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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Dec 29 1854, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - December 29, 1854, Biddeford, MaineTiik Aid kaster.1 journal in Ruaud hot it Wizir Sidat. 0rfct_5a 1 Central Block Bidi Kford opposite la Bidd turd hour of. it or annul or St 30 if Ciu within Lurco Montha Frouz lbs nuo of subscribing. Bin. A to Copie May be obtained at Thoo Floe in Saau a Price 4 cents. T b. Palm Kab the american newspaper agent u the ouly authorised agent for this paper in in cities of new York Boston and Philadel. Psia and is duly empowered to take advertise meats and subscriptions at the same rates As required by is. His offices Are a eur Yin i Tribune building Boston sell Aye a building a a Yuu n w. Of race third Aud Chesnul Street. Poetry. Fram Tho Dublin Waynw. Beyond the River. Tune is u River step and wide and wide along its Bank we stray we see Lov d ones Over its Lido sail Fnu our sight away away. Where Are they sped a they Olio return no Tiore to glad Oor longing eyes t they be Wod from life s Contr cled Bourne to land Inis Vin unknown that lies beyond the River. A tis hid Iran View but we May a Ticas How lieu Lizul that Culm Miil to for gun Milf fit la a a in in ions Grain let a Oil we atthe very Clouds that of cry it throw Blair veil Una iii for mortal a Iglitz with Gold and purple tinting glow get looted from the Golden Light Bey aul tie River. I Ion Jour fal % a a eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of . Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. Biddeford Friday december 29,1851. Vol. . 52. Calico. For Thia purpose sew together Likic when Tho oxen weighed 3800 Ibe a bag two bread i a of the Calico each about them three inches longer than the height of the Corn meal stand now slip this Over the stand and lbs. Lack the upper end of the cloth smoothly 1 n half bushels meal and nine bushels Ruta round on the Edge of the upper i Dank mss Hagash with this they eat very Little Hay a ribbon or heavy Cord round u Little above inc Reune 50 the. To third week Ted the of below the Middle of the Standard lying sumo Tut the first increase Tho same a the cloth Hack lightly then drawing the lbs. The results stand thus a a Faith who added a if wanted n car Vil u Ual ii Nril Tiwi Iris try Luo. A. 0 one week with Hay and Throe bushels Reuther and came Loine for one would Neal at 75 cents s2.25�?increase 25 have no reason to complain or it the. Cond week. 1 Ltd them on. Nod Quot , now Quot mid ii i Ono lower Bilge Over the liase Plank Nail it on of the Bottom making the whole resemble an hour glad a. Put a Little Cotton baiting on the top of the upper Plank and cover that also. About two or three Yards is sufficient for the whole unless which is quite desirable pockets Are added. If so. These should be Semi circular Plain kick and full front drawn with a Cord. Tuke one of these on each Side of the ton and conceal the tacks v with a Row of Thi t a Lii. Ltd. 1�?3 1st. Do Al Xuy Gln 25 ii., St 0 ct�., 1 50 3-11-a.to. A.�., u2 i Kan 50 Ihu. Al a cu., $3 v do. Ruta Laura 21 it. I Quot 3�?tbc mine must a Tho Turk. I continued to food according to 2d Experiment and never saw oxen take on flesh faster and Talomo sooner fit for the Butcher. Be careful always to feed Clear meal two or three weeks before Slaughter is oth Criso the beef May Havo the flavor of Tho Hamas. Of paper Hill has almost lost his to f a Quot a a a ski 801 a Quot i a .m? Vou were assisted to improve your Condi-1 8�?\ �i18, 8 inc p061 a once thread. Well if we have to take a cart Load of Pola Loes and onions to Market i no id i do. To mo., Homo ,.,o _ , Quot to per again for Ever Lhing goes wrong will tk-1a. Plain and fancy Jou Quintino. The printing of the Feu Crux it our Ulock .kfrnl, u u�1 up Ullh hot a i to isl will ��14# atm u a Rufeh us a True a to work Cutti pounding with Tbs Nev Lucula Lliott iia it leu i la will a a. Fur y oar in Thi. A it. Or or. Tur Plain of fancy printing la Colore a Wilt Bronte will in Rie cats in a Tuims uni will Pitre with us work run try in rent Lii of amp Cair oily a Tut by Tbs tid of past suss Pottss Ului a Llu Utch it before Kilor. It jus a a Cioa. Tim urge and inc atm Ngit Craod for card p i n i k o has la sat it a a Rilke a it per Tuu a Markin or culling cor4-hoar4, and pad manuf la la or. ,4 no a in urge ,1, to ucusm.0 w Lott i All Urlce in Uil Lirsch of la Imp Rutm in him skip a fret flu Urlau. Card Bird of til a us Dudli at Way on lung. It Knirr for Snyr kind of Job Prii sing a cushy 8tagc it Forwand by mail Png Puy anew Warvi l Ama Asp Joc Sal Orrisa. L. U. Cowan. Hamas Cost to to raise snit 0 cents a and gentle airs so wet to so Calm Macul Stiim from that avionics sphere a tto ii Hirm a fwd their a Renelli of Halm and is Docil sorrow dried the tour and 4�inctiincs lib Teising end Muy gain Knlr. iii Soi iii that hither limit tie Evelio of a Distant Strain of lick a a a and voter let Teudy a note the River. There arc our loved ones in their Rcpt they be Eiswald time a River now not More they Hetsel the built Liley on its Ervast nor feel the a Tonas that a weep it a Hore. Lint there pure love ran live can Law a they looked for a their Ihmie to Lum it flu u we in torn away Uve passed Wlms Joy tul greeting Wal us Len beyond the Roer. A i Rich l t l ral. Home made furniture i11 the present a pecuniary doubles Many Lott gaily of the race it to a common n wife finds an unusual necessity for prac opinion that country life is largely cot duo tip aug the strict vol Economy in household j Ivy 1� health and happiness and Conse Millers. 1 Erh Apa House keeping is just to 1 Quelly to vigorous old age. But la Tese commenced and the great problem is i cannot be imputed wholly to exercise in How much furniture and How Many con a of Quot i 11 air fur my of Ltd a claw a enjoy be nieces can to Ali Ord to procure. A a im0 opportunities and fail to reach As Little Money Tuai go As far As a an a Cash Larnior. Is it no fair such would perhaps like to to initiated Iben to suppose that the coat land into lie Art of making cheap articles of fur upon Tho mind of the Wise and Beneficent Nitro both useful and ornamental. Mam provision in the changes of the seasons in a neat and comfortable sofa 01 Loun chair j their varied aspects the Over varying land Thaud bed let ook shelves amp. Have 1 a Cape a occasioned by heat and rain and vre seen that cast its owner almost nothing Fawi. The wonderful instincts of animals a few boards a Linio stuffing and u few of Birds and insects coming to the View of Yards of shilling Calico Pul together with the Farmer As they constantly do have a ingenuity will give a tasteful and even El-1 Healing and saving in Finenco upon his on beautifying the farm. Never was a inter thought uttered than this of the american agriculturist that a a the time has came when our arms Shuhl ease la regal id As Mere manufactories of hoi mul the raw material of batu.11 ii 1 is commenting on an article in the november number of the upon barks and pleasure a rounds Lor tit�1 Mer a Ami save Luther a a a it is one of the a eat Wauls of our limes that these farm mul i be turned into attractive Christian Homes where men and wino us Hall not Only work eat sleep and die hut where they shall enjoy life As social and religious beings and by Loving and cultivating the Good and the Beautiful on Earth be fitted Lor the Paradise of a Al. A Man should no longer be cd no ii Erbil a Good Titi in who Doe not Plant tree enough and give Lime and Money enough to make his Homestead so attractive that it shall retain a Orne of Bis children to fill i place when is gone. Multitudes of these old homesteads in the North ate forsaken mainly because there was nothing hut the sternest Utility about them in the whole Circle of the year. Cannot these ingenious a statistical men who Tell a what the effect of occupation is upon the mind and duration Ollile Tell us Ano what the effect is of Tho of Greenlle and Beautiful upon the temperament and icon that the assistance a told not be thrown away upon a a a Well i till to not a replied the Cobbler. A a Good Deal of that notion myself a honesty Industry and Good humor rues in our family but somehow or other poverty insists on being a Rel Alivio As Well As Tho others and Slicks to is like u suppose now a Tudd Tho Dean a that i lend you the sum of ten Pound to buy Loath or and commence shot nuking will von prom Iso. To inv moot 1 a a Rale of Haft a Crown n week a wept a a i a no to ii for it at. ,.bul resolved to have u paper. Bushel t at lie never cloy 011 Bagas and i conceive tic i to is the Only Root that tiv for raising to feed. All Ulock like them. A a Well then a said Tho wean open i think them Worth More t Tun to a Oes Gay , a there Aru ten pounds for. The present time a replied the Cobbler a i 1 you la Liefl ill keep e b a i a a Well then a said Tho Dean Opuni. Itis pocket Book a there arc ten pounds a. The Bushel As they never sour is potatoes which i give trusting you will make Tho Tribune and taking a paper from Bis do while four Bushel of Hamas Aro us easily a Roii use pocket All dirty and torn a a Gont Loignon a raised As orc of 3 u y0u Are Dane said the Cobbler pc la a i intended to Road my speech to. ?. A .s.i.i.�o. 1. I a 1___1.1 from Liu Mut a adult the fourteenth. Three gentlemen in one Ono of the freq enters of the palais Roy no then culled Tho palais Cardinal was Raynn a Man of letters and remarkable for Bis absence of Nind. The Cardinal used to be highly amused at the scrapes into which teds Quality him and Tho practical jokes of which it made him Tho victim. Tho Day to was received into Tho Academy All Paris was assembled to Hoar Tho address it was usual to Hoar on such occasions lie mounts tin Cost or ignorance or. D. Keep a miserable coarse winded Hock of sheep Par-1 cutting but two to three to the fleece because does not know that a Fine Wool de sheep yielding a fleece of twice that weight costs but Little More in the keeping than the natives. He keeps Only native cows nine makes no selection even of these because Doe not know that rows yielding twice a elicit cheese and butter Are a a for no other Man would do Sultan act As a i . Replied the Dean a and will further befriend Yon if you deserve now Good Bye and be a easy your Leveretter a replied the Cobbler. A i can to part from you that Down to my cellar you must Como till Nelly and the Childr sees you or i give up the Money. Its the Honor of Tho thing i look log and besides i have a duty to easily Kepi a those that now Stock his farm. A discharge. Come your reverence done this stye 1 filled with Long nosed raw Bon be ashamed it la be no longer a cellar de porkers because Lias never heard of 1 while you in it but a charming room Suffolk pigs or if so does not know where and for the Saino Raison you must get draw or How to procure Agrie ult risk. A Quot a agriculture like the Leader of Israel strikes Leto Rock the Waters flow and the famished people Are satisfied. Miscellaneous. From the Dublin nation. Dean Swift and the Cobbler. In happened that the Dean was Ono Day passing through Patrick close when espied a Cobbler haul at work in his stall. Poor Crispin though half naked was singing away Litt a Lark and hammering at the Teclof an old shoe with an App meet lightness of heart that astonished the Dean when contemplated the merry wretch a obvious min Ery. A a Friend a said the Dean pausing in his walk at tie stall and addressing him a you teem to to very poor but then you seem to be very a a its not Riith sir a replied the Cobbler a a i sin gitis for the children in the cellar How is that a asked Tho Dean a i done to understand a a Why. Sir a said the Man a whenever the poor tiling Are hungry and have nothing to eat i sing droll songs for hem in order to make them forget the a a what family have you a a a not Many sir Only twelve or thirteen or so but please a Oil Hicie s a Good Timu Corning a Nelly sir has her gifts and Between you Anil me i a valuable subject to her majesty As for myself god help Ine a at Egault air loan otherwise Bare and Comfort a what orator Ever forget Tho Ira per less room. Most of Tho work we shall de Lions got in natures grand Cathedral scribe can be done by the female of the a be Forest of the lessons in the stones or times Ehold and we Are sure will afford running Brook that were familiar to Litsjo much More pleasure mid Comfort Liun the Youl Titus rambles the mind becomes no-Call.1 a a ornamental a worsted Woik bed j deeply imbued by Tho a Cenes last line to it quilt piecing amp a. And in almost Ovey Early life. It those scenes Tepee Sony 110 family hero is mechanical ingenuity enough Lence and vice the Homo and habits id ban among the boy if not among the girls to �?~b�?T1. A Al i Roe looters the crop of ideas do the sawing and nailing. Which loll Oil will to Likely to partake of the Parrel chair is a very easy and Tho character of those scenes. Out Hooth comfortable As Well As cheat and or Etta hand if the Home of the Farmer is sur a eat. Barrel the barrel Anil leavin in undo chair. W., it Avivm Uniti 1 -7 a. Nail it firmly on tie seat make a Cushion Aliffi iffy the tire Solo the pulpit tie bar Ori a of there be such a Prospect sir a Reto rest upon this and if the barrel is Largo chamber in maturer life and awake be it a i have not been Able to in others a higher appreciation of the Beau cab a a a a Muse of it yet but i suppose you Tifal. 1 have heard the proverb of our Trade a Ira i Here i a Tasie for the Hen Utill in Ever it ouch a Bubbler Ali Vava a cultivated Nind. Ibe Farmer shows 11 to Pruvy it it Isu bail one a observed when turns out his Noble pair cd do it a. , a and a trikes at the very Root of on or his Jersey Hoiles to the wondering gaze of Liis neighbor or Points out the Al does no to touch meat All event a for Graceful curve of in bolts Ltd plow Hure no i we a a usury Goe i a pattern to the or the exact line olins recently turned neighbourhood but unfortunately Tho hard furrows. I wife and daughter Manifest j work the poorer i get. However we their taste for the Beautiful in the neat Ian one Comfort which i that there a a Lawn 10 by so feet in front of the House in a a or a or a before us and that we Are pret groups of Maples and a relics the shrubs p Irolli 0urelve for and lower and the Noble Elm standing in j a a w a in a a Insko ,j10 p Ean the Centre As the presiding Genius of the Why sir failing and prayer Are the whole. A few Flowers in the window a jmj a a of working out our Rose Bush under it or the a Pelom or big True indeed we Haven t time to Pray Nonie Over the porch attract and Gladden Muc to tit to make it up in Tho fasting a the heart of the traveller so that goes on u a it Ruvvo , j a aunt fast and i Way with kindly thought of i own few nil4 and of that Home where saw the evidence of a love for the Beautiful. Then where there is land enough Why not extend these ideas and let them expand Over enough to allow it Cushion the Hack also by tacking on Sheet of Cotton batting which Cost but a Trille at any of the stores or Stu fing with any other cheap material. Now cover the entire chair with worsted stuff glazed furniture Calico or anything else convenient and cover the edges with Cord Gimp raid or even a narrow band of the same. A simple lounge can be made by taking a Broad thick Plank strengthen aug it by nailing on Ero piece underneath and inserting four Short leg add a Cushion fillet with any material you wish and mid a Valance of the same to conceal Tho a Hack and either inc or two ends May be added if desired by nailing on Board and cushioning them like Tho oat. A cat heals Trail Many of Yon know How to make. Take four tiek about four Leet Long and three inches Square Boro an Inch Hole through the Middle of each and put a round stick six loot Long through and pin through the ends arrange these like the four leg of a saw Horn a then to form the a several acres and Call them a Patk where hides connect the head Ami foot posts by nailing a toil or strip of Board on to their to take a Piloo of lugging six feet by four stretch it across Nail it Liri uly on to the Ide piece. To strengthen Ali intake a narrow head Board Nail on a Small Rod at a Sach end and bore holes in the Side pieces at the head to receive them. By tiding this head Board out tie Bedstead can at any the Best sheep and cow and calve May Graze a and w hich will afford equal profit with and other acre on the Friend Inay visit and cd Ilia Ren store tip unnumbered ideas of the us ii and the eau Laiful. It May urged tha there i no Call for the farm Ato Plant Forest tree and Fum Park either to please Eye or As a pro time to folded together and Laid aside if not 1 Lection from Sun and wind. But the Dubiec wanted. Lion would be without Furce in thousands of a convenient seat for children or Lor the cases. A Baleful a a spirit of Utility a aspire Garden 1 made like a cot Bedstead with the a without foresight or judgment has swept head Boa id omitted. The Atoka for the seat a a y a of cleats in the land. The a a Cap should to one foot Long to those tor the legs Loline Hill at Ashington a covered one foot a in inches Long. Bind a bit of car with Noble and Majestic Oak when wlm Peling for the seat. These Are so Light Inion planned the cite and when the Foint and 0 easily folded Ami carried about with dal Ion of the l Capitol were begun. But one hand of to be very convenient. Ruthless hands were Laid upon them and. Hanging Hook shelves Are another article with Blind Fatu Ity one alter another their. R r., a a. 1 a. 1.11. 1 i. .i., i of How thought the Dean a this is n character i must try him a Little what did you mean by saying the harder you work the to Roger you gel a a a nothing s plainer air Iny family a growing up. And Tho employment goes Down you May understand me without a a a Well then a said the Dean a suppose a Friend were to enable Yuu to Lay in a Quantity of leather Ami All Tho acc Essiy materials for making shoe let me ask could you make them a a a a could Dane swill write a Ballad a Eye people of in Elaml Bah country mid City a a Ine listen Witti Misc not Hiitt hour out my duty at tin Tuno i la Hoim to tie Wiser than witty. Whit i Noti Ody deny. A a to Ltd bless the Dean at any Rato a by putting Down Wood Ulm i Halfpence lie a Aveil me from bankruptcy i a humid have i my Doorn treatment brides i have Ould custom of the country to the Dean whose end Ivity was excited to know More about a Man whom lie looked upon a an original suffered himself to be prevailed upon Ami descended into Tho cellar. After the Cobbler had introduced Nelly and the Dean to each other whispered to the Fanner into whose hand thrust the ten Poumal Tinto and in a few minutes she returned with a bottle of Claret a a what this a exclaimed the a do you expect Ine to drink with you a a a we have an Ould Ami holy cd town in ill is country a replied the Cobbler a that the Man who gets Tho Wicy always it to is the trates to rattle you see sir nothing prospers when its not the Dean received a Glass and drank to his Prosperity after which to turned his Steps homeward considerably unused and not a Little mystified by the rather eccentric conduct of the Crispin. Before went however enjoined him to come to the Deanery every saturday at a t appointed hour to pay him his weekly instal ment of half a Crown. Accordingly Wlton the Day and hour Ramo presented Liim Elfont the Hall door staling that wished to see the Dean upon business. A a you you Raseal a returned Tho servant a have you Tito Assurance to suppose that a. Swift Cofeld have any business with you unless through the a a i come by i own appointment a replied the Cobbler a and it1 not unlikely if you refuse to bring the message that you May find a Slippery atone at his door. You might to know him i think. His reverence took a Glass of Claret with to Thi Day week in my own place. If you know who the Dean is remember you done to know who i .�?� with a Omo difficulty Tho Man went up delivered his message when much loins Surprise the Dean immediately desired the Man to be shown up to the drawing room where happened to silting. A a Well a said the Dean a i no glad to find that you tue Likely to be punctual in your a a sir a resumed the Cobbler a you will find into herons regularly As saturday comes. There a the first a a that is very right a said the Dean a incl lying like punctuality and the Dean who was Reading then resumed his Book feeling naturally certain tinl the Man now that the of unit Between them had been transacted would of course have gone about i business but in this was mistaken for the Cobbler held his ground. A a l Ray Why do you wait a asked the Dean at length a Shavo you not paid Tho Rno Nev a a a no doubt of that in a replied the Cobbler a Bill you cannot forget the old custom of Tho country the Man that gets Tho icy always gins Tho trate a a a a or. A exclaimed the Dean a you shall Havo it a Ami As spoke lie rang the Bell. A a John a said when the servant entered a give this Man a Glass of a a sir a said Tho Cobbler in Rolv a i though but a poor Man got you a bottle of Claret and you who arc a Rich one offer 1 expect sir to to a Glass of Whit key gel As Good a i a a and you shall Loo a replied Tho Dean a John give that Man a it ule of now sir i understand you a added a a bottle or can act is Worth four shillings and your weekly a nit Ulmet is Only half a Crown i a begone you Rascal and never let me you but unluckily tny greyhound got hold of it Here it is you Sec condition a Ninke w hat Uso you can of it for i done to know it by heart and Havo no Altero lived in Riris an ancient to Nikon Marie to jars Demois Ollo do Gournay. Site a born in 1505, and it the period to we tilt Tho anecdote Luton was about so cuty year old. Inn Short inc Doto of iter life written by Hor self. Hilo says that at Tho Ngo of Nineteen having Road montaigne essays Showns seized with the greatest Disiro to Baccomo acquainted with Tho author so Whon montaigne came to Paris to sent a message to him expressing iter admiration of himself and ids Book. The same Day to paid her a visit to thank her for Hor partiality and they immedi Toly Scro on such term of affection that Scio culled him father and to called her daughter. Tho do Nio isello do Gournay was an author and had published a Hook in Tho Stylo of Tho time which was thought to Surji uss in pathos everything that bad Licen written it was called l ombre de la demoiselle de Fourmy. According to Tho custom then in Vogue. She presented her Hook to Tho distinguished literary men of Paris and among others to Raynn. Whon Tho Hook was brought two of his Friend do Bud and i Rundo Scro with him a Ila fluttered by this attention said to should Call on the fair lady Tho next Day it three of clock. This declaration a not lot on Bis companion Alto thought they would Itsvo Somo fun from it. The next Day it Ono of clock do Buril Knock at Tho door of Tho demo Incillo do Gournay. Her companion Mademoiselle a iii open it. De Bueil wish to Soo the mistress of Tho House. Sho toll mad Otoi Kollo do Gournay who was in her closet writing poetry that a Man ins called to Soo her. A a what is his Namo a a a lie did not Tell a a How Doc lie look a a a a Well looking Man thirty or thirty five years old and has Tho air of Otto accustomed to Good a a ask Hitu up. Tho thought i was Pur suing is a Good Ono but it May return and Tho Cavalier May As Sho finished her monologue to on tired. A a Monsieur i Havo admitted you on a Mill s report of your appearance without asking who you no. Llano Tho goodness to Tell to your a a my name undo Moisello is la demoiselle do Gournay who know Racan Only by Namo was extremely civil and thanked him that Ono so Young and fashionable should trouble himself about poor old woman Liko Hor. I o boil who was a Man of wit made him Soll narc Carlo and who told diver diverting stories which entertained her to much that she called to Jamin to silence her cat that was mewing in the next room. After Turco Quartara of an hour s conversation which Tho Dormoi Sulla do Gournay declared was Tho most pleasant Sho Over had to took his leave overwhelming her with compliments for her Courtesy Liilo brio a enthusiastic in his in a Happy Irmo of mind was the in cont Maiden to pursue the thought in which Sho had been interrupted and which had Hoen frightened away. Sho returned to her study but had scarcely entered it when i Rande who watched Tho moment glided to her room. To opened Tho door of her Sanctuary and seeing Hor at work said a 11 1 Havo entered boldly but Tho illustrious author of la Umbra ought not to to treated As a common a a that compliment is Wall turned and i will inscribe it in my table but May i ask what procures Uio Tho Honor of this visit a a a Mademoiselle a said to Rondo a a i Canto to thank you for Tho look you Havo Dono to Tho Honor to present to �?� a a Monsieur a she replied a a i Havo not sent my Book to you in which i was wrong. I ought to have done so. Horn Jamin a ii ombre for this a a but permit nto to Tell you i Havo Ono already. To prove it in such a chapter i this passage a in that cd Upter Thia other saw a coarse Farmer Liko looking in a who. Without saying a word was panting and wiping his face. A Njamin a said Sho a a come Jamin ran to iter. A a did you Over too so ridiculous a figure ? a cried do Gournay keeping iter Eye fixed on Racan and breaking out into a loud laugh. A a Mademoiselle a says Racan Alto spoke in n thick Tono and could not pronounce or a dans Uit quilt do Heule be tons Deli a Minui Jesuit Venniti but just let to Tako a a then Monsieur at Tho end of Tho Quarter of an hour you Itsvo asked for you will at Long to inform to a lat occasion brought you to tny Kokum a it a a a replies Racan a a to thank Jirou for Lour see your fact again. I could afford to lend j011, nr0 Quot Pau or a a you ten pounds but i could not afford to to a Kkt <8,a8 a ask of. Repaid upon your own principle a a i a a certainly and hero the tradition however goes on to say is exceedingly Gratifying to to who reads All Tho now i own verse which 1 Aro Sonto of tny Happy to offer in a a what present 1 a a a your l a a my v ombre a says Mademoiselle de Goutney who began to comp Forend the language Racan spoke. A a certainly for your a a Jamin Snye undo Moisello do Gournay a Sun deceive this poor Man. I have sent my Book to no Ono out to Monsieur de male orb and to did not deserve it for i unfair criticism on my writings and to Monsieur Racan who has just left �?� a a who has just left you a cried Raynn. I ant a you Aro Latan i did not say Latant i said Tho unlucky poet made Infinito of flirts to Tell his name which a composed of five letters two of which to could not pronounce which to so strenuously distorted that undo Moisello do Gournay Tut unsuccessful in Hor attempts to comprehend it. Becoming impatient a i o you know How to write ? a i o i know How to write site Sais Etc Ilef give to a Pon and you shall a a Jamin give Tho gun Loman a in ruin obeyed a gave a pen to Tho Munfor Tunuto visitor who wrote a legibly As possible in a Large band. Racan. A a rican a cried Jamin. A a Raynn Racan a repeated Mademoiselle do Gournay. A a i Atn How Suid Racan enchanted at i Teitt understood and supposing i Tion would now be different. Quot look it Litin Jamin is to not a pretty fellow to Tako that Namo f Quot and mailed ii Hollo do Gournay been to very the other two a said Sho a a were at least Ami Ilc and no Casino hut Thi fellow i a miserable a a Mademoiselle Mademoiselle you at Nizo to Pray Tell to what you to Ieiri a 1 mean that you Aro Tho third Monsieur Racan who Lias presented himself hero a a i know nothing of Tho others but i know i Tho True a a i done to know who you arc a replied Mademoiselle do Gournay a a hut i know you arc Tho greatest Blockhead of Tho Throe and 1 will Fullor no such trick to to played on to. Do you Hoar sir a saying this in an ii Putint tone Sho Rose from her scat and with a lofty wave of Tho hand motioned hit to depart. In this extremity Racan takes from his pocket Ono of his Book and presenting it a a Mademoiselle a said a i the rout Latan and to Provo it Tako this Book and i will repeat Tho verse from beginning to a a then sir you Havo Stolon Tho verses of Victir Racan As you Liuro his name a and i Declaro if you do not Olavo Tho House this instant i will Call for assistance a a but Mado Moisello a a a a Jamin cry out Tau did not wait for Tho result hut flying to Tho staircase pcs Condid with the swiftness of an Arrow. The Saino Day mad of Moisello do Gournay Learned Tho whole Story. Judge of her mortification when Sho found Sho had driven from Hor House the Only Ono of Tho Turco roams who was the Truo Ono. Tho next morning Sho borrowed Carrigo and drove directly to. Do Bol Ingardo s where Rutan live. To was still in bed and Aslop but Tho poor lady was in such Basto to make her of Cusco to n Man whom Sho Osto Omed so highly that without listening to his Valet de Chambre Sho ran hurriedly to his room went Strait to his bed and lifted up Tho curtains. Racan started out of his so can and seeing Tho face of yesterday believed Slot was still pursuing him and leaping out of lied ran into his closet. Safe there and bolting Tho door to listened to what she said and in a few moments the whole off air was explained. Finding that Sho had not Como to renew Tho attack but to Mako excuses and with Tho kindest in tent ions to left his closet and from that Day Sho and Monsieur Racan were Tho bist friends in Tho world. Darkness for there is no age in heaven. Yet Why spout of a go in a Mournful Strain it is Beautiful honorable and Elo 3uent. Should to sigh it Tho proximity of eath when life and Tho world Itro so full of emptiness a Tat Tho old exult because they Are old if any must weep lot it by the Youn it St the Long succession of Caros that Are before them. Welcome Tho Snow for it is Tho Emblem of Poco and rest. It is but a temporary Crown which shall fall at the Gates of i Madiso to be replaced by a brighter and a better. A Beautiful Story the most Beautiful and affecting incident to know associated with a Shipwreck is the following Tho in Vonor and kist Indian homeward bound docs ashore on Tho coast of co Fraria. It is resolved that Tho of amp cers passengers and Crow in number one Hundred and thirty five soul shall Endeavor to Ponce rate on foot across trackless deserts invested by wild boosts and cruet Savages to Tho dutch settlement it Tho Capo of Good Hope. With this forlorn of oct before them they finally separate into two purties never Moro to meet on Eurth. There is a solitary child among Tho passengers a Little boy of seven years old who has no relation there and when Tho first party is me ving Uway to cries after Somo member of it who has been very kind to him. Tito crying of a child might supposed to to a Little tiling to men in such great extremity but it touches them and lie is immediately taken into Eliut detachment from Viteli Lime Forth this child is sublimely Mado a sacred charge. He is Pusl Iod on a Little raft across Broad Rivers by Tho swimming sailors they carry him by turn through the deep Sand and Long gnus patiently walking at All other times they share with him such putrid fish As they find to oat they lio Down and wait for him when Tho rough Carpenter who it come Especial i Riund lag it Hind. Beset by lion and tigers by thirst and hunger by death in a crowd of ghastly shapes Almy never of father of All Mankind thy injun lie blessed for it a forgot Thi child. Timi Cip Taio a tops exhausted and his faithful coxswain goo Hack and is on to set Down by i Side and neither of Tho two Hall to Uny Intro beheld until Tho great last Day hut As tie rest go on for their lives they take Tho child with them. Tho Carpenter lies of poisonous berries eaten �11 starvation and the Steward succeeding to Tho command of Tho party succeeds to Tho sacred guardianship of the Clil 1. God know nil to does for Tho poor Hay. 1 to cheerfully carries Inin in his arms Wlter himself is wok and a ii How to feed hit when to Htiu Solf i griped with want How lio folds his rag got jacket around him lays his Little Wiffin Fuco with n woman tenderness upon his Hun Hurnt liver in soothes him in his sufferings rings to to him us to Lints along unmindful of his own parched and blocking feet. Divided fir u few Days from Tho rest they dig a grave in the Sand and Bury their Good Friend the Cooner Luis two companions alone in the wilderness and Lito Tuno comes Whon Lioy Aro both ill mid tag their wretched partner in despair reduced and few in Numar now to Wail by them Ono Day. They wait by them one Day Lioy wait by them two Days. On the morning of Tho third Lioy novo very softly about in making their preparations for tint resumption of their journey for the child is sleeping by Tho fire and it is agreed with Ono consent that to shall not to disturbed until Tho last to Mont. The moment comes Tho fire i dying and Tho child is dead. His faithful Friend Tho Steward lingers hut a Little while behind him. His grief is Groat. He staggers on for a of Days Down in the wilderness and Dies. But to shall to reunited in his immortal spirit who can doubt it a with the child whore to and Tho poor Carpenter shall to raised up with Tho words a Insomuch a to it Avo Dono it unto Tho least of those to Havo done it in to �?� ill a a a via it n Uji a of Lily. Go 11? 1 1 ,11 1 i 11 n. That the Cobbler whose name to think 1 exch no of t or your took. Com ii my a tall Only for him. But a filter we Park my a but these Verneca a 10 ancient do �?�1 a no Bicsi n 0�ip0f a. Oro by Monsieur a a 1 Atu Monsieur Racan himself at your All to of a Good berth of it. A a what berth a asked the other. Man Ntuli punctually paid the Money in Ell cd ill the dust that Hundred year 1 of furniture easily made and very comen towering head were Leve want. For a mall size take three planed cd now it will require a Board one fourth of an Inch thick let the together with a Liberal portion of the trem largest shelf be about 30 inches Long by ure of the nation to remedy the evil. So n wide the others each one Inch narrower on most of our late no the Beautiful Forest and two inches Shorter than the one below Trees were All where the buildings were it. If convenient paint or Oil and varnish to be erected and in their Vicinity leaving them. Bore a Gimlet Hole in each of the it open Bleak and fully exp red to the four Corners take a Stout Cord and a. It a of the Clements mul this u Tho Situ Down through one Hole in each shelf taking Alion of thousand of our new England Caro that it is at the same Corner of each homesteads now. I there not then Good Theu Pas it through the remaining holes in in to introduce about these Homestead the same end. Making a knot in Tho Cord something More of the useful and Beautiful under each Stielf for it to to upon. Pass t. Tamer. A Cord through the other end in the same a manner and tie the four ends of the Cordor Tho september number of Tho altogether a foot and a half above the upper. A a. A a shelf and hang it up. A cultivator has the following commune to make a pork stantly both Light and or cation from a correspondent which show Pamental procure from a Carpenter in exp Ilio comparative results of his Experiment a a and another the same size of one Inch which w8 a a fur who perusal of Somo of Plank for the lop. Bore an Inch and a our sufi Fumi a friends Alf Hole in the a enter of each into which j ? occasion a few years Sinco to insert s pot for a Standard Long enough to a or 0f oxen and having a lot my Kythe whole Tho height or a common Cru Ixia a on hand i tried the following table. And cover thu whole with furniture i commenced in december a a Why .1 pet of sol. For ral ?,"7h� k us i h.,1 my at the Lime bal Hull �.oc&Quot Quot a a a a nil iuppo.3 3 i a 1 Ter to him. And scruples mgt a to Aid him with a stopped my promotion. However ,. A Isno Annii. Quot a it 1 i ,. Both his Pine and counsel until had Tim May care for that i can Hammer Tho Leah to . A in. .&Quot �, nut satisfaction Ofstein ins witty protege an or still it the work would Only come in. A the Halfpence ate i omit a the nations in doing to rvs min my of your ploughing your hiking mar Cwicig in Short you ii us Lull it to wreck mul to ruin which Norm qty Onu the Dean began to feel More than amusement in id Chat with the merry and after some further conversation Independent and Man. Service. A a Monsieur you arc laughing it a a i Mademoiselle i laugh it Tho daughter of Tho great montaigne it that heroine of Jio etry of whom Lipsius has said vide Antis ii jul sit Pintura Isla Virgo and the Young a Heinsius Lusa Virgo concurred Rev Iris it some year ago a lady noticing n san Matt Supra neighbor who was not in her seat at Church j a a very Well very Well a say the do one Sabbath called 011 her return Homo,1 Moisello de gait any delighted Taymond cd to inquire what should detain so punctual pression by this Avalanche of Praise. To Cobbler in attendant. Ott entering the House a who has just gone away was making sport an said,1 found the family Busy at work. Sho was of me or perhaps it is you but is of no. I1 a dremel a a a a a a a a Well now you comical rogue do you Surpri cd when iter Friend a Dirc red her know Dean swill a j a Why la where Havo you Taon to Day a a not by person sir that a u pleasure 1-------� a c.1�? i a a a that a before me yet but i know him Well by a a what do you know taut him a asked Tho Ivan. Consequence the Young will always to at their pranks with the old and either Way i Atn Happy to Havo met with two gentlemen so elegant and but it was not the intention of Virando to let i visit pass a a jest and at the end of Turco quarters of an hour departed dressed up in your sunday clothes a a a to meeting a a a Why what Day is �1�?� a a Sabbath Day a a a Sal Stop washing in a Minuto Sab Why that lies a True Friend to Ireland Bath Dav Well i did not know for my 1 leaving later fully persuaded that this time and her people and an enemy to All Opp ret husband has got so plague stingy to won t she had had an interview with the veritable Tho Page cry now and to know Ito Lhing. Author of surgeries. Scarcely a out a both High men Ami Low Tura Aud thick men Well who preached a of sight when Tho real Racan makes his Snel tall men Nyji Taranco. To door was open. As Aud Neh Uicon. Mint poor men and tree men a a what did be preach about a via of Little troubled with to of Latina. To , in i i in i -�?�.Sutof to a the nov a hrs a a , a a Why i lio dead Well nil Boston himself into an Nam chair. At the not so Winch now la deny a might to dead and to know nothing about 1 made Mademoiselle do go May who was the Snow of age to Havo just stumbled upon Tho following pretty piece of Nio sinc lying amid a Multi tudo of those less attractive a a no Snow Falls lighter than thu Snow of ago hut Amotio is heavier for timer Tho Figuro is by no Means Navel but Tho closing part of the sentence is now a Well a emphatic. Tho scripture represents ago by Tho Almond tree which bears blossoms of the purest White. A a Hie Almond treo shall flourish a a a the head shall to hoary. Dickens says of Ono of his characters whose half a turning Grey that it looked As if Pitnu Hud lightly flashed itis snows upon it in passing a a it Novor Molt a a no never. Ago inexorable in wheels must Movo Onward they know nut any Reti Gonido the old Mau May sit and sing a a i would i were a Hoy again a hut to grows older Asho sings. To May read of Tho elixir of youth hut to cannot find it lie Inay sigh for Tho secret of Tho Alchemy which is Ahlo to make him Young again but sighing bring it not. Lie May gaze backward with an Eye of Long ing upon Tho Rosy schemes of curly year but As Ono who Gazus on his Homo Roth the deck of a departing ship every moment carrying him further and further l Oor old Titan has Little Moreto do than Dio. A a it never Tho Snow of Winter comes and shed its Whito Blossom upon tie Valley and Mountain but soon the Sweet Spring follows and smiles it nil a Quot by not so with that upon the brow of the tottering Veteran there is no Spring who a warmth can penetrate its eternal Frost. In came to a tny its single Llanos fell Nunn Tioco Aud now it is drilled there. Stull see it increase until we Lay the old Mao in itis grave there it shall to absorbed by to oter Ali the mental faculties. 1. The perceptive faculties Are those by which to Becot no Acon mute with the existence and qualities of the external world. 2. Consciousness is the faculty by which we become cognizant of the operations of our own minds. 3. Original suggestion is lie faculty by which gives Rio to original , occasioned by to perceptive faculties or consciousness. 4. Abstraction is the faculty by which from conceptions of individual we form conceptions of Jettora and species or in general of classes. 5. Memory i Tho faculty by which in retain and recall our knowledge of the a it at. C. He attn i that faculty by which from the us of of the knowledge obtained by the other faculties we no eur bled to proceed to other and original knowledge. 7. Imagination is that faculty by which from materials already existing in thu Riml to form complicated conceptions or mental image no conling to our own will. 8. Taste is Sun civility by Winch to recognize thu beauties and deformities of nature or Art deriving pleasure finn the one Aud suffering pain from thu or. Iva land Norw a Oitker Coin. The now cent a cow will in issued from the mint in tie Rise of u few Days. They Are consider shy smaller than Tho old cent piece and form a really to Dutiful and attractive Copper Coin. On Ono Sido is Tho Load of Liberty Sod the thirteen stars Taing omitted Tho surf co is Plain and Milf shed. The revene is tie Sain in design As Tho old Cunt hut a brighter and much More finished. There u a certain amount of Alloy mix with the copier and the perfection of to die Givus i a Tho Coin n finish Ami elegance that has never heretofore Tacu attained in our Repper coinage. Thu new Coin will to universally welcomed a a needed and creditable Impi movement. The duct inc or okd icing. Thoreau Linion unquestionably when pills Are Good thing but generally Pillow Are butter. Are of opinion that the former Havo often got not a Little credit which fitly belonged to thu latter. When a Man is it the doctor Tell him logo to Bod and be contented probably to gives him n Little Lattu of physic but Quint a recumbent posture and temporary abstinence ant in vory Mustur Casus the successful remedial agent after All. Giving pills is the Way the doctor has of turning the key upon his a Niimi keeping him at Home establishing healthful bodily functions and opening his mind to Good ail Vico

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