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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Dec 14 1855, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - December 14, 1855, Biddeford, MaineLodis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. A internal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of Man.1 Jef Teison. Biddeford Maine Friday december 14, 1 855. 3= f 1 to volume 50. Union and Eastern journal. To Taim and Barri a Mimi to Mhz mrs at to. I. Oat Fml incl Asp atm us Mitil Sorrl Una. Tonaax0o Par Umb or 1w if paid Anh la Una Amaua for a us urn of . Mafia 4aa 4 my. It Palmar us Jua Artaza Nava Papac apart la Ika Saljr aau Tauau i mar Totua paper u Toca culpa of Turk Sualoa Aad Buai Puia i Leitl i i Aasc a pfc 1 Toca a a Talca ? a. 11 Oak far. To Twat Lull Ilaga Catalaa vib 4 us t Hui inc x. W. My third us Marcus Watson Printer. Sigri cultural. Farm work for december. Tho first Winter month commence to Day. Col j a Cember Cornea u it always does before we Are quite ready to bid it is Levass. Soma of Tom roots Are till a the Grood and there boy Muat lie till Spring unless we have a Libaw. The Days Are now shortest kind and not mob can be Dona by the Farmer or the Mechanic Una sea Ibey Tise Early and Continuo their labor till late in evening. Some Farmers have Corn pulled in their barns to be hosted in the Winter evenings when nothing better can be done. Many Farmers have Learned How to Peg shoes and they obtain through the Winter better wages than formers can afford to pay. Thia a All Well. Labourer who have been employed through the Winter Are much bet Able to perform through the summer than such As have been Idle in the Winter months. We would caution our friends against hiring through the summer any Man who had been Idle through the Winter. Cattle must have something to eat whether or not the Fields Are Able to yield any support. We hire had a favourable month now past and we have hop a that we May have u Supply of fodder for Winter consumption though Hay seems to be scarce if we took at the prices which Are obtained in the markets. Potatoes an j other Roou Nave Yie Taeu Well Ami these with the Corn fix filor and Brook Meadow Hay must be relied on to Aid up in the wintering of Stock. Farmers will now be careful and waste none of their Means of feeding. It some times happens that we Are Short in the Prius when in the fall we thought we had an abundant Supply. On the contrary by prudent feeding and Good management we find Hay a the Market at lower Price i i april than in the previous december. If you tie up your cattle by the head see that they Are All fed and equally other Wise the Lucky one or m Uter cattle obtain mar thu la in Char. Us a m Derlinga of a suitable Supply for supper. Hired labourers sometimes neglect to shake no the Hay Loose before the cattle and every third animal is found Short of food. This u one reason Why cattle which run Loose through the Yard a Winter and eat trom the Racks c3ine out in better Condi Tion in the Spring than such As Are tied fast to a stanchion. Regularity in feeding g a All important in regard to All animals. If cattle Are left to Pine on half allowance and pig Are left to squeal for their breakfast and dinner the h go Price of pork Wal n t Avail the farm or he must borrow Money to pay his hired " help if that May be called kelp which Only help to squander his sustenance. Farmers look to your own concerns other Wise Yon will be pretty sure that they will be neglected. Let not a Sparrow fall with out your knowledge. Let not a cow go without milking because your leading hired my would rather have you buy milk in november than to be at the trouble of drawing it from the cows when the cold weather reduces Tho Quantity and when it is an easy matter to dry them up. I Ork brings a pries a me i nikkei and Why should it not ? Grain h u Boon High through the Teuton and pork cannot b Wall Fottos without it. Cunning Farmer have avoided keeping Breeding hogs on account of the Scarcity of rain. Now Thor fore they mail expect to pay a High Price for pigs. He of continue High and there Are not Many food to be spared. All kind of produce might be expected to Bear a High Price while More than a million of Warrior in Europe Are to be fed from the produce of the toil. Should the ground continue Bare the word Houi should be tilled by Farmer with the fallen limb and ships. And Apple tree trimming that will be wanted if they Are not pick i up. Even the Farmer May find much rubbish on his ground that is not fit for anything but the fire. Pick up the fragments and let nothing be ploughman. Cattle Bocc disc. U is stated in he London quarterly review that the it oct of sir Robert Peel s Tariff in a Leahing the duty on the introduction of live Stock into England in 1844, a to revolutionize the character of dutch and darned farm ing. Blore that event the put ree of the two of entries were chiefly devoted to Dairy Pur Paea but immediately after the Fanner began to Breed Stock Ami tur nips and mangle Wurtzel have been creep in Over Field where once the Dairy maid carried the milking the Jutland beef i described a being especially Savory and some of the animals sent to England by the dines Are acknowledged to be Amaal to the Durham Short Horna. The Amer i can Are said to be the beet Cua Tomera of great Britain for fancy specimen a of Slock and the Proea we pay them for bulls Are deep ribbed As fabulous by the reviewer who Inata Noea a in Point the fact that an american rave last year a thousand pounds for the celebrated Boll bred by Earl Ducie which by the Way unfortunately broke its neck in the a arajs out and that for an other from the Sasse breeder six Hundred Poa ods bad been paid. Ram mom the rooms. In oar climate when rain water is Moat needed for Wash ing for cattle and for watering plants it is not to a had. There is a sufficient Quantity Falls however unless in seasons of sex ireme drug to to give every Farmer a full Supply if he had the proper reservoirs for holding it. The a May be made much More readily and cheaply than most peo ple believe they can be. On any soil but a very Sandy one the Earth May be removed nod the sides and Bottom cemented without Brick or Stone and the top covered with Chestnut Plank and any amount of rain water preserved. If slanted outward half an Inch to one Inch to each foot in height and Well cemented a Cistern will last for Many years. Such cisterns would be a matter of Economy to May of oar Farmers. We find a paragraph a the papers which has suggested these remarks stating that every melt of rain that Falls on a roof Tuuu two barrels to every space feet Square and seventy two barrels Are yielded by the annual rain in this climate on a similar sur face. A barn thirty by forty feet yields annually eighth Hundred and sixty four barrels this is enough for More than two barrels a Day for every Day in the year. Many of our landlords have at least five times that am Oaut of roofing on their dwellings and other buildings yielding annually More than four thousand barrels of rain water or about twelve barrel or about one Hun dred and fifty Ordinary pail fulls daily. Kip nine or cars no fact in fruit Cul Ture is cow More clearly established than that Pear Are better perfected by being lacked when they have stopped growing Ami by being placed in a dark Cloet or drawer in the House. Some Varie ties of wars pronounced inferior if not worthless As ripened on the tree Are found to be a loge her Uno her fruit when ripened in the House to different and Superior is not to be recognised As the same varieties. I elusive cultivators have Large closets tit with numerous shelves for this sole Pur pose at a late meeting of the n. Y. Horticultural society Austin i inner exhibited i Lish of finely ripened b Artlett pears All of them remarkable for a very Brilliant red Cheek. He remarked that when gathered the a i color of those specimens was scarcely Terue Tible and that it was mainly owing to maturing them in the dark. 1. I Tarry had found that the Bartlett oven when gathered before fully grown to Ripen Well a thu dark and to acquire a flavor fully equal to that attained by specimens gathered later. He had found shallow boxes containing not More than three layers of fruit Vor convenient for this purpose. Tho temperature should be 56" to co fur secur ing the very Best Quality if Wanner they would mature sooner but at the expense of flavor. He regarded the subject As one of great importance inasmuch As the flavor of Winter pears depend still More upon the ripening process. H. E. Hooker had found that caution was needed that the fruit does not receive a taint from the Wood of the Box or drawer in such close confinement and that open shelves would be better. Clump foot in Cabin go. At the request of i. Julius Chapman Simsbury ct., who makes inquiry for a preventive against the Banbury fingers and toes or More properly Clamp foot on cabbage roots i will give Hin my experience fur forty years during which time 1 have never know a Plant the least affected by it. When you sow your cabbage bed add half a Bushel of dry in leached ashes to 6 feet Square of land and incorporate it Well with the Earth when you set them add a tablespoonful of ashes to each Hole cover them Over with Earth that the tender Plant May not come too readily in Contact with the ashes and be assure you will not he troubled with clump foot cabbages but will Realise a re turn equal to your expectations. Country gent Man. Buck Wiit porridge. Take a quart of Rich milk and after boiling it hard air in As much buckwheat meal As will make it of the consistency of thick Mush adding one teaspoonful of Salt and a table spoonful of Izreah butter. In five minute after it is thick enough to Uke it from the fire. If the milk is boiling hard and continues to boil while the meal is being stirred in very Little More cooking will be required. It should be placed on the table hot and eaten with Blu Mil Collar or with Molus and Batter. This is sometimes called a tire minute pudding it is excellent for children As a Plain dessert or for supper. Some add a seasoning of Ginger or grated Nutmeg before sending it to the table. By oxen Aro much better in Many respects for working Luau horses. They Cost much Les in the Tirol instance and Are therefore Moie within the reach of men of moderate Means. They Are lets 1 table to disease and if an Accident occurs which Dis Ables labor they May be converted in o food. The of will eat less food and of a coarser kind than the horse a id needs ires attention in order to thrive. He will work in localities impossible for the horse and go Forward patiently with labors which would chafe the other into Otter Julty. Z7 pumpkins May be kept in the aame Inonu to Kuhn but Whan designed for lock feeding Mora room u required. A very Good plan it to Pat them into a Hay mow or other dry receptacle and pack them Well in Straw thoroughly dry. In Iii Way a Hundred Load May be got together and the Straw Wilt protect them perfectly from front. They make first rate Winter feed for Stock to say nothing of " pump Kin Boito soca Apple. Wash Well the apples piece them in a pan Pear in a cupful of water and one of Sug a bake them slowly till done. Eat them with Cream and the juice which Cooks from them. Pol lbt us Lucs Plom takes. We have been presented with some specimens of very Tine Plum raised in Ila City. Until last season the Frait upon these tree was very imperfect owing to the ravage of the Curculio but for this season and the pact the fruit Baa been Good owing undoubtedly to the fact that poultry a been kept under the tree. It a an Experiment easily tried. Hartford courant. Baked so set apples. Wash Well the apples place hem in a pan with a very Little water that the juice May not barn if they Are to be cooked in a Brick oven then put the apples in ajar cover them Cloae Aad bake Tybera five or in hour. Sweet Apple should be baked Long after they a e tender. Mildew a one of the greats be of Green houses and All sorts of Plant strut vim. Tha following to by pm in tried in the House of the London horticultural society and it a thought will prove efficacious " Sulphur and Una lacked Lime put into a tub of water in which they Are quickly and intimately mixed and the tree and Planta syringe with the Clear liquid after these Subaru tics have settled at the �7 save the earliest and beat Aeed. Much depends on this. Our Summers Are not always Long enough Anil hot enough for the ripening of that invaluable top Indian Coin. We should therefore select the ear Liest ears and theae Are found in the Field. By selecting the earliest from year to year we gain a number of Day. Fly should you have a Field in Graa Sthal you wish to put in Corn next Spring spread thereon 10 to 13 Bui Liels of Lime per Aero. The limit should be slacked with Salt brine and spread As soon a slaked. Harrow the Lime. . From " the m a thanksgiving dinner. Elders tulle having preached the thanksgiving Sermon is invited to Dine with or. Maguire. Elder in files under Peculiar circumstances. " Koljer snit Flora lot a give you another piece o the " i m obliged to . Maguire you probably recollect that i remarked in my discourse this morning that individuals were too prone indulge in an excessive indulgence in creature Comfort on thank Lii Vinz occasions. To View of this lament Able fact that the sin of Gormand izing is carried to a sinful excess on this Day i As a preacher of the gospel deem it my duty to be unusually abstemious on such Occa Sions nevertheless considering the Peculiar circumstances under which i am place this Day i think i will waive objections Ami Tako another Small portion of the tur that s right elder what part will you take now v Well i m not particular a it melquan Tity of the breast with a part of a leg and Tome of the stuffing will be quite Suffi " pass the cranberries to elder suit Lles Jett elder help yourself wife give the elder some More o th6 turnip sos Aud to " thank you mrs. Maguire. I am an advocate for vegetable diet and Hare al 1 ways maintained that it is More congenial i to individuals of sedentary habit i and Intel Bertual pursuits like myself than animal i Jeff my son pass the bread. Sister Bedott Send your plate for some More o the Turkey no i m obliged to be i be had sufi i elder sniffles departs from his usual diet. " Jelt cat the Chicken pie sure enough1 most forgot that i was to carve the pie. Aunt Sally you la take a piece won t you 14 Well i Don t euro if i Dew take a Beetle mite on t. I m a great favorite of the Chick in pie always thought twas a delightful beverage Don t you elder sniffles v " a very just remark mrs. Bedott very indeed Chicken pie is truly n very Desira ble article of " Atuwo Maliot to my of in al thank you my Young Friend As i be fore remarked i am entirely opposed to an immoderate indulgence of the appetite it All times but particularly on thanksgiving occasions and am myself always some what abstemious. However i consider it my duty at the present time to depart to Home extent from the us i simplicity of my diet. I will therefore comply with your request and Pui take of the Chicken Kler cranberries it a very just remark or. Maguire they Are so nevertheless i maintain that we should not indulge to freely in oven the most who Omo of creature comforts How Ever since Yon desire it i will take a Small portion of the elder snip its Kas an add stomach. Husband Dew pass that pickled Tongue it Hain t been touched take some on t elder snitches. I m obliged to you mra. Manure i confess i am somewhat fearful of taking articles of that description upon Ray stomach As they Corsale a degree of acidity which is incompatible with digestion. Is it not so my Young Friend 1 you Are undoubtedly prepared to decide As you Are i believe pursuing the study of the medical i think Yoa Are altogether mistaken elder sniffles. To should always take a Doe pro portion of acid with oar food in order to preserve the equilibrium of the internal Economy and product that degree of Effer Rea Enoe which is necessary to healthy were i " exactly. Your View of Tho subject a too which Nerer truck to Beloro it seems a very just one. I Wil partake of the pickled Tongue in consideration of your 11 take a Alio on t sister Bedott. You atom to need some Tongue to Day you re Ono Ommon " what a Muai Oal Man you be brother Maloire but it Atri Koa to when a individual Hru an Opportunity ofhearin1 Intel lec Tible conversation they d better keep till and improve it. Ain t it to elder self flea1" a very just remark mrs. Lle Dott and one that has often occurred to my own " take Somo More of this Chicken pie elder " Riona a my Young Friend 1 will Lako nothing 41 what you Don t mean to give it up yet i Hope elder. " indeed or. Maguyre i assure i would rather not take anything More for As i to fore remarked i am decidedly opposed to excessive eating upon this elder sniffles oversteps Ike usual boundaries. Well then Well have Tho pies and pudding. Jell my son Fly round and help your mar change the plates. I la take the pudding Melissy you May tend to Tho pies. Jeff set on the cider. So Here s a Plum pudding it looks Nice i guess you re had Good Luck to Day wife. Sister Bedott you will have some on t to no i m 4 ble god to to. I be got author a headache to Day and Tho Plain pudding a Rich. I guess i la take a Small piece o the Pui Ikin " elder still Les you la by helped to some on t of Courso " indeed or. Maguire Ilio practice 01 indulging in article of this description after eating meat is esteemed highly Perni Cious and i inwardly protest against it furthermore it mrs. Bedott has very justly remarked Plum pudding is lick however considering the Peculiar circumstance of the occasion. I will for once overstep the boundaries which i have prescribed fur my am i to understand that you will have some or not a " i will partake in consideration of Timo and " Jem Meni wife this is Good pud Dib As i Ever elder Iii Jules partakes of pumpkin and mince pie " older sniffles will you take some o the pie Here u a Minoo pie mud put Kin " i will take a Small portion of Tho pump Kin pie if Yon please mrs. Maguire As 1 consider it highly nutritious but is re Gards mince pie it is an article which deem excessively deleterious to the Constitution inasmuch As it is composed of so great a variety of ingredients. I esteem it exceedingly difficult of digestion. Is it not so my Young Friend v " by no Means elder quite the contrary and the reason is obvious. Observe elder it is out into the most minute parti cles hence it naturally follows that being As it were completely calcined before it Entera Tho system it leaves so to speak no labor to be performed by the digestive or Gans and it is disposed of without the slightest difficulty a indeed your reasoning is quite new to me yet i confess it to be most satisfactory and Lucid. In consideration of its facility of digestion i will partake also of the mince al Der sniffles trunks Tirtel latter nutritious. " wife ill the elder a Glass " desist or. Maguire desist i entreat you i invariably set my Fuco like a Flint against the use of All intoxicating liquors As a " Jimmei you Don t mean to Call new cider intoxicating liquor i Hope. Why Man alive it s just male Hain t begun to " nevertheless i believe it to be Otreed singly i salubrious Jam detrimental to the system. Is not hat its nature my Young Friend 14 far from it elder far from it. Reflect a moment and you will readily perceive that being the pure juice of the Apple wholly tree from All Aloo Holio mixture it Kim my All the nutritive properties who fruit with the advantages of being in a More condensed form which at once rend Era it much More agreeable and facilitates very reasonable very reasonable in deed. Mrs. Maguire you May fill my " take another Alice of the padding elder " no More i m obliged to Yoa or. Maguire. " Well won t you be helped to some More of the Piel " Ixo More i India you or. We Gusij. " Bui you la take another Glass of cider won t you in consideration of Tho nutritious prop erties of new cider which your Ion by abundantly Adown to exist i will permit you to replenish my elder sniffles illustrates kit principles by example. " so you won t take nothing More elder 1" 14 nothing More my friends nothing More whatsoever for a i Hare several times remarked during the repast i am an individual if exceedingly abstemious habit endeavouring to enforce by example that which i so strenuously enjoin by Precept from the pulpit to wit Temperance in All " walk into the aiding room the Matsu and the mock acct Ionee. A Short time Auice the chief magistrate of one of our sister cities bad occasion with j delegation of his assistants in the City got. Ernt nent to Mil new York Apo Tome offi Cial a Eminem. During their stay the worthy mayor who by the Way Haa a fashion of sometimes to plainly a tiring himself that Lew Weald suppose him the chief Magis trate of a wealthy and aristocrat to oily stroll cd into a mock auction Storo where he was at once spotted As one having just the right proportion of Money and brains to make an excellent and profitable ease. Accordingly the Salo was re commenced with special Eye to his pocket and a watch a handsome Gold one with Chain etc., was quickly passed about from hand to hand among the assembled confederates until it reached the mayor who quietly bid $20, and found it knocked Down to him. " Pasait of Here sir a says the auctioneer 41 Pafk Ltd have a key and Caso fitted a Matt i Trout it Rojo Iovu crw Biem 111 Lake it As it is i guess. Jost Peom Uke your pay out of that band Fig up a fifty " and be careful what kind of change you give too.". The Knight of the Hanmer was obliged to Fork Over and to Aee mayor r walk out of his shop with the Decoy Walsh of the Plano one handed Over to look al and by no Means to carry off As when the " key " is fitted Walch and All Are changed and a " Brum Rny substituted Lor the one really bought his Purchase after his having resisted the Earnest pleadings of a benevolent ? looking Man to carry the Walsh Back and not to by swindled was taken to a jeweller and pronounced Worth about $80. This operation is viewed by Ilia Leonor with Peculiar gusto As before he had a painful remembrance of being most completely did led in Tho " watch Lino in the Saluo City some years since. He thinks now with pleasure thai he hts had Hie revenge. Rostun chronicle. From or. Set Fetn t a i not i 1 Thi Obi if tit Utai the household sacrifice. I Well said Salina sealing herself on Mury Fuller s bed,1 if you insist upon it i la do my Bud but i can t Muko up nothing never could and what i be on Tny mind in the genuine truth that a right Tell us a True Story made up tiling Are like novels and they Aie to wicked cried the girls warming around the Strong minded one full of curiosity but arranging their ribbons and smoothing their dresses All the Lime like u flock of pigeons pluming themselves in the Sunshine. Coma now Salina begin or Tho Young Tollers will be through supper 4 Well 1tina. Sot Jinjr How Elf comfortably upon the bed and de ranging Het attitude Tho next moment " that sneaking Constable who came into Tho barn among the first and went out again so sly he riled to up awfully. I be a Nat ral born hatred to All constables. What business had to there i d like to know 1 True enough cried one of Tho girls an old married Man Why Don t he stay at Home with Hia wife and children 1 no body wants him ii declare to Man said Salina it made my blood bile to Seo him sneaking about with Bis hands in his pockets whist Ling to himself As if nobody was by of i hate a Constable like rank Poison. They always put me in the mind of old limes when i was a Young girl a year or two ago Here Iho girl looked at each other none of item remembered the Lime when she appealed a Day younger than now. Well a i a rating when i wan a Gal my father and Mother moved from Connecticut into the Locawana Valley in Pennay Lavuia with Little children All younger than myself. They had lost every thing and went out into that dark Piny re Gion to begin life agin. Well they got a Patch of wild land partly on credit built a log House and went to work. Before the year waa out father died and we found it hard dragging to get along without crop and deep in debt. We gave up everything to pay store debt and we should have Felt Rich As Kinga if we could Only have rated what the Law allowed us. But we had no barrel of beef and pork which even the Law leave to the poor family but we lived on Rye and injun with a Little molasses when we could t got milk 1 the Law allowed a two pig and a cow her half. Our cow waa a grand Good i Lite a phial for milk and gentle a a Lamb you Don t know How the children look to her and Well they might Ahe More than half supported item. Marm did her beat for the children and i worked w hard a Abe did spinning and carding the Wool which Ahe wove into cloth on a band loom. 1 Well in a year or two the calf grew into a Heifer and we calculated on having milk from her after a Little. So we began to fallen of the old cow though i Han t no idea that we should Ever have made of our minds to kill her. Inert Wui Torao leu uni to Niibu Jien up every thing once and neither marm nor i thought of any body s coming on in agin. So we were proud enough of oar two oops and As Long As Tho children had plenty to eat never thought of beef and the old cow might have lived to Thia time for what i know if we had been left to our Here Salina a voice became disturbed and the Girla settled themselves in an Atti tude of profound attention. Well As i was saying things began to brighten with As when one Day in came the town Constable with a printed writ in his hand. 1 he d found oot that we had Mure than one cow and came for it. I thought poor marm would a gone crazy she Felt so bad and no wonder with All them children and Ahe a Widder. It came hard i Tell Yon. 1 Bat the Constable was determined and i what could Ahe do but Girt of. Then Tood the Little children huddled together on the Hearth crying m if their heart were broke at the Bare thought of having the cow drove off and the waa poor marm with her apron up to her face a sobbing to pitiful i could t Aland it my heart Roee like a Yeasting bread i determined that them Ceil Dren and that hard working woman Aronld Hare enough to eat Constable or no Conata ble. Wait said i to the Oon table till i go drive up the cow Aho s hard to find he Aat Down. Marm and the children began to cry and Job agin. I Tell Yon gala it waa a cruel a the grave. I went to the Wood pile and took the in from Between two Loga. Across the Clear ing and just in the Edge of the Wooda i saw to Ota cow an j bolter browsing on me on Der growth. The old cow had a Bell on and every tinkle As she moved her head went to my heart. I had to think of marm Ana the children before 1 would get courage to go on and with that to cheer me i Shook and trembled like a murderer All the Way across the Clearing. The old now and Heifer were close by each other browsing on the Sweet Birch undergrowth that grow thick there. When i came up they both stopped and stood looked at me with their great Earnest eyes so wistfully As if they wondered which i we after Ilco Salina dashed a hand across Lier Oyes and tha Ocolor rushed into her face of if Aho were opposing a pressure of tear with Groat braver. It was enough to break any one s heart to Aee that old cow with the birth Twig in her Mouth coming towards me so innocent. Sho thought poor old Critter that i d come o milk her but Istead of the milk pail i had that a in my hand. She could t a known it meant and Yot As True As i live it Sec mod As if she did. There Sho stood looking in my Ace won Dering i inn t no doubt who i did t sit Down on a log As usual and fix my pail and there i stood trembling Belore the poor dumb animal ready to fall Down on my Knees and ask Pardon for my cruel thoughts and Tho Lio fur Lookin on us both of gals i gals i Hope none of you will Ever Hare to i go through a thing like that. The girls thus addressed Wero very still and a sob or two was just heard Obilo the tears leaped like bail stones Down Saltan s Cheeks. 1 my heart miss Avo me i would t a done it. Those Grout innocent eyes seemed As if they were human i grow so weak that the ago almost foil. I turned to go Back Tomaj to non Etc of anything rather than look that animal in Tho face again with the axe in my hand Yea i turned away but there half across the cloaking was the Constable with the writ flying out in Bis hand. My blood Rose i thought of the children with nothing to eat i Don t know what i did t think of. He walked last i turned the cow was right before me. Of girls there she stood so quiet chewing the Green Birch leaves i was like a baby the axe would t Rise from the ground i could not do it. Lie called out i heard his step in the underbrush. Then my strength flew Back i was wild Strong is a lion but my eyes seemed hot with Sparks of fire i abut them the ago swung Back a crash a deep wild Bellow and she fell like a log. I had struck in the White Star in her forehead. When i opened my eyes Ahe was looking at me and so her eyes stiffened in their film. I had to hold myself up by the a Helve Wilh both hands. I seemed to me As if i was dying too. What have you been about where is Tho cowl said Tho Constable in a passion Asho came up. There said i pointing to the poor Mur dered Critter with my Finger the Law you say won t allow us two cows but it does give us a barrel of bit. This is our beef touch it if you dare " bitter fbtjit8. It has been frequently asserted that since the Lut state election drunkenness hat greatly increased in this oily. Indeed this act Haa been pain Folly obvious to any one who has had Occa Ion to pass daily through our streets. The police reports show a urge increase during ibis time in the number of my of Iii Kiml brought be Foo the City magistrate. And this he been True not Only among the lower class of our Popula Tion which u supposed to furnish the rest mass of the " drunkards but also among the Young men of respectable connections in our City. It has been publicly Antonno de that within a few weeks past there Bare been taken up in our streets in a state of beastly intoxication and carried before the police court to be dealt with As common drunkards three Young Mso whose parents occupy the first social rank among is but whose fathers have distinguished themselves of late by their determined open and bitter opposition to the Law prohibiting the traffic in intoxicating drinks. A sad foot and a Mournful one yet to one who believe in an overruling and retributive Providence that often visits upon men to this life be consequences of their errors and crimes How lit lie surprising is it. If the Rose who pots the bottle to his son s lips and sets him an 1 example of in Temperance Bas reason to expect Bat son to become a drunkard Bow much less reason he he to anticipate a Sim Ilar result who though a temperate Man in i his own habits yet opposes himself to the wholesome measures that have been adopt and for the prevention of intemperance by i destroying the traffic and who openly a poas Esthe cause of the rum Sellert his i temperate habits and private moral inst Roo Lions will Avail Little against his Publio and i Vocaty of intemperance and immorality. I he who opens the floodgates of destruction upon the Community May not expect that i Hie own shall escape the consuming tide. The fact that these Young men the sons of these fathers were taken Opas above elated did not Surprise As. It waa Bot Jaal what to had anticipated. On the evening of the last election Jay As we used thro the Street we came to a body of men As ambled to listen to congratulatory speeches upon the revolts of the Day s work. Judging from those around where we stood we thought that at least three fifths of that Assembly were More or Lesa under the influence of liquor. A we approached a speaker was addressing the crowd. Lie waa a Man put Middle life one whom from our boyhood we had known and highly re spooled a Man of High social arid professional standing of amiable Chara Clor and exemplary life. He waa Coop tabulating the Assembly upon the results of the elec Liou especially As Alfe Oiin Ihu re a lion. He praised those before him a Large portion of whom were intoxicated for the Noble stand they had taken and the Noble Effort they had made in defence of their " rights comparing them to the Valbera of Lur revolution and encouraged them to son Tiute in the defence of their right to use and sell ardent spirits. He evoked their indignation against Elliote men who sought o dicta to to them what they should or should not buy sell and drink. We listen so for awhile As be proceeded with a string f platitudes and the Moat Trio and com non place phrases of the demagogue. Sido from its sentiments it seamed to us Ibe weakest and most discreditable speech hat we Ever heard from an educated Man n a Public Effort. The Speakar Wai out of Lis element and could not Well act the part 10 had assumed. He Wai speaking again t j ight and As we thought against con-1 science and could not but be weak. As the shouts or Drunken applause went in around i and As we thong he of Iho to Lilion of Flo ape kor an 1 of lie Aland and influence with reaped to Tho moral welfare of society which in View of his character and abilities we had a right to expect of him to turned away sick at heart and with lad reflections. We thought of the irn sense evil which a parti in spirit waa Lead no that Inan to do of i own Aona be Ore whom with Moat a paternal Zeal he 4 slaving to array tenfold temptation at who it Foet he their father was digging the Atal pitfall. And we s Rovo to conceive the if Turo of his reflections it hereafter he should be compelled to look upon those ions consuming before his eyes by a Torch if Limowe kindling crushed beneath an Avalanche that with insane hand he him self had set Loose upon them. As we Houghto him. Defiantly Labouring to reject a i radio All of who fruits have been evil and on which Tho Curie of god Tonani Estly rests we were reminded of the Fate of j him who food in Defiance of the prohibit lion and Thi cute of heaven would rebuild the ancient City of the Palm Trees. As his pious work progressed his children one j one fell around him and when it waa my peeled he stood in Iho midst of his fatal Ich movements childless and Lone like a Ila sled treo stripped and swathed by the tightening i of retributive vengeance. " for n those Daya did Hiel the bet elite build Jericho. To Laid the foun lat Jon thereof in Biram his Flat born and aet up the Galea Hereof to Hia youngest son it was no matter of Surprise to us to learn that Ono of the three Young men above mentioned was a son of Tho speaker on that j advocate. Old Matthew by Lea and hit wit. The following u extracted from the by iop Edu of american literature soon to be published in new York the Ana which have been preserved show that his reputation As a wit a Well deserved. There was a Slough opposite his Bouse m which on a Meruin wet Day a chaise containing two of Tho town Council stuck fast. Or. Byles came to his door Anil saluted the officials with the remark " Gen Tler Nen i have often complained to you of this nuisance without any attention being paid to it and i am very goal to so you stirring in this matter in the year 1780 a very dark Daj of cared which was Long remembered As " the dark a lady neighbor sent Ber son to the doctor to know if he could Tell Ber the cause of the obscurity. 11 my dear was the answer of the messenger give my compliments to Jour Mother and All her i a As much in the dark As she one Daj a ship arrived in Boston with three Hundred Street lamp. The same Daj lha doctor happened to receive a Call from i lady whose conversational Powers were not of the kind to Render a Long interview Deer Ible. He availed bims Alf of the newly arrived cargo to Deepa Toh his vistor. 41 have fou Beard the news f " said he with Emp a Lis. Of no what news Why three Hundred new lights have Home Over in Ibe ship this miming from Load on and the Lelo Etmon have wisely ordered them to be put in Irons immediately visitor forthwith decamped in search of the portico an of this invasion of religion Liberty. When brought before his jul Goff at u time of Bis trial they requested him to Ait Lown and warm himself. Gentlemen ires Tho reply when i came among you 1 a Pec persecution but i could not think Roa would have offered me the Are to Sod a Mot of by Lea a u related by the Hospi Able wits of Boston to the visitor u be Nam by King Chapel a Tremont Street. I Here Are two courses of window by which Bat building it lighted on Ile aides the Low in Oonea Are nearly Square. In allusion to Bia architectural peculiarity of the Alvare to Brasunas of its solid Walls Bylee said bet be bad heard of ecclesiastical Eano oos rat he never saw the port Boles before. Inot Ber a revolutionary with Icin does Jos ice to Byles s Tor ism. When the British loops the lobsters pawed Bia door after entering the town a mid be " now our grief Cooee will be Ilia Yatemon practical joking u said to hate been u Feli Tooa m lib verb thong a rather More expensive to Hie victim. The doctor however Mauei Onalle Ute hit match. A Udy whom be bad Long Soori de married a gentleman by to Nam of Quincy. " so Madam eat the auditor on meeting bar afterwards " it appear you prefer Quiney to by " yet for if there had been any thing worse than Bilu Ood would Bare afflicted Job with the Tenne paean in St Louia. A gentle Man whole appearance indicated thit he waa recently irom the Rural Dif Trieste. Imi my stopped at Birnam i hate i and re a tired a from Tennee eee and bound or Kanaka. Lie waa placed to a room by himself which contained All the Lou Rise in the Way of furniture incident to a first Ola a hotel. Tea gentlemen connected with the office were polite and attentive at the hour known in the country when the Ebio Kena go to Root be desired to turn in and waa Condo cited to Bia room Asp Reading at the Emo time Hie opinion that it waa a darned splendid Seroua it uni us Luu Nguu Runng Wio Wcroft 04 course to Are unable to divine bul the next morning Long before the Shanghai who Are said to Crow half an hour earlier be came their Nocka Are to Long Ihen Aee the in much sooner Tao of her chickens our hero waa at the counter of the office. The watchman of the hotel waa on duty at the time and the following colloquy ensued watchman Aie you sick air or do you want anything ? stranger Wal no not pick Bat a Lee tie dirty i Rodo in the cat All Day and adopt All night Atill if you be got any Spring or puddle convenient i d like to Tako a a Laib. Watch inn Ita a Bath then air you Demairo ? stranger Yea Porter 1 Don t know Bow Folka do hero but in my country we tenth every morning. Tho fact a that i be away Lowed to much Duat that a band bar Haa accumulated in my oat which will make my Bra Kraat get aground and require three straight whisk a to Apar it Oft. But whar a your Saab House f watchman you will find conveniences of that kind in your room water wait bowl towels a. Stranger no tha a nothing of Tho sort and al you will Juat give me Yoor Skillet i d like to Platter my lace and hands. In East Tenn a be we Saab in a Skillet and them Ero fancy fixing were a Litlo Loo Nice with the mahogany tool and a to. O plate that i rather to uglier thought would be great pity to Spile or dirty pm. We Wero creditably informed by a " break of Day Young Man who had Juat come in that Tho watchman took him Back to his room and instructed him in the my Atoria of the toilet which though wanting in a i Kilt yet carved the Purpo Eoa of . Louis Republican. Humanism in eci orc a i Ternor an Thony who i travelling in Europe and who of testimony is the More valuable that it u Emir Elj impartial thua writes of to Catholic Church " a i am convinced from the evidence of my own observations that the people of Europe Owa much of their abatement to the Heartl eee machination of Kings to i Alio As sincerely believe that their condition it equally the Reault of the artful cooperating influx Suecof Tho Catholic Church in states where that of Huron holds away. Thu part Nershi of priest and Prince Lias p Tod need sri fish and in Ciao systems of religion and government and these have done the work. That Eya of religion wherever it exists Muat be a film and hurtful one which in any Way violates Man a nature or brings Down his moral dignity which tells him to Trust a weak priest or a corrupt and fallible Church whatever its pretensions rather than Foster a Noble and self Reliance and look Lor Aid to the internal god Wiloh teaches him to meanly degrade his nature and crawl miserably in the dirt thinking thus top peace divine displeasure rat her than raise himself into the enjoyment taking upon himself at the same time the responsibility of that Freedom which it waa the Mission of the son of Goj to decree. It is indeed a is an Cholly thing to see a people degraded and Uno oracious of their degrade lion still careless and indifferent whatever new humiliation my come. What future is there for such a race f for them the Day of Hope is pest the Day of doom is sons. No vitality within new ills can be awakened or imparted Only by influence from tar embezzling Railroad Cox Dictos at Exa tement among to gamblers. The Chicago Democrat gives the following account of Tome recent occur Reonee in that City which indicates to what an client gambling u carried in that cite " the jury in the Csc of 0. T. Caldwell too doctor of the Railroad to Burlington same into court on monday morning and reported that they could not agree. The judge remanded the jury who returned near night with a verdict of guilty Aad fixed the sentence of the prisoner at one year in the Penitentiary. We Hare been informed by the highest Poe Aible authority that what we said about outrageous course of Blackleg is no More than tree. And we Are pained to Eay that last night they went to the judge and threatened him if he did Sot Grant him a new trial and if he did not recommend him to the mercy of the got truer te., that be should Nam be Takao to Alton. The belief to current among Tbone who Profete to know Caldwell and to Bare Grest Soofi Denlein his innate sense of Justius that

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