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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Dec 8 1854, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - December 8, 1854, Biddeford, MaineThe Union pm Eastern journal eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of . Louis 0. Cowan editor us proprietor. B1ddef0rd, Friday december 8,1854. Vol a no. 49. I. Y. I til a u1tu.1 jmirk4l, it run Iii weekly Himat. Orf lol if 1 Central , Opp Aile the Biddeford Huuk taa�$2 00 Pera Nuin or Witika three Moath Froim the time of Auba Criag. 8 m Gla of Puiai May a obtain and it tha Othma a 8li prior 4 com. ? b. Paui. Us american new Apapas Aga al i the Saljr aah oried areal fur Thia Pap a la la Emillea of new York Bueton Aad Philadel phia Aad a duly empowered to take advert ice a Aad Aub Crip menu al the tame rate a required by a. Ilia of Koa an new Yuri to huge build Aga Nib vol Lief a build a paid pit n. W Xio Raar third Aad Chaa aul Mai. Marcus Watson. Phair poetry. The a Oil of a totes. Falters u lbs key of . To cheer to help us children of the dust Mora than one Angel has our lather Given rut one alone is faithful to her Truat. The beat the brightest exile out of beaten her Vara Are not the Way of plea Faatoese her Paisa Are not the Light some Petha of Joe she walk with Wraga that cannot find Redrea and Dwelia la mansions tune and. Death destroy. She walks until her Stem precursor care Haa lodged on foreheads open a the morn to plow Hia deep besieging t teaches there. The signs of struggles which the heart Baa borne. Out when the first Rloyd darkens la our sky and Tare to fare with life we salad alone i Tifai Ami Swift beheld she draw eth Nib and mutely makes our sufferings her Owa. Though with its Hitler less the heart runs o or no Worda the sweetness of iter Lipe Divide jul when the Eye looks up Abr Light once More she turns the Cloud and shows the Hojdea aide. Italo rebellious souls that mad with Fate to question god s eternal Justice dare she Pousila above with looks that whisper wait what Aee Tua confusion Here is Wisdom to the raw challenges of doubt we read. To answer bag Comfort does she minister her face looks Ever Forward to Lite end Aad we who see it not Are led by her. She doth not chide nor in reproachful Guise the Griefs we cherish rudely Throat apart j i Tut a the Light of her us mortal eyes Llev Ivea the courage of the Manly heart. Daughter of Ood who walk eat with us Here who Mak at every tribulation thine such Light Hast thou a Earth s Dua atmosphere How must thy seat a heaven exalted shoe. How Fiir thy presence by whose living streams where Sta and sorrow from their Whereon thy Bros the Crown of Amaranth gleams Audia thy baud Ibe Gulden key of peace. To in Emu and Pautuk v. I lot e to we three autumn Dap though Wirt they try away 1 love to Aee the Betti our in shed Frt hit Golden Raya. I love to Aee tax ri4m morn that rally Daw of Day i love to Nee the purple Leaf that Pliauga upon in Pray. I love to a my Theao Autu Iun Day in Outler Cleat Irr Ove and hear the rustling Leaf that fall to take Ita Sweet or pole. So Nwa Liea Down no in Tio less on the flints then raising herself dashed her head Ith something like supernatural strength against Tho stones. There she was found lifeless in Iho morn ing. On a certain night in december the few who ignorant that Tho House is haunted have i cautiously been upon the spot at Midnight report that Zuleima is seen be tween two Black figures who in spite of her violent struggles to avoid the place where her daughter is buried alive Force her to sit Over the vault with a Basket Ful of Gold at her feet. The efforts she makes to Stop her ears Are supposed to indicate that she is compelled to hear the unfortunat6 Fatima crying l Mother dear Mother leave me not in the dark " of Gold Gold in All Ages the curse of Mankind it. A Yankee sell i wot quite amused a Short Lime since at the following incident which look place in a Down town shipping office. The conversation was on betting each Perann in the office relating in turn some one operation of the kind that he Hod sometime been engaged in. Finally it came to capt. Jack who opened by saying that no never made a bet of any consequence or did not recollect one just now but would bet any one in the room five dollars that he would poke that hat pointing to one through a ring which he had on his first Finger and not injure the that can t be did no How said some one in the room. Will you Bell asked the Captain. I Don t care if i do said number two his eyes glistening in the Prospect of Mak ing five dollars Suty a sure thing As be termed it. The Money was deposited and All hands gathered around to see some one did brow. Capt. Jack slowly takes off the ring and passes it round to show that All is fair. Every one is satisfied. Then he deliberately wipes and polishes the inside and announces that to is ready. Number two advances to the to be in readiness. Now the Captain holds the ring Between his fore Finger and thumb and marches to wards the hat holding to ring an Inch from it he ran his Small Finger through the ring which struck the hat and won him the bet As he bad poked the hat through the All turned to see How number two enjoyed it but the tails of a coat disappearing through the door Way told the result it had on him. Intemperance at the South. A new Orleans Peper make the following state Merit during the last rear Thero were expended something near $30,000,000 for intoxicating drinks in this state 920,000.000 of this we expended in new Orleans alone. There were made about 16,000 arrests directly and indirectly for drunkenness in the oily and state about 400 deaths by delirium Treman about 75 murder besides a Host of other crimes. Over 1,000 have been reduced to vagrancy and Psi Perira the resources of the state have been kept out of employment society at Large has been seriously deeply damage in All Ita relations the health and Energy pcs of some of our bait citizens have been destroyed and ruined in life. All this has been done and More and yet we have men who Tell us that the rum seller is As inno Cut As a the jots or Paradise among our Saxon ancestors consisted principally in the tallest kind of fights. In their Paradise called Vel Hylla the departed spirits a soon As they were dressed went out to Light with each other. And this fighting was no child s play either for they pitched into each other with swords pikes Iron clubs and similar weapons. Many of the heroes were liter ally hacked to pieces in these combats but being now immortal they recovered from such trifling accidents almost immediately and at the close of the Day the whole assemblage returned to Valhalla to drink Beer and Mead by the gallon until we suppose they were All earned drunk to bed. The next Day was passed in another fight and so on to All eternity. What a glorious place that would be for our modern Price fighters. How they would enjoy themselves in Soch a heaven As that. A alas or the Palm. A col Lection of errors of he press of the malignant Type would be amongst the curiosities of Litera Ture. Bayle records several curious specimens. In the Loyal courier of former Days it appeared that his majesty George in. Had a fit of the Goat at Brighton. We have soon advertised a Sermon by a celebrated divine on the immorality of the soul and also the lies of the poets which should be a very comprehensive publication. The Vicinity of lives and Liee is indeed most a narc s a single letter More or less making charges of powder and which of course had to be placed under the frigate s Bottom and through that fifteen feet of Sand. These Case were of cast Iron six feet Long and fourteen inches in diameter and held a charge of two Hundred and fifty pounds of powder. At the conical end was a Large thread like thai about a peat Auger cast on the ease and to be used in Boring into the Sand to with an Auger. This lower end was cast in a chill and was so hard and Strong that in St of in one instance the test of being bored through a Mcadam Street in Boston six feet into the Earth. Or. Gowen took out with hint Twenty four of these Iron powder cylinders. He used Only twelve of them. They made tooth picks of the mis Souri s Hull. His diver s descended in their Armor pointed the cylinders properly these were turned by shafts worked from above and when arrived under the vessel s Bottom were fired by an Electrio Battery. The great Quantity of 4s,000 pounds of Gowder waa consumed in the work. Of this ii two thirds were used in blowing off the Iron centres and arms from the Shaft. She was a Side wheel Steamer and had upon each of the outboard shafts ninety Nix Iron arms which weighed three Hundred and fifty pounds apiece. To break up this complicated mass of powerful Iron work and redone it so As to be lifted was really the labor oar Yankee Oeena Engineer had to a this part of the Job it wee that t he English Engineer had fooled with and in tired. Bat or. Oowala Keo eked Abaft arms centres Brazee and bolts right and loft Down there forty one feet below his hand and look of and or red Sway the mat Steamer to the utmost stick and the Estr Uible Spike. Nothing was left for the and to form a bar upon and five months from the Day or. Of Wop began the work be fully completed and performed is con tract. Ruin and fancy Job pm Tim. To part quaff Kauh Uttama 0 pc Mutuc in cum Clala leu part Avlik work of he aug Vatu us poll Adf my. Mat a i pm Umi Mai Tuua Sam fwd Kolisi of Funk to birr of r Jirar rim Tiara. La Cujar f with Irmini will to in Catt la a Auw that ail of Ament with a get hat an or i Liff olm la Ottar Rouaa Rud kor us am at a fur Kauris Tom a Tab Depatch not . Tit Larfet adj hrs Uthit 0 All d Pii Tinoi Busam item u a1uemlt of cutting pm a Arr Aai ? Iliili Mima Eturia la Tarn Quad tour it Luitel my All Murdart in Ihu Braak of Tea i Mimm fruit car4-taw4 Vyt Aluad. Dmm for a mud of Juk rrt Auh Tom run to a i aids Abb Joeuan. Orlaw i 0 cow a., he lad rained about 1,600 Ion of Iron and some 800 tons of oysters that bad grow to be Iron. It it interesting to know Bat the oysters that grow next to Hopper or open Copper were men crop Gibralter died from having Ihen. The Iron of course waa converted into plumbago by the action of the sea water. In the heavy pieces Thia action extended a Inoh into in Many piece were cat ont be tirely by the Aalt have a few Threada of a a thug Metal running length Wiso and looking like the Large Fibre of co ant husks. The Iron waa anally Woit Lea. The management of a submarine Armor waa of put Feci that not an Acci Dent happened to one of his divert in All Thia great Woik and without any into arc Zenoe that the men Coald remain Onofer water Tor the apace of twelve Houma. Can anything belter ill Airato the Yankee resource the Yankee a noisy the Yankee Confidence than this Haalil sketched his tory of the removal of the wreck of the Mia Naouri we think not. The gentleman who without diplomas can thus Leach Les son in the great Art of submarine Engineer ing Woitko graduates of the Koyal Woolwich College is now in this oily closing up his account with the Steamer kure whose re Mains by Bis Agency have been lifted from the Bottom of our Lako and brought cute Buffalo Harbor. Scort Turi will i tul. Tyllo fii0 Organ gives the following instance of the right application of scripture in a Ticino of temptation. It is at Atod that Bishop drano of maw Jersey is strongly opposed to Tern Perance and has Hia sideboard a. A abort time Ainee Rev. Or. Perkins at tote aatto denomination and a member of Tho order of the " sons Dino with Tho Liis Bop who pouring out Glass of wine desired the re. Gentleman to drink with Bun where upon be replied " can t do it Bishop,1 wine is a " Tako a Glass of Brandy then said the distinguished exle Anastio. Can t do it Bishop Strong drink la raging " by this time the Bishop becoming restive and excited said to or. Perkins you la pass the decanter to that gentle Man next to " no Bishop. I can t do that,4 woe nto him that put Letb Ibe bottle to Hie neighbor s lips " what was the particular mental condition or moral state of the Bishop at this stage of to proceedings our informant did not state. Morrino Ima los a . Abel muggles of Carinel aged 84 years one of the Moat wort by residents of that town having largely enjoyed the Confidence of to town in earlier life left Home in july last to visit a brother at Valatia Columbia county new York a sister at Oregon City in Illi no is and another Sistar at a Oise Wisconsin neither of whom he had soon for half a Century. Re found them All. And returned to car Mel in september. The editor of the Kocias morning advocate witnessed Bis meeting with Bis sister in that City. The ardor of youth was wanting but the salutations " my sister " my brother i were announced with a feeling that affected those who witnessed the mooting. Meetings after so Long a separation of members of Tho Samo family Are very rare and 50 Yean i bring great journal. Tho annual report of the title of religion by the congregational convention of ver Mont 1854, testifies u in respect to the indiscriminate Sale o drinks great change Baa been wrought in the Public mind within a few years. The traffic is now looked upon almost universally a an evil no longer the be regulated or restricted merely but to be prohibited. The present Law Woika Well where it is sex gov. Eaton of Vermont said " that the Law Maine Law has exerted an immense influence and accomplished great Good is As Plain to him. Whole eyes Are not resolutely cloned to the Light of truth As is the Light of the son to him who opens it mid Day eyes that Havo not been deadened and darkened by paralysis or veiled by Cataract. To vac a Felon. A Felon Pene Raeljr appears on the end of the linger and thumbs it is extremely painful for weeks and some times months and in most eases cripples or disfigured the Finger or thumb that Falls a victim to it. Out it can be easily cured if attended to in time. As noon As the pain is Felt take the Fine White skin of aug which is found inside of Tho Idoll put it round the end of the Finger or thumb afloat de keep it there until the pain subsides. As soon As the skin becomes dry it will l e Verv painful and Likely to continue fur half an hour or More but lie not alarmed if it grows painful Bear it it will be of Short duration compared with what the disease would be. A cure will to certain. Monk Cra Rixo or the co term. Tim port of Spain Ca Tut of september 20, in Porta the following singular fact from Trini dad several Hunter and other Persona who Bare posted through the Woods recently re port that the find the monkeys dead under the Trees in All directions. They appear u Hare dropped from the Ces overhead either dead or in the a orcs of death. During the Small pox Cpd Tnie the same thing we observed and there can be Little doubt in the present Caas Thuy Are attacked by the pro railing epidemic. Surely to is is another proof of the vory close reset blonde Between the physical Constitution of the Monkey tribe and the proud of nut Homo. A new Kiko or do capita. Jve thought that the eight Donven tons in new York had exhausted the polities Nomen a Tore this Side of the Rocky woo wins and left Only the Rose water and the Looe and sinew to be imported. But in new York they have a faction styled practical demo crat. If Means m the Ordinary import of lbs words would imply men who pc too what they profess Barnum will Hare one u without regard to until be does we shall exorcise the privilege of doubting. Solid Moonshine or Sweet Vino far would not deserve the name of curios Nee by the aide of a practical Democrat Pron Dana journal a. Post you appear to think Tho whig Bare got a thrashing Bat do not seem the the democrats an just As bad wan yes Waco but bad rather talk Jour defeat than fast

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