The generation of Mould in pea Beau. I o c c 11 a it c Ouei a the Wiggin ses. A Stoke Kok Tiik times. Jod Wiggins i a you will see his sign at no. A second Street. It is a Small tin sign with red letters Oil a White ground. If i mistake not the word a notions i jut under the name. A what i your husband bits inc. F asked a prying inquisitive of or. Wiggins i a Tiu. Wlm a n put a Oto the. Gru Orv in a a to part lat ,0,mcr�?~ a i . A with in a ��?�.�?�ri.���. A a a swe Rotl the lady with dignity. I hat of course settled the matter. If never Here fur Vrr there where Sil part intr Pon and rare an i Ileal in Aud time shall Jim appear of a a refer twirl it of never Here 1 the horology of Eier Tilv Saye Thithi ii a Antly of Ltd very never never forever a a Dittli Zulty prevented. What n this evil of Eun Tho it trans or cereals affected arc t i i i a woman to cent know How to designate supposed to in rendered utter in worthies ,. Quot. I. I i a. I. I her husband in the name of it ruler who Imit b it Mich i no it t la. . T. I fax should know i yes or. Wiggins i a merchant. A and occupies that store Little Dixon amp it l a cd i i u it i a farm building. Or fans Coin or win at that has become Mouldy mat be a erf Tetly deprived of its unpleasant smell Ami taste by ainu rising it in hot or toiling water and permitting Brown Stone Trout i it to it remain therein till the lit Piid Ioco Iiah a a Cdv. If you look a a quite Cima i. If one immers ii Doc not prove effectual let it a n a at a. Ani importers Are the occupants of that is nil devour Mouth y Guntin when Nanag a Tahlulu Uneit. Of must ascend to Thoet a in this Way As greedily As and and Are a scowl that or to find our a Otious Mer a a 1 a Paivi try a much Hendl Ted he i c not. I he comparative Merit of barns a constitute an excellent feed for hustling Active self important Joel regard to Eon oin Ami Page i an import a Watlo n, article an More strength Wiggins there lie is in his curiosity amp rms a. a a in. Tina Tiu Mirean. Urro Imda a he thing Grot Sipie de uni Diug Are rapidly giving place to la. Go Vii before and after casting their and Ura Wpm symmetrical and deform the my and comport and clean Iii Are xxx to a Mannl Quad that it chopped de in ill and of Namei ital gathered orig Hope Roeding meet and Faith Gaea it Tunny a about two quart per Day finally from All part of Tho Earth. Fire Wrath ought that a Ham with Laira Eiselt a it to Tho morning and one quart Cracker crying babies red and White Wasyln tier Lor storing Green Balder. Now to the will generally a still tape tans marbles toys games puzzles men think that a Yigui Kirn i it an a Xvi 1>lu to promote the at masks Hobby horses porcelain bisque the sume it ipod. A on of the last eos system and produce jul parian Fig tires motto cats and was beet it Artici liar for housing Nat Surv to copious How of my it k sigh proving ers and hut the inventory is Hoh Les win Coutey. Now Uch Aea Vity a Scoini h v promotive of the general health of if your curiosity i excited on the subject Sidere of the Utimio to importance. Once t i Tel tyrus h. Reader Cali at no. A Ami Sec for yourself. Liquid manure was considered less value a a. Wiggins store is a perfect museum. Ble than Oli i. Now the reverse i the Winter work Clearing marshes. Times were pro it Eromis Ami Tho credit com. I have recently visited some of the an of was goal for anything he a a a i Utor work. Exclaims Oue a a would 1. A. Be to barn in this Vicinity anti find them a it from the big Tim red High Umcil Cohl Ham onto year ago a. Chalk i from cheese. One barn in Joir a to Icoler 1 recall. It a yellow paint Ami a slate roof. The ground on which it stand is nearly level hut �1 w Hole base i Nunt i for talk my Ami manure and i built of Brick. The cattle Are Tissl by stanchions they stand to a a five foot . He Himl them i a Gutter two feet wide nil three inches deep. Hack of that is a walk of the nine Width a the Gutter. Still farther lick door a it pm n a a a Crick Wall where i a room the same length of the stable but wider Aud deeper for the throwing of manure. Large quantities of Loam or Earth an kept div and from freezing in the Corner of this room Ami Are wheeled daily into the stable for litter. W Here Straw is Worth cd per ton Earth is much cheaper a an a Ork it. He this process the cattle Are kept elea if Aud the tables an us was Sweet and comfortable. The Mercury a lid not discern a to Frt vim of Iii in this stable lost Winter. The Hay and Grain Are Stossl above the cattle and do a Cynd through scuttle into a passage Way in front of the Slock. Root of All kinds Are at Dantly stored in the Root cellar. 1 it cae Are Cut Ami fed twice a a Lay to the Stock to the amount of half a Bushel at a time to each annual. It you have us do it mor than t�l�> care of our tick mgt Niall Job if we follow your direction and keep Tho Wood Pilc re Pleu Islieb. A by. Something More maybe done a a at a Clearing marshes. A or. Editor. You Are a knowing fellow at cutting out work Tor others hut we Utlz a you Tell me Tiow honestly March off to the Marsh just for an hours we try twice a a Lay that i All 1 could get time for to Quot a Elk a us to inquisitive think we would make it flt re a haunt and Theu go at it but circumstance Vou know Are Al wished to Purchase. So he bought freely in new York and , a. Well a from a iut a orters in Philadelphia. He so a a freely on the principle we suppose of a Oolite easy go easy. He had but to select go he is to any amount Aud they were promptly the invoice rendered and u note it four or in month taken in payment. And a lie was treated so lie treated his customers Ami they found their Way to his notions room from All part of the country Lar and near. W hut a splendid business to was doing Sal mounted upwards at the rate exactly in the place of another. A no Ami on the whole i am glad of it. Ii on with your a Winter work for a Lazy 1 to re i no Leisure Cash Gnu to thu Fanner. Spring summer autumn Winter each bring their v arid duty a a their Send Tui and having Ami ill Dering a constant Roumel of toil. He cannot canape from it if he a mild to would not �1 to Ouid. is to him a it i to every a a Man the end of life. Work not with it a Tryand sordid aim a but with a True love for his calling Aud an a diff in it inborn dignity and Xiuqi Oranee i a fitting cml for any Man to accomplish. The Clearing and draining of Tea Shea in a matter of much a Zipor Taucci to the my ways a littering. Ono can to put himself i of seventy eighty Ami one Houdre thousand dollars a year and his profits eng cd a from ten to forty percent. Wiggins was getting Rich so fast that his head swam a he look from the sudden height he had obtained. Twenty five or clutch a profit annually that a the shattering unction which he Laid to his soul and not very far in the Golden distance to saw himself a merchant Prince. Having on time and Selling on time Are All very Well if the Selling Toiuo is Shorter than the buying. Tho Reverso is generally the Case. It was so with Joel Wiggings. Lie bought it four six and eight Mouth and sold at six eight nine and twelve months. Of course when his own notes a canc due lie had to meet them by discount. The two Banks in which he kept his accounts checking mrs. Wiggins and a Misiuta Jane moreover attempted Tho fashionable Aud this Cost was something not a dime less that another thousand dollars for shawls silk lace and jewelry Hills mount up wonderfully last i no a thousand dollars is below thu Mark. It costs a Trillo to to fashionable next a Carriage Ami next a country House. They came naturally. A cottage and Garden overlooking the that was the Climax everything went on charmingly mrs Wiggins and Araminta Jane were at Newport last summer Bent on making a sensation Ami or. Wiggins was in Philadelphia taking care of his payment which were heavy. Money All at once grew a Little tight. Hanks were Unac Elim noilting nil or. Wiggins found himself obliged to submit to sundry Ter Rible hard shaves in order to Raino the w a my. It no a Lay his Bill broker could get nothing on the paper he had to so he was forced into think Street where on a undoubted collateral lie raised two thousand dollars for two Days at one per cent a Day. On Tho next Day Money was a Little tighter lie Hall five thousand dollars to pay. Lie got through Only at a terrible sacrifice. On the next Day following he raised three thousand More to lift maturing notes but not enough to meet the two thousand covered by collateral on which he a paying one per cent a any. That arrangement was continued for two Days longer. Or. Iggins began to feel a Little uneasy. La Lump on to one of his responding tits after three of clock hours came n letter Fri pm mrs. Wiggins asking for live Hundred dollars. Or. Wiggins crushed the letter passionately muttering a five Himl Rcd a devils a it was Una mingle and Tycon Stigal but lie was in trouble and excited. In the following Day or. Wiggins sent his wife one Hundred and fifty a Follary with directions to pay of her Hills Ami return with Araminta Jane immedi Andy. Hot i she and Araminta Jane demurred and scolded him soundly for his niggardly response to their demand for Money. They lil not mean to Leavo till Tho close of the season. Hut or. Wiggins was in Earnest nil lie made them comprehend in another letter. That brought them off by Tho next boat for new York. Joel Wiggins was getting frightened. The Bank threw him out altogether and he a at the in Rcv of the shaven. Hut Lew country merchant had been in and few of them brought Money. Sale Wor Light against in unusually Large Stock of Good which could not be forced on the a say that Joel Wiggins has been living too fast a a answered bluntly a and say the truth id no Bui incs with a country House yet whilc.�?T a you la put Down Tho Carriage next 1 suppose a said Arami Tinta Jane indignantly not really meaning to be understood its in dread of that extreme measure but rather intending her words As a cutting rebuke. Just so a replied or. Wiggins who now Tho ice was broken at Tho Edge of the Stream Felt his courage Rise into a desperate Resolution to go a just so my dear the Carriage will have to be put Down Aud mrs. Wiggins Aud Araminta Jane must walk or take six Penny rides in Tho omnibus. Necessity knows no we will not describe the scene that follow. Mrs. Wiggins was at first in Diann it hut after u while she calmed Down and hearkened a Little to Araminta Jane indulged in a fit of hysterics from which Sho did not recover for some hours. Hut or. Joel Wiggins was inexorable. On the next any the country House was advertised for Sale. On the next came Tho startling announcement of the Fai Viro of Tho Ohio life Ami Trust company. And then but Tho disastrous events w hich followed Are of too recent occurrence to my fire a word of detail. Joel Wiggins was borne Down in thu Gnu Cral crash a fact that will in no Way Surprise the Reader. Mrs. Wiggins was inconsolable for n time Araminta Jane in despair. Chi the disgrace of of coming Down it seemed As if it would kill them. The Catania be went of course and w Ith it it and he did according to his Tho Rod Flag in less than a week won unfurled from one of the windows of Tho Handiono act end House and Tho humbled and disconsolate we Iggi uses retired to a meaner abodes in a smaller Street the furniture of wich corresponded much better with the condition of a Roan who could pay Only fifty cents on a Dollar. We Iggins himself was honest at heart but the Wiggin ses in a mass were weak vain and pretentious. The suddenness with which Thoy fell from an extreme height stunned and blinded them and it was some time before a new and better life Winti to vitalize their actions did however thanks to the Resolute con duct of Tho head. There is n lesson in the fall of the we Iggi uses and a Good Many lessons in Tho Way they managed to get along after their fall. Or. Everett s address. The dedication of Tho free l Kuplic Library buildings in was carried out on new years Day in a most satisfactory manner. Addresses were made by lion. Robert c. Winthrop mayor Rico and Hon. Edward Everett. To make room Lor the following extracts from or. Everett a address 1 am aware that there is still floating about in the Community a vague prejudice against w hat is called Book learning. One sometimes liners doubts expire be a of the Utility of Public libraries opinions that they Are rather ornamental than necessary or useful and the fact that our time honoured City has subsisted More Tho Cap a and in tided Coachman. The than two centuries without one is a suf Folly Lud gone that for. Tic int proof that until within a very few the broken a notion merchant a who years their importance has not been had kept his in triage and boasted a Conn practically Felt. There is perhaps even try Houtch called together his creditors now a disposition to claim some Superior and made in exhibit of his flu Ira. Alas it for what is called practical knowledge the cult Tun of us Etc did not foot up no knowledge gained by observation and Large As the column of liabilities by Many experience which most certainly the thousands of Dollar. The discount and trustees would not disparage and interest account showed a fearful balance kind of satisfaction Felt in holding up the of the wrong Side. Thirty thousand Dol a Samplo of self taught men in supposed inns Ltd been paid for the use of Money contradistinction from those who hav c in less than four years or. We Iggins got their knowledge from books and no owed eighty three thousand doll and Aud name perhaps is so frequently mention i nominal assets were sixty four so Al in this connection a that of Krc Kliu much for the Rich merchant who had set who because he had scarce any school up his Carriage Aud sent his wife and education and never went to College has daughter to Sec High life Aud spend inon been hastily set a Lown As a Brilliant exam by at Saratoga and Newport to a care pro to show Tho i Utility of Book learning sents a class and is rather n favourable it has been quoted to me in this Way specimen for or. We Iggins really meant within Turco Day to be honest but Tho inflation of the times now or. Mayor i need not Tell you Lel him into error. That Thor never was a greater mistake in the creditors of we Iggins was not hard Point of fact. A thirst for books which on him. They agreed to accept forty lie spared no pains to allay is the first cents on a Dollar taking his notes at six marked trait in the character of Frank twelve a eighteen Aud Twenty four months Lin his Success throughout Tho Early be in settlement. A few wanted to close him Rod of his Lite can to directly traced to up. They w Ere outraged at the country the use he made of them and his very House and Tho Carriage part of Tho Busi first important movement for Tho Benefit Ness but to majority pitied poor we in of his fellow men was to found a Public gins who was deeply humiliated and Al Library w hich still flourishes Ono of the most ready to shoot himself in despair. Most considerable in the country. Frank a o must give up this House said or. Lin not a let ook Man 1 whoever labors in we egg Aux on returning Home from the a for that delusion shows that Somo Xiy meeting of his creditors. He spoke like else is not n Book Man at least so far As a mull in Earnest. Mrs. We Iggins started a concerns Tho 1 biography of our illustrious and hushed Araminta Jane turned Pale towns Man. We happen to have a Little your creditors Havo not been so exact information on that subject in a Book my so written by Franklin himself. To there Aro you nothing but selfish fools a a cd gives a very different account of himself claimed or. Wiggins his Wrath leaping and i would a a any Ono who entertains Over All barriers liar cruel they the idea to which 1 am alluding at what have been Kinder than 1 had dared to period of Franklin a career he supposes Hopo this taste for books began to be Manifest a of then we will not be forced to cd by him How soon to ceased to be a move from hero sobbed Araminta Jane self formed Man f perhaps after he had it would kill me. 1 could never survive straggled through the years youth the humiliation. You must not think of Ful poverty a escaped to Philadelphia a it i set up in brain est As a Printer and began i Market and sold for half their his country House had Cost him thu Oliou an it Dollar. He mortgaged it for five. Trissl a second mortgage for three thousand More but no one bid. It must be a old then matters were pressing. Or. W Iggins announced the fact at Home like one who expected a strife. It came a mrs. W Iggy and Araminta Jane were Aloi Iota a and indignant. A never a said or. We Iggins. A never a cried Araminta Jane. A a a hut w ill people say at this coming Down of a queried mrs. We Iggins. A it will kill me a sobbed Araminta Jane who had caught a Beautiful Beau at Newport and was expecting an offer of marriage every Day. A it is thought of and decided a said the to Havo a Little Money in his pop Ket. Resolute or. We Iggins. A Tho Bubble has need not Tell you sir that it was earlier burst und i am now a bankrupt. We than that. Was it then Whilo to was went up like a rocket and now to Are the Clever apprentice to his brother the coining Down like the editor of a journal and wrote articles for a hut we will economise said mrs. We in it1 columns in n disguised hand and tuck Gin. De them under the office door enjoying a i know you will for us Cassity knows the exquisite Delight of setting up his no Law was an sword Iown Anonymous articles was it then a we of la Send away the waiter nil lot at the age of fifteen or sixteen that this Tho chamber maid attend Tho door and Fondue a for Reading under the stimulus table. I of Boyish authorship disclosed itself in a the Cook can attend the door and earlier than that. W Ell then at the Well wait on ourselves it Tho table. It grammar school and master Brownw Llu a wont be the first time in our lives. I writing school which to attended from for Oue shall feel relieved. It always eight to ton for there Aro Boya who annoys to to have a waiter gaping at me show a Tomines for Reading even at a while i cat. Tender age was Little benjamins taste poor Araminta Jane was in despair. For links developed while yet at school i a who can to get All our furniture into a earlier than that. Hear his own words smaller House a said mrs. We Iggins. Which you will permit me to read from very True a replied or. We Iggins a in be that exquisite piece of autobiography to thought of we of la have a Sale and which 1 have already alluded a from Ray get rid of the to stay lumber that sur infancy i was passionately fond of read rounds us. Plainer furniture will suit my. A a a Dall the Money that came into better our reduced style of living and my my hands was Laid out in purchasing honorable purpose a books. I a. Very fond of voyages. My a a Sale of disgrace disgrace a first acquisition was Hunan a a works in would you kill me sir f and Araminta separate Little volumes. I afterwards sold Jaue confronted her Resolute papa with them to enable me to buy r. Burton a a countenance and attitude of a tragedy historical collections. They were Small Onny Chapmans books and cheap forty volumes a you done to seem to have common sense in 11. My father s Little Library consisted or common decency enough to live inti chief in of Hooks in polemic divinity most world to the sooner you Are killed off j of which i read. I have often regretted the better a coldly replied or. and this is a sentence that might he to i shall have the Sale and risk the Conse scribed on the lofty cornices of these i Hie Colum no that at a time when i had such a thirst for knowledge More proper books had not fallen in my Way. A a 4 a a a there was among them Plutarch a a lives which i read abundantly and pistil think that time spent to great advantage there was also a Book of Defoe a called a an easy on projects and another of or Mather s called an a essay to do Good which did what sir i for i am now going to give you in Franklin a own words they carry with them Tho justification of ovary Dollar expended in raising these Walls the original secret of his illustrious career Tho effect produced by Reading these two Little books of Defoe and Cotton Mather f a they perhaps gave me u turn of thinking which had an in of Iunce on some of Tho principal future events in my life yes sir in the read ing of those books was the Acorn that sprouted into that Magni cent Oak there was die Fountain drop which a fairy might sip from a Buttercup from which has flowed the Missouri and Mississippi a Tho Broad a Leep River of Franklin s Fame winding its Way through Tho lapse of Ages and destined to flow on till it shall be in gulped in the Ocean of eternity h Roin his a infancy a air a passionately fond of Reading nay with Tho appetite of a Vul Turc with the digestion of in Ostrich at tacking the great folios on polemic dig nity in his fathers Library. Not a Dull boy either sir not a precocious Little Book wonn fond of play does no to dislike a Little mischief sometimes Asho Tell us a led die other Boya into scrape a but in his intervals of play in his Leisure Rao ments up in thu lonely Garret when the rest of Tho family were asleep holding co verse in his with the grave old non conformist Howe and Owen mud Huxter communing with the Auster est Fords of thought thu demigods of puritanism a non Tino Ditas in Lou inf Las. Franklin not a Book Man i Why lie goes on to Tell us that it was a this Book Isle inclination which at length do Tinmu cd i father to make him a Printer against his own incl Nadon which was for the sea and when he had thus by con of traint become a Printer his great Consolation was As he says that �?~1 now Hod Access to better books. An acquaintance Widi Tho apprentices of books blurs Cna bled to sometimes to borrow a Small one. Which i was careful to return soon and clean. Often i sat up in my chamber Reading Tho greatest part of Tho night when the Book waa borrowed in the evening and to be returned in Tho then to Tnador Tho Acquin Intano of or. Matthew Adams an ingenious sensible Man a who had a pretty collection of Boob. He of Rcd a muted the printing office took notice of the Bright Little apprentice and a very kindly proposed to lend me such books As i chose to having taken to a vegetable diet at the age of sixteen he Poi undid his brother to allow him in Cash halt the Prico of his Board lived of and Hasty pudding a soon found that he could save Over halt of that Little allowance which could not ulivo exceeded two and sixpence a week lawful Money and this poor Little Economy a was in add lit ional fund for buying Hooks what would the poor under fed boy who was glad to buy books on the savings of Liia potato diet have said could to have Lia i free Access to a Hall like this stored As it soon will he with its priceless treasures further sir while work no As a Journeyman in England lie a Aya a i made the acquaintance of one William Wilcox a bookseller Whoso shop was next door lie had an immense collection of second hand Hookah somewhat i suppose like our Friend by Ruhai in Cornhill a circulating libraries were not then in use but we agreed that on certain reasonable terms which i have now forgotten i might Lake read and return any of his w orb. This i Etc coct a great a hang a and i made As much use of it As i could finally sir As i Havo already said Franklin s first important movement for the Good of his fellow men was the of in Dupion of the Public Library in philae it phia. At hit instance the members of a Little club to which he belonged Trade men and mechanics of narrow Mcana threw into common Stock the few Boob which belonged to them. A subscription was then obtained from fifty Young men principally tradesmen of two pounds each and ten shillings per annul Anc with this Little fund they began. A the Boob were imported the Library was opened one Day in Tho week for lending them to the subscribers on their profit Sory notes to pay double the value if not duly a this was the Mother a nays Franklin of All the North american subscription libraries now so numerous. It has become a great thing a Tael and continually goes on increasing. These libraries have improved the general con venation of the americana made the coat non tradesmen and banners a Intel Light it As Moat gentlemen from other countries and perhaps have contributed in some degree to the atan to generally made throughout the colonies in def Enos of their those Are the words of Franklin or. Mayor which 1 read from his own Book. A a a no sir if there is one Leason More than another directly Deducible from Tho life of Franklin it la the Clow connection of a thoroughly practical and useful Lile and career with Boob libraries and Reading. If Thero is a thing on Earth which would Havo gladdened his heart a would that he could Havo anticipated it a a would to Tho knowledge that Hia Nativo City in two generations after his death would found a Library like this to give to Tho rising generation and to the lovers of knowledge that Acccia to Boob of which he to much Felt Tho want. And could it be granted to him even now to return to his Nativo City which dwelt in his Utec tons to Tho close of his life Hawf fast visit would be to the Centre of the ancient burial ground where in after life he dutifully placed a Marble slab on Tho Giavon of Hia parents Hia second visit would be to the spot in milk Street where he waa born i third to the Corner of Union Street and Hanover Street where be poised Hia childhood in a House still standing his fourth visit would he to the site of Tho free grammar school House where As he says in his will to received a first instruction in literature a and which is now adorned with the statue which a grateful posterity has dedicated to his memory and his last and longest would be to this Noble Hall where you Are making provision for an ample Supply of that Reading of which a from Hia infancy he was passionately fond. In concluding his eloquent remarks or. Everett said a the a has of evening Are falling around us those Cresset which lend us their mild and tasteful illumination will soon he extinguished and the first Day of the new year Rich in Tho Happy Proa a cts to now inaugurate will come to a close. May Tho a Lesaius of heaven give of oct to its largest anticipations. A few More Days a few More years will follow their appointed Roumel and we who now Exchange our congratulations on this new year s gift of our City fathers shall have panned from Tho Scutio but firm in the Faith that Tho growth of knowledge is Tho growth of sound principles and pure morals let us not doubt that by the liberality of Tho City government and of our Genera of benefactors at Home and abroad a Light will be kindled and go Forth from these Walls now dedicated to Tho use of the of Kkt Boston 1�?Tihlic Lei icky which will guide our children and our children a children in the path of intelligence and virtue till the Sun himself shall fall from the Aneo dots of Western stump speaking. The system of canvassing and electioneering As it is carried on in the Southwest affords much that is amusing As Well a instructive. We find in the a editor s drawer of Harper for december a Rich Jpike raid to have occurred of a canvass in Tennessee Between the Hon. Care Johnson and Mjor Gustav a a. Henry. As the tiry runs major 11. In reply to an allusion of his opponent As to his manner of shaking hands a Aid a i will Tell you a Little anecdote Illo Etra live of Tho Peculiar electioneering abilities of my honorable Friend in his Intercourse with our intelligent Conat Tuente. We were canvassing in a Remote fart of the District and living m appointment to speak noir the House of a very influential Squire we spent the previous night at his but use it was Well known tint the Squire controlled a the vote in that precinct and that Hia better half controlled him so that it waa Alt important to get on the right Side of her. We had agreed not to Elecio Neer with the Squire while to staid with him but i did not think this forbade me to do my heat with Hia family. So i Rose about Day-break0tbe next morning and thinking that i should make friends with the mistress of the House by bringing water to Cook the break hut i took a bucket and started off for the Spring. I was tripping off on a a Light fantastic toe a Ingma merrily a i went along when what on Earth should i see a i fooled into tits barn Yard but the old woman milking the cow while my honorable Friend with his Xiaoe Ruddy with morning a Heroise and his Loog looks streaming in the Hirwas was hold my the cow by the Tail i i raw in a instant that be bad the Start of me. I returned to be House doom fixed and abandoned All Hope of a Voto in that Region this reminds a of a Good thing that of owned in Marshall of Doty in this Kate. A Young Fillmore orator who was also editor of the Fillmore Organ in that county made a speech St the Little Village of Chul Boom a b the Ozone of which be charged or. To Chat an with being b favor of a squatter sovereignty the speaker of the oppose items was the boo. J. W. C., a distinguished member of the legislature and in the Youree of bin reply be turn to Bie opt Poneot and in quirks a cd Yoe Cay or by Chenoa was in Lavor of squatter sovereignty a a i did replied the Fillmore Man a Why. You Doe 1 Call this squatter sovereignty do you f Mai or. C., leading something from a Doc Unni. A of Youree i do was the reply. Beu a a or. C., turning to Tbs audience a allow me to inform the gentleman that what i have Reed is from Fillmore s Luck port it in hardly Nso Emry to by that there was no great number of Fillmore Rutm made there that Day. It in a id that Ever afterwards oar editor orator particular How in end mud questions pal to bus b Debato

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